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  1. TheWilySpookster

    I heard you like Magic Books.

    Ooh, a personal summons. This was certainly unexpected and unplanned, but I shall accept it regardless.

    Wanna clean some of these up?


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      lets chat on discord

  3. TheWilySpookster

    [A Dysfunctional Family Saga] Act I: A School of Sharks

    “Oh God...Sherri, I didn’t want you to have to see me this way, why aren’t you still at work?”
  4. TheWilySpookster

    [A Dysfunctional Family Saga] Act I: A School of Sharks

    “My purpose is to have a turbulent relationship ending in heartbreak with the fucking concrete! Now get out of the splash zone, I refuse to have Sherri hate me even more for staining her childrens’ nice white clothes.”
  5. TheWilySpookster

    [A Dysfunctional Family Saga] Act I: A School of Sharks

    “Listen to your kids, Smith! You’re worth more to us alive than you are dead, that should be enough to make you feel like you’ve got a purpose.” The man said, lighting a cigarette.
  6. TheWilySpookster

    [A Dysfunctional Family Saga] Act I: A School of Sharks

    “I’m sure your mother put aside a savings account for you, Tim. She’s always prepared for these kinds of things unlike your failure of a father, which she just had to keep reminding me of as I was signing the divorce papers!”
  7. TheWilySpookster

    [A Dysfunctional Family Saga] Act I: A School of Sharks

    “There’ll be plenty of time to wallow in your own mediocrity later, right now we need to hop on the smart watch fad before it’s too late!” The man shouted.
  8. TheWilySpookster

    [A Dysfunctional Family Saga] Act I: A School of Sharks

    ”Sherri divorced me, my life is falling apart!” Smith sobbed.
  9. TheWilySpookster

    [A Dysfunctional Family Saga] Act I: A School of Sharks

    Down in the front yard, a sour-looking man in a business suit watches the man on the roof with disdain. “Get off of that roof, Smith! I need you as a trustee in my new startup company!”
  10. I got a car.

  11. Happy Birthday to me.

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      Mickey Flash

      Happy Birthday! :kiss:

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      Was perusing through the forums and I found this --

      So happy birthday!

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    OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    I’m up for attending.
  13. Well, it’s that time of the year again. It’s been almost two-and-a-half years since I found myself on this site, and every Christmas Eve I’ve made an effort to say some words about thankfulness, appreciation, and other similar sentiments all while trying to include all the wonderful people I’ve befriended up to that point(and not just because it means more likes on the status update). I’m going to make that same effort, but I’m not sure if there’s much I could say that would tread any ground I haven’t already covered in the past.

    When I first came to Val, I was just a guy. A guy who before then had a moderate interest in writing, and whose only role playing experience was through Skype with a couple friends. Dissatisfied with the experience after awhile, I decided to search up a site where I could roleplay in a vast and established world. And so, in 2015 when I myself was only fifteen, and within five months would be sixteen, I signed up for Valucre, introducing myself with a quote from A Clockwork Orange. The rest, as they say, was history. I began as some guy with no prior roleplay experience, nor much writing experience in general, managed to impress people who learned how young I was, all while not quite understanding what was so impressive in the first place. Today, sitting in a Walmart break room, four days away from being an adult in the eyes of the law, I’ve become...what have I become? Better? Arguable at best. I’m sure the quality of my writing has improved to some degree, but I still remain the same, amateur, inexperienced writer I arrived as. So what has changed, aside from my age and maturity? Well, I certainly have more friends than I did before I came to Val. I’ve got more friends than I did last Christmas as well. I think that’s probably all that matters, having more friends. That’s what’ll stick with me, not the threads I’ve participated in, nor the lore I’ve written, neglected, and abandoned. But the relationships forged as a result of working on them. 

    Merry Christmas.

    @supernal @Mickey Flash @Jotnotes @Fae @Deus Ex Aizen @Lacernella Rubra @Avvercus @The Hound @Howlykin @Trexasle @MrDoubleSunday @PandaHat @Mag @Maveranne @Lilium(It never lets me find you)

    If I’ve forgotten anyone near and dear to my heart, then may my figgin be placed on a spike.

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    2. supernal


      Happy holidays man. Thanks for the kind words in general and the best gift I could get is the knowledge that the little roleplay site I helped cobble together has given some lasting experiences to it's members so thank you for that 

    3. Lacernella Rubra

      Lacernella Rubra

      <3 You always say the most interesting things, Spook. I am thankful for you. 

    4. TheWilySpookster
  14. TheWilySpookster

    OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    @Vehement Agony I’ll be joining in on Panda’s thread.
  15. TheWilySpookster

    push and pull.

