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  2.  ▶ Standard Information [Asche AMNIOTIC ▬▬▬▬▬] Specifications: Name: Iudicius/('Iudex') "Dusty" Asche » Monikers: Duke Demonic, Justice Grey, Affiliation: Dustharbor, Fireborne, Infernian Martial Status: Widower Occupation: Black Knight / Damoclean Executioner » Alignment: Unlawful Neutral [→Brief Biography: [ → A Heart of Dying Cinders ] ] Dusty somewhat resides in his austere outlook on the world, formulating his willingness to screw anyone in arm's distance out of an opportunity… so long as he doesn't get caught. Once known for putting Ozymandias in power, this old demon king withered his own, betrayed soul into the hopes of a new era, one born in the light of his dying fires.____ ] ]▶ Appearance» ] Appearance Age: a fit 45 [»] Actual Age: ? [»] Date of Birth: incomprehensible. [»] Zodiac: Inferno [»] Place of Birth: Dustharbor (once Consummation Cove) [»] Race: Calxiphis Ashborne [»] Height: 6’2 [»] Weight: 256 lbs [»] Skin Color: Ashen Gray [»] Blood Type: Primordial Lava [»]Natural Eye Color: Cinderflame [»]Hair Color: Marbled: Ember & Sable [»]Current Eye Color: Cinderflame [»] Hair Length: Wolf Tail Tonsure (Rogueknot) [»]Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous, often leads with the right hand, switching to left for confusion. ▶ Personality [ [→]Five Major Personality Traits:[ [»] Strong and silent type: [»] Caustic to close ones [»] Affinity towards castle architectures [»] Loose Absurdist [→] Fancies: [»] The Dance of The Duel [»] Asymmetrical Decay [»] Kingmaking [→] Contempt for: [»] Self-pity [»] Irresponsibility [»] Incompetence [»] Hypocrisy [→] Common Quotes?]: [»] Not repeatedly talkative, really ▶ Combat [→]Skills/Fighting Styles: [»]Swordsmanship: Adept [»] Pyromancy: Master [»] Chainwork Legendary [»]Class Specialties: Knight / Caster / Rogue [→]Passive Character Abilities: [»] Embered Flesh: On due stress of the Ashen flesh, the Magma below excites the mystic fumes to boil or scald the opponent on impact, draining Mana from any resident or otherwise available Astral forces. [»] Flameborne (Impervious) Asche is unable to be harmed by any source of fire: Celestial, Demonic, Astral, etc. These attacks and spells not only give him immensive heat resistance, but regenerate both his state of health and arcane output. • Certain extreme cases of thermal combat that do not include any sort of Pyrolysis or Burning may affect him in debilitating ways. [→]Non-Passive Abilities: [»] Gloried Flame Unlike most flames, Gloried Flame is a particular healing ward against physical harm, absorbing any incoming thermal energy or flame-based arcana as well. Using Gloried Flame improves regeneration as well, allowing to regrow limbs and other organs. Automatically immolates on decapitation. [»] Typhokinesis This refers to the ability of absorbing, controlling and redirecting smoke, fire, and embers either from his body, or remotely. Duke holds the capacity to use: Cindersoot Coalesce: Shoot smoke out of hands Blackegg: conjure grenade in a dice roll, to explode in cinders, ash and resin. Imbue: Sword/Chain manifests burning ash on strike, conducting thermal runoff. Smokescreen (dash ability); Used offensively: dash through an enemy, dematerialized, reform behind them to enact a brutal takedown. Used defensively: phase through structures with openings (chain-link fences, iron bars, & pipe-like structures). Hyperduct: Produce lateral propulsion for a short while via cindered propulsion. Infernal Flue Inhale: Iudicus draws energy from various sources of burning in order to recharge his personal storage of power. This means he can drain any source of Smoke, Ash, Char, or flame-based magic. In addition to recharging his abilities, the power gained from Draining also heals Asche of any injuries he’s recently sustained. Chimney Sweeper: a charged attack that shoots a barrage of smoke pellets, dealing heavy damage in a short cone [→]Weapons: [»] Arming Sword [»] Undertaker’s Chain [»] Coiled Flame Stoker [»] Silver Ringed Buckler [→]Items & Accessories : [»] Charred armor; ▬▬▬▬▬ Inventory ° ° ° ° [Symbiotic Resin: AMNIOS] Defensive Attributes: Greyolk: Amnios increased the density and efficiency of Asche's flesh, heightening his perception & information; dampening damage undergone & felt allowed him to execute critical strikes and exert surplus stamina. Iudex is constantly in this state, but accelerates intensely with the activation of Embershine. He