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  1. Talons and Wings, It's a Witch Thing

    The bow was returned with a fluid motion, light dancing across Jadis’s features as the shadows shifted with motion. She nodded slowly and remained quiet, peering round to look into the tunnel. The wind pulled at her curls, they lapped at her neck and tiny chilly beads of ice frosted her lashes in microscopic patterns. She bowed her head in thanks, humour winking in her eyes at the tone used. For sure, she did not wish to go into the tunnel any more than anyone else did. She bowed again from the neck in thanks, meeting the gaze of the orc steadily as an mountain being blown by the a howling wind. Her smile slipped beneath a feature of calm consideration, she wondered at what could have caused the first attempt to fail. Dragons were tricky and manipulative creatures, but they were not as cold as some of their other reptilian cousins. “Please, take me to the other witch.” She replied, it would be the best course of action to learn first-hand what had happened. She judged that the orc would not be in a particularly friendly mood and thus returned her emotions to cold neutral. Used when discussing with people of irritation or disapproving family members. Perhaps they could brain storm ideas on what to do or be able to talk to the dragon again. Jadis reached up to re-arrange her hood, feeling overly warm in their heated surroundings. She couldn’t hear the dragon moving or anything at all, not a good sign. The calm before the storm. “Why is the dragon so distressed? What has been done to help to appease the creature?” She asked, Jadis wanted to have some stock of the situation before facing the beast. Perhaps it was due to the beasts captivity, she couldn't image the suffering of being cooped up inside rather than roam free. She turned and started to scan the area, looking for the witch they would meet and hoped they would move on to find her soon.
  2. Valucre Holiday Special

    Wow! Super festive and sounds like tons of fun! Could I please be part of the fun? :)
  3. Beyond the Mysterious Beyond

    The immersive heat and beast that entered sent chills down her spine and made her icy skin tingle with the brushes of light and magic that pulled and wavered around the creature. However, she could not, would not remove her gaze from it. It was beautiful yet terrible sight, the screams and dreadful rattling of the spirit were pitiful. “The armor is puppeteering it. Look it at now.” Her gaze moved to the wretched face, hints and glimmers of real emotions, human emotion shifted behind its wracked features. Pain. Fear. Hopeless. Instinctively, Persephone sympathized with her, nails biting into her hands as she forced herself to look down into the mouldering floorboards below her feet. The feeling of being trapped behind ones skin, it was one of the worst imaginable in her opinion. “It won’t be long before the armor regains control, we must find a way to detach it permanently from the spirit. The Pariki won't be able to frighten it to the same degree twice.” She nodded mutely and meet the gaze of the demon with steeled, fiery determination blazed in her depths like the fires that burned in the dark winter months. “The armour will heals itself if we attempt to remove it from her body physically, perhaps we should attempt to crack or scratch the mirror to see if it affects the banshee.” As if aware of their conversation, the banshee howled louder, features slowly becoming less violent. “However, should the mirror break then it could cause further problems…” Muttering quietly, Persephone murmured out her ideas. “Most supernatural are repelled by things of the earth due to the fact that we are an anomaly and so mother earth rejects our presence…” Her fingers tapped her chin, the skin on her lip slowly but surely knitting back together. The night was fading, casting a milky sort of light over the room as the moon dipped and strained to show its sliver radiance to the world. Stealing a look at the windows and back to the demon, she swore she saw something in them like recognition. Peculiar. She cocked her head mutely, perplexed by the sudden flash of something that seemed so alien and human on her companion’s features. Shaking her head to dismiss the thought, she moved closer to the window and gazed intently at the frame rather than the world outside. The beast and the banshee seemed to be reaching the end of the confrontation. Shuddering only slightly and its features only twitching on occasion, the banshee started to edge slowly up and to the side of the beast. It tested the boundaries, the armour wrapping and hooking itself back onto the spirit. "Do you vampires still burn in sunlight?" Persephone paused for a moment, considering the question. “I guess you could apply the phrase of ‘’some do, some don’t”. I find it unpleasant to be in direct sunlight for extended periods, some burst into flame. I’m sure if you left me long enough I might start smoking. “Flicking her hair, she gave the demon a dark smile. “I haven’t had the pleasure of being staked and left in the sun to roast.” Reaching out, the tip of her forefinger grazed the window frame lightly as a feather. A sharp tingle, almost painful shot like an arrow over the surface, her the edge of her nail splitting and twisting. “Yes!” She gave a joyful little clap and ducked back as the banshee sprung and started to twist and whirl round the room in a frieze. Smiling with menacing glee, she pointed to the windows. “The house is so old it’s been made with cast iron frames, if we could use the iron to peel off the iron or distress the spirit enough so the armour detaches itself from the host we will be able to defeat it.” Turning, she sized up the windows, wondering how to detach the frame.“Iron is an ore of the earth, thus harmful to the supernatural!” She indicated her twisted and broken nail. Only a touch could do that, her bloody smile reappeared. “Shall we give it a try?”
  4. Traveling Group

