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    Pagans in the Night (Closed)

    I appreciate that, thank you guys ❤️ Take care! (And I'm really sorry for making you write around my existing post. I can delete/change it if need be).
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    Pagans in the Night (Closed)

    Skip me; I think I'm out. Life got dramatic and busy.
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    Pagans in the Night (Closed)

    @ourlachesism Nah, it’s ok. Just worried that something might have come up. Play by post is kind of overwhelming when you have other stuff going on. c:
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    Pagans in the Night (Closed)

    You guys doin’ ok?
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    Enid (WIP)

    Basic information Name: Enid Heks Gender: female Main occupation: Merchant Witch & Seer Side occupation: Acquisitions Age: 30-ish Hair color: black Eye color: forest green Skin color: spring green Height: 6' Species: human-ish Background Current residence: Wandering Wares, wherever it may be at whatever time. Educational background: Magic University drop-out (specifically, a Masters focus in Divination drop-out). Ailments: Allergies to certain metals. Short-term life goals: To provide reliable, magical wares and insight to those in need.. so long as they are willing to meet her price. Long-term life goals: Personal and deeply private. Personality Strengths: Barring very particular circumstances, Enid maintains an even temper and level-headedness even in dire straits. Weaknesses: Again, with the exception of specific circumstances, Enid's personality is so subdued as to be flat, and often perceived as joyless and unapproachable (which is often true). Hobbies: gardening and fencing Motivations: Enid is driven by her curiosity and a quiet compassion for others, though neither may seem evident on the surface. Dislikes: cooked meat, warm vegetables, sloppy eating, generally rude or pompous behavior Likes: nature, insects, mischief (so long as it is her own), starfruit, tea Skills Swordsmanship: Fencing, to be more accurate. Potions & alchemy: The creation and enchantment of unusual objects and concoctions. Tasseomancy: Reading tea leaves to divine impressions of past, present, and future. Cartomancy: Reading cards to divine impressions of possible outcomes and insights. Osteomancy: Reading bones to divine basic outcomes and answer simple questions. Powers Divination: Though she channels this ability through various rituals, Enid's ability to see beyond a knowable present is innate and can be used at any time. The rituals, however, bring much needed clarity to her vague and distant visions. Green magic: When it comes to manipulating tangible elements of the world, Enid excels at charming plants and other earthy objects. This control of plants extends to insects, as they tend to have a more direct relationship with pollen, sap, and soil. Equipment Thorn wand: Two weapons in one, Enid's wand is a living thorn atop an ornate green hilt, and appears more as a dagger than a magical rod. It extends into a functional sword, and bolsters her green magics when rooted (stabbed) into the ground. Witch's hat: Her conical cap is enchanted to bloom a wreath of useful flowers and herbs atop its brim. Previous adventures Quick, wash out the blood! Current exploits Pagans in the Night
  6. Lady Gilaen

    Pagans in the Night [S-Class Artifact]

    The Weary Orc was just about everything Enid had expected it to be: warm, dark, jovial and smelling somehow earthy beneath the sour scent of ale. The atmosphere wasn't exactly preferable, she thought, but it wasn't unwelcoming either. If she hadn't come on business, she might have enjoyed a warm meal and the swelling symphonies of idle chatter and laughter for a while... at a distance, anyway. She entered the tavern quietly, excusing herself as she slipped past a bleary-eyed patron shuffling through the door on his way out. Somewhere in this establishment awaited a favor (three of them, actually), and she intended to claim it. But where, she thought as she scanned the room with decidedly dark green eyes, am I supposed to find- Spotting Cerik among the other patrons was about as difficult as finding a matchstick in a haystack; a lit match, to be more specific. Apart from towering over every other head at his and every other table, he had an energy that drew one's attention to the center of the room. The description in the ad was not especially detailed, but there was no mistaking it for anyone else.. or, she hoped anyway. (That would be quite embarrassing). “Ah..” she muttered to herself as she fished her hand into her coat pocked for the flier that had found its way into her possession earlier that day. Enid's boots clicked along the hard wood floor as she approached; they were made of a velvety black material, like most everything else she wore all the way up to the tip of her pointed, wide-brimmed hat. The band of her conical cap contrasted this dark display with (presumably) decorative flowers that bloomed bright shades of pink and purple. The witch herself was quite tall, though nowhere near as tall Cerik (she could tell that even as he was sitting) and of an agile build. Her black hair was kept neat and short in an almost angular bob that framed a noticeably expressionless face. Apart from her dark hair and clothes, Enid was also totally, and without exaggeration, entirely green. She stopped at the knight's table and raised a hand to catch his attention mid-story. “I beg your pardon,” she said in a somewhat flat tone as she unfolded the advert that had been creasing in her pocket, “but are you the one who posted this flier?” The witch held up the crinkled piece of paper for a brief inspection.
  7. Lady Gilaen

    Pagans in the Night (Closed)

    Well sure, but standing out in a crowd doesn’t necessarily associate him with anything. I just wanted clarification. Thank you!
  8. Lady Gilaen

    Pagans in the Night (Closed)

