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  1. As the wormhole opened, and the weapon dropped into the sea, FOUR had time to evaluate his plans for later that day. Odds are, if things went well, he'd no longer need to rely on the VR system to keep at the top of his game. He could attempt to catch up on a game, possibly work on re configuring the nursery drone to behave as if he were a bit older than it liked to think he was. Maybe it would synthesize new snacks for him, or talk in a better voice. Perhaps it'd sound like a young, earnest woman who was doing her best to entertain her incredibly handsome charge without resorting to less professional measures, no matter how much she wanted to. Or, more likely, perhaps FOUR would just go to bed early. It was a mixed bag at this point. Water crashed around MATADOR, and a light came on, informing the pilot that while the beast was, in fact, in water, it was still above the surface. It didn't matter, what did matter, FOUR knew, was the contents of his instructions file. He palmed open the file, and it glittered to life on-screen. He stared balefully at it until it finally opened, and his mission was revealed, in plan, easy-to-read text. He sighed, his fists clenching and unclenching habitually. Of course, of course that's what his first ever mission would be. What else would it be? FOUR took a deep breath, and his hands naturally flew to the controls. He knew by now, exactly how he had to go about this. He primed his weapons systems, and checked MATADOR's auxiliary systems. Green lights across the board, then. He nudged the sticks forward, and the weapon stomped forward, out of the water and onto land. --- MATADOR stumbled forward on queue, sniffing the air. Its breath was ragged and metallic, and with each inhale, the various tubes connected to the living weapon pulsed with glowing blue fluids and plasma. Already, birds of the sea flocked to the monster to pluck the sea vegetation from its form, crying out in alarm as they were scared away from the monster. It lumbered forth, staring around at random, looking for a reason to be angry. So far, it didn't really have one, and just snarled into the air in front of it for no reason beyond spite. --- FOUR had no idea where the target was, but did know enough by now to assume that he would come out after a short spell. They weren't far from a small-looking city; FOUR concluded that it would be the ideal place to test the weapons systems MATADOR had. He flicked a switch, and armed the primary weapon system. He took aim at the city, and lightly squeezed the trigger. --- MATADOR gave a slight snort of surprise as one of his arms lifted up of its own will, aimed forwards with no real purpose, until the weapon affixed to it, a gatling cannon that emitted high-powered pulse munitions came to life. A short burst of eight plasma rounds hurled itself at the rooftops of the city with deadly inaccuracy, spraying the streets with extremely hot energy that broke down wood and melted stone. People began to scream and run for cover, while the beast roared in defiance. Another loose bolt of plasma fire showered the city in flame, and MATADOR strode towards the sound of terror. Why wouldn't it, after all? That's where the fun was happening.
  2. Chrysilla watched with satisfaction as the beast flailed and snapped, infuriated by its sustained wounds. Even now, though, she gave it a wide berth, spear at the ready, eyes narrowed as the monster headed in the opposite direction with an odd, almost janky gait. It reminded her vaguely of one of her kind running with a broken leg, though this was far less tragic. The monster might yet live. If one of her kin had lost a leg, they'd certainly die right away, if only due to the Queen's command. She glanced elsewhere, and in doing so managed to react to the speeding blur that was her ally. Master Kal'to came out of left field, and grabbed at her, causing her to drop Stinger in surprise as his hands hiked up her sleeves and felt along her legs. The Hero wasn't too sure what to expect, but she was pretty sure this was supposed to seem helpful. She remained still as his questing hands felt her all over, until he asked her if she was alright. "I'm quite fine, Master..." She caught a glimpse of the red stain on his shoulder, and her words halted. She broke free from his grip, and reached out, curious. She hadn't noticed the would earlier, what had hit him? "Your shoulder..." She began, before her voice dropped an octave, as if she expected him to be angry with her for noticing. "You're bleeding." Nevertheless, Chrysilla soon turned the tables on her partner, and grabbed him gently by the wrist, while her other hand roamed up his arm. She lifted the bloodied cloth away, and stared curiously at the wound beneath. It wasn't a terrible gash, so to speak; his shoulder was still attached. Yet the bee-girl couldn't help but notice that it seemed to be a rather troublesome wound. It would have issues closing on its own, and if it couldn't close, he'd bleed much more. She started tugging him back towards the Willand. "Come, come!" She instructed. "I must get you out of those clothes, Master Kal'to!" She declared. Once her friend was indoors, she tugged him to what she considered the safest place to keep him for the time being, and wasted no time in putting Kal'to to bed. She dragged him into the bedroom slowly, and eased him down onto the bed. Her uniform brushed against his chest, her breath against his forehead as she laid him back, before she pulled back just a bit. Her hands snaked beneath his shirt, and