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  1. The wind moved through the knee-length tall grass in the large clearing outside of Predator's Keep. The dense vegetation swaying in response as the breeze made its way across the landscape and through the trees of the massive and dangerous forest that loomed in the distance. An off-road vehicle of the magitek variety was parked a dozen feet from the bank of the stream, and the mutant stood nearby as he took stock of his equipment. The mutant was the tallest of his companions, standing at six feet and an inch which didn't make him a giant by any means, but it certainly allowed him to tower over the average person. His frame was muscular with broad shoulders and a barrelled chest; whilst his limbs were ridged and corded with violent lines. Arthur was too fiercely supple to have been a product of civilization, or at least not entirely. Well within his late thirties, the hard look upon Arthur's face suggested a level experience that could have only been attained through hardship, and a psyche that could withstand the crumbling of initial plans whilst keeping contingencies on hand. The traveling spellsword was dressed for an expedition that morning, his torso clad in a sleeveless hauberk of dark mesh mail and a harness which contained much of the mutant's occult vestments, and his lower half sporting black cargo pants which were tucked neatly into a pair of field boots. A wide tarp was sprawled over the tall grass and contained the rest of Arthur's equipment, including extra food, woodsman gear, and other implements of the arcane. A long green canoe was laid nearby, ready to ferry Arthur and his companions down the stream and into the Labyrinth forest. Arthur's wolfish eyes studied the dense foliage from a distance, his unending curiosity and thirst for adventure urging him to advance. However, he took heed of the warnings of the locals and had read accounts of the forest's attack upon the settlement. The strangeness of the account, of course, only managed to pique the interest of the mage further. He would take the advice of others and not head inside alone. But with his allies at his side, Arthur had every intention of succeeding in his quest to discover what was the source of the forest's maligned intelligence. With the forest in the distance, Arthur felt a wicked sense of foreboding and imagined the countless thousands who had lost their lives attempting to navigate its maze-like brambles. Finishing the inspection of his gear, Arthur retook his seat near the fire and took a quick look into the steaming pot he had left boiling atop a bed of embers. He stirred the contents gently, a large batch of oatmeal which would undoubtedly warm the bellies of himself and his comrades. Now to wait, Arthur told himself. Before long, his friends would arrive, a short breakfast would ensue, then they would head into the labyrinth forest to solves its greatest mystery. Or die trying. @Al Sa-her @Lady Gilaen
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  3. "Abominable child!" Arthur shrieked in the mock tone of a creepy hag, likely mimicking the stereotypical witch to most ears, but Enid would find his words familiar. Words spoken by an ancient woman who taught introductory alchemy to the both of them at Kingsmouth University, whose ire Arthur (a young and even brasher war veteran at the time) seemed to attract like some sort of hate magnet. For it, the hag had earned her nickname and became the butt of many jokes shared between the two mages, or at the very least the younger Enid politely listened to the mutant's barbs. The comparison underlying Arthur's joke wasn't flattering in the least if the green witch picked up on it, and the mutant was certain that she would. After all, their school years were some of their most poignant and was where their adventure had originally begun. He couldn't know how the veiled joke would affect Enid, but the proud fae was unlikely to let go of the wizard's comparison. Taking bites from his yakisoba roll, the mutant stared straight ahead as his partner in crime complained about what she considered tomfoolery. It was an eternal warzone of the minds with the seer interested in decorum and the edicts of fate while the mutant preferred to break down conventions and do as he bloody pleased regardless of the consequences. "Unlike you," Arthur spat back with his trademark scowl marring his otherwise handsome features, "I know that time is meant to be enjoyed, and not fretted over like a capricious school teacher." His response and the subsequent tapping of Enid's scabbard against the wood of the barge was a warning of what was to come. The tension seemed to rise in those moments, although Arthur would seem calm with his back turned away, and Enid herself had managed to remain quite casual herself. Then suddenly, the woman lunged forward and Arthur followed suit as he twisted around abruptly and pulled a longsword from the folds of his robe with his free hand. Arthur maneuvered the shimmering blade in the path of Enid's swinging sword; the titanic impact sending reverberations throughout both of their weapons, and causing the barge to shake in unsteady waters while the magitech motor sent the boat puttering to a stop. No longer concentrating on its operation, Arthur couldn't guide the barge as he had been. The mutant's eyes found Enid's own and his lips curved in a wolfish smirk, his blade pressed against her own in dramatic fashion. There wasn't much room on the craft for swordplay, but the mage had managed to use the minimal space quite effectively. He couldn't imagine the pair continuing without sinking the barge, however, but Arthur wouldn't back down. The excitement was just too much. "Now that's one thing we can agree on..." "Talk is cheap!"
