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  1. Literally me today when Twitterpated revealed the truth about the flag Autholius made for Khaiperion and I had WORDS to say about it. He messed me ALL up when he pointed it out. Showing off the flag and @Twitterpated is looking at WHAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A Phoenix like: Had me like
  2. Kingdom Rising, The History & Culture of the Khaiperian Empire as Written by Scrivener Artamese Prewitt, Co-authored by Johari Ponsky Preface This volume is a very careful and thoroughgoing revision of the author's Introduction to the History of Khaiperian Culture, which first appeared in 26 OA. The presentation has been simplified so as to adapt the book especially to use in preparatory schools, although, when supplemented by outside reading, it can readily be employed in academies as the basis of an introductory course in general Khaiperian history. The treatment of Khaiperian history, especially of the Pavilion of Prayers, has been considerably reduced with a view to permitting a more adequate discussion of recent times. This saving of space, with other condensations and omissions, has made it possible to devote more focus than in the original edition to the development of the Empire. The excerpts have been selected with great care from the standpoint of their educational value. These serve to add much information which would have been awkward to include in the general length of the volume. These numerous cuts have inevitably added to the length of the volume, but it should be noted that this volume itself is somewhat shorter than its original edition. In this revision and expansion the author is under great obligation to her colleague Ser Johari Ponsky. A great deal of time and thought has been given to this selection of suitable excerpts and in this, Ser Johari has given constant aid and advice.
  3. Jade Bladehawk Pilot | Smuggler | Pirate Art by Bob Kehl It's clear from first glances that Jade isn't local. She first arrived in Valucre in pursuit of an alien. In her own words, "That sorry sack of meat stole my ship, crashed it, then pawned the parts off for his own ship! HE'S DEAD!" A grounded space pirate with no ship nor dignity, Jade relies on her deep-seated love for money to get out of tight situations and is fast-learning the piratical ways of being a land privateer. Cynical, competitive and disagreeable, Jade is almost always looking out for herself and is a self-proclaimed scoundrel. A gifted pilot, Jade smuggles goods through the Kyrosian channels as a Santado privateer for the client that pays the most, and is willing to double cross the wrong person to get what she needs. Hard-pressed to talk about her past, Jade believes in freedom and that she became a privateer to get away from her boring old cyberpunk life, which is quickly coming back to haunt her as she ventures into New Everrun. She prefers to live in the now, if Tzak Bishop doesn't get her killed first. Whether on the ocean or in the sky, Jade prefer to be called captain. Birth Name: Yu Xu Alias(es): Jade Bladehawk, Biyu Age: 29 Date of Birth: Will Not Disclose Lineage: ??? Class: Rogue -- Sub Class: Swashbuckler Occupation: Kyrosian Smuggler | Santado Privateer | Hired Muscle Alignment: Chaotic Good Marital Status: Single Nationality: Foreign; Chinese Citizen of: Khaiperion, The Rising West, Genesaris Eye Color: Dark Brown Hair Color: Whatever feels right Height: 5’5” Stature: Lithe and Athletic Adventure Tracker Will be updated regularly, so stay tuned Fade Out - New Everrun, Eridianus, Lagrimosa
  4. o.o Since I'm not actively in the scene and hanging back, feel free to post around me. If/should I get to a point where I'm directly involved, I'll fall in last to post!
