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  1. The Lich Isles: Necropolis Rising

    Just in case you were all wondering; My next post will be bringing us not only to the necropolis, but also putting us on the necropolis. It's gonna be pretty long, so if there's anything you'd like to achieve before we get there, be sure to include it in your post. I'm going to assume that unless otherwise specified, everybody in the thread will have taken their pills. In addition, these pills aren't anything special. They're ground herbs and minerals used to combat arrhythmia and other heart defects, usually in the way of regulating your heartbeat and keeping your blood pressure level. The reason these helped the Captain is because he has heart defects, so the medication stopped the necromantic scourge from killing him through his heart. While it might not be as effective for your characters, it'll definitely help keep you from dying from natural unnatural causes.
  2. The Lich Isles: Necropolis Rising

    Looks great, man! Next up is @Wade
  3. The Lich Isles: Necropolis Rising

    Alright, then it looks like we're skipping @ODSTDRAGON for this round. @roboblu is up next
  4. The Lich Isles: Necropolis Rising

    You're up, @Sétanta the Hound. Last day to post.
  5. The Lich Isles: Necropolis Rising

    The next few hours of preparation were industrious, with the old captain keeping track of the various volunteers that'd presented themselves. They were nothing if not numerous; despite the very clear warning that the work was dangerous, to the point were he'd even offered to pay the victim's family for their loss, he'd garnered more than an impressive crew it seemed, which the other volunteers were able to see upon rejoining at the pier. A galleon of impressive size and build waited idly for them now, just off one of the larger piers, with the wizened old captain shelling out his savings as men and women came aboard. With one hand passing out the money, and the other handing out medication, he still looked grim; understandable, still. Not many men relished the thought of facing undeath twice. He greeted the other survivors with a slight nod, rising from the barrel he'd used as a stool in order to address them properly. "It's been sorted, then." He sighed, exhaling all the life in his body in that motion before breathing it back in again. "These are some foolhardy folks; all of them." He referred to the people to his right, boarding the ship, loading on boxes or just keeping busy as they waited on the captain. "Good men and women, all of them...I hope they don't come to regret this decision." He reached into the barrel next to him again, and produced a handful of small cloth bags, tied tight with a length of cord. With clumsy, fumbling movements ill-befitting of such a tiny bag, the mountain of a man pulled free a small white capsule or two, showing them to the woman that'd asked about them. "Here's your miracle medicine. Some ground herbs, dried and pressed with a bit o' calcium. I take one ev'ry hour." He put them back in the barrel. "I'm hopin' you live to do th' same." In the short span of an hour, then, the last of the volunteers climbed aboard and the gangplank was pulled down by someone on the pier. The anchor was pulled free, and a few dozen men belowdecks rowed her free from landlock. With the gentle thrashing of the sea around them, the ship was pulled out into the darker blue depths of the sea. The elegant vessel was more suited for moving gold and precious cargo, but its name, The Defiant suggested a very different role. Aboard the ship the world was alive with activity. The various volunteers, laden with gold already, moved quickly around the ship, clambering up each of the three masts to work with the knots tied into the ropes, or helping to get the last of the supplies below deck. More than a few were hard at work checking just about everything. However, before the world could get too casual, everybody stopped when Captain Pierce opened up his satchel and pulled out three pills, swallowing them quickly. If there was to be a grim reminder of their goal, it would have been that. With a thoughtful mutter, everyone on board recalled the tale the captain had shared, or that his volunteers had shared, and almost in unison they all swallowed a pill or two of their own. Silence reigned, as the captain found his way to the steering wheel where he paused. They were a fair distance from the dock now. It was already too late to go back. "Ladies and gent'lmen, I'm sorry to have burdened you so. This task we're faced with will be unlike any ye've faced before, I'm certain. We'll be going out ter intercept somethin' unnatural, where a few'v us are going to try and board it." He paused for a moment, listening to the distant sound of birds, and the gentle rolling of the sea. "This...necropolis we'll be huntin' for is a place for the dead, only." He continued with a sobre expression. "I don' doubt that we'll see summat unholy when we get there..." Silence reigned, evermore. "I've done the best te warn ye, up to this point. You have been afforded every chance to stay home. But you are here now, and while I canny promise much, I will say this; take your medicine, avoid gettin' hurt, and most of all...." He closed his eyes and sighed. "Pray fer the best; expect the worst. That is all."
  6. The Red Ribbon Relief: Graduation Day

    Formerly. There's a lore page that knows more than I do offhand.
  7. All of this from League of Legends porn, huh? What happens if I bring up my Quelaag/Priscilla fic from the dark souls forums?
  8. Are you that desperate for Janna to share her opinions on Jinx's attitude? I really ought to get back to work, though. I have like three fanfics to finish. Honestly, I think I'm just drafting me resume for hell at this point.
  9. The Red Ribbon Relief: Graduation Day

