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  1. Moonbay

    Chateau De Choisel | ENTER AT RISK

    Slowly moving over to Quin, Maryanne lowered herself down to kneel beside her, making no sudden or threatening movements in an attempt to put her at as much ease as one could be in in a room full of vampires. "May I?" Gesturing to her bleeding arm, if Quin did not protest or move away, she would brush her hand aside to apply a firm yet gentle pressure to the cut. "Now what I'm about to do is going to be extremely painful, but it should remove any remaining poison from your system so it doesn't spread. You'll likely need something to bite down on as to not sever that pretty little tongue of yours." Offering a gentle smile contrasting her serious words, Mary waited for her response. Should she decide to accept her help, Mary would nod and remove the cloth covering her wrist. Quickly moving her hand to hover over the wound, she used her control over water to ensure no more blood could spill free and go to waste. Blood built up to form a medium-sized bubble on her wrist, but it did not break or leak, the blood swirling around like a mystics crystal ball. Hesitating, she realized something that would help put the doctor through a lot less discomfort, Maryanne moved her free hand to cup the doctor's chin, cool fingers curling underneath to raise her head slightly. Hopefully catching and holding the doctor's eyes with her own, she would attempt to breach into the doctor's mind, assuming it to be a fairly easy task, and one the doctor wouldn't even realize was happening. Without prying into her personal memories, Mary would try to drag to the surface calming and happy thoughts to keep her distracted, while also tampering with how her brain was about to receive a large alert from her pain receptors, hopefully lessening the pain by at least half. If all was successful, Mary would drawback her hand from under Quin's chin, all the while maintaining that eye contact, and place her now-free hand over Quin's upper arm. Dragging her hand up and down in a constant pull, she would repeat this over and over, moving the blood in her arm like the tide. As new blood filled and exited the crimson bubble, Maryanne looked down at the doctor's wrist, confident her mental influence would hold, she watched and waited until the cycling blood showed signs of the unpleasant poison. When she detected the change in colour and off-scent of the infected blood, she would use her stationary hand to separate the good from the bad, dark streams of poison twisting free from the bubble like mini cyclones. Mary didn't stop doing this until she was sure the bloodstream was clear. Lowering her hovering hand until the blood bubble slipped back into her wrist, Maryanne held the blood inside while she reached for something to stitch the wound. Once done, Mary would meet the doctor's gaze again, withdrawing her influence and snapping her out of whatever state she was in now that the worst was done with. Putting a hand on Quin's back, she expected the doctor to be mildly dizzy and disorientated. Once recovered, however, Mary would extend a hand to help her to her feet, ready to support her should she begin to sway or collapse.
  2. Moonbay

    The Shell of Great Sins

    Dragging a painted nail along the surface of the table, Maryanne lifted her glass to her lips and took a small sip as she observed the performance. While her eyes did not stray from the stage, she was keenly aware of what was happening around her, as she was sure the others were too. Making no move to follow as Leinhart as he and May departed, she finally dragged her gaze to the others seated at the table with her. Noticing her nail had begun to gouge a line in the table, she stilled her hand and instead leaned back in her chair, wondering when Alistair would grace them with his presence. To pass the time Mary used her affinity for water to raise a blob of liquid up from her cup and shaped them into two figures holding close to one another as they danced to the music. She had them glide across the table, millimeters from the surface. They looped the perimeter of the table until they once more hovered over her glass. They spun around and around and around until finally, the lady figure positioned a blade behind the man's back, driving it through his tender flesh. Water sprayed and dripped from the wound as the figure crumbled and slipped back into the cup, fading into the remaining quarter of her drink. The female laughed as she plunged the blade into her own heart and sank down to join her in the finale to Maryanne's own macabre performance.
  3. Moonbay

    Chateau De Choisel | ENTER AT RISK

    Finishing the last page of the book she'd started devouring earlier in the day, Maryanne set it aside and stood from the plush and comfy chair. Smoothing the dark and glittering fabric of her silken dress, she extended her arms above her head to stretch in order to release the tension that had settled into her muscles during all those hours reading. Swaying over to the window, she pushed it open, pausing when the scent of blood was carried to her on the wind. Mary sighed. The smell of the doctor's blood was becoming more and more familiar to her now. You'd think she'd try to be extra careful not to injure herself so much considering the circumstances. This time curiosity won out and she pulled the window closed before exiting into the hallway. Sweeping her way gracefully towards the courtyard, the glinting dress caused her no issues despite fanning out around the floor in a circle around her feet. The cool black gems shaped into a tear-like fashion swayed and brushed against her neck as she descended down the stairs. Once out into the courtyard the smell of blood grew stronger, reminding her that she should probably eat soon. Her slight hunger, however, didn't mean she'd be quick to try and sink her teeth into the doctor, she actually found little interest in the mortal in terms of feeding. Pushing her way inside of the clinic, she soon discovered that Alistair had a little more than an interest. Maryanne waited patiently for him to finish, fairly sure she would intervene should the girl start to shrivel like a prune. After a few more moments she decided to reach out to Alistair while he gorged himself. Having fun, are we? Are you supposed to be doing that? Not that it matters to me, but it might matter to you if Him of Crows throws an infamous and destructive tantrum.
  4. Moonbay

