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  1. Volleyball is still innocent. I see it being far more humorous than sexy due to the overall physique of the possible contestant pool. Therefore I predict far too many serves and returns will be spoiled by a bad bounce and if Akiris were to watch, he'd likely be on the ground laughing his ass off very quickly.
  2. Huh. Forgot this section of the site existed. But yeah, no. As hilarious as the concept is, it's best it stays that way. RP can be good and bad. Yeah, not something everyone wants to acknowledge. But better this goes out in its prime as a rosy thought of what could have been. Because this has the capacity to produce some truly cringe worthy blocks of text if it becomes a reality.
  3. Somewhere in the field of twenty minutes later I was reconsidering my 'kick in the front door' strategy. Mostly due to the lack of one, plus the holes in the walls, and all those other telltale signs of a 'magic' induced brawl. In short, calling it a ruin would be very correct. On one hand I doubt I'm going to have to hire a cart out here to remove everything salvageable. On the other, I really hope there's something salvageable. You know, for the job I set out to do. The very plunder-able headless corpses of other would be adventurers don't count. Ah right, the murderpbeast. Yeah. It's presence is pretty much normalized now and I just want to make it dead now. The incessant shining in my peripheral vision is beginning to grate on my nerves. Reaching over my right shoulder I draw my runed longsword and transfer it to my left hand. This is swiftly followed by my right hand being once again, this time by the comforting weight of my pistol. Normally a gun isn't my first choice. Firearms are god awfully loud and noise tends to draw in... anyone interested. Not really the case here, so there wasn't too much detriment in going loud. Hole in the wall then. Which one feels lucky?
  4. I tore my bag and cloak off. Now normally I'd be hesitant about leaving my things outside of my field of vision but in this case I'm rather certain that if I don't come back for them then they'll be there for the foreseeable future. Alongside the headless corpses of any would be thieves. So hey, silver lining. It's almost amazing how being forced into a single course of action calms one the hell down quick. All I had to do was hunt down an unidentifiable something that was... correction, is still trying to kill me. And failing. That had to be annoying. Really. I know I'm nigh on psychotic about rune research just because I don't want to know how I'd react if my best trick failed to get results. So..... "Huh." It was short. It was sweet. It was the consideration that whatever was on the other end of the life and death equation was taking it as badly as I was a moment ago. So, the question was, what would I do if something refused to have its head explode and die. ......... ................. ..... Yeah, I got nothing. Maybe hole up and scrape all my other tricks together? I shook my head ruefully. There's a murderthing out there and I'm contemplating walking up to the front door, kicking it in and terrorizing this thing as the best course of action. Okay. Lets do that.
  5. So. Funny story. I found the bear this morning. I stand by what I said last night though. Mostly because the thing was long dead and rotted so I didn't have to actually fight it. That and I would've stumbled on it anyway. It was a close thing though. When you stumble across ANYTHING that seems to have died from a terminal case of exploding head the proper reaction is to fuck right off. If you compound it by adding the fact that it was accompanied by the rest of local animals with similar conditions framed by the soft glow of the runes within my helm... you have the vista of my morning stroll. I have to applaud my foresight at showing up in the presence of daylight. Really. Night and a flashlight would have upped the ante from cold fucking sweat to complete fucking terror. "Fuck it." Complete deadpan and complete truth. I wasn't getting paid to play horror story detective. It was with zero regret that I turned around and walked away. Conversely, it was with all the regret when I realized that my runes weren't fading after several minutes. I know I was outside the point where they lit up originally so.... ".... Running isn't an option. Is it. Well, fuck me then."
