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    Rise of Angels

    I was the last one to post! Just waiting on anyone else now!
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    The Red Dawn of Ursa Madeum [4/4]

    "Hello Damien, fancy seeing you here." Jenn heard these words as a powerful ball of light from Titus cut through the floor like butter. There was now a hole where many a guard stood around the one and only Tyrant King. Jenn was filled with disgust and adrenaline, and she waited upon Titus so that she could offer him some support. In this moment however, she did what she could. After looking around to see that they were clear of any pressing enemies, Jenn closed her eyes and began to concentrate. With this new gemstone from Mars, it wasn't as difficult as such things usually are, it was easier than ever. Jenn targeted Damien, and with a thought she deteriorated the magical wards that had been placed upon him. Then she moved on to the rest of the soldiers, which were much easier. And finally she followed that up with silencing the powers of the mages in the dungeon. When Jenn opened her eyes she was much less exhausted than usual, and the first thing she saw was Mars moving briskly at her with Som in his arms. "Tag out Mars! I'll take care of Som, you stay with Titus, and I'll focus on keeping the enemies magics at bay." Though they were in the middle of a battle, Jenn tended to speak more informally when under pressure. She was just hoping that Som was alright and hadn't done something stupid at all. He'd need to wake up fairly soon if they were to help the others, or worst case scenario, Jenn does her best to keep Som safe and offers support from above. This was the climax of the entire war, the fight for Ursa Madeum. It was no doubt that Taen would win the battle, but the next few moments determined how they won. Would it be a victory full of honor and glory, or would their be only death and bloodshed riddling the landscape. Jenn had much faith in Titus, he was practically a god, and with Mars they could easily finish the group below. Jenn knew her place and thought it best to sit this final scrummage out. She'd do whatever was in her power to protect her allies, and if need be she was indeed prepared to leap through that gap in the floor and lay waste to anyone who dared to harm her Emperor. Luckily, he was more than capable. Besides, what is an Emperor if he cannot fight for his own people? Titus is a true leader, doing what he can for his people, and even saving the others trapped in the rural hell called Ursa Madeum. Now, turning her attention back to Som, she started sifting through his body with her mind, taking note that his magical energies were very depleted. He's worn himself out, but there was still some left in there. All they needed to do was wait, time was the only method of recovery for Som. The question was, would it be one minute, one day, one week, maybe one month? Jenn assumed otherwise, this boy was just about as stubborn as she was. If he had anything to do with it, he'd be up as soon as he could, or at least that's what Jenn would wager.
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    Rise of Angels (Factions)

    As John Wilder gave his last little 'Go get em' speech, Jenn stood listening intently. Everyone was assigned to a task, and then everyone headed on their way. Jenn started moving out on a jog toward the outpost that her and Artemis were assigned to. Their outpost was the furthest, so they wanted to get their in enough time that there would be no notice from any of the other outposts. Just a simultaneous take down of the bandits perimeter defenses. Jenn had her two large daggers as usual, as well as a brand new broadsword that she now carried on her back. As Jenn and Artemis got quite a ways away from the rest of the group, she started to speak but while maintaining the speed of her jog. "It's a pleasure to see you here Artemis, even though it's under strange circumstances. I caught wind of you being sent here, but I did not hear the reason. Regardless I am here to assist of my own free will." Jenn paused for a few moments in her speech, then turned a confused look to Artemis, "Now, would you mind telling what's going on? I'm vaguely aware, but I know not why we're here from Taen." As the two moved at their brisk pace, Jenn took in the rather dark and upsetting surroundings. Sure it was considered nature, but everything looked disheveled, destroyed, burnt, and just ruined. These bandits did quite a number on these lands. It was upsetting to see such things done for no sound reason, but it just goes to show how many savages still exist in this world. Jenn was becoming ever more sure that people outside of Taen are as crazy and abnormal as the creatures inside Taen. Which is not a great sign, she supposed.
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    Rise of Angels (Factions)

