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  1. If you are still looking for games to join I'll be able to toss you some details in a few hours. Honestly I've been 'looking' (giving up) for people to join a thread I made and trying to digest the overload of options on this website. Honestly though, starting something new seems like flooding but it's the simplest way to get started! (Says the 6+ month user) 

    1. Rin


      Sure. That would be cool ^_^

  2. ooc

    Re-Bump. What might make this a little more appearling to everyone. ...... No that's stupid.. .... (ten minutes later)
  3. People looking for games! This is what I like to see T_T
  4. ooc

  5. Ah, I see. That's pretty cool. I need to get on making more media for my characters. Maybe I should start with a tablet and go from there... Also I will make sure to call you Red from no now on. Goodness these pictures are cute.. I think maybe you should take a deep breathe and..... keep calm.
  6. AH, I see. I wasn't sure if he was joking or being cranky because I didn't know the name of that comic. Nice to meet you Ambivalent.~ Nice Sprite. Is that yours?
  7. Rude!
  8. Nice signature. I can't remember the name of that comic but it's pretty interesting the first few thousand panels. :D
  9. What's this? o.o
  10. ooc

    Alright. You should be able to get the information you need on the setting in the first post on this thread. just look at the links.
  11. ooc

    Just someone in the game. if you want to play you can either be someone on this ship I'm arriving on or just wait until I finish writing this post. It's up to you and I don't want you to be stuck with one option because I cannot finish typing a single post in once sitting. :P Are you new to roleplay?
  12. ooc

    Player Registery: [YOEMCC] Lo'Bre The town of Lo'Bre is an interesting place. A few visitors try to settle into the new place to try and see how they can get ahead or just relax and enjoy their days. 1. Founder: HiddenKitty123 - BlackCat 2. Supervisor: 3. Player: 4. Player: 5. Empty: 6. Empty: 7. Empty: