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  1. Moonbay

    Wild at Heart

    Exiting the room shortly after the others, he too made his way over to the bar where Eliza and Cerebri were becoming better acquainted. Ordering himself a drink, he watched the brief exchange between Oxidus and Cerebri from the corner of his eye, drumming his fingers rhythmically on the bar-top. Once his amber-coloured drink was slid towards him, he sidled closer to the pair and leaned casually against the bar. "That went a lot better than it could have." He commented, hoping he wasn't interrupting some romantic advance by Cerebri. Romance was an unusual concept to Chris, one that held little interest for him, though, he utilized it when luring in experiments - both male and female. It was a hidden blade in his arsenal. Luckily, however, it seemed the two were just engaged in curious conversation common to introductions. He didn't know if they would like to get to know him any better, with his disreputable hobbies, but he was certainly open to some soul-sharing.
  2. [BASICS]First name: TarynSurname: Goldcourt DaliHouse: DaliSub-Branch: GoldcourtRace: High Fae, FaerieMarital Status: MarriedGender: FemaleAge: 78Apparent Age: 24[PHYSICAL]Voice: Smooth, confident Eyes: Hazel eyes ringed with gold around the irisComplexion: FairHeight: 6"2Piercings: A bar through her tragus on her right side, with an opal gem on the end. Build: Slender and longHair: Long, golden hair that falls to her lower back when loose. Worn in many different styles.Tattoos/markings: A white ink tattoo, barely visible, of whorls and leaves covering her right arm, all the way from the fingers to the shoulder.[MENTAL]Demeanor: Kind but can seem unintentionally intimidatingHopes: To become an established fashion designerFears: CatsLikes: Shopping, clothes, materialistic goodsDislikes: Salmon[OUTFIT] ✿ A variety of long dresses or pantsuits. ✿ Most often heels or boots, or boots with heels. ✿ A rotation of earrings and other jewelry. ✿ Always carries a bag/purse for things like pins, money, and sweets. [WEAPONS] ✿ None[STRENGTHS] ✿ Killer fashion sense ✿ Physical strength natural to the Fae[WEAKNESSES] ✿ Barely contained vanity[SKILLS] ✿ Sewing ✿ Embroidery ✿ Fashion design ✿ Fashion creation ✿ Can eat a surprising amount of apples in under a minute[FAMILY] ✿ Married into the house of Dali
  3. Moonbay