felt the steel of his abdominal muscles beneath her kneading fingers. Yet as her fingertips brushed against his flesh, she began lifting up and away from his body, taking the shirt off easily. With it off, she had a much better view of his wound, and fretted softly. She wasn't trained to deal with injured people. In fact, she was astonished that she knew he needed treatment. With what she did know about humanity, however, she knew for a fact that wounds like this were dangerous. Other humans would react quite poorly to seeing it, which spoke volumes about how much trouble her charge might be in. She needed guidance on how to help him. Chrysilla sat on the bed next to him, and bent over, her voice husky, breathless with worry. "Oh, Master Kal...what am I supposed to do from here? I've never done this sort of thing with anyone before..." She admitted, gnawing on her lower lip. She fixed him with a stare that plainly said 'I want to help you.' She hoped he wasn't too hurt that he couldn't recognize her intent to help.
  3. @Ghastardly Where's our post, pendejo?
  4. Lotte was going to be frank with her and explain his line of work, until she'd silenced him. The highwaymaid paused, and looked towards her outstretched hand. He caught the thin sliver of light escaping the warehouse, and the same question occurred to him. Of course, there were a few reasons to be in a warehouse late at night, and not all of them had to be illegal. Still, given the events of the night, they couldn't be sure, and with the doors locked up, and the windows boarded, this was the sort of lead they couldn't afford to miss out on. Lotte cast a glance her way, and admired Eve for a second as she led the way into the alleyway. She'd taken charge of the situation rather quickly, he noticed, and it was a good look. She was just as invested into overturning this raid as he was, which meant they could get this done quickly. Maybe. Hopefully. The gunman followed her into the darkened space, and felt glass crunch beneath his heels. He stopped, and took another step forward before taking two back. He raised an eyebrow. "Will you actually be able to pick me up, or are you just going to fly up there yourself and drop the ladder for me?"
  5. Who are we waiting on, friends?
  6. What lengths would you go to for revenge? Project MATADOR is a labor of revenge. The Project, named after the traditional bullfighters, was built with the sole intent of wearing down and slaying a specific individual. To date, it's undergone several trials and tests in order to determine the full function of the weapon, and after several iterations and attempts, the final product is nothing short of an ungodly amalgamation of monster, machine, magic and biochemical foul play. MATADOR, originally referred to as FOUR, is a biological weapon developed by an unnamed organization that specializes in the sole function of countering the abilities of the primary antagonist to the organization. FOUR was conceived as a biological supercreature, enhanced with unique aspects before conception, as well as having genetically spliced DNA, with the point of making a large, naturally durable and well-muscled monster. Prior to its destruction, it resembled a moving ball of flesh, lined with muscles on the interior, with four heavily muscled forearms as well as four legs. Upon butchering, most of the legs were replaced with mechanical variants, as were three of the arms and many internal organs, including parts of the brain. MATADOR was also infused with synthetic mana crystals, capable of holding close to a million units of mana at any given time. Dark magic was used to resurrect the monster, which preserved the corpse and halted all biological functions. Alchemy served to reinforce the corpse's natural strengths as well, unsuring that many of MATADOR's possible defenses were maximized. The pilot of MATADOR, now referred to as 'Four' is the biological son of the organization's chairman. Specifically bred to be paranoid, relentless, and with whatever other malicious disabilites the chairman had requested, from conception Four was intended to be used as a super-soldier of sorts. With a sharp memory, overanalytic nature and violent tendencies, Four was quickly inducted into a swift school curriculum within his incubation device, before being launched into a custom VR program. The program served as a scenario maker for Four to use, often pitting him and the monster he lived in against the Saboteur in a fight to the death. Four trained in this VR simulation repeatedly, several times a day, all days of the year. It's estimated that over 10,000 VR missions were ran, with the system consistently updating with new information on the target's combat prowess, as it changed. As a duo, MATADOR and Four act almost as one unit. The raw strength of the supermonster is wielded properly, as MATADOR sees fit to wield, and this is guided by the expert reflexes and intelligence of the pilot, who uses his control interface to direct the monster's movements through muscle twitches. With a recorded 0.1 delay time, most reactions are accurate, and often intuitive. MATADOR is capable of extremely complex tasks when operating at full capacity, and cannot feel any emotion beyond angry, making it an excellent candidate for the missions it has been expected to go on. Features: Biotic Plasma Repeater: A Five-Barreled Rotating firearm that fires high-powered plasma rounds, general drawn from the monster's mana reserves, a special compressor draws the mana into a liquid energy source, which is superheated and rapid-fired. Each