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  1. Mmmmkay, a little late. But done. If I haven't gone to sleep yet it's still Sunday right?
  2. The Solaris Inquisition

    Akiris didn't give any visible signs of surprise as he turned to address Kelcius. But to assume he wasn't would have been incorrect. Due to his choice in headgear, the momentary facial expression would go unseen. And ultimately the man would seem calm despite the surprise greeting. Now to be absolutely fair, Akiris wasn't the smoothest man alive. But with a tinted face shield between himself and Kelcius, Akiris could do a literal impression of a blank wall. Materials really had come a long way. In his youth, you actually had to have a solid gambling face. So without any apparent worry, Akiris took the outstretched hand to shake. And that was the point where if Kelcius had any magical senses, they would have warned him immediately that something was wrong with Akiris' inherent magic. Even with the man himself as a buffer, he could feel a powerful draining force leeching what it could from the white cloaked man whose hand had clasped with his. Anti-magic? It was something that was a useful tool, but always used carefully lest ones own magics be corroded by the anathema of them. Akiris had employed no such safety measures. Rather, he had apparently sacrificed any possible magical talent he may have had to acclimate himself to the effects. A normal man might not be able to bleed out the undead, but this man would simply cut the very animating magic out of their metaphysical veins. He was here for.... "Akiris, pleased to meet you." And with that, the handshake was over, releasing the man from whatever realization he might have gained. Akiris had learned Kelcius' name and that he has a respectable grip strength. Ah, that and the smile didn't quite make it up to his eyes. "Due to the nature of my work I have often gone without such. One does not repent at the point of a sword, only plead the allowance to slink away to perform further acts of depravity." Akiris wasn't much of a preacher or even that much of a holy man. But the one calling he felt in his bones was one that was very, very, necessary. The hunt of those that would prey upon his fellow man. Yes, such beings did lurk even in the civilization that was the cities themselves. Sometimes they even wore human skin. Sometimes they also weren't twistlings or the like, but that descended too far into philosophy for Akiris' tastes. But generally, fuck anything with three feet of cold steel that made a game of killing people. "It is by examination of ourselves that we may be held beyond reproach. Taint itself respects neither birth nor title and as such the vigilance of our brethren must indeed be endless. Only the one who's eyes are upon us is above reproach and as men we endeavor act with honor so that we may be viewed with pride." There were very few things that could actually pierce Akiris' rune scheme. One of which was actual and direct deific power, but to be entirely fair nothing mortal could stop that. But in such a state of 'magical' deprivation, any intrusion would be far more easily noticed. A lesser man might have shied away from such a presence. Not Akiris. If one could not be trusted to keep their word then one was little better than a wild animal. Laws? Decency? Such were merely pieces of paper and hopeful wishes without the strength of character to uphold them. "I will naturally defend my fellow man from the threats that he cannot face himself. And seeing as this is one the two of you cannot face alone I will lend my support. Safeguard has chased many of its less savory mages from the walls they once called home. They will not take kindly to being hunted." "And then the rest of the mages, haunted by the notion of Safeguard spreading will turn on you as well. This venture will end poorly. Any following show of great force will simply allow the folk of Zine to negotiate a stronger hold over the keep. This mere camp is not them in totality. It would be foolish to assume such. And such any that would come to enact vengeance in your names would be met not only by the Keep, but by Zine and any mages you managed to antagonize as a whole. That would be all of them, just to be clear." This should have been obvious, but leave it to a smirker to be so oblivious. Out here there was no terranus military to come to your rescue. The man was acting as if he had a safety net. Akiris doubted that was the case. "So I do hope that the goals of the Sons of Solaris are aligned with defending their fellow man. As such, I will do what I must."
  3. Spirits/Intangible/Immortal characters in rp?

