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  1. The sun was beginning to set, and as it did—more eyes were drawn to her—and for good reason. She used to think of it as a strange affliction. Yet, as time went on, she learned to ignore it and accept it for what it was. She gave off a light—pale and silvery by design; an ethereal moonlit glow that kissed her skin in the early evening and would brighten into the night. There were stories of the ghost of Predator’s Keep, in the living forest where all manner of wild creatures lived. It amused her to this day, how it was nothing more than a restless woman taking a late-night stroll. She regarded the play and in doing so had become still—still as stone. She sat on a lawn, the great dire wolf curled around her like a great white cushion. Frost adorned the blades of grass, yet she felt no discomfort. She was enthralled by the story, resonating with her in a way she did not realize. She didn’t know for how long she remained motionless. Poised and unmoving, the moment seemed so very small to her. The gentle prickling of a poke and the throaty growl of her guardian sent the small youkai squealing with laughter. Raveena blinked and sat up—stretching leisurely. Jesta’ was draped around her neck, a spot of warmth and comfort—ears flickering to show she was very much alert despite appearance. “Suppose he never wakes up.” Raveena wondered aloud—feeling a touch of ice in her heart as she dwelled on the idea. “Have I condemned him—and our child? Are we like those characters?” The splintering of ice—foreign and magical to hear. The prickling of winter at the nape of her neck. Her companion spoke his piece—and she came to understand it in a way. No one escapes the consequences of their actions, Sunseeker. “Some do,” She insisted bitterly yet hardheartedly so, “There are far too many--.” She stopped herself from saying evils. What was evil? It, like so many things in life were in the eye of the beholder. Akako was dead, her nephew to blame—and it was Raveena herself who discovered this. Surely, he was evil. Akako also drove her children to the brink of insanity—and for what? Because they wanted choices? Surely, she was evil. People selflessly gave their lives for Raveena, and she let them. Was she evil? The Unseelie and their reputation proceeded them. Were they evil, as well? Raveena could recall how harsh Rowan was to her—how he demanded she stop acting like a woman and stop acting like a Queen. Noble had become Princess, Princess had become Queen, and Queen had risen as Empress. Rowan had a vision—an idea, something he believed in and protected with all that he could. Somewhere in Genesaris there was a way to reverse his condition. She had given up her humanity to protect her family and her people. There was no escaping the consequences of that, either. “You’re right,” She concede quietly, and gave more of her attention to the festivities of the coming evening.
  2. >o< I started (finally!) the Wheel of Time. Wish me luck (and that I won't fall asleep or be bored in the middle like everyone says I will). Lookin' to nab JordanCon tickets this weekend. Excited to see our new vendor friends again! I also just realized my Valniversary is coming up in two weeks. Four years?! Wat?! 

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      The Hummingbird

      You will be bored stiff, but I promise you it will be worth it!

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      That's what I've been told. I love the style of the writing, though! I must learn! Must emulate!

  3. “Bite your tongue, Grant Knight.” Raveena scorned quietly. It was a knee-jerk reaction to defend her catatonic partner—who all but gave his life and his humanity to protect them from a god’s wrath. Only then did she accept her true nature as a Sefirot. Only then did things change. Rowan was not designed to be a father—only a weapon. He knew his work, and that was virtually all he knew. There are no poets in the bitter business. “We wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for your father. I will keep looking until I find—something.” She hesitated. What would she find? A magic bean? A mystical lamp that will grant her the wish to awaken him? A spell for true love’s kiss? These fairy tale things made her cross. It took time and patience—the sort only a goddess could muster. “I am your mother,” She conceded with a wry chuckle, “Your only mother, goddess help you.” She gently, affectionately patted his shoulder, threading an arm through the bend of his elbow as he escorted her. She felt out of touch with her nature as an Empath, though her palms hummed delightfully at the nourishing nature of the Sun Pearls she selected. The token was meant to be a thoughtful one, though—Empath she was—she was no Seer or Soothsayer. There was no telling what the Imperial family truly felt. “When the period of mourning is over, we must call to council at once. There is much to discuss in the wake of this tragedy—both home and abroad.” Thraece was a vital component to fulfill her duties, one she delegated to her eldest. The youngest she would bear would know a burden far greater. It was when this moment crossed her mind that she paused briefly, her steps slowed. She had become aware and glittering eyes naturally fell on Rozharon. The room was filled with her—consumed by her, even. Had Raveena always been this unaware of Rozharon? She felt as though she was seeing the woman for the first time—truly Seeing, as Rozharon Saw. The second seemed to stretch—a strange and empty gap of wonder and curiosity that ended as abruptly as it began. Still, she knew nothing. But she wondered—she began to weave @danzilla3
  4. Happy Father's Day to the all the dads and dad-figures, past present and soon to be!

