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  1. Shamelessly stalking your page.

  2. I've never played DnD before, but I'm interested! If you're still accepting.
  3. Dahlia

    The Lonely Artist

    Kerrigan watched as David's mood turned from cheerful back to brooding. She wondered if this was her cue to leave, but decided against it. This was exactly why she didn't have many friends to begin with. When the going got tough and it seemed that she wasn't needed or wanted Kerrigan left and that's exactly how she ended up on an entirely different continent with nowhere to turn. No, she would try again. "Do you require assistance?" She said calmly. Her eyes moved over to the boy as he spoke. She thought to question his strange outburst but decided to let it go. There was clearly something going on with him and she didn't really fancy prying into that either. "I honestly don't know of anything around here. I'm not exactly from here." she offered coolly her dark curls bounced as she flipped them over her shoulder. She was going to stop there, but after a moment's thought decided to continue. "Let's say that you were to get involved in something dangerous. Hypothetically speaking. What exactly can you do? You didn't defend yourself when the bartender pushed you, you didn't catch yourself when you fell, and you don't exactly look like the fighting type. So, humor me, kid. What exactly can you do?" she repeated her question. She was genuinely interested in what jobs this strange boy was looking for. "And you." she said quietly turning her gaze to the artist. "I wasn't going to say anything because it's really not my business, but what are you going to do about that?" she asked nodding towards the money. "Do you even know who "The Boss" is?"
  4. Dahlia

    The Lonely Artist

    Kerrigan stared at Dave for a moment after he brushed his hair out of his eyes. It was more than uncommon for her to meet someone with a similar eye color to hers. Even more uncommon that said person had only one eye similar in color to hers. It was another moment, before she processed what he'd said through her staring. Registering the change in his demeanor from broody to almost cheerful threw her off a bit but she didn't miss another beat "Ah, yes... Nice to meet you too." she gave her first real smile to the two strangers-- a close lipped smile, but a smile nonetheless. Her head tiled and her gaze moved to Uno as he spoke with a careful tone. She paused carefully considering his words as her eyebrow raised ever so slightly in curiosity. What he said was most definitely an odd thing, but after the things she'd seen she supposed it wasn't impossible that he was telling the truth. Before the boy could finish what he was saying a burly man stormed into the bar drawing the attention of various onlookers. She felt her muscles tense and groaned inwardly. If it wasn't one thing, it was another. Her eyes shifted from the man to David when the man addressed him. Before she knew it, the ruckus causer was done with spiel and an envelope of cash was left in front of the artist. "What..." she started wanting to ask a question, but trailed off. For one she wasn't sure what to ask and even if she did she thought it improper to pry into her new acquaintance's business. Her lips closed and resolve shown in her eyes. If he wanted to share he would. Instead she waited expectantly for David's reaction.
  5. Dahlia

    The Lonely Artist

    Kerrigan nodded at the boy's words of thanks. "Don't mention it." She reassured him as the ghost of a smile played on her lips. She was a little taken aback by the artist asking about the boy's wellbeing and glanced over at him to see him settling back into his seat. She heard him say that he was fine but tired and noted that he did seem tired to her, but she wasn't so sure that he was fine. She decided to let it go; not wanting to cause him any more trouble. Kerrigan shifted her weight as she considered using this break in the chaos to leave the bar. It was funny how her once quiet life had somehow become a string of random incidents. She did have to admist that her travels led her to meet some interesting people and for that she was grateful. She felt the boys eyes on her and looked over to meet them. Once again she found herself taken aback by the boys casual use of the word friends. She looked between the boy and the artist. They didn't look like friends to her. In fact, she wouldn't have thought twice about it if the boy hadn't said anything. "Ah, nice to meet you...Uno? Interesting name." She paused the name seemed odd to her and she wanted to ask who had given it to him, but decided better of it. "I'm Kerrigan, Kerrigan Mikhail." She offered looking between them both. "I had no idea that you two were aquainted, but I'll join you..." she looked to the artist. "If that's alright with you."
  6. Dahlia

    The Lonely Artist

    Kerrigan blinked at the man's response and her face returned to it's usual expressionless facade. She may not have known much about art, but she was sure that from his actions that it was certainly not 'just another worthless piece of paper'. He didn't bother to look at her. For some reason this made her feel a little uneasy and she watched as the man got up and unconsciously took a step back as she marveled inwardly at his height before he forced his way through the dispersing crowd. From the way the man moved she felt sure that he was upset by the unfortunate incident and just as she was debating whether to follow him or not, she saw a bystander in the crowd--a brute of a man really--grab the artist's shoulder. Tension coiled in her gut. She'd seen enough altercations to know that this was how fights started and for once she felt partially to blame. She found herself releasing a breath she didn't know she had been holding when the situation resolved itself. She was still debating following the man when she noticed he seemed to be returning to his seat. Kerrigan waited patiently for the man to resume his seat before attempting to apologize again. "Hey..." she began but trailed off as she noticed a young boy claiming the seat next to the artist. She pushed through her second apology absentmindedly as her violet eyes stayed trained on the boy as he ordered an orange juice. Her gaze turned back to the artist for a moment. "I noticed that you seemed to be upset and I just wanted to--" She stopped abruptly as she heard the boy tell the bartender that he had no money and turned just in time to see him being shoved from his stool. Kerrigan quickly came to the boy's aid catching him before he could hit the ground. She helped him steady himself before turning to the bartender and looking him in the eye. "I'll pay for the lad's drink." she said reaching for her coin purse. "And this gentleman's as well." she cast a glance at the artist before handing the bartender money. He gave her a strange look and seemed as if he wanted to say something before grunting and accepting the coins. When the bartender resumed his duties she turned to the boy. "Are you alright?" she asked with concern in her eyes.
  7. Dahlia