  4. "Damn right," Arthur exclaimed in agreement, proud to be described as an abomination, and caring little for the light attempt at an insult. After all, his green companion had little motive to actually hurt the mutant, and if she wanted to there were definite vulnerabilities she could have targeted that would have affected the alchemist more than simply referring to him as monstrous. Plus, the flat tone of the seer's voice only managed to illustrate how little actual venom were behind the words. That said, an almost competitive drive awoke within Arthur as the swordswoman threatened to impale him with the needle-like point of her magic rapier. Taking another bite of his fried-noodle sandwich, a normal one, Arthur chewed slowly and politely as his neck began to twist abnormally to face Enid, turning a full one hundred and eighty degrees as he swallowed the mouthful of pure goodness. His animalistic eyes shined a wolfish orange in the dark of Port Caelum's night, settling upon Enid's seated form as his lips curled in a roguish smile. "Then I suspect we'll be very late if you try, not that I'm against a little sport, of course." Arthur's dangerous grin transitioned into an amused chuckle, his head shifting back into its normal position in a single sickening wrench of malleable bone and delicate sinews. His attention returned to his beloved yakisoba roll, propping his boot-clad foot onto the barge's gunwale as he continued to pick apart his sandwich with bite after scrumptious bite. If the mage was worried about Enid and her swift lunging technique, it didn't show on Arthur's face. On the contrary, the thought of their swords clashing only excited the strange wizard. Nor did it show upon his abdomen which undoubtedly would have a blade protruding from it if Enid made the attempt with any sort of seriousness. But it wouldn't. Arthur was not only confident that he could defend himself, even in the narrow confines of the barge. But he was also confident that his best friend wouldn't brutally and coldly murder him. "Not at all," Arthur replied to Enid, staring ahead as he did so. "I plan to take my time with this and every other morsel I plan on shoving down my throat, and unfortunately there's little you can do about it." The ending was a tad barbed, then again so were many of their comebacks.
  5. Arthur Usklass stood at the bow of a long barge as it puttered across Port Caelum's harbor with the help of a small magitech engine. The craft made its way towards the festivities proper, following the sounds of music and the masses that all seemed to be headed to the same place, and carrying a small host of mages and a few iron chests filled with gifts towards the barge's stern. The mutant was dressed elegantly in a black-on-black suit, a silver tie wrapped stylishly around his neck and clipped to his black shirt, and a long robe of shimmering black velvet was worn over the outfit. The trim and hood of the robe were lined in black fur and the fabric was littered in designs, which coincidentally matched the festival's themes, and depicted golden suns and silver crescent moons across the entire surface of the robe. The tail and the empty sleeves of the robe billowed in the wind dramatically as the barge sailed through the waves; the mutant's right hand holding onto a nearly half-eaten yakisoba roll while the other was hidden in the pocket of his slacks. The ride was quiet or at least had gotten quiet after Arthur and his companion Enid argued over whether it was prudent to stop the barge at a dockside vendor and asked for the aforementioned roll. The green-skinned woman had made enough sense, noting that the hungry mage would have more than enough to eat at the banquet and that he was liable to make a mess of himself on the bumpy boat ride. It entered one ear and promptly exited the other without much thought from the mage who magically steered the boat off course and towards the vendor. Now, somewhat late and without a care in the world, Arthur almost seemed to rub it in the seer's face, lifting the yakisoba roll overhead as if to take one giant bite. And take a giant bite he would indeed. Arthur's jaw unhinged and his mouth widened way past normal human capability, seemingly capable of eating the roll in one bite if the wizard so chose, especially as a row of serrated teeth appeared from nowhere replacing what had been a normal set of teeth only seconds prior. The mutant chomped down on the fried-noodle filled sandwich, taking over a third of it in a single bite and swallowing it down unnaturally. @Lady Gilaen @Al Sa-her @deadcasketburied @Damnatus
