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  1. Bored? I've just been waiting for @Vetanoob to post, is all! That said, it is rather clear that we are in need of moving towards a new story beat. So, if you want to plot out how the mine adventure goes--and how we encounter the Salamanders--feel free to do so! I'd love to have more user interaction in the thread, and having you plot out a point is a great way to do so. If we're not a fan of fighting the Salamanders, and just want to move on, we can discuss that too.
  2. We'll see how it goes, then. Expect Rats.
  3. The Skaven are quite different from Warhammer iterations of them, in a number of ways. I'm not sure if you stumbled over their sheet yet, but it can be found here. It's not completely up to date, but it's mostly accurate. Either way, the Skaven are currently under the leadership of a semi-immortal Rat God-King, who made a barter with their mad god in exchange for the strength to overpower the Skaven's innate paranoia and mania. They're not quite as skeptical of humanity as they might have been, and have even taken pains to include them in their society. In fact, if Raiders appeared in the woods and didn't shoot the rats first, they might even be given directions towards Tradehome, assumed to be travelers or traders. The Skaven currently participate in their own raiding parties (a recent endeavor), so the Morlog Soldiers might even be accepted there. If you are desperate for conflict, however, it wouldn't necessarily be hard for the two parties to come into conflict. The Skaven have some notoriety as the invaders of the Forgotten Woods, and certainly aren't attractive enough or clean enough to look like anything other than beastmen. They also have scouts all over the place. It wouldn't be hard for, say, a Skaven scout to be shot, either on accident or on purpose, and have other nearby scouts either signal for troops, or rally together to form a small skirmish. However, I must press the idea that the Skaven are, currently a neutral party that mostly looks evil. They aren't out looking to massacre guards or soldiers without a reason to, and have had pretty pleasant experience with humans so far.
  4. Nesthome is the name affectionately given to a newly relocated nest of Skaven, beneath the Forgotten Woods, which used to be the home of a large group of secluded fae. The Skaven breed rapidly, and their numbers grow quickly. Furthermore, they've accepted a large amount of human refugees into the forest, who built Tradetown directly on top of Nesthome, aboveground. As far as opposition goes, you'd be looking at navigating fairly new roads, patrolled by eternally paranoid ratmen (typically shorter than your average human, and also light and slightly weaker, but faster) and a few smatterings of human guards as well, which would lead you directly to Nesthome eventually. Nesthome doesn't have much in the way of fortifications yet, so a raid would be very easy, should they get that far. As time would go on, you could probably expect a rapid, and haphazard assault from Skaven defenders, coming out of Nesthome to protect their home. Skaven usually don't have the best arms, but they make do with mixed-unit tactics, mixed weaponry, and rushing down anything they want to kill. The longer such a raid would go on, the more casualties both partys would expect to receive (possibly, it's entirely possible that the Skaven will be underclassed against any invaders) As far as loot and rewards go, the Skaven don't actually have that much to offer yet. They're currently starving, waiting for enough crops to grow to feed the humans first, and the ratling hordes second. Trade caravans have been shipped out all over the place lately, though, so they might be carrying some valuables and food on their way back. I would be fine with it, all told, as my Skaven are also doing that same thing right now, searching the world outside of their home for towns and farms to sack for temporary food. It's kind of a tit for tat thing.