    I Have Returned

    Not that I made friends here when I roleplayed before or that I roleplayed a lot when I did, but I'm back. Hopefully for good. My goal is to be more proactive about getting involved in roleplays and not to let myself get intimidated or to anxious to jump in. Well... that's all. lol I am glad to be back even if it doesn't sound like it. :)
  8. Dahlia

    The Lonely Artist

    Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Kerrigan let herself become lost in the sound of her leather boots hitting the street. Thinking on simple things was a welcome change for her. For days she had thought of nothing but the many events that brought her to where she was now. From watching the only home she'd ever known be destroyed to joining a band of pirates in a quest for vengeance, even she had to admit that it'd been quite some time since she'd felt like herself. Kerrigan looked down at her hands and the faintest ghost of a rueful smile graced her full lips. Even her once delicate hands that had never seen hard work outside of sword practice held more calluses than she'd ever imagined they would. A single raindrop splattered on the back of Kerrigan's right hand and she let both hands fall to her sides as she lifted her violet gaze to the night sky. It's going to rain, She thought to herself before turning her attention to finding a place to seek refuge. Before she could get too far it started to pour and she barely pulled the hood of her cloak up in time. Her pace quickened as she made work of scanning the buildings around for a tavern or an inn; at this point she didn't care which. Careful not to come in contact with any of the people around her while navigating her way through them, she perked up at a familiar scent. Ah, here we go. She could smell the tavern before she saw it even through the rain. Once in the tavern she headed for a seat she spotted in the far corner. She didn't fancy talking to anyone, after all she was only a traveler passing through. As she made her way through the throngs of people she found herself caught up in the flow of the crowd. Something was going on, she just didn't know what. The crowd began to thicken so that she thought she'd never make it through. She thought to turn back and try her luck with another place, but no sooner had the thought crossed her mind before the crowd began pushing her toward the source of the commotion. Kerrigan felt the hilt of her sword digging into her right shoulder and readjusted herself to see what was going on. There, right before her was an artist, his work coming to life before her very eyes. Amazing. She thought rising to her toes to get a better look over the few people in front of her. Unfortunately for her it was at that moment that the people behind her pushed forward to get a better look. Kerrigan pitched forward as she struggled to regain her footing. A small surge of triumph bloomed in her breast when she successfully threw out her right hand to catch herself on the counter next to the artist. Her triumph was short lived for as she righted herself and her hood fell off of her head she turned to see that the water from her cloak and hair had splashed onto the artist's paper. A mask of shock claimed her usually immovable features and a hush had fallen over the crowd. "I...I'm terribly sorry." her voice cut through the silence as she reached up and nervously squeezed the water from one of her damp curls.
  9. Dahlia

    The Lonely Artist in Dougton

    Hello Hello DaveTheHydraKing! (Can I call you Dave? xD) I've been on this site for quite a while and I have trouble finding rps to join soooo I'm definitely interested in your idea. :)
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    [Arkfield] Vertical Treasure Hunt

    Kerrigan had no intention of answering Mathias' question. She wasn't that talkative to begin with, but his inquiry was too personal for her liking. As the Elevitator doors opened, Kerrigan couldn't help the wariness that showed in her eyes. She couldn't say that she was a fan of anything that required leaving the ground, but at least she could take solace in the fact that once they were on level two, she could pretend her fear away. She followed Seth, her first step a bit hesitant, but she forced herself to walk normally. She took a moment to adjust the sword on her back before taking a seat near him, but as close to the door as possible. She didn't want to be on the Elevitator any longer than necessary. Her muscles tensed at the initial bump of the Elevitator's movement and she breathed a sigh of relief when she realized that she couldn't feel anything else. That wasn't half as bad as I thought It'd be. She thought to herself in relief as her face reclaimed her usual stoic expression. She glanced over at Mathias as he asked his question once again and she hoped that someone else would answer it. She hadn't expected the small creature from before to question the make of the table and the ghost of a smile traced her lips at the same time a rather melodic laugh rang out. She glanced between the butterfly mask and the one who laughed as the question was answered, then over to the male dressed in leather armor who vaguely answered the question of where everyone was headed.
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    [Arkfield] Vertical Treasure Hunt

    Kerrigan nodded at Seth's response to her question. It made sense. As much as she loved looking at the stars, she couldn't say that she wasn't tired of sleeping under them, and with the simple exchange over and done with, she was happy to close the remaining distance between them and the Elevitators station. Once they'd reached their destination, she noted that there was a five minute wait for the next Elevitator and found herself scanning the surroundings just in time to notice a small, butterfly-masked fox creature land on a bench near them. She watched with an intrigue that didn't show on her face as the being hopped onto a lamp post and reached for the bulb. Her lips parted in preparation of calling out a warning seconds too late as the creature gasped and the bulb shattered. Even as the shards of glass pelted the ground, Kerrigan's violet eyes were on the glass-breaker as the beginning of an apologetic statement came forth. A faint smile claimed her lips in the moment before she replied. "Accidents happen." she said. "And I'm sure the bulb will be replaced." she finished before glancing over when she heard the chime and saw that there were two minutes left until the next arrival. As the time to enter Arkfield grew nearer, Kerrigan couldn't help but wonder what they'd be getting into. All they knew was that the job that awaited them was said to be profitable and from experience she knew that profitable didn't necessarily mean pleasant. Still, it didn't hurt to hope.