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  1. Jotnotes Puranetto Ueivuzu Big Boss Ghastardly Robbie Rotten @TheWilySpookster
  2. Final Fantasy 14 just because of the varied settings and the multitude of characters that come together and interact throughout the world. Although I can definitely sense hints of skyrim or Dark souls as was mentioned earlier.
  3. I'm glad you enjoyed it Pura. Since my entire post is already a giant jojo's reference, I might as well continue with the theme. @Robbie Rotten
  4. That post might be my longest yet. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did writing it.
  5. Their voices, those of his allies, Sage could hear them now as consciousness began to pull at the edges of his mind, but only faintly. To Sage, it sounded as if he were listening to them with his head was submerged in water, what's more, every syllable they uttered threatened to be drowned out by the terrible thundering of a looming monstrous presence. Sage's wits came back to him slowly now as the Philosopher struggled to reorient himself and finally opened his eyes to the world around him. He could see that he was now lying on his stomach upon the cold earth beneath him, but the memory of how or when he had ended up prostrate and unconscious escaped him for the moment. Everything was far too hazy for Sage to remember on his own, in fact his body was urging him to just close his eyes again and rest as his eyes lazily surveyed the area around him. Athos could see a few of the individuals he had accompanied down into this dark land from where he was lying, all them quite anxious about something. For a moment, this only served to confuse him further until his vision began to focus more and suddenly the hulking frame of the Kaantus came into view. Sage's eyes moved up towards the beast's fierce eyes, still burning with hatred for these invaders who have trespassed upon its territory. The eyes of the monstrous creature standing over him and the smoldering malice harbored within them were quite familiar to Sage, and more than enough to remind him of how he came to be in his current state, "Ah... I remember now... you did this to me..." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Moments Earlier The radiant white arc of lightning had leapt from Sage's metallic palm and lashed the exposed back of the Kaantus to what appeared to be devastating effect initially. The point of impact from where the massive amount of electricity had diffused into the body of the beast visibly bore the fruits of Sage's voltaic assault in the form of the charred and cracked scales, the most physical damage that had been caused by the hunting party's efforts since this heated conflict began. Perhaps it was the sight of these marred scales, or the beast's high-pitched cry of pain that caused Sage's ears to throb, but for the briefest of moments Sage's spirit became lifted and a ray of hope for overcoming this monstrous creature became visible. Yet this moment was still brief and the reality of the situation caused by the actions of Athos would quickly begin to set in and stamp out whatever delusions of a quick victory the Philosopher might have had; the good fortunes he had experienced thus far in this battle were about to take a turn for the worst. In spite of the fact that the scorched path of scales may have been the first sign of any external wear and tear on the monster which had appeared to be invincible until now, it quickly became apparent that Sage's bolt of lightning had earned him very little ground in this fight in spite of the monster's muscles spasms and pained roar induced by the electrical surge just a moment earlier; The Kaantus was still standing, and wasted no time in turning its eyes towards the source of the pain it had just experienced, eyes which now appeared to have been turned crimson with malicious intent and fury focused directly upon the man it saw standing there. For a fraction of a second, Athos was caught off guard by the fact that the Kaantus shrugged off the bolt of lightning. Thankfully, Athos was able to quickly shake off this state of shock, falling back on his original plan of action and taking a fighting stance. However, it was then that he noticed it, the heaviness in his movements, and it was this sluggishness that made him realize he had made a critical mistake. The generating and directing the flow of an artificial arc of lightning had required a massive exertion of energy and focus, an exertion which Athos had not prepared his body for in the slightest beforehand. As a result, the sudden haphazard gathering and expulsion of such tremendous electrical potential had left the body of Athos in a near exhausted state just as he became the center of attention for the Kaantus' ire. Unfortunately, Sage didn't have a choice but to fight now as the monstrous behemoth began its charge straight towards the man who had made himself such a nuisance to it. Gritting his teeth, the soldier prepared