    There's a difference between a story and a cooperative role play. In a story, it doesn't matter if a character is overpowered in the context of the story being completed. There is one writer that handles the entirety of the content. There is no required input from other people to complete the work. As always, your mileage may vary when inspecting the completed product. A cooperative role play on the other hand is a completely different beast. You have to cooperate with other people and having an ability meant to allow your character to act with absolute impunity does not facilitate this. Notice how I focused on the reason behind the intended ability rather than what the ability was. This is because almost anything can be properly articulated. If you want to play a character that contains aspects that the community you intend it for considers overpowered then you have to sell the idea yourself. If any part of your sell contains the concept 'keep an open mind' then scrap your entire articulation. Keep in mind that you are pushing for something unusual and the default answer is no. You can try, but you have no right to complain if one of these kinds of ideas isn't allowed to fly.
  4. @MelonHead Actually, Kelcius seems to be at Merry Tyme.
  5. I figure that aside from Akiris I have about two or three other characters I could produce. Assembly very much required. Considering OP's question, I have quite a few fragments that would make up a character. Names, personalities, powers, ect. I enjoy kicking ideas around in my head and anything that comes off as an ability typically requires a massive amount of refinement to not suck. But the end result is that I have concepts that I've been waiting to play. Should I find a rp that I want, I'll deal one in. If not, they may very well shift into something else as time goes on. Footnote. If you have 'friends' that require you to make a character in order to fill out thier 'very interesting role-play'. Then yeah, I can see how that would suck.
  6. Read my post out loud? Yes. Best way to catch errors that the spell checker doesn't. Act things out? Sometimes. I do research online to make sure a word means what I think it means. Or to tentatively prove or disprove the physical possibility of something if it's not hand waved by powers. I really don't want to be the idiot who copy pastas from a manga and assumes job done.
  7. The Solaris Inquisition

    So, that was the churchmen. Either way, until that group actually started recruiting, Akiris had a breather in the... well... he wasn't sure exactly what was going on. But if he had to guess, the recently expanded Safeguard had allowed groups to now take free shots at those whose magic was once permitted. If they planned to attempt a similar action in a territory outside a Safeguard designated city however... This had the potential to blow up in everyone's faces. "Well, that concludes my workday. Thanks for helping me out." Akiris began the process of removing and stowing his borrowed armor and weapon in the proper racks. Apparently, doing work for the Keep and not having the entire affair explode on everyone gave one far more leeway in how to volunteer one's time. That was the wilds for you. Now to.... "STOP! You can't leave now!" Oh right. Her. "This is getting rather stale." "Pfft.. just give up and admit it. You'll never prove me wrong." For the love of... Wait a tick.. Prove her wrong? It was worth a shot. "Okay, challenge accepted." ------------------------------------------- SCENE BREAK ------------------------------------------- It was a good morning. He had slept well, followed it with a hearty breakfast, and the entire affair was tempered with the freeing sensation... of winning. It wasn't over, that was certain. But to be perfectly honest if felt good to send a shot back after what felt like several weeks of simply suffering the status quo. Now however. It was time to work once more. Contrary to popular belief. Good is not a unified force. Those that would freely refer to themselves as evil are few and far between. Such is the reason Akiris felt he was sought out for this task. A creature would simply draw condemnation and thus would be unsuitable. On the other side of the coin, a common mercenary would simply be pulled under sway or casually dismissed. Akiris on the other hand was.... He paused outside of Merry Tyme and pinched a small section of his white cloak in a grayish-black leather gauntlet. For a moment he considered this turn of events through the tinted lens of his theme breaking but well serving motorcycle helmet. This was new. Earned in its entirety, but new all the same. Since when had he come to see himself as more than a common mercenary? He pushed open the doors and gazed on the pair of clergy running the advertised recruitment drive. Good. Resuming his stride, he approached. Akiris on the other hand? He was the one available thing that could cause a snag in any possible declaration of a holy crusade on Predators Keep. His overall status in regards to the organization might be low, but the insignia adorning the nigh pristine white cloak he wore was a clear sign of affiliation. Due to this alone the man could prove to be problematic. Why you ask? Because there was no guarantee that this man subscribed to the exact notion of good as the Sons of Solaris. "The salvation of Predators Keep? A noble goal, if vague. The keep oft finds itself in dire straits and such threats are best resolved before they can fester. So pray tell, what is your exact business in the keep?" A bold question, stated from one who wore the insignia of the Order of the White Hand.
  8. If anyone wants context to Akiris' interaction with the gate npc's, then the second page of To the Library We Go in Predators Keep is where that interaction first spawned.
  9. The Solaris Inquisition

