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    And Speaking Of Souls... [S-Class Artifact]

    Arthur sneezed and rubbed at his face when a gust of wind picked up Enid’s scarf and launched its tip into the black mage’s face. Waving away the scarf, the mage stood up in a crouch and repositioned himself in another part of the truck bed. The mutant sat himself down and grinned roguishly, looking ahead at the truck’s path as if his eyes were staring directly into the future. Though unlike his companion, he wasn’t much of a divinator; his wanderlust was still on full display as he looked on with an eagerness to meet what laid ahead. “You should be more thankful that we’re able to acquire contracts in this land at all,” the mutant replied with a lop-sided grin, cracking his knuckles with a swift motion of his muscular arms. “Especially lucrative ones like this. A good word from Duchess Karradeen could go a long way I suspect.” Arthur sat back, resting his long limbs across the rim of the truck bed, stretching out his arms as Abigail’s caravan came into view. As the truck came to a halt, the mage stood to his feet and hopped out of the vehicle. While dressed nearly as outlandishly as Enid, the witch was at least dressed appropriately for the desert. The mutant wore a short-sleeved black button-up with dozens of sunflowers as a print and navy blue shorts that stopped just above his knees. His feet were clad with brown boots, topped high past his ankles to provide protection from the harsh terrain. A brown leather harness was strapped to his lower torso and hips, storing his mage’s vestments in various pouches and holsters that carried reagents and scrolls of varying sizes. On top of it all, a robe of the purest black rested on his broad shoulders, its empty sleeves billowing in the wind along with the coat’s tail which spilled just past his knees. A pith helmet with a front-facing peak sat atop his head and a black scarf was wrapped around its surface like a turban before coiling about his neck. Arthur fetched his wax canvas bag and slung it over his shoulder by its singular strap as he approached the truck’s driver and paid him. When Abigail approached with her attendants, the mutant met them part way alongside his companion. The mutant nodded politely in return, adjusting the white rimmed sunglasses that protected his wolffish eyes from the blaring sun. ”We’re pleased to make your acquaintance, Duchess,” The mage replied, nodding again after listening to her explanation. “My name is Arthur Uskglass and I’m prepared to serve as your tool in this endeavor.” As Abigail departed to enter her vehicle, Arthur turned his gaze back towards Enid. “Let’s take one of the cars then,” the mutant walked into the midst of the caravan, isolating an empty open-topped car and tossing his rucksack into the backseat with a clang. @Tyler @Lady Gilaen
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    Indiana Jones-style Artifact Quest [closed]

    I'd be interested in joining you guys for this I would be using this character:
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    Arthur Uskglass

    * Name: Arthur Uskglass * Mode of Combat: Sword and Sorcery + Martial Arts * Birthday: September 21 (36 years old) * Height: 6’1 * Weight: 215 Reach: 80” Arm Length: 31.5” Leg Length: 42” * Birthplace: Loxlum (Township outside of Du’rem) Hobbies: Magic, martial arts, Alchemy, and stealing Personal Treasure: His Magic Favorite Food: Fish with Stewed Green Peppers and Manila Clams Dislikes: Authority, the Authorities, and Tea Forte in Sports: Wrestling Movelist System Actives: Actives are abilities that can be filed under any given powerset. These are how the character utilizes the powerset. For example, under “Ki Manipulation” a character might be able to create a short-ranged blast of energy, enhance their physical abilities, or fly temporarily. The limiting method for the usage of actives is cooldowns. Active Cooldown: This cooldown applies specifically to the active being used. The Active Cooldown is three turns. During this period, the Active used is unavailable for use for three turns. Global Cooldown: The Global Cooldown is applied to all Actives after any Active is used and lasts for one turn. For example, using an Active in Post 1 means that the Global cooldown is in effect for Post 2 and is removed for Post 3. Certain Actives lack the Global Cooldown limitation. Combo Actives: Combo Actives are active abilities that have the Active Cooldown but not the Global Cooldown, meaning that after using a Combo Active, a character can use another Active in their next turn, provided the subsequent Active isn’t also a Combo Active. Passives: Passives are “always on” abilities that affects how a character performs without having to be actively utilized. Having means of extrasensory perception, such as magical sight or the ability to sense other sentient minds within a specific radius would be passive abilities, as would any sort of supernal internal resistances, such as a baseline resistance to fire or lightning abilities. Quickdraw: Quickdraws can be considered less powerful Actives that are meant to be used more regularly. They have no cooldowns of any kind, but have a limited number of uses, after which the Quickdraw is expended and cannot be used for the remainder of the match. A quickdraw can only be used three times per match. GRIMOIRE MUTATIONS :: Though born human, through the study of arcane mysteries and alien biology, Arthur can no longer be viewed in that light. A process that nearly killed the Black Mage; it was the impetus for a myriad of sudden physical and preternatural changes. His waist slimmed significantly, while his shoulders and chest broadened considerably, and his limbs lengthened to their current abnormal sizes (see Reach/Arm measurements above). His irises turned a luminescent orange that grew wider to nearly cover the entirety of his visible eye, and his pupils narrowed dangerously. Arthur’s muscles became denser, more akin to the other Great Apes as opposed to humans, and his senses have become sharper. The following is a list of relevant capabilities: Clean and Jerk: 600 lbs Deadlift: 1000 lbs Squat: 750 lbs Sprint Speed: 25 mph Standing Long Jump: 15 feet Vertical Jump: 4 feet Vision: Arthur can see in the dark and can see people in detail even from afar Hearing and Sense of Smell: Arthur can sense the presence of another from 50 feet away (sans the aid of sight) MONSTROUS TOUGHNESS :: After his Changes, and a life of fighting and training, the Black Mage has built up a certain tolerance for pain. Pain from shallow stabs, lacerations, and simple fractures can be held down quite well. While broken noses, facial cuts, and bruising can be easily ignored. Deep stab wounds (like you’d get from long knives or swords), amputations, and damage to internal organs would be beyond Arthur’s ability to ignore. This