  5. As the forest quickly dissipated behind them, giving way to other terrains, while the trees vanished behind them; The rats heading the pack paused their actions and conversations as Veron and his small army pulled ahead. Goblins rode by on beasts large enough to devour them whole, riding alongside a massive wagon that chewed up the frail path before them. As it tumbled further ahead, the smoke rolling out of it, crawling high into the sky threatened to cast shade over the rest of the caravan, who rode in the vehicle's wake. Long before the Skaven had invaded the Forgotten Woods, there were no roads leading to or from the woods, cursed as they were. Even still, the woods posed a great threat to visitors, yet the persistent clear-cutting and firebreaking the rats carried out had carved out huge chunks of the forest, making way for some travelers to get through. Even so, there were no notable roads coming from the forest yet, and those that did exist were pale, fragile tracks from smaller vessels and footfalls. These meager trails were consumed, wholly by the great cart ahead of them. As it pulled further and further ahead, it just as easily stopped, and the rest of the convoy caught up with it. The weak, thin horses hauling the skaven and their cart came to a halt when they drew close, and now the entirety of the raiding party had stopped in the middle of the road. Zhot looked forward at them, ears twitching anxiously, unsure of what was going on, while Skritch only glanced up temporarily, before going back to his weapon. His obsession over it seemed hard to break, certainly. The Grey Seer looked forward, too, but more than anything he simply seemed annoyed by this delay. There was a pause in his words, and Krohl's scowl turned into a puzzled frown. Even educated as he might be, he was still of the forest. Many of them were, save for maybe Skritch, one of the eldest in the raiding party. These words and places meant nothing to the rats. Miles, and Valleys, Rivers and Hills. Pointless, as far as the Skaven went. Thril looked up from her new cloak, up to Vito as he spoke, ears twitching beneath her tattered hood. She strained to catch every syllable, focusing on what she had to assume was his lips and tongue forming each word, how they sounded coming from a native speaker. Her focus was intense, and if he could see her stare, it was likely equally so. She clutched her new cloak closely, as if clinging to every word just as tight as the fabric in her hands. The Grey Seer glanced backwards too, to listen to Vito speak. It was useful information, and reminded the Seer that they were not alone on this journey. They had outside information, which would be invaluable. Zhot paid attention to everyone speaking, in equal amounts. Veron, the Shkei warrior that helmed that peculiar warrior's band, made little sense describing the world to him...except that something about seeing the world made him feel a certain burning curiousity. There was this whole, huge world beyond the scope of their imaginations, and Zhot would be one of the few to see it from his homeland. He'd be seeing it firsthand--and participating in its destruction, for the betterment of his people. Looking at the glaive he could just barely wield, a surge of cowardice hit him, his ears pressing against his skull. He was hardly a leader, and certainly not a seasoned warrior. What knew he of the world, and how to survive it? The other human (was he human? Zhot didn't know) Vito spoke up then, describing seeing the world from...an airship, whatever that was. Was that like a wagon? Still, it seemed as though he knew the world and the places therein. Not long after, the heat of a nearby beast caused him to balk, and he spun in place, weapon wielded at the beastrider who had strode up next to the cart. Zhot glanced at his weapon, then back at the speaker. What was the right answer here? "Rat will kill-kill, or die-die." He offered unhelpfully. As the rider vanished again, retreating to his position, Zhot tried to see how they carried their weapons. He couldn't find much to look at, and gave up quickly. He glanced over at Skritch, still toying with his weapon. He was always fine-tuning it, double-checking the sights, the parts that made it work, seeing how it felt in his hands. Zhot had a creeping suspicion that perhaps there was a lesson to be learned there. Skritch spoke up then, just loud enough for everyone near the cart to hear, including Veron. "We want fast results more than we want good results." He said simply. Krohl looked to him, and strode forward. "Explain yourself." Skritch didn't even glance at him, unconcerned. "Young-rats only need many-food while growing. Food lets rat-growth good." He tweaked the string a bit, and tested it briefly. "If raid-rats bring back some food fast, more rats long-live, more rats food-find, more rats for raid-runs." Zhot, glanced at his other fellow rats. It made a lot of sense to him, what Skritch had said, but he needed to be sure everyone thought it was a good idea, before he agreed to it. Krohl seemed to be musing over the suggestion in his head, and Thril...was sniffing her new cloak. He didn't know why, but he supposed the Gutter had taken a shine to the odd figure and his darkened clothes. Regardless, she was of no help now. And yet, Zhot realized that nearly all of them were more useful than he was, come a fight. He glanced back at his glave and, out of curiousity, let the heavy end drop, striking the interior of the wagon. It buried itself in the wood, about half an inch. Zhot supposed then that if he wielded it in a way that let him apply greater force to swinging it downward--and quicker, he could hit harder with it. Experimentally, he began feeling along the handle, looking for a sound point to grasp at. The Grey Seer nodded, finally accepting Skritch's observation. "If we can find close-by targets first, we should take them. The sooner we can provide results, the better for Nesthome, and Tradetown. Once we are confident in our efforts, we can take our time moving outward. Moving food otherwise will be time-consuming."
  6. Yep, new scene goes up on Tuesday. Until then, we're free to investigate, communicate and explore! Speaking of which; post up later on, answering some questions and doing some dialogue.