  6. When it was all said and done I really didn't like the tale at all. It might just be me, but an initial reaction of 'gods forsaken place' and 'somewhere with an unfortunate history long ago' was a bit too far into the realm of cognitive dissonance to just dismiss. To elaborate, apparently a collective of.... some kind of power user. The verbatim was 'psychotics', had decided to collaborate their efforts in order to alter themselves in order to become more powerful. A decent goal in and of itself. I personally am always looking for that extra edge. However, I do draw the line somewhere. Largely because I'm certain that opening up your mind to everything out there can and will seriously taint your sense of self and additionally because I like my privacy. I carved my own style of shitty runes into the interior of my awesome hat after all. Anyway, no one's heard back from these people and apparently no ones claimed to have looted the place so I can only assume something's up. Tomorrow morning I'll head out there and see what's up with the place. It was too late now and I wasn't going to go investigate a 'god forsaken place' in the dark. There is no stealth argument, plenty of things see better in the dark than me. Tonight, I'm going to find a place away from this settlement to make camp. I'd declined an offer to stay in the.... well, lets just say that if I woke up to a bear next morning then it would still be a more attractive sight than the girl that tried to offer me her bed for the night. Yes, I'm aware the bear would likely also be trying to eat me. My decision still stands. I do have standards.
  7. The settlement was fairly typical for it's kind. That is, a small out of the way place that would hopefully go unnoticed by the rest of the world. If there were more than twenty people actually living here then I'd be as legitimately surprised if it also had a name. On top of that, as odd as it was to believe. Something like this was actually safer than the cities. Maybe not in the days of yore, but in these more modern times there are far fewer of the traditional monsters that stalk the wilderness. The vast majority live in cities now and pretend they're people. Not well mind you, no amount of titles changed what they were. The dragon rules and squeezes the people, it just calls itself a king now and calls its meals executions. Sure, monsters could still find you out here. But it would take a damn sight more effort to hunt down a place like this compared to a stroll on packed city streets. First order of business before I strolled in to say hi? Get the helm and cloak off, invert the cloak, stick the helm inside and tie it to the side of my pack like an extra sack. Those were great when I want to make the monsters overestimate me. Look like an oddball, and people expect there's something special about you. Not the impression I want to give here. "HULLO!" "WHO THE BLOODY FUCK ARE YOU!" That was actually on the good end as far as responses went. I'd take unwanted interloper over bored creature any day. The former didn't provoke people to resigned last stands. I work for money to buy the things I enjoy, the day I start enjoying my profession for its own sake is the day I get my head examined. "There's a flier out in Predator's Keep expressing interest in the contents of a ruined library near here. I reckon that I'd do the lot of you a favor and remove that interest before one of the actual citizens decides to swing by on a lark." Stay the course, show no fear. Well, comparatively. They're stressed, and without my favorite hat I'm down my perfect poker face and up a demeanor that DOES NOT suggest I could kill them all without a scratch no matter what they did. Just because it was true didn't make it any less effective. "That gods forsaken place?" The speaker was a heavyset man whose build seemed to be comprised of fat over muscle. Functional, not pretty, but most importantly not escalating anything towards an all vs me brawl. "One could stand to part with that eyesore." "Seems like there's quite the tale to tell there. Mind I take that off your hands as well?"
  8. Another town, another job board. Or in my case a small section of one called the Class-C section. It's an elite mercenary thing. I guess that's a poor description though. You see, my name is Akiris and I actually like not having to work hard for a living. This means I'm on the hunt for low risk and high paying jobs. Comparatively anyway, it's the difference between gathering something that likely won't try to kill me and dealing spiders about my size in a Rank-B. The stuff higher up on the list isn't even worth mentioning. Reaching out, I grabbed the information regarding a request to track down an old library and cart back a load of books. Yeah, jackpot. The other option would have been to examine a stream for magic and I will be honest. Magic isn't really my thing. Fortunately, something that mundane would likely be beneath any actual magic user and had a decent chance of still being there when I got back. For some reason, I hit the sweet spot of not insane enough to try the jobs that were designed to get you killed and the balls to walk by the cast of characters stalking the far end of the job board. It's no small thing, I've been doing this for years and I still don't get how I've managed to not be near when one of them has a psychotic break. I'm talking 'my feeling are hurt so I need to murder until I feel better' kind of psychotic break. No exaggeration. To be fair, I should be surprised that this was still here at all considering how this could be considered highly paid grunt work. This is where I applied my powers of reading comprehension and general comprehension to the pamphlet. There was some sort of very minor settlement that the sighting originated from and it couldn't hurt to quiz the locals..... Time to get moving. I pocketed my info and walked out the door at a stroll never showing an ounce of discomfort at coming close to rubbing shoulders to entities that had the capabilities of smiting a lowly human such as myself. I'd say about eighty percent of my fearless facade came from a tinted motorcycle helmet, ten percent from a rather newish white cloak, and the last ten percent was the me long giving up on worrying about things I had no control over.
