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    [Crystallo Stella] Summer Solstice: Opening of the Gates

    Sweeet. Time to Trip on Fae Shrooms Get abducted and molested by Fae Wake up in the Fae equivalent to Vegas married to a Fae Lord The Hangover: Crystallo Stella edition Unite and kick booty so people know Genesaris is poppin'.
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    Two Horny Men Meet Wet Women

    Lord? Did this tiny man mean to insult the royal family with inferior titles? Rahab shifted with elegant ease. It served to show that they knew very little of Nymeria, as did most of Genesaris and the rest of the world. That was the point of their visit, after all. Raveena was a graceful creature, and Rahab still wanted the Queen for her own. Perhaps by being on her best behavior could they share a bed for a night or two. No, she would not stab them just yet. She flashed a radiant smile, “My brother is not a Lord, Ser C’lem Hornspawn. He is in fact one of the Kings that rule our underwater nation. Though you won’t find it in any book, the Nymerian government is unique in its Diarchy rule. While my brother here overseas the personal, internal affairs and scientific endearvors of the city, his brother—our brother—roams the seas abroad.” To conquer, that is. Raveena’s brows knit together with concern as she cut a glance to Rou. Though she had been in contact with Rahab frequently enough to be comfortable with her, the room felt tenser than she wanted it to be. Hosting this discussion put her at the mercy of the Terran government, despite their being on Genesarian land. They controlled the setting, the security, the very meals—all of which, she noticed, the Nymerians would be hard-pressed to try. She worried that this negotiation would crumble before it began. Did Nymerians even drink wine? This knowledge eluded the Rising Queen. Her eyes were on Rahab, who studied the glass curiously. Between the three Nymerians, would she appreciate it the most? Raveena was not even aware she held her breath until Rahab sampled the wine and nodded thoughtfully. She realized too late that it was protocol to wait for a toast. It was almost endearing, Raveena noted, the way Rahab realized her mistake and set the glass down, only to realize she must pick it up again and raise it for the toast. Mannerisms were something she studied, but still lacked proficiency in. “Let us hear your proposal, then. To prosperity!” Rahab flipped a curtain of her prismatic hair over her shoulder. Raveena also raised her glass with the others, “To the future.” She added.
  3. Deus Ex Aizen

    Kaess Festival of Lights - Arcadia District

    Memory is a tricky, tricky thing. For Raveena, remembering had always been a difficult thing. “Raven Kanzaki”, some called her still. “General”, as Jinsoku would address her. “Laa’zera” as her people would proclaim her. “Fujin-Ryu” as others addressed her in awe. These were things that Raveena could not recall, things from her past life that only spilled into her new life a little. She spent her time overcoming her fears of the unknown, reacquainting herself with the people she once knew. James Eredas and Jinsoku—the former who had been there when she lost her memories, the latter she was pleased to acquaint herself with—as she could understand why her past life adored him so. Tenkai Matsumoto, the Monk she had met in Kadia, whom she had a peculiar friendship with. Then there were people like Xartia, who had been the very one to draw her from her scared little hole in Andrew’s Durem apartment. She had found him creepy at first, not fully understanding. As the years went, she learned. And as she learned, she came to appreciate. And so it went, when Xartia appeared—her summoning of him wasted and granted at once, that Raveena felt the tightening of her chest easing. “This had better be good!” He snarled, clearly angered at being robbed of his chance to defend the honor of Port Caelum, to swat away the insult that was Ifrit as he had destroyed the float. Raveena didn’t care. She didn’t care that she had disrupted him as she flung her arms around the Cambion with a choking sob of relief. It was brief, for any extended amount of time connected to the supernatural creature that Xartia was did very little for her Empathetic state. “You’re coming with me,” She spoke boldly through her fears, taking Xartia by the hand and turning to leave. “You, me, Grant, Rowan. We have to evacuate at once if we—.” Arun lamented internally. He wish he had told her. Told her of the inexplicable pain she was to feel. The horrors she would relive. The burden of Ifrit’s strike as he bore down on the Sun God’s chest struck Arun’s will white hot—and with it, his hold of those precious memories he had taken from the Hyperion Queen. White hot pain seared through her head—as if she had been struck down by a smoldering hammer to the temple. Her legs quivered as she let the Cambion go and sank to her knees while clutching her head. The air seemed to leave her lungs, leaving her breathless. Pain wracked her from head to toe. For every blow that Ifrit and Arun exchanged, it tormented Raveena. Ifrit was chipping away at Arun’s will, and in doing so chipped at the dam that had been carefully constructed to keep the past out. It was the blow that surged through his chest that ended that hold, and Raveena’s mental dam collapsed. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head and she dropped unconscious. It had been a father who loved his daughter that ended the fight prematurely. Silence ensued. It was not the fire, nor the heat that had tipped the scales. But the pure, unbridled fury as the sun waned in the evening sky, weakening Arun to nothingness. Still he pressed on, and even as the fist tore through him, so too did Arun’s sword thrust into Ifrit, lodged between ribs. “I win this wager,” Arun grunted, leaning close to Ifrit with a harsh whisper. “I’ve won this. You can’t see it now, but I have won.” Whether it was Maan’an or Ifrit himself Arun’daeraa made this declaration to, was anyone’s guess. The sun had set behind the city. The streets were nearly empty save for the military presence of the Alethea and the Enforcers, and the choice brave—or foolish—few who remained. Overturned vendor carts, abandoned spellcycles and carriages. The parade floats remained in order, left on the streets. Dead, mutated spiders were littered all around, confetti having snowed on their corpses. Music in other districts continued to play, in hopes of calming citizens who were being tended to. The evening lights and pyrefly lanterns gave a soft glow as night descended on the city. Still, there was only Ifrit and Arun’daeraa, locked and intense. One of them was about to die.
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    Kaess Festival of Lights - Arcadia District

