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  3. Thank you, Setanta. Have a cookie.
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  9. "Man, I seriously expected this to last longer," Cid grumbled lazily. She reached into the crinkling foil bag at her side, and pulled out the last chip, chomping on it noisily before letting the packaging fall to the ground, among its other brethren. The pilot stretched lazily, her maid costume disheveled as she reached for the remote and turned off the credits. Before her, the cheesy music and scrolling text told her just who was responsible for the carnal display she'd witnessed. Again, she was positive the girl was faking it, but most actors faked it as well. She had no business critiquing how somebody sounded when they climaxed, anyway. Cid groaned softly as she wriggled out of her chair, knocking a few aluminum cans of soda down as she did, and walked on over to the controls again. She was far enough above the grey mountains of Vechynacht that she couldn't truly make out what was going on down there, bar from the occasional blob that she assumed was one of her heroes, duking it out with the unstoppable warbeast they were getting paid too little to deal with. She stared down at the ruckus below, and noticed that, eventually, the activity down there ceased. She hesitated for a second, before moving to her speaker system. Cid picked up the receiver and spoke aloud. --- "Hey! Are you guys alright down there?" The communicator crackled to life, disrupting Somar's celebration. There was a full pause before she spoke again. "I can't see too much from up here, but it looks like you guys might be---yeah, right there! Someone's waving up at the ship! Hang tight, guys, I'll be down in a second!" --- After Cid returned to her controls, however, it took her more than a second to actually get around to piloting the ship anywhere. Instead, the game officer turned tail and hurried back down the steps into the common's area, where she wasted no time at all hastily grabbing all her wrappers and garbage, stuffing them all into a shallow waste bin as quick as she could, following through with a rapid jaunt to the bathroom for a shower, discarding her maid's uniform on the floor before stepping inside. It took a matter of minutes; get soaked, shampoo in your hair, step back, lather your arms, your sides, your hips, buttocks, chest and legs, step back into the spray of water. Rinse, leave, put on decent attire. This was hardly Cid's first time slacking on the job; in fact, this sort of thing had become more and more frequent as her time with the Games Office had gone on. She supposed it was a sign of the times; maybe Cid was genuinely bored with this line of work. Maybe she hadn't almost died in a little while. Regardless, the pilot quickly returned to the controls and brought the ship down easily, the Jenkins bringing itself down approximately five feet off the ground just outside of the mining camp. Cid exited the cockpit in order to greet them on a bridge, and exhaled almost audibly as she caught sight of the group. "Wow..." She murmured softly before breaking into a shout. "Literally none of you died! Awesome!"
  10. Yep.
  11. I guess I have posts and lore and junk to do today. Today's a good day to get that stuff done, I s'pose.

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  13. It'll give Cid's crabs somewhere to sleep, at least. :Kappa:
  14. Strawpoll: Who reckons that Somar gets laid later? :P