  9. Visceral Solutions We won't save the world, just get the job done. Hierarchy: Founder: Akiris Current Leader: Akiris Note on leadership: Leadership in VS does not mean absolute command. It is the responsibility of acquiring quests that are agreeable to the group and all negotiation and legwork required to make them work. By definition VS is a small group, and therefore a leader is required to actively put the effort forth to make things work. Members: (max 4) Note: Suggestions are taken from members. For example if there's a certain area or organization you want to quest in that the rest of the group hasn't submitted objections to I have no issues with pushing it to the top of the list. General: Location: Drifting- Visceral Solutions has no home base that it owns due to the fact that the very requirement of going forth to hunt quests makes caring for a static location nigh impossible. Should the group require long term lodgings due to a centralized cluster of missions then the acquisition of longer term lodgings would be handled by the leadership. Affiliations: VS is not a political group and therefore does not actively seek allies and enemies. Notably, we don't antagonize large organizations nor are we seeking to play the 'character arms race' game. Establishment: Agenda: Quest completion with a minimum sanity requirement. VS seeks to promote its members as reliable, whether it's while they remain with the group or whether they go forth to seek their own fortunes at a later date. This is by nature, not a massive organization and is aware that it's members may not be looking for something to devote the rest of their lives to. So whether it be cash, renown, reputation or simply just something to do with their lives VS seeks to ensure they do so without worry that their allies will not become one more job hazard. Operations: — Ongoing: <Predators Keep> To the Library We Go [Akiris] — Completed: — Abandoned: Historical: Background: Violence for pay was a life that Akiris was born into and despite effort never really made it out of. Over time he's noticed that once one seeks to hire combatants of a certain level one runs a massively increased risk of batshit insanity happening even on what most would consider trivial tasks. The breaking point for simply enduring it came on an expedition to Yh'mi where he was barely in time to stop a pair of his subordinates and their hangers on from attempting mass slaughter on the settlers of Inns'th. Why. During the groups effort in recruiting a town watch for the settlement that while slow going was ultimately on a path to success, a heckler appeared. Despite being warned that there were shapeshifters hidden among the populace intent on causing chaos they felt they only response was as much killing as possible. Unfortunately, that sort of thing is not quite an isolated event. On returning to what was once The Free Company headquarters to lodge a rather pointed complaint in someone for saddling him with three liabilities, Akiris found the place shut down. Thinking back on it, if he didn't blindly trust the competency of whoever commissioned The Free Company competency in hiring then Akiris would have gotten more than two competent associates. He'd press the issue, but he'd never learned the mans name. Recent Events: Recruiting. =============================== Joining Requirements Players are taken in if there's an opening and on a 'first come first considered' basis. While I don't need a complete profile there are some things that I very much need to know. Consider it like an interview that could be RPed out if you'd like it to be. However, I really want the actual thing to be in this form. Nothing kills an RP like stagnation, so in the OOC the interview would would be taking place in another thread alongside whatever quest we have. More work for me, but I signed up for it. I suggest you read through the questions before answering, if you find this isn't for you I will not be offended. --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) What kind of jobs is your character interested in? - I very much do not want to bore people so I implore you to be honest here. 2) What kind of jobs will your character not do? - We are not the designated heroes. We do jobs