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  1. Big Boss

    The Aspect Awakens

    It was a very quiet day in the wilderness of Nar Oeste. The air was humid, as a storm was beginning to roll in. A light drizzle fell over the land while nearby creatures ran for shelter. Near the mountainside, an ancient piece of technology that had sat for several thousands of years began to stir to life. From an outside perspective, it appeared to be a space-faring vessel with only its cockpit being visible above ground, though its original creation was for something much more than that. It was a prison. A prison designed to hold one man. The man whose machination had come to life began to stir from his long slumber, awakened by a force that he hadn't felt in a very long time. His eyes opened, a nasty smirk appearing on his face. The door to his cryostasis unit blew off as the man began to walk through his underground home. On the surface, it would be very unsuspecting, but below it was a fully functional home, equipped for living a long life on this planet, just as you would on Solum... So he thought, anyways. He found the planet to be utterly boring, so he'd put himself back on ice. The rooms were barely more than jury-rigged tech from his flying prison or crafted from whatever metals he could retrieve from the mountains nearby, yet were surprisingly serviceable. The beast climbed up the vertical ship into the cockpit. While normally something like this would be A.I. controlled, the man smashed that long ago. With a swift kick, the door to the ship's helm opened up. With what little power it had left, he checked how long it had been since he arrived on this planet. "It took them nearly eighty-five hundred years to find me again. I was beginning to think they were trying to forget about me, too." The man said, "Such a shame for all of Dramethius that their precious Philosopher didn't place stronger seals on me. I might actually be drifting in absolute nothingness right now. 'Philosopher of Wisdom' is such a fancy title for the village idiot." He scoffed. Exiting the ship, Azazel looked out at the scene before him. Not much changed in the past few thousand years. The same boring green sight. Birds singing, flowers blooming, creatures frolicking about. His grin disappeared quickly. Azazel knew that there was another powerful Aster here, but the flare of power only lasted for a few minutes. Azazel knew that they were on a nearby continent.. which one was it? His only option was to move forward. Below his cliff-side retreat, a group of bandits had gathered. Perfect to test his strength on, if any of them felt up to the task. Azazel began to hop his way down the cliff to their encampment..
  2. Big Boss

    The Devil you know...

    With a nod and a much brisker pace, the Shogun leaped into the Philosopher's hand. He was much lighter without his heavy armor, and that fact was made apparent by how easily he soared over the revenant's wall. With Sage's strength and whatever wind magic the samurai could muster, Fedora Shogun began to fall back to Valucre. Thinking quickly, he retrieved Masamune from its sheath and with a flourish saved himself from falling just short of the carriage. The Shogun struggled to put both hands on his weapon as the carriage sped away from the obstacle that Sage was behind. After a moment, Fedora Shogun grasped the sword in both hands and climbed his way up. His friend had burst his way through the obstacle and was beginning to catch up, too! All was looking up for the two, after so much heartbreak.. Now they just had to finish this here. The samurai retrieved his blade but didn't have long to think about what he was doing next as another warrior's sword had exploded through the roof of the carriage. Shogun barely had time to react as he brought Masamune to his chest, deflecting the blow but forcing him to disembark from the carriage as he lost any footing he had. Shogun landed behind the vehicle and sheathed his cursed blade, ready for whatever would come from the carriage to stop him. Nothing was going to get in the way of Shogun and his partner finally dispensing justice to the wicked.
  3. Big Boss