relies on it mainly for discreet attacks, feeling himself the few honored with the bond of Amnios. • It seems to have been a buff resulting from his adaptation to the symbiotic bond, formed by his intense training with it, over time. Prehensile Perception: The sum of Duke's senses extend over his entire surface, enabling its host to "see" what is behind or otherwise not in his/her line of sight. It may also see a broader spectrum of light than humans can, if he and Amnios agree to a neural link. Amnios, strangely, is the only Black Egg with verified empathetic ability, able to project its desires and needs into the thoughts of its host or potential hosts. • Amnios was actually a sentient organism that hungered on both the emotions and biology of the host. Unlike other hosts, Calxiphis are the only ones who have proven capable of surviving an iota of the Greyolk Amnios. Chameleon's Coating: Amnios retains ability to shapeshift, by designing or mimicking apparel for Iudex. It can camouflage itself & host by assuming the color or texture of the material behind or around it for limited amounts of time. Their symbiosis is capable of assuming transparency and coloration to an acute degree and universal range, so with the right diagnostics, the Greyolk is capable of learning to completely transmogrify one's appearance, regardless to the host's actual stature and bodily dimensions. :❖: Pressure Control: Dusty is able to coagulate the flow of magmic blood inside his own body and stigmatic mass. This is likewise for sealing any necessary organ, such as lungs, bladder, or even the aorta. The mass expand to any size as long as they have something to grow on such as a host or an object. Duke can even get inside of areas such as wires and the insides of armor, completely disabling them. Offensive Attributes: :❖: Combat: Calxiphis are able to manipulate a free-streaming flow of stigmatic mass (Amnios) into a deadly, viscous form and use it as a shield or weapon in that state, flowing as resinous tendrils to supplement for melee attacks and biological constructs. • Charred: Iudex may also crystallize his symbiote mass to a hardened carbon for tools and weapons. He may also shape yolk into tendril appendages and other useful morphologies while Charred. :❖: Energy Field: Gloried Flame ▬▬ [Background: They'll Never Forgive Him A stone for sleep in a dark cell deep - Three dead kings, and a noose for the Keep. And every toiling dame churched her sanity And every roaring shame felt relax. A half-bade sword and a broken board - Drink redsprings, make a ring for the King. And every boiling vein burst with vanity. And every soaring wing melted wax. ▬▬▬▬▬ "Beautiful."° °°MISC. : ° ° °THEME SONGS Combat: https://youtu.be/SZQzW_QfPew Tavern Binge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJJ8hWDXWGs _______________________
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    Port Safety

    Tomorrow Island: CԱҬҬしЄҒіՏӉ C◎ve Of every sailor's tune in Cuttlefish Cove, Ja' Rain Man Callin' has always been the answer to that which had the most memorable words. It was first sung around the time Cuttlefish Cove was founded, by Blackbeard Teach and other similar pirates who found themselves lost in the Caribe after sailing through the Bermuda Triangle. (This song was precursor shanty to reggae style music.) So, of course the story of the city's founding is traced back to a seaman and linguist who had constantly opposed outside authority, owning a nimble crew of 16 men. Their landing point was fortified with a recreational tavern in an military-grade outpost for the pirates to detect incoming ships. The city was founded on the day of the Captain's wedding, years later. The differences between laws from country to country plays a major role in the story, as those who come from other lands bring their laws to populate this place's - as a haven for pirates, it is considered a no man's land and the only law is to be street smart. The song is discussed by initiates of Nautical literature as mostly concerning Man's need for a challenge to survive in life. The ballad of the rasta slowly evolves its message over the course of the song to speak about the evils of about greed and obsession. Cuttlefish Cove is unfortunately, very similar to the song, often to the degree of higher educational acknowledgement, the song is posted in most known texts about the foggy thieves' den of Tomorrow Island, often cited as a story of the city's life itself.
