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  1. Gone are the days of true impulse threads. It's all scripted and politics now. We know who's gonna win or lose, live or die before we even make a post. It's run tell That the minute you go off script......some sad shit.

    1. princeben07


      Freestyle RP used to be so fucking fun!!!!


      You just kept the storyline going and going, without the intent of holding back. Hell, toss in a few bosses, some romance out of the blue, some comedy here and there, and what you got was one HELL of a ride. Even T1 Freestyle used to be fantastic; so long as everyone agreed upon the basic rules: No God-Modding!!! Back then brother, Preps were the thing to do; it would cut down on tremendous damage by as much as 60 percent.

      No MORE are the days in which the number of posts counted as your defense or your offense. The Content matter actually MATTERED back then. Judges were reading along in PM, having side conversations with some of the participants, or you'd be talking with your OPPONENT in PM, anxious to see what the both of you could pull off. The Character limit on YIM would make the oh-so-infamous "<C>" for Continuation of next post. If you had to go to class or was sneaking in a few posts during lunch period, that's what EVERYONE did when I was in high school.


      You got home, knocked out chores, homework, and would jump in on your PC or laptop; people were WAITING for you to log back in to find out who was going to win that spar or that battle. The Excitement was over-the-top and just full of surprises!!!!


      Uhm, I could go on and on about this, but I digress, lol. I ramble too much, LOL!!!



