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  1. Moving near-silently through the gnarled trunks and twisting branches, Briar tried not to flinch each time the sharp snapping of wood sounded behind her, she was feeling a little on-edge surrounded by so many strangers. It was impossible to recall the last time she had been with a group this large, if ever. Remarkably, despite her frequently wandering attention, she didn't once falter or trip over the snaking roots and thicker brush, creating obstacles in her path. Briar was grateful that the journey was leaving little room for conversation as they walked, she only hoped this wouldn't change too drastically when they stopped to make camp. Once they finally did stop walking, she positioned herself close enough to the fire to feel the benefits of its warmth, but far enough that she felt confident she wouldn't be roped into conversation. It seemed she had little to fear in that regard when it came to some, a bitter scowl not too far away was a clear sign of a similar disinterest to engage, though, Briar was a lot less hostile with it. Listening to the story intently, all the talk of wizards and internal maelstrom made it impossible for her mind not to lapse into the unwanted memories of her own past. Picking at the spongy moss idly where she sat, she felt the sense of unease begin to settle in her chest. Despite her best efforts to control her breathing, it still felt as though she wasn't getting any air. Putting on her liars face and ensuring the signs of her internal struggle would not be apparent, she continued to listen to the story in hopes of a distraction. Glancing behind her with some concern, it seemed most others at the camp were not ruffled by this possible threat. Near the comfort of the warm fire and a sense of safety in numbers, it was easy to forget about the dangers of the wild. It did ease her mind that the group she was travelling with seemed more than capable of putting up a formidable offence and defence, should the need arise. Still, she stared a moment longer into the gaps between the trees, as dark as the spaces between the stars. Indeed a chill did find its way sharply down her spine, so she turned back to the fire, noticing the black cat for the first time. Immediately she was overcome with the desire to cuddle the creature, sure that its soft pelt and warmth would do wonders to calm her nerves. When she realised who the cat was, however, it seemed a lot less like a good idea. Briar made a face, the feeling of multiple tiny legs crawling over her skin setting in, making her rub her arms in an attempt to liberate them from the disgusting sensation. Reaching inside her recently and illegally acquired satchel, she produced three equally lifted apples from within, their rosy skin catching the firelight in a very enticing way. After hearing Mads and Eli discussing their relatable food situation, she was reminded of her own hunger. "Hey, Eli, Mads." Tossing a fruit to each of them, she hoped it wouldn't catch them off guard. Briar figured taking an apple to the head would not be the best attempt at creating new friendships.
  2. I’m sorry! No need to wait, I’ll try get a reply up ASAP, just don’t have a computer at the moment and hoped to get that sorted soon, but...
  3. Sorry about that! I am still here if not too late.
  4. While she did not by any means consider Mercenary and thief to be synonyms, Briar decided that Mercenary seemed a more favourable title and so she did not bother to correct him. Merely offering a less than genuine smile she hoped was convincing, and turning again to the cluster of strangers. "Are you with them?" Her voice was quiet but clear. Briar didn't know what was going on but if a mercenary was here then there was a chance there was coin involved, depending on the required task and whether or not she could twist it to her monetary gain, she may very well want to get in on the action. With or without the stranger in tow, Briar decided to go over and see for herself should no explanation be given to her.
  5. Slowly the blanketing darkness ebbed away from her mind, lighting the way back to consciousness and the pressing sensation of something nudging at her body. With a groan she reluctantly opened her eyes and spat the dirt from her tongue, blades of grass adhering to her cheek. Pushing herself up into a sitting position, she closed her eyes against the protests of her stiffened joints, it was only when she re-opened them that she noticed her company for the first time. With her vision still a little hazy, Briar thought at first that she might be mistaken when she noticed the looming golem blocking out the sun, but after a few seconds when the illusion didn't clear away there was little she could do but come to accept it, less she have a concussion from her fall. Turning her attention to the others present, she discreetly moved her hand to feel the pocket where she had stashed the watch, inwardly sighing when she felt its absence. Silently she got her feet beneath her, watching the strangers with as much caution as she could considering the world was spinning rather aggressively. Stumbling a step before she caught herself and regained her balance, she pointedly ignored the loud grumble of her very unhappy stomach, too busy trying to not get motion sick. Mercifully things settled leaving behind a dull but consistent headache. Briar would wait for one of the strangers to speak first, still feeling very unsure of the gathered bunch she assumed were together. Now that things were more than coloured blurs, she also took note of the other strange gathering of characters not too far off, wondering what was going on. @ticklefarte
  6. I’m fine with whichever. Seems the majority want free for all, that works fine for me.
  7. I'm sure Briar will help herself at some point, despite the intro up, I don't think she'll learn her lesson.
  8. Far, far, far, far, far too much magic in this place for Briars taste. Every time she'd feel the thrum of it against her senses, rubbing against her like a cat, she would shudder. It disgusted her. Despite the waves of oily nausea magic brought on, this did little to dampen her ever-growing appetite. The corners of her mouth dragged down into frown as she emerged from the woods, her stomach having announced her presence a good few moments before she became discernible among the shadows. A woman with a gentle face but a killer set of horns made a sound of alarm, dropping the basket she was holding to rush over to Briar as soon as she saw her. Naturally her response was to go on the defensive, retreating a few steps while being mindful of the snaking roots waiting at her feet to trip her. The lady stopped a safe enough distance away, gesturing for Briar to come closer, away from the forest. "Satanta, it's not safe. Come. Come." Say-wha-ha? Having little clue what the lady was on about, Briar looked around to see if anyone else was the least bit concerned with the goings on. Everyone else seemed to be minding their own business, so she went to dismiss the lady, but when she looked back the woman had gotten a lot closer, taking hold of Briar's arm firmly. Making a sharp sound of protest, she allowed herself to be dragged a little way away before feigning a trip as they past another cluster of roots. Falling into the woman, Briar then deftly snaked her hand into her pockets and retrieved something that felt metallic and valuable. Slipping that into her own pocket, she apologised and took off, since she was heading the opposite way to the forest it seemed the lady was content to let her go. Thinking that no one had seen what she had done, she made her way towards a cluster of buildings, almost out of the fields when that dreaded cry sent a jolt through to her core. "Thief!" She didn't even turn to see if they were meaning her, it seemed a risky waste of time. Jumping nimbly over a crouched worker, she ran for any cover she could find to try and lose any possible pursuers. Briar ran and climbed walls until her nails cracked and she thought she might faint. They could of at least let her eat breakfast first. After a while she sprinted around a corner, fairly sure she was no longer being pursued, she managed to catch a brief glimpse of a large tree before her vision swam and descended into unrelenting darkness. She hit the ground none too gracefully, unconscious, the pocket watch rolling free from her cloak.
  9. Thanks! I'll probably go with Briar, then. Anyone looking to get robbed? I could always rob an npc if not, just depends how we're starting this.
  10. If it's not too late I'd like to join. I'm a little hesitant, though. I've been absent for quite some time and feel I'll be hella rusty and rigid with my writing. Thought I'd throw a "hella' in there to not seem as terrified as I am. Not sure what character I'd volunteer. Maybe Briar is trying to rob someone and gets caught up in the whole mess. Or possibly Mia.
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