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  1. No worries. I seem to have the same issue. Let's see if Usher survives reflexively 'molesting' Dia's gun in front of her.
  2. It was a decent gun. What Usher had originally assumed to be a .45 was in reality .454, so he wasn't that far off as the .454 was basically a lengthened and structurally improved .45 casing. While this would allow the weapon to fire .45 rounds as well, the .45 used pistol primer instead of primer intended for small rifles resulting in nearly five times the recoil of a .45. This allowed a 250 grain bullet to reach a muzzle velocity of over 1,900 feet per second and therefore deliver up to 2,000 ft-lb of energy. A little big for most indeed. Now what another worlds wiki wouldn't tell you is that the typical modern propellant for most firearms in Terrenus doesn't quite work properly. As in there's a small chance to blow your own face off when pulling the trigger kind of properly. Because of this, most Terrens saw modern firearms as a foolish last result. But, if it was stupid and it worked.... then it wasn't stupid. Usher was a modern person and with a modern instrument of death in hand and enough magical know-how to make things perform in ways they definitely shouldn't, managed to get by was an understatement. The creatures breaking cover to try to pick just one of them off? Either ignorance or arrogance, maybe both. The fact that they'd done so when Usher hadn't stopped paying attention to Dia suggested that at least the first believed that either he wouldn't be able to respond in time even if he wanted to or that Usher would freeze at its mere appearance and therefore be too slow to react. The latter was untrue. While ugly, he felt they lacked the personal affect that something like a radar fox would have. Those little bugger with their almost tacked on extra appendages were just flat out revolting. As for the former.... Usher didn't bother concealing the necromancy this time. With the handcannon as a focus, he killed the magical fluctuation native to Terrenus that would normally cause a magically induced instability in the propellant. Just because something may have originated in an environment that suppressed or even completely lacked magic did not mean that such materials were magically inert and would remain so when put into a different environment. In hindsight, it sounded like something that was difficult to not pick up on. In practice, properly triggered propellant became scary very very quickly. For example, in a mundane world muzzle velocity is just that. As the bullet travels the wind resistance will somewhat kill that velocity and slow the shot, hence the concept of bullet drop. Necromancy added a reanimation feature and induced a level of circular logic that magic seemed to love as the shot would not only pick up speed but actively track its target. Then, upon impact, the velocity would be killed a lot as the projectile transferred its energy into its target reanimate and hit the target again as the projectile itself did its level best to transfer its force and transmute the target into chunky salsa. That was one shot fired into the grotesquerie charging at Dia. Then came the recoil that died and reanimated, resulting in the next shot ready to fire and the handcannon pointed at the grotesquerie pack. Rinse and repeat. Usher would fire on them until empty and with the intent that not only himself, but also that the bullets were also actively trying to kill them.
  3. Since I don’t recognize the name Ertai I’m assuming the ‘screw over Red Yusuke’ effect has a lengthy history. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to be genetic..... yet. ———————————- Ed got the portal treatment as making him someone else’s problem and sealing the door behind him works instantly as a sucker punch. Usher was doing the kind of fleeing where the ‘from’ was more important than the ‘to’ and ended up digging in his heels in Terrenus. Can’t get curbstomped by those unlimited powah derps if they can’t bring it to bear in the first place.
  4. The hunting grotesque is now on page two instead of one in lagrimosa wilds. Just mentioning for visibility.
  5. Welp. This got yeeted off the wilds front page.
  6. I’m considering just hijacking this as only two GM posts are really needed for completion. So...... GM post of queen finally getting murdered. Two week window for players to react and write their cut to finding a way out. GM post where the surviving characters return to camp to discover.... that the burrowing creatures had come up from underneath and circumvented the walls. players post reaction. Conclusion summary post.
