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  1. Hanami - Flower Festival [OPEN]

    She paused as he opened his neck, the madness brief and potent. But it was all too simple, and his willingness only drove Persephone further back. Her nails dragged and cut against her palm, her fangs nicking the inside of her mouth as they begged to be used but Persephone was firm where she thought she was right. Animal instincts perhaps? How blessed she was. His voice was pleasant and soothing, like running water. She cocked her head, enjoying the tones and tracking the progress of the stain over his outfit, goes fae blood come out in the wash? She considered, sparing a glance for the shoulder of her own kimono which had been stained earlier. She would have to get rid of it, the smell would drive her insane or she would have to taste it. Neither would end well. There was no use in hiding such an obvious fact, she nodded, unsure of answering him outright. Who could deny it? She would have given her right arm and left eye if younger and more impulsive. With some time though one would like to think they gained some little sense. Talking to most fae would have you running around in circles. The urge was still very strong, crushing her like a stone, Persephone had only felt such cravings a few times before and that was on the brink of the abyss. Her eyes flashed at the movement, her body crouching slightly encase he went in for a strike. “But that would be far too straightforward. No hunt? No chase? How horrifically easy. It’s almost like you want me to devour you more than I do.” She whispered, smirking a little, a think river of oozy, black blood ran down her chest from a nick on her lip from restraining her fangs. She reached up and dabbed it away from her fingers. The giggle only fuelled her to take another step back. Too calm. The mouse was gone and a now a snake had come forth, just waiting for its prey to come to him. “If you wish to reward me, I think another game some time will be sufficient. Should Gaia favour us with another meeting? Or perhaps a new kimono.” She tapped the blooming flower of sliver blood on her shoulder and gave a tinkling laugh. Still smiling, she swept her eyes over him one last time. Such an enthralling character. Such a wonderful player, she could not have asked for finer. “Congratulations, you are a fascinating opponent. But I believe our time and game has come to an end, should it go any further I might just take you up on that offer. I hope you enjoy the festival.” She bowed and started to weave her way through the snow of pink and fragrance, bringing up her hand to bite down. The pain was good, deliciously dampening the longing for a few seconds. A few more steps, come on Persephone you’re not a complete monster. She bites again, teeth scraping against bone as she bites harder, the wounds would heal without a scar so there was no need to worry. Persephone's concern was leaving the haunting smell of the fae’s blood before it turned her into a frenzied, delirious savage. @Bardic Knowledge
  2. Hanami - Flower Festival [OPEN]