    The Aspect of War

    Name: Azazel Gender: Male Appearance: Azazel Theme(s): General Height: 7'3" Weight: 800lbs. 300 while in Overburn. Azazel's body is completely restructured; His bones are as strong as tungsten, his skin is extremely tough, and his muscles are much denser than any average person. He’s made of the toughest stuff you can think of, and his aura only adds to that. Hair length and color: Azazel's hair is long and white. Race: Human Classification: Aster, Aspect of War Age: ~10,000 Apparent Age: late 30s Personality: Azazel relishes in a fight. He exists for that simple purpose. If he's not fighting, he's either searching for an opponent worthy of his strength or attempting to sate his hunger by finding other thrills. Homeworld/land: Azazel has no physical place to trace his origin, though the closest place would be on Solum. History/Bio: Predating all of the Philosophers, Azazel was initially created during the Great Calamity as a counteraction for the darkness unleashed by the people of Dramethius. Using forbidden arts, Felix Nevallis pulled a soul through the Eye of Eternity in an attempt to create the first Philosopher of War. However, instead of simply bleaching the soul with Astral energy, pulling it back through had fundamentally changed the object. All memories it contained were wiped. They had succeeded in creating War, but not without consequence. That soul had lost its identity, and Azazel his humanity. He tempered his body, and over a period of several years, fought back the Calamity before it could destroy what was believed to be the last remaining world in the galaxy. He still felt empty. His desire to fight had only increased. Felix’s people thought of him as an abomination born of the same darkness as the Calamity. Thus, there were some who tried to dispose of him. As a result, he ended up killing most of Felix’s people, since he deemed them “worthy” opponents. His actions had forced Felix to imprison Azazel and banish him to the void of space. There he drifted for several years before landing on Valucre. He roamed the land, finding that not a single creature on the planet was worthy of his strength. He had become too powerful. He transformed the land beneath his ship into his home and rested. There, he lay sleeping for thousands of years. That is until a certain Philosopher landed on the planet. Abilities/Powers: Azazel’s powers are tied to the Astral Plane, and he can use the energy from there through a process called Astral Conduction. Astral Conduction: Using his mind, body, and soul, Azazel can channel Astral energy through his body and accomplish a myriad of feats: Aura: An aura is both an Aster’s greatest weapon and greatest defense. Azazel’s aura is immensely strong, very oppressive, and acts as a major dampener to his strength. All of his constructs, barriers, etc. seem to absorb light around them and form a black void. Aura Constructs: for a very short period of time, Azazel is capable of superheating the air and wrapping his aura around the plasma that appears. His constructs are more destructive than they are attractive, however. Astral Evocation: Azazel can form medium-sized, rough projectiles and fire them effortlessly and quickly. Aura Barrier: Azazel is capable of creating barriers with his aura which functions to stave off attacks. While normally his aura is constantly surrounding him, it can either be turned off or channeled to block in an area. Overburn: Similar to the Philosopher of War’s Relinquished state, though if a Philosopher attempted to enter Overburn their lives would surely be forfeit. It breaks the natural limitations of a creature’s ability to channel astral energy through their bodies. Azazel’s body overflows with the power of the Eye of Eternity. His strength becomes unhinged, his aura no longer limits him, and he throws caution to the wind. This causes anything from several small natural disasters occurring around him, to horrific weather patterns. While in this state, Azazel gains access to a number of even more powerful abilities. Overburn Aura: The Aspect of War’s aura is his burning desire to fight. His ability to block attacks with it is removed, and instead can only be used offensively. It changes from a sickening black to a blinding white. Overburn Constructs: All of Azazel’s constructs must be offense-based. The intensity and size of the created constructs are so much that his aura is unable to completely surround them, and gouts of flame regularly fly off of them. Overburn Evocation: Azazel’s projectiles gain massively increased speed, and, given time to prepare, can become a mobile artillery cannon. Overburn Barrier: Azazel’s barrier can no longer be used to harmlessly block things. His aura turns the barriers he creates a field of visceral astral energy that intercepts and consumes anything that attempts to pass through it, adding to his offensive capabilities. Overburn Oppression: Azazel's power is so immense that those without the power to conduct astral energy or those who do not possess a strong mind literally feel the pressure of his aura within them. The effects manifest as such: The victim's body feels heavy. The victim moves as though they're running through a stream of very viscous liquid. Especially weak-minded individuals might even cower in fear as they realize their mortality. Overburn Rend: Azazel can channel the limitless energy he has into his hands and disintegrate, disrupt, and/or destroy nearly anything he swipes at. Fast Regeneration: Azazel can lose body parts and still use them. While in battle this effect is insanely slow, but outside of it, if he loses a hand or something similar, so long as he’s conscious, he can easily stick it back on. Skills: Azazel knows many different forms of fighting, but instead chooses to forgo most of them in favor of brutal grappling, tearing, and punching techniques. Weaknesses: Azazel has a soft-spot for those who he perceives as weaker than him and refuses to fight them unless challenged. He also refuses to outright end those who he thinks can become stronger. They could become a better fight later on, after all! His aura also weakens him quite a bit. While he’s very durable, he’s also fairly slow and hasn’t trained much with his aura. While another aster could easily use it to do a multitude of things, Azazel only knows combat, and his constructs are suited for only that. Strengths: The Aspect of War has monumental strength, durability, and speed because of his temperance. His aura only adds to his durability. Weapons: Azazel carries no weapons but his fists. “An Aster, especially one who carries the title of War, has no need for weapons. I can create any tool of destruction with the Eye, and wield it better than the man next to me.”
  4. Big Boss

    Kaantus Hunting OOC Thread

    Sorry for the long wait on me, you fellas should totally just skip me. There's no way I'll be able to make a post with what I've got going on this week.
  5. Big Boss

    Are Evil Gods "Morning People"?