to receive the Kaantus, having no choice but to attempt to follow through with his original plan as his aura continued to thicken around his clenched right fist. Luckily the current situation wasn't all bad for Athos, the plan of action he had set up seemed to be falling into place without flaw as the Kaantus quickly began closing the distance between the two, he only needed it to get a little closer so that he could take advantage of its magnetized state and deliver a decisive blow to the beast. However, rarely do things ever go exactly according to design. The Kaantus, in its rage and desire to kill Sage as quickly as possible, used its powerful legs to close the distance almost instantly with a massive jump. Of course it jumped, Athos thought to himself as he saw the gargantuan frame of the beast hurtling towards him at break-neck speed, removing any opportunity he might have had to utilize its magnetized state. What's more, the Kaantus left only the narrowest of windows for Sage to avoid the crushing blow it returned to the earth with. Sage's lethargic state didn't do him any favors here, perhaps nearly costing the Philosopher his life as he just barely managed to sidestep the monster's downward swipe aimed for his shoulder. Had he been without exhaustion, Athos may have been able to avoid any repercussions from the beast's wild assault, but he moved to slow to fully escape the impact of the Kaantus' heavy swipe. As it's massive claw met the earth, the stone of the quarry's floor shattered, sending rubble flying away from the point of impact as well as an abundant cloud of dust. The power of the collision was enough to cause Athos to become unbalanced for a split second while the dust choked and blinded him. It was the perfect recipe for disaster as Sage struggled to regain his bearings, and was caught between the decision of diving for the ground with his magnetized left hand to attempt to use his electromagnetic manipulation to pull the magnetized Kaantus to the ground and hopefully create and opening for a counter-attack with the thickening aura in his right hand or going for the immediate counter in the hopes that the Kaantus' head was now low enough for Sage to reach. Athos would decide upon the latter, but by then it was too late... Sage's legs had been swept out from under him before he even realized what was happening, and he barely had the wherewithal to tuck his chin in an attempt to minimize the whiplash of what would be the first in a series of vicious slams that he would be subjected to. With each violent impact, Sage weakened further, until he finally lost the strength to resist the thrashing the monster was subjecting him to and his head met the cold stone beneath him. It was then that Athos began to drift away into unconsciousness, left with only the sensation of a mysterious presence manifesting right behind him before feeling as if he were beginning to slip free of the Kaantus' grasp. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now The memories came back to Sage in a sudden maelstrom, and with them the realization of just how monstrous this Kaantus truly was. Athos had taken quite a few beatings in his life time, but few had ever been so severe as the thrashing this beast threatened to administer, something that Athos realized his allies were becoming quite familiar with as his gaze began to drift away from the monolithic frame of the Kaantus. Though the creature was still being buffeted by their efforts to offer any type of resistance to its advancements, much to the beast's annoyance, bodies were already beginning to pile up. Behind the Kaantus, Ominas lay prostrate surrounded by the toxic needles expelled from the carapace of the Kaantus, meanwhile Sage could also sense the aura of Somar nearby, huddled and obscured within the brush as he tried to recover and lend aid from afar. However, in spite of the group's sacrifices and gambles, the Kaantus was only getting angrier, more ferocious, even more dangerous, and though its would-be hunters continued to grab at any vestige of hope to fell the creature they could find, the situation seemed to only be deteriorating. Maybe there was never a chance to begin with. Athos thought to himself privately. Were we that in over our heads then? Was there ever hope? Sage's thoughts began race for a moment, until finally he was overcome with a sudden sense of calm, No, it was my fault for making the mistake of trying to fight this monster head on. As Sage continued to ponder the situation inwardly, his mind began to become foggy once again and his eyes grew heavy. What were you trying to prove? That you didn't need Shogun or anyone else to fight someone like that man? That you could shoulder the world by yourself? What a foolish delusion, you're just a soldier destined to die in a hole just like this. Sage continued to drift further away, his sense of self fading as he began to lose perception of the world around him. Before his eyes finally