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  1. Akiris

    I challenge you to brevity

    https://wordcounter.net This is the site I use to measure out my solo thread posts before I copy and paste them. It's a useful resource.
  2. Akiris

    Feedback - RP etiquette: Consequences

    There's a limit to how much you can force someone to do something.
  3. Akiris

    To y’all with characters with swords...

    Keep in mind there's magic in the setting. Pure real life tactics may not be fully applicable.
  4. Akiris

    Feedback - RP etiquette: Consequences

    I don't get this 'logic'. In my mind if rare materials I need are involved, then "you should care about this" firmly applies. But how is that a punishment? By this 'logic' I could tell you that all of your content doesn't matter and we can all just ignore it. But because of the lore and cannon features there is a standard for what is acknowledged. This allows for personal effort to be rewarded with recognition which must be accepted to play the game. If someone doesn't want to buy in, they are free to write as much fanfiction about thier characters as they desire.
  5. Akiris

    Suggestion Box!

    Read the description of the area. You can skim the past events. As your character likely wasn't there for them knowing that full contents of those threads isn't important. Then read the full quest descriptions. These are the current cannon issues the keep faces. Done. At this point you'll have a working knowledge of Predators Keep.
  6. Akiris

    Suggestion Box!

    Use in character knowledge to your advantage, most importantly where your characters lack it. Depending on what your characters are, there's a good chance that the bulk of happenings wont really apply to you and you can work your way in at your own pace. Being royalty, emprah, or a king of industry seems to be popular but it requires you to know about all your peers. I picked Predators Keep as my hub because it had only a few pages of threads and a very good cannon summary for the board. Then I could pay attention to the rest of the site if I felt like it. I did crafting and low level quests. Nothing world shaking.... yet. -------------------- What do you want your character(s) to do?
  7. Akiris

    Terrenus Bounty List [need bounty hunters!]

    A static 10 for permanent 10v1's would be more fun!
  8. Akiris

    Feedback - RP etiquette: Consequences

    Ah, the quote at the end explains it nicely. Thanks!
  9. Akiris

    Feedback - RP etiquette: Consequences

    @supernal I'm saying there shouldn't be anything preventing that. I shouldn't have started by considering how to make a new system, but what the point of the system was. Either people will play ball to be a part of cannon or they won't. If you think about it, there's no point in trying to railroad in anyone uncooperative. There's plenty of people that just do their own thing here that cannon just ignores after all. So if you think that someone did something in a cannon thread that would result in a bounty being placed on their heads, add them to the list. It would be up to prospective bounty hunters to contact their target and negotiate an encounter thread. The involved parties can agree on rules as long as the end result falls within cannon content requirements. So if you want to put a bounty on my character Isidor, go ahead. If someone wants to go after me then they should be expected to contact me directly. It would be a bounty being hunted after all, not a dating service. @Deus Ex Aizen Um ok. Lets correctly assume I can't understand any of that even after reading it. Please be gentle with the formatting.. 😰
  10. Akiris

    Feedback - RP etiquette: Consequences

    If someone did something in a thread that you'd like to go after them for, one should be able to send a pm and arrange a follow up thread.
  11. Akiris

    Feedback - RP etiquette: Consequences

    Alternate system? Sounds like fun. I'll make one.
  12. Akiris

    Feedback - RP etiquette: Consequences

    Since I was poked, I won't be polite. Take Dredge. Now imagine instead of the battle of Last Chance, he was put on a mandatory bounty board and was taken down by some random who could type 600 relevant words then win a coin flip. The minimum for a cannon RP post is 120 words and the requirement for the bounty system is 5 posts each. Then a coin toss. 600 words and a coin flip is far too little effort for even punishing criminal acts in one cannon thread. If people have to rely on luck for their characters to survive every month because the current system is now mandatory then there's no point in anyone trying to progress. I might as well grief people with deathmatches until I run out of characters then quit. ------------------------------------------------------------ I won't be polite and I won't give face just because of who the creator is. IF THERE'S A PVP BOARD I WANT TO FIGHT AND SHOW MY SKILLS! 5 posts? Maybe it's a private contract and that's how much time you have to take down and extract your bounty before your marks allies arrive. Maybe you are a known criminal that was picked out in the streets and if you don't deal with your aggressor in 5 posts then the responding law enforcement will tip the scales too far in the bounty hunters favor. But that's not to say there's not a window for a coin flip. Maybe two swordsmen have squared off in a remote location and remained evenly matched for five posts each. So in a nod of respect to each other decide to end the fight with one final attack. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Now as for how to add people to the board should they actually be allowed run their character and have them succeed or fail on their own merits. Public contracts can be drawn up for those that commit open crimes. It's not hard to rp a character in a way that can commit illegal acts under the radar of the general public. If someone commits murder in the middle of a crowded street, isn't that the same as saying 'come at me'? Private contracts have all sorts of room for fun. If you want to put a hit on a king you can be damned sure the two of you won't square off in a featureless room and be undisturbed for the duration. nor is the act of putting up an assassination contract anything resembling legal. But hey, we're here to fight. This could even lead to a business opportunity for people who want to play bodyguards/champions. ---------------------------------------------------------------- If I did everything I could and my character still got wrecked/killed, that's a good way to go. The memorable victories are always the ones you work the hardest for.
  13. Akiris

    Who uses dice systems?

    WTF! I didn't make this thread.
  14. There's a lot of systems out there. I've even made one. No one uses it, but that's not exactly an outlier. Who here uses a dice system (or t1 system) for your Valucre characters? If so, do you do so because you enjoy the system or simply because it is required for participating in content that interests you? If there's a system that you enjoy using, what part(s)/rule(s) do you find stand out in making it enjoyable?
  15. Akiris

    Who uses dice systems?

    Who here actually uses a dice system for your Valucre characters?