  7. Sea Water. Fish bones. The rolling sound of the coming tide. All of these and yet, perhaps not.
  8. Pretty much all ya need to know, sometimes. Thank you!
  9. Excellent, excellent. Thank you both. I'll put those in the first post, for future reference!
  10. Very sorry for the wait, folks, but the latest post is up! Feel free to engage, discuss and interact as you see fit in there. We're looking for dialogue, trackers, game-planners and class, so bring any of that to the table if you have it. Also a reminder that I need little character descriptions from @The Rabbit Emperor @Rabbit and @SteamWarden, just so that I can add them to the first post of this OOC, so that anybody looking for physcial appearances/body language can find it at a glance. @Die Shize already submitted theirs, so take a look at the first post if you need ideas on what to write about! Remember, we have 7 days from now to get our posts in, before I begin moving the cart onto a new scene. Ideally speaking, we will spend only a single round in 'transit', letting people talk and engage, before we move on to the next story beat. We might be forced to expand the transit scene for another round, if it turns out that I need to haul more weight than anticipated. Also, remember that we are always on the hunt for new targets to sack, so feel free to spot 'campfire smoke' or far off buildings, or farm acres and the like, whenever you please. Your efforts will keep the action moving forward!
  11. No more questions came up. Satisfied, the Grey Seer glanced towards the cart they were expected to pilot, and the few other vehicles other raiders had brought with them. Between the lot of them, their little caravan was small and functional, some pieces moreso than others. Not that the wagon they were bringing was meant for the troops, of course. Instead, the misshapen machine was meant only to carry their signals, and later on carry the food that they'd send back to Nesthome. With little else to do now, he gestured for the party to prepare to leave. The rats all climbed aboard the same wagon, as did the little human-thing they'd acquired. Zhot had to sit next to her on board the wagon, and he gave her lots of space. Opposite him in the wagon sat the crossbow-rat, still toying with his weapon. The Grey Seer Krohl elected not to climb aboard the wagon at all, comfortable to walk alongside the vessel. Thril didn't go to the wagon right away, but instead looked back at Vito, the mysterious and dark figure she'd encountered on her way in. Perhaps it was just the way he was dressed, or the way he addressed her, but the man-thing made her feel much more self-aware than she'd normally be. After all, Gutter instructions would have her stay off the wagon and a fair distance from the group, should she need to quickly evade attack. But now she was lost; did she climb on the wagon with the others, or walk like the Grey Seer? She didn't really know or want to do any of that, for some reason. Instead, the Gutter Rat turned to Vito, and asked, as politely and sweetly as her scratch voice might allow. "Following Gutters is not smart-plan. But maybe Vee-Toe would let Thril walk next to him, yes?" She asked eagerly. "Gutter Rat can always leave if danger-sense arrives." Once the party was prepared to move, the wagon was pushed onward, and the solitary march out of the city began. The rickety old rat-wagon helmed the pecking order, with the other vehicles falling in line as they saw fit, bristling with warriors and weapons and all sorts of clinking, clanking parts. The Grey Seer started their travel adjacent to the wagons, but once they left the sights of Nesthome, slowed down briefly as he surveyed their team of would-be raiders. He passed by Zhot and Skritch with little more than a passing glance, that neither of them shared. He took a longer moment to look at Aoura, and her little spear, before giving a toothy grin--or perhaps a sneer. "Man-things send their young to die for food as well?" He prompted, before nodding at her spear. "Weapon is well-worked. Rats will keep girl-thing and family fed if she can work-use it well." Elsewhere, Thril attempted to make conversation with 'Vee-Toe', on her current object of fascination: his attire. "This rat thinks that dark clothes are very useful," She told him in all seriousness. "Makes rats like Thril look sneaky and dangerous."
  12. Perhaps now is a good time for everybody to offer a brief summary of their character, appearance and such in the OOC, for quick reference. If you'll all post something like that, I'll happily add it to the first post in the thread, for everyone's leisure.
  13. Ah, I see what you mean. I just wanted to add some flavor to what he'd said, by showing Zhot being in a little over his head.
  14. Nope! I just wanted to make a smaller one, to answer some questions. Thread progression will occur later.
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