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  1. Hard work was a distraction. Sometimes, she felt guilty. Like she was playing hooky. Other times, it felt like a vacation. Raveena hauled the last of crate of wrapped meat into the kitchen with a sigh of relief. Her partner was a burly man named Arnas whom was hired to transport the delivery. He was impressed such a petite woman volunteered for strenuous labor. “All done!” Turned herself around and climbed down the back of the wagon. It had been a few weeks since the investigation into her assassination attempt had been made. And so, she was ordered to lay low—and in plain sight—until results came through. She used some of Rowan’s tricks and Kirena’s magic to change a few minor details for a bigger impact. She kept her hair chopped short and tone down her exotic features to look more Genesar; slightly longer nose, darker eyes, a fuller bottom lip and her left ear was pierced with an ankh earring that sometimes caught the light. “I’m gonna run inside and see if there’s anything else.” She slipped into the kitchens and immediately began to assist one of the head of kitchen staff in stocking the meat cuts into proper storage. “Fine cuts this time! Fresh and local, they say! The folks will eat good and proper this time around.” The head of the kitchen was portly woman named Clara. Raveena laughed, “I owed a friend a favor after I accidentally ruined his last haul.” Clara tsked her and proceeded to chide her for her carelessness. She was Soumiya Ahrat, a cheerful, albeit clumsy young woman. It was pleasant. It was a secret. “Madam, I’m afraid we may have…a problem.” Bernon popped in. He always looked like he had something shoved up his butt when he walked, “One of those little…dragon children are here again.” He cringed at the words, his fingers wiggling like spiders. Raveena tried to hide a smile and a giggle—she only earned his menacing glare. “Young-seeming gal, obnoxiously persistent? Probably requested the dessert menu?” Raveena inquired innocently, Both Clara and Bernon looked at her in surprised (or perhaps it was disdain on Bernon’s part), “You know this person?” Clara asked. Raveena shrugged thoughtfully, “Can’t say for sure but I have an old acquaintance that fits the bill.” She clapped Clara on the shoulder, “Sorry I’m not dressed for the front but I can take a look and see. If it’s a bother, I’ll take care of it, fair?” She owned the restaurant, of course and didn't bother to wait for a response. It was still a pleasant secret. She thoroughly washed her hands and tried to look like she wasn’t a butcher’s assistant before making a bee-line for the front of the restaurant. It certainly didn’t take Raveena long to find Arashi. Her nose was buried in the menu—though she didn’t give much more thought to if it really was the dessert menu or not before resting palms on the table and leaning on. “Arashi,” A slender brow arched, “What are you doing in—,” She almost said my city, “—this city?” @Metty
  2. 8 ( Search your feelings, you know it to be true.
  3. “—and inform her Majesty that her Imperial Majesty is—.” She did not recognize that voice. “—step aside, I want to see her at on—.” That voice she recognized. “—and her wounds?” Anxious asking. “As if she was never harmed, Your Majesty.” Came the reply. A moment of silence. A click of the tongue. Kirena strode to Raveena’s beside. She was angry—furious, really. Was this her Empress or a Teenager? In all her years Kirena never thought she would be a parent, or even a parent figure. Children were never in the cards for her yet here one slept after being poisoned to near death. Nymerian magic was extraordinary in that regard; it was the only thing that saved Raveena’s life. Her eyes were heavy—making it exceptionally unpleasant to pry them open. Still, it took effort and time, time she slowly savored. The warmth of the room and the softness of cotton sheets told her she was alive, if barely so. She had only blinked a few times, Kirena a golden halo hovering over her. Kirena smacked Raveena across with cheek viciously. It made her eyes water, and she exhaled her shock. The healer gasped, turning between Raveena and Kirena, “You would dare? You would dare to put a hand on my patient!” Kirena regarded the woman coldly, “Leave us.” She was curt, her voice as icy as the realm Raveena had been trudging in. “I will not! I will not suffer the indignity of you coming in here and abusing a woman who nearly di—.” “LEAVE US.” Kirena yelled this time and the healer recoiled. Fussing, fuming and muttering about the indignity of it all, the healer stormed out of the room, leaving Raveena to work her jaw before turning her head to look at Kirena again. “You have nerve, Raveena—I will give you that much.” Kirena’s voice trembled. She had never addressed the Empress by name. She didn’t care, either. “You are someone’s wife. You are someone’s mother, someone’s daughter. You are our nation’s leader and you’re running around the woods trying to poison yourself while chasing some monster in the forests. ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!” She could not contain her fury at Raveena, her voice escalating to yelling again. “Never in my life did I think I would be the one to scold you like a child!” Raveena stirred and shifted in her bed, “Where is Welfrick…?” “Dead,” Kirena snapped back viciously, “If he knows what’s good for him!” Raveena was annoyed, “Where is he?” She swept a hand over her face and pushed her bangs back. Her eyes fell shut again, tired and heavy, “How long have I been here—where are the boys?” Kirena stared at her incredulously, “That’s what you’re worried about? Where your precious pet is—.” This time it was Raveena’s turn to yell, “HE TOOK MY SON!” It hurt her head to yell, and she winced as she shifted uncomfortably, “What would you have me do, Kirena? The last time I saw the man my son shot him. I didn’t know if he would hurt me, hurt Lencio or Everett…All I knew is that he wouldn’t hurt me.” She conveniently omitted the fact that she felt like her skin was crawling, that she might break something if she did not find him soon. Her temper and anxiousness were the byproduct of something else. If he was dead, she wanted to—needed to—see it with her own eyes. She sat upright when Kirena pushed her back into bed, “No. You are not to leave this bed until you are recovered.” “No, no.” Raveena sat up again. Their voices tangled over one another. Kirena insisted, but Raveena pushed back. Nagging and nagging until Raveena felt the pressure in her temple trigger her, “GODS BE DAMNED, KIRENA. LET ME GO! LET ME GO—I HAVE TO GO AND FIND HIM, GRAAH!” She struggled now, and the commotion brought in a team of nurses and healers. Raveena flailed wildly, snarling and thrashing as they held her down. Words of power shut her body down as she was rendered unconscious. Kirena was pressed against the wall, wide-eyed at her outburst. She had seen this behavior before—but not as visceral as what she had witnessed. It was a dark and terrible thing, to be enthralled by any creature. Some of the clients the pleasure slaves had weren’t human. They’d torture and torment the girls, threatening to take their will away. They enjoyed the struggle, of them begging for their sanity. Sometimes it worked, but they enjoyed a compliant slave. They were mindless, doing any and everything for their new master. It deeply disgusted Kirena, and she hated this Welfrick more for it. In the throes of a deep sleep, Raveena curled up and cried silently. She didn’t want to sob—or to give the satisfaction of her tears being heard. Welfrick suffered an affliction. She thought—she hoped—that she could help him. Never in her wildest dreams did she think it would come to this. She could hear screaming—like nails on metal—visceral and resentful and she soaked in it. Bathed and drowned in it. All she wanted was to save him. That she tried to reach him. That she tried to bring him back—selfishly so. He had believed in her the way she believed in him. Raveena admired how easy it was to simply be around Welfrick. She never got to say goodbye… I never get to say goodbye. She thought of Drew, how they had been violently ripped from one another. Black bagged and tortured—never knowing if they’d see one another again. The insurmountable pain of losing their unborn child against her will. She thought of Rowan, how he slipped away into the night to take on an impossible mission, looking for a way to die. He will never wake up. No one can convince her otherwise anymore. She scoured the continents for a cure but he simply wouldn’t come back to her. And should they? Should any of them? She was indirectly the cause of their deaths. They were victims of circumstance—her extraordinary circumstance. Welfrick, too. It was time. It was time to sweep the broken pieces up and put them away. I killed all those people. I killed all those people. She held her head and cried, curling up. The screaming hurt her. It hurt her heart and her soul and her mind. It rattled through her viciously and devoured her. When she couldn’t take it anymore, she screamed back.
  4. Dredge has sucked me into trying DnD for the first time ever (oh god). While it was meant to be a mild joke, I am going to be a French-Speaking Elf Bard named Lyra.

    She will kill you with sex appeal and swords.

    En francaise. 

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      It's gonna be great! Can't wait to play with ya boss!

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      I’m gonna try and make it tonight but I’ll be holed up in the library doing homework all day.

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      Wait how in the world did I not see this.

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  5. Minor updates in preparation for shenanigans.
  6. Malintzin


    Stopping by for a minor bump and to say thanks for helping me behind the scenes! But also because I have an organization that isn't being used that would probably do well somewhere in Alterion. I can either revive it, or collaborate with someone to spruce it up. Let me know if anyone in your neck of the woods is interested.
