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  1. I don't see how a god could make for an interesting character. It's 'I want to win but I don't want to think or put effort in' tier. Now a cleric of your homebrew god could be a different story. But a stupidly overpowered character is the same no matter what you call it. Gods don't make good PC's.
  2. Yup. 14 and 16 are both a 2, but those are the outliers that can be solved with fist, sword, or a gun. He's a setting standard human. Which is more stats than 'normal' but between a combat profession and setting normal he's not that special. As for gear, he's not going to be able to shoot the roadrunner if the bird takes him seriously. He has no unique magical items. The runeset he uses can be copied by anyone with the inclination to carve them into something. A double edged 'antimagic' without a loophole written in. He can't cast anything even if he had magic but his weapons aren't going to be suddenly and inexplicably ineffective.
  3. There is this thing called the anti munch project. It is my opinion that violating those rules should always be called out. On the grounds that breaking those rules is at the very least a base insult to everyone you're writing with.
  4. Going to say it again. Rules have to be agreed upon and set before a contest between characters occurs. Rules make for a shitty immediate bandage to a problem. Insert any flame war here involving a rp disagreement where participants personal rules didn't line up and accusations flew rampant. How many variations of T1 alone are there? Hell if I know. So when someone gets tired of his unimaginative attacks being dealt with decides to shut his brain off and throw a nuke, you can point out that he is breaking a rule he already agreed to. So what would the appropriate penalty be for attempting an action that breaks the agreed upon rules? The action fails?
  5. Well, not all scenes are fight scenes. That doesn't make them fake roleplay. But as for roleplay combat interactions, there really does need to be some OOC interaction before the invading characters post. The host of the thread should be allowed as the challenged party to set the rules (variant of T1 ect.) that all the participants would adhere by.
  6. Well, that had been something. But the important thing was that I'd avoided a fight I didn't need and I was more than happy to let the fellow outpace me back to the gates. Speedy, my cart pulling nag was not. I love it when a decision pays off in extra unexpected ways. Like allowing me to size up the gate guards as I approached. Not for any kind of fight of course. At this point in the game any blade drawn was just a lose/lose situation for me. So I really wanted to get a bead on how they took that interaction. I was pretty sure I did nothing wrong or at least nothing worth getting arrested over. But I had to admit, the mixed expressions on their faces was throwing me through a loop. What had I missed? "Good evening, I have a delivery of library books as per the city quest. Might I inquire where to deliver them proper." "Hold on boyo, there's something we need answered first." "Uh, I rented the horse from Fletchers boss." That didn't seem to satisfy the dwarf in charge. Possibly not good. I really hope this wasn't about to be a question of 'where are the rest of them'. "That feller that came out ta greet ya." I was going to be seriously annoyed if I ended up having to fight that freakin' guy over any amount of books. Really, my hopeful worst case scenario was I'd have to hire out a couple wagons and time it to miss that guys visit. I mean, the city was trying to stock a library of its own, they had academies. How hard could it possibly be to share and not murder each other trying to maintain unique advantages? Why were all the smart people I knew idiots? "Now ah agree wit yer call. Ah'd have done the same, but me and tha crew 'ere had a lil bet goin over yer reasons. If ya wouldn' mind, could ya enlighten us?" "I have a delivery. I told him they weren't mine to hand out." Was that fellow famous or something? Was it a surprise I didn't cave in immediately? Well, if it turns out that guy was the actual turn in contact then I'd just bear my chewing out with stoic grace. But better safe than sorry. "Not that! Turning this load over would take about an hour tops. That fellow looked pretty dejected, so we figured you weren't gonna find him when you got done. We're betting on why." This one, a human female, seemed to think that I might actually want to run into that guy again. We might be the same species, but that mindset is just alien.... or a decade younger. I remember regretting being young and dumb. "I mean, you obviously rejected him after he went all out to seduce you...." WAIT. WHAT. "What the literal fuck...." "But... It was obvious..." "HOW!?" "Alri' boys. Tha winner is oblivious!" Thank you Mr. Dwarf, for adding a heaping dose of weirdness to my life. "Can I just get directions to the drop off point? Please?" Please.
  7. THERE ARE NO RULES FOR INVASIONS.......!!!! ~Cough~ Shit, sorry. Valucre is not Dark Souls.... or is it. Yeah, I read this thread and my first and solid impression was gank squad. The part I disagreed was where one of the participants brought three full combat characters to the fight. One initially, and two as the fight progressed. To me, that's dirty. Now if four people each brought one character. That's a different story. The odds might still be terrible but that's still four whole people contributing content. Characters do die. Personally, if I legitimately cannot think of a way out the character would actually do, then getting rekt is a better option then whining like a little bitch about how my character is too kewl to fail. ----------------------- My conclusion, I wasn't involved. I could point out what my objections would be or how I'd resolve things. But the reality is that it's not my call and it did get resolved.
