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  1. Help a lonely cursed octopus mermaid find friendship and love

    I doubt I'll be able to pull anything out for you right now. I have a full plate as I have one more thread I'm taking care of for canon before I start closing down threads to work on getting these cities in order. I highly suggest talking to the Hound about Nymeria in Genesaris, though. It's an underwater city and you may find something there that interests you.
  2. Kingslayer - The History of Himmelsfestung's Revolution

    Been changed for now. I'm going to take his place to have something for others to respond to, and slide him towards the end as he requested.
  3. Kingslayer - The History of Himmelsfestung's Revolution

    [ Tossed confetti over ] You can do anything! But don't stress trying to get it done. I've had to take a few breaks myself this past week because I've run into a roadblock, which happens when I pour myself into lore articles. Generally my solution is to start a new thread and do something refreshing and new, but I'm trying to finish ones that I have so I can work on rolling these landing pages out for these cities. Sometimes I just wanna say "pass!" and read someone else's writing but I know others are waiting on me, so I'm working to catch up. Still, I try not to force it. Nothing feels good from forcing anything.
  4. Yeah well you can just SHUT UP

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      Deus Ex Aizen

      Montego Bay, actually. Spent a whole day exploring the city on foot. It was terrifying.

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  5. Kingslayer - The History of Himmelsfestung's Revolution

    King The Hound @danzilla3 Eternity Deus Ex Aizen Fennis Ursai Alexei TheElementHunter ezkiel777
  6. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Skullgirls is love. Parasoul owns my soul. Also remind me to make sure my dog doesn't scare the shit out of me at 4:20am by throwing himself at my door and startling me out of sleep.
  7. Help a lonely cursed octopus mermaid find friendship and love

    =O YOU FLATTER ME! I should see if I can dredge up a male character--none of my males I've posted on Val yet.
  8. Kingslayer - The History of Himmelsfestung's Revolution

    I can do this for ya no problem.
  9. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    I want to finish posting but I am so...sleepy... [ Crawled into bed ]
  10. [Nymeria] About Damn Time (The Return of a King)

    What is the pale thing in the sky? It is the moon, my love. What does it do? It guards the world from the blanket of darkness. Does it always prevail? Not always, but in the darkest hour when all hope seems lost, the moon returns again. So it is like you! So it would seem. Just like the shining sun that chases the darkness away. That is the big bright thing? Yes, my love. It is so bright to chases away darkness! Just like you do. You are like the sun, and the stars that shine. A glimmer of light in our often dark world. Ha! then you are the moon of my life, Rahab. And you are my sun and stars, my love. Rahab recalled this conversation when Urz was younger, before the stasis had taken them all. Often she treated her nephew to the skies above their heads. She would treat him to the teachings Jawan had passed onto her. The moon, the many constellations and their stories, the bright sun. It had become commonplace between them. She stood proudly, though her nephew towered over her. A blade by any other name, but Urizix would survive this skirmish with just this scarring to show for it. Where was the young, curious boy who followed his Aunt everywhere? Sometimes Rahab guiltily felt as though she were letting her life slip away, missing the very family she loved coming and going. Urzix had become a fine specimen of a Nymerian. “No more.” She replied—firm and sternly, “Only the dead are honorably silent, Urzix.” When Rahab was certain Urzix had brushed her off, she cupped his cheeks and turned the fullness of her stern, lilac eyes on him, “I mean it.” “I am sorry for being so prideful. I will rely more on others.” He simply apologized to her, the brush of his lips on her forehead upon cupping her cheeks. “Forgive my foolishness, Moon of my life.” He was all manner of business and the Nymerian in him emerged again. It was admirable—endearing, even. She was proud of him, but fuller of worry. Just like that, he was gone again. And just like that, the cold exterior erected itself. “Rxaen, prepare my armor. I am going to the surface.” The command that came was the swift, cutting tone her attendants were accustomed to. Though they knew better—they knew their Lady well enough, they knew better still than to speak of it. She was a woman with secrets, and they kept them faithfully. Bustling about, preparations were made. If she did not see where Jawan’s grave was located, she might break at the sight of her brother’s return. That was a weakness the princess of Nymeria could not afford. Not here. Not now. Not ever. @Alexei
  11. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    There was a time—only a moment—that Raveena forgot why she had come. Distracted—mesmerized—by Rowan’s skill in dancing. Matreyan women would have found it different—much the same as many found their style of dancing exotic and passionate. There was a numbness to her—no, a weightlessness. She could no longer tell if she were floating and if she had simply died. All at once, the melody slowed and drifted to a satisfying end. Not once had she dared to look away from Rowan. “I have to see Corvinus now.” She spoke slowly—distractedly, even. It sounded so plain and dumb to hear her own words. If she tore her gaze away, would he disappear again? Reluctance coiled around her arms, her hands, the fingers that didn’t seem to want to let him go. Rowan had never been shy about the way he handled her. There was always a possessiveness to him around her. She was his charge. However, he remained ever-elusive and out of touch. She knew how this would pan out. Her emotional defenses already on the rise as she turned from him, the tips of her fingers skimming along his palm and slipping out of his grasp. There was no sadness to paint her features, but an exuberant smile as she made her way back to Lord and Lady. Koji was there with his guest, and the earlier sour taste of their conversation nearly puckered her lips had she not shown the same restraint as before. Rowan will do what he does. The invasive thought bothered her—almost visibly so. So too did the ringing in her ears. She was flushed and warm, no doubt from dancing, from drinking, from a myriad of tumultuous emotions she had never experienced before. She arranged a brilliant smile that managed to reach her eyes, nodding curtly to both Emperor and Empress—in turn to apologize for being swept away, and as a courtesy as she patiently waited her turn to speak to them. Rowan will do what he does. Raveena would not look back to see if the handsome Terran noble slipped back into the crowds to vanish or not. He is working, she reasoned to herself. The palm of her hand that held his was tingling. There was no measure of focus—no manner of clarity in that moment. Inhaling deeply, Raveena nearly stood silently behind Koji—but in doing so, she was elsewhere. Guessing games. Raveena was anxious. Too anxious to focus. Things had changed radically in a short manner of time and she wanted to return to her room as soon as possible. Guessing games… Focus, focus, focus Raveena. There’s no guessing with Rowan. Rowan will do what he does. She swallowed and lifted her chin, her smile diminishing to a pleasant, content one. Her fingers twitched, fidgeting with each other as she locked fingers—as if ridding herself of the sensation that Rowan had been there just moments before. He was a shadow—he would leave again. That’s what he did and that was all he was here to do. The tingling—that unrelenting sensation would not yield to her desires. If anything, it consumed her the way he was beginning to. Maybe she was drunk. Surely, she was drunk. She never drank! Waiting felt like an eternity. The happy, pleasant evening had spiraled into an abyss of despair. Still, she reasoned—the scenery was beautiful. There was a stab of guilt that struck her. She came to sincerely congratulate and thank Corvinus and Leoa for the nobility that ran through their genealogy, yet now she could not wait to flee the room and recuperate from the wild development of the evening. “Breathe,” She kindly reminded herself in a whisper, “Just breathe…” Rowan will do what he does and disappear again. @The Hound @Aleksei @Alexei
  12. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Lewd. ...and delicious.