ability is coupled with an increased healing factor, although THIS CLAUSE ONLY FUNCTIONS OUTSIDE THE MATCH/IN BETWEEN ROUNDS. Arthur can heal almost any wound during his down time, even regrow amputated limbs. MAGICIAN’S TRICK :: Arthur’s weapons have been polymorphed into miniature versions of themselves and are kept inside the inner lining of his robes or inside the packs fastened to his belt. This allows Arthur to draw his weapons from “seemingly nowhere” as the weapons are transformed to full size underneath the folds of the Black Mage’s robes. TRANSMUTATIONS Walking the dangerous Left Hand Path, Arthur draws his power from the Watchtower of the Leaden Coin in the Realm of Stygia. A place of dark and all-encompassing gnosis, gifting the mage with power that lends itself to the transmutive arts. Though originally, the Black Mage had been taught to shape the world around him. His own distinct style soon shone through, and his aptitude for transmuting himself and his clothing was discovered. Utilizing this power, Arthur is able to alter his body and clothing to suit his needs, whether it is to take on properties of other objects like metal or to empower his body through hardening of the muscles and the faster metabolization of glycogen. Despite the upsides, the mutant’s powers comes at a cost. Though he doesn’t age faster than other mages, he always seems to look older than his comrades-at-arms. A side-effect of his magic’s entropic energies. [ORDNANCE SKIN] [QUICKDRAW] Practice of Shielding || Minor Arcana Component: Somatic, Verbal Duration: Instant Uses: 3 per match Reagent Requirement: None In an attempt to protect his hand while learning to throw arcane projectiles, the mutant began coating his hand and forearm in an inky substance that stuck to his body and clothing like a second skin and gave it the properties of steel. Protecting his hand from the heat of fireballs, it wasn’t long before Arthur realized that his spell was also able to block an enemy’s blade, proving that it could be used as more than a safety glove for students. Making a hook shape with his hand and whispering a quick incantation, Arthur can cover one area of his body with Ordnance Skin, specifically the areas from hand-to-elbow, forehead, or knee-to-foot. The coating can block swords, other blades, and unarmed attacks quite well. Though it provides little protection against empowered strikes and any attacks delivered by a heavy bludgeoning weapon. Meanwhile, an attack delivered with a body part coated in Ordnance Skin is empowered slightly in the same way someone striking with a gauntlet would. Arthur’s strength isn’t amplified but the hardened surface delivers a harder shot than flesh and bone. (Note: This ability can’t be used to cover a body part that’s about to be struck or as a final line of defense. This ability is only used to proactively block an attack logically.) [MINOR ANIMATION] [QUICKDRAW] Practice of Ruling || Minor Arcana Component: Verbal Duration: Instant Uses: 3 per match Reagent Requirement: None A mage’s robes is an important thing. For one, it tells others who you are and what you’re capable of. Secondly, it’s billowing fabric is perfect for misdirection and for obfuscating things better unseen. Arthur utilizes his robes in all manner of sleight of hand, both physical and preternatural. The latter often involving Arthur’s talent at controlling inanimate objects. Whispering a command word in the Tongue of Kings, one of the empty sleeves of Arthur’s robes becomes temporarily possessed by the mystical outline of a shadowy arm, and launches a punch, attacks with a weapon, or attempts a grab of some kind. This attack is delivered with Arthur’s normal strength and his sleeve will fall away lifeless at the start of the next turn. The strength of the blow, fortunately, is not the point, but rather the trickery involved. [ORDNANCE SKIN - VAULT BREAKER] [ACTIVE] Practice of Shielding and Fraying || Major Arcana Component: Verbal, Reagent Duration: 2 turns Cooldown: 3 turns Global Cooldown: Yes Reagent Requirement: Thermite Dust With Ordnance skin, Arthur was able to withstand the heat of flames and electricity during his years as an apprentice mage. The versatile spell would bear even more fruit, displaying its true potential as the Black Mage began to combine it with other magical effects. Utilizing two seperate Arcane Practices, Arthur creates a chemical reaction on the surface of his hardened body that causes it to catch aflame. The conflagration remains contained, wreathing the encased body part (lower arm or leg) in a fiery aura that lasts for two posts. If Arthur makes contact with a target during the spell’s duration, the fiery appendage bursts in a tiny explosion, causing fire damage and knocking the target backwards ten feet in the process. Alternatively, an inanimate target, like wood or stone, is fractured and hurtled as debris towards a secondary target (up to ten feet away). In either case, upon impact, the spell ends regardless of the spell duration. [ORDNANCE SKIN - HUMAN WEAPON] [ACTIVE] Practice of Shielding and Weaving || Major Arcana Component: Somatic Duration: Instant Cooldown: 3 turns Global cooldown: Yes Reagent Requirement: None Mastering Ordnance Skin came with an ample amount of experimentation, the Black mage soon realized that the subject of his spell was fully malleable. In true Uskglass fashion, Arthur’s first application of this discovery was turning his right arm into a weapon. Covering his lower arm or lower leg in the Skin’s trademark black substance, Arthur can swiftly manipulate a single limb into a small variety of martial weapons. The type and variety depending on the limb being used. When the Black Mage uses his fist or foot, he can transform them into a spiked mace. Meanwhile, his arm can be transformed into a sabre in the Szabla-style, with a prominent curve and sharpened false edge, and 32 inch length that juts from Arthur’s elbow. His leg, however, can be manipulated into a straight blade akin to an Arming sword, albeit the same length as the part of the leg it replaced. [POLYMORPHIC TRANSMUTATION - USKLASS’ JUMPMAN] [COMBO ACTIVE] Practice of Weaving || Minor Arcana Component: Somatic Duration: Instant Cooldown: 3 turns Global Cooldown: Combo Reagent Requirement: None Transmutations of the flesh take a toll on the practitioner. From stretching one’s limbs past their limits, to drastic and rapid changes in body weight; the prospective mage could very easily overtrain their bodies. Very early in his training, it became apparent to Arthur’s various teachers that his body was better at coping to these changes than most. A proclivity that Arthur had no problem embracing as he discovered more and more creative ways to brashly advance on his enemies. Scrunching up on his hands in a tense ball, Arthur’s legs attain the tension of metal springs, allowing the mutant to explode in a powerful