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  1. Tomorrow is my last appointment hopefully for a while and then I'll be back into the swing of things. If anything changes ya'll will know. It's been a wild few weeks and I appreciate the patience, support and distractions.

  2. Whisper This thread is from a little over a year ago. Benny is OOC banned and can't see your responses.
  3. Updated w/new lore art courtesy of JSL. Do not steal or use without permission, yadda yadda. Lore Revision underway, 10% complete.
  4. Ozan: Daichi, Reiwa, Touma, Suravi, Sa'kagé Madai: Kyros, Soriya, îara, Shíchéng Jinth: Temujin, Khanai, Erden
  5. Will work on catching up the rest of my posts soon. Hospital shenanigans popped up early this week. It is resting time.

  6. In a wild discussion of trying to help a user decide between making a fairy character or a dog character (I casually suggested both) we went down a long rabbit hole about dog fairies that ended with flying chihuahuas and somehow this seemed like the only fitting music to witnessing a cloud of angry flying chihuahuas.
  7. So many distractions and so little time to think. Another prisoner who clearly called to her (unless by some fact of the nature of Xavier's species she didn't know about, he was female.), and she gave him a dry grimace--she? rescue him? She was a gruesome sight of ugly insect bites, sunburn and disgruntled misanthropy. She opened her mouth for a sharp retort when the ground shook beneath them and sand sprayed in less than graceful arcs. Artamese recoiled and squeaked in fear. Simon's hackles raised and his impressively sharp and otherworldly teeth bared--but not at the ship--nor her savior Xavier. No--he was clearly antagonized by the strange prisoner, creeping with caution at his strange imprisonment. Artamese was bewildered that of all the things to set her companion off it was some guy. "Simon!" She went to call for him. He snapped and snarled, creeping closer. Artamese clapped Xavier on the shoulder, "Go with Fancy Pants I can manage!" After all--unlike most of the people currently surrounding her, Artamese didn't have a single drop of magic in her (only on her, technically). She was as mundane as they came--and that was an advantage on an island that heavily regulated and frowned at the use of magic. If nothing else, she could say she was a hostage to the Cambion and the orc in exchange for passage to Antigone. Was she confident in the words? Absolutely not! She tinkered, so naturally she'd have a vested interest in a city as technologically advanced as this one. It was a dirty thought, but if it stood a chance of keeping her alive--and she wasn't leaving her dog. Right now Xartia's so-called Vampire Friend was giving them enough time to make their decisions. She chased after Simon, who still regarded Lee with deadly apprehension. She had never seen her Hellhound worked up over nobody, "Simon we really don't have time for this! Can you fight!?" She blurted out at the stranger, running her hands along the bars of his cage, fiendishly searching for a quick understanding of how its door worked. She wasn't even sure of the words that were coming out of her mouth--would it really come to a fight?! She studied and built things--she was not built for combat! "C'mon, c'mon, c'mooon, Prew--are you or aren't you an artificer?" She murmured to herself--if only to try and convince herself this was a terrible idea, often glancing between her retreating comrades and the airship and studying the design of the cage. Rudimentary hinge pins. Artamese swiftly pulled her glasses out and slid them on, brushing a finger over the top of a finely cut quartz stone embedded into the frame. Borrowed magic, that's what it really was. Artamese balled her fist and smacked it upward against the hinge, pulling the energy of the quartz to vibrate the pin out of place. The pin flew out from the top. She popped the pin out from the other side as well. She grabbed the cage's door and with a forceful yank pulled it off the hinges--and promptly tripped and fell, the door's weight, "BULLOCKS!" She grunted, feeling the weight of the door pressing down on her. The sand helped as she sank into it, but Simon's delirious fury towards the prisoner was reaching its apex, skirting around the cage, practically foaming at the mouth--as if waiting for the stranger to do something. "SIMON!" She bellowed--a tinge of desperation in her voice as she pushed the cage's door (who made these damned contraptions?!) off of her. She winced at the pain of her leg, the muscles, tendons and bones still new and raw from Xartia's spell. Sand was caked to her wildly messy bun, her glasses askew on her nose. A habitual push up the nose to correct her vision and Artamese scrambled to her feet, glancing back at the spectacle as machine took on nature. The entire encampment was aware of the trouble now, as chaos erupted all around them, scrambling for cover, safety--or both. Limping into the cage, Artamese furiously curled her fingers around the strangers shirt (She was certain at this point that Simon would bite this man's face off if he got any closer to her) and--on the tips of her toes, drew his impossibly tall form closer to her, seething with a snarl. "Lucky day!" She turned to drag him with her when her bad leg too the opportune moment to fail her. She tripped on the lip of the cage door she had removed and pulled the stranger with her with a startled cry. @Twitterpated @Dolor Aeternum @The Hound @Zashiii @Etched In Stone @Voldemort
  8. @Aloesque FInnnaallllyyyy someone else who enjoys Tame Impala.
  9. *whisper* Come baaccckkk~

