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  1. I’m just starting The Witch Elm by Tana French, but most of my reading rn is more work related; fewer novels. I tend toward comics more on my downtime. This year I’ve picked up: One!Hundred!Demons! by Lynda Barry My Favorite Thing is Monsters by Emil Ferris Mort Cinder by Hector German Oesterheld and Alberto Breccia Perdy by Kickliy The Girl from the Other Side by Siuil a Run a bunch of self-published stuff from artists/authors at conventions
  2. If you want to go the traditional route, I’d recommend going to a figure drawing co-op if you have access to one. It’s also helpful to keep a small sketchbook on hand for most occasions to just sketch the people and objects around you on your down time. A friend from grad school used to devote each sketch page to one object and just draw it over and over, changing scale, angles, etc. Honestly, it’s just a thing you have to keep on doing until something clicks. When I have trouble drawing something, I will sometimes draw it with my left/off-hand, because it forces me to slow down and really focus on each mark as I make it. It will look like shit, but for me I often get proportions better that way, and then I can clean up the drawing with my right hand. Also, learn how to gesture. There’s definitely YouTube tutorials on gesture drawings.
  3. Voldemort says to skip him this time. Work hours are crazy
  4. The witch had been on foot the whole way there, and the thought of getting up out of that (admittedly uncomfortable) chair was almost as painful as her soles felt just then. But she did, and every step on the short walk to the tavern from Eli's office felt like she were hefting full sandbags from the knee down. Imagine her mix of relief and dismay when Enid realized that she would have a chance to soak her feet..after removing the boots her feet had been sweating in for days...in the company of others. If she felt any shame about it, she didn't show it. The witch left her boots at the door and cuffed her pants before wading through the tavern, her eyes cast down to watch the fish swim around their feet. This was nice, she thought. Nicer than she expected so far from home, albeit home was a relative term to begin with. She ordered a black tea (to enjoy, not read), and took off her wide-brimmed hat at the table. She hooked it over the back of her chair as Eli went strait into the heart of the matter. Very business-minded of him, the witch thought, but that certainly wasn't a bad thing. She was listening intently as he spoke to Halisera, but running her fingers absently over the curling strands of the plant at the center of their table. When he spoke to her this time she was ready to speak more directly. Or, as directly as she could, given the circumstances. “I'm not interested in your reward.” she said plainly, flatly, “I want what I want.. By which I mean that I want what my divinations are pointing me towards. Unfortunately, I don't think I will know it until I see it. But it's not money. If it were, the pull would have stopped here- well, back at the office, actually. The only thing that is clear to me now is that you,” she gestured to Halisera, “will guide me to what I seek.” She shrugged, resigned to the unusual circumstances that placed her there, like a puzzle piece that didn't fit. If it brought an end to the pull that was driving her, she would find a way to fall into place. The witch wasn't quite sure how to elaborate farther, but after the wait staff returned with their drinks, the captain moved his line of questioning on to her combat qualifications. “I do.” she replied, “Although it's more out of necessity than vocation. I fence. I rely on flora to perform my magics; the majority of them, anyway. I am a merchant by trade, however. And a seer, though I'm sure you've gathered that. I make things: potions and the like.” Enid adjusted her posture to sit tall and poised as she reached for her tea. “I'm not sure what else to say about myself. Although it is surprising to me, how willing you both seem to take me at my word.” She took a short sip from her cup. Too hot.
  5. @supernal I fell behind on posting today, and I'm gone to a wedding tomorrow,. So I probably can't post until Sunday. I'm still fine going first, but if you wanted to post tomorrow that's also fine.
  6. The witch's attention was so thoroughly rooted in the ground that she didn't see or sense the descending boulders until they began crashing into the ground and leveling the foliage. Then again, she wouldn't have seen them until they expanded just overhead anyway; A clever trick of her companion's that she preferred to appreciate from much much farther away. As it was, she and the Duchess were close enough to feel every impact beneath their feet, and the vibrations made her living wand quake with unease. She pulled it up from the sand, completely this time, and peered through the trunks of the cluster of trees she'd taken refuge behind. There were some left, but few enough that there would be none soon. She had no way of knowing that Arthur had been struck by the dwindling firing squad just seconds before. Not from her vantage point, anyway. Abigail and the remaining soldier were already on the move, but Enid hesitated. Something moved within the fabric of her robes, pulling outward as though trying to escape her pocket. 'The pendant?' she thought.. Why should it be pointing to anything now? She pulled the divining crystal from her pocket as quickly as she could manage, and the pendant tugged at the chain so hard that the witch thought it would snap. It pointed behind them, the pull so strong and urgent it couldn't have been anything but a warning. A stray bullet from one of the pirates that had avoided being crushed to death went flying just inches above Enid's head (they'd likely been aiming for the duchess), and it drew her attention back to the happenings right in front of her. “We've been caught up!” she shouted to Abigail before turning about to face the direction the pendant was still pulling toward. The witch shifted her grip on the wand, holding it now like a conductor before making a downward, sweeping gesture. The scattered trees responded to the motion, bending just above the root and battering the length of their trunks into the brush and the dirt. She could only conduct them one at a time, but one by one the trees struck the ground, probing for whatever (rather, whoever) was hiding deeper in the brush.
