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  1. Jace / Suzaku

    ♥Lira/Anya♥ Gender: F Height: [Depends on age/average] Weight: [Semi-thin, slightly underweight] Race: Nephilim [human/angel crossbreed] Age: [Depends on the RP] Birthdate: June 17th Family: Ella-Marie Stark (step-mother); Narfi Lokison (step-father); Sereda (step-sister); Vali Lokison (uncle); more deceased or missing; parents unknown Appearance: Human form: Brunette, brown eyes, cute but average, unremarkable. Angel form: white hair and skin, pink eyes, strikingly beautiful; wings are pure white. Height and weight do not change. Personality: Human form: Sweet and kind to a fault, very loving, never says a harsh word about another, even during her teen years. Angel form: Judgemental, harsh, almost cruel; exceedingly protective of Lira, to the point of aggression and violence. Abilities: Human form: None, really; average athleticism, unremarkable ability in all things; strangely magnetic towards animals, however. Angel form: Holy light, flight, persuasive stare, flaming sword and holy bow conjurations. Quote: "No, why would I want to hurt you? You're just in pain, yourself. I'd rather make you smile." / "You dare lay your hands upon me? I hope you enjoy fire, then, because you're about to taste holy fire!" History: Lira's mother, an angelic soldier, broke the laws of Heaven by allowing herself to take a human lover. For months she remained on the run from angel and demon forces, until finally giving birth on Earth. Shortly thereafter the angel hunter Alistair found her and returned her to Heaven to await judgement, and was sent back to find and kill the unholy offspring. However, the newborn Lira transformed into an angel to block the killing blow, and so Alistair returned with her to the Heavens instead to reveal the potential inside her. As a form of punishment for failing in his duty to kill the newborn, Alistair was assigned as Lira's guardian. At first he hated it, but slowly began to love Lira for her gentle and enthusiastic ways. Years later, at the age of five, Lira was found by Ella-Marie Stark (a timelord/human crossbreed), who adopted her. Shortly thereafter Ella entered into a relationship with Narfi Lokison, a Norse demigod, and married. Lira loved her family dearly, even as Alistair considered Narfi to be evil and untrustworthy. A few months later, it was discovered that Narfi had unintentionally impregnated a succubus, who was then delivered to him, further ruining Alistair's opinion of him. Lira, however, adored her new sister and was never far from her side. Less than two years later, Ragnarok struck and Lira's family was torn apart. She was taken with her sister by her step-father's mother, Sigyn, to be protected during the battle. Afterwards both Narfi and Ella were dead, leaving the two girls orphaned with their grandmother. Seven years later, Ella was discovered to be alive -- again, rather than still -- and the family was partly reunited, thrilling the now teen Lira. Moreover, they also learned that her father, Narfi, was not quite fully dead; upon being struck down by his twin brother, Vali, Narfi's soul left his body to inhabit his twin's. Unfortunately this would ultimately result in their shared body decaying and dying, so the now joined twins had to leave to find a way to separate their souls. Once again, Lira was left without a father, but she counted her blessings that her mother remained alive. Later in her life, she will begin to question her biological parents, seeking answers, while also dealing with increasing feelings for her guardian angel. . .
