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  1. New hairstyle. "Silver Rage"
  2. Bronze? Like Multiplayer?
  3. It's a daaaaaaaay. Unlike any other daaaaay
  4. Discord's for losers. Meet me on MSN Messenger. ...oh wait...
  5. *Destroys the world*
  6. I do love that the Switch plays Wii U games so well. I'm quite impressed with Nintendo's development team. P4 was pretty straight forward to me. Loved the cast, not so much the story. I did love P2 and P3P though.
  7. I CAN'T! *Flails and dies*
  8. Persona 5..... Injustice 2.... Stormblood..... I can hold to my plan and not buy any other game until I get those 3. I swear I can....
  9. Ugh..... Kill me...
  10. I hate allergies
  11. I hate allergies
  12. I'M NOT OVERREATCTING! *Eats all the ice cream* But that would be nice. I plan on doing some work on Val this week, so we can do that as well.
  13. Apryl, what the heck? I thought we were friends! *Runs away to binge on chocolate ice cream*
  14. I still haven't taken you "out for dinner," how about this week? Get a character you like and we'll get it going.