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  1. [Not to long after.........} Not more then a week after the Deity Proteus Rauz hugged his friend and saw her go on her way on her journey back home, He returned to the fiery remains of a once glorious Patheon. Where there was marble, granite and gold, now sat rubble, ash and fire. Streets once brimming with activity in service to the gods they serviced were now lined with the lifeless corpses of the mortal devout that lived among these gods. The skies over heard were angered. Casting bolts of ill intent to the ground beneath it at random. Structures that once stood, now lay fallen and the domain of the gods had clearly suffered utter annihilation at the hands of something. In key areas around this place, an utter tragic calling card of death had been left. In the kings court, Amun-Ra, the Chief Diety himself BEATEN and Slain well beyond the recovery, his very god hood and divine life force snuffed out, along side his queen Amunet, unfortunately having met the same fate. In another court, Osiris, much like the king of the gods himself lay slain in similar fashion. This fate seemed to have rang true for the entirety of the Egyptian Panel, seemingly having met their demise not only in similar fashion but the same individual. Worse still, across this entire kingdom, having left scars on the land large enough to be seen thousands of feet above the travesty the great serpent Romulus........SLAIN. Decimated and absolved his life and existence. Somewhere deep within the bowels of this kingdom, where the infinite dead are judged, the body of the god Anubis, like his brethren and fellow gods can be found---devoid of life, along side the valiant protector goddess and finally Ma'at, like the rest slain. There was only one, left, who yelled through gritted teeth and a bloody maw. His one arm not broken prying desperately at the heel pressed forcefully against his neck which was against the cold stone of his throne and cracking under the weight. He clawed, he spat, and he protested...THOTH...the soon to be former god of Wisdom. Having lived Eon's and not until this day having ever seen a power nor the mercilessness displayed here today. In his infinite wisdom, he could figure out NOTHING to stop what had promised to return. And return it did...and laid waste to everything! "I-I beg of you!!!!......have mercy on me! S-surely some unders-standing can be had!! Is this n-necessary????!!!" The Titan's boot relinquished, offering only a moment of respite before a massive gauntlet covered mit would reach forward and vice the broken gods neck in a vice. Hoisting him upward and close to the glowing eyes that awaited him. "I told you, God. If you touched her. If you harmed her. A hair on her head a strike on her character even, that I was going to end you. You defied me then. When I warned you that I would return, and that I would destroy you ALL, I meant my every word. I see no reason to be anything less then truthful now...god. I will grant you a mercy, the release from this pain, in death..." Before further protest could be had, an audible Snapping sound could be heard and the gauntlet would hum brightly as Proteus would absolve the godly corpse of its divine life force, making recovery impossible. That same corpse would be released to drop lifelessly upon the throne. In the short time after, the entirety of Thoth's trove of Artifacts and such would have been plundered and the Patheon left in ruin. With the great doors to beyond the veil forever sealed, this place will become overrun with souls barred from peace and disturb the balance of the great scales.....so it is done.
  2. He'd have taken the jar into his hand and nodded and smiled, indicating that he will infact do as she suggested and in walking the halls with her, he drew ever closer to the realization that she would be leaving. In his now all encompassing mind, and with a presence to match how could she ever truly be gone when he is for the most part....everywhere? That rationale fails to console him in the least. Theirs was a friendship forged in trial and tribulation. Shoulder to shoulder, first abundant in resentment and miscommunication now brimming with appreciation and understanding. Surveying an infinite number of Multiverses pales in comparison to standing right here at her side, right now, as it should be. There were a multitude of things he wanted to do. Enlist an avatar to travel with her, but she'd turn it down. Change into a construct and survey her the entire way home, but that would be a violation of privacy and she would curse him to no end for it. Punch a hole in her ship and claim that he slipped and did it trying to catch himself, delaying her departure, but she'd probably only be vexed with him as a result and that was selfish, even for a King or Deity. Proteus had to let go. He would fight 1000 World Serpents to avoid having to do this again, and sighed, "No serpents....ever again. I promise. I always keep my promises.." His smile was forced. As was any indication of happiness at the moment. Still he wore a stone face as to not place any guilt on his friend for leaving. She will return, as she always has. Perhaps in what could only be described as softest look he has given anyone, Proteus' multi-toned voice silenced into one lonely bass line, "Should you need me for anything on your journey, anywhere on your journey, Im already there....just say the word. I' never got the chance to thank you for helping me as you have. That was my task to bear on my own, i will never forget you shouldering it with me. I truly appreciate you for that.." Reluctantly he'd take a step back and allow the mass of living cloak to envelope his arms and such, a marvelous obelisk draped as such staring down on his much smaller. "I await your return. Maybe next time you'll stay for good. Bring whomever you wish and they will be welcomed as well.."