    Earlier that week… The city was buzzing with activity. The streets were being decorated in time for the first of guests to arrive. Many traveled the roads. Vendors lined the streets all the way down, and through each district. Some traveled by magic, but were directed to one of the eight check points that surrounded the city. The Enforcers were bustling under the guidance of the Order of Orion. Many had split off into each of the four districts for efficiency. Though the streets were open to the public, all guests, transportation and airships were to be checked and regulated. It was impossible and unrealistic to have checked every guest in Hyperion, but those who had been invited or had business in the city were thoroughly checked and regulated by the Alethenian Air Force, overseen by the Vitruvian Order. Sabine had been making her rounds to oversee what her Enforcers were up to when she had been approached by a Blue Shield—a Senior Lieutenant from another division. “We have seven ships docked right now. Cargo Security and Examinations have made their rounds, everything complies.” She was a portly, elderly lady—as most Senior Enforcers became when they worked their way up into the Administrative side of the work. Sabine nodded thoughtfully, “Very good then. Are they awaiting further orders?” “No ma’am.” Glancing around furtively, the Blue Shield leaned in closer, “There is an eighth ship that came. The Captain has no license, however. He was shipping on his own account.” Sabine frowned at this piece of news. Hyperion was new, and as such they were not accepting shippers that focused on their own account. Too much could go wrong in those transactions. It was more efficient to work with brokers working on behalf of importers to minimize blunders. It could have been let go, but Sabine was not the sort of Knight to let anything go, or else the Blue Shield wouldn’t have looked nervous. “What else is there?” She arched a slender brow, her lips frowning deeply. “It’s the ship, ma’am. You should come look at it. Air Force has expressed concern and tact.” What did that mean? Why this secrecy? Soon, very soon she found out as they hurried along. Sabine stood statue still for a long time, staring up at the ship. There was no mistaking what this was, or where it came from. She had seen them before, in droves. There was deep-seated fury in her chest, her fingers were ice cold. She lifted her left arm to eye level and twisted a bevel ring. A holographic image began to form, and the crisp image of Queen Raveena herself appeared, “Yes, Captain.” “You need to see this, Your Majesty.” -- Raveena sat upon her throne for a long while in contemplative silence. The Hall of Sigils was a place for thinking and planning. People came to negotiate war, or peace within these halls. Sabine’s image flickered before her, awaiting the next command. “Tag it. I want every unit to be aware of this transport, but do not engage. I will send word to Kirena and Athyon at once—for all we know they are here to retrieve her and anyone else who escaped that wretched place.” For a moment longer, she paused before lifting her chin imperiously, “Inform his Majesty that I gave the authorization to assemble a strike team for the Web. They are to board that ship, report its ongoing, and every detail they can find before taking it out. I will not tolerate this insult to my city on its grand opening week!” Sabine snapped to attention and salute, “At once my Queen!” Raveena disconnected the call and slouched in her seat with a heavy sigh. She had seen those ships before, when taking on Slaver’s Bay. It was how she rescued Kirena Corde, who was soon to be the Imperator’s Wife. It was paranoia that wracked her—slavers would take anyone healthy, hearty and brainless enough not to realize danger in front of them. Kirena was born into slavery, she deserved the luxurious life she lived now. Still, it could be no coincidence that many of Hyperion’s citizens who were not Matreyan were liberated slaves—many of which came with Kirena from Slaver’s Bay. War was soon upon Genesaris, and Raveena couldn't spare her military beyond securing the city during the festival. Kyros and Alethea helped where they could, but tended to matters overseas under her regent's care. -- The Web moved through the city as the streets fell into chaos at Ifrit’s explosive introduction. They were merchants and farmers. Others were mage scholars, engineers, nobles or peasants. Some were dark skinned, while others were light skinned. None of them revealing their true face, artfully disguised to be the citizens they were. They moved with the crowd, not daring to stand out, but instead they blended in. Their deaders were there, collecting and gathering. And so they went. There were promises, reassurances. Many were skeptical or scared, but not them. They were the dozen that went aboard with the singular innocent life of the Elf woman who came forward first. Agent Preta was a man of control, tact and subtlety. They would not fail the Queen’s orders. The doors shut. Locked. Sealing them in. And so their nightmare into Hell began.
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    General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    I really need to get the Bravot Library up and running so that people can pet Articats and learn things...
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    General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    > : ( Shush and let me have my wedding. YOU BETTER BE THERE, TOO. WITH FRANK AND HIS 059859085093458 GROOMSMEN.
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    General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    The lady who assumed I was pregnant came into the gym today and told me I looked like I lost weight. [ Headshake ] I had some dark humor for her but I managed to bite my tongue and tell her I had a wedding to prepare for. Bitches love weddings.
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    General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    There was a man in Wilmington who made a business out of assembling furniture and such. He was super cool and worked pretty damn fast, even if he didn't have the instructions.
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    [Crystallo Stella] Summer Solstice: Opening of the Gates

