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    What emotion does your character most evoke in others?

    His internal dialog is pretty out there compared to everyone else sure. My concept of a mage is one that does more than mindlessly toss fireballs, so what goes on in his head is going to make someone else's hurt. But as for any interaction that doesn't require mary sue level mind reading powers: Ed used magic and a rifle to fight monsters. Yelled at idiots who ran to another quadrant when there were monsters that needed killing right in front of them. Used what amounted to healing on the Norto Sgt and tried to start something amounting to a conversation. Looted a knife and a big ass deer. Ate, and then started butchering said big ass deer. ---------------------------------------------- Should I color code my posts so people can skip over the parts that they don't actually need to read?
  2. Akiris

    Bloodwatch Base [Hub] [Furthest Point]

    There was really no reason not to eat the stew. It was offered, didn't seem toxic and certainly was perishable. A hot meal at the day's end. Then subsisting on ones own preserved supplies was the order of subsequent day's until someone's head was forcibly dragged from thier ass and the fact that rustic wagons were fundamentally unsuitable for transport in a hostile environment was realized. Well, Ed assumed that he wasn't the only one with the base common sense to bring personal supplies in addition to weaponry. But he wasn't the proclaimed leader of this trip so holding everyone's hand wasn't his responsibility..... But if pally boy had just dropped his holy aura on the group and flushed out the twistlings before the march even began instead of pointlessly at the end, four wagons would have survived instead of two.Considering that the White Hand was supposed to be knowledgeable about the dangers of Yh'mi, this couldn't be described as nothing short of embarrassing. This lack of planning wouldn't work a second time. Yh'mi would receive them properly the second time it attempted to expunge the expedition and luck simply wouldn't carry the day. But solving the leadership issue wasn't so simple. One could certainly stand on a soapbox and proclaim one had all the answers and everyone should fall in line. It was just that such an action was the fastest way to get ignored on principle and told to go fuck oneself. But back to what couldn't wait any longer. Ecology. With the exception of the individual chittan, the other beasts of Yh'mi seemed to be capable of taking a staggering amount of seemingly superficial damage before being decisively killed. That needed to be sorted out and while a twistling carcass might have been superior by way of pure insight, one could eat a saevion. Well, one could eat the beast after it had been checked over for lingering effects both from the damage it had accrued in it's last minute of life and for any surprises Yh'mi itself might have loaded into it's flesh. There really was no reason to start by eating the stew. After all, the beast didn't come with convenient containers for it's soon to be butchered flesh and those that had been recently vacated by the stew ingredients would be a good start.
  3. Akiris

    What emotion does your character most evoke in others?

    Let's see..... Going by track record.... Akiris seemed to bounce between being the target of shows of 'superiority' toward the mercenary and flagrant seduction attempts that put the man off the idea due to how over the top they are. No sliding scale, just one or the other. Isidor usually has disappointment by way of annoyance. Other characters seem unable to perceive Ed.
  4. Akiris

    Claiming the Furthest Point

    "Good talk." Who would have thought getting a response would be harder than squeezing blood from a rock? Taking the near absolute randomness that defined this group Ed supposed it couldn't be helped. Might as well get on with his day, there seemed to be a clamour about the corpse of the magnus. Huh. So the magnus was a steel item pinata. Was there a particular reason for why one species would seemingly be braindead enough to trot about with weapons in its stomach? Maybe. But since he was late getting over to the beast..... There really was no way to say for sure. Studying the body before it got pulled apart in preparation for the next one would have been nice. But if everyone couldn't get thier shit together and coordinate then it simply didn't matter. Pick something but don't get overburdened. Okay, that was easy. Shadows didn't have weight and it would be a tedious but trivial matter to just lift and carry both broken wagons. All Ed would need to do was trust his trusty companions to come to his aid when Yh'mi decided that this one guy in particular was inconvenient and decided to focus him down.... After the last exchange? Fuck that. From the remains of the magnus' stomach Ed selected a hunting knife. Half because it would be immediately useful and half because the remaining picking were really that slim. While there were bigger chunks of what could be considered steel scrap the potential gain wasn't enough to interest him. After all, he hadn't come out for the money, just the chance to shoot some acceptable targets. Huh, maybe it shouldn't have been a surprise that the twistlings snuck in when he'd just strolled into the group without giving so much as his name when that paladin called out for volunteers. So to play it safe Ed grabbed the saevion corpse that Charlie didn't incinerate and slung it over his shoulder. If tossing it around earlier didn't damn him then simply carrying it couldn't be more eye catching. Weight? What was that? If questioned on his choice of loot, he'd simply raise an eyebrow and respond with bro, do you even lift? Every. Single. Time. Any other words might be too complex for everyone else. (Ed exit)
  5. Akiris