  3. Naturally, as with all prideful creatures, the Dragon protest. If there were a 3rd party spectating this event. Proteus, even at a lofty 15', PALED in size in comparison to the mammoth creature he had in his vice that from nose to tail was nearly a HALF MILE long! The chain used to tether the creature to him at the moment wasn't a chain at all but rather a construct woven of planar material. Reality shaped and forged into something TANGIBLE for use. It was his unfathomable and incalculable physical strength that kept the creature static. It tugged. Thrashed. Roared and protested to the point where the lands shook for MILES on end----and it couldn't take even an INCH of give from Proteus who stood there, erect, his arm folded behind him, his left hand holding the tether affixed to it's horn and head, CASUALLY and demonstrating no strain or visible effort apparent on his part. He merely scrutinized. Observed. Spectated. FINALLY...it lashed out, angling it's head to attempt to snap at Proteus who'd pull the chain tight and interject with it's effort. It's face was brought inward, his fist was brought to meet it and he had struck the creature with so much force, that the shockwave of pure force carried a white out in the forest for a mile in every direction.----And the creature left unconscious in the wake of it all. "I had prefered to not have to have done that..." Unconscious and totally out of it, The Titan of a Dragon was laid out before Proteus whom had sat calmly upon a rock and began scrutinizing the factors of the current situation at hand, and the totality of his plan which was to in-fact, establish some form of Dominion over the apex predators of this land without utilizing his gifts or status. He smiled, "You're going to make quite the temple guardian..."
  4. Proteus had viewed the gift and plucked it from the table. He viewed it intently, scrutinizing it as if he saw detail not plainly available to the naked eye and with a wave of hand whisked it into a sub-dimensional storage where it would be safe and available whenever it was needed. Reclining once again her next question came at the same time that he decided that he was going to be sending her home with package of and assortment of options from this very food cart, and had already subconsciously gave the order for her Air-ship to be loaded with it, The irony that she'd request him not to prod into her head while he telepathically orders a dozen others. It makes him smile some, and transitions into the next and he actually cants his head to the side a bit thinking of it. "To be perfectly honest I may have put myself further off that path with my current actions. I don't know, im optimistic. I haven't seen my mother alot lately. This realm sits comfortably between where we were, and where we are actually FROM. She has traveled back and forth between them, kind of establishing things there while I cater to the entirety of existence here. Im optimistic though, despite the many changes i've gone through. ON the outside i appear as I have since you've returned, on the inside.....it's, so much more complex now. I never expected to evolve as I did.." Proteus had spoke further, but switching the topic readily as she was the focus, not he. "Is there anything that you need before you go? The travel through the gateway doesn't take long but you've quite a ways to go once you return your realm, I don't want you needing for anything." Of course she would most likely say no, so he had taken the liberty of stocking her with food, water, and essentials anyway, and would be keeping an eye on her the entire trip.
