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    I'd like to rp with you. I don't think we ever have, though I kinda suffer from memoridus.


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      Wow. I understood “accounting” at least. You sound like a busy bumblebee. If I could gift you with a basket of tasty seaweed, would you accept it?

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      Deus Ex Aizen

      I would absolutely accept any gift from my beloved Harold.

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      I’ll have it ready for when you return, pardner. It’ll be a zinger

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    Liberating The Slaver's Alcove

    For you, I will make all the appearances! Just let me know when and where. I've been lore-crafting in the scant free time I have (THANKS TO ROGER'S AZN ASS), including filler arcs for Rae's search for Rowan--some of which connect to Kirena. This will help me tie in things beautifully. If you need help with anything, I will do muh best! If you have lore questions about your embark zone, I gotchu.
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    Liberating The Slaver's Alcove

    The Imperatrix of Carmine sends her regards.
  4. Deus Ex Aizen

    Hyperion: Rise With Us!

    Rae has gone to investigate Rowan being kidnapped. Someday she'll return. Will have a nifty new weapon with her to add to artifacts when she do.
  5. Deus Ex Aizen

    Hyperion: Rise With Us!

    Rin has a pretty solid plot point in Hyperion already with seeds. The life of your future half-brother depends on you trumping what's established~
  6. Deus Ex Aizen

    Hyperion: Rise With Us!

    Whispers from the shadows "Ask, and you shall k n o w . . . "
  7. Deus Ex Aizen

    Deck the Halls

    She inhaled the night air, the breeze flowing into the room that set her robe fluttering. Even her hair, a tangle of long, wild curls settled around her like an unkempt blanket. Her skin seemed to glow the moment she touched the outside world beyond the walls, the same ethereal silvery-white of the moon cast overhead. It was the thing that made her Matreyan, despite worshiping the Sun over the Moon. Even at night, the soft glow of the symbol at the center of her forehead— the ever-present sign of Cancer —stood out. It was quiet, and there was something private and comforting about the silence. She stepped out to the intricate wrought railing and leaned against it for a moment, peering over the ledge. If Rowan had been there, he was surely gone again. How, would remain a mystery. She was surprised by her own disappointment. She knew he preferred to be both unseen and unheard, but she hoped some part of him forgave her. A hand came to rest of the slight of her pregnant belly. Month by month it was growing more and more noticeable. The declaration of the news had not been made to the people—though many knew and still, security had doubled. Raveena tucked her chin into her arm and exhaled a slow and tired sigh. Beyond the veil of long lashes, she saw the movement, and glanced up curiously. She didn't want to make the announcement without the father of the child present to know. Snow drifted down silently, calmly. It was a serene thing to bear witness to, the way the silence of winter blanketed the mountain side. They were not so high up that snow was a constant, but now—in the dead of winter, it snowed in Hyperion for the first time—and Raveena was in awe of it. Winter had arrived in the mountains, harsh and unforgiving in its treatment of the Hyperion people. Though most of them were ready, it had not been without hardship. It was a solemn time of year for the Matreyan people, and for Hyperion as a whole. This single moment of beauty and serenity… It was nice to decompress. It was nice to get away from the stress of what all had happened in her life. Rowan was still missing, and she still grieved over the emptiness that came with it. Her workload increased, the military activity increased, and her son’s business in the south had taken him further from her. There was a strange emptiness in Hyperion without her family. Despite the memories that had returned to her, nothing had changed about the present. She pulled away from the railing and turned, the flakes of snow that drifted into her curls melted. She gently closed the doors behind her, letting the warmth of their room comfort her. Jesta’ lay sprawled across the bed—on Rowan’s side, of course. Though the Daemon watched her with knowing eyes, she said nothing, and Raveena quietly left her there. She paced through the suite that made their living quarters, wanting to curl up by the fire and read. It was another lonely evening. Another night to be left to her thoughts, or to drown herself in the imagination of her reading. She was certain that if she caught her reflection, she’d be appalled. There was something exhausting about harboring another human being in your body—an Immortal, at that. The tips of her fingers danced along the walls lined with books—for that was one thing both her and Rowan agreed upon, was an endless and easy access to books in their home. She pulled one randomly as she walked and tucked it against her side. Though her eyes were on the floor, the flickering of light drew her attention to shadows cast—and she knew the servants who had prepared the room should have long been dismissed for the evening. Raveena reached out with the newfound senses that Rowan’s blood afforded her. Smells were like layers that she could peel back—and so she had. The old, musty scent of books. A newly renovated wall and the nearly dried paint. The smell of burning wood and cinnamon. The smell of him. Raveena dropped her book unexpectedly—and then startled herself in her confusion. She grunted as she leaned to pick the book up—which had landed on her bare toes. Sweeping a hand to tuck strands behind her ear and hugged the book close to her chest and briskly closed the distance between the hall and the den where she wanted to read in peace. Without even thinking, she transferred the book to her left hand and gripped the archway with her right, leaning into it—almost breathless. It was strange and beautiful the way the light of the flames flickered and danced along his skin. Her stomach sank—because first she was confused—then she was scared—and then she felt a spike of anger at being scared. Then there was an insurmountable amount of unyielding happiness. Her mouth opened—and then it closed. She tried again, but she struggled and sputtered in her anger. Of course, he’d be poised and calm—as if he had been there all along—and maybe he had been in some way. Rowan was good at hiding. Rowan was good at not wanting to be found. He was not, however, good at handling her tears—and they began to well up in her eyes. She was trembling—the way she had when she spoke to her father and delivered the news. When she had come home from meeting after meeting—the same meetings and pressing matters that she used to distract herself from the strange feeling of not knowing what to do between Rowan and Andrew. She was exhausted. She thought her legs would give out beneath her if she shook any more than she was. “You’re home…” She choked the words out—the tears spilling, her voice cracking in a strange mixture of happiness and sorrow. @The Hound
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    General chat thread

    Tired of this bronchitis thing.
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    Like.. Haha.. What! Christmas reactions request!

    Aizen approved. [ Salute ]
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    I didn't think this day would come this soon but then again, life happens. I will be leaving Valucre indefinitely until my situation changes and is more agreeable to RP regularly again. I have several important factors that now require my undivided attention, and I choose to hold that above RPing. Would that I could juggle, but I simply must focus. I will probably occasionally pop up and say hello. Next year is extremely important to me, and I want to focus on reaching my goals first and foremost. @danzilla3 and @Eternity will take over respectively, and may delegate however they choose to. @Grubbistch I invite you to join in their endeavors if you'd like to, particularly with Alethea since Raz-Nogore is yours. Please take care and be well.
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    General chat thread

    Basically what Carlos said.
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    General chat thread

    Thought about upgrading. May use my tax refund to upgrade. Boyfriend wants me to try an iphone so we can facetime more.
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    General chat thread

    [ Flop ] Survived Black Friday and was only...about one good sale away from meeting my 10k goal.. I dread next year when I move to Houston and actually have to consider going to get a TV...
  14. Deus Ex Aizen

    Food on Valucre

    I update the the Sadira Amar Tea and Tavern menu every so often. I try to keep it regional, with imported stuff (like Kyrosian wine from the Enoteca Wine and Workshop)
  15. I'm sorry. You were just trying to help. It's just that any whiff of 'tough love' (man I hate that word) reminds me of the childhood abuse it was used to justify.

    Thank you.