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  1. That’s the panic adrenaline I’m pretty sure
  2. More or less. I do too much to be this broke, tho
  3. I am so so sorry. This week was just crap. I work independently as an artist and art instructor, and my schedule just fluctuates a lot. Doing my own work, applying to teach for summer again and hopefully next semester. And I started working as an assistant to a more established artist on the side; I spent the majority of this week organizing a year’s worth of receipts and bank statements for this guy’s taxes, but I finally finally finished that last night, and then slept for 12 hours. I really don’t want to take a whole week to post next time
  4. Somewhere in the dark, just beyond the touch of the remaining torch light, Enid smiled. “Something like that.” she replied to Halisera. The 'cost' she spoke of was more of an organic exchange than she made it sound (usually, anyway), but she clearly understood the gist of it. She proffered the tincture to the matriarch first, and was not surprised when she politely declined. The woman knew herself; knew the threshold of what she could and could not endure. At least the seer hoped so. The lingering glaze of tears over Halisera's gaze stung the witch's eyes in turn, and for a moment she almost insisted on treating the pain.. but she thought better of it. “Fair enough.” she said, turning then to Eli. She didn't like the way he held his arm, but some of it may have been a trick of the light. Shadows had a way of dancing in lowlight, fooling the eye to see what wasn't there. But when he gestured to make a fist, it only confirmed what the ear-splitting crunch had already told her. “Here,” she passed the bottle into his hands, “Think of something pretty and gulp twice.” It was hard to know whether she meant the first bit as a joke or instruction; her manner of speaking was serious by default. It was the latter, of course. The concoction wouldn't work otherwise. “There's little enough I can do for it at the moment,” she continued, “but I have- I have..” She trailed off as she reached up over her head, feeling for a hat that wasn't there. Right.. she thought. “Excuse me..” She searched about the cave floor a moment, taking the opportunity to scoop up the scattered marbles and tuck them into her bag while she searched the darkness for her fallen cap. She found it partially crushed under a layer of fallen rubble, the blooms around its band half broken or squished flat. She heaved a small sigh as she picked it up from the ground and dusted off the brim. Enid returned to the others and plucked two flowering pink twigs from the bouquet around her hat. “Dogwood.” she explained, reaching for Halisera's sword arm to tuck the bit of stem gently into the woman's sleeve, “For durability. It won't heal any bruises or broken bones, but it should prevent them somewhat from here on.” She felt foolish for not thinking of it sooner, but hindsight couldn't change the past and all that.. When she moved on to the captain, she was careful about handling his injured wrist, turning it delicately one way and then back, searching for a sufficient gap in his armor to tuck the flower in. The tincture should have set in by then, dulling the pain The matriarch drew Enid's attention back to the brumak; specifically the trail of blood left in its wake when it made a hasty retreat. She tilted her head, considering the challenge that Halisera had laid before her. “The smell of its blood might deter other brumaks, but Pillar is right: It is likely attract carrion feeders, and not just necrophages.” She found a couple of empty vials in her pack and began collecting specimens anyway, most of it mixed with dirt and gravel, but she would find a way to work around that later. “I would need some time before I could give you a definitive answer. But with this and a bit of the shell, preferably powdered, I might have something for you in a week's time. Possibly less.” She was in the process of gathering her wand and specimens and concoctions to move on down the tunnel when Eli interjected quite suddenly. With a fair observation, to his credit. The witch had to pause and think for a minute while she eyed him, and then Halisera, and finally the darkened path ahead of them. She felt over her pocket, the one that held her pendant, and found that it no longer pulled in any direction. “I don't know..” she replied honestly, and for a moment there was something like excitement in her voice.
  5. And now idk when I’m gonna get home from work. Somebody come get me, I’m tired -.-
  6. Hey, I’m gonna start a post today, but idk if I’ll be able to finish it tonight. I’m working in the library rn and I have my game group this evening.
  7. No worries. Everything alright?
  8. Power Nap The Meek O Human Star
  9. That was a much shorter post than I meant it to be. Oops
  10. Halisera's agile display was little more than a dancing shadow from Enid's perspective; a flying shade in the torchlight until the details of her form caught in the artificial glow. It was difficult to tell exactly what came next, but if the first flash was any indication, there was a better than fair chance that another would follow. The witch plucked her wand out of the ground and scrambled to duck behind the nearest stalagmite, not knowing for certain what the Brumak would do in response to the explosive attack. The second flash was blinding. Spots dappled the seer's vision, and she could only hear the painful crack of the beast's shell breaking away in pieces. When she had blinked away the last of the spots, all that remained to see were a few bits of glittering carapace on the floor and a trail of blood that led deeper into the tunnel. The witch brought herself to her feet and brushed off a light dusting of gravel. She shined her wand about the cave and found Halisera first: beaten, scraped, and fallen hard to the ground. “That was quite a feat.” she agreed, echoing the captain's sentiment as she offered the older woman a hand. Whether the matriarch chose to sit or stand (with or without help), Enid's attention drifted from her face to her wounds, and inevitably to the beetles still clinging to the woman's legs. “Oh, my apologies..” she said, bending down to pluck the insects away, “They weren't meant for you, they're just hungry..” Then Eli caught her attention, his discomfort evident. She set her wand gently aside, then, with a snap of her fingers, curled the remaining beetles back into gleaming, black marbles scattered across the floor. “I don't see why you should want to make me angry in the first place.” she replied to the captain. Her tone was neither sharp, nor did she seem to be joking in turn. “You're hurt.” she continued, “Both of you. I'll have a look at that arm, if you'll permit me?” She gestured to the knight's shield arm, thinking back to the audible crunch that made her toes curl and her hair stand on end. She wasn't a naturally gifted healer the way that some of her ilk were, but there was almost always an apothecary solution for these contingencies. “How is the pain?” she asked, turning from one to the other, addressing them both as she rummaged again through her bag. She produced another bottle, this time larger and full of a purple tincture. It had a floral scent, like perfume, when she uncorked the bottle.
