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  1. A Genesis, here and now...

    There wasn't alot about the described instances that didn't go as predicted. However plan as he may, the Pilot and the beast were in for a rude awakening. Confidence was an expected byproduct of practice and prep and clearly alot of it had went into this creatures design and this pilots strategy. Unfortunately, more often then not confidence bred conceit. Underestimating Bull would ultimately be their undoing. This creature accosted. Rained down a prominent assult that YES, while possessing an inolerable thermal element was STILL, just ENERGY afforded to an all but to eager absorbent. He was HEAT SOAKED, not burned. Super-Heated through an advanced form of convection---not injured, wounded or burned. With a disposition against heat as a whole from the standpoint of comfort and preference--Bull effectively went from aggravated, to thoroughly PISSED! The change in his mental state had 2bodily effects, all to which served to further his natural affinity for matter conversion and energy harmonization. All of which only served to further augment any mysticism current in play, so when Bull was verbally accosted by the cocky bastard, and told to "Shut the fuck up" Flaring Shields.. An attempt to be defiant.. WOULD BE MET WITH DENIAL, AND CONTINUING RELENTLESSNESS. The Spell of "Motion" awarded the Celestial with a Quintessentially backed Law of Unstoppability. His forward momentum. Be it his entire body, or the simplest extending of an appendage, the mere intent or thought to move in a direction WAS ABSOLUTE LAW. Any force looking to oppose his momentum was effectively and immediately cancelled out. Regardless the magnitude and intensity, at BEST one could do was strive to slow him down----Never, would he be stopped. More staggering is that size and mass difference afforded very little in changing the end result. BULL has gone UNSTOPPED by the back sliding of an entire Tectonic plate. Unstopped by entirety if an ocean filling an underground Cavern, he has even gone UNSTOPPED by the total effort of the heavens themselves on his being after faltering the Titan Atlas. This creatures shields would flare alight, protest against his being and his intent but afford NOTHING in the means of Stopping him or slowing him down, let alone batting BULL backward so that he could joust for position to attack. Meanwhile the pilot, should he look firmly in the eyes of the force of nature he had provoked---would see nothing but Rage. Pupiless. Empty. Jewels burning within the sockets of his skull wit raw Anima--RAGE had taken over, and he was hell bent on forcing the massive creature well out and away from the city limits where it could be dealt with without collateral damage to others, however, whatever injury suffered at the force of his relentlessness depended on the creatures resilience during the violent trip!
  2. You're no bull!

  3. A Genesis, here and now...

    Being Crazy is defined as doing something again and again and expecting a similar if of exact result. One would think that after a failed attempt at charging this creature before, doing it again would result the same way---and you'd be right. In this account, that was far from the case. Proteus Rauz---The Bull. Was a Celestial Mutant. Different. An evolved variant of an ancient race not native to these lands but by his people standard engineered for a far greater purpose then to slug it out with mammoth creatures and tear up cities---even though it's his favorite thing to do. To few knew the dynamics of his being and how he worked. Like the fact that those celestial brandings on his body were regulatory enchantments designed to effectively allow him to channel and utilize certain attributes of his being that otherwise left unchecked, could have catastrophic results for those he engages. Like the fact that as he charged across the gap between the two of them his solenoid function had allowed him to convert an untold amount of planar and physical matter into raw energy for his bodies consumption and use. His attributes were spiking, physically, he approaches NOW more powerful then he was when this creature swatted him away prior. But that was the least of it's worry... BULL was called THE BULL because of a specific attribute akin to the specific brand aglow at this very moment. His (1) Unstoppability enchantment. Ah yes, it was a Celestial Enchantment, which for all intent and purposes Quintessentially Encrypted his being making him EXEMPT of the effect of physics. Yes you read it right, physics, or the normal behavior of such didn't apply. It negated the effects of RESISTING forces to any forward momentum he had. In actuality, it gave him the equivalent of PLANAR weight, or for lamens term his movements were equal to the movement of an entire PLANE in that direction which for all intent and purposes could hardly be resisted by conventional means. The moment he would have collided with that hexagonal barrier, it would be literally GREATER in effect to that of a large PLANET hitting that barrier. THAT's...HOW..UNSTOPPABLE...HE..WAS! The pilot may have expected those shields to hold---and if they could resist GREATER forces then that of an entire PLANET, no an entire PLANE of existence hitting them,they would but if they couldn't and more then likely they didn't. The energy field strained, and stretched, and wrapped around his being, and tried to constrict around his being as tight as it could for as long as it could but inevitable----THE BULL WOULD GO UNSTOPPED. And shatter the barrier and move straight through, to COLLIDE into the creature with THAT equivalent force AT IT'S HEAD. THIS is where the difference in size mattered not---for the creature would feel like its being hit by someone or something greater then it, in both size and stature. To plow and drag it for miles before PINNING it under his great strength alone and stare at it's eyes with maddened, energy soaked eyes of his own. "YOU'VE GOT MY FULL ATTENTION NOW BEAST!!! THAT MAY BE YOUR UNDOING!!"
  4. A Genesis, here and now...

