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  1. RolueVasReisaNarHalkrath

    Dark Eclipse: Save Dreams Villa Mission

    (i really cant stand this site and every single time i come on, its not fun, it feels more like i am forcing myself into a position i hate just to please others when i could just as easily do that on other sites i actually enjoy and have fun with. So I am donig one last post on here and then signing off for good. I go on Deviantart, same exact name well more or less Roluevasvasreisa and Roluevasreisa on Bluemoon. I just dont see any more point to me being on this site and i hate feeling like i need to torture myself for a site that never gave even the slightest *** about me and went far out of its way to fight with me on every single level so i'm just sick of all the crap and not going to keep signing on here. Everyoen did a fantastic job with replies. Seeing as how i dont have to worry about my best friend Preddy as we talk and rp on deviantart. I happily extend the invite to you King but if u insist on staying here then i wish you luck and appreciate all the great rping fun we had) .. .. Everyone was fighting so valiantly and bravely to defend their homes, even if they joked about the perverted thoughts going through Mesh's head however with all that was at stake, those perverted thoughts were far more minimal than usual, Mesh had enough and was no longer going to tolerate any of this Mesh'ing'ga: "ENOUGH! This was a nice resting place to take a little vacation but it's time we return to where we really belong, our true home. This world isn't our home, it's time we leave it and step aside for this world's true masters. Maybe no mere mortal weapon can harm you Depopulo but we will send you back until we find the means to truly destroy you" Mesh breached her mind out far and wide, signaling for her station and Clan Wazzrot to evacuate off of this world and leave to their true home, far away. Of course not before she telepathically called out for Clan Wazzrot and the Retribution Ravens to send ships to evacuate all of them all the while focussing most of her mental power on tapping into Depopulo's mind holding him back. Mesh'ing'ga: "Get everyone onto the ships, i'll be ok I promise" As the ships started to land down: Seidh and Kyoko ran aboard, hell even Isao and Toraug quickly ran onto one of the ships, Toraugzog: "NOPE! Not getting rid of me, this sexy beast still has lots of work to do, who knows maybe the future will even have a redemptive story arc with pirates for me! haha!" Isao: "Hmph, what about me? You know at times i feel like we are the even more furry versions of Rocksteady and Bebop" Toraugzog: "Hah! Yeah right, i am in way better shape than either of those two idiots, you know what i'm saying? MY MAN!" He holds his hand up to high five Isao while Isao just sighs, patting Toraug's hand Isao: "Yes, clearly, nothing like those two best friends, at all....." only Haelja refused to leave after having lost his father. After all the hell she had been through with one cataclysm and leaving another home, she was done running. Depopulo knew there were great forces at work on this planet, that which he could maybe contend with and destroy but did not have either the patience or interest in dealing with such pests. So instead he focussed his attention on Adamo before Adamo loaded onto one of the ships Depopulo: "we will meet again Adamo, You cannot destroy hatred, chaos, and death itself. A time will come when your people once again will erupt into civil war, and I will be there. Enjoy your victory while it lasts before it turns to ash as the very ground around you will be covered in nothing but the dead bodies of all your kind" He says before a portal opens up behind him and as he tucks his legs in, shining starting to change size and shape, he vanishes into the portal. Seidh: "Doesn't matter where that damn Reaper transformer runs to, we will find him and stop him no matter where her runs, the Retribution Ravens can promise that... and im sure those boring SFS politicians will also promise something similar" Mesh'ing'ga: "Pretty much yes, and i don't just say that to defend my husband and our family haha" She says laughing and smirking before she runs and climbs onto one of the ships as Rusenya runs up to Xio, holding his hands Rusenya: "I really hope we see each other again Xio but if we don't, it was a lot of fun. Please don't lose hope no matter how grim or dark things may seem. We must never lose hope, even when there seems to be no light in all the darkness, we must stay strong and fight for what we believe in" She says giving Xio a quick kiss on the cheek before running onto one of the ships. Jatayna nods to Xio before running onto a ship as well. Another ship lands down solely just for Xio to take him anywhere he wants to go in this world, however the ship pilot made it abudantly clear they wouldn't put up with all the political BS the various sectors on this world, so love to spread. Of course Scar, Rouli, and Adamo were taken onto Mesh's ship seeing as how they were heading the same direction. All of the escape drop ships flew back into Clan Wazzrot's capitol ships flying alongside their stations Zogglac, Skumplump, Midnight Rose, and of course the Ravens two flagships Dark Eclipse and Dark Haven. All in unison they flew away from the planet and vanished from sight, leaving the world to it's own business, whether it would chose to have peace or endless conflict with itself, that was up to this world to decide. All they could do was wish Xio luck if he chose to stay on this world or follow them