  5. | The Great Hall | Jinsoku. She could remember the first time that they had met. In a bar, with its seedy reputation, exchanging fists. True, Raveena had a colorful past. A former bodyguard to a King, and now Empress in her own right. Some day she would write it all down in a book. He was just a reckless spirit, in those days. They shared a friendship in their weird, restless lives. In that time, Raveena had become second in command to the United Worker’s Party, who in the wake of a war against an Artificial God had become the Enforcers. Red Yusuke, the Queen of Predator’s Keep, serving just beneath her as Lieutenant, and had become the god’s target. It had been Red abandoning her post and fleeing to Valucre that first brought Raveena to the new world. The war was bloody and long, with the ever-looming threat of Infiltrators, posing as loved ones. Sucking the soul and life from their victims and with horrifying precision peeled their skin off to wear them. By then, Jinsoku had joined Force Majeure. As Captain of Custodes, Raveena cross-trained Enforcers to Force Majeure’s combat standards. All sides had served in the war. All sides had lost something precious. She was grateful that Jin came to Valucre with her and her future husband in the aftermath of it all. He had grown! Her eyes misted and she smiled remorsefully. “Jin.” Raveena choked on his name—her feelings betraying her. She broke decorum to sweep him up in a hug. He was even built differently, she decided. Where she had become petite and slender, he was all muscle and ruggedness. Gone was that wondrous youth, replaced with experience, wisdom. Mistakes and hard decisions. “Congratulations on becoming a proper Knight of the Order. Force Majeure needs more Masters like you to serve.” She had not had a chance to appropriately congratulate him, not since the Battle of Last Chance. “You know my son Grant, his future wife the Lady Delphine.” She went through to introduce them all, from her companion to her husband. “We are here for business and pleasure,” she explained, “King Quinton has requested an audience, and my husband and I have some family business in Thraece to attend to before my council comes calling.” Raveena smiled warmly this time and stepped back to look at Jinsoku properly. He radiated a smoggy veil of something-or-other. She could taste it as close to him as she was. It was nebulous—unsure, well-intended. A flavorful dab of curiosity. Her eyes sparkled with realization. She would offer the idea of writing to the girl—but she knew better, having served in Force Majeure. There was never a guarantee. A Daemonslayer and a Knight were enslaved to their duties, willingly. Once committed, there was no going back. To give Kotori false hope in letters to come where there was no guarantee there’d be another would break her heart. No, no letters from Jin. “Visit sometime. My home is yours, Jin. Always.” Raveena gently shoved him in a rare display of casual friendliness not meant for the public eye. Jinsoku knew facets of her that very few did, even Rowan. He knew her before she had risen to power, before she had become a noble. He knew the rough and jagged parts of her and her sordid past. He was as much a friend and ally as he was a son figure. If nothing else, he would always have a home in Khaiperion. @The Hound @danzilla3 @L E V I A T H A N @Aleksei @Twitterpated
  6. I had to move it all to its own external hard drive because I was getting lost in my own lore articles trying to find my school assignment spreadsheet. I can always count on you to pop out of nowhere to sell me questionable weapons!
  7. Smol and round. ❤️ @Csl @Ataraxy Because you are always up to something, you evil loli.
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    Sir, there's no smoking permitted inside the Governor's -" "Shut th'fuck up, jus'do ya' job an' make sure he knows I'm her' yeah?" "Sir, do you have an appointment!? You can just go barging........in" The Ripper was infiltrating, and Jade was listening. A one-way com was nestled into her ear, picking up every rattling sound Tzak Bishop made. She was surprised such a thing existed here. Her time in Valucre had taught her that technology only went so far—but here? It was almost like being home again. She grimaced—whether it was her recollection of the Neo Shanghai Arcology or because of Tzak’s inability to open doors the normal way, she wasn’t sure. Jade was slouched in the cockpit of Stormcutter. Despite looking like a piece of junk, it was uncannily reliable for an air freighter. Her successful string of jobs allowed her to make the right sort of special modifications to boost its speed and maneuverability. Still, it had its flaws but—it got them to where they are, didn’t it? It was parked quietly in a hangar not far from where Bishop was lurking. There was talk—the sort of talk Jade hoped to get away from, yet inexplicably kept getting involved with. She knew of Bishop’s past, but they didn’t talk about much—just as she didn’t talk about her past—or her world—very often. The Arcology was a broken promise. A cesspool. When she was little, she looked at the sky and remembered being envious of how far away the stars were. She became a pilot to get away from it all. She had her deep faults, but also her merits. Hopefully enough to bail Tzak out when he needed it. Bishop wasn’t a proper human—at least she didn’t think so. So maybe he was perfect for the job. Idle hands began to fidget; Jade reached for a pack of cigarettes, meticulously pulling one out and rolling it between her lips. Jade didn’t smoke enough to for it to matter, only when she was feeling trigger happy. “Niao, y’got ‘nythin’ on th’reportss-yet?” She leaned over to call out behind her, mumbling by keeping her cigarette firm between her lips. A gnarled old hand holding a tablet shot out, nearly smacking her in the face, and Jade recoiled, “Shesuz, Niao. Am righ'ere.” She irritably snatched the tablet and swiped through the wealth of information her reclusive old (emphasis on the old) shipmate provided. It wouldn't be complete without a long, inventive string of foreign profanity and griping from her companion about how ungrateful Jade (and all young people) was. Jade ignored her despite the shit-eating grin she wore to focus on the notes of why they were here. “Tranquil…” She murmured thoughtfully, brows furrowing; her face was illuminated by the electronic glow of the reports while movement picked up in her ear and voices made themselves known. “…shit’s sick. Bes’ be carefuh, biàn tài.” She talked to him like he could hear her. It was just another strange quirk of hers. This would be way less nerve-wrecking if she had a visual on what her Russian asshole was up to. If it got too hot she'd go in. Hopefully it wouldn't come down to that. She didn't feel like getting shot over someone else's bad manners. Not that she had any good manners—perhaps that’s why they got on so well? Jade grinned hard enough that her cigarette fell into her lap.
