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  1. "You've been quite helpful actually," Arthur replied, grinning back towards the orb of a woman in the dark before returning his gaze to the self-doodling pencil and the sketch of the bas-relief that was coming quite nicely if a bit rough. He spoke another word in an Old Tongue and the pencil immediately reacted to the command word as it scribbled down the word Mork'Outh. It would be worth researching later, especially if he planned to live within the Empire. "A wizard should always loves a good mystery, or at least the Masters used to tell me as much back in school." The mutant looked up in shock after he aimed the magic light into the hole that Enid had indicated and the area around them began to rumble. Instinctually, the mage spread his feet into a more stable stance, riding out the imbalance like only an experienced grappler like himself could. Arthur dismissed his light spell, allowing the magic to dissipate by way of entropy and the rumbling to cease abruptly. In the aftermath of their little experiment, Arthur's fiery gaze turned back towards the commotion behind them and immediately turned back in embarrassment, knowing just how awkward it was going to be between their client and themselves. "Yeah... I know exactly what you're thinking,":the mage responded to Enid as he tried to shove the sight he'd just seen out of his head. Arthur closed the journal, using the pencil as a placeholder before shoving it into his robe's pocket, and took up a torch with his newly freed hand. Concentrating again, the mage spoke in a slithering tongue and took a deep breath. His chest expanded inhumanly like wyrm and spat a stream of embers that set the firebrand ablaze. A second spell allowed his torch-wielding arm to stretch far and away, moving in a measured serpentine sway that maneuvered above the raised podium and set the brand into the holder. The flames would emit light, being mirrored through the lenses as Enid adjusted them and trained the enhanced light source on the hole they tested beforehand. @Lady Gilaen @Tyler
  2. I should be posting tomorrow. Sorry for the hold up, just moved to a new place on Tuesday and I'm getting settled in.
  3. I tend to just get my characters injured in confrontations just to give the scene more tension naturally. So I don’t really want to leave it to chance and risk rolling poorly, but I don’t really want to make it humorous or less serious either.
  4. With the duchess' understanding, the mage turned towards the end of the large chamber and watched as Enid moved ahead, being pulled by the dowsing affect of her magic. Arthur maneuvered his rucksack in front of himself and rummaged through the front pouch for his travel journal. Retrieving the leather-bound journal, the mutant readjusted his bag and followed after his companion. From his perspective, the new room was a complete mess and the mage seemed at an utter loss to make sense of the old puzzle. Fortunately, however, he knew Enid was way more suited to such challenges and would assist her upon request. Arthur opened his journal as he came to a stop in front of a particular bas-relief, beginning to commit the image to paper in a lazy sketch. "Say, Henderson," the mage called out to the marine, his fingers working the pencil expertly over the blank page, "What civilization even built this place and when?" As he awaited a response from the other man, Arthur's curiosity made his mind wander as if he would arrive at the answer before Henderson could reply. Of course, the mutant had no way of making such observations, but it didn't stop the wonder that was displayed so clearly upon his features. "I'll be right there," Arthur replied as Enid called for a light. The mage walked over as he charmed his pencil; the utensil coming to life and continuing to draw on the page even as Arthur released it. The mutant turned his attention on Enid, maneuvering his free hand in a quick gesture before speaking a Name in the old tongue. As he did so, a small orb of white light erupted from his index finger, and illuminated the hole that Enid indicated when Arthur manipulated the orb into a ray that shined directly inside the gap in the stone wall. "What do you see anyways?" @Tyler @Lady Gilaen
  5. Neat. Arthur can transmute himself and blow up into a human-balloon. They can prolly float-glide over the wall if it’s dark enough through either means or a combination of the two.
  6. Anyone wanna work in tandem to get over the wall/past the gate?
  7. My character is ready to go.
  8. Sorry for the wait again. All the goodbyes over the weekend took much longer and were way more emotional than I expected. I’ll be quicker in the future.
  9. “Sentimentality is essential to the learning mage,” Arthur replied after his display of the Art, staring ahead with razor sharp focus as energies continued to swell around and within his athletic frame. The mage watched Enid as she crossed over the safe trail he had created, hopping from panel to panel until she made it across. Shortly, he followed suit, copying Enid’s movements one after the other and joined her on the opposite end of the room. “After all, how can one grow to protect their companions if they feel no guilt for their failures in that regard and feel nothing towards those long gone who served as lessons to their comrades still living.” Arthur exhaled deeply after his speech, hiding the remains of his aura as he Fettered his powers. When Henderson joined them, Arthur continued into the other room but not before sparing a glance to the soldier who’d just lost a friend. Henderson... you are strong. Don’t give up! Though voiceless, he lent his support and vowed to get them all out of the Forge. Arthur surveyed the area as they entered the next room, noting the blood stains and the old art before settling and crowding around the cursed Abigail. “I agree with Enid,” the mutant began, kneeling down as he inspected the Duchess closely. “I could draw up a magic circle and line it with An-Nar. It would eventually break up the spell on her, but I feel the spell may wear off on its own and my magic may be better utilized against the obstacles her.” Peering directly at Abigail, Arthur stopped speaking generally and talked directly to her. “Duchess, please rest here while Enid and I take care of the next set of traps. None of these spells have been permanent thus far and I’m sure you’ll regain your faculties shortly.” @Tyler @Lady Gilaen