  2. RolueVasReisaNarHalkrath

    Dark Eclipse: Save Dreams Villa Mission

    (I do not allow character control in any of my rps unless it is agreed upon to me so any characters that did try it, will be met with heavy retaliation aka punishment. To clarify, if I set up a situation where I say this character can be attacked, then its alright. I may frown upon it if I have a character point out don’t attack this character but I wont go against it. If I show no openings to attack a character and specifically try to keep my character to the side and someone attakcs anyways, then I may heavily retaliate and punish for the person character controlling. Just to give an idea for future references) Had it been another other than Isao, Xio’s attack may have been successful but because Isao was clinging onto Haelja and with Isao being an anti magic Templar, the attack would be fruitless. When the lightning ball flies at him, Isao waves his arm and the magical attack splits in half away going around them but not hitting either of them. .. Later as Toraug whisks Isao off and away from the battle, he shouts back to Rouli as he runs Toraugzog: “it’s called being smart and living to fight another day timeline confused Xenomorph! That thing isn’t some small little arch demon but rather almost a demon god in living form, I’m not going to sit around and wait for whatever kind of apocalypse it unleashes” And with that they run off, leaving Haelja hiding behind one of the pillars. When Xio runs up to her, she tucks her head in curling up, crawling away from him and then holding her hands up innocently and defensively Haelja: “WAIT! Wait wait wait, I don’t want to fight anymore. I mean.. ok I have hurt a lot of people and have seen Humans more as my prey than animals but I don’t want to fight anymore, please mercy! I don’t want to face an eternity of suffering and torture, don’t let that thing see me” She says hiding her head behind her hair Haelja: “It’s not just some random demon or Balrog, it’s the time traveling god of death and destruction Depopulo. It can take nearly any form whether it appears as a Reaper or a demon or anything else and whenever it arrives, it brings about an apocalypse slaughtering all in it’s path. It was one of the biggest reasons our former universes were destroyed. It’s not a demon in the traditional sense as much as a cosmic entity so your anti demonic weapons won’t mean anything to it, it just appears as a giant demon probably because it thought it would be a more terrifying form to all of you. The only way…” She stops as Scar runs over and explains how Wire Man is going to betray all of them Haelja: “Hey I’m not completely insane or broken, according to your friend here” she points at Xio “I just have a lame bad backstory. I don’t know who or what this Morgoth is but it has no relation with Depopulo or Censura. At least that’s what my father called them in the latin tongue, I don’t know what their real names are but …. Wait don’t make me join your mind! You can’t.. Augghh!!” She shouts out and then screams as her painful dark past floods into their minds as well as every action and deed Xurin had done and Haelja had helped him with. Xio could brag on and on about how he was some hot shit and a huge evil badass but all his bragging could be seen as childish in comparison to the horrifying long list of crimes Xurin had committed. Determined to essentially renew and restore Human nature, wanting to correct all flaws in mortals and doing so by brutal torturous means. Enslaving countless people and instructing them on proper manners and respect, routinely every day testing them and brutally torturing them over even the slightest mistake, executing any that were deemed as incapable of learning and feeding their corpses to his pets. (I’m wording all of that very PG because I know this site has an extreme preference for PG settings but I can write much much darker and messed up). As all of this was happening, Rouli has a surprising obsession with going after Xurin. Xurin had no time or patience for the Xenomorph, Rouli redirecting the comets at Xurin, he at first jumped and leaped out of their way but after a few got too close nearly hitting him, he was starting to get angry. Whippnig out his key he waits until Rouli throws another comet at him. This time he activates a portal right infront of him and a second one behind Rouli, having the comet fly through the portal and fly