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  1. Mostly just commentary. My opinion is my own, and I might as well type out how I feel on subjects. Even if, or especially if my opinion turns out to be wrong.
  2. Well, you've kinda already made a world here. That's significant seeing as RP threads alone have a decent mortality rate. Trying to switch over the theme to something more popular would be suicidal. Sometimes it's not about being about being the popular thing but being the best at what you do well. Bird in the hand. As for roleplay concepts that @Robbie Rotten suggested: --------------------------- quest: Great stuff. Varied content and provide not only openings for a character to get into the game but those seeking to balance their character can also use them as a measuring tool. war/invasion: I've never done one of these. PC combat (T1): These have the capacity to be very good. I think there was a Valucre Combat League that kinda stalled. I had a similar idea, where would I post the main thread for something like that? slice of life/random: These are nice to fit in. There should be interventions for people who only have 'demon god' only fighting type characters. A fleshed out character is an interesting character. "romance" aka sexy times: This rotten man gets it with the quotation marks. My stance is that romance should never be the focal point of the roleplay. I've simply read too many examples where it seems nothing short of rushed and forced. Too many focus only on the agreed on pairing and lack any depth past.... these two are together now. kinky torture : I'm assuming this is at least borderline e-rp. I'll say it again. There is good and bad RP. Your mileage may vary. But if you root your work in this kind of material, then the capacity and extent for things to slide south into cringeland and warrant the hammer rise exponentially.
  3. Gonna be rude. And sound like every other response. Laundry list of powers here. Mostly significant ones. My suggestions? - Making a character from scratch is often easier than trying to port one over. This Is what I did with Akiris (My Valucre OC). - Consider if you really NEED all the safety net powers. While they might be necessary to fight characters with a similar laundry list of powers, Valucre's mild powers standard characters often don't warrant the same safety net. - Unintentional weaknesses are a thing. Anyone willing to do some reading is going to be able to punish some of those powers hard. But note that just because they can, doesn't mean they should have to. - Read quest descriptions and think about if (X amount - the suggested amount) of that character could complete the quest with some difficulty. If your character could solo a quest that requires a minimum of five... then it's too strong.
  4. Nailed em.... THUD! I felt my eyes widen, not at the fact I'd just shot a widening hole in what was practically a ghost. No. Because of what had just caused the thud that shook my stance. There was a proper word to describe this, but hell if I could think about it. Was there anything in here that that Thing wasn't prepared to telekinetically throw? Maybe? Who gives a fuck. That load wouldn't have been survivable. And..... .... AW FUCK IT'S NOT DEAD! The wisps had just darted for one of the humanoid ectoplasmish things and I did my level best to unload into the mass. Hopefully the runes would catch the energy and the hollowpoints would actually pull off thier primary normal world function. Not make bigger holes, lodge in the bodies I'm shooting at. I needed to keep the pressure up. Possibly the only thing keeping me from getting swatted like the proverbial bug was the fact that the murderp beast was disoriented. And yes, I'm complaining. I really wanted it dead.
  5. BANG Nine millimeter hollow points, or any other bullet really has nothing on incorporeal beings. Hell, even enchanted shots really do fuck all. They tend to fall in one of two ranges, unnecessary overkill and worthless, depending on what you're shooting at. The fact of the matter is any kind of enchanted weapon always has the risk of running into stronger magic and then it's worth than useless. I take the time and care to scratch runes onto my bullets. It's painstaking work due to the fact that in anticipation of the bullet mushrooming I need to get the runes as perfect as i can. Paired with the fact that hollow points are not exactly good sniping rounds and the addition of scratches don't help that. On the other hand, I've accidentally tagged beings that'd tried to deflect my rounds with a goddamn sword before due to the unexpected accuracy deviation compared to the barrel. For the sake of brevity, if you don't happen to be a user of power yourself.... 'antimagic' has absolutely no downsides. My target had no physical form and likely no traditional vital points. TRADITIONAL. Funny thing is, I'm not an idiot. Sustaining yourself solely with power may allow you to ignore the concept of physical damage but it doesn't actually make you invincible. It only changes the damage equation from where to how. Because as soon as I'm capable of tagging all of your vital functions on a hit anywhere. ........... Your armor becomes the millstone that drags you to hell.
  6. Akiris is human. Not being a demon/angel/metahuman or dragon puts him extremely low on the raw power scale. I'm not usually one to spoon feed my characters weaknesses to others, but this is the one I flaunt.
