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  1. So I guess now is just as good a time to post as any. I'll work on something and try to get it out tonight or tomorrow, probably won't be as long as my other posts.
  2. Donezo. Which means that @SteamWarden is up next. Hope you guys like it.
  3. Inns'th had seen a veritable explosion of activity with the influx of manpower and supplies from across Terrenus, and yet not even the bustle of the encampment could drown out the heavy footsteps of the Warpgolems dotting the town. At the sound of one of these behemoth's approach, both Malus and Daggot twisted around to see it and it's entourage. The imposing stature of the automaton was enough to illicit a low whistle from the Knight while the Paladin could only look on at the size of the thing as they both made way for its passage. The mechanical goliath took its place amidst the Aligorian contingent, the warrior's attention still fully focused on it. "Ain't that a sight..." Daggot said quietly to the errant knight, "A bit overkill, but between here and the Whitewoods, hard to imagine there's anything that can stand a chance against that thing." "Whatever you can imagine, Sir Paladin." Malus turned to Daggot with a wry smile, "...there's always something much worse out there. But, in any case..." Malus' expression flattened as his attention returned to the Warpgolem, "I hope it's as tough as you say, because any chance of going unnoticed is gone with that thing following us around." The two horsemen straightened up at the sound of their names, it was time to begin. "Aye, aye, ma'am." Malus called back, taking up the reigns of his horse and beginning his trot towards the front of the pack. Naturally, Daggot began to follow, only for the Errant Knight to halt and look back at the Paladin questioningly. "What are you doing?" "I'm taking the point. What are you doing?" Daggot questioned back. "No you're not. You're taking up the rear. I'll be taking the point." Daggot seemed to recoil at the idea, "You not leaving my side as long as I've got anything to say about it. Make way." Malus sighed and he readjusted in his saddle, glancing at the creaking gate and tumultuous lands beyond before turning back to the Paladin, "If- When we run into one of Yh'mi's little horrors and it bears down on us, teeth barred and mouth foaming, what do you plan to do? You gonna beat it to death with a gimp leg?" Malus' words were biting, and doubly insulting with an open gesture to the leg in question. He did a good job of hiding his emotions behind a fake smirk, but the reddened face of the Paladin made it apparent he was boiling under the surface, even as he spoke with the tone of a priest, "Things go sideways, I'm as good on a horse as most anyone in Inns'th. Besides, I'm not just gonna let you-" "It's not uncommon for a horse to break its leg while traversing the broken plains," The Errant Knight cut in, "Or it could just get ripped in half and eaten by whatever is waiting for us out there, followed shortly by you. At the very least, I can run away. And, if you're worried about me..." Malus glanced towards the massive silhouette currently leading the group, "Even if your worst suspicions about me were true, I believe our friendly steel giant is more than capable of keeping any 'nefarious machinations' of mine in check." "Alright, you've ran your mouth enough." Daggot's polite smirk had all but vanished now, sucking his teeth as he glanced across the horizon, "I'll take the rear for as long as you don't give me an excuse to not stay there." The Paladin took his reigns in hand, "Don't forget. I've got my eyes on you, Galfaux." With a prod of his boots, the Paladin's horse trot past the Knight Errant without another word, and Malus followed suit. As the group passed through the gates, Malus looked up at the ramparts and the Paladin's that even now patrolled them, each with their eyes set on him as the group departed. "You and everyone else in this damned place." Of course, that wasn't about to change anytime soon. Even as he departed and left the Order's suspicion behind, now Yh'mi had its attention on him and everyone else in the group. If there was any frailty, and weakness, it would find it. Whether this group was aware or not, they were already being measured by the darkness that dwells in this accursed land. As soon as the group met the broken plains, the sound of their every movement echoed out across the dead expanse, and a familiar tightness began to manifest in Galfaux's chest. It had been some time since he had set foot in this place, but his body remembered it all the same. Malus took a deep breath, but the stale air of this foul place did little to ease his nerves. He'd have to work through it, just like everyone else, lest he become a liability. Just as planned, Daggot settled at the rear of the company, while he spurred ahead and took his place at the front next to warrior known as Stella and her Warpgolem companion. Reaching to the side of his horse the Knight Errant began to fidget with his halberd, until a sudden commotion brought his attention front and center. At first he might have thought that the group was meeting its first hint of opposition, and so soon into their expedition as well. Thankfully, it only turned out to be the homeless man that had joined them on their excursion, now trying his damndest to play a peculiar stringed instrument he had swiped from another member of their party. The man's erratic behavior and cryptic words were enough to put anyone on edge, and Malus certainly didn't appreciate it given the circumstances. The Errant Knight was the first to approach this odd individual as plucked feverishly at the instrument. the nose of his horse nearly touched the man's head before knight stopped in his advance. "Daggot, I wasn't aware that the Order was enlisting crazed vagrants." To which Malus would receive a staunch "Go to hell." from somewhere behind him. "Well, as entertaining as this is, we've got to get moving. If you've lost your mind then get out of the way and find somewhere to get killed where we aren't." Even as Malus made his demands, his horse leaned forward and sniffed the strange fellow before giving him a sloppy lick across his hairline, leaving him with a rather pronounced cowlick. "Don't put your mouth on that. You might catch something."
  4. op, guess I missed my chance. I'll finish what I was working on and try to get it out as quickly as possible. Sorry for the wait! Also, @SteamWarden, I believe that's exactly what just happened.
