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  1. Fort Minor - Believe me "I guess that this is where we've come to. If you don't want to. Then you don't have to believe me."
  2. When Kalmuli stormed off after her tirade, Zeonis looked as if he'd been shot. His eyes grew wide at the realization and seriousness of her accusation, and that alone broke him. She was violated and hurt, and he was the cause of her pain. His unusually cold and angry demeanor rapidly faded, giving way to sorrow and remorse. Sliding from the bed to the floor, his knees buckled and caused him to collapse, sending a loud hollow thud throughout the room. His hair darkened as it fell over his face, hiding it from view. Zeonis could feel the pain he caused Kalmuli coming back to him, welling up deep within his chest. The anger in his heart was eaten away by the feeling of guilt and remorse now. He stared at the ground in shame. Any attempt to recall the incident now was futile, all he could muster now were hazy distant memories of the past night. “I couldn't have done that. I don't remember it all. All I have are small moments of clarity. I couldn't have....I would never... Red...” he peered up at her through his mess of hair, Zeonis' eyes were cold and lifeless now, having changed into a pale blue color. “I guess that this where we've come to. If you don't want to, then you don't have to believe me. But I can't recall any of it.” he voice cracked once again as he choked back a stream of tears. @Kalmuli @Red the Ambivalent
  3. Zeonis studied the gem around Kalmuli's neck carefully while his shockwave faded. Such a simple trinket made into an effective countermeasure against his abilities. The small elven woman held more secrets than he originally thought. If she crafted that gem in the small amount of time Zeonis was in her care, what else could she craft given better materials and more time? Zeonis inwardly grinned at the thought, his mind fast at work dreaming up plans of new weapons and armor that she could create. Kalmuli's words about fate and death didn't phase him. His time spent in the void cured him of his fear of death. He had long since known that there are far worse things than death that lurk in the abyss. He shook his head as he cleared his thoughts and refocused his attention on his former mentor. Zeonis folded his arms as Red spoke, choosing to remain silent. He in fact did notice something different about Red. The way she carried herself changed since they last met. She now held herself in high regard and spoke with an authority befitting a ruler, using the same restraint his father did when angered. She almost reminded him of his mother, one of the few memories to remain untouched by his experience in the void. Zeonis pinched the bridge of his nose as he shot a cursory over at Kalmuli after a while and sighed. "I was weighing the pros and cons to telling you such a thing, you've already shown me that you have no problem invading someone else's mind to get what you want. What happened here last night was two consenting adults attempting to work out their aggression." Zeonis used air quotes as he spoke. "And things got out of hand." Zeonis perched him on top of the bed again groaning as he landed. "Anything else you wish to know Queen?" he said sarcastically. @Kalmuli@Red the Ambivalent
  4. When Red's mind reached out to touch Zeonis', a burst of psychic energy would fill the room around them with enough force to knock everyone off their feet. His power swelled for a brief moment as if to prepare for another blast, but suddenly it receded. Zeonis' eye lids stirred as he slowly sat up on the table, his mind racing at the attempted intrusion by his former mentor. Reactive wards sprung to life within his mind at her continued invasion of his mind, which each ward growing more powerful than the last. With a low growl Zeonis lifted himself off the table and grimaced. His body still sore from the abuse he'd gone through in the void. "It's not nice to invade someone's head uninvited. Especially someone who once trusted you Red." he rasped. Contempt was laced in his words as he spoke. He could feel his anger rising as she lingered in his mind. "Stay out of my head! If you need something from me you can wait until I'm awake and then ask me! There are things in my mind that are private! Things that you have no need to know!" he roared, his voice tearing as he continued. "Do not ever do that again Red! You've slighted me once by placing that silly little backdoor into my mind years ago. Such deceit is unbecoming. Especially from a friend." Zeonis was seething as propped himself against the medical table, his eyes shifting back to their golden color. "It's been far too long since I've seen you Red. I'm glad you're alright." he said gruffly. Zeonis' gaze drifted from Red over to Kalmuli as he trailed off. "And you, I'm surprised you didn't kill me while I slept." he sneered. Zeonis rubbed his forhead in anguish as he recalled the previous nights events. Parts of it remained hazy to him, but he could recall most of what transpired. His face flushed red as he continued to recall the horrific scenes. Kalmuli was small in stature compared to him, but she had a devastating headbutt, and it was one that Zeonis would never forget. @Red the Ambivalent @Kalmuli
