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  1. Ok irl issues have had my head in a tipsy trying to post back soon

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      Take care of you, we'll be here. 

      Hope you feel better soon  ❤️

    2. Broken Mask

      Broken Mask

      I am babe just car issues had me stressing all week now that I know all I gotta do is wait for the part I've calmed down some

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      Ah. Hope it gets all settled. 

  2. Idea I thought up for just the occasion time to throw in something weird something feared by adventurers young and old. A beholder that really loves pretties and playing dress up with random crap adventures drop in her lair.
  3. Swing and a miss... Drusilla thought to herself. With a sigh shrugging to herself. " You've never seen a dragon so you don't know this ....but those fairy tales of them wanting everything they can get their claws on... is true. And well the whole them wanting virgin thing well its for laying not slaying " Drusilla looked to persephone. A rather deep growl came from Persephone. The way she looked at dru it was written all over fer face. That's right dracoslut I beat you too it. The thought was a sharp telepathic zinger to her close friend.The twisted humor of the two friends just lead Drusilla to know to say this next. AND NO IT DIDN'T TASTE LIKE COTTON CANDY. After that last mental zinger Drus stone face crumbled. Giggling her ass off. "Dru get out of my head" The pround dragoness, face twitched trying to fight back the laughter. Having to say that aloud. " She isn't wrong... well totally wrong. I keep the best goodies to myself but as you can see I need inventory to keep this place going. What can you do for me to get a name and a location of someone who can help you but ... take my advise you have to learn to strike a better bargain." Persephone looked to drusilla.Knowing she was being soft , but he was Dru's mate she gotta see if he was worthy of her Dru. Dragons can often see of those close to them as part of their horde... a twisted side to the evil ones.
  4. " My the boy thinks he can have himself a bargain stuck. Boy, I dont want your treasures. In fact I sleep on more than I guarentee you have held in your long life.... " The gold eyes of Persephone and some of her bioluminescent scales glowed brilliantly with pride. " Sadly the only race I could ever change you too is the dead...but, I know who can but the question is what can you do for me? I know my little dru has plenty of skills to earn her keep. " Persephone motioned to drusilla, " Poison maker, demolition expert, apothecary, tinker of many terrors and the list goes on . " The prideful dragon had her taste to keep herself in the best of company... because no matter where you were you had a use. Especially there were two types in this dark world. The strong and the well connected. Persephone prided herself of being the creme del la creme of both. Drusilla moved away from a Rondo with a grin on her face. " You poked the dragon dear now you gotta make a deal with the purple one" drusilla moved to a kettle persephone had been keeping warm pouring herself a cup of tea. " You know you are not as cute as you think you are Dru..." " Bitch! I'm adorable." Drusilla giggled getting herself and Persephone and Rondo a cup of tea. Setting Rondo's on the table beside him giving him a kiss on the cheek. Before going to Persephone giving her a cup and finding herself a chair. Crossing her legs only wishing she had some snacks.
  5. "Since when are you not a fugitive dru?" The sarcasm of the halfbreed female. Her golden eyes looked at the Elven Male seemed like a lost lamb who wondered it's way up the mountain. Feeling sorry for the poor elf she opened a drawer near the counter pulling out a small healing potion. Tossing it to Rondo. " Well you two welcome to the newest shop here in this little outskirts to the deep dark. Have not come up with a name yet but we are next door to dwarven forge so if you need any repairs I suggest going there..." Persephone looked over to drusilla. A stern look as if both of them were using their mental charms on one another drusilla giving the wife eyed puppy look " You two are not staying in my lair never again. Drusilla the last time you got in my books you almost got your skinny pale ass locked in a crystal prison..." " Damn it,Persephone you told me I could find myself a good to read you didnt say stay out of the cabinet where all the GOOD stuff is!" Drusilla defended herself as Persephone let go of her wrist walking over to Rondo wrapping her arms about his waist. Hugging him close. " Well love we just got to find ourselves a spot with with our complexion and my smell evidently. Things may not be too great unless we can grease the wheels so to speak." Drusilla looked to Persephone asking her for a loan was like financial suicide.Dragons love their hoard afterall, in their very being to collect and consume. But instead Drusilla had a plan in mind. Leaning up to her soon to be husband Drusilla whispered against his ear. " My dear mdear few of your trinkets. I'm sure some of the gnomes will pay plenty of coin." Game set and match she knew the dragoness heard her and the chance for coin was far too good to pass up.
