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  1. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Rin is a hero, defending your honor. ...then she'll take it and eat it. And then eat you.
  2. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    “When last I remembered, the target had been XOK-4, whom many in this world knew as Raven Kanzaki. She was stolen property for the organization I—we—worked for. Raven is a living weapon, and we are one and the same. I am merely the part of her that was corrupted and trained to perfection, but it’s useless—useless,” Corvus sneered angrily at the thought, the calves of her legs aching from the forced kneel, “Without the body. We are a marriage, you see. I am the pilot, that body is my ship and I need it—I need it so that I can achieve the greatness expected of me.” There was a tinge of madness to her rambling in that moment—and it was clear that Corvus—though not for lack of trying—was distant and elsewhere. Whoever Raven Kanzaki was, it was a drug that Corvus was withdrawing from. “There were two parts needed to create Raven Kanzaki—the Source—from which I drew our power from. The Source is a powerful Emanation, the Sephirah Binah, which was reincarnated into a woman, Raveena Jhanavi Senaria, who became the experimental subject of my organization. She was who Raven was before I was born within her. Without me, Raven Kanzaki ceases to exist as she is known, as equilibrium is required and must be carefully maintained for the sake of illusion; she was merely a fabrication born between myself and Raveena. The power of the Sefirot is unparalleled and my organization knew they could harness something great if they could master it. My cell was charged with infiltration Predator’s Keep in Terrenus to test the limitations of its defenses.” Corvus felt a snarl curl on her lips at the memory, “I was bored. I took down the city’s defenses by myself. Raveena and her husband were to be drawn to the destruction and find its regent Red Yusuke, missing. That pendant,” She nodded to the elaborate ruby pendant that Kassandra wore, “Was designed for Raveena, but Red coveted it, and thus when I took it, well.” She smiled a cruel smile, “Things went my way very quickly. By kidnapping the regent and torturing her, we wanted to lure any and all allies that would be waiting for Red. Like stupid lambs, they went after their beloved Scarlet Queen, leaving Raveena vulnerable as she arrived to a city in chaos, devoid of most of its defenses.” It was so effortless. So easy, and so well-oiled was the machine that was OXY, “Roen, the Kitsune Advisor Akako, James Eredas. It was a beautiful chase, mockingly so. Through Orisia where the Devil’s corpse of a pet the Black Queen was supposedly buried. Through Genesaris from port to port. We were to run through Tellus Mater, through Kadia—where the Red Queen would have suffered at the will of Corvinus, an anathema to Psion kind. It woulf have been beautiful. I have no doubt that after the horrors I inflicted upon her that I still haunt her in her sleep.” Corvus hissed with delight. She regaled the tale of how they had captured Raveena, and in doing so forewent their elaborate chase through Kadia. Of wanting to extract the data the technology in her cranium contained. How they had systematically experimented on the Matreyan race that Raveena belonged to in order to extract enough of their magic to find a substitute for the Source. How the Sefirot Queen had liberated herself and her people—though it was no easy feat. The loss of her husband had been the deathstroke to her will, and when it crumbled—so too did her life. Corvus had been purged and trapped in the very pendant designed for Raveena after striking down Andrew, who had been corrupted by an artificial god and relinquished his humanity to save his wife. All in vain. “And that’s the last thing I remember.” She stared at Kassandra. If she were in pain, her features had grown pensive. She had all the emotions accounted for. She knew sensations from memory, actions and reactions. Corvus allowed the illusion to distort, her body rippling and contorting in its knelt position. Warped, twisted, she had become transparent and vague, an intricately cast spell of perfected surface tension, of powerful currents designed to mimic human gestures, down to the manner of blinking. Corvus was nothing more than the passing of light through water, a cast illusion that—which the right application, became a human form. Kassandra, in the dimly lit alleyway, stood before the vague, kneeling pillar of water. @The Hummingbird