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  3. Our Final Feast [Asgard - The Grand Ballroom]

    Narfi wasn't sure how he felt about Hel's little comment. He didn't yet understand the machinations of the death gods -- had never had a need to, honestly -- but he could guess that by excluding Eldi and Ella, he was including everyone else. The difference? Kryt and Brandon were cambions, born with Christian's claim. It sounded like Hel was getting. . .nosy about it all. Or maybe agitated was a better word. He secured his grip on Ella, a sudden weight on his shoulders and a chill in his spine making him more protective than usual. ". . .No one will be betraying us," he said quietly, not sure if he wanted Hel to hear him or not. He pushed all that aside, though, trying instead to focus on the celebration taking place. But first. . . Rolling his eyes at his brothers' displays with their respective lovers, he chided, "As romantically explicit as we all are, not everyone is as relaxed. Let's keep our pieces in our pants for at least a few hours, yeah?" It wasn't until after he'd finished spoken that he realized he'd begun picking up on Ella's speaking habits. He gave her a smirk, wondering if she'd noticed, too. Meanwhile, Vali was less concerned about all this -- forcibly so. He avoided looking at either Hel or Narfi, knowing they'd both send his mind spiraling. Instead he waggled his brows at his stunned lover -- just before realizing Eldi had slipped away. Whoops. Fenrir was likely to bloody him for that one. He was supposed to be guarding Eldi, not making her hoof it. He winced, feeling a modicum of embarrassment. . .though it had nothing to do with his twin's chastisement. "Sorry about that, Eldi," he commented, fully realizing it was hypocritical of him to apologize to her rather than his flustered boy toy. So just to drive the nail into the coffin further, he sent Brandon a wink. "Not sorry about that," he added. A part of him was afraid to look Crystal's way, as well -- as Brandon's sister her opinion mattered, after all. Yet that was also precisely the reason he chose to catch her eye; her opinion mattered, and he wanted to see approval, wanted her to see how happy he made Brandon. Sure, a lot of it was (painfully admitted) pretense -- Vali needed constant distractions and Brandon needed constant 'food' -- but that didn't change the fact that Vali legitimately cared for the doofus. So when Kryt smirked at him, only to have it transform to something more grateful, it hit him like a punch to the gut. Guilt assaulted him. For all that he and Narfi had fought to keep Kryt in Slejpner's life, for all the sacrifices they'd made for their half-brother and his love life, Vali. . .was using his sister-in-law's brother. . .his brother-in-law. There was no love sewn between them, just a simple agreement neither of them had verbally agreed to follow. A compassionate man would cut ties now, before pain could grow where love had not, but he reasoned that maybe things were better this way. Ragnarok approached on quickened wings; would it be so bad to keep up the act until the inevitable death of one or both of them? The idea stressed him like nothing else, save the knowledge that he was destined to kill his twin. What tangled lives we live, he thought. Whenever Eldi spoke, Fenrir perked up, gaze swinging back to her. He almost missed Jormungandr's comments because of it, but managed to tear his gaze away to explain. "Their mother is a goddess," he began. He wasn't sure what she was beyond that; short, tiny, fragile. . .only Eldi was smaller than his father's newest (and most consistent) lover. He nodded towards where the pair were embracing, saying, "Her name is Sigyn, goddess of fidelity. As I understand it, Father tricked her into marriage by posing as her groom. She chose to stay with him." An odd decision, but he supposed something else must have been going on to justify it in her mind. "As far as I know, the boys are just human," he told Jorm. "I saw Narfi get covered in ice once, though, when he was really angry. So maybe there's something of Father in them." As for Odin being proud of them, well. . .was Odin ever proud of Loki's progeny? The twins, as Fenrir understood it, were every bit as raucous and disruptive as their father -- at least until recently. Narfi becoming a father and husband seemed to have matured him in a very short amount of time. Vali, on the other hand. . . Vali, Fenrir pitied. "Odin might be proud of Narfi," he absently answered, "but Vali is hardly a model demigod. Worse than Father ever was, I'd say." Once again, his eyes jumped back over to Eldi. What was she doing, talking to Hel, of all people? He itched to cross over and pick her up and keep her as far from Hel's influence as he could. This was a civilized event, yes, but he'd never known Hel to not be scheming at all times. Now that Eldi had confided in him why she kept her eyes covered, he was all the more desperate to keep her and her secrets out of Hel's grasp. There was too much Hel could gain from Eldi's curse.
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    Honestly, for several moments Grani was enthralled with what Minnow was doing. That Bingo thing was growing shinier with each pass of the cloth across his surfaces, and Grani couldn't look away. He was hearing her plenty well, for once--maybe because he was actually interested in this? Her explanation for why she needed oil, however, soon embarrassed him. When she was barely halfway through, it clicked, and he realized how obvious it was then. Granted, he'd never had experience with metal things "grating" against each other, but now that he'd heard they do, it all made sense. Which just made him huffy, really. He tore his eyes from the slowly-being-cleaned object to cross his arms and pout, then turned to head back into the kitchen without another word. Once there, he explained quickly, "Now she wants oil for her ball-thingy." He grabbed their container of the stuff, having no idea how much she'd need, to bring it back to her, setting it on the table. Then he sat his huge rump on the ground to continue watching her work. ". . .It seems really hard and complicated," he commented. "Why do you bother with it, if it needs so much work all the time?" Not that he really had any idea how much work went into maintaining it--he was just guessing. Yeah, he maintained this cabin, and it needed some hard work sometimes, but it was usually just little things that needed fixing. Nothing like what Minnow was doing with Bingo now, with all that careful cleaning and oiling.