    "Soon..... Soon.... Soon~" Akiris felt his nerves slowly fraying as the feminine voice continued to drone on. Minutes felt like hours and he suppressed a shudder every time he felt those blue eyes flicker from the horizon to the back of his head. Why? Why had things turned out like this? OK. No, Akiris was going to get an answer to this if only to confirm that this result was inevitable. So with some amount of dread he gazed down and to the left and posed his question. "Didn't her shift end two bloody hours ago!" "Aye." The short dwarven response was laced with the tone of a man resigned to his situation. But, just to be clear, he blames you for this. "Why is she still here!?" "She thinks yer waiting for that guy." Not this shit again..... Of all the stupid, willfully manufactured.... "I explained exactly what my business was when I arrived at the gate. What I don't get is why I need a headache now on top of the one I'm going to get." "Aye. Ye explained. It jus dinnae work." "How.... does a clear and rational explanation not work?" "Woman." Oh, that made sense. Akiris, in some severed detached way noted that such a summation might not be entirely correct. However... at this point he could no longer find it within himself to care. If the churchmen he was hired to keep an eye on didn't show up in the next twenty minutes or she didn't go home..... something would have to be done.
  10. Spirits/Intangible/Immortal characters in rp?

    There's a litmus test. If the powers are meant so the character can act with absolute impunity, then don't. Just fucking don't. Second, it's rude. First, one person getting somewhat creative can and will ruin your day. An example would be an airbender. While I don't recall djinni being in Avatar, if they were it would be about as one sided as a blood bender vs human match up. Articulating the metaphysical energy called chi in the avatar lore would allow the air bender to describe his attack as something more than just moving air physically. Allowing for heavy damage to the djinni itself. Granted, exploiting a weakness of something considered OP doesn't make it not OP. It's just satisfying.
  11. The Solaris Inquisition

    Akiris sighed as he set his book down. "Sorry, can you start again? I was rather absorbed trying to puzzle this out." Although technically, it wasn't actually his book but rather part of the library in progress. Despite the fact that it wasn't quite complete yet he'd obtained special allowance to come and read. Not quite what Akiris had asked for in the first place, but then again he hadn't expected any results when he'd suggested it either so..... Silver lining? That was what most things that came his way were, and the trick was to get enough to scrape off and actually use for something. In this case, on completion of a previous book collection quest Akiris had been asked if there was anything he'd wanted as a bonus. He didn't know why he was being offered such a thing. But he'd completed the request swiftly and with little fanfare. Instead of requesting a small magical trinket as was expected, he'd instead asked after the possibility of receiving training in runes. The request wasn't so much refused so much as that no one had been interested. It wasn't that the material was unknown or that teaching a promising young student was repugnant. The fact was that even Akiris could admit he'd be more of a charity case than a student a teacher could be proud of. It was rather telling when you found uses for a malfunctioning runic array because you couldn't get a proper one to work. Then more telling when you made that screw up your strength. But enough about his woes. It looked like he had work again. "So if I understand what you're telling me... There's something screwed up going on outside the keep, the camp from Zine has been implicated by the church, and now said church is coming down to... uh.. religiously investigate the Keep." Akiris received a nod in confirmation and so continued to vocalize his comprehension of the situation. "I know I seem like a good choice for a volunteer because of my track record." Which was, comprised of, one allegedly quiet mission in the deep woods completed. The soon to be new library was testament to that. "But any possible group dynamics are worrying. My best and only assumption is that the church will be doing their level best to purge the unclean. But, if they're taking volunteers then it only stands to reason that at least one of the applicants has an ulterior motive. If only because life tends to work that way. The only true concern on that front is if it will actually matter." "More importantly. I can't guarantee that they'll hire me. But when the church arrives in the Keep I'll head over to wherever they're stationed and inquire about work. If they hire me on, I suppose I can do my level best to keep things calm and get this handled with a minimum of drama. If not? Well, that's the breaks."
  12. Welp, I'm going to have dinner then get to work on a post.
  13. Well, some of the reactions were enlightening. Here's a list of things I feel it's acceptable to call people out on and pull no punches doing so.