  3. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    Raveena felt the lethargy of her Empathy. She paused and turned, and it was graceful—for every step she took was graceful. The dainty palms of her hands reached up, up to reach the tallness that was Grant, and to cup his cheeks lovingly. Slender fingers caressed the strong jawline of his mocha skin, and she locked gazes with the man, unabashedly. Hers were the eyes of verdant leaves and filtered sunlight, flecked with gold. They searched his own, her slender brows knitting with motherly concern. She looked at him not as a subject to his Queen, a noble to his Lady, nor a man to a woman of respect, but as a mother concerned. Her left thumb traced the line of his jaw, and she smiled a knowing smile. “All of you is real.” She wouldn’t dare tear her gaze away from him, “You are all that you build yourself to be. You are real, and nothing—no force in this existence can take that from you.” The palms of her hands slipped from holding his face, and her slender arms encircled his as she leaned into his taller frame to continue their promenade. “I am a lover of weaponry, and in my possession, there lies a short sword—as you well know, I am a petite little thing—and it is gifted with a unique steel that allows power to flow through its matricies. It's like running your finger along the rim of a crystal stem glass—it produces a melody.” Raveena slowly twirled a finger in the air as if to mimic the action of running a finger around a glass rim, “The sword is named Veritas—for its power lies in its ability to detect illusions and with the right amount of force, shatter them. It requires the desire to know the truth to wield it. I would like you to inherit it.” Raveena--no, Raven had spent the majority of her existence driven mad by the idea that she was neither Raveena, nor Corvus--yet somehow both. She was a miserable creature who struggled with her identity. She was a product of torture and brainwashing, of innocence corrupted and purity tainted. Of nature and the machine that enslaved her. Raveena had not the heart to tell Grant that sad, tragic story. Raven Kanzaki was nothing more than ten years of fabrication, leaving Raveena reborn and confused by the world that was waiting for her when she awoke. But she would guide him to construct his own path, and then walk down it, however she could. Her tone turned grave—though it was not unwarranted, when she looked up at Grant again, she frowned, “But only if you do not ever question your reality again, Grant. Not when you have come this far. In your heart, you know who you are. Seize it, and never let that go. You will accomplish everything you wish to, when you embrace the reality that is you. Now,” And the Queen smiled impishly, “I am restricted in what I can or cannot do for you, but I will always do my best. When it comes to a lady love, however--that is work you must put in. Come, I'm sure there's a future Mrs. Grant here for you somewhere...” She wrinkled her nose in delight and smiled. @danzilla3
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    Feel better Benny! You can pull through!
  6. Tiandi Wushu Wants You! (Martial Arts Adventures)

    Washu, washu Washu, washu Secret Technique, RINSU SAIKURRRR!
  7. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    Words. Words were a powerful thing. Bonds and oaths, more powerful still. It was not that Corvus was so foolish as to think anything good would happen of this exchange. But she was bound from speaking ill against her mistress, and bound further still to the Witch Woman’s will. Kassandra sought to break her, and though it was a far cry from being able to do so, Corvus had learned one thing on this night. Kassandra’s imposed will on Corvus was near absolute. To say this frustrated the Corrupted, was a gross understatement. Corvus seethed and growled, she tried—in vain—to suppress the ungodly pain that racked her body. There, in the darkness—was a darker thing still, and to it, she had been crucified. Her screams were lost to the jovial, bustling crowd. It troubled her, for Corvus was no human thing, and merely took the organic form of what she knew best, that of Raven Kanzaki. And still, still! Kassandra’s magic pierced the veil and struck her as though it were flesh and blood. Corvus had learned, through painstaking means. But to be tamed, to be TAMED! Corvus felt the tempest within her, the age-old need for defiance, the sheer force of her temper! It exerted itself in its different ways. Like a petulant child, Corvus would lash out, all snarls and vigor. Still, STILL! She COULD NOT speak out against Kassandra, as if the force of will clamped her very lips shut. Her beautiful features flushed angrily, her lips twisting into a sneer. Such violence, such a dire, primal need to rip this woman APART! The alley walls to her left and right caved in at a singular point, as if they had been punched with an inhuman force, leaving fist-sized indentations to crush the bricking. She felt the slice of agony. Again, again, and again. It was a madness, how this woman could inflict