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  1. What do you hate to see in a post?

    My final say on the sociopath matter. We're writing characters, not being ourselves IRL. None of us claim to be professional authors, but we should all give our best effort to write fleshed out characters. --------------- I've had someone throw a fit and delete all thier posts in a thread in an attempt to detail it after they weren't allowed to kill off the majority of the population of Inns'th. Yes, that was a specific example. No, I won't ever apologize for calling this one out. RP happens, and the conclusion is never garunteed unless you flip a coin beforehand unless you stop posting and get skipped to death. I don't mind that people have thier characters act in thier own interests, motivation is part of what makes a well rounded character. Sometimes things work out for them and sometimes they don't. As long as one doesn't devolve into the "MUH CHARACTUR IS TOO KEWL TO FAIL!!!!" syndrome and the usual accompanying OOC shitfit there shouldn't be an issue with competition. 100% just going with the flow can lead to just reacting and that results in less people pushing the plot forward.
  2. What do you hate to see in a post?

    I have a hard time believing that anyone would do absolutely nothing over the time it takes to stab 20 people. That's not an insignificant amount of time. And with those 20 people in close proximity? That's not impassive, that's spacing out like a dumbass.
  3. What do you hate to see in a post?

    Just as a descriptive word detailing the actions taken, not as a rank. It's something a reader should determine on their own when reading the post featuring the character in question. Not just tacked on because it's a positive adjective. Ex. Arcturus nobly slaughtered the disgruntled peasants.
  4. What do you hate to see in a post?

    The absolute whoring out of exclamation marks that some people use to try to make their in character action, usually bullshit, sound exciting in an attempt to push it past the radar. Don't even get me started on those who use multiple exclamation marks just because. Random words in all caps dotted throughout the post. Pain in the ass to read. Unrelated purple prose for an explanation on why an action should succeed. One thousand words detailing how your ass length silver hair dances in the wind actually does fuck all for your ability to hit me with your sword. Pretty much anything in a post following the typing of 'I like my odds' in the OOC thread. Translation: I'm about to have my character do something willfully stupid and pretend consequences don't exist. In any thread with RP combat where a character is losing and suddenly reveals that their true power is 'intelligence'.... Then completely fails to deliver on that claim. The word sexy. Sexy is the lazy word tacked onto something because one can't think of specific aspects of how something is attractive to anyone reading. The word noble. Noble is the lazy word tacked onto something because one can't think of specific aspects of how something is dignified to anyone reading. Anyone who usually includes near to actual pornographic images in their posts. This is not the site for that. ---------------- Okay guys, show of hands. How many of you mentally assigned an 'angry voice' to the above text?
  5. Character and roleplay help

    I'd suggest The Dresden Files or the Nightside series. They're written in first person perspective so the style might seem odd at first, it won't for long. Harry Dresden: The protagonist; a professional wizard, the only one listed in the phone book.
  6. Hiding the Evidence [Crafting]

    "I know you're depressed, but cutting yourself never solved anything." "When you do it with sterile medical equipment, it's called drawing blood. And if you want a show, then you can kindly fuck off and find one. Because I'm not about to exsanguinate myself for the sake of theatrics." Four vials, small things, but they were a rather handy material component for the manipulation of mostly anything. In a controlled environment of course, that was a rather important sticking point. Air fed and intensified Fire. Fire brought movement to Earth. Earth was quenched in a controlled fashion by Water which seeped into all. As a bloodbender, Isidor could force open dormant chakra points and mix the energies into her blood with the intention of extraction for use outside her body in an aquatanium inlaid array. Legendary she was not, and if the amount of practice the gray haired water bender had in scraping ruined vital fluids out of her array was any indication, there were less horrific ways to off oneself than attempting to mimic a legend in a storybook. Expendable components prepared, she then went about selecting a scrap of aquatanium to include in the eventual creation process. The selection would serve as somewhat of a magical break to allow any traces of conflicting chakras in her system to fade into obscurity. Following one's safety guidelines was important. It was always the one time you got complacent and cut corners, that your project killed you and ran wild. Of all the ways one could die, stupidly was one Isidor was desperate to avoid.
  7. Character and roleplay help

    Reading the full profile, Blind is going to get some reactions. Mostly from the willfully retarded. If I read the spell correctly, it can be blocked by protecting ones eyes. On that note, no one should expect thier character to take shots to the face and have no effect. So I'd say the pocket sand spell is in a good place.
  8. Hiding the Evidence [Crafting]

