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    Spirits & Spirits: A Bewitching Soiree

    At the end of December actually.
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    Spirits & Spirits: A Bewitching Soiree

    Then I definitely will. That’s my boy
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    Spirits & Spirits: A Bewitching Soiree

    Nice, I’d love to show up to this
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    Assassination plot, yay!

    I’m supposing Elilah is having her reaction to the poison out on the street in the city?
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    Assassination plot, yay!

    I was. Can’t wait to have my character meet em
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    Assassination plot, yay!

    Still looking for another?
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    Hanami - Flower Festival [OPEN]

    Utterly late and still moving at a leisurely pace, Arthur Uskglass walked down festive streets, watching the various locals and visitors celebrate the return of the regent as they crowded underneath cherry blossom trees and around street vendors who were offering various toys, knick-knacks, and ornaments at celebratory rates. Food was also on offer at several stalls, and the mage found himself favoring some of them greatly. Since the beginning of his walk from his living quarters to Akako’s castle, Arthur had stopped four times to partake in cooked delights which ranged from small snacks to meals in their own right, and was currently working on his fifth (and hopefully final) stop before reaching the Shiro. Arthur’s mouth watered, his fiery eyes that glinted a wolffish orange watched closely as a vendor stuffed yakisoba noodles into a toasted bread roll. Paying the man handsomely, the mutant took the beastly sandwich and held it dearly before scarfing it down in a matter of monstrous bites. Monstrous was an apt description as his mouth opened wider than seemingly possible, revealing a row of razor sharp teeth that made short work of the yakisoba roll to the surprise of the vendor and whoever else managed to spot the strange sight. Grinning politely and with teeth that no longer looked the part of a monster, Arthur departed from the food stand and continued to make his way to the Daiyokai’s home which wasn’t too far off. Though he was tardy, the mutant was still set on keeping his promise to attend the festivities. It was the second time the kitsune woman had invited him to her home over the span of a couple of days, and Arthur found himself enjoying their budding relationship and the activities therein. Unlike their first meeting which was wholly casual and private, the second was formal and involved a grand multitude of guests. Arthur had every intention of looking the part, his jet black hair combed stylishly backwards and it’s otherwise wild nature held down by scented wax. That evening, Arthur was dressed in an ivory three-piece suit, tailored perfectly to the mage’s muscular form and worth a small fortune to boot. Underneath the suit, the mutant wore a blue dress shirt and a thin red tie whilst a pair of brown dress shoes were strapped to his feet below. The outfit was rounded out by a more a commonly worn item. Black robes cascaded down past the mage’s knees, the velvety folds remained parted at the front, permitting vision of his formal wear underneath and utilizing the article more like a long coat than robes. Similarly colored fur lined the robe’s trim and hood, and it’s sleeves hung emptily at Arthur’s sides as he walked through the busy crowds. It made for an intimidating look as they obscured the mutant’s arms, and the fur stitched onto the robe’s shoulders made his already broad shoulders seem all the broader. Arthur listened to the murmured whispers within the crowd as he drew closer to Akako’s abode. It seemed as if the mutant had missed a serious commotion inside of the Daiyokai’s gardens, which forced the mage to quicken his pace as he assertively made his way through throngs of gossiping and celebrating people. The situation didn’t seem too dire, however. After all, if it was bad enough, the bangs and booms of battle would still be heard, and undoubtedly the fighting would have already filtered out into the streets. The fact that people were still hanging around and having a good time told Arthur all he needed to know on the matter. Whatever issue had arisen, it was readily squashed within moments. On the last legs of his walk, the guards outside the Shiro showed Arthur inside after flashing his invitation, and in a matter of moments found himself in Akako’s grand garden. It was as beautiful as he remembered, albeit doubly so due to the various decorations, though admittedly the garden wasn’t the foremost memory on his mind when it came to the castle. Making his way across the lawn, Arthur looked around for anyone he knew before settling on a servant who attempted to walk by with a tray of Èclairs. Nice try. ”May I?” Arthur interrupted, stepping in front of the servant’s path. The servant nodded politely, having recognized the mutant. He grabbed one of the oblong pastries and dispatched it within a blink of an eye. ”Friend,” the mage spoke suddenly as the servant made a move to leave, “I’m not quite finished.” Akako’s servant nodded his understanding and remained still as Arthur continued grabbing sweets off the tray and promptly deposited them into his mouth. @Twitterpated @Akako Akari
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    An Audience with the Damned

