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  1. So William's attack didn't have the intended effect.. At all. As a matter of fact, Enshim figured he only really managed to make it even more upset at Sage. He felt a little guilty about the beating that Sage had to take soon after. William's feint at being more drained and vulnerable than he actually was had very clearly failed, and he needed a new plan. Thinking quickly, the catfolk looked around for the bag that Sage had dropped. Spotting it not too far away, he ran to it and rummaged through the contents until he found the cerulean bottle of "Slick." He probably should've explained exactly what it was earlier to, perhaps, coerce Sage into applying it before getting into a grapple battle with the beast. William digresses, it can't be helped now. Enshim tied the bottle to an arrow and waited to see the aftermath of Ominas' attack once more. William thought it'd sure be handy to have an ability like that.. Maybe he could come up with a spell to mimic it? With the Kaantus presumably stunned, the catfolk fired his bottle-tipped arrow at the creature. Had the arrow met its mark, the cerulean bottle would shatter, causing everything within a sizable area around the Kaantus to be covered in the medium blue liquid. Now, the effects of this wondrous blue nonsense are very similar to industrial strength lubricant, but insanely stronger. Moving in this substance would be the same as moving on a surface with zero friction. Anything that moved on that surface would keep sliding in a single direction until it reaches the end of the puddle. With this information, the catfolk would call out to anyone who would listen, "Just hit the monster hard enough to make it slide! I can't say I know the range on that ability of yours, Ominas, but it'd be crazy handy if you could do that thing you did with the Kaantus' fist, but with the thing's whole body, and into the top of the smelter!" Orders given, William prepared another arrow with another spell, just in case. He sure hopes the Kaantus doesn't think to just stick its claws in the ground while it's sliding either, that sure would be a shame.
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  4. The Samurai raised his sword and let loose a cry once Meryam was struck by a mage's mana bolt. Those in squads charged with defending against the angelic beings ran forward. Keeping their shields raised high, the Paladins in the company deflected arrows, while the clerics purified them before they could do any permanent damage to those in their squads. However, the arrows that landed near the church itself were far beyond the reach of any purification spell. Their advance was going well.. That is, until they heard the singing. The Samurai's squadron immediately stopped. As a matter of fact, everyone around him stopped as well. They were searching for the source of the tune. To make matters even worse, "Oar-Demon" Rin was bowling down anyone that came near her with terrifying efficiency. Distracted by the singing, members of different squads started dropping swiftly as the fog spread. Those that remained pulled their enchanted cloth over their faces and prepared for the worst. Black was very perturbed that his gunfire was easily shrugged off by his opponent. Had anger fueled the weapon, the bullets surely would've pierced the Philosopher's shield. Standing his ground, the soldier continued his onslaught while the Lords' adversary continued his advance. Something had to give. His bursts had stopped with a click, signaling that he was out of ammunition. Had Black known that simply reloading his weapon would be his downfall, he would've gone for a different course of action. Still, he hadn't the slightest clue what his enemy could do. Ejecting the magazine, he noticed the fog quickly part in a specific formation. His survival instinct kicked in as he dropped his weapon and attempted to jump out of the way of.. whatever it was. While successful in not taking the full brunt of Sage's attack, it caught his legs as he was diving. This sent him spinning into the stairs close to Lucian and Anafeliz. He immediately felt the pain of fractured ribs and a broken arm. He spat blood, then soon found that he couldn't keep his eyes open. "Alright Petros, I'm tagging out for now. Our new 'friend' can handle this." Black said to his superior, passing out soon after. He definitely won't forget this encounter. The Shogun broke away from the group once he saw that they had the situation covered. Slicing through the fog with his weapon and novice wind magic, he met up with Sage, whom had defeated his opponent in a very eerily easy manner. He made sure to stay behind a bit while he sheathed his weapon and listened to the Philosopher plea to Anafeliz. The Samurai then stepped out from the shadows and stood next to Sage, with his palm on the hilt of his weapon, ready to strike if anything went awry.