    Jenn patiently waited for a response from the man leading this whole operation of sorts. She wasn't positive of his name, but based on whispers of the townsfolk and what she had heard from her Taen informants, he could fit the mold of John Wilder...maybe it was Jack Wilder? Something like that. Anyway, as she stood there watching him, his face became almost sinister for a moment or two, or maybe it was just his usual creepy grin? Either way, it was gone just as quickly as it had appeared, and Jenn wanted to think nothing of it but she had to file this in the back of her mind. "I will see to it that all of you get what you have come for, but first, to the matter at hand. Currently Everrun is in the hands of the Carion Birds bandit clan. At this moment there are about a hundred of them inside the city. They however, are not our only problem. The problem is that the bandits have set up perimeter outposts around the city. The outposts are here, here, and here. If we try to hit the city without taking out these outposts, they'll alert the main force, and we'll be in for a hell of a time. Our first order of business therefore, is to eliminate these camps. After that, we'll meet up with our main force at the staging area; an old drainage ditch that should give us the element of surprise. Now, who wants to take what outpost?" Jenn was the first to speak up, and did so as she swiftly pointed her finger to the furthest outpost. "I'll gladly take this outpost, I'm quick on my feet, can probably get there quite efficiently. It would be beneficial to have Artemis come with me if she so chooses, as we have some experience working together." After saying this, Jenn looked over to Artemis hoping and almost urging that she agrees. Partly because they could actually work well together, since they were both at the battle over Ursa Madeum. But also so that they could catch up and maybe talk about this whole situation, since Jenn is slightly uninformed, and doesn't want to seem like a fool in front of this large group. Then Jenn spotted a strange figure out of the corner of her eye, it appeared female, but the person had a large hood obscuring their shape and form. The woman brought her hood down, revealing her features and a stern military-esque face (she looked like she had been through some serious stuff). “Perhaps you could use one more? First Lieutenant Anouk Enouk. I’m here to help.” The woman said this while casually leaning on her bow. After a quick look over, this woman seemed pretty competent and her bow was of a nice quality but also well used. And a Lieutenant as well, that's always a good sign. But the question is, a Lieutenant of what and from where? Even though she was more promising and reliable than some of the others here, she still raised many questions within Jenn. But she reminded herself that in this situation, she probably only needed people to be able to fight and protect each other. Jenn gave a rare smile and nod to this new woman, curious to see what she can bring to this operation.
  5. Tangora998

    Rise of Angels (Factions)

    Jenn Theodore had spent much residual time in Taen after the battle for Ursa Madeum. She needed to recover, as well as needing to deal with her old ally Carolyn. Once she had dealt with her witchy acquaintance, she headed back to Taen to check up on things, as she felt a Founder such as herself should. She came to discover that one of Taen's most distinguished warriors had been sent off on some official business toward Everrun. Jenn even remembered being involved in the ceremony in which Artemis received her medal to show her true vigor and honor. Titus was keeping things tight in the land of Taen, and he had lots of assistance, so Jenn went on her way to Everrun hoping to meet Artemis along the way. Just as she thought she was nearing the last moments of her journey, there was a precariously large camp of what seemed to be very average village-folk. A crowd was gathered at this particular moment, and there seemed to be some announcing ready to happen. On top of this, Jenn was able to spot several strange looking individuals amidst the masses. First, there was Challara who Jenn had met before when she was investigating the mysterious mountain that had appeared in Taen. They weren't particularly allies, as Jenn was never fond of such technologies, as well as Challara's putrid magic. There were also two very character looking fellows, one with gorgeous hair and a strange mask, and the other show all the colors one would see in a rainbow. Jenn didn't know these two, but she was going to be sure to be wary of them, but then again looks don't always mean something. Finally, she spotted Artemis, looking purposeful as per usual, fulfilling her duties. Jenn walked up to Artemis' side as some of the speaking went on. "Thank you all for coming. I'm sure you all already know why you're here, so I won't waste your time reexplaining things. Instead, I'd like you all to tell me about yourselves; who you are, what you hope to gain from this, that sort of thing." "Ah'm C'larra Ar'bett, an' ah'm here t' earn some fuck'n cash," "I am Artemis, I have business in Everrun that cannot be accomplished so long as the bandits have it in their unholy grasp." “ Tobais and -" "Alishar-"“ reporting for duty. I’m here to collect you mr reward and assist you in the process. Fair trade?” "My name is Jenn Theodore, some may know me as a Founder of the land of Taen. I am here with Artemis." Jenn said this, not actually knowing what the situation was until Artemis spoke of bandits. Then it all made sense, that these people must all be residents of Everrun, run out of town by bandits and other scum. She still didn't know what business was to be had in Everrun, but regardless Jenn was here to assist all who need help, and hopefully find out more from Artemis. As Jenn finally got next to Artemis as she announced herself and pulled down the hood on her cloak, she gave a firm pat to Artemis' shoulder, and placed a fist over her heart in a Taen salute. She then turned back to the man heading this thing and awaited any other individuals, or a response of some kind.
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    Rise of Angels