    Arthur listened intently to Akako, pondering over things as he was instructed on the political going-ons of the Scarlet Region and its governing council. The mutant had to admit that it wasn’t a surprise that he had disobeyed the Queen’s direct orders, not that his friend was insubordinate by his own nature, but that the magus was certain that Xartia would disobey any order when it came to the dark-haired woman who sat next to him. It was probably too easy to say that Red shouldn’t have trusted the Cambion especially in hindsight. That said, Xartia’s history with the kitsune and his feelings for her likely needed to be examined before being given such a sensitive responsibility. Otherwise, a problem like this could arise, and here they all were. Arthur grumbled to himself, unsure of what to really make of the situation. In his heart, he wanted to feel as if Xartia’s heart was in the right place, or that his friend was at least trying to do the right thing. But the circumstances certainly made believing that difficult for the mage. He was depriving Akako of her soul, and he was endangering the political stability at the highest rungs of the Scarlet government. If it became any worse, Red would likely prove lenient with her squabbling friends and subjects, but would the Carmine Emperor be so amused of fighting lords and ladies within his territory? Indeed, this could turn out to be an out right disaster if it wasn’t solved by finesse. “I doubt Red is very happy then,” The mage stated, continuing to mull over the knowledge the daiyokai had imparted on him. “The Queen’s next visit ought to be very interesting and dramatic. I hope, for all of your sakes, that it’s resolved as well as it possibly could be. I know you’ve had to appeal to the Emperor. I doubt he’ll be happy if your government keeps giving him reasons to be upset.” Personally, he didn’t care for the authority of emperors, queens, or even chairman for that matter. But the mutant didn’t live in the world of politics. Akako and her compatriots did. “My only advice would be to keep these internal matters as private as possible.” His keen eyes, wolffish and burning menacingly like a pair of suns, caught her reaction to his kiss. It proved a boost to the mood. It was an accomplishment after all. Not many could get a rise out of the Queen of the Yokai, particularly not by some human mage who had lived his life in over his head. Despite the whisp of a smile, Akako turned the conversation back to its sour roots, albeit it was good to know that Xartia hadn’t taken full liberties with the kitsune’s Orb. Still, he could see the toll the words she spoke and thoughts undoubtedly racing around in Akako’s head had on her. When her body shivered as she spoke, Arthur pulled on the folds of his robes, peeling them off in a single swift motion before draping it onto Akako from above like a blanket. “You shouldn’t have to and you won’t have to. I don’t know if you have other contingincies, but if they don’t pan out consider myself at your disposal. I’m sure Xartia will listen to me or my sorcery.” As he spoke, he reached out with his free hand and brushed Akako’s cheek softly. His calloused fingers caressed her soft flesh for a soothing moment before he leaned away to take up his saucer again and drank the rest of its contents. Automatically, the bottle floated off the ground and refilled his glass just as Akako’s servants entered the sitting room once more. This time, they left behind food which was great for wolffish man who always seemed to have room for just a little more food. “No, I think I have everything I need right here,” he replied, lowering his glass and reaching over for a slice of strawberry. He popped the juicy morsel into his mouth and chewed slowly, enjoying its tartness as his other hand settled itself into the small of Akako’s back. @Akako Akari
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    An Audience with the Damned

