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  1. I still plan to make an appearance. Is it possible to make a post tomorrow?
  2. I was creating the mischief causing type of character but was having trouble deciding what demographic to make him part of. I suppose that Gypsy seems fun enough. Count me in.
  3. I have some free time. I’d like to help as well.
  4. Arthur stared into the flames pensively after Iona had asked her question. What had he expected indeed? At first, the mutant couldn't say for certain what his expectations were, so he remained silent as he contemplated the response he would give. Perhaps it wasn't what he expected, but rather what he knew not to expect. He wouldn't have ever expected that their first day would prove peaceful. As they hiked earlier that day, the mage had acquired the distinct impression that (besides the Kraith) they were the only two people in Yh'mi, and that the frightening place wasn't what it was hyped up to be. The mage wasn't wholly convinced that it was okay to let down their guard, but he was certainly closer to that viewpoint than he had been earlier that morning when their trek had begun. "I had a feeling that we'd be fighting just to gain ground in this land," the mutant finally replied, pulling a single kebab from the hot stone, holding it by its wooden spit before bringing it up to his gnashing teeth. He tore off a mouthful of mushrooms and veggies, remaining unbothered by the food's sizzling temperature. It seemed as if such discomforts hardly phased the mutant. Arthur ate eagerly from the kebab, making record time as his eyes and thoughts drifted to the pick-haired witch and the tea she'd been preparing. It was an odd position for the mutant, especially considering that Arthur had said nothing of his distaste for tea. It was dumb to say the least. All he had to say was that didn't want any tea. The mage kept his mouth shut, however. For some odd reason, Arthur didn't want to give Iona a poor impression of himself. So instead, the mutant took hold of the mug once it was poured, and took a bitter sip of tea. Somewhere, far away, Enid was laughing at him. Of that, Arthur was certain. "What about our job? Is finding Aizus Flint your main goal here, or did you pick this quest off the board because it just so happens to take us to the forest?" Arthur asked, hoping that his tone didn't come off as accusatory. The mutant didn't care if the witch had ulterior motives. After all, Arthur had a set of ulterior motives of his own. He didn't step foot in Yh'mi just to perform quests off a bulletin board. The mage wanted to see what mysteries these dark lands had to offer. He needed to occupy his mind, turning Yh'mi into a new object of obsession. If he didn't, he feared the places that his mind would naturally drift off towards. Lands far away and a romance that died as quickly as it began. "I agree though," Arthur nodded, agreeing with Iona's earlier sentiment as he produced a pair of bundles of rune-covered wax paper from his market wallet. "I doubt that Yh'mi has received the level of research that it truly deserves. Inns'th seems more like a military base than it does any sort of research facility. Not that it's surprising. The Order isn't trying to learn about Yh'mi. It seems more like they're waging war against it." The black mage continued to work on his meal as he spoke. Laying his half-eaten kebab on the far end of the cutting board, Arthur unwrapped the wax paper around one end of the first bundle, revealing a portion of a bar of butter. The runes on the wax paper kept the butter from spoiling or melting in the mage's bag. Arthur removed a quarter of the butter from the bar and placed it on the board. The second bundled followed, retrieving a handful of chives from within which Arthur quickly diced up with his knife. "Perhaps we can change that," Arthur brought up as he gently massaged the chives into the butter, making sure that the two ingredients were properly mixed together. "I mean, if this contract goes well, then maybe we should come back together?" @Akako Akari