bolt of plasma reaches a temperature exceeding several thousand degress celsius, and can travel nearly five miles before dissipating. This primary firearm is nicknamed "The Jackhammer" for its rapid fire rate and high damage capacity. Four is capable of tracking the target's predicted route via computer, and automatic muscle twitches may urge MATADOR to move the gun accordingly while the pilot focus on other weapons. Fibre Optic Projecting Laser Projectile: A high-powered beam of amplified solar energy that serves as a sort of solar beam, this high powered weapon acts as a cutting tool, slicing through thick stone and metal with ease. Though the area of effect is very precise, it can be free aimed with a highly sensitive joystick, enabling easy manipulation of the weapon so as to avoid cutting specific areas and to slice through strategic areas of buildings and armor. Requires sunlight to be used properly, but has no warmup time. Carbon Steel Lobotomator: A heavy and difficult to wield carbon steel blade, affixed to one of the monster's limbs in place of its arm. Instead of being wielded against the primary target, this weapon serves to disable and destroy other large foes, who might otherwise be difficult to eradicate otherwise. Can also be used to crush buildings. Graviton Well Manipulator: A physics-based firearm that both draws in and repels physical matter, this gravity well can also deploy a miniature black or white hole at will, repelling matter or drawing it in at any location it elects to place it at. Results are short-lived, and for each reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction. Mana-Crystal Supercharger: Manacrystals are overloaded, resulting in a magic-based null-field around the entity, repels most forms of incoming damage with a high success rate. Depletes mana crystals at a rapid rate, but no more so if damage is sustained. Crystals can also invert, drawing energy from the area surrounding the monster to supercharge the crystals once again. Biological Reactor Overcharge: A Last result. Upon fatal damage, the bioreactor within the beast overcharges, becoming a short range, but powerful explosive that should eradicate the entire monster at once. Should eradicate all trace of the organization's involvement in the operation.
  7. Rin's teeth had sunk into The Shame's neck, and while one could only guess what she'd taken a bite off, it was easy to assume that it was simply more ore that she'd taken with her. Ore, and little else, as the creature that had assumed Priscilla's form was little more than ore in an appealing shape. So, when Rin came away from her, that sleepy vampiric grin upon her face, all she was met with was an expression of mild annoyance, as if the Ore had been stopped mid-sentence rather than bit by a monster. "Excuse me, but could you fuck off?" She asked, almost genuinely polite. That ended when she grabbed Rin by the hair and pulled back hard, forcing her to stare at the ceiling before she slammed the girl's forehead into the wall not once, not twice, but four times. She then walked away from the splintered stone and stunned servant, still seeking out her former host. It promised to be a difficult search, certainly. The ore had zero idea where she was going, and could only imagine that her host was of a similar mind. By that logic, however, it would only take a short spell for her to make similar decisions as the original did, and they would cross paths again. However, the Shame knew that this was mostly speculation, as well. It was entirely possible that she simply couldn't find her former self within the castle walls. All the same, it didn't bother her too much. All she needed to do was search and, should she be unable to find Priscilla, well, the wedding would come to fruition anyway. Then, with her newfound title, it wouldn't be hard to direct a search party, to find Priscilla and imprison her, destroy her. For now, she was still willing to search for Priscilla. She had some free time, certainly. --- Priscilla still felt like garbage, and seeing that her ability to escape had been all but exhausted, the most she could do was stare at the other girl in the room. She was somewhat recognizable, maybe. Had they met before? They had to have met before. Yet, Priscilla certainly couldn't use that against her now. She saw the way the girl stared at her, before she began stripping, trying to...why had she stripped? Now that Priscilla thought about it, why was any of this happening? None of it made sense, from this perspective or any other. She needed time to think, and she needed time to understand what was going on. As Manah danced for her, she stole a look around the room. Again, the chair was pretty sturdy, and her restraints equally sturdy. Yet, Manah was in the room, and although she was...odd, she might be useful to some degree. "You know, I along if you'd undo my hands." She offered, staring at the woman's body as she did. She did her best to sell the lie, trying to seem genuinely into Manah in this moment. So, when whatever part of her brain decided to assist the imprisoned Priscilla, she did her part, and rubbed and groped the dancing girl with a genuine lust that, in better circumstances, Priscilla might have actually enjoyed taking part of. For now, however, she was simply aiming to play the enamored puppet, at least until her esteemed warden had returned. She had no idea what she was aiming to do at this time, but she genuinely hoped that something would present itself. She'd get free, or she'd die trying. She'd never be a prisoner in her own mind.
