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  1. I figure that if they're sitting down to dinner then some time has passed between the escape into the sewers and dinner. So I figured that after the briar nymph scene ended, the dinner scene would be at a good time for interruption. Meh.
  2. So, a new challenger appears?
  3. Doesn't mean no one ever wants a Chaos Zweihander.
  4. Ercaniron? Interesting. Kind of want an Ercaniron Zweihander now. But also don't want to impulse add.
  5. Akiris' fight with the Swordsman was in few words, one sided after the opening blow. Akiris had got him good, the things red eyes dimming visibly as the runed sword not only bit into apparent flesh but also tore into the metaphysical puppet strings that animated the Swordsman. At that point, it was fading and to be fair, still dangerous. It did not do to underestimate even a mortally wounded warrior. Especially, one with abilities. Should the ' I'll take you with me ' mood hit them, thier last dramatic action generally had consequences. Going down did not equate to out after all. Akiris kept him contained and didn't bother taking risks. It had other allies, but so did Akiris, and with the one opponent that could dodge spells and explosions pressured out of the main fight? There wasn't much of one. Let one enemy start blasting unimpeded and suddenly they've knocked one of your allies out or the fight. Then the expected chain reaction just goes off from there. As his allies fell and unable to disengage with Akiris, the Swordsman made a desperate assault on his reactive opponent. And got parried. Akiris' heater bashing his blade aside and throwing the Swordsman off balance and unable to dodge to riposte that slammed home into his chest. The red eyes went dark and the Swordsman disintegrated, utterly destroyed. That was actually surprisingly convenient. As impressive as ripping a blade from the impaled body sounded to most, a bonestuck blade could be troublesome to remove. As he scanned the battle... Well, field of attempted ambush he noticed two things. First, his clash with the Swordsman seemed to have taken roughly the longest. If you counted whether the Knight actually threatened the two unloading fire and death upon it. Akiris didn't. The plodding target dummy was just asking to get slaughtered. And second? "Elenwen's minion that grows the fungus. We were looking for the cause right?" While Elenwen was the one blamed for the disaster, one of thier stated objectives was to destroy whatever was causing the fungus' unnatural rate of growth. Now it was merely looking to be a case of who, rather than what.
  6. Like here in the OOC if you feel we're taking creative control a little off the rails. Or If you felt one of the NPC squad member should definitely do some kind of action. You don't have to. But I wouldn't take offense if there was something you wanted to happen and requested a nudge in the OOC. It is your show.
  7. Ah, ok. Was posting on my phone and already had Akiris change dance partners. I do not intend for his current move to be a one shot. More the middle option where the multipliers indicate how he'd pull threat from Tanner by being un-ignorable. @Robbie Rotten If you wanted to write a sentence for each character and have whoever is RPing with the NPC flesh it out when necessary I'd be cool with that.
  8. Akiris had to think fast and act quicker as the flask sailed his way. Not only were both of his hands occupied, neither of the weapons we kind to magic. In the end, it was a close and awkward thing as Akiris had to transfer his sword to his shield hand to make the right handed catch. Had he not secured the shield prior something would have dropped. He carefully sealed the potion in a lead lined pouch on his belt. Weapons aside, his head gear would make drinking anything in the heat of battle downright impractical. "Thanks." A safeguard against bleeding out afterwards though? Akiris' gratitude was real. ---------- As he'd turned the corner, Akiris caught sight of thier quarry. There was a cry if warning from the apparent minion. Scratch that. Make that minions. Akiris turned on a silver and went for the easy one. While the ambush team might have thier eyes set on one opponent each.... This wasn't a set of nice cut and dry duels. If you simply decided to jump into a pack of enemies, don't be surprised when they decide to quickly deal with you first. The Knight would be too slow to reach the group immediately, therefore not an immediate threat. The Swordsman however was dropping in from a rooftop was a very predictable target while falling. And now? The Terrenus born mercenary was no longer pacing himself. Akiris ignored his intended opponent in favor of blindsiding the falling Swordsman while he was in midair with a lunge and a vicious swing that would almost blur. The thing would be in a bad spot. Poor midair positioning to respond to the blow. A weapon that would injure and kill whether the intended recipient be flesh and blood or a vitalless magical construct. And last? It doesn't matter how precise your blocks are if your opponent can smash through your guard. At best, he'd drop the Swordsman. Breaking even, he'd pull the thing off it's intended target of Tanner. At worst wasn't worth thinking about. As for the grenadier himself? If left unmolested the man was left with a very, very target rich environment.
