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  1. Monster Hunting: Seismoloth OOC

    @Aves please remember that you have a full week from the last post in order to make a reply. My post went up on Tuesday; you have until Tuesday to reply before we move along without you.
  2. Kian was overall not pleased with the current turn of events. His time in Terrenus had been short, certainly, and yet somehow he'd managed to visit the realm during the worst possible time. Civil war was brewing all around him, and while warfare meant there were graves to pillage and bodies to loot, it meant the laws were far more stringent, and the folks that buffered these laws were nothing short of brutal in execution. It meant the payoff was better, but the risk of being caught was greater too, and the penalty for being caught was worse. To this end, he'd spent more time moving from place to place in the hopes of escaping the more martial areas of Terrenus, where he could dig up graves in relative peace, and make off with less money for his efforts, but certainly less hassle. It was to this end that he'd come across the Order in the first place. While not terribly active, the Order and their build site was certainly worth sticking around in at the time he'd arrived. From the moment he'd gotten close enough to see her walls, and the guards patrolling the tops he could tell they were a fair ways away from the majority of Terrenus' problems. From word of mouth, this was supposed to be the site of some grand rebuilding of Terrenus following the civil war; a fortress aimed at resupplying and protecting folks, some people even said. To Kian, not much of this meant anything to him aside from the fact that they had an established military force here, and no martial law. This meant that while there was danger, it wasn't of a civil kind. That meant there would surely be graves to exhume later on, if he was patient enough. Moreover, if the site proved to be fruitless, he could at least use this opportunity to resupply before moving along. At least, that's what his visit had started as. A scarce six hours after his initial arrive, and the call came for the civilians to be garrisoned inside of the Temple, for their own good. Kian remembered following the crowds at his own pace, feline ears twitching in curiosity as people hurried past him in order to secure their place within the walls. If any of them really understood why they were in a hurry, they never said it aloud, though the speed they were moving in suggested something dangerous was coming. For now, Kian was technically a civilian, so he didn't mind escaping whatever danger came his way, although he wasn't eager to be crushed when they reached the temple. Perhaps if he dallied, he'd get a nice place in front of the building, away from the dangers of the crowd, and close to the doors if he needed a quick escape. Kian turned to the man who called for him. Of course, he was one of the few people who might actually be considered a prospector, after all. With little delay he stepped forward, making eye contact with the man. "I'm not an expert, but generally you'd want first responders for a rescue mission." Kian pointed out, his tail flicking. "What's the emergency, somebody fall into a well or something?"
  3. Ruin has come to Ashville