  5. I was gonna attend anyways but this works even better since Arthur came across the Cursor once before.
  6. Arthur grinned wolfishly as Bogatyr’s blade wobbled in his hands in response to its pommel colliding with Caecelia’s head. The woman dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes, her body going limp as she lost consciousness. The mage had been prepared to celebrate, to give off a triumphant roar that would echo off the walls of the training tunnel. However, Arthur wasn’t given any such luxury, and he didn’t take any as he felt the fluctuations of power keenly. Chaos ensued as preternatural energies built up subconsciously around the heiress, beginning to cause destruction all around the mutant. Chunks of the surrounding layout began to crunch and tear away, enveloping Caecelia in a dangerous barrier of floating debris that threatened to destroy any who came too close. Reflexively, the black mage undid the work of Occultation around him, unleashing his Resonance in full. His aura wrapped around the mutant like a cloak of white and black flames; Arthur’s body seemingly igniting like the wick of a candle. The flames seemed to wave about in an unfelt breeze, his power filling the narrow corridor with an unseen pressure of his own. Arthur felt the unconscious Caecelia siphon off the arcane energies of his Resonance, though fortunately draining the mage was a slow process indeed. At first, Arthur began to back away from Caecelia, especially as the armored escorts bellowed for him to leave. The mage wondered about his opponent’s arrogance, having joined the tournament despite being afflicted in such a manner. What? Did she really expect to breeze through the competition? His mind also drifted towards what would happen if he just allowed the Order to take care of things. He was sure they could handle it just fine, but arguably even better if Arthur helped as well. The mutant maneuvered Bogatyr to the side of his head, and slowly drew the edge over the top of the enlarged bump that was forming on his scalp. Blood and pus escaped the wound instantly and Arthur used his free hand to collect the blood onto the surface of his gauntlet. Utilizing the bodily fluid as a reagent, Arthur worked his will, beginning to recite the words of an incantation. It was by no means the black mage’s specialty, but he was no slouch either. His mind split into two, then four, then eight as Arthur levied a psychic onslaught of his own on the unconscious Caecelia. The mage applied thought ward after thought ward on the heiress’ no longer slumbering power, attempting to seal away her beastly subconscious. For now, anyways. The wards being cast came in three varieties. Firstly, some of the wards simply functioned as barriers, attempting to imprison the encroaching force. Secondly, when a dam broke down, it was followed up with a psychic shunt that rerouted excess energies through the firmament and back into the Empyrean. And lastly, the mage used the kind of spells one would use to disarm or charm another, but repurposed the magic so it placated Caecelia’s Id. It would give the heiress’ instinctual mind the impression that she was no longer under threat. Arthur piled the wards on thick, his partitioned minds working individually and rapidly to seal Caecelia’s hidden potential away. Of course, such an effort came at a cost. As he worked his willpower over the unconscious woman, blood was siphoned from the wound on his head. It floated through the air like a red string that coalesced in front of Arthur’s outstretched hand before being expended as fuel. Then, a pair of similar strings of blood poured from his nostrils; his magic threatening to drain the mage of blood if he persisted for far too long. Hopefully, his spell work would bear fruit. And soon. @The Alexandrian
  7. ((Yeah, I may just skip that first bit. Writing one move in one post, then changing it totally in the next is odd enough. Never mind that our character’s swords are situated low and to the right, and would be situated on the path Caecelia’s leg would take to reach Arthur’s head. So her leg would have to phase through the swords or would have to stretch beyond normal to loop around them. I’ll reply to it regardless as I can still work with the post, and it doesn’t really change my original reply. Plus, we don’t have much time left to have Fierach make a decision regardless.)) As Caecelia made her sudden change in attack trajectory, the mutant followed her hook kick skillfully. After all, the heiress’ attack wasn’t predictable and telegraphed because he knew it would be a side kick. It was telegraphed because the woman had to transition from her rapier stance to a bladed stance then lifted her lead leg. Having done that, the mutant waited for the kick before reacting with the motion of his right arm. When the heiress’ leg looped around their swords, Arthur lifted his right arm and used his gauntlet to smother the blow from Caecelia’s leg. The loud clanging echoed off the walls as the mage pushed Caecelia’s leg off towards his right, forcing the woman into a spin while Arthur circled left to shift behind his opponent. When Arthur did so, Caecelia seemed to have plans of her own as she spun in a counter-clockwise direction. At that point, the mutant was unable to back off from his attack, having committed hard to his pommel strike. Fortunately, however, Arthur’s current positioning offered ample protection to the left side of his head. The black mage’s long sword rested near his right shoulder, the sharpened point of the