  5. When the bell rings. [HighSchool!AU]

    :FENRIR: Between watching out for Eldi, Silfrin's outburst and Jormungandr's obvious pill-pop, the middle child was already wishing he was out on the field. Perhaps too serious for his own good, he was one of few who didn't find the interruption amusing. And as a clean-bodied athlete, he hated his brother's addiction, and the moment their teacher's back was turned again, Fenrir reached out to slap Jormy on the back of the head (a bit of a reach, being back one seat and to the side). By the time his brother would have turned to look, Fenrir already had a hard glare ready. What are you doing, idiot?! he directed at his elder. Trying to get thrown out of school, most likely. Though they were once very close brothers, in recent years Jormungandr had grown increasingly baffling to the athlete. It was like he wanted bad things to happen, was courting disaster at every turn, and wanted to die along the way. Worst of all, Fenrir had little choice but to let him go on as he was; the more Jormungandr acted out, the less negative attention Hel would receive. Whether he was doing it on purpose was a question for the ages, but Fenrir still felt a mix of gratitude, guilt and awe for his brother because of it. ...That didn't mean he was okay with Jormungandr acting like this during school hours. Never let it be said that Fenrir cared for the school rules, but damn it, they needed to keep coming here. Everywhere else was worse. No matter how boring class became, no matter how easy or difficult the work, no matter how tedious it was to do this dance day in and day out...home was worse. The streets were worse. If the only way Fenrir could continue to show affection for his brother was like this, through forcing him to attend school and not fuck it all up, then Fenrir would damn well continue doing it.
  6. Interest Check: Shadow Hunters AU

    You can also head over to the Shadowhunters wikia for more info. I'm also lazy and don't want to watch the show, so I get all my info from there, Kio, and Fruitsnacks. XD
  7. Reconnected

    Aaaaand there she went again. It seemed like Minnow was trying to speak in terms he understood, yet Grani kept running into unfamiliar words. What was a "circuit" and why was it important? He was even baffled when she mentioned oil--the only kind he knew of being cooking oil, extracted from vegetables. At least he did have a cloth to offer her. . .he just suspected it wouldn't be usable after she was done with that cleaning. "Uh. . .yeah, we can spare a cloth, I guess." He turned from her to trot into the kitchen, where they kept the spare towels and such. He gave his uncle a wide shrug as he retrieved one, saying, "She wants to clean the ball-th--uh, Bingo." While he was here, he also gave the air a sniff, determining through scent what he could also see at a glance: dinner wasn't done yet. He left Brandon to it then, heading back over to Minnow to offer the cloth. Not at all unexpectedly, his eyes immediately snagged onto Bingo again right away. It was just so bizarre and shiny. He wanted to touch it, test how smooth it was. The only reason he wasn't--yet--was because it would be rude. And he didn't want Minnow to get mad at him, so he was withholding his instincts to grab at anything that glittered. As he handed over the towel, he said, "I don't know what you mean by 'oil', though." Not that he was surprised that he encountered another thing he didn't grasp. "Do you mean, like, vegetable oil? How could that help?"