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    Port Safety

    Tomorrow Island: Oakenshire Village A mere hamlet in ancient times, the township expanded into a small city under the wise guidance of the Battlemages stationed there during the Death Orc raids. The scholarly paladins have since retreated into Castle Dorn for studious efforts in preparation for the incoming battles. The story of the founding is most attributed to a prince who was an outsider to the then unnamed hamlet, developed for he purpose of the knights to route their surplus and spoils of war. The Prince was a bastard, but the son of the then-true King, Edward I. His Son, Edward Tuarach, was born of a naiad, and improper for carrying the line as he was born out of wedlock. Tomorrow Island is an ancient world, with ancient customs, in a universe where space travel occurs by magical means. Albeit the way of the world, Lord Tuarach became fraught with an alchemal addiction from extended combat usage of a dangerous herb, trying to prove himself worthy of the throne through the glorification of violence. The confused alchemist who diagnosed the Battlemage had several nervous habits, and repeatedly diagnosed him the wrong cures, granting the man an immunity to normal weaponry. Enchanted weapons and Swordspells could fall him, but so little was known of them at the time. The man held fast in battle defending the town from the Death Orcs on the Day of Dark Return. Losing many friends that day, he learned the fault of hubris and underwent a paradigm shift. Lord Edward Tuarach decided to spend the small fortune he earned for his bravery on comforting the apothecary's loss of business and building extensions to the civilized inlet. With the help of Battlemage architects, he further fortified the Castles of the Magisterium by connecting the roads to the grounds of Castle Dorn and spanning outwards, developing as people search for prosperity among the busy streets of Oakenshire. It had become the Old World's first College Town, with a university for aspiring Battlemages between the Castle and the large villa of Oakenshire. It had been named after Lord Tuarach's first estate, which was burned down by Death Orcs in his early childhood. He is said to have forged an alliance with the Rangers at Truebend, as well as the steel-clad Disciples of Honor, a knighthood formed for the purpose of defending the Magisterium and enforcing its will. Members of all three guilds can be met across and upon these cobblestone streets, but it it mostly the Rangers that see to the protection of this city - most knights stop at Oakenshire on leisure, young Battlemages prove to be introverted bookworms, and those short on coin can hardly hope to vie for their orderly attention. It might still be old times, but it was then widely known that Chivalry doesn't help you kill a Death Orc.
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    Port Safety

    Metro Aqueduct Pits Description: The septic-scented chambers of The Metro Aqueduct Pits mark an underground, center-most venue of Valley Harbor's Port Safety, the only region of Exodus city located on mainland America. The pits are among the the most odorous of the Port Safety fight rings, and the most ancient in use for Port Safety since the British occupation of 1775. It has been standing here as a clandestine icon of America, but does this relic of a long-dead age of savagery persist to avoid antiquity? It has been a dark temple since its intended founding by a Dr. Laoghaire, a purported sewage expert cast out from the streets of London for reasons still unclear. All that could be discovered of his exploits in the United Kingdom were caustic rumors of his person to have worshiped Celtic demons. Later in America, he found himself commanding a league of Red Coat Dragoons, and during the British Occupation, his boring architectural busywork promoted existential distress, leaving him with despair of not being able to serve in the war. His wanton longing for violence was concealed in the floor-plan for the sewage treatment, where he made a dark cathedral to the worship of violence and treachery. As he rose through the ranks of the British Army, he allowed the most sadistic of his elite to operate in leisure in his concealed arena, there. By the time of the American Revolution, they had simply disappeared from their positions in office. Sir Laoghaire was never seen of or heard from again, and his apartment was later bought out by a hesitant man by the name of John Hancock. Despite the frequent cries that neighbors file complaints for every few months, local authorities have bothered resuming the search for such a well-hidden, nigh mystical area. It was designed to prototype the first American sewage system, so the sewers in this region are actually ancient. It gives the feeling of a dark temple as one trespasses through a secret entrance to arrive at the bolted gate. The pits are known to be crawling with creepy, skittering critters here and there and the brick walls are slightly lined with grimy algae and rusted sewage. A resident clan of what seems to be silver-tongued "Undercity bandits" runs this little underworld, and you're fighting at their expense to entertain the clients who paid top coin to come and see a real blood-fest. This is the oldest and one of the most profitable rings in Exodus City. If you can swallow down the fact that you're most likely working for the attention of elitist Illuminati occult types, you might make a hell a lot of money... or die, grievously, trying. Pit Characteristics: Turkish Delight: Combination attacks, bloodshed, and excruciating finishers will often grant a bonus. Curved knives, razors, lacerations, and crippling are preferred; anything gruesome will receive praise. For the Dark Lords!: Fatality option for the crowd is likely to occur, but choosing to spare your opponent will damage the income you win from the fight. The audience wants to cutthroat violence, not sportsmanship. This proprietary establishment was funded for the entertainment of certain clientele. There is often a bonus for especially gory demises. Just hope that it isn't yours. Oops I Did It Again: There are special matches in which the clients pay more coin to see the combatants duke it out over a thin layer of raw sewage and algae. Not for the faint of heart.