right back out smacking into Rouli. Then he pockets his key again and has the portal gateways close and then vanish Xurin: “I don’t intend to kill you, I only intend to save my daughter. I am flattered you have gained such an obsession with me, normally it is proper for someone to take their partner out on a date first before confessing their undying love however I currently cannot return your desires as I care more about protecting my daughter and it seems like you have a far bigger issue than me” With Rouli so focused on fighting Xurin, he must not have noticed Depopulo had created this type of huge scythe like cosmic weapon aimed at everyone. Xurin takes out his key again, opening up a gateway and then leaping into it, having it close a second later as Depopulo fires a Reaper like red beam down at the arena which expands into this suffocating black pressure like wave, (I would like to ideally have Wire Man blasted out of the area and sent back to his own world or setting. Seeing as how Depopulo has transdimensional powers meaning he CAN blast his enemies out of existence, he can do it however I am asking you first as I don’t want to character control. I am also asking because it seems like you have no clear idea of how to get rid of Wire Man even though we have tired numerous times so id rather u save him for another time. Another thing. Depopulo and Censura are ARGUABLY not technically but arguably inspired and based around C’Tan Gods. In the original Necron lore the C’Tan were arguably around as powerful as Chaos gods. Before Ward came along, they were near unstoppable. However I am saying these two are technically not C’Tan gods because they are even more powerful where as the C’Tan couldn’t beat the Old Ones and needed the Necrontyr to beat them, Depopul and Censura are even stronger and older than that as they embody the Reapers/ devils/ the C’Tan they are basically super old ancient god like universe creating entities) Of course while religion meant nothing against the cosmic demonic being fighting them, it could technically save Rouli meaning an attack that would otherwise send him to another dimension or back to his home dimension, with his own religious powers it could act as a sort of magical shield saving him. Now granted the attack would probably still knock him off his feet and blast him to the ground, his religious protection would still save him. In the blast, Xurin appeared behind Scar as he opened up another portal behind him. Taking his sword out he aims it at the back of Scar’s neck, pressing the tip against his neck and then holding his blade up preparing to decapitate him but something happened that shook Xurin. He saw his daughter was opening up to Scar. True she really hated Xio’s harsh words to her but she was starting to trust and warm up to Scar and give him a chance. Slowly Xurin lowered his blade. He noticed the huge crushing attack was closing in on them. Watching it for a second before turning back and looking at Haelja. He slowly takes off his helmet and stares down at the mind locked group Xurin: “Be safe my daughter, I will always love you” Taking out his sigil key, he stares at it for a long moment. Perhaps the longest in his immortal long life and then snaps it in half. The stone shrieks like the souls of countless tortured innocents being released. Right as the attack closes in a few feet from them, the stone’s shatter leads to a huge red wall forming up all around the group. A few seconds later Depopulo’s attack hits against the wall and covers all over it with Xurin vanishing in the blast. Kyoko and Seidh ran and hid behind Mesh and Adamo in his changed form. Mesh herself was deeply impressed by Adamo’s changed form. Were it not for the giant entity fighting them, she would have had much other desires and ideas with his form but at the least she had to admit, he seemed far more fitting for an emperor position and co leading her hive. At least in this form no one would ever question his authority. Although part of her was a bit annoyed and mad. She wasn’t used to any males being bigger and taller than her, it almost made her feel weak. Luckily she had a chance to prove herself with Depopulo’s attack. Quickly rising up she joins her mind with Adamo’s as well as the rest of all of their people. Roaring loudly she does this to amplify Rouli’s power, helping him push the attack back and away from him, creating a sort of shield around Scar, but above all their combined power helps push the attack back away from Adamo and Mesh more and more until it flies right back at Depopulo and then fades away. Depopulo stares at them, breathing in slowly and then it’s body expands and grows larger as it changes more and more. For a second it starts to resemble some glowing eyed dark Xel-Naga like creature but then a few minutes later it changes into a form it knew Mesh and others might recognize. It grew huge black plated spider like legs and a giant shell with a huge arching tail. It’s size and shell grew bigger than it’s previous demon