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  1. Feigned Innocence

    Cold. So very, very cold. At this rate, Briar was certain that she'd be frozen mid-step any minute now as she slowly traipsed down the street, slippery in places from patches of glinting ice. Her thin clothing was not appropriate for such snowy conditions, but she could hardly afford to keep food in her belly let alone wrap up in multiple layers of warm fur or fleece right now- and with her fingers so stiff from the cold her thieving habits were severely reduced. So, miserably, she trekked on. The wind cut through her clothes to freeze her right down to the marrow. Her nose was glowing red and her unusual eyes brimmed with tears from the icy barrage of air. Aimlessly she walked, unsure of where she was going, but certain that she couldn't stop. She had to keep moving. Briar had her head lowered as she attempted to force her frozen fingers to pull her cloak tighter around her shivering frame. This meant, however, that she didn't see the oncoming man until she collided with him rather forcefully. The treacherous footing and force of impact sent her skittering a few inches across the unyielding ground, stealing the air from her lungs as her hood slipped down from around her face. When Briar winced it wasn't just from the pain of her abrupt landing. Without even looking up at Zenith, the electrical charge of magical affinity scraped along her attuned senses like claws dragging along the surface of her mind. It made her feel sick. When she did finally meet those twin pools of grey, something shiny naturally snagged her attention away to the gauntlet in his hand. She instantly recognized the rough value, but didn't let her eyes linger suspiciously long. Instead she accepted the helping hand, her own slender hand as cold as the snow itself. "I'm fine, thank you. Sorry, I should have been watching where I was going." Her voice was quiet and soft, almost swept away and lost on a sudden gust of wind. She reached up to secure the cloak to once more conceal her features before moving to brush past Zenith, satisfied that even if he didn't stop her that she'd be able to keep tabs on him and that expensive possession of his. She'd stalk him for as long as necessary in order to get her hands on such a fine item, as well as any other gold the man of apparent wealth may be harboring. She just hoped that if she had to follow him out of here, that he went somewhere a lot flipping warmer. Her empty stomach growled its quiet protest. Briar figured she could pick up on his trail again after allowing herself a brief interlude to finding something to eat.
  2. A mission for mercenary's (OOC)

    Sorry about the length and possible incoherence of my contribution... I'm literally in the midst of exams and wrote this at 1AM despite needing desperately to sleep in order to survive my next 4 exams... I hope there aren't any problems, if so, let me know.
  3. An opportunity true to La Ultima