jump. Without any sort of running start, just a swift bend of the knees (causing his lower legs to sink into themselves as they attain the qualities of tense springs), Arthur can double his standing long and vertical jumps (seen above), and can even choose to jump shorter distances faster than normal. This leap can be utilized to launch augmented attacks. [SID’S ANIMATION - MAGE’S BARRAGE] [ACTIVE] Practice of Ruling || Minor Arcana Component: Verbal, Somatic Duration: Instant Cooldown: 3 turns Global Cooldown: Yes Reagent Requirement: None While trickery is important in a mage’s line of work, a mage must also be willing to defer to more brutal methods of problem solving. An enhanced version of Minor Animation, Arthur balls both his fists and whispers in the Tongue of Kings, preternaturally commanding both sleeves of his robes to launch a swift flurry of punches. The spell allows for up to four strikes in a turn (using Arthur’s normal strength), and aiming for any target within reach of the shadowy fists. [POLYMORPHIC TRANSMUTATION - USKGLASS’ BOUNCE MAN] [ACTIVE] Practice of Patterning || Minor Arcana Component: Verbal Duration: Instant Cooldown: 3 turns Global Cooldown: Yes Reagent Requirement: None Arthur’s study of bodily transmutation undoubtedly led the Black Mage to the creation of this spell, and ultimately down the path of the Masters as he became adept at the art of manipulating his own form. The typical wizard would conjure a meteor against their enemies. Arthur would become the meteor himself. Coaxing his body with whispered words, the mutant’s body begins to expand forcefully in every direction, inflating like an enlarged balloon, growing to about four times his own size. Blunt objects and unarmed attacks bounce off the mage in this form, while sharpened ones do more damage and actually cause Arthur to return instantly to his normal size. Simultaneously, the mage is able to pass through tight spaces like softened clay. Primarily, however, Arthur can adjust the density of the air that inflates the human-balloon, allowing Arthur to float upwards for upto 15 feet before increasing said density and plummeting back towards the ground (weighing twice his normal weight) like a human-meteor. The power behind the attack wouldn’t crush its target by any means, but it would deliver quite the wallop to anyone unfortunate enough to remain underneath. [CALL FROM THE BEYOND -ESSENCE OF THE OUTER DARK] [ACTIVE] Practice of Making and Unmaking || Devil’s Arcana Component: Verbal, Reagent Duration: Instant Cooldown: 3 turns Global Cooldown: Yes Reagent Requirement: Blood Black Mages have explored the Outer Dark for ages, using phantasms to reach the lofty plane of darkness only to fail in making contact with its denizens. But when one stares into the abyss, the abyss stares right back. The phantasm doesn’t always return alone. In Arthur’s case, a palpable and seemingly living shadow appeared as a stowaway after a particular psychonautic trek. It became the essence from which the mutant constructed his robes. With blood smeared on his robes and Words spoken in an eldritch Tongue, Arthur temporarily (1 post) undoes the illusion that obfuscates the living shadow. Suddenly, the garment takes on a shadowy and fleshy appearance, arranged in overlapping plates of otherworldly tissue. Quite resilient, the robes function in a similar manner as a coat of plates when it comes to protecting Arthur from physical attacks. Against supernatural projectiles, however, is where the spell shines as the preternatural darkness absorbs magical attacks on impact, smothering its power to embers. (Note: Ability can’t be used to disable all magic, only as a shield against projectile/ranged spells specifically.) BEASTLY CURSE Once a student of the renowned Arcanum at Kingsmouth University, Arthur was given access to the labyrinth catacombs of ancient Antenora underneath Du’rem. On an auspicious expedition to the Twelth Descent, the Black Mage discovered an otherworldly medium and snuck it back to the surface in secret. The medium became the subject of experimentation, hoping that it would lead to a solidified topic for Dissertation, but receiving more than he had ever bargained for. Testing the medium on himself, it transformed his body irreversibly and cursed him with ever-encroaching beasthood. At first, it manifested as lycanthropia, threatening to transform the alchemist into a mindless monster but Arthur’s quick thinking slowed the process. A myriad of spells and administered elixirs keep the curse at bay, allowing Arthur to maintain a mostly human look (as some changes couldn’t be averted). As time passed, the Black Mage learned to utilize his cursed body, creating spells that unlocks his monstrous genetics and focuses his curse onto specific body parts. This allows Arthur to transform partially into a beast without losing his sanity and will. [MONSTROUS TRANSFIGURATION - ROKUROKUBI] [COMBO ACTIVE] Practice of Patterning || Minor Arcana Component: Somatic Duration: 2 turns Cooldown: 3 turns Global Cooldown: Combo Reagent Requirement: None Demons have always been the subject of much research among mages of all stripes. Serving often as both enemies and tutors of practitioners of the Art. The alchemist is one of these mages, having spent hours and hours in front of a summoning circle, calling upon a plethora of entities for the purpose of gleaning gnosis from the experience. Yokai became regulars in such sessions, and Arthur soon became interested in the serpentine motions of the Rokurokubi that would become captured in his nonagon array. With the flashing gesture of a hand sign, Arthur can stretch one of his limbs or his neck upto an extra ten feet in length, allowing the Black Mage to attempt to attack or grab opponents from afar. Two limbs (either both arms or both legs) can be stretched up to an extra five feet in length. The subject of the stretching spell moves swiftly like a snake lashing out at prey, and that speed along with changes to the limb’s weight increases the power of attacks by 50%. Arthur’s grip strength (and the ability to constrict objects by wrapping his limb around them) is also enhanced while this spell is in effect. Alternatively, the stretched limb can be used as a grapple hook, letting the Black Mage to pull himself towards heavier objects while easily pulling and manipulating objects 50 lbs or lower towards Arthur. This (potentially) 50lbs object can be hurled by Arthur like an improvised slingshot, or even used as a mace if the Mage continues gripping it. [MONSTROUS TRANSFIGURATION - CURSED CLAW] [ACTIVE] Practice of Patterning and Fraying || Major Arcana Component: Somatic, Reagent Duration: 2 turns Cooldown: 3 turns Global Cooldown: Yes Reagent Requirement: Monster’s Bone Had Arthur succumbed to the Beastly Curse, he would fully transformed into a terrifying werewolf, and would have grown exponentially until