    The swordsman remained silent for eons, standing there amidst the grey sludge, staring at nothing and yet seeing everything, supposedly. It was difficult to fathom his point of focus, yet he didn't seem too tense at the moment. He was simply...there, supposedly. Eventually, he sighed, and turned to face Malcom before speaking. "I'll be frank with you, I don't have a perfect description for what's happening, either. What I can tell you, however, is that I've seen it before. Four times before, in fact." Around them, beyond the resolving power of vision, the whispers of some unseen mob rose in volume. They muttered of deception and revelation in equal measure, a rising chorus of intermingled responses. If the swordsman could hear them, he paid them no heed, but he did nod back at the pile of corpses. "The reason things like that corpse pile look so odd when you stare at them is because you know more than you're expected to. In this sense, that pile of bodies; it shouldn't be there, should it? No city piles up the dead so irreverently. Somebody did that intentionally, because they knew it would be unsettling. That city behind us, too. Do you believe buildings ought to warp like that, even in this twisted rainfall?" He paused, and thoughtfully added. "Or are they doing that in order to draw a response out of you?" A sharp peel of thunder erupted out of nowhere, and only a fraction of a second afterward did the bolt of lightning split the heavens. The swordsman lifted his hands and shrugged. "This place won't let you say it out loud, but you probably already know what this is, don't you? The word doesn't exist here, not in the correct context, no." His words were cryptic at best, and nonsensical at worst, as if the man were already starting to lose his mind. Instead of taking note of this however, he turned towards the church. "I'll explain better if I possibly can, but I need to continue my work before this place gets a good hold on my sanity. We don't have a lot of time; help me find the thing behind all of this, and we can correct things before any serious damage is done."
  4. Aygis' expression softened, hearing about the lizard woman's family. Of course, it was to be expected that many adventurers, or at least people who dream of adventuring, experience homesickness at some point. It was difficult to leave home in search of wealth and glory, knowing full well that only danger lays along the road you've chosen. It had a certain risk-reward to it: ahead of you laid the possibility of riches and fame, but at the cost of everything you may have ever known. Aygis herself was quite fortunate. Kobolds tended to be less family-oriented. She'd said her goodbyes and left quietly one day, and most of her kin had merely accepted it. They were xenophobic, of course; they likely thought for a fact that Aygis had gone to her death. "Well, I'm certain we'll find something of value for your brother, Whispers." She gave the girl's arm a reassuring squeeze. She turned her attention back to her meat not long after and took a good look at it. It was well-cooked, and she could hear what fat remained dribbling out of it, sizzling as it did so. Between the smell and sound, her mouth was watering, and now that she had it in her hands she could barely wait. Aygis took a generous bite of her portion, and almost immediately replied with a happy growl of excitement. The meat was delicious! Though it was merely preserved rations, something about the saltiness of the portion and the way it tenderized over the fire made it melt-in-the mouth good, and better still it came off in strips. The succulent morsel was promptly consumed, and in no time at all Aygis was lying back against Whispers, wholly satisfied. "I wish I could eat that forever," She confessed to Whispers. "It's probably the greatest thing I've eaten since..." She shrugged, unable to come up with a fitting way to end that comment. She sat in silence for a while after that. She didn't have to consider Whispers' question too hard; she already had her answer and everything. What she didn't want to break, however, was the comfortable scene. Her belly was full of meat, the fire before them was warm and inviting, the ambience was soothing and Whispers...Whispers was a magnificient pillow. The way she breathed, how her muscles flexed and relaxed behind Aygis' back, it was all so comforting to Aygis that for a long time she'd forgotten they were strangers. Eventually, however, she stirred and answered the question, stretching a bit. "Actually, I've been there before. Lanternway, I mean." Aygis replied cheerfully. "It didn't kill me last time, so I'm eager to see how it does this time!"
  5. A Symbol of Unity

    I've been there, haha!
  6. A Symbol of Unity

    Kian can fight, but seeing as he's a sleazy gravedigger he's probably going to do his damnedest to stay away from the front line. If you like, you can stick him somewhere in the ranks of the folks investigating that hole? He showed up with a shovel and pick on his back, after all; surely somebody would see him and think 'miner.' Alternatively, if you want I can swap Kian out for Ohma. She's a lot more bloodthristy, and certainly not as nice, but if she sees people fighting for a cause they believe in she'd undoubtedly approve, and certainly lend a hand. (You can find both of these characters in my character list, by the way.)
  7. Sakura Onsen Sento: Open for Business

    The door slid open with ease, sliding along with minimal resistance until it was open wide enough for Bodice to see inside, and with it, amidst the steam and inside the bath, the Headmistress spied her possible peeping tom. The woman in the tub was gorgeous, which didn't surprise Bodice in the slightest. She was pale and trim, with well-defined curves and light, chiseled muscle in her arms and abdomen, as well as her legs Bodice suspected, although she wasn't able to see from here. There was no denying the woman's more feminine features, of course; she was buxom, with soft, supple breasts that naturally caught the eye, though Bodice was used to such sights. Her stare didn't linger long, and as she took a drag of her cigarette her pervert finally spoke up. Bodice stood in the doorway, studying the girl's eyes with a bemused expression. Red like blood, almost as if on cue, Bodice noted, exhaling the smoke in a slow plume. She flicked the end of her cigarette quickly, and smoke curled off it quickly as she doused the cigarette, which she stored not long after. All the while, her eyes never left her newfound curiosity. Obviously Bodice had met and interacted with vampires before. At this point, she was quite familiar with almost everything the world could throw in her direction, having weathered both its best and its worst, and coming back lusting for more each time. That was the unexpected benefit of having such a rare condition; your desire to get better infrequently overshadows your desire for the material possessions in the world. And flesh and sweat and lush were all certainly material possessions; the kind only bought with similar currency. Would she be able to buy this particular woman with her looks alone, or did the vampire only care for her own needs? Bodice supposed she didn't mind if that was the case; being fed upon was equal parts painful and oddly sexual. So long as the vampiress returned the favor, and gave Bodice a happy ending to the encounter, she wouldn't mind all that much. With or without the vampire's coaxing, Bodice ended up stepping into the bathhouse and once again discarded her coat. She let it fall to the side, and eyed the vampiress warily as she took in her appearance once more. However, instead of doing everything the vampire asked of her, Bodice could only chuckle as she walked around the pool, admiring the vampiress as she moved around slowly. "I thought that my admirer would be one of your type;" Bodice purred. She didn't make it immediately obvious whether she disliked or liked vampires, and she kept it that way intentionally. "Rose petals are a very good touch, ma chere, but alas, there are no roses around here." She chuckled again. "So there were only so many people who could do such a thing." She paused and took the vampiress' hand, but instead of allowing herself to be pulled into the pool, pulled on the woman's hand and tugged her from the pool with a minor splash. The hot water against her legs felt really good, but Bodice was considering something that might feel even better. "You may call me Bodice, ma amour." She purred, giving the woman's hand a kiss. With her free hand, she let her touch trail down the woman's naked form, feeling her curves for herself. She was beautiful, of course. Gorgeous, Bodice recalled saying. Yet Bodice could easily find and often did find gorgeous women without the added risk of them being a vampire. She kept herself from being too handsy, but did give the woman's posterior a generous squeeze before releasing her and walking away a few paces, back turned to the vampiress. "This is the part, where you tell me your name, darling." Bodice instructed gently, but firmly. @Dreamer @Eternity
  8. Beyond all Mortal Ken [Interest Check]

