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  1. The bell over the door was mercifully silent when Ainsworth swung it open. Unusually silent. A stifled chime, as though it were stirring in a deep sleep above the intruder's head. In fact, a sleep-like calm fell over the whole store as the latch on the door clicked shut. The room was dark and warm, and the sound of the rain outside was distant. Ains was alone. Or he seemed to be. For a moment there was nothing but the darkness and the rain, and then came the soft patter of bare soles across the hardwood floor. A glowing, bluish point of light appeared at the far end of the room, presumably having come out from behind the curtain to the parlor. (Certainly Ainsworth would remember the parlor.) “Who's there? Why are you here?” Enid's voice followed the light, which shined out from the end of a sharply pointed wand that she carried defensively. She approached him cautiously at first, squinting over his features until she recognized them. “Timorous?” Her posture eased, and though she could see that he was out of sorts, she went to the door first to check the lock. She rattled the knob and gently shook the door, but it didn't budge. The place had let him in despite being closed for the evening. “You're in quite a state..” she said, turning to him with an outstretched hand, “Whatever happened to you?” Her expression was placid as ever, but her concern was evident enough in her body language. He seemed weak in that moment, but he might have managed well enough on his own. Still, she didn't give him much choice as she looped an arm around him to shoulder his weight. The witch guided him carefully through the storefront and past the velvet curtain into the parlor, which looked almost the same as it had upon his last visit. Only this time the lamps were off, and the room bathed in the warm, amber light of what seemed to be two dozen or so candles placed around the room. Five of them sat on the round table between the two large, cushioned chairs, along with a deck of cards that lay face down in cross pattern. One of the curtains along the wall had been pulled aside to partially reveal a large window. It looked out over the street, which was increasingly obscured by the evening's downpour. The longer one looked out of that window, the more it would have seemed odd, given the placement of the front door and the rest of Enid's shop in relation to the neighboring buildings. There almost certainly couldn't be a window there (and if there were, it would look onto a brick wall at best). The witch extinguished her wand light and set it on the table before helping her visitor into one of the big chairs. “Easy does it.. Oh-” she wrinkled her nose, having caught a whiff of something on the man's breath, “Have you been drinking?” She stood up strait and rubbed her nose absently, as though it might wipe away the smell. In the candlelight it was easier to see that Enid was dressed in a long, black nightgown and a sheer, black robe over the top of it. She was resigned for the evening before receiving his unexpected visit. And she had locked the door after business hours, but the shop let him in anyway. She had to wonder why.. Curious, she thought.
  2. @AngryCacti idk, it’s a bunch of nerd shit that I cycle through every couple of years. But sewing is fun, just tedious. I mostly make small stuffed animals for for friends and family with small kids. have I seen your drawings?? I wanna see your drawings!
  3. Drawing is more of a vocation than a hobby, but I do that too. I used to volunteer in the nature science section of the local science museum, and I started collecting bones and insects (for pinning) after working with them there. I learned how to spin yarn at the museum too, but it’s a hobby I haven’t visited in a while. Caring for my plants. I like when they get big enough to propagate, and then I trade the clippings with other plant people. Collecting comics/comics conventions/zine fests @AngryCacti I don’t make costumes, but I enjoy sewing too. I just don’t have a machine, so it takes ages to make small stuff. *and wearing cute shit; it’s a hobby if you do it right
  4. The bench was hard and cold. That was all Enid could think about as she peered down into the arena, shifting uncomfortably where she sat and folding her arms tight to avoid bumping elbows with anyone who sat near her. She didn't give much thought to her surroundings otherwise. A flutter of movement to one side of her vision, a flash of something blue on the other, and the swell of cheers came from all around. She liked people. Really, she did. But the revel of the spectators reminded her of something primal and ancient and all too familiar. It was an unusual feeling. Enid fit in well enough with the rest of the crowd; There seemed to be a general preference for dark, mostly black attire. Everything from the tip of her pointed hat, to her embroidered coat, to the heels of her boots was black on black on black, save a few blooming flowers atop the hat's brim. The pink and purple blooms stood in stark contrast to the otherwise dark ensemble and the green tint of her skin. The witch was not generally drawn to competition (though, she would confess, she was no stranger to it either), but this was an exception. She watched Arthur as he'd paced about in the center of the arena, looking the part of a wild animal in a cage. He wasn't agitated, though, just eager. She could tell that much even at a distance. Of course, she'd known him for longer and far better than anyone else in her life, save maybe her own mother. If the witch couldn't recognize his body language by now, then she'd never really paid attention. Still, it had been a long while since she'd witnessed her friend in proper (mostly) sporting combat. His opponent, by contrast, seemed calm. He approached Arthur with an even stride and an empty gaze, and it took some time for the seer to realize that the other man was at least partially, if not completely blind. “Interesting..” she thought aloud, though the word wouldn't carry over the sounds of the crowd. The exchange between them was brief, and in the span of a breath the fight had begun. Both men moved with purpose, but Arthur's way of advancing on the other was, for lack of a better word, aggressive. Beyond aggressive. Which only made sense (it was combat, after all), but there was something simultaneously joyful and furious in the way he moved. And though the other man was swift, she wondered if it would be enough.