  8. Terrifying. However, this is probably the perfect time to introduce that City-State I've been working so hard on.
  9. This is a fantastic way to get eaten.
  10. I wasn't too far off, I suppose.
  11. Alright, fuckers, I managed to post. @Puranetto Ueivuzu your name sounds like somebody from the Golden Wind arc of Jojo, and it's also your turn.
  12. All too soon, the monster brought its mighty fists down upon the fallen mage, aiming to pierce Somar's fragile form with a single, crushing blow. Yet, as its claws sank into his chest, the rest of the man sunk into the earth as well, and his grainy form was scattered to the wind. Though the Kaantus was unfamiliar with the phenomenon, it took the sudden lack of bodies to mean that no, he was not dead. Not that the monster was able to observe this for too long, as not long after, some unseen entity began battling with the monster's will, kicking at its face and teeth in a bizarre dance that almost certainly confused and upset the already upset mountain. It moved and clawed at the entity in a confused battle of monster versus specter, and in the process, it stumbled. While Ominas' attack had held its attention, the Kaantus hadn't been able to register the blade coiling about its legs until movement became a delicate art dependent on sight and awareness to navigate effectively. The beast shuddered, and tripped, temporarily losing the fight with the spectre, which seemed to be all it needed to burrow inside the beast. Although it seemed unperturbed, what did manage to bother it was the ball of ice that very nearly collided with it. It turned to bellow its challenge at the shooter, only to be drowned out by the artificial thunderclap that split the sky. The beast had nary a second to react, and wasn't able to move as a lightning bolt slammed into its back with enough force to knock the monster down. It screamed again, short and violent, as its muscles spasmed and threw the Kasntus to the floor. Then, it got back up. Smoke curled off the scales on its back, charred, and possibly cracked, but still in one piece. For the moment, blood seemed to well up into beast's eyes, as if for a short while, one of the Kaantus' organs had decided to become an overripe blood vessel, just to bring the beast's blood pressure up. Its merciless, bloodthirsty gaze ignored everything now, sweeping over each and every one of the hunters, even Somar, breathing and gasping not far away. Instead, it focused on the one target that, it turned out, was genuinely dangerous. Standing there, alive and defiant, was the man who'd punched it, shocked it, forced it to scream. He was also, evidently, the man who'd blasted it again, causing it to spasm and scream in agony before it got to its feet. Yet, he was alive. The Kaantus took offense to that. Disregarding the limp sword at its feet (in its spasms, the powerful leg muscles of the Kaantus had broken free of the sword, and even trampled it underfoot.) the kaantus made for Athos, its eyes trained on him, and only on him, as it came towards him with a dogged determination that spoke volumes about its intent. However, this pace was quickly broken as the monster suddenly leapt forward, bring one mighty hand up to slam down against its foe's shoulder, slamming him down into the dirt, were he still in its path. Regardless of the effect this had, the Kaantus brought its fist up again, and brought it back down in a vicious back-handed sweep, aiming at slamming the monster's target around like a doll, until the beast at last got what it wanted, and snagged Sage by the legs. It howled in fury as it spun in place, before slamming his body against the cold dirt earth. Again, and again, and again.