  5. For what seemed like an eternity Zeonis was surrounded by silence and the all encompassing darkness of the void world, save for the occasional sound of his own footsteps tapping against the infinite darkness under his feet. Trapped with his own scarred and tormented thoughts, he trudged forward, staring absent minded into the void world before him, each step bringing him closer to his goal. His tattered clothes and armor grew heavier with every step he took, but yet he continued forward. It wasn't normal for someone to walk through dimensions like this. Such travel would be near impossible as only the brightest minds and most talented mages could attempt such a feat. When they did, it was always a short affair, teleports and jumps through this dreadful world. Yet here was Zeonis, slowly making his way through it, an extended stay in this null world. How would someone even find their way into such a precarious situation? It all started with his first attempt at making it back to his home realm via a portal summoned by one of his vassals. Inter-dimensional travel is a strange and fickle ordeal. A single mispronounced word can turn what would have been a fun filled and sunny vacation to your home realm into a living hell. At times it could be a faulty crystal or an outdated formula for calculating planar shifts. Maybe it was an incorrect set of coordinates given to you by a half-dead astrology student suffering from mild psychosis. Or in Zeonis' case; sabotage. Zeonis was one of seven children born to Emperor Vangelis and Empress Cyhil of Ata'ren. Among all of the children, Zeonis was the youngest, and the first to be born into an era of peace. Ata'ren was at war with itself with Emperor Vangelis at it's helm. He considered it a necessary evil, the remnants of the old regime threatened to over throw the fickle peace he managed to establish. Years after his father's victory there were still those who pledged allegiance to the defunct empire and craved vengeance. When word Zeonis' disappearance spread throughout the land, the group seized their chance to strike. Through relatively unknown means they rigged the portals into Ata'ren to malfunction throwing many a civilian into the void realms and beyond. The emperor ordered all portals leading to and from their world to be sealed. Unfortunately for Zeonis, he never caught word of this. On his way through the portal back to his home world he was thrown violently into the void realms where he would remain for an unknown amount of time. Each time the boy would attempt to return home, he would find himself flung into another strange place. One jump led to another and soon Zeonis found himself on another planet. The world around him filled with unimaginable horrors and alien life. It was from that point on Zeonis' memory ceased. Something caused the gap in his memory, and no matter how hard he tried, nothing seemed to make him recall what happened. Zeonis only experienced small pockets of what happened to him during his night terrors. The horrors replaying in his mind were enough to make the hope of sleep a fleeting pleasure. The boy, now turned young man made sure to keep himself awake for as long as possible. He dreaded what lovecraftian horrors he would recall while he slept, the experience of revisiting it alone was enough to send waves of unholy terror running through his body. Zeonis was near the point of collapse once again as he continued his trek until a small miracle occurred, he found a signal. Zeonis was born special, he was born a psion. Gifted with incredibly telekinetic powers passed down through his blood from his mother. The young psion managed to hone his abilities enough at a young age to the point where he could send out his conscious and touch other sentient life forms. It was a form of psionic echolocation if you will. The small caveat to this was that boy was talented but inexperienced. Zeonis could not handle the recoil from such an action. If he touched minds with a particularly powerful psion, it would be enough to render him unconscious. A strange raspy chuckle emerged from Zeonis as he recalled the scene. He had just emerged from a portal into the world of Sigil, the city of doors. Fresh from his escape from home, the boy eager ran out into the open city of Sigil, bewildered and confused by it's strange architecture and stranger denizens. Quick to find new friends, the inexperienced psion followed the trail of a particular group into an alleyway. Zeonis couldn't recall the exact event that occurred, but only the stinging searing pain from him touching minds with every psion in that alleyway. The shock made him fall limp, and when he woke, he found himself in the care of one Red the Ambivalent. From there he would go on to briefly study underneath her and Raven Kanzaki until he departed and ended up in his current state. Zeonis' pace quickened as the source of the signal grew closer with every step he took. He soon broke out into a wild run as he prepared himself to exit from the dimension. His labored breathing increased as he ran, pushing his muscle aching muscle far past their point of comfort. His wild and disheveled hair whipping about wildly and he gained speed. A surge of joy welled up in his bruised and battered chest. He could feel it now, the end of his journey was near. He would be free of this accursed place! Gathering what little power he had left, Zeonis thrust his hand forward tearing a gaping hole in the infinite void revealing another world yet again. At full speed the young prince burst from the rift preceded by an ear deafening bang. Zeonis' landing was harsh and ungraceful as he tumbled and flopped end over end, nearly taking out a group of pedestrians in the process. It was quite a spectacle to behold! Rolling over once more onto his back Zeonis could clearly see the large sign hanging above him. It read: The Kinetic Grille. "I'm free..." he breathed. With his last breath Zeonis sent out a pulse of psionic energy, desperately clawing and reaching for any psionic mind within a 5 mile radious. Before he could even face the recoil he blacked out. Zeonis was finally free.....
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