    "You're a what?" "Church Grimm." "A what now?" "I'm a Church Grimm, sir." Silence fell upon the grounds of the old church, as it's preacher removed and polished his horn-rimmed spectacles. No, actually. That wasn't quite accurate. Silence didn't so much as fall as it stumbled from around a corner, having abandoned a post it should for all intents and purposes have been filling from the beginning. Upon its return, the warbling of robins atop the church's steeple ceased, and the rustling of leaves came to an end, their ambient noise done away with as the silence reminded each and every audible object that this was a solemn place, a place of worship and respecting the dead, not one for the grating of plant matter against plant matter, nor the merriment of animals. The dead were interred here for the purpose of eternal rest, after all. And one could not possibly rest in such a cacophonous environment. In reality, the dead only rested here metaphorically. Contrary to the silence's own beliefs, the deceased that had been lain to rest within the church's graveyard were by no means appreciative of the new atmosphere, which was for lack of a better term, dead. But of course, there was nothing to be done about it, aside from watching and waiting as the conversation resumed. "You don't look like a dog to me." "Alright." "Church Grimms are said to be dogs." "So I've heard." "If you're a Church Grimm, why are you not a dog?" "You'd be surprised how often I get asked that question." "It's probably because you claim to be a Church Grimm, yet you're not a dog." "Yes, you're almost certainly right." "Because Church Grimms are supposed to be dogs." "I'm aware." "And you're not a dog." "Yes, yes, I understand, you're confused by my claim because I'm not a hairy mongrel of a dog, but rather a less hairy, arguably less mongrely human being. The point is, I can do all the things that Church Grimms are said to do, and you don't even have to kill a perfectly good dog." "I see." The priest was once again polishing his glasses, eyes a piercing blue. "Do you?" "The glasses are for show." "Ah." The Church Grimm watched the priest continue to clean his glasses for a couple more minutes, until he became satisfied with his effort and put them back on. The two stared at each other for a few more moments, before The Church Grimm decided to speak. "So...are you going to respond?" "Respond to what?" "To what I just told you." "All you've told me is that you think yourself to be a magic dog. In my experience, it's usually for the better that you do anything except respond in that situation." "Sir, I believe you may be missing the point. I'm telling you this because I would like to offer my services to you in exchange for a place to sleep, and a meal." "Is that so?" "It is." "Why would I need your services?" "Well, I can drive off demons and other evil spirits while I stay here." The priest turns to face the church, and points up to the roof with a gnarled finger. "Do you see that?" "Yes, what is that?" "It's a cross." "Right, and what does it do?" "It tells any evil spirits nearby to get off my God's property, or so help them He, they're going to be smote by the eternal love and forgiveness of the Lord. Free of charge." "Yet you still collect a tithe from us all!" A groundskeeper called out to the priest as he raked the fallen leaves away from a group of headstones. "Quiet Nigel, that's blasphemy right there, you questioning my policies and all." The Church Grimm closed his eyes in disbelief, before returning to his attempts at bargaining with the priest. "Father, would you say it's your duty to protect this house of God at any cost?" "I suppose." "And isn't it better to be safe than sorry." "I don't see why not." "Then for the sake of being safe rather than sorry, couldn't one argue that accepting my offer is in the best interest of this church? The priest removed his glasses and began to polish them. The Church Grimm sighed. "At the very least, are you not meant to be charitable to the downtrodden, whoever they may be?" He continued polishing the glasses vigorously. "And wouldn't one such as myself, hungry, in need of shelter, deluded into believing he was a magic dog, very much in need of some charity?" The priest donned his glasses for a third time. "Yes. I suppose one such as yourself is deserving of some charity." The Church Grimm smiled at this. "But in case you are truly what you claim to be, I expect you to follow in the tradition of Church Grimms...and die this evening." "That's the plan, Father. No need to worry about that." "You will then be buried in our graveyard so that your spirit may rise and defend it's inhabitants." "Okay, now we're getting a little ahead of ourselves, the burying isn't necessary." "Oh, but I know how the story goes, and if you're not buried, then it doesn't work. A real Church Grimm would know this." Biting his lip in exasperation, the Church Grimm began to ponder a way out of this mess without losing his chance at a meal. At last, he decided to compromise. "I will lie in the graveyard. No burial, but I will still be among the dead when I cross over. Does that seem fair?" The priest removed his glasses and began to polish them with what looked to be enough force to shatter them. "What is wrong with your glasses, Father? This is the fourth time you've taken them off." "You have a tendency to spit when you talk." "Well alright then." The priest finished his labor and began to walk towards the church. "Alright, I'll settle for your proposal. But only because I have felt the arrival of a dark presence upon the horizon, something wicked whose evil intentions resonate in my ancient bones!" "He's fifty-five, don't let 'im fool ya!" The Church Grimm payed no mind to the priest, nor his groundskeeper, assuming that whatever dark presence the man felt was the onset of dementia in his frustrating mind. "I don't believe I caught your name." "Kane Revnik." "Interesting. Here I was thinking I'd have to keep calling you Church Grimm." "Doesn't seem to be the case, Father. "No, it doesn't. Either way, come with me to the kitchen, you look rather hungry, and dare I say downtrodden." "You dared, yet you're still here Father. A sign that you should take more risks, perhaps?" "Perhaps." Without further ado, Kane followed the priest into the back of the church.