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  1. (i really cant stand this site and every single time i come on, its not fun, it feels more like i am forcing myself into a position i hate just to please others when i could just as easily do that on other sites i actually enjoy and have fun with. So I am donig one last post on here and then signing off for good. I go on Deviantart, same exact name well more or less Roluevasvasreisa and Roluevasreisa on Bluemoon. I just dont see any more point to me being on this site and i hate feeling like i need to torture myself for a site that never gave even the slightest *** about me and went far out of its way to fight with me on every single level so i'm just sick of all the crap and not going to keep signing on here. Everyoen did a fantastic job with replies. Seeing as how i dont have to worry about my best friend Preddy as we talk and rp on deviantart. I happily extend the invite to you King but if u insist on staying here then i wish you luck and appreciate all the great rping fun we had) .. .. Everyone was fighting so valiantly and bravely to defend their homes, even if they joked about the perverted thoughts going through Mesh's head however with all that was at stake, those perverted thoughts were far more minimal than usual, Mesh had enough and was no longer going to tolerate any of this Mesh'ing'ga: "ENOUGH! This was a nice resting place to take a little vacation but it's time we return to where we really belong, our true home. This world isn't our home, it's time we leave it and step aside for this world's true masters. Maybe no mere mortal weapon can harm you Depopulo but we will send you back until we find the means to truly destroy you" Mesh breached her mind out far and wide, signaling for her station and Clan Wazzrot to evacuate off of this world and leave to their true home, far away. Of course not before she telepathically called out for Clan Wazzrot and the Retribution Ravens to send ships to evacuate all of them all the while focussing most of her mental power on tapping into Depopulo's mind holding him back. Mesh'ing'ga: "Get everyone onto the ships, i'll be ok I promise" As the ships started to land down: Seidh and Kyoko ran aboard, hell even Isao and Toraug quickly ran onto one of the ships, Toraugzog: "NOPE! Not getting rid of me, this sexy beast still has lots of work to do, who knows maybe the future will even have a redemptive story arc with pirates for me! haha!" Isao: "Hmph, what about me? You know at times i feel like we are the even more furry versions of Rocksteady and Bebop" Toraugzog: "Hah! Yeah right, i am in way better shape than either of those two idiots, you know what i'm saying? MY MAN!" He holds his hand up to high five Isao while Isao just sighs, patting Toraug's hand Isao: "Yes, clearly, nothing like those two best friends, at all....." only Haelja refused to leave after having lost his father. After all the hell she had been through with one cataclysm and leaving another home, she was done running. Depopulo knew there were great forces at work on this planet, that which he could maybe contend with and destroy but did not have either the patience or interest in dealing with such pests. So instead he focussed his attention on Adamo before Adamo loaded onto one of the ships Depopulo: "we will meet again Adamo, You cannot destroy hatred, chaos, and death itself. A time will come when your people once again will erupt into civil war, and I will be there. Enjoy your victory while it lasts before it turns to ash as the very ground around you will be covered in nothing but the dead bodies of all your kind" He says before a portal opens up behind him and as he tucks his legs in, shining starting to change size and shape, he vanishes into the portal. Seidh: "Doesn't matter where that damn Reaper transformer runs to, we will find him and stop him no matter where her runs, the Retribution Ravens can promise that... and im sure those boring SFS politicians will also promise something similar" Mesh'ing'ga: "Pretty much yes, and i don't just say that to defend my husband and our family haha" She says laughing and smirking before she runs and climbs onto one of the ships as Rusenya runs up to Xio, holding his hands Rusenya: "I really hope we see each other again Xio but if we don't, it was a lot of fun. Please don't lose hope no matter how grim or dark things may seem. We must never lose hope, even when there seems to be no light in all the darkness, we must stay strong and fight for what we believe in" She says giving Xio a quick kiss on the cheek before running onto one of the ships. Jatayna nods to Xio before running onto a ship as well. Another ship lands down solely just for Xio to take him anywhere he wants to go in this world, however the ship pilot made it abudantly clear they wouldn't put up with all the political BS the various sectors on this world, so love to spread. Of course Scar, Rouli, and Adamo were taken onto Mesh's ship seeing as how they were heading the same direction. All of the escape drop ships flew back into Clan Wazzrot's capitol ships flying alongside their stations Zogglac, Skumplump, Midnight Rose, and of course the Ravens two flagships Dark Eclipse and Dark Haven. All in unison they flew away from the planet and vanished from sight, leaving the world to it's own business, whether it would chose to have peace or endless conflict with itself, that was up to this world to decide. All they could do was wish Xio luck if he chose to stay on this world or follow them
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