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  1. Welcome back. How's life been treating you?

    1. The Usual Suspect

      The Usual Suspect

      Thank you and well enough. Still alive, employed, etc. 

  2. *Dusts off her old chair and sits in it before immediately falling asleep* Home sweet ho---Zzzzzz!
  3. That made sense to the woman. While Gloria had never been the sort to demand respect from others, she did expect it from those who knew her. Those who knew of her were a different group, as most times they either simply knew just the results of her actions or the rumors of said actions. In most regards, actually, the rumors tended to be true as Gloria suffered no ambiguity in herself. She sided with OXY, killed a good number of guards, freed a criminal and dropped houses on the Keep's residents. And stole the Baroness' bird. Twice. "I would consider the attention to be a compliment," she replied. "Rise against adversity and all that. I wonder if she'll hire me to make her look good more often." The small quip played on her tongue as she allowed Roen to lead her about. Even in her eternal obliviousness optimism, she knew it would be impossible, both with the Baroness' pride and with her currently earning a not-so-friend's favor. She just assumed they'd have their talk one day. Either before gallows or before a bartender. With an empty sigh, Gloria exhaled the thoughts of that altercation, her own hand finding its way to rest on Roen's back. "I've yet to see Patia host such occasions. Ignoring the obvious lack of coronations or the like, are you just averse to the limelight? No desire to flaunt and remind people of your own significance?" It was trifling question, meant to bring back one of those rare smiles he had been wielding all night. @Roen
  4. When is Pailou opening?!

    1. The Usual Suspect

      The Usual Suspect

      Once I get back around to writing sadly. Health issues and work came up, so I was taking some time off

  5. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Hey there, by the way.

    You are an unexpected delight on returning to this website.

    1. The Usual Suspect

      The Usual Suspect

      Me? I'm nothing impressive, dear. Just a slightly updated relic from what I was on Gaia

    2. Ruski


      You say that like any of us gaian cast-offs are any better. Great to see you nonetheless.

    3. The Usual Suspect

      The Usual Suspect

      Well than kyo dearheart.

