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  1. Welp, based on the 5x5 pattern on the skeletons death attack I assumed that the boon (explosion) was a modified area attack. A tag of (this effect cannot be negated by any means) would have been infinitely more helpful than an awkward pseudo-apology. I lost some sleep staying up because I thought I could pull something cool and that window really would only last until the next group 1 member posted, after that I wasn't going to make anyone edit what could likely be their entire post on my account just to try to pull something. So, just go ahead with the assumption that I'm just going to delete that post outright and ignore it. I won't be using it as a placeholder and small mercies it was pretty short anyways. I'll need a week to get my enthusiasm back up anyway.
  2. Sera is a trap.... Confirmed. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
  3. Flames erupted in a fiery explosion that licked out for the man with deadly... light? Well. Yeah. That's how fire worked. It's a heat source, sure. But what isn't separated from that occurrence is the light cast by the blistering heat that in said moment forces the shadows away. The skeleton might have been bullshit, but Ed wasn't out of bullshit either. Feel regret? Make a last ditch effort to protect something vital? Nah. [Counterattack][Move action: two down] The AK clicked dry before Ed was projected backwards through the Norkotian Squaad. Did he truly have to continue to put rounds into the literally now exploding skeleton? No. There was no concrete gain to be had in expending any more ammunition on the particular target. It was just that pissing on that things grave was currently an impractical matter at best and bullets were an acceptable silver medal. Gripping the rifle Ed proceeded to stave in the back of the grappling zombies head with the stock. Another upside of an uru weapon? Pretty much anything you made out of it doubled as an effective club.
  4. Posted, using most of my time.
  5. Group 1 Suddenly getting surrounded? Fun times. But it was nice to know that the enemy could completely drop the ball on an ambush. It really was that close. If those zombies has gotten to them quicker then this situation might have been the exact opposite. Case in point. Ed executed the flaming zombie to his right with apparently casual indifference. It wasn't quite as simple as aim and pull trigger but not by much. You see the undead have a reputation for toughness due to the amount of physical damage they can ignore before thier animated flesh becomes to damaged for the magic animating it to function. Now this was no Desecrate the Grave, but the moment you can infuse your shots to strike the magic as well.... The previous issue of the being no critical locations transforms into the being no place you can strike that isn't a vital area! This transitioned into Ed swinging his rifle up towards the north hallway and taking aim at a literally gutless fellow who probably should have made more haste and less dramatic walk. What was it expecting Ed to do? Be terrified and allow the thing to stroll right up? Or greet the thing properly as a mage that just identified a likely walking bomb? Yeah, it's getting unloaded into.
  6. @ all other participants Keep in mind... Metagaming baaaaad...... And in this case it doesn't help because the difficulty could be on a slider. Second I'd question what's in rooms outside of actual line of sight. Some non LOS mobs could indicate they're making enough noise to be heard. Most of us are playing chars that are supposed to have combat experience. This should be understood. The whole D&D sit down and have a discussion on the optimal choice for each move might seem best. But see point one. Thats not me suggesting a full ban on the subject, but suggest things that you think the other piece would do. Like Squaaaaad mass reaction firing on the jumpscare zombies. Fourth and finally. We don't know what our win condition is exactly. Certainly not in character anyway.
  7. Ah, ranged attack reaches two squares as per movement. That certainly does open up some options. Still, that monster positioning pins our group down so attacking is really all we can do. I'm really curious about those ???.
  8. So triple area attack then? I THINK the boon is the fire damage aura the pieces have. Being next to a zombie for one turn does one damage. Moving adjacent to a skeleton immediately does one damage. Orange and red glows respectively. Not metagaming because our characters can see and know how fire works. Ed has area defense that can be spammed. _------------- @zackrobbman what are the rules on diagnals? Do they count as being adjacent for the purposes of attacks and effects?
  9. Yeah, Ed was a bit salty over this turn of events. The leading from the rear with the wagons, the walls that did all of nothing.... OK, two things. But. Two rather serious things involving everyone getting sent through the wringer when it could likely have been avoided..... Now how this particular case could have been preempted escaped him at the moment but if he had to wager a guess then it seemed everything minus the critters had formed a homeowners association in order to try to evict the coalition. Meh, wait for it, who wants to bet they'll show up eventually too? Allowable pets is always an article as well. Oh, focus. That's a buzzsaw! "Well, that just happened.." What else could truly be said? Ed was now at the bottom of a blade and flesh motif drop with a broken squad of Norto-somethings squabbling about the strongest leading them and an extremely buff halfling that Ed would give good odds being able to take on the entire lot single-handedly. Breathe. Don't consider if it matters right now. "Alright, lets make whatever's responsible for this regret it. Briefly. I get the feeling there's about to be a long list to check off." @Veloci-Rapture @Thotification@Tyler
  10. Ed meditate check. D10 Check.
  11. .... Without being tagged as Calvinball. While I'm sure many unique magic systems exist created by a vast number of RPers the problem with having something completely unique is that either/and your explaination of how your system works gets TL;DRed due to the immense length required in order to create a magic system from scratch or you will simply get accused of making shit up as you go along in attempt to keep everything in your favor (calvinball) and booed out. Second is how many RPs like Valucre here are a melting pot of different magics. But while none of them are exactly the same many have a lot of points they mutually agree on and thus character interactions can happen without requiring an argument about how the basic fundamentals of magic work every single time. Third the entire point of a system in a freeform RP is to convince the other players that your character can reasonable do what you claim the character can. Ex. My silver buckshot can ruin your werewolfs day! But don't expect people to accept your characters actions just because the system you made says your character can do such an action. Ex. I spent 25 energy and blow up your base with my demon fire magic! Then my magic sword recovers ten of my energy! Energy 85/100! ..... I apologize for the rise in blood pressure that last 2 seconds of reading caused. But if you found nothing wrong with it.... please... Get. Help.
  12. I actually like pouring through the mechanics of a magic system. But a good one should be understood well with the 'layman' exposition. One day I'll catch back up, but One Piece does it it decently with the devil fruit powers. The fruit never gets stronger, the users just get more innovative with thier powers and effectively grow stronger than the sum of their parts.
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