  9. The Khaiperian Pantheon "The gods, likening themselves to all kinds of strangers, go in various disguises from city to city; observing the wrongdoing and the righteousness of men." - Homer |. The Great Deities .| Chief God – Cy, the God of Justice Associated with: Strength, Fire, and Law Worshiped by: Scholars, Government officials, villagers Cy is often depicted as shockingly beautiful, with pale skin, long, dark golden hair, and eyes the color of deep pools. He is tall and solidly built with an imperious gaze. Many of his followers have elaborate scarring meant to look like a flame. He is known to assist mortals in seeking justice. Chief Goddess – Ai’a, the Mother Goddess Associated with: Crops, weaving, hardships, and the Sun. Worshiped by: Women She is also supremely worshiped for rebirth. She is a threefold goddess and has three aspects: maiden, mother, and crone. The three aspects correspond to a woman's stages of life, and the many trials faced through that life. It is said that she was once a beautiful mortal Empress. Goddess of Death – Char, the Goddess of Crossroads and Peace Associated with: Death, Valor, and the Underworld. Worshiped by: Priests and villagers The embodiment of death, Char commands the Matreyan aspect of the Otherworld. Her surprisingly few followers can be distinguished by the magic they wield, for it is tainted by the sacrifices made to her in her temples. She is the cousin of Ilickai and is known to escort the dead to their final resting place. Sea Goddess - Ratra, the Goddess of the Sea and Desire Associated with: Inspiration and Wrath Worshiped by: Sailors, Merchants, Pirates and Men Depicted as divinely beautiful with long, pale golden hair and sapphire eyes—she can sometimes be seen as malicious and cruel. Those who worship her often carve her sigil into their belongings, and there are many wide-spread temples along the coastal cities. She is known to have affairs with mortal men at sea. Smith God – Fraiko, the God of the Forge and Earth Associated with: Feasts, Warriors and Earthquakes. Worshiped by: Smithies, Armories and Soldiers Revered as a burly god of might, his sigil is often carved into weapons and tools of the forge. There are a respectable number of offerings to him at military outposts. Many apocalyptic myths involve his ill-fated romance with Ratra, the Sea Goddess. He is known to give help to mortals with quests. Dream God – Dema, the God of the Moon, Dreams, and Destruction Associated with: Cycles, orphans, and darkness Worshiped by: Lawbreakers, conquerors, mages Dema is depicted as unusually beautiful despite his destructive nature, with ebony skin and shimmering white hair. His eyes are said to be the color of sand that puts mortals to sleep. His followers can be distinguished by their fanatical ways. He is known to hinder entire civilizations. There is a grand prophecy that involves a wager between him and his brother Arun. |. Minor Regional Deities .| Daichi City — Arun'daeraa, the God of the Sun Associated with: Rebirth, Prosperity, Mischief Worshiped by: Farmers, Merchants, Thieves, Villagers, the Wealthy Arun'daeraa was often described as a beautifully tanned man with short, salt and pepper hair with golden eyes that wore elaborate, colorful attire. He was neither young nor old and was often portrayed as the Trickster in Matreyan society. He is the patron God of Daichi City due to his sacrifice, his symbol is prevalent in every day Khaiperian life. He was the brother of Dema, who slayed him, and he was known to trick mortal and immortal alike. Reiwa City — Lechax, the God of Knowledge Associated with: Books, Writing, Ambition Worshiped by: Scholars, Government Officials, and Villagers Due to his sway over many government officials, there are several minor holidays and rituals that are observed in association with Lechax. There are many temples of worship for him among near academies and government buildings. The Articats of Khaiperion are known to bear his symbol of an open book on their collars and are his primary servants. He is known to given aid to military commanders who ask for it. Xearel, the Goddess of Magic and Battle Associated with: Magic, wars, and bravery Worshiped by: Mages, Military personnel Her many dedicated followers can be distinguished by