  9. He wasn't being spoken to, but Akiris answered anyway. "Did you mean mutate, or did you mean mutate further? If all this Elenwen wanted to do was cause death through plaugue she wouldn't have stuck around to be cornered by the military. As insane as her reputation has her, she's not said to be stupid either. She's likely planning something big enough to...." @zackrobbman Akiris trailed off in contemplation. He'd pegged the dragon as a problem immediately, even if it didn't expressly intend to do harm. Really, what were the odds that the maniacally laughing woman, who's image he'd seen, hadn't come to the same conclusion and then thought up ways to make the possible clusterfuck not only certain, but exponentially worse. "Elenwen is going to try to exploit that dragon! It's the most effective way to screw us over collectively right now!" He turned to the flame mage. Rasim had said something Akiris hoped he could prove the man wrong on his personal assessment. It was only a hope though, Akiris didn't have full knowledge of the man's skillset. "Fire magic might not help much in injuring a dragon, but if it agrees to come quietly and be decontaminated with the rest of us we won't need to. If you're capable enough with fire manipulation to counter-manipulate it's breath weapon, that alone might surprise it into submission. Not that I know magic but tossing fire a a fire mage doesn't seem to be an effective way of getting results either." @Anarchy's Finest For all his confidence in expression, Akiris was cringing on the inside. He knew what he was doing. He knew what he told everyone not to do, and the only way way to wriggle out of it was to pass the incident off as if he'd intended it from the start. "We'll try to take Elenwen alive if it's reasonably practical. Keyword is alive, not whole. I'd rather have her damaged than us if we get paid the same in the end." Here we go.... "Now unless you want to outdoor the party idiot with an even longer speach in this shit hole. Let's banter about how long I can stick to my own advice on the move." Akiris turned and began a brisk jog toward where he'd heard the beast roar. If he was right, they wouldn't have to slog through the whole district and ultimately fight almost all the infected in just the search for Elenwen. If he was wrong? At least they tried one direction.
  10. "Yeah, I think we all heard that." @TurtleFrog Akiris stood among the fallen forms of the latest zombies that he'd happened to. He'd be hesitant to use the word killed as the fallen forms were still hazardous. However, it would be important to note that while a campfire is hazardous if you stumble into it, a fire elemental is capable of seeking you out. The runes Akiris uses are intended to suck down and waste 'magic'. As years went on he'd added a greater variety to the design to absolutely minimize to chance of coming up ineffective against the disturbingly common oddball powers. He was certain there was overlap in his coverage that he couldn't pinpoint and he was certain anyone actually versed in runes would laugh at the very concept of a runic array that was incapable of producing a 'magic' effect. If it's stupid and it works, then it's not stupid. Akiris' passage through the infected area could be tracked by the puppets who's strings he'd cut. Sure the zombies were heavily resistant to physical damage and didn't really have any vitals to exploit, instead animated by a far less tangible force. That didn't make them terribly unique, it just meant hitting thier vitals was more of a matter of how than where. Damage the magic and you may as well be stabbing your victim through their metaphorical heart. If the magic is dispersed throughout the body? Then you're just going to be spoiled for choice with potential stabbing locations. Occam's Razors. For when the simplest solution is stabbing, ensure it stays simple. For a swordsman, an effective weapon was life itself. And since the zombies weren't really intelligent, the same blows would work over and over as they just didn't learn. But enough about that. "That's not an ignorable problem. While I'm sure it could be taken down by the troops, there's almost no chance that it won't at least breach the line. Even if it's just carrying spores and it simply takes wing and flees for it's life, the distance it could spread this shit is pretty damn far." Akiris gripped part of his cloak and took advantage of the lull to wipe splatter from the tinted plastic of his helmet. It might look wierd, but it had protected him from getting a face full of material several times already. "We can't exactly ignore Elenwen either.... So, let me deal with the dragon. At the very least it should have picked up substantial zombie attention so that should lighten your workload once they shift proper."
