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  1. Jotnotes

    Not All Floods Involve Water [OOC]

    Post is up. I'll be waiting roughly three days for the next post to go up. I believe that it's your turn @Bkfootball then @Neondragon7 and @fiery please feel free to post whenever you like, as you aren't a part of the primary group.
  2. Jotnotes

    Not All Floods Involve Water

    Vance could agree with that; looking upward into the sky, feeling the harsh rain soak through the slits in his helm. He was absolutely drenched, and the various layers of cloth would be hell to dry out before they continued moving on. Next to him, Lars appeared to be at least a little aware of the circumstances. Xylex's metal barriers were providing a little cover, at least, and the cargo was dry, but the horses wouldn't be able travel in the rain forever. They needed to rest. "With a dragon around, we won't be able to stop at any farms." He thought out loud. When nobody responded, he followed up with an explanation. "If there's a dragon following us, taking it towards a farmhouse is just asking for trouble. We'd be asking other people to let us into their homes, store our horses and maybe even share their food. We can't repay that by having the house burned to the ground." Somewhere nearby, Vance made a small sound. It might have been a grunt of approval. Lars took it as such, at least. Encouraged, he tried to follow up with another, thought, following the path of reason as best as he could. "This pocket dimension...thing? You said it'll take us somewhere else, right? How far away is is?" He turned around in his seat, leaning across Xaga in order to look at the wolfman. "How does it work?" He followed up. "Is it similar to how the warp gates worked?" The warp gates had been offline for a while now, but Lars had traveled via warp gate before. It nearly made trading supplies obsolete. Only, a warp gate required two points, an exit point and an entrance. Provided Xylex's ability used some kind of tool or object to act as the entrance, Lars could safely assume that perhaps the wolfman had a warp gate of his own at his home. However, the warp gates were all destroyed or disabled. If Xylex had a working gate, it would raise a lot more questions, questions that Lars and Vance weren't in a position to ponder or worry about at for the time being. If not, however, and the source was something different entirely, Lars would be surprised. Maybe they could figure it out for themselves, but probably not. "Wherever this home of yours is sounds...far away." Vance spoke up. He continued scanning the countryside as the wagon moved on. Thick mud squelched beneath his boots, water squished between his toes. The ever present pitter patter of rain on his helmet blended into the background over time. "We do not have much time for a vacation."
  3. Jotnotes

    Not All Floods Involve Water [OOC]

    I ended up staying quite a bit later than I would have liked, trying to find my cat. Bugger. @Neondragon7 if you can, elaborate a little on what this pocket dimension will be like, if you please. I may need to reference it when I post.
  4. Jotnotes

    Not All Floods Involve Water [OOC]

    Go right ahead. Tell us what we can expect. I'll post sometime tonight.
  5. Jotnotes

    More Important is the Journey OOC

    It seems like life got in all of our ways a little bit. Nobody responded to the sitrep at all.
  6. Jotnotes

    Strange Occurrences

    Inar Otep's captivity was mercifully short-lived. Her kicking and flailing only lasted a short while, during which the...whomever it was carried her further and further from the door. She still couldn't see, and being this close to the animal she couldn't smell, either. The stench of rotting flesh and curdled blood clung to the creature like hot wax to paper. The smell of decay, and indeed the smell of meat weren't unfamiliar to her senses--if she were in a better position, she'd probably be starving, yet right now, she only desired escape. Her struggles, her grunts of disapproval as she squrimed in its grasp, the sound of the cleaver the beast carried and even the heavy footfalls of the creature filled in the silence as they struggled along--until it all came crashing down with a bang! The Scarab Queen didn't see who shot, but imagined it would have to be Teddy, the one with the guns. Handy things, guns. For a brief moment, the Scarabous imagined how difficult such a shot must have been in the dim, if not completely absent lighting. It certainly couldn't have been an easy shot, after all. The creature staggered, but stood fast, still clinging to her with one hand, and the cleaver with another. Another moment passed, and Inar Otep felt an unexpected shift in weight, as something lunged at the behemoth, gripping onto her robes tightly. The biomass held firm at his insistent tugging, and she was beginning to feel the creature's cruel grip failing. She awaited her descent to the floor, only it never came. Above her, her would-be rescuer continued tugging at her clothes until another voice split the otherwise dull sounds of the struggle. She winced at the voice, mostly at the volume of it. That wasn't 'Teddy' or 'Stello' and almost certainly not 'Harlow'. That was another voice entirely. Did it belong to the abomination? As if to answer her question, the creature clinging to her groaned in anger, thrashing around in a sudden fit of fury. The voice screamed itself into silence again, and still blind to the world Inar Otep could only try and visualize what happened around her, like how the monster's cleaver tore into the wall following a vicious swing, how the wall splintered into narrow, spiderwebbing cracks up the walls, how the ceiling rumbled threateningly before collapsing overhead. Though most of this was lost from view, she heard it with crystal clarity--and she felt it in equal measure, when the collapsing ceiling bowled her and the monster over, temporarily sending her sprawling across the floor. Again, her head cracked against the ground with a disgusting splattering sound. Then, there was silence, once more. Inar awoke (or had she ever been asleep to begin with?) in total darkness. The occasional skittering of pebbles and dust from the ceiling accompanied the silence, a shy acquaintance to a mute environment. She was alone, once more--the rubble from overhead did not provide any additional lighting when it fell away, only revealing additional subterranean tunnels that ran above their heads. Furthermore, any light sources her party might have had on the other side were either nonexistant, or completely hidden from view. Assuming that she did have allies on the other side of this rubble, still. With a soft groan, she sat up, and rubbed her head again. The gossamer curtains that would have been her hair had fallen away, she found. The impact must have been severe--the additional biomass was required in order to maintain the protective shell around her host's former body. She could grow the hair back, certainly, once she got out of here. For now, she was pleased to have full control of her body still. She got to her feet, grunting softly as she did. It wasn't easy--she'd been crumpled up on the floor in a most unflattering way, and unwrapping herself from the debris surrounding her took a great deal of exertion. Exactly once, she recalled the noise-sensitive monster that had captured her prior, and glanced around to find it, only to learn that it was nowhere to be seen. Encouraged, she stepped towards the rubble, and called softly towards the other side. "I'm all right, I'm all right. Can you hear me, you two?" She paused, and decided she might as well ask. "Are either of you dead? I'm quite famished if you are--I can put you to good use."
  7. Jotnotes