    Persephone barely had to try to follow him, it was like following a trailblazing light through the dark night, the path was simple and clear despite the turns he took. It was too simple, too easier. She ghosted between the crowds, her eyes and nose marking out those who had been marked with the blood and those who had not. Most intriguing play, she licked her lips, feeling the edge of her teeth drag lightly across the flesh of her tongue. A low growl passed her lips, the smell of different lifelines filling her nose. If she could do, her face would be flushed now, bright and rosy with the drop of animal lust in the eye of those so unfortunate to catch her eyes. Her fingers curled and clicked lightly under her long sleeves, begging to be released to tear into flesh and bone, to rip throats and open veins to the sweet fruit. However, each whom had received a cut passed with but a feeling of being watched. Hunted. The fleeting urge to run of the animal instinct buried in ones making. Persephone made it clear to the fence, her opponent at the forefront of her mind, the victims nothing but a passing consequence. Why waste time chasing the others? It would only cause Persephone frustration and annoyance, she tossed her hair as she cleared the beams in a sure jump and wandered between the trees that snowed pink flakes. Her progress was slow and steady, she was sure he was somewhere close by. Her eyebrows occasionally raised at the sight of the marks. I wonder if it was washed off, she thought dully, running her finger over the drying blood, the scent overpowering the delicate blossoms around her. Moving even slowly as she approached, only her kimono shuffled and run over the ground as he came into view. So calm, so at ease. Persephone watched for a time, still as carved from stone. Her eyes never left him, craving his face. A petal drifted before her and she moved. In a blink she was before him, practically standing on top of him. She leaned down, her hair falling from her shoulders and dragging in the wind as she looked deeper into his features. Her pupils were mere pinpricks, her breathing non-existent. She could hear the blood in his body, flowing and took a long breathe, inhaling the delicious, delectable scent at a leisurely pace, her eyes briefly fluttering shut. Every urge was screaming at her, her muscles in her body were tense, ready to pounce ready to move in. She could feel the pressure building. Eat. Consume. Devour. Her lips moved back in a silent snarl, teeth and mouth opening to bite, her fingers poised and ready to hold. His skin looked so delicate, like a flower petal, she was sure it would break easily. Yes. Yes... She leaned ever closer, a low growl purring from her lips. Something inside her fought against that urge, tiny and pathetic. Instinct? Doubt? Intuition? Millimetre by millimetre, she drew back from the haze of thirst and further from him till she stood upright. Her snarl retreated, fading into confusion before melting into a smile. As sweet as a lover but cold as ice. Pulling the note from her sleeve with a hand that did not tremble, it took all of Persephone’s will not to, she dropped it into his lap. This was her move. The flower had not been crushed, the petals still delicate and perfect with the spots of his blood smeared over the folds and blending with the paper. As she studied him, she fought the yearning inside her. The urge was still there, by the sea and sky it raged and cast its wrath inside her. Persephone had never wanted something so bad, just a drop would do. Unfortunately, Persephone knew that the everything the fae did came with a price, she wasn’t read to paid quite yet. She took another step back from him, her pupils widening and her mind slowly returning a small bit of sanity. She cocked her head and smiled wider. It was all such fun! ” Pleased to meet you.” She whispered over the rustling blossom, bowing slightly but keeping her eyes on his. @Bardic Knowledge
  3. Hanami - Flower Festival [OPEN]

    Persephone’s teeth almost hurt at the sight of the mountain of white crystals piling up upon the bar, to say she was not seething with curiosity would have been a blatant lie. She kept her eyes on his motions, pupils following the mixing with rapped attention as the note was gradually unpeeled. Her eyes moved from the note to gauge his reaction, sweeping over his face and looking back in the eyes without pupils. Definitely not a human. Her mind was thrown back to the homicidal expression that had been captured in his face earlier when the façade had fallen, it was frozen now in her mind. Her face remained soft, a small curve to her lips as she returned his gaze. Almost a smirk, a most interesting opponent indeed. When he moved to drink, Persephone returned to admiring her surrounding, her nails lightly tapping a beat into the varnished wood beneath her cup. The tinkling sound of breaking glass catch her by surprise, but it was nothing in comparison to the rest of the sight of fresh, following blood. Persephone’s body, so languid and soft went arched and tense, her eyes widening with the pupils contracting rapidly to form small pinpricks. Her breathing intensified as she inhaled the scent of the blood, different and far more complex than what she had thought would run in this creature’s veins. She cast a glance to the spill, marvelling in its shimmering under the sun as her opponent made his move. She returned the smile with ease, more amusement filling its shape. Then she returned her gaze to the table, watching the note be placed but remained motionless under his touch. The scent of blood was intoxicating, potent as if she had breathed in the scent of a flower from the bud itself. When he removed his hand, her form came to life. One hand moved to collect the note and the other to press two fingers against the stain on her shoulder. Upon pulling her fingers away, she rubbed them together, seeing how the blood moved and felt upon her skin. Strange, most strange indeed. Not another vampire, most certainly supernatural. Fae? How very unusual. Persephone didn’t think she had ever played against a fae before. Casting a long look at his figure as he moved, she retrieved the note, beaming as she read his answer and slipping inside her sleeve. She let her hands fall together in a slow and gentle clap as she slid from her place and moved to follow him. As she walked behind him, she wrote another riddle on the back – I can follow you for thousands of miles and not miss home. I do not fear cold or fire, and I desire neither food nor drink. But I disappear when the sun sets behind the western mountains. Who am I? - P She folded the paper into a small square and picked a small blossom as it fell from the air, tucking it inside the note, watching for the best moment to move her own piece across the board in their delightful game. What could he teach her? @Bardic Knowledge
  4. Hanami - Flower Festival [OPEN]