  6. Arthur grinned wickedly, feeling nothing but the surest exhilaration as his massively overgrown fist smashed against the slab of upturned concrete, and blasted the giantess into the wall behind her with all of Arthur's pent up frustration behind the blow. In most cases, an attack like his would have promptly ended the battle. However, the situation only seemed to get stranger as Illohim bounced back from the wall; her body aided by out of control telekinetic force, pulling her upright and showing Arthur exactly how furious she was. The mutant grimaced with anticipation, having begun to transition into a follow up attack, and knowing he could do little against the crazed woman's faster than normal recovery time and the immense power she was going to unleash. An unseen force seized the mage's mutated arm, overextending the limb painfully whilst launching his body into the air like a rag doll. Humbled, Arthur cursed aloud while he made his rapid ascent, likely answering Xartia's quandary as to whether the mutant was powerful or dull, and possibly fulfilling Enid's prophecy simultaneously. Fortunately, the mutant still had fight in him, even as he grew level with the rooftops and was offered an intimate view of PK's cityscape. He wouldn't leave his comrade to fight the rampaging beast with only a stranger for aid. Arthur scrambled, causing tiny fires of pain to erupt across the upper portion of his mutated arm and shoulder, and reached for the edge of the incoming rooftop with both hands. The force of the throw was enough to dislodge any attempt at a grip, but the mage would prove a special case as his unmutated hand gripped the edge of a dormer roof like a vice and his arm began to stretch unnaturally to accomadate. At first, his arm seemed to extend outwardly, slithering like a snake to a length of ten feet, but soon the limb was stretched taut like a tough cord of rubber. It slowed Arthur's ascent and prevented him from crashing onto the roof, but more importantly it shifted the momentum of the throw back onto the mage's assailant. Like in swordplay, one often used the momentum of having their blade deflected as the fuel for their follow up. Arthur would utilize the same principle, albeit to an utterly unsafe degree. Growling furiously as the tension in his arm gave way, Arthur was snapped forward like a slingshot towards the giantess who was in the process of attacking Enid and Xartia. His body, an impromptu missile, soared across the air in a flash; his trollish fist poised to strike the back of Illohim's head in thunderous fashion. @Sings Through Pain @Lady Gilaen @Al Sa-her
  7. The mage moonlighting as a piss poor thief stood patiently as he lightly jingled his coin pouch. He had hoped to entice the siren into ceasing hostilities and to instead reach some agreed upon price for the stone. And for a moment, Arthur thought he would sway her. Rightfully, however, Shelly was skeptical of his words, questioning his motives much like Arthur would have under similar circumstances. The mutant lowered his arms to his sides, though he kept them visible particularly where the coin pouch continued to hang. "I'll have you know that thieves carry wallets just like everyone else." Arthur came back with what seemed to him a pretty obvious answer. He shrugged his broad shoulders in almost a matter of fact way. After all, a pouch like his was a perfect hiding place for precious gems, stolen or bought. The mage would have continued his explanation, telling the woman exactly why he didn't fear her or her sword. Fate had other plans as Shelly recklessly swung her heavy blade, and it came down to Arthur to show rather than tell. Swiftly, the mutant reached into the folds of his robes, pulling forth a long sword of his own as if from nowhere whilst he sprinted the short distance that separated the pair. The blade flourished in Arthur's deft hands, swinging in a circular arc from below to meet Shelly's misguided stroke just before it struck the display. The resounding clash would prove forceful, their blades sparking and hilts rattling at the collision. Arthur, a swordsman, was ever familiar with such sensations and knew how to maintain his grip. However, the mage was sure that the force of the parry would come as a complete surprise to Shelly. The mutant wouldn't advance any further upon his opponent, as his intent was to show the opposite. They weren't opponents and he didn't want to cause undue damage to her store. Gemstone aside anyways. He remained vigilant, though, as he couldn't know how the scared siren would react. With a snarky grin, Arthur made his case in a single word. "Truce?" @Mickey Flash
