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  1. If anyone wants context to Akiris' interaction with the gate npc's, then the second page of To the Library We Go in Predators Keep is where that interaction first spawned.
  2. The Solaris Inquisition

    "Soon..... Soon.... Soon~" Akiris felt his nerves slowly fraying as the feminine voice continued to drone on. Minutes felt like hours and he suppressed a shudder every time he felt those blue eyes flicker from the horizon to the back of his head. Why? Why had things turned out like this? OK. No, Akiris was going to get an answer to this if only to confirm that this result was inevitable. So with some amount of dread he gazed down and to the left and posed his question. "Didn't her shift end two bloody hours ago!" "Aye." The short dwarven response was laced with the tone of a man resigned to his situation. But, just to be clear, he blames you for this. "Why is she still here!?" "She thinks yer waiting for that guy." Not this shit again..... Of all the stupid, willfully manufactured.... "I explained exactly what my business was when I arrived at the gate. What I don't get is why I need a headache now on top of the one I'm going to get." "Aye. Ye explained. It jus dinnae work." "How.... does a clear and rational explanation not work?" "Woman." Oh, that made sense. Akiris, in some severed detached way noted that such a summation might not be entirely correct. However... at this point he could no longer find it within himself to care. If the churchmen he was hired to keep an eye on didn't show up in the next twenty minutes or she didn't go home..... something would have to be done.
  3. Spirits/Intangible/Immortal characters in rp?

    There's a litmus test. If the powers are meant so the character can act with absolute impunity, then don't. Just fucking don't. Second, it's rude. First, one person getting somewhat creative can and will ruin your day. An example would be an airbender. While I don't recall djinni being in Avatar, if they were it would be about as one sided as a blood bender vs human match up. Articulating the metaphysical energy called chi in the avatar lore would allow the air bender to describe his attack as something more than just moving air physically. Allowing for heavy damage to the djinni itself. Granted, exploiting a weakness of something considered OP doesn't make it not OP. It's just satisfying.
  4. The Solaris Inquisition

    Akiris sighed as he set his book down. "Sorry, can you start again? I was rather absorbed trying to puzzle this out." Although technically, it wasn't actually his book but rather part of the library in progress. Despite the fact that it wasn't quite complete yet he'd obtained special allowance to come and read. Not quite what Akiris had asked for in the first place, but then again he hadn't expected any results when he'd suggested it either so..... Silver lining? That was what most things that came his way were, and the trick was to get enough to scrape off and actually use for something. In this case, on completion of a previous book collection quest Akiris had been asked if there was anything he'd wanted as a bonus. He didn't know why he was being offered such a thing. But he'd completed the request swiftly and with little fanfare. Instead of requesting a small magical trinket as was expected, he'd instead asked after the possibility of receiving training in runes. The request wasn't so much refused so much as that no one had been interested. It wasn't that the material was unknown or that teaching a promising young student was repugnant. The fact was that even Akiris could admit he'd be more of a charity case than a student a teacher could be proud of. It was rather telling when you found uses for a malfunctioning runic array because you couldn't get a proper one to work. Then more telling when you made that screw up your strength. But enough about his woes. It looked like he had work again. "So if I understand what you're telling me... There's something screwed up going on outside the keep, the camp from Zine has been implicated by the church, and now said church is coming down to... uh.. religiously investigate the Keep." Akiris received a nod in confirmation and so continued to vocalize his comprehension of the situation. "I know I seem like a good choice for a volunteer because of my track record." Which was, comprised of, one allegedly quiet mission in the deep woods completed. The soon to be new library was testament to that. "But any possible group dynamics are worrying. My best and only assumption is that the church will be doing their level best to purge the unclean. But, if they're taking volunteers then it only stands to reason that at least one of the applicants has an ulterior motive. If only because life tends to work that way. The only true concern on that front is if it will actually matter." "More importantly. I can't guarantee that they'll hire me. But when the church arrives in the Keep I'll head over to wherever they're stationed and inquire about work. If they hire me on, I suppose I can do my level best to keep things calm and get this handled with a minimum of drama. If not? Well, that's the breaks."
  5. Welp, I'm going to have dinner then get to work on a post.
  6. Well, some of the reactions were enlightening. Here's a list of things I feel it's acceptable to call people out on and pull no punches doing so.
  7. Akiris doesn't have any inherent issues with those that practice necromancy. He does have issues with murder and theft. Those would set him off. He doesn't have an issue with the concept of bodies being purchased for intended necromancy or being looted from the scene of an honest battle. He is a mercenary, he'd just count an estimated cost of the bodies against the necromancers share of the total loot. Akiris isn't what one could call a good man. But he does pride himself on being an honest one. A reputation for reliability is useful. Ah, and I did mean Pinky in the kill on sight inclination.
  8. Lol, there's a black hole which emits blinding pulses of visible light in the IC thread. I'm not apologizing. Yeah, that's something Akiris would do unto violently in addition to its entourage. He's the exact opposite of tolerant to races that have a reputation for harming humans.
  9. @MelonHead Ok. Also,the spaceship from the Solaris system... Is that the inquisition or just a naming coincidence?
  10. Ah, looks like us already at the keep have a bit of a wait then?
  11. Alright, I'll keep eyes out for when the thread goes up.
  12. Akiris is in Predators keep. The fungus plague event is up in the air and I'll consider where to timeline it if it finishes. He's a mercenary, so that's kind of his thing.
  13. Show, Don't Tell

    Well it's a sliding scale. If the reader doesn't know what the hell is going on, then you're not telling enough. In a book, this might not be a big deal as the author knows whats going on and has the entire book to wrap everything up. Or additional books in the case of some works. In something more back and forth like a roleplay, understanding is required by the end of your response. Therefore, a certain amount of content can be fluffed but ultimately must be written clearly in order for understanding to happen.
  14. I'm not really sure. Some names have changed. I do remember that I didn't even notice the introduce yourself thread and went straight for a recruiting for roleplay thread. Free company, now defunct. But hey, I managed to drag one cannon thread through.