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  1. Deus Ex Aizen

    General chat thread

    You could say she's become enlightened from that experience. Stay woke, Aurora. #staywoke #badbuns
  2. Deus Ex Aizen

    The Valucre Photo Album

    ;-; Right? He's been sending me love quotes all day.
  3. Deus Ex Aizen

    The Valucre Photo Album

    Family. Friends. Laughter. Love. That's what it's all about. Here's a lot of my favorite pics from my Houston vacation with @The Hound Yes, we're that couple.
  4. Deus Ex Aizen

    General chat thread

    Back to Houston we gggooo.
  5. Deus Ex Aizen

    General chat thread

    My first day in Houston was spent making appearances so people would know I am real and not some mail order bride Frank ordered. Was such a nice first day. I like it here. I got to meet a fellow Gaian I've known for years, and close friends. Today we're going to the beach and boardwalk and explore more Houston before we leave for Lubbock tomorrow morning.
  6. Deus Ex Aizen

    Welcome to the Festival of Blades (Ursa Madeum)

    Holy poo, I thought I had done that. Here you go: The Ironstride
  7. Deus Ex Aizen

    General chat thread

    The art in that anime was beautimus. Episode five nearly had me in tears.
  8. Deus Ex Aizen

    Show and Tell - Rae's Gallery

    Got all the finished artwork posted on the front page, and still a few pieces more I'm waiting on. Much excite!
  9. Deus Ex Aizen

    Welcome to the Festival of Blades (Ursa Madeum)

    Yeah, heck it. Put me in for Act II with Sabine Fenvaris, representing House Senaria.
  10. Deus Ex Aizen

    Welcome to the Festival of Blades (Ursa Madeum)

    But I have to decide if I'll have time to participate...thinking about my knight, Sabine. I want more combat focus with her because she lost her arm recently. I want her to git gud at kicking ass with one arm. Color me interested, but I'll have to see what my schedule allows when I get back.
  11. Deus Ex Aizen

    Death in family

    =/ Losing family is hard. I'm sorry for your loss! It's okay to cry, even. Sending good Ju Ju to you and your family.
  12. Deus Ex Aizen

    Feedback: rich text editor disabled

    I...I miss the subtext and footnote option, only because now that I'm introducing a bazillion new deities, I've taken to adding footnotes about who is who for those who may be interested. But, I imagine it was sorely underused (except Cody, cause he's silly like that). I feel like it'd be neat when introducing new species ICly before being plopped into a lore article...I wish I had thought of that sooner when those options were still available. Its gotten much easier to read black on black, tho'.
  13. Deus Ex Aizen

    General chat thread

    I was going to post this earlier and got mega distracted. Trello is fabulous. I used it for school and work stuffs.
  14. Deus Ex Aizen

    General chat thread

    I forgot to submit a few, glad you posted this. Got that rectified! Most of my territories will have one or two hub threads, while the rest will be dedicated to on-going plots and such. I'm taking a page from Raze's book and having an area for dedicated, repeatable quests. Like in Port Thea, there are grottos and underwater caverns with sea creatures to discover, explore, tame, fight or escape from. I am all kinds of excited.