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  10. Updated with new art, courtesy of cyberaeon.
  11. ^ Same! When you're in my neck of the woods, holla!
  12. I forgot to add this earlier.
  13. In the sky they took off--something wild, thrilling, and undoubtedly loud. From overhead, Ozan was a perfect ring--its citizens tiny ant trails. "The Kingdom is split into five cities! Each named after an element important to worship!" Sabine called back to xango, who held on tightly. Dipping low, Kharalius banked and made his way along the outer rim. "Suravi, the City of Water!" Sabine explained, point out water features. "Our farmlands, the forests, fields and markets--our important medicines are tended to and grown here!" Below them was a strange and lush paradise, where communities traveled on water canals--some catering their businesses from their boats. The city gradually elevated, with many hanging gardens being the featured focal point beyond the advanced water system the Khaiperian people took advantage of. Waterways replaced most major roads, though roads still wove and connected each city. Beyond Suravi were three impressively large buildings that were uncannily symmetrical. Smoke billowed from this city occasionally, and younger dragons could be seen beyond the veil of smoke. "Touma, the City of Fire! Home to the Imperial Forges. This is our military city. It sits directly in the middle of the Kingdom." The flew over the training fields, and the many pagodas where people studied the Khaiperian military from a young age. Sabine explained that Knighthood was a lifelong committed decided early on, and that each perfected their warcraft over the course of their life in service to the Empire. The large and impressive buildings eventually gave way to humbler beginnings, or perhaps it was ruin. Not all of the Empires cities flourished successfully, as Sabe explained to Xango. Sa'kage had once been a promising beginning, marred by the Shadow Regent and ilk. While unassuming and rather plain-looking on the surface, Sabine further explained that the City of Shadows had effectively been taken over by an unwarranted ally of the Empire. They protected the other half of the Kingdom, despite the rebuff of not asking for it. She told Xango she was almost certain all manner of illegal things happened there, and that frequent visits from Touma soldiers helped promote a system of checks and balances, lest the ally become an enemy. She conceded to the man that the red light district was far more opulent than the rest of the city, and that it had become a seat of power for Khaiperian deities Jamy and Vetr, which explained why the Empress made no move to rid of the blight within. She had even gone into details about their Pantheon and beliefs for him. The kingdom was gaining elevation now. Where stretches of forests and rivers ran, the flora was becoming sparser. Still, just before hitting the mountains that flew beyond high spires that pierced the sky. Below they could see the cloud-laden city of Reiwa, a place of magic that was studied by scholars from across the Empire. Reiwa was the City of Air, and was most famously known as the central home of many Vanakaran within the Kingdom. Sabine explained to Xnago the meaning of Vanakaran versus Khali, the spirituality of being connected to the elements and that many of the Empire's great mages made their home and taught here, learning to weave the elements with magic. Kharalius bellowed, craning and with grand, powerful sweeps of his wings brought them higher, higher still as they scaled up the mountains and to the Rising West's plateau. It was a grand city that say above the rest--lending the Empress the moniker as the Rising Empress of the west. Kharalius soared over the city, and from below many waved--recognizing the Imperatrix of Khaiperion and the young Emperor's promised mount. The dragon was slowing, his powerful wings stretching as they coasted along--dangerously close to the rooftops of houses and businesses. A large platform up ahead gave the beat his landing point, and with careful consideration--they did indeed land. "Welcome the Daichi, the city of Earth and the heart of the Empire!" Sabine introduced him dramatically. Attendants surged forward to see to the Dragon, assisting Sabine and Xango down from their mounts. "This is the Khaiperian hatchery. Come, our ride is below. You will be taken directly to the palace from here--no, it is not another dragon, I promise. Any questions you may have, now is the time to ask them." Clapping Xango on the shoulder, she gestured and led them to a flight of steps. @Twitterpated
  14. Malintzin