    [BASICS]First name: SerinSurname:Race: Appears human except for the thin, branching antlers made of bone protruding from atop her head, green vines snake around them that bloom pink blossoms.Marital Status: SingleGender: FemaleAge: 19[PHYSICAL]Voice: QuietEyes: Pastel pinkComplexion: FairHeight: 5"4Build: Thin, delicateHair: Long white hair, falling loosely down to the small of her backTattoos/markings: A lavender tattoo on her left wrist[MENTAL]Demeanor: Nervous, fearful, shy/timidFears: Most people, yellingLikes: Flowers, tea[GEAR] - White tank top - Black jeans - Belt inclusive of sword scabbards - Black gloves[WEAPONS] - Twin silver swords, engraved with flowers along the blade - Unmarked plain throwing knives[STRENGTHS] - Swordplay - Stealth [WEAKNESSES] - Physical strength
  4. I'd be interested in joining in with this if possible.
  5. Retreating inside shortly after Alistair's departure, Maryanne decided not to immediately hunt him through the halls. If either of them was to do the chasing, she was just not in the mood for it to be her. Instead, she would head for her bedchambers in favour of a hot bath. Perhaps an odd thing for a cold-bodied vampire to desire, but it was perhaps little more than a lingering sentiment from her previous life. Besides, when you brew up a bath of scented oils or fragrant plants, it's a wonderful, pampering experience that she thought she deserved after her good deed. Unfortunately, however, she was stopped on her way by a very distracting commotion. Peering around the half-open door to seek out the source of the noise, she noticed three red-faced servants breathing heavily, one armed with a broom, the other two dual-wielding pots and pans. Chairs had been toppled over and it seemed one of them had tripped on the upturned corner of one of the Master's fine rugs. Stepping silently into the room, she addressed the three, each posed in different positions similar to poorly formed fighting stances, all of them glowering at the, indeed grand, grandfather clock ticking rhythmically against the wall. "What madness is this?" Startled, they all turn to her, lips flapping wordlessly like surprised fish. "Well-" One of them started, finally finding their voice. But before he could continue, something small, furry, and brown skittered out from under the clock, and over the round woman's foot. She shrieked and kicked reflexively, sending the small mouse flying a few feet through the air towards Maryanne. Now, even immortal vampires are capable of having irrational phobias, would you believe? And I ask, can you possibly guess what phobia Mary could potentially have, out of the vast, expansive array of them? Why mice, of course. Letting out a loud and undignified yelp of her own, Maryanne flung out her hand to shield herself, unknowingly drawing every drop of moisture from the creatures body out through its skin until it tore open and its eyes shriveled in its skull like little raisins. The liquid she defensively extracted hovered over the dried and shredded corpse like a cloud, until she quickly drew back her hand and it splattered onto the rug. Maryanne cringed. Hopefully The Master never found out about her less than scary-vampire behavior, or, the stain on his rug which she hoped the, now rather green-looking, servants could remove. Ignoring the fact that in a residence full of vampires and other spooks, someone was bound to have heard her yell, she instructed the staff to keep quiet about the unfortunate ordeal, leaving the room on legs that felt as though her marrow had turned to jelly. Once in her room, she shut the door perhaps a little harder than she had intended, causing it to rattle in its frame. Rushing to the bathroom, she filled the tub with hot water and began pouring in moonflower oil and jasmine scented pearls that would quickly dissolve turning the water an opalescent white. Letting her dress slide to the floor to turn into a puddle of night sky, she stepped ouver it and into the claw-footed tub, sinking up to her neck in the now clouded water. Scrubbing her body thoroughly with a lavender body wash, even though she hadn't touched the vermin, she felt unclean. When her skin finally stopped crawling, she lay back and closed her eyes, ready to relax when another commotion outside reached her ears. Hissing through her teeth and fangs, she submerged under the water so she could no longer hear the sounds of unidentified roaring and violent crashing. Just one moment of peace today, that's all she's was asking for. Mary hardly thought that was unreasonable.
  6. Moonbay

    Wild at Heart

    This question seemed a tad more tricky to Chris. Sure, the organization was hiring him to 'troubleshoot', but he wasn't quite sure how they would react to learning they stood among a Serial Killer. He could be wrong, but he felt there might be a difference in how they looked at someone who killed for pleasure as opposed to money. Why couldn't he enjoy both? It seemed unlikely the unsavory bunch would call the authorities attention to themselves, unless, of course, they were paying off the corrupt ones, which was also a concern. Cracking his shoulders and rolling his neck, he decided to try for brutal honesty. "Troubleshooting seems like the career path for me as I'm quite disreputable in my hobbies, so I'm told. They call me a Serial Killer, The Surgeon. Don't worry, I won't be offended if you've never heard of me. My experience so far as a budding killer," He lifted the sleeve of his right shoulder to reveal twenty-six dark inked lines set out in tally form. "twenty-six lives lost at my hand," He wiggled his fingers for emphasis, no hint of remorse in his tone, "and hopefully counting..." Letting the sleeve fall back over his tattoo's, he continued, taking a brief look around to try and gauge how his audience was receiving the news. "They gave me the nickname The Surgeon for my scientific, biological, and anatomical interest as I take apart the subject piece by piece. I'm also an avid reader of medical tomes, so I am quite aware of the ins-and-outs of the human body, and just what it is capable of enduring before giving out. I won't go into the details. But should this work not provide me the time and care it takes for the delicacy I use in my work, my physical strength is not to be taken lightly, though, I can't say I'll transform into a plasma shooting toaster, I'm quite adept in a range of weaponry, preferring blade and maul to guns and longer ranged weapons, luckily... I'm adaptable, with a very steady hand."
  7. Moonbay