    Persephone would have liked to be fully immersed in the festival, however, there was a slight itch under her skin. A tickle at her back and continuous flashes of pink and purple at the corner of her eye. Someone was following her, whom she did not know. Stretching out her arms and giggling quietly, she rejoiced inactivity. She did not fear being followed, to Persephone it would be a delightful game, let’s play she thought quietly. Her head turned slightly to the side, anyone looking at her would catch the soft and wicked smile, the glint of the sun on her lips and razor-like fangs. How delicious, Persephone loved games of all kind. Following these amusing thoughts, Persephone walked slow and steady, admiring the festival in all its glory till she found something else to capture her attention. A flash of red and the smell of cranberries permeated her nose. Breathing deeply her stomach did a small flip, reminding her to eat properly. Upon reaching the stall, decorated with small tables and a long bar at the front upon to reach one's drinks, the drink turned out to be Hibiscus tea. Persephone was momentarily disappointed with the beautiful crimson liquid that was not the delectable plasma that she sustained herself with. Instead, when she had ordered, she received a glass cup filled with steaming dark magenta liquid. She had risen the glass to her lips, the liquid almost touching her tongue when she remembered her follower. Smiling, she ordered a second glass of the tea, receiving a strange look from the vendor who complied and then placed it at the very edge of the bar on the other side as an invitation to her new friend. To know their identity so soon would have been a disappointment Persephone thought, they might wish to try this strange blood coloured but not real blood looking tea. Following this rather dramatic play, she settled herself at the other end of the bar and drank the steaming liquid with relish. The heat scalded her tongue wonderfully and the flavour was quite sharp and tangy, giving Persephone small shivers. It was so different to the raindrop cake, enjoying the sourness she refused as a sweetener and slipped it away rapidly. During her zesty drink, another idea came to mind to intrigue her follower. Standing and pushing away her empty glass, she called for a piece of paper and a writing utensil. In flowing script, she wrote a small riddle onto the page and then passed it to the vendor, a small cold coin slipping alongside the note and the request to pass it to her friend if they should accept the drink. Should they come to accept Persephone’s invitation and drink the tea, the vendor would hand them the note upon which was written – Hello, would you like to play a game? I climbed a cherry tree, where I found cherries. I didn't pick cherries, nor did I leave cherries. How did I achieve this? - P (If they should not accept the tea or the note with the riddle, the vendor would remove the tea and return the note.) Laughing to herself softly, she ordered another cup and settled back down to drink it, this time cold to see the variation in flavour. As it turned out, Persephone preferred the tea hot overall. She wondered if her new friend would like the tea as well. @Bardic Knowledge
  5. Mount Ariadne

    Jadis had been deep within her mind when she felt the surge and channelling of power from Luna within the mountain. It reached her as she walked through a sea of minds and waves of thoughts. Her body was sitting crossed and stone like in her room, the first sign of life was an increase in breathing, previously non-existent, to a flick of an ear as the sounds of rambunctious conversation whispered from below. The pull of the others, the feeling of wishes to be among them was so unexpected that it draws Jadis back to her physical form with a start. Bloody pupils rolled back into place and the candles around her room lightened from their dim glow to a bright flick as she returned. Picking herself up, stretching first as she limbs protested at the sudden movement from long hours of motionless dreaming, Jadis hesitantly opened her door and listened to the music floating up the stairs. Taking each step slowly but surely, she let herself be dragged by the pull and soon came to the entrance of the tower. She let out a soft gasp, her eyebrows raising in surprise at the beauty of the inside combined with the surplus of scrumptious foods. Her nose twitched, inhaling a variety of delicious smells that made her mouth water. She wanted to sing, dance and talk to with and to all those gathered here. Stepping out into the fray, she started to weave her way towards those gathered around a loud and animated person. She caught sight of Morwenna and smiled brightly as the moon, moving forward to introduce herself to the others. They looked lively and most amusing. “May the stars shine on our meeting, I am Jadis, new to the coven but eager to become one of you.” She bowed low and formally.
  6. Talons and Wings, It's a Witch Thing

