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  1. I seem to have stumbled upon this site.

    Oh, good sir, I do believe you've made the right choice in gracing our humble forum with your presence. If it's a living, breathing world you seek, then we have you covered. I truky hope that you enjoy your time here with us, as it would be painful to see a fresh face leave us soon. Goddamn, I don't think I've ever sounded so posh and pompous in a single message before. Regardless, I'm Wily, it's a pleasure to meet you, welcome to Valucre.
  2. So I'm A Pretty Big Deal

    You, I like you. You've got moxie. Pizazz even. I don't think it'd be pushing the envelope to even suggest you've got spunk. The bottom line, though, is you've got a personality that speaks to me. Quite literally. Your personality has acquired sentience, it walks and talks like a man, and last time I saw it, it had itself a cult. Of personality. One it was trying to indoctrinate me into. That's quite the personality, there. Ignoring that strange little introduction, I'm Wily, and on behalf of me, the rest of Valucre, and especially those of us who help run Elendaron, welcome.
  3. This Spookster's off to Scare L.A. What better place for one such as myself than a horror convention?

  4. I'm New and This Title Can Be Very Long, Can't it?

    Well what do we have here? A fresh face here in our ocean of infinite opportunity, our plane of imagination, our...our...synonyms. Just, more synonyms. Fill it in yourself. I welcome you with open arms, I have no doubt you'll be staying with us for a very long time. And if it's Elendaron that interests you, then perhaps you would care to take a look at my humble slice of it? Vechynacht is open to all with open minds, dark senses of humor, and forgiveness for it's unedited, horrifically formatted nature. But again, welcome. You'll love it here. It's a way of life.
  5. Hi?

    Ah, a new arrival. Excellent. If there's one thing we are always in need of around here, it's fresh meat. I welcome thee, good Sir Tutski. Long days and pleasant nights to you. And if you ever desire a delightfully strange and unedited experience, swing by my humble sub-sub-board Vechynacht.
  6. I forgot about my Valnniversary. Eleven days ago mark my second full year on this site. I'll have to do something large and unnecessary to celebrate. Just not right now.

  7. Hey, new here

    Oh, well what do you know? A new arrival. Time for me to offer up a... Warm Wily Welcome™ Greetings. How do you do? You will enjoy this site. You have no choice in the matter. Whatever all that was aside, I've got a feeling you're going to have a great time here. Good luck to you.
  8. Returning RP guy

    Well look who it is. You. With the face. And the Dark Elf. Welcome back.
  9. Pitching my tent

    I would like to offer a warm, Wily Spookster Welcome™ to you. It's like any other welcome, really, except I retain the rights to it's use and plan to cripple financially any who would dare infringe on those rights. My attempts at humor aside, I hope you enjoy your time here. It's a great place with some of the friendliest people you could meet. And if you like comedy in your horror, and can look past terrible formatting and glaring errors in continuity left over due to a lack of motivation to do any proper editing, then check out my humble Sub-Sub-Board Vechynacht. Or don't, you're a fully autonomous being capable of free will. As far as I know.
  10. What are you watching? [TV edition]

    American Gods- 10/10 How rare is it for an adaptation to truly honor it's source material? How much rarer is it for an adaptation to go beyond and transcend it's source material? Well American Gods on STARZ manages to do the latter with flying colors, turning one of my favorite novels into one of my favorite new shows. Everything from the performances, to the visuals, to the camerawork is breathtaking and at times beautifully surreal. I can't imagine a better adaptation of one of Neil Gaiman's greatest works.
  11. Night Hunt OOC

    @Florin, plan on posting?
  12. Night Hunt OOC

    Skip me this round, not much I can contribute until the plot moves forward a bit more.
  13. Many books have been acquired.

    Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett

    The Paper Menagerie by Ken Liu

    Songs of a Dead Dreamer and Grimscribe by Thomas Ligotti

    Black Hole by Ken Burns

    Watchmen by Alan Moore

    1. supernal


      Am curious about your takes on Guards! and Watchmen when complete 

    2. TheWilySpookster


      Technically Watchmen is more of a re-read, but it was so long ago I might as well be reading it for the first time.

  14. Kaantus Hunting OOC Thread

    Skip me, I feel like Somar would still be coming to grips with what happened at this point.
  15. Night Hunt

    "A rhaal'degaan A shac druun dar." (I believe I can do that.) He did not believe he could do that. In fact, despite being arguably more than qualified to do so, Slovort couldn't imagine himself teaching the hulking brute before him even the simplest Common phrase. This wasn't the case of course, and if it weren't for his own crippling self-doubt in the face of this monstrously impatient monster, he'd likely be an excellent instructor. But alas, fear was currently scrambling Slovort's mind, throwing reason out reason and logic, and allowing all manner of nasty little feelings to nest inside, each one screaming at the top of it's lungs about just how doomed he was, and the best way for him to elude a painful death as a result of his wrongfully perceived inadequacy. "Kill it! You've got more than enough power to do so!" That was true. An effective use of The Tongue would be more than enough to eliminate the threat at hand. "No, don't do that, what if this isn't even the worse thing to show up yet? Save it for something bigger! " A good point. There was no telling what could possibly happen next, what with a dark spirit summoning the undead seemingly out of nowhere floating about. "Run away! Just...just run away, there's no shame in it!" Fleeing, though less than ideal, was certainly an option. "There is a lot of shame in it, so just stand there, and resign yourself to your fate!" That on the other hand, was significantly less ideal, and incredibly questionable. "Strip naked, charm the brute." At that point, Slovort decided he didn't want to listen to his frenzied thoughts any longer, and decided he would cross this bridge when he came to it. "Khruul lhon ghalaan togaan o maac tarlaagec daaraan shuugaan, ac huukhaan ghaan ac ghec rhorthec maagaan." (Now just make sure you keep slaughtering these corpses, and protect me and my buddy here.)