    I really do hope my first post fits with what you were going for, @Chouette I didn't want to presume I knew where the thread was going immediately, but I wanted to situate Filo and Lia in the story as effectively as I could. Lemme know if changes must be made.
  9. Beyond all Mortal Ken (Forgotten Woods)

    "You know, we could have waited until daylight. I'm not saying that we're bad in the dark, I'm just saying that we're better in the light." In a lot of ways, the pixie wasn't wrong, annoying as that was to admit. Filomena was a superb scout on good, well-lit days, no matter where in the world they happened to be, and whenever they stumbled into the deeper parts of the forest she had no issues steering both of them in the right direction. When the sun fell, however, and the roads grew dark and unfamiliar, most pixies just weren't up to it. Heck, most species in general weren't up to it. That's why they slept. "The roads are dangerous these days," The sylph reflected briefly. Her large, dark eyes were always trained forward, always scouring the path ahead as they moved. Even in the dark, they picked up minor details; the swaying of tree boughs, the way grass moved in the gentle breeze that followed her. She listened for her own gentle footfalls, and the soft beating of Filomena's wings as they walked along the road. Not too far behind them, the horizon was still lit with the scant few buildings with lights on. One of them was a tavern, and many more were homes to the people who lived and worked along there. They'd been there for a short while, but that had ended quickly when they'd both taken interest of something along the road. Specifically, the Sylphid woman Liiah and her companion, the pixie Filomena, had been resting in a tired old tavern known simply as 'Last Stop'. The choice of locale had largely been decided upon by the former of the two, much to the latters dismay, as the tavern had been mostly empty when they'd shown up. There were other, less sobering places to drink and rest, after all, and much of the town's population sought to spend their time there instead. To Lia, it was a chance to rest in silence, and not worry about watching her back, or Filomena's back for that matter. But to Filo it had practically been a death sentence. "Come on, just one day in town?" The pixie pleaded again, hovering in front of her friend, eyes large and puppy-like. It had next to no effect on Lia, who brushed past her easily. "These woods are dark and deep, Filo." The sylphid mentioned, nodding ahead of them. "There has to be some reason she is going into them." While they'd been resting at the tavern, Filo had been the first to spot her. A lone figure, small in stature and sporting a gorgeous blue cloak, walked right past the town, without even stopping to look at any of the buildings. They'd watched her walk with curiosity for a short spell before Lia had ultimately made the decision for them, annoucning that they were leaving immediately. "We already know why people go into those woods!" Filo protested. "The same reason anybody travels into the feywilds! They're trying to find the fey who live there, and get their help with something. We can do that any time; we're all practically related." The sylphid swordswoman paused, watching the woman disappear into the woods at least a mile ahead of them. "It's going to be even darker inside of those woods, too." She breathed at last, consenting. "We're going to need light of some kind." She glanced at the pixie expectantly, who immediately shook her head adamantly. "Absolutely not! I am not playing lantern for you, just so we can go satisfy your nature fetish!" Filo shook her head and turned on her heels, arms crossed indignantly. The sylph sighed audibly, resting a hand against her forehead. Without Lia, she wouldn't be able to see in those woods, but she wasn't eager to wait until morning, when the woman had disappeared from sight entirely. She'd have to head back into town as quickly as she could, and gather together some supplies in order for them to enter the woods. "Fine, we'll head back into town." She told her company. "But only for a bit; we need a gas lamp, and plenty of extra fuel." She cracked a small smile at her friend. "And we'll probably need to talk to the locals and figure out whatever we can. This can wait until we find a merchant or something." The pixie hugged her friend's shoulder with a triumphant laugh. "Hah! I win again, Lia!" "Yes, fine, you win again."
  10. A Symbol of Unity