  6. Raven blinked a few time as she stared at the ceiling. Both eyes seemed fine and there was no immediate problem with rotating her neck, but as she went to sit up, her right arm seemed heavy and didn't move. Looking over, she frowned at the sight of the row of barbed spikes jutting from the ground, spearing both her journal and her right arm. Taking a breath, she stared up at the ceiling in exasperation, only to notice something odd about the tiles above her. They were marked with rather odd star symbols, but in a rather erratic fashion as opposed to the symmetrical patterns the decor had taken until then. It only took a few scans of the floor and the ceiling for her to realize the significance of them. "How... simple. Effective, but simple," she chuckled, then shook her head getting herself ready to get herself free. Pleasantly delighted at that lack of working pain receptors, Raven pulled herself carefully up, keeping her arm level to avoid tearing either her elbow or shoulder. The spikes were run with blood, but it didn't run down the length of the barbs, instead simply coated it like a paint. Rotating her arm to check the joints, she shook her head before pulling the journal free, grimacing at the hole punching through the leather cover. "Well, that sucks," she said bluntly, grabbing her bag and slinging it over her shoulder. Keeping her eyes pointed upwards, she followed the star symbols to quickly circumvent the hallway, soft shoes following the corridor before touching down at the opening to a wide room. The woman let out a sigh before looking at the room, noticing the worn stone bathed in a cool, blue light. Torch sconces lined the wall, long dead coals still in them, the light instead coming from crystal perched on a dais in the center of the room. It was a peaceful light, the relaxing warmth washing over her. But as she stepped closer to it, the warmth started turned into an itch, then a simmering heat. Confused, she held out gloved hand, and while the leather itself didn't change or seem effected, her fingers inside started screaming in pain, forcing her to retreat back to the doorway. She yanked the glove off her hand to show the singed tips of pale flesh, as if she had put her hand against a heated brand. "What the hell?" "An oddity ain't it?" The question was accentuated by the TWANG! of a bow string. The arrow slammed into Raven's back, the force dropping her face first to the ground. The arrow itself didn't hurt, but her skull cracking off the stone floor made her brain swim for a moment. She heard the boots approach from behind her, trying to push herself up before a weight dropped onto her back to force her back down, a hand roughly gripping her hair to keep her down. "The Hydromaresol. One of those legendary blades and whatever. The ruler of water, or some nonsense." There was a motion and the arrow was tugged from her back before she found herself hauled to her feet. She found herself staring at the smug face of Rio, the rogue she had made the misfortune of trying to hire. "And if you believe that, then you'd also know it was known for healing... something you seem to not get along with."
  7. Ever so slightly, a frown crossed Gloria's face. As if the understanding of her situation between both Red and Raven was finally dawning on her. Between Roen's warning, and her own understanding of what had happened tonight, the psion mulled over it slightly. As she did, her dress warped under Roen's hand against her back, the dress tightening around her to form a floor length cheongsam, black dress imprinted with a vibrant pink floral design and gold hemwork, a keyhole cut out at the chest. Her hair even twisted upward into a fitting bun to fulfill the Oriental look. Just as sudden as the dress formed, Gloria blinked, pursing her lips in a bit of pensive thinking. "I wonder if they're just mad that I'm quivering in fear about the consequences." It wasn't that she ignored what she did; she simply wasn't letting herself get bogged down by the consequences of it all. Execution, imprisonment, it was all just the way poker hand ended that round. Gloria wasn't sure if Roen's stumble over his own innuendo was planned or not, so she was quiet with an amused face as she listened to him. She had understood his meaning well before his hand at resting just above her rear, but that only cemented the meaning he was striving for. It was his continued admission that made her heart beat just a bit faster, almost fluttering like a sparrow for a moment as her mind grasped what he was reaching at. This wasn't the confession of a bloke head over heels with a pretty face, which was something she was quite used to, but it was something she hadn't been privy to in some time: friendship. Sidekick, henchmen, toy, accomplice, subordinate... never