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    General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    ^o^ Am so excited for you Okina. It's gonna be fun.
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    General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Val-uh-cray-cray cause ya'll nuts.
  12. Back from my mini vacay. I'll be working on posts throughout the week. Most of my free time will be spent at the house finishing renovations. One bedroom left, and then a break. @_@

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      >_> Frank knows I'd be the one to drug him and tote him off to Vegas.

      But no, my cousin's first bridal shower was this past weekend. I wanted to see her and her little sister since sister is pregnant with the first great-grandchild of the family.

      The official one is next month.

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      Deus Ex Aizen

      To be honest I'd probably be insane if it weren't for Frank, so. He gets kudos for keeping me grounded. Also, do you have Discord?

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    Alternative: Storygame: Escape Velocity Resurgence OOC

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    Messenia's Foundation

    He was a fool. A damned, bloody fool—she was thrice as strong as he, but she had power where he did not. She could have easily fried and fended off the Scorpiox long enough to give him the head start to find those children and get them out. “I CAN HOLD THEM OFF WHILE YOU GET THE KIDS, NOW GO! I’M RIGHT BEHIND YOU!” She felt a rush of adrenaline, and sparks flew from her fingers tips. It was like a sailor that knew the sea—and she knew the right adjustment between amperage and voltage to send these glowy bastards back to Hell where they belonged—charred and crispier than they were when they were belched from the earth. He lifted and she hauled herself to her feet and stumbled to lean against the dark, damp walls. She had heard things. Heard things about the boy, Lumi. He was gifted, like many of the mages there in Hyperion, but the Old Man knew the boy was something special. Everyone had taken a liking to the kids, and even the youngest Matreyans were unbiased against the newcomers. They had been with the city since the migration to the mountains to establish their new home. In the eyes of the many, these kids were as Matreyan as Matreyan could be. In times where people were culled, families separated—bonds were formed, and new families emerged. Losing these kids, would be a tragedy among the citizens. Vera wished she knew more, but it was all rumors! Gritting her teeth, she tolerated the pain and leaned her weight into the unstable walls as much as she could without collapsing it further. These things were diggers, that much she knew as she counted at least five of the sickly glowing, skeletal-looking scorpions. Brilliant sparks of light and electricity arced and struck at the first of the massive beasts. It gave a shrill cry, sizzling, and popping with a loud bang, its bioluminescent ichor splattering on the ground as its kin gave a wide berth but continued their advance. If this man didn’t go, she would cut him off from her and force him to go for the children. She had a better chance of surviving than they did, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t prepared to give up that chance if it gave them the opportunity to escape. Vera had no way of knowing if more would come and overrun her—but she damned sure wasn’t going down without a fight. "Get going, before your bravery gets us both killed!" @danzilla3 @Howlykin
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    What's on the Horizon?

    Don'tchu worry, we'll do everything we can to get it operational. @Avvercus You should revive LaPlace, too. You know it'd be an epic quest-board. Like Whispernight, but more traditional shenanigans.