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  1. Common sense and decency is universal... should be... ah well, I'll keep asserting that the anti-munch project is the baseline. But that's written. What are the unwritten, and possibly non-standard rules ya'll follow that make one a decent person in a RP and the peripherals that go along with it. ---------------------------------------- Myself? When I say I'll do something, I'll make a point to do it and in the time frame I've allotted myself. This is the internet, no one can force anyone to do anything. So it's my belief that the only one who can enforce what I state is myself and therefore I should if I want my words to be worth anything.
  2. PSA in godmodding

    I was rather curious as to why there was no link in the OP. Didn't stop me from looking at recent content through the profile. After my first post here. With context this seems like a disproportionate overreaction. Unless the most recent content isn't the issue?
  3. PSA in godmodding

    Okay.... PSA: Competitive T1 is pretty much cancermancy, at least compared to any of your other RP options. WHY? Because it rewards behavior that would get you thrown out of any other kind of group for being a jackass. (See: lack of common decency) BUT WHAT ABOUT THE NICE GUY WHO SAID HE'D TEACH ME TO T1? 'T1' is not a concrete thing. This 'offer' is about as legit as the fellow in the windowless van offering free candy. T1 'vets' often get into arguments over who 'won' and then have to find new folks to T1 with. Preferably someone who can be convinced to 'lose' to 'sensei'. UM...... Now, go find a copy of the anti-munch project. This is the best guide to refer to in order to ensure that you and your character are not an embarrassment to RP. WHAT IF I DON'T WANT TO USE THE ANTI-MUNCH PROJECT? Then you're scum. -------- There. PSA over!
  4. What are you playing?

    D&D Online. (The middle for this) - Part of me going back and playing all the old games I'd meant to but never got around to / had to cut short / the playthrough that I'd done was shit. Had to find a reason to stop tryharding at DS3, I was a mediocre player at best.
  5. HaelReview :: It's on The Spectrum.

    After about five seconds of chuckling and zero scientific research I have stumbled upon the TRUTH of O'o. Due to the disturbing yet completely expected results, I have encased my findings in a spoiler tag. BEWARE, this cannot be unseen.
  6. Blairville chaos event - full!

    Lunara might as well take it. Isidor already got a 'reward' and I'm sure someone in the triumvirate could use it for shenanigans.
  7. Blairville chaos event - full!

    insignia that is usually warn by those within the Crimson Ledger - Second opportunity. Think it should be worn.
  8. Blairville chaos event - full!

    Posted Isidor's summary..... I'm gonna get hell for sandbagging on actual post speed aren't I? 😅
  9. Safe riots and kidnapping

    After they'd gotten clear of ground zero number two the group had split up in terms of general affiliation. Rhys had given her a ring. While Isidor clearly understood the function behind it, she didn't tell the man that she planned to first use it for something very much outside it's stated use. Namely put it on an unintended finger when she got home and cryptically tell her friend's that a man had given her a ring. Isidor figured she might get a week out of screwing with people's heads from just that. She left the odd couple and Bruga with her unique amplifier. As neat as that particular device was, stealth was a completely foriegn concept to it. The breathing was the complete one eighty of subtle. The weapon was definitely fun to use, but a likely nightmare to store, much less transport. The little prototype? Isidor had paid for that. As she tentatively put magic to that concept. The device had been discarded. Purchased by Isidor from Osmer. The fae had scooped up the payment giving implied acceptance to the transaction. The fae was in league with the blob and the pair were now financial patrons of the original creator. Sympathetic magic was fun when the details fell into place. Isidor would have to go over the device to ensure that she wasn't about to be tracked down by it, but she would be able to walk away from the group without setting off the feeling she'd left with something that wasn't hers. Refraining from the odds and ends Bruga begrudgingly offered up as rewards would only held the magic hold together. You didn't point out your own illusions to others no matter how solid they might be. After all, Isidor's preferred state of superiority was one where no one picked up on that tidbit in the first place. With everyone involved coming out a winner? That status quo was easy.
  10. Blairville chaos event - full!

    Isidor was eventually walking off with the little prototype from the start of the thread. The one that apparently no one else remembers. The big sucker with the lungs she was just moving out of the general area of the brawl. I did post that Isidor had an interest in inquiring about metals. That one sentence means something different from brazen walk off with device with the context of the rest of my post.
  11. Blairville chaos event - full!

    Yeah, massively. I'll write my own heist post.
  12. Blairville chaos event - full!

    While I'm open to people contacting me with the intention to go after one of my characters and there are solid reasons someone might be sent after one or both of them..... I just don't like that system.
  13. Blairville chaos event - full!

    @supernal To be honest I didn't expect extra. But if I have explicit permission to keep the material in the prototype as long as Isidor loses the device itself... Well, I already know how she'd lose it.
  14. Blairville chaos event - full!

    The post change kinda streamlines things. Isidor, for her many faults is logical enough. Unless Agony attacks for the lulz, I won't be triggering another fight scene. I figure this is likely my last post for this thread. We have the quest rewards decided already and I'm not above glossing over characters sitting down and negotiating minutia that's technically been decided in the opening post.
  15. Safe riots and kidnapping

    "So your question is, do we mind that you are offering Bruga a considerable amount of funding and equipment? No. You obviously wouldn't be the first to do so, as proven by a certain material she's been working with. See the tubes of irreverent death? Even the gypsies, famous for rare materials and metals don't have the consent to move negabjurium. At least not publicly anyways. But the governance has gone murky and those that theorize as to why are more than willing to watch someone else stick their face in the ominous hole." Isidor gave an almost imperceptible shrug. She wasn't Bruga's mother and assuming the father was equally goblinoid... ew. Concepts traveled far easier than some materials that she'd get hunted down over and Isidor was curious as to how lungs of other magical species would fare in similar experiments. Come to think about it, most creatures had more to them than lungs. An interesting avenue for study. Ancient humanity did manage to prosper while 'superior' races died out, even when wearing hides and using bone for weapons. Today was a good day. She hefted the improved amplifier, it was time to go. "Seeing as this fight didn't take place in a magically contained hideout, lets make ourselves scarce before the two of you start negotiations. I'm sure one of you has a long wish list and that would be difficult to keep in order when curious interruptions start showing up." The battle had been loud in the way a no hold barred mass mage fight could be. There would be attention, and eventually attention that mattered. If Isidor was to inquire on whether proven goodwill could garner easier access to the materials the Gypsies were actually famous for, she didn't want to hamstring herself via a time limit.