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  1. Talons and Wings, It's a Witch Thing

    The slender and rough fingers that had clasped Morwenna’s in mutual support earlier, their grip was strong and steady like a rock in a stormy ocean, ached for the same support now that they stood before the dragon. Even if Jadis had spoken to gods and demons she doubted even their wisdom could have prepared them for this conversation. She bowed till the voice and the wind broke the chilling calm of the room, straightening her back as icy water dipped and streaked over her hair. She almost wondered if she should have brought an umbrella rather than a spare pair of gloves. It might have been more practical to be simply cold than cold and wet. “it is a pleasure to receive your name, Chrysanthe.” Might, beautiful and proud. Yes, this was a force of nature semdiented and given conscious thought under the stars. Jadis kept her gaze on the dragon but wished to glance at Morwenna or Ferrah, it would have given her comfort to know she was not the only one who held the creatures full attention. The abruptness made her breathe catch slightly in exhale, Jadis could appreciate the simplicity of the question. But it was treacherous in its answer, give the wrong answer and the dragon could turn them into sculptures or worse. Resoultely, she kept her eyes on the dragon while the ice moaned and submitted to the dragons strength. She could see the two answers she wished to give, weighing them up in her mind. On the one side, she could give the truth and see what the dragon would do while on the other she could pass the question and give an answer that not reveal its location, but this would likely enrage the dragon. Gradually, the scales shifted and gave their judgement. ““But that is the wrong question to ask. Do you understand why we have taken your egg? Do you understand the danger you have put yourself and perhaps your unborn in?” She took a step closer to the bars, bringing herself closer to the beast. “I can tell you where the egg has been taken, but you’ll risk more than your own life. What mother would put herself above her own child?” The words were hard and crisp, Jadis closed her eyes and felt almost boneless. It was up to the dragon to respond now, she turned her head and caught Morwenna’s eye, she curled her lip in a slightly mournful way, like one who had condemned themselves.
  2. Beyond the Mysterious Beyond

    “My duty is to the Pariki.” Persephone inhaled and swung round to release a heaving torrent of opposition to this argument, thankful her tsunami of objections was stalled by the following answer. She snapped her mouth shut and shrugged in a passive sort of agreement. The angry that had boiled so brief and hot, like a sudden eruption, slow melted into wonder as she watched with the awe the transformation of the vessel. She on terms with a few soceers, the odd mage and demon here and there but she had witnessed nothing like this before. Upon hearing the words of latin, those associated with the church, fire, agony and those that bore the holy cross, her body shivered and fear bolted through her like lighting. This only lasted a few seconds before she shook herself free of old evils and watched with wonder and a hint curisosity the change of the armour and the disappearance of the creature. The performance left her with twirling and dancing spots that waltzed across her eyes when her new partner turned back towards. Rubbing against the orbs to clear her vision, she felt all the weight of the task before them. How would they ever find the answers? The path they would tread would be long, tangled and littered with pitfalls. She gazed intently at the demon, mulling over what the best course of action would be to take. Naturally, they would need to leave the residency as soon as possible, a relation, friend or unnaturally interested person could come wandering in at any moment. “We must leave this place immediately, lingering here could place us at the scene of the crime.” It was unlikely that the real culprit would be searched for when any authority could so easily pin the murder to a vampire and a demon found at the crime with a key piece of evidence. It would almost be too easy for them. Smiling cynically, exposing one too many teeth to be a smile of pleasure, Persephone moved towards the crumbling door and motioned her company to follow her. “As you mentioned, we must gain knowledge of this area or perhaps find a person who could explain more about what this family was attempting.” She moved a little closer to her companion and staged whispered her next comment. “Or perhaps tell us more about our dear new friend, Lux.” Giggling in a tone that was unnatural yet resement of a young girl receving a gift, the pair moved onwards through the house. Persephone didn’t travel with much direction or purpose, opening doors without going inside the room, stopping to look at the décor and moving at a reasonable slow pace as she outlined the that weaved together in her mind. “The closes population to this house is Shrine City, located to the north and northwest. It’s a frigid, black and unforgiving place. We shall have to tread extremely carefully for the city has excessively low opinions of outsiders and species that are not on the approved list. Vampires and demons included, we’re probably lower than the mud on their shoes.” They were nearching the very bottom of the once stately house, the rooms were less ormentatal, more practical and dusk. Few furniture remained uncovered with mouldering sheets and light fixtures became few and far between. Daylight still protruded but a candle would have been needed if the sun had not penetrated its light into the