  8. Reconnected

    When Minnow began to compliment him again, Grani outwardly appeared calm. But inwardly, he was fighting himself--his first instinct was to blush, look away, stomp his hoof and so on. But, as he'd just learned, the easiest way to handle it was with some anger. He focused on feeling offended, which worked surprisingly easily. "Of course I do!" he declared, maybe a little more roughly than he'd intended. "I do most of the work around here." An exaggeration, that. "Uncle Brandon just cooks, prays and reads. I'm the one who gets and sands wood and makes repairs." Which, to be honest, was both easy and smart; his hooves could sand wood so well they'd never actually acquired sandpaper after discovering it. "I do the gardening and made the fence. I hunt for meats. I deal with pests." The list went on--but, to be fair, so did Brandon's. Grani was just opting not to consider it all. Besides, when they first settled here, Grani could do next to nothing except heavy lifting (even as a colt, he'd been stronger than Brandon by leaps and bounds). The cabin was originally one shabby room, crafted by Brandon almost entirely. Everything in it had just been upgraded, repaired, or expanded over the years. As the girl got to work, Grani came over to peer around her, curious as to what she was doing. His ears came forward with his interest, listening to every little noise he heard coming from her tools and little rolly thing--er, Bingo. He couldn't help staring, honestly. Both Bingo and the tools were shiny, and since the tools were doing most of the moving, they had the majority of his focus. He actually ended up watching her in complete silence for several minutes before he noticed the sparking happening, and then his focus shifted from shiny things to Minnow's probable pain. "Does. . .that hurt?" he ventured softly. Then, feeling a blush starting to creep up, he reared back from her and blurted unplanned words. "I mean--not that I care or anything! I'm just curious! About the sparking--not you! Ah. . .th-that." He forced himself to trail off and leave it there, realizing a little late that he would have to get a better grip on himself. It was embarrassing to just rattle on like that--which, thanks to the fact that he did it to cover his embarrassment, only made the entire thing a vicious cycle. He took a breath, held it, then let it out with renewed determination. Calm. He could handle this--this cute freaking girl, he just needed to balance his emotions. Yeah, that sounded good.
  9. Reconnected

    Just as Minnow didn't know how to handle Grani's outburst, he didn't know how to handle her encouragement. He blinked in surprise as she began to compliment him, feeling heat rise to his cheeks. At first her choices just made him wince--gardening? Running? Really?--but once she got to his ears, they flicked back to hide in his fluffy locks. Yet, at the end, not even those kind words could battle the burning sensation of anger in his gut. And he found that if he relaxed and let it take over, it was easier to handle the rest of what she'd said. Turning his head away, he crossed his arms and huffed. "I'm good at other stuff, too, you know. I'm the strongest person you'll ever meet, I never get tired, I barely need to eat, and I can smell everything." Well, okay, that last one was an exaggeration. His sense of smell had been proven to be better than Brandon's, but it was hardly a difference. Only his ears really served as an inhuman trait, and sometimes. . .sometimes he thought he could hear things that weren't alive. As a young colt, it'd kept him up at night. Which had meant sleepless nights for Brandon, too. Every so often, though, he'd also heard. . .something else. A song. Wordless, from what he could discern, and so faint he couldn't be sure it wasn't his imagination or a memory. Regardless of what it was, it'd always calmed his nerves and let him sleep. From the corner of his eye, he watched Minnow's reaction, more nervous than he'd ever admit. He wanted her to be impressed, dang it! He was a centaur in a world without them, the grandson of gods, likely stronger than anyone else in this crappy world. That was something!
  10. Our Final Feast [Asgard - The Grand Ballroom]

    As his brother spoke so enthusiastically about his son, Narfi listened with a smile. As a father himself, he knew that pride. Granted, Li wasn't his by blood, and he'd only adopted her through Ella a year prior. But he loved her dearly. And Sereda, his little toddler? Despite her parentage, he felt nothing but love for her, and he adored the way Li and Ella cared for her. Though she was technically a toddler, she was also premature; she couldn't walk yet. But between himself, Ella, Li, and Vali, Sereda received nothing but love and encouragement. It was enough to make a man weep with joy. He couldn't help but gaze at Ella with fond eyes, thinking to himself that he'd have so much less if she weren't a part of his world. And even Brandon was given the same affection; Narfi had been worried, once, that his marriage to Ella would cause too much heartbreak for his twin. For a while, he, Ella and Vali were polyamorous, living and loving together. It was partly done out of desperation to keep Vali stable--it'd been nearly impossible for him to cope with Narfi's shifting attentions to his new family. Yet despite how. . .fun it'd been, they all had known it wouldn't last. Eventually Narfi and Ella married, and Vali was cut out of the relationship. Brandon had saved Vali's heart, though it seemed