  8. "Whatever you say," Arthur responded non-confrontationally. The last thing the mutant wanted to do was spook the woman any further, causing her to run off to fetch an officer of the law. He didn't want to have to leave Lo'Bre in a hurry as it wasn't always easy to acquire passage on a ship, especially on short notice and in the dead of night, and even more so when you were wanted for robbing a brunette sword-wielding damsel. His hands reappeared casually from the obscuring folds of his robes, albeit not empty handed but not threatening either. On the contrary, Arthur's right hand gripped the draw strings of a bulging coin pouch. Hopefully it was a clear indication that despite his less than honorable introduction, he meant to be a paying customer from that moment forward. Wild eyes watched the siren carefully, waiting tensely for the woman to lash out with her sword but quickly noting that she was slowly making her way for the door. Arthur waved his hands in an attempt to be disarming. "Just stay right there," the wizard told the siren as he took a short step towards the door, "I have money and I want the large sapphire behind me here. I'll step outside and wait while you fetch it, or I'll just leave if you'd prefer. In any case, I pledge on my power that I have no reason nor desire to hurt you in any way." He could have been lying, of course. However, as he pledged on his power, a light hum could be heard as arcane energies were released. In his world, pledging on his power was an action of the utmost seriousness, and though Shelly had no reason to know. Arthur wouldn't speak such words lightly, his stern look speaking as much. @Mickey Flash
  9. "I'll give you credit," Arthur replied, not seeming too worried about the sword the woman wielded nervously, nor Shelly's enchanted voice which was bashing up against the wizard's prepared mental defenses. Though powerful, his defenses had been taken by surprised and it wasn't every day that the wizard was compelled magically to do anything. "I did not want to say that to you." The mutant stepped away from the shadows, allowing the ambient light to illuminate his presence for Shelly's viewing pleasure. Arthur even lowered his hood, revealing a wolfish smirk which while amused showed no true malice. His fiery eyes settled on Shelly, while his hands drifted casually but purposefully into the folds of his robe. "This isn't your voice, darling. I just see no use hiding. Please do not yell for the constabulary." Little too late maybe? @Mickey Flash
  10. Arthur stood upon the stern deck of the old world galleon, peering over the railing at the Keep's cityscape which was splayed in its entirety from his vantage point. For the galleon wasn't afloat at sea or in a river, there was no body of water in Predator's Keep to warrant a dock, but rather floated above the city in preparation for departure. The airship (a sun-sea variety that was both air and sea worthy) was triple-masted and seemingly on its maiden voyage by the condition of the paint, sails, and wood. A statue of an otherworldly night-haunt adorned the ship's bowsprit. The frigate was tethered to the Predatorial Hall, awaiting the arrival of the invited members of the Eldritch Society at the request of Xartia Pendragon. One of the society's masters and a member of the Scarlet Council. Leaning into the rail, Arthur adjusted the cuff of his black dress shirt. A thin blue tie was tied around his neck and clipped to his shirt in a gentlemanly fashion. He sported gray slacks on his lower half, a pair of black high-topped shoes rounding out the base of the outfit. A long robe of black hung from the wizard's shoulders, various suns and crescent moons were emblazoned upon the fabric. Staring over the railing impatiently, Arthur settled his gaze on the magic elevator that had been set up below for the other members. It was a gilded cage of gold with enough space for several human-sized passengers. Once inside, the cage closes and levitates itself onto the ship's foredeck. Food and drink from the Predatorial Hall was set up on tables throughout the ship's deck.
