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  1. "Huh?" Arthur Uskglass, hunched over the rear-engine of his black Fiat, turned away from his work and cast his gaze down the stretch of road ahead of him as he heard screams in the distance. He didn't know if his companion heard the horrified screeches, knowing that his ears were significantly more sensitive than most, but he wouldn't have been surprised if the fae woman had perceived it anyways. There were more senses than the cardinal five after all, and it was known to the mutant that the witch had eyes on the inside. Turning his wolfish features towards Enid, Arthur broke the mutual silence that had been ongoing for the past hour, starting when their mode of transportation broke down in the psychic backwater town of Predator's Keep. "Did you hear that?" he asked the soothsayer, turning back to close the hood of the car before stepping over to the driver side. Arthur would await an answer from his companion, but the noises he heard (now replaced by a jarring silence) warranted an investigation whether Enid had picked up on the screams or not. Approaching the driver's window, the mage dropped the case on the seat and pulled out a long sleeved robe of black velvet, donning it over his black shirt, grey pants, and red tie. The robe hung from Arthur's broad shoulders, its empty sleeves billowing in the breeze as the mage began his trek towards the source of the screams. He gestured towards his companion to follow, knowing that some sort of danger likely awaited them, and therefore a healthy dose of excitement. "We should have never came to this barren pit out in the middle of the woods," Arthur remarked in passing as they made their way at a fast walk, more angry at the state of their car than Predator's Keep itself. Though admittedly, the psychic haven was pretty dour. His sentiment was only cemented further, however, when a curious scent drifted faintly across in the breeze. Enid definitely couldn't have smelled that. But Arthur, a regular hound dog of a man, could pick up that scent without trying. Turning his orange gaze upon the fae, he announced his grim findings, "I smell blood. And lots of it." @Sings Through Pain @Lady Gilaen @Al Sa-her
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  6. In stark contrast to Pearl, Havel Strange was filled with purpose as he strolled through the half-crowded aisles of the Obsidian Tear. He wasn't on an adventure to nothing and nowhere. On the contrary, the ticket he had purchased made it abundantly clear where he was headed; the word LO'BRE was written in big bold script upon his receipt slip. It was a reminder of the explorer's mission, a quest that would bring fortune and fame to the daring spellsword. He was determined to keep his dangerous course, even if he had to brave the perilous journey on his own, and it seemed as if his road would surely be a lonely one. No one he had asked had agreed to come with or to spare any resources. Instead, he was admonished and even insulted for what was described as the naivete of a young mage. Fuck them, Havel reasoned with a roguish grin, opening the door to one train cart and crossing into the open space between carts. For a moment, he admired the landscape of Elendaron as the Obsidian Tear rolled past and the various geological features and objected of wonderment rolled by the mage's icy blue eyes. A few moments elapsed before Havel turned towards the opposite doorway and quickly made his way out of the windy connector and into one of the train's many barrooms. After hours looking over his notes and maps in his stateroom, the spellsword figured it was a good time for a break, which undoubtedly called for a drink by Havel's sensibilities. That evening, the mage was dressed in his usual gentlemanly fashion, though the allure of a wizard was certainly in plain view. He wore a black dress shirt with a thin red tie, clipped to his shirt with a silverish ornament. Below, Havel was adorned in grey slacks and brown shoes. Over the entire ensemble, an open robe of rich blue covered the mage's tall form. The magical garment hung from Havel's broad shoulders, its billowing tail and sleeves dangling limply at his sides and back, and it flowed in ethereal fashion as he walked towards the bar. His eyes flashed to and fro, surveying his surroundings before settling on the fiery redhead who seemed to be totally and utterly alone. At first, Havel was quite skeptical, finding it unlikely that such a beauty would be alone and surely someone would return and sit by her side. In any case, it wasn't something that would have stopped the spellsword anyways. Keen nostrils sniffed at the air, picking up the woman's tantalizing perfume, but also catching onto an even more curious smell. Gun powder intermingled with the smell of lubricating oils; a sign that the woman was carrying firearms and regularly ran maintenance on the killing machines. It made the woman a curious thing, contrasting heavily against the backdrop of normal citizens and tourists. Havel took a seat at a stool, seated two stools to Pearl's left. Hailing the diminutive bartender, the mage ordered a glass of a substance that sat in a large glowing container. A fey concoction that carried an intoxicating lemony taste, or at least the mage had read as much once. Soon after, a cool glass pressed against his sword-calloused hand; Havel regarded Pearl with a curious stare. "Oh my," the mage spoke suavely, covering his eyes as if blinded by some overwhelming light. "Do my eyes deceive me? Or did a star venture down to grace me with its sheer incandescence?" @Mickey Flash
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  9. Arthur Uskglass stood near the mouth of the alleyway, his broad back pressed against the side of the wagon. The wooden vehicle was horseless, pulled by ethereal wisps that had carried the entire crew across the city. The back of the wagon was sizable, sporting enough space for the companion's return trip and the loot they would ideally bring along with them if they survived the ordeal. The mage was dressed in typical adventurous fashion, illustrating that he was both wizard and warrior. A shirt of chain mail covered his torso along with a harness that carried most of his equipment. A long robe of shimmering, black fabric was worn on top, reaching above his knees and open up front. The left side of the robe displayed pictures of golden suns, whilst the right had silver moons. Tough pants adorned his lower half along with rubber boots which would prove useful in the sewers. To his right, his weapons were also leaning against the wagon. A sheathed long sword with spikes on the pommel and a flanged mace of shining gold. Arthur remained mostly quiet as Renes explained the plan. His eyes were closed, trying to focus and prepare himself for the work ahead. He interjected twice during the conversation. The first was in reference to bypassing the sewer walls. "I agree with Matti. If we can bypass an explosion, we should. That said, the more important issue is how we'll be closing the holes we're making. The last thing we need are monsters escaping into the sewers after we've gone." Arthur waited a few moments before adding the next bit. He nodded at Enid. "Moreover, if sentience exists down there, it will certainly be evil." @Glacialic Acid ((I'm gonna be out of town from the 8th to the 14th. If by chance we get to my turn before I return, just skip me.))
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  11. Hope you're feeling better! ^_^ Very excited that this fight is about to be done. Whewwww~

  12. we're selecting Hael as a judge and he'll grade the fight. Though I'm open to the suggestion of others if they're willing, though that might take a while.
  13. I accept.
  14. I don't think Prae and BFC want to grade by rubric. We can find two other judges or we can have Hael do it by himself. You did suggest him yourself so you must think him impartial.
  15. Could we just have @Haelstrom grade it according to a point rubric based on the actual content of the fight? Otherwise, I'd much rather just have you guys make the judge call so we can continue fighting.