neither of them had realized it yet. From Narfi's point of view, Brandon was perfect for his brother--someone who's as sexually extravagant as Vali needed, and someone who needed support, protection and knowledge. Vali had needed someone to protect, someone to care for. . .and someone who could focus entirely on him. Brandon fit the bill in all ways. Yep. Things were looking up-- Then Hel's wayward comment made it to Narfi's ears and he turned a frown on her. He didn't know what she was thinking about, had a hard time understanding how she ticked--but he knew she was always thinking, always ticking. That, alone, made him tense. He had to mind himself to ensure he didn't crush his lovely wife in his grasp, had to remind himself that his monstrous strength was a good thing, not something to be regretted. Soon his strength would be protecting his family. With that thought, he gave Hel a hard look, letting her know without words that regardless of any prophecies, he would protect his wife and children and brothers and parents to the final breath. And while Narfi was doing all that pondering, Vali's mind was much more clear. He barked a laugh at Kryt's crass comment; formal event or not, he liked her spirit. They got along well in that respect; she had no filter, he only had his when he wanted to. "To be perfectly fair," he responded, "I only peg him about as much as he pegs me." Brandon was, well. . .notably nervous whenever he was pitcher, but Vali was slowly working on his confidence. It was a lucky thing that he had such a sweet spot, too; a few licks to his ears and Vali was lost in pleasure, making it easy for Brandon to make the admittedly much more experienced demigod reach rapture. Besides, Vali legitimately liked the kid. . . .Liked toying with him, making him blush, listening to him ramble, dressing him up, surprising him, and so on. And unlike his brothers, Vali missed Hel's little comment--not that he cared. Point of fact, he was doing his best to not care about anything at all. Knowing Hel was here could only mean one thing, and that one thing meant another particular thing, and Vali couldn't handle it if he thought about it. So, instead, he gave Kryt a devious grin, then pulled Brandon's face around to give the other man a full-on kiss, tongue and all. Just to make a point. . .and, well, because he liked the way Brandon tasted. Maybe it was a cambion thing, and he hadn't ever 'tasted' Kryt, but he assumed both of them had delightfully addictive flavors. Sure, Brandon wasn't Vali's ideal lover (he opted to not look at Narfi again as he thought this) but, hell, he wasn't complaining. He ended the kiss with a little wink at his lover, though he realized a little late that Eldi still stood between them. Not that it mattered; their respective heights meant she wasn't sandwiched at all from the move. He idly wondered if she'd even noticed. She was, however, looking tense; probably wanted her lover back. He glanced over his shoulder at his other brothers to find them having a bit of a staredown-slash-food fight. Further amusement trickled in, making him chuckle. Never dull in this family, it seemed. By the banquet table, Fenrir's sour mood began to lighten at Jormunandr's reactions. That was the brother he remembered, and he found himself smiling. "So do you," he retorted. "Now you have hair, and it looks ridiculous." He chuckled and reached out to swat at the standing hair; it merely swished aside and came back. He stood back to his full height as his brother continued gathering the lost food, for a moment staring at it all with longing. If his stomach could growl, it would have; it all smelled so damn good. . . . . .Best to avoid the temptation, he supposed. He glanced over his shoulder at Eldi, forever making sure she was safe and comfortable. Then, knowing his brother was unlikely to want to socialize, asked, "Would you like to meet our younger siblings? Father married a few centuries ago and had twin boys. Narfi and Vali. He also had another daughter, named Theys." Gesturing at Slejpner, he added, "And that's Slejpner. Like us, he was given a human form. What do you think?" From nearby, Sigyn was alternately watching her sons and stepsons, ready in case any fights occurred. As Loki spoke, however, perspective fell into place. He was right, after all; death approached, and no amount of propriety was going to change that. A knife of sorrow entered her heart as she recalled the prophecy for her sons, but she forced it away. As always, Loki helped with that. Just with a touch, her worries began to ebb. Their time was short, she knew. They could either wallow in it or enjoy the time they had now, before it was gone. Looking up at her husband, she slid her arms around him in turn, pressing herself flush against him. "You're right, of course," she purred, adoration for her husband filling her. "I get so caught up in etiquette sometimes. . .it's just one more reason why I need you," she commented. He reminded her how to loosen up and enjoy life. It was a painful thing to admit, but before Loki had stolen her heart and mind, her life had been. . .dull. He brought such delightful excitement to every waking moment, how could she not adore him? Their differences in height meant she couldn't reach up to kiss him, even on her toes. But she could pull him down to her level; with a hand on his neck, she did so, missing the feel of his mouth on hers. ". . .Why I love you," she murmured, completing her previous statement just before taking his kiss--willingly given or not.