  5. Proteus had been at this tactic for the better part of 2 days straight. Ambushing the creature, wrestling it, tossing it around and generally overwhelming it without doing it any physical harm. He had chosen to take the psychological route of establishing his dominance over it, and making the impression clear that in his presence, it will yield. He could easily use his power to force his will or even subjugate it but such isn't his way. Ontop of that, he had such a profound respect and admiration for these creatures, doing it with anything less then his own hands and sheer will simply was not befitting. So he returned to the basics. To the hunting tactics he learned as a boy. The waiting. The mind game of it all. He practiced patience that he long never harnessed all in the name of that perfect moment which was on approach. The creature had picked up the notion from previous encounters that flying, only gave Proteus more angles of attack to approach from. At least on the ground, if it needed to it could utilize the terrain to put space or something between them, gave the creature indicators and cues to pick up on that free-air space didn't provide. Still, for all that, Proteus was entirely to prepared. Entirely to focused and for more then 10 hours had squatted where he was, having figured out the Dragons habit of passing through these evergreens. As it had done for days, it did again. So large, so expansive in it's sheer size and magnitude ---save for this time it didn't move with grace, it was intentionally toppling tree's. As if it hoped by chance one would fall on Proteus and by sheer luck on his part that did not occur. What did occur, when moved just over him----Was the sound and appearance of a thick chain that had managed to snake it's way around a Horn on the dragons head, which it responded to slow to. Before it could react a terrible force had been applied to the chain, and it was enough to twist and yank the creatures skull down to the ground with terrible force. THOOOM!!!!!!! As if a bomb had been set off a shockwave of force and snow went wild in all directions. Blanketing several feet of snow with more snow and as the creature shook off the sudden shock it's eyes would watch as Proteus walked up to it, Chain in hand while putting his right foot on the creatures face beneath it's eye. It DWARFED even him, yet his poise was every bit the creatures size if not more, a tsunami of swagger addressed the Creature now, "How ya doing there Muu-Muu? Going to play nice today or no? I can keep this shit up ----" The dragons head swung sideways and Toward Proteus slamming into him, and sending him, spiraling backwards initially. He recovered, putting his arm down to grab for ground and kicking his legs over and down into a three point stance all the while the length of chain firmly in his right hand had gone Taught and arms---More powerful then this dragons neck. Yanked and snatched the massive creature off canter a bit. Those massive wings immediately unfolded and 2 flaps subjected Proteus to microburst on par with a category 3 hurricane, and the Dragon with over 200' of elevation before---"COME!!!!" Proteus had YANKED yet again, and yet again the creature, head first was brought forcefully back to the ground which had been thinned of snow and exposed earth. The creature was stunned, and now tethered, and Proteus was fine repeating this until the fight was gone..."Are you going to listen???? It clearly isn't my intention of harming you DRAGON but I can make this audience MORE or LESS painful, choice is yours!"
  6. Proteus had been mostly quiet watching her transition from the stand, to getting her food and being seated with him. He had taken a gander around. He liked this setting. He liked this moment, he looked forward to more instances where it's just he, and his friend, KICKING IT....so to speak. He listened to her intently, quite the list of things to do and respectfully things that must be tended to so though he would have preferred she remained here, he would be less then a friend to NOT be supportive of her objectives. Before he could respond, she had taken an unfamiliar tone, and asked a heavy question. Such a significant question, ironically the last person he'd expect to ask it had presented it. Call Shanna many things, boring and no longer full of surprises wouldn't be things to describe this one. He'd have sighed first and contemplated it before looking her square in the eyes with his own. "It's a means of obtaining all I want. I chose a path less bathed in blood to expand Taurus. Xaengri-la is a realm spoken for, a plagued was beginning to envelope the entirety of that place and rather then obtain the power to take the life or lives of those I needed to safeguard my home, I Obtained enough power to be able to CHOSE whether I had to-----I chose, to move us elsewhere, and make something all my own, our own. Every life I could take with us and pull out of the growing darkness where it could prevail. I presented myself with a means of giving my people a foundation to thrive and bounce back. A stage, where I can serve as an Example for other Deities to follow, deities that have NOT lived amongst men, so they are ignorant to the values of the characteristics and things that make mortals and lesser beings exceptional....." He'd have smiled some. "Everyday, to them, is THAT much more precious, because it could be their last. When you KNOW your days are infinite, when you KNOW you're above others, devoid of the empathy to understand them---Deities are careless with life, and to them it holds no value. I will set an example...I will usher in a new age of this kind, and now unknowingly, I've anchored this place in alignment with a new land. I seek not their worship, but if I can be a guide....a good guide. I'd certainly wish to try.".....Pausing, he inhaled after, "I'll have all I want....in time. Including you as a friend forever if im so lucky. I'll be watching you FOREVER Shanna, if you need anything at all, wherever you are, I'll be there. KNOW, that when and if you should ever find the odds against you, I WILL BE COMING to stack them back in your favor."
