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  1. Graduation's in seventeen days! Finals week is coming up--good luck fellow exam takers! Two more days til Jordancon! Interview next week. So much good stuff going on!

  2. No official agreement so far but I'll likely reach out privately and see what can be done. I'm knocking out landing pages on my to-do list so if no one else has anything else they wanna contribute, I can add it and knock it out after Stovehaven.
  3. ❤️

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    2. Armada


      Mad gay love with hound on Discord while creating weapons. 😉

    3. Deus Ex Aizen

      Deus Ex Aizen

      So I heard! Make him write steamy smut with you.

    4. Armada
  4. I didn't get a chance on Facebook but congratulaattiioonnss!

  5. You have a m a z i n g ideas so I'm not even surprised! King and I are super duper excited to see what you and CSL do for Crystallo Stella!
  6. Sounds gouda to me! ^o^ As long as err'body enjoys.
  7. After giving Dan some feedback, you may get a chance to play both sides. I helped him restructure his opening post with a little reworking, so stay tuned for any updates on that!
  8. Dan, Hound and I are currently RPing offsite for some lore that ties into this and we'll be importing it in when we finish with it. The semester ends in a few weeks, Hound and I are going to Jordancon together in Atlanta with a mutual friend of ours. I will likely have a few summer classes, and then my availability will spring back.
  9. Since I draft out my thoughts and such, I hid it under a spoiler but that's pretty much the gist of what I'm going for as a whole on my end!
  10. ^o^ Super duper down to collab! Am happy to reveal my master plans.
  11. I'm interested in the The Island Formerly Known as Nvengaria. I have an idea, and maybe the whole island would be better than where I was planning to implement the original idea. I can fine-tune it and present it to you and see what you think!
  12. Just by the by, the "tournament" I hosted was in early 2016. Just checked lol

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