  5. New outfit for Kirena, and I'm so pleased with the choices I made in designing her appearance and how they're translating in art (I'm jealous of that gorgeous head of hair of hers). I'm trying to bring a little art justice for the Lady in Red.
  6. Throughout the procession, Raveena stood stoic and watching—only the brilliant gleam of her golden eyes giving signs of the emotion she felt. Death was something she was intimately familiar with—the likes of wish she never wanted upon anyone else—save one. She wore a simple black dress, one that accentuated the gentle bump of her pregnant belly. A sweeping, black chiffon cape draped along her shoulders and would dance ethereally behind her wherever she walked. Will you lead him, sister? Raveena asked wordlessly, her eyes never leaving Titus’ coffin. She could remember their first encounter. She understood his ideals and the cog-like part she played between empires to help bring peace from all sides as an ambassador. At her right side was a tall, ethereal beauty—truly, too beautiful for the mortal eye to behold. Copper skinned and flawless with luxurious dark hair that swept to the floor, Char looked down at the young ruler with haunting eyes that were dark grey, with veins of brilliant ichor and godly might. Wordless, the goddess turned from Raveena and faded away. There was a lingering sense of relief as the goddess of crossroads and peace walked along the road that guided the dead to their final resting place. Char was many things to many religions and many people. She entrusted her sister to allow Titus his peace. The Empress leaned against her son’s shoulder, tired and weary—weary of death. “Remind me,” She murmured to Grant as the procession made their way inside, “To gift these pearls to Her Imperial Majesty.” Clutched in her hands was a velvet lined case with a small token of her heartfelt sincerity towards their loss. She thought back to nearly losing Rowan and shuddered. “And I’d like to visit the gardens again before we go. Your brother likes the fresh air.” It was something pretty to take the edge off the solemn gathering. Death was a difficult moment to process, to recuperate from—this she knew first hand. She thanked the gods her family was alive—if barely. @danzilla3
  7. Whhaaattt? OFFICER OKINA IS IN THE BUILDING, PUTCHO HANDS UP. Also, if you have folks in your server that are not in this club--you can shoot them an invite so they can see this.
  8. Shouldn't take a year, I just forgot (just gently remind me or skip me). I haven't RPed here in seven months, it's going to take me a moment to get back to my 15+ post groove. I also honestly thought my one post was going to be the extent of my cameo so when you said it was my turn to post again, I was bamboozled and then swamped with lorecrafting. xD Athyon would never allow her to journey back to that place so she really can't even go--not while she's pregnant. But I think I have an idea of what she will do before she departs the ship to return home. She's going to need to get back to safety first before she can provide any sort of intel while they're off or Athyon will orbital bombard the Nautilus off the map. She'll be the Hunnigan to your Kennedy so to speak, just sporadically through the quest. I'd see if any fresh talent wants to come in that can meet as a point of contact at SB in a new chapter, but that's just me. Come up with a few objectives, and emphasis the danger level because I have it on good authority someone is going to attempt to make this quest a living hell for you all. So it'll be fun to go back and forth and help everyone circumvent doom and death remotely.
  9. ^_^ Raveena and House Senaria will attend.
  10. FIRST CLUE!!!







    only CLUE I'm going to LEAVE you DEAR, DEAR friend!!!!



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      = O Bring it on!

  11. Going to be doing a little housekeeping in the Club. Inactive members who have been absent the past three months will be removed. As much as I appreciate you joining, I require participation! Otherwise--why did I bother acquiring one? Stay tuned. 

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