  7. Hello again. Today I'm going to write about dodging.... ........ ....Ah, okay then. Mister tumbleweed, you may just become my official mascot. Anyway, dodging has a certain history in roleplay. A bad one. Mostly due to the fact that it's used as the end all be all defense of dexsexuals. This gives it and those that use it a reputation for.... ... I'M SORRY? oh. hi. So a word that contains the word 'sexual' gets interest. Cute. I suppose I should explain it. ----------------------------------------------------- DEXSEXUAL These characters are in full erotic love with DEXterity to the point that it's very literally their crutch. While there are sane agility based characters, it is the dexsexual that will expect the dodge combined with an absurd speed/dexterity to solve all of his/her incoming attack problems. Therefore in their mind negating all attacks fairly. Expect the dexsexual to respond in berserk rage in defense of their DEX lover. On the offense side their attacks are declared to be overwhelmingly fast and have pinpoint precision. This is a typical character of the unskilled player who relies on his/her character having overwhelmingly superior stats in a roleplay fight. If this section offends you, I'm 100% certain that's because it applies. -------------------------------------------------------- Back on topic. I'm going to cover three aspects of the dodge that will assist you in the following two endeavors: 1) Not dodging like a scrub 2) Landing hits on those that dodge like a scrub The second is my personal favorite as it will harvest you a disturbing amount of salt from the aforementioned scrubs. --------------------------------------------------------- ASPECT ONE: TRACKING I did say this was 101, and the first topic.... is aim. A scrub dodgelord will assume that all he has to do to dodge an attack is to have his character vacate the spot he was when the attack comes for him/her. He/she will further reason that that your attack has to go to the location that he/she was. It doesn't, but you need to be sure to word your post in a way to hammer the bitch. Unless you want your character to attack a certain area, be sure to consider specifically stating that your attack targets the opposing character or is oriented on a targeted character rather than the location. This brings tracking into play. What this means is that your character is actively trying to hit your opponent and is taking pains to alter their aim during the attacks windup in order to better accomplish that. Now, instead of the dodgelord just having to vacate the area he/she also has to beat your ability to track his/her dodge. Should the dodgelord seek to try to beat your tracking while you are capable of altering your aim.... Then you have one hell of an interrupt to start off your next post. Mostly because your interrupt is you finishing the attack you made last post and that leaves almost no window for a secondary dodge. Expect the dodgelord to be a whiny bitch about it though and possibly claim that they just do this for fun and they shouldn't have to put effort into their work. That's incorrect, unless they've told you straight up that they're not that great, or are really rusty they should be held to actual standards. You took time and effort to craft posts for the content. You deserve equal response for your hard work! ---------------------------------------------------------- ASPECT TWO: TIMING No, not two-timing. We're not discussing headcannon harems here! Maybe in another segment. Be aware, just because the word dodge is in a post and your character successfully is able to make that action..... it doesn't necessarily mean the attack was dodged. Be sure to read and make sure that the timing of your dodge lines up with the timing of your opponents attack. Yes, a dodge at the wrong time does not get banked against future attacks. That would be silly. It just does nothing for you. Oh, and the attack you were assuming would get dodged? Well. You're not dodging when it happens now are you! This is the hidden bonus of carefully reading fight posts. Free hits, quite possibly punishing ones. ----------------------------------------------------------- ASPECT THREE: TECHNIQUE You have to dodge in a way that would actually succeed. Attempting to sidestep a horizontal swing from a greatsword is not a recipe for success. Alternatively, merely typing 'I Doj' will have an extreme chance of getting you branded as a noob. Then exiled from the community. There are standards. This is a 101 so while I won't and shouldn't go into all the details of every kind of dodge situation I can make a few suggestions: - Try miming the action out before taking it to your keys. Very easy description content right there. - Go for a glancing blow. An example would be rolling with the punches. Should taking the three aspects here into account and realizing that any attempt to attempt to dodge the entire attack is doomed to making you look like a noob.... Then take damage on your terms. Getting punished by a ready made interrupt is going to hurt much more. -Have more defensive techniques than just dodging. If that's all you do then your opponent will be able to write in anticipation of them and write you into a corner. ------------------------------------------------------------- And that's today's Dodge 101. Brought to you by a blackout and my generator and extension cord fu.
  8. KALAMEEEEEEEEEET! If that tail doesn't drop a sword I'll be very disappointed. Akiris is human. It's not like I've never made characters with inherent powers, but I'd like to see how far I can push it without them. Maybe I might let something crop up later but until then I need to walk without the crutch.