    Wild at Heart

    Christopher would not speak over anyone should they respond to John's question, however, if he got there first, or, if there was an appropriate space of silence for him to seize, he would take it to inform John that he would like to apply to be a Troubleshooter. Might as well get some coin for killing, though, it would likely not be like the beautiful slow artistry of his usual work, where he could spend hours examining and taking apart the organism, laying pieces down on a tray or pinning them like butterfly's wings to a board, really savoring the process over the result. It was shocking, he thought, how long an individual can stay alive while missing various parts of their person. Truly fascinating to see the effect removing a small segment of brain tissue can have on the body as a whole. It's less fun when his experiments 'short circuit' before he even really gets chance to warm up. It became an obvious case of trial and error. Shuffling slightly to the left as to not rudely obscure the view of the latest arrival, Chris didn't turn to look at him, but he was keenly aware he was there. Waiting for any follow-up questions on his motives or qualifications and capability for being a Troubleshooter for their organisation, Chris stuffed his hands in the front pockets of his trousers casually, but he hoped not rudely. The movement caused the three heads of the flail in his back pocket to bump against him, causing him slight concern that the person behind him might try and reach for it, but that was likely all part of a brief moment of paranoia, certainly it wouldn't do the man any good in terms of making a great first impression being that impulsive and lacking in self restraint concerning his violent tendencies. Chris wondered what he might be here to apply for, but figured he wouldn't have to wait long to find out.
  8. I've been looking for an excuse to use Nico, however, I'm not sure she would have a direct interest in your ability, at least... in the way most would. She's... not all there, so I was wondering if maybe she could just tag along for a thread you start with someone and just generally get in the way and/or cause problems. It's also kind of a way of testing her out I guess.
  9. Head tilting back slightly, Maryanne closed her eyes and glided her lips into an easy smile. While enjoying their little show, she was not oblivious to the growing attention from both inside and outside of the building, but until she felt the need to act she would stay quite comfortably put on Alistairs' lap. Setting down her glass she reached for the side of his face, gently running her index finger down his cool, marble-like skin. "While the wine is truly a delight," she lied, "I can think of something else I'd much rather... devour." Her voice lowered into a huskier tone as she dragged out the last word, still somehow sounding like silk and honey. In the following seconds after, Alistair may notice the smell of jasmine and moonflower increase, not to a smothering degree, just... noticeably. The smell could even waft subtly to a few surrounding tables within a close enough proximity, but too soon she was distracted from her play. Angling her head to glance at the man in white who had prowled after Tatia to the dance floor, pearly whites on show to dazzle, she raised an inquiring eyebrow that may encourage Alistair to follow her gaze, presuming her own little game hadn't left such an overwhelmingly profound effect on him, which she doubted, not wanting to be overly-confident. Sure that whatever was going on there wasn't going to spontaneously combust into a new level of hell and chaos, Maryanne allowed her attention to be snagged by the chattering of the passing guards. She wasn't too surprised to learn of the spreading gossip, not with flapping gums in the city like those of the policemen, but she did cast a glance Damien's way, still unsure how she felt about him and his often juvenile behavior and gravely hoping this didn't spark more trouble for them, less she display her displeasure in a less than composed and ladylike manner. Reaching out to Alistair via non-verbal communication, she would pose to him, Do you think we should see what our darling Doctor has gotten up to? I fear she may be a little... out of sorts.
  10. Moonbay