  11. Arthur drifted around the jewelry store floor room with purpose, using his heightened vision to search the various glass displays in the pitch blackness of the store. There were all manner of special items for sale, or for the taking if you were Arthur. The kinds of pieces that would drain a coin pouch of its contents right before adorning a finger or neckline in brilliant fashion. Stepping up to a display on the opposite end of the store, Arthur's eyes glinted with interest as they settled on a series of large gemstones, glittering like tiny stars, and cut to perfection by a skilled craftsmen. They were exactly what the wizard was looking for. Taking a step back, the mutant concentrated and stilled his mind. Arcane formulae flashed across his vision as he recalled a transmutation that would aid him in the second phase of the heist. A spell would render either one of his hands into a monstrous claw, capable of scratching a circular hole out of the glass display. Seizing the needed energies for the spell, Arthur began the process of his spell only to be interrupted as sounds from upstairs stopped the mutant dead in his tracks. The presence he had sensed upon entering was moving about and would soon make its way down the stairs slowly. Furtively, Arthur stepped towards a faraway dark corner of the store, donning the hood of his robe before pulling the garment across the front of his muscular form. The magical fabric seemed to cling to the shadows, making the wizard difficult to locate within the dark store. As the woman called out, Arthur scoffed internally, realizing he had little to worry about. He would remain quiet and simply keep out of the scared woman's sights until she disappeared. It wasn't his first rodeo, after all, and he figured he'd finesse Shelly as he had so many others. However, and to Arthur's ultimate surprise, those plans went up in smoke when the compulsory magic that laced the siren's words coaxed a sudden reply from the unsuspecting mutant thief. "I can explain!"
  12. Fiery eyes narrowed like daggers as his stream struck the broadside of a telekinetically uprooted slab of concrete; a second spell soon following after his own attack, which would have led Arthur to believe that his partner had told him to fuck off and attacked anyway if not for his ears which picked up Xartia's approach. It was bothersome when his intention had been to fight the giantess on his own, but it would have silly to think it could have been any other way. Arthur and Enid weren't particular in their knack for heroic action, and naturally Predator's Keep likely had peacekeepers of their own for whenever the pair (or similar adventurers) weren't stranded in the clearly god forsaken psychic town. They were bound to have company and considering the style of dress of the newcomer. He was bloody important. With the failure of his first attack, the stream nearly automatically lost pressure, losing force and range almost immediately as the water sprayed across the floor in an arced trajectory as opposed to training his watery attack on the stone and waiting for the ball of electricity to strike. The combination would have been powerful had they landed on the giantess, but it wasn't the sort of elemental synergy he had been hoping for. The arc of water receded until nothing else spilled past Arthur's widened lips; his wolfish eyes of orange settling upon Xartia after he had spoken and had interjected himself into the battle. He couldn't spare the other man much of his time, considering the growing problem that was brewing right in front of him, but the rugged mage wouldn't remain quiet either. "A shower," Arthur corrected with an incredulous stare, having no idea how Xartia couldn't tell the difference, especially since the man looked like he'd taken three showers just to get ready for tonight. He didn't care whether his companion and the cambion understood what he wanted out of his attempt to drench the giantess; the end of his magic trick would have to wait for a better opportunity. Hopefully, in the very near future. But for now, especially with a familiar buzzing reaching his ears, it was back to the battle. His loyal companion wasted no time in heeding his words, and Arthur would pay her loyalty back. Ten fold. The giantess was fearsome indeed. The malice which emanated from the woman certainly worried the mage, though it wouldn't show upon his face which stared with his trademark snarl. A sane man would have run away. But as Enid had surmised. Arthur was a hunter and he had chosen the giantess as his prey. Nothing would keep the wild mage back. As the telekinetic hold loosened on the slab, Arthur exploded forward in a full charge towards the enraged woman. His long strides and incredibly swift speed would cover the distance in a manner that would likely outpace both of his allies, crossing the alleyway seemingly in a blink of an eye with wild abandon. Simply charging into the giantess would have been a foolish decision, but Arthur wouldn't do just that. He needed to use finesse but he needed a good bit of brute strength to go with it. While Arthur ran, his right arm dipped furtively behind the folds of his robe, hiding