form with one single huge glowing red eye staring at everyone as it turned into it’s Reaper version. Staring at them it speaks in a low deep voice Depopulo: “Mesh’ing’ga, Despite our best efforts it seems you and your people survived the Cataclysm. Yet your actions will prove futile. Death and destruction will always follow in your wake, how much worse have the rebels grown against Adamo’s people since your involvement? You fight to protect and preserve yet even you cannot stop death and destruction from always happening. You know this to be true and inevitably, even you will give up” The red shell around Xio and Scar and Haelja, vanishes and slowly fades away. Haelja looks around for Xurin, crying out to him but shrieking a second later as some skeleton like creature covered in someone’s skin and organs, climbs out of the ground and stabs claw like fingers at her, roaring and snarling the Flayed One pulls and drags itself at her. Of couse if Scar and Xio tried to help, they had their own issues. Scar notices three mutilated Batarian bloated like husks, Cannibals appearing as they roar and fire their weapon arms at him while behind Xio, three red bloodletter like demons with giant greatswords, appear shrieking and sprinting at him. Seidh punches a Necron flayer rising up out of the ground near her, taking out her blaster and shooting down as more nad more Flayers start to pop up around her, yelling as some gas mask Human with strange runic markings, runs up from behind and stabs her back armor Chaos cultist: “ALL SHALL BOW TO CHAOS! DEATH TO THE FALSE EMPEROR!” Kyoko however spins around and tabs her two swords through the cultist before kicking him away. She shrieks in terror however as some huge Krogan like mutilated husk appears and starts charging at them but Mesh spins around, ramming her crest into the husk, stabbing her horns into it trying to kill it but it keeps pushing, refusing to die so easily. Infront of Adamo, a group of bloody cult marked Orks with their markings carved into their skin, shout out and sprint at him with bloody chain axes Ork cultists: “BLOOD FER DHA BLOOD GOD!” Next to Rouli, three huge power armored warriors appear aiming bolters at him. They all had big horned helmets with similar cult like markings on their armor Chaos Space marines: “No mercy, no hesitation! Slay the false Emperor’s loyalist scum!” They say as they fire at him with Turian marauder husks starting to appear in the stadium followed by Necrons marked with the same cult markings, all marching down to the edge of the stadium and then firing down at everyone. It might seem like impossible odds but one thing Everyone could notice was every second Depopulo’s eye was glowing brighter and brighter almost like a giant gateway. Every second his eye remained glowing, the amount of enemies in the coliseum doubled (I know kind of cliché but I didn’t want to just have hi severy attack be super moves lol. For right now he has two attacks. He will spam you with enemies engulf you with them and then if u manage to hit his weak spot, he will concentrate all efforts on fighting everyone with 0 drone enemies. Again I know it’s a redundant idea and been done a lot but I also at the same time have to limit and regulate just how powerful he is to give everyone a fair chance)
  3. RolueVasReisaNarHalkrath

    Dark Eclipse: Save Dreams Villa Mission

    Haelja spins around and snarls loudly at Xio's insult at how 'original' her backstory is but ends up leaping back as Rusenya fires right near her and just barely misses Rusenya: "Hey! That's my backstory as well haha" She laughs jokingly "NAaaah i'm just kidding, I have no idea why some people have such similar backstories and tend to follow the same ill fortune. I guess unless it circles around some demons" Haelja just roars again before speaking in a mix between a primal dark derranged roaring accent Haelja: "Oh how precious of a demon like you to lecture someone like me. Were it not for the horrors of this island, someone like you would have turned on all of them. Rather the demons simply beat you to it. Tell me what's your backstory, you sold your soul out to a demon for some pitiful excuse? Oh yes how original are we" She roars and ducks and leaps over Rusenya's shot, pouncing on her pinning her down. She bares her fangs wide as she roars at her but hearing Xio call her out, she spins her head around and slowly starts to circle around Xio like a hungry predator animal eying up it's prey and dinner Haelja: "He is my father! He is the only one to ever love me, care for me, and look out for me! Human or not, no one else has ever given such treatment to me. I do not care for the rest of my father's people, hell I barely understand his cause but I am not about to turn my back on my father. If you were wise you would try to convince me to stop my father not think I would ever betray him" Rusenya: "Well would you mind turning against him? I mean you do know he won't win this battle right?" Haelja: "Hmm.. well my my look at those persuasion