he evolved into an undead Antenoron beast. Mysterious in every way, there are only a few things known about these beasts, namely that only afflicted mages turn into such terrifying creatures. Focusing the Beastly Curse to one arm, Arthur can transform the limb into a monstrous claw. Black flames melt away his flesh, leaving behind only a skeletal hand which rapidly expands to about three times its original size and grows a pelt of bluish-black fur that clings lifelessly to the enlarged bone underneath. Meanwhile, bluish electricity arcs off the transformed limb in non-Euclidean angles. While the elongated claws can rend flesh easily enough, it doesn’t perform quite as well against armored targets. The electrical field that surrounds the claw can only be used once during the spell’s duration before disappearing. It can be delivered in two ways, as a result of a successful touch attack with the claw, and by firing from range with a forked lightning bolt (60 ft range, 60mph). In both cases, the electricity delivers a painful shock along with burns to the surface of the contacted flesh. [MONSTROUS TRANSFIGURATION - CALL OF THE NORTH WIND] [ACTIVE] Practice of Fraying || Major Arcana Component: Verbal Duration: Instant Cooldown: 3 turns Global Cooldown: Yes Reagent Requirement: None Borrowing the unearthly power of the undead Antenoron beasts, particularly their affinity for the wind (ala the Big Bad Wolf of legend), the alchemist blasts nearby foes back with the force of a roaring beast. It’s indescribable sound is broadcast with the Black Mage's own vocal cords… What terrible things lurk deep within the frames of men? Whispering in the Tongue of Pandemonium, the alchemist projects a cone of wind the erupts from his mouth as a monstrous roar. The torrent of wind has a range of 15ft and moves at 90mph, striking targets with such force as to knock them prone. If not knocked prone, the target is buffeted by freezing Northern winds, causing lacerations against their exposed flesh or non-armored clothing. Alternatively, if Arthur is in midair, the Beast Roar can be used to launch him in the direction opposite of the roar. [CALL FROM THE BEYOND - AN-NAR] [ACTIVE] Practice of Unraveling || Devil Arcana Component: Verbal, Somatic Duration: Instant Cooldown: 3 turns Global Cooldown: Yes (Special) Reagent Requirement: None There are some paths that even practitioners of Black Magic are weary to tread. Fringe occultists have whispered of a spell - a concept - that could warp anything it touched. Matter, energy, spiritual and mental essences, even reality and concepts themselves - all twisted and mutated to the chaotic whim of a ritual that was said to possess a malign sapience of its own. Such conjecture is dismissed as the gibbering of shattered minds, of those who have delved too deep into the study of the Beyond. Arthur held little regard for such stories, until he crossed paths with the Herald of Madness. It was through that contact that the man bestowed a shard of knowledge to Arthur, unlocking a gateway to vistas of elucidation that had hitherto been undreamt of by the alchemist. Now knowing an-Nar is not the product of fevered imaginations, Arthur has been put at a crossroads: ignore the eldritch gift that has been bestowed upon him, or court a power that will attempt to change and devour him as readily as those he uses it against. Though it possesses innumerable names, the name an-Nar was bestowed upon it by a Medieval alchemist known as Khalid ibn Yazid, meaning the fires of the next world, including all the fires of hell. Calling it fire is a misnomer; it is a chaotic energy of unknown origin that behaves like flame in some regard, but possesses quality no flame can claim. Visually, it manifests differently for every individual that views it - some might witness a kaleidoscope of devouring fractals, others might see waves of impossible colors that split reality at its seams. With what Arthur now knows about the stuff, he can only summon what is the equivalent of a thimbleful of it, but that is more than enough for the purpose of the tournament. Mimicking certain strange beings that call the Outer Dark home, Arthur projects an-Nar from his mouth. Upon contact with non-enchanted matter, it will begin to consume and warp it; flesh is twisted into hideous mutations, and inanimate objects are twisted and wrecked. All but the strongest of spells are consumed by an-Nar if it contacts them, and for rituals of equal or greater potency, it causes a chain reaction that detonates the two spells in a 10ft diameter explosion of Outer Dark-typed energy; if anyone is caught in this explosion, they will burn with an-Nar for 1 turn. Casting this spell comes at a cost for Arthur, despite limiting himself on how much he summons; he is forced to speak in a tongue known as Aklo, and he has discovered that it fuses his mouth shut at the lips every time he uses this. This raises the global cooldown to 2 turns, which is the minimum amount of time it takes for him to cut through his sealed flesh. Forms of Manifestation: [*]Ranged: 60 ft range / 60 mph projectile / 3 ft diameter projectile / Burns for 2 turns before dissipating back into the Outer Dark [*]Cone: 15ft range / 90 mph projectile / 90 degree cone / Burns for 2 turns before dissipating back into the Outer Dark [*]Melee: Touch range / Burns for 2 turns before dissipating back into the Outer Dark [MONSTROUS TRANSFIGURATION - MAW OF THE ACCURSED] [ACTIVE] Practice of Patterning || Major Arcana Component: Verbal, Reagent Duration: 2 turns Cooldown: 3 turns Global Cooldown: Yes Reagent Requirement: Monster’s Tooth A trademark of monsters and the subject of people’s nightmares have always been their sets of gnashing teeth. While claws and horns are dangerous yet survivable, there is a sense of morbid finality when one thinks of seemingly bottomless mouths. With a flash of sharpened teeth, blood is sprayed, the beast within awakens, and Arthur surges with feverish reverie. Holding a monster’s tooth in his grasp, Arthur whispers in the nearly forgotten Tongue of the Irreverent, and gives into the monstrous transformation that unfolds. The Black Mage’s jaw unhinges and distends to the size of a basketball, revealing a row of razor sharp teeth underneath. A bite while this spell is in effect is monstrous in nature, rending an ample amount of flesh and tissue with ease while armor is impossible to puncture. Stronger bones are difficult to break but possible with prolonged pressure; however, the more delicate bones (like those found in your hands and feet) are made easier work of. Simultaneously, the grip strength in his jaw is quite potent during the spell’s duration, making it difficult to pry away his biting maw and also allowing Arthur to hang and support his weight by his mouth. [MONSTROUS TRANSFIGURATION - HAND OF THE LABYRINTH TITAN] [ACTIVE] Practice of Patterning || Major Arcana