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  1. Brilliant! Thank you! Is there somewhere you'd like me to post my character profile?
  2. Good morning, Are you still accepting people? I don't mind either group, I have/can build my characters to fit either group.
  3. Hello, Also interested! I haven't been active for a good few months, but really keen to get back into it again. High fantasy is also my genre of choice, I am happy with 1x1 or small group RPs, and posting once a week sounds perfect! PM me if still interested :)
  4. I really like the headquarter's interior, but not really feeling the exterior, Thoughts everyone else? @ZionVI @Iron Ferrit @christians168 @Silver_Lynx
  5. Sorry guys, I've not been replying on the OOC much, but I am hovering around and keeping upto date with IC! @christians168 - I liked your post, dw about length too much, I'm all about the quality :) How is everyone's weekends coming along? We actually have some sun here!! SHOCK HORROR!
  6. Hey buddy Me and you sound like the same kind of flakers, but RP lover that can't seem to stay away *Laughs in spanish*
  7. Hey Welcome to valucre! Roleplaying is something I fell into about 8 years ago now, and even in the craziness of life, it's something I love coming back to, especially when I am stressed!
  8. Krishay || "Woah, there fella, if you wanna fight-” Huffed Krishay angrily as a body stumbled into the back of him. However as he caught his balance and peered over his shoulder to catch a glimpse of the young assailant, he ate the remaining sentence and whatever saliva the he had in his mouth, before the adrenaline shamelessly stole away with his nerves. A bare torso with strikes of freshly dried blood rippled across the muscles that slept under olive coloured skin was what met is gaze. “Where the hell is this guy’s shirt?! Winter has barely finished..Blood? Why is there blood on him?” He riddled to himself. Hell, it wasn't the time to be asking these questions. It was evident that this guy could destroy the very bones that held Krishay together without much effort, or thought. “Sorr-” He began, but before he could complete the two-syllable word, let alone regain his posture, a young girl appeared at the door. Ding-ding-a-ling! Ah, the bell that failed to let its presence be forgotten. As he looked up to grace the bell with his look of annoyance, he caught a figure leaning over the railing of the first floor. “Ah! Yes! Err, by any chance do you work here?” he called out as he finally brought himself to an upright position, and lost complete interest in the other two occupants of the room. “I’m looking for a book. Lhjeid sent me, she said she knows the owner, and that they may be able to help?” Krishay took a few steps into the shop and away from the puffing shirtless hero, and the bemused entrant, his gaze fixed upon the lady upstairs, as the bell called out again, announcing the arrival of a fifth member.
  9. Yes- I would love to hear the skunk story!! Mine is number 3 - I am the worst singer in history- and I am often reminded of it by family and friends haha!! Also, I've caught up on the IC- Super excited about this RP! So much potential for all the characters- i'll post soon, just bear with me a little, as I am also studying for exams!!
  10. @Iron Ferrit I've gone for 2- because that's be super ironic- but i'd love it @Silver_Lynx 3- because I really want your name to mean ruler of elves - heck I want MY name to mean that @ZionVI 3- because I have no idea what that means, hahahah! @christians168 I'm going for 2, because shamefully, I don't know what that is? AND I really want the skunk story to be true?? @TheElementHunter wanna have a go before the big reveal??
  11. @Iron Ferrit+ @TheElementHunter Good questions (and replies!) 1. So, I was thinking the milita was trying to destroy it the best way they knew how, and that was taking each page and hiding it in obsecure places (ruins, underwater, in outposts) Maybe parts of the "world" chapter could be in high security head quaters? It's a really basic concept, so if anyone has a better idea, I am open to them :) 2. Regarding damage, I am thinking it can be weathered, dirtied etc, but the writings on it will always be legible as a result of the spell. Also, no matter how old it is, or how long it has been hidden, it won't decay away - we could even say; the letters on the page are keeping it together even if organic elements trying to destroy the fibres of the page? 3. Season- sure we can go with Sprin 4. World's name.. hmm how about Naavh?