black blade pointed behind him in Vom Tag. His left hand was gripped near the pommel while the right hand grabbed underneath the crossguard. Arthur’s left arm wrapped around the left side and the front of the mutant’s head; the limb (thick with muscle and covered in the thick sleeve of his gambeson and the steel of his pauldron) functioned as a barrier that protected much of Arthur’s head, especially as the mage outstretched his arms to attack with the pommel. So when the heiress and the mutant landed their attacks simultaneously, Caecelia’s pommel impacted Arthur’s left pauldron. The collision absorbed much of the force behind the attack as the weapon skidded off the round shoulder armor and found its mark above Arthur’s ear. Nonetheless, the attack nearly instantly left a nasty welt in the mage’s scalp; the sight swelling to a slight bump within moments. That said, the mage wasn’t left in a daze by the attack (save for the stars that temporarily crossed his vision,) and it certainly wouldn’t compare to the mage’s own strike. Simultaneously, Arthur’s pommel would likely smash up against the side of Caecelia’s head as she spun around. It would likely connect near the heiress’ temple, and carried enough force to floor the woman and render her unconscious (or near to it,) especially since she spun so rapidly into the mage’s pommel. Arthur desired nothing more than to snatch victory from the woman; to finally display his skill set and his intention of taking the entire tournament. @The Alexandrian
  8. Arthur gritted his teeth as his next attack was thwarted, meeting the defensive force of the rapier wielding woman with the entirety of his might. Nevertheless, their swords clashed brilliantly; the sound of metal upon metal ringing and reverberating off the walls of the narrow tunnel. Bogatyr swooped in from above with its blinding zwerchau, crashing over the top of Caecelia’s rapier as the woman rose her slender blade to Prima, and utilized the forte of her blade (near the weapon’s guard) to parry the mage’s attack. At this point, Arthur swinging into another zwerchau was out of the question. The nearness of the hall’s walls made such a move impossible, even for a swordsman as proficient as the mutant. However, his well of tricks had not yet run dry; his style of swordplay revolving around being in close-quarters, and pulling Caecelia deeper and deeper into the bog that was Arthur’s technique. When their blades connected, the long sword’s true edge bit into the rapier’s false edge, joining the weapons in a strong bind. Simultaneously, Arthur lowered his arms to chest height, letting his blade slide across the top of Caecelia’s rapier until the middle sections of both blades intersected in perpendicular fashion like the end point of a krumphau. The move accomplished two things: it pushed the farther end of the rapier downwards and to Caecelia’s left, and it placed Arthur’s sword in a superior position where it had greater leverage. Had the woman chosen to stay within the realm of swordplay, she would have been able to respond to the bind properly. However, Caecelia had other plans. That much, Arthur was certain of as he watched her pivot her feet so that she stood in a bladed stance. It was surprising yet familiar to the experienced fighter. He wouldn’t have expected anyone to make such an error, surrendering the proper stance to utilize her main armament in favor of telegraphing a less effective unarmed stance and attack. But nevertheless, the mage was ready to receive such a strike. As Caecelia leaned her weight onto her back foot and raised her lead foot, the mage kept his blade atop the woman’s rapier but removed his right hand from Bogatyr’s leather-wrapped hilt. Arthur moved his hand in a counter-clockwise swiping motion, beginning at chest height and looping downwards to the abdomen as his opponent’s side kick tore through the air towards him. There was a loud clanging of metal as the plates of Arthur’s right gauntlet smashed into the greaves that covered Caecelia’s lower leg. The collision pushed the heiress’ kick off course, moving her right leg towards Arthur’s right (her left) and causing her body to turn away from the mage further. If Arthur succeeded, the deflection of Caecelia’s side kick would send her into a counter-clockwise turn of her own, exposing her back and thereby exposing her to an attack that Arthur would initiate in a flash. Swiftly, the mutant continued his advance offline with a pair of steps, moving past her lead leg and rapier before pivoting to the right so he faced the woman’s rear. Meanwhile, the mutant kept his sword above his opponent’s rapier, attempting to keep her own sword in check until he was able to circle around completely. As soon as he did, if he was able to do so, Arthur pulled his sword in a clockwise swirl, bringing the blade just past his right shoulder while thrusting his arms forward in an attempt to smash his pommel into the back of Caecelia’s head. Hopefully, not being able to control her rapier and having to recover from her defeated side kick would give Arthur enough time to land his opportunistic strike. The blow carried enough force to crack her scalp, likely causing profuse bleeding, and even possibly rendering the heiress unconscious. In either case, Caecelia had erred and Arthur was ready to take advantage. @The Alexandrian
  9. Yeah, everything is fine. Just needed to know where you were aiming the kick.
  10. @The Alexandrian Where is Caecelia aiming to land with her kick? You didn’t mention the target of your attack.