    Crouched low behind the stand of some distracted peddler, Nico pawed through the various jars of odd liquid on display, intrigued by the glittery substances swirling behind the thick glass. The containers held a sort of gloop that ranged in colour from deep-ocean blue to sun-burst orange. Mixed in with it all were tiny flecks of luminescent white, glowing like a million stars swept up in the flow of the liquids constant movement. A galaxy trapped within a jar... how fascinating! Nico deftly unscrewed the silver lid to one of the violet-tinted concoctions and stuck her pale and scarred middle finger into the substance. She was pleasantly surprised to encounter a rather nice warm and tingling sensation upon contact, but it was unfortunately at this moment that the young peddler (who had been previously occupied by staring blatantly at the lady three stalls down) finally stopped drooling long enough to notice the slender figure squatting beside him, catching her purple handed. Raising his hand in outrage, the man only swatted at empty air as Nico flung herself backwards, her feet staying rooted as her body bent at a ninety degree angle. The jar fell to the ground but the strong glass didn't break as it landed with a solid thud. The contents of the jar, however, was now spilling into a crackling puddle on the ground. Jamming her purple-coated middle finger into her mouth, she swiftly rolled out of arms reach and sprung to her bare feet, stars exploding down her gullet like mini firecrackers. It wasn't painful, but she still probably shouldn't of consumed the mystery liquid. The man lunged for her. Too late. She was quickly disappearing through the crowd of miscreants and strangers, twisting and bending around the bodies with ease. Her pursuer was having a little more difficulty fighting the current, and it was the work of a few more corners and waves of people before she had successfully given him the slip- that or he hadn't wanted to stray too far from his goods, like a Shepard keeping a watchful eye on his sheep from the wolves, and this place was crawling with them. Maybe after this attack he'd be more vigilant. Burning eyes of orange looked around at her surroundings before flicking upwards. She abruptly came to a halt. There, floating above her in a cloud of violet and crimson wings, was a kaleidoscope of butterflies. People grunted, tutted, and muttered their displeasure as they adjusted their course to move around her like water flowing past a rock in a hurried stream. The rabble descended down to her, the wings tickling at her face and her neck, leaving a coating of fine dust-like powder in their wake. No one else seemed to notice the swarm as they fluttered around the pale teen, tangling in her hair and kissing along her skin. Nico reached up a hand and touched one that had come to rest on her cheek, but as soon as she made contact with its delicate wings, the butterfly began to crumble into golden flakes that blew away weightlessly on the wind. She prodded another, and another until the only one not reduced to naught but fragments hovered tauntingly out of arms reach. She stepped forward to reach it but it swooped away from her hand. So she tried again, and again she missed. Her chalky eyebrows knitted together in frustration. Flinging herself forward to grasp the elusive creature, she collided with a cluster of people who angrily barked out their protests, but the butterfly was now getting away, drifting over the oblivious crowd away from her. Kicking off the ground she leaped onto a round bowling ball of a man and caused him to topple forward comically as she kicked off from atop his shoulders. She was off. Barreling through the crowd in pursuit of the little bastard, Nico swung over people and slid under them as well as maneuvering around in order to reach the bug that traveled with such an agonizingly leisurely manner that it was maddening. Every time she swatted at it, the wind from her swiping hand seemed to push it to safety on the updraft. One especially enthusiastic swipe sent her tripping over a seemingly randomly placed potted fern which she then decided to bring along with her tucked under her left arm, despite the added weight and the fact that it probably belonged to someone. Finally the butterfly came to a stop. This was it. This was her chance! It opened its wings wide before snapping them shut and repeating the process a multitude of times as Nico pushed past the last blockade of people. The potted fern (which she had somehow managed to gift the name Fergus in the chaos of the chase) fell forgotten from under her arm to shatter and splay across the ground as she swung with her right hand to slap the bothersome insect. Nico grinned as gold cascaded to the ground, landing on a pair of very nice shoes. She'd done it! She'd got the little pest! Looking up she realized that the butterfly had landed on the forehead of a man, who she would later come to know as Jason, a red hand print swiftly blooming to the surface of his skin. Now, it would be understandable for the man to be a little confused and a lot angry, as there had never actually been any butterflies to begin with. But Nico didn't know that. With a gurgle and a sizzle, the last star in her stomach fizzled softly before gently dying out, and the angry sounds off all those she'd charged through finally breached through to her ears. Only then did she realize, she was in a bit of trouble.
  4. I'm alive.

    Oh dear... anything major I should know? It's a pleasure to meet you. Thank you very much.
  5. A mission for mercenaries.

    I'd be interested. I don't have any characters that are specifically mercenaries, but, Nico wouldn't mind getting her hands bloody.
  6. I'm alive.

    Hello again, Valucre. It's been over a year since I ran away from here, and I'm a little anxious about making a return. I've not really done much in my time away to improve my writing skills, so all the same structure and grammatical errors are probably still present (feedback on that for improvement purposes is appreciated). I'm sorry to those that I ran away from while participating in their threads, I'm fairly sure that things continued on ok without me, or, not at all... Not sure what else to say except I hope to soon be joining some of you in roleplaying and that I hope no one is cross that I fled. I'm not sure why posting this is also making me feel so anxious... I've read through this about ten times and I'm still uncomfortable. I'll just... yep.
  7. Sorry, that's the best I could do for now.
  8. A lantern in the night

    As the illusion fell away around her, the first thing she noticed was the splash of water on her face. Was it raining? No, the water tasted salty as it slid past her lips. After a moment more of returning to her senses, she opened her eyes to see Gillian weeping above her. Still disorientated, Juvia called out to the crying woman, her voice scratchy from whatever kind of sleep had held her under. "Gillian? What's wrong?" Pushing herself up into a sitting position once her strength picked up enough to do so, she looked around wide-eyed at their surroundings, or, more specifically, the mass of odd tendrils. When she looked back at Gillian who had apparently freed her from the needle grip of the tendrils, she noticed her skin seem to burn and blister. "What the heck is going on?" Extending a hand and resting it on Gillian's shoulder, Juvia attempted to muster her still-returning strength to try and soothe or heal the wounds appearing on Gillian's flesh, grunting as her own skin began to boil and flake unattractively. The hand on Gillian's shoulder would be cold and hopefully soothing as she tried to nullify the burning that she too was now experiencing with what little magic she could draw from. It wasn't long before her strength and magic depleted again and she fell back, gritting her teeth against the pain. She hoped she was able to help Gillian, even a little- after all, it was thanks to her she was free from the deadly delusion. Gillian had likely saved her life. Without the energy to do anything about her own discomfort, all she could do was wait and hope it passed. Curling up into the fetal position instinctively, she let out a high-pitched scream as fire roiled under her skin.
  9. Sorry for the delay. I'll get a post up tomorrow after school, I've just been busy with exam study.
  10. A lantern in the night