  8. Akiris: "The ocean reed? I know a guy who wraps his cigars with that."
  9. "There's plenty left. Can't pull a structure in a cart." Not that I was going to stop him from walking all the way out there. The keep might not like the fact that he'd pilfered their stuff. If they found out, and I was pretty confident I'd got most of the good stuff. I was also certain that the runes in my helm would stop him from reading my mind and if he tried anything, they'd be glowing. "Fare thee well in your search." And please stop sizing me up for murder idiot. We're in eyesight of the guards.
  10. Well, shit. Time for plan B. "Aye, on a job to retrieve materials claimed by the keep. I may have them for now, but they're not mine to dispense how I wish." The thing about official quest boards was, they weren't lists of the locations of treasure. At least, that wasn't the intent. In short, if I decided to cart these books over to another city then that would be theft. Trying to squeeze a little extra cash out of a job wasn't worth becoming a criminal over. I noted the sword hilt over the other man's shoulder. I'd already had him marked as an ability user based on his earlier display and my guess is that he has some toys to supplement that. If it came down to it, I had toys too. I placed my right palm over the top of my pistol. The non-overt movement was hidden by my cloak as I put myself into an almost casual capacity to pull a weapon fast. If this descended into violence, I wanted it to be as loud as bloody possible. As I might just need to defend keep property, a quiet out of the way duel was completely unattractive to me.
  11. Short answer, yes. Long answer, I'm not going to point them out in a public forum because that would be witchhunting.
  12. I poked my cargo, I really hoped my packaging was watertight because I didn't want to drape my cloak over the load as a panic stopgap. To be honest, it was doing a good job keeping me from getting soaked and between my helm, armor and cloak.... I wasn't doing too bad. Unlike Fletcher. The guy seemed to be creeping into a state of irritated zen. I wasn't exactly sure what he was thinking of, but it was likely something along the lines of 'the one time I get to go for a stroll and slack off the weather goes to shit.' For me, on one hand it would keep most of the common criminals out of the way. On the other hand, everyone left.... yeah, fun. "Fletcher lets give that guy space." "Huh?" "Don't stare, he's at least got some type of water ability. Let's not curse him for the rain." "Oh aye." We didn't have all the space in the world on the road, but we'd be able to drift the cart over so it wouldn't run the guy over. But that didn't guarantee he wouldn't start something.
  13. I know that I have stupidly attractive characters as a turn off for Akiris. They set off warning bells and he will avoid them. People try to be Deadpool and fail. It happens to everyone. You see something cool and want to add it to your character. Take a good long time to think it over. Failing to do that is how kewl characters with bloated ability lists happen.
  14. I'd made it back to the road and I had to be honest with myself. Hauling this cart myself really sucked. It wasn't that I couldn't or wouldn't haul this all they way back to the drop off point all on my lonesome if I had too. I would, I've already invested too much into this to back out now and this is literally the easiest part of the job. The impending problem wasn't the road or the distance.... but the looming issue of people. Pulling the cart meant I'd have to have my back toward my load. I wasn't so optimistic as to assume that no thief would take the opportunity if she thought she could get away with it. Or just anyone who thought they had the right to the contents of my cart. Pulling and reacting wasn't going to happen on my own. That's why I'd try to hire out an animal from one of the farms I'd passed on the way out. I remembered at least three or four I'd crossed heading out so I was confident that the worst that could happen was that I got gouged a bit on the price. Which, all things considered.... wasn't bad at all. The reward I'd intended to collect in addition to the personal loot I'd scored would more than justify the expense. Now how to..... "Well, well, sonny. Looks like someone here fancies themselves a horse." Eh, I'd take it. It honestly didn't matter to me if some farmer decided to have a laugh at my expense. Although, I'd like to think I could've come up with something better... meh, I'm not going to win this one. "Well, to be fair there was a horse. Unfortunately, he came down with a rather tragic case of death and I can't exactly abandon the delivery." To run into a farm out here wasn't really a random occurrence. It was good business to grow food where there would be people, and I use that term loosely, to buy it. In some cases, farmers had contracts already in place to sell their goods. Time spent behind a vegetable cart was a bad risk and time wasted. Monsters lived in the cities now after all. "Well then, for a fist full of gold I could temporarily alleviate that issue for you. It won't be cheap though, A good steed...." "Nah, That one." I wasn't looked for the man's best horse. And the old nag I'd pointed out didn't look like it was going anywhere at speed. Which, was the point. I didn't really need the strength of a good horse to pull a smaller cart even if it was loaded up. What I did need, was something that wouldn't move to fast if it tried to bolt with my cart. Because if it tried to trot off I would shoot it until it dropped if I had to. An amount was settled on. Less than renting the use of a better horse but definitely more than the simple use of this one really warranted. I suppose each of us felt we ripped the other off. So a good trade. He had one of the younger farmhands that responded to Fletcher tag along to bring the horse back. Or, you know, try to get cash out of me if it died en route. It wasn't a surprise, my apparent track record wasn't good. Still, the gates of the Keep were now in sight. I wasn't going to completely assume smooth sailing, but I could likely scratch getting jumped without witnesses out of my list of worries. I'd assume they wanted their books.