    Wild at Heart

    Moving his thumbs to press down on the fingers of their respective hands like piano keys, each, in turn, cracked in unison to its partner set. Rolling his shoulders released another bout of popping, finished with a final stretch and domino-like effect of crackling down his spine. Picking up and swallowing the last of his whiskey, Chris let out a sigh of appreciation as a wet-lipped grin spread across his features. Looking at the others with not much worry for his own safety, his eyes did catch on the lovely Eliza. Now, he could appreciate her beauty and was curious about what she was bringing to the table of such an establishment as this, but Christopher Cordette was no ordinary gentleman - those who enjoy primarily perverted indulgence. His thrill was of a different origin, one quite different and yet similar-serving to him. As the alcohol burned heat through his core, he allowed himself a brief moment to think back on his latest work. A girl, maybe around twenty-three, with her blonde hair and rosy cheeks that peeled back to reveal her wondrous layers of fat and muscle. It had been a truly joyous experiment, pulling on tendons to see what moved in response, like a macabre puppet show, just for him. Or when he popped those caramel-brown eyes from their sockets and felt the bumps and vessels of the tissue left trailing behind it as he pinched it between his fingers, ever-so-gently. Though his thoughts had shifted to such a topic, his external appearance was still just as happy and normal as it had been from the start. Moving into the office Chris hoped he wasn't being too forward in moving to shake John's hand, should nothing or no one stop him he would proceed without hesitation, his smile turning toothy but still friendly. "Christopher, It's very nice to meet you, sir." He wasn't even sure if that was the correct title, but he had little concern for embarrassing himself, it usually didn't affect him in the slightest what others thought - unless he was asking them questions about how they felt during his little experiments/dismantlings. Then he was more than open to feedback and opinion. Taking his hand back, if it was indeed met with a shake, he would wonder how John and the others would react if they knew exactly what they were dealing with.
  11. Sorry! I've been quite sick. My apologies for any inconvenience.
  12. "Mavro Pouli," Maryanne purred the name, "A pleasure to meet you, and while Goddess is a tempting title, others call me Maryanne." The game they were playing and the effect it was having on those around them had her smiling with genuine joy. With heavy-lidded eyes Mary watched as Alistair signaled over to the server and ordered them some wine. "Wine sounds simply... delightful." She dragged out the last word to add intended emphasis, her lips clearly and slowly articulating the word, the gloss of her lips catching what little light reached them from the front stage. Once the wine was placed before them, she would wait to see if he went to pour them a glass, and if not, would reach to do it herself. Bringing the glass to her nose and gently sloshing the wine, she would inhale as if it made any difference to her, before tilting the glass and taking a generous sip. Locking eyes with Alistair, Maryanne would not break that eye contact as she lowered the glass from her lips. Nor when she silently slid from her chair, hips swaying as she prowled her way over to him, deliberately slow. Walking behind his chair Mary brought her face close to his neck, opening her mouth to reveal her tapered fangs, as if she might begin to feast on him then and there, wine coated lips dragging into a grin as she straightened again. Instead, she would slide gracefully into his lap, wrapping an arm around the back of him, should he make no move to stop her. Drinking from the glass once more, this time she allowed a drop of wine to slide from the corner of her lips, leaving a blood-like trail as it slid to the point of her chin. She was having fun.
  13. Moonbay

    Wild at Heart

    Heavy boots kicked up tiny rocks and clouds of dust as he made his way leisurely to his interview, a scalpel flitting at an impressive speed around his fingers as he walked, Chris did not so much as glancing at the very sharp and dangerous blade as it spun. The three-headed flail protruding from his back pocket and looping securely behind his belt would also do little to put the public at ease should they glance his way, clearly armed and intimidating in stature, he was sure to turn some heads. He could afford to stroll jauntily along as he was sure he was on time, more or less. As he neared his destination, he would slip the scalpel back into its place on his person safely with the others, the serrated blade strapped to his ankle also kept out of sight, leaving the flail as the only weapon blatantly on show - bar himself. Cracking his fingers one after the other in a wave of popping motion, he rolled his shoulders free of their stiffness, stopping outside the door of what he was mostly sure was the right place. Chris waited to be shown to where he was expected to wait, and, when asked, requested a glass of whiskey.
  14. Christopher Cordette The potential Troubleshooter.
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