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  1. It was a pleasure to have met you, and the people we wrote with. Best of luck to you and all our fellow writers on future endeavors:) if you want to stay in touch let me know ^.^
  2. šŸ™‚ I may not be active on the site anymore but I check in almost every day for messages like this. Doing good over here, hope everything's good where you are!
  3. Ain't life a peach. Maybe maybe if I'm around this neck of the woods. Only the sands of time can tell šŸ™‚
  4. Thanks for the thumbs up big man. good to see the ever watchful eye is on us hahaha.
  5. Yeah, I'd say so. I love roleplaying with you guys though šŸ™‚ nice to meet each of you šŸ˜‰
  6. Oh Pseudo, you are a strange cookie. You keep doing you hahaha Also, Darth. Health check bro, you still alive? Asking for a friend šŸ™‚ No need to rush a post, just want to make sure you're still out there, you know, cause concerns.
  7. Thank you thank you haha. It was a quiet thanksgiving, no big gatherings. Congratulations! That sounds exciting haha. I totally had to google that play but from the description reads like a pretty cool drama.
  8. Fsntastic, had a wonderful canadian thanksgiving. How about you Ophelia?
  9. Lol! Im a father of two. Patience is a virtue i have in plenty.
  10. The giant spider? Im certain she thinks about jingles a lot. Perhaps about his skin and how tender it looks, or his eyes and how deliciously pure they are. Maybe even his physical stature and how she can't wait to make a meal out of him. I'm certain she plans to suck you dry, maybe as a dessert. šŸ˜‰
  11. Ahhh, there is much about Jah that the world does not know. šŸ˜‰
  12. Lol perhaps Jah should try this method of murder... "oh yes, your eyes are such a stunning blue and your skin complexion makes marble jealous. Mmmm is that the sweet scent of wildflowers i smell or is that you? Why i could bask in your glow every day and never need the sun your smile is so bright."
  13. Also @Darthgamer101 I just wanted you to know that this is an excellent roleplay and a wonderful scenario we are playing in. I think you've put a lot of heart and thought into this. I also think you've got yourself a lovely little group of Writers too. But if you think for one second, one insignificant secons, that I, Zenthaur of Canadia will patiently wait and watch for your post. Well, then let me tell you sir, i absolutely. Will. Wait for it cause I'm excited to see where this goes šŸ™‚
  14. Sorry to hear that Ophellia, hope everything's ok! Pseudo i suggest you discontinue your activities in that area of the internet. Things can get a bit spunky... i mean spooky.
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