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  1. The Solaris Inquisition

    The initial response was the sound of velcro coming apart. "That's actually a good question Enk. While they've avoided distribution in anything resembling a market, they seem to be mixing up their final destination regularly. While this would be unhelpful for feeding people regularly, this course of action would allow for a wider spread both in locale and population type. When attached to goods and services the word free seems persuasive." Akiris had removed something rectangular and flat from a case attached to his belt and almost ruining the gravity of his previous words began to fumble with it. Fortunately, after several seconds of attempts and some low muttered curses, what turned out to be a screen lit up. After carefully tapping several places on the screen Akiris sighed in relief as the device for once did just what he hoped it would do. While the man understood the usefulness of such devices, especially with his stance on magic, these particular things had been absent from his childhood. Despite ongoing attempts to acclimate himself to using such devices they still felt odd and wrong in his hands. Not to say there had never been progress, but that progress had been from complete bafflement to being able to muddle his way through the use of one of these things. "Ah, There. Zine's men cannot bypass the walls however. By keeping a watch at such a point anyone can be tailed through the city..." He turned the box around to show the rest of the group a lit map of the Keep marred by a large red dot. "... Thus, their likely destination can be estimated within an acceptable area." It helped if the one on lookout at the gate and the tail were different people. Waiting, even hidden was a dubious proposition over long periods of time if one was required to suddenly break the wait for no apparent reason. Alerting one who had previously stayed completely out of sight to take up the role was far less suspicious. That, and you didn't miss the real thing if the first was a diversion. While there was much one man could do, being in two places at once was usually not a viable solution. It was, however, an easily resolved issue. Even by mundane means.
  2. Let's chat about dice and stats

    Hmmm... I know that Risus has a 6 page pdf. It's a D6 system. Roughly page one and two have character generation info and three and four have game mechanics. (75% of page two is a skimmable example box.) Page 5 contains 3 advanced options. Page 6 is about adding other dice types in addition to the D6. Link to PDF: http://connect.ala.org/files/Risus15.pdf Not quite as short as one page, but it does have character advancement mechanics and this should be able to cover most existing characters. Note: This would need a way to get multiple D6 rolls at once. It is doable with the current dice-roll thread, but ex. posting four times to get the result of 4 six sided dice might grate on people.
  3. The Solaris Inquisition (OOC)

    Just post. I'd say the window for anyone else chiming in is far enough gone. Let's set the next scene for our branch of the plot.
  4. Hello all. Did you miss me? No? Ah... Well points for honesty. ------ For those that don't check the patch notes (myself included until recently) MP has been dropped from destruction of a building to destruction of a room. I like this. Without a cap, my feeling is that combat characters get into an arms race mentality. Where one needs a certain amount of power just to stay relevant. Not fun. It's indirectly allowing other people to decide how you play your character. That's why I feel justfied in claiming that the lowered MP will actually increase build diversity. If the massive AoE attacks are instead capped at large AoE attacks that can't level the building or whatever you're using as cover. Then many more character types can do more than get one shot. I'd suggest not being a metamancer that only throws room sized fireballs. On the other hand I'm certain one of you will and I'd love to see the MP reduced again. — We've also have multiple systems floating around. T1 in many of it's forms has the upside of accommodating most characters as is. It's a bit of a variable, but the fact that this is largely running on an honor system is a possible downside. On the other hand we have the pure dice roll systems. Where the dice decide if you succeed or fail, end of story, write it out. This like T1 can also accommodate most characters. As a variable downside, this also makes what would be considered troll builds even in T1 viable in pure dice roll systems. Because success and failure are dependant on the roll of the dice. Then written out. While I can say I like the idea of systems with stats and rolls... I have to admit that they would be difficult to implement. Levels. As stated above, I like that the MP got lowered. Ways for characters to get far stronger than others might just make people disinclined to join if they didn't get in at the gate. Additionally, some rule sets greatly exceed what some are willing to read. I can guarantee there will be at least one person that reacts without reading this post. Not to mention some of these systems cannot accommodate characters like the former two. To say stating things up so the homebrew would fit into the system isn't an extensive project, would be a lie. But would it be worth it? -------------------- So what do you guys think about the new MP and all the dice roll projects that are in progress. Rolls seem to be getting popular. What will it mean for the future of Valucre roleplay?
  5. The Scarlet Kingdom needs YOU! (Insert Uncle Sam)

    Absolutely nothing wrong with having a life.
  6. The Scarlet Kingdom needs YOU! (Insert Uncle Sam)