    "Really?" Ed made a show of considering Isidor's retort before responding in a manner devoid of all levity. "What you do, will affect other people. If they find out about that trinket you're holding on to, they will come for it and you by extension. Except unlike the random psychos that I'm kind enough to assist my clients in fending off, this is rather problematic on a grand scale. The empress has set her sights on a rumor of one committing illegal acts outside of her designated red light zone. Seeing as we very much do fall under that description, I'd much rather someone else get the blame and consequential fallout." That there was 'a' black market ring in the old canal district was about as accurate as when the Solaris Inquisition had come knocking in search of 'a' necromancer. There was never actually just one. The thing that was like fun happened naturally as the investigation sought to go about things as ham handedly as possible. They'd find their mark in the end though, even if there was no rational chance of them doing so. Why? Because a victory for the locals was the Inquisition going ham on those assholes from Zine and chasing them Somewhere Else. That said, there wasn't much redirecting Ed could do if he was left in the dark, so it fell to him to ask the questions that he was pretty sure he didn't want to know the answers to. "So how do you know you weren't followed home and what happened to the device that... thing, was housed in?" "Oh. I carefully replaced the negabjurium with ercaniron sand. It took some finagling to ensure that it was loaded in a way that disturbing the device one planted would cause the activation rather than the intended methods, but I managed to dispose of Bruga's pocket sized amplifier on the trail of some recent acquaintances. I doubt they were aware I placed the... I'll say bomb... in their wake. A bit of sympathetic magic and I rebound the act of discarding by Bruga to their path to Patia. Ya know, had the blob not insinuated that it would kill me if I wasn't okay with their demands, which were trivial, I might have actually felt bad about it. Anyway, I heard the thing go off in the distance and I wasn't followed afterwards. Sucks that I couldn't have doubled back to check out the result, but I suppose you never can watch any of the impressive...." Ed lost it at the absolutely forlorn expression on Isidor's face as she realized what she'd missed viewing. She'd set a metal that caused massive instability into a universal amplifier and the likelihood that she'd be getting a second show like that was pretty much nil. Personally, it put to rest his concerns that they would have an imminent visitor, as surviving reality literally rolling the dice for physics tended to be less than survivable. Especially when amplified. The broker would have to push the woman to conceal that last loose end, but once that was done everyone would be able to breathe a little easier.
  9. Poker Night at the Inventory (Interest Check)

    So, @Fierach could have a physical deck of cards and pm each player thier hand each round. Or whoever is trusted to be the dealer. Greatly relaxing post length requirements mid hand and a set time for everyone to be on would be relatively critical to this not taking forever. As minutia have to be tested to in order. Raises, the river, folds, and calls. Plus banter. The audience can work together to supply the longer posts based of how they observe a large segment of those small interactions. That way each session can be 'summed up' by any interested party. Or the plus one, ect.
  10. Water of Wonders [Quest]

    Akiris chuffed in agreement and set himself to the task of ensuring that the oxen trundled in the right direction. Enks concern had proved to be a legitimate one. However, the task turned out to be more tedious than difficult as despite the beasts apparent lack of ability to maintain a direction on thier own, the pair could be constantly led. Without losing too much time to the slight complication the gates were soon in sight. Nodding to the guards as they passed through the gate Akiris hummed as he recalled what he'd said earlier. "Ah that's right I owe you the story behind that detour we took. I suppose it's best to start..." Akiris began the tale mentioning that his quest at the time was to retrieve books from a library that was purported to be abandoned. While the mercenary didn't go into detail about what said difficulty was but he did point out the trigger of this particular tale was that he'd had to triage loot at the time. Not being able to carry everything, Akiris had had to settle for for simply packing up anything he'd regret leaving behind for a possible opportunist and plan to return the next day. The journey back had been uncomfortable. Not due to any exertion, but to that relatable tension of the home stretch of any open ended delivery job. Love and behold, a water bender had awaited him outside the city gates. The man had insinuated that things would not go well for Akiris should he refuse to open the contents of his delivery to the bender. Akiris had flat out refused. Violence had been narrowly avoided, possibly due to the scene occuring right in front of the guards. Possibly due to the fact the stealing what the Keep had claim on was deterrent enough. But somehow, one of the female guards had witnessed what was gearing up to be a literal death match..... And came to the conclusion that the bender was attempting to seduce him. "....... And she's been on this for long enough that the horse had not only been beaten to death, but taken a trip through the sausage grinder. At this point we're all coming to the conclusion that she's not just fucking with us and something need to be fixed." The helmeted man groaned at the thought. "I'm a blade for hire, not a therapist...."
  11. Character and roleplay help

    @HotPizza While we usually post in an order, the characters themselves are considered to be interacting in real time. Therefore, if you cast a poison cloud on your own position then you need to address the effect if any the cloud has on your character.
  12. A What If Scenario

    If not curbstomped in the initial barrage, object read the debris and enact vengeance.
  13. A What If Scenario

    I'm just pointing out that a "Rocks fall, everyone dies" scenario doesn't seem to offer much.
  14. @HotPizza There's no shortcut or example that applies every time when it comes to comes to utility application. A sword or another weapon can enhance what a fighting character can bring to the table. Sorry, I'd rather not write a brick on the subject because the brick would still be situational to that exact brick.
  15. A What If Scenario

    Now that sounds like what something a moonpocalypse pusher about to get bent over the table by the canonization rules would say!