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    Port Safety

    Old Blighton and Olney Road is a land fraught with the lasting deeds of dead mad scientists and mass incarceration. An odd church remains in the region. > Population: 589 living, Numerous Infected&Infested specimen. > Many go the Warrens to train their combat skills against zombies. Most become zombies in doing so. > Irradiation Zones pocketed throughout the region. St. Olaf of Norway Cathedral Description: The decrepit ruins of St. Olaf of Norway mark the northernmost settlement of Old Olney Island, on a craggy outcropping overlooking a frosty mountain range that greets the sea. It has been standing here for centuries, a timeless relic of a long-dead age. It seems very out of place with the rest of the scientifically plagued isle. Abandoned by viking settlers one hundred years before the colonization of America, this temple was converted into a seat for the Eastern Othodox Church just before Day 0. Since purportedly driven out by demonic influence, becoming a popular tourist spot for a decade or two before the meltdown occurred. Condemned by the city during the collapse of Old Blighton, this outer-rim venue is often the choice for adventurous young pilgrims wanting to prove themselves in combat studies to the old Norse Gods - a tradition often held was that this Church was a cover for a pagan witch coven. The place may be condemned, but like many outer realm locations of Old Blighton old habits die hard. Loyal spectators and Norse aficionados alike have produced a Viking Arena of the venue, to watch the fights that occurred here weekly without fail. They usually consist of young, Germanic Scandi, and Slavic gladiators or other HEMA practitioners. The viking are said to have intermixed with the first peoples surrounding the region, and of their descendants today praise this location's role in their family history for raising strong, noble heroes, and therefore pay to see the new legends in the making. Ancient Norse, Germanic, and Celtic, and Native American weapons preferred. HEMA recommended. Arena Characteristics: Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick: Those with bigger weapons such as battle-axes and great-swords are favorites of the crowd and generally receive more praise. Big boasters are usually booed off stage; Combat Honour is the only merit by which anyone has in this Ring. Take a Look at that Swing!: Prominent, distinct attacks and critical hits with will often grant a bonus. Mind that the ringleaders run refrigeration systems and a mix of artificial and real snow to simulate Nordic combat conditions - so strikes will hurt and fatigue will run dry soon. Oh, Let 'Em Live!: Choosing to spare your opponent will amount to income you win in the fight, as well as a title if the opponent you beat deemed you worthy of one. Killing here under public eye is frown upon by the gods, and responded with violence. the gods hold no quarrels over the laws of Mutual Combat, however, and if done privately, one of two may righteously earn his rest in the old ways. All religious notions aside, the ringmasters would rather not traumatize their sheltered historian friends and scholars, at least, not when they're footing the bill for these operations, which they are. The audience wishes to spectate over the talents of the olden mighty warriors, not watch every last one of their favorite artists die. Slippery Floors: There are special matches in which the clients pay more coin to see the combatants duke it out over a thick layer of frozen water poured across the surface of the arena floor, rather than just simple snow and grass. Watch for those icicles.
