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  1. Mindless Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    It's true. Istvan would confirm. He'd say he's too sophisticated for a track suit but upon further inspection, you'd realize... ...it's a spiffy track suit.
  2. Mindless Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    At least you're done with OK.
  3. Work Rants, unbelievably stupid questions...

    I wish I had thought to post this when it happened a few weeks ago, but I lost track of this thread. Still chuckle-worthy. --- Darrell - Do Not Call (see notes) For those who are familiar with Dennis the Menace [ He's in here a few pages back ], meet his cousin twice removed Darrell Do Not Call (see notes). I was minding my own business--and by that, I mean I was nosily listening to other people's calls at work. It's not uncommon that a majority of calls are disconnected, hung up on, etc. I was blissfully unaware at first, but as things often happen in my life--this changed, quickly. Because Darrell took his disconnection personally. He took it upon himself to call back and demand to speak to a supervisor because he insists he was hung up on. The young lady called Greg over. My man Greg got on the phone, and I'm close enough to hear him. Then I hear it: the trigger. "Sir. Sir. You are not going to speak to me that way, sir. No." I had a call come in so I got distracted. I assume the call ended because Greg was chuckling and walking away. Darrell called back. This was the fourth agent he's spoken to now. Once when he got disconnected, second when he called back and cussed the young lady out demanding a supervisor, third when he spoke to Greg, and now he was cussing out one of the girls on my team about how terrible Greg was, and that he was a piece of shit and other long strings of profanity. She put him on the Do Not Call List. But it was like a horror movie. He just kept calling back. It was the other Brittany, who sat on my left side--we call her Brie so we don't confuse everyone. I felt my days were numbered. I still hadn't learned his name by then. I was distracted between taking calls and listening to calls. And then. It happened. [ Darrell Thompson (see notes) ] "Shit." I muttered, and took the call. I had...a feeling. "Am I on the Do Not Call list, yes or no?" "That's what it says." "Am I on the Do Not Call list, yes or no?" "That's...what I am reading if my college education is worth anything." "As of what time?" "As of 18:57." "What does that mean?" "6:57PM, sir. It's 7:03PM now." "Good." "Well sir, if you'd stop calling and harassing my staff over a disconnected call, you wouldn't have lost six minutes of your life. Unfortunately because you called in, [Insert him beginning to cuss Greg out again and talk over me, which I do not allow] I don't have a Do Not Call disposition so you'll probably hear from us again in a few months. Have a great day!" [ Click ] The worst part? There were no notes!
  4. Hey, would you be interested in a little voice acting experiment?

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    2. Deus Ex Aizen

      Deus Ex Aizen

      What sort of hours do you need available?

    3. Off Topic

      Off Topic

      No rush as of yet. I still have about 20 hours of work left on animation and puppetry before I get to the point of even recording audio, but I'm pretty flexible and would definitely be done this weekend. So, not before this weekend and any time that works best for you after this weekend, but during the week I don't get home until 4 pm (MST). If on the weekend I'm essentially free whenever, for now just wanted to gauge your interest.

    4. Deus Ex Aizen

      Deus Ex Aizen

      We can give it a shot and see. I'm on medical rest for the next few weeks and aside from PT and any doctor appointments I'll be job hunting or working for mom's travel business in the early evening. and will otherwise be free.

  5. I liked the Elements concept from Emerald City (I'm seriously sad the show was dropped because I loved it's lore on magic and artifacts). Stylish, not terribly easy to use, either. I'd say tweak it to a confined area, and you'd have to prep via communing with the environment first before being able to use an element from said area. The more preps used/more time communing, the stronger your hold on the elements are. Prep 1: summon rain within XYZ radius Prep 2: summon winds Prep 3: create thunder/lightning Prep 4: have the strength from communing to combine and create a mini storm that lasts XYZ posts. I feel like, for Rae--who hails from a family of elementalist, but gave up the craft to learn other forms of magic--it would help re-train that talent. Rather than be an item she draws directly from, she'd have to re-learn how to connect and channel that control. How to weave elements to create systems, fronts. The right amount of power to change an element's state from solid to liquid to gas, and how to understand the 'nature' of an element--particularly if it's anthropomorphic. Rather than just, "Sweet, I have control." It'd force her to learn, "Okay, I have control--now how do I make it do the thing?"
  6. Feeling staring/a presence constantly

    Terrible viking. You're fired. Go sit with our ghost friends, they're shy too.
  7. Feeling staring/a presence constantly

    I demand evidence.
  8. Feeling staring/a presence constantly

    Could be they wanna keep you company cause you're lonely? Hard to say! But I'd def' say you're not alone on that front.
  9. Feeling staring/a presence constantly

    Might be someone watchin' out for ya. Or the feds. Never sure anymore. I'd like to think my grandfather's spirit looks out for me. We didn't have a chance to really meet and get to know each other before he died of skin cancer when I was young. We did hit it off, though. He knew he was dying and had shunned my mother for having me, then had a change of heart when we met. Thought I was the neatest thing ever and all these years later it really hit home for me that he regretted missing out and adored me. He was a cool guy, according to mom, just had reservations about my biological father. Having learned about him growing up, I sometimes make decisions based on what I think he would do, say, or think. Even though we aren't biologically related, I think cares enough to keep tabs on me from time to time. Or to warn me the feds are watching. I 'unno.
  10. Feeling staring/a presence constantly

    Not really. This happened to me a lot growing up.
  11. New here, just chillin

    Seventh Sanctum is where I go to get inspired for ideas. I always feel like even if I have a bland idea, if I can find something else to tack onto it to spruce it up I can get somewhere. At least you made it back on, though!
  12. Palgard [Civil War]

    Better make sure that Odin statue is still standing. I still have to drag a shadowbeast over to lick the crotch for a miracle.
  13. Mindless Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    I agree with my cousin, the memes for the eclipse were better than the eclipse itself. Prolly would have been better if we we're in South Carolina but it was neat to see.
  14. Mindless Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    I desperately want to go back to sleep. But doctorappointments, dentistappointments, schoolstuffs and workthings. But sleep...today is not a good day. Nerp, nope, nap. PT was icky. Breathing is hard. Moving is hard. Ma, I says. I don't wanna do the thing. Do the thing, she says. But I don't wanna. Just wanna sleep. Sleep, thnx. Sleep. .