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  1. Totally game. I've been waiting for something like this to come along. It'll be fun!
  2. Not sure if ate macaroni or if seaweed got pregnant... [ Squint ] @Shayda I kind of live with toddlers if you count my puppy and my mother...
  3. I don't wish it on anyone. [ As she's drinking another glass of wine ] The anxiety of moving is real.
  4. [ Stabbed a flag in the ground ] I'm claimin' Himmelsfestung.
  5. There is not a sober cell in my body...
  6. Meanwhile in Aberdeen... It's time for another exhausting round of Guess Britty's Ethnicity! [ Tosses confetti ] Woo! I hate everything! Young man walks in, I handle the transaction "You have a very interesting accent, where are you from?" God help me, I hate everything... I laugh nervously, because its' an inevitable conversation that comes up at least six times a day, easily, "Take a wild guess!" He missed my sarcasm. "You're Spanish or Indian or somethin'?" "Yup." "Cherokee?" "Pardon?" "Lumbee, maybe. You look Lumbee." "Oh, yes, I'm also Native American, neither Cherokee nor Lumbee--I'm Navajo." "'Also'?! Wait, so what else are you?!" "I cover every continent but South America and Antarctica." "Are you British?" "Doubtful." "You sound English." "Wrong country." "Canadian?" "Nope." "New Zealand?" "Nerp." "Huh. Well damn. I don't know." "I'm half white, half everything else. Australian is the accent you're looking for." "Well you're just a mutt, aren't you?" Fucking rude! Get the fuck out of my fucking store before I cuss you the fuck out! "We'll go with that." "At least you're not Jewish." ... . . . My brain was not prepared for that...
  7. Raveena: "The witch consorts with demons and deities!" "Didn't you know? she's the one that burned Predator's Keep to the ground!" "Word has it she's an avatar for a god." Aizen: "I heard she drank an entire tavern out of stock!" "She never talks about her profession. I bet she does something shady..." Adelaide: "Pretty sure she slept her way through the top ranks. Or maybe it was murder...?" "I've seen weird shit come out of that tarot deck!" Aziza: "She's touched by the gods, that one. No normal woman has eyes like that..." "The gods didn't want her so they spat her back out." "Half ogre, I wager. What a brute. No human woman could fight as fiercely as that one." Corde: "Best courtesan in the city. She'll seduce the woes right out of you and you'll be reborn. Just be careful, I hear she's real close with the queen..."
  8. I just want to study abroad in Shanghai for a business program they have over there through my international honor society. I didn't get to go when the invitation was first extended because I was inducted right around the deadline and it was too expensive. But I found an alternate program I have access to as a member that's more affordable and still nets me what I want.
  9. Spanish was too easy. French was just my choice because I was going to move to Quebec. I'm learning Mandarin for business purposes. Now that is a challenge.
  10. Pick a language. I know several. Except Spanish. Fuck that. That's the one language I don't bother with.
  11. Meanwhile in Aberdeen... You're Not in Kansas Anymore! A Brief Tale of the Evolution of Man Man walks in. Stands there. Looks around dazed and confused. “Is this Aberdeen?” “This is Aberdeen.” “…” “…are you sure?” “Yessir, I work and live here. This is Aberdeen.” “Aberdeen, North Carolina?” “The one and only.” “Huh…” Walks back out. --- Moments later... Points to the blue arrow on the map “Is this where I need to go?” “No sir, this is where we are. You follow the blue line and it will tell you where to go.” “Oh I know where I need to go, I just wanted to make sure I know where I am. And this is where we are?” Proceeds to zoom out to see the full trip on the map, “Where is this?” “This is where you are trying to get to.” “So what’s this?” Points to blue arrow again. “This is where we are right now.” “Right now?” “Right now.” “In Aberdeen.” “Aberdeen, North Carolina.” “How do I know what road to turn on?” “It’s just like the Wizard of Oz, follow the blue line, she will tell you where to go.” “It talks!?”
  12. Packing. Packing, packing, packing. All RP is on hold for the next few days. I spend my free time bothering Frank about random things that cross my mind when I read the book he recommended. Becca I prefer to be classified as ingratiatingly eccentric. But you love it, like you love me. Like I love you. <3
  13. [ Elaborate grunt ]