and get paid for them. However we don't take jobs that will negatively impact our future, like boarding up an orphanage and burning it down with its inhabitants. I've given myself the task of finding something that all (up to five) of us will find interesting. Please be honest, I need to know here and not in the thread where your character snaps and goes ballistic on the rest of us. 3) Is your character Mild Powers - Semi-Realistic? - Unless the answer is yes I can't take your character. If this answer of yes is proven to be false then the OOC hammer is coming down and you're done. If there's something you're worried about let me know, I can't guarantee anything but I might thing of a work around. Very simply I'm going to be targeting quests targeted art mild powers characters, entities stronger than that are going to have or be flush with 'i win' buttons. While there are ways to trivialize encounters, I want it done in a way that contributes to the narrative of a quest. A solve all ability and a boring invincible hero is just that, boring. 4) Can your character meet a Minimum Sanity Requirement? - No trolling. I may have mentioned this for the entirety of the post but I'm asking aspiring players to not join for the sake of trying to get the group to implode. If you can say yes the I'll need some time to browse your content if I don't know you as well as I'd like. I know there is a difference between players and characters, so if you do have other characters that would be eyebrow raising if stumbled upon that aren't the one you're applying with here just let me know. 5) How often can you post? - I'd like to find a good median with the group. My job doesn't really give me take home work so while I'd be available almost every day I don't expect that from everyone else. Just be honest. If people only have so much time until a date arrives that requires them to devote all their time to real life, then I'd like to find something that fits our pace and their time frame. I'll need a name of course to put on the roster and I won't refuse to take anything past those four questions. I don't seek to prevent characters from having personality, however the theme is that Akiris is searching for like minded individuals. ===============================
  10. You know, it's really not that hard to gather a group up and do a quest with the thread mod as an 'invader', I was the storyteller for the most part and I sure as hell wasn't certified. I've done that and almost chained a second into it.... This thread was an interesting read. Basically what I take away is that a players worth isn't so much 'rp skill' a blurry category, but rather just the ability to be non-toxic. Unlike 'rp skill', toxicity is rather easy to screen for. Had I done that instead of just blindly taking anyone in the pool who wanted to play I'm certain I would have had a much better run of it. When I speak of toxicity I'm talking about two party members on the first quest where the goal was to recruit members for a watch. When the thread mod invaded with a heckler (a minor likely non-combat threat) their response was to try to kill as many people in the settlement as possible. This brought the RP to a screeching halt of WTF. Due to some collaboration a workaround was found (bullshit was stopped cold) and both of them left in a huff. This deprived the party of 1/3 of it's members. The second quest never made completion as we had another player leave in a huff after I had made clear one too many times that Akiris was not interested in her sexual wiles. With that much of a slowdown the remaining players had RL responsibilities that took precedence and that I cannot fault them for. ------------------ Final thought: Party member, Invader, as long as everyone involved isn't toxic everything should go smoothly. It's time for another shot at this.
  11. I've never really had this issue. Now if you include not showing off the characters whole kit due to not going off like c4 at the slightest drop of a hat.... well, then that's pretty much everything I ever played. After seeing people go off like that and thinking back, not getting everything out there really didn't lessen the experience on my end. Wish they didn't do that though, the knee-jerk attitude did.
