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    Like.. Haha.. What! Christmas reactions request!

    Aizen approved. [ Salute ]
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    I didn't think this day would come this soon but then again, life happens. I will be leaving Valucre indefinitely until my situation changes and is more agreeable to RP regularly again. I have several important factors that now require my undivided attention, and I choose to hold that above RPing. Would that I could juggle, but I simply must focus. I will probably occasionally pop up and say hello. Next year is extremely important to me, and I want to focus on reaching my goals first and foremost. @danzilla3 and @Eternity will take over respectively, and may delegate however they choose to. @Grubbistch I invite you to join in their endeavors if you'd like to, particularly with Alethea since Raz-Nogore is yours. Please take care and be well.
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    General chat thread

    Basically what Carlos said.
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    General chat thread

    Thought about upgrading. May use my tax refund to upgrade. Boyfriend wants me to try an iphone so we can facetime more.
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    General chat thread

    [ Flop ] Survived Black Friday and was only...about one good sale away from meeting my 10k goal.. I dread next year when I move to Houston and actually have to consider going to get a TV...
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    Food on Valucre

    I update the the Sadira Amar Tea and Tavern menu every so often. I try to keep it regional, with imported stuff (like Kyrosian wine from the Enoteca Wine and Workshop)
  7. I'm sorry. You were just trying to help. It's just that any whiff of 'tough love' (man I hate that word) reminds me of the childhood abuse it was used to justify.

    Thank you.

  8. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, ya'll.

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    General chat thread

    Ive got zilch this week. Two retail jobs. Im dying.
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    Hyperion City

    Update Revamped the Landing Page Separated Quests and Canon, updated Canon Updated Links Note: Quests will also be posted and rotated quarterly in the Cut and Jib beginning January; Please DM me or post in Hyperion's AMA
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    The Order of the Aralim Knights

    Order Guard Soldiers of the Order, these are contract soldiers hired on, manning and protecting the Empire's outposts and interests. Infantry - The infantry is the main land combat force and backbone of the Order Guard. They are responsible for defending the Empire against any threat by land, as well as capturing, destroying and repelling enemy ground forces. The Infantry is compose of both light and heavy troops. Cavalry - Cavalry Soldiers utilize a form of transport, allowing them to fight from or with the transport, with transports varying from Spellcycles to Wyvern mounts. Cavalry units are less common than infantry, but are better trained and equipped due to upkeep of their transport and is comprised of both light and heavy troops. Siege - Siege troops serve as the heavy shock troops, siege units and counter-attackers of the Order Guard, countering foes with high-intensity warfare. These units are deployed on the rare occasion that the Infantry cannot correctly defeat an enemy, such as during attritional or siege warfare. While famed siege specialists, they are most well known for their war patterns and formations. Conscripts - Civilians that serve their compulsory military service, but are not fully enlisted into the Order Guard. A minimum of two years with a maximum of four is all that is requires, and is seen as a citizen's duty to the Empire. Anyone wishing to exceed their four year service can enlist. This is to both educate citizens and give them the right to arm and defend their nation. Conscripts generally serve as reserves and patrol during Peacetime, and are called upon as active duty during times of war. Custodes - The elite inner circle of the Order Guard. The Custodes form the personal guard of the Empress herself, and frequently act as her aides and confidants. The Custodes only leave the Empress' side under the most dire of circumstances. Custodes hold a myriad of inner positions, from active patrol of the palace to overseeing the staff that attend to the Imperial family and their guests. Notable Custodes: Imperial Consort Kirena Yor (nee Corde) holds the title of longest served to Empress Raveena as a Custode. Her services were transfered to Imperator Athyon Yor, long time friend and ally of Raveena where she assists as Imperatrix in maintaining order within the Carmine Dominion alongside her husband. Informants Sources of Intelligence for the Order. People who are paid for information they bring to the Order; the more useful the information the more they’re paid. There exists varying levels of Informats, from basic information to shadowy branches with little information known that specialize in covert operations, counterintelligence, assassination, and infiltration. Notable Informants: The Web – A wetworks asset spearheaded by the elusive Agent Preta— who has retained the best agents in the field to work under him in the shadows. A retinue of talent of the highest caliber, these refined individuals mix style, class and lethality with efficiency. Allies Allies of the Aralim; Friends and the people that work with the Imperial Military in a non-official capacity.
  12. Deus Ex Aizen