    Shell of The Great Sins (Tia)

    Thank you ☺️ Not sure how to go about making a sudden appearance, though.
  5. Moonbay

    Shell of The Great Sins (Tia)

    Thank you, and of course. So, where would I be put in the posting order?
  6. Moonbay

    Shell of The Great Sins (Tia)

    Sorry for my absence, I understand if it's now too late for me to join in on the Tia thread. You know how life is... πŸ˜…
  7. Moonbay

    House of Choisel, BEWARE OOC

    @Twitterpated I'm terribly sorry, to you, and everyone else. I had some stuff I had to deal with that prevented me from using Valucre. I'll try my best to contribute now if it's not too late.
  8. Moonbay

    House of Choisel, BEWARE OOC

    Sorry I was away for a little, had to have a small surgery. I'm back now, though. Hope I didn't keep anyone waiting.
  9. Sorry for my absence! I was rather caught up with doctors appointments and hospital visits. My surgery is over with now and I'm recovering ok so I should be more active. Sorry to those who may be waiting on a reply from me, I appreciate your patience.

    1. Etched in Stone

      Etched in Stone

      I hope you’re better now. That’s what counts. πŸ˜ŽπŸ™‚πŸ˜Š

  10. Moonbay

    Down With the Sickness (faction thread)

    Ever the quiet observer, Maryanne watched Leinhart wrap his arm around the cross, and smirked at the subtle irony of the act. Keen eyes then turned their attention to the amassed hoard as she slipped into her own thoughts. An eleven headed hydra... taking over the world... Master Leinhart sure doesn't like to do things by halves. Trailing her gaze over the gathering of unsavory sorts, her thoughts were interrupted by the gentle sensation of someone prodding or stroking at the exterior side of her skull. Her lips drew up at the corners once she recognized the visitor, and her mental shield of impenetrable, glittering obsidian shuddered and parted a fraction to let in the mental message. "If I can handle Master Leinhart then I'm sure a Hydra, regardless of how many heads and rows of teeth, will not be enough to deter or cower me. Besides, I have nothing better to do with my infinite time. I'm always looking for something to keep things... interesting. I hope this won't disappoint." She shot her reply back down the mental link that had been established between them, not needing to even glance in his direction as she watched a particularly interesting lady navigate the crowd. For she could be called no less than a lady as she glided to part the crowd like the red sea. If Leinhart noticed her obvious presence, he gave no indication. But the lady seemed not be the sort to allow his dismissive behavior, making ignoring her impossible as she appeared among them. Maryanne quirked a brow, but said nothing.
  11. Moonbay

    Chateau De Choisel | ENTER AT RISK

    Dragging dark stockings over the pale creamy surface of her thigh, Maryanne hummed quietly as she took her time in getting ready. One found little urgency in their actions when offered an eternity to enact them. Balancing perfectly, she lowered the foot she had propped on the dark oak chair to the ground that adorned a rug of such a deep purple, that one might easily mistake it for black. The bedding was of a similar colour, if not a little lighter. Dragging the midnight fabric from the back of the very same chair, she raised it above her head, letting the shimmering gown slide down her form in a cascade of night sky. The dark dress fell over her curves and settled nicely, close to the skin. Stars glinted in the candle light when she moved, the dress pooling at her feet in such a way that would be a tripping hazard for any clumsy mortal, or immortal alike, she supposed. But Mary was full of that sought after vampire-grace, and had no issue with the dress giving her her own small perimeter, and no quarrel with her preferred footwear of heels- of which she was currently slipping into a pair of. All that was left to do was tie up her hair, paint her lips, and dust her eyelids with dark powder. All of which were completed in a matter of minutes. She had been rather anti-social lately, preferring her own private quarters to the more public spaces of the gargantuan place. It seemed a shame to stay cooped up and not fully appreciate the grand extent of her lodgings. So with that fore-mentioned grace, she swept for the door after first decorating her ears with tear-shaped dark gems as an afterthought. All dressed up for a simple trip to the impressive library, silently hoping that there wouldn't be many others there. On her way, however, her sensitive hearing meant it was hard not to pick up on some sort of commotion. While this struck a chord of interest within her, she did not waver from her path to the library. She could easily obtain information on the events later, through certain means at her disposal if necessary. Not even the faint smell of blood teasing her senses was enough to draw her to that courtyard, she had some self control for heavens sake. As she neared the library, faint hints in the air gave away the approach of Lord Choisel, and his less than pleasant mood. She took this as her cue to slip silently into the library, waiting inside until his stormy attitude swept past the doors, likely heading for his own quarters. Immortals, she thought, also prone to tantrums. Like big bloodsucking children... oh well. She would, of course, never say this directly to Him of Crows... she wasn't that stupid.
  12. Moonbay

    House of Choisel, BEWARE OOC

    I'm back from my trip! Where do I even start..? Oh boy.
  13. Moonbay

    House of Choisel, BEWARE OOC

    I can try for a post this time, though, as it is off my phone it may not be the best. It shouldn't really make things more difficult but somehow it does.