Components: Somatic, Reagent Duration: Instant Cooldown: 3 turns Global Cooldown: Yes Reagent Requirement: Vial of Monster’s Blood During explorations of the Antenoron labyrinth, Arcanists soon discovered its old halls littered with undead guardians, animated in a ceremony of flame that cremated body and soul, and left behind by ancient Antenora as ashen husks. These guardians have claimed many explorers, though none could be said to be as successful as the Antenoron Cave Troll. Usually found in old quarries or locked in treasure chambers, these creatures tower over all like titans, and crush those unlucky enough to find themselves under their palms. Crushing a vial of monster blood in his hand, the Black Mage’s arm in question undergoes a sudden and terrifying transformation. Both his hand and forearm begin the bulge outwards, bones expanding and muscles blowing up like anatomical balloons. At full size, Arthur’s arm grows nearly five times its original size, making his palm and forearm stretch nearly fifteen inches in width. This sudden transformation would normally put Arthur off balance, but the crafty Black Mage uses his magic as a counter balance. That said, while his transfiguration isn’t equivalent to the size and strength of the Trolls themselves, Arthur has far more power in that arm than normal. The strength behind attacks increases by 3x, allowing for vicious punches that are capable of denting in the best armor, and flooring opponent’s struck directly by it, although the speed of such attacks is a degree slower than normal. Similarly, Arthur’s grip strength is also increased, while the surface area of his transformed limb further increases the leverage on the objects grasped. EQUIPMENT BOGATYR :: When Arthur came of age, his family awarded him his black blade. A bladed weapon forged from the meteorite iron extracted from the bottom of Loxlum’s lakes; the strange origin of the material gives the blades their trademark blackened look and preternatural toughness as they’re forged into steel weapons. Bogatyr is a Subtype XVIIIb longsword, forged with 5160 Spring Steel. It’s a somewhat slender blade made for both cutting and thrusting, tapering gracefully into the sharpest of points to aid in the latter function. It’s fitted with a cruciform hilt, a peened pommel, and a waisted (leather-wrapped) handle. In its polymorphed form, Bogatyr looks like a piece from a metal figurine and hidden in a pouch on the left side of his belt. Bogatyr’s specifications are as follows: Overall Length: 55 inches Blade Length: 42 inches Handle Length: 11 inches Blade Width at Guard: 1 ⅝ inches Guard Width: 9 inches Weight: 2 lbs, 12 oz Center of Gravity: 6 inches STEEL CHAKRAMS :: Tying into his martial training, Arthur’s steel chakrams are exotic throwing weapons that can inflict surprisingly grievous wounds on those he uses them on. Each chakram is a bladed disc 7” in diameter; forged out of a moderate spring steel, each disc’s edge is hard and sharp enough to effortlessly cut through flesh and muscle, and can cut and damage even bone. Arthur carries 24 chakrams on him at a time; using the Practice of Weaving, he keeps them polymorphed to the size of a silver dollar in a pouch tied to the right side of his belt. When pulled forth, a rune woven into the bag is activated and returns them to their normal size. He typically hangs the full-sized chakrams around his wrist, and when using them, he can throw them at enemies up to 30ft away, at 30mph. SLASH & STAB RESISTANT CLOTHING :: While Arthur is a man of taste and prefers his designer attire, he is also an occultist and a master thief - as such, he is often thrust into situations where he’d pass on the Armani and choose something a tad more sturdy. The particular set of clothes he wears were custom designed by a security development group whose clientele often consist of politicians, ambassadors, and other high-profile individuals. The material of his dress shirt and slacks is a composite mesh of high-quality linen and a nanoweave textile, which can resist cutting forces behind weapons up to a longsword in size. In addition, reinforced pads of the material are subtly woven into the upper/lower sleeves, upper chest, abdomen, thighs and shins of his shirt and slacks. These pads add a small layer of stab resistance to his attire, capable of stopping a pocket knife fully and making penetration difficult for anything lighter than an arming sword. MAGE’S ROBES :: A long robe of seemingly black velvety material, the pelt of a black wolf sewn into the fabric of the trim, collar and hood. It has sleeves but the Black Mage never uses them, allowing them to hang at his sides. Though it seems mundane, after all it provides no protection against weapons except that penetrating blades could potentially be caught in its voluminous folds, the article of clothing hides a terrifying secret in that it’s both the subject of some Arthur’s spells, but was made with the essence of darkness itself. FIGHTING STYLES SWORDSMANSHIP :: Arthur began his education in swordplay at a young age and grew quite experienced throughout his career as both mercenary, would-be treasure hunter, and thief. The Black Mage uses his long weapon, longer even by the standards of many longswords, to keep the opponent’s weapon at bay. Along with the hoped for advantage of range, Arthur makes fabulous use of offline parries and creative/strange guards to get the better of his opponents, and either transitioning into an attack or a grapple if he’s able to get close enough. MUAY THAI :: The Black Mage found kickboxing during his college years and took to it quite swimmingly. Muay Thai is a form of kickboxing that emphasizes the use of a multitude of weapons, including both your legs and arms like traditional kickboxing, but your knees and elbows as well. Intricate clinching and takedown techniques are also employed. During his time as a kickboxer, Arthur has competed sixteen times in semi-professional fights, winning all but two of his contests, and scoring ten KOs. The mutant has also cross-trained in other styles known for their kicks, primarily in Kyokushin Karate and Taekwondo. SUBMISSION WRESTLING :: Even before he was able to properly hold a practice sword, Arthur was schooled in the art of grappling by his father and the rest of his clan. Grappling provided a foundation not just for balance and athleticism, but for his swordsmanship as well due to its importance in such exchanges especially as opponents get close during binds. Arthur’s wrestling was further supplemented with Jiu-jitsu, earning the rank of purple belt (a belt whose color faded so one can’t even tell whether its an old blue, purple or brown belt). While Arthur is versed in submissions, he doesn’t necessarily rely on them for fighting. Instead, his style utilizes his explosive athleticism to emphasize slams, throws, and reversals to escape an opponent’s clutches.
