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  1. "Ah yes, ahem. Oh no! Such an assortment of unassuming heroes! Oh woe is me how will I prevail in the face of such lopsided odds? Why, I would need a miracle... or a wish." Shifts into the shadow and wrings hands together cackling and sneering.
  2. Sounds good Darth. Cant wait to get this under way! I've got an itch that only a greater summoning can scratch!
  3. Sounds great to me! I like the way you hooked Jah in so I'm going to keep that just the way it is. Time to do some evil stuff, muhahaha.
  4. I have two thoughts for Jah. Thought one is Jah joins with the antagonist as a double agent under the guise of a demobologist. Hired and along for the ride to ensure when the ledger is found it is properly destroyed and sharps is sealed away forever. Only to have Jah stab the antagonist in the back and complete the ritual which was a fake stealing spell to summon Sharps. Or Jah runs Solo/ with other people who seek the ledger in order to summon Sharps under the rule set that Jah does the summoning, Jah gets the first wish and anyone who desire to stand in his way become the first of many blood sacrifices for the summoning ritual. I am open to volunte... I mean suggestions on how the party comes together!
  5. Sounds good. Want to start the OOC? So we can discuss if we are using a turn order and how long we are waiting in between posts before we skip a person? Maybe talk shop about how we want the thread to evolve?
  6. If it helps I also have a magitek paladino's named octavius that could be your antagonist as well (if you're creating multiple threads kinda thing.) Righteous to his core he uses searing light to punish the evil of the world and in his constant pursuit of evil there would be no doubt he could find or have knowledge of Sharps and swear an oath to never see the creature brought to this realm again. That being said if I'm to choose a role I prefer Jah, but I can do both or even just one or the other should you need me to fill a vacant position on either side. I'm a flexible guy and just really really really want to start an RP Hahaha
  7. Yeah for sure! Given Jahs history in the occult he would probably know what he is summoning and maybe overestimate his ability and underestimate the strength of the creature given how long it's been trapped. His main goal would be something along the lines of wanting his curse lifted so he can enjoy the pleasantries of life rather then only finding sustanance in fear. Or he may seek to become powerful enough to track down and destroy his parents spirits fir what they did to him and then become a cult leader of his own making. I do like the idea of him wanting more power so he can start a cult of his own or taking over a cult that already serves the creature he summons. Going with the thinking that he was strong enough to bring him back to this world so he deserves to be his right hand? What do you think?
  8. I got a warlock that would absolutely end up doing the summoning ritual as he is always mixed up in bad and good situations. Here is his profile I'm usually a post 3-4 times a week kinda guy and would love to be involved in some cannon story telling.
  9. Hello.  :smile:

    1. Zenthaur


      Heya! Look who's back haha

  10. The sun peirced the thick canopy of trees over head deep inside the forests of Seinaru Forven. The sound of leafs rustling in the wind the only sound that could be heard on this otherwise quiet day. The heat beating down upon the tops of the trees and slipping through to the forest floor below. Once upon a time many little critters would have basked in this heat knowing full well that it could only mean one thing, a storm was brewing. How ever on this strange mid summers day no critters were about. Not even the smallest of spiders crawled through the sprawling forest. Something strange was truly going on and it was quite obvious to those more sentient creatures that lived within the safety of this forest. Breeze was one of those creatures, and he was very worried that many of his little friends had disappeared over night, leaving burrows and nests abandoned. Usually on a day like today he would lay upon a tree in the form of an animal, basking in the sun. Today however he began his search into the locations of his many little friends. To start he sat by the river that ran through this portion of the forest, he took a quick sip from the stream and looked around. Typically there would be many larger mammals hear to drink, helping to ward off the heat. However today there was nothing, not even a foot print to follow. With a frown he stood up and simply began to listen, closing his bright green eyes. He listened to the wind as it blew through his short white hair, listened as the water ran along the stream by his feat, and listened as the grass swayed back and forth, un interrupted by feet. He heard nothing, saw nothing and smelt nothing to lend a clue to the where abouts of his little friends. It was barely past noon now and he was already feeling discouraged, hoping for some sort of inspiration to come to him soon.
  11. Looks good, would be a good pair for Breeze actually, depending on if any one else joins us in the next day or so. I was thinking our characters could be on a quest through the forest to lift a curse from a grove. Nothing crazy or epic... so far. What do you think?
  12. Looks like you guys are pretty into it already, I dont wanna mess up your rhythm so I'll wait for the next train to hop on. Have fun you guys!
  13. Hey wonderful world of Valucre, I'm looking to get back into forum Rp and was hoping to do something casual, maybe epic or crazy, with two of my usual characters. I'll link them below. Basically ones a shadow magic casting mage with a taste for fear and adventure. The other is a hardened merc who usually ends up in groups that soften his hard exterior and allow him to finally lower his guard(big into magitek and the arcane arts). I'm also willing to completely make up a new character if that's what someone wants to do to.
  14. Sounds good, no hard feelings if you're too far along!
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