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    Port Safety

    Exodus City, a massive supercity often seen as synonymous with Port Safety (don't tell the locals) mostly contained in two islands and a mainland harbor often seen as the pinnacle of American achievement and entrepreneurship in its day and age. Strewn about and prided by the American nation as it's pinnacle, Exodus City had developed into a cultural melting pot of sons and daughters from all walks of life, on every facet of the far-spread lands. It was a modern empire, for a modern age. But, in the words of wisest kings, no empire comes without its price. Crime. Corruption. Gentrification. War. What was once a safe haven for refugees from all over the world became a battleground for their ideologies. Racism nurtured hate. Cultures and moralities began to clash under the chaos of an internal police war fought between a lobbyist DA and a tyrant Police Commissioner. Symbols were exploited under the masks that claimed to fight for them. In a gangland sense of tribalism and morality, brutal monsters took violently to the streets in the name of vengeance and self-righteousness. It wouldn't be long until the two (vigilantes, and thugs) became inseparable in the hearts of protected civilians. Then came the Golden Age. There rose to power a league of individuals known as The Entourage, comprised of extraordinary enforcers for judicial practice. They policed over the internal struggles in the city, under the just and ubiquitous leadership of the master strategist referred to as Scion. It was the Entourage which first earned the trust of the populace to give authority over what differentiated a proper hero from a vengeful street thug. This team, trained extensively humanistic sciences and social theories and capable of superhuman feats, eventually fell at the collapse of the Golden Age, to a perpetrator still unknown to the public. Without the trustworthy authority of the Entourage, the apprentices of those respective heroes also soon fell into organizing their own relief efforts. A crime war was then being fought in the streets of Port Safety, and here they began teaching the vigilante methods og Entourage to anyone who proved themselves capable and loyal enough to the cause to undergo such extensive training. Exodus experienced this Silver Age of Peace for two years before a quarantine mandate was established over the Warrens of Old Olney (and all who had currently inhabited the area) was placed into effect after a federally-funded horticulture began to spread and infect humans. Yes: many heroes, professional or self-proclaimed, were trapped in the virulent doom of infestation. So, with the loss of Old Blighton as anything other than a Badlands and prison colony, the city was fragmented politically on how to recover from the quarantine, and fears of infestation plague the public to the degree of criminal insanity. Public areas in the lower vicinity of Port Safety have been overrun by guerrilla forces band those who felt victimized by the government's practices. Mutant survivors to the many hazards that have run unchecked on Old Blighton display their powers almost daily, much to he chagrin of those who fight for justice. The police war had quelled under the guidance of the Entourage, but after the Olney Incident, strife broke so severely that the city now has two registered defense forces, both receiving military-grade raining and special technology for riot-control and taking down supers. However, just before the city reached the point of total chaos, a miracle occurred. An ancient myth of Port Safety concerning a fragment of Atlantis finally revealed itself to be true - on the day of the infestation outbreak, a volcanic structure known as Tomorrow Island erupted, rising from the waters north of Exodus City's three districts, and with it, the Council of City Affairs began to publicly announce the existence of magical creatures and beings, as well as the use of arcane arts and ancient technologies. Utopolis, the capital of Tomorrow Island, led by the magisterium into a political relationship with Exodus City, is referred to as a sister sovereignty and often thought of by humans to be just another district of Exodus itself, albeit Utopolitian natives would disagree there on the matter of jurisdiction and political formation - as would also those who populate their neighboring city-states. Despite all this, Tomorrow Island is much more a nation, or a world, altogether than a city. The commotion of the mystical realm meant that while many regions of Port Safety would still prosper, other areas still affected by the wars degenerated quality of life as new villains and weapons formed alliances and enterprises. Pretty soon, the heroes and the associations they formed would begin to quarrel on how to solve the situation, and they often took sides with one of the police forces while waging war by proxy for it with the other. Vigilantes became as common as gang bosses. Everyone had both an opinion and the value of fighting for it. It wasn't long before bloodshed commenced.