  7. ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ The Seven Spheres of Hyperion ▇ These seemingly ordinary, metallic balls are in fact powerful, sentient artifacts of war. When held in the palm of the hand and squeezed, it melds to the flesh of the new wielder like a biological suit. It can and will shape itself as a weapon that represents the will of the wielder--a sword, an axe, a false limb. Despite the fantastic ability of each, they come at a price. ▇ ▇ ____The Devourer ↓ ▇ This black, metallic sphere grants the wielder the power over shadows. A potent magic eater, this is the perfect weapon and armor for a master of the night and silence. In the dead of night, or in crucial situations where vision would typically be obscured--the Devourer will grant its user perfect vision. Be mindful of the sphere's sentience--it may be the voice that keeps you alive, or drive you insane. For every life taken by the Devourer, it is used to extend the life of the Wielder. If the Wielder does not regularly feed the Devourer, it will in turn begin to siphon the life of the wielder to sustain itself. ▇ ▇ ____The Impervious ↓ ▇ This silver sphere grants the wielder a power of being impervious. Capable of withstanding blows and piercings of blades and other metals, this weapon is perfect for one who seeks to become invincible. You will find any injuries sustained, healing quicker. Like its' sibling, the Impervious is immune to the effects of time only for as long as the wielder wears the armor. That is to say, the longer you wear the sphere, the slower you will age--though beware. You will rapidly age to catch up when the sphere is unworn. Many who bear this sphere become disillusioned with their false immortality. ▇ ▇ ____The Veiled ↓ ▇ This white, pearlescent sphere grants the wielder the power over glamours, illusion and veils. Capable of thwarting full sensory perception, wearing it allows the wielder to remain veiled from mundane sight, magic and psionic perception. All scents are devoured by the sphere, and only another powerful artifact can disrupt the veil or glamour. This sphere has been known to affect the psyche of its wielder, particularly those who were born with deformities or have suffered from racism. If worn for too long, the wielder will begin to lose touch with their identities. ▇ ▇ ____The Earthshaker ↓ ▇ This bronze sphere grants the wielder the power to bend and break the earth to catastrophic levels. With brawny stone defenses and terrifying strength, this armor is equally as devastating as its siblings. This armor will absorb critical, heavy-hitting blows with very little trouble. Skin may turn to stone, physical strength multiplied. Manipulate gems, metals, crystals and earth-based materials with terrible ease. Despite the awesome power, this sphere's toll on the body of the wielder can cripple them if not careful. Past wielders have been known to succumb to the sphere's domineering nature and turn to rock. ▇ ▇ ____The Flamekeeper ↓ ▇ This coppery sphere grants the wielder the power over fire and flame both natural and supernatural. With this, one can invoke the power to awaken volcanoes, lay waste to civilizations, or bring life and prosperity. This armor will devour the heat and power of opposing flames. The swiftest of the spheres second only to the Devourer, the Flamekeeper is formidable sphere to wield in combat. Confrontational by nature, this sphere resonates and preys upon a wielder's passion and zeal. The Flamekeeper takes a great deal of energy which can leave a wielder vulnerable during prolonged confrontations. ▇ ▇ ____The Tidebringer ↓ ▇ This shimmering blue, metallic sphere grants the wielder the power over water and ice. A life giver and a life taker, wearing this sphere allows you to command salt and fresh water bodies, to breathe and change the tides and currents of the water body. Perhaps the most versatile of the spheres, the Tidebringer is capable of tremendous feats from filtering toxic water to creating devastating maelstroms. Unique to Tidebringer, it is capable of using water as a conduit to manipulate the flow of energy. It can steal the energy from an adversary, or it can redirect it to induce a healing state. Its most crippling flaw is its reliance on the lunar cycle, where it will grow weaker as the moon wanes, and stronger as the moon waxes. During the New Moon, it will eat at the energy of the wielder to sustain itself. ▇ ▇ ____The Vinesinger ↓ ▇ This green, metallic sphere grants the wielder the power over plants and natural poisons. Perhaps one of the deadliest of the spheres, Vinesinger is capable of rendering natural toxins and poisons useless to the wielder while also granting them to power to give life to plantlife around them. Plant pheromones allow the wielder to communicate with other plant like species and can even exert control. This can make for a powerful, natural weapon as whole forests become armies, jungles become traps, and swamps become graveyards. Still, it has also been known to help civilizations as well as destroy them, capable of reproducing natural materials in a shorter time span, helping to filter toxins from water, and capable of producing rare cures for aggressive diseases. The Vinesinger's abilities can be severely stunted, depending on the environment it resides in, or rendered useless in the right setting.
  8. She wanted many things. That she may get them was another story. Raveena gestured to the still image of Grant. She was nothing more than a projection of her will in her son’s head. She was talented at a great many things; A skilled weaver. A therapist. She had even been told she wasn’t so bad at the empire she ruled. There was still much to be desired in her skill of being able to give power to her mental voice. The queen moved quickly—alarmingly so with conviction and purpose. Crossing the threshold between the two of them in moments as she reached up. The tip of her finger pressed to his forehead. She imparted upon him Grant’s suffering. His dizziness. His grief and unwoven sanity. Seraph moved with her, dancing around her petite frame with sudden zeal that his mistress may be retaliated upon. It was not that she aimed to hurt this creature that loitered in Grant’s mind. Only to make a point: Leave my son alone. Her hand dropped to her side. She would not stand to see Grant suffer any more than he already had at the hands of an ugly thing like jealousy.