    The Shogun had seen Sage use his hand cannon in the past. They were fighting this Lucian Petros and his summoned flesh abomination in Genesaris. He expected the outcome to be mostly the same: A large bullet creating a large hole in whatever it passed through. However, the samurai's expectations were upset. Sage's weapon did not fire. It seems that Terrenus' arcanosphere interferes with any sort of gunpowder explosion. Which doesn't explain at all how the soldier Sage was facing earlier was able to fire his weapon. Fedora Shogun didn't have much time to think it over, as Lucian directed their attention to the low singing of Dougton's populace, and the purple haze slowly rolling closer. Lucian's voice brought the Shogun back from his small daze, but without his ally's assistance, would have never escaped the explosion of the revenant's fireball. The Shogun was separated from both his sheath and blade as he landed a short distance away with a roll. While scrambling, fruitlessly, to stand up, Lucian uttered the name of an enemy that he had long since forgotten. He looked out at the courtyard, and could only stare in horror. "The Devil of Kyushu has returned." Shogun said aloud, "It seems that he has made powerful new allies. It would have taken nothing short of a miracle, or divine intervention, to uncripple him." With his friend's assistance and heavy armor, Shogun made it out with superficial burns.. Albeit, his armor was now unusable, as hellfire had melted a good portion of it. While shedding the gear, he could only watch as his comrade struggled to keep hold of Lucian and co.'s escape ride. He wanted to warn Sage of the incoming dagger, but was both too far, and assumed it wouldn't have changed anything. As his ally fell into the fog, Shogun began carving another rune into the ground with his salvaged wakizashi. Fedora Shogun's gaze met with that of Graves' while working. He blew a strand of hair out of his face as they stared one another down. Almost immediately remembering his original task, the Shogun would be the first to break the standoff as he finished his rune and stumbled to masamune. He listened to Sage and the subjugation squad's commander have a yelling fight as he created a deep cut on his wrist to sate his blade's requirement for the next spell. Once the ritual was complete, he heard Sage calling his name, and almost instantly replied by forcing his blade into the ground, holding the handle, and cutting a gash in the stone towards the Lords' escape route by using his foot. The result was a line of heavy wind splitting the fog and extinguishing the flame that Graves had created. Cutting off a portion of his shirt, Fedora Shogun created a temporary solution to his new wound. Shogun ran through the winds and waited for Sage at the gate. While in Graves' care, Black's eyes had began to open once again. He scratched the back of his head and looked around at his fellow Lords. Before he got a chance to speak, however, they ran into trouble. While he wasn't poised to strike, it was soon clear that he wouldn't have to be. An old "friend" reared their head once again. He looked at her with disdain and went back to sleep.
  6. Big Boss

    Kaant(us) touch this!

    William cheered! His stupid bottle of blue liquid that NO ONE wanted to buy from him paid off! With everyone's final attack, they had defeated their foe, with no casualties to boot! Or, that's what William thought before he finally noticed Ominas face-down on the ground not moving. "He- hey! Wait a minute! Are you for real, little girl? Retiring so soon?" William was half-joking. He ran over to Ominas' body and flipped the girl. Grabbing a cloth from his sleeve, he wiped the dirt from her face, then found the source of her paralysis. He called out, "Ivas, please call for Cid! I don't think I have anything for any sort of Kay-an-tus venom. Someone strong and precise pull this quill out, I'll hold her steady." "Actually, while I'm sitting here waiting for someone to help out, how's about we consider that partnership now, Sage? As you can clearly see, I'm crazy capable of throwing bottles of who-knows-what at the big bad's face. You've got my card though, you don't have to answer now." After his re-proposition, William took a canteen out of his bag and wet the cloth, placing the cool rag on her forehead. Whatever pain she's going through now is probably only about to get worse. That is, if she isn't really dead.
  7. Big Boss

    Kaant(us) touch this!