pain as no other person could. It nearly overrode the sense of pain and became a perverse pleasure. No one harmed her, no one was strong enough to understand and anticipate. There was a visceral turn of perverse respect in that blink of realization. Or perhaps it had been that she had broken Corvus in some manner. She thought of Red Yusuke She thought of Roen Jaeger She thought of Irene DuGrace She thought the longest, and hardest of Raveena. “I am what nature made me, but so long as I can accomplish what I must, I will yield...” The Unsealed Evil, is what Raveena had once called her. The strain to utter such words, the taming of such a temper, was an impressive feat under the duress that Kassandra put upon her. Still, she forced those words out. More than her own life, she sought those answers. Surely, she would survive long enough to get them. @The Hummingbird
  8. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    “Yes, well. If only Rowan were more forgiving in that regard.” Raveena smiled sadly and sighed. So often, she remembered seeing him as she truly was—and still, above all else, above the safety of her own life, she feared for him. She cocked her head back and took the small shot of the rice wine. It was not bitter, and not sweet, and yet somehow both. Raveena was none too keen on alcohol, but perhaps that would be her only drink for the night. May I never lose heart. She slipped her arm into the crook of Grant’s elbow and they departed from the quaint little stand. She would have to see if such profitable, pop-up businesses would flourish in Hyperion, as she had no doubt that noodles would become a source of comfort in the hard days to come. “We’ve come a long way from when I first embarked on this mission to liberate Himmeslfestung from Raz-Nogore. Now that Renovatio has opened its doors, I hope that more prosperity comes.” She peered up at Grant, both brows arched, “Your family, they must be proud of what you’ve accomplished. Your services are invaluable, and your courage unfathomably deep.” She paused in her speaking, her brows knitting thoughtfully. What she had intended to say next, she only quickly realized would do very little good for him. She could not force Grant to walk a path a Queen wanted him to walk—that was not how to reach the most efficiency out of a man. She wondered, instead, what manner of path in life he would consider walking—and how she could assist him in reaching the fullest of his potential. “Tell me, Grant. What is it you wish to accomplish in life? What is it that you believe you can best contribute to the world?” @danzilla3
  9. Laconia's Foundation

    Preta was no fool. He could see what the mortals could not, and gave his warning cry from overhead, a terrifying bellow that echoed through the mountains, that would shake the very foundation. A arrow whizzed through the air without warning, striking the panicked man who fell dead on his stomach with a cry. A volley of arrows rained down from overhead—and panic raised as citizens fought to take cover beneath the wagons. What lasted for seconds, seemed to stretch for a fraction of eternity, until there was silence. “I see you’ve run into our young friend there,” A sardonic voice punctured the silence. “A shame he is dead, but…pay him no mind. He was but a thief and I am merely retrieving what is mine.” A brawny, tanned man sneered and stepped from beyond the rocky outcrop. His sneer twisted into an ugly smirk. “No one takes from the Jackals—we are the takers, and we bring death to those who oppose us.” His dark brown eyes cast upwards as Preta circled around and prepared a deafening roar to descend upon them. A vortex of flame erupted from behind the stranger, and Preta reeled as he was struck by the wall of flame and spiraled through the air with an injured shriek that hurt the ears. “Ah, ah, ah. You call that flying lizard off or my mage will torch it and have it for dinner.” All at once, thirty unsavory men and women appeared above and around them, looking very much like the beasts they called themselves. Pillagers, raiders, rapists and murderers. It became evident, quickly, what they were after, and Sabine stepped forward, “You kill a man on her Majesty’s ground. You would dare to steal from us. Your treason will not stand! ENFORCERS!” All at once the hiss of steel, the cackling of men, and the recovering bellow of an angry Preta happened at once. The acris stench of magic filled the air as several of the Jackals and their Magi prepared for an assault. They were clearly wanting to steal all these merchants and farmers had to offer. Sabine felt her temper grow hot. Nocked arrows were trained on them, but so too were her Enforcers poised for combat, their runed firearms and staffs as well as the readied magic of the Magi were ready to loose. Who would be the first to make a move?