    Are we to assume that Cerik made a note about his appearance, or something that makes him recognizable on his fliers for people to find him?
  9. Lady Gilaen

    Pagans in the Night (Closed)

    Aw. Sad day.
  10. Lady Gilaen

    Pagans in the Night (Closed)

    @EpicRome23 Sounds good!
  11. Lady Gilaen

    Pagans in the Night (Closed)

    Do we want to set up a post order in advance, or just start whenever we're able? I don't think I can get a post out before bed, but I'll be able to write after work tomorrow for sure.
  12. Lady Gilaen

    Pagans in the Night (Closed)

    @EpicRome23 Yeah, I am definitely interested if you're not at capacity already. I don't really use character sheets, but I would intend to play a witch/fortune teller sort of character. Her name is Enid and she's basically the Wicked Witch if she were less wicked and also a Vulcan (is my best description).
  13. Lady Gilaen

    Pagans in the Night (Closed)

    I think I am interested, but I’m worried about time commitment (always busier than I think I am). Do you have a thread started that we could read through first?
  14. Lady Gilaen

    The Madame of Izabal

    It’s true, Sapphira didn’t inherit half the charm that her brother had, and he would have been apt to point it out to her at any given moment. But he would not be joining them for this story, nor would he be participating in Heaven or Hell. As far as strength was concerned, he was the weak link in the legacy chain. “Well, that is true.” Lovi conceded to her daughter’s point about being better than frankly either of her parents back when. She wasn’t saying it to be doting or indulgent; it was a plain truth. “You’ll make Tres very proud... possibly too much for his own good.” She said it half in jest, but there was an edge of truth in her words. When the topic shifted to Celeste, the air in the room seemed to have gone a bit cold. A slight frown pulled at the corsets of her mouth, but Lovi turned to the window in an effort to hide it. “I know the place.” she said, “We should pay her a visit while you’re in town, shouldn’t we? She’d be more than upset with me if she missed your visit.” She was speaking casually, but the concern that Saph felt was growing inside of Lovi too. It was probably alright, she thought. Celeste was a trouble maker in her own right and had a habit of disappearing from time to time. It’s why Lovi and Sapphira were particularly fond of her. “I’ll just change out of my heels and we can go..”
  15. Lady Gilaen

    Quick, wash out the blood! [closed]

    The witch was glad for a moment's reprieve while Jericho went about his business in the kitchen. The relative silence of the room was a space for reflection and slow, steady breaths that brought with them the smell of incense and oils that had seeped into the upholstery over time. Left alone for too long, she feared she might sink so deep into the room as to become one with it. Was that so bad, she wondered? But then, was the life of a chair, or a table, or anything else in the parlor one of servitude? Enid liked to believe that she gave each of the things in her odd little shop a purpose, but perhaps she was wrong.. Not all, but certainly some, a handful of her wares and things at least, could think and wonder and question in some small capacity. Such idle thoughts escaped her as Jericho returned to serve the tea. It was a quiet ritual at first; a small, meditative chime of tin and ceramic-sounding jade. When he spoke it was with what she assumed to be his true voice. It was, if nothing else, a significant departure from the way he spoke and presented himself upon their initial meeting. His was the rhythm and tone of voice that made one listen intently, and Enid could not help but shift in her seat and lean in over the table. But when he'd said his piece, she was still quiet; one might assume apprehensive if not for a lack of expression. There was so much swimming through her head that warranted a word or two. She wanted to say what those things were, to ask him real questions and speculate on the answers. But the time for such things, she thought, had passed. It was not that she felt guilt by their actions (she didn't), but that everything about the affair was much more complicated than it might have seemed on the surface. So was he. “There is no safer place in all of Valucre than this parlor.” she said with absolute confidence, despite her usual flat tone of voice. Enid took up her cup of tea after it had cooled somewhat, and took a cautious sip before easing back into the comfort of her chair. “But yes, I plan to leave Alterion altogether.” She warmed her hands around the teacup and rested it carefully in her lap. “We could leave now, if you wish? I could take you with us, and you wouldn't even have to leave your chair to do it.” It was difficult to say what she meant by 'us', but the firm look in her eyes as she met his suggested that it wasn't just a slip of the tongue. It was a genuine offer, and one she'd been considering since their departure from the final checkpoint. She took another long sip of her tea, then tilted the cup slowly from side to side in her hand, staring down into the leaves out of habit. “....But I can see that you won't.” She wasn't surprised. After all, there was more work to be done in Izral, wasn't there? “Just remember after you leave.. A snake severed from its body still has a venomous bite.” They whiled away the rest of the morning with idle chat and long, but arguably comfortable periods of quiet. When it was finally time for him to leave, Enid bid Jericho a casual goodbye, as though he would, or could return at any time for tea and cakes. But as the shop bell jingled upon his departure, the sound behind him faded into a nothingness that felt like absence, leaving a sort of hole in the air where sound should have been. And when he turned around, if he did turn around, the bell, the parlor, the gold lettering on the door and the door itself.. any sign that Wandering Wares had been there was gone.