    The mutant only smiled disarmingly at the reaction to his magical pull on the wine bottle. He probably should have asked permission before charming inanimate objects, especially if they were already gripped in someone’s hand. Arthur figured that the demons would be used to supernatural abilities and the like. And, of course, they would. But they don’t necessarily expect it from human visitors. Most human beings proved powerless and targets of mischief for Yokai and other spirits. Humans like Arthur were aberrations as strange as the wildest of beings. He lifted his hand in an apologetic gesture, showing the hawk retainer that he didn’t mean to startle her. With his quiet apologies extended and the three objects pursuing him like diminutive satellites, Arthur took to his feet and turned to accept Akako’s invitation inside the castle. Arthur relished the sensation of having the demoness at his side, walking briskly across the garden with his hand firmly gripping her own. It was a dainty, little thing with creamy skin. Deceptively soft and delicate, and yet deadly if he didn’t watch himself. Though his enjoyment wasn’t necessarily derived from a need to provide and protect the daiyokai. No, in his mind and likely Akako’s own, she was perfectly capable of doing that by herself. But rather, he enjoyed the game as it were, getting closer to the alluring otherworldly being with every passing moment. Like Icarus and the sun, Arthur would draw closer until her celestial radiance melted his wings and sent him plummeting to Earth. Or, as he hoped, until she rewarded his daring. Leisurely, Arthur stepped onto the planks of the shiro first, using his body weight as an anchor for Akako to step onto the slightly elevated platform after him. As they walked into the castle proper, the mutant listened to the demoness’ words closely, piecing the situation together as more information became available. Shock crossed his handsome features as Akako explained that a kitsune’s Orb was a receptacle for the spirit’s soul. Naturally, it became clear why it was such a problem for Xartia to be in possession of it, especially if she didn’t trust him as the daiyokai had already stated. “How was Xartia able to keep your Orb after your resurrection? How was he able to convince the nobility of the Scarlet Region that this sort of bondage was necessary? Surely, the Queen wouldn’t want a council member to have more power over another council member than she does?” Arthur stepped past the open shoji doors and entered the exquisite study. The sight of books and scrolls nearly made the mage forget the conversation at hand, and he hadn’t even noticed that Akako’s attendants had left them to their own devices until they had reached the plush sitting area. It was just Akako, himself, and the various objects that floated around his head like an alcoholic solar system. The mage folded his legs underneath him as he sat, his robes billowing outwards like dark wings when he took a seat. He held onto the demoness’ hand as well, noting that she made no move to release him,and he certainly didn’t plan on being the cause of their separation. As she explained further, his eyes narrowed dangerously before filling with sympathy. Of course, he had expected the implications of her Orb’s possession including the loss of her free will, but it was still heartbreaking to hear nonetheless. “The threat of compulsion is terrible enough,” Arthur shook with slight revulsion at the idea of being controlled. He swallowed hard as he continued, seeking the answer he didn’t want to hear but knew he had to. “But has Xartia compelled you to do something against your will?” Arthur watched Akako intently, awaiting both for answers to his questions and wanting to find out what was in the scroll she retrieved from the shelf. Meanwhile, the animated objects settled themselves on the ground. The bottle refilling the saucers as Arthur picked up his own with his free hand and sipped heartily. His fiery eyes settled on the scroll’s illustration soon after and quickly things began to make sense for the mage. “I see your dismay at being collared and chained,” the mutant as he looked up from the ancient portrait. He lifted her hand in his own and planted a soft kiss on the back of it. “A proud kitsune shouldn’t be tethered but free. Please, let me help you regain your freedom.” @Akako Akari
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    An Audience with the Damned

    The mutant wasn’t attempting to hide his wandering gaze either. On the contrary, he wanted to display his interest, if his flirting and flattery hadn’t already done so, but more importantly he wanted Akako to know of his desires. He wouldn’t stare distastefully, however, keeping his glances brief and in response to the kitsune’s own sensual movements. The conversation at hand wasn’t conducive to too much oogling; an air of seriousness and tension falling over Arthur as the woman revealed the sudden, shocking, and violent cause of her death. Arthur’s mouth hung open momentarily in a ‘O’ shape, contemplating the new information and imagining how it must have been like. He didn’t know what her assailants looked like, but he imagined a smaller Akako as silly as it was. ”Fair enough,” the mage replied, both to the idea that Akako didn’t need protecting and to her clarification that she didn’t trust his fellow magi. His confusion and shock didn’t falter though. It only hopped elsewhere, particularly upon Xartia’s possession of Akako’s Orb. Arthur knew little of Kitsunes and didn’t fully understand the implications of her statement, but the tone of her voice spoke volumes to be sure. The implications had to be bad. ”I’d love to,” Arthur finally responded, only just realizing that his saucer had been refilled earlier. Taking hold of his drink, the mage centered his fiery gaze on Akako’s saucer then the bottle still in the hawkish servant’s hands. A magical tug would be exerted upon the objects; the cup floating up into the air to follow after them and the bottle attempting to float out of the servant’s hands. Meanwhile, Arthur stood to his feet and offered his free arm to the daiyokai. He would wrap the crook of his elbow around Akako’s arm before taking her hand in a gentle grip. ”I know nothing of them,” Arthur shrugged his shoulders, beginning to walk towards the castle proper before adding, “Save that This One is beautiful, though don’t let my unabashed flattery keep you from instructing me on the topic of your kind.” @Akako Akari
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    Death Marks The Spot

