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  1. Online forum, IC, posting behind screen names. If y’all don’t I will.
  2. You mean kick a thread along so it actually finishes? I’ve done that.
  3. Ed, Illene, Vlad, Tim.... ect. So yeah. Might not have been death death, But Ed for sure got a 'your skills have no power here' smackdown.
  4. Dunno. Everyone that woke up was forcefully killed off. No guarantee for what happened to those who dropped/accepted death. Your risk.
  5. When I read "the Demon is marching across the dessert" and the OOC is already 6 pages long.
  6. Let’s see. A lot of the online stuff was dealing with the toxic folks with god tier scrub powers. You know the ones, utterly immune to things like swords or elemental blasts, etc. But, distort the parameters for their high speed regeneration and the last thing they become before death is the cancer patient chungus to eclipse Big Chungus. I’m enjoying Lagrimosa now. It’s kinda nice to have moderation and a lunacy cap and not have to do that stuff anymore. I enjoy kicking ideas around in my head but there’s no pressure to do something about it or all my stuff gets rect.
  7. Not everything: You can write a character that’s supposed to be an island, superior to all others in every way. But good luck getting visitors. I do this to be a participant, not be a cheerleader for a Mary Sue. Don’t out edgelord Edgelordington: Have fun with that mysterious character of yours should people decide to give the mystery a miss. I’m still not convinced most of them know how to read. You think I’m joking.... but I’m not joking. PCs aren’t made. They’re claimed: It’s not about making something out of whole cloth and force feeding it into a story. It’s about finding a npc (non personal character) and turning the spotlight on. And don’t call them Non Playable Characters when you’re writing them yourself. That’s just pepega logic.
  8. Akiris

    In-Character Dialogue

    I usually end up reading the post out loud to make sure it actually says what I intended it to say. Sometimes I’m surprised at what auto correct tries to sneak by. One day I’m gonna respond to what someone wrote and not what they intended to write and start some drama.
  9. Summary Predators Keep gets a bunch of loot straight from multiple parties ‘supplies for plan to screw over Red Yusuke’ caches. And if you think I’m joking about that designation, then you haven’t read the lore. Akiris has a new sword. Gotta use those banked tourney posts for something. And just to be clear, IC annoyance does not translate to OOC rage at a MOBS tourney. It was legit the best I’ve been a part of. It helps that the competing tourneys are straight garbage, but MOBS does win. Consequences and opportunities So about halfway through writing this I noticed the OFM had a thread for this in cities of the empire. I decided to push on, but at a slower pace. That thread hasn’t moved so... I guess word is basically one dude plus a gaggle of civilian volunteers finished the job before the Order platoons could roll out. Someone might take notice/exception to that. Second, a lot of stuff was repossessed, forcefully if need be. Hard to say if any plans are prefoiled if the intended target has yet to resurface but I figured I’d mention it. That was a few targets dunked on by a duo.
  10. “Uh, was that Terren? That sounded uncomfortably like Terren.” Something had definitely been up as Akiris’ third fight not only ended far less abruptly than the man remembered, but made no sense entirely. Not to him, not to Priscilla, and unless Usher was literally making up new words as he went along, the swordsman didn’t like where this was going. ”Alright. Let me try this again, I’ll keep in mind Terrens don’t have a rabid gaming culture like... just... Actually painful. Ok. The machine takes the things you do and the things your opponent does, then calculates the end result that we just watched in the video. So unlike reality, what you want to do doesn’t happen immediately. There’s a fraction of delay where the machine processes the inputs.... actions, and determines what goes down rather than it just happening. Which is where the concept of a forced disconnect is actually cancer because in this case your avatar can’t receive any actions from you and is pretty much reduced to a punching bag.” Thanks to the ‘explaining to a five year old’ level of explanation, Akiris figured he understood enough. It was a tourney and had odd rules that had no place in an actual fight. He’d had fun though. While three fights hadn’t been enough to completely embrace the concept of zero consequences, apparently running these machines was expensive and additional use outside of official function wasn’t in his budget. But he’d known that going in. All this modern technology stuff was pretty much just like magic items. As long as you knew how to use them, who knew exactly what made them run? Ya know. Other than the two other people at the table that made said magic items for a living. And fortunately he knew exactly how to handle this particular conundrum. “Yo barkeep! I’m gun need another bottle cuz I still have feeling in my teeth and I don’t want to....”
  11. Akiris