    Jadis pondered the dragon’s words as they moved out into the mountain from the frozen dungeon that was the dragons home. The words had certainly given Jadis food for thought and she intended to research into the matter thoroughly. Perhaps they would be able to speak to others on the mountain? Above all else, Jadis was more and more curious to see the gg that was causing all the fuss. What colour was it? Was it round? More oval? Flittering around her mind like small insects, persistent and annoying, Jadis gave a sign of ease as they cleared the exit. She felt her muscles relax and drain, weights had been lifted from her shoulders now the eyes of Chrysanthe no longer burned with their freezing cold upon her. Taking a few minutes to listen to the night, she turned to Morwenna and offered the witch a smile, listening to her soft sigh. She looked troubled and Jadis agreed with her feelings. “I believe a little break is allowed, perhaps a cup of something strong to fortify us. Afterwards, we could go and look into the mysterious egg.” She offered the invitation to both Morwenna and Ferrah, tucking loose strands of her hair over her shoulder and rubbing her fingers together to chase away the chill of the tunnels.
  7. Foreigners Wanted! [Norkotian Missions] [FULL!]

    I'm moving more towards doing mission 3 if that would be possible. I don't mind doing both though.
  8. Foreigners Wanted! [Norkotian Missions] [FULL!]

    Awesome! She would be excellent for a bit of murder and mayhem. I was considering using my character persephone!
  9. Foreigners Wanted! [Norkotian Missions] [FULL!]

    Thank-you! Definitely mission 2 and mission 3. But would a vampire work in those settings?
  10. Hanami - Flower Festival [OPEN]

    Persephone had meant to have wandered further into the festivities than now, currently, she resided on a wall just below another sweet and flowering tree lightly prodding the most abnormal desert she had ever seen. In truth, she had no need to eat, felt nothing from it but she could still taste the food of the living. On a journey as ever, she could have hardly been less entranced by the sight of something that looked like a droplet of water that had been suspended in time. It would have been a crime to not try such an experience. Catching a lock of hair that threatened to invade her desert as a strong breeze played with it, she poked the blob suspiciously with her spoon. She had to admire the beauty of the creation, the flower inside looked perfect as if it had been plucked from a tree just a few seconds ago. She had entranced by the strange wiggle it gave when she shifted her hand, eventually giving into to temptation and purchasing one after gazing at the food for a full ten minutes at a stall. Raindrop cake? Appropriately named, Persephone pondered as she dusted roasted soybean flour and dripped an amber that smelled strongly like sugar. Here goes nothing, she stabbed her spoon into the blob, enjoying the texture with immense satisfaction as the curve of the spoon glided through its surface. Raising it to her lips, she inspected it one last time before putting it in her mouth. Hmmm, the texture was most unexpected. Or more accurately the lack of texture as the drop simply disappeared into her mouth, truly like eating a raindrop. The slight crunch of the soybean and the sweetness of the syrup added to the experience. Within a few moments, Persephone had finished the delightful substance and was forced to lay down her spoon. Such a fleeting experience, much like the blossoms that bloomed. Her shoes knocked on the ground quietly as she jumped down from her seat above the crowds. Moving back into the fray in search of more delights and experiences she disposed of her now empty packing and let herself be dazzled by the festival.
  11. Valuce: Breaking the Fourth Wall