    AH! I shall post sometime soon! Didn't know the thread was up, crap, it's been awhile, APOLOGIES!
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    Rise of Angels

    I shall have FOUNDER Jenn catch word of this and travel over to join in from Taen *finger guns*
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    The Red Dawn of Ursa Madeum [4/4]

    Jenn walked with Titus to their current destination, when she caught a quick sense of magic hurling toward them, most likely an enchantment of some sort. Her brain registered this much faster than her eyes, or even her body. And by the time she went to move a muscle, Titus appeared in front of her with insane speed and acted as a meat shield for her. Luckily his armor was clearly enchanted, and Jenn could now see this large enchanted arrow fall from Titus' armor. And a magnificent floating shield dealt with the rest of the trouble from this well-trained ranger of some sort. Jenn was rattled, not by the battle or by fear, but by Titus' immense power and precision. She hardly even heard the words he mumbled about the damned archer that had nearly killed Jenn moments ago. A few seconds had passed, but Jenn and Titus continued their march through this breach in the structure's defenses. This hole was filled with guards, not of high caliber, but not to be underestimated. Titus charged in first, glorious wings spread and spear at the ready. Jenn simply threw both her daggers with great dexterity, the first sinking into a man's throat and the second penetrating a man's armor and deep into his shoulder. She then ran in and slid behind a large piece of rubble, simultaneously picking up an abandoned short sword to use now that her daggers were off her person. She would take the occasional swipe at any nearby warriors, or any that were distracted by Titus as he let down a rain of almost holy light pierce through the large mass of fighters. "Jenn, use your sensory abilities to locate Damien's exact position. The faster we find him the better," Jenn nodded, and began to stay behind the rubble, partially focusing and partially staying perceptive of the battle around her. A strange mixture of comfort and unease settled upon Jenn as Mars arrived and charged in to defend his King. With all of this energy and magic swirling around, it was difficult for Jenn to focus on anything in particular. And she was nearly thrown off concentration as a blade came down upon her, and Mars countered it swiftly at the last moment. "Jenn.. Take this..Use it.. It will amplify your energy and help narrow down where to look." Mar's said this to Jenn after several impressive battle maneuvers, and simultaneously handed her a small gemstone of some sort. Jenn didn't recognize it at all, but she could feel it's affects when she held it in her hands. It was almost like when she was linked to Carolyn, and she could further her mental reach. As Som also joined the group, Jenn felt confident and generally safe enough to fully focus. She held the gem tight, and closed her eyes for a few moments, and she could sift through the magical signatures much easier and further now. The presence of Titus, Som, and Mar's was a tad distracting, as their combined power is immense. But with the gem she started searching the Tyrant King's fortress up and down for anything out of the ordinary. And the only space with overwhelming magic seemed to be below ground, and there was most likely more than one source. Jenn expected the Tyrant king a small amount of guards, and assumed that it was in some sort of dungeons or cellars that were within the tainted castle. It seemed like her eyes were only closed for a matter of seconds, and she stood up from her spot behind the rubble. She put the gem within a locket around her neck, and firmly grasped her sword whilst moving over to Titus and Som. Mar's was radiating an ever greater power as the seconds past, and figured that with Som he could easily take care of this new mass of enemies. "We're headed to what I think are dungeons. Do what you must." Jenn said this, nodding to Mar's and Som before starting off down one of the smaller hallways and waving for Titus to follow. There were still many foes in their path, but they were getting to be less skilled. It seems as though the masses were on the frontlines, and up against Mar's and Som. Jenn would stop for the occasional sword fight, dispatching most threats within about a minute, or less with Titus' help. Any magic users along the way found their spells fizzling out after getting within eyesight of Jenn. Then they'd either run, or quickly be cut down. It was a tricky layout with all of these different hallways, but Jenn could feel that they were getting closer to the magic below ground whenever she held her locket with the gem. They were getting closer.
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    Taen HQ