  5. Wondering the same thing myself. The last thing I'd want is this story losing steam and petering out before it gets a chance to really start.
  6. Minutes Later... The clop of horse shoes could be heard approaching just as one or two Shadow Guard began to converge upon the gates, and with them came the volunteers in tow. The group that had gathered thus far was already beginning to look a bit... motley, to say the least, something that hadn't gone unnoticed by the two men on mounted approach. One of these men was obviously a Paladin of the Order here in Inns'th, Daggot Albus, now covered head to toe in what might have been gleaming armor once, save for his helm which hung at his side. Now the ornate plating had become dull and scuffed from a number of battles, and the once pristine white cloak adorning his frame ragged and dirtied. His sword hung at his side, while his shield hung secure on his horse. Despite the worn appearance of his equipment, it was apparent that the Paladin took pride in his appearance by his well groomed visage, right down to the neatly trimmed mustache anointing his smile lines. To his left was a man of an obviously different stride judging from appearance alone. While the Paladin clad himself in the traditional vestments of his Order and thus possessed an air of some nobility, this man seemed to be enraptured in a dismal cloud of foreboding. Gaunt and grave in disposition, it seemed he hadn't shaved in some days based on the shadow of a beard beginning to grow on his face. He wore a coifed chainmail shirt with sparse plating for protection, along with a simple buckler. A small cape was affixed underneath his right pauldron, bearing faded remnants of an unknown symbol. A mace hung from his waste, and a well-used halberd was strapped to his horse. While his armor was no more dingy than the Paladin he rode with, his melancholy countenance seemed to draw attention to these features, making him seem a ragged and loathsome figure at first glance. And yet a dangerous aspect seemed to linger about his personage as well, made more apparent by the dead look in his eyes, akin to a starved animal now unafraid of men. The Shadow Guard that had accompanied these two men as far as the Chapel doors before rushing ahead had already found her way to the gate and her commander. With a quick bow the Shadow Guard delivered the special gloves, courtesy of the Order of the White Hand, to her commander, the red haired Aligorian they called Umbra. However, the Aligorians weren't alone at the gate now, as a couple of volunteers has already set about introducing themselves. Malus looked over the faces gathered, "Well this looks like a joyous bunch. Outside of the Aligorians, I might say they're not exactly what I would have expected, but since when does Inns'th ever attract normal?" "You're no exception to that rule Malus." Daggot whispered back as they finally came upon the group. Looking about at all the faces which had gathered there, Daggot gave a warm smile, "Salutations. My name is Daggot Albus, Paladin of the White Hand. My companion goes by Sir Malus Galfaux, though I'm sure he'd prefer Malus. We've come by request of the Order to assist all of your... uh..." Daggot hesitated for a moment as he glimpsed and lingered upon the strange man that had yet to name himself. "All of your efforts," Malus finished, the interruption pulling Daggot's attention from the stranger as the Knight Errant he accompanied spoke, "Or rather I am, on behalf of the Order's well wishes, or something vaguely along those lines. But the Paladin is just playing chaperone today I'm afraid." The Paladin puffed in annoyance at Malus' comment as the both of them dismounted, the former wincing and stumbling a bit as he came to the ground.
  7. I will be posting shortly. Looking forward to writing with everyone.
  8. Of the Brotherhood of Charity Long before the Order of the White Hand had come to settle Inns’th, an assemblage of warriors and scholars from various walks of life had found their way to the accursed lands of Yh’mi. This uncanny gathering took to calling themselves the Brotherhood of Charity, and were of little renown in the brief period of their existence before suddenly disappearing from known history entirely. There are few records to illuminate who these men were or the precise nature of their order’s function. From what few accounts exist, at best it can be inferred that most of their numbers were dedicated to the hunting of monsters plaguing the settlements across Terrenus, traveling in groups of two to three from village to village. However, there seems to be evidence of scholarly pursuits within the Brotherhood as well, namely in the way of uncovering and preserving ancient traditions, texts, and folklore. This pursuit of secrets of a Terrenus from long ago is likely what led their order to congregate at Yh’mi, which could have seemed a cornucopia of opportunity, if not for its illusive and mysterious history, then certainly for its the unnatural and perverse creatures infesting the land. Regardless of why, according to the account of its last surviving member, the Brotherhood of Charity eventually journeyed into the maw of Yh'mi, never to return, and taking their secrets with them.
  9. Basic Information Name: Malus Galfaux Nicknames/pseudonyms: None Title(s): Knight Errant, Last member of the Brotherhood of Charity Age: Unknown Apparent Age: Looks to be about his mid 40s. Race: Terran (Human native to Terrenus) Gender: Male Sexuality: Celibate Marital Status: Celibate Birthplace: “Born in Tusknoir, small village West of Coconino Marsh. Probably naught but dust by now.” Alignment: True Neutral History A century ago a band of warriors and scholars who called themselves the Brotherhood of Charity journeyed into the eternal darkness of Yh’mi in search of its secrets. Now the last of them wanders back from the maddening wastes to the walls of Inns’th, only to find them manned by a new order of Paladins, the Order of the White Hand. Who he was before he ventured within this vile land is of little import now, as the world beyond Yh’mi has long forgotten his place in it. He is bound by his oaths to brethren to remain in Yh'mi until the darkness within it is cast away, or he joins them and returns to the earth. For a wretched soul such as he, there is no other path before him. Physical and Appearance Psychological Information Equipment Skillset
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