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  1. Thank you for participating! If you like, feel free to bring Pallas and her crew to the new site, if you're going. Taylor coukd bring the nightmare of the orange star with her, and the remnants the parasitic organism could dwell in dark places. This thread should be considered open source for you to use
  2. This story, as you are reading it, is a heavily condensed version of the original. Originally, Pallas was a place not a boat, and the party spent their time fighting through invested inhabirants to the whaling ship, where the final act would have been. While there, tge party would have encountered a cult intend on deliberately fostering the parasitic planet eaters in order to bring humanity into a new age of ascendance. At some point, either Quill or Maat would have died, and the story was originally going to end with the cannibal star devouring the town, ship and parasites, leaving the party physically and menrally scarred from the experience.
  3. Alright folks, I recently made the decision to leave all my old content behind on the site, and as a result, we will not be continuing this adventure on the new forum. With that in mind, I also don't believe we have time to finish the thread either, and have decided to call it here. I know you were all really into the story, though, so I wanna reward your dilligence by explaining the 'story', so to speak. So basically the Pallas is a standin for the Philsdelphia Incident, a real life conspiracy theory that suggests the United States military either attempted to teleport or otherwise turn a destroyer-class battleship invisible. Eye witnesses say they succeeded, but that the crew was horribly mangled, and fuzed to the hull. In our thread, however, I suggest a slightly different sequence of events. The Pallas, a whaling ship, was teleported through experimental means into what was believed to be a larger ocean, as it was originally confined to an inland sea. While teleporting, the Pallas identified and managed to catch...something. A massive, parasitic being, that typically feasts upon whole worlds by infesting the planet itself. While this surely would have bee disastrous on its own, the parasite was originally fleeing a predator of it's own: unbeknownst to the crew, the parasite was being stalked by an unnamed terror, a carnivorous, undying star, that feasts by warping biological and inorganic mass into malformed shapes and redesigns before consuming them entirely. This star can reproduce through depictions of it, reflections, and so forth. In fact, unbeknownst to the party, this orange light would eventually reproduce from Taylor's own eyes, if she uncovered them. This unstoppable predator ecentually tracked its prey to the Pallas, and twisted it into a warped relic of its former selves. Those who saw the sun were cannibalized, then reassembled into twisted, misshapen objects. Those who didn't, would eventually succumb to the parasites. When the party learns of the town, and its odd whaling operation, Pallas and its diseased cargo have already begun to spread to Taen. Each can of whale flesh, everybody they encountered, were all infested by the parasite already. The Pallas returning, and the party disappearing? Part of the experiment that got them into this mess in the first place. The party slugs it out with the denizens on board the Pallas, until they discover a means to teleport the ship back home. However, in the process, the carcass of the old dead god is reanimated by its parasites, and the party must face off against the undead abomination. Only near the end of their confrontation, does the party find a means to draw tye carnivorous star to its location, killing it at long last. Afterwards, the party is able to return to Taen. This is just the cliffnotes, of course. There were loads more spooks and mysteries to uncover, at some point you get to fight a zombie whale. I only regret we didn't have more time to see it all.
  4. This has been something I've been thinking about a lot, but I have fibally reached a conclusion. None of my characters or settings or lore will be joining us on the new site. My aim, instead, is to explore other people's settings and characters with new, unique characters whom I hope to dedicate greater time to. Some aspects of my characters that you like may return in some shape or another, but their names, identities and attitudes will likely change. 


    It's been fun, guys. 

    1. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      The Verm will never forget.