    The Order of the Aralim Knights

    Ranks of the Aralim The Imperator The leader of the Aralim, also known as the Knight-Commander. Everything that goes on is ultimately the responsibility of the Imperator, who presides over the Imperial Army alongside the Empress, who retains the title of Knight-General. The Imperator retains a great deal of power and agency as they serve as Peacekeeper in the Empress’ absence. Notable Imperator: Captain Sabine Fenvaris of the Enforcers is the first to be elected as Imperatrix of the Aralim. A high and esteemed honor, the one-armed spearmistress proved her worth as she climbed the ranks of the Enforcers to become the second female captain, the first which lost her life in the second war against an Artificial God. It is rumored that James Knight of House Senaria has his eye on becoming the next Knight-Commander. Knight Captain A Captain and senior ranking among the Knights, a leader in every possible way and the right hands of the Imperator. The Knight-Captain holds important executive offices within the Order. Though they share the same same rank as lay Knights, they have successfully proven their nobility. Serving as Administration to the Imperator during Peacetime, they serve as an equivalent to generals during times of war. Knights The backbone of the Order; These are hardened fighters, agents and diplomats are pillars of the Order's values, noblemen and women who have dedicated their lives to the preservation of the Empire. A Knight is of noble or wealthy standing, and usually has an excellent education. They have had access to personalized tutoring, as well as advanced (and expensive) personal training. Knights are sponsored to the Aralim, where the Empire pays for the cost of their outfitting and continuing education. The forces a Knight leads may consist of varying branches of the Order Guard and generally travel with an Aspirant. Aspirant Trainees that are deep in the throes of their training to become a Knight. They often serve as proteges and are assigned with a Knight to assist in order to be promoted to a full-fledged Knight. Aspirants begin at a young age and are not permitted to take part in combat, instead performing errands and menial labor for the Knight they are assigned to--and are provided with training and education in return. It’s not uncommon to see an Aspirant with their Knight on a mission, as Aspirants are occasionally taken out as observers to study combat and diplomatic techniques. Notable Aspirants: Once a street urchin who had survived many a harrowing adventure, Lencio Atham was adopted as Lencio Knight, thus earning him both a Noble and Imperial title within the family. During a near-death experience, he was saved by his mother’s blood and thus became the first male Senarian. It was this near-death experience that launched him into a career path towards becoming a Knight, and is the most recognizable Aspirant among the ranks due to his Imperial status.
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    A.N.T. Phase 2: The Treaty of 597

    Let it be done already!
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    General chat thread

    ^ That part. It looks like it's gonna be hella rad! If I didn't have college and two retail jobs to murder me in the next two weeks (RIPixels) I'd hella volunteer.
  15. Deus Ex Aizen

    General chat thread

    Yes! The underground City of Ikaria, where the Ikarian caverns are is where a lot of underground "gangs" and "turf wars" will happen. The saying goes that if you control the underground, you control the city--which is why Raz-Nogore's reign was so successful because of slave trading there. Now that slavery is outlawed, there's a lot of fighting underground between loyalists to Raz-Nogore and separatists that support Raveena and her government reformation. I want there to be a whole criminal underworld there that helps drive business and protect the city. If you can control the underground you can control all of the crime in the city above, including prostitution, smuggling, assassinations, and any guilds that exist above and below. There's allegedly a shadow regent for Alethea that pulls the strings behind the government, but several other red herring regents and political offices to keep their identity secret. The only person who actually knows who is who, is Raveena. I imagine that because a lot of humans are recovering and getting their lives together, they'd find work underground due to still facing prejudices from the Xenanthro population on the surface.