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  1. Jotnotes

    Strange Occurrences [OOC]

    I would actually really like to read about him following her all googly-eyed, soaking in the serene image of those delicious bug hips swaying in tempo with her movements.
  2. Jotnotes

    Not All Floods Involve Water [OOC]

    Didn't realize Xylex was so notorious. Is the crime family a canon piece of Hyperion's lore? Do you have a page for them anywhere? This thread is a canon piece of Terrenus' lore, after all. I gotta make sure it remains well within the bounds of the continent's lore.
  3. Jotnotes

    Strange Occurrences [OOC]

    I thought he was still around.
  4. Jotnotes

    Not All Floods Involve Water [OOC]

    Fuckin' hell, sorry for the delay on the post, guys. Work and home life dealt me a raw hand for a bit--my sleep schedule was fucked, and all my time was eaten up by other things. It's finished, though. We're not going to be spending another round waiting in town, here, I don't think. @Neondragon7 if you really do plan on coming with, I'll have something arranged by the time I post next. Otherwise, it's about time to hit the road. We've got rats and elves and shit to talk with.
  5. Jotnotes

    Not All Floods Involve Water

    Vance supped quietly, enjoying the respite the food and drink provided. Following this skewer and tea, they'd be feasting primarily on road rations, or whatever game they might be able to score should they have to set up camp. Reflecting on that notion, the old soldier considered their route once again, and quickly banished both the thought of how they'd be traveling, and whether it'd be possible for them to camp anywhere. To hell with that, He thought grimly. The kid's gonna have to pay me a helluva lot more if he thinks I'm gonna fall asleep in those woods. He was joined, briefly, by their hired help. The elf approached the stand for one of the skewers and set down a back of coins. He sniffed in derision; the old woman had already turned down his offer of coin, Lars had undoubtedly just passed the money along to make sure the elf woman knew he was good for the money. The old woman didn't reach for the money herself, but Vance left the coins where they were. It wasn't his money. Let Lars waste his money how he wanted. He finished his skewer and reached for another, but not before nodding towards the elf woman who'd taken the skewer away. She'd given hers to Lars, and kept none for herself. The old woman handed him a cup of tea, too. Vance nodded at her, and walked back towards the cart with his prize in his hands. Lars looked at the crates the newcomer had loaded, and back towards the monk who'd given him a little help. It was quite a bit quicker than lifting them all by hand, for sure! He flashed the monk a smile of gratitude--the monk bowed back. Xaga returned with a skewer for him just as the newcomer began to speak. Lars would have replied quicker, if his mouth wasn't already full of skewer. The meat was sweet and salty, and incredibly soft. He vacuumed it down quickly, savoring every bite. Close by, his company tried to look elsewhere, though he didn't know why. Was he eating with his mouth open? Was she vegetarian? Or was she hungry, too? He nearly choked on his skewer as he realized he might not have given her enough money for her own skewer, and he quickly reached for his belt, eager to repay her for her efforts. Or he would have, if Vance didn't approach the elf himself and thrust a cup of tea and a skewer upon her. "Eat up, grunt." He ordered in a low baritone. "If you're guarding the caravan, you're going to be well-fed and hydrated. We don't have patience for weaklings around here." He sounded mostly serious, but his tone almost parodied a stereotypical drill sergeant, betraying the humor in his tone. Lars put his hands down, shamed, and didn't pull out any more money. In the silence that followed, he managed to talk with the monk. "Thank you for the help with our supplies." He said with a smile. The man in question looked peculiar, but Lars had grown up in markets like this--he was used to seeing just about everything and everyone, to the point where it took a lot to pique his curiosity. That didn't stop a few other folk from casting the wolfman a wayward glance or two--the merchant couldn't blame them, though. Beastmen weren't that unfamiliar around Terrenus, but in many cases they seemed to be more man than beast, with hands, or less fur, or even more remote suggestions of humanity. With his robes on, the monk looked almost like an animal walking upright. He didn't talk or behave like one, however, and that was the most important thing. "My name is Lars. You....uh....you a priest, or monk?" He asked. He wasn't familiar with the magic he'd been using. "I don't really recognize your robes."
  6. Jotnotes

    Not All Floods Involve Water [OOC]

    Home boy is a merchant's son with a small loan of a million gold coins. I think you'll get paid.
  7. Jotnotes