    Delicious is the dish of combat. And Bull had just taken the appetizer in full force. Even failure the testament to this mans stature is made, as his body is sent like a rocket into ground just neighboring his launching point. A small building dropped and shortly after a trench many meters long and deep had been dug in the wake of his impact and rest, and clearly he was none to pleased. Through that idle dust now loitering in the air around him two glowing optics stared could be clearly seen. If the pilot was staring from within, then be assured that the King was staring back, and looked more PISSED then harmed. Returning to an upright position took little time, some choice words had for the Titan that had just batted away his effort, "That's your one freebie...." Finding yet another vantage point atop another building of sufficient height his line of sight had been restored and his intent, if anything, had gotten emboldened once he had it back in it's sights. From the building he leapt and like a bomb going off, the ground around his feet where he impacted set off---and continued to do so for every step he took in sprint. Like a mad freight train he chose to close the gap between he and the Titan on land, and not from the air. There were scant miles between the two of them. He was an individual capable of reaching ground speeds well in excess of the speed of sound--if properly motivated. There was no better motivation then his current killing intent. Along his body the Celestial Rune Brands on his body would begin to become aglow (1) as his Solenoid function engaged and the mass convergence of matter into power spurned him on. There was one brand specifically now, glowing brighter then the rest. That brand of legend. That brand that gave him his name, and as his legs motor'd on, his arms in symmetry, this freight train would breech and air wall will resounded in a loud WABOOOM!!! The sonic boom resonated, and the creature once again had incoming in the form of a wildly charging PISSED off Celestial moving well above the speed of sound with FULL intention of charging and ramming head long into the creature if successful.
  5. A Genesis, here and now...

    He could feel the spatiotemporal anomolies before actually seeing it and hearing it. As hyper keen as they were it would be hard to miss something that big. To make matters worse it had bad intentions. As bull suspected, this place was going to be a thorn in his side and the pricks were being felt early. In his ear piece and in front of his right eye, the fiber optical Hud belayed information received VIA HA-Stealth WYVERN's holding a triangulation pattern at some absurd altitude, supplying him with live imagery of whatever he desired or needed to see when he needed to see it. Several footsteps would have placed the Titan on the other side of the roof, staring in the direction of the even larger Titan on approach in the form of some bestial weapon the likes of which he has never seen. The situation was all to familiar, and he didn't waste time. Even prior to the creatures assult he had gotten onto the <comm> and belayed his orders, <"Sweeper teams, expedite the last command and begin situating civilians into the lower or more fortified sections of these buildings, we have inccoming. BIG...incoming."> And he to was greeted with Flame. A single round of this super-heated round would come at his front with all intent to contribute to the destruction of this place but would find The King's constitution and construction to be of far more durable material. A single hand would have extended and his palms served as a contact point between the two. There would have been a brilliant flash of light and a thermal explosion that would clear and reveal a non-to pleased Monarch no worse for wear, but now short in patient and swelling in temper. His teeth gritted, his eyes swelled with Anima and in response to the creatures Roar he would have let lose one of his own! Powerful! Defiant! Loud! A challenge that sounded every BIT as prominent as the Titanic creatures own. As if to size up the distance between he and the creature the king backed up once step..then again, then again. Scoffing some before crouching down. The roof at the balls of his feet cracked under the tremendous weight associated with his epic frame. BOOM!!!!! he was off. Having literally lept into the airwith sufficient thrust as to carry him up and over the vast gap between them where upon his descent from well over 1000' above he'd be on approach from above. The wind whipped around him wildly, in fact the drag created by the ungodly amount of cape he had over his shoulders slowed him some. His Hulking frame steeled itself for what was to come as his appproach and contact was imminent. He was smaller then the creature and probably most things that would attack it. So he bet on being to small to be noticed on any sensory equipment as well as the creatures own senses. It may not know to pay attention to him now, but after what was to come---it will. He coupled both hands together to form a solid instrument composed of his fists in which he sought to strike at the creatures head. Now a normal individual doing this would fail miserably. But he is Proteus Rauz..THE BULL. A Celestial born and a unique one even among his race with power beyond even the scope of his own races understanding. More feared then even that power---was his Titanic, simply gargantuan physical strength. The likes of which would allow him to deliver a blow of --sufficient---force. Sufficient enough to do what? Who knows. BULL's feats of strength are innumerable. He has shattered mountains, split entire plains open into canyons with one blow, leveled entire cities and has on several occasions pressed the entire weight of a tectonic plate. If anything else it would be sufficient enough to send this creatures head into the ground and temporarily STUN it, if not knock it out entirely. This gauge of it's resilience would come at the consequence of a shockwave that would rip across the lands and into the city still, adding to the terror. It was an acceptable consequence, and now the creature would know, if he was successful---that it had something to pay attention to.