  9. "Suit yourself, lady!" Jade pulled a pack of smokes from her back pocket and slipped the stub of one between her lips, mumbling quietly to herself. A match was struck, lit and the tip burned as she pulled a drag. She huffed and hmphed and fished around in her other back pocket, pulling a fob out and pressing the button. A beacon shot up into the sky, though Jade wasn't looking at it as she flicked the cherry off her cigarette and flicked it into the elf's would-be yard. The distant roar of thrusters rumbled in the air as her ship Stormcutter hovered into view. The ship has an plain, narrow hull and a raised quarterdeck carved with runes. It was no dinghy, but it certainly wasn't frigate material, either. She was durable and swift--though its technical position as a freighter didn't make it the fastest. It could fly, it could swim. It was good enough. The ship's chief mate was a ornery old hag who refused to give her name out of sheer paranoia. Everyone else that crossed paths with her called Tsu Niao. Jade suspected that Niao was paranoid because she was obsessive over legends of an obscure, sunken city--but Jade also reasoned the old woman probably lost her mind. Still, she was brilliant on the water and they were crotchety together. Jade only switched the beacon off when Tsu Niao hovered overhead. Dirt, sand and debris kicked up furiously and shielded her eyes to see a glint of silver flashing. The harness dropped and Sabine slipped a foot in the stirrup and grabbed on. Up, up and away they traveled as Jade was reeled up to the ship. Tsu Niao was holed up in the cockpit, but Jade had other plans as she manned the gun well. A hatch was opening as she got comfortable, swiveling in her seat. Switches were flipped. The proper adjustments were made. Jade pulled the scope down after a long pause, her lips still pursed as though she were still taking a drag. She began humming to herself nonchalantly while the autocannon began to fire up at her command. Leaning forward, the pirate murmured quietly with an eye on the crosshairs. She adjusted her aim and counted down. "Three, two, one..." The trigger was pulled. Something unceremoniously dropped into the ocean, not far from Sylvis' ship. There was a shudder after a long moment. "...TAKE US UP, NIAO!" Jade bellowed before slouching. She wanted to watch and see what would happen. Stormcutter's incline gradually changed as the ship began to climb in altitude.
  10. Hope. It had been the one thing she clung to. The thing that drove her. Hope and love went hand in hand. Every time she thought she was on the verge of losing everything, hope guided her through the darkest of times to see the sun rise again. But she would never learn. Every lesson that ever existed cycled through the vast stretch of time that was eternity. Creatures were so circular in that regard. Like mortals and creatures alike, as they came and went through that vast spans—the lesson was always forgotten. Raveena live the same, tedious cycle of joy and misery. Every lesson, every pearl of wisdom thrust upon her, somehow it never stuck. But she wondered then, if nothing happened to define the precipice of humanity—would notions like hope exist? No, she decided. It would die instead. She had tried to be selfish. She had tried to seize what she wanted most. It slipped through her fingers. It left her yearning. It left her suffering. She just needed a moment… Something was shattering inside of her as she stood there. There was no good nor proper word that appealed to the opposite nature of lonesome. One could have suggested something along the lines of contentment—or be tempted to suggest togetherness. Still, both words bore definitions unrelated to the other and perfectly displayed why lonesome could not be properly mirrored. It was neither lonely, nor solitude—or even alone, although lonesome was perfectly apt to contain all those words within itself. Lonesome meant a state of being apart. It was a state of other. Alone, some. Wake up. Raveena’s back arched sharply, suddenly and without warning. It burned and though she screamed—no voice came. She seized and crumpled into the snow, toppling over. It burned and it hurt. It was lasted too long. Too long for any measure of comfort. In the snow it happened once more—a painful reminder that she had not yet followed her sister into the great unknown. She gasped silently as her vision swam, blinking rapidly into the gently falling drifts of snow. Though her fingers were numb, Char’s soft lantern did not escape her. It inched closer, the goddess of Death and Crossroads making her way through her dominion. Raveena crawled, scrambling to Welfrick. Adrenaline? The frigid cold of numbed fingers? What were these things that drove her to shake so terribly? She was afraid. The words were there on the cusp of her lips, but she had never been able to speak them. She swept his dark, damp curls half frozen from his eyes. There was a wild desperation. The closer Char came, the more alive and wilder and whole he seemed to be. She was emptying. Raveena was a giver—such was the nature of the Sefirot. To give and give, for she was a gift of love to the known ‘verses. Hers was a story of great sacrifice. She wanted to love, desperate to give such a precious gift to every living soul. Raveena was a cracked and battered thing. She was a torn and ragged creature. Beneath the veil of poise and allure she was still just a tool. A means to an end. That had always been the way of things. A great and terrible thing overcame her. A sad and terrible realization that no matter how wildly she thrashed and rebelled—the cycle would not end. The god of cycles, of destruction clutched her firmly within his ethereal grasp. He would drain every drop of hope from her golden veins. He would bleed her dry until she was a husk. That she would never love. She would never be given the satisfaction of happiness. She would dream of it, taste it like a phantom memory on the tip of her tongue and the edge of her heart. Her cold and fearful lips pressed to Welfrick's forehead. She conveyed the last of what she had within her. She was shattering, emptying. Giving all that was left to give. His lips were still impossibly warm as she kissed them. She would not remember them so clearly. That harsh, biting pain seized her so thoroughly her body recoiled. Raveena cried out, gasping for breath. The white of snow so blinding she couldn’t feel herself being ripped away. Wake up...
  11. Woo~ It's been a hot minute. Got a couple of art updates on the front page. Updated art from old pieces, new dragons and a noice sword. I signed off on my Hyperion contract with a DA/AS artist so as those pieces roll in, I'll be sharing them and adding them to Hyperion's new landing pages (until I can help Ty organize Genesaris, all new landing pages will be in the Userlore board). It's my first time ordering commercial artwork as I've sank a couple of years into Hyperion with the help of my ever-growing team. As I roll things out, I encourage people to immerse themselves in Hyperion's magic-immersed lore and join in on the dragonriding experience I hope to bring to the West (and beyond if I have my way!). In the meantime, art! All the art. I will have a couple more pieces in the next week or two.