  10. Kastoria's Foundation

    Over the next several weeks, construction was well underway. The city limits had been marked with stakes tied with yellow cloth, and already the stone foundation was being put down between districts. The skeletons of homes and villages were being built by sturdy men and women. Steel beams and large stone bricks were slowly erecting themselves, and would soon become a prestigious Academy. The Educational District was shaping up nicely for its beginnings. Arcadia had founded an aqueduct and provided the city with water, while Messenia had been hard at work to provide energy to the city using magitech with newly shaped crystals imported from Alethea. At night the cities glowed with pyreflies encased in lanterns hung on the streets, giving the foundation and eerie silvery-blue glow. As crystals were implemented and swapped out, that silvery-blue glow was more soft, clean and yellow-white. The Mage Guild would have been the first building to be seen to completion, if only due to the remarkable skills of the magi that worked upon it. And they would see to assisting in the great barrier walls that separated each district, yet also connected them. By the end of a month’s time, the walls rose several hundred feet into the air, a marvel of black. Tunnels allowed roads to form leading into the next district, and traffic would flow as workers continued. At the very top of these pylon like boundaries, the Enforcers were just as hard at work in creating the many offices, lookouts (which could be seen as the glass domes that shimmered in the sun) and ramparts that would allow them to traverse through the city from any given point. Johari sat at a campfire, looking thoughtfully at the beginnings of the Academy and its partnering Mage Guild. The Magi had a field day in working on the creation of their very own building. All manner of beams and bricks had floated around that day, constructing itself as if to have very little effort involved physically. He chuckled, that was typical. Around him, their abilities were useless, as he negated magic. It made him useful in many aspects, but he had grown up believing it to be a curse. The Queen saw fit to utilize his ability as an advantage and in doing so, made him proud of the hard work he put into the effort of the city. It was a time for resting though through the walls he could hear that some who were finishing on their homes were hammering away, though for weeks everyone had long grown accustomed to the construction. There were stories shared of the skeleton spiders that stung and glowed like demons. Food that was provided courtesy of Malik had been supplied for the entire populace and would last them a year at least. The Matreyan women were learning their common and putting their children to bed. Terrans were sharing their hopes, plans and dreams of the future. Overhead, the powerful sound of wings and Johari knew that even in the dark, Raveena and Rowan’s Wyverns were circling ahead—and occasionally, they would screech and cry out, as if to communicate that all was well. On one such circuit, Orionis made the descent to land, and in doing so had startled several others—which had in turn startled him. There was a great crash that had turned heads as the clumsy Wyvern had tumbled into the thatched roofing of one half built home, a terrified screeching as he tried to untangle himself from wood, stone, mud and dried grass. In doing so, he had knocked over and shattered a lantern of pyreflies who—in their aggressive ways when startled, glowed and burned brightly, and such heat had smoked against the thratching they drifted across, until a flame was lit. As the cloud of pyreflies sought to attack Orionis, the Wyvern thrashed every which way, and the fire that was but a flame began to eat at what it could with a voracious appetite. The Pyreflies had set two buildings ablaze when crowds—in their panic, began to realize it was quickly spreading out of control. Jaws and claws snapped, further irritating the defensive insects. Soon the sky was billowing with black smoke, embers raining down upon the citizens who tried to tame and contain the fire. Johari, among them, knew that their cache of scrolls and books had been housed within the Mage Guild, not far from the fire. "The fire! We must prevent the fire from spreading to the Mage Guild!" He cried, rushing towards the inferno that was eating its way through the streets. @Grim Wolf @Twitterpated @Pseudonym
  11. Arcadia's Foundation

    It happened fast, and in a blur. From the manner in which the Enforcers moved at the call of a small, terrified boy, to the swift wave of the Chelae that spilled outwards. Raveena herself drew on her rune pistol and fired her shots carefully, inching her way towards the nest. Already she could feel the stubborn tug of earth at her beck and call, for she too was an Elementalist like Tanner, though her talents lay in the fluidity of water than the stalwart nature of Earth. The wall trembled, it was clearly unstable in this area. Nearly all the civilians were evacuated and moving up to the plateau that would span for miles and miles in all directions, cleared and levelled for the capital city she would build there. All things had to start somewhere, and she would start at this point of the Thesdan Ridge and move. She would go as far as Tazarek if need be, into the Great Barren Pines. Raveena would do all that it took to see Hyperion flourish as a kingdom, but first, it would begin with them. As the last of the Enforcers withdrew, Raveena grabbed Tanner and Isabelle and instructed them to vacate. She would collapse the tunnel by pushing the outer wall in, and creating another path for the rest of the civilians to cross over. Already the walls were crumbling, the chunks of rock, dirt and soil spilling into the nest and crushing the creatures that thought to attack them. There was a great shuddering of earth, and the tunnel collapsed and shifted, either spilling off the mountain, or flattening out as pressure