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Status Updates posted by Jotnotes

  1. I owe like, so many posts, lol.

  2. I haven't forgotten I owe posts, I just like drawing girls.

    1. Houndy Poochykins

      Houndy Poochykins

      Do you take commissions?

  3. I've actually been sick like two weeks in a row now. I'd be impressed if it didn't rob me of my weekend.

  4. Had like zero motivation to write today, sorry for anyone waiting on me. Maybe I'll have more energy tomorrow. :-{


  5. Ended up drawing for the last...week? Week and a bit, because I got really involved in a piece. It's nearly done, but I intend on keeping the momentum going and want to start a new piece very soon. If you're expecting a post from me, they should all ideally be going up sometime this weekend, after my work is done.

  6. I bought World of Horror today, so I might not get around to posts until later.

    If you're seeing this, and are expecting a post from me, feel free to yell at me, or send me Junji Ito panels

    1. Zigzag


      Take yo time, I ain't in a rush



  8. Got my commission from @OakyDeer on Twitter. This is a nice little picture of M'yr Boldbarrow, depressed cultist with limited social skills, and a dream to spare Taen from an eternity lost at Sea!



    1. vielle


      He looks suitably spooky! 💖 The artist did a fantastic job. Makes me wanna play in Taen with this character someday. 👀🙏

    2. princeben07



  9. No posts coming out tonight. Currently trying to get over an annoying eye scrape that is kind of killing my mood. Probably gonna get all my posts out en masse tomorrow sometime!

  10. Considering Commissions in a few months here. My artwork is improving enough that I'm confident enough to maybe throw my hat in the ring for a bit.

    1. Tyler


      If you do, remember to join the Art Club! Really, you should do it right now anyway. 😉


    2. The Hummingbird

      The Hummingbird

      You def have the talent. I look forward to seeing more of your art!

  11. Heading to BC for the rest of the week. Probably gonna avoid posting til I get back.

    1. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      Bistro of Columbia?

  12. For any expecting posts to go through today; I've fallen ill, I'm afraid, and am currently trying to get my bedrest.

    I'll do what I can for you later, but right now I really need to let my brain relax.

    I'll see you all tomorrow!

  13. Was gonna post tonight. Drank instead.

    1. Malintzin


      Yes. I will drank to that.

  14. I suppose that I should mention that in a few week's time, I'll be DMing some 4th Edition with some friends. If you've wondered why my posting times have deteriorated,  that's why!

    I'll try my hest to keep my posting more regular, as best as I can, but a lot of my focus has shifted away from Valucre temporarily. Hopefully, I'll return in full force later!

  15. My mom's surprise party was an absolute success, and I'm drinking twisted teas.

    Gonna draw and celebrate! B)

  16. Yoooo! A thing I wrote got pinned!

  17. @Mag is a fuckin' top tier lad.

    I say 'hey, can you crop/edit this for me? I want it for my profile picture' and he does it.

    Solid guy.

    (This is not an invitation to beg him to crop stuff for you. Leave 'em alone.)

  18. I guess I have posts and lore and junk to do today. Today's a good day to get that stuff done, I s'pose.

  19. You know what Valucre doesn't have enough of?

    Monster girls.

    1. Mickey Flash

      Mickey Flash

      You can fix that Jotsy.  ^_^

    2. Jotnotes


      I can, but I'm only one man!

      I can't possibly make enough Monster girls to satisfy everybody!

    3. supernal


      I. Freaking. Agree. 

  20. Hey Fam, you still kicking? We have a thread to write in.

  21. Hmm. I really gotta toss Bodice into the open somewhere. Might start moving her into a more political light if at all possible.

    It really sucks when you have so many characters you're truly proud of, and no roleplays to slip them into.

  22. Thinking of a new character for my D&D 5E group. Should I play as a Harpy Kickboxer or a Gnoll Slaver?


    Obviously not real classes. My DM just loves it when I make characters up.

  23. You ever feel completely lost in a class?


    I'm sitting here getting a lecture on how to execute a certain program in C++, but the assignment I'm supposed to apply it to isn't available. So I'm just sitting here, confused to all hell.

    1. supernal


      Assuming college, you're paying for that class (and hence in a way the teacher's wage). Don't hesitate to raise hand, ask for help, schedule tutoring, etc. 

    2. Jotnotes


      Well it isn't that I don't understand the class (this is my second semester taking it, after all)


      It's just that in my semester so far, it's been show up at the lab, listen to the instructor, work on the assignment.


      The assignment just isn't up, so I got really confused. There wasn't a point to the instructions if I wasn't able to apply it to the lab.

    3. HERO


      Your professor should be able to work around getting sample code to you if that's what's missing, or try to help find a mirror to a missing IDE resource (if you're not taking the text editor + gcc route), or serve the material himself if it isn't an IT issue. Did you give a try at catching someone's attention? My current course's professor and TAs spent a week fixing each student's setup that had problems.

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