closed though, he would gaze up into the eyes of the beast looming over the battlefield, still, if it took this abomination to finally kill me, I suppose it wasn't that bad of a death after all... The ominous visage of the of the Kaantus would be the last thing Sage would see before the lids of his eyes grew too heavy to hold open as his mind descended into darkness. To Sage it would feel as if he drifted through the shadow of his own subconsciousness for an eternity, but it was likely only a few moments before a blinding light pierced the abyss, chasing away every shadow and forcing Athos to shield his eyes, until a familiar voice rang through the air and spoke to him, "Sage, why...?" The Philosopher's eyes widened and his expression became that of a man confronted with a phantom as he lowered his arms to see a single figure standing before him with a face he knew well. "Ce-Celise...", Sage's voice nearly cracked, betraying his struggle to hold back his own emotions and the tears which threatened to pour for the first time in years. The frame of the woman standing before the soldier was quite noticeably lithe and shorter in comparison to Sage as she approached, her bright red hair flowing past her shoulders as she approached Sage, raising a hand and placing it on his cheek as she stared up into his eyes with a small but pleasant smile. "Celise... I've missed you so much. It's been so long, I'd almost forgotten what you're face looked like." Sage's expression of shock finally began to shift and a smile stretched across his stony demeanor as he lifted his own hand to grasp hers, but just then her own smile began to fade as she spoke to Athos once again, "Why Sage? Why did you give up?" It was then that Sage's expression changed to one of horror as new features upon Celise began to become visible, "Celise... what's going on?" A small line of blood began to pour from the corners of the woman's mouth prompting Athos to back away in confusion, allowing him to see the gaping stab wound soaking her shirt with blood as her hand fell away from his face. "Did you forget why you were fighting in the first place? Did you forget what happened to me? To our daughter? Or are you choosing to turn your back on the promise you made?" "No, Celise I-" Sage began, as he continued to back away, the weight of the burden of his oath and the memory of the phantom he was confronted with now becoming familiar to him once again, but his words were cut short by the sound of something metallic shifting under his feet. Looking down, Athos barely had time to register the sight of Masamune, the sword wielded by a man Athos had come to know over recent months, now shattered and trampled underfoot, before a new voice addressed him, "I'm disappointed in you Sage." Standing beside Celise now was the one man who he had met that felt just as alien as he did in this world of Valucre, a man who went by the moniker of "Fedora Shogun", and possibly even friend. However, his appearance here, now, was anything but a pleasant shock to Sage, "Shogun? Why... How are you here? What in the hell is happening!?" "After everything we've sacrificed, you decide to throw away your life and all of our efforts to the wayside just so that you can take a nap while people are depending upon you?" Shogun's gaze was stern, the fire and conviction burning as a part of the swordsman's very being quite apparent in the gleam of the samurai's eyes and would have been more than enough to censure Sage without Shogun ever saying a word, but the Fedora wearing samurai wasn't done just yet. "You have forgotten your purpose!" The Shogun continued, pointing an accusatory finger at the Philosopher as Sage diverted his own gaze towards the ground, "I haven't forgotten anything damn it. I remember why we were fighting, but if I can't even fight that over-sized monstrosity, then how could I ever stand against Lucian?" "Those words certainly aren't those of the man that I met in Coconino Creek.", a new voice interjected from behind Athos, prompting the soldier to turn and see none other than Avvercus, his arms crossed and glaring at Athos with what was obvious judgement, "I last thing I expected from you would be to just lie down and die after the insurmountable odds we overcame together, but maybe I was wrong about you, maybe you aren't a survivor after all." "First Celise, then Shogun, and now you Avvercus? What the hell is happening!?" "Don't you remember Sage?" Celise said before Shogun suddenly interjected once again, "You forsook your oath, your purpose for having come this far." "You said you'd never let what happened to Celise ever happen to anyone ever again as long as you could stand," Avvercus began once more, "But are the lives of everyone depending upon you so easy to forget now that that beast stands in your way? Are you content with the death that Petros will surely sow in your absence?" It was then that a cacophonous symphony of voices began to cry out as more and more specters