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    Spirits & Spirits: A Bewitching Soiree

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    Assassination plot, yay!

    I was. Can’t wait to have my character meet em
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    Hanami - Flower Festival [OPEN]

    Utterly late and still moving at a leisurely pace, Arthur Uskglass walked down festive streets, watching the various locals and visitors celebrate the return of the regent as they crowded underneath cherry blossom trees and around street vendors who were offering various toys, knick-knacks, and ornaments at celebratory rates. Food was also on offer at several stalls, and the mage found himself favoring some of them greatly. Since the beginning of his walk from his living quarters to Akako’s castle, Arthur had stopped four times to partake in cooked delights which ranged from small snacks to meals in their own right, and was currently working on his fifth (and hopefully final) stop before reaching the Shiro. Arthur’s mouth watered, his fiery eyes that glinted a wolffish orange watched closely as a vendor stuffed yakisoba noodles into a toasted bread roll. Paying the man handsomely, the mutant took the beastly sandwich and held it dearly before scarfing it down in a matter of monstrous bites. Monstrous was an apt description as his mouth opened wider than seemingly possible, revealing a row of razor sharp teeth that made short work of the yakisoba roll to the surprise of the vendor and whoever else managed to spot the strange sight. Grinning politely and with teeth that no longer looked the part of a monster, Arthur departed from the food stand and continued to make his way to the Daiyokai’s home which wasn’t too far off. Though he was tardy, the mutant was still set on keeping his promise to attend the festivities. It was the second time the kitsune woman had invited him to her home over the span of a couple of days, and Arthur found himself enjoying their budding relationship and the activities therein. Unlike their first meeting which was wholly casual and private, the second was formal and involved a grand multitude of guests. Arthur had every intention of looking the part, his jet black hair combed stylishly backwards and it’s otherwise wild nature held down by scented wax. That evening, Arthur was dressed in an ivory three-piece suit, tailored perfectly to the mage’s muscular form and worth a small fortune to boot. Underneath the suit, the mutant wore a blue dress shirt and a thin red tie whilst a pair of brown dress shoes were strapped to his feet below. The outfit was rounded out by a more a commonly worn item. Black robes cascaded down past the mage’s knees, the velvety folds remained parted at the front, permitting vision of his formal wear underneath and utilizing the article more like a long coat than robes. Similarly colored fur lined the robe’s trim and hood, and it’s sleeves hung emptily at Arthur’s sides as he walked through the busy crowds. It made for an intimidating look as they obscured the mutant’s arms, and the fur stitched onto the robe’s shoulders made his already broad shoulders seem all the broader. Arthur listened to the murmured whispers within the crowd as he drew closer to Akako’s abode. It seemed as if the mutant had missed a serious commotion inside of the Daiyokai’s gardens, which forced the mage to quicken his pace as he assertively made his way through throngs of gossiping and celebrating people. The situation didn’t seem too dire, however. After all, if it was bad enough, the bangs and booms of battle would still be heard, and undoubtedly the fighting would have already filtered out into the streets. The fact that people were still hanging around and having a good time told Arthur all he needed to know on the matter. Whatever issue had arisen, it was readily squashed within moments. On the last legs of his walk, the guards outside the Shiro showed Arthur inside after flashing his invitation, and in a matter of moments found himself in Akako’s grand garden. It was as beautiful as he remembered, albeit doubly so due to the various decorations, though admittedly the garden wasn’t the foremost memory on his mind when it came to the castle. Making his way across the lawn, Arthur looked around for anyone he knew before settling on a servant who attempted to walk by with a tray of Èclairs. Nice try. ”May I?” Arthur interrupted, stepping in front of the servant’s path. The servant nodded politely, having recognized the mutant. He grabbed one of the oblong pastries and dispatched it within a blink of an eye. ”Friend,” the mage spoke suddenly as the servant made a move to leave, “I’m not quite finished.” Akako’s servant nodded his understanding and remained still as Arthur continued grabbing sweets off the tray and promptly deposited them into his mouth. @Twitterpated @Akako Akari
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    An Audience with the Damned

    Arthur listened intently to Akako, pondering over things as he was instructed on the political going-ons of the Scarlet Region and its governing council. The mutant had to admit that it wasn’t a surprise that he had disobeyed the Queen’s direct orders, not that his friend was insubordinate by his own nature, but that the magus was certain that Xartia would disobey any order when it came to the dark-haired woman who sat next to him. It was probably too easy to say that Red shouldn’t have trusted the Cambion especially in hindsight. That said, Xartia’s history with the kitsune and his feelings for her likely needed to be examined before being given such a sensitive responsibility. Otherwise, a problem like this could arise, and here they all were. Arthur grumbled to himself, unsure of what to really make of the situation. In his heart, he wanted to feel as if Xartia’s heart was in the right place, or that his friend was at least trying to do the right thing. But the circumstances certainly made believing that difficult for the mage. He was depriving Akako of her soul, and he was endangering the political stability at the highest rungs of the Scarlet government. If it became any worse, Red would likely prove lenient with her squabbling friends and subjects, but would the Carmine Emperor be so amused of fighting lords and ladies within his territory? Indeed, this could turn out to be an out right disaster if it wasn’t solved by finesse. “I doubt Red is very happy