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  1. Gloria smiled from the first man who she felt studying her since her entrance, her green eyes sparkling playfully. He didn't say anything to her, but he seemed pretty invested in his own thought towards her. Probably judging her taste in drink, if anything. IT was, after all, the easiest way to get insight into someone you don't know how to approach. For starters, never use cheesy pick up lines on someone drinking hard liquor, as odds are, they had no interest in frivolous banter. Her attention was quickly taken by the man who served her drink, and she was quick to realize this was the one she had been here for. It didn't take long before she was thoughtfully chewing on a cut of meat, following his own attention as it roamed the room. "On a date," she mused with an almost cheeky grin. "And doing employment services as well? I'm not sure whether to be appalled by your audacity or be impressed by the multitasking." She let out a small giggle, returning to her food. AS he passed the reins off to the sudden new hire, she shook her head. "I'm not against staying here... for the time being. Aside from something I seemed to have just missed, your tavern has a rather nice feel to it. Owned it for long?" She certainly wasn't one to assume ages, but it seemed clear the building was older than he seemed. @Deviant
  2. What that guys said
  3. Don't give me a reason to flood half the port
  4. If you look at the Western Coast of Terrenus, Pailou is in the ocean just past Weland and Marlboro Keep
  5. Thank you guys. I'm working on getting a list of positions and titles for the governing board. And then getting some base quests going for some things for you guys to do
  6. Okay I need to post tonight. I gotta stop being distracted
  7. Well, the entire is submerged, even inside the dome. The dome itself tho does moderate water temperature and converts the water passing through special vents into a LBM to help non water breathing residents breathe without need of a breathing apparatus. They do still offer them, however. It's replenished through the water passing through aforementioned vents as well.
  8. Well, that's awful. What a terrible thing to do.
  9. I think it was just a similarity in name when I first joined
  10. We don't talk often, but I know who you are. You're "That Guy Who Has His DRK relic that I Hate" I kid. I did however get you and Praetorian mixed up when I first joined.
  11. At least they know you enough to title you. I just get "Who are you again?"
  12. The combat system in XV was pretty nice, especially once you got the hang of the bonus attacks when you change weapons. So much wasted damage if you just mashed
  13. Hmmm Water Cooler thread, go~