    Casual Self Bump It might be stated as such, but there's no pressure to consider making a character to interact with this thread or even pay it attention at all. If you need a kickstart for a new character, however, and titninja nurses are your cup of tea, it might be worth considering. When I have the time, I'll be drafting a semi-closed thread in order to properly integrate them into the lore, so all's well.
  10. I'm very fortunate to have a pretty clear head most of the time. I bounce back from bad moods and the like pretty fast. I should be okay in a bit. :')
  11. I hope y'all are having a good evening. It's been a rough couple of weeks for me, so I can understand how some folks might be feeling around this time. Take care of yourselves, and if anyone needs an attentive ear, hit me up.
  12. "Well, aren't you lucky." She narrowed her eyes, staring over the wound with a slow, raking motion. She wasn't a healer, she was an alchemist, but she could plainly see that the wound might've been serious. It explained a lot, too. Of course he was coughing up blood; the idiot was trying to forcibly repair his punctured lung with the wrong combination of sorcery and chemistry. However, had he not used the potion, the effects may have been far more fatal, and her client might never have made it to her domain. What if he'd gotten here, only for her alchemy to fail him? Her stomach flip-flopped at the thought, but she forced it from her mind almost immediately. Nonsense, if he came to her, he'd get his work's worth. Abigail scooped up a gentle handful of the salve and began rubbing it generously over the wound. Almost like a chest rub, the odd mix of ingredients drew out heat with it, trying desperately to fuel the small flames that had once brewed within it. This meant the afflicted area cooled considerably, to the point where it might even go numb. With great patience, the alchemist kept her eyes on the salve as it slowly changed color, turning a tainted violet as the potion he'd used was first coagulated, then drawn out of his body as a whole. She brushed the salve off as it grew dry and chunky, thick with the elixir, and she applied another layer, watching again for any change in color. After two more rotations of this, she scraped the salve back into the bowl and set it aside, looking over the wound. "The salve should have drawn out the potion, and likely the rune with it. That'll keep any more unnecessary cell division and restoration from occurring." She reported, brushing her locks from her face again. In layman's terms, she'd saved him, most certainly, though it was evident by his coughing fit earlier that some damage had already been done. She rested her palm against his chest, then, and gave him a stare. Could he see in the dark? She wouldn't doubt it, the strange, unseemly not-person that he was. She berated herself the moment she thought that way, giving one spindly leg a gentle stamp of annoyance. "Breathe deeply now, Avvercus. I want to see if I can hear any fluid in your lungs."
  13. The Lich Isles: Necropolis Rising

    Alright, then it looks like @Ederan is up next. With folks on vacation/AFV for the holidays, I see no problem with waiting up until the last day to post, if people want to roll that way. That said, post when you have a chance, fam.
  14. The Lich Isles: Necropolis Rising

    @Sétanta the Hound you're up next. You won't have a chance to talk with the captain, like the rest of the party did, but you're free to use up your turn as you see fit
  15. The Lich Isles: Necropolis Rising

    The captain fixed Barivam with a steely gaze that lasted a lifetime. His stare didn't bear any semblance of anger, or confusion, or even of agreement. In fact, his gaze was almost grave, as if he were already staring at a dead man. He leaned in against the table, and sighed, the very action carrying weight untold. "I will not lie t' any of ye. I don't think any one man's odds are good here. In fact, I don't think numbers have anythin' to do with it." His gaze flirted with the sea again, and he took several minutes before composing his answer. "What I saw out there...what we saw, out on th' pier...t'ain't natural, certainly. An' I've never seen anythin' like that in my time at sea. The dead grow er'r strong....the living list away where they stand...anyone who tries to understand this...necropolis, goes to meet their death, probably." There was some muttering. That certainly wasn't what you'd expect to hear from a man trying to get a job done. "But if we pretend it ne'er happened, if we sit 'ere, acting as if it doesn't concern us." Here, he loomed across the table, glowering at the man from before. "Then other people will die when it reached th' land. Not by the tens like we saw today, but the hundreds. Thousands. Millions, in time. There will be no force on earth able to beat back a fortress of the dead. Then they'll come for your kinsmen, then your friends an' family, then you, and then you'll be wishin' that somebody, anybody could have prevented it." He sat in silence for a moment longer, letting the weight of his words press down on the company he kept. He rearranged himself once more, and started speaking. "Aye, I might be asking the world from every last one of ye, but that's exactly what's on th' line. Th' world. I'll not be th' man who sat back and watched as the dead overcame the living, hunting them out on the last few corners of the globe...I'll do what I can to give you all a fightin' chance, but you've seen what it can do, what they can do. It'll be up t' you what fate befalls us." A few moments passed in silence before he spoke up again. "The crew that gets the ship there in one piece gets paid twice; once before we leave, and again when we get back. I'll put it towards next o' kin if any souls are lost." He nodded at the few stalwart men and women that'd been the first on the scene. "You've got the best chance of anyone when it comes to facin' this task. Something about you...be it skill, be it luck...I can tell that you won't go down so easy. More, I can arrange to get ye whatever you might need. Ye wanted summat those pills, aye? They're on th' cheap...if it'll help, you can all go aboard with a 5-pound bag, if need be." There was another pause, and he added, with a broken smile. "This necropolis is prob'ly overladen with loot, y'know. All those ru'ns what been pulled up from the sea...what ye find is yours too, o'course, and I'll ferry it all ashore if need be." The time for talk was over then, it seemed, as by then many of the men and women in the bar had made up their minds. More than a few went back to their drinks, laughing off his story in hushed tones, or even angrier patrons spitting curses behind his back, at the back of the cowardly old sea dog and his half-baked ideas. For every man or woman that disagreed with him, however, there were at least one that lined up, offering his talents on a ship for the promise of gold, and a few pills apiece. Pierce found himself distracted enough, keeping track of who was who, right up until they all dispersed once more. It seemed the audience with the captain was over, and it was time to make preparations.