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  1. I dunno. Every once in a long while I’ll see something that interests me, then I'll see it through. And there’s a few things that make for decent reading.
  2. Sooooooo happy I did some back reading before I posted. Ya'lll should do that. I almost dun goofed myself. #almost responding to a scene where your character isn't because you've been kicking a post around in your head and remember wrong. ##the length of most isekai titles.
  3. Who did they think Ed was!? That little bitch Leo who froze up at every setback until he unsurprisingly got himself slaughtered? Nah. One melee swing is mildly less effective than hoped and the enemy... imminent fucking snack... enemy is screaming in pain on the ground? Ok. Hit 'em again! Without the eggshell requiring him to project his swing, even if that copy of charlie flashed again it wasn't going to do the thief any good. Sure reinforcements were coming, but the bulk hadn't hatched yet and if the other two were just going to watch, they didn't matter yet either. With his target trying to launch an attack rather than preserve its life Ed's near immediate second swing was merely an execution. The 'new' species may have been adapted to Terrenus, but by it's lonesome it wasn't particularly noteworthy. Swarm tactics didn't work when you get jumped in a one on one fight. Grabbing the twitching corpse, Ed lifted the thing as if going to take a bite from the new gaping mortal wound. Why? Just to be defiant? As a last fuck you? SLURP. Shadows flowed within and empty chitin rang on the ground hollowly. In so many cases just eating an enemy might have been inadvisable. There were so many things that could go wrong. But in this case the compatibility was an intended feature, even if turnabout wasn't expected. Now should Ed just translate that to the rest of them through the recently acquired medium he might just be able to remove the distinction between enemies and recovery items. It wasn't like he could eat forever, there was a limit to even his stomach and rate of digestion but shadows gave a lot of carrying capacity. His equipment might have been missing but he was still in there. Normally, most of the mage association would frown on debatable cannibalism given that they were not a pure human organization. Who or what being green-lit as meat could set a precedent that lead to a bloodbath amount of infighting and ultimate collapse. But out here? Fuck it. "Traveling to a region with lower magical saturation isn't a joke, otherwise every predator would come flooding in toward easier prey. It's like stepping into a vacuum unprepared, at worst it'll ultimately be lethal and at best you'll suffer permanent damage but at least your diminished state will have stabilized. Of course, if you end up brain dead like Lardex the Devourer of buffets, then there's really no coming back from that. The fuck was your plan? If I was in your shoes I would have interrogated everyone I could get my hands on and then bolted for the Shawnee Glacier until I could figure something out." That had been a good plan, unlike actually placidly waiting to die. But there really wasn't time for a monologue on how badly they screwed up. For one, the eggs were cracking and it was lunacy to expect them to respect a filibuster. And second? Out here there was still room for them to fuck up worse. The two princesses didn't look like they could make the trip to the glacier and by the strength of the poor copy of himself... those weren't breaking through the continent en mass. Maybe adding another entry to the general bestiary of Yh'mi, but not much more. The mage might very well die here today. Ed accepted that. He'd ensure his death curse left a mark when that likely came to pass.
  4. Akiris

    Explosions and MP

    It’s a long winded way to say nothing.
  5. Akiris

    Explosions and MP

    What math? We know nothing about what op intends to do except explosions that stem from magical fire.
  6. How to rile up your PC’s. Steal from them. Doesn’t even have to be something significant.
  7. Akiris