    I don't have any ideas for much at the moment, BUT I'm ready to be a part of anything that's going on!!
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    Silver Sky [Taen & Yh'mi Worldrift Event, Part 2]

    Jenn had run so that she was moderately out of reach of the tree's range, and then she stopped her hastiness and payed attention to her group members. They were in various states of disarray, and the overall consensus had been to weather this fight and take down the tree and the insectoid creatures. She noticed some attacking the bugs from afar, some attacking them up close, and some going for the pulsing veins that connected themselves to the tree. From her spot, Jenn noticed the tree attacking everything in it's vicinity, not just her group. In addition to this, the work on the veins was proving to slow the tree down. That was all Jenn needed, and so she charged back into the trees radius whilst dodging branches and bugs alike. Her arms spun round like ribbons from her body, and her daggers consistently severed the appendages of these little beasts. She took down as many as she could until the tree eventually came to a halt, and then she went back to regroup with Governor Sebastian, and the young one with him. There were still a few of the arachnids left, but the boy had put up some kind of spell shield, and someone was using assault weapons to fire upon the bugs from a distance. Once Jenn reached Sebastian and the boy, she knelt with them and cautiously felt the wounds on her neck and back, checking for bite marks. It was very tender back there, but from what she felt she was safe from any bites, and by extension, any harm that could have been dealt from the bite. And then the military looking Drow woman came over and started to offer some sort of aid to Jenn. She began to let it happen, but it took a few moments for her to stop thinking about the pain, and used her senser abilities to focus on this woman's magic. As it healed minor parts of her wounds, she pulled herself violently away from the woman's hand, sensing the dark nature of this magic. "Keep that wretched magic away from me. I don't want any part of what dark power you have, Drow." Jenn said this out of impulse, but nevertheless it was how she truly felt at the time. She waved her own hand over the wound, dispelling whatever dark magic that was still remaining within her body. The wound didn't seem to be bleeding now, but it still looked rough. Jenn would be fine, but it definitely wasn't any help to to have such minor injuries. Jenn turned to Sebastian and the boy, seeming to shrug off the anger and frustration that she had just let out."Well, this sure is a thrilling task, now isn't it." Jenn said, sarcasm enveloping her voice, "Nice job kid, now let's take care of these pesky things before we move on, shall we?" And after this, Jenn went out from the force field and prepared herself to attack any remaining creatures. Turns out that this wasn't going to be as easy as Jenn thought. She assumed it was going to be like any other moderate sized oddity that happens in Taen. But no, this was going to be a whole lot worse. Nevertheless, Jenn considered it to be her duty to Taen to assist in this mission. Though she isn't a primary settler here, she was one of the Founders, and to her that meant something. It meant that she held a responsibility here now, and she owed it to the lands of Taen to give her all. Although at this point, she wasn't sure that where they were was Taen anymore.
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    OOC: Silver Sky