    The rocks tumbled from her hands as she clamped her hands over her ears, shielding them momentarily from the savagery. Her eyes closed as well, crinkling shut in an attempt to hide from the horrific yells of Kodiak. In a second thought, she was back on the assault, small nicks and cuts starting to appear over her fingers as she hurled the assorted pieces of sediment at the creatures. The sharp nicks that stung when they hit the air and the violence before she brought tears to her eyes. Abigail feared direct confrontation, imaging in her head that she would be glorious and powerful but in reality, it was just sickening. Would it ever end? How long had they been fighting? It seemed like hours, days even years since the brawl had begun. Her body froze up as the snarls and higher barks of the whelp as they attempted another attack. The whelp was not fully grown, but its teeth were well formed, and its brown eyes showed no love of humans. She was food. She was going to be dinner. She stumbled back, flight mode kicking in too late, blood roared and pumped in her eyes. Silence descended on her like a blanket as she watched that wide and snapping jaw close in, her breath sounded in loud and oppressive. She tripped again, tears leaking down her face, her hands shaking so badly that the rock fell from her grasp. She was only food for this creature, dinner. The stench of dead animals and death suddenly hit her, throwing her back to her senses and releasing her voice to scream in terror at its approach. She threw up her hands, curling into herself to make her body smaller. Smaller. The snapping and the snarling were still there, shockingly she couldn’t feel her arm or leg being chewed upon, no skin being tore or bones being crunched upon. Her cast her gaze from under her hand, only to be met with the infiltrated view of the whelp as it was denied its next meal. The ferocity residing in its big chocolate eyes was unbearable, Abigail scrambled back further from its jaws and reach, making a frenzied mental note to thank Kodiak if they made it out of this alive. Their chances seemed to be improving, the pack seemed to sense the shift in momentum following the capture of the whelp. Abigail’s eyes flicked between the shrieks and snaps of the creature as it struggled and the reasoning of the pack as it thought out its next move. She scrambled to her feet after a few minutes, smearing some dirt on her face as she hastily wiped away the tears that had formed. She would be no use sitting on the floor like a child, it simply would not do. The swing at the plant-humanoid still made her flinch, the sound was incredible. Much more real and violent than in action films. The crunch of impact and the smack of skin as the creature hit the floor heavily. The newcomer surprised her even more though, joining them alongside the other woman and Sho'Horo. He looked a horror-struck by the events appearing before them. The flash and slight crackle of electric left the creature shuddering on the floor. The whiff of ozone, all of the hairs on Abigail’s arms standing to attention as she smelt it. Blinking rapidly, she thought she saw the other woman join them as well. Turning rapidly in a circle she scoured the area to see how the other woman was handling the situation, she had seemed a little better when they left.… But… She was just there. Abigail would have sworn in court and before a judge that she had been standing close to her. A frown furrowed her brow and she pinched herself on the arm. Not dreaming. Did she hide? Abigail’s mouth opened and closed, should she call out? Had she fallen down a rabbit hole? “What the in the seven hells…” Abigail whispered quietly. She almost wanted to reach out with her hands and swirl in a circle. Questioning her own sanity, a most questionable thing to do, she reasoned that if the woman had hidden it was probably safer to not expose her encase the wolves went on a last-ditch attempt to kill them all. Sho'Horo’s words and shouts echoed out in the clearing, jarring Abigail from the cross-examination of her own mental state to the present. She started to move towards them warily, should the creature of the wolves make another attempt, to calm the situation somewhat. “The wolves and the plant thing attacked Kodiak! It was only self-defence, we had to come and help him fight them off.” Her hands were raised slightly, like those when one approaches a frightened animal. “The creature could call something even worse if we don’t hold it down or defeat it.” She approached them slowly, moving herself so she was slightly in front of the other guy (@Hurttoto) and Sho'Horo. @Fennis Ursai @Hurttoto @Akako Akari @P.N.See
  12. Open 4now: Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    Life got in the way, how dare it. Posting will commence early tomorrow.
  13. Open 4now: Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    Tomorrow I will post! Post. Post. Post. Post. Post