    When you're generating the better part of HALF the thermal output of inner core parts of a star---you view the world differently. Sound is different. So much of the Oxygen if not all of it in your vicinity is burned away and absent, there is almost no medium for the sound to travel through. There was nothing to smell. No scents to key in on and hold to for the same reason. His eyes saw nothing but electromagnetic radiation and pure heat so much of it was being generated it obscured LIGHT itself. The perception of time itself was altered, rendered in flux. Things came and went, in flux with no real speed or slowness to them. He was the epicenter of Power at the moment and was as far beyond them as they were above the plausible thousands upon thousands being effected by his actions. He pulsated. He generated. He stood out. He was a beacon, a bright and radiant event that could be seen from the very heavens if one so looked. He noted everything that was happening around him though... The reinforcements.. The conjuring of defenses and healing.. the reconstituting of wills. It simply didn't matter at this point. He had amassed enough sheer prominence, enough raw unbridled power that should he chose he could carve a legacy out of this city here and now. Reshape the fascia of this landscape. Re Mold and re-draw the maps of this place for years on end. His body stepped forward briefly.; It had no definition, he was quite literally a walking, living, breathing thermal-reactor of sorts and now he had his goal set and the purpose behind his actions would come into scope.---He was intent on building up enough power to advance on the Rebellion directly. The massive figure crouched down and with a single leap, was airborne. Like a massive rocket he took off and upwards on a trajectory that carried him in excess of 1000' in altitude before he curved downward and began rocketing toward the ground waiting below, now 1000' ABOVE the approximate location of the rebellion base---where these reinforcements had come from. It was a hurried travel, and with a flight speed in excess of mach 4---which of these individuals where he ONCE stood, could catch him? His plan had come full surface. IF infact the reinforcements that came to see him were the most powerful of the rebellion at this said base then that said base was defenseless. Defenseless against he oncoming armageddon that flew upward and over and now traveled toward the base with Ill intent. They had faltered. They had fucked up. They had succumb to hubris. So confident that they sent their best without knowing the FULL of the situation and now, their base was defenseless and a fast traveling threat was enroute.
  7. A Genesis, here and now...

    Hours had been spent exploring. The further he ventured from the slums of this sector the taller the buildings got. Denser the population--higher the collateral. The Breakers had always operated in the lowest of profiles. The location of the man base of an operation was so off the beaten path. It was more then likely that any and all interaction with the people of this sector was non existent and a grave error had been made by BULL choosing this place. He resided atop one of this locations tallest structures sampling the whirling winds with those extraordinary senses. Sampling life. Each and every heart beat, taken breath, flickering Aura. His goals. His aspirations. His methods, his WAY----would involve them all, and there was very little that he could do about it evading that fact, it was just a matter of whether they'd be safeguarded with the same vigilance as he would his own people within his own kingdom. He kissed his teeth some, "Great, an entire city...a city that wasn't here prior." He had thumbed over a tablet of source in his possession. From it his eyes had scanned over the notes discovered from the resource teams working this area and bringing things to speed. Apparently technology from the infamous Breaker Inventor had been field tested beyond the warehouse grounds and resulted in these mammoth super-structures. Super Structures that were eventually occupied and Bull knowing him as well enough, assumed that the inventor had not a care or a fuck given as to what happened to the results of his experiment. The King had kissed his teeth again and stuffed the tablet into a holder before mumbling idle thoughts to himself. "An entire fucking city....just here. A City of Squatters and collateral damage.." His brow plunged low and a very thorough scowl took shape over his face. There was no way to simply ignore their presence, but it would be nothing short of adequate for the entire situation were they not here. Dare he to admit that even now he contemplated exterminating the entirety of them himself to spare himself later issue. Instead he comes to terms with the fact that there would be a some sort of relationship formed. One that was mutually beneficial. He thumbed to an ear piece and spoke clearly, "Have a sweeper team procure me someone representing some form of leadership among the people here. WITHOUT conflict, we're not here to cleanse, and this needs to be done like yesterday." His whims were heeded with no reluctance. And for now he simply stood and contemplated this further..
  8. Your Strongest Characters?