  5. William instructed his servants to keep the flame blazing and rushed forward. Before he could get anything done however, he was greeted by the Kaantus' screech. Enshim dropped his weapon and held his hands close to his ears, forced to one knee in pain. Once the Kaantus decided its tantrum was over, the creature redoubled its efforts and attempted to push Sage aside, barreling towards Somar. The catfolk, as swiftly as one could, looked inside his scroll bag for anything to help here. He tossed it aside in frustration as Ominas had begun her assault. He kicked his bow up from the ground and used his own mana reserve to cast a spell of Freezing Sphere while Ominas had the Kaantus distracted. Once she'd finished her volley of blows, William spun and nocked an adamantium arrow imbued with the spell. The moment he released the arrow moisture from the mountain air swiftly gathered and froze around the head. The mass went from being golf ball-sized, to bowling ball, to something comparable in size to one of the destroyed tents at the site. If the mass hit the Kaantus, it would shatter and melt. The spell would then refreeze the water, hopefully buying Sage enough time to restrain it. Regardless of whether or not it hit, this powerful spell left William drained. Don't take him for a fool. He knows he's basically Kaantus bait. Surely a spell that large, combined with very clearly looking as though he could collapse at any moment, would attract the monster. As if to insult the Kaantus, Enshim cast a weak spark spell at the Kaantus, perhaps making him slightly uncomfortable. At least by now Somar put distance between he and the Kaantus, right?
  6. The catfolk's ears perked up at the sound of his name. Sage was giving out commands to everyone, and apparently he wanted William to bring the smeltery to life. Enshim was probably the best bet for this job, since starting a fire was as simple as snapping his fingers together. William forced himself out of his own mind and sprinted to the device. A flint and steel would be far too slow here, and his regular magic would still need some sort of help to really get roaring.. William pulled another scroll from the case he was carrying, a burning hands spell would be plenty useful here. Another problem, the tinder from the previous operation had turned to dust, and the Kaantus was now exiting the treeline. When the catfolk looked behind him to assess the situation and desperately search for an answer, he found out what Ominas had been doing. He stared up in awe, mouth agape. It took a considerably longer time, but Enshim woke up from his daze. Making a mental note to ask the little girl who taught her magic, William remembered a small amount of coal left not too far from the smeltery. A few casts of Unseen Servant and what was left of the resource was now ready to be lit. William retrieved a few expendable scrolls and tossed them in with the coals. Casting the burning hands spell and slamming the hatch shut, a loud boom could be heard as arcane scrolls exploded and the smelter roared to life.. or, roared as loudly as an object without an engine could. "Right! Good to go, little girl!" William shouted towards Ominas, then retrieved the bow slung around his torso. While he wasn't sure if Ominas was going to do anything Sage petitioned her to do, the catfolk's task was complete, and he'd make sure to assist the vanguard any way he could.
  7. @Ghastardly @Misty
  8. William listened closely to his group behind him. They're going to be in dire straits if they can't come together and agree on something before they find the Kaantus. He took note of the situation. Sandbox is moping around.. for.. some.. reason, Lyra is about to claw Ominas' throat out, Ominas thinks she's the cat's meow, and Sage is having an existential crisis. This day couldn't get any more exciting. William's lips curled into a smile. The more noise they made yelling at each other meant that the Kaantus would arrive faster. Hell, it could be watching them right now. If it became a problem, he'll gladly set his party straight. For now, he'll let them in fight to draw the creature's attention. --- William would, again, be one of the first to arrive at the campsite, as he'd done his best to keep a fair distance ahead of them. William wasn't worried too much about leading the party in circles, since Ominas' trail of "breadcrumbs" was making sure that they wouldn't somehow double back. Upon his arrival, William immediately looked about the scene. He took out a small pad and pen from his sleeve and began making a map of the area, making sure to heavily outline the locations of the smeltery, pit, and bloodstained crusher. Enshim's earlier suspicions about his group's shouting were confirmed, as he heard rustling not but a short distance away. His ears twitched with every step as he turned to his party, "Alright ladies, good job attracting the Kaantus. You can stop pretending to hate each other now, 'cause we've got a job to do. Knowing what we do about the area, does anyone have any changes they'd like to make to the plan? Maybe use the crusher again to get rid of that organ in it's head so we can strangle it more easily? Now that I think of it, would it be stupid enough to get crushed again? Well, I'm partial to locking it in the smeltery and watching it burn. If the original idea seems to tickle your fancy more, I'm all for it. Step one is still getting rid of that organ in its brain, though." William took a seat on a nearby stump and started searching for something in his scroll case, "I don't have many useful scrolls beyond that one, but if anyone has any ideas for a spell that'd help here, I'm all ears. I can probably write up a scroll for something we don't have in about a day, a day and some change if you want me to change something about it." Enshim said, while continuing to ignore Ominas and find something worth their while in his near-bottomless scroll case.