    AH YES, my computer had been at my other house for a bit, so I'll try and do some posting ASAP (Tonight if all goes well)
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    OOC: Silver Sky

    I am in! I just forgot because no one had posted in awhile XD I can post once before the new round if that's wanted?
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    [Mageside City] An Unorthodox Heist

    “This way...Ladies first!..” Black had led Illia to a door in the corner of the room after just barely welding some metal on the door. As guard tried to burst in, it wavered, already near to breaking. Black shot the door in front of them, leaving an unexpected ringing in Illia's ears. Black grabbed her by firmly the hand and led Illia up the cold stone stairs, which Illia began to take two or three steps at a time. Black shot at this door just like the first, and Illia was more prepared for it now, but wasn't any less unpleasant. Illia could hear the shouts from the persistent guards behind them, urging them to stop before more people get hurt. Illia would usually put others before herself, but right now she cared more about saving her sister. There was a very sketchy catwalk that Black led Illia across, and though she didn't think of herself as helpless, it was nice to have such a competent partner around. She heard him mumbling something about Red Raven's, phantoms, and an Eevack? She thought it may have been some code or something. Anyway, Illia pushed ahead an as she neared the window across this catwalk, she kicked it and rather than smashing, it actually swung open very nicely. The one thing they didn't seem to lock here apparently. When Illia turned back to Black, he was battling off a few of the many guards. She threw the dull knife that she had, knowing it was too dull to inflict any major damage. It actually ended up hitting on of the guards near the door with the hilt of the blade, sending him off balance and over the catwalk. But then Illia felt the wavering of this old setup, getting weaker every moment that it held all of this weight. When she heard the groaning of the metal, Illia grabbed on tight as the whole middle folded in on itself, sending all but a few guards downward. Illia looked for Black on the ground in a panic, and then her eyes found their way to the edge of this crumbling catwalk. She saw Black, hanging, but she didn't look much longer, she needed to help him up. Her arms were strong, but they weren't long enough to actually reach her ally. Illia poked her head outside the window, spotting the intricate fire escape on the side of the Academy walls. She hopped right through the window, and sidled along the building in the light rain that was now causing some slight annoyance. Reaching the rusty fire escape, Illia grabbed hold of one of the long handlebars, and managed to snap it off at the rusty ends. She now had a makeshift pole that was just under her own height, and she swiftly made her way back inside, nearly slipping on the way. Once inside she spotted the guards helping each other out and coming up with a backup plan. And Illia bent down, reaching the pole well within Black's reach, offering to help pull him up; Luckily she had plenty of upper body strength from countless hours of sword-fighting. "Come on Black! Grab on, I've got you, we're almost there!"
  14. Tangora998

    Thievery, Captivity, Survival and some nice conversation

    Charlie became more delighted once she realized that Aiden was putting in some effort now. Sure she was a bit stressed, but other than possible death and another capture, she was absolutely chipper. Shouts were heard all around as warriors started becoming aware of the sirens going off. Charlie leaped and bounded over crates, and slid under objects that were placed in precarious ways. A few arrows were now being directed at Charlie and Aiden, so it was time to start thinking in overdrive. Charlie was simultaneously watching Aiden, watching arrows, dodging arrows, and keeping an eye out for any more threats. One warrior popped out from around a corner and stood in the captive's escape route. Charlie hoisted herself over a wall of supplies and swung her legs directly into the warrior's chest. But all that it resulted in was a slight stumble from the armored enemy. She readied herself to attack the opponent yet again, and went to do a sweeping kick, hopefully knocking the warrior to the ground. But the warrior was quick in their thinking, and jumped over Charlie's leg, counterattacking with a firm kick to Charlie's back. She rolled back toward Aiden after being slightly pummeled, and readied herself for a new strategy. Before she actually went to attack again, she let her body go loose and gave a good smirk. "NOW!" As Charlie shouted this, a bear came up from behind the warrior and bashed them easily to the ground. After a large and powerful roar, the bear seemed almost to smile at Charlie and Aiden. "Thanks friend...think you can carry us outta here, you galumphing beauty?" Charlie seemed to be conversing with the large brown bear, as if it were a regular occurrence. The bear responded with a head nod and turned itself around toward the woods. Charlie reached back to grab Aiden's hand, and looked into his eyes giving a reassuring look to follow. Suddenly, many more guards found their position and started after the strange trio. Charlie pulled herself up on to the bear, forgetting to help Aiden on, and hoping he'd get on before the bear started to sprint into the woods. She was never really that good at working with a team mate, but maybe this would be a learning experience for her.
  15. Tangora998

