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  1. @HollowCipher And everyone else! AFK means 'I want to be focus fired and killed flamboyantly for the entertainment of the masses!' Also, lack of response implies consent.
  2. If it works, you're not delusional.
  3. Somehow this was working. Sure they all looked dysfunctional as hell, and to be fair.... that was still a completely accurate assessment. But somehow it worked. Well, the bar wasn't exactly high from can't figure out how to protect some wagons. But there was this thing about trying to eliminate your enemies by utilizing a trial by fire. The non-deadweight/liabilities tend to survive the purge. Ed figured that the fact that everyone was attentively working together to actually patch each other up was proof of that and he'd expected that one of those thankful for this would be himself if not for....... Seriously, what the literal fuck had happened back there!? Sure he felt fine, but one word to the paladins would not be good for his health. Unless you counted cardio with some very lethal incentive to run fast.There was only one thing to do. Never mention the event. Failing that, mimic Deckel and claim cluelessness. Ah well, here comes round two. Might as well be ready.
  4. Ed can...... Uh..... DPR when things show up....
  5. Isidor had seen who the team to beat was. Yeah, team. Now if she'd counted correctly, then in addition to every reasonable difficulty there was also the matter of the nine vs one. And that was only if she considered herself an equal to one of the were-tigers. "Fair enough. Why not then." If that was the case, then why not give it a shot? Sure, the cats seemed to consider themselves unrivaled. But practically speaking would that prove to be the case? If one managed to obtain a level of capacity, that didn't make one special and unreachable. It merely proved that level was possible and with enough effort, reachable. As for the pigs. Every account that wasn't injected with profanity to the point of incoherence suggested that the pigs were the exact opposite of dumb animals to the point where this had more in common with a Blairville gang war than an actual hunt. Intellect allowed one the capacity to punch above thier weight class. But did intelligence come at the costs of strength? Nope. Not did living willfully retarded suddenly grant one more raw power. Isidor finished filling out the form. "Well, I can't say I expect to win. So I might as well take my time and enjoy myself. Good luck with the pit." With that Isidor headed back to where she'd parked to get a little more preparation done. Rushing out to the treeline now? That wouldn't make a lick of difference.
  6. So.... Exactly what Ed just did, but now with JoJo references?
  7. @EpicRome23 Exploding skeletons? No one can predict a surprise monster mechanic. One had to be popped and we found out that if a room with multiple got set off before we knew the mechanic it would have been a disaster. Granted, while Ed's group would have benefited from that info, there wasn't even any flavor text of people noticing the other groups fight. So I'm not sure how that knowledge spread. S, A, B, and C ranks denote how useful I think each skill is. Now Ed had buff instead of heal and even though I ranked buff below heal I don't regret taking it now. Now. Attack was to be the main action. Meditate was because we did an rng # of actions when defending the cart. The feeling of getting one action a turn was bad. Now it's possible to get zero. Starting at 4 sanity really made me think. And buff was to eat extra actions. I'd considered heal, but Ed could either heal or attack during combat and trying to do both would make both less effective. Rank isn't gospel, but given there's only one way a player can give another sanity at the moment and it's limited? Kind of hard not to value those skills. As for wasting counterattacks. Ed used none that round. Eating 1 point of damage with a healer that cares around is nothing. There's no upper limit to the amount of damage passive defense or counter attack can stop, But I value getting to pick my activations. Keep in mind, I didn't even touch the custom skills. There's no reason not to spurn what I see as a META skill in favor of something more suitable for your character.