gloomy halls. Their footfalls were like thunder in these halls, small clouds of dust occasionally rose. It was a silent as a cript when they finally reached the lowest level. Towards the end of the corridoor lay a few doors, each seemed to have been choosen to suit its purpose. One resembled sleeping quarters, presemble for when the house had thrivened as a place of high society for there faded letters that eluded to ‘male’ and ‘female’ sleeping quarters. Next lay the kitchens, this lacked a door and simple held and large wooden arch with a distinctive feel of disuse and lack of care. She quickly adverted her gaze, she had seen much death in her prolonged existence but she did not want to she what horrors lurked in a kitchen that had been left to rot. The final door was complete with grim glass, wooden slates and a rusted latched that when pulled open by Persephone faked off great orange pieces of iron skin and screeched visciously. Within the room sat pipes, tools, pieces of wood and all pieces of bits and bobs. However, towards a large and almost collapsed pair of barn doors rested a elongated shape covered in a faded sheet with spiders as guards. “When we arrive we should make our way to Soulseeker Academy, if anywhere will have answers it will be there.” She clasped the covering and whipped it back in a dramatic flourish. She never could resist a little showing off. Once the clouds of dust had cleared, a large and ostentation motor car lay ready for them. It was a dark bottle green, open at the top with once plush leather seats and burnished copper plating on the body. It was lovely but conspicuous. “It’s likely we’ll have to make our way in through a back entrance, perhaps along one of the waterways, this vehicle is too noticeable.” And then hope they weren’t noticed by the anyone of rank, Perspehone had heard the tales of the infallible laws within Shrine city and the almost zealous faith of its people. She clamboured into the driving seat and turned to her companion with a smile that reeked of danger and exictment. Similar to when one looks over the edge of the cliff and feels the call of the void, the darkness and the madness. “Are you ready for an adventure?”
  3. Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    I would like to join in too please!
  4. Jadis couldn’t help but look at him as she cast the spell, it was necessary to be looking at the target for the spell to have maximum effect plus it helped with directing any of the rocks. The earth and stones tumbled to the ground as her head started to ache and her stomach withered within her at the invasion of her mind began.She bowed slightly, muttering words of warding and protecting through gritted teeth and gripped at her hair in angry as she pushed and brought up walls to protect herself. “No… Get out…” She was slower in forming mental blocks but the resistance she put up against Zyphren was strong and powerful, like deep waves pushing one back with a current. Memories of her past, wandering different wilds sun scorned plains and deep worlds of wet water that reeked of the sea, casting spells, the call of creatures that she had encountered on her travels and even the faces of a few of her friends flashed past her minds eye. Hints and snippets of her world. “It is rude to go where you have not asked permission.” Jadis spat at Zyphren as she started to bear down on Zyphren’s influence, slow and steady.
  5. Talons and Wings, It's a Witch Thing

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  6. Talons and Wings, It's a Witch Thing

    Jadis dragged her finger over the icy walls, marvelling at the lovely shades of cold and the numbing cold. She pulled her hood up and pulled it round her head to cover her hair and ears, sure they should freeze if left exposed any longer to the surroundings. She sunk looks at Morwenna and Ferrah in passing between icicles and patches of darkness during the walk. The carven inside was equally charming in its combination of magic and the beauty of the wild, however the effect was decreased as Jadis eyed the beast behind the bars. It was similar to a gilded cage, lovely but a cage nonetheless. The dragon herself lived up and exceeded Jadis expectations, such power and beauty. The breath in her lungs came short, her heart having to skip a beat to compensate for the sudden lack of oxygen. Her scales made Jadis want to paint and capture their shades while her movements were so graceful. Forcing down the thrill of excitement at seeing a dragon, Jadis remained impassive with a slight glitter over her eyes while they roamed the dragon’s form. Better take care to remember this was still a dragon, no matter how beautiful its form. She swayed under the sound of her voice, feeling ready to submit to the tune and dance to her strings so matter the request, such a sound. Startled to find when she was within her right mind, her legs had tensed to move closer to the bars. Gazing back at the dragon’s eyes, she wondered how terrible small she seemed reflected in those giant orbs. How horrifically fragile, her gaze moved away from the eyes and too Morwenna. She almost wished she could take her hand for support. Jadis breathed deeply and let back her hood, the warmth from the dragon had made it sufficient to not require it. Additionally, she would like a full view around her when speaking to the creature. While moving her hood back, she let her magic trickle very subtle into the surroundings to attempt to gauge the emotions of the dragon. It seemed far to calm, poised and ready to attack. “Greeting, I am know by Jadis, the Windcaller.” She bowed low but kept her head raised, blood reflecting cerulean. “May I ask your name? I am here to answer your questions."