    Having no inkling that the reality she was seeing was not her reality at all, Juvia ran her hands up and down her arms in an attempt to dispel the unpleasant sensation before she lowered them back to her sides. Despite her placid expression she was getting quite frustrated. Agitatedly running her fingers through her raven hair, she looked from left to right to the trail beneath her feet. If it weren't for the growing shadows she might have decided to diverted from this 'path' that she was beginning to distrust. It seemed too convinient. Instead she simply didn't move at all. She stood there, looking at Bob, trying to come up with some semblance of a plan while also trying desperately to ignore that persisting odd sensation. She couldn't think what could be causing it. There hadn't been any signs of plants that she'd read caused such symptoms when she fell down... If not that, then... then the only other culprit she could think off was Bob... She shuffled a little to the right, then took two steps backwards, then stopped again. With wary blue eyes still watching Bob cautiously, she bent down to pick up two decently sized rocks from the ground. When she straightened again she weighed each one in her hands. Keeping her eyes on Bob, she drew back her arm and send one of the hefty rocks hurtling into the black abyss of shadow to her right. She didn't know what exactly she expected to happen, after all, she was aiming at shadows! But worst case scenario was it hit something like a wild boar and served to make it angry. At least, she guessed that was the worst case scenario. Juvia didn't want to be proven wrong. The second rock, which she hugged to her chest as she waited to see if anything would happen, would be for Bob should he decide to make any sudden movements, advancing movements, or dancing movements of a threatening or suspicious nature. In the event that the rock failed should she feel provoked, there was still that small dagger in the bag at her side. She hoped.
  11. A lantern in the night

    Juvia didn't see what was so admirable about her choice, or why Bob was still following after her. Unnervingly, an image of his pointed teeth flashed into mind and she had to repress the urge to shudder. She offered no reply to his comments as they walked onwards, content to let the only sounds be of the plants crunching underfoot and the faint rustling of clothing. At least, she thought his footsteps were making noise as his fleet-footed movements carried him forwards. Surely they had to be. When Juvia wasn't monitoring his dance-like movements directly, she was careful to keep them in the corner of her eye as she watched where she stepped, as though she expected him to suddenly lash out and bite her. She didn't think it was an unreasonable thought. Her attention snapped back to Bob wholly when he moved in front of her, though. Surprised at his expert ability to walk backwards when she seemed to be having enough trouble traversing the uneven, treacherous ground going forwards. Curse her enemies? As far as she knew, she didn't have any of those. Yet. Bless her friends? Also a miss. Good fortune? Romance? Strenght? Well, she wasn't overly interested in the romance part. At first, she didn't notice when the shadows began to creep in and thicken, strangling what little blotches of sunlight slipped past the canopy. First she noticed the tingling sensation. Her steps slowed and eventually stopped as she extended her arms and blinked down at them, once, twice. Only now, when she lifted her head to look accusingly at Bob, did she notice the increasing darkness. "Are you doing this?" Her voice was barely louder than the crunch of silk shoes on gravel as she looked to meet his gaze, her expression as cold as the spaces between the stars. She might have thought the sensation was from contact with a poisonous or irritating kind of plant, perhaps when she had fallen down, were it not for the unnatural gloom.
  12. A lantern in the night

    The shock of Bob's face suddenly appearing so close to her own had Juvia stumbling backwards, eyes wide as any attempt at a scream- or any similar noise of distress- caught stubbornly in her throat, dying before it could ever sound past her lips. The luck that had allowed her to keep her footing all this time finally gave out as she jumped back, her heel catching on a jagged rock and sending her falling through empty space, any air in her lungs whooshing out of her as she landed on the ground less than gently. The impact rattled her teeth and sent a jolt of pain clawing up her spine, the skin on the palm of her hand grazed on the rough rocks, one of which was currently biting into her side. After drawing in a few deep breaths in an attempt to dull the edge off of the winded sensation, she then exhaled sharply through her teeth, the sound coming out as a quiet hiss of pain. Despite her discomfort, Juvia quickly rose to her feet, blocked in her attempts to get another look at his eyes by the hat concealing them. She hoped she had been imagining things when she saw those inhuman eyes. When was the last time she had gotten a good night's rest? Perhaps she was a little dehydrated... Either way, she'd have to try and keep her wits about her. Brushing lingering bits of nature from her clothing, she proceeded to walk forward, closer to where Bob stood with his cane outstretched. As she passed him she hoped that he'd fall into step beside her, or even a few steps infront. She just didn't like the idea of him behind her, out of sight and facing her exposed back. Apart from drawing her lower lip into her mouth, she showed no other indication that she was contemplating his question as they walked, the pause between Bob posing the question and her reply was pregnant and full. Finally she said, "I don't know that she's the one at all. I hardly know anything, and that's the problem. I'm just hoping to broaden my understanding and knowledge so that I'll have a stronger foundation from which to make my decisions and life choices. I'm not yet devote to Gaia, so even if you said it in jest, given the right reason, I'm equally as likely to worship you or others as I am Gaia. Perhaps I might even decide to worship many- or perhaps none at all." She tailed her comment with a casual shrug as she carefully stepped over the forest floor with all its bumps and notches.
  13. A lantern in the night