  12. Two of them?! His touch was white-hot on her skin. Though she knew this form, had seen it, understood it, Raveena still sucked in air when he materialized behind her with preternatural grace. It was strange the way the creature handled her with such intimate knowledge. It was in the way he reached for her dainty little wrists and covered her eyes—as if to say, "Don't look at me, I'm a monster." And then she understood. She thought back to every time Welfrick asked her to help him. But who was really asking? Though the cowl of her cloak obscured any chances of seeing him from her peripheral. In her moment of surprise, she had dropped the apple. It looked so very red and warm against the crisp white of death. There was something intense and electric and undeniable about the way this creature regarded her. She began to understand things—the way this creature used Welfrick to master humanity. Somehow it brought them closer. Pieces to a strange puzzle were fitting together. There was no curse—not in the way Welfrick or even she first perceived. Raveena reached up with careful, fingers running along his and gently she pried at his fingers and pulled them down, twisting half way to look up at him. Scared of him? This creature? She had been—she absolutely had been. Her lips twisted into a frown, clear blue eyes sparkling with curiosity and dark brows knitting with concern. The peaceful reverie of death was seeping into her skin, chilling her to the bone. Her perplexed and puzzled features smoothed out to an understanding. She took a hand and placed the bright fruit in the palm and closed his fingers around him, pushing it back to him, to his chest. Would that they could have stayed that way. Would that she could take the time to remember and relish company and intimacy of being held and loved. Would that she could ask all the questions. She recognized her strange happiness that came from loving something—and she didn't readily know why she did. That strange happiness was something so big, it felt like sadness. She wanted to say that Welfrick had a life before the creature had come along—however he had come along. He deserved as much a chance as any, didn't he? She could feel it through them both. A grief that was much bigger—that eclipsed her. Impossibly, Raveena understood that she loved these two entities the same. And that the reason they touched her as they did, with careful fingers and reverence was because they seemed to know how impossibly fragile the dainty little woman's heart was. The apple was every part of her that was wild and selfish. Everything unkempt and untamed. Everything that raged beneath the surface. It was grief and happiness and heartache and love—always brimming with love. It would give him life again. Because that was what she does. That is who she is. There was unspoken pleading in her eyes. That if he would just take a bite. That he might live. Still...she tore her gaze away from the Jagdhunde to Welfrick. She sank into the snow as she fell to her knees at his side. Could she save them both? Dared she try to? She pulled an apple from the basket, tearing into the flesh of the apple with her teeth. Taking a chunk of the meat away. Raveena was afraid. If Welfrick didn't make it—would the Jagdhunde make it? If the Jagdhunde didn't survive, how deeply wounded would Welfrick's psyche be? She pulled Welfrick closer, a swirl of cold wind as she spat out the chunk of apple into her palm. Raveena pried his lips open and fed him the chunk of apple—as though she were panicked. Pressed for time. We're dying... The thought pressed heavily on here where moments ago she seemed certain it was okay. That this was okay. That death would come for them—and in the distance, the soft glow of Char's lantern signaled that death was coming. No voice came to plead—she was mute here. He was so tired...so tired and weak. Raveena's forehead pressed to his own. It's not that she could hold it against him if he let go. Char would escort him safely to the afterlife. Still, Raveena promised. She promised she would help him! It couldn't be this way, could it? Was this how she was expected to live up to her promises? It was the only thing left. The last ditch effort to save them both. But the dark thought crept along her skin that maybe Welfrick dying was the best way she could help him. It felt like a stab in the gut to bring this thought to mind. It wasn't right. It wasn't right to let Welfrick's humanity slip through her fingers. Instinctively she looked behind her for the Jagdhunde, to see that he was still there—that the sight of him would bring relief more than fear. Gods, she was selfish.