  9. BASAKA getting to work on that post now! Sorry for the wait!
  10. "It seems I have no time to deliberate your offer, Lesser Being." Black half-smirked half-scoffed at Meryam's comment. She's certainly the most self-entitled goddess he's met.. To be honest she's the only goddess he's met, but that's not the point. Black and his allies ended up getting what they came for, whether anyone was able to catch on to that or not. With the signal flare lit, the mercenary had no doubt victory was secured for the group, even if Meryam had just created a separate faction to worry about. The swordsman they hired was an absolute monster of a man, and backed up by Black's firearms, they were unstoppable. Once the smoke cleared, Black noticed a few more people than he could eliminate with only six bullets. "I never get to use this thing." He said to himself, holstering the revolver and retrieving a weapon requiring use of both of his hands. Popping out from his cover position, Black was poised to fire- that is, before he received more orders. "Tch." Black quietly protested before standing down. Meanwhile, a familiar hatted samurai was advancing with an anti-unnatural squad. Once they entered the square, a swordsman behind the paladin they were sticking close behind took an arrow. Luckily for him, it didn't strike anything too important and went cleanly through his leg, unluckily for them, a deep haze was quickly spreading around them. Acting as fast as he could, the moment the swordsman fell in pain, the samurai sliced the head of the arrow off and pulled the wood back through his leg, resulting in a yelp of pain. Taking command of the situation, the samurai spoke to the cleric, "He needs a tourniquet for this, he's swiftly losing blood." The samurai then jumped away from the group, slicing the ground into a simple magical rune. This rune would have a strong vacuum effect on the air around it, the samurai cut his finger on his blade, forced himself to bleed on the blade, then stabbed it into the rune, tossing the rest of the arrow on the ground in the process. His blade would glow the same dark color as Kallias' toxin, and then return to its original red shimmer. Though he would have to do this basically every time he didn't want to succumb to poison, it bought the group some time to advance. The group's Paladin made a special effort to try and watch the sky as the rest of his group slipped cloth around their necks up over their noses. Black listened to his superior speak to Anafeliz with a sinister mirth. He was awfully anxious to fire at anything that gave him a reason, but he saw the merit in letting Meryam's lackeys deal with the large group of advancing parties. The soldier almost started to relax as a large cracking noise and the Lord of the Lords being met with a mighty bolt of white light. Black hid deeper into his cover, waiting for an order. Didn't have to tell him twice. Black immediately found his target and started opening fire. One burst after another, with horrifyingly deadly accuracy.
  11. @Misty your turn!
  12. William was still digging through his scroll bag, occasionally taking one out and mumbling spell words to himself while the group was discussing their parts of the plan. "Hah! Here it is." William exclaimed, "One scroll of 'Bane of Kaantus.' Just kidding, this is something similar to a spell of stone skin, but I've tinkered with the spell words a bit. The result is a masterpiece of magical linguistics. Read out the magic phrase here (William pointed to a section of very small lettering, if one would look closer it would read "No Refunds.") Or, wait, that's the wrong one.. I'll keep looking, but you're probably on the edge of your seats wondering about my creation! As a byproduct of changing what the spell interacts with, I can increase the strengthening potency of the spell, allowing it to make whatever you desire as strong as steel, as light as titanium, and as hard to melt as tungsten! With this, the Kaantus stands no chance of breaking our wires, not man nor beast alive is going to be able to tear these apart! ..And to completely ruin my sales pitch, no, you can't use this on yourself. It's only a modified stone skin spell by name, it's not able to lithify organic matter anymore." William replied then to Sage's comment about being relegated to Kaantus wrangler (while pulling out the proper scroll), "Chin up, Sage! Your job's one of the most important. If you're too worried about it.." Enshim placed the scroll between his legs and pulled a flask of strange roiling blue liquid out of a pouch on his belt labelled "Slick." "Just have one of the girls rub your body down with this- that is, unless you'd rather me do it." William smirked at that last part, but was entirely serious. "I don't know if your keen perception translates to, say, deduction, but this flask's liquid'll make you way too slick to grapple. Just don't put it on your feet or hands, else you'll have a hard time moving and grab-" William's explanation was cut at the end due to Ominas' heavily raised voice. The catfolk's ears folded back and he cringed. Once Ominas was gone he spoke to Ivas, "C'mon lad, you could try to be a little more subtle! At least take her on a date first." William laughed. He picked up the cables and read off the scroll's power phrase, to which the cables replied by shimmering a deep crimson, then transforming into a color similar to the one seen on his business card. He tossed the cables back at Sage. "Should last a good 3 days, assuming we need them. I used some extra mana to extend the duration." --- The catfolk would be one of the first to disembark (since he didn't have much that wasn't already on his person), landing on all fours he scurried about. While this had a purpose, it looked more like a kitten frolicking in tall grass than anything. Once Enshim was done scoping out a small part of the area they were dropped on, he checked the contents of the flask pouch on his side. He returned to the group bow in hand, just as Ominas had decided she would lead the merry band of marauders, and decided to throw a few demands at them. "P-Pardon? I don't think-" Before he could say anything, the girl was already throwing furniture around like it was no one's business. He'd rather die to something more significant than a recliner, so he swiftly proceeded forward.. This conversation isn't over!