materialized and desperately clamored towards Athos, their voices mingling together as they advanced upon Sage, pulling at his clothes and threatening to overtake him. "Sage, why did you give up!? You could have saved us, but you abandoned us to him!" "The women, the elders, the children, he didn't leave any alive in our village, and you could have stopped him!" "Why weren't you there to save us Sage!?" "Don't you remember your promise!?" These were some of the cries that Sage could make out, each of them cutting to his heart as more phantoms began appearing until the voices were indistinguishable and their cries deafening. "Stop! I- I can't save all of you! I can't even stand against that monstrosity, let alone Petros and his lords" Sage shouted back at the legion of souls in a desperate appeal as they began to try to pull him under the massive wave of panicked bodies crying out for him, gradually forcing him down and blotting out the light with their smothering presence no matter how much Sage struggled as the horde forced the Philosopher to his knees, seemingly consuming him with their begging requests to be saved , being dragged down further and further until he was once again surrounded by shadow. However, soon the voices would begin to fade away as Athos descended into the abyss, and the heavy weight of their grasp would begin to disappear until he was left alone once again in an endless void. "Did you even stop to consider who you might be leaving behind by dying here Sage?" Celise said, her voice reverberating through Sage's own mind just as the sound of soft sobs began emanating from behind him. The soldier was almost afraid of what he might see behind him at this point, but something within him compelled Sage to turn towards the source of the crying, to see what phantom had chosen to visit him next. However, Sage could have never expected what he would see. Another familiar face had evidently come to visit him, that of the woman who had dragged his body from the river bank in Coconino Creek and saved his life. "Eva." Her name was still familiar to Sage, despite having not seen her since that night so long ago. Now here she was knelt over and sobbing tears onto a ripped up black leather trench coat, his coat, and Athos didn't even have the courtesy to say goodbye in person before he left. He had thought that he was protecting her and Avvercus at the time, but now he just felt like a jackass as he sat stood there clenching his fists, staring at a phantasm of the woman that he owed his life to. But then, Sage noticed something shifting in the darkness behind her, and a familiar presence lingering in the abyss around them. However, it wasn't until those glowing, crimson orbs appeared from the darkness like sinister twin stars in an empty night sky, the eyes of the man who had become the bane of Sage's existence. "Lucian..." Athos spoke his name, the syllables rolling off his tongue like venom as the fiend's figure stepped out of the blackness and began encroaching upon the small miqo'te girl. "Lucian!" Sage exclaimed with wide burning eyes, fury building in his voice as the metallic digits of his hands began to audibly groan from the strain of Athos clenching his fists tighter and tighter. Finally, Lucian extended one of his pale hands towards the head of Evangeline, a malicious grin adorning his visage as he inched towards the hapless miqo'te. This was all it took to Athos over the boiling point as arcs of white lightning began jumping along the length of his arms and from his body as he let loose a mighty roar... "LUCIAN PETROOOOS!" Clenching his fists, Sage rushed forward towards the image of Lucian as his entire right limb began enshrouded with blazing white astral energy before the Philosopher delivered a strike possessing devastating power with everything he had behind it into the center of the fiend's mass, intent on tearing him asunder. Then, without warning, just as Sage's fist came into contact with the chest of Petros, the abyss was shattered by a sudden blinding light. Sage's fist did not meet flesh and bone, but stone as he finally returned to consciousness, shattering the ground beneath him. Sage's eyelids were no longer heavy, and the fog that had once glazed over his silver eyes was gone in lieu of piercing determination. "I refuse... I refuse to die here in this pit!" Athos proclaimed, slamming his fist into the stone once more before finally beginning to lift himself from the earth. However, with the sudden resurgence of lucidity came the emergence of pain from his wounds inflicted by the Kaantus. Sage's entire body screamed, and his head felt as if it would split open any moment. Perhaps anyone else might have been content with sinking back to the earth and passing back into unconsciousness, but Athos continued to push himself from the ground, his entire being set on one purpose: fight and survive so that he could fight again. That was all he had known since Celise had died, and he had devoted