    The Red Dawn of Ursa Madeum [4/4]

    Jenn had just arrived at the group when battle broke out unexpectedly, and many resistant enemies stood guard within the castle gates. The sky was dark, an the ground covered thick with mud and blood. Bodies lay both limp, and twitching about the area. This was definitely a war for the books, and it had better be worth it. Jenn moved in motion with the large Taenian forces, and she ran between soldiers, being small in comparison, and using both daggers to take down ordinary enemies at the level of their knees. Her Senser abilities, allowing her to cut through any magical wards placed before hand. All soldiers within her area were also protected by Jenn's ability to nullify magics. She spotted many familiar faces about the battlefield, and tried to help out as much as she could. When it came to regular soldiers, Jenn was taking down one or two every few minutes. Jenn's conflict with Carolyn no longer present in her mind, she used all of the skills she had. At one point some of the enemy mages started to create rather large fireballs, and gusts of wind. Jenn took these opportunities to take control of their spells and reverse them back on the enemy. This caused many soldiers to burn, or get tossed against the hard stone architecture. And then the castle doors blew open adjacent to where she was located, and a dozen tough looking soldiers came trudging out. Jenn threw one of her daggers full force at the lead knights head, and it hit it's mark. But it just stuck in the knight's helmet, and he pulled it out while looking for where Jenn was. Jenn then sprinted away as fast as she could, dodging and diving through the full chaos that was taking place. And just as she got some distance from the nights, she saw Som going into action. "Jenn, there's a hole in the west wing. Meet me there. We're going straight to the throne room to handle the bastard. The others will join us after handling a problem at the front entrance." Jenn heard Titus' call and immediately continued her sprint, but it was following Titus as he made his way toward the west wing. "I'll be there as soon as I can! Fight true everyone... and good luck." Jenn said this, knowing full well that some of the stronger warriors may not even survive this ordeal. After many minutes of evading, dodging, and wounding many enemies, Jenn found herself in a quieter part of the battle. It was like a field of lifeless puppets, but their red paint was melting away, and all that remained was a gore filled swamp. The boots of Jenn's leather armor were now soaked with blood, and her brown cloth cloak was stained and splattered with such. But she finally caught of to Titus and they were nearing the west wing. But she stopped for a moment when she saw it, the sunrise. But this was a sun tainted with battle, and it only made the blood on the land more evident. Taen was going to win this battle, and they'd do it the best they could. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Meanwhile Carolyn remains chanting in her mostly empty room. She has sensed Jenn's disconnect and is bleeding from the nose due to overexertion. The barriers are up, and will remain so until Carolyn dies, which is very likely in her current defenseless state. Luckily enough, some of the Taenians that were lagging behind came to search the building for wounded comrades, or any allies that they could round up. And they discovered Carolyn, and vaguely remembered her being mentioned a few times. They tried their best to bring her consciousness back, but to no avail, and so they threw her over their shoulder and kept her moving. At least on the move with assistance, she wasn't just a sitting duck, like the Tyrant King.