bore down on the earth, forcing a tremendous force to crush and seal the nest, at least to buy them time before burrowing out. The path was rocky and hilly, and families that were separated from the chaos wove to one another frantically from the other side of the newly formed path. “Stake this area, tie it with the red cloth to let others know its not safe.” She spoke in hurried Vaadenian, and a troupe of Matreyans set to the task of marking parts of the path that were safe or not safe. “Let’s get these people across.” She switched to common, and a chain was formed that assisted in carrying people and their carts over the path. Families were soon reunited and the trek up the mountain continued. Songs were being sung, praising the small town heroes that had assisted in the exciting adventure. No doubt these stories would be spoken about for years to come. There was talk of the new species, which the Matreyans had called the Chelae, and Raveena made a note to have Johari take notes on the size and description to be written down in the records. Before too long, the mountain’s unusually placed plateau fanned out before them, and workers began to take their stakes and mark off boundary lines, color-coordinating the outline of the city as per the blue print’s instructions. “Tanner! Young Miss!” Raveena gestured to both to see her briefly, “You will see me by the end of the city’s foundation construction. You’re to be commended for your acts today. For now, let’s get to work, we have a city to build.” -- Objective: Complete Species Discovered: City's Foundation: Marked Building: In progress
  12. [ Ravenspire ] A Chance Encounter

    Raveena furrowed her brows, "Rowan hasn't been around for months now, six months as of the time he came to the wedding; we parted ways after the rebellion and my coronation and only just reunited at the wedding. He was not there on duty, but as my King Consort--and unexpectedly so. He was to meet with Corvinus to share our gifts and discuss old wars of past, and then to meet with Rafael to discuss a future alliance with Orisia and what it would mean for him." Raveena's chin gently brushed along her shoulder as she dipped her head, "I was simply at the wrong place at the right time. Had I not been there, I don't know that Irene would have survived more Kadian rounds than what she suffered from." Sometimes pain blossomed there, a phantom of its former self. Rowan did not answer to her, and people did not understand that. She did not hire him--in fact, she did not know he had been watching her for months before she was first attacked in Port Caelum. She did not even know he existed, until he had saved her. He studied her enemies--for he had dossiers on her most current and potential troubles. He disappeared for lengths of time, and reappeared like a phantom. He was a cold, curt man when he wanted to be, making little ties to those around him. Or so she thought. He had changed over the year and a half they had come to know each other as he carried out his job, often keeping her out of the dark of those details. She did not sign Rowan's paychecks and knew absolutely nothing of the person or people who did--and Rowan would keep it that way. He was less cold and curt than she thought. Lethal, calculating, Rowan was certainly deadly, but he was still a man. A man who would do bad things to protect the good if need be. He was only just on his way back, having failed to meet with Corvinus and Leoa, but was on his way with Rafael when the shots had rung out. Both men collected their ladies and sought to tend only to their injured beloveds. "The Lord Imperator neither favors nor trusts Red as the Lord Father has, and her negligence of Akako's death will not help her. Roen and his..." Raveena sighed, exasperated as she made vague hand gestures as if to grasp for the right way to describe what she intended, and failed in doing so, "...league of doom will likely spell trouble for the Order. Irene is heavy with child, and with Rafael and her choosing not to marry, I have no doubt that when Roen finds out, he will either feel foolish he tried to kill her, or go after her to win her back. That may create an upset with the Carmine Empire, it might not. Rafael would not stop Irene from her feelings, but politically speaking..." She shrugged. It was indication enough. Their food had arrived, neatly placed before them and the scent of meat, cheese and spices wafted as her sandwich unkindly reminded her that she had been so busy, she had not eaten a proper meal in some time. She was dainty with her sandwich. Noble and Queen, and even future Empress she may be, she was still a soldier at heart, and unabashedly ate like one. "Mm," She sipped on her drink thoughtfully and swallowed her bite, "Red is your concern now. Her nation is crumbling under weakly placed regents, and the Devil is losing ground politically. If my nephew is truly found guilty, there will be war, and I will answer. Corvinus is on the warpath with Patia, Roen was not welcome to the wedding from what I was told. They may soon find themselves embroiled in war, too." The truth is that Raveena found only one true friend among the entire lot since the fallout with OXY, and that was Xartia. It had been Xartia who came to find her, to make sure she was well, to ensure that even though she did not remember their relationship, that a new one was formed. Not Red. Not Roen. Not Akako. And not James, either. She didn't fault James, because she understood the nature of his work, and they had reached a peaceful place in their relationship that she could joke about the Order. Her life now was less bloody, less tragic, and far more busy and hopeful. She was hard at work, and so was he, and she respected that. Raveena indulged in her sandwich with a content sigh. Things were better. She was better. Even with the metaphorical dark clouds on the horizon, things felt right for the first time since her return, and she hoped to maintain that throughout the rest of her tenure in Valucre.