    Arthur wheeled about with the sorceress still locked in his arms, feeling pain radiate from his right leg (proving he had surely hurt himself during the fall) as he moved to face the creatures who had been assailing the stranger. Fortunately, for them both, the mutant's bomb had proved far more successful than even he had envisioned; the streams of holy water having vaporized entire sections of the undead bodies, leaving the small host in shambles upon the sands. And all thanks to the black-robed mage who had vanquished the entire lot of them. Arthur thoroughly enjoyed basking in his accomplishments; a tad self-indulgent for one so well-versed in the Art and apparently wizened from the experience, but such indulgences of the self and breaking of taboos were the life blood of the Left Hand Path and the magicks that surely came from the adherence to its precepts. The mutant wouldn't distract himself for long, however, as he painfully turned his way back around towards the horde of undead that were rapidly advancing on their positions. He shifted his weight upon his damaged foot, allowing the limb to throb painfully in order to gauge the level of damage sans a full inspection. It was harder to move on but it certainly wasn't impossible. For that reason, Arthur doubted a fracture was the culprit, and was fairly confident that he could walk it off given the opportunity. "Keep them off me then!" Arthur called back to Xartia, jogging or rather hobbling towards a stone section of the broken bridge that laid on the sands beneath the old bridge's shadow. "I enjoy battle as much as the next violent reprobate but I'm certainly not invincible nor immortal for that matter!" The mage added, dropping the sorceress unceremoniously onto the ground without warning. A sharp protest sounded from the sorceress in response and she would have likely stood to give the mutant a piece of her mind if they weren't already in the midst of a warzone and she hadn't been nearly killed. Arthur paid her little mind in any case, turning back to peer around the side of the broken bridge and stood gingerly on his right leg. Thankfully, his companions entered the fray just as Arthur had to take a momentary departure, allowing him to take the time to get his second wind. Woe to the undead creatures who stood against them if that were allowed to happen. The sight, of course, was impressive to say the least with Xartia and his powerful command over conjuration magic. The application of the disc that hovered over them was lost on the mage, but he guessed (with his own biases leading the way) or perhaps hoped that the cambion would drop it like an anvil upon their foes. Akako, on the other hand, glowed with the radiance of the sun, practically humming with preternatural strength and otherworldly beauty. Arthur found himself nearly mesmerized but the commotion all around them kept the mutant more or less sharp. "Wait here," he told the sorceress, limping around the corner of the bridge and positioning himself somewhere behind both Akako and Xartia. He knew that the woman would be safest in hiding, being that she'd been nearly killed and her offensive magic had little effect upon the undead before. Ultimately, the sorceress would prove most useful safe and out of sight, and alive so she could divulge her story and whatever other useful information that could be gleaned. Arthur snarled ahead, eyes narrowing dangerously upon the approaching undead. His allies hadn't as of yet launched their own attacks, but Arthur hoped they would come sooner rather than later. He wasn't one for such patience and laxness in a combat situation, though admittedly his reckless maneuvers weren't particularly sounder if his pained leg was any indication. @Twitterpated @Akako Akari ((So sorry for the wait. Feel like shit for taking this long to get the thread rolling again.))
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    An Audience with the Damned