  2. The heli-Carrier that was transporting the device represented a pivotal change in the climate of human technology. They had made contact with many highly advanced civilizations that through some means, fell to the unrelenting resistance of this planet and the vigilance of the superhuman population here. Advancing through studying the enemy was an integral part of war, it occured throughout history. When a more powerful enemy falls to a weaker one, the weaker---absorbs the strengths and advantages of that stronger opposition in turn strengthening themselves against future opposition. The planet earth, especially The United States government, had experienced this time and time again and had indeed learned from their past experiences and the results of those labors were on full display. This one in particular was called the Arch. S.I,U's largest and most technologically advanced vessel in their fleet. A Heli-carrier with Global range. and Sub-Orbital operational capacity and a stout laundry list of offensive, defensive, counter defensive and counter offensive capability. One in particular was -SAT-NET-. A network of orbital satellites equipped with some of the most advanced observational technology in this GALAXY, let alone the planet. Making it possible to track ANYONE or ANYTHING, ANYWHERE on the planet, even BENEATH ground if needed. Were they already NOT scouring the planet for a match for the hulking figure that they stole the artifact from----whatever was closing in on him now may have gotten CLOSER before they picked him up. It started first with a recognition of a single instance of an object displacing AIR and moving at a pace that would result in a sonic boom. For whatever reason (Shifting to smoke) tracking THAT way became ineffective, until the tracking methods were adjusted and other factors were sought after namely a VISUAL scan, combined with an energy signature that ALL powered beings of ethereal alignment generated. It was at this point that whomever, or whatever was on approach was being scanned and surveyed by the satellite over head before that information was fed to the bridge and the ships sensors themselves began to hive off of the live data feed. A bridge operator would turn and look to the Section Chief and announce it loudly, "Sir we have incoming..." Without giving the order, the Telemetry and biometric scanning of the bogey on approach would be put on a massive HUD for the entirety of the bridge to see. THe information gathered would be ran against the swarm-Pool and stored data from previously encountered beings of similar specifications and at that point an analysis was rendered well before Stone could ask for it. "Ethereal. Projected Class-A Threat level. Humanoid but currently in some form of psychometabolic matter state. Low to no heat signature despite it's velocity, whatever it is doesn't seem to be tangible otherwise it would actually be causing quite the air wedge at that speed. Orders sir?" "We are carrying some big SHIT....im expecting some equally BIG flies.....Swat it, HARD." The order was carried out without hesitation or reluctance. A sequence of buttons, in what had to be a rehearsed and practiced act to the point where it was sheer muscle memory. Once carried out the sequence of mechanical events transpiring to bring about the unveiling of a multitude of firing pods being revealed around the vessel, numbering some several dozen, nearing triple digits to be more specific. Fired from each of these pods was a single missle some 30 meters in length, utilizing a fission based thrust system that allowed these massive instruments to go hyper-sonic, expeditiously. They would be coming TOWARD the objective (Ydris) as FAST as he was approaching them, with MILES to cover before interception. It would be ONLY once they reached a gap of 3 MILES from said opposition where something WONDERFUL and plausibly unexpected would occur. Those large, 30 meter fast paced expressions of intent would relinquish their break-away epidermis, revealing even more pods that would disperse a dense CLUSTER of high-velocity, high Yield Micro-Missles EACH capable of a 1-megaton explosive yield. TO drive the point home further, for 1 missle, some 35 MICRO-Missles would be dispersed, and with the number totaling just a few shy of 100, a sum of 3000 high YIELD homing instances would bear down on Ydris with lethal intent. They'd HUNGRILY seek him out, guided by the SAT-SCAN occurring from orbit nearly an extra 80,000' OVER where they operated now with full intention of blowing him CLEAN out of the sky. From the time of their initial firing, till the time of impact, Ydris would have roughly 3 seconds before Seeing the SWARM and another 3 before they'd be bearing down on him with the entirety of their yield for disposal onto his being, a SEVERE barrier to work through in order for him to cover the 5 or so miles between HE and the ship at the point of impact. Meanwhile... HE.......was on the move.
  3. Upon his return from his liberation from Terrestia, Proteus Rauz; The King of Taurus, current resident and dominating force in Xaengri-La. Emerged into a higher echelon of Prominence. It made having a low impact in realms outside of the Celestial one all but impossible. His ascension came at a price, yet his duties as a king; Diplomacy and Public relations and trade bonds; remained absolutely imperative. Through mysticism, technology and the might of his own hand he had brought forth "The Avatar Protocol". 5-Avatars. Conduits. Constructs. Living examples of himself, albeit FAR diminished in both stature and prominence when compared to the Prime. Through these Avatars, which varied in their own might, many instances of his will have been carried out across the lands of not just here, but other lands in other realms, across the vastness and the infinity of the multiverse. They have thwarted chaos and resisted evil. They have ravaged, and toppled entire civilizations. They have STOPPED or CAUSED death on a VAST SCALE... Today. As an act of diplomacy, to bolster relations in these lands, 1 of the 5. The Dominus Avatar stands a towering 12' while at ready, and in audience to the speaker at the check point. While his attention did adhere to every single word spoken, The hulking and hooded figure couldn't help but to look elsewhere. His senses began to scrutinize a multitude of factors about his surroundings. The fires, the smell of flesh mixed, how thick and palpable the hormone responses were here, copious amounts of fear, just so blatantly abundant and unscripted here. Screams off into the distance. Movement. More deep then that was the miasma present. He was particularly keen to anima, The Avatars all have a solenoid function, they were all in essence profound Matter Conversion Drives which made them particularly sensitive to energy, the more abundant, and reactive the better. He noticed Something but said absolutely nothing. A restrained reaction in the form of his eyes flickering alight came instead. He turned and faced the man who spoke and inquired "Those civilians infected, how are they to be dealt with? You haven't spoken anything of a cure to their condition, one would assume you'd be ok with us killing whatever infected we come across. Is this correct?" His voice was VERY heavy, bass tones that could be felt in their feet with every utterance, and his eyes were an intense and almost alarming thing to behold. It was almost as if something IMPORTANT and DETRIMENTAL hinged on how that question was answered...