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    Port Safety

    PORT SAFETY t i r a d e -of- j u s t i c e We've all heard of Port Safety, Connecticut: one of the largest crime-ridden metropolitan archipelagos to ever grace the shadows south of Manhattan Island. It's rich with a history of infamous police, dastard madmen, and hi-octane freedom fighters of every race and creed. But what happens when the all-American gotham discovers a new, neighboring island of otherworldly nature? What will be done to solve the escalation - between criminals, militarized police frats, magical orders of the occult, and friendly neighborhood vigilantes? Port Safety is one of the world's largest urban regions, with a population rivaling that of NYC. There are five main isles with layered transit regions between. Most gangs and crimefighters originate from Exodus City, and most arcane threats affiliate with Tomorrow Island Exodus City, established on the centralized Seaboard Isles, is a concrete jungle of beastly urbanities, but it it is also filled with hope. Can you lead your friends to the long-awaited victory you seek over curfew and oppression? Or will your world crash around you as you find yourselves decelerating in a desperate fight for survival? Tomorrow Island is undoubtedly a world of intrinsic wonder. One precocious example - the region is much larger on the inside than it appears on the out. The only question is, who would want to undermine the mystical authority of the wise and ancient Magisterium? Why would they want to disrupt the balance such a highly volatile, thin-lined threshold of reality, mythopeia, and the unreal? Because whoever they are, they also live in Tomorrow Island. . . Old Blighton, the desolate warrens of the once-proclaimed historical district, neighbors waters east of Exodus City. Once stricken by an impatiently-funded city council to convert it's large historical roots for research in more underdeveloped sciences involving genetics, bionics, nuclear fission, and radiology. It didn't take long for the victims of peer review to amass under a new opiate: neurodegenerative flesh eating compulsions. The island remains officially quarantined until authorities have a "better grasp on the diseases rampant throughout" Old Blighton. Over half the island has sunk beneath the sea level, soaking in venetian disrepair. Unrivaled is the fervor this island holds for those in search of legendary technology and scientific advancement, if they can survive to be peer reviewed! Will you be able to discover Blighton's many secrets, or will your curious thoughts be drowned by the screams of tortured corpses? Deeper still are the mysteries revolving around the novel 'Securiosity Island.' The privatized development of Curiosity Isle has, in due destruction of The Entourage and due creation of paramilitarized law enforcement agencies, resumed posthaste. Sitting dead center between the two other islands and mainland harbor of Exodus City, this region was officially rebranded as "Security City" by the Port Safety Council of City Affairs, mostly to placate the nostalgia of civilians who missed the aspirations of their old heroes. Radio chatter seems to suppose it that it was once the watchtower for superheroes of the previous generation, before being municipally recognized. No one really remembers how it became the throne state of Port Safety, or why so many different police organizations war for it to be their headquarters. {RP MAIN GENRE} fʳᵉᵉˢᵗʸˡᵉf⒤ᵍʰᵗing Freestyle fighting is an inner-city colloquialism for either lawful or unlawful Mutual Combat. Public duels between ordinary or extraordinary contenders have been city-sanctioned since the twentieth century, provided there is an officer of the law present and accounted for to fairly judge the match. However, many villains rather find themselves in the underground brawling scene, profiteered off of by shady brokers or under the sponsorship of syndicates and other criminal organizations. Generally, the sanctioned duels expect honorable fighting with no below-the-belt tricks, and illicit matches usually wind up with someone either hospitalized or dead. But proving oneself as a vigilante has often come to the point of action, rather than words, and many try their lucks in the ring before ever taking on the mantle of an icon. In the Freestyle Fighting sub-forums, writers may test out new ideas for their characters or clash them against one another for story-line, side-story, or even just miscellaneous interaction. To enter an instance of Freestyle Fighting, one must state either the law as quoted above. Outlaws and anarchists may declare a "gambit's duel," with a written 'Integrity' quoted like the Statute above, to assure that all are clear on the rules for a proper win. As nice as it may seem... it was a law that developed from the capitalistic manner of these matches, and with less money being gambled over the two fighting, there would be inversely more broken promises. To RP, one simply goes to the User Lore and makes a venue of their own or a certain district, or perhaps posts their own adventure in Alternative RP on Valucre. The actions over time will follow into chronology with depth and make for a good Comicbook-style story derived just from our characters messing about here and there. These fights are usually in a place near the local pub, bar, or tavern, or other likely social areas. But feel free to be creative. Boxing gyms have been known to host fights for heroes with street popularity. Sporting stadiums have been known to host events for the most famous, cash cow heroes. After all, those who win duels often and consistently carry a more famous reputation; as a result they receive more attention as time goes on. Like everything else in Exodus City, this is both a blessing and a curse, because the attention comes from both fans and even the not-so-friendly. A 'Dark Horse' status is optimal for those who want to survive longest in Hell's Hood. O U T C A S T [t i r a d e] -o f- [j u s t i c e]
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    I have descended from the abyssal eternity of Sisyphusian toil. With an empire of Pyrrhic Victories, my writings and roleplay attempts fall dread beside Ozymandias yet thus - far less fabulously. I seek thy guidance, old Valucre great. What befalls a corpse to do?
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