  6. " No babe we Ain't in hell there are nine 0f those and I know we arn't there...and Yes you are seeing a Deep dragoness who hails from Nich'e she has been exploring the underdark of each land to expand her knowledge." Drusilla laughed hearing her fiancee flabberghasted to see her fighting with her best friend of why she smelled so weird. . " Persephone I would like you to meet my mate Rondo. Rondo this is my best friend in the realm the purple diva... Persephone." " Flattery will only get You so far Drusilla. Pleasure to meet you Rondo..." The dragoness would wave a hand to the male just giving Drusilla that look that meant nutshell version and now. " Ok sis don't give me the look... ok I went to the market you sent me too for the coal ivy supply...I met Rondo here and he was a servant of dark goddess who tried to break my will....and then I woke up like this ... That about sum it up honey?" Drusilla looked out to Rondo seeing if she had left anything out.
  7. Deep under the cities of the world many secrets often hide deep in the shadows this particular town in the deep dark where many monsterious species came to trade their wares. A lone dragons halfbreed minded her own shop of magical gems and other rare metals dhe had found exploring this wide expanse.. it had been a couple of days since she saw her favorite little oddball. The purple scales deep dragon shined adjusting her inventory she had rented a rather large shop next door to a dwarven forge who often came to buy some of her best stash of dark alloy for a new line of blades. Hearing a faint yell like a echo in the cave... Ready or not! " Well well speak of the devil and she shall appear." Opening her wing to extend her shadow to the pile of carpets drusilla would need a soft spot to land afterall. As the sound of the Giggles came through she was kinda relieved to see her little human. The smell in the air made her growl deep in her throat as the second being came with her an elfish male... but this smell it was like those monsters she found when she was exploring for the dark alloy. As Drusilla turned to check on Rondo Persephone's golden eyes widened seeing Drusilla. " What the hell happened to you Dru!? And what is this high elf looking son of a lytheralai doing here in the underdark!" The serpentine tail of the drakania snatched drusilla's left wrist pulling her close do she could look at her dhe had fangs and black and blue eyes now. And she smelled of those tentacle bastards. The brain eaters the illithids. " Drusilla Wiltsire start explaining or I gas the pretty boy elf and he will tell me before I feed him to a roper!" " Persephone look" Drusilla pointed to her ring finer signifying the bond she and Rondo @Rin had. " You feed my husband to anything I'll slay your purple ass. Now let me explain woman !" " Now drusilla why do you smell like a undead octoperson..."
  8. Drusilla opened her eyes scanning the country side for those who'd be on their ass soon enough. Taking his hand as they dashed off into the night. As they cut through the undergrowth staying off the main roads. Years of villagers with pitchforks have lead her to this very moment. Digging into her pack she pulled out a powder when they came to a cave large enough to fit them both. The traveler pulled out a trick she learned as a child to jump into the shadows of her friends. As the powder was poured into the shadow reality rippled about it looking to Rondo. " I can't get married without my maid of honor and you are about to meet her thought the landing might be rough. Depending on where she is and what she is doing..." Drusilla took his hand pulling him close for a kiss. Dru could hear Persephone on the other side. Pulling away from him with a fanged grin she shouted " Ready or not! " she pulled Rondo in with her.
  9. Drusilla couldnt read his mind due to the echos of her own attack ringing in his skull. As he wouldnt look her in the eye drusilla was worried... she genuinely was scared st this point she was alone... Until she heard the word we... then the tension around her heart ceased. Feeling that release she breathed out a sigh of relief. Finally returning to a ritual she had done time and time again. Packing up all your shit before the locals come to kill you. Not wishing to speak aloud not knowing if there were listening devises or wards in the home her voice called to him with telephathy. " We need to go somewhere deep under ground what my people call the underdark. A friend of mine is exploring places like these around here... she is the one who told me to come here looking for ingredients."
  10. " I'm sorry baby this is going to hurt." Drusilla spoke with a sadness in her voice she genuinely thought she was going to loose him by trying to give him what he truly wanted... the freedom he craved. Opening her mind a powerful shocking wave of psychic energy attacked a black ichor surrounding his brain. As it protected itself from this form of attack she jerked her head away as she pushed the button sending the current through Mr jitters. The physical attack, the parasite was unable to defend against while she hit him again. A shriek was heard telepathicly by both dru and Rondo as it started to try and make its escape. A black liquid started to pour itself out of his ear.