    Fade Out

    > 用户名: 财主 > 密码: **************** 欢迎, 余旭 * * * * * * * * * Jade zipped up her suit and checked to make sure all her important bits were covered. These damned things were tight, but protective. She shimmied into a pair of black cut off jeans, pulled on a dark top and threw a canvas jacket on. She gave a quick check on the holsters of her EXL-TA pistol; charged and ready to fire if need be. There was something wholesome about firing a shot of energy at someone who misbehaved. Super illegal. She picked up her toppled cigarette and returned it to her lips, "Am headin'on. Washa ship." She took the tablet with her, still reading as she carefully wove her way through the ship without consciously paying attention. Jade new every inch of her girl better than any man she'd run up on. She checked in with the bay attendant on the time they had left to dock there before heading out into the streets. Everrun had been burnt to a crisp and rebuilt by this Wilder guy. There were plenty of articles that reflected the same thing. What had once been a humbler place had become this modern powerhouse--all because of this Wilder guy. If Jade new anything from her time at the Arcology--it was that when men came along with opportunity, it often came with dirt. Wrinkling her nose, Jade swiped left to read on. Corporations. Private Military. Prostitution. Gambling. Drugs. No wonder biàn tài likes it here. Jade mused silently. She paused to glance both ways before crossing a street, jogging half-heartedly along the way. Though her attention appeared on the tablet--and in some ways it was--she was scanning for another ride to skim. She had only brought enough money to get properly docked in the hangar, and perhaps food along the way. Bishop was sidetracked, and Jade wasn't about to lose the only avenue in the city that paid her. It couldn't be just any ride. A car was too big. and could get in the way A motorcycle too loud. and different It had to be something else... Then she saw it. Sleek and sexy, purring like a kitten before the engine was choked. Jade tucked the tablet and cigarette away. Don't walk with purpose, slow down. She slowed down to a leisurely stroll and happened upon a man who was just dismounting his street bike. "Nice!" She called out casually, giving it a glance over, "Haven't seen one of these in a while." It caught his attention and he turned and grinned, "Thanks." Jade squatted to admire the paneling, "They make these here? Or important? I've been looking for a new set of wheels. This traffic is shit, know?" She stood again and dusted herself off, coming to stand next to him while they both admired the bike. "Yeah, there's a manufacturer here in the city, not far from here actually." Jade nodded thoughtfully, "Cool, cool." The man regarded her for a second before pulling his helmet off, "You heading in for work?" He cocked his head behind him, indicating the building behind them. Jade took a sweeping glance, her brows shooting up, "Why, you buyin'?" She asked automatically, catching the bright neon sign: Ssshh!...Don't Tell Mama. He thought she was a stripper coming in for work. "Gotta unload after a long day." He confessed and chuckled awkwardly. Jade chuckled with him, gently skimming a hand along the curve of his shoulder, "Well, thankfully I got here early. We've got some time. Maybe you can take me for a ride before the show?" She grinned wickedly, stepping back and gesturing him to follow her into the garage space underneath the joint proper. They stood outside one of the bathrooms, amusing themselves over which before exchanging furtive glances and quickly slipping into the women's bathroom. The air was electric with a hum of sexual tension, Jade unzipped her suit to unveal some cleavage and pressed the man against the wall, coming just to his chin, "Now, about that ride..." She purred, her lips skimming along his jawline with feather-light touches. Every inch of the man was tense before Jade cracked him across the temple with her elbow. He recoiled, startled by the blow and slammed against the wall before crumpling for the floor. "Asshole." She spat, fishing for his keys and his helmet. No one would question why a man was knocked out in a woman's bathroom--and would probably say he deserved it and was probably a creep. No one would immediately look for a bike that was commonplace. Her jacket hid enough of her not to readily tell if she was male or female (she hoped), and could be discarded at any time. She pulled on his helmet, returned to the bike and slipped on. Oh it felt right. "I gotta get me one of these sometime," She murmured quietly to herself before changing course, "NEO, patch me through to VERONICA." Jade spoke out loud to no one, yet her command was quite clear. Welcome back, Pilot Yu Xu. A pleasant female voice--clearly not human--spoke to her. "VERONICA, I need you to find someone. I'm sending you an audio file. Check surveillance for a Meta." Jade reached for the tablet again before pressing on her forearm. A small opening appeared and she pulled a wire out, connecting the jack. When the file was sent, she hastily disconnected and--for lack of better words--put herself back together. Which audio signature shall I focus on? "The one that sounds drunk." Jade replied dryly, still listening in on Tzak's whereabouts. Standby. Jade cranked the bike up, her visor still flipped down and keeping her features obscure. The bike was quiet and perfect and she desperately hoped it was fast. She let it warm up beneath her. The helmet was stale and stank of sweat and who knows what else? She'd be sure to take a thorough shower later, lest the asshole give her lice. She really didn't miss her old life, and it was annoying how easy it was to slip back into fray of The Future. Audio signature recognized. Matched. Sending you the coordinates now. "These assholes are going to get me killed, one of these days." Shall I amend your will to reflect your favorite song be played at your service? "Thanks VERONICA, you're a peach. " Kicking the stand up and revving the engine of the street bike, Jade took off in search of Bishop.
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