the sudden and frightening transformation. A shift in form that both Xartia and Enid would catch in its truest glory. His right forearm and hand began to expand, muscles bulging ridiculously and bones blowing up to several times their original size. The gauntlet Arthur wore and his robe's sleeve morphed as well to accommodate the sudden change until Arthur's arm was gone and the lower arm and fist of an Antenoran cave troll remained. Nearly as long as one of his legs and and nearly the width of Arthur's waist, the mutant swung his monstrous arm in titanic fashion. The attack moved like a cross between a powerful uppercut and a bowling ball throw, and it was poised to strike into the falling slab that Ilohim had used to defend herself. The wicked punch would pop the slab right back into the air, though it could no longer be described as a slab when it fractured into dozens of large rocks and rocketed towards Ilohim's head, neck and torso. Ilohim was fearsome. And the troll that guided her inner-thoughts was nothing short of vicious. But Arthur, a REAL troll in some sense, was prepared to humble them both. @Al Sa-her @Sings Through Pain @Lady Gilaen
  13. A small boat drifted down a narrow water channel in Lo'Bre's market district; its sole passenger slowly working his oar as he stared upwards at the night sky. Cloudless, the sky offered a beautiful portrait of stars that well-traveled passenger wasn't entirely familiar with. With its thief problem, Lo'Bre wasn't an ideal place for day dreaming, especially in the dead of night. The passenger didn't seem to care, however, knowing his heightened senses would protect him from being caught off guard. Plus, he was also a thief. Being robbed would be a tad ironic. Reaching his destination, Arthur Uskglass tied his tiny boat to the side of the channel, lowered his oar, and lifted himself onto a cobblestone walkway. The mage walked briskly through town, keeping a low profile as he stuck to the shadows. He wasn't exactly dressed like a sneak thief, looking more like a wizardly gentleman in his black shirt, yellow tie and gray slacks than a scoundrel. Black shoes and a long, open robe of the same color rounded out the outfit. Golden suns and silvery crescent moons decorated the robe's fabric, illustrating what Arthur was after if one knew what the alchemical symbols meant. The garment was settled comfortably upon his broad shoulders, its sleeves (folded up to elbow length) were empty, being whipped around by the wind. Arthur turned a corner, only a couple dozen feet from his target. A jewelry store said to store a ruby the size of the mutant's fist, which intrigued Arthur greatly. He was always looking for materials to have enchanted, and the pendant would be a worthy implement for further study and experimentation. Hearing voices, Arthur quickly stepped into an alleyway, donning his robe's hood as he utilized the darkness to remain unseen by the passing errant couple. The mutant grinned under his hood at the giggling duo, watching with his fiery orange eyes as they walked by. Stepping back onto the sidewalk, Arthur made the rest of his way to the storefront. The front of the store was dark and the closed sign was displayed on the front door. Making sure the street was empty, Arthur produced a set of lockpicks from one of the many small pockets in his robe and made quick work of the front lock, working carefully lest he trip some sort of trap. With the door open, Arthur strolled quietly into the store. His nose picked up a faint yet sweet smell upstairs. The owner, he surmised. The mutant closed the door behind him and lowered his hood. It was time to get to work. @Mickey Flash
  14. "Those are my kind of odds," Arthur replied grimly, managing an adventurous smirk of sorts despite the familiar smells that were wafting up his nostrils. If Enid didn't know any better, the wizard's grin may have resembled a wolf who had just caught the scent of unaware prey. Of course, she knew the smiles true nature. For the rugged mutant, there was nothing quite like a challenge. And considering the stench wasn't emanating from a basic flesh wound, the smells far too varied to be just blood; a proper challenge awaited the pair indeed. "What would be the fun in hiding?" Arthur asked as they walked quickly along the sidewalk towards the source of the subsiding screams and the gory stench that remained. Clearly, at least to Enid who knew Arthur well, the mage wasn't exactly against the tactic of running or hiding as theft was something of a pastime for the two mages, and Arthur had undeniably ran from various crime scenes in his life time. It simply made no sense at that moment. If something was on a rampage, it needed to be stopped even if (for the person who screamed had to be dead) no one was currently in danger. Plus, Arthur had no intention of handing over a fight to whatever passed for law enforcement in the psychic town. The mutant listened to his companion intently, understanding the green witch's cryptic warning, and quickening his step in response. The increased speed would lead the pair the remainder of the way, turning the corner quickly and skidding to a halt as their eyes