  7. He didn't want to get some complacent in his Omnipotence that he forgot what it was to get his own hands dirty. How often do you hear of it? Someone going from the bottom to the top just to act as if they never called the bottom home? That wasn't Proteus. ALL the power, literally, at his disposal and he still found joys of the cold. The biting winter attempting to nip at his skin. The biting sub zero temperatures attempting to still his flow and his life, but alas he couldn't even FEEL these extremes let alone be bothered by them in the slightest. Even PRIOR to his ascension the cold was his element. He thrived in it. Hunted in it. Lived in it. It bred him and hardened him and deep, deep, deep in the frigid forests of Kharatunmi just a few miles north of the Temple/Gateway he had established here, Proteus stood perfectly still---one with the environment. He was covered head to toe in snow, crouched over in a 3 point stance---For so long, albeit it a blizzard going on it was enough to snow fall to enshroud the entirety of his hulking 15' frame in snow entirely and make him appear NO different then the mound of snow just a few meters to the right. Howling winds! Bending tree's! A veil of white blanketing the entirety of the would be green here were it absent.---All because he saw tracks here prior to the storm, and can sense and sell and though he downplays it, he see's the utterly unfathomable and remarkable creature that will make it's way back here. Some men, as boys, develop a favorite past time. Skipping rocks. A sport of sort involving a ball or oblong object. Horse back riding, archery, and things of that nature. Ol Proteus was different. His cloth was one hard to cut and different from the materials galore. Even as a child, Proteus has and always will be infatuated with hunting, stalking and assailing creatures many times his own size---even if ultimately they were no where near as powerful as he was. NOT to kill them, no, but the sport of startling them and giving them hell for a few moments. To make them aware that despite their size and stature there was something out there that was MORE then they were, and, the general thrill of bothering something---Big. And the Dragons of Kharatunmi were BIG. Big is an understatement really, considering the one he stalked after now was an ice dragon, white in coloration with an affinity for that element that was every bit of 1.5 miles from head to toe, and stood more then 600' from for limp to shoulder, with a wing span that was every bit of HALF it's overall length. By all intents in purposes, something this large simply BEGGED for his attention and quite honestly he got tired of surveying them from the isolation of his realm and instead pushed for a more hands on approach. And this big thing was gonna need some big hands... It's name was Mumramunatra----Proteus had taken to calling it "Muu Muu", if not for how convenient it was shortened, for how amusing it was to see the fairly intelligent extra large set of boots get equally pissed at it's name being butchered. Proteus had spent the better part of two days wounding this creatures pride. First posing as an easy meal and then flipping the script at the last moment and revealing he was anything but that. He had embarrassed this dragon. Ridiculed it. Tormented it and chased it across the lands for 2 days to the point where it had been pushed into a corner----where it's instincts have pushed it to stop flee'ing and start fighting. Proteus had absolutely NO intention on killing the creature. Infact-----He intended on breeding it. Requiring a blood sample, to do so. However, with his own level of power roaming around at a level, he had only just recently become accustomed to, he decided to wear it down---instead of exerting himself and possibly doing it lasting harm. So it had been a day or two of surprise tactics. Hiding and hitting. Trapping and discombobulating. The massive prey item had gotten fed up of it all and gone defensive, and during it's active search, Proteus had discovered long ago that it absolutely SUCKED at seeing, smelling, or sensing anything that could find symmetry with the environment around them. So proteus had covered himself heavily within the snow, slowed his bodily functions and suppressed even the non-physical aspects of himself that could be sensed, such as the magnitude of his presnece.----to Create comfort in the creature, enough for it to back track over it's territory. As it came up and over a low-Hill pass, back into the evergreens, it ultimately came closer to the waiting Proteus just 40 meters ahead of it. Unbothered by it's sheer size, magnitude and the intensity in which it presented itself. Allowing "Muu-Muu" to come closer and closer.....
