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  1. Counter-Attack doesn't consume an action. By it's very definition it's an add on. Can you write a piece where your character is aware his mobility isn't going to be enough and transition to a plausable Counter-Attack?
  2. Counter-Attack verbatim is avoid an attack. So it's a dodge. Also, the mechanics for kill shots roll were never posted, so if there's any other options I can't work with no data other than hollow deciding you're getting crit.
  3. What is the requirement for kill shot to crit? I don't remember seeing the ability details posted.
  4. So healing. Normal skills taken: Attack, heal, meditate Taunt is a 'please kill me' especially since both current realms took a massive shit on defend, and you don't have room for buff. These are filler skills that are best used when you're already holding an action, but need to not let actions go to waste. The reason you have attack is because you stop more damage outright killing enemies than trying to heal after the fact. If there's no viable healing targets then you better damn well help in picking off enemies. And focus on finishing them, give me one example where 'almost' stopped any incoming damage. Meditate. A lack of sanity is a great way to be useless real quick. Heal. Heal on its own merits is kinda shit in a pitched brawl. A three damage attack vs a one point heal? No question. So what is the point? Top people up when there's a breather and prioritize breakpoints. Healing someone from 3 to 4 transfers an action to your target with a bonus of one hp. So be ready to post very early in the round if this is your goal and be mindful of peoples special skills. If you need an area attack x3 off someone this round get that person up on your power. Healing a 1hp to 4hp to set off a 3x area attack preserves two actions, gives 3hp and allows 15 actions worth of damage to be dealt that can help a lot of allies kill off their opponents in one go. Special skills: Take adv buff. +2 effect to any normal skill. Two more damage to your attack. two more healed. Two more sanity gained when your low san teammate succeeds at meditate. This skill is way too useful not to have. You need that explosiveness. Then you get one or two more skills. What do you think would keep your team safe?
  5. Hollow did a fantastic job balancing a difficult realm for the expected player count. Healing isn't so much a 'keep them topped up' activity as a keep people at a breakpoint where your action is more valuable than another point of damage. I'll write something up later explaining this.
  6. The question is.... Will the healers be AFK again. What could a point of clutch healing do? What could three points of healing with adv buff do? But...
  7. There is that. Ed has one more area defense. If there's another round I'd literally be trolling by not throwing it, but if there isn't I'd be wasting it.
  8. Since we can't assume perfect dodge rolls and likely will take damage from attacks we don't have even enough actions to attempt to dodge that lowers our hp and actions...... To have a chance at winning we would have had to have killed half the centaurs in the first round and the rest in this one. We can struggle, but there's no suspense over who would eventually win anymore.
  9. We've lost a bunch of actions already from inactivity. I guess the only question is.... Is this the last round, or are we going to get clapped hard next round? I'm assuming there's gonna be more than two free centaurs then if the usual suspects coast again.
  10. Let's get an F in chat..... Why am I awake?
  11. In the area defense skill description, preselection is not required. Only line of sight when the recipient is chosen. Ed's use of preselection in A Long Way Down was due to the fact that there were only 5 possible targets and there was literally no downside to doing do. In that case it helped when SQUAAAD ran off into another room. I didn't misrank the skills when I wrote up the list. But I didn't include what I thought was obvious either.
  12. Standardized equipment is the way to go if you want to emphasize skill. Otherwise, who swiped the hardest for gear becomes a point of contention. If u no pay, u no win.
  13. Come to think of it..... The furies did invade Ed's 2v1 first. It only made sense for him to retaliate. Besides, no reason not to try to team up with the devourer by feeding him a constant stream of victims. Just gotta not run out of expendable flesh before we phase out.
  14. I get the feeling it's hard to balance difficulty if some of the players pass on the round. If I had to propose an aggro system starting with the top priority target for the 'random' attacks. A) Taunt skill: I may not rank this skill highly, but when used it should work. B) Intentional stupidity: for random aggro, you could roll. But if someone decided they suddenly HAVE to rip thier clothes off and dive into a pack of chitten? Yeah. It makes no sense to roll for random targets with that there. C) Anyone who skipped the last round: Someone just ate the results of the last round without complaints. Easy prey. If more than one, roll between them. D) Everyone else: just roll between them.
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