  8. Skill tier list rank guide. S: Mandatory. Given the setting I can't image these not being critical. A: Very strong. You can do without everyone taking these, but the more that have them will help. B: Situational, but useful. When thier situation arises, you want them. But everyone taking it would limit the availability of other skills. ?(supernal turn off the goddamn text to weeaboojis. I can't even delete these shutters.) C : They have a use..... But you can only take so many skills. -------------------------- Normal Skills Meditate: (S) There are two skills that restore sanity and this one is unlimited but self use only. This is like bringing water to a desert. Attack: (S) The Best solution to most problems out here is to dps the issue down. A dead monster doesn't cause damage that needs to be healed. Heal: (A) This can be used on others and has unlimited used. So as long as enough members of the group have heal AND give enough of a shit to use it.... This is great but not mandatory. Buff: (B) Other than holding an action this is a decent way to bank actions that would otherwise go to waste. Can be applied to any roll at any time. This is the skill I thought was worthless.... Until it suddenly wasn't. Taunt: (C) you can pick 3 normal skills. There's 4 perfectly good ones above this. Defend: (C) You have to predict the next turn and it doesn't block sanity damage. Pairing it with taunt is a trap as it ties up two of your skills. ------------------ Special Skills Advanced Buff: (S) Yes. Burst good, and this doesn't cost an action to add on. Mass Rally: (A) Of the two sanity restoring skills this is the only one that can affect others. If you have the other one you don't really need this for yourself.... But all of your mentally injured kohai will want you to notice them. Counter-Attack: (A) Does not use an action to fire off and one attack doesn't necessarily mean one damage avoided. Plus damage. Not getting chunked with no prep is nice. Would be S if it also stopped sanity drains. Area Attack: (B) Do you need to clear out a lot of weak enemies that would otherwise be able to put out a lot of damage? Then you'll like this skill. Have the expectation to use all three uses in one turn. Area Defense: (B) This blocks damage AND SANITY DRAINS on one attack for up to five characters. If it was immediate and not activated on the next turn only this would be S. But if you can predict heavy combat the turn before you can soak up a lot of sanity loss. If enough people have this, it can be chained over the entire fight bringing it up to A. Kinda wasteful, but effective. (15 rounds between 5 characters). Passive Defense: (C) the only benefit this has over counter attack is that it can be used on others. If you're not, then counter attack is better as this does cost an action. Mass Healing: (C) The heal normal skill and Advanced buff exists. If you anticipate taking serious hits before taking the baddy down, Area defense exists.
  9. I kinda want to do a tier list for moves now that we've complete one part. It had some twists and turns but it seems like sanity restore skills like rally are going to be a very precious resource going forward.
  10. A contest? Winning a contest wasn't the reason Isidor was here. More like committing socially acceptable atrocities to animals..... That could be phrased better. Yes, that should definitely be phrased better in her head. Mental health is important. While she didn't expect to win, there was a near impossibility that she wasn't going to kill more pigs than one could drag home and that left the choice between leaving the rejects to rot where they fell or use the contest as a form of donation. Getting some good karma by accident would likely be a good thing at this point. Locating the person in charge wasn't hard. Just pay attention to who all the oddballs who were frankly trying way too hard to stand out kept running up to. This nearly always worked, even if some small part of herself insisted it had no right to. Nearing... Avaline? That sounded right, but why risk it? It wasn't like there would be any reason for her to commit Isidor to memory either. Isidor would wait a moment in line for her turn. Cut in and demand attention immediately? There was no hurry until that one guy gave the go to start killing. "So, a question about the contest. I'm assuming you guys don't want us to just toss the dead hogs just anywhere. Is there a certain place that we'll be mass dumping them for processing or do each of us get thier own bin to fill and the butchers move around?" @notmuch_23
  11. Posted. Sorry. There's some RL stuff I'm hoping can still be sorted out.
  12. Despite the rifle resembling a fully blackened metal AK-47 slung over her back, Isidor naturally failed to stand out amid the aspiring hunters. There was the bizarre, there was the interesting and then there was just another woman in practical attire who believed that orange was a great color for not being mistaken for a pig. The vest and ballistic helmet on the other hand... Now before we part ways and I head to the continents literal asshole, theres some ground rules before you go all out and bend mother nature over a desk. Wear these. They will be giving retards guns. The amount of dumbasses that are going to get shot trying to be stealthy will not be in the single digits..... Well, Ed was in his 'you fucking better' mode and as usual that ended in a threat to sell her body to necrophiliacs if Isidor died in a manner that could be termed retarded. Now that might have seemed like an empty threat, but they did live in Predators Keep. That place got a lot of freaks that had quickly realized that registering thier magic to the expanding Safeguard was a surefire way to get hunted down and at least jailed. Here, this ex-Blairville girl could drag the local fauna out of thier holes for cooking experiments and have it be considered a public service.... Instead of serial murder.
  13. Just so I'm clear. The fur changes color, it's not just forest colored right?
  14. @Tyler Buff is a normal action that gives +1 to any roll and can be saved up to a stack of three. Any roll. Yes, you can use the +1 from Leo and the +3 from Ed as long as each applies to a different roll because +3 is the hardcap for benefit.
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