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  1. @Tyler Thanks for having me, and I look forward to the possibilities of being called upon!
  2. The reply was almost swallowed by the static of the device, rising and falling like the waves of the ocean. She gave a low curse when the message was finally over, pushing back the sudden wave of tiredness and whispering words that she might fail in this final stretch to leave the compound. The night air came as a breath of the sweetest scents, washing over her body like a comforting brush of a friend. She was one step closer, each step brought a little more awareness to her body as she wandered almost drunkenly through the turning alleys. Everything hurt, everything was screaming at her to lie down and not to rise for a full turn of the moon. Hyeok was a great help, without a word she almost draped herself onto his form as they moved through the streets together in shuffling stealth. It was a near miracle that they were able to reach the warehouse without incident. When they were reunited together, she stole a look at her companions. Well, now to be ex-companions. A fond smile crept over her stained mouth, she was going to miss them to be sure. Swaying back and forth, she gave them a fleeting wave before listened intently to the end of the man’s speech and bowed her head in respect to him. Truly, this man was both terrifying and magnificent. Like a master puppeteer, he had pulled at the strings one by one, everything working towards his favour. “Thank-you, I look forward to the honour.” She wasn’t sure how truthful her words were, but she was curious nevertheless. Stepping forward, she took her case and exchanged a handshake with Hyeok. “Good luck, I hope if we are to meet again it will be on the same side of the gun.” She murmured, smirking and giving one last wave before she moved outside to merge into the darkness. So long, Norkotia.
  3. Sounds delightful, I'll have one by the end of the night!
  4. The weapon was so small, it was almost insulting that he had attempted to use such a pathetic piece of machinery upon her. Please, do not be so rude. Her fingers grabbed over his body, clambering up the withering form as she enclosed his body with her limbs. Such a loud creature, her fingers enclosed around his shoulders. The rest of her body pressing him into the ground, leaning her weight against him as she watched his enraged features, light with the fear of one facing the inevitability of their death twist in agonised throws. How many had he put in this position with but a flick of his wrist? How many? She gave a low cackle, drowning out the last of his pleases she laughed louder and louder. “Ah yes, the richest man in Norkotia. All that money and look where it has gotten you.” She leaned up close, almost nose to nose. Perhaps it would appear to another like a tender moment, close enough to kiss the squirming human beneath her. “Die with some dignity.” She murmured finally, then she snapped her head down and enclosed the thrumming veins beneath the shallow skin on his neck and pulled. The rich sound of skin tearing, combined with the hot legions of blood that sprayed forth was like music to her ears, the slow garbling chokes as her victim began to drown was a sympathy. She took a moment to watch him die, spitting free skin and torn muscles as he gradually stopped consulting. Each moment was savage bliss but soon the show was over. When the final little hiccups of death sounded, the vampire’s shoes were already knocking against the leader, her fingers curving around her radio as she climbed back the surface. “Mission complete, now, where’s the exit?”
  5. Persephone gave a low giggle, overhearing a few words of the conversation, enough to glean the meaning from it. So, their little cargo was about to experience an adventure? How positively delightful. Xore gave a low grunt from the girls’ reply, lumbering on ahead lost once more to the simple pleasures of the world surrounding him. Pildor took pity, moving closer to explain the crypt and somewhat ominous state issued by their bulky companion. “Xore may look like he is brought for his strength and size, but he has the ability of the second sight. On occasion, he brings forth little tips and possible futures that will affect us. Some are good, some are bad. But rather it’s whether we intend to act upon them that gives them a consequence." He hummed lightly and turned to scan their surroundings. “A most puzzling statement, you may be assured however that his words are true and honest, there is not a dishonest speck of dust inside his heart.” Pildor enjoyed poetic ramblings, often boring the group to sleep while he droned on about the beauty of a waterfall or a simple leaf tumbling across their path. Two birds flit past them momentarily, bright beads of bloody red clasped in their beaks. They flash blue and gold in the light of the day, swirling around the walking group like a feathered wind before disappearing into the hedgerows. Pildor watches them, disappears for a moment into the hedgerows and returns momentarily his own hand pocked full of little jewels. “Would you like one?” He asks, Glanduil eagerly stepping forward from her place and accepting a few before marching off into the forest. The berries glitter with tiny flecks of melting dew surfaces begging for a taste to be taken.