    Chapter 2 - More Important is the Journey

    It took Priscilla a fair while to retread their path to the Gehenna. Jack was every bit as cautious as he was confounding, and he'd somehow managed to do a good job of masking their tracks. It was difficult at first--especially to Priscilla, who had absolutely no survival sense whatsoever. She had no idea what kind of clues to look for, what to expect in such a situation. Instead, what eventually tipped Priscilla off wasn't footprints, or crushed branches or anything like that. It was the birds, from before. Priscilla recognized the call of close by corvids fairly easily enough--crows, or ravens, or possibly even magpies--and had the good sense to follow them. Their warbling calls ran in total contrast to the lone singing of the bird from earlier, and in their numbers seemed to suggest some kind of carrion nearby. She grimly noted that airship crashes tended to leave a certain amount of carrion about, and followed the noise towards the bodies, and to the Gehenna. They did not lead her astray, and after following them along, Priscilla quickly found her way towards the downed ship. It was eerily prophetic, seeing the ship that had carried her to safety downed and gutted as it was. The once-proud Gehenna laid on its side in the snow, scattered like dust across the mountainside like a great, fallen beast, or perhaps not unlike Priscilla's own way of life. Her brisk pace had slowed to a creep as she came into sight of the ship, until she stopped entirely to observe the crash in silence. There was a lot of debris to be reefed through, and not all of it was close together. Moreover, she didn't have much time to search through everything, either; in the not-too-distant backdrop, she could see other folk moving around as well. Pirates, scavengers, or survivors, she had no idea. What she did know was that she couldn't afford to risk being spotted or approached. She need to do her searching quickly, and get back to the cave. Looking down at the helmet she brought along with her, she pulled it on swiftly and hurried forward towards the nearest thing she could find. The first several minutes of her searching went quite poorly, save for a few exceptions. Priscilla had gingerly pushed aside rubble and debris, only to find overturned food trays, shattered glass and porcelain plates. She managed to obtain a comfortable military jacket off of a frozen corpse--she didn't recognize who it was, but they appeared to be a passenger, who probably died in the crash. They didn't appear to be cut or shot, which mercifully kept Priscilla's prize intact. She pulled that on immediately, grateful for some more cover. It was still very cold, but it was better than nothing. She didn't find anything in the pockets, however. Another body had a crude knife on it. This body appeared to be one of the pirates who had sacked the ship. A couple arrows lodged in his collar spoke volumes of his demise, but she couldn't find anything else on him. In fact, the single-edged, worn blade she'd obtained didn't even have a sheathe. She decided to keep it regardless, carrying it in one hand instead of pocketing it for the time being. Though they were still (probably, it was hard to tell while wearing the helmet) a fair distance away, Priscilla figured the blade would at the very least deter an attacker if any of the other scavengers drew too close. She was running out of time. Priscilla glanced around and spotted another body buried beneath some rubble. She noted his grey skin had a greenish tinge to it, and a bloodied apron stuck out from the sheet metal and wood burying him. What drew her gaze, however, was the telltale black metal of military hardware sticking out of his grip. She couldn't see it very well from here, but if it were a gun...even with a few bullets... She began to step through the snow, closer and closer. She was playing a dangerous game, now--the bandits wouldn't have to look too hard for her at this distance. She took another step forward before staggering over something and collapsing in the snow. She laid there for a moment, catching her breath. The sudden fall had sent her heart racing, fearful she'd been struck by something. However, beyond the chill of the mountainside creeping into her flesh, and her feet going numb, she was okay...probably. She sat back up and gingerly crawled over towards the body. As she drew nearer, the object of interest grew more apparent, as her graceful black limbs stuck out of the earth in twin curves, and her steel drawstring gleamed like slivers of moonlight. The military-grade bowgun beckoned for her, louder than any siren. She shuffled forward on all fours, eyes darting between the close-by bandits, and the weapon. Her pace grew faster as she got closer, until she scampered along, eager to claim her prize. Alas, the snow held another surprise for her as her hand caught on a buried corpse and she pitched forward, striking her head against the body. She blinked away the impact and gazed down at Arzada. Priscilla gazed, and she gazed some more. Was she gonna pass out again? Was she? Stars appeared before her eyes as she gazed at the woman's peaceful features, at her gentle skin tone, and her delicate lips, and the big, ugly frozen hole in her forehead where her brain matter had decided to escape from. "Am I gonna pass out again?" She asked the gaping bullet hole in Arzada's face. Dark lipstick materialized around the wound, smacked its lips decidedly, pursed for a moment before replying. "Probably not." "Oh." That was anticlimactic.
  8. Jotnotes

    More Important is the Journey OOC

    Very sorry to keep you all waiting. Work and Home life has no been kind to me recently, but I've got time to post today, so I'm gonna. Right now. ....now. ....hoo, boy.
  9. Jotnotes

    Not All Floods Involve Water [OOC]