powers of yours, I am convinced. In fact allow me to begin a long winded speech of how I have learned the error of my ways" She says roaring and sprinting at Xio. When he zaps a bolt of lightning at her however, she snarls as some of her fur gets singed, ducking and backing away hissing in pain before turning and running away, leaping up to the stadium and then hiring somewhere underneath the bleachers. Rusenya slowly pulls up and reloads her gun on her arm, waiting for the counter strike On the stadium, Isao spins around as Scar and Rouli appear next to him, twirling around pulling out his ruby blade. Raising it high into the air, any of the zombie Xenomorph corpses around him, rise back up again but this time with red lyrium plating reinforcing growing out all over them. With the three Xenomorphs being so holy and righteous, they could slowly hear a deafening unholy screaming and piercing coming from the blade before ducking and swiping the blade in a wide arc at them but they leaped into the colesium before he could hit them. Smirking he nods Isao: "Yeah thats what I thought, run serpent cowards" he whips around pulling out his bow again lighting up the napalm arrows and unleashing flaming bursting exploding arrows all around Xio and Rusenya. Of course Mesh was happy to see the two, grinning widely as they dived down Mesh'ing'ga: "Hey! Good to see you two again, I didn't think Adamo had invited more of the family, or is there another reason you are..." She pauses when Scar jumps on her back and lands on her back "Oook sure ride on my back like a horse, thank you for asking no its ok I dont mind, anything for family" Toraug grumbles and slowly backs up from Scar's machine gun fire, snarling as he holds up his arms to block the shots Toraugzog: "Dude seriously? Major cock block, Seriously I was getting somewhere with this beauty and then you have to come along and cock block me, I mean so uncool. Isn't that right Mesh?.. Ah i'm being distracted aren't I?" He chuckles as Mesh headbutts him, knocking him over, whipping her tail swiping him around and then stabbing her tail into Toraug's leg to knock him on his knees and then knock him over. As he sighs and leans his head back, Mesh grabs him and hurls him into the stadium. Isao curses loudly, running and then leaping off the stadium onto Haelja as she also leaps off the stadium and landing next to Xio and Rusenya. Of course when she notices Isao was riding ontop of her, she roars and snarls at him, temporarily forgetting Xio and Rusenya were even there as Isao shouts at her to act like a human being and not like a dumb animal to which she explained how ironic it was for a fox to judge her on nature. They kept arguing with Rusenya staring confused Rusenya: "Ah.. hm... Maybe I should give them some space, I mean seems like they are actually more interested in fighting each other than us haha" Xurin was talking to Wire Man while watching the battlefield, sighing as he saw Isao and Haelja arguing Xurin: "Eugghh.. do I have to do everything myself? I always have to act like an angry father scolding my children, by the way just how much family does Mesh have? and how many allies does Seidh have? It was far more simple when I only had to deal with annoying idiotic inquisitors" The enemies were drawing closer and Xurin knew soon he too would need to enter the fray. Sighing he reaches for his blade but Wire Man already activated his tentacles to block all the gunshots. Smiling at Wire Man, he whips out his rapier and blocks Adamo's blade in half a second before pushing Adamo back more and more. Xurin: "Thank you, my friend now allow me to return the favor, this one seems to be bugging you so much, allow me to show my gratitude by giving you this sacrifice" He twirls his rapier around and then stabs his sword at Adamo but Seidh grabs the blade and holds it in place Xurin: "EUGH! Enough of you! Why must you always get in my way?! What makes you think your so special when you have such a demonic father yourself, you think your ravens really make any difference or same with you serpent slut! I have infilitrated your city so many times, you will never stop me, my agents are everywhere, why do you persist??" Mesh and Seidh both look at each other before grinning and laughing Mesh'ing'ga: "No you really don't understand us" Seidh: "This is Seidh, back together, and were never going down at the hands of the likes of you cause we are so much better" Mesh'ing'ga: "and every part of us is saying go get him, the two of us aint going to follow any of your rules. Come at us without any of your fancy tools" Seidh: "Let's go, just us and you. Let's go just one on two" At that, Seidh's visor extends down covering her face as Mesh's helmet completely encloses around her face. Xurin shouts angrily, yanking out his sigil key in his pocket pulling it out and opening up demonic portals all around them. As he sprints forward, demon warriors swarm out charging out as he runs at them with his sword out. Mesh and Seidh holster their weapons