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  1. I also accidentally tagged you twice on the first post, Eternity. Fixed that today.
  2. All the yas. =3= This is why I dislike micromanaging. I enjoy the different ideas to make it less one dimensional.
  3. NPCs can be played at your discretion so if you want to bring one aboard, by all means! At this point, ezkiel will need more support than I will, but it's perfectly fine to play both sides of the coin. I'll be NPCing a few citizens myself; they will be vital as the point of this particular story is to inspire the citizens to rebel against the king.
  4. She will cradle her babyface to her bosom and tell him all is well.
  5. The woman could feel the mutiny of her body. Her bosom swelling and exploding. The pain and agony was deep-seated. The shock of it knocked her back. Her face was frozen in the depths of horror as her petite form blew apart, limbs and innards spewing within a two feet radius.

    It was silent now--and for a moment Raven stood there, the blood staining her; It oozed from her hair, along her face. She could feel it painting her lips, dribbling along her chin. Slowly she turned to the last of her prisoners. The old man did not move. He knew what was to become of him. He resigned himself to his fate the moment they had arrested and imprisoned him. Silence had descended, all eyes were glued to the woman who inflicted such a grisly execution. Could it be called execution then?

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    2. Deus Ex Aizen

      Deus Ex Aizen

      >_> Raven likes to body-bomb treasonous criminals...

    3. Fierach


      James: "Can't you just punch them to death like a normal person?"

    4. ezkiel777


      Malik: "The fuck does it matter?! Dingo! You're cleaning this up!"

      Dingo: ".... Dammit."

  6. Good luck, Tyler!
  7. So, with Warlock's sudden departure, we are out of a Tyrant. I will do my best to find a volunteer for the slot. Stay tuned~
  8. I believe I tagged you in it.
  9. So sorry about missing the rest of the Sun Rises Again, my phone and only source of network data got spoilt.

    Now, though, I have a sorta replacement. Had replies for Raven in mind...

    If you got any other threads, I'd gladly join them... though my exams start at the 10th of next month...

  10. That is correct! Gives you more freedom to do what you do and however you do it.
  11. Grazi. I had to have some tests done on me noodle and noggin, but all is well. The cut on my head is healing up nicely. I'm in the middle of workers comp shenanigans, but otherwise it's back to work!
  12. Yas. I'd been working on it on and off. I scrapped a lot of the material. I saved you for last since you'll be working 'behind the scenes' so to speak, but you'll have a different posting order position in the second part since you'll have a more prevalent role in helping Rae.