  10. Yeah I’m posting this evening. Just busy cuz I’m moving from NY to Florida soon
  11. I’d be interested in this roleplay as well. Like @Damnatus, my character is familiar with the void himself.
  12. The mage's dangerous eyes softened, an overwhelming sense of sympathy washing through him as he watched the sickly sight of Darwin's dead body and Henderson's understandable reaction to the death of a comrade. Arthur turned and stepped away slightly, giving the other man plenty of room to purge the contents of his stomach. His mind wandered for a moment, knowing that if they managed to survive the Forge they would likely have to walk back the way they came. Arthur was going to have to watch his step on the return trip. "Don't worry about that," he reassured Henderson, scratching the back of his own head in response to the uncertainty of the situation they were in. The mutant took deep breaths, centering himself and steeling his will as he strode forth to fully face the dead marine's corpse and the deadly chamber beyond. "I'll get us out of here," Arthur declared with a determined look upon his features. He knelt low and used his enhanced vision to study the ground, his orange eyes darting from tile to tile as he tried to piece together they mystery of their companion's death. As the mage surveyed the grounds, he lowered his rucksack to the tiled floor and began rummaging inside. Within moments, the mutant retrieved his ritual case and produced a small pouch from within with a groan. Arthur cleaned up his mess and left his rucksack on the floor as he tied the new pouch to his harness. "Even if I have to use all of my Dream Lichen," the mutant added with a grimace, frowning at the loss of such an expensive reagent but seeing no other way to light the path for his allies. A need that grew only more pressing when they heard Abigail's call from beyond. "I'll be right there!" Arthur called back. Concentrating, the mutant focused his will and awakened his Nimbus. Suddenly, the air seemed to shift around the room as if a cool breeze had blown by and black electricity arced off Arthur's muscular form. Even in the darkness of the forge, one would see palpable shadows clinging to Arthur and roiling around him like a whirlwind of black magic. The mage stood to meet his challenge, his mind settling on his arms. No, not just his arms. But the concept of arms. Long arms. Arms that stretched on and on and on. Like those apparitions he trained under all those years before. Dipping his right hand into his new pouch, Arthur stained his fingers with the shimmering lichen and extended his arm to shoulder-length. Arthur exhaled deeply and his arm began to stretch past its natural limits, rushing through the air like a lashing viper as it curved over Darwin's corpse and smashed into the tile just beyond him. Whether it was a pressure plate or not, the mage's arm immediately snapped back into place like a springy elastic, preventing any trap from wounding him but tripping it nonetheless. Simultaneously, he'd leave a stain on the tile afterwards. The lichen, green and shimmering in the dark, remained stuck to the tile. Arthur repeated the action with his left hand. Taking some lichen, stretching out his arm before reeling it back, and leaving a trail of glowing splotches on the ground. The mutant alternated his arms, firing one after the other in rapid succession as he triggered traps (or didn't) and created an easy to follow trail towards the duchess. Once he was done, the mage repeated the process. Extending his arms and pressing the same tiles in sequence, trying to determine whether the traps were one-time affairs or if some hidden mechanism kept reloading them. If it was the former, he'd be able to make the first crossing to the other side. If it proved the latter, however, he was going to be pissed that he wasted all of that dream lichen. @Tyler @Lady Gilaen
  13. Gil is having a family emergency and wants to be skipped this turn. I should be posting soon.
  14. "Oh fuck off," Arthur replied with an amused grin as he finally crouched near the amalgamation of Enid's body parts; his form was fully human at this point and totally nude at the same time. The mutant barely realized that fact until he found himself face to face with an incredibly nervous Henderson. "My apologies," the mage responded sheepishly, scratching the back of his head before waggling his fingers in the somatic gestures necessary for his next spell. His gear and clothing floated towards him and Arthur went about the process of donning all of his stuff. By the time he slung his haversack over his shoulder, Enid was mostly ready to walk on her own and Arthur offered his other arm as a support. With the four of them following along on the duchess' trail, the mutant moved cautiously, guiding Enid onward at a slow pace. "Duchess?!" the mage called out into the darkness, joining Darwin in his verbal search. Suddenly, a faint response could be heard and Darwin instantly burst into a full sprint, moving away from the rest of the party and into the darkness below. Arthur quickened his pace as Enid's ability to walk returned, following after their marine companion. Darwin's cry forced the mage into a spring of his own, skidding to a halt as they arrived before Darwin's corpse. "I don't think sarcasm is appropriate right now," said the mutant with an exasperated sigh, frowning as he surveyed the body of their fallen comrade. "I have a feeling this area is filled with traps." @Tyler @Lady Gilaen
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