then,” The mage stated, continuing to mull over the knowledge the daiyokai had imparted on him. “The Queen’s next visit ought to be very interesting and dramatic. I hope, for all of your sakes, that it’s resolved as well as it possibly could be. I know you’ve had to appeal to the Emperor. I doubt he’ll be happy if your government keeps giving him reasons to be upset.” Personally, he didn’t care for the authority of emperors, queens, or even chairman for that matter. But the mutant didn’t live in the world of politics. Akako and her compatriots did. “My only advice would be to keep these internal matters as private as possible.” His keen eyes, wolffish and burning menacingly like a pair of suns, caught her reaction to his kiss. It proved a boost to the mood. It was an accomplishment after all. Not many could get a rise out of the Queen of the Yokai, particularly not by some human mage who had lived his life in over his head. Despite the whisp of a smile, Akako turned the conversation back to its sour roots, albeit it was good to know that Xartia hadn’t taken full liberties with the kitsune’s Orb. Still, he could see the toll the words she spoke and thoughts undoubtedly racing around in Akako’s head had on her. When her body shivered as she spoke, Arthur pulled on the folds of his robes, peeling them off in a single swift motion before draping it onto Akako from above like a blanket. “You shouldn’t have to and you won’t have to. I don’t know if you have other contingincies, but if they don’t pan out consider myself at your disposal. I’m sure Xartia will listen to me or my sorcery.” As he spoke, he reached out with his free hand and brushed Akako’s cheek softly. His calloused fingers caressed her soft flesh for a soothing moment before he leaned away to take up his saucer again and drank the rest of its contents. Automatically, the bottle floated off the ground and refilled his glass just as Akako’s servants entered the sitting room once more. This time, they left behind food which was great for wolffish man who always seemed to have room for just a little more food. “No, I think I have everything I need right here,” he replied, lowering his glass and reaching over for a slice of strawberry. He popped the juicy morsel into his mouth and chewed slowly, enjoying its tartness as his other hand settled itself into the small of Akako’s back. @Akako Akari
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    An Audience with the Damned

    The mutant only smiled disarmingly at the reaction to his magical pull on the wine bottle. He probably should have asked permission before charming inanimate objects, especially if they were already gripped in someone’s hand. Arthur figured that the demons would be used to supernatural abilities and the like. And, of course, they would. But they don’t necessarily expect it from human visitors. Most human beings proved powerless and targets of mischief for Yokai and other spirits. Humans like Arthur were aberrations as strange as the wildest of beings. He lifted his hand in an apologetic gesture, showing the hawk retainer that he didn’t mean to startle her. With his quiet apologies extended and the three objects pursuing him like diminutive satellites, Arthur took to his feet and turned to accept Akako’s invitation inside the castle. Arthur relished the sensation of having the demoness at his side, walking briskly across the garden with his hand firmly gripping her own. It was a dainty, little thing with creamy skin. Deceptively soft and delicate, and yet deadly if he didn’t watch himself. Though his enjoyment wasn’t necessarily derived from a need to provide and protect the daiyokai. No, in his mind and likely Akako’s own, she was perfectly capable of doing that by herself. But rather, he enjoyed the game as it were, getting closer to the alluring otherworldly being with every passing moment. Like Icarus and the sun, Arthur would draw closer until her celestial radiance melted his wings and sent him plummeting to Earth. Or, as he hoped, until she rewarded his daring. Leisurely, Arthur stepped onto the planks of the shiro first, using his body weight as an anchor for Akako to step onto the slightly elevated platform after him. As they walked into the castle proper, the mutant listened to the demoness’ words closely, piecing the situation together as more information became available. Shock crossed his handsome features as Akako explained that a kitsune’s Orb was a receptacle for the spirit’s soul. Naturally, it became clear why it was such a problem for Xartia to be in possession of it, especially if she didn’t trust him as the daiyokai had already stated. “How was Xartia able to keep your Orb after your resurrection? How was he able to convince the nobility of the Scarlet Region that this sort of bondage was necessary? Surely, the Queen wouldn’t want a council member to have more power over another council member than she does?” Arthur stepped past the open shoji doors and entered the exquisite study. The sight of books and scrolls nearly made the mage forget the conversation at hand, and he hadn’t even noticed that Akako’s attendants had left them to their own devices until they had reached the plush sitting area. It was just Akako, himself, and the various objects that floated around his head like an alcoholic solar system. The mage folded his legs underneath him as he sat, his robes billowing outwards like dark wings when he took a seat. He held onto the demoness’ hand as well, noting that she made no move to release him,and he certainly didn’t plan on being the cause of their separation. As she explained further, his eyes narrowed dangerously before filling with sympathy. Of course, he had expected the implications of her Orb’s possession including the loss of her free will, but it was still heartbreaking to hear nonetheless. “The threat of compulsion is terrible enough,” Arthur shook with slight revulsion at the idea of being controlled. He swallowed hard as he continued, seeking the answer he didn’t want to hear but knew he had to. “But has Xartia compelled you to do something against your will?” Arthur watched Akako intently, awaiting both for answers to his questions and wanting to find out what was in the scroll she retrieved from the shelf. Meanwhile, the animated objects settled themselves on the ground. The bottle refilling the saucers as Arthur picked up his own with his free hand and sipped heartily. His fiery eyes settled on the scroll’s illustration soon after and quickly things began to make sense for the mage. “I see your dismay at being collared and chained,” the mutant as he looked up from the ancient portrait. He lifted her hand in his own and planted a soft kiss on the back of it. “A proud kitsune shouldn’t be tethered but free. Please, let me help you regain your freedom.” @Akako Akari