    Not All Floods Involve Water [OOC]

    So, here's a brief timeline of what I'd like to get accomplished by the end of the thread. I'll be updating the primary page with this timeline, or roadmap if you will, when I wake up tomorrow. Maybe. Between where we are, and where we're going (Nesthome), I'm expecting about 3 unique encounters. With Fiery's appearance, we're down about one, so far. I may count it as 2, even. I'm going to try and throw one more random event in either during our little dragon encounter, or possibly even afterward. Maybe immediately afterward. After we reach Nesthome, we'll be spending anywhere between 5-10 rounds of writing going through, meeting with and possibly even helping/talking with the citizens of Nesthome. This is your chance to flex your character's personality, and get a little more involved in the story we're telling here! If you do a good job writing, who knows? You just might help majorly shift how the Skaven engage with the world at large. Something to think about. Following that, we have a brief jaunt over to the other end of the forest, with one random encounter on the way to the Fae's last bastion within the forest. Following that, it's a small matter of 3-5 posts to determine how we deal with the Fae, before we enter the last leg of the race, the inevitable conflict between the Skaven and the Fae. Bloody good fun, I'm sure. On that note, I will have a post up within 3 days from now. If anybody wants to write anything in, by all means go ahead. If not, well...I've already explained my intentions going forward.
  8. Jotnotes

    Not All Floods Involve Water [OOC]

    Hi guys. I hope thanksgiving was fun (for those who celebrate it here in Canada, I suppose.) Just letting you know that we'll be resuming regular posting from here on in, with a post going up every three days. We'll be following a pretty loose posting structure; if you would like to post sooner than someone else, just ask in here for consent, either from myself, or whoever you're hoping to post before. Aside from that, the order of posting is as follows. Myself @Bkfootball @Neondragon7 @fiery Again, you can post ahead of time if you like, so long as you ask ahead first. In addition, if you cannot post within the 3 day time period, you will be reminded once. I have to get this thread moving along, so I need cooperation on this. If we cannot rely on you to post regularly, we will assume you have grown disinterested, and will move on without you. Lastly, I need it to be clear that I will move on alone if I must. It may sound cruel, or unfun, but let me be clear: I need my ratmen, man!
  9. Jotnotes

    the best among your darlings

    It'd be a tossup between Bodice, Priscilla and Cinderella Bodice has class, and charm and is a very likeable person from a personality standpoint, but who she is as a person is hard to accept at times, and it's damn near impossible to reconcile her actions. She's a self-serving, indulgent faker who goes out of her way to make herself look good as often as possible, while doing as little work as possible. It's a fun dynamic to write, and I enjoy it a lot. Writing with Bodice is always a good time. Priscilla is probably my most down to earth character, given that she's a fairly unremarkable merchant in a lot of aspects. The best part about writing her is how she has to react to everything around her candidly. She has no tricks up her sleeves, she can't cheese her way out of a problem--she can only rely on her wits to get her out of danger, which is honestly a lot of fun to write in an environment like Valucre, where everyone is constantly pushing the limits of mild powers. It's a lot of writing as a person, and less writing as a hero, which feels good. Cinderella is a dumb, loud minotaur girl who gets easily distracted and likes to crush things. It's a simple pleasure, really.
  10. Jotnotes