    Well, this is a little hush-hush, but there's this conspiracy, right? I don't buy into these sort of theories myself, but...well...they say these sorts of things are set in stone long before they happen, as if the events leading up to an adventure are written about on some macabre board someplace. Xylex might have been fated to join this caravan, and he has no idea. 😛
  10. Jotnotes

    Not All Floods Involve Water [OOC]

    Correct. Your characters have agreed to defend a small caravan as it not only attempts to pass through as-of-yet undiscovered trade routes, but also provide insight as the merchant attempts to strike some kind of trade deal with the forest's inhabitants.
  11. Full Name: Cato Junius II Aliases: Junius, Jun, Dad, Cato, (Don't call him Mister Junius; Mister Junius is his father) Sex: Male Race: Human (Terrenus Native) Age: 43 Height: 6'4 Weight: 230 lbs Orientation: Heterosexual Alignment: Lawful Good Physical Description: A tall, proud man, Junius carries himself as any righteous warrior might, with a straight back and his head held high. Yet despite his eminent stature, Junius is known to refrain from looking down on people, or if he must, it is always with a kind, warm smile. Junius has a certain reputation as a militarized teddy bear, in that he often seems like a warm, friendly and open person. His physique accentuates this, as a tall, broad man that likes to put himself between others and harm. Junius is strong enough to allow smaller people to ride upon his shoulders, and is rarely seen outside of his typical heavy plate armor, with his signature shield always close at hand. Junius typically keeps his beard trimmed down, so he almost always sports a little stubble on his face. He does make a point of keeping his hair short, however, and even devotes a day or two a month to make sure that it's in uniform condition. Behavior: Junius is the dad abroad; he's a friendly, people-centered fellow with a big heart, and nobody to hog it all for themselves. During his earlier years in the Benevolent Order, the Paladin would often shirk his duties in the name of helping the people around him, especially when his commands demanded he leave civilians behind. He isn't just a big heart, however; he boasts a powerful physique and a personality to match that would make him a perfect leader, were he not so quick to disobey orders. In fact, the main reason Junius is a member of the Order at all is because somebody deliberately had his role altered so that he would avoid contact with civilians, so he could focus and excel on his work. As a Paladin of the Benevolent Order working abroad, Junius walks through all of Terrenus' lands, looking to help anybody and everybody who may need his help. He is quicker to the shield than he is to the sword (or hammer, in his case) and has thrown himself in harm's way more than once in an effort to protect the innocent. Despite the macabre nature of his work, Junius remains friendly and empathetic often, and is not shy to lend a hand to those in need. He has a very cheesy sense of humor, and can be very protective of his team mates, hence the 'dad abroad' personality. Job: Paladin of the Benevolent Order. As a Paladin, Junius' role is that of a wandering knight, pursuing a righteous cause. In his case, Junius roams the land, clad in his signature yellow cape, seeking out towns in need of assistance, and dispatching evil wherever it lurks. Junius is well equipped to face off against much of the enemies he may encounter during his trek across Terrenus, but in the end he's only one man--he's not immortal, and he's not unordinary. He does what he can, however he can, but ultimately has to leave many jobs undone, as he cannot continue to help others if he meets his fate failing to complete a quest. He's more than a wandering warrior, however; Junius is a trained soldier, and is even able to perform religious ceremonies, bury the dead and sanctify accursed spaces. Much of his work, however, comes in the form of bashing things (usually undead things) over the head with his shield or hammer. (Have to leave for work; more to come)
  12. Jotnotes

    Not All Floods Involve Water [OOC]

    That takes a lot of discipline to put yourself through that. Well done.
  13. Jotnotes

    Not All Floods Involve Water [OOC]

    Don't worry about it too much. Nobody here writes on the site for a living; we're all here for a good time, so nobody'll look at you sideways I'm sure. Besides, Engineering is hella hard. I'm impressed you found the time for it.
  14. This here is the OOC Thread of Not all Threads Involve Water Feel free to use this space to talk amongst yourselves, share resources (including Character Sheets and Area Maps) If you're not already enrolled in this thread, feel free to post in here, and see if we have an opening of some kind! We may use your help if the Skaven threat proves too great! @Bkfootball @Neondragon7 Also, on that note: A Warm Welcome to Neondragon7 for joining rather spontaneously! Have you got a character sheet and stuff you'd like to throw our way?
  15. Jotnotes

    Strange Occurrences [OOC]

    So a thought occurred to me while I was writing this just now; we should all get abducted by doors. Think about it--it'll essentially force us to adapt to this new environment all at once, makes it a lot harder for Inar Otep to be useful right away (because she won't have an army of Scarab beetles immediately at her disposal, and puts us all on edge) What do you guys think?