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  1. Stock smiled at the young alien who called him over. "Okay, okay. I'm coming little Yeuntilo." Stock chuckled as he jogged to catch up. His race was not known for it's speed, more so for their strength. This was very obvious as Stock could barely keep up to the young man without full on running. "You know, cake will rot your teeth if you eat too much." The boy chuckled back as he entered the cafeteria, quickly heading for the trays. "Well I guess you and I don't have to worry now do we?" He smiled wide at Stock, revealing the toothless mouth, filled with tiny tentacles all designed for mashing food. Stock laughed and clap his hand gently on Yeuntilos back. "I suppose you're right, still, you should watch what you eat. Make sure you get enough nutrients so you can grow up big and strong like me." He grinned, showing off the obsidian rocks that filled in for his teeth. The two joked back and forth as they shuffled through the line, mashed vegetables and an unknown meat was the meal of the day for all creatures that ate typical food. Geonoids however ate a very different meal. Stocks plate had a helping of gravel mixed with some mud and a few small minerals to finish it off. Stock smiled at his plate and walked to the table by the heater, he did not like the cold weather much. Once the two were seated, Yeuntilo leaned over to Stock and whispered to him. "Who was that girl in the lobby? She seemed kinda nice!" He almost raised his voice above a whisper as he got excited. Stock smirked at him and lightly punched him in the shoulder. "She did seem like a nice lady didn't she? I hope she is able to join us in the cafeteria. Maybe we can get to know her and you can make another new friend." He smiled to himself a little as he thought about that. It would be nice to have another friend in here. A lot of the people here didn't like to talk much, those that did seemed to slowly fade away to their own corner. That made Stock start to think a little more, think about some of the occupants that he had met when he first got to this facility. There were men and women in better mental shape then him, or so it seemed, that had one by one had a breakdown or just simply disappeared. "Hey Stock, what'cha thinking about? You look super serious you big softy!" Yeuntilo laughed at Stock as he tossed a half mashed pea at his half open mouth.
  2. Stock continued down the hall, the thud of his feat on the floor echoing down the corridor. "I wonder what's for lunch today..." he wondered to himself. He formed a brief smile before entering the main entryway. He was surprised to see a young woman sitting in the waiting area. So surprised that he almost missed a step, almost like he took an extra short step in his pace. He caught himself quickly and smiled at her, his sapphire eyes beaming. "Hello miss." He said as he continued to walk by. The doctor had told him he should be more social, it would help him re acclimate to normal life. He stopped walking for a second and looked outside, frowning at the sight of cold snow and sleet. "Always cold..." he said aloud as if no one was listening. The sight of the weather outside caused his body to naturally heat its self. His golden veins began to glow, as well as the crystal that was his hair. He stood there, watching the snow, lost in a memory now of a time when things were normal. His first mission he took, its was winter then too. He had been assigned to a section that was frequented by aliens who had not found a place on earth. The crunch of snow under his boots as he approached an alley way. He heard giggles from around the corner and the crackle of fire. Stock rounded the corner to find two children of different alien races sitting around a small garbage fire. He smiled at them and reached out his hand, holding a small bag full of nutritional bars. "You two look hungry, care for a snack?" The children looked at him and ran, screaming and yelling how he looked like a monster, crying don't eat us as they rounded the corner. Snap. The door opened behind stock, bringing him from his memory. Through that door walked the good doctor, a human man clad in a white coat, glasses and clipboard. "Hello Ms..." he left his greeting hanging, anticipating Lottes self introduction. A wry smile on his face as he looked at her.