    Arthur took the assurance at face-value, not that he didn't believe that Akako's miniature kingdom were loyal to their mistress, but he preferred to keep himself safe through his own caution and skill. Not that the mutant was too worried about the snake-like demoness, but as notoriety went, demons were a wicked bunch indeed. Internally, Arthur laughed at himself as he pushed the thoughts from his head. Were demons the wicked ones, really? Or was the mage's initial thoughts polluted by the projection of humanity's own treacherous and malicious nature? Or could the concept of 'natures' even be broached without a firm understanding of the environment that produces them? Worthy quandaries for thought, Arthur had to admit, though it was neither the time nor the place for a philosophical exercise. Indeed, almost as soon as Arthur distracted himself, his eyes focused upon the woman with particularly great timing; Akako was leaning forward at an appealing angle in response to the answer to her query. His eyes only panned low for the briefest of moments, enjoying the purposely offered sight (clearly Akako was as much a seductress as her reputation stated) before returning her smile and lifting his own sake saucer for a drink. Of course, the change in level didn't manage to make Akako less alluring, rather the sensual motion of her tongue across her lips only served to further tantalize the mutant. Despite the distraction that was the demoness, however, Arthur still maintained some degree of his wits about him, and her strange reply was not lost on him. Why did she invite him to her castle? The more Arthur asked himself the question, the less he was able to say that it was simply her desire to speak to him. Instead, the topic of discussion would seem as if it would revolve around Xartia and whatever his relationship was with the kitsune. It wasn't the exact pair of people that the mage wanted to talk about, but he would oblige the demoness for now. "He's told me virtually nothing of your history, so I only know what I could glean from the few interactions I've been unfortunate enough to witness," Arthur replied with a chuckle of his own, finishing off his saucer before lowering it to the blanket to be refilled by Akako's servant. The woman's next words were incredibly telling. Not that his fellow mage had appointed himself Akako's protector. That wasn't surprising in the least. But the idea of being 'collared and chained', which at first rung with erotic connotations, but seemed to vaguely prod at the very heart of the issue itself. "Your protector? I can't say I'm shocked. From the little I know, you were recently killed and he's absolutely crazy about you. But you seem to absolutely despise him, so I can almost see what the problem is." The mage paused momentarily, giving him opportunity to breath before he did some prying of his own. "But you seem incredibly comfortable here in your castle. What could Xartia possibly do that would keep a free and deadly spirit such as yourself under bondage?" @Akako Akari
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    Lirrey Lines

    Seated among the others of the newly-formulated band, the last of their number, a black-robed man with the garment's fur-lined hood pulled over his head, gave the impression of the deepest of slumbers. That said, appearances could certainly be deceiving. As the doctor approached the companions, the mage lifted his head to meet their eccentric employer, eyelids opening to reveal the optics of a dangerous beast underneath. They were composed of narrow, circular pits of the blackest coal at the center of his eyeballs; the predatory pupils sitting within the sea of the rest of his eye which shined a luminescent orange, reminiscent of wolves and their bestial kin. Arthur pulled the rest of his hood off, seeing no point in keeping his features obscured any longer, not whilst there was work to be done and potential allies to coordinate with. It revealed that monstrous eyes otherwise belonged to a human face, handsome albeit not pretty, and rugged with the beginnings of a beard after a couple of days sans the touch of a straight razor. Underneath the black velvet fabric of his robe, Arthur was dressed for the adventure that laid before them. The opening in the front of his robes displayed clothing made for traveling; a grey long-sleeved, breathable shirt was buttoned most of the way to the top though its sleeves were rolled up neatly past his elbows. Meanwhile, black trousers adorned his lower half, tucked into a pair of boots that were worn with use. No weapons could be seen on the mutant's person, although he wasn't totally lacking in equipment as a thick belt was wrapped around his hips and they were outfitted with an assortment of pouches and bags. Arthur's gaze focused on the Doctor as he gave his brief explanation of their purpose, his attention shifting to the shadowy creature once their employer had introduced the wretched thing. The mage, who considered himself an expert on monsters and beasts, couldn't say he'd ever seen anything like it though it didn't exactly surprise Arthur either. After all, the strange humanoid seemed almost shy and timid, and the creatures that Arthur studied typically were not so meek as to accept being bullied or called a cretin. At least not without some sort of occult binding, a thought which made the mage ponder as he considered the underlying relationship between the cloaked creature and the Doctor. As questions were asked of the Doctor, the mutant waited for theirs to be answered before positing his own. "An expedition to Lirrey is simply too enticing for me to resist based on my short readings on the subject, which isn't to say that I know much about the region, but I know enough to know that the Order have banned such things. Do they know where we're headed or should we proceed in clandestine fashion?"
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    Yh'mi: Lirrey Lines OOC

    I'm here. Sorry, I should have a post up by tomorrow at the latest.