whatever life he had left to waging a personal war to make sure that no one would ever suffer as he did, to make sure that he lived a life that served as a shield and sword for those unable to wield their own. This was a man entirely devoted to a personal crusade from which he could never retreat, and he would most certainly not stay down so long as air filled his lungs and he possessed the strength to stand. So, slowly he climbed upwards, rising to his knees, then to one foot, until at last both feet were under him and supporting his weight, albeit shakily. "I refuse to let that beast be the end of me! Not when there are still people counting on me to fight! I will not be felled by this mindless monster!" Sage thundered, his voice carrying across the entire quarry like a battle-cry on the eve of war. Finally, Sage would straighten his legs and stand at his full imposing height, lifting his gaze from his legs to the monstrosity that he and his allies still faced. The Kaantus.The beast had already taken its attention off of the Philosopher, foolishly repeating the mistake of not ensuring that Sage was dead and in turn sealing its own fate. The monster's wicked gaze had come to settle on Ivas now as the young swordsman attempted to utilize the puddle of "slick" William had covered the Kaantus and the surrounding area in, wrapping his coiled sword around the legs of the beast and pulling with all of the might he had available to get him near the roaring furnace of the smelter at the very least. It was a desperate struggle, one that quite possibly required Sage's aid if the hunting party was to have any chance of success. However, though Sage was standing up straight and seemed to be ready to reenter the fray, the injuries to his body and head in such quick and brutal succession had taken their toll. If Sage attempted to take a step, it was certain that he would only end up falling flat on his face once again, which meant that he was unable to lend Ivas his strength for the moment. The Philosopher could only lend his aid from the distance of where he was standing, and in a manner that was timely as the Kaantus began to encroach upon Gainworth with malicious intent, its muscles flexing under the seemingly impenetrable carapace that covered its body. Nevertheless, with every suit of armor, there was always a weakness, no exceptions, and after fighting it up close, the Kaantus' weaknesses were plain to see. It's joints, its eyes, its mouth, they were all holes in the super beast's invincible facade, but Sage only needed to exploit one or two for now, and he knew just how to do it. As the Kaantus lunged forward to tear Ivas limb from limb or perhaps even ragdoll him just as it had done with Sage, four gunshots reverberated and echoed off of the stone within the quarry. In Sage's hand he held his pride and joy, a revolver so large that no normal man could ever hope to fire it accurately, a weapon he had affectionately named "Big Bertha". Smoke billowed from the barrel of Bertha, the last remnant of the four bullets which she had sent flying from her chambers towards the monstrosity which had advanced upon Ivas. Each of these bullets was already sizeable, but with the explosive heads they each possessed, flesh and bone would be blown away like leaves in the gale of a hurricane, and each were aimed with near inhuman precision, a consequence of Sage's familiarity with the weapon. Though his training as a soldier and his cybernetics allowed him to be extremely efficient and accurate with the rifle he usually carried, "Big Bertha" had been at his side for as many years as his personal oath had existed. Now, his hand rested on her hammer as he held "Big Bertha" at his hip as two of her deadly bullets flew towards exposed joints in either of the Kaantus' legs, one towards another exposed joint in the outstretching arm of the beast, and a final bullet headed straight for the eye of the monster. Assuming any of the bullets hit their marks and sank into the Kaantus' flesh to provide the opening Ivas needed to avoid the monster's swipe, Sage would twirl "big Bertha" on his finger before holstering her at his hip once again. "Ivas!", Athos called out, pointing directly at the young swordsman, "Send that abomination to hell, and we'll celebrate with Kaantus steak tonight!" Yet even as he said this, Sage certainly wasn't one to repeat the mistakes of his enemy and prepared to finish the battle with his own two hands should the group's ploy fail. Unbeknownst to anyone but Sage, electro-magnetic energy began building on the soles of his feet, Athos taking special care to not rush the process as he had before with the arc of lightning. Doing this would take longer, but the technique Sage was attempting to implement would be more effective as a result and would also prevent the Philosopher from becoming as fatigued and sluggish as he had earlier. The last thing Sage wanted was to be treated like a man sized doll by that Kaantus again...