friend. He was a man of so many surprises in one night that Gloria almost feared what would happen next. Almost. As much as things scared her, it was that anticipation that made her stay at his side as he led her to yet another spot, to avoid getting listless in their conversation. The ring was another oddity, something that itched at her mind as she grasped it. Tucking the ring between her breasts, she nodded at his request. "Well, I agree I do very much enjoy my butt staying where it is, so I'll be sure not to wear it," she said, her first words in a while ending with her normal coy smile, biting back the desire to see how easy it would be to steal said airship. Instead, she let out small sigh at her own impertinence, looking up at Roen. "Thank you, Roen. Really. Not for the words or the gift, but... actually? Let's just leave it at that: Thank you."
  8. "Yup, it's Gus and Riki," the man said, grabbing the hand that extended over the cliff to help him up. He fixed his grey tunic, brushing the snow off as he looked at the group awaiting him. He stood a head shorter than his team, but the fierce eyes made it clear he was the one in charge of the pack. A heavy cloak covered his shoulders, adorned with the subtle bits of metal at the shoulder and hem to reveal its importance, the cutting breeze, blowing enough to reveal the leather armor underneath it, likewise with metal plates to improve it's toughness. "The girl did it?" asked a tall, bald fellow, raising a bare eyebrow at the statement from their boss. He was gravely serious, his solid stature still as he waited a response. "Ha! If you can call her a girl!" came a derisive laugh from an equally tall, broad female from the edge of the group. Any further retort was cut off by a stern glare from their shorter leader. "In any case, the girl has to be nearby. By herself with no horse in this cold, those pretty clothes won't let her travel that far. We already tracked the blood spatters to a campsite not far from here. The fire is a few hours dead and the tent is still standing, but empty.... well, mostly empty." She threw something to the ground, letting it roll to the middle of the group. One especially skittish rogue, pointed at it dramatically. "Are those bite marks?" "Stalker's breath! That's Riki's arm. I saw it had gotten cut off, but didn't..." the man sighed, shaking his head. "Kida, take us back to that camp. We'll find this witch if the last we do." "I hope you got some of those black powder bombs on you then, Rio. There's some kind of hole, but it's plugged with ice who knows how thick. I have Talon back there now trying to chip at it with a pick." The woman shouldered her cloak, turning to head back across the ice, the other men in tow. ***** "Urp!" A small burp escaped Raven's lips as she sat on the ground in the stone hallway. Wiggling her lips, she looked back down at the journal laying in front of her. Drawn on it in rough charcoal was a grid, matching the tiled floor in front of her. Each grid marked with a "X" just happened to correspond with skeletons on the floor, impaled by spikes. It was obviously triggered by pressure plates in the floor itself. So her current goal was to figure out if there was a method to the traps; as reckless as she was, getting herself impaled would cut this journey awfully short. "Actually, it may not be half bad," she mused, nibbling on a bit of salted meat she had brought with her. "This sword was rumored to have healing abilities, so maybe it would be a good test." A globe of ice formed in her hand and she dropped it on one tile in front of her, waiting for a moment. No reaction. Taking her charcoal, she marked the square off and took a moment to study the tile. Any markings or indicators to tell the safe ones from the trapped ones. One triggered trap had gilded edges, but another trapped square didn't, while the tile she was currently sitting atop had gilded edges as well. "So that's a no," she mumbled. She stood up, dusting herself off as she shouldered her flipped through the pages on her journal. There were no recurring symbols or anything to try to narrow down and the walls were worn away by time and age. Raven sighed, closing her eyes as she bumped the journal on her head. It didn't help that she was against the clock and had to make it through here before-- BOOM! SHNKT! The halls shook violently and sent the small woman tottering over. Her high taste in fashion made a poor choice in pragmatism as the shock took her clear off her feet, the wingtip shoes not doing much to keep her traction. She hit the ground and almost immediately heard the horrible sound rapidly moving metal.
  9. This weekend I will try to get something started. Even if it's just a "Casual" thread
  10. I like you; you're funny.

