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  1. Ok, well I will work out a character concept in the meantime for when Magnus inevitably becomes a canard. 🦆
  2. Am I too late for this? My schedule is an absolute mess and I made my single extant thread wait a week for me but at the same time I really want to participate. I can lose a little sleep.
  3. Stories She felt Mal's gaze upon her again, and wondered between the grommets she was cleaning if she really was so lonely that company from a man she hardly knew was something she wanted. It was never like they said - even in the most remote of places, your decisions followed you no matter where you went. She wasn't just some easy slag. Free men in Absalom had paid an entire week's salary to compete for attention that wasn't even hers to give. Ergo Tech owned that, too. Her cameras would record every second of... anything she committed to here in Amalia. Besides, what had he even done to merit it so far? Cook some noodles and arrive late? And yet the next time he glanced over she met his gaze from under her dark, matted bangs just a moment too long, and straightened her back against the frame behind her. "I suppose we all have our demons." the thief agreed to the sentiment, and wrinkled her nose. "But its not quite what I was looking for - sharing mine would give you the wrong idea." Unity sighed. "Not like its stopped anyone else, I guess." She grew quieter for a moment, her soft voice giving way to the terse sounds of horse hair cuffing the boiled leather in her hands. The past, and even the present was a sequestered pain that the beautiful rogue hid just as carefully as she could conceal herself. "I like tales of daring and heroism, the kind that give you hope and light a fire under your ass, and mysterious, spooky things that keep you up at night. If you've either of those from your tour Mal, I wanna hear them." Her eyes drifted over towards Arthur, and she gave him a small shrug. "But if you want to just talk about home, I guess... that can be nice too."
  4. Work recently furloughed 3/4 of the force and so my schedule has been overworked and completely unpredictable, I'll post this weekend if I can. Sorry for the silence.
  5. My apologies! I look forward to it.
  6. Encamped There was at least one clue towards Unity's intended destination in the change of clothes she snagged from her pack, before quickly vanishing off into the brush. Though they had left the river found on their way in long behind, it seemed like Mt. Icthys was a literal wellspring of fresh water. Even here, sequestered in the transition between natural and artificial, the faint sounds of running water babbled through the timelost trunks. It was this murmur that Unity sought out, leaning down to run her fingertips across the gently rolling spring water. It was surprisingly cold, unlike the sluggish rivers of mainland jungles, and thus a stark contrast to the tropics of the island. Even the sensation of just dipping in a hand was profoundly refreshing. Covered in dirt and grime from the belly dive into the earth from earlier, and the general sweat-crusted dust of having hiked through miles of rainforest, the thief welcomed the opportunity to extricate herself from the bindings of her armor, and immerse herself in a pooling eddy where the water spilled over a mossy boulder. She might have been re-engineered to be the pinnacle of womankind, but there were certain things no amount of gene-tweaking or implants could rectify. The female body was not designed to remain filthy for long periods of time without consequence, and the memories of miserable pains from her more medieval days had never quite disappeared. And so although it was tempting to pretend she had an audience, the rogue's bathing session was hardly self-indulgent, and instead worked quickly to lather the muck off her toned body with as much speed as humanly possible before the creek froze her to death. Mercifully, the sheer density of her hair meant that little had penetrated far into the tangle... but by the same token it was an absolute nightmare to properly handle. Climbing from the pool on tiptoe, Unity shook her mane back and forth like a dog, irrigating the bank with a wild spray of crisp spring water, as the scum of her wake drifted off downstream. The towel she'd brought wasn't up to the task of drying her hair either, and so it still hung damp and deflated, even after rubbing some sensation back into the rest of her body and getting dressed. Unlike her armor, it wasn't anything fancy - in fact it was rather almost too simple. A gray low-necked tank top, elasticized just enough to cling, a pair of canvas booty shorts in olive drab, and chunky high-heeled brown ankle boots. Easy enough to sleep and move in, it would let her give her armor a thorough cleaning as well. She returned to the smells of stew, which she happily accepted from the mercenary after hanging her towel to dry. A comment that the scent was likely to travel and give them away was swiftly overwhelmed by the gnaw of hunger, and so with little prompting she squatted down between the two men to devour her allotted portion, and seconds as well. Only after the greedy gremlins of her stomach had been sated did the woman visibly relax, settling in with her back against her pack to brush out the leather of her armor with a horsehair thicket in the slowly dying light. After working through a particularly stubborn patch of clay, her red eyes swiveled up from her task, suddenly weary of it. "You guys have any stories?"
  7. There was, in fact, cake - and anything else the newcomers might have wanted. Already, the strange faceless butler had spoken more in a few minutes than he recalled pontificating for the combined previous year, and so he went about the task of filling the requests for food and drink in earnest fashion and ruminating silence. His sagacious demeanor withdrew, not used to such activity, and though he remained at hand for any need the greenhorns might have, it seemed like an aeon had interposed itself in a moment. From across the yawning gulf of silence, Reginald's emerald membrane shuddered happily. After all, he'd accomplished what was most important in each of their journeys; talking and socializing amongst themselves. With newfound friends and allies, they would be ready to take on the perils and triumphs Valucre had to offer without fear.
