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  1. Undead walk the sands
    among frond and reed, the trees
    are parched: fangs for blood


    _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _


    > WHERE? <

  2. The dead do not die
    They stay angry shadows, while
    Their clothes walk about


    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


    > WHERE? <

  3. Three years on Valucre.


    1. supernal


      Happy valnniversary!

    2. Mickey Flash

      Mickey Flash

      3 year Valnniversary.  Awesome. ?

  4. A whale beached itself on the shore of Port Kyros. It’s titanic bulk left it immobile, lying on the warm sand. Weak, inefficient limbs made no effort to try and drag itself further up the beach, nor to push itself back into the ocean, where it belonged. Shcxay Signowr, son of The King of the Deep, and Tidecaller of Nymeria, felt just like a beached whale. But where the colossal mammal would accept its fate and waste away, in spite of the few meters between it and the beckoning surf that could save its life, Shcxay had no choice but to press on. For Nymeria, and his own self-worth. The Tidecaller kneeled on the beach, the act of leaving the water having taken its toll on his frail body. Inhaling deeply, twin membranous air sacs inflated at either side of his throat. Wheeze after wheeze came and went, Shcxay’s respirator working harder than it ever had to beneath the sea. “This despicable contraption…” A despicable contraption indeed, but solely responsible for his continued existence, whether it be sea or land. A few more moments of acclimation passed before Shcxay finally arose. A bright blue gem set in a coral circlet upon his brow began to gleam with unearthly light. He stood up, acting as if he were pulled up by invisible strings. At last the Tidecaller was at his full height, the vestments of his position and his condition now within sight. The massive, chitinous apparatus around Shcxay’s throat would of course draw the most attention. It’s bulk was unignorable, and it’s respiratory functions caught the eye with little effort. He was known as Half-Breath behind his back amongst the rank and file of Nymeria’s military. Something as unfit beneath the waves as it was above them. A dark grey cloak billowed over the Tidecaller’s dark blue armor, a custom model reinforced even more than the standard. A stole bearing the insignia of the Mage Corps hung over both shoulders. Finally, he wore a heavily armored set of greaves, with a wide set of boots that gave the appearance of elephant’s feet. Though they looked unwieldy, they aided greatly in balance. Through all these adornments, Shcxay, beached whale that he was, became capable of that which was never meant to be in his power to do. The effort was immense, and the means rather pathetic to watch, but it was done nonetheless. The look of being tugged about on strings never left the Tidecaller, his manner of locomotion appearing to be more akin to floating. He drifted alongside his Father and Aunt into Port Kyros, eyes darting about from subject to subject, eyeing passers-by, buildings, and anything else that piqued his interest. His curiosity was not lost on anyone, with many a citizen being treated to an almost predatory smirk as he studied them. At last they arrived at their destination, and shuffled in towards a large dining table. He watched as his Aunt sat down, and began making his way to her side. As he made his way over, the Tidecaller delivered a sideways glance towards the surface-dweller emissaries across from his family. Feeling in need of a power play, Shcxay made a brief gesture with his hand, muttering some barely audible incantation under his breath. The chair beside his Aunt slowly sailed through the air, twisting around him before settling down behind him. He sat down, repeated his previous motions, and floated towards the table. A rather petty display, but a Nymerian’s pride is often grander than the stunts they pull to uphold it. The Tidecaller leered across the table as his Aunt spoke. “Yes, introductions, I am absolutely thrilled to see how your kind introduces themselves. Will it be simple, yet strong willed? Bombastic and long-winded? Oh, I am quite literally dying slowly in this seat as my water reserves drain away, waiting to find out. It’s quite exciting.”
  5. Ooh, a personal summons. This was certainly unexpected and unplanned, but I shall accept it regardless.

    Wanna clean some of these up?


  7. “Oh God...Sherri, I didn’t want you to have to see me this way, why aren’t you still at work?”
  8. “My purpose is to have a turbulent relationship ending in heartbreak with the fucking concrete! Now get out of the splash zone, I refuse to have Sherri hate me even more for staining her childrens’ nice white clothes.”
  9. “Listen to your kids, Smith! You’re worth more to us alive than you are dead, that should be enough to make you feel like you’ve got a purpose.” The man said, lighting a cigarette.
  10. “I’m sure your mother put aside a savings account for you, Tim. She’s always prepared for these kinds of things unlike your failure of a father, which she just had to keep reminding me of as I was signing the divorce papers!”
  11. “There’ll be plenty of time to wallow in your own mediocrity later, right now we need to hop on the smart watch fad before it’s too late!” The man shouted.
  12. ”Sherri divorced me, my life is falling apart!” Smith sobbed.
  13. Down in the front yard, a sour-looking man in a business suit watches the man on the roof with disdain. “Get off of that roof, Smith! I need you as a trustee in my new startup company!”
  14. Happy Birthday to me.

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      Mickey Flash

      Happy Birthday! :kiss:

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      Was perusing through the forums and I found this --

      So happy birthday!

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