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    Is Valucre Flat?

    Horizon. Or four gargantuan elephants atop a collosal space turtle carrying the disc through space as it searches for a mate that would cause the apocalypse scholars entitled.... The big bang.
  2. @zackrobbman Don't worry about the area defense as there's really no functional difference between the end results. Sorry squad. I blame yo boy velocirapture. Dang AFK's. I did have Ed use an attack action with advanced buff on the zombie two squares above Leo last turn.
  3. Oh. Ouch. Yeah there's really nothing that could be done then.
  4. Sigh, except I just realized that the crit fail came first and would knock squads HP to three and thier actions down to two. So it wouldn't matter. Unless my area defense works like I actually wrote it and applies to everyone Ed tagged it to in the previous round that was in range and activates in this round. What barrier? That would eat the self inflicted attack and allow squaad to retain the third action. That would leave 5 enemies with one HP but can do two damage in melee to a 4 HP Ally. Alone, that Ally can afford to eat one attack. Two is death. Any more is just Julius Caesar territory. The AFK of leo not-so-manville last round hurt us. Rng could have been bad, but a paralyzed character can spend one of thier own actions to overcome the paralysis. Ed had spent his second adv buff to delete the zombie two squares up from leo to free the guy up to hopefully top the group up. Meh. Rng might have been a bitch but the situation hasn't improved from inaction. This sanity damage is no joke. We'd need to mitigate 4 attacks. One point of healing would prevent the second hit from being fatal. And even with a ranged heal that leaves three enemies that need to be tapped/ passive defense/ area defense coverage minimum for squaad to survive. And that doesn't take into account what'll be behind us and everyone suddenly working cohesively. Tldr, shit gon be bad.
  5. Also isn't a 4 a success with 4 sanity?
  6. No, drop a 3x area attack and clear the room. I'll bet there won't be a better chance and it's our best escape route. Anywhere else is likely to be another trap. We need to make our own exit. Ed kind of has an angle to see down there. Just write in he yelled something like "Fuck saving ammo and clear the room! We're breaking through!"
  7. I remember using an advanced buff to one tap the zombie above Leo last turn. I have no damn clue why it suspiciously is absent now or why Ed's area defense is being called a barrier. Speaking of Ed.... One point of heal would change his max move distance from 2 to 6. He can't actually run with internal injuries and 3 up.
  8. It's somewhat difficult for a character to cannonically die if the thread dies first.
  9. Meh, once you manage to get it actually shaped uru is pretty insane. Case in point a pair of rifles designed to trigger the catastrophic bullet explosion and harness the explosive results due to the weapon being able to tank the abuse. I'd say that no new addition to the lore will only have the stated effect. It's going to interact with everything else already in play. It doesn't have to be a wish fulfillment material or spell made from whole cloth to qualify as world breaking.
  10. Well, a zinc-carbon battery is a thing. Given uru's magic retention and emission properties, a precedent can be claimed if a trend starts where you can pull related supernatural effects out of 'mundane' materials by alloying them with pure uru. And the conversation about how mundane could a material be in a setting unlike real life where magical properties are part of the setting. Ex. Silver on a werewolf. We did have a conversation way back where we decided it would be a bad idea to implement a superalloy. If this is allowed I refuse all responsibility for what I might make. 🙂
  11. So the end result of uru depends on what it's alloyed with?
  12. I've made a crafting thread using uru. Assuming that you can actually work it, it seems to have quite a bit of potential.
  13. If he manages to get a k/d of X/0 then I'll be sure to provide a good hook for that.
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