  13. Raveena was shivering--the muscles of her back twitching in a fit of spasms. The world was twirling and veering again as she was up--up into the air. Nausea clawed at her throat. It were as though a miniature storm of pain, nausea, fear and confusion swirled around her furiously. Instead, she dug into the robes of the High Lord and tucked in, shutting her eyes tightly--tightly so that the world stopped spinning, that her stomach might settled, that her fear be quelled and her anxiety dampen. "Your Majesty." The world had stopped--and for a moment--in that confusion--she had to try--no, she had to focus. "All those people...I--and you?" It was a broken question that was wheezed--as if to say, "Are you okay?" But it came out wrong--too many statements and questions mish-mashing into one bizarre train of thought? She was having difficulty gulping air. It had been ingrained in her long before her status as a noble or knight. Back in her hayday as a bodyguard, "Others first before yourself." It was an old and nasty habit that crept on her even after all these years. Such an old habit made it tremendously difficult to focus when pregnant. Her arm rested on his shoulder and she pulled herself to sit upright with a grunt. Her poor gown was punctured by a knife and seeping with blood. It hurt to move--to breathe, even. She wondered if her lung was collapsed from being stabbed? She cursed herself six times over for not wearing her spidersilk, which would have eliminated 98% of her injuries (a righteously large bruise would have been about all she sustained). Still, she never thought here, in Umbra--a place she readily called home as much as the Rising West, would be a place she would feel a need to. Who would dare to attack a member of the Imperial Family in their most sacred, holy city? Someone who did not care for Rafael adopting her in. "Are you?" It was all she could managed to say. Slowly, carefully. She grit her teeth and clenched the robes were more, as if she might claw them from his body if she tried. Exhaustion hit her like a truck, and Raveena let Zenahriel go and slowly came to rest in the grass. She worried for her son. For Zenahriel, for Sabine and her retinue. For the people who were stampeded upon, who were injured in the blast. The ae'ori bond was powerful, drawing from her partner. Even now, she could feel her body drawing on Rowan's latent power. Even her arm itched, the tattooed moon within the sun tingling strangely. Andrew. Their ae'ori bond had been destroyed, but their unity ink still left a semblance of a bond. Surely wherever he was in the multiverse he felt her distress and danger. Drew once sacrificed his arm to keep her from being crushed to death. He sacrificed his humanity to keep hers from being spirited away. That stupid, foolish man she loved so wholly would give his life if it meant saving hers. Love was a powerful tool, or a destructive weapon. How would she explain this to her father? Raveena felt an exhausting wave of guilt that her very presence endangered the High Lord, even if for a moment. While it was true Zenahriel was no ordinary entity, violence of that caliber was surely far beneath his status as her father's paramour. She knew that if she opened her mouth, she would empty her belly of bile from the suffocating anxiety and tumultuous feelings she felt. She cast an arm over her eyes. Would she cry right then and there? I'm so sorry... Raveena clenched her jaw and held back the tears. She felt deep remorse for the lives lost. How could this be resolved? She would pay for funerals. She would address the concern, surely. The truth was that she had never experienced anything like this before. She was a weapon, a tool. A damned powerful one, even by her own admission. She had been placed in the wrong hands before--and the right. OXY came for her because of what she owed them. Never before, though, had someone felt such fear or hatred towards her they would try to end her life. The flawed part of her wished to know. Why? What did they fear? Deep down, she was sure they were repulsed by ideals. She knew what Rafael would say--in the kind and gentle way only he could to his only daughter. Make them see, he would reason. You are in control. Make an example of them and cow them to your will. Even though it hurt--as though she were stabbed all over again, even though she was slapped with nausea and ached and felt nothing shy of miserable, she apologized to Zenahriel. "I'm so sorry..." @The Hummingbird
  14. The City By The Sea Port Kyros Ruler Regent Lore Quests AMA Flag: No trip to Genesaris would be complete without a visit to the enchanting seaside city of Port Kyros. Topography Port Kyros sits northernmost tip upon the western Genesarian coast. With the protection of the small range of mountains to its back, this small, yet thriving city is responsible for a great portion of Genesaris's open-sea trade and fishing economy. Port Kyros and its area cover the territory of the northwestern part of the Rising West that is Genesaris including the village of Kainos. Its borders run from the coast of Raven's Landing in the North to the southwest of Umbridge Isle, with the Wicker Mountains as its eastern borders. Spearheaded by the Countess Raveena, the city saw its second renaissance, joining the efforts of Aelindra in reviving the Rising West. As the economy began its recovery and stabilized, the once small city and Port took on the ambitious project of becoming an impressive tourist and naval destination. This spread-out, comparatively narrow piece of coastline becomes wider in its southeastern part that develops into the lush forests and hillsides, while the shadowy Wicker Mountains loom behind. Cityscape The sense of awe never fails to descend when you set eyes on the beauty of the old town. Behold the city's white limestone streets, baroque buildings and the endless shimmer of the Tyrean. Be inspired by a walk along the ancient city walls that has stood for centuries. Although the Rising West had seen a period of abandonment, the city has bounced back with vigor to enchant visitors again. Marvel at the interplay of light on the old stone buildings; trace the peaks and troughs of Kyros's past in museums replete with art and artifacts; Meander through the charming village of Kainos, infamous for its plantations and gardens; Exhaust yourself climbing up and down narrow lanes of the coastal city walls, then plunge into the azure sea. Nova Citadel hosts the summer home of Raveena, This superb 16th-century inspired palace is an exquisite combination of Gothic and Renaissance