  4. I know in some instances it can all probably be put under the same umbrella as just plain ol magic but, at least back in the day they all stood out enough for differences to give them their own individuality. Black Magic - Dark Arts, or forbidden arts, typically anything that had DIRE consequences or called for taboo circumstances to be met in order to bring about the fruition of the power sought was deemed "Black Magic". More often then not these arts were among the most powerful and most sought out instances among mages, sorcery and so forth because of the amount of power, range, influence ect these arts had. Spell Casting - Was always a form of magic utilized only through speaking certain rites, or phrases. Envoking the forces of mysticism into action through proper verbage. Rune usage, magic through using outside elements or things not normally associated or of the casters personal innates typically fell under this category. Sorcery - At least by my understanding as always been a casters ability to manipulate, harness, absorb, utilize or store vast quantities of mystical ENERGY for their own personal use. Their efficiency came from utilizing raw mystical energy and shaping it for the purpose of carrying out goals and objectives, still, that vast quantity of raw mystical energy could be stored within themselves or harnessed from an external source. THrough sorcery an adept could transmute raw mystical energy for a various number of functions that others such as spell casters could ONLy accomplish by envoking a higher being. Necromancy: Focuses specifically on forces controlling the dead, who inadvertingly may be controlling what few people among the living they can reach or contact and facilitate their goals.
  5. Im still a hardcore fan of how old-Ayenee handled magic. The old Tier of Supremacy (T.O.S System) and Sphere of Supremacy System (S.O.S System) made things very simple as far as what trumped what, outside of that it was just broken down based on origin... Alchemy Black Magic Necromancy Spell Casting/Enchantment Summoning Sorcery Simplistic pillars of the practice, combined with the two systems made magic not only very user friendly but power scaled it efficiently as well.
  6. For some reason I cannot stop laughing at the imagery of someone using this on some unsuspecting arrogant opponent for the one shot and the BFR lol...I'd be livid if I got caught with this lmao.
  7. [I will be moving the story along, we have 1 maybe 2 more expected to join. Still, it's an OPEN Rp anyone is welcome to jump in.] Section Chief Marcus Stone found the aspirations and greed of the government off putting. They always justified it with reminding him of how much money they are throwing behind it. It made him sick to his stomach, the way they disregarded the civilians of this nature and National Security for Power, some of them even felt power equated to national security. As a Soldier, and an inhuman himself he could understand that sentiment. There wasn't a single part of him that put THAT over the citizens of his country, citizens he was sworn to protect long before the experiments and contract signings brought him to where he is today. Heavy footfalls had resonated off hardened floors upon his exit from the elevator where he was met by a subordinate that had handed him a single black folder. The contents of this folder were a number possible ID-Matches based of the telemetry, biometrics and facial recognition software that was used during initial contact. His brows furrowed at the results, recognizing many of the names and faces but disregarding the possibility due to his own personal experiences. "None of these make sense. Golden Man especially, he'd have made short work out the creatures and US for that matter. We know his M-O...it doesn't fit.." He'd have made his way onto the bridge where a large fiber optical display would harbor the profiles that were in the folder. He'd have handed the folder off and cleared his throat and spoke loudly, "Alright ladies and gentlemen. For now we are playing Fed Ex for this device and while im not to happy about that im not going to forget that we TOOK this from someone else that found it first. If he values it anywhere near as much as our bosses do, He will more then likely attempt to get it back. The problem with that is that I FEEL he has more then enough power to do so, and KNOWS it. I want this information entered into the database, contact the CIA, NSA and Interpol for SAT-Clearances and use, and I want this guy FOUND..." Stone would turn around and snap his fingers so that the analyst could type as he dictated. "Our subject is anywhere between 8 and 12' feet tall, probably weighs a good ton or two, no distinguishing features or visible one, wearing an all black form fitting armor with a cape that's got enough length on it to put Beyonce's wedding train to shame. Subject also uses a Hammer, THOR like even, as a matter of fact let's get a location check on the HIM to for reference so that we can either rule him IN or OUT. Let's make it happen, I want this guy FOUND the next time he so much as even shows his face..." [Several Hundred Miles back east @ more then 33,000' beneath sea level..] It's said that the majority of this planets ocean remains unexplored. Places that human eyes have not seen. Secrets their prying curiosity have yet to discover and learn. There are some that would call them fortunate for that. They are spared the experiences and knowledge of forces that remain inexplicably beyond their comprehension and understanding. Secrets that are best left secrets, discoveries best not discovered. They have made way with a treasure not meant for mortals. A divine creation. They witnessed a clashing of forces thought to not even exist in the same space of man. A figure, in the throws of combat with ancient beasts akin to The Kraken. His very blows, so profound that the shores of Japan, some several hundred miles away are washed over and beneath vengeful waters. Their local scientist would chalk these