would settle on the gruesome scene. While his companion readily showed her disgust, Arthur stepped towards the rampaging behemoth, a look of furious determination plastered across his handsome if not intimidating features. He didn't know what the large woman was doing there, or what had lead to such a massacre as Arthur could pick up the scent of three different corpses. It hardly mattered, however, as Arthur had every intention of stopping her. The bestial woman thought herself scary. She didn't know fury yet but she would learn. "I'll handle her for now," Arthur told his companion with a short nod, "You're better suited to figuring out what the fuck is wrong with this bitch anyways." Though the mage was mostly interested in doing battle with the monstrous woman, it didn't mean Arthur had lost his curiosity entirely. There was nothing typical about the scene unfolding before them. Something was definitely going very wrong and Arthur had every confidence that that Seer would figure it out. "My condolences should the worst happen," Arthur added, calling out from over his shoulder as his pace increased. The wizard was confident in himself and his abilities, but it certainly didn't mean that the mutant was somehow invincible and couldn't be struck down. In a flash, Arthur shoved his muscular arms through the ample sleeves of his robe, his arms having changed when they passed through the opposite end. They were no longer bare, showing off the violent lines of muscle across his tattooed and scarred forearms, but rather they were clad in brass colored gauntlets of enchanted metal. The mage rolled back the sleeves of his robe until they were both up to his elbows, revealing the vambraces that protected the rest of his lower arms. The runes etched into the armor pieces hummed with magical might; the magic coming to a second halt nearly fifteen feet away from Ilohim. Balling his hands into fists, the overlapping plates of the gauntlets curled around his fists, giving the pair the appearance of domed munitions. He didn't know t what point his opponent would wheel around and charge after him, but Arthur wouldn't give the giant the opportunity to attack first. Or at least, so was his hope. Speaking in a mystical language under his breath, magical energies erupted from the mutant's athletic form in a cascade of angry colors, and his neck and face suddenly began expanding as if his body was a balloon filled with helium. Or water, in this case. Arthur opened his mouth in the visage of a terrifying roar. No sound save that of rushing waters came forth as a torrent of highly pressurized water was launched from the mutant, aiming to strike the lower half of the giant's body. The attack probably wouldn't manage to hurt Ilohim too badly, nor did it have much chance of ending the fight, but it certainly carried enough force to cause the giant to lose balance and topple to the ground in titanic fashion. It would give her quite the shower as well. @Lady Gilaen @Sings Through Pain @Al Sa-her
  15. "Huh?" Arthur Uskglass, hunched over the rear-engine of his black Fiat, turned away from his work and cast his gaze down the stretch of road ahead of him as he heard screams in the distance. He didn't know if his companion heard the horrified screeches, knowing that his ears were significantly more sensitive than most, but he wouldn't have been surprised if the fae woman had perceived it anyways. There were more senses than the cardinal five after all, and it was known to the mutant that the witch had eyes on the inside. Turning his wolfish features towards Enid, Arthur broke the mutual silence that had been ongoing for the past hour, starting when their mode of transportation broke down in the psychic backwater town of Predator's Keep. "Did you hear that?" he asked the soothsayer, turning back to close the hood of the car before stepping over to the driver side. Arthur would await an answer from his companion, but the noises he heard (now replaced by a jarring silence) warranted an investigation whether Enid had picked up on the screams or not. Approaching the driver's window, the mage dropped the case on the seat and pulled out a long sleeved robe of black velvet, donning it over his black shirt, grey pants, and red tie. The robe hung from Arthur's broad shoulders, its empty sleeves billowing in the breeze as the mage began his trek towards the source of the screams. He gestured towards his companion to follow, knowing that some sort of danger likely awaited them, and therefore a healthy dose of excitement. "We should have never came to this barren pit out in the middle of the woods," Arthur remarked in passing as they made their way at a fast walk, more angry at the state of their car than Predator's Keep itself. Though admittedly, the psychic haven was pretty dour. His sentiment was only cemented further, however, when a curious scent drifted faintly across in the breeze. Enid definitely couldn't have smelled that. But Arthur, a regular hound dog of a man, could pick up that scent without trying. Turning his orange gaze upon the fae, he announced his grim findings, "I smell blood. And lots of it." @Sings Through Pain @Lady Gilaen @Al Sa-her