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  1. At this point replying is probably pointless, its been 2 weeks with no activity and the site is shutting down in about the same time window hence.
  2. Kang's words had an immediate and sobering effect on the pretty assassin, and for a moment she dropped the eyelash batting to stare in a mixture of admiration and horror. There was no question that she was the right woman for the job, Avalon's snide comments notwithstanding. After all, Unit T was the perfect woman, edited, spliced, and grown to the pinnacle of female biology. Envy was a natural reaction to her presence. The surgeons had marred her as little as possible, installing only the bare minimum of cyberware to help in her role, and had placed their trust in serums, biological lattice networks, gene edits, and a diet custom tailored to her needs. She was the poster child of Akagi Systems, Inc. and also their final gambit. Forever overshadowed by the vastly more successful Arasaka, their downfall should have been the lucky break Akagi needed... but the infrastructure to step into the power vacuum was just not there. Thus they created Unit T, the collective work of their best minds, to be their living, breathing, walking and talking billboard. After all, nothing sells as well as sex and results. The calligraphied, luminescent corp logo on her right cheek scrunched together slightly as Unity sucked her pearly whites pensively. "That's ballsy, Mr. Kang. The kind of ballsy that is going to get people killed." She pulled on the hem of her skirt again - the thing really was too damn short. "All I have to lose is debt, so I'm in. Detail would be nice, of course. But the rest of you..." The fixer turned slightly in her seat, sweeping her crimson gaze over the others. "I hope you have your last will sorted."
  3. ... lmao what I only just now see this. The new site looks like someone's crappy blog. That's gonna be a miss from me, carry on without me.
  4. I think its because she is a Fixer. Unity is also, but as an assassin she is only well known in a clandestine sense, whereas Phaedra is likely more outwardly connected.
  5. Alright well I'll go again since there's deafening silence, I was delaying thinking @500bees might have wanted to reply to the social interaction.
  6. It's... artificial. 🙂
  7. Just a couple of points to add to this. The Sarcophagus is an incredibly vast subterranean structure, simply dismantling it is not going to be a viable recovery method. Also, although I am tied up with my personal schedule not allowing for frequent posts, I do still administrate Absalom and it sitting 'idle' is not an indication that it is dead or something.
  8. About 2/3 of the way up I would say, though as with everything on the island the mountain doesn't quite obey normal rules about its peak. And yeah I imagined it was still pretty vertical.
  9. The Mountain "Don't worry about collecting those, they disappear after I am done with them." Unity chuckled, and shooed away the offered pitons, letting them dissolve back into ambient sunlight in Arthur's grasp. "I'm glad you're here to back up my decision-making though, I was starting to doubt it was worth the effort..." The thief pulled herself to her feet, and squinted up past the glare towards the peak as best she could. A wreathe of dense cloud clung to it in a ring, unmoved by the winds at this height, and with few other landmarks to go on, reaching this band was her next immediate objective. Easier said than done, for certain. By this point the entire southeastern face had become a steep, wrinkled crag, between which fallen boulders lay wedged precariously, and the air grew ever thinner. Bioengineered lungs compensated with almost comical inhalations, maintaining Unity's oxygen levels with rib-creaking breaths. She hoped the other two would be able to keep pace without becoming light-headed, and paused several times to make sure they were all taking the same route up. Her natural and supernatural agility was no longer cutting it on these extended rises, and she too had fashioned a rope seat harness from her own cordage to keep her ascent steady. Thusly belabored, the day seemed to careen by in a flash, and the sun was already well past its apex as the shroud of vapor hugging the mountain enveloped them. Unlike the temperate clime directly underneath, the band was abruptly cold, like a freezer box, stinging at the flesh with every slight movement, and yet warm enough to keep the body painfully aware of it. In the space of a few yards, a thin crust of frost crystallized on the shapely rogue's long eyelashes, which crinkled as she tried to blink away the bite of the swirling sleet. Her hair too, stiffened at its frosty tips into actual peaks of hoarfrost, and small icicles spun threads from the edges of her belts. "Uh... I don't know about this..."
  10. Unity took a long moment to... absorb what she was looking at. "I see stealth will be optional for this mission." she quipped, and rolled her eyes at the flex. Nearly anyone could get themselves chopped these days provided you didn't mind owing the megacorps for the rest of your life - so being a metalhead wasn't exactly an accomplishment. Pet names didn't bother her, but the whole ostentatious chippendale look wasn't really the thief's bag either to be honest, which substantially cooled any interest in the borg's flirting. Besides, his heels were nearly as tall as hers, if not matching, which pricked her pride a bit. She looked away coyly, letting her single jet-black bang fall over her right eye, and smoothed her handspan of skirt pointlessly. What do I do with his interest? Settling on guarded disingenuous acceptance for now, she gave the exotic dancer a forced smile, and breathed an internal sigh of relief when someone who apparently knew Buni arrived, which freed her from scrutiny long enough to peer around at the others. The other two men seemed far more reserved, perhaps a little stereotypically grim in the case of Markus. Granted, you couldn't read much of a man in a golden facemask sitting alone by the door, as Avalon was, but nonetheless she gave them each a small nodding acknowledgment by way of greeting. Competence was expected in the business, and though the assassin didn't know any of the people in the room as of yet, she suspected that by the end of this brief she'd know exactly who to burden with her wellbeing. Even if that person ended up being herself.
  11. @Fierach it's back to you, but I would like to know if I can post out of turn if its just character interaction?
  12. Guess I am going first, then. Y'all better not leave me hanging.
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