  8. When she hit the room. for a moment, none of it mattered. He held no title or stature. He was neither Celstial, God or Man. His accomplishments were for naught. The tales of his exploits, the tales of his strength and so forth? Meaningless. His accomplishments. His feats. His battles. His innumerable incalculable feats and assets when put against Shanna meant-----NOTHING. To her.....he was simply "Brute". Which before alot of hardwork and hardships, was a term of insult, now, a term of endearment which only stressed the simplicity in which she held affection for him. She saw NONE of the Grandness. Omnipotence meant NOTHING to this chaotic anomaly, no, not when seated within that chair was her FRIEND, her.......Brute. After her request he simply smiled. Not just at the request but that at the Irony that came along with the sudden ease he had in drowning out the infinite instances surveyed at once, to focus on the here and now. Where as before her arrival he was struggling with it. Proteus would have arose out of his chair, chuckling. Against his flesh were more "Regal" garments consisting of flowing linens and exotic luxurious metals and gems. As he moved they did as well, throwing light to and fro all the while the King of Kings descended the stairs before his Throne, and walked toward and then past Shanna, warmly gesturing for her to come along. He'd have smiled, before staring forward. "A Snack doesn't sound half bad right now...." Aye, to one who doesn't have the need to eat, sleep, or drink,...he would indulge in it simply because it pleased her so. He hadn't moved from that chair for 3 days, but he was still active. The fruits of his labor on display, all around them, the air moving in and out their lungs, the lights, the entirety of the civilization, the very planet and the S2-Reactor Ring system around them, EVERYTHING...yet it wasn't until now did he really get an appreciation for it all. She was right, actually LIVING the life was better then simply bringing it forth. In comparison to the Taurus of old, Taurus of new was many many times larger, more expansive, grander, teaming with even more life. Other worldly beings finding a new plane of existence to settle and prosper on, sought out citizen ship and officials were effectively handling the task of transitioning and registering. Still it had it's usual charms. The people, places, life, moving to and fro, perpetually. Proteus waved off attempts bowing and praising him----It wasn't necessary nor a requirement, instead he simply wanted to be left to enjoy Shanna's company while he still had it. They'd approach a stand belonging to an elder---Jeffro, who's claim to fame came from bringing many of the delicacies that can be found on the human plane of Man, on the planet earth, HERE where they are all the rave. Steak and Cheese fried egg rolls, Taco's, chips, soda---endless. Jeffro was loved by the herbalist and children of Taurus, and hated by the more food conscious who wrote the food he served off as "Junk". Proteus was VERY fond, so when the Titan approached the stand with Shanna at his side the two would be greeted with warm welcome and presented with a menu from which to pick from. "Have at it....I think im going to take some of those Cheese Steak Eggrolls Jeff...." In exchange for HELPING or facilitating Jeffro's travels to and from the mortal plane for the ingredients and supplies needed to present this food authentically in Taurus----Which had COWS or at least their variant of the Bovine but even the females were Dangerous as all hell, and their hide and meat was VERY dense, and not as easily prepared for consumption as the earthly variant. The King, ontop of being the King, was allowed to dine at his pleasure. Not to far from the Jeffro was a coutyard of sorts, with tables and chairs of Celestium. The chief export, widely produced and engineered and used in infinite variants throughout Taurus in this case, industrially to produce virtually indestructible outdoor chairs that could bear even the load of the king. Instead his cape would reconfigure itself to construct something akin to a full sized seat for himself so that they may enjoy the outdoors and the people, and their food once it was prepared. Proteus' eyes couldnt' help from looking in the direction of her air ship. While not in plain view....he could see it as clear as day and with some somberness confirmed that his visualizations were accurate prompting him to look down at his fingers, which pry'd at each other, almost nervously. "So....." he'd then look up and across to her, finishing his statement, "About that time hm?....." Proteus' voice, Normally was a sea of Tenor and Bass tones on the normal. It was like talking to a Roman Catholic choir, but now, it was a single bass note. Of one individual who while understanding of the situation as a whole, had become verily attached to someone, and had gotten used to her presence. What's LIFE without living? Well...What's being ALL-SEEING, without actually SEEING... Nothing could replace her actually BEING here, even if it meant he can now watch her regardless of where she went and how. Trust in this, he WILL watch. And SENTRY will be kept over his friend wherever she stood, however far. Those who would seek to do her any harm would do well to KNOW this.
  9. One would think after the act of creating an entire Reality, and moving something as vast as an entire Kingdom and expanding on it. He'd rest. Taurus was no longer just lands in a a realm, it was now a Planet within the vastness of a space and existence of his own making. A perfect blend of Quasi Mysticism and technological aspects to construct a central utopia from which he served as it's Core. Proteus had changed to such a staggering degree in a short time, No longer a short sighted Celestial adolescent and King, but now a Deity, a Creator, a Tamer of the forces of Reality itself an here, in THIS place and even outside of it Nigh Omnipotent. His brow had remained furrowed for some time. His stare, fierce. His mind now computed and consciously fathomed, itemized and scrutinized an infinite volume of not just information, but the totality of ALL, at once, across varying instances of Space and time, At ONCE. Some couldn't walk and chew bubble gum, and he manages being omniscient with an almost alarming level of calmness. Perhaps it was fact that he struggled with it at first, and his desire to keep that information to himself, that kept him isolated until he could manage it. For now, the Titan sat at the end of his Throne Room and the only thing he cared to contemplate now, were FACTS that NOW.....he wished he was Ignorant to. Knowing, seeing, feeling, observing all had it's penance and he'd have been better off not knowing that... "Shanna is leaving....." It wasn't an order. It wasn't a command or something he requested, just one iota of fact plucked out of a sea of facts in it's company. His eyes lost their fierceness, dare one say, softening. After hours being still, he had moved, his eyes moving to their corners as if to perceive literally. He shifted in his throne. He looked-----Uncomfortable. Was he struggling this? Was there some emotional anomoly occurring within him? Even prior to his ascension, Proteus was secluded with his feelings, and on the outside looking in, few if anyone could understand the dynamic of their relationship. In truth, Shanna represented something that Proteus has never had. As a Man. A king. As a living being--------She was his friend. The only one he had ever truly had. Wanting nothing of him, taking nothing from him, desiring only his company. Pure of intent. Desiring nothing of him or from him save for his honesty and truth when spoken to. He struggled with this....but held back actions in hopes that these captured instances of fact can possibly be inaccurate....
  10. THE_BULL

    The Genesis...

    Kingdoms, empires, cities, countries...whatever one would use to describe some manner of organized, civilization, once nothing but unmolested bedrock and foundation, and now an abundance of life and prosperity. All came to be through effort. Work. A perpetual drive to see something come to fruition, be that drive be the owned by one or many. Kings, Presidents, dictators, warlords, emperors