    Only have two. BULL would be my most powerful character across the board but I could take him down with Dewey Cox with moderate difficulty, particularly because of Dewey's powerset and an artifact or two.
  9. What is the counter to your character?

    Refraining from energy/Anima/Mysticism of any kind. Being at least near or his physical equal. Intelligent and methodical engagement using both.
  10. So... I made a giant robot :3

    Hmm....I'd be down to rock with him. One condition, I know for a fact you had a version that WASN'T toned down before you came up with the final product. Give me THAT version. @Don't Hug My Trees

    [ISP issues, finally resolved will be posting to this soon. Sorry for the wait!]

    Controlling this much SHEER HEAT. Had him running silent. He lacked words and didn't bother speaking because there wasn't any air in his immediate vicinity for his vocal cords to use for the act. How anyone else was managing to talk was a surprise in and of itself. The temperatures were spiking. The convection at play was increasingly staggering as 150,000 kelvins in the alotted time frame of that mans dialogue would nearly have doubled. He was already exceding the temperature of the suns surface by a large margin. This would make the area in close proximity to him uninhabitable by air----by anyone.. Materials and matter with low temperature tolerances would be reduced to ash and at nearly 250,000 kelvins of pure thermal radiation, pure heat, through a mystical process akin to synthesizing fission itself----the ground he stood on would be reduced to ash, the crater---the wake of his last attack, structures akin and attached set ablaze. He himself-----a walking pyre. It was as if he were a walking, living, breathing star personified hell bent on the destruction of what opposition was present here today. Whatever was aspired for with throwing a metallic object at someone generating 2nd-Layer of the Sun levels of heat, to do heat damage---was lost on him, and he scoffed. No sooner then the gesture, 6 shots mystical in nature would land soundly where intended against The Kings form---but not with desired effect. The mana seemed to be assimilated in his current state which consisted of being a super-conductor of Quasi-Mystical Thermal Radiation which was quickly gathering more and more intensity with every passing moment, his very presence was beginning to create a vast destabilization to the eco-system within the cities immediate area. Air was being devoured. Consumed within an immediate area to beyond 1/2 square mile around him mean while the convection of heat would cause moisture to begin to rise, only to cool in the atmosphere-----and begin to give birth to CLOUDS YET AGAIN!!!! For now, The King would begin to chuckle coldly, preparing to drop the gauntlet and cast his final judgement finally finding means of uttering the words, "NOW.....YOU ALL DIE." [Spoiler] LOODLUST --- Sight/Smell of Blood speaks to Bulls more Predatory urges increasing base Reflexes, visual prowess/processing speeds by 2.5x. 2+The increase in his nervous system function, brain synaptic firing and bodily functions causes sporadic increase in his body temperatures which will increase per turn. By now, Bull's body temperature rivals over 150,000 kelvins. Enough to superheat the very air within his proximity and atomize most base materials. (NOW BEING RELEASED) 3INTAKE ---Spell of Absorption. Bull's body is a natural matter conversion drive. Taking matter, in any and all forms and converting it to energy to power his innate functions. Magic and Exotic energy forms especially provide a great amplification to all base stats 5x base per turn of consistent contact. (Currently 2 tuns in on Intake meaning his stats are now multiplied 5x the previous multiplier result.) 3+----------- The spells focus switches, and Bull is now taking from the storm. 4BOLT ----Empowerment and manipulation of Lightning. 4+--------- Ionization Field, I-Field. Expasnion of programmable Ions which can be used to contain, shape, augment, re-direct or even deflect energy that may pass through them. As of now harmless, until instilled programming by BULL. Currently covering 1sq mile of the area. 5THE GOD BOLT ---Since the Storms inception, up to the point where it contributed to the programmable Ions within 1sq Mile. It has been a resource for Bull to manipulate and take from and do as he will. Sybell's tampering with the storm has provided a surplus from which MORE Programmable Ions are forced into the area ontop of what was being used to isolate the opposition. In ONE gesture, BULL creates two Poles, one Positive (The Storm) one Negative (The Spheres/1sq mile Area including the containment vessels) to guide what is called THE GOD BOLT. A massive lightning bolt thats big enough to decimate 1 sq mile of area and all in it casting immense damage (Via Superheating/Electromagnetic Decimation) on everyone within that area---including the King. This is an intent to KILL, being caught in the Iso-Fields prior would lessen plausible defenses. 6Spell of FIRE --- BULL has been stacking the 2BLOODLUST state for 3 turns now and through the FIRE-Spell Brand is amassing the entirety of the thermal build up within him to be exerted in ONE MASSIVE Wave at it's climax. Currently the very air and area around him is subject to a Convection style of heating from him, the epicenter generating somewhere north of 150,000 kelvins. Objects, including persons within that area are subject to OUTSTANDING temperatures and run the risk of being burned if not totally atomized, even PRIOR to the wave to come. 2-TURN spent building on the release of a 3x TURN stack. [/spoiler[
  13. MH | To Hunt a Legend