    Excellent, thanks so much!
  5. Traveling Group

    Hello, could I join in as well? I have a warrior character who'd I love to get do some travelling.
  6. Talons and Wings, It's a Witch Thing

    She had a certain dislike for ash travelling, probably because it was by far the most vexing when one found clumps of ash in their inner pockets weeks after. However, travelling to the Ariadne was impossible in the presiding climate change. She shivered as the world of flames and dust rose and swirled as she pasted through fires, candles and smoking hearths to her destination. Yes, she was close, the world was less shades orc grey and she could feel the surrounding temperature begin to penetrate her. Icy. Biting, chilling wind that wormed into the folds of clothes and tunnelled through the thick leather of shoes to freeze the host to the bare bones. Already, she longed for the blistering heat of rocky Mountains in the summer solstice and the dry air of the coastline. However, a summons from Luna was not to be ignored. As a newcomer to the Sisterhood, this was to be her first mission. Her fingers brushed over the dry parchment of the note sent, now slight creased from residing in the folds of her inner pocket. She had read and re-read the note before making the arrangements to within the next turn on of the moon. Briefly, she had been instructed to travel to Ariadne to assist with the emotional state of a dragon they had kept within the walls. Jadis received the impression that the creature was in a violate state, sympathising with the beast that would have naturally roamed free, she pushed and encouraged the journey to be shorter. Personally, she could not approve of keeping beasts such as dragons indoors, but as she did not know the full situation she would keep her sharp tongue in check. Gradually, the clouds of dust, orange lights and ash parted which foretold of her arrival. There was a faint clunk and a hiss as the flames parted. Her vision was blurred, dancing lights across her vision from the flames left her dazed but stable. Stepping lightly out, her boots scuffed lightly on the rocky ground of the courtyard, voices echoed in her ears while the warm light of touches glinted in the corner of her eyes. Reaching up with one, she pushed back her hood and the other she rubbed her eyes, blinking out the acclimated grim. It seemed a merry place once she could see properly, people and animals engaging in all manners of interaction with flowers and many lights to give it a home feeling. Unsure of what to do now, she had only visited the lower parts of the mountain when she had been a wandered. Even then, she had remained close to the lowered level as the mountain was also a site of volcanic activity. This made it unwise to venture too far back then. Curious. Very curios. She opened and re-read the summons, checking to see if there was anything that could help her further. Nothing. She bit back a stab of annoyance and moved into the crowds of people in the courtyard, pushing further and further inside. She occasionally tapping on their shoulders and asking about the dragon within the walls. Few helped but some spoke that they had seen a witch and an orc, an orc with skin the colour of stone gems and a witch who was praised to be skilled at talking to creatures. Slowly, she circled the courtyard till she found the orc that she was looking for, unfolding the summons she approached slowly and gently tapped the orc on the shoulder with a gloved hand, wrapped in sandy coloured fur of the desert fox with tough leather to keep her fingers warm. “Excuse me, would you per chance have been dealing with the dragon within the walls of the mountain? I have been called on my Luna to give assistance as my first mission.” She remained silent after the question, patience for a reply and a smile and warmth in her features.
  7. Beyond the Mysterious Beyond