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    An Audience with the Damned

    The mutant wasn’t attempting to hide his wandering gaze either. On the contrary, he wanted to display his interest, if his flirting and flattery hadn’t already done so, but more importantly he wanted Akako to know of his desires. He wouldn’t stare distastefully, however, keeping his glances brief and in response to the kitsune’s own sensual movements. The conversation at hand wasn’t conducive to too much oogling; an air of seriousness and tension falling over Arthur as the woman revealed the sudden, shocking, and violent cause of her death. Arthur’s mouth hung open momentarily in a ‘O’ shape, contemplating the new information and imagining how it must have been like. He didn’t know what her assailants looked like, but he imagined a smaller Akako as silly as it was. ”Fair enough,” the mage replied, both to the idea that Akako didn’t need protecting and to her clarification that she didn’t trust his fellow magi. His confusion and shock didn’t falter though. It only hopped elsewhere, particularly upon Xartia’s possession of Akako’s Orb. Arthur knew little of Kitsunes and didn’t fully understand the implications of her statement, but the tone of her voice spoke volumes to be sure. The implications had to be bad. ”I’d love to,” Arthur finally responded, only just realizing that his saucer had been refilled earlier. Taking hold of his drink, the mage centered his fiery gaze on Akako’s saucer then the bottle still in the hawkish servant’s hands. A magical tug would be exerted upon the objects; the cup floating up into the air to follow after them and the bottle attempting to float out of the servant’s hands. Meanwhile, Arthur stood to his feet and offered his free arm to the daiyokai. He would wrap the crook of his elbow around Akako’s arm before taking her hand in a gentle grip. ”I know nothing of them,” Arthur shrugged his shoulders, beginning to walk towards the castle proper before adding, “Save that This One is beautiful, though don’t let my unabashed flattery keep you from instructing me on the topic of your kind.” @Akako Akari
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    Death Marks The Spot

    Arthur wheeled about with the sorceress still locked in his arms, feeling pain radiate from his right leg (proving he had surely hurt himself during the fall) as he moved to face the creatures who had been assailing the stranger. Fortunately, for them both, the mutant's bomb had proved far more successful than even he had envisioned; the streams of holy water having vaporized entire sections of the undead bodies, leaving the small host in shambles upon the sands. And all thanks to the black-robed mage who had vanquished the entire lot of them. Arthur thoroughly enjoyed basking in his accomplishments; a tad self-indulgent for one so well-versed in the Art and apparently wizened from the experience, but such indulgences of the self and breaking of taboos were the life blood of the Left Hand Path and the magicks that surely came from the adherence to its precepts. The mutant wouldn't distract himself for long, however, as he painfully turned his way back around towards the horde of undead that were rapidly advancing on their positions. He shifted his weight upon his damaged foot, allowing the limb to throb painfully in order to gauge the level of damage sans a full inspection. It was harder to move on but it certainly wasn't impossible. For that reason, Arthur doubted a fracture was the culprit, and was fairly confident that he could walk it off given the opportunity. "Keep them off me then!" Arthur called back to Xartia, jogging or rather hobbling towards a stone section of the broken bridge that laid on the sands beneath the old bridge's shadow. "I enjoy battle as much as the next violent reprobate but I'm certainly not invincible nor immortal for that matter!" The mage added, dropping the sorceress unceremoniously onto the ground without warning. A sharp protest sounded from the sorceress in response and she would have likely stood to give the mutant a piece of her mind if they weren't already in the midst of a warzone and she hadn't been nearly killed. Arthur paid her little mind in any case, turning back to peer around the side of the broken bridge and stood gingerly on his right leg. Thankfully, his companions entered the fray just as Arthur had to take a momentary departure, allowing him to take the time to get his second wind. Woe to the undead creatures who stood against them if that were allowed to happen. The sight, of course, was impressive to say the least with Xartia and his powerful command over conjuration magic. The application of the disc that hovered over them was lost on the mage, but he guessed (with his own biases leading the way) or perhaps hoped that the cambion would drop it like an anvil upon their foes. Akako, on the other hand, glowed with the radiance of the sun, practically humming with preternatural strength and otherworldly beauty. Arthur found himself nearly mesmerized but the commotion all around them kept the mutant more or less sharp. "Wait here," he told the sorceress, limping around the corner of the bridge and positioning himself somewhere behind both Akako and Xartia. He knew that the woman would be safest in hiding, being that she'd been nearly killed and her offensive magic had little effect upon the undead before. Ultimately, the sorceress would prove most useful safe and out of sight, and alive so she could divulge her story and whatever other useful information that could be gleaned. Arthur snarled ahead, eyes narrowing dangerously upon the approaching undead. His allies hadn't as of yet launched their own attacks, but Arthur hoped they would come sooner rather than later. He wasn't one for such patience and laxness in a combat situation, though admittedly his reckless maneuvers weren't particularly sounder if his pained leg was any indication. @Twitterpated @Akako Akari ((So sorry for the wait. Feel like shit for taking this long to get the thread rolling again.))