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  1. Now, looting caster related stuff is sorta like looting everything else. For starters, you want to make sure that nothing is lurking about in ambush. Not getting added to the loot pile is rule one. The biggest difference is the chance of magical trap shenanigans goes from possible to why the hell not. That's why my gun is holstered, my sword is on my back, and my currently smoking shield is being held in both gauntlet clad hands. If I had any magical talent, I'd be collecting the magical defenses or at least doing something more flashy than draining them out with a slab of steel. I'd also likely be dead right now as some of those traps were downright psychotic. There's really no way to tell exactly what was in each hidden cache before risking life and limb trying to crack them open. While I did get a decent amount of private research... the amount of times that the dust cleared to reveal I'd stumbled onto a private porn stash instead was a definite non zero number. I was really hoping I didn't have a tentacle themed nightmare after that particular close call. I didn't recognize the book ensconced in that particular piece of work personally, but it did resemble an urban legend that was popular in my youth. Well.... something I didn't think was real to begin with probably counted as a rare book. I planned to inform my employers that this stuff was not at all safe to just crack open and read in the first place. What was one more potential grenade in the pile. Comparatively, things like cash and a couple gems and such was as easy as collecting them off available bodies. Rifling through a corpse was a nice cool down between book caches as the expected defense was very much dead and couldn't splatter me. I seriously doubted that this particular part of the haul would trump the reward from the books, but bullets could be significantly more difficult than arrows to acquire depending on where you were in the world. Usually from a legality aspect or a supply one. Either way, the things were definitely worth the extra expense. Cart loaded, well, over the next few hours I'd be daydreaming of a horse. If I was lucky I could purchase the use of one and while I'd pay out the nose for it, the creature's strength would be worth the cost. With a sigh, I began pulling my burden through what I thought I remembered as a decently flat section of woods. I'd need to grab my bag I'd left behind before linking up with a proper road. It was a good thing I started this in the early morning, the afternoon still had plenty of light and if I went well I should be able to make it back before nightfall.
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    Never bet against the naked guy.
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    To the question in To the library we go, it's updated at my own pace. In this case The Ringed City DLC dropped for Dark Souls 3. It's not like I abandoned a roleplay partner.
  5. "And stay dead." Well, that certainly could have been more exciting. I put some enthusiasm into poking the last of the evaporating puddles inside the... well I guess it was a library. Even if most of the books seemed to be in a state of disrepair. My subsequent sweep of the premises failed to turn up any other dwellers. It took the better part of an hour, but I'd rather dig anything hiding out with weapons in hand instead of getting ambushed carrying books. I'd just sprung a rather pleasing one after all and it would shatter my mood to suddenly be on the other end of the equation. Still, if figuring out how to transport a sizable amount of books was the biggest of my problems now.... like it should have been from the start, I could live with it. Possibly doing my best impression of a horse at the end of the day, The was an intact cart I could pull. And most of a horse that I wish I could've dragooned into pulling it. But since it had come down with a serious case of lacking a head, I'd be pulling a cart out into the afternoon rather that riding into the sunset. This of course brought me to the seriously thick silver lining that I'd earned for myself. I'm pretty sure I would be the first to loot these here ruins and this brat of a camp follower had cut other peoples teeth long ago for metal fillings. I could appreciate having first, second, and every crack at the loot. If I was lucky in terms of area damage I might be ably to get away with pulling a quality over quantity with the books. Not all tomes were equal, a decent amount are readily available or at least were cheaper to buy outright rather than play the old ruins grab bag game. I seriously doubted my employer wanted me to haul a cartload of erotic novels right up to their front door. While I'm somewhat aware most researching casters don't get out much, I'm one hundred percent certain they don't want the used porn. They're not Pri... Yeah, not completing that thought. Time to fine some research journals, spellbooks, and gods willing a bag of holding so I could use the smaller of the carts.
  6. What about your Elenwen? Stabbed everyone in Inns'th in four precise places simultaneously she did. Hundreds of stabby bone things just sprout from the ground and have at the town. Definitely the full aspergers level savant intelligence for calculating every exact detail.
  7. Writing "I sidestep the attack" is the equivalent to writing "I doj the attack" only with properly spelled words. In most cases that sort of effort falls short of the expected effort required to fend off an attack. As little effort as adding left or right would be a clear upgrade in quality. Quality that I truly believe is easy to achieve by proofreading your own posts.
  8. Well, I wrote my thoughts on terrain and starting positions. As for detail, the concept is to DELIVER. In a tourney setting there should be a baseline in the rules of what is expected. By joining you agree to those. It's not a static standard but one that needs to be agreed on before the first post is made.
  9. In a tourney setting, the arena detail is the responsibility of the organisers. There's a lot of difference between a random but favorable to one writer and one of the writers generating his/her own favorable arena in terms of catalysing a shit storm. Generally speaking, a request for clarification is the polite way to start things off. Specifics are varied enough to warrant a case by case basis. Although, I would advise against claiming your opponent started in a pre-built trap or is accosted by wild animals just because they forgot to mention they weren't.
  10. Thunk. Thunk. Thunk. First the remains of one, then the other, then one more time into the ruined mass for good measure. I was fairly certain the two ghostish things were dead in all the ways that mattered before I stabbed both of them again. It never hurt me to be sure, that final burst of resolve at the last moment really was a downer when it came from other people. That's why I left my blade stuck in the mass in order to properly load another magazine into my pistol and took careful aim at the wounded inside. Refusing stupid risks got me where I am today. I could risk an injury, or I could put rounds into them until the following bladework was a mere formality. Easy choice. I let the sound of spaced methodically aimed gunshots ring out unto the forest teeming with dead, headless non-witnesses. Yeah, I didn't forget about them. While I wasn't going to rush, I definitely wasn't going to stay the night here.
  11. Well, there's concepts that seem to be held in common. Such as that one should properly articulate actions in their posts. Have a sense of honor, ECT. We already have a list of good examples in this thread though. While rules such as a prep system are both very prevalent as well as contain varied differences depending on the specific work. What is important is that all parties use the same work when interacting IC. Games don't tend to work when each player has a differing set of rules.
  12. Random thought, why isn't there a gambling den stickied in the collusieum?
  13. Nope. I could not have had rules and simply torn into people rather than insist on remaining on topic. Do not mistake my sense of honor for the inability or unwillingness to do so. Although, I am still in the same place I was before. I see no reason not to keep checking in to see if anyone has a better method in terms of dodging than my own. Extremely general advice simply doesn't cut it as a consolation gift.
  14. Well, I respond because I created the thread and that means I should be available to respond to it. I made this thread to talk about dodging. By that very same token I'm not going to chase people down to discuss the contents of this thread because I created this thread to talk about dodging. I'm not going to bump, so I figure should everyone have nothing to say, I'll have nothing to respond to and this thread will drop down in the forum as new content displaces it and eventually leave the first page.
  15. @odium. Ok, now what we have here is you trying to paint me as some kind of crazy person and yourself as talking me down. Or as the oldbie lecturing the upstart newb. To be honest I'm not really sure. What I do know is not to place any stock in post count as new to the counter may not mean new to the activity entirely. Alternatively, bad habits can arise and if left unchecked can cripple the content of an experienced roleplayer to the point where a newbro can match or exceed the quality of their content. While dodging may only apply in a subset of roleplays, determining the best way to write them is not without merit. With that in mind I will once again ask you to address the issue of discourse in this thread. Have you found any glaring flaws in my method when used in a good faith roleplay? Or do you have a method you feel is superior to contribute to the discussion?