  11. Arthur continued to blaze his treacherous trail, carefully moving from stone to stone to determine whether they could sustain the weight of a human and sometimes two. He had to admit that it would have been intriguing to watch the Kraith struggle for longer, but the mutant had to concentrate on navigating the dangerous footholds of their chosen path and look out for potential ambushes. Just like the Kraith, another sort of monster could be lurking the craters and crevasses of the Broken Plains, and they wouldn’t be as mobility-impaired as their toothy-mawed friend. Of course, natural philosophy wasn’t the only distraction worthy of note. The brightly haired witch was becoming a grand one as the seconds past. After catching her pretty scent on his sensitive nostrils, the black mage’s powerful senses tracked Iona as she trailed behind him. His heart beat stuttered into a quicker pace, far faster than its usual slow and inhuman rate, albeit quite normal for the run of the mill human. Then she spoke. The mutant stopped on his newly acquired perch, a large stone with a rounded topside. Arthur clung to the stone as he froze, unsure of how to react to the woman’s forwardness. He had a feeling that it wasn’t some sexual invitation, and rather born of her curiosity and uncanny need for examination of all subjects arcane. She was braving Yh’mi, of course, and wanted to do so alone before she was made to find an adventuring party. It just seemed like she couldn’t say it without it sounding strange, or carrying the sort of connotation that gave Arthur pause. Thankfully, he was ahead with his back turned to the woman and wearing a helmet and bevor that covered most of his face. For a brief moment, the mage’s face was flushed with a light shade of pink. An uncharacteristic look on someone known for keeping their cool. The mage elected to seem indifferent as he turned his head towards Iona, managing to grin under the shade of his helm as he replied. “That’s an odd way to seduce a man,” Arthur said, chuckling to himself as he leaped off his stone and continued onwards. Internally, however, the mutant wracked his brain as he wondered what the witch’s examination entailed. The day went on as expected, moving from stone to stone until they finally cleared the rock field after mid day. Having skipped lunch, choosing to eat citrus fruit from Arthur’s pack as they boulder-hopped, the pair only trekked for an hour more before deciding to set up camp. They found a small gap in some overhanging rocks, and Arthur quickly extended his tarp from stone to stone to create a temporary shelter for the pair of them. An illusion spell set into the tarp made the canvas fabric seem part of the surrounding rock formation. It made for quite the hiding place. An hour later, Arthur and Iona was a couple dozen yards away from their camp, sitting around a fire as the mutant cooked their dinner. Leaving most of their supplies behind, the mage and his partner only brought what would be needed. The market wallet filled with Arthur’s food, a day bag with the mutant’s cook kit, and a bundle of wood from beyond Yh’mi’s borders. That evening, the mutant was using stones to cook, setting a myriad of rocks in a circle around the fire. Then, he placed a wide, flattened stone across the lip of multiple fire pit stones. This placed the flat stone hanging above the fire, heating the rock and turning it into a makeshift stove-top. On top of which, food was already cooking. Arthur used the extra fire wood and carved out skewers, creating a pair of kebabs out of chopped red and green bell peppers, red onions, cherry tomatoes, yellow squash, and white-flanged mushrooms they found on the last legs of their walk. “Today went a lot smoother than I expected,” the mutant made small talk, plucking the individual pieces from a bowl filled with marinade, and skewered the remaining veggies and shrooms onto a sharpened stick with another uncooked kebab ready to go atop his large cutting board. “Those two should be ready to eat. Feel free to eat three out of the four since I’ve still got my steak.” Arthur pointed towards the kebabs atop the makeshift cooking surface as he finished his prep work. The mage splashed some olive oil from his two-chambered flask onto the opposite side of flat stone, placing the uncooked kebabs on top before grabbing one of the cooked kebabs on the opposite end. ”I’ve never been anywhere quite like this,” Arthur remarked off-handedly, his eyes darting to and fro in an alert manner before he dug in. No longer wearing his helmet or bevor, the mutant bit into the left side of his kebab, tearing into a delectable piece of roasted red pepper. “Admittedly, it’s a bit frightening but it’s also magnetic. It’s like the land is begging us to explore further.” @Akako Akari
  12. Arthur's facial features pulled into a joyful yet barbarous smirk as his blade sang through the air before clanging violently against Caecelia's rapier. He loved that sound so much. The expression upon the mage's face seemed to range between a dog chasing a ball or a hunting cat pouncing on its prey with no clear indication where on the spectrum Arthur lay. Eager sportsman or vigorous destroyer! In any case, the mutant gave chase and countered as soon as his opponent began their retreat. Arthur burst into action, pulling his sword away from Caecelia's parry as he unwound his arms in a second zwerchau. This time, Bogatyr's blade whirled counter-clockwise and cut from right to left in a horizontal arc, while Arthur's arms moved from right to left Ochs. Meanwhile, the mutant had no intention of allowing Caecelia to escape, taking a long stride with his rear leg (left) forward and slanted to the left. He advanced on the heiress, using his long legs to keep pace with the woman while staying past her rapier's