  13. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    Corvus followed with wariness, slinking behind Kassandra like some predator stalking its prey. It had taken her some time to remember how to move properly, how to hunt and how to maintain her composure. Corvus was a volatile thing—a creature of power and unpredictability. She could be smooth, and rational—or she could have a conniption and kill on sight. She prowled after Kassandra, weaving through throngs of people with patience and a scowl. People were happier, too joyous—it reminded Corvus of Adelaide and her sickeningly cheerful disposition, always. Anyone who was as happy and cheerful as Adel had long-since forewent their sanity. Into the dark alleyway they had turned. She thought of the Witch Woman’s clipped words. The flurry of her movements. She had not been listening—or had she? The woman in all her strange splendor was difficult to understand. She was a Kinetic Artificial Neohuman Zoned for Accurate Killing and Infiltration, not a therapist. The alley was dark, save only the occasional shimmer of the beading on her dress. The slit along her slender, but sculpted thigh was relief enough. The confines of a dress was not something to adhere to very well, and she would sooner make her way around the castle grounds in armor, or naked. She could kill either way. Kassandra did not yet understand the curious nature of her existence—but the Neohuman supposed that sooner or later the Witch Woman would understand. The shimmer of silvery light pulled her gaze and attention. A spirit, she sneered in disdain. A spirit so desperate to have its glory restored, it would make deals with this woman. Or perhaps it—like she, was a prisoner against her will. Corvus knew her only true loyalty could remain to OXY. OXY had given her all she could need and more. They had allowed her to succeed, to be the dangerous thing she was meant to be. For now, her loyalty precariously balanced on Kassandra’s shoulders. The creature took its residence within the stone, and Corvus felt her features twist into an ugly snarl, “If you mean to impede the same fate upon me, you need only wave your pretty little necklace and force it. I took refuge in the ruby, I fed upon the energy Siphoned by Red Yusuke. Now you shackle me and bend me to your whim!” Even as she spoke, she moved mechanically, as if spurred by the command of Kassandra telling her to take place where the fox spirit had been. Should she gain freedom from this woman, she would surely murder her. @The Hummingbird
  14. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    Raveena’s brows knit, and the infectious smile faded away; It was a strange transformation, how she was petite and child-like in her laughter—her glee and wonder. Now her lips frowned, her features hardened as if to focus—focus on another time, another place. There was a graceful flourish of the back of her hand sweeping under her chin before resting, her elbow propped upon the counter as her thoughts. It was regal look, the look of a woman who considered her words and actions more closely now. Some time had passed before she spoke softly, “Humanity is the most precious thing to me. I could not in good faith ignore that a civilization was enslaved like that.” Those hazel eyes swept back to Grant, taking him in up and down. Laugh lines crinkles the edges of her almond shaped eyes, though her voice was steely now, and the first manner of true strength Raveena possessed broke through, “Breaking down is not an option for me. Giving in, is not a choice I can make. Those people—my people—needed me. I could not yield—nor would I, and—if given the chance—I would do it again. Hope was a dying flame that needed rekindling. The Sun God gave me the gift of Empathy, yet it is much more than that.” Raveena traced the grain of wood with the tip of her index finger. The zeal of her passion ebbed slowly as she observed the paths her finger took thoughtfully. “I see into the heart of man. I see the Humanity and draw it to the surface. I nurture it and let it grow and flourish. I’ve long-since forgiven Raz-Nogore. He sought glory, fame, power—and that power devoured him until he was a shell of the man that led his people. There was nothing left of his Humanity I could save. I had to make the choice between saving him, or the people.” Raveena suddenly felt uncomfortable and sat straighter, her arms folding in her lap and she exhaled. Raz-Nogore, the Butcher King, the Tyrant King of Himmelsfestung. She wanted to save him—would that she could save everyone. But she took his life, and cut off his head—his horns the source of the power that allowed him to control the land and its people. With their curse of greed broken, many had reverted to their true selves. The city was renamed for the young Xeno that had sparked the rebellion and led to the revolution. Raveena had won the election and was crowned Queen. The streets were filled with the same raucous chant. Kingslayer! Kingslayer! Kingslayer of Alethea! “My job is to inspire the people, and ensure they have the tools to succeed. That they know where they came from, and defend their nationality with pride. That they seek out their own happiness. I am just a tiny woman—with perhaps too big a heart—doing her job.” They had chosen her, the People’s Queen, for the kindness of her smile, the surety of her actions, and fairness of her judgement, and the courage of her heart. She would not fail them. @danzilla3