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  1. @supernal @Mickey FlashThe second serves as a distraction, but the loud explosions also muffle the noise of the window being broken. And I’m more than willing to continue this story on the new website. Making the jump now is for the best.
  2. I’m down to continue our thread. I don’t think I really accomplished anything so I have nothing to say on that front. But I had fun though. Gonna have fun in the new site too.
  3. I’ll give the check until Sunday for any last minute stragglers who want to take part. Anyone who hasn’t given me their character’s name/made their participation explicit by then won’t be able to join. That said, I’ll make the IC thread and an OoC either Monday or Tuesday and get things rolling.
  4. @Sigil Warden How far up do you suppose our group has climbed? And are we still in a vertical ascent at the end of your post?
  5. @Noko Air Pirates. They have their ship tethered to the old wizard’s tower. @Tenkai Matsumoto Basically, just tell us who you’re using. Both you and anyone else who is interested in joining us, so I can put you on the list in the OP. But yeah, I’m using Arthur and I’m almost positive Cog is using Artanthos. In a bit, I’ll add character names next to the corresponding usernames.
  6. Arthur fell towards the ground and his quick thinking and aptitude pulled the master knight along for the ride. The mutant fell onto his side, trying his best to absorb some of the force of his fall, but knowing that he could only do so much when his falling surface was solid stonework. Despite the pain in his left shoulder, the mage rolled along in his attempt to pin James, but his opponent rolled out of his grasp with the momentum of his rolling fall. The mutant could do little as his opponent extricated himself, save exploding to his feet in a sudden burst of action. After all, they were both still (very much) in a fight. However, the mutant didn’t immediately chase the master knight, dropping the clump of hair that remained in his left hand as James spoke. “Compared to what those your organization was built to battle would do, I’d say I’ve been downright polite..” Arthur chuckled through his discomfort, waiting until his opponent was standing and prepared to continue before stepping forward. The mutant led with his right leg, using his superior reach as he extended his right arm in a fast jab, aiming to strike past James’ guard and tag the master knight on the nose. @Fierach
  7. When people go to Waffle House at 2AM and get into a fight with a drunk dude, you don’t get waffles. You get a Martial Arts Movie Showdown That’s why no one should go to Waffle House after 10PM.
  8. The mutant watched as Lorial disappeared over the lip of the roof, offering a comradely nod before the woman departed entirely. He had some reliable companions, it seemed, but not all of them. Arthur’s mutant gaze turned on Willow, staring with a deadpan look as the woman crumbled at the foot of the roof access door. However, despite the obvious setback, he couldn’t blame the young woman either. It had been clear from the start, and yet the mage hadn’t denied Willow. The black mage erred and the whole job was on the verge of collapse. Arthur walked towards Willow when he felt the tug on his black pants. The mutant looked down at Vivia and crouched low to listen to his diminutive companion, nodding a few times as she spoke in understanding before finally shaking his head. “No, I can’t let my advanced scout take on Willow as their burden,” Arthur replied, giving the woman permission to descend via the ventilation system. “Go ahead and proceed through the vents, but head straight to the 17th floor. Don’t stop elsewhere and don’t engage any security you witness. No action unless absolutely necessary, if they know they’re being infiltrated they’ll activate their security golems.” Saluting to Vivia, he would wait until his diminutive comrade was gone before walking the rest of the way to Willow. Crouching low, he unhooked his climbing sling from his harness and fixed the karabiner to Willow’s own harness (or any piece of clothing that would serve as an anchor). “You shouldn’t have come but there’s nothing we can do about it now,” the mage spoke honestly, “I can’t leave you here because you wouldn’t be able to defend yourself, so if you want to survive you have to come with me. Shut your eyes and climb on my back, and you’ll see tomorrow. There is no other option.” Arthur’s hands snaked their way under Willow’s arms and stood to his full height, pulling the woman to her feet as if she weighed nothing with his inhuman strength. Turning away from Willow, the mage would wait for the woman to comply before walking towards the edge where the ropes awaited. The mage looked over the edge, observing Lorial’s descent when Wige came through on his end of the bargain. Suddenly, the lights of the building went pitch black, and Arthur gestured with his right hand as he activated the delayed spells he had placed on the adjacent rooftop. The sky above that rooftop erupted in a series of colorful conflagrations; the sounds of the explosions echoing across the expanse and muffling the activities occurring below on the 17th floor. Lorial’s window for breaking in had just been opened. @Mickey Flash @500bees
  9. That’s the general idea for the sideline people but there’s probably going to be other things that I’m going to come with. I posted a general synopsis of the idea on page 1 in response to Mystic @Tenkai Matsumoto
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