the shrines they have in their home for her, however there are still a respectable number of temples and offerings for her throughout the city. There are many myths involving her constant scheming against her nephew Ilickai, and she is known to prefer human mages. Suravi City — Thaus, the Goddess of Earth and Oaths Associated with: Hardships, Bravery, Agriculture Worshiped by: Women, lawmakers, farmers, and merchants Thaus is known as one of the first goddesses to assist the Khaiperion Empire. She is known to favor strong women who have endured hardships. Her many followers are seen wearing her sigil and offerings are made to the many statues of her throughout the city. She is known to place hardships on mortal heroes. Sa'kagé City— Vetr, the God of Assassins, Passion and Debts Associated with: Shadows, Poison, Wit Worshiped by: Rogues and Lawbreakers Vertr is often mistaken for a mortal due to his average appearance. He has been depicted as fair skinned with short brown hair and eyes—yet don’t let appearances deceive. Worshipped predominantly by rogues, thieves and all manner of lawbreakers, there is a large underground temple dedicated to him with mounds of stolen treasures, as a well as a respectable temple in the Pavillion of Prayers. There are many myths involving his affair with the Goddess Jamy. He is infamous for tricking mortals with riddles, rewarding those cunning enough to answer correctly. Jamy, the Goddess of Courtesans Associated with: Entertainment and Sex Worshiped by: Women, Merchants and Villagers Jamy is categorically stunning with ebony skin, and long flowing hair and golden eyes. Her surprisingly numerous followers are distinguished by the shrines that many businesses hold for her. Her rise to power led to the courtesan class being worshiped as equals among other working classes. She has a habit of playing on a mortal’s pride, placing challenges before them. Touma City— Flitifae, the Goddess of Armor and Judgement Associated with: Forges and Duels Worshiped by: Soldiers and Smithies There are many statues of her in the larger cities. There are many myths involving her ill-fated romance with the hero Iniry. She is the mother of Oraevino. She is known to give aid to mortal warriors. She is well known to assist Cy and Ai’a in the judgement of others, and it is said that her armor is second to none, but many who have attempted to wear her armor have died terrible deaths, for to wear the Flitfae’s armor is to receive judgement. Ilickai, the God of War, Strife and Battle Associated with: Disease and Famine Worshiped by: Tribes, Soldiers Ilickai is blindingly beautiful, with copper skin, short, swirling flaming red hair, and eyes the color of steel. Ilickai is predominantly worshipped by the warrior class. His almost fanatical followers can be primarily distinguished by the armor they wear. There are quite a few altars dedicated to him in most villages. He is known to help random mortals, if it will give him a war… Temujin— Genos, the God of Beasts Associated with: The Wildlands, Hunting Worshiped by: Trappers, Tamers and Wildkin Genos very beautiful, with pale skin, long, flowing russet hair, and eyes the color of the green sea. He is very tall and very muscular, and usually has a guarded expression. He usually wears the furs of sacred and sacrificed beasts. He has surprisingly few followers that bear tribal markings all over their bodies. There are more than a few shrines to him in mountains and even more scattered in the wild forests. There are many myths involving his epic battles with Thaus. M'zaelli, the God of Slaves Associated with: Debts, souls and work Worshiped by: Xenanthros, the elderly M’zaelli is somewhat plain, with brown skin, shoulder length, flowing dark grey hair, and eyes the color of amethyst. He is tall and broad-shouldered, and almost never smiles. He usually wears rich robes dyed dark bronze and carries a whip. His absurd amount followers can be primarily distinguished by their small braided hairstyle, styled to symbolize a bullwhip. He is the single most worshiped deity in Alethea, due to the long-standing tradition of slavery, even after being outlawed. Port Kyros— Oraevino, the God of Water Associated with: Magic, mythical beasts, Worshiped by: Magic-users, Fishermen, Sailors