  7. “It is surprising then that you believe we would trust you after only a few minutes.” Jadis replied coolly, voice full of ice and vinger. She eyed him hard as the fog left, soaking in his clothing and features. She let out a small gasp of surprise at the mention of Worufu being in league with a demon once, the idea was shockingly unexpected. Her head turned and ahse stole at a glance at Worufu and then at Nathen to see how they had reacted to this new segment of information. It distressed her but she herself was hardly prevailing of all good things. She was a witch. She regularly engaged with the darkness to help and bend towards her will. But, she was further distressed by the next piece of information. Whom were they to believe? Worufu or Zyphren? Upon Worufu’s attack, Jadis knew she did would not, could not trust this Zyphren. Her instincts and very soul was repulsed by his presence. Her ears rang and popped following the wave, causing a sharp hiss of pain as her hearing returned. She raised a hand and made a striking gesture at Zyphren. “You would have been better to head my warnings creature, cuka kuravesr su ka kraavae kveresk uk sra aorsr, okkeks ka omd sruka I corr kreamd em srek seka. Ssreda vesr sra aorsr omd sra vemd!” (come forth to me sleepy spirits of the earth, assist me and those I call friend in this time. Strike with the earth and the wind.) The ground trembled and shook, pebbles danced and stones began to roll and raise from the ground.
  8. Jadis coughed and choked on the oppressive scent in the air as it was released, the danger was imminent now but not critical as of yet. She felt like she had just inhaled a handful of burnt incense, it was acidic and highly unpleasant. She moved with Nathen, nodding at him in thanks as she retreated from the pool to stand by his side. She shifted herself into a relaxed crounch and moved slightly to be between Worufu and the illusion. “Indeed, but do not worry yourself over myself, I am capable. If he has not physical form then perhaps he is physically vulnerable or caution to attack us in person.” It was an intelligent to not come in person before he had the measure of his possible oppoents. t, Jadis wondered about their opponent, she stole a glance at Worufu and raised an eyebrow before recalling her attention to the intruder. Her mind relaxed as she let her magic flow freely through her, it would be best not to attempt anything too extreme as the figure did not appear to be hurt by physical objects. “Be gone spectre, you have no power here nor reason to dwell to remain in this place. Worufu is my companion and I will not see him distressed or harmed.” As she spoke, she began to channel her power and let it seep across the space between her and the shadow, probing lightly to see what kind of enhancement or form had been taken. Additionally, her mind began to root down into the soil beneath her feet, Jadis called on mother earth and the rock beneath her feet, splaying her fingers out ready to call upon the earth to assist her. The ground answered and a wordless voice groaned in her mind as old forces shifted and woke at her prayers.
  9. Talons and Wings, It's a Witch Thing

    Jadis nodded and followed Morwenna, filled with apphrension and anxiety about meeting such a creature. It ate away at her like moths on a fur pelt, slowly but surely with each step they took closer to the beast. Maybe they could read the account of the other dragon, giving an real life example could curry favour with the dragon and make it see sense. On the other side of the scale, the dragon could accuse them of trickery which would only fuel its anger more. Jadis mentioned the idea of reading about Luna’s encounter with a dragon to Morwenna and waited to see her reaction. As they approached the cave of the beast, Jadis pulled her cloak tighter and shivered slightly. Her breathe clouded into frosted and transparent clouds and it almost seemed that ice began to dust her midnight lashes as they moved deeper and deeper. Never before had she felt such cold, it made her dream of the summer sun and the burn of a candle in winter’s freezing darkness. The canven was beautiful, beautiful as a snowflake by the stench of danger filled the air. Jadis strained her eyes amongst the harsh light of the blue flame, its intensity unnatural and blurred her vision momentarily when she glanced at it by accident. Where was the dragon? She turned to Morwenna to enquire more about the beast they were to meet. "Does she have a name?"