  7. Nah, he got shot to death. If he came back to make the accusation then you obviously made the mistake of using 9 mil. 9 mil will kill the body, but .45 acp will kill the soul. Gotta stop them from coming back as a lich. -Itsdenkel
  8. "Tobacco." It took Usher a moment to realize that the complete answer likely wouldn't come across as the complete answer and it might be a good idea to touch on that. "They're like cigarettes, just without the menthol, chemicals, and other assorted preservatives that would keep the things intact long after the world ends. This is just that kind of place. That being said, I can't say that I particularly like the kind of freak that goes sniffing around for an easy place to feel superior. It just chips away at all the decent places in the world.... But!" At that Usher patted his shotgun and it really wasn't hard to tell where this was going. "There is a solution for that and... Oh hell. Why is she eating that!?" Yeah, he'd made a mistake. Kinda. Usher was pretty sure everyone was paying attention when they were told these things propagated through what seemed to be the magical version of rabies and he assumed that everyone else had an idea of what that meant. Welp, full pirate rules were still on the table then. Invincibility was certainly great until it suddenly didn't work, so why take the extra risks when he knew something nightmare fuel tier called negabjurium existed. "Dia? Is there something between the soldiers and pirates codes for when an ally seems to have a deathwish? Because that seems like a relevant consensus to have."
  9. "I have no idea who that is." If he had to guess, Usher would put his money on that anyone deciding to show up for the job wouldn't just decide to take a nap a stones throw away from the advertised meet up point. And past that? Every day one walked by a multitude of individuals and never learned of their business. This was just another day. Later. The village was nice. Well... nice considering that they'd recently suffered a beast attack that was apparently 100% wanton violence and 0% practical anything. Really, anything. Usher was pretty sure even he could pick up the trail. If he could do it, then it would be trivial enough for those who went hard into their tracking skills to trace those things with ease. That meant he didn't have all day, but there would be a moment or two before they'd be heading out again. He'd be quick. Just because he had to be on his... er... someone else's best behavior didn't mean Usher couldn't play the enabler and wouldn't you know it, one of the villagers had fresh tobacco. True silence was golden, but intentionally overpaying with a silver skipped the haggling process. The take it or leave it offer netted him, if you were in a forgiving mood, five wrapped smokables. As it was, it would be like handing a starving dog a rubber bone. Smokes weren't just putting leaves in paper and lighting them on fire. The material had to be dried out, processed, ect. So basically the leaf had to die and be altered before one could actually smoke it. Either one could settle in and begin the painstaking process of converting the material or as Usher opted, just apply a bit of sleight of hand and necromancy to kill the leaf, warp the remains into the desired form and then dismiss the magic leaving the desired product. All in a moment, he had way too much practice creating something that sold well to require much in the way of active concentration or time allotted just for a freebie. Now for the fun part. "Found you some smokes." Usher presented the quintet of smokes to Dia with the full awareness that she'd likely seen him acquire fresh leaves wrapped in paper and nothing to the contrary. To top it off, Ushers slight grin that practically yelled 'we both know you're going to try and smoke them anyway' never left his face as he held them out. There really was no telling how this would turn out and that was the fun part.
  10. “I agree. Given whats happened, it would be unreasonable to expect the villagers to be pleased with outsiders simply strolling in to gawk at the latest tragedy. But we’ll need to examine the scene of the attack to best understand how the creatures dispersed and ensure none remain lurking in or near the town. Until we’ve done so and picked up a solid trail onwards we’ll be in your care.” Usher had briefly considered going for the truck to turn the walk into a short drive, but that would have required him to leave the truck behind in the village which would have been nearly as uncomfortable as trying to figure out how one would go about trying to fit Torie in said truck. As for what he himself could offer to the tracking and villager placating process... it simply didn’t add any up to much. Usher would merely hold onto that awareness and avoid unnecessarily muddling the efforts of Weddall and those inclined to tracking.
  11. Gonna be honest. I’m not gonna let this go a full week without a post. I’m going to post before that happens and I don’t care what the order is.
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    Yh'mi AMA

    Can we get GM posts for furthest point and give queen to advance the plot?
  13. PvP in a game where build up is earned and is very different from a RP thread where everything's pretty much a write in. I can do it, but it's hard to get excited about RPPvP.
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    Alright then. Please submit any applicable bans for content to Ataraxy.
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