  6. I've got a giant post that I'm almost done with, it's just taken me a bit longer than I thought it would to complete it since I'm out of town atm. I should be done today, but we've seen how my promises have gone thus far so I won't make any guarantees and focus on getting results instead.
  7. Post is almost done everyone. Once again, I apologize for taking so long, but I'm not going to offer any excuses since I'm sure you're all sick of hearing them at this point. If you guys feel it's necessary, the next person in the order is absolutely free to post and I'll just edit my post around theirs if they get it up before I post tomorrow if I need to.
  8. What's happening between the two of them can't be seen by anyone else in the car. Basically, it has just looked like the two of them were sitting across from each other in unresponsive comatose states for the last several minutes until Kaylia assumed control over her body once again.
  9. I apologize for the wait everyone, it's the last few weeks of the semester and I got hit hard with a bunch of reports that were do. They're all done now though and I've been working on a post that I'm going to finish as soon as I wake up tomorrow.
  10. ah, alright then. Thar's a bit disappointing, but thanks for letting me know.
  11. So there are cities that haven't been taken up yet? Because I'd love to accidentally drop a Tarrasque on one.
  12. sorry for arriving so late to the party, but are all the available cities already accounted for?
  13. Damn it, I keep forgetting that Misty got removed from the posting order. I'm working on getting something posted ASAP, sorry for the wait guys.
  14. The sound of approaching footsteps did not give the stranger cause to stop or slow his pace as he continued to tread into the surrounding forest, nor did he halt when the individual who drew near finally caught and matched his brisk stride. "Hello again Avvercus. Was there something we neglected to discuss, or do I now require an attendant whenever I go on a walk?" the stranger remarked with no small measure of sarcasm, knowing full well which of the two individuals he had encountered last night perceived their dialogue important enough to give chase into the forest. Leading Avvercus along, the wanderer strayed further from the dilapidated town and into the thick brush, showing no signs of stopping even as the youthful looking swordmage began to speak... Avvercus words seemed to yield some result from the man who had been especially obstinate up until now, as the stranger slowed his gait before finally coming to a stop underneath the canopy of a rather large pine tree. He would not answer any of the acolyte's questions just yet, nor would he speak or even shift his gaze towards Avvercus. Instead the mysterious man closed his eyes as his chest rose whilst his lungs filled with the damp forest air. After several long moments of silence, the vagabond would release the breath held captive in his chest with an exasperated sigh that seemed to carry all of his frustration, anxieties, and troubles with it and out of him, yet one could be sure that these burdensome onuses lingered under the composure the stranger was attempting to collect. For a moment it seemed that this stranger seemed intent on ignoring the emerald eyed warrior, until the silence permeating the air was finally shattered, "Knocked them out, huh? So you didn't kill any of those men last night after all. Fantastic." the unknown wanderer took a moment to mull this revelation over that Avvercus had let slip, running his right hand through his obsidian locks over and over again, "Of course you didn't, I'm talking to the guy who risks his life to help strange men in the wilderness that are being chased by armed soldiers without a second thought." The stranger took a few steps towards the towering tree, now within arms reach of its sizeable trunk. "Did you even stop to consider that those would-be man hunters might be justified in their pursuit, that maybe you picked someone up that could might be dangerous? What if I had woken up and tried to take Eva hostage or something cliche like that?" the stranger chided Avvercus as he glanced towards his new emerald eyed friend with a perturbed sideways expression. The unnamed man then turned from the swordmage, exhaling deeply once again as he reached out and placed his metallic hand on the tree's