  12. It wasn't like Akiris didn't expect Jin to pull something like this. The wind-up had a bunch of spear twirling, there was forward movement, and somewhere at the start his almost non-committal stab had been batted away. Had he been fighting someone normal, that stab would have done some good. Not true here, here, it was bait. Jin had depressingly high base abilities and Akiris knew it. Hell, he'd suspected the powers even before he'd resigned himself that this match was going to be a thing. That wasn't the issue. The issue was that the cheap little bastard with the lightning powers had apparently decided to loiter about a field, waiting for someone to fight, with the full knowledge that shortly into the match he'd obtain a serious advantage. That wasn't a friendly match and if Akiris knew that this was what would have happened he'd have refused. Refused again. And then responded with gunfire. That wasn't an option now though. Nor was trying to analyze the latest attack in the slightest. Akiris didn't bother to try. Keep it simple. Counter faster movement with efficient movement. Prep expended: Block A shield isn't usually seen as a weapon. Which is odd, because there are many weapons that can be referred to as blunt objects. Many of them have more range by design, however one would have to be a fool to simply assume that a slab of steel is a non-threat. Especially, if you're up close. Or on one leg going forward. That's when the lack of reach ceases to be a factor. Jin had moved with the expectation the he'd be safe from the deflected longsword, and for the moment he was. But he forgot a rather important fact. Akiris dual wielded. A shield was not just something to hide behind. It was different, but just as useful as the sword it was paired with. This fact would be shoved in Jins face, literally. Akiris' height advantage caused the point of impact for the brutal shove to cover Jins face and upper torso. Another interesting fact about a shield was that it blocks. Because without a sturdy stance Jins spear wouldn't have the leverage to force back the shield this time, and thus this time it was his attack that got forced back. Further, the impact would be forcing Jin backward as well. Getting his foot on top of Akiris' would be an impossibility as well. A fancy two pronged attack would be met by its polar opposite. One quick and simple action that was as much defense as it was assault. Economy of motion negates superior speed. Due to using far less movements in comparison to his opponent, Jin's speed is momentarily negated as an advantage. Because of the above negation and wide attack area, Jin being off balance is not able to be countered by a speed advantage. +1 advantage. +1 for the prep Block Move is performed at an equivalent of 2 preps. Should the shield make solid contact, the runes would come into play. The result? The electrocution of Jin. Yeah, that's right. The runes did not negate, but instead devour. And they did not do so cleanly. Whether the electricity running through Jin's body could do so safely due to an additional ability protecting him from the excess electricity of simply superior control abilities to prevent the power from running wild and doing damage.... it wouldn't matter. The power would be pulled out of alignment via the devouring runes and Jin would be exposed to a staggering amount of pain as his control/protection powers were also pulled upon roughly creating gaps in what should have protected Jin from his own ability. It would be tantamount to burning a dragon. Result if success = Damage + stun However, Akiris would be in no mood to stop there. He wasn't about to let this go on and let the storm arrive. He wouldn't stop and followed the shield maneuver with a stab intended to lodge his blade in Jins gut. Quickdraw: Stab Stun would negate superior speed. Because of stunned opponent Stab is made at advantage. Attack is made at the equivalent of 1 prep. The longsword would have an identical effect to the shield with the additional multiplier of it being jammed in Jins body and therefore much harder for the man to distance himself from. Akiris wasn't planning on pulling the blade free until they were done with.... this. A demand. "Yield. Now." ((No preps currently. As a prep was used no preps can be generated this turn.)) @ImNoHero
  13. Akiris blinked as he saw that Jin hadn't rushed him and seemed to be waiting for his opponent to rise. Well, that was nice of him. He'd say something like 'so much for a no holds barred duel' but he'd sorta made the first move to disqualify that by divesting himself of his firearm. And that would untruthfully hint that he didn't appreciate the gesture. So Akiris complied by bouncing to his feet and resetting his stance, shield forward. Second times the charm. It really was. Akiris had dropped the ball hard in the first clash. If Jin had capitalized on what had happened then Akiris would likely have some damage to balance out his new advantage. True, Jin was fast. But now Akiris knew Jin was fast and could compensate for that. After all, once known, the danger was effectively halved. It was time for take two. Still Active: Perseverance The first spear thrust came right to his shield. Lucky. There was a difference