    Not All Floods Involve Water [OOC]

    It's Thanksgiving holidays for some, so I'll give y'all a bit more time than normal to get any new posts up. By Tuesday I should have the thread roadmap up, as well as a decisive 'post-by date' With luck, it should either keep the thread moving forward, or shrug off any dead weight we may have accrued. Try and get any posts up by Tuesday, if you can. If not, just let me know here in the thread.
  11. Jotnotes

    More Important is the Journey OOC

    Not a fan of the quiet, folks. Quick head count; who is still able to write, and who isn't? @Inkinhart @Mag @Tia Dalma @Cheezeegriff am I missing anyone?
  12. Jotnotes

    Not All Floods Involve Water [OOC]

    Really, a 'roadmap' is more of an itinerary of sorts. It'd include things along the lines of 'where we should be by this point in the thread' 'how many encounters should we expect from here to there' 'here's an important, future defining bit' 'this is the part where we meet ratbois'
  13. Jotnotes

    Not All Floods Involve Water

    "Dragon?" Echoed Lars after Xaga. He looked up from his maps long enough to react to the claim, and once he did found it difficult to go back to them. There had been a small tinge of excitement to his voice when he piped up, but it did a poor job of masking his sudden unease. Of course Lars had never seen a dragon before. Of course it suddenly made his blood run cold, as the thought of his adventure coming to a swift, and brutal end came to mind. He tried to stand up, and look around, hoping to spot the beast like some kind of mindless tourist, but Vance quickly shut him down. The elder mercenary approached the side of the wagon swiftly, and all but forced Lars to sit back down. He'd drawn his weapon sometime after Xylex had made the claim, but it rested at his side for now. It wouldn't be wise to go striking out at a dragon with a short sword, anyhow. "We aren't going to face off against a dragon," He hissed, quite a bit louder than the rest of the party did. Once Lars had sat back down, he glanced back at Xylex, and grimaced in annoyance. "The goal of this journey is to get the Principle--Lars, here--to his destination in one piece. We're kitted out to deter bandits, thieves and the occasional bear or direwolf." He continued, indicating his and Xaga's equipment. "None of us, except perhaps you, are equipped enough to fight dragons, and I'm not about to risk it." Once again, Vance stepped ahead of the wagon, far more wary now. He scouted ahead, as best as he could. "Our options are either avoid the damned thing, or scare it off. If we can do either of those without ending up as monster food, then I'm fine with it." Rain still drummed on his head, and he glanced back towards the wolfman. "Figure anything out?"
  14. Jotnotes

    Higher Learning (Bronte Academy)

    The Headmistress took her time looking over his folders, and hid the smile that crept across her face as she did so. There was just something delightful about talking with Benjamin. She suspected it was multifaceted; Obviously, Benjamin was handsome, quick-witted and certainly well-prepared, but there was more to it than that. Perhaps it was the fact that she'd just shrugged off a hangover, and still had the euphoria of a rising god complex somewhere in the folds of her head. Perhaps it was the time of day; she'd effectively escaped the consequences of decadence, only to stumble across the possibility of further decadence immediately after. As if the woman in the garden had vomited up the apple, only to find another, similarly tantalizing apple immediately afterward. Euphemisms aside, Bodice certainly wanted to take a bite out of this apple. However, before she could, she needed to behave like a professional, and in this case, that meant going over the rest of his application, which was already looking promising. His letter of recommendations were shining, of course, boasting names Bodice had heard in passing (well, she might have known one or two in a more biblical sense, but not all of them. As it turned out, there still existed faithful men and women out there, who weren't interested in indulging the Headmistress' capricious appetite for casual sex and recreational drug use.) Moreover, everything else checked out. It'd be easy enough to hire him, certainly. The fact that he was so eager to move onto more...immediate matters was appreciated, too. Instead of indulging that however, she glanced up from his resources, and flashed him a tempting smile. "Like a dog waiting for a bone, aren't you?" She was almost joking. She slowly closed his folder and crossed her arms across it, silently declaring it 'her' property for now. However, the gestures was more intended to silently defend herself for the time being. Wordlessly giving him an answer, before following up with a statement of her own. "You understand that this will take some time for me to go over, mon cher. While I cannot make any great promises, I do think we have need of someone of your stature. I would be very interested in seeing where such an arrangement would take us, but...we aren't there yet." Yet. She gazed at him across lidded eyes, and offered another smile, impish and bespeaking of her own opinion on such a turn of events. "You are dismissed, then. I'll go over this once again, perhaps check a few of these references, and...get back to you sometime this evening. Over champagne."
  15. Jotnotes

    Not All Floods Involve Water [OOC]

    Not a matter of stressing myself, really. It just gives me an excuse to show off how long the thread'll be, how far we are from the end and things of that nature.