  10. As they ran, Jadis mulled over her companion’s question. To tell them felt wrong, it would involve them and could lead to awkward situations and questions later. However, not informing them of the plants use felt devious, after a few moments of contemplation Jadis replied to Nathen’s question. “You could say that, they might wish it for its luminescent properties as a source of light or a power source. To be honest, I could not say what their true intentions are. However, I doubt it will be for truly honest purposes such as medical studies.” Jadis shook her head slightly, within military ideals everything was a weapon first and other purposes such as medic always came second. The view was lovely despite the eeriness of the surroundings, the lack of the call of nature put Jadis’s teeth on edge and magic tingled at the tips of her fingers as unease gradually filled her. She had been too few places where no birds sang or animals drank from the waters. They were places of darkness and to be avoided. “Yes, we must make use of the daylight to find the entrance to the caves. The plant will be relieved at night when the moon shines, it will unfurl to photosynthesis the light.” She accepted his hand and climbed with grace down. Her dress trailed over the moist earth as she crossed the area with caution, moving towards the water. Something about this water peaked her interest, she knelt among the ground to examine the earth to look for fissures or cracks and to examine the floral that grew. What was wrong with this place? “Look for anything that resembles an opening, we must hurry.” Light was slowly fading, like sand moving through an hour glass.
  11. Talons and Wings, It's a Witch Thing

    Jadis shivered slightly at the sudden breeze, more at surprise than of any real fear. She smiled and laughed slightly along with the water, enjoying the theatrics of the tower and of the arrival of the book. The book was clearly of Luna’s handy work, the craft and the writing were lovely to look at, like delicate pictures. She nodded in response to Morwenna’s question and leaned down to ease the volume into her grip with care. “Of course but there is no need to apologise, it is a crime that you should have been deprived of the freedom of learning new languages or seeing different worlds.” Anger momentarily clouded Jadis face, she was sickened to think that any leader should hold such restrictive power over their people. The anger brought a spark of fire to her gaze before she took a breathe and the frown that had scarred her face was smoothed over. Shifting the volume so it rested over her forearms, she inhaled and started to read the passage outloud. Her voice was soft and steady, occasionally she would pause to mull over certain words before continuing the reading. Her claret eyes danced over the flowing script. When Jadis had reached the end, she brought her gaze back to Morwenna and offered her the book encase she would like to look at it again. “I gleam from this that dragons are bought into this world at the cost of another dragons own magical power, a tragic exchange. A life for a life.” “Perhaps we could inform the dragon of the dangers of keeping her egg with her when it is ready to hatch will calm her anger and sadness. In a way, it would be protecting her.” Jadis was perplexed by the passage, she wished to know more of the transfer of magic between the dragon and the egg. Could it be replaced? Was it a bond of mother to child? Very curious. “I have not encountered anything like this, what do you make of it Morwenna?"
  12. Beyond the Mysterious Beyond

    She shivered at the wretched state of the ghost, the voice that filled the room with its whisper and the nasty, bone like rattle that the mirror responded with. It was repulsive in Persephone’s eyes. So catch in the voice, she was taken by surprise when the armour came at them as if it would swallow the room whole within its mouth. A gasp of shock and admiration slipped thorugh her lips as she watched the demon command the situation with the grace of a cat. So calm and collected, it was terrifying to see such power used so causally. Her ears picked at the voice, only comprehending its source when the demon showed her the mirror. How strange. it was like trying to speak to someone underwater, Persephone could only gleam what was being said if she concentrated intently, even then the form was still so unclear. Persephone’s eyebrows drew into a tight frown as she tried to look deeper into the surface of the mirror. The words and touch of her companion helped greatly, though it gave her the feeling that she too had suddenly been thrown head first into a frozen lake. She felt like she was floating and began to shiver slightly as the words filtered through clearly as if the speaker was standing in the room. Its story was dark and cold, the light around the room seemed to dim more and more as the speaker continued its tale of woe. The candles sputtered and battled against the darkness, Persephone flicked her eyes to her companion and shrugged wordlessly. Telling her that this meant nothing. It was a story before her time, something that had been lost to the ages or used to frighten children before bed. She had heard nothing but the usual rumour of dark forces rising in some small place or that evil lurked beneath the surface of Valucre. It was always been just a story, a fairy tail. Dark smoke and images swirled across the mirrors surface, flames licked the edges of the mirror as blurred scenes flashed by like a fast moving carriage. Impossible to see the events but the intent was clear. A warning, the possibilities of the master being freeded. The mirror rattled violtently as the images grew more and more violently, reaching a crescendo as a form hidden in pitch night and chains of iron passed across the surface. Then, the mirror calmed and became as smooth and as clear as a winter pond. The reflect just showed Persephone and the demon, Persephone was gaunt and twitching, her eyes reflecting the flames shown on the mirrors surface. “A warning. Most certainly a warning. I never knew such evil lurked beneath the surface of this place.” She gave a bark of harsh laugh and combed her fingers through her hair. “I wish it would all just stay in the pages of fairy tales.” Persephone then turned and faced the demon, determination slowly working its way across her face. “We must do something, I do not know what but we could be the only ones who know what is happening here.” She raised and extended a finger towards the motionless armour on the floor. “That thing is horrible, sickening, twisted and vile. Would you help me to stop it? I wouldn’t be able to do it alone. Lux told us about this.” She tapped the mirror with her hand, bringing it back from pointing at the armour. “Please, I feel like it’s a sort of duty.” Though, not to say Persephone didn’t have her doubts at this “Lux”, they seemed like a very suspicious character. “I cannot do this without your help, perhaps this is why you have been called her.” Persephone gave a slight shrug and waved her hand in a roundabout way. “Perhaps it was destiny.”