  5. I plan on trying to spread myself out a bit, and give other settings that other people create a look-see. I don't really have any current intention to produce new content, myself.
  6. It's entirely possible that, given the unique arrangement of the new location, we can interpret this thread as these character's 'migration' into the new setting. A giant, radioactive, carnivorous sun, twists and pulls them from reality, only to spit them back out, abhorrent boat and trauma and all, into the new setting.
  7. I've been thinking about it further, and I may just have all my old content wiped, save for some specific characters. Gives me a fresh start.
  8. Maybe Morrigan can make her debut on the new site, hm?
  9. @Tyler @Hydrangeas @Zashiii @Rabbit For those who aren't in the know, already, in approximately a month, Valucre will be archived, and all writing will be done on a new site, and I think this warrants a brief discussion. This move will prohibit us from moving this ongoing thread in its entirety over to the new site, and as a result, we face a dilemma. We can restart the thread from the beginning, losing our progress and maybe picking up new participants, if we choose to. Alternatively, we can continue from where we are in the new environment, assuming everyone comes along for the ride. Or, and I bring this up because I think it's worth considering, even if we don't want to; We may have to drop the thread entirely. I bring this up because you four have been incredibly dedicated to this thread. It's taken months of your attention to get to where we are, through slow-periods and confusing maps, and to have it archived before reaching a conclusion is, to say the least, a bit frustrating, at least for me it is. So I'm bringing this to you, so we can deliberate upon a path that makes us all happy, and aware of the circumstances. Information about the move can be found here:
  10. This is a good opportunity for us. Mostly. There's a lot of content I've made that I'd like to personally remove from the archives before we move on, and what remains, I'd like to refine before we move on.
  11. Kian was still glancing towards the church, and the graveyard beyond. A place like this was probably pretty active all night, so it'd be a harder gig to do a little exhuming, but it promised to be profitable. He glanced back in time to catch the Tigress' pointed stares, and rubbed the back of his neck as he glanced away again, ears prickling. He didn't really think he could juggle multiple night time activities at the same time. "Uh, yeah, where're we going, anyway?" He turned to their charge. Priscilla glanced ahead, and spied their location already, and pointed towards it. "There we are," She said. The hotel ahead of them was tall, and rather attractively built, as far as the other buildings were. It was made of sound, uniform logs, all of some dark, rich-looking wood, hewn smartly with the grain of the wood exposed to the elements in strategic places to give the sense of being built of multiple different types of wood. It boasted a long, wide boardwalk, thick glass windows and a warm yellow glow within. People, particularly traders and merchants, mill in and out, some hopping from rather expensive-looking carriages as they approach. "That's probably our hotel," She said, checking her wallet. "I've got money, so we can probably get our own rooms." She counted them out. "One, two, three, four...yeah, that should be doable." Priscilla and the rest of the party entered the hotel, and she made to the desk quickly, and bought their rooms without issue. There were a number of eyes on Torie, but nobody said ought as they sauntered down the hallway. The hotel smelled strongly of burning wood in the fire, and freshly-cleaned carpets. Priscilla led them down the hall, and towards their rooms. "I got us all rooms close to each other," she said brightly. "They don't allow smoking, or room service for that matter, but you're free to use the space for whatever else, and they have locks, too. Enchanted locks, as I understand it," She stopped at a nearby locked door to gesture at it. The door was locked, and on the well-forged steel fixings on the door, brilliant blue runes gleamed as she neared it, warning her away. "These should keep away eavesdroppers, scryers and would-be burglars. Unless they have a key, of course." She handed them off to the rest of them. Kian dangled his in front of his face, eyeballing it. He wanted to see if the key looked plain enough to be replicated, or copied easily, but it looked pretty unique. He pocketed it, as Priscilla paused before their rooms. "Alright," She clasped her hands together. "Get to your rooms and rest up. We're back on the road tomorrow!" The party split up, and Priscilla bid the party goodnight before vanishing into her bedroom. Kian glanced at his key again, then down the hall towards the exit. He could check out that graveyard later tonight, if things slowed down a bit around here. He sauntered over to his room, and unlocked it. "Right, well. If you need me, ladies." He said, with a little bit of almost hammy enthusiasm.
  12. Post is up. Hopefully it's not too horny. 🤐
  13. Although disappointed that neither of them chose to see things the way she had, she didn't allow it to get to her. Tevka made for a poor substitute for the fruit of Sin, after all. She relaxed as the drink was taken and disposed of, thankful she didn't have to finish the wine after all. As it was disposed of Bodice dragged her gaze across her company again, evaluating her assets, and their assets as well. She could imagine, in this future or perhaps another, that there was something here to be found, and dissected and enjoyed before being discarded, and for a moment she wondered if it would be similar to the discarded Tevka; an eternity in the making, but bitter and over not nearly fast enough. As if she were receptive to the Headmistress' very thoughts, Phoebe motioned towards the servant again, and the other beverage offered to them. That didn't sound particularly promising, but Bodice didn't pass on an opportunity to try something new. She accepted a glass of the Neznan, and locked eyes with her fair company for a moment. "Hm. I'm sure I'd enjoy the taste, regardless." She suggested, before raising her glass in a toast. "Sante." Bodice downed the Neznan all in one smooth motion, feeling the liquid burn against her tongue and throat as she did, but she didn't react to it in the slightest. It had an interesting, if not terribly complex flavor palate, and the simplicity was a boon for it. She finished draining the glass, and ran her tongue across her lips slowly, savoring the flavor before returning the glass. "Delicious," She muttered gently, before returning her attention to the present. She still hadn't acknowledged the other presence in the conversation now, and although she considered never getting around to it, it didn't seem sporting, especially given how familiar he was with Phoebe. Bodice turned her attention to him at last, and gave him a pleasant, almost inviting smile. "Speaking of delicious," She teased, acknowledging him at last. "It's very good to meet you as well, ah..." She paused, and looked him up and down, deciding once and for all that she didn't actually know who he was. Perhaps, in the future, she might. She leaned into that, inviting him to stare deep into her eyes, indulging in the close contact before making a minor suggestion. "You know, it occurs to me this is a Masquerade, oui? It follows, then, that you should tell me what to call you, hm? I'm not unfamiliar with playing pretend, after all." Regardless of her flirting, it was evident that whomever he was, he was there for Phoebe primarily, which suited Bodice fine. There were other things to focus on this evening, after all; promises that needed making and keeping, deals to strike. She was fairly certain there were more people to mingle with as well, somewhere. She eventually turned her attention back to Phoebe. "Well, ma cherie, it appears you are wanted elsewhere for now. I trust we'll meet again? My office is always open to visitors." She grinned. "Perhaps we'll get together for...measurements, and Neznan, again, hm?" There was a tone to how she suggested that, that made it evident this was a dismissal. With their little dance concluded, Bodice turned her attention to her other company, still lost in thought, and reached forward, plucking the glass from her hand, her long, smooth fingers dragging gently across Lucinda's knuckles as she did so. She glanced at the glass, curious before giving the girl before her a devilish smile. "Hm," She mused playfully. "Am I going to compete with bottled blood for your attention, my dear?"
  14. I'll have my next post up tomorrow, ideally!
  15. Seems like we overdid it then. It's a good thing, too, I was running out of fancy stuff to say. 😓
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