    Claiming the Furthest Point

    It stopped? It really did. Thoughts as to why could wait. The fight was still ongoing. But the flow of battle? Yeah, a massive reversal had just occurred and the utter beatdown the creatures of Yh'mi were receiving in retaliation for thier acts of vandalism were slowly exceeding plausibility. Heh. Didn't leave much for a guy like him to do. Ed shrugged off the familiar sunburst of pain as his wounds abruptly closed. His shadow certainly wasn't showing any wounds and it wasn't that much of a stretch to inflict that condition to his physical body. It still hurt, pain was the body's way of noticing something was wrong and such an act certainly qualified. That was magic for you. Shadow might not have a true healing ability, but it could treat most flesh wounds like a dislocated shoulder. "MEDIC" @Tyler Ah right. The lemmings.... Ah right, don't pull a Priscilla and actually call them lemmings. Even if they were. As Ed made his way over to Deckel and Murray a grand total of two chittan made a bid to bite him. The second of them displaying nothing short of the typical full insanity of the creatures of Yh'mi. Mostly because it still came after him after he'd punted the first one. Shadow was pretty good at moving things and it did his heart good to see them stay punted and not come tearing back. "I guess I'm the medic. Look on the bright side, you Nortos never got the chance to be spoiled by healing magic in your deficit homeland. So the fact that this isn't gives ya something to look forward to next time you fuck up. Evey have a dislocated arm? Well the thing about" PAIN. It wasn't true healing magic, so unless Ed simply wanted to collapse Murray's torso and call it a day he needed to get a feel for the proper end result hence half the reason for the excessive talking. The other half was that as required as the end result was, the process sucked. In Murray's case, the dislocated arm being shifted back into place was his chest. "Pain is that it's the body's way of saying what the literal fuck is this. Now as for your medical bill, I'll put you down for bringing three less sleepers to your next nature walk with an outpatient prescription of please don't give the monsters guns." Really. Guns were useful but they were just as bad as giving a violent idiot magic. Disagree? Well there's a poster child called Dredge out there. They'd pulled ahead today, but if they'd had less dumb luck and more monsters had arrived during the suppression... If they kept half assing this campaign, then Ed would have no choice but to pack up and leave. Because there was no way they'd get underestimated again and if they performed as well as they did today, everyone would be killed to the last man. No exceptions. I am alive today because we were underestimated... And we almost squandered that. Ed wouldn't be surprised if he looked as depressed as he felt.
  6. Teamwork mechanics for players and burst dpr mechanics for monsters. Ya know, pick player at random... Maybe prioritize someone who afked the last round and stack damage. People worry when they can get picked off. Let's not have people be safe just because they still have x HP.
  7. Compressing my response. AFKs make figuring balance hard. An initiative system might make things interesting. (Looking at you last round, first two post wagon deletion.) But if someone doesn't post Evey two to three weeks it won't work at all. Dice battles work. I remember the suggestions, I have a sneaking suspicion that some of the characters present were designed strong enough to defeat all the attackers that appeared on thier lonesome..... If this was freeform. Monster damage is in a very scary place. Please don't be braindead. There seems to be a split damage roll then a focused one. So the minimum amount of damage a pair of monsters can do to a player is 4 if both roll low. Deleting a full health player each round is expected, not out of the question. If you disagree, give me monsters next round and I'll traumatize your players.😈
  8. Akiris

    Narrative Fighting

  9. Akiris

    Do your characters have parents?

    Akiris, parents are deceased since half a lifetime ago. Isidor had a happy childhood and maintains irregular contact with both of her parents. Ed wasn't born in Terrenus but he's had more than enough time to adapt. So far avoiding the rest of his blood relations is successful.
  10. Akiris

    Do your characters have children?

    With Ed I wanted to try something. At least from my perspective characters seem to get info dumped in thier first few posts after introduction if not have a sheet premade. I felt like dragging out the process and seeing what happens. Did at least one of them do something significant? ..... potentially. I haven't been explicitly blunt about it, but by the time it does become obvious the framework already in place should be glaring.
  11. Akiris

    Do your characters have children?

    Yup, although most of them can't really be called children anymore. Ed's been around for a while, but the spotlight really isn't his thing.
  12. Akiris

    Narrative Fighting

    I'm gonna agree with @Deus Ex Aizen . For the love of all that's unholy don't just slap on another kewl powah just because your character NEEDS it. A characters skill set should tie into itself, not look like the grocery list that's been scribbled on by everyone from your extended family to fuel the latest get together. #When you get the wrong BRAND of ketchup.
  13. Akiris

    Do your characters have children?

    Let's see.... Akiris, nope. It's not impossible for him to settle down eventually, but the only thing he's good at is violence and getting paid well requires him to travel where the money's at. The good jobs that don't land one a bounty or are offhand suicide are few. He's also lived the bastard experience and wouldn't recommend it. #When your own mother can only narrow the list of who your birth father could be to about fourish. Guy doesn't have a last name for a reason. Priscilla Isidor, none. With her, mage is just as much of a title as it is a mental disability. So it's likely for the best. Might be fun to eventually introduce her parents at some point though. Ed.... There's few options as it is and he's uninterested in them. If you go by something like unofficial adoption however, there would be a number of them.