and sprint forward, Xurin stabs his sword at Mesh and swipes it at her with super human speeds like a super hornet stabbing a stinger at her but she ducks and dodges each attack, spinning around him, occasionally backflipping. Two huge hulking titan like demons even run up behind Mesh but she spins and moves around them, snaking her tail around their necks smashing them together before bringing them down at Xurin causing him to leap out of the way Mesh'ing'ga: "Go ahead and try and hit me if your able, can't you see that my relationship is stable? I can see you hate the way we intermingle" Seidh: "but i just think your just mad cause your single" She says grabbing Xurin's arms, kneeing him in the chest, back flipping away to allow Mesh to punch him hard through one of his portals. As he flies back out through another portal, Seidh right hook punches him to the floor Seidh: "Your not going to stop what we've made together, we are going to stay like this forever. If you break us apart, we will just mess you up and always be twice the leader you are" she says as Xurin yells angrily, running forward activating a gate right infront of Seidh as numerous demons pop out all over SEidh pinning her down. He jumps up leaping over her diving at Mesh and then creates two portals right on either side of her with huge arms grabbing her four arms holding her stuck as he aims diving his sword at her Mesh'ing'ga: "This is who we are, this is who I am, and if you think you can stop me then you need to think again. I have a feeling that I will never end, and I won't let you hurt my family! I won't let you hurt my friends!" She says snarling yanking forward having the arms start to break before whipping her tail around slicing them up and snapping free Mesh'ing'ga: "Go ahead and try and hit me if your able, can't you see that my relationship is stable? I know you think i'm not something your afraid of cause you think you've seen what i've made of" he ducks and swipes down as she tries to bite and grab him, instead cutting at her chest but she was able to bend back right in time to avoid the complete blow although he still cuts down the exposed part of her leg, causing her to back away and stumble back but not before one of her hands swipes down her claws managing to slide and cut over his waist. Xurin scowls angrily as he stumbles back, clutching his wound he glows brightly summoning his demonic healing having the wound seal. Seidh had hurled the enemies off of her, snapping and punching them away. As Xurin backs away slowly noticing Mesh whip out her two swords, swiping them across and stabbing them through a huge group of demons with Seidh pulling out her sword and slicing apart a few demons in her way. Xurin: "Enough of this! Crystal Gem wannabe fuckers!" He holds the sigil stone up, having it glow brighter and brighter before smashing it down and opening up a gigantic gate and then backing away slowly. With a huge smash a giant demonic red foot steps out follow by another. A loud bellowing roar is heard as a gigantic flaming spikey demon (think Diablo or a super sized balrog) slowly pokes its head out, a wide grin as the demon demi god cackles evily (final major boss) Toraug's eyes widened for a split second at the sight of the thing that was tripple even Mesh's size Toraugzog: "Yeah ok i'm not getting paid enough for this shit" He says jumping down, grabbing Isao and hoisting him over his shoulder before running off. Haelja was terrified in her place, curled up behind one of the broken pillars, trying to hide from the the demonic devil god like begin exiting the portal. Xurin was running through the chaos searching for Haelja calling out to her. Comets soared out of the gateway, smashing everywhere hitting demon warriors and anything else in the area. Jatayna had grabbed Rusenya, folding around her as a comet smashed down near her and Isao but instead took most of the blast, knocking her off her feet and away from them but while her armor was singed and she grunted angrily, she was knocked out and still alive. Mesh and Seidh were slowly backing away at the thing slowly walking out towards them. There were still many demonic soldiers (standard enemies) all over the arena, praising the new being even when some of them were blasted apart by the comets. The demonic devil god like being had no visible weapons as it slowly exits the portal but could possibly create any weapon at will
  4. RolueVasReisaNarHalkrath

    Dragon rider seeking revenge. ooc

    I can't reply to a post that has nothing to do with me, we went over this before. I know I'm good but I'm not Santa Clauss, I can't pull miracles out of thin air i stepped back because you two just wanted to rp together so I stayed out of the way. If your posts are now including me then ok fine but otherwise no offense bur I'm not going to waste my time if the rp still is ignoring me
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    Skies Of Fire (Returns!) (Interest Check)

    My turn now or idk who's turn? Me or wood?