    Her long nails scratched absently over the clouded surface of the mirror as she nodded mutely to the words of the demon. She met the gaze of sunshine without the hint of the sun’s fearsome heat with steady acceptance, but the silence was heavy and made her feel itchy within her own skin. Attention lapsed, she barely catch phrase, luckily most hear things and react before seeing them. She dived forward, clutching the mirror to her bosom like a newborn and rolling out to face the enemy. Swiping the dust that had clothed her eyelashes, she snarled and hissed like an enraged serpent at the ghost. Fangs ripped their way through her gums as the assault began in earnest, Persephone gave a slight hiss of pleasure at seeing the supposed woman like presence injured but this soon turned to irration as the wound closed. How could they destroy it? Did it require magical elements or a ritual to banish her? Her mind whirled like the particles in the air through the blood lust haze. Her grip loosened on the mirror as it shock and rumbled mysteriously in her hand, meeting the bleached and moulded gaze of the banshee she realised the object. The mirror almost slipped and fell to the floor, a hush of voices, incoherent began to moan from the mirror with every inch the banshee hurtled closer. Persphone clutched the mirror in one clawed hand and crouched low to the side, levelling her arm to the side. It was just like a game of catch, only slightly more life threatening. Adjusting the weight of the mirror, the voices issuing small cries and seemed to becoming ever so slightly heavier, she flicked it towards the demon in a wide curving arc around the banshee. “CATCH!” She snarled in a gravely voice before the banshee collide with her. The banshee’s piercing screams echoed through the room as the Frisbee like mirror slipped through her fingers towards the demon. Persphone near prayed that she would catch it, she hated to think what would happen if they dropped it. Probably release all kinds of nasty. Pesphone turned sharply on her heel, meeting the banshee, blows were exchanged as they wrestled in a beast on beast fight. She clung to the banshee, crawling, hissing, scratching and shredding bits of bark from her body, however the banshee gave as good as she received. Howling and digging she elongated claws into Persphone at every opportunity.With multiple lacerations received, she threw Persphone over her, Persphone tumbled and crouched once more, spitting blood from a split lip and at the creature. Once again, the banshee flew round the room, hunting for the mirror. Although, her movements appeared random, it circled around the windows as if it could not approach them. Edging backwards, Persephone started to move closer to the windows to see what was so interesting about them that caused problems for the banshee. “Is this creature from your world? I have not seen anything like this in mine. Then again, it has been a fairly unusual day.” She smudged dark, blackish blood across her chin, wincing as her hand tested the remains of her lower lip.The banshee lowered and hovered closer to the pair, circling and screaming infrequently as if planning rather than directly assaulting them.
  8. Jadis the Windcaller

    Name: Jadis the Windcaller Visual Age: 23 Age: 98 Ethnicity: Unknown Race: Tribal nomad, witch Alignment: Good Gender: Female Class: Middle Physiology: Looks can be deceiving with Jadis, but above else know that she's balanced and clear-headed. Of course she's also courageous, courteous and innovative, but those are often overshadowed by tendencies of being irritable as well. Her sense of balance though, this is what she's most popular for. Friends frequently count on this and her responsiveness whenever they need cheering up. She has plenty of dark days as well. Her desperation and destructive nature risk ruining pleasant moods even at the best of times. Fortunately her clear-headedness shines brighter on most days. Hair: Black, vaguely curly hair Eyes: Rich bloody red with yellow backgrounds to highlight the unusual colour Height: 5’11 Voice: Steady and slow Build: Slim and powerful Condition: Blue skin, horns and ears like an animal, regal status Background: She came from a rich tribe of the nomadic people, the Fanrervonssen’s, endlessly travelling. While young, she soon displayed her powers of the sight and her deep connection to the earth around her. Naturally, she pursed this till adulthood, now travels the world helping and investigating. Unlike her native and scattered people, she does have a small home which she frequents to recover and categories her finds from her latest travels. Furthermore, she also has joined and shared knowledge with a sisterhood, joining a movement outside the tribe something that was scarily heard of before. The unusual life suited her greatly, invigorating her with the knowledge of the outside world which was inaccessible within the tribe stuffy traditions. Clothing Long dark brown cloak, the hem embroidered with stars and runes from her culture Underneath her cloak is a long drapery watery coloured dress, this is simple in design Rings of a dark twisted cooper adored her right and left middle fingers Skills Ash Teleportation - The ability to teleport across short or long distances through ashes. Body Insertion - The ability to physically transfer a person into someone else's heart and mind. Calling - The ability to call or summon inanimate objects into one's hand at will. Catoptromancy - The ability to see distant people or places through mirrors. Channeling - The ability to take control of and use the powers of others Conjuring the Elements - The ability to conjure and control the elements of earth, fire, wind, water, and even lightning. Cursing - The ability to enchant an object or person, and produce highly negative effects. Dream Leaping - The ability to project into peoples dreams and manipulate them Enhancement/ cursing Glamouring - The ability to change appearance to look like another person by creating an illusion around the user. Hypnosis - The ability to put someone in a submissive trance. Illusion Casting - The ability to create illusions which alter the victim's senses and perception of his/her surroundings. Nature Enhancement - The ability to augment, grow or bring back to life plants. Necrokinesis - The ability to cause instant death. Necromancy - The ability to manipulate death, spirts and the Undead. Portal Creation - The ability to open portals to parallel worlds, dimensions, or planes. Possession - The ability to control living beings by entering their body. Potion Making - The ability to make potion Petrification - The ability to turn beings or objects into stone. Releasing Repression - The ability to tap into other people's repressed emotions and absorb it, freeing the suppressed emotion. Spell Casting - The ability to cast spells. Soul Containment - The ability to contain souls of the dead in Crystals, balls of white energy or fire. Touch of Death - The ability to kill other beings through a touch by burning them from the inside. This power is triggered by hate. Transformation - The ability to manipulate reality and transform organic and non-organic objects according to ones desires. She has a familiar named Titan who she won through a game of cards when passing through a travelling circus. They had an extremely rocking start, being of the uncertain types it was hard to establish a clear relationship. Eventually this worked out and now Titan is her best friend, part of her family and her noble steed. He is part deity, forgotten in name but Jadis wonders if he was connected to a wind deity due to the remarkable wings that sprout from his back. Weakness: 1. Salt water from the deepest part of the ocean. Damages as acid 2. Ladders, cannot pass over or under them 3. Iron weapons due to the warping of the elements 4. Other curses/spells 5. Poisoning 6. Old age 7. Death due to destruction by the elements 8. Drowning in large bodies of water
  9. Thank you for posting in the Cold South and Shrine City.

  10. Beyond the Mysterious Beyond

    Her fingers glided over the edge and across the murky surface as she listened to the mystery figure without interruption. She agreed whole heartedly that it was out of place, but then with the whole scene taken into account, she further considered that they should search further into the once happy home to see if anything else remained. Her coldness was not shocking, Persephone couldn’t say herself she had the bleeding heart for every unfortunate occurrence to befall humans. But such a resolute feature of stone, it spent small shivers down her spine. Something she had not experience in a decade, perplexing but invigorating. “A child? Do you believe it is been stolen or taken the over the child’s body?” She approached the crib, not touching the quilt for she was not especially partial to children herself. She found it a depressing that people would choose to raise a life that would be brought into such a hideous world. She nails made a slight scratching sound as they dragged over the worn surface. What a pitiful existence for a young soul to exist. Perhaps the child would be better off with whatever had murder its cares, considering its crib. Her eyebrow cocked up at the question but she shook her head, hair waving gently like leaves in a summer breeze. “No, my theory is that the ritual failed, bring two beings to this place. One being you and the other whatever stole the child and turned the house into a butchers shop. I believe they will be back, from this most likely.” She waves the mirror slightly in her hand and used the other to push back a few run away strands. “We should move. Call and report the authorities that there has been a murder and then leave the scene.” Persephone had no intention of explaining why, how or filling in the paper work that came with murder investigations. “The child is not our problem, would you like to come with me? We could take some of the books here, take them to a local soccer and try have them identified. That would lead us to what the family was attempting, a way to find the killer and a method hopefully to send you home.” She gave her a sweet smile, all teeth. “So, are you feeling up to a little adventure friend?" She winked fleeting and offered her hand. "Will you join me on this quest to identify this mysterious object, catch a murderous being and then go home?"
  11. Beyond the Mysterious Beyond

    The climax of the hunt usual came with the meting of two forces, the frenzy of the fight and and the chilling of the killing that followed was the typical scenario. In the final room, she entered and paused, her emotional state and physical returning to that of the dominant beast. Slipping back into slumber. The air was heavy like a cumberstone and there was the oddest sensation. It caused the fine hairs that graced her long, willow neck to rise as Persephone stood inside. She felt almost robbed of an ending. A song without a final versus. She could not deny the room had a particular charm, a sought of delightful decadence that had rotted away over the years. Her hackles rose in response to the voice, smoothly, she turned to face her speaker. Upon meeting the form that resided, Persephone was forced to observe caution and the freezing silence in which time proceeded in the next moment. What was it? The entity appeared to have a female form, but its face had an unearthly quality that was slightly terrifying. Such a form was not part of this world but another. Persephone’s orbs of pink drank in the form and face with a sense of awe and fear. She doubted she would be able to forget the face that he beheld, so lacking in emotion yet the intent was clear. Her inhaled, foreign smells assaulted her as much as the unknown form before her. Was that brimestone? Moving back a step to gain her own space, Persephone held up the mirror, keeping it close however encase the form should attend to take it by force from her. “I do not know, it was discovered as I was searching the house when I entered. It was an object of curiosity, I believe it to be a mirror. And yet…” She stroked the frame, the eyes gleaming back as if they would blink at her touch, so real. The metal was smooth as the water that ran from the frozen peaks, pure and icy beneath her own bloodless fingers. “It does not feel like anything I have even held before.” Returning her gaze to the speaker, she gazed with intent, observing the features more closer. “Now it is my turn to ask a question, would be so kind as to tell me why you want to know what this is? Does it held special significance to you? You gaze upon it as though it held all the secrets of the world.” She cocked her head in interest, the mystery of this place continued to manifest further and further.
  12. The Cardwell Masquerade Party

    Her eyebrows quirked and raised, swapping her gaze between the conversationalists. She eyed the changes in Malea countenance. Was she laughing? Was there something funny going on? Lana shifted from one foot to the other in agitation but the hand on her shoulder was calming, she stopped fidgeting. As Malea’s reply came, Lana's mouth dropped open. Then promoted stuffed her fingers over her mouth in attempt to hide her hilarity as they made a haste exit. Once they were out of sight, she burst into laughter. “Oh my goodness! I can’t believe you said that!” Calming herself with slow breaths, she made shooing motions to the other women inside, all whom made a quick retreat out of the bathroom. “Without a doubt, we are screwed.” Lana shrugged and checked out her surroundings before she suddenly danced back. “Something is coming out from under the door!” The door is melting. That was Lana’s first thought upon seeing the moving substances make its appearance. “Perhaps the bathroom was not the best choice.” She was not a big fan of stuff that moved with an oozing motion, since walking into a slime demon a few years ago she had developed a healthy fear of oozing substances. Additionally, fighting in close quarters was not her area. It gave her little time to prepare and to cast spells which would have high impact. Backing up against the wall, she gave a sharp whistle by blowing though her fingers, summoning her shiki. Exorcised spirits that she had captured and controls now as familiars, they had limited power but were flexible and required limited power to summon the four spirits to her side. “Is this what comes after being totally screwed?” She gave Malea and a weak small smile. “Don’t worry, I’m sure we can handle this.” Yes, confidence Lana, that was key to defeating things in all shapes, sizes and textures. The shiki slipped through the walls in balls of white, fiery light. They whizzed around the room like tiny, angry comets and hurled themselves at the substance that moved across the titles in attempt to delay its progress. Meanwhile, Lana gazed around the bathroom for an escape route. “They won’t be able to do much for very long. Should we try going through the door maybe… But that would make a monstrous noise and be very noticeable….” She muttered quickly, brainstorms ways to get out. It was such a lovely bathroom, very well decorated and terrible place for fighting or making an escape route.
  13. The Cardwell Masquerade Party OOC

    Hello! I'm going away from the 28th-15th on a driving/camping thing, my apologises. I'll try to get internet access where ever possible but if I don't get a chance to post within the time limit that's the reason why. Thanks for reading.
  14. Beyond the Mysterious Beyond

    Persephone was at her last patience, and being part of the undead she had masses a large reservoir of such over the centuries she had watched friends fade and governments crumble. But finding this house was pushing her to the edge of the cliff. “Turn right and just follow the road into the wild, don’t worry it isn’t far.” The words of the letter she had scrunched in her pocket haunted her in mocking tones, she could almost hear the writers laughter faintly in her ears. Again, she wondered why in all her years she had been so irked to take on this job. The money was of no consequence, but the thrill and change to the monotony of endless life meant one took up some usual hobbies. This time, she had been given a tip-off by a local neighbour that the house she was attempting to locate was situated on a well of magic. Persephone had been commissioned to collect and gather information about areas that boosted a concentrated resource of magic beneath the earth, due to the violate nature her current status as a vampire meant she was ideal for the post. However, this had led to her current problem, trudging at vampire skills along a road in an attempt to locate a house on damn-nowhere-lane in lost-as-hell-shire. It would have made the blood in her veins boil if her had a heart left to pump it round her body. After hours of wandering and multiple curses to the heavens, hells and useless of transport links, Persephone was greeted with the welcome site of a tumbled but majest looking estate. Long field and winding paths greeted her in a welcoming manner, combined with the sinking sun that cast its golden hues over the property, it was an idyllic scene. A great pity, for as she came within a hundred yards of the house the acid smell of smoke, the dizzying scent of freshly split blood and powerful hit of ozone post-magic use took her to a standstill. Breathing heavily, she let her lids close over her purple orbs, inhaling the sweet scent of the blood of humans, well this could put a damper on her visit. Many dead, both male and female. Candles? Burning? Magic? Ritual summoning, foolish mortals. Persephone licked her lips, her fangs beginning to push through her gums, the intoxicating scent of life force pulling her them out. Licking her lips and regaining her composer, she marched into the house, why knock when it smelled like everyone inside was dead? Upon entering, the house lay in darkness. Beautiful, frozen and reeking of the stench of death. Delicious. Ah, humans, they kept on surpassing her expectations in their recklessness after all these years. Giving a slight cough in order to regain control, instead of letting the demon underneath her skin to persuade her to go feast on the corpses, she called out quietly and listened for any movement. “Good evening! Is everyone dead? Hello!” Twitching her ears, she padded slightly into the home, catching the tones of breaking glass and movement upstairs. The killer perhaps? Or something else? Now she was inside, the smell of the salt and the itching sensation of presence of religious artifices made her want sneeze and run her nails across her skin to rid the sensation. Hateful people, summoning rituals, clearly inexperienced. She had little sympathy for those who dabbed in the darkness without fully understanding what may be released due to their meddling. Quiet as the night air that wrapped around the house, she reached the landing and held her sleeve up to her nose and mouth till she could breathe without coughing. Upstairs, the center of the summoning was along here. The air itself sparked and cracked with residual power, undisputed it would be dangerous. A failed ritual was a disaster in many forms. Additionally, something or someone was also emitting their own power. Cocking her, she listened for a few moments. A grandfather clock tickets and chimed in loud, sonorous tones downstairs. It informed the remaining occupants of the house that it was six o’clock, After it had finished six chimes, Persephone’s extended fingers were already brushing against the heated and charred door knob of the furtherest door at the end of the hall on the left. The wood of the door had been blasted and the heat clung to the frame, along with the smell of death. Something was behind this door, letting her fangs and nails extend, she pushes open the door with the tips of her fingers. It’s a mess, and not in a good way. She had seen worse, but the sight of such slaughter still pulled at a long dead heart within beneath her bones. Sighing, her crossed inside and examined the damage, careful to avoid the salt and the items that had been knocked the ground in the chaos if they should be blessed. Never hurt to be careful. One time, a demon circle had been drawn beneath a carpet in a library, she had been stuck for four hours before someone was able to remove the flooring to break the circle. Glasses crunched under the heels of her boots and the soles were soon smeared with cognately blood of the bodies. Upon examination of the floor, she intensified two things. First, that there was the not enough feet for all the foot prints in the floor, there was a pair leading out in a haphazard manner which would suggest someone else was doing the summoning and had since fled and there was another set that were more recent. The smears around had not yet dried and the movement was more graceful, not human. “What did you pull out with this summoning?” She whispered quietly, cracking her neck in the silence that followed. Shrugging and sauntering from the room, a wink of light snatched her attention. The golden beams of the setting sun reflected off a smooth reflective surface tucked away in a corner. Prowling like a kitten approaching a ball of string, she crouched and dragged a small mirror out from under a chair where it had been dropped. It was little smudged with dirt and blood, but the features were breathe taking. Rubbing over it with her sleeves, she eyed the peculiar design with caution as smoke flittered across the glass rather than presenting her with a reflection. Finding it a little distributing to look at, she tucked the glassware under her arm and continued her journey from the room into the hall way. Now, she thought, to see what or whom has been left behind. Inhaling, though this wasn’t necessary considering she didn’t breathe anymore but it was a habit, she shouted loudly into the dimly corridors. “Ready or not here I come!” Perhaps a little childish but it was excessively effective. Growling loudly, the breast of the vampire raged in the opportunity to hunt. She charged through the rooms. Pushing and rocketing through doors at blinding speed in an attempt to take anyone inside by surprise. (The mirror that was found.)
  15. The Cardwell Masquerade Party

    Lana nodded enthusiastically in response. "Exactly! Like something out of a horror or a mystery novel when the heroes discover hidden rooms." Perhaps she had been reading one to many books in her free time. But who didn't love a night in with a book? Almost as good as a night of thrilling adventure and danger. Ideas without danger were not worthy of being called ideas at all. A shame there was nothing hidden, it would have been terribly exciting. "Each to their own when it comes to secret rooms." Lana replied, shrugging in a quirky manner as she followed Malea. The indoor jungle took her Lana by surprise. Huh, someone is a serious green thumb. Lana smiled and wandered through the floral, occasionally smelling and stroking a brightly coloured flower or the texture of a protruding leaf from a pot. Returning the smile, Lana gave her a shrug. "Your call." Personally, she rather liked both of the chooses plants. In the almost never ending sea of pots there was something quirky. But that had a mission at hand, she nodded at the choice to leave poor Steve behind and gave a small wave goodbye to the little leafy one. Then she hopped and skipped out of the room after Malea. It was delightful to be surrounded with so many different people, though Malea words have Lana blushing fire and rose over her cheeks. Giggling in a slightly embarrassed way, she tapped her chin in a thoughtful way. "Maybe something like Blue, or Percy. Percy the plant has quite a nice ring to it." She smiled at Malea and turned her gaze back to the wondrous building to search for more clues. Upon the arrival of Mr Farenhide Lana jumped in surprise and moved closer to Malea. Lana tried to signal the need to move quickly through force of will by staring intensely at Malea. A smile plastered on her face after she had concealed her surprise. The voices in her ear also worried her, were they going to be slowly caught one by one? Oh dear, oh dear.