  5. Ah, kk. Yeah, I might be up for something like that. I can send you a message later with my character and more Q’s
  6. Yeah, I'm also curious about the plot and the atmosphere/setting. Could you expand on that?
  7. @supernal It’s not really a big story, it kind of happens all the time. The whole situation is more complicated, but the result is ultimately the same and leaves 700 people without jobs and their replacements without benefits. I’m not gonna think about it today tho. I’m a thousand miles from home in my aunt’s apartment in Brooklyn getting fat on delicious food that my relatives won’t let me pay for. It’s pretty alright.
  8. I mean, he’s in a good position for now, and they gave his department lots of notice. I’m just still pissed. One of the largest banks in the country, and they “can’t afford” to pay benefits for their IT department, so they’re outsourcing instead. I’d be less mad (maybe) if they hadn’t been moving the goalposts on Jim and his coworkers for the last year. Pressured everybody to bring their call resolution time to 5 minutes, and when that was met, they switched it to 2 minutes. But whatever. All I can do about it is keep applying for grants and making work.
  9. Enid adjusted her hat, crouching on the ground a moment before easing into a seated position in the dirt. She was thinking; considering the resources that Halisera was offering her. Really, all she needed was her own kitchen and the items therein, but.. No, she couldn't bring the shop to them. Not of her own volition. Not without the right key. “With a lab and the aid of two assistants..” she pondered aloud, still staring into the darkness of the tunnel, “It would save me a few days, I'm sure. Assuming you can acquire those resources immediately.” But the conundrum of what had drawn her there still hung in the air like a bad smell (although that might have been the remains left by the brumak). The pull that had brought her there, to Ursa Madeum, to Halisera and the cave, was all but gone. Only a vague feeling lingered, and a faint one at that. To think she had come all this way with nothing to show for it. Then again.. “I haven't been called by a proper name in a long time.” she said, responding to the last of what the matriarch had to offer. “A real name, I mean. A gifted name. When someone chooses a name for you, it means something.” she went on. Her tone was almost wistful, or it might have been if it wasn't quite so flat. And it was true. Every utterance of the word 'pilgrim' sparked a gentle, glowing ember in her heart where there had once been fire. A flicker of spirit that had gone out long before(or that's how she imagined it, anyway). “To be honest, I would accept that courtesy as payment enough. But there is a mystery waiting for me in these tunnels. If you're sure of it, then yes, I would like to return here after my work is complete.” After all, there was still the matter of crafting the repellant, and it would need to be tested. If it was sufficient in protecting her on a second visit, then she would consider their verbal contract fulfilled. “Well, then,” she sighed, heaving herself off of the ground, “We've done all we can at this juncture. I suppose I will accompany you back to.. wherever you are going.” She didn't know exactly where Halisera was stationed, or how far she had travelled to get there. Maybe it would have been wiser to become more acquainted before this point. Ah well. The seer patted the last of the dusty gravel from the back of her coat and pants, and shifted her attention to Eli. “I don't suppose I will see you again-” she said, almost forming a question, but something cut into her inflection. Another thought, an impression that struck in the moment. “No.. I will. I'm almost certain of it.” And she left it at that. Enid turned away from the darkened path and pointed the light of her wand back toward to the entrance. It was a fair ways out before they would reemerge into the open, but it would be a welcome sight when they finally did. She, for one, was eager to escape the musty confines of the mine in favor of fresh air and natural light. For now, at least.
  10. More apologies- turns out my spouse is getting laid off. It has kind of taken up a lot of my thinking space rn, but I will write that last post soon. (I’m lining up another side job and he’s sending out apps, so we’ll be ok. I’m just still livid). I’m really sorry.
  11. I’m so sorry, my bad. I’m trying to skim text while I’m at the store like a dumb. if you edit I can wrap it up in a post, that’s fine. I basically implied that what she was looking for is in the cave, so if Halisera gives her access in exchange for making said repellent, that’s a sufficient conclusion to the deal
  12. Yeah, I can edit, but probably not until later tonight. I figure Enid will have to hold on to Halisera’s favor, or return to the cave at some point.
  13. Sry to be so brief, I’m away from my computer
  14. I’m good to close. No skin off my nose
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