    So William's attack didn't have the intended effect.. At all. As a matter of fact, Enshim figured he only really managed to make it even more upset at Sage. He felt a little guilty about the beating that Sage had to take soon after. William's feint at being more drained and vulnerable than he actually was had very clearly failed, and he needed a new plan. Thinking quickly, the catfolk looked around for the bag that Sage had dropped. Spotting it not too far away, he ran to it and rummaged through the contents until he found the cerulean bottle of "Slick." He probably should've explained exactly what it was earlier to, perhaps, coerce Sage into applying it before getting into a grapple battle with the beast. William digresses, it can't be helped now. Enshim tied the bottle to an arrow and waited to see the aftermath of Ominas' attack once more. William thought it'd sure be handy to have an ability like that.. Maybe he could come up with a spell to mimic it? With the Kaantus presumably stunned, the catfolk fired his bottle-tipped arrow at the creature. Had the arrow met its mark, the cerulean bottle would shatter, causing everything within a sizable area around the Kaantus to be covered in the medium blue liquid. Now, the effects of this wondrous blue nonsense are very similar to industrial strength lubricant, but insanely stronger. Moving in this substance would be the same as moving on a surface with zero friction. Anything that moved on that surface would keep sliding in a single direction until it reaches the end of the puddle. With this information, the catfolk would call out to anyone who would listen, "Just hit the monster hard enough to make it slide! I can't say I know the range on that ability of yours, Ominas, but it'd be crazy handy if you could do that thing you did with the Kaantus' fist, but with the thing's whole body, and into the top of the smelter!" Orders given, William prepared another arrow with another spell, just in case. He sure hopes the Kaantus doesn't think to just stick its claws in the ground while it's sliding either, that sure would be a shame.
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    I will remember this
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  10. Big Boss

    Are Evil Gods "Morning People"?

    The Samurai raised his sword and let loose a cry once Meryam was struck by a mage's mana bolt. Those in squads charged with defending against the angelic beings ran forward. Keeping their shields raised high, the Paladins in the company deflected arrows, while the clerics purified them before they could do any permanent damage to those in their squads. However, the arrows that landed near the church itself were far beyond the reach of any purification spell. Their advance was going well.. That is, until they heard the singing. The Samurai's squadron immediately stopped. As a matter of fact, everyone around him stopped as well. They were searching for the source of the tune. To make matters even worse, "Oar-Demon" Rin was bowling down anyone that came near her with terrifying efficiency. Distracted by the singing, members of different squads started dropping swiftly as the fog spread. Those that remained pulled their enchanted cloth over their faces and prepared for the worst. Black was very perturbed that his gunfire was easily shrugged off by his opponent. Had anger fueled the weapon, the bullets surely would've pierced the Philosopher's shield. Standing his ground, the soldier continued his onslaught while the Lords' adversary continued his advance. Something had to give. His bursts had stopped with a click, signaling that he was out of ammunition. Had Black known that simply reloading his weapon would be his downfall, he would've gone for a different course of action. Still, he hadn't the slightest clue what his enemy could do. Ejecting the magazine, he noticed the fog quickly part in a specific formation. His survival instinct kicked in as he dropped his weapon and attempted to jump out of the way of.. whatever it was. While successful in not taking the full brunt of Sage's attack, it caught his legs as he was diving. This sent him spinning into the stairs close to Lucian and Anafeliz. He immediately felt the pain of fractured ribs and a broken arm. He spat blood, then soon found that he couldn't keep his eyes open. "Alright Petros, I'm tagging out for now. Our new 'friend' can handle this." Black said to his superior, passing out soon after. He definitely won't forget this encounter. The Shogun broke away from the group once he saw that they had the situation covered. Slicing through the fog with his weapon and novice wind magic, he met up with Sage, whom had defeated his opponent in a very eerily easy manner. He made sure to stay behind a bit while he sheathed his weapon and listened to the Philosopher plea to Anafeliz. The Samurai then stepped out from the shadows and stood next to Sage, with his palm on the hilt of his weapon, ready to strike if anything went awry.
  11. Big Boss

    Kaant(us) touch this!