    The combination of Bobs' tapered teeth and advancing movements had Juvia yield a couple of steps backwards, luckily without falling despite her gaze never once straying from his face; or what was visible of it from underneath the upturned brim of his hat. Halting her retreat, she realised that she had been pathetically cowering since Bob first manifested, her posture a clear display of her discomfort and apprehension. So she finally straightened her spine and squared her shoulders, turning to face the 'man' head on as she spoke in that monotonous voice of hers, unwavering. "Thank you for your offer, but I'd rather not make any deals unless absolutely necessary. I never really think them through well enough and so they usually backfire on me undesirably, so while what you offer may be an easier alternative, I think I'd like to carry on as I was." Besides, she still had to find Gillian and Abel, (not just because one of them carried the map. Honest!) and as old twinkle toes here claimed ignorance regarding their whereabouts, she was wasting time talking when she could- and should- be searching. Having raised a valid point earlier about the possible nature of his heart, despite his unappealing appetite, a considerable deal of her fear had dissipated, though magic still simmered beneath her calmer veneer in the event that his statement was a mere manipulation to get her to lower her guard. However, even that had settled down enough to restore the temperature of her skin from painfully cold to moderately warm. His words were enough to stir a flickering flame of hope in her that this matter may be resolved peacefully, though the flame was small and dim on the cold hearth of her distrustful heart. Off to the her left, the sudden movement of something distinctly reptilian caught her eye, but by the time she'd flicked her attention to what she had feared was a snake, it had vanished into the shadows and undergrowth. She doubted such a momentary distraction would prove dangerous to her as it left such a narrow window for action on Bobs' part. Her caution of the wild, natural environment around her had made it impossible not to check that whatever slid from the recesses of shadows didn't come with a poisonous bite or neck-shredding claws. Not to mention snakes just gave her the heebie jeebies.
  14. A lantern in the night

    Juvia's attention snapped to the human-like figure taking shape from the darkness, watching as the shadows morphed into the more material form of a man. She reined in her magic so that it wouldn't be visible to the human eye-- though, she was doubtful about how human this 'man' really was-- yet the power still roared through her veins, roiling under her skin as goose bumps peaked up and down her arms. Juvia closely monitored his smooth movements as he drew closer, resisting the urge to recoil or step back lest she trip and fall. The fear still fuelling her defensive magic pulled her muscles taunt, her body going unnaturally still and tense, and though her eyes locked onto his face, she watched his other movements with her peripheral vision. She was careful to school her features into neutrality despite her on-edge posture. "Say I trusted that your intentions were well placed, and say I chose to ask further about your offer... then, hypothetically, what would I be getting myself into? And what would you be expecting in return? For nothing is without its price." She replied, noncommittal. She didn't yet want to risk asking what would happen should she decide to decline the offer, wanting to first get a better feel of the being in front of her, and the situation she'd found herself in. Suspecting that he was likely the cause of her companions apparent disappearance, it was unlikely that Juvia would soon trust the shadow-man, let alone strike some dodgy deal with him, but any extra info on what exactly she was facing could prove useful. The distance between them kept her from bolting, but should Bob venture any closer she might feel more inclined to forego the guarded questions and skip right to the running-blindly-through-the-darkness phase of what could hardly be considered a plan. And should he somehow slip her guard and get close enough to touch her, any exposed skin would be cold to the touch, cold enough to burn any normal human, as part of that magical defence that was slowly gnawing at her energy supply. Perhaps making a run for it wasn't such a brilliant idea... for one it would use a lot of energy, and two, it would mean turning her back on old, ancient, mystic Bob, who she still knew so little about. Looks like she'd just have to wait and see how this played out and try to adapt to the best of her ability should things turn sour.