Oraevino is surprisingly ugly, with ebony skin, short, curly red-gold hair, and eyes the color of tree bark. He is of average height and slightly plump and looks somewhat malicious. There is a long-standing belief that magic is born from water as a life giver and taker. As the primary deity of Port Kyros, he has surprisingly numerous followers who can be seen carrying the charms with them. With a tempestuous disposition, he is known to sway between the folds of good and evil on a whim. Kos, the Goddess of Trade and Travel Associated with: Navigation, The Stars, Tradewinds Worshiped by: Merchants, Traders, Farmers Kos is very plain with tanned skin, long, straight dark red hair and eyes the color of stormy seas. She is tall and slender, and always seems jovial. She usually wears elegant clothing dyed medium red. It is custom to bless new crops, businesses and ships with favorable rites and prayers for Kos. Port Kyros, Port Thea and Port Kaisra all have an abundant number of shrines dedicated to her. Most lighthouses host her statue to guide wayward ships home. Port Soriya— Idoch, the God of Abundance Associated with: Riches, harvest, agriculture Worshiped by: Nobles, farmers, merchants Idoch is described as having pale skin, waist length, swirling cinnamon hair, and eyes the color of storm clouds. He is very short and of hearty build. There are many temples to him in the nobles’ district where one aspect is revered for wealth and prosperity. There are also many shrines in the farmlands in hopes of plentiful crops. He is known to challenge random mortals to competitions of hard work. Naeum, the God of the Sky Associated with: Storms, Local Winds, Spirituality Worshiped by: Priests, Pilots, Tribes Naeum is an exotic beauty, with pale blond hair, and eyes the color of stormy seas. He is tall and very muscular and has a faraway expression. He usually wears billowing robes and is known to float and hover. He is also associated with oaths and destruction. As many Khaiperians believe in worlds outside their own, the sky is sacred door to another realm. His many followers can be primarily distinguished by the magic they wield. There are quite a few altars dedicated to him in most cities. There are many myths involving his affectionate relationship, as he is the husband of Ratra. Shíchéng City – Inyv, the Goddess of Science and Medicine Associated with: Libraries, Infirmaries, Schools, Wildlife Worshiped by: Mages, Scholars, Healers and Priests Inyv is very plain with fair skin, shoulder length, flowing dark brown hair, and eyes the color of the green sea. A willowy and. Many healers wear her favored colors as a sign of commitment to Inyv’s teachings. Respects can be paid at shrines throughout the cities in most scholarly wards and institutions. There are numerous shrines to her in the foothills of mountains in hopes of blessing plants and flowers that have healing properties. Khanai— S'ril, the God of Snow and Night Associated with: The Unseelie Worshiped by: Travelers, the Commonfolk, Merchants S’ril, like many of his kin are blessed with tanned skin and shoulder length, silvery hair, and eyes the color of stormy skies. He is very tall and slender, and often appears solemn and garbed in beautifully wrapped silk robes of white and dark-colored furs of night-time predators. It is said that in order to speak with the Unseelie, his worshipers learned a language, foreign and beautiful that sounded like the eerie sounds of winter snow and ice crackling. Stretched across the plains of Aeldra’s harsh landscapes there are frozen shrines and alters with offerings.
  10. Updated Names. Pending??? May change one or two. 大地 - Daichi 伶央 - Reiwa 刀 万 - Touma सूरवी - Suravi 影の主 - Sa'kage (you can laugh at me later Ataraxy) Тэмүжин - Temujin 石城 - Shíchéng фея - Khanai カイロス - Kyros សូរិយា - Soriya îara - Santado 徐嵐 - Joran
  11. **Updated**. Male art next in queue. Waiting to receive individual PNGs.
  12. Spit-balling plots and the concept of selling magic on a black market came up, to the tune of a religious/spiritual clan believing their sellers are gods for "granting" them magic abilities after being coerced into making them "offerings" of priceless items. Might slap that somewhere in Alethea's black market in the near future. Worth brainstorming~