styles beginning with an exquisite Renaissance portico resting on six Corinthian columns. The 1st floor has the sweeping arches of late-Gothic windows and the 2nd-floor windows are in a Renaissance style, with an alcove containing an intricate statue commemorating the Rising Queen. Nova Citadel is one of the few buildings in the old city was not originally part of the old city itself. Just inside the entrance is the Memorial Room of the Defenders of Kyros, a heartbreaking collection of exquisite, intricate tapestries of those who perished in the acquisition House Kaashmii, as well as the Rebellion of Himmelfestung in Alethea. The first floors house the State Archives, a priceless collection of manuscripts dating back to the city's birth. Though the archives are not open to the public, copies of the most precious and significant pieces are exhibited in a permanent display on the ground floor. The second story is reserved for nobility, royalty, and foreign dignitaries. Climate Kyros has a borderline humid subtropical and Mediterranean climate since only one summer month has less than an inch and a half of rainfall which prevents it from being classified as solely humid subtropical or Mediterranean. It has hot, muggy, moderately dry summers and mild to cool, wet winters. The mountain wind blows brisk gusts down the coast between fall and spring, and thundery conditions are common all the year round, even in summer when they interrupt the warm, sunny days. The air temperatures can slightly vary, depending on the area or region. Typically, the fall days are warm with a cool breeze. Winters are among the mildest of any Genesarian city with temperatures that are chilly in the coldest months, however, snow in Kyros is very rare. Bestiary Flora and Fauna The coastline is beautiful, dotted with bays, beaches, steep cliffs and numerous forested areas. The flora of the region is characterized by diversity, but cypress, pine, and olive trees are most dominant. There are numerous vineyards and citrus fruit orchards, including lemons, oranges and tangerines. There is an abundance of aromatic plants and flowers on the slopes of the hills around Kyros and inland, as well as exotic plants such as palms, agave and cacti. The Renaissance gardens and parks of the Nova Citadel and its city villas were cultivated and there were once many species of plants from all over the world, brought to the city by Kyros's sea captains. Part of this botanical plant wealth is preserved in the Kainos Virdian Arboretum that highlights the quaint village. The beautiful landscape and is home to many animal species, while the Tyrean Sea hides an endless wealth of riches below. One bird species, the swift, precisely the black swift, is commonly found in the area during the summer and has become a symbol of Kyros. The black swift is an excellent flier, with a body that is extremely well-adapted to life in the air. It spends the majority of its life in the air: it finds food, mates, collects material for its nest, and it is particularly interesting that it occasionally sleeps while flying. The black swift is a migratory bird that flies in quite late, usually in the first half of spring. It is a bird faithful to its native area and it returns to the same place where it was hatched, a lifestyle that many coastal Genesarians favor about Kyros, even its ships faithfully return to its harbor home. They are unusually numerous in the historic town center of Kyros, the Old City, where its vocalizations create a distinctive soundscape. The birds nest in rock crevices, holes in the walls, especially the city walls, or in the roofs of older buildings. Culture Because of its geographic position, Kyros represents a blend of different cultural spheres. It has been a crossroad of influences of the western culture and the east ever since the Renaissance Initiative. Raveena's reign over Kyros became a significant period of national cultural history, as Kyros saw unprecedented developments in all fields of art and culture. Economy With the Port reopened, the trade commerce supports a majority of the economy of the city second to its tourist appeal. With several new businesses flourishing after the city's renaissance, Kyros boasts a strong and stable economy. Several types of currency flow from every part of the world that Genesaris trades with, all of which can be converted to the Genesarian coin, though it also accepts the Imperial mint from the Arcane East as well. Port Kyros's geographic location gives is the ideal, fertile land to harvest various species of Kyrosian grapes for various wines. As such, wines remain an important export. And though they are not for lacking with it's citrus fruits, Kyros imports exotic, tropical fruits to fuel to city's growing foodie population. Landmarks and Monuments The Kyrosian Consulate A marvel of Kyrosian design, Terran technology and Nymerian ingenuity, this Terran consulate is being hosted in Port Kyros of the Rising West on behalf of the underwater nation Nymeria. Serving as neutral ground between Terran and Nymerian diplomats and citizens, the consulate serves as a place of learning and encouraging international exchange of ideas. Elaborate waterways and pools are the highlight of the Consulate, allowing for Nymerians to travel safely within their natural habitat. The Nautilus: Fine Dining and Adventure Once one of the three primary vessels of the Orisian Naval Fleet. This ship was captured by the Great North and was eventually retired and sold to the Rising West where it was transformed into a traveling restaurant that traverses around the continent's coasts, stopping at Port Kyros to restock its supplies. Featuring coastal cuisine that reflects Kyros's philosophy on fine-dining, the crew and its small army of chefs are passionate about utilizing Genesaris's local produce, fish and exotic sea life while offering a breathtaking view of the Islands. Rain or shine, tentacles or sharks, the Nautilus is prepared to offer those on board the experience of a lifetime. The Enoteca: Wine and Workshop Serious oenophiles flock to this bustling wine bar, complete with bar seating, courtyard and a generous selection of regional wines by the glass. There's no shortage of interesting local drops, not to mention artisan cheese and charcuterie boards, beautiful pasta dishes and grilled meats. Despite being known for its exquisite dishes, the Enoteca is the Genesarian sister-bar to the Sadira Amar, and features a workshop beneath the floor that caters to those needing repairs on their wares or their artifacts being designed from acquired