    Gender discussion

    I just like to turn my brain off and apply gender equality. Because no one deserves special treatment because of what they are or what they claim to be.
  12. They’d opted to start the viewing with Akiris’ first round fight rather than the one in question. Not unexpected given the time spent setting up. Real fights were by nature, brief. If a simple one on one stretched out into minutes one could only conclude that both participants sucked at fighting. So it was only moments in when he almost dropped the wine bottle. Akiris had been aware that quite a bit of water had been thrown at him, the flooding had been hard to ignore. The fact that the sneak attack was composed of his opponent throwing the entire river at him was something he hadn’t been able to fully comprehend just by participating in the fight. Or catching that moment of utter horror when the released ercaniron sand caused her intended safe bubble to suddenly not be a reality in the face of a tossed river. Conversely, the lobbed brick that cracked her skull and dropped her into the drink to drown didn’t really convey the adrenaline he felt timing the lob. Akiris didn’t mind that being unexciting as his second match was kind of.... well... Silla had recognized not the opponent but an extreme similarity of abilities to a creature she’d run into in Blairville. In short, the magic null on the map negated what should have been an overwhelming advantage while Akiris had been largely unaffected. That had just been luck, both poor and good.
  13. I dunno. Every once in a long while I’ll see something that interests me, then I'll see it through. And there’s a few things that make for decent reading.
  14. Sooooooo happy I did some back reading before I posted. Ya'lll should do that. I almost dun goofed myself. #almost responding to a scene where your character isn't because you've been kicking a post around in your head and remember wrong. ##the length of most isekai titles.
  15. Who did they think Ed was!? That little bitch Leo who froze up at every setback until he unsurprisingly got himself slaughtered? Nah. One melee swing is mildly less effective than hoped and the enemy... imminent fucking snack... enemy is screaming in pain on the ground? Ok. Hit 'em again! Without the eggshell requiring him to project his swing, even if that copy of charlie flashed again it wasn't going to do the thief any good. Sure reinforcements were coming, but the bulk hadn't hatched yet and if the other two were just going to watch, they didn't matter yet either. With his target trying to launch an attack rather than preserve its life Ed's near immediate second swing was merely an execution. The 'new' species may have been adapted to Terrenus, but by it's lonesome it wasn't particularly noteworthy. Swarm tactics didn't work when you get jumped in a one on one fight. Grabbing the twitching corpse, Ed lifted the thing as if going to take a bite from the new gaping mortal wound. Why? Just to be defiant? As a last fuck you? SLURP. Shadows flowed within and empty chitin rang on the ground hollowly. In so many cases just eating an enemy might have been inadvisable. There were so many things that could go wrong. But in this case the compatibility was an intended feature, even if turnabout wasn't expected. Now should Ed just translate that to the rest of them through the recently acquired medium he might just be able to remove the distinction between enemies and recovery items. It wasn't like he could eat forever, there was a limit to even his stomach and rate of digestion but shadows gave a lot of carrying capacity. His equipment might have been missing but he was still in there. Normally, most of the mage association would frown on debatable cannibalism given that they were not a pure human organization. Who or what being green-lit as meat could set a precedent that lead to a bloodbath amount of infighting and ultimate collapse. But out here? Fuck it. "Traveling to a region with lower magical saturation isn't a joke, otherwise every predator would come flooding in toward easier prey. It's like stepping into a vacuum unprepared, at worst it'll ultimately be lethal and at best you'll suffer permanent damage but at least your diminished state will have stabilized. Of course, if you end up brain dead like Lardex the Devourer of buffets, then there's really no coming back from that. The fuck was your plan? If I was in your shoes I would have interrogated everyone I could get my hands on and then bolted for the Shawnee Glacier until I could figure something out." That had been a good plan, unlike actually placidly waiting to die. But there really wasn't time for a monologue on how badly they screwed up. For one, the eggs were cracking and it was lunacy to expect them to respect a filibuster. And second? Out here there was still room for them to fuck up worse. The two princesses didn't look like they could make the trip to the glacier and by the strength of the poor copy of himself... those weren't breaking through the continent en mass. Maybe adding another entry to the general bestiary of Yh'mi, but not much more. The mage might very well die here today. Ed accepted that. He'd ensure his death curse left a mark when that likely came to pass.
  16. Akiris

    Explosions and MP

    It’s a long winded way to say nothing.
  17. Akiris

    Explosions and MP

    What math? We know nothing about what op intends to do except explosions that stem from magical fire.
  18. How to rile up your PC’s. Steal from them. Doesn’t even have to be something significant.
  19. Akiris

    Explosions and MP

    Take a read through the anti munch project and consider what you want to do and the pitfalls listed. Explosions come across as high accuracy (large aoe) and damage attacks. They’re attractive for that, I get it. I’m not amenities, but I’d give advice. I just don’t know what the build goals are.
  20. So this was why he’d woken feeling incomplete. It seemed the ‘alcove’ wend deeper than Ed had first assumed and despite extracting part of himself back, the end result just wasn’t complete. Ilene seemed to have gone off on a yandere stalker tangent if one was to use the Weeblander term. Sadly, now wasn’t the best time to hand her a butchers knife and let nature run it’s course. That was a tool for oddball romance and did not deserve to be sullied by the BLOOD OF THESE LITTLE SHITS WHO THOUGHT THAT THEY COULD STEAL FROM HIM AND GET AWAY WITH IT! He watched the leg club descend. Now the translucent shells may vey well be immune to damage and set to only open at the appointed time, but they were translucent and Ed had the right kind of magic to render the falling shadow just as lethal as the club itself. Die in the cradle. Die and hand it back. Just like his personal extraction from the wall, Ed would make sure Ilene would get back what was taken. It was easy enough without his magic. With it? He’d wring these baby seals dry. “They stole from us.” There was an unmistakable undercurrent of rage in that almost placid statement as the man put everything together and came to the conclusion that all this shit was the result of trash attempting to pilfer everything they could from him. No, that couldn’t be tolerated at all. Magic flared as Ed zeroed in on his own abomination and swung the lethal shadow through the translucent shell. This one. This one was next. ”and there is only one way this is going to end.”
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