    I have a catfolk, Kian, who I'd like to put into this. Edit: After I reread the thread up to this point, I'm just trying to find the best way to insert Kian. If I can't figure it out, I may just use Ohma instead. She'd be a lot more useful right now, I think.
  11. Beyond all Mortal Ken [Interest Check]

    Ayy, this is a great chance for me to get around to refurbishing my fey Duo! I have a pixie healer/spellcaster and a sylph swordswoman who'd be delighted to tag along, if you'll have 'em.
  12. Aygis let her eyes linger on the bandages, and couldn't help but feel a bit helpless. She really should have learned some kind of sorcery to help with this sort of situation, even if it was just something simple. She supposed it couldn't be helped now, however, and instead of lingering on the subject allowed herself to give Whispers a satisfied smile. Her blood was still pumping even now, and it felt good. They were well on their way into an adventure, having slain the first of many foes and stopped to take a very casual, very familiar rest around a fire. It was simple moments like this one that had drawn her to the life of adventure in the first place. It was a cozy rest and good company after a harrowing situation, exactly the sort of thing she didn't have at home. Whispers patted her back reassuringly, and Aygis could plainly feel how her hands lingered on the kobold's back. She was wearing her cloak, of course, yet she could almost feel her companion trying to feel her scales. It granted a small amount of warmth to blossom in the kobold's cheeks, and beneath the pelt they shared she felt her tail curl reflexively in response to the stimulus. Whispers giggled afterward, likely seeing Aygis blush in response and if anything that only made the kobold squirm a little more, obviously embarrassed to be teased like so. Aygis huddled into the bear pelt, listening to the evening lull of insects and nocturnal animals, and the gentle swaying of the trees. Whispers was leaning into her, perhaps as a sign of trust, or perhaps as...a subtle hint that the magus was supposed to respond to? She couldn't really tell, but in the tender flame of the bonfire, she had no issue leaning back a little, grateful for the company. She could feel the woman breathing next to her, feel the back of her chest move with each easy inhale and exhale. It was comforting to be so close, at least as far as the mage was concerned. She didn't say a word for several minutes, just enjoying the company, mulling over what to ask about. She had questions of course, but they were all over the place, and she wasn't sure exactly what Whispers wanted from her. Well, she was starting to believe she knew what the lizard woman wanted from her, but approaching such a topic...defied the kobold's courage outright. "Well, what do you know about the Whispernight?" Aygis asked curiously. It was a good question, a genuine question. She had to remember that Whispers had agreed to come with her without so much as a second thought, so she surely knew something beyond the name alone.
  13. Lapelle Brouchard

