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  2. How's it all coming, traveler?

  3. What's up? Also, it's sloppy, but I'm trying.

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    2. Seyge


      Well, the first song fiddle song that I learned was "Ale is Dear."  I'll include a link of me playing it at regular speed and slowed down for you.  I'm a little rusty from not playing but I think as I record the three or so songs for you with this post that that will clear up quickly.  


      You'll notice that it's hard for me to slow down those triplets, or what I believe are called "burls" to the Scots, but I do once or twice. :think:


      The one above is called The Butterfly.  It's a slip jig (9/8) and I barely know what constitutes that beyond me just being able to pair that fact with this song.  I also talk briefly about ornamentation, and it inspires me to play the song below that has heavy ornamentation in the A part.  I have a mute that goes across all of my strings (because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to properly record with the poor device that I have if I were to go without) that doesn't like muting my lowermost string.  :biggrin:


      This next one is The Dusksong, one that I've written.  Not something I realized at the time of writing it, but I find it difficult to deviate from what I've written, stylistically.  I'd love to hear your take on it so I'm eager to share.


      This last one is called Metsäkukkia.  It's Klezmer...ish? I know some other more-guaranteed Klezmer songs, but this one is probably a good place to start.  This song has 3 parts, and so far as I know you can repeat any one them as many times as you'd like, or transition A-B-C to your liking.  I usually go AABBCCABC.  I didn't play it again slower, unfortunately, but I did take a second to talk briefly about the A part.


      If me recording stuff like this is helpful for you, I've kinda enjoyed it, and what's nice is that that might inspire me to play more than I have.  I'm...noticeably rusty, but making these for you has made me want to do something about it. :think:



    3. Seyge


      Also, I loved your initial recording.  It took me waaaaaaaaay back.  It reminded me that my mom still refers to Minuet 1 as the "Thousand Dollar Song" because I just could not get around to playing it to my teacher's liking.  

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      Off Topic

      You have such good tone man, I listened to these a few times each while at work. When you're talking about ornamentation, is that all in one hand or both? It's hard to tell if you're doing hammer-on and pull-offs (in guitar terms) in quick succession and that's part of a slur or what the bow is doing, if that makes sense. It all sounds very good, you don't give the impression that you're rusty and I like the song choices too so I'll be working up to these. I don't know if I can digest them too quickly but I'll try them out -- I practice at the shop after hours and never use a mute, my walls are pretty thin and I feel like a monkey making noise and very uncomfortable even with a mute lol. I'd be really curious to hear what you sound like without a mute because I think everything I've heard so far has had one. Thanks for these recordings, though! I'll make use of them. I'll have questions for you as I start to practice the songs, might want the key and to know where you're switching from 1st to 2nd/3rd (farthest I've gotten) position if at all.

      Here's where I'm at with guitar right now, couldn't get better of a recording just yet and I'm fully unplugged so I can't capture harmonics very well. Just riffing through things, it's looser without much song structure. I'm kind of a gimmick player in the sense that I'm hyper-specialized towards this particular style, one thing I gathered from Erik is just how long a song can develop and how they can organically come out of certain techniques -- so I've been playing variations of this exclusively and doing only percussive acoustic and double tapping, I feel it's trance-like in practice to carry a song like this and that's been pushing me even further with it. The same song back in August, it's much different but you can see the palm harmonics I do and I had new strings so the harmonics really come through. And if you're *still* curious, a completely uncut video from January (looking casual dorky because I didn't know I'd be showing any one) in a different tuning that may as well be a different song -- I feel I've improved a ton since this in a lot of ways, especially with masking any string clanks during tapping. It's all in the pursuit of style because that's all I've ever really wanted and I've dropped all pretense of playing classic rock or with a pick at all because it's just nowhere near as gratifying unless I could pull it off in a similar way. Admittedly it's weird music though, lol.

      I'd be interested in doing audio work on any more recordings, it's why I'm curious to hear you without a mute because it'd be nice to have the full range of sound as something to test with for how to do post-production on violin. It's only a curiosity though because you genuinely do sound great with a mute, it's especially surprising to me now that I've tried playing with one, even more impressive to hear you play overall now that I'm trying myself. I'd be wholly satisfied just getting to the competency level of playing like your recordings, with that kind of tone -- if I could get that, I'd feel great about myself lol. Just in case you had an uninspired grass is always greener view and doubted yourself because you at "pretty rusty" is basically my current ideal level, the top I'd dare dream to achieve, with just a dash of Casey Dreissen-esque chopping so I can get some synchronicity on the percussive acoustic all-around.

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