  13. I'll check with King and make sure it's still okie doke to speak with Quinton since my next post was for him.
  14. Courtesy of Sean Bianchi
  15. Ten years gone. The day always began with a prayer to the sun. A ritual bath—a cleansing of the body so that it was fit to greet the sun. It was meant to pay respects to Arun’daeraa, the Khaiperian Sun God. And so, the day ended in similar fashion. Raveena stood on the ocean’s surface, swaying as it roiled beneath. There was something comforting about the evening after the sun’s last rays disappeared. There was an irresistible pull to the ocean, and so she had swum, the serpentine coil of her sarong floating through the current like seaweed. It clung to her body now, skimming along the waves that rose and fell, never cresting until they ran along the shores. She tasted the brine on her lips; drops and rivulets of water ran along the soft line of her jaw and dripped from her chin. They traveled down the etchings of her shoulders and décolleté, soaking through her choli; dripped trails along the stretch of her abdomen. Her dark curls were tousled tendrils that clung to the nape of her neck, swept back out of her golden eyes. Somewhere far off the sky met the sea, and it was a beautiful thing to admire. Dusk was a magical time, with it’s pale pinks and purples, mauve and grey clouds stretching to blanket the world in Dema’s darkness. Dusk was a realm between gods, where the magic was most alive. She was adorned with the ritual’s bangles and bells, which tinkled softly where she stood. She thought of the evening’s dance, seeing it in her mind’s eye. The sensual arch of her lithe body, A twist of the torso, the flourish of the wrists and bend of the arms. Carefully controlled grace in movements that shifted to ebb and flow with the tide. The bells that were clustered at her ankle a soft rhythm to follow, like the heart’s beat. On nights like these, she thought of a time before dancing and duties. Duty. Sacrifice the one for the many. She repeated it like a mantra. James' words haunted her on nights like this. Of another lifetime, in another world that seemed so far away even for Valucre—yet it was only across the oceans, somewhere in the heart of Lagrimosa. Raveena blinked and heaved a heavy sigh. She had exchanged one set of duties for another, and still the end seemed the same. Still a tool. Still a means to an end. Ten years of her life had been robbed from her when Arun'daeraa took pity on her vicious cycle. His pawn had given her life, selfishly and bravely—yet gods were competitive and devious in their own way. He cheated, because he was a Trickster and that was what Tricksters did. He was a potter who saw beyond the confines of flesh and blood and what she could—no, would—do for him. Certainly, he freed her, breathed life into her again, and set his pawn back on the board into place. He played for her and against her. She was kintsugi; something shattered and broken, forged with veins of gold that coursed through her. In Raveena’s desire to sacrifice the one for the many, she had become something else. Ten years gone. Her mind had been hollow—carved out except for the barest of details. James Eredas, slayer. Red Yusuke, regent. Roen Jaeger, ruler. Andrew Clark, mercenary. Raveena knew these things, but she knew nothing of her connection to them. It was a blank she could not recall no matter how difficult she tried. Still, she had found new life in this newfound liberty, this newfound identity. The salt was bitter on her lips—or was it her own bitterness? The Trickster God was killed, his heart taken—and with it, those ten years lost, returned. It had been overwhelming—too much, too quickly, too soon. It shaped her, molded her and haunted her like a vengeful spirit—and it was true. Raven. That was who she was, once, before OXY had taken her, changed her. Raven was bitter. She loathed the people she once loved. She died with hatred in her heart that seeped deep into her bones. Raveena raked her fingers through her soaked hair and turned to make her way to the shore, cutting through the waves in stride. Every step she focused on by habit until her bells were drowned by the ebb and flow of the beach’s broken waves. Night was setting in, carrying a warm breeze on a cool evening. She had requested to be alone, and alone she sat in the surf with her palms propping her up. Raveena promised herself she would give herself time to process these confusing feelings. Time to understand what happened in these ten years gone. What it meant for the future. Who would stand to gain from such manipulation? Who would stand to lose? These were the things that kept her up at night. She thought about them when she was alone—and often. Tilting her head back, the lids of her eyes closed. Raveena knew that her feelings were changing, lessening in their severity—and yet, true to her nature as an Empath, could be stoked at a moment’s notice to rekindle a powerful fire. Control, something she toiled endlessly for. An inkling—an inclination crept into her thoughts yet again. Something she fought endlessly to beat down—surely, he wouldn’t? Surely it was beyond the scope of his power—and yet. It was very much like something he would do. Ten years and longer they had known one another. She thought of then, and now, and times their courses had diverged and stretched apart like great, winding rivers. Still, she knew, rivers always reach the sea. Of all the people she could think of he kept returning like a wayward thought. It was not that Raveena blamed him. She was neither angry, nor happy about it. It was only a minor curiosity, an itch that needed to be scratched. It crossed her mind more often than not, and so she thought now, here and now was the time to ask, to sort through the lights and shadows. Raveena felt defeated and tired of resisting, of putting it off, and her shoulders sagged a little as she sat up, leaving her vulnerable-looking. She sighed his name like a quiet thought spoken, something forlorn and reverent—and even though it was drowned by the ocean's waves, it was woven with intent and laced with beckoning. “Roen..."