  9. To my discomfort, I froze on getting eyes on what was lurking in that library. To my relief, the awareness didn't seem mutual. Hell, I didn't even know if the thing had eyes.... Right. The thing. The giant ghostly brain floating smack dab in the middle of what looked to be five vaguely humanoid figures made of... ectoplasm? That was my best guess. Since, ya know, I'm sure as hell not going to walk up and ask about it. Even if that's what the narrative suggest I do. Front and rear sights aligned. Close your left eye. Steady your breathing. Align sights to target. Let it blur slightly as the front sight comes into sharp focus. I felt the glock sway in a slight figure eight pattern as I began to gradually pull the trigger. I wasn't possible to remain stock still. This wasn't a video game, but I'd shot enough in my life to account for the sway. Even if I missed, I still had fifteen more shots to let fly before I had to reload. But for the one shot I actually had the luxury to take the time to aim I really wanted to nail the headshot. Yeah, even if the whole thing looks like a brain, a headshot is a headshot. So I didn't anticipate the round.... And let it surprise me.
  10. What I have here is a relatively simple guide to the roleplay duel. Or, a fight between two peoples characters 1v1 where both agree to a certain ruleset. I know there are quite a lot of other situations where characters will get into fights. Some of what is here will translate over. That's not what I'm trying to convey though. Two players. One character each. A fair fight. First thing to note. This guide isn't being written with information to help you win........ ............... ................... GODDAMMIT! SERIOUSLY? OK. Fine. I just lost about ninety percent of my readers from that admission. I can still do this..... -DEEP BREATH- .... The point of this guide is to help you not lose. I don't mean the fight and yes, I honestly think keeping this stuff in mind will help you do better. But winning in character is at best an accidental result of what I'm trying to impart here. You've all seen it. That one guy/girl that has a roleplay issue. It seems petty. It seems inane. But you've watched this person(s) completely flush all of the dignity they had in defense of it down the metaphysical toilet. You don't want to be this person. You don't want to lose your dignity. I'm going to outline critical points that should be considered and I'm going to explain why. I'll try to keep it short and to the point. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RULE ZERO: TOURNEYS, LEAGUES, LADDERS, ECT. NOT. EVEN. ONCE. This is harsh. Yeah, I know. But hear me out, I'm actually a fan of the coliseum style of disjointed 1v1's. Here's why, the ability to lose nothing if/when you tell your opponent you can no longer deal with his crap is a very powerful tool. Not just as a way to end something but as a deterrent. A duel should be a fair fight made and executed in good faith. Now, the hate comes from the fact that in a (ex.) tourney you lose this. Should you drop, your opponent is then rewarded for their behavior with a 'win'. I honestly believe that there a decent amount of participants that angle for this. Hell, if you get an opponent that is determined to put zero effort into the fight you will have to either slog it out or drop and you he/she won't be smug about 'winning'. I don't like the non-smug odds. But that's just me. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RULE ONE: ACTUALLY READ If you want to roleplay without reading the content of who you're interacting with, then fuck you. Really. If you insist on doing this the please get the fuck out and go write your OC based fanfiction somewhere else. But, on an equally serious note. Knowing what the hell is going on is going to be your biggest tool in order to do well. That includes reading your own work too, the spellchecker doesn't catch words that are spelled correctly but are the wrong word for the situation. It also includes back reading your own fight thread so you refresh your recollection of how the fight is flowing. Hell, take the time to re-read rules or any other related content in order to make sure you put exactly what you intend to into a post. Now, about your dignity. No way in hell do I expect you to roll over and give up every time you're challenged just to keep the peace. However, you should be aware of your options and be able to make an informed decision as to your plan of action. No one is perfect, sometimes on analysis judgement will tell you that arguing the case is tantamount to repeatedly bashing your face into a wall. On the other hand. The times when you do the reading, ensure you comprehend it, and then articulate yourself in a way that completely blindsides the peanut gallery? Yeah, I for one continue to roleplay for those moments. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RULE TWO: YOU ARE NOT YOUR CHARACTER There is pressure to win. I get that. But I know you've read work where at least one of the participants keeps upping his/her power level in order to win and you can't help but think about how sad it is. Or when both participants do it, and the end result is not only cringe worthy, but leaves you wondering how either of them expects their buffed to Gurren Lagann and beyond characters. Who the hell do we think they are? An embarrassment. Doing a disservice to their characters. Ect. And to themselves. You may not be your character. But you are roleplaying that character and through your actions you can very well taint how others view you to the negative. Don't self destruct on me guys and gals. You've seen the results of someone tossing everything away just to win a fight in character. You know it looks bad. You've seen people fail to come back from that. Be true to your character. Show both him/her and yourself the proper respect and the people that matter will take notice. A roleplayer with character is a treasure and a tourney filled with such individuals is a thing of beauty. For those that fall far short? Consult rule zero. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RULE 3: JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULD Sometimes balancing the character you want to use for something isn't quite agreeing with you. Well, once powers hit the board balance gets weird. Let me drop an example on you. Say there are two boxers in a boxing match. One may own guns... or powerfists. However, bringing something like that breaks the rules and would get him/her disqualified. While that would be far more serious in real life, in a roleplay the roleplayers themselves don't actually get hurt. Some characters can be balanced simply by not using certain abilities or gear on pain of disqualification. Others cannot. Keep it in mind. You might not be able to have and fatass your entire cake. But it may just be possible to settle for a slice. The cake will still taste the same. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RULE 4: DELIVER It needs to be said. I'm not saying Git Gud or don't be a Casul, but both participants should have a reasonable expectation of what they're going to get out of this. If you tell the other guy that you're new or rusty and to 'please bear with me' then it is a reasonable expectation that if the duel happens that your admission be taken under consideration. Very simply, be honest about the standard you can uphold and deliver what you claim you can. Some of us dabble for fun and some of use will pull lengthy arguments of physics and lore and find it enjoyable. A difference like this might be able to be bridged by waiving power explanation requirements. It would have to be agreed on beforehand, but consult rule zero. Working it out with the other guy/girl is often the most civil option. And if it doesn't work? You just don't do the duel. Everyone has different tastes. The problem is when someone paints themselves as gods gift to roleplaying and falls far short of the mark. If you fuck up like this, apologies asap. I cannot be more serious. You know at least one of these self-smug bastards/bitches and you know them as the worst of the trash. These are the people that are often banned in multiple places just on reputation. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AND I'LL END WITH 5: BECAUSE I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE STILL READING Do your best. Be understanding. And try to treat each other decently. If life comes up try and shoot your opponent a short pm explaining why you'll be gone for a while. I'd take a "Shit, sorry man. RL issues has me for the foreseeable future." and get it. There is something inherently worthwhile in building up a community. Because if we didn't cooperate with each other. Well, then we'd all just be writing OC fan-fiction. And who reads that? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Well, that's all I got to say. I could nitpick every little thing, but I did say 101 in the title and that would make all this clickbait. I'd have to smack myself then. After all this I can't promise that your characters will win more 1v1's be following these concepts, but I'd like to think that you might just have more pride in the matches you participate in win or lose. Some of this stuff might be obvious and some of this you may have heard or even explained to others before. But hey, thanks for making it to the end.
  11. OOC

    You've had the character for 26 years? O.O
  12. There are those that literally cover themselves in metal. Myself? I'm not one of them. In my case leather will usually trump full plate simply due to the fact that there are enough things out there that can hit hard enough to completely negate the extra protection. Far better to have the mobility to get clear or even better avoid a bad fight. That wasn't quite the case here, but it wasn't like I couldn't apply it either. I've beaten a fair number of things I shouldn't have been able to in a fair fight. Key words here? A fair fight. I try to get in as few of them as possible and when my hand is forced? I had made my way across the small clearing almost painstakingly. It was a balancing act really. Right smack between remaining as silent as possible so as to not be heard while attempting to stay out of the possible lines of sight from the interior. Combined with, the half assumption that I had already been made and on alert to dodge the first thing that came howling my way. In theory this sounded like some kind of masterful skulking. In reality it was more of a slow tentative walk.
  13. Volleyball is still innocent. I see it being far more humorous than sexy due to the overall physique of the possible contestant pool. Therefore I predict far too many serves and returns will be spoiled by a bad bounce and if Akiris were to watch, he'd likely be on the ground laughing his ass off very quickly.
  14. Huh. Forgot this section of the site existed. But yeah, no. As hilarious as the concept is, it's best it stays that way. RP can be good and bad. Yeah, not something everyone wants to acknowledge. But better this goes out in its prime as a rosy thought of what could have been. Because this has the capacity to produce some truly cringe worthy blocks of text if it becomes a reality.
  15. Somewhere in the field of twenty minutes later I was reconsidering my 'kick in the front door' strategy. Mostly due to the lack of one, plus the holes in the walls, and all those other telltale signs of a 'magic' induced brawl. In short, calling it a ruin would be very correct. On one hand I doubt I'm going to have to hire a cart out here to remove everything salvageable. On the other, I really hope there's something salvageable. You know, for the job I set out to do. The very plunder-able headless corpses of other would be adventurers don't count. Ah right, the murderpbeast. Yeah. It's presence is pretty much normalized now and I just want to make it dead now. The incessant shining in my peripheral vision is beginning to grate on my nerves. Reaching over my right shoulder I draw my runed longsword and transfer it to my left hand. This is swiftly followed by my right hand being once again, this time by the comforting weight of my pistol. Normally a gun isn't my first choice. Firearms are god awfully loud and noise tends to draw in... anyone interested. Not really the case here, so there wasn't too much detriment in going loud. Hole in the wall then. Which one feels lucky?