    Well, I have Akiris in Predators Keep. I'm not sure if that's the kind of person you're looking for for the post though. While there was no IC followup after the quest he did, the guy does consider himself paid. So while I can see him answering a summons, he wouldn't even think to apply for.. well... the above.
  7. Terran National Market 2.0

    Yes. I can see how fusing materials could escalate. Not fun. Separate materials used in the same project I can do. It would actually give me more to work with this way.
  8. Terran National Market 2.0

    I think this is the best place for this. There's no way I'd be happy acquiring this by any means other than crafting. So more of a request to build than a request to buy. Is alloying two special materials allowed? I figured I'd best ask before I started a 90 post solo project. The location would be Predators Keep to make use of the canon black market. Armor and weapon 60 x <1.5> (Black Market Multiplier) = 90 posts required. ~As I understand the math. The forging process I plan to use for the project requires no unique special snowflake powers. So with a basic awareness of the process, this method should be repeatable by others. I haven't seen anyone else come up with anything remotely similar, so I'm going to run on the assumption no one else has. I'd rather not divulge the method should your ruling be no. I know I haven't stated any materials but assume I'm asking as a blanket statement.
  9. So the OOC nickname will be Organization XIII? ---------------- Any time that a plot results in the destruction of anything building-sized or larger, or incurs a major loss of life, anticipate story-teller level interference or auditing. - Terrenus Rules of Engagement 2.0 ~Rule 13 ------------ So as soon as evil breaks the obscurity threshold they're open for hot drop 'o clock. RAW. Nice.
  10. Let's Play: T1cs

    I'm going to try to avoid direct feedback as I like what I see so far and have no wish to alter it. I request to hear the rules on: Creating preps. Does it cost some kind of action for your turn? Ex. To prep a dodge roll would you need to scan the ground around yourself to justify accounting for your surroundings and therefore justify a better roll? Or do you simply get X each turn? Can preps be held? Would they be lost should the situation where they were created change beyond their scope. Ex. Aim, then switch to melee without firing.
  11. Radiation Resistance

    A magical aura could be considered radioactive. Radioactive doesn't necessarily mean harmful. Short answer, yes. Somewhat longer answer. A sharpened stick is technically technology. Many concepts cross borders when analyzed. Starmetal rounds out of an anti-material rifle rifle should terrify everyone.
  12. So there's this tower . . .

    Aaaaaannnd holy shit those updates are relevant. I love the reduced power cap! I really do like Warlocks ancient battles relived idea. There has to be plenty of material that was left unfinished or simply cool what ifs. I know at least most of us back read and fantasize about what one of our characters might have done in a thread that either took off or concluded before we even heard of valucre.
  13. So there's this tower . . .

    Um, I have a question. What happened to Blairville? It no longer seems to have a subforum.
  14. The Solaris Inquisition

    "Based on the volume of the grain Zine has claimed to have donated. Should they have been buying up the local stock, then I would assume it to be s hot commerce topic. Quiet on that front would suggest that they either portaled it in. Expensive. Or grew the grain locally and utilized magic to expedite growth. Also an excessive amount of effort. Therefore suspicious." Akiris shrugged, the exact origin of the grain was something the group has a solid enough lead on to warrant an investigation. However, the absolute specifics would be uncovered in time. "Until we've discovered the secrets of the Zine grain, there are simply too many variables for conjecture to be a profitable use of our time."
  15. The Solaris Inquisition

    "I have no objections." The plan was a solid one. Maybe not perfect, but considering a plan perfect was almost always a clear mark that a critical detail had been missed. As a contingency, they could fight. Very simple and hard to foul up. He noted that James had asked after a map. Akiris' awareness of the singular sighting of the ghouls was notably singular. But he had some suggestions on the matter. "You may wish to start your hunt at the gates themselves. They brought the creatures in via a cart and such a vehicle would be far easier to track and locate then the creatures themselves. Alternatively, there was a mention of one of Zine's men present at the incident. Should he still be held, it is possible he could become a source of information. Maybe not of their greater goals, but they have been keeping their rank and file close to the chest. I would assume he could recount carrying out the grunt work of some sort of project even if he himself cannot understand the purpose." That would likely conclude the planning phase. Akiris and Tobias would rely on Enk's expertise for the acquisition phase. His own role would be mostly reactive, to watch the mans back so that he may better focus on his role in the plan. At least as long as no contingencies were required.