  11. OOC

    At the moment, while he's not opposed to something like a ring. It really wouldn't help him except for some utility outside combat threads. His current rune designs suck down and waste power, as much as possible. This is very double edged. Akiris really isn't going to be able to cast anything or really be a safe bearer for something like a psionic trinket while using them. But the general design has worked for him for the better part of a decade and while he'd definitely be interested in improving his design. He'd be reluctant to toss away whats been working for him just to accommodate one item.
  12. OOC

    Well, Akiris' runework is mostly self taught and while usable... is still rough. It would be a significant thing for him to go from just passable to actually good with them. At the moment he's just taking advantage of the fact that his designs fail in a useful way. Problem is, that's pretty much the farthest he's got in any kind of magic. So he's not exactly beating out the other candidates. He'd likely need something like a recommendation just to be considered for any kind of magical tutoring.
  13. OOC

    No worries. Life is important.
  14. "That's rather hard to say." @danzilla3 Akiris wasn't exactly finding the enthusiasm contagious. "Technically we're not being paid to pick off zombies from behind the defensive line. Now don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind if we burned this entire section down with psycho bitch in it. But that comes with the issue of them not needing us for that and the compounded issue of that I just got shot up with some concoction and would be personally annoyed if we backed out now." He secured his heater shield to his left arm, testing it to make sure he wasn't about to lose it to a trivial impact. He unsheathed his longsword from his back. A back mounted sheath might not mess with your legs as much as a waist mounted one, but it was more difficult to draw from. The sword itself seemed a common enough steel weapon with poorly done runes down the fuller. Anyone with any training would note the these runes were far too inefficient to generate any sort of magical effect. However, while the enclosed helm hid his expression, Akiris seemed to be confident in his blade. "So unless one of us wants to back out now or admit they can't go through with this, then we might as well get moving." Akiris didn't look around. Didn't check if everyone was agreeing with him. Hell, he wouldn't care if everyone didn't. It wouldn't be the first time he didn't do the recruiting and his allies walked off mid job. Or tried to attack the employer. Whatever. Without any particular haste he made his way to the perimeter. Honestly, haste would be bad. These soldiers already had zombies charging at them. No need to test if they'd picked up a reflex reaction that went in both directions. "Not that any of you have to follow me in of course. I got no problem with my kill count massively outstripping all of yours combined." He gave a low chuckle at the thought. The guy without the apparent abilities outdoing them... that would be rough indeed. "Just be sure to stick around so I can rub it in your face when this is all over."
  15. Well, there's Elenwen, the dragon, and the zombies as potential antagonists. So as for the fights that can be predicted. Elenwen While she might fight alone, I'm assuming that she has command over the zombies. That fight might be split once again with half going after her and half keeping the adds off. The dragon Sorry about not using her name. This looks like the wild card encounter of the thread. I'm not sure if the zombies are not hostile towards her or just not an actual threat. The zombies Always an option. Special infected could appear in the form of races that incorrectly thought the plague was beneath them. If we need more bosses. _-_--------------------- As for my thoughts on when would be a good time to switch from free form. Probably when the first non-npc fight is triggered. Until then the posting freeform seems to be working, might as well not break it. I'm sure we can handle things like who's character is doing what when the time comes. Aaaaaannnd this post is pretty pointless. But the thread itself is going well. Having a lot of ways this could go isn't a bad thing.