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  1. That made sense to the woman. While Gloria had never been the sort to demand respect from others, she did expect it from those who knew her. Those who knew of her were a different group, as most times they either simply knew just the results of her actions or the rumors of said actions. In most regards, actually, the rumors tended to be true as Gloria suffered no ambiguity in herself. She sided with OXY, killed a good number of guards, freed a criminal and dropped houses on the Keep's residents. And stole the Baroness' bird. Twice. "I would consider the attention to be a compliment," she replied. "Rise against adversity and all that. I wonder if she'll hire me to make her look good more often." The small quip played on her tongue as she allowed Roen to lead her about. Even in her eternal obliviousness optimism, she knew it would be impossible, both with the Baroness' pride and with her currently earning a not-so-friend's favor. She just assumed they'd have their talk one day. Either before gallows or before a bartender. With an empty sigh, Gloria exhaled the thoughts of that altercation, her own hand finding its way to rest on Roen's back. "I've yet to see Patia host such occasions. Ignoring the obvious lack of coronations or the like, are you just averse to the limelight? No desire to flaunt and remind people of your own significance?" It was trifling question, meant to bring back one of those rare smiles he had been wielding all night. @Roen
  2. When is Pailou opening?!

    1. The Usual Suspect

      The Usual Suspect

      Once I get back around to writing sadly. Health issues and work came up, so I was taking some time off

  3. You don't know my life!
  4. New Jumanji? Awesome. Also, can I shoot you a PM about some Genesaris stuff?
  5. I got a quest in Genesaris
  6. Little kids and your sugar. I'll take a nice linguine with a lemon caper sauce
  7. That was a good day.
  8. Asshole characters are easy to play. Just pretend to be Deadpool Evil, like actual evil, is much different without falling into a cliche
  9. I'm at work and my computer doesn't have speakers! Ahhh! But thank you!
  10. Manic Monday...... wait, dammit I need to find that song
  11. Thieves are fun to play
  12. All of them should be in a reality sitcom as roommates.
  13. A bunch of my friends on here are either way younger than me or pay better attention to the internet, so I get so lost when they talk about memes and slang