    Explosions and MP

    Take a read through the anti munch project and consider what you want to do and the pitfalls listed. Explosions come across as high accuracy (large aoe) and damage attacks. They’re attractive for that, I get it. I’m not amenities, but I’d give advice. I just don’t know what the build goals are.
  8. So this was why he’d woken feeling incomplete. It seemed the ‘alcove’ wend deeper than Ed had first assumed and despite extracting part of himself back, the end result just wasn’t complete. Ilene seemed to have gone off on a yandere stalker tangent if one was to use the Weeblander term. Sadly, now wasn’t the best time to hand her a butchers knife and let nature run it’s course. That was a tool for oddball romance and did not deserve to be sullied by the BLOOD OF THESE LITTLE SHITS WHO THOUGHT THAT THEY COULD STEAL FROM HIM AND GET AWAY WITH IT! He watched the leg club descend. Now the translucent shells may vey well be immune to damage and set to only open at the appointed time, but they were translucent and Ed had the right kind of magic to render the falling shadow just as lethal as the club itself. Die in the cradle. Die and hand it back. Just like his personal extraction from the wall, Ed would make sure Ilene would get back what was taken. It was easy enough without his magic. With it? He’d wring these baby seals dry. “They stole from us.” There was an unmistakable undercurrent of rage in that almost placid statement as the man put everything together and came to the conclusion that all this shit was the result of trash attempting to pilfer everything they could from him. No, that couldn’t be tolerated at all. Magic flared as Ed zeroed in on his own abomination and swung the lethal shadow through the translucent shell. This one. This one was next. ”and there is only one way this is going to end.”
  9. Between the two of them, Priscilla the blood bender seemed to be ignoring him in favor of using some sort of prestidigitation to reflavor her chunks of fried bird. He hadn’t asked but his best guess was that the woman was somewhat older than himself if one judged from her already grayed out hair. But if that was his guess then it was muddled. The plain woman seemed too maintained in ways that couldn’t be merely cosmetic. In comparison, the necromancer seemed to shrink in on himself with each one liner Akiris managed to recite. To be fair to the man, he’d mellowed out a lot since the time Akiris had been hired to bamboozle some of the most scrappy doo holy men imaginable onto some different problematic necromancers who’d been looting every corpse they could find to build these abominations Akiris had been cutting apart all day. Now as threatening as those seemed to have come across as, this guy had apparently decided to try reanimating a fossil fuel, oil, and then light it on fire because burning a candle at both ends just wasn’t good enough. The end result couldn’t be hidden in time and received the aforementioned attention. While apparently his name meant something weird in direct translation to Terran, the consensus seemed to be to just shorten the end result to Usher and leave it at that. One of these days, Akiris planned to find out exactly what that translation was and give him shit over it. If not for the expansion of the Safeguard Act, Akiris doubted that the two who have ever met. But even a thug like him had a pretty good idea of what would have gone down if either of them had registered their magic. Not had the pair been particularly unique in that regard as far as even only Blairville was concerned. A decent number of mages had apparently, rather than submit or fight, just decided to say ‘fuck this shit I’m out’ and Predators Keep was close and didn’t recognize Safeguard. Otherwise, the then newly minted Magical Industry Liberation Front may have ended up as a violent organization rather than a carefully distanced one.
  10. Looting that last cache went as smoothly as the previous delves. The looting group went in, rolled up everything of value and then moved on out largely unaware that Akiris’ partners had been through to pacify the interior leaving the swordsman free to watch the entrance. As far as Akiris was aware, while there hadn’t been anything of extreme value as a single piece. The volume of the goods collected had its own merits. The city could go ahead and figure exactly what those were. The gold that flowed freely hadn’t been so tangible. The pair had done a great job of dismantling threats inside the caches... to the point where about halfway through the day our scavengers concluded that those two hadn’t been doing fuck all and had started talking some mad shit on his behalf in the misconception that Akiris had been doing all the actual violent work. He didn’t bother to correct them. On that note, Akiris took another slug directly from the wine bottle and relayed his personal favorites while the blood sport enthusiasts set up some sort of magi-tech projector.
  11. Dumb shit from previous sites, let’s see. *plops brick of a file on desk* That one comp fight where every single one of their posts began with ‘I heal, then....’ no exceptions. I go to bed and wake up to the thread push almost 20 posts and marked concluded. Then they try to get me to accept that my character has been blasted into space. Get a character entered into a tourney without me volunteering. Decided fuck it, let’s see where it goes. Lose in judgement with the stated reason being shit I did in a previous tourney. *Flips through the rest of brick* Yeah, at this point I’d rather just beat people and their peanut gallery over the head with the AMP. It’s just more fun with a target rich environment.
  12. Because of course the title has to be dumb as hell. The rest needs to be short, simple, and apply to damn near everything. 1) Do I have cringe level habits that make it had for others to write with me? Fortunately, There’s a checklist. This has of lot of shit that should be common sense and as a document you can click on the Val link and read it over without requiring a peer review or a witch-hunt. Now you can say you don’t use the AMP, but that means you’re cool with: B: Ho, ho, ho! Now that the loser's gone to bed, I can strap his character to a cross and peg him with rotten fruit! And I would rather get banned calling it garbage then swallow actual shit. 2) What is competitive supposed to be? A discussion. Is there a checklist? Here’s a flowchart. If you can’t abide by this, you shouldn’t be attempting competitive writing. That’s pretty much all that needs to be said.
  13. “Get ripped in.... What? Okay. Fine. When this is over let me get at least halfway through a bottle before I watch this, because If it’s anything like what you claim it is it’s gonna be dumb as hell.” And that tied things up nicely. Sure, Akiris has signed himself up to rehash what he already knew. But he’d also set himself up to do it rip roaring drunk and planned to have just as much fun in the retelling as he’d found in the tournament. After all.... there’s no harm in passing out drunk if you are reasonably certain your buddies will drag you home.
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