  16. I really enjoyed reading his discussion laws of magic. I know in terms of WoT he did the last two books so maybe I'll get there (some day) and take interest in his other series. <.>
  17. It's going to take me an eternity to finish the first Wheel of Time book. I've been warned about it's pace so I'm also not in a hurry to finish it, but also about Francesco has sent me a dozen other series to read first. I have the whole series, they sit pretty on my shelf. But I just don't know that I will ever get to through that first book. I also think because I've heard countless times if you don't read XYZ authors you're not a true fantasy fan and it's like...well great, that toxic attitude just makes me lose interest before I even begin. The one I hear the most consistently is Brandon Sanderson. I will probably never in my life read any of his books because I've been on the receiving end of the toxic spectrum of his fanbase.
  18. Artamese Prewitt Scrivener | Archaeologist | Sorceress I own this art, please do not steal or use without permission or I'll smite you Artemese was born on Terran soil in Blairville, where she spent most of her childhood and teen life. Her father Ansel Prewitt was a respected merchant and budding scholar hailing from Mageside city. Her mother, Jezabel Antigone studied and often times taught lecture between the six Libraries of Metaphysics before relocating to Blairville where she pursued a career in the mystical arts upon discovering a latent talent for sorcery and alchemy. She has two sisters, the eldest being Jona Prewitt—who went on to pursue a career as a well-known herbalist who turned to Gaian Faith, and Onaria Descani (nee Prewitt) who became the youngest Artificer recruited by the Chapel Alliance. Prewitt's parents valued the mystical arts and education and encouraged Artamese and her two sisters to pursue both. Her education concluded upon dropping out from the Gaian Academy to study abroad at Bronte, Academy of the Arcane in Umbra City, Genesaris. After displaying no obvious war affinity and a fateful encounter with a Hell Hound, she discovered her ability to analyze magic in real time; able to dissect and study various branches presented to her. Analyzing the abilities of others was the extent of her talent, which proved fruitless for a lucrative career as the position was highly coveted and competitive among Genesaris' military forces. After several job rejections Artamese relocated to Patia where she took on work as a librarian assistant, research analyst and linguist. Upon hearing of her analytical skills, the Chapel Alliance recruited Artemese into becoming a Scrivener—one who records current events in the magical world, including the discovery of new branches of magic. While she excelled in this line of work, she found it mundane and boring--a position that didn’t take her as far in life as she wanted to go. Following the idea that the past gives birth to understanding the present and future, she began to use her ability to study ancient sorcery. Despite testing the patience and ethics of her peers, Artamese pursued her dream career as a Scrivener who studied the past, doing her best not to fell prey to becoming a pawn to the ambitions of the Chapel Alliance, who have their own agenda. Having become acquainted through a mutual friend with the Empress Raveena, the Psionic Sorceress recognized that someone had intentionally invaded Artamese's mind with the Scrivener none the wiser. Knowing the reputation of the Chapel Alliance, Raveena employed Artamese into her services as a skilled Artificer for the Empire while granting her the freedom to conduct her archaeological research so that she could keep a protective eye for the young sorceress. Birth Name: Artamese Prewitt Alias(es): The Blue Scholar Age: 31 Date of Birth: 561 WTA Lineage: Blairville, Lagrimosa Class: Sorceress -- Sub Class: Archaeologist Occupation: Scrivener for the Chapel Alliance | Imperial Artificer of Khaiperion | Professor at the Devonshire Institute of Magitechnology Alignment: Chaotic Good Marital Status: Single Nationality: Terran Citizen of: Khaiperion, Genesaris Eye Color: Grey Hair Color: Chestnut Brown Height: 5’6” Stature: Lean Familiar: Hell Hound - Simon Personal Effects: Enchanted Glasses | Scrivener's Codex Adventure Tracker Will be updated regularly, so stay tuned Time Stone Acquiesce - Antigone Island, The Rising West, Genesaris | Currently Ongoing Building Imradel - Khaiperion, The Rising West, Genesaris | Currently Ongoing The Enoteca: Wine and Workshop - Port Kyros, The Rising West, Genesaris | Open Hub
  19. ;-; My favorite knight out there helpin' people.
  20. Very gouda. Rae personally poked around in his noodle to help soothe that Whispernight PTSD so naturally he popped into my head first.
  21. @Twitterpated Jinsoku, perhaps?
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