  8. Low effort post is up, I am not feeling it today but didn't want to make you guys wait, my apologies.
  9. Brushing the jet-black swathe of hair from her eyes, Unity gave the mercenary a brief smile, before tossing her head back over her shoulder - indicating Arthur, who was busy setting up his own lodgings. "There might have been, but he grabbed your stuff." Her eyes twinkled with mirth. "What a shame." Of course, her embrace was not something to be bought, especially not for something so meagre as a ration bar, but it left the door open to negotiation later. Presently, her things being sorted out, Unity set about making good on her other promise. Kneeling amidst the now rather cozy triumvirate of tents, she concentrated for a moment, and shimmering out from her hand, planted a glowing cylinder of reddish hue into the soil, which quickly began to warp the air above it into shimmering waves. Although there was still sun in the sky, its persistent glow and heat would be a welcome, smokeless replacement for a campfire upon which a pot or saucepan could be neatly balanced. "Make yourselves comfortable, I'll be back shortly. There's potatoes, onion, and tinned meat in the lower compartment of my bag if you guys need it."
  10. The general agitation of the patrons roiled around Reginald Clucumberington, but he remained cool as a pickle, which was appropriate since his skin largely resembled the surface of one. Not wishing to distress the masked individual, nor Viktor and the new arrival, he withdrew to behind the bar, and murmured to himself as he worked. Rrrrrmmm, Rmmmmm. [Thirsty, thirsty.] With slow, measured gestures, he mixed a variety of sparkling refreshments, drinks of bubbly lemon, mint, and cranberry served in tall, iced glasses. Conspicuously, he prepared a separate glass of light brine garnished with radish slices for himself, which was set aside for the moment. This tray balanced neatly upon the closed ball of his arm, and he offered it to each in turn, bowing as he did so. Perhaps this would soothe their woes. Ba-rmmmmm! [Drink!] @dionysins @SarcasticDruid @Little_Vicious
  11. The butler remained impassive, which was easy, for he had no face. Viktor posed many questions, and they washed over Reginald like the battering surf, which vexed him. It was so much more comfortable in the gentle sway of the doldrums, the seabed of conversations held at a measured pace. Reginald crinkled in thought. Haaaah, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. [Nine. Hundred and eighty third of my line. Thank you.] Valuuuuuuuuuuuummmm. Ss-ss. Laaaam-mmmmm. [Valucre greets you - yes, yes. Life has many doors.] The butler raised a wrinkled, wastry arm like a saguaro cactus attaining its mature form, and pointed towards the lobby area, then the quest board with the other one. Sssh-cshaaaaaa. Mmmmm. Laaaaam-ghrm. [Yes. Choosing. Help and make. Many openings, portals, re-quests.]
  12. Crystalsong The ration bar found itself in the thief's grip almost sooner than her seeing Mal throw it, which was a quirk of having reflexes that bypassed the normal neural pathways. Fortunately, this time it didn't come with the accompanying weird muscle spasms. Instead, she just stared at it a moment too long, before reluctantly tearing open the packaging and mindfully consuming the contents. "It's a start." she acquiesced, and gave Mal a smile at the comment. "Thanks." There was a short pause in which the only sounds from her were the incredibly faint crunch of granola between her pearly teeth. She was staring at Arthur meanwhile, half incredulously and half curiously, over his odd juxtaposition of frazzled disorganization and demonstrated competence. There were precious few that could have easily tracked her, let alone quickly enough to catch up. His surprise at that fact seemed... disingenuous. "We're here to nick some Ulway artifacts." Unity answered eventually, and reluctantly pulled herself out of the root-chair she'd been sprawled in. "Specifically one of their spears and a mask. Problem is, if you recall, they all think together, so the moment we beat one down and take its lunch money the whole island knows what's up. So that's out of the question. My plan was to climb the mountain to the 'sacred' places and see if they left any as offerings or decoration. If you have a better one though I am all ears." She pulled out the folded tarpaulin from her pack, and laying it out, surveyed the area for a good place to suspend it. As it happened, the nearby crystal-frozen trees provided an almost constructed support with their limbs, and folding it over one of the limbs allowed her to stake the corners into a cozy little three-sided teepee. "In the meantime I figured having a base camp that wasn't swarming with bugs would be a good launching point. Also, Mal, don't bother with firewood - I've got something better that won't smoke signal the rest of the world where we are."
  13. Mmmm. It was a murmur, of indistinct origin, but one that wormed its way into the ear and stayed there. [Welcome, travelers] No mouth spoke them, they simply arrived. The barman Vaddok was sorely tied up with new patrons - in fact the establishment hadn't been this busy in a while. It brought life to old, venerable flesh. The humanoid echinoderm bowed at the waist to the newcomers near the doorway as they proceeded in, wrinkling and contorting wonderfully... then shadowed them with pained fortitude. His form bore a suit of impeccable brushed, glossy wool in distinguished dark grey. It was finally the butler's time. Mmmm, mmmm. [Barman, busy] The feeding aperture, crowned in purple vibrance, fluttered excitedly in greeting. Hummmm, ahmmmm, mmmmm? Ah-hmm? Mm-mm. [Aid, how, offered? Drink? Food?] @dionysins @SarcasticDruid
  14. @Voldemort Hope your holidays are passing well! You are up in the posting order.
  15. Unity has been fleeing justice throughout the planes for stealing artifacts her entire adult life. Unfortunately, although she is presently safe on Valucre from her pursuers, she is nonetheless imprisoned here.
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