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  1. What an interesting topic
  2. @ODSTDRAGON @Eternity Where is the game, exactly? Nevermind. I went through the thread again and I was able to search the word I needed. I'm going to post a link here just in case anyone reading is looking for the thread. Crystallo Stella
  3. This weekend I have four days to be unable to afford to do anything interesting. My weekend starts in 18 hours. Until then I'm just lurking. :p
  4. I guess everyone just vanished for the holidays. Oh well. Now back to being busy.
  5. Doki-doki, doki-doki, doki doki....

  6. I peak into another thread and I am filled again with a familiar dread. The wavering wills of once willing wanderers wilted by overwhelming stagnation. You post your line. You check the time. You think it's fine. But no one is online. So you try again. Interest check. Is this still running? Are there open slots?
  7. Well for anyone that is still here we can all discuss some way to pass time while we wait for this game to pick back up. I suggest we start an additional game on the side with a different setting and possibly different characters. It could even be something proceeding this. Diversity is key for reliability. Diversity of options and opportunities.
  8. That's okay. It's not as important to anyone else as it is for me. Just know that most of my posts are subject to minor changes that generally will not affect the context of the post itself but either change some of the bits of confusing text you see, formatting, or include additional content like links to images, videos, etc.
  9. It is a way I remind myself to finish the post once I have more information. Stub is something that appears on an incomplete Wikipedia article. Yes and no. Valucre is limiting how I would normally do it quite a bit but otherwise it's about as typical a post as I would write. There is a separate line for each break between dialog, thoughts or character narration. There is an introduction and a closing point. There is a line for meta data and links to be added later, if I ever draw anything for the content, and there is a tracker in a spoiler at the bottom. The content is now always the same from forum to forum but the layout is virtually consistent. Do you not like the way I have the post set up? Is there something you think I should change and or add/remove?
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