tsunami' like conditions up to isolated seismic events, and they were right. Save that these seismic events were not procreated through tectonic shifts. Instead they were born of the blows being reigned down on the hide of ancient creatures long in need of slumber, and by his hand he had provided it to them. His being the individual that they had STOLEN the artifact that he had travel quite a ways to get, only to be thwarted by it's defenses and locked in a waltz of titanic proportions, heaving the entirety of an utterly massive carcass some several hundred feet long of him. It's lifeless body moving over an underwater cliff where it will be given BACK to the bowels of a tartaran domain from where it came. Silence had gripped him. He seemed neither bothered or hindered by the paramount pressures at play on his body at these depths. He would kneel and retrieve the glowing hammer at his feet before looking upward to the heavens, so so far from where he stood now, and then in the direction of the great power he coveted and will retrieve. The Dominus Avatar of Proteus Rauz will NOT be denied, and having felled the great beasts that hindered him would be free to pursue...
  8. Location: 37,200' above sea level, 200 miles due west over Marianas Trench. Sub level 3 of Heli-Carrier, Containment and Analysis Center. [Dr. Artemis Kline] "Our interactions with the enhanced, the other worldly and so forth has given us an elevated understanding of things like this. Decades ago we wouldn't be able to even quantify something like this let alone analyze it, but we've gained an understanding. It's a matter conversion drive. An immensely powerful one at that. Im sure you know how matter conversion drives function, they assimilate ambient matter, through a process still not entirely understood it's converted, and the result is stored, usable energy unlike anything occurring naturally. We've seen energies like this only within environments akin to planar rifts and such. Cosmic energy, quintessential, planar energies more reactive and abundant in power then anything on this planet or in this world for that matter. This artifact....it's unreal. It's capable of powering the entirety of the PLANET indefinitely.." There was a powerful silence that gripped the room at first and then those ambient sounds normally overlooked or unheard seemed to become amplified. You could hear odd things, like electrical current running through the walls, the slides of tiles in a clock. The low hum of a fan on several motherboards. Dr. Kline and Section Chief of the S.I.U (Supers Investigation Unit), as well as the holographic image of the Secretary of State all looked at the artifact, ---a baseball sized, Metallic Sphere with runic symbols engraved into it that radiated a profound hue of whites, oranges and reds. They were awe-struck. Excited, and scared all at the same time. Their country as both benefit and suffered severe losses in the name of discovery, and have fast learned that these artifacts typically have been lost, and remained lost for a reason. Not all things SHOULD be found, let alone by mortal men unable to comprehend or fathom their true potential. Section Chief Marcus Stone cleared this throat and spoke loudly. [Section Chief Marcus Stone] "Send it back. I say we put that thing right back the fuck where we got it, no, not even, I say we throw that shit deeper then where we got it. This things energy signature is ridiculous, if we were able to detect it that far down bottom, how many people are eye balling it cruising around at this altitude? And did you see this?" Stone would turn and tap a few keys on the fiber optical display which advertises a video clip, albeit not 100% clear of some hulking figure seen battling 3 creatures that were supposed to be of MYTH, and legend. A battle that waged on just METERS away from where their dive team retrieved the artifact, nearly killing them all in the process. "S.I.U has been compiling a profile, checking the telemetry and the biometrics on this figure since we got the thing. Whoever that is, was able to first not only go to the bottom of The Marianas unaided, but moved through The Thermocline, retrieved it, got it back back across that border, JUST to get into a fatal 4 way with creatures i haven't seen since clash of the fucking Titans. What if he won? What if he comes looking for it? What if he isn't alone? You two are eyes wide with power and chance but you aren't going to be the ones on the front line facing down the obstacles that are sure to come looking for something like this." Her voice came not to long after he said his piece, and it was respect for his position that kept her from interjecting. Unfortunately there would be little room understanding. This country has benefitted from finds like this in the past, and the chance to procure an indefinite source of energy to be used, and a process to be synthesized and replicated for possible military and civilian use was just to big a chance to skip out on. [Secretary of State Priscilla Robinson] "Which is why our government has put forth a substantial amount of money, and effort into seeing that we are well protected from threats like those Section Chief Stone. We established the Supers Investigation Unit for the soul purpose of monitoring, countering, containing and even eliminating unnatural events such as these, and you've been sufficient at it. This country, no, the world, stands to benefit to much from this artifact and what it can show and do for us. We will not be turning down the chance to advance over the possibility of one or a few. Under executive order you are to bring the artifact to head R&D Facility Tango , 30 miles west of the Pentagon for immediate containment and study, and you are NOT to let anyone get in your way. The ground transfer team will meet you in New York. Good day gentlemen." And her holographic image would be gone. Stone and the Doctor would stand there a moment looking over the artifact one last time before stone would turn, lock eyes with the doctor and continue out and away from this area. They would reach New York in 5 hours at this speed and heading, security details would be assigned and set into place and their priority was to get this to ground transfer undisturbed. Meanwhile....the artifact gave off QUITE the signal, only time will tell if the section chiefs fears were warranted. <Comm> Chatter was being intercepted by several Black Market syndicate and crime organizations, footage of the event and battle have been leaked to social medias and news outlets world wide. This artifacts existence was moving beyond the unknown into the known and this was sure to play havoc on it's delivery into safe storage going smoothly.
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