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  1. The Headmistress of Bronte wants escorts.

    I only need the two escorts. @HollowCipher & @FenrirLoki, if available would you mind if I saw your character sheets?
  2. Tacked to just about every bulletin board within Bronte, not to mention in various venues around the city of Umbra and even just a little further beyond, is a copy of a short, handwritten letter, printed in flowery, flowing script. The note is easy and to the point, and even lists the reward in heavy, alternate print. The Headmistress is well known, within the walls of Umbra at the very least, to be an approachable, charming and occasionally intimate character. A chance opportunity such as this would offer the chance to work alongside an incredibly influential individual, as well as line one's pockets with a fair bit of money in the process. If the Headmistress believes it to be an easy task, then odds are it's a sure thing, right? I'm looking for two to three other folks for this one. The thread shouldn't last terribly long; in fact, it stems from the same sort of threads as the monster hunting stuff I do occasionally. This thread will also help push along Bodice's lore, which is something I've take a focus on in recent times. Interested? Let me know below!
  3. What are you, a fuckin' nerd Thanks for reminding me, pal.
  4. This is a subtle bump, reminding any newcomers that may not have seen this that, if your character happens to be a magic user and is in need of a name to put behind their backstory, that Bronte is the premier arcane institute of learning in Genesaris. You wanna be the best? Be treated like the best? You wanna feel special? Do you want some weird, hard to explain feelings for a lusty headmistress that may/may not routinely seduce members of the student body. Bronte has all of those things. Maybe even more than enough of the last one.
  5. A Child's Nightmare [Quest]

    Sorry, who are we waiting on the post next @SixShots22? Also, do we have a posting time, or has one not been set out just yet?
  6. Thy Self, Consumed.

    Certainly. There should be plenty of room for them! Now, I am still waiting on at least one other user, but we're accepting three more applicants from here.
  7. I do a pretty good job of downplaying my characters. They're flawed, certainly, but make no mistake, their flaws and misdemeanors make them human, instead of their good qualities making them human. Anyhow, I am just as interested in seeing what kind of relationships develop from the potential in this thread.
  8. In contrast, neither of my characters are particularly 'friendship material'. That is, there's not much to either of them to make them particularly suited for this topic beyond the fact that they have the capacity for empathy. Magpie comes from a human mother and a never present fae father. His sister Maggie (which his gun is named after) died at the hands of the same person who murdered his mother. He's sleazy and mistrustful, and routinely finds himself avoiding people that he catches feelings for, primarily out of an innate fear that somebody will harm them. Lotte might be more human, but his heart and soul belong to the game. He's a gambler first, a rogue gun second, and a human being last. He goes through his own share of relationships, but too many of them failed to last.
  9. I don't know if I can outshine Roman in this sense, but Magpie is a half-fae who spends his time roaming the world. His family is dead, he has to ties to the fae of the world, and he makes more enemies than friends as he goes around. He had one genuine love interest once, but seeing as the guy who played her doesn't post any more, I can't say how that ended. My theory? He stole her underwear and her money and booked it. Lotte is less of an outcast. He's a highwayman by nature, and spends a lot of his time with the dregs of society, gambling or performing under the table work. His ghost arm doesn't really make him a pariah, either. It's just a part of him, I suppose.
  10. The Half-Fae in question. This guy is a pervert, but he can occasionally be sympathetic, when he's not stealing almost everything, including panties. This is the aforementioned "Half-Ghost". He's not so much a half-ghost so much as he's missing a limb, which has been replaced by a phantom limb. He's a gambler by nature, and a wayfaring rogue who lives his life by the throw of the dice. His luck is impeccable, and when it's not enough to get him out of a jam, he's charming, laid back and a crack shot with a pistol. All in all, he's a pretty cool guy.
  11. Man, I really expected the Overwatch event to be more entertaining, but it's legit just a grind. I've got Zenyatta, though. All I need is that Ana emote
  12. Thy Self, Consumed.

    Malcom's talent and outlook on the situation may very well prove a boon! I'd be delighted to have him along!
  13. The Lich Isles: Necropolis Rising

    The thread is, unfortunately, dead. At the moment, I'm working on deciding whether or not the events will be canonized. If they are, the events that unfolded within the thread will be noted, and the end of the thread will be decided upon by me.
  14. A Child's Nightmare [Quest]

    Daphne was actually used to being mistook for a child. Her figure didn't exactly reflect the mature, adult woman she was by any means, nor did her physique or even her voice contradict everyone's claim. She'd gotten over it well enough; people treated her with respect most of the time once they realized she knew what she was doing, and given that she infrequently spoke up about anything, much of the time it didn't even matter what people thought of her. Yet the town of Doughton threw her for a loop, as the small backwoods town seemed to be expecting somebody like her. A child, but not, in a sense. The ride into town was still, as if an unseen tension held Doughton together, just barely. Her horse, the meatless, featureless skeletal beast of burden, plodded silently down the road as she took in the sights. It wasn't nightfall, and yet there were scarce few people to be seen. Those that she had seen were sullen, sunken people, with eyes splotched red from tears, or exhaustion. Very few took in her or her steed with much of a reaction, which only served to pique her curiosity. Around then, Daphne had come across the posters, and it was a miracle she hadn't spotted them sooner. There were so many of them that each and every poster after the last almost felt as it they'd been spurred into existence from nowhere, as if just noticing the first one had invoked the others. With a growing sense of unease, the SpiritCaster plodded up to the side of a building and snatched one of the posters, scrutinizing the young girl in the photo. Tragic, unfortunate news splashed across each and every sheet of paper, and the witch eventually put her poster back, continuing down the road in a thoughtful silence. She didn't have all the pieces. Not yet, at least. She spurred her mount into action, and it trotted forward at a brisk pace, bringing her to where all roads eventually led. Daphne dismounted her steed, who quickly curled into a brilliant white plume of smoke that snaked into her body. She stepped up the two wooden stairs leading to the Sleeping Giant's front door. The Tavern was the starting place for all potential adventures, she recognized. Somebody inside would be able to provide some kind of insight. Inside, however, the Tavern was as still as the rest of the town, and as she stood in the doorway, half-frozen with uncertainty, her purpose was forgotten for a second as she soaked in the scene. The usual patrons were probably gone, the few folks in the bar were likely travelers like herself. All the same, she took a slow, deep breath before she spoke up. "Excuse me, but does anyone know anything about the posters? The missing children, I mean." Curse her dialect. She sounded more like a worried friend than a potential problem solver.