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    Dark Eclipse: Save Dreams Villa Mission

    To read the lore on the location please follow this link: http://www.valucre.com/index.php?/topic/28302-dreams-villa/     Dreams Villa. A place once a tropical island getaway and resort for civilians and guests while also acting as a gateway to Midnight Rose station. The island was owned by a powerful and rich Hutt named Contarus Braxis but over constant disagreements with Clan Wazzrot and the Retribution Ravens, he decided to raise up a militia army and secure the island. Of course that was never enough for him as Clan Wazzrot could steam roll all over his defenses so Braxis organized a deal with the immortal eternal Demon Lord Xurin who suppleid legions of undead, demons, and helped turn the remaining civilians into chaotic followers. Some civilians were safely rescued but the majority quickly fell into madness.. The Ravens have organized their Generysis branch and their Alterion branch as well as sending out a universal bounty for any to help them. The time has come to retake the island and once again provide a safe shelter for everyone and those wishing to come closer to Midnight Rose.   The Dark Haven flew alongside the Dark Eclipse as they both were traveling to Dreams Villa. Seidh was on the third floor of her ship, looking over a holographic chart projecting the entire island. She was fully armored up wearing her helmet and with all her weapons, tapping the side of her helmet to comm Rusenya   Seidh: "Were coming up on the island now, Simon has hacked into the island security's controls to temporarily shut down the defenses but they won't be down for long so we won't be able to rely on our ships much for air support"   Rusenya: "Well that's why you put out a bounty and called us in right? I mean i'm assuming you didn't bring in any new bloods for this mission right?"   Seidh: "Well......"   Rusenya sighs over the comm   Rusenya: "God damnit Seidh you know who were up against right? These aren't random brainless slavers, we are going into hell against monsters that would love nothing more than to torture innocent souls for all eternity, a place where nightmares come to life, do they have any idea what they are dealing with?"   Seidh: "They have plenty of potential, don't be so hard on them"    She sends out a comm throughout the ship   "All heading on the Dreams Villa head to the fourth floor now"   a few minutes go by and the fourth floor's back hangar door slowly opens up as the ship touches down to the ground. Seidh runs out with Kyoko already ready while the Dark Haven slowly descends nearby with Rusenya and Jatayna rush out fully geared up and armored up.   Both ships had landed down infront of the water pool, landing down on the huge beach pool side surrounding area. They couldn't see past the forest rim but the water in the pool was now blood red with countless bodies mutilated and discarded into the water. Most of them looked ripped apart such as their arms being cut off and stitched with claws or tentacles or both some having their arms replaced with weapons others having their bodies twisted into combinations of armor mixed with flesh, every single one looked like some tested experiment. It was deathly quiet with each building looking nearly dead as if a bomb had hit. The waterfall at the center of the lake and various bar lounges, the various bars had been completely destroyed and were lying in pieces but there was a giant shrine mounted ontop of the small waterfall resembling some kind of heavily armored demon lord holding a person up in the air by the throat with his sword impaled on some pirate lying on the ground. The statue seemed old but was still shining bright and clearly in constant care.   However unlike the pool area the boardwalk seemed completely clear. Granted there were some boards missing, bullet and laser marks across buildings and old splatters of blood all over buildings and the boardwalk but there were no signs of damage or life anywhere. Shops that used to sell clothing had mutilated corpses hanging infront of them with their jaws cut in half, their arms cut apart, markings carved into their skulls and carved into their bodies were the words: Whore, Liar, Thief. One of the common gift shops had a standard pet hermit crab cage near the entrance but something was wrong as the cage was ripped apart as if something huge had broken out of it and to make matters worse there were bodies piled around that shop of people that had been cut and ripped into pieces. Infront of a bike shop, or well it might have been a bike shop as it was hard to tell as there was a shuttle vehicle still sitting through the ruins of the building clearly someone having drove the vehicle straight into the building and possibly exploding with only smoldering ash and dust all over the floors of the building   However everyone had just recently exited their ships as the ships slowly turn and fly away. Seidh and Rusenya lead the group, slowly walking past the pool and towards the boardwalk   Rusenya: "Right since no one is saying it, i'll say it. Ok i'm creeped out. Next time we hire someone to watch this place let's make sure he doesn't look like some kind of a super villain"   there were no lounge chairs around the pool but there was a line of spikes where the lounge chairs used to be. Some had dried blood over them others had people's rotted bodies still impaled onto them, only a few were fresh. Kyoko took out her bow but mostly kept silent as did Jatayna who stuck close to Rusenya. Seidh turns and looks over at Gael who would have been in his bird form and already disguised to look like some kind of a demon, and should be resting on her shoulder   Seidh: "Gael, scout ahead, see if you can find anyone, see if they know we are here or if we caught them off guard. I don't like dealing with this kind of rubbish, the silence is very unnerving"