point (preventing Caecelia from realigning in with the mage's body), but he was also charging offline at his opponent. The distinction was huge as it allowed Arthur to fight in the narrow confines of the training tunnel, and also exploit one of the heiress' own errors. She had much to learn and class was in session as far as the mutant was concerned. When Caecelia stepped back on her own left leg, she had turned Arthur's charge into an inevitability as she no longer had her main gauche in position to threaten the black mage's livelihood. The mage's dashing step towards the left only put the woman's dagger that much further away, but it also moved the mutant closer to the left side (her right) of the tunnel which gave Arthur that much more room to cut a zwerchau on the right side of the narrow compartment. His opponent had suspected that she'd be safer in the more narrow compartments of their arena, likely assuming that the mage would barely have space to get his cut off. She wasn't wholly incorrect. The space to throw a zwerchau was getting much tighter, not impossible but his sword would be whirling precariously close to the wall with each swipe. Her thoughts only considered Arthur's sword and his hands, however. A swordsman also had feet and he could use them to gain extra maneuvering room for wide cuts and to cut at very different and unsuspecting angles. As Arthur whirled his blade overhead, the blackened blade straightened out as opposed to angling downwards for a lower cut, aiming to strike for Caecelia's face. If he had advanced in a straight path, the sword would have slashed overtop the heiress' left shoulder on the way to her head. However, as he stepped offline to Caecelia's right flank, the mutant's black blade seemed to bypass that side of the woman entirely as it aimed to soar above her own sword and towards her face in a clothesline-like cut of Bogatyr. His first zwerchau had left the woman in disarray, unable to reply with an attack of her own. Arthur had Caecelia on the backfoot. He wanted to keep her on the retreat, forcing her to keep her guard up against increasingly stronger attacks. "Don't die now!" Arthur urged with an obsessive and wolfish stare, his intense presence echoing the absolute pride and confidence of one seeking to prove they were the greatest warrior. The mutant's smirk showing off a set of monstrous teeth that hadn't been there before as he added, "Protect your head, so we can keep fighting!" @The Alexandrian
  13. Like I said, talk to me or Spooky first and we’ll make sure that your moves aren’t silly and you’ll learn too. At the end of the day, it’s pointless if myself and a small handful of others just hoard all the fencing knowledge and just stood over everyone as the “best.” As the swordplay gurus or whatever bullshit. I want any who are interested to learn and learn as much as they can. Because then and only then does a PvP/T1/RP fighting community actually form. I don’t want to make people feel like they couldn’t do this if they tried. Rather, I want to build on that interest because (in reality) anyone can RP fight and no one should feel discouraged or feel like it’s a daunting task.
  14. I’m really sorry that you’re having such a hard time. You’re doing a lot of stuff on Val, and I feel like I might have made things much more stressful for you. If you’d rather back out, I’m fine with that. Though, yeah, I would really like to continue so that I could fight at least once before the tourney ends. To that end, feel free to ask for my Discord in private and we can coordinate quickly in the future. Which isn’t to say that you need to write faster, but you won’t have to mull over your attack for as long in your head if you can communicate with me or Spooky. But anyways, to respond to the bits about the fight: 1. Arthur can half step with his rear leg forward and wind his arms into zwerch simultaneously. He wouldn’t have to start winding after finishing his step. He could do it from his current position and he’d very much likely be better than the guy in the video. It’s likely that Arthur could cut 60-70 zwerchaus in 20 seconds. Though, it’s besides the point cuz Arthur is only cutting one zwerchau for now, and takes a very small amount of time. That said, you can still retreat and save your arm or guard with your rapier as Spooky suggested. So you’re not in a hopeless situation by any means. 2. Yes, Arthur’s hilt is being held high while the blade is angling downwards you cut at her arm. So I suppose you could aim for Arthur’s leg, but it’s a precarious thing. When my character’s zwerch ends, it’s stopping point is right Ochs. So you can lunge for Arthur’s thigh, sure, but you leave your head open to a sword that’s primed to go for your head. So in both our worst case scenarios where we get hit, Arthur will get stabbed through his thick pants and take a wound to the thigh. Not good but he’ll survive. Caecelia’s face is a different story. And like I said above, when you cut a zwerch, your end at one of the Ochs whether you hit or not. There’s no need for a recovery period because Arthur’s arms can’t wind any further in that direction anymore. By definition, he can’t really over swing. That’s why you can do so many very fast. You cut and end at Ochs, so you wind the opposite way and cut again/end at opposite ochs. Anyhow, Spooky has given you some good tips. But they also all come with their own minute drawbacks. So you can guard with therapist and come forward with your dagger, but then you’re really close to Arthur which possibly means getting grappled by an experienced grappler. Or you can retreat and dodge the zwerch, but Arthur is in a good position to chase. Fighting is all give and take. But no worries, I’m here to help from now on.
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