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  1. If you are still looking for games to join I'll be able to toss you some details in a few hours. Honestly I've been 'looking' (giving up) for people to join a thread I made and trying to digest the overload of options on this website. Honestly though, starting something new seems like flooding but it's the simplest way to get started! (Says the 6+ month user) 

    1. Rin


      Sure. That would be cool ^_^

  2. The Rise of Anarchy OOC

    People looking for games! This is what I like to see T_T
  3. The Rise of Anarchy OOC

    Ah, I see. That's pretty cool. I need to get on making more media for my characters. Maybe I should start with a tablet and go from there... Also I will make sure to call you Red from no now on. Goodness these pictures are cute.. I think maybe you should take a deep breathe and..... keep calm.
  4. The Rise of Anarchy OOC

    AH, I see. I wasn't sure if he was joking or being cranky because I didn't know the name of that comic. Nice to meet you Ambivalent.~ Nice Sprite. Is that yours?
  5. The Rise of Anarchy OOC

  6. The Rise of Anarchy OOC

    Nice signature. I can't remember the name of that comic but it's pretty interesting the first few thousand panels. :D
  7. The Rise of Anarchy OOC

    What's this? o.o
  8. Characters... I should post something for one... Or do I already have a posted character page?..... I should look and see...... where should I start.....? Oh shoot... *the scrolls are unending.*

  9. Going to take a break for a little while. Typing on this thing is draining, especially when my connection is THIS bad. Gah. Goodnight Valucre.


  10. [α] Fallen Angel City (Daten City)

    Character and role Descriptions/Sheet {WIP data sheet} [Government] This is the government of the city. They do Government stuffs. [Mayor][THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE]([TCOB#]) - Scipio Morehead Africanus Gant: A large, tall, white haired woman with dark tan skin and an amazonian physique, and her muscles aren't just for show. She's a real bruiser when she wants to be. She wears orange and black (Go figure) suits and likes to drive around in an armoured limousine with rockets and all kinds of illegal weapons. Catch phrase - "The voters approved!" She is generally neutral but differs to whatever supports her agenda. She wants Daten city to expand and thrive. [Adviser] [WIP] Generally they are all preppy, dressed and handsome in some way. Easily removed but not easily replaced: The mayor's team of Support that tells her what she should do and has the closest line to her ear to make their ideas heard. [Rep][TCOB12]The people who do all of the real work! They research and sometimes hit the streets to find out what's really wrong with the city, then take a number to get in line to meet with someone with real power and let them know, politely, that they should maybe do something about it? One good move and you might land Adviser. [Media] This is the Culture of the City. This is where the fashawn and medias comes frometh. [Idol][TCOB3] - Anarchy Marquise Angelique A.K.A. Anarch Angel: The most popular celebrity in the city can make or break a trend in three words. "Don't buy this." [Star][Always-Available]([AA]) [WIP] People that are on television and are likely known by their special groups of fans in the town. [Performer][AA]Empty\Available [Technology] This is the Tech Syndicate of the city. They set the norms for Tech. [Nerd][AA]Empty\Available [Doc][AA] [Professor][AA] [Destabilizer] This is the Bad guys. They work with whoever they want to achieve their goals, usually involving harm. [Rival][AA]Empty\Available [Nemesis][AA] [Mastermind][AA] [Vigilantes] These are the Soldiers. They fight to protect everyone from supernatural enemies. [Ghost-Buster][AA]Empty\Available: Casuals [Zealot][AA]Empty\Available: Those specifically here to fight off evil. [Templar][AA]Empty\Available: Those here to END ALL EVIL [High-Priest/Priestess][TCOB3] Those that are experienced in this faction - Scarlet Gruette Aponso: [Highschoolers] These are the minors. They just want a little more Slice of Life, and a chance to punch Syndie Carmichael in the face. [Queen\King][TCOB1] [Senpai][AA] [Popular][AA] [Respected][AA] [Police] This group are the town police. They respond to all the shenanigans. Brown is involved in mature Policing; Blue is responsible for making the police functional. [Deputy][AA] [Cop][AA] [Sergeant][AA] [Detective][TCOB2] [Undercover][TCOB3] [Chief][TCOB1] [Sheriff][AA] [Mafia] This group is the opposite of the police; they do crime and give the police something to do besides watch everyone blow up the city. [Wannabe][AA] [Member][AA] [Kingpin][TCOB14] [GodFather][TCOB1] [Tour-guides] Moderators: Show people around and introduce them to the world. Typically not involved but always aware. [New][ASK] [Super][ASK] - This one informs people of things and lurks between events, under the supervision of a [Spectre] or other [Super]. [Magic-Bus][RR][ASK] - This one drives around or guides tours of people through the city. The best job really. Rotates. [Spectre][Forum-Lead][TSOB1] - HiddenKitty123 responsible to and for this thread, it's members and any discrepancies in the scope of responsibility.
  11. [BCM]HKit123≠Hiatus

    Thank you both, and yes, the new style is Ah-may-zing!~ Keep up the excellent work! HK123~