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  1. *Insert witty response*
  2. You better show them hard. How dare they try to prove me wrong.
  3. I think most everyone knows about Transistor either by the game itself or the music
  4. Oh I know Transistor. Such a good soundtrack. That second one thought will certainly make it to my list after work
  5. I need good writing music
  6. Good deal~
  7. The other guy answered, but I just wanted to say that question made me giggle a bit
  8. What's your party looking like?
  9. I didn't like the cast that much in P4G, but I did love the game. P5 is better in every way. Well, the bromance with Yosuke in P4G was much better, but there's no beating that
  10. It's so good.... and really frikkin long. I'm taking my time, but I'm maybe halfway through and have like 55 hours in the game already.
  11. I may pick up Uncharted 4 after I finish Persona 5
  12. "Yup, it's Gus and Riki," the man said, grabbing the hand that extended over the cliff to help him up. He fixed his grey tunic, brushing the snow off as he looked at the group awaiting him. He stood a head shorter than his team, but the fierce eyes made it clear he was the one in charge of the pack. A heavy cloak covered his shoulders, adorned with the subtle bits of metal at the shoulder and hem to reveal its importance, the cutting breeze, blowing enough to reveal the leather armor underneath it, likewise with metal plates to improve it's toughness. "The girl did it?" asked a tall, bald fellow, raising a bare eyebrow at the statement from their boss. He was gravely serious, his solid stature still as he waited a response. "Ha! If you can call her a girl!" came a derisive laugh from an equally tall broad female from the edge of the group. "
  13. I.... wait what?
  14. And then I can be lazy and antisocial in large groups again! ...wait...
  15. Exactly. You'll get there one day. I've seen it.