  3. Stock laid upon his bed in pure nothingness. "It's been two weeks? Three maybe. This darkness reminds me of the caves back home..." The man of stone thought to himself. He opened his eyes slowly, blue light emanating from them as the white sand slid away. He looked around the room and was assured that nothing had changed. Just a table, chair, reading light, bed and walls. His blue eyes created a small glow but not enough for a normal human eye to actually make out such details. It was stocks enhanced vision that allowed him to see so well in the dark. A snap and a buzz was heard as light flooded the room. Stock closed his eyes quickly and snapped out of bed. For a moment he was lost in terror as the noise triggered an episode. However it was just a small one as he slowly opened his eyes again, standing and rubbing his neck as he muttered to himself. "They're getting better at least..." Another bing filled his room as the intercom chimed on. "Lunch is served in the main hall. All patients please attend." Another bing sounded to announce the message was over. With a groan and a few small cracks Stock made his way to the door. "Can't believe I slept through breakfast..." he thought to himself as he opened the door and began heading down the hallway. One thing that really annoyed him was the main hall was all the way across the facility from his room. He had to pass all the holding facilities and sleeping quarters, the rec rooms, the main entrance, the other dorms, security head office and then finally the main Hall. With a shrug and a "Oh well." Stock began the long track.
  4. Subject Name: Stock Goldstien Subject Number: 4724 Sex: Male Race: Geonoids Height: 6'2" Weight:473lb Basic physical Desceiptors: Subject 4724 is average height for his race and is made completely of rock,stone and metal. More specifically he is made of a black stone that covers the majority of his body, his skin is an extremely soft white sand, lined with gold to represent veins, bones and cartilage. His eyes are made of sapphire and trap light, allowing them to glow in the dark. His general appearance is fairly muscular but thin. However his race is an extremely dense weight, making them look much lighter then they are. His facial features are well chiseled but not blackish, giving him a relatively smooth jawline. He has small golden Crystal's that form his hair, short but spikey. Subject History: 4724 came to us as a soldier in need. 17 years ago 4724 came to earth to help aid in Earths joint of Galactic civilization. When he joined the Extraterestrial Greeting Force, it was to prevent other races from facing discrimination or harrasment. He was a private in the EGF for two years and had been on many successful missions. However things went wrong when he was dispatched on a peacekeeping mission to deal with some angry aliens. The entire squad was slaughtered and he was forced to kill several combatants, the attack also involved several non combatant fatalities. One of these fatalities was a little alien girl who was hoping to have a better life. After this 4724 was never the same and could not handle regular duty. He was discharged honorably with extreme PTSD due to the nature of his mission. He has no immediate family or ties and wishes to be fixed so he may become a member of society again. Subject Special Capabilities: Can produce significant levels of heat from his body, has excellent night vision, extremely strong, can use his shifting sands skin to disperse and blind assailants, has extremely hard skeleton and muscles. Subject weaknesses: susceptible to wet conditions that cause skin and muscle structure to weaken over time, extreme light can temporarily blind him, susceptible to acid and melting point temperatures. Final Notes: Subject 4724 has given his concent, allowing us to use any means neccessary to help 'cure's him.
  5. So, I've been gone from Valucre for awhile now but I would love to get back I to it. I'm totally interested if you are still looking. I have a couple characters and could also make a new one as well. 🙂
  6. A small figure appeared from under a shadow. He squimts his eyes at the sun that now shines upon him. With a groggy grunt and a swipe of his haur to the side Zenthaur steps forth from the shadows to address the world. "From beneath the shadow of my son I have returned! His birth brought many pleasures and many new discoveries. However his grand expansion slows ever slightly and I see time has presented itself available for such pleasantries as Roleplay. I would ask that you accept me back for all I am and allow me to once again prove my worth." With arms wide open he awaits his acceptance. P.s my phone thinks roleplay is foreplay...
  7. I posted April 13 before avvercus. That makes it @Anon next. My warlock being a standard loaner on the hill lol
  8. Crystal nodded to Come as she reloaded her clip. "That's plenty of time, let's get moving." She finished her sentence by pistol whipping a zombie out of her way. It wasn't going to be an easy trek but it didn't take them long to fight their way through the rest of the horde. Once free of the larger group she turned back to cover Coles escape as well. Go ally seeing the light she motioned for Come to follow her as she bolstered her pistol and gripped her rifle again. She would have them running for a good forty five minutes or so before she slowed down. "You didn't have to come help me Cole, though I appreciate the extra ammo. What if I had planned that to be a suicide mission? You were willing to die trying to save me?" She spoke through heavy breaths as the jogged through the trees.