  7. Yeah, I can go next. I owe a post in another thread first, but as soon as that’s done I’ll post for this
  8. 😧 I’m really sorry, that’s awful!
  9. She gave the monarch a curt nod, trailing after Abigail and some yet unnamed marine. The ground beneath them was more sand than dirt in places, and Enid could feel her footing almost slip with every third or fourth step. Abigail stopped and gestured for her to do the same. They were safe thus far, unseen. The witch took it upon herself to take cover behind a small bunching of trees. Their trunks weren't especially thick, but they would have to suffice. She crouched low, placing a gentle hand on the bark of the largest tree while she stuck her wand into the ground once more. She watched and waited as Abigail counted down with her fingers. They took out five before the pirates returned fire, and Enid couldn't tell how many were left. “Right..” she nodded, taking her cue as the pirates began to move on their position. Like before, monstrous, coiling roots sprouted under their feet, tripping, grabbing, and pulling at whatever and whoever the roots could get a hold of. Some were swift enough to avoid the prehensile plants, but not all. The witch tightened her hold on the grip of her weapon and pulled it up out of the ground. Except it didn't pull out; it stuck in place with the utmost resistance while the roots it controlled began to pull those they had trapped into the soft, dry soil.
  10. Enid wasn't sure how to respond to Halisera's somewhat quippy inquiry. Of course she was capable; she'd come this far on her own, hadn't she? Did the matriarch mean to call her 'droll' droll, or did she mean it sarcastically (as was the common fashion)? The witch parted her lips to speak, but had let the silence sit too long. Instead the captain stepped in to fill it, his voice seeming to drone almost as flatly as Enid's. At least, that's how it sounded to her ears. The man looked very out of place behind a desk, she thought. It wasn't his features, or even the way he conducted himself, but there was something beneath the surfacing itching to come out. Anyone could see it in the way he drummed his fingers absently on the hardwood desk. She waited patiently through the Captain and the Matriarch's exchange. She was, after all, intruding on this whole affair. She felt almost like a cat that had wandered into someone's home out of the rain. She'd been received and acknowledged, but not welcomed. Even so, Halisera had called her 'pilgrim'. It was a casual name, of course, and sounded almost like a joke the way the woman said it. But it was the first time in a long time that someone had given the witch a name. It warmed her heart in a way that Enid could't put into words. Even if she didn't know how to show that warmth (and she did not), it was enough to her to feel it. The pendant had pulled her in the right direction, she thought. “If I may..” she interjected when things were just about said and done, “I'm no beast whisperer, but I have a way with plants and insects, and enough knowledge of both to utilize their natural talents against various creatures. Possibly in ways that would spare us.. you from having to do them harm. That's not to say that I could soothe a charging beast, but I might at least know how to make their homes less hospitable.” She adjusted her hat to sit more comfortably on her head. The entirety of her ensemble was black but for the colorful purple blooms that grew in a band over the brim of her cap. “..Lunch would be nice.” She echoed the matriarch's sentiment, however reluctantly. The witch didn't want to impose (though she had already), but it had been days since her last full meal. Truthfully, she hated other people's cooking, but she was so hungry she could stomach just about anything.
  11. “Are you sure you ca-” Enid said, her voice a little muttered as she tried to keep it down, but it was a wasted effort. Arthur was gone before she could finish and there was such noise and fury from the battle beyond the tree line that it would have been impossible to hear over it anyway. Whatever doubt she'd had about her companion's plan of action would just have to be cast aside in her mind. She turned to Abigail as she reached for her wand once more. “I can do as I did before,” she said, “and hold some of them in place with the roots of the trees while Wolf does..whatever it is he plans to do. I can't hold them all, though..” They were formulating a rough plan as they moved on the gunmen, trying their best to remain hidden among the threes and the brush. The ground beneath them was looser as they moved away from the oasis; harder to manage, but useful in its own way. Useful to Enid, at least.
  12. hey. I’m probably going to have to sit down to post tomorrow after class. not doing good today.
  13. Jesus Christ, I hate that.. They’re working on the entirety of Hennepin in downtown Minneapolis too, and it’s gonna be at least a year. So my bus is rerouted over to Nicolette through construction.. which is fine, except there are certain days of the week that Nicolette is just closed for street shows or the farmers market, etc. And the alternate alternate route is just a pain; my transfers don’t even intersect.
  14. Just curious; I’m a very nosy person. And I needed to pass the time on the ride home. I’m in st.paul, but I frequently work in MPLS and bus in between, which is an hour commute. Sometimes longer if I miss my transfer. Oh, I hate driving in the cities. I don’t care that the bus takes twice as long, I’m not dealing with it. Especially not during road work season
  15. It’s alright. It’s pretty, but I’m kind of glad I moved to the twin cities. I was up there this weekend to visit the cabin tho, that’s why I was thinking of it.
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