  11. When the bell rings. [HighSchool!AU]

    =Narfi= Never a dull day in this class, it seemed. Opposed to his twin, Narfi didn't laugh as easily nor prank as much, and he actually focused on his work. He was proud of his grades--As and Bs across the board--and liked being known as the "smart jock". Thus, he didn't hide his paper; he left it on his desk, displayed for all to see. When Slejpner mentioned dinner, Narfi gave a snort. "You know I'm the better cook, you trying to punish us?" he teased. Though he was a full eight years older than the twins, neither treated their half-brother much different than each other. Some would see it as disrespect. They saw it as brotherly affection. For Narfi, specifically, he also felt a generally protective of most students. Silfrin was one of them--not just because she was so darn innocent, but because he saw the way she looked at his elder brother. It was the same way he looked at the science teacher, Ms. Stark. And he liked her, too, her nature and fashion choices. Thus, when she started screaming and flailing, he jumped up out of his seat, ready to tackle whoever was causing her such distress. Slejpner was quick to find the perpetrator, though: a rubber spider. Relaxing, he stared in disbelief, then tried to think back and figure out how it'd gotten on her. Nothing came to mind, unfortunately; he'd been gazing out over the courtyard when it started. Slejpner had been handing out papers, and with motion came hidden motions. Anyone could have done it, anyone within arm's reach. So, instead, he glared over the classroom. . . .Only to slink back into his seat when Slejpner took up post at the front of the class. The twins were well acquainted with that one--the one who wasn't quite their brother, but rather the seething emotion within. Only in the face of that intensity did Narfi ever back down in fear. He could handle anything. . .except his elder brother's rage. *Vali* While all that drama was taking place, Vali was luckily absent. As much as he enjoyed toying with Brandon, he jumped right up when Slejpner asked him to go check on the boy. He didn't hurry, however; he strode along at a leisurely pace, knowing exactly which bathroom Brandon would head for. Sure enough, by the time he got there, Brandon was easily spotted in front of a sink, holding paper towels to his face. Vali stepped inside and looked over the sight before him, lips twisting as he assessed the appeal on display. Brandon was, well. . .skinny. Twigs with skin stretched across it. No muscle on the arms or the portion of the stomach Vali could see as he worked on cleaning himself. Overall. . .C-. Truly, Brandon's appeal lied entirely in how skittish and quick to blush he was. So much so that Vali had to struggle to decide whether to tease the boy or actually do his job--that is, to help Brandon stifle the blood flow. As usual, Vali ultimately decided to do both. "Looks like you could use a hand," he purred, striding up to the younger boy. He grabbed a handful of paper towel along the way, warming it in the water. With one hand, he gestured Brandon as he said, "Alright, let me see that shirt. See if we can get the blood out before it sets." As the twins were dedicated roughhousers, they knew all sorts of methods for cleaning fresh blood out of clothing. It came in handy in other situations, as well--such as when Vali's lovers got nose bleeds halfway through, or when they needed to clean up some sheets before he could leave the love nest. As a result, he was rather good at cleaning up messes.
  12. Reconnected

    Genesaris? Grani was confused at the mention of this place--he knew of it, but little else other than that it was a central city. His only theory for why Minnow would bring it up was because maybe it had a Bifrost of its own. Such a thing would have made Brandon a clear liar, however, and Grani had a hard time believing that. After a moment of rambling, this theory was further debunked as Minnow asked him what the Bifrost was. Honestly. . .he didn't know. He glanced over his shoulder at his uncle, unsure how to explain it. "It's the, uh. . .rainbow bridge?" he tried, refocusing on Minnow awkwardly. If her damn cuteness wasn't enough, now she was showing off just how much smarter she was than him, and he couldn't fight off a blush of embarrassment. Eventually, however, he started to grow annoyed with it all. "I don't know!" he blurted, tail swishing with his growing ire. "I'm just a kid, I don't know this stuff! Do you see anything remotely intelligent about this place?!" he demanded with wide-armed gestures at their meager hut. Not a single book or even scroll in sight. Three rooms making a perfect full square. One table. Two shelves. Two chairs--in case they ever "had company". One "sink" made of stone from a large boulder Grani had chipped into shape over the course of weeks. One stove, wood-powered. One axe, one sword. It was as poor as poor could get and still have a roof involved. Though Grani had never had an issue with it before, now shame slammed into him. Their first guest--his first prospective friend--and this was the best they had, the best he could offer. What could they do for entertainment? Well, he ran a lot, and sometimes he chopped wood or tended the garden. He wondered if she'd like to stargaze into all hours of the night from sheer boredom. He dropped his arms and looked away, feeling dejected over his own analyses. ". . .I don't know anything about glyphs or cores or magic," he muttered. "I can't even hold a conversation. . ." For the first time in his life, Grani felt. . .inadequate.