now though. With an actual stance Akiris now had strength and leverage to put into his defense. It showed, the heater shook but still had plenty of give as the first blow landed dead center. The rapid following blow was not a surprise, Akiris had begun to reset the moment the blow recoiled. The third, forth, and fifth created a rhythm as Jin continued to try to break through Akiris' shield. The lightning went almost unnoticed. True, it made crackles of noise, but in the big picture it really wasn't relevant. The point of a shield was to protect oneself when armor was insufficient and as there were beings out there that could smash though platemail with their abilities he'd lived or died by his ability to block. And Akiris hadn't died quite yet. The sixth strike landed home. Jin was drifting his strikes to the right of the shield. He was aiming them well enough but with the heater literally strapped to his arm it just wasn't enough to knock the shield loose. That's a pattern. The shield tilted. Quickdraw: Counterstrike Akiris had the timing down. While he doubted he could match Jin's raw speed he'd gotten the man's rhythm mid combo. He shifted forward, and instead of parrying merely shifted his shield a fraction of the full arm swing. Should the spear thrust follow the pattern it would skitter off the shield almost harmlessly to Akiris' left. Simultaneously, without shifting his stance he perform a light stab at Jin's forward arm aiming between the elbow and shoulder. Unlike the previous attempt there would be no effort to put strength into the blow. Strength wasn't an option with Jin's speed, he'd dodge it. Speed wasn't a great option either since Akiris was definitely beat there too. However, if Akiris could determine where Jin was going to be.... then he could fake a way to match the speed and land blows. Quick and light, incapable of doing more damage than the weight and edge of the blade could inflict as it licked out at the mans arm. And then would be immediately pulled back regardless of the result, the light stab ensuring that the was not so much momentum as to unbalance Akiris. He needed to score some injuries on Jin to slow the man down and to some extent drain his power down directly. If that meant trading shots on the hope that he came out ahead then it was a risk Akiris would have to take. He was going to stack the deck as well as he could in his favor but the biggest factor for the first few was going to be luck. If he failed a guess catastrophically it was going to hurt. @ImNoHero ((Persistence active. Will end next turn. Block prepped. One prep available. Cannot create new preps this turn.))
  14. The spear user was quick, Akiris would give him that. After all, that was one hell of a fancy move he was pulling. Akiris knew he couldn't pull a twirl like that off reliably. However, he could do simple. Akiris could do simple easily, and thumping ones left hand over his chest mid stride was the definition of simple. It was natural. His sword point was two feet away as the spear came forward. One foot away as a dull clunk sounded as spear hit shield. Down to mere inches. This was it...... One and a half feet away and counting. Akiris felt his eyes widen as his breath escaped in a forced whoosh and his feet left the ground. The result of the nigh simultaneous stabs hadn't been determined by speed nor accuracy. Rather, it was in the stability of each of their stances. Jin had been set against the charge, feet planted. Akiris, despite his forward momentum did not have the same steady root. While his momentum was not to be completely discounted, the end result was clear. Those inches might have well been a mile. While the almost unconscious move of planting his left fist to his chest did indeed protect his torso. The fact of the matter was that when nigh flush on his torso, there simply was no capacity for the shield to give and properly absorb the blow. Thus, the entire force of the thrust would be transferred through the shield into Akiris' chest. With his too wide stance, the end result was clear. Right foot still in the air, Akiris hit the ground hard. He'd be feeling this by tomorrow if he didn't force down some healing potion after the fight. Quickdraw: Roll Prep expended: Perseverance Arching his back Akiris felt his neck being forced to the right by the pressure of the ground as his body flipped and he once again landed heavily. Not on his feet, but on his knees with both legs folded under him. His right fist planted into the ground for balance, sword still gripped parallel to the ground and pointed forward. But getting his blade prepared to attack wasn't his priority. That honor would go to raising his heater in the direction he thought Jin was. The spearman would have to be fast to truly flank him. That was the problem though. Jin was fast. @ImNoHero ((Perseverance is active. Will be active this post and the next then end at the start of the following post. Block is prepped, total of one prep. Prep total can not rise until Perseverance ends.))
  15. Suggesting to people that they alter their characters never seems to go well. But then you lower your possible pool of applicants or screw up your balance if you avoid that conversation. It's a touchy subject.