bark, "Don't answer. I can already tell that you aren't the daft type to make decisions so carelessly, which is why it's so infuriating that you can't comprehend what I'm asking." The stranger turned his head back to Avvercus, his hand still resting on the tree's trunk, "I understand Evangeline's motives for staying here, hell I empathize with her, but she isn't the only one with personal obligations and you two are making it quite difficult for me to uphold mine by choosing to remain here." Finally, the stranger turned around to completely face the silver haired sorcerer, leaning on the sturdy wood behind him with his arms crossed, his silver eyes adopting an unusual piercing gleam that seemed to stare into the heart of Avvercus as if this mysterious stranger were analyzing the sorcerer's innermost personal truths, thoughts, and perhaps even his soul. "You say she knows what's happening here, but in truth neither of you have the faintest clue. The only thing you really know for sure is that you found a stranger that fell from the stars, that this stranger was hunted by well armed soldiers you've never seen before, and that there are certainly more of these soldiers coming. Allow me to enlighten you on what predicament you're choosing to throw, not only yourself, but that girl into as well." The vagabond's gaze was unflinching as he continued, "What you saw last night was the rabble, the clean-up crew if you will, that have more in common with those drones that accompanied them than you or I. They were meant to finish off someone who was half dead, exhausted, and sleep deprived, which they have failed to do, giving their masters reason to believe I've had time to heal in some capacity, am now accompanied by at least one person capable of taking out both their drones and drudges, Given the fact that I neither they or me have anyway of returning to our homes, they now have no reason to not use every resource they have at their disposal and scorch earth to ensure that they see me dead. That small squad of men you knocked out last night? Picture a hundred more, backed by real soldiers, war machines, and individuals who possess incredible abilities. You'll need a lot more than that strange power you used on me and that house if you hope to survive what's coming our way. That's why I'm asking you to get that girl as far away from here as possible." The stranger extended his hand, gesturing towards Avvercus as he continued, "I can tell someone who has taken a life from someone who hasn't. That sort of experience changes you, dulls the shine in someone's eyes with the weight of what they've done. Maybe Evangeline has seen her fair share of blood in her life due to her profession, but she's never taken the life of another, her eyes still glow with the radiance of someone who isn't burdened by the souls of those they've slain. She's different... different from you and I. After all..." the wanderer trailed off, his open hand curling into a fist as his eyes narrowed, "We're killers, aren't we Avvercus? She doesn't have to be though, and she doesn't have to die either, not yet." The stranger folded his arms once again as he continued, " I don't believe either of us are prepared to live with the weight of her life on our shoulders should the worst case scenario occur, nor would it be pleasurable to see her be confronted with the grim reality of snuffing out someone elses life. So I ask you, take her away from here, leave me to fight this battle alone. I will finish what I started regardless of the outcome, but this is my fate, not yours or hers. So don't shackle yourself to it's inevitable outcome." Though there was undoubtedly genuine concern in the stranger's plea for the life of the miqo'te, he also seemed troubled by something else that he was keeping hidden from Avvercus, something rooted deep within him. Perhaps this stranger did not want to be burdened with the responsibility of ensuring Avvercus and Evangeline survived this encounter, perhaps their presence here gave him a reason to survive the onslaught to come. Maybe he was finally done fighting just to survive after waging a lifetime of war. Maybe he was ready to die, resigned to his a fate that he had perceived as inevitable. What had caused this man to sink to such a state of self-hopelessness?
  15. Did Sage just get thrown into an interdimensional portal? What the hell just happened?