  13. When the bell rings. [HighSchool!AU]

    ♥Liranya♥ Truly, this was one of few students in this class who was physically unremarkable. Rich brown hair and soft matching eyes, her only notable feature was the fact that her youth left her very cute in appearance. She was the youngest in this school at thirteen years old, having gone up a whole three grades due to sheer brilliance. She didn't even feel like she was trying all that hard; everything just computed easily in her mind and resulted in straight A's. If that weren't enough, she was kind to a fault; so much so that even the most devious of students eventually grew frustrated with her angelic demeanor and left her be--or so she figured, anyway. All she knew for certain was that a few students in this school were less than pristine, that they tended to prey upon other students. . .and yet they gave her a wide berth. Good enough, she supposed. Though her origins were largely a mystery--she had been delivered to an orphanage straight out of the womb--she had been gifted with an amazing life along the way. Beatrice and Harold Angel had adopted her, and though they were merely lower middle class in standing, they loved her dearly and she them. Perhaps it was the luck of the draw, but she wouldn't have traded her lower standing life for anything. . .even if they did have to save up for a month to buy her a single change of clothing. More recently she made friends with Alistair, a rich boy who absolutely looked it. She didn't care about that, however; she liked him because he was truly a worker--and because there was a certain allure to him, like he was constantly fighting his urges. She liked fighters. Besides, there was something to be said for someone who had impulses to act out yet chose not to--as opposed to those who gave into such impulses without a second thought. Their friendship had started off somewhat rocky, but now here they were, side by side in a classroom few chose to take. As he gave her a smile in passing, she smiled back, glad to see her help had given him a perfect score. Hers had been perfect as well--the benefit of study buddies--she'd just been the first to retrieve her paper and had been awaiting the good news. ✿ Silfrintoppr✿ Beside Liranya sat Silfrintoppr--or Silfrin, for short. Her story and appearance could not have been more different. A mere sixteen, the girl had near-white hair and violet eyes with a face so cute she was still mistaken for a pre-teen. Her family was large and involved, with so many members it was hard to keep count of them all. Her immediate family was just her parents and toddler brother Svarlysta, but her parents both had numerous siblings (a total of eleven between them), each of those siblings were married, and none of them had fewer than three children. Four of Silfrin's aunts were pregnant even now. To make matters even more hectic, they all lived nearby each other--two or three families to a house, all lined up on either side of a street. There was no escaping it. They weren't the most wealthy, either, but with so many members they could handle making their own clothing, running their own electricity, growing their own food (each one a dedicated vegan), and even purifying their own water. The result was thousands of dollars saved every year--per family. This made Silfrin extremely frugal, self-sufficient, focused, and exceptionally kind--which is why Li and her got along so well. The downside? Certain students in this school saw her innocence and often targeted her for it. Gabriel was the most persistent of those types. At once, he was both aggravating and seductive. She liked his look, his confidence, his unearthly grace--and hated everything about his personality. Only that hatred kept her from falling into his grasp, and even that was waning in the face of her rising hormones. As a virgin, she'd never 'tapped' the well of lust, resulting in her wanting so badly to know what it's like to taste those waters, even as she resisted the idea with everything in her. If her parents could wait until marriage, so could she. True to her determination on the subject, she turned her face away when Gabriel strode past her, giving him the cold shoulder. Little did she know what he was planning--and the moment she felt something scurry down her shirt, she devolved into a shrieking, flailing mess. Leaping up from her chair, she slapped at her back, yanking off her sweater in the process to try and get rid of it. Having no idea it was a fake spider--and no ability to realize this was likely a planned trick--she simply screamed and twisted about, hair flinging with her, absolutely terrified.