  11. Oof, you went and opened Pandora's box.. My current favorite for contemporary artists is Marcel van Eeden; a Dutch artist who draws from photographs taken before 1965 (the year he was born), and puts them to words and sequence to make cohesive narratives. They are both gallery pieces and he prints them in book format (and they're generally affordable until they go out of print). I'm also very fond of Aubrey Beardsley's book illustrations, which are beautiful when they're not made of comical dicks and fart jokes (and even then they're still kinda pretty). Francis Bacon's Study after Velazquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X is one of my all time favorites. Actually, he painted a few screaming popes, but they're all pretty great. Sheilah Beckett illustrated my favorite books when I was little. She started drawing fairytales when she was 14 and continued doing almost exclusively that for the entirety of her career basically until she died at 100 years old in 2013. Roger Duvoisin is also a favorite illustrator of mine. Mostly children's books and some editorial, but the gestural quality of his shapes and line work is just really appealing to me. There's so many more favorites, I'm not even sure where to continue-
  12. I’m good either way. Wouldn’t Eli want the shell tho? That was something he cited in their initial contact.
  13. The cave walls were smooth and wide and illuminated up until they weren't, at which point Enid produced a green, pointed wand and, with a gentle flick of the wrist, lit the end of it with a bluish glowing light. They didn't have to walk far for the darkness to swallow them, and for a moment it seemed as though the world had shrunk to fit their narrow beams of torchlight.. Enid felt the faintest tremor a fraction of a second before the ground started to shift beneath their feet. It wasn't much warning; certainly not enough to react. And even as Halisera called out for them to move, the seer had already lost her footing. Something hard and almost sleek glinted in the corner of her vision as she took a hard tumble away from whatever had risen up from the ground. She had never seen a brumak before. She couldn't say that she was properly seeing one now in the frantic, dancing light from their torches (or maybe the light wasn't moving so much as she was). But there it was, as solid and angry and large as she could ever have imagined it. The witch rolled onto her feet, wand still firm in hand, and absently reached to adjust her hat only to find that it had fallen off somewhere out of sight. Halisera had deflected the creature, but its attention was squarely on the captain. Enid felt the thunderous cracking sound from the brumak's claw striking the Raider's shield so deep it made her bones ache. She was poised, holding her wand less like a fantastical instrument of magic and more like weapon, but she knew it wouldn't do her any good just then. “Stand back!” she heard the captain call, and this time she acted on the warning, turning to run as many paces as she could before the alchemical bomb went off with an earth-shaking 'BOOM!' She covered her head, but the seer was far enough away that the impact didn't shower her with more than a little gravel. It took a second for her vision to adjust after the flash, but when it did she spotted it: that tiny break in the beast's armor. Again she looked as though she might strike, the unusually sharpened end of her wand at the ready. But she thought better of it. Enid knelt down and stuck her wand point-ways into the gravel for safe keeping before reaching into her bag. She rifled around the bottom as quickly as she could, keeping one eye on the creature as it reeled from the explosive blow. “Ah..” she breathed, finally finding a grip on the trinket she'd been fishing for. She produced a small, dark bottle and uncorked it as the brumak recovered its courage. She hated to do this, but it was all she could think of in that moment. She tipped the bottle, spilling what sounded like an innumerable amount of marbles (more than could possibly fit into such a little container) onto the cave floor. They clacked and rolled across the ground until they uncurled and sprouted tiny, scuttling legs. The sound of rolling marbles became a unified hiss of swarming insects as tiny black beetles began to crawl over the brumak's shell and converge on the open wound; each one biting and digging to get to the meat underneath. The greater creature flailed and scraped at its tiny attackers, but little by little they made their way in and burrowed deep. It wouldn't kill the thing (not quickly, anyway), but it was an agonizing impairment at least. Enid just hoped that the lot of her little friends had gone strait to the brumak. But it was not entirely uncommon for a small handful of strays to pick up on a different appetizing scent..
  14. Sry, I’ve been working through the weekend; my work situation is inconsistent in general, but it was particularly busy for the last few days. I should be able to post tomorrow.
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