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      Well, you should trust my judgement. I'm basically a super genius. 

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      Oh relly? Huh, I guess I should just defer to that impressive feat.

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      I mean, if super genius actually means "has a 2 INT score but at least like 7 charisma", then ya. Preeeetttyyy impressive. 

  11. Even as a psion, one well versed in reading minds and manner, Gloria never actually indulged in reading people's minds. Sure, she'd stolen thoughts and ideas from people using her powers, but they was more in regard to her role as a thief. As it was, she never once thought to read Roen's mind or even begin to fathom that he recalled similar people. Or what he had done to said person. Instead, she simply watched him accept her drink, pretending to ignore the shift of expression on his face. Gloria was never a damsel in distress, so she didn't even interrupt the guards as they tried to escort her to the Queen-to-be. As it turned out, she didn't have to, as Roen took care of handling it for her... something that was actually bordering on insulting to her. With the tail on her ankle like a leash, even with it's gentle touch, a small itch of defiance bubbled in the back of her mind. In comparison to the other times males jumped to protect her honor, Roen's was simply self-serving, openly admitting to letting her go when he'd enjoy his 'fill'. She didn't say anything at first, simply feeling the approaching company as the guards were shooed off. The alien with the impressively bad landings seemed no worse for wear since she had seen him in Sigil. He seemed... situated even, like he finally that setting to set his feet without feeling out of sync. They'd never spoken, but Gloria had kept eyes on everyone during the Infiltrator fiasco. It annoyed her that not many of them at all had died either. At Raven's arrival however, the psion's smile grew. For a moment, she thought it was her once-boss, Corvus, who she had taken an assignment for under threat promise advice to avoid a snapped neck. And that led to, killing more than a dozen of Predator's Keeps guard, massive property damage throughout the city. And her first joyride with the Baroness' pet gryphon. Only slightly after her brief reminiscing, Gloria actually realized she had never been paid for that assignment. With a blink, she brought her eyes back to focus on Raven as her name was mentioned. "I would hardly call it petty," she replied, her smile still very empty of remorse. "When I stopped by their this morning to get my ride here, it looked like some parts of the Keep were still being a repaired." She fought to hold back a laugh at the comment of execution. "Relax, we failed, Red's still safe, and she's even a Queen now--almost. I mean, your job at her side is effectively out of your reach forever, but who'd going to worry about that?" It was around that time, the not-a-bear broke into tirade about their behavior, and effectively shocked Gloria. "Oh my goodness!" she said after a moment. "The little people are real. That bears is so well kept; I'm impressed!" Like a girl who just saw Santa Claus, Gloria had a mind to comb that beard with her fingers, giving Raven a dismissive wave, before holding up her index finger and thumb. There was a spark of energy and a small, pink crystal formed there that she held out for the other psion. "Call me. Track me down. You and James both know I don't run." She may be nomadic in nature and sporadic, but Gloria was never one to try run and hide from people. There was a second thought and Gloria snapped her fingers on her free just before Roen took to take her away. In the garden, having used where she still sensed Nyxau, a small pink shard floated in the air there, a passive beacon hovering before the blond psion, issuing the same offer she had laid out for Raven. "Call me. Track me. I won't run." "I can agree to some extent," she replied when they relocated to a less crowded area. "I am a fan of chaos, in most senses, but I suppose there are times where I can enjoy... some personal time." It was very often, Gloria was not fond of being left alone with her thoughts. Being with someone like the Devil, who did nothing but remind of her days before she was a growing Chaos Incarnate, it worried her what thoughts might come up. "Paranoia is one of the worse things the mind can do to itself. If your 'Nox' has a secret to avoid it, I think I should meet her." She gave him a soft smile, before looking back at where he left his jacket. "So far, I think you've had a much more tragic night than me. Lost a good seat, left your jacket... how do you manage to keep it all in stride?" @Roen @Trexasle @Deus Ex Aizen @Red the Ambivalent @Warlock
  12. There was a look that no one had probably seen on the psion's face in almost a decade. Shock. Her face has had similar looks before. Uncertainty, confusion, befuddlement, but all were normally followed for that usual confident or amused smirk. This time, however, the slight widening of her eyes was long enough that it was even apparent to her that she had lost her footing in the conversation already. Her cheeks darkened as she hid her embarrassment behind an obvious sip of her champagne. "I've never had a reason to declare my movements on a given board," she replied after a moment to decide her response. "Pawn, Rook, Bishop... Queen. It never pays to stay as one piece for too long." Her mind was far detached from the conversation, that opening remark throwing her memories to the past. Names flashed through her head then, faces with them that she had long forgotten. Erin, Rhos, Ever, Cefix, Flutter, Erik, Kichi... all dead or moved on by now. "Almost a decade, you're right. That feels like a lifetime ago, now that you remind me," she replied with an almost sad smile. They'd met in passing once on the beach that Gloria had washed up on, not a coin to her name. The two had encountered each other far more recently, during one of the many incidents in her last realm of residence. It was odd that he chose that particular scene to remember her by.... and touching. It completely rewrote her opinion of the Outsider, which wasn't something she did often. "Although, I will say thank you for remembering my good side." The joke didn't even make sense, but she played it off. Her own musings over the past were drawn off track as she noticed Roen's wandering gaze, and such she followed it, noting the ladies of the evening, one formerly the Baroness Red, and the Port's new Regent. She'd been around enough to know Roen had been relatively close to Red, being her main ally when she had built her little fortress town. If Red's eyes had found the psionic thief's eyes, she would notice the almost mocking grin behind them. A gentle motion of her hand, and Roen would find a flute of champagne within his reach. "I'm sure you'll have your moment with her Highness." There was a sudden shift in her seat, but even as the chair fell away to the ground under her with an obvious clatter, the psion didn't move, her body staying floating in the air as if seated on a cloud. It did draw her eyes away from Red as she roved the room for someone who might've had in it. She didn't waste time though, as it was harmless for the moment, but someone would pay before the night was over. By the time Roen returned his gaze to her, he would immediately notice the toga was gone. A strapless dress clung to her figure then, black with a lavender lace flower print down the sides. Even her nails were manicured differently, a matching lavender coat as opposed to her previously unpolished look. Her hair, once in waves, was now in a tight wrapped braid the was slung over one shoulder. The look on her face hadn't changed, as if she hadn't done anything and the clothes just changed of its own accord. "Thank you, though. It is refreshing to hear something so common sound honest, but I tend to always travel alone." Her own warmed up as well, mostly due to her aid in distracting Roen from his own thoughts. "But if I needed a reason to go anywhere, I would not do half of the things I have done. I simply heard there was a party and decided to attend...." She blinked, following his gaze again to the bear that was across from them. "I'm sorry, but Roen? Is that a bear watching us right now?"
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