  14. Reconnected

    "We should go visit her!" While struggling to maintain his composure, Minnow went ahead and said that! Grani did a double take, shaking his head as he struggled to process her words. Just. . .go visit her? On another realm? What was Quincy, and how could he do that? Grani had asked to go back home a lot--notably during his first year here--and every time he'd been told they couldn't. Lessons and explanations came rushing back as he considered it, starting to pour from his mouth the way it sometimes did to his uncle. ". . .can't just go back, the Bifrost sent us to an unknown realm, Heimdall can't see this far and couldn't hear us if we asked. . .couldn't aim the Bifrost here to make the jump. . .how else can we go back?" At his final words, he caught Minnow's gaze once more, his bewilderment overriding his embarrassment with her. "This--Quincy, it can just go there?" It failed to occur to him, as he said the words, that he hadn't specified where there was. At the moment, it didn't matter. The very idea of going back--despite the fact that he couldn't remember anything about it--made him ache, homesick for a place where he'd only lived for five years. For a mother and father whose faces had vanished from memory. He knew, in his heart, that he loved them and they loved him. What he couldn't figure out was why they were no longer with him. "A war" was the only answer Brandon had ever given, and it'd never been expanded upon.
  15. When the bell rings. [HighSchool!AU]

    FENRIR Those eyes Eldi felt every day? They were his. The middle child of three siblings--Jormungandr before him, Hel behind him--Fenrir was somewhat overshadowed by both. He wasn't as loud or brash as Jormungandr (though he was nearly as tall) and he wasn't as intimidating or brilliant as Hel. He didn't even like this class; he only took it because of the redhead who sat in the back corner. His golden gaze always found her, day after day, though he tried not to look too close. His siblings had already noticed his--er, interest, and they weren't always so tolerant of it. With the way things were at home, he couldn't blame them. Having taken so much shit over such a short lifetime, he was reluctant to let others in. Yet something about the blind girl drew him in, seeming to magnetize him. Maybe it was her pictures; he loved looking at them. The colors usually clashed and rarely made sense, but in his opinion, that made her creations all the more stunning. Class had barely begun and she'd already started a new piece. He was having such a hard time looking away, but he had to, damn it-- "Fenrir Grboda!" He jolted as his name was called, then rose to dutifully retrieve his paper. A solid D. He wasn't surprised; most of his assignments strung along at about that height. His strength was far from the path of study, anyway. He was best at soccer and dog training. Already he was looking at getting a sports scholarship and he was only grade 11. The bleached blonde male simply strode back to his seat with a nod to the teacher in silent acknowledgement. As usual, his seat was across the room from the subject of his admiration--but his glare was enough to keep most others away. Since he first spotted her last year, he'd begun an almost involuntary defense of her; people used to pick on her a lot. These days they knew better. The things he did could never be proven--he was careful about that, needed his scholarship to get the hell out of this town--but oh, the things he did. After the second time he cornered a kid and gave them a bloody nose, they'd stopped moving her things. And after the first time he held a kid by the ankles over the rooftop, they'd stopped making noises at her. The little pranks continued to some degree, of course. He couldn't protect her all the time. But only the bravest and most foolish of the students would dare mess with her any longer. He'd track them down and they knew it. As the class continued and one by one they all went up to get their assignments, Fenrir played with his piercings. One on his lip, one in his nose, three in his brows, five total in his ears plus a clasp--he had a few. He still wasn't sure why he got them all. They were a pain sometimes; he had to take them out every practice and game. It seemed their only use was distracting him when he was bored. Good enough to keep them, he supposed. That, and certain kinds of girls seemed to love them. He couldn't count how many times he'd heard a sigh as he walked the halls or how many little "love notes" he'd gotten that mentioned them. . . .He wondered if Eldi would like them. If not, well. . .he could get rid of them. No big deal. And so his eyes slid right back over to her, and it'd only been a few minutes. God, he was bad at this. . .