blueprints. The Kyrosian Consulate the Nautilus: Fine Dining and Adventure The Enotica: Wine and Workshop Government Local Government The Venetian Order A council that presides over the local government affairs of Port Kyros. These five councilmen headed by Raveena are retired military personnel that serve as officials during peacetime. Each member has a legal specialty, from law to the arts to agriculture and industry, each with valuable knowledge and skills to their respective seat. They are all trained to serve as officials of the city, and preside in the courts and justice system within the city. Military Port Kyros Navy The mission of the Port's Naval Fleet, commonly referred to as the Senarian Navy is to defend the integrity and order of the Rising West, to promote and protect its interest in the surrounding oceans, islands and coast-lands. It carries and organizes the naval defense of the entire Genesarian Coast. There are currently nine War Frigates and twenty Sloops, Galleons, and Brigs that dedicate their service to Port Kyros and Continent as a whole. The Senarian Navy fulfils its role by preparing itself and carrying out the following main tasks: Deterring the threat to Genesaris by maintaining high level of competence, training and technical quality of its ships Constant control of the Ocean and coast-land and monitoring of foreign warships' movement Strengthening of the safety conditions on the Oceans and preserving the integrity of the maritime borders Assisting allies during peacetime in the event of natural disasters The Enforcers Exclusive to Raveena. Many of the original Enforcers from Sigil City followed her to Valucre when she was promoted as their General and later Commander. Enforcers are volunteering Civilians who wished to have basic military and policing training to keep the streets safe. City Guard Total: 6,425 High Ranking Officers: 85 Jail Workers: 700 Capital Guards: 360 Special Assignments Officers: 43 Military: Houses 10% of The Rising West's Army, about 25,000 troops. Territory Coverage: About 300mi Radius Estimated Number of Forts (Contains a brigade): 4 Troops able to defend city within 1 day: 15,000 Time to gather entire army: 2-4 days These numbers do not account for mercenaries, assassins, or Edgemasters who might work within the city. These numbers fluctuate on a daily basis and cannot be accurately counted due to government secrecy. Education The countess has sought to rebuild and enforce the educational institutes of the Port City. As such, she oversaw several naval, technical, religious and academic institutes built to showcase the Rising Queen's importance of a well-rounded education, as well as a nod to the importance of the arcane and the worship of the Emperor God. Transportation Cable Cars With the invention of the steam turret and pump, the city's means of transportation increased, namely the use of steam to provide energy to facilitate transportation along the coast from the mountains. This technology is rare and new to Genesaris, and has met with some level of prejudice and resistance, though the city intends to overcome this obstacle to become a highlight of engineering ingenuity and technological advancement. Sloops The most common boat of the port, these ships are lightly outfitted for defense, and can easily maneuver around larger ships at Sea. Roads and Walkways Kyros has constructed several local roads that cascade down from the mountains and stretch all the way towards the coastal shores. The Port's infamous sea walls are a popular place to navigate along the coast on foot. Cabs Transportation in Kyros is chaotic and varied. The most common method is by foot, with pulled cabbies being a close second. Spellcycles and spellcabs are slowly being introduced into society, but remain sparse. Private Personal mounts such as Thestrals, Horses, Dire Beasts, and Wyverns are scattered among the population. Upperclass citizens that can afford larger, personal ships house them in private marinas, while others have access to their own personal airship. Notable Residence Queen Raveena Jhanavi Bartolome Senaria A Terran-born Noble of Imperial ancestry, Raveena has been a long-time ally of the Carmine Empire and is the newest member of the Imperial Family as a Princess of the Empire, eldest daughter of Rafael Bartolome. A rising politician and respected ruler, she is known to rule with a passion tempered by patience and kindness. Firm and fair, she has been well received by the citizens of Port Kyros as their regent, earning respect among her appointed city officials. Resourceful and ambitious, she seeks to usher in prosperity for the Port City, and for Genesaris overall. Princess Rahab Alrandwe di Firdana, Queen Regent of Port Kyros The youngest of Nymeria Royalty and Ambassador of the Diarchy rule. Considered brave and self-confident as a political figure within the Nymerian government, Rahab has a cool exterior and is prone to responding harshly as necessary. Elected as Queen Regent to oversee the prosperity of the Kyrosian Consulate, Rahab now faces a new set of issues both on land and in sea. History Birth of a Consulate: The Kyrosian Consulate is built on behalf of Nymeria to better political relationships and cultural understanding between the land and sea nations. Canon Two Horny Men Meet a Wet Woman: Originally initiated by one A'rithor Lumous Ema'ze, this gathering of nations was produced in order to solidify a union between the Nymerian and Terran governments and to establish consulates for both peoples.
  15. Well that's one thing checked off my monthly resolution: learn something new! o.o I'm a traditional artist versus a digital artist. But I promised myself I'd learn a few simple tricks in terms of editing and photo manip. I learned how to create my own transparent backgrounds for the new landing pages, I also created my own cultural icons from scratch for the Elements of Culture series I've been working on. And I also learned how to change Rae's eye color. She was born with blue eyes and I got curious. I think she's still lovely.

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    Speaking of resolutions and goals. 3/4th of the way done with my monthly RP goals!


    Got 2/5 canonized and at least three more wrapping up soon. Biggest and bestest shout out to the Hyperion Team for being awesome and eating up the lore.

    Port Kyros, Hyperion and Santado Island's new landing pages will be up in the Userlore (while King does some rearranging to the Genesaris board) by the end of the month.

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