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  1. But it had been a learning experience. For the denizens. That Akiris, was not only intolerant of them making an attempt on his charges, he was intolerant of their way of life period. And the man was very, very, good at it. To the point where the swordsman was given a wide berth by everything with a sense of self preservation. This wasn't an exhaustive list though, and the set of heavy footfalls approaching accompanied by unholy groaning could really only be one thing. Undead. Or in this case, another Abomination. A left over from yet another attempt to fuck over Red Yusuke. What had brought these into being was a mass of corpse theft from about the countryside that had ended up supplying the then current invaders the ability to stitch a fuckton of corpses into a bigger corpse and then animate it. Yeah, that's pretty much it. To this day, Akiris wasn't sure what they thought that could accomplish seeing as the first thing most of these half-assed creations did was eat their creators. But they did make a great patsy for the Inquisition that had come around searching for the necromancer in Predators keep. That was, and remained a riot. The necromancer in Predators Keep? As in singular? Try double digits at least. A good chunk had migrated from Blairville, due to the simple fact that there was no way registering their magic to the Safeguard system would have ended well, but they still wanted to make a living without fighting the entire system. The fact remained that most casters were not omnicidal retards that desired the end of all things. Just the vocal minority.
  2. What I'm hearing is that someone wants to bitchify the title of Saint King into a popularity contest. Cm'ere Miss Wannabe Fracture. I'll put a damn big knot in those panties.
  3. Speaking of employer, escorting a gaggle of non-combatants through dangerous territory and ensuring they safely looted someone else's cache of supplies was very much not a one person job. You couldn't just take these folks below and hope for the best. Nor could you really leave them unattended while you went down below. Do you want to clean out a bunker of anything dangerous, then come out to find something had picked off all of your porters while you were absent? Akiris didn't. That shit was beyond cliche even to someone as technologically behind as him. Something about a cabbage, a sheep, and some kinda furry that the boatman really shouldn't have been dealing with in the first place. That was why he was minding the looters while the two association mages were breaching and townie-proofing the bunkers. Were they running into anything dangerous inside? Eh, he might find out later. Between what he thought was signs of brief mind-breaking violence and what he knew was definite vandalism that was intended to obscure who the pair happened to..... Well, the townies were happy and ignorant because when you think about it, between a Bloodbender and a Necromancer it's hard to imagine how they couldn't dispose of bodies in various states of integrity at will. That end was solid. The other end of the equation involved leading about what many of the less dweller type denizens considered food, en mass, between prepared bunkers. It hadn't been quiet.
  4. The Things Dr Bright Is Not Allowed To Do At The Foundation Full Stop. But something like SCP foundation wouldn't really work in Valucre as the whole magic/supernatural thing is the exact opposite of a secret. To the point where it's normal. ------------------- As someone that came from an actual RP trash heap.... I can kinda relate. You have all the old guard who have 'slowly built up their characters over time' years are usually quoted and they've got a peanut gallery to haul in screaming on their behalf if they feel moderately offended. So as I couldn't ever catch up to the point where I could have my own laundry list of abilities, I had to get as creative as I could with one or two and be meticulous as %^&* as to how everything tied in. I doubt I was liked, but I kept my notes well enough together to reach the point where they learned that pulling the mass peanut gallery rush on me was an opening for me to humiliate X amount of people textually. With X being the amount of people they brought. Eventually, that community died out to a near screeching halt and I was like 'do I really want to keep doing this? ......Well, I'll try one more site before just inting the whole RP thing.' If BigFatCat hadn't swooped in with a 'The Paladins of the White Hand would like to make your acquaintance.' moment.... Well, let's just say I haven't logged into the last site once since I left. Gotta love actual moderation and the... Lacrimosa...? Power cap.
  5. Pretty much. It do go down like dat today.
  6. By the end of the day I'll rename the thread as April fool's 2020. But until then I wanna see how many people I can trigger.
  7. That adventurers had failed to lay claim to outstanding quests.... When every quest that doesn't require a specific DM has been taken and is in progress and you post this.
  8. Honestly? Unless they were some sort of slavering maniac that was best avoided, Akiris generally didn't give much thought to who owned the local land just like everyone else did. If the ruler wasn't actively screwing everyone over, who cared, the person in the chair was an academic subject at best. But when you get around to bunker three left behind by yet another group dedicated to fucking over Red Yusuke and everyone she apparently held dear..... you start to wonder. Do we really need the supplies of are we just cleaning up loose ends at this point? It was getting to be an odd experience for the man. 'Does this really require me to be here?' While he'd long made a living doing these 'Class C' quests, the reality of his breakthrough during that virtual reality tourney was slowly setting in. Akiris was capable, and more than that, pushing himself rather than taking the cautious path really fired his blood up. It pushed this mercenary work from a source of income to a source of enjoyment. Ah, no. Not entirely mercenary work. His new long sword was proof of that. He did have a steady employer now, this quest was just the coincidental part.
  9. @Sanonymous That pretty much sums up my second IC Val thread with my first Val char vs two peeps that had some cannon gear reinforcement. On paper, Akiris might have been fundamentaly outmatched. But if you can prevent those numbers from adding up in practice? That's when the quantifiable upsets happen. I need to do something with that guy. The last thread collection he was in he ended up beating a waterbender after she threw an actual river at him. Well.... Technically it was VR, but realism was on. Time to check the class C quests! ------ As for my understanding of ranking. Class A is the highest rank where numbers have any relevance. S-rank is all about quality. At that level, I wouldn't count out the 1 in a 1v6 under any circumstances.
  10. Welp, this is when you break out the "T1 me with what you got bitch" card. Does it usually work? Nah. Does the other part have to accept? Well.... it be real funny if they say no. But sometimes.... With a match up like: One bigass murder steam golem + A squad of soldiers with rifles + Some kinda touhou expy shadow demon Vs. One merc-y boi in old leather armor with a non-nippon steel sword. Sometimes you just wanna roll the dice and see how things play out.
  11. Lawful Evil is an alignment. Sometimes it doesn't need to be a kind hero that defeats the villain. Just some dude who isn't willing to tolerate some screecher burning his world.
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    I'd take that as a Val emote though. We could replace LIKE.
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