  13. Jadis received and stared down Worufu’s glance, not used to looks that cast suspicions or outright hostility while travelling. His look was fleeting but was meet with a pleasant smile that brought a warmth to Jadis’s claret-coloured pupils. Additionally, Jadis nodded her head in thanks to Nathen, pleased to have found such amicable companions. She shook her head in response to his question. “Indeed, I am from a nomadic tribe called the Fanrervonssen.” A hint of saphhire and cobalt brushed her cheeks as she spoke of her people, pride lighting her voice. Pleasently, Jadis shook her hand in amusment. “But that is all I can say for now. I shall tell you more of them if you so wish when we have more time, for now we must make use of the precious daylight. But you are correct, I am not human.” Leaning closer to Worufu, she staged whispered loudly. “I am what is most commonly referred to as a witch.” Leaning back she smirked slightly before adopting a calmer face for Worufu’s next words. “There is no need to apologises.” She waved her hand, dismissing the apology like brushing a stray leaf that had fallen among the folds of her hair.” It is understandable that you should feel different, but do not worry.” She winked at Worufu to reassure him. “The hue of your skin is marvellous, do not be concerned of what others think.” His path into the trees was curious to watch, Jadis watched with patience as he climbed and vanished intermittently. She was tempted to ask what the view was like. Thankfully, there seemed to be progress in the search. Her spirits lifted greatly, ease slipping into her voice like honey, smooth and sweet. “That should be worthwhile, with any luck the mist is rising around an area is raised and will most likely have caves at the base.” Following this, Jadis pondered Nathen’s request. Ordinarily, would have summoned Titan to bear her to the mist considering he was her familiar and was born with a majest pair of wings. But she would prefer to reserve his strength less something arise in the future and she was curious about Nathen and Nova. A decision was reached in a matter of heart beats and she stepped closer to Nathen to accept his offer. “I would be honoured to ride with you.” The air above the trees would surely be cool and moist after the humid and stagnant swirls that creeped through the lower trees.
  14. Jadis nodded and smiled. “Of course, as long as neither of you cause no trouble for me then your company is most welcome. Adventures and discoveries are best shared with others.” Jadis stretched her arms, reaching them up high to the trees and then back down. It had been an exhausting morning and was going to be an even longer day. She had strayed from the search to meet her new companions. “Now, since we’ve all be acquainted and are all following the same task it is time we started to move towards finding the plant. Preferable, towards the caves. From my reading I believe the caves to be below ground, perhaps we should look for any burrows or towards a waterfall to find an entry point.”
  15. Her eyebrow raised slightly at the surprise Nathen showed when she bowed to his companion, perhaps it was a different relationship to hers and Titan, most curious. “It could be, was this light beneath the earth? I am searching for a hive of caves which I have reliable informed the plant prefers to the open light of the forest floor. “Do not worry, I find it it easier to greet everyone equally and worry about giving too much or too little offence later on.” Smiles curled her lips as Jadis run her hand over the wolf’s head in response to his nuzzle, what a charming creature. The only beast she had meet like it was the foxes, half-starved and cunning beasts that roamed a desert she had passed through. Their fur had been thin and coarse and their attitudes towards her most brusque. “I think your companion is a fine one, perhaps I will introduce him to Titan at a later time.” The appearance of Worufu was a small surprise but Jadis was pleased to have found both of the other forest walkers, they were an interesting pair to say the least. She turned and bowed to Worufu and bowed in greeting to him as well. It would not do to be rude to them. “A pleasure to meet you as well Worufu.” She found that saying Worufu, would be much simpler than having to respect the full name. Her gaze roamed him for a few seconds, curious. “You are walking in the Biazo Isles rainforest. How did you come to be here?”