    Full Name: Lapelle Brouchard Titles: 'Lapelle Durand nee Brouchard' (Honorific Title) Sex: Female Race: High Elf Age (Apparent): 29 Age (Actual): 183 Height: 6 Feet, 2 Inches Weight: 160 lbs. Orientation: Pansexual Alignment: Lawful Good Physical Description: With a head of platinum hair and brilliant blue eyes, it'd be quite difficult to believe that Lapelle is the biological twin sister of Bronte's own Headmistress, Bodice. While they do share a birthday, the vast majority of their similarities end there. Lapelle, in contrast to her sister, is more curvaceous, by about 20 pounds, even. Though they share the same fair skin and noble grace, Lapelle's hair and eyes are a startling contrast to her sister's professional, yet quite ordinary, tones. Overall, Lapelle carries herself with a familiar pride and dignity reminiscent of her family line, yet quite unlike the rest of her family she tends to be reserved for the majority of her time, keeping quiet and polite and generally keeping to herself until engaged by somebody else. Behavior: Lapelle is a polite, well-behaved noblewoman, as befits any descendant of a polite, well-behaved family. While growing up alongside her sister made them infallibly close, there was a very definite cleave between their personalities as far back as either of them can recall. Where her sister focused on less savory pursuits, Lappelle proved to be her parent's protege, and her quiet, calm manner is a great testament to her patience and skill as a healer and care-taker. When in stressful situations, Lapelle certainly does her best to retain that attitude, but she is easily swayed by her own emotions and can lose her nerve to strong enough feelings of any kind. Despite this, she is quick to put on a brave face, and quicker to assume a motherly role if the situation demands it. While not quite a natural leader or politician, Lapelle is certainly capable of filling either role, and has admitted to herself in private that she would love to be a teacher someday. Lapelle has been offered a job at Bronte by her sister exactly once, though she quickly rejected the idea for reasons she has yet to explain. In terms of work, Lapelle serves as a White Mage within the Imperial Military, though her parents have made it plain she is not allowed to see front-line activity. Instead, the High Elf spends much of her time at back camps, away from the front of campaigns tending to the sick and wounded. She does regret the fact that she's unable to see the front lines, but does ultimately understand the reasoning behind her orders. As a White Mage, Lapelle is able to heal through both her touch and through intense mental strain. This ability is not related to Bodice's own parasitic abilities, but they do compliment each other nicely at times. Lapelle Brouchard takes her job as a White Mage very seriously, and is horrified at the prospect of losing one of her patients, as well as the idea that she may lose her sister one day (detailed at the bottom.) When not working hard, and on leave, Lapelle enjoys luxury goods and pampering herself, though she abstains from alcohol and drug use. Her romantic interests are few and far between. Equipment: Attire: While on duty, Lapelle dresses in her own personal robes, a more luxurious and free-form recreation of the typical garb most healers within the Imperial ranks tend to wear. These robes are made from fine silk and are actually custom-fitted to the Elf's body, showing off her curves. Additionally, these robes break the typical norm of red-trimmed white healer robes by trimming the garments with gold instead, showing off her opulence with pride, even in the middle of tending a patient. She isn't a fool, however, and wears a thick, plain apron over her attire while she's on duty, in order to minimize any potential stains or damages to her robes. When not on duty, she occasionally wears the robes as casual wear, or even dons them if she elects to work with mercenary groups for a short while. On a seldom few occasions Lapelle has sported silver and gold gauntlets and pauldrons with her robes, especially if the situation calls for potential dangers. While showy, they've also proven to be functional, to her great relief, as they have spared her countless injuries to date. Talents/Racial Feats: Hands of Mercy: Lapelle is capable of healing people through touch, and upon laying hands on a target can mend wounds rapidly, including supernatural and magic-based injuries. While these wounds do speed up recovery and remove scars, the severity of the wound can determine the time and effort required to heal her target, and doing so often dehydrates and fatigues Lapelle. Words of Mercy: Lapelle is capable of mending and soothing people, including herself, through physical contact. By temporarily suspending mental trauma, Lapelle is able to use her healing magic to quickly mend the damaged synapses afflicted by the aforementioned trauma. This, of course, can inspire anything ranging from positive feelings and emotions, such as euphoria, elation, calm and confidence, as well as inspire and ignite the general abilities and talents of her target, 'buffing' them for a short while. While this effect is typically only temporary, once the trauma is no longer suspended the target may experience improved efforts at dealing with it. Giving her teammates a brief respite can sometimes make it easier to shoulder the burden. For Lapelle, this ability can lead to sudden clarity of thought, and improved focus in combat situations. Aura of Mercy: Being as empathetic as she is, Lapelle can occasionally radiate a subtle energy that slowly improves moral and general mood over time. This does not take much effort to do, and has multiple uses, from the obvious improvement of her allie's morale, to eventually demoralizing the opponents enough to convince them to flee. Personal Feats: Twin Link: Lapelle and Bodice share a strong mental bond as twins. The two of them are able to converse and share surface thoughts--such as emotion and physical sensation. The process can feel simultaneously invasive and intimate, and Bodice has described her sister's presence as a painkiller, before. Reference Image(s):
  14. Monster Hunting: Seismoloth OOC

    I believe we should observe the same order we posted our first responses in. @Aves @HollowCipher @Demiurge and last in line @MrMaturity If something comes up, or you'd rather post after somebody else, please feel free to speak up now. I have no issues with altering the posting order.
  15. Monster Hunting: Seismoloth OOC

    You misread