  12. That cool @ZionVI! I am looking forward this!!! So, now we've ironed out the big creases, shall we get to know each other a little? We can play a game, 2 truths 1 lie. Basically we can write out 2 truths and one lie, and the next person to comment has to guess which the lie is. The guessing person then writes 2 truths and one lie in the same post and we continue until everyone's posted, and then we reveal our lies! Game? I can start; 1. I've climbed a volcano 2. I've done a street dance performance 3. I've won the award for most improved singer in my year in school
  13. Now that everyone is clear on the magic and how it works I've created a IC page AND posted So Chris you are up :) @Iron Ferrit @Silver_Lynx @TheElementHunter @christians168 @ZionVI The Book of the Valiant - IC thread
  14. Okay- just caught up on the conversation Sorry for my absence, I was busy with studies etc @TheElementHunter: I agree with what @Iron Ferrit and @Silver_Lynx have said. What I meant when I said "Only Element's character has the ability to understand and apply magic quickly (like some people with languages) the rest of the characters no nothing about it. " was when he reads how magic works, it will take him less time to apply it. However it won't be instantaneous. When it comes to knowledge, nothing really is. You can remember everything about it, but it takes at least some time to apply that knowledge. For example a doctor can rut learn the entire human anatomy and surgical procedure on the first go, but it will still take him/her time to physically do the surgery competently. AKA practice and training. The last part of the sentence, only your character knows such a thing like magic exists because he's from a world that has embraced it, whereas the remaining characters know it merely as a myth. Your character is like "guys.. you know that magic can be real, right?" Now, completely agree with iron and silver. In Valucre your character could be all powerful and be able to use his bracelet and his magic as he pleases. But as he's on another planet, it's rendered completely useless, and again I agree with Iron, this would be great character building.. no?
  15. || Krishay Srivastava || As evening set in, the sun stole the last of the day’s light, painting the city of Endra in hues of golden honey and blood red. The streets teemed with bodies hurrying to the lives they lived beyond their trade, some to their families or their friends and some to bars and teahouses to wash away the day’s fatigue. Whilst others remained chained to their working worlds as the night loomed ahead. Krishay brushed shoulders amongst people just like that, as he meandered through the city, lost in their routine, living each day much like the one before. Their faces carried the ice white or the cool blues of the screens each one was spellbound by. News, games, videos, chats. Everything was a voice command, a thought, a touch away. Nothing was beyond imagination. “Uhh, left here I think?” He thought to himself as he unfurled a piece of scrap paper. “Meyer street… Meyer street…” he repeated under his breath reading the words he had barely scrawled. “Damn it! God I wish my phone wasn’t dead! How did people get by without e-maps? This is pure torture!! I have paper in my hands. I've had to write directions!! I need to get to a charging pod ASAP” He muttered under his breath as he pushed his black rimmed glasses up to the bridge of his nose. His eyes darted left and right trying to hunt out a street name amongst the myriad of signs that were plastered across every wall. “Ah yes!” His eyes locked with the one thing he had been so hungrily looking for the past 2 minutes; Meyer street. “100m down the street and the bookshop will be on my right, red door frame, red door frame… I think that is what she said..” He pondered to himself as he pushed on. Amongst the crowd that slowly rolled through Meyer street, Krishay’s barely combed, flock of black hair was probably the only one that wasn’t buried in a phone, as he gazed up and around the street “red door frame.. red doo-“ “Ah, finally!” A sigh of relief escaped his lips, with a smile quickly following suit, “I make quite the navigator. Yes I bloody well do!” he congratulated himself as he looked up at an old wooden door frame painted a regal scarlet red, dressed with golden letters. “The bookshop” He said to himself, the smile still clasping his face; The whole scene looked out of place amongst the long limbed buildings made of iron, steel and glass tainted with hues of blacks, blues and greys. The red itself was patched together with shades as though it had been painted a few more times than it would like to have confessed. The wood was old and scarred with years of service, proudly boasting dents and chips on the window ledges. “Where has that idiot sent me? Will this place have any books on River-life let alone the flora of Kiense?!” He doubted as he tentatively pushed open the door. Ding-ding-a-ling - Trickled the sound of a bell that watched over the entrance and the guests that passed through. “Woah! This place is trapped in time! Who even has a bell above the door!?” Krishay whispered as he looked up at the old bronze contraption above him that stared back unapologetically.
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