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  1. Sinus infection is not going down without a fight. Appreciate patience. Slowly on the mend but I can't get to my doctor to get what I need so I am going through this icky cycle of ALMOST BETTER--SIKE! MADE YA LOOK, HERE'S MORE CONGESTION.

  2. #irememberiselyr #neverforget #npclivesmatter #bringingvintageback
  3. Moving posts to tomorrow evening. Don't forget that BT Con's Gala is open to all. Night, ya'll~

    1. notmuch_23


      Yeah, do you want the FUCKING SINGLANCES to be the only ones there?

  4. xD That was me more or less poking fun at something I heard on a local radio station. But I give my take on what constitutes as art because I think it applies to the question of what can be called art. What can be called art will vary from person to person because everyone beholds art differently. Anything CAN be called art, but WILL it? I think not, because what one may view as art, another may not. Someone may view war as an art form, others may not. Art is just the application of human creative skill and imagination, which can apply to...damn near anything. I think the better question would be to ask what we as individuals perceive as art versus what IS art? What is our personal criteria for what constitutes as art, if at all?
  5. Aah. So you mean to say you'd rather just go last. Unusual rule, but I will take it!
  6. No problem! You are in the demo thread--which is the last link on the first post. I accidentally tagged you in the business thread so that's probably what you saw. Everyone is free to browse and participate in the organization thread and you can partake in the summit for business owners if you'd also like to. I am waiting on posts from @Sanonymous and @Agent Knockout there. Otherwise drift between threads as you'd like to~
  7. Thanks, OT! I also have all of the original HTML for each city so I can copy the code and send it to you, and you can modify it per the inspection feature like OT has shown.
  8. Art is in the eye of the beholder. A means of expression that takes many forms. I think more often than not, that expression is translated differently as people behold art differently. What is art? Hm, hm...mmm... artful contemplation
  9. Today @The Hound graduates with a Bachelors in Brittiology (with a minor in girlfriend taming). Happy two years, love! ❤️

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    2. Ataraxy


      It's a joke dude lol

    3. notmuch_23


      So was that

    4. Malintzin


      >_> Listen...this was a real conversation we had yesterday.

      Mid conversation on the phone:

      Me: Oh, where’s my phone....Nevermind.

      Sometimes you just...have to be patient with me. :grintears:

  10. Malintzin

    Dab React Petition

    Close! Dabbing was mostly like. Gentle fistbumping? I guess. I dunno, this prolly explains it better. https://wikidiff.com/fistbump/dab
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