  11. Princess ..... princess that goo bitch called me that. Drusilla held out her hand and her favorite shocky stick came to her hand as his fingers perched under her chin her weapon came up to the base of his throat. " Get the living hell out of my husband you ooze parasite." She was awake and in control after her first kill the devourer of minds showed itself to the creature she thought was speaking through the man who bravely confessed to her his intent to leave. Shd could see into his mind and saw her reflection in its mirror not his. The whites of her eyes bleed an inchor black consuming the light entirely only the electric blue cirlcers expanded to look like galaxies. " That interested to see me reborn?"
  12. Drusilla finally was full, here eyes glowed brightly looking up to her husband to be blood and other fleshy bits down her front as she got off of the husk. " Nope just a pervert who lives about thirty meters that way" Drusilla pointed in direction of the other cabin. " Guy had no friends of family. Heard you earlier and wanted to get an eyefull" drusillas bent down fishing for the man's keys out of his pocket before throwing them to Rondo. " I'm surprised you can look at me after seeing me chow down on someone's brain... " drusillas foot moved to the face of her victum showing that nothing remained of the brain that was inside the skull as she turned it toward him.
  13. The man was a local peeping Tom, a perverted little man who was an engineer. He had been in these woods and had heard the sounds the couple had made from his home in a nearby cottage eager to get a glimpse. Reading his thoughts drusilla could feel his gears turning in her mind. The man thinking as he approached in Hope's of not being seen. Dru circled about behind him as Rondo observed in this distance his future bride came closer to her next meal. Her footsteps silent as she approached her hair still disheveled from her pleasuring her fiancee. She dropped her weapon behind the nearest tree. Smiling brightly as she announced herself to her would be prey. " My my I found another handsome man in these woods it must be my lucky day." Her voice purred in that alto making the Male turn to face her. The human Male had a grin on his face. " Seems like that other man wasnt enough for you..." The man spoke hopefully. Reaching to hid belt as he saw Drusilla's hands roaming her body. " Well I'm a greedy little slut afterall " The Man looked panicked hearing Drusilla speak his thought outloud. But before he could move the blinding quickness of the devourer took over. Leaping quickly the cat truly caught the mouse Drusilla first drained him of some portion of his blood. But this did not look like the lovely experience Rondo had when she feed taking a chunk out of the man's neck as the man girguled underneath the woman straddling as the precious vitae fell upon the earth eagerly soaking up the moisture. Taking the mans hair in her fingers though he was weak he could still feel pain seeing her RIP the man's scalp away exposing his skull. With s gentle strength cracking it open like a walnut shell. She could feed on this mand pain and fear forever the strongest emotions running through his mind as she leaned down biting into the brain matter. Finally tasting what she needed as thoughts and memories of the man soon were consumed. Moaning out in pleasure as she consumed the mans brain only leaving a shell of a body behind both brain and blood drained from it.
  14. After she finished pleasuring her beloved. Drusilla felt those pains of hunger again this time deeper in their own right. She could see how exhausted Rondo was snd she didn't wish to harm him any more than she already had.... The guards of this cottage had gotten sloppy moving away do they wouldnt hear the lovely screams Rondo had been making earlier. A curious local untraited by the shards walked closer. Drusilla took in the scent of the Male the soft whispers of his thoughts of this distance. " Bingo" Drusilla said to herself grabbing Mr. Jitters and putting a finger to her lips motioning for Rando to be silent he could hear his beloved's voice in his mind . (I'll take care of this visitor if you want to observe and take down the data if you must but do not approach me. Do you understand? Not until I'm done.. ) Drusilla warned him as she opened the door. Walking outside. The thoughts grew louder so did the pain welling up inside of her. Ravenous as she walked some of the stones floated up beside her body. As a strange light blue energy filled her aura. Dru was on the hunt following the trail of his mental energies. She was fast but the crystal elf could keep up if he were to follow her.
  15. Drusilla kissed her husband to be before her pulled over pulling her ontop of him straddling his wanting body she let a small growl well in her throat. Running her claws over his chest each Button poping aside digging into his flesh in the light scratch just over his heart. Leaning down she licked the blood away those waves of euphoria ech into his frame again. The small wound pulling itself closed. " Then tell me how you are feeling when I ..." Drusilla stopped to finding the word as she moved her way down light touches on his bare stomach. " Worship you" with that she grew silent moving her way down and putting her new tongue to work as she worshiped her fiancee on bended knee. She knew Rondo had been inexperienced when they had first met but the young devourer made good on her promise indeed, listening to her fiancee as she continued on giving him an experience he would never forget.
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