  6. Welcome, it was tons of fun and a really excellent story to experience.
  7. Thanks, I'll have something out in the morning!
  8. @Tyler I am perfectly happy for canonization to commence!
  9. @Tyler No worries, that's fine!
  10. Help? Yes, do scream a little louder. A little higher. Fabric and flesh tore under her fingers as she dragged him down like a siren pulling a sailor down to the dark depths of the cruel ocean. There was no one here to help him, no one at all. She indulged briefly in this little game of cat and mouse, slithering up his form and finally delivering one last brutal punch to knock her opponent out cold. If he stayed down, or succumb to his injuries, it didn’t matter. Persephone merely desired the weapon that was clasped between his fingers, she preferred the old-fashioned way, but any means necessary as the target got a step further from her every moment. The weapon was still warm under her own icy fingers. She yanked it free from her opponent and took a leap down the manhole after her prey. Rather like following a scent, she scurried after him, hoisting the weapon with her finger curved on the trigger. If she could just slow him down, then she would be able to finish him off. Then, finally, she could escape this nightmare. She raised it as she ran, eyes flickering in the darkness as she watched for any sign of movement. “Come out where ever you are…” She hummed quietly into the darkness, picking up ammunition lifted from her previous opponent and loading it up into the weapon as the flash of a leg whipped around the corner. It fell into place with a satisfying sound as she catches him within her sight once more. “Found you.” She called, opening up the weapon with a single squeeze as of the trigger. She hoped to incapacity, mostly for her own pleasure, but she would have been happy to hit any part of the individual.
  11. All posted, I am sorry that it is a little shorter than normal, quite a busy week over here.
  12. A loud hiss of vexation escaped her fanged jaws as her prey slipped through her fingers once more, she kept on pursuing him to the best of her abilities. Springing into space, she choked momentarily at the sudden hazy of chemicals that filled the air. The darkness after the well light compound was astonishing. First, she heard the clang of her Wenig’s feet as she descended, then the sharp clink and explosive sound of the weapon breathing out its terrible lungs the hail of bullets. One clipped her face, slicing open her forehead and another catch the top of her right air, warm blood running like a stream down her neck to stain her clothes as she threw herself to the ground. More balls of metal passed overhead, hugging the metal wall behind her as she rolled across the floor and then shoot forward, dodging this way and then to attempt to knock into the mercenary via his legs. She was done being careful, too much time had been lost to consider a plan of stealth. Hissing and snarling, she clutched her fingers around the man’s ankle’s and gave it a vicious upright tug to drag his body upwards from underneath him. Another praise for her supernatural strength that she could even consider to attempt this.
  13. I'll post up in the morning, please excuse the delay.
  14. It was a beautiful thing, chaotic in its appearance as people ran to and fro in utter madness. Like someone had sliced the head off a chicken, the people who had appeared so poised and confident the day before ran around like they were headless. Flapping, clucking and shrieking at once another as the carefully constructed plan was carried out with the efficiency of a conductor commanding his orchestra to the climax of their performance. Persephone realized in watching it from the sidelines with glee, here and there new disasters and mayhem would come to term. Beautiful, she sighed happily and then skipped forth under cloak and hood to the sweltering space that was the decaying rubble of a ‘house’. There was even a new infestation of some description since they had last been here, she inspected the walls, looking for new growths of life attempt to cling to the rotating surfaces. Charming. But, their payment served to distract very well from the state of their surroundings. Nothing glittered quite like gold and silver in the morning. She fingered them, testing their weight and lowering them into a black bag of canvas to assist in their transportation. When spoke to, she rose her head and bid each of them a dazzling smile and a cheery wave. However… It turned rather sour at Cutter’s words, perhaps even a flash of teeth as she scowled after his retreating figure, may the Gods smile upon him if he was so unfortunate to ever cross her path in the future. The bars clinking heavily behind her shoulders as she turned and extended her hand to Gisela. “It has been a pleasure, may I hope the heavens afford us with the honour of working again. Your work was excellent, safe travels?” She offered finally, smiling widely to her companion in a sad farewell.
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