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  1. I'm going to conclude round 2 and start round 3 tomorrow (Sat). I'm thinking about extending the window for posting for future rounds and taking it upon myself to poke stragglers or something. Considering a couple options. But it's going down tomorrow.
  2. Akiris

    Favorite dragon?

    CTG to Garmoth in 15.
  3. OK. Player posting for round 2 is done. Due to an unforeseen event I'm going to put the closing post to round 2 on hold until further notice. I'll be in the OOC, active and will get a continue date posted when I get a better idea of how this will play out, but it's not my place to discuss the specifics.
  4. He was unarmed and had just found a shiny rock that, most importantly, allowed Ed to better view more rocks. You see, Ooks didn't just spawn into the world all soft with prebuilt cities for them to live in. Nor with firearms in hand. One had to wonder what the other, more innately blessed races thought when these actual monkeys refined smacking something to death with a rock into the modern varients. Being able to cheat starting from rock bottom helped. Ed had a go at his left boot. He'd pull his left sock off, put the boot back on, drop a good sized rock in the sock, knot the sock.... Then with a couple of back-up rocks pocketed he'd be good to go. The slime generally made everything a hassle to work with.
  5. Simple crafting. Rock in a sock. D10.
  6. That's correct. There was additional benefits to those who got thier post in early but additional actions wasn't one of them. I do actually read and consider the content of flavor text. They can't override actual actions. But if you come up with something clever I'd be inclined to give it to you.
  7. Okay, the cutoff for readying defense actions to apply for this round as well is here. Round 2 continues.
  8. Heh, I did say there was no assumed auto travel. I'd considered putting him in the 'fail' group, but after reading everyone's posts carefully and considering the most likely effect to the cause decided to go with this. I'm just happy that everyone got at least one post in.
  9. Okay, a day late I know but come on...... the sorting hat got a whole year to make one rhyme.... but I got two admittedly bad ones in there!
  10. @Dolor Aeternum @notmuch_23 @zackrobbman@EpicRome23@Tyler You would have to be brain dead to stand around in a collapsing room when an alternative presented itself. Fredrick wasn't wrong, but when the floor of the previous room gave up and crashed into the abyss it could not be said that all the members of our isekaied class made it through. Right out of the gate, four of them hadn't made the cut. Barristan & Junia were nowhere to be seen as was Vlad. The immobile turret at least had an excuse but it was a shame that no one had thought to carry it to safety, but now that it had fallen into the abyss it simply couldn't be helped. Soryn was lucky, despite forgetting to move only inches from safety, both Charlie and Challara had assumed that he would indeed move. This belief was abruptly disproved when the two of them crashed into the man from behind and forcefully body checked him through the door before continuing themselves. Soryn would find himself safely through the doorway even though he was now kissing the floor. < @Dolor Aeternum This round, Soryn has one less action than he would normally. Getting up costs no actions and will auto-succeed regardless of sanity.> While the squad and Fredrick's group were able to make it through with no issues, the P.U.D. simply floated through the doorway with absolutely no need to concern itself with the state of the floor. Flight could be OP like that. All seemed well with the world. Which was why the non-existent lighting decided at that moment to completely fail, plunging the room into darkness so absolute even any light made by our heroes (and I use that term loosely) failed to provide any illumination. It seems you've passed the first test A baseline of reason putting you above the rest But while reason in this land is hard to seek The lot of you are not unique Do you remember these old friends They would truly gain if you met your ends The non-existent lights, as abruptly as they vanished flickered back to full intensity to reveal that the diminished group was no longer alone. Twistlings. Four of them had appeared with the re-illumination of the room. Creatures that could impersonate versus adventures who's teammates were scrambled thrice now. Should they even question why at this point? CREATURES APPEARED! Twistling (Slasher) HP: ?? Actions: ?? Twistling (Ripper) HP: ?? Actions: ?? Twistling (Slicer) HP: ?? Actions: ?? Twistling (Gunner) HP: ?? Actions: ?? Note: Right leg visibly injured. Is armed with what appears to be an extremely scuffed smg of norkotian make. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Fierach@P.N.See With Fredricks, 'you would have to be brain dead to stand around in a collapsing room when an alternative presented itself' comment following them down, the double couple of Barristan & Junia along with Vlad and his turret fell into the abyss. Oddly enough, despite being unable to see an inch in front of their faces, the quartet would slowly get the feeling that their fall was slowing until in defiance of logic and reason they could feel themselves standing upon what one could hope was a floor. It seems you've failed and moved too late But you are not the only ones who seek to reject their fate Gaining at the expense of others is the world we live in But can you do it and feel no sin Only the surviving friends stand to gain Would you take and ignore their pain Light returned in an instant to reveal a room that had much in common with a vermin infested abattoir. Sadly, the horrific furry creatures were no mere rats, but roughly humanoid abominations that were suddenly aware of intruders to their domain..... with the possible exception of a small one that had just torn itself out of the belly of a downed horse and violently ending the creatures long suffering. The fact that all four of the horses limbs has clearly been broken some time ago and intentionally set to heal poorly suggested that the unfortunate creature was unable to do much else but await its end via the purpose its defilers had forced into it. It was not the only example. Stinking ruptured meat, the remains of various species of unfortunates littered the room. Lives forcibly expended and now only fit for the foul creatures to gnaw on. For one of the creatures, these intruders had come in the nick of time, a male of the species had been pinned down by another male and a female. Ovipositer and Penii. These foul creatures apparently used the still living flesh of an unfortunate victim to birth their young and the horse had been the last non-furry abomination host canidate....... until now. YOU HAVE APPEARED IN FRONT OF CREATURES! Furry Horror: (Alpha Male) HP: ?? Actions: ?? Furry Horror: (Alpha Female) HP: ?? Actions: ?? Furry Horror: (Beta Male) HP: ?? Actions: ?? Furry Horrors: (Trio of adults) HP: ?? Actions: ?? Furry Horrors: (Younglings) HP: ?? Actions: ?? Furry Horror: (Newborn) HP: ?? Actions: ?? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Round two will be broken up into a few parts so listen up. Until Thursday the 9th pops in the eastern time zone, any actions that would normally only take effect in the following round can apply in this round. Such as defend. You may state that such actions prioritize the most damaging attack incoming or simply select them yourself between the 15th and the end of the round. Any effects that are unused at the end of the round will be carried over into the next round as normal. Until this date (9th) damage calculations will not begin. When January 15th pops all attacks currently in play will be resolved. Players will be notified of the amount of damage per attack incoming to their character and are free to determine their defensive actions and apply counterattacks (ect.) should they wish. Please note the ??'s. Please note that the start of the round does not begin with a list of attacks. Order that the attacks will land will be on a come first take effect first basis with any relevant NPC's having predetermined timing. If you believe you have been unfairly ganged up on by NPC's this round, let me know and I'll give it proper consideration. Round ends eastern time zone Jan 20th. Please post any questions about round mechanics in the OOC thread. I promise no longer than a 24 hour response time AT MOST. ~Round TWO START~
  11. Did I just hatch? No, that's stupid. I wouldn't know the term if that was the case. Ed wasn't so far gone as to assume his entire life had been some sort of pre-life dream, even if that would make a lot more sense than everything that happened. Later he'd dwell on it. Now he needed to figure out a way to stumble though his current situation via opposable thumbs and a dubious level of mental processing. Not really his forte. It really was a downer.... Alright. Plan B. What would that Charlie guy do? Ya know, other than light himself on fire? Loot. Loot everything that seemed valuable. Eh, couldn't hurt. And just ignore the thought that you might have died. You didn't realize it, therefore it never happened.
  12. Round 2 will be posted sometime Saturday. New Years is a thing some people get dragged off to celebrate and I'd rather start a bit later and keep the deadlines spot on. Welp, I'll take the time to read through and figure out who forgot to write that their characters walked through the doors. Because first glance seems to be a non-zero number.
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