    The words and warning of his comrades were heeded. He could smell the thing before he actually saw it, and once he actually saw it, he was given pause. Not out of fear or concern for his safety or even the safety of others. It was out of a rare circumstance not to often experienced. Bull was actually thinking things out. The advice about the saliva and it's corrosive nature didn't go unheeded, and past experiences wouldn't make a willing test to how voracious this said acid was. But as said, he did have past experiences, and he wasn't without his own counters. Outside of that, there was the issue that the creature was fortified within a building which could be used to funnel whatever incoming attacks it would face into one point in front of it. "We need to get it out of that building and into the open....." It was said to himself but loud enough to be heard and taken as a suggestion. 3Of the brands on his body these particulars shone brightly of a different coloration. Different hues, Deep Blues's and Purples. Colors balanced on the medium between soft and intense and it was only so that they understood that he was OK and not suffering that he actually explained, while he crouched down and gritted his teeth in what appeared to be discomfort. The process was in fact painful to him. One could literally hear it, the sound of metal moving along metal. His organs, bones and skin tissues changing into something far darker and solid then his norm. "I have the ability to transform my body into any material I come in contact with. In this case, Uru. As resilient as I am, i've had a bad experience with Acid, this enchanted material was used to craft a weapon called Mjolnir, and said to be indestructible....". His bodies density was absolutely insane and his weight increased 4 times over. His movements initially where painful and the man would have maintained his proportions while not changing much abut his overall size. His skin, now a deep blue so much infact that it nearly appeared to be grey, and his brand symbols a vibrant gold. Stretching his discomfort away, he finalized his dialogue, "Im Ready.."

    He himself stood there within the epicenter of the madness he just unleashed prior. His body smoldered. Pieces of his own armor had been nearly atomized and turned to dust, his clothing as well as was most of the fragile apparel upon The Titans frame. But he himself???----No worse for wear. THE GOD BOLT spares none. Not even it's creator. He'd have reached to the edge of the cloak and shoulder armor affixed there and remove it, tossing the heavy piece to the ground with a loud thud revealing the beautifully sculpted and equally alluring brands along his body. "I had intended on being merciful. Typically no one survives that, clearly the lot of you are made of tougher stuff. Commendable. Still..." Bull would stand there and open both of his palms and the action would be herald the illumination of two Brands types on his body. A body which at this very moment was eclipsing over 150,000 kelvins in raw thermal radiance at the behest of a prior initiated condition. The individuals here, would find the air itself even after filling the vacuum left by the volumes devoured by the god bolts entry, extremely hot. Almost unbearable. BULL's body was a glowing hot blast furnace of sorts, at the behest of this elevated bodily state. The very ground beneath his feet would alight and smolder as if it were hot magma. The very air itself to any of insufficient resistance would be nearly lethal to breathe and at this moment--he was looking to dispose of it all. The 6Brands, would transfer the accumulated acquisition of thermal radiance, into actual raw thermal anima (3 x Turns within 2BLOODLUST State) that was now isolated around his The Titans frame, giving him the same appearance as a metal instrument held within a forge for a time. "I didn't come here to leave any survivors....I came here to make my presence known and your presences.....non-existent." A sweltering torrent of now super-heated air through a process of grossly overpowered convection would begin to take shape around the Titan orchestrating it's dynamic. This was a pre-cursor. An environmental byrpoduct of his actions which still in and of itself had lethal premise in regard to the individuals who still drew breath---superheated breath, around him now. The longer they occupied his immediate space (1000sq feet) the longer they subject themselves to raw, thermal radiation the likes of which at it's current state would have most METALS in the area glowing hot, what building materials of natural or synethetic construction going ablaze, all the while building to release the stock-pile of raw thermal anima within him.