    William instructed his servants to keep the flame blazing and rushed forward. Before he could get anything done however, he was greeted by the Kaantus' screech. Enshim dropped his weapon and held his hands close to his ears, forced to one knee in pain. Once the Kaantus decided its tantrum was over, the creature redoubled its efforts and attempted to push Sage aside, barreling towards Somar. The catfolk, as swiftly as one could, looked inside his scroll bag for anything to help here. He tossed it aside in frustration as Ominas had begun her assault. He kicked his bow up from the ground and used his own mana reserve to cast a spell of Freezing Sphere while Ominas had the Kaantus distracted. Once she'd finished her volley of blows, William spun and nocked an adamantium arrow imbued with the spell. The moment he released the arrow moisture from the mountain air swiftly gathered and froze around the head. The mass went from being golf ball-sized, to bowling ball, to something comparable in size to one of the destroyed tents at the site. If the mass hit the Kaantus, it would shatter and melt. The spell would then refreeze the water, hopefully buying Sage enough time to restrain it. Regardless of whether or not it hit, this powerful spell left William drained. Don't take him for a fool. He knows he's basically Kaantus bait. Surely a spell that large, combined with very clearly looking as though he could collapse at any moment, would attract the monster. As if to insult the Kaantus, Enshim cast a weak spark spell at the Kaantus, perhaps making him slightly uncomfortable. At least by now Somar put distance between he and the Kaantus, right?
  12. Big Boss

    Kaant(us) touch this!

    The catfolk's ears perked up at the sound of his name. Sage was giving out commands to everyone, and apparently he wanted William to bring the smeltery to life. Enshim was probably the best bet for this job, since starting a fire was as simple as snapping his fingers together. William forced himself out of his own mind and sprinted to the device. A flint and steel would be far too slow here, and his regular magic would still need some sort of help to really get roaring.. William pulled another scroll from the case he was carrying, a burning hands spell would be plenty useful here. Another problem, the tinder from the previous operation had turned to dust, and the Kaantus was now exiting the treeline. When the catfolk looked behind him to assess the situation and desperately search for an answer, he found out what Ominas had been doing. He stared up in awe, mouth agape. It took a considerably longer time, but Enshim woke up from his daze. Making a mental note to ask the little girl who taught her magic, William remembered a small amount of coal left not too far from the smeltery. A few casts of Unseen Servant and what was left of the resource was now ready to be lit. William retrieved a few expendable scrolls and tossed them in with the coals. Casting the burning hands spell and slamming the hatch shut, a loud boom could be heard as arcane scrolls exploded and the smelter roared to life.. or, roared as loudly as an object without an engine could. "Right! Good to go, little girl!" William shouted towards Ominas, then retrieved the bow slung around his torso. While he wasn't sure if Ominas was going to do anything Sage petitioned her to do, the catfolk's task was complete, and he'd make sure to assist the vanguard any way he could.
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    Kaantus Hunting OOC Thread

    @Ghastardly @Misty
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    Kaant(us) touch this!

    William listened closely to his group behind him. They're going to be in dire straits if they can't come together and agree on something before they find the Kaantus. He took note of the situation. Sandbox is moping around.. for.. some.. reason, Lyra is about to claw Ominas' throat out, Ominas thinks she's the cat's meow, and Sage is having an existential crisis. This day couldn't get any more exciting. William's lips curled into a smile. The more noise they made yelling at each other meant that the Kaantus would arrive faster. Hell, it could be watching them right now. If it became a problem, he'll gladly set his party straight. For now, he'll let them in fight to draw the creature's attention. --- William would, again, be one of the first to arrive at the campsite, as he'd done his best to keep a fair distance ahead of them. William wasn't worried too much about leading the party in circles, since Ominas' trail of "breadcrumbs" was making sure that they wouldn't somehow double back. Upon his arrival, William immediately looked about the scene. He took out a small pad and pen from his sleeve and began making a map of the area, making sure to heavily outline the locations of the smeltery, pit, and bloodstained crusher. Enshim's earlier suspicions about his group's shouting were confirmed, as he heard rustling not but a short distance away. His ears twitched with every step as he turned to his party, "Alright ladies, good job attracting the Kaantus. You can stop pretending to hate each other now, 'cause we've got a job to do. Knowing what we do about the area, does anyone have any changes they'd like to make to the plan? Maybe use the crusher again to get rid of that organ in it's head so we can strangle it more easily? Now that I think of it, would it be stupid enough to get crushed again? Well, I'm partial to locking it in the smeltery and watching it burn. If the original idea seems to tickle your fancy more, I'm all for it. Step one is still getting rid of that organ in its brain, though." William took a seat on a nearby stump and started searching for something in his scroll case, "I don't have many useful scrolls beyond that one, but if anyone has any ideas for a spell that'd help here, I'm all ears. I can probably write up a scroll for something we don't have in about a day, a day and some change if you want me to change something about it." Enshim said, while continuing to ignore Ominas and find something worth their while in his near-bottomless scroll case.
  15. Big Boss

    Kaantus Hunting OOC Thread

    BASAKA getting to work on that post now! Sorry for the wait!