  9. Everything seemed to be chaos, like ants running for shelter in a storm. Jah stood outside the wreckage and watched, getting a feel for who he would be dealing with on this journey. His heart had been softened by his last companion but that wasn't going to change who he was. Atleast not on the outside and not at first impression. He did however identify who the leader was. He also noted that the minatour was also a more imposing presence on the field. That note set aside he turned his attention to setting up his own camp, a place he could watch from. His curse had it's blessings, and tonight he would use it. Tonight he would play watchman over the group, and so long as they were afraid, he would be. He set up his small tent over the hill and lit himself a small fire for warmth. He didn't eat, and he didn't sleep. He sat there and watched the group, looked into the sky and remember the one he had just left. The group began to stir as the morning light came, Jah had already packed away his tent. So he made a move towards the Druid. " Hello, I'm sorry to bother you but my name is Jah'Rakul and I believe we could be allies on this journey. When you have time to talk I wouldn't mind a bit of your time, however for now it looks like you are organizing the group for our first days trek." Jah nodded to him and left him to his task. He would spend the rest of the time waiting for their first days travel to begin preparing himself. The climb was no problem for him as he came up the rear, encouraging some of the more fearful individuals. It was easy enough for him to tell where his source of power was coming from. He coukd smell it like a fresh cooked meal. Once at the resting point he waited to be approaches by the Druid, should he have the time.
  10. Jah'Rakul had kept to himself durring most of the trip. Hiding his thoughts from the psychic priests when their ship was close enough. He had made it onto Thelands ship, hoping that it would be the least confrontational. However as he sat under the deck he heard a comotion begin to unfold. A bear of all creatures and a small bunch if sailors had began to fight. It wasnt long before the beast over took one and went in for the kill. Jah skunk into the shadows and feasted upon the fear the men felt as one died and the other two saw their own fates. It empowered him, made him stronger and healed the remainder of his wounds. This allowed him to think of all the civilians and young adventurers. All the fear they were going to feel on this trip, he could taste it already. A druid and another beast had come down stairs, extinguishing the fight as the beast was calmed. Before long everyone was headed above deck. Jah followed suit and prepared for landing. However it wasn't the landing he was expecting as the ship crashed into the shore. Jah tumbled and rolled as they landed, slowly coming to his feet. He could hear the world crashing around him. Waves lapped against the shore and the broken husks of the boats. People were screaming as they searched for their things. Jah slowly made his way to his feet and began to take it all in, looking around as everyone began to get their bearings.
  11. I doubt mind bringing my dark and gloomy nightmare warlock along for the ride. https://www.valucre.com/topic/29339-jahrakul-the-dark-wanderer/
  12. Zenthaur


    That woman had been hauled away for her attempted assassination. Malia was save within the forest now, and Breeze was back home. He could sense their was much disturbance within the forest but he couldn't tell what from. He frowned a little as he had the urge to go investigate. However he quickly realized that Malia had wandered off, alone in his homeland. He closed his eyes and began to talk with the spirits. He reached out in hopes that one had seen her, finally he had pin pointed her location. "Thank you forest spirits..." He whispered as he sprinted towards the building she had entered. The trees rustled and scratched against the building. Two men at a table smirked and watched as Malia walked into the and, and sat down by herself. The men grinned at one another as they prepared there next scheme. The first man stood up, broad shoulders, leather jacket and grizzled grey hair, and began walking towards her table. He planted his grubby sausage fingers down and smirked at her. "Hey sunshine, welcome to our little corner of paradise. Can I get you a drink?" His voice was gruff and far from friendly, as was the smell that came from his mouth. His partner chuckled to himself as he sat and watched, waiting for the girl to take the bait. She would fetch a nice price on the market. After they had finished with her.
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