  13. @Misty Kept you waiting, huh?
  14. "You've got bigger problems at the moment than that bounty at the moment, like not getting eaten by our mystery monster. Whatever other arrangements to die you have in mind can wait until afterwards." "I didn't mean to offend you none, sir. Just keep me in mind when you next decide to go on your suicide mission, my main talent is 'resource acquisition' if you're hellbent on not letting me assist you in any other way." Enshim said, pulling a card out of a pocket in his sleeve. He tossed the card, which turned into two that then slid towards Lyra and Sage, and walked away once he heard Cid's announcement. The card was a hard, silvery metal with glowing calligraphy, presumably William's signature. With every step William took a number on the card updated, this number is the distance it was from him. Once he entered the bridge, William sat near the front and stealthily pulled an old-looking camera from his sleeve and began taking pictures of the information displayed on the canvas. Y'know, for future reference. While his aforementioned tales of hunting aboleths and hunting pirate-lords (did he mention the tale of how he killed the great pirate king Captain Oldbeard?) weren't necessarily true, it wouldn't be unreasonable for him to kill something that doesn't seem to have an internal or external weakness.. He was starting to have second thoughts, but he wasn't able to think about it for too long, as the captain put another slide in that wasn't anything William had expected. He raised his eyebrows and whistled, taking numerous pictures of the lewd Cid. Before his camera could be confiscated, he slid it into his sleeve and retrieved another that looked similar. William listened to Ominas' plan, and swiftly averted his gaze when she reached into herself for whatever it was she was looking for. Enshim swiftly found out it was medicines, and cables! "Er uh, I'd say the swiftest way to kill this monster would be to strangle it, oddly enough. Don't think filling it with pills would do much, since it has who knows how many livers in that body. Do we have anyone strong enough to sleeper hold a baby Terrasque? Maybe we could use Ominas' cables to tie it down and then strangle it? What do you folks think? I have a couple of spells that could increase the tensile strength of that.." William's voice trailed off as he mumbled while searching through a bag of scrolls he retrieved from his sleeve. "You'd think I'd label these.."
  15. While the swordsman awaited a reply from his previous knocking, the sound of a woman clearing her throat had garnered his attention. He didn't quite expect to see what he did, not thinking Angels existed in this real- Shogun cut that thought off quickly as he remembered his scuffle from a couple of days ago. He tipped the hat upon his head and replied, "Why yes, m'lady. I saw the fliers for the job and thought it'd be a good fit for my set of skills. It's a pleasure to meet you. My friends call me Ch-" The swordsman cleared his throat and started again, "Fedora Shogun. My close friends prefer to just call me 'Shogun,' miss.." He trailed off momentarily, realizing that she hadn't given him a name to call her. He didn't have to wait long for the lull in the conversation to subside, as a man named "Crow" had appeared. The Shogun gave him a tip of his fedora and continued waiting with his near-permanent grin. Once again, the wait was relatively short as a furry man had answered the door. The man had ushered them in, and Shogun wasn't one to disrespect another's hospitality.. even one whose home looked like the inside of a Zydragarian alchemist's laboratory. Unclipping Masamune from his belt, the Shogun attempted to hold the weapon straight at his side in order to avoid knocking anything over. Once they reached their meeting place, Shogun took his seat and retrieved his cup of tea. Sipping it gingerly he listened to his instructions as attentively as he could. Fedora Shogun looked over the gear given to them by the man named Tamashi. Everything seemed in relative order, and it's free gear to boot! Looking about his adventuring party, the Shogun replied to Tamashi, "I don't think there will be any more joining us on our journey, but it wouldn't hurt to have an extra bag in case of emergencies." Sitting down once more to think, Shogun spoke again. "I realize it's not a bit of my business as an adventurer with a contract, but my curiosity as an adventurer requires me to ask you what you need this 'Crystal Lotus' for. I don't suppose you could sate my interest?"