  13. This is just a minor post, trying to explain a recent lack of posting from me. Really, it's only dedicated to a few folks, so it isn't too important to the majority of folks. Anyway, my internet has been cut off. Whoops. So for the time being, posts are being made via phone browser, and quality and quantity is gonna take a hit. I'll do my best to remain current, but it's gonna be hard on me for a lil' bit. @Avvercus @King @Big Boss I have y'all on Discord, and can hopefully explain the situation in greater detail there. Let me know if there are questions. @THE_BULL Meh. I'll try my best, but no promises at this time, dude. I'm sorry. @Misty You weren't gonna post anytime this year, anyway, so we're cool.
  14. @Ghastardly Some creative ideas for you to consider. Recycle Milk Jugs to make bird feeders Cut up soda bottles to be used as funnels, cups and speakers Try playing a random game you find on a site like gamejolt Post in a thread that you owe posts on!
  15. Chrysilla's eyes didn't leave the beast as she shifted her footing, ready to bounce around at a moment's notice. As the manticore leapt towards her, after it had regained its balance and caught sight of the brightly-colored warrior, of course, she didn't even have to move. She'd caught sight of Kal'to leaping into action from his seat, and instead of wasting her time moving, she thrust forward, getting another easy shot at the monster's snout, leaving a shallow gash across its muzzle. Despite her attempts, however, it was back on its feet and clawing at her charge swiftly, causing her to grimace in disapproval. She had no doubts that he could defend himself, of course, yet her dismay came from the monster's response time; that blow had to have hit harder than her shove did, certainly, and perhaps a little less hard compared to Kal's first blow with his hammer, yet the beast got back into the fight as if the blows were merely caresses, gentle kisses and pats against a terrifyingly angry predator. She gripped her Stinger tightly, looking for some kind of opening. As she stared down the beast, she got another look at the monster's muscles moving beneath its fur. Of course, crippling it could certainly aid them in their attempts to put it down, yet that seemed difficult at best, and impossible at worst. Worse still, its stomach was never easy to access. If it continued reacting this quickly, she'd be dead before she got into spear range. She mulled over the possibilities for a moment longer before Kal'to's voice wafted her way, snapping her from her reverie. She understood immediately, although she had a few questions. The first of which, simply put, was his choice in nickname. What was a bumblebee? Was she a bumblebee? If so, why had no one told her? These questions, she suspected, would keep her up at night, yet now wasn't the time for that. She began moving fluidly, one foot after another, making her way around the beast as best as she could, her movements easy and natural, nothing too jerky or swift. Slowly, she closed in on the beast's three o'clock, eyeing it carefully. Kal'to's tactic was simple, yet intelligent. From this angle, she'd have no trouble inflicting some kind of wound that would surely make the beast easier to take on. Her eyes wandered carefully across its legs, to its torso. It pounced at its foe one more time, and she saw what she needed; there, the beast's ribs could be seen, pressing against its fur. It was an easy shot, truly, and one worth exploiting. Chrysilla made her advance swiftly, picking up speed before halting. One good, powerful shot might slip between the ribs, sink in and tear at the manticore's organs, yet it ran the risk of getting stuck in too far. She could be trapped too close to the monster, which might live long enough to lash out at her for her attack, or worse still, it could break the spear if she backed off. She slowed her pause to a slow, easy hunter's gait, getting close, spear low to the ground while her charge kept its attention. Two steps, three steps, four steps, Chrysilla kept her eyes trained on the ribs, counting them carefully. They were somewhat wide, yet she supposed that Stinger's blades might be far enough apart to support slipping around the bones, and sinking into the soft meat. Hopefully it wouldn't be necessary. Instead of fretting over that, however, she allowed herself to get into position. She raised the spear, glancing towards Kal'to quickly. She waited for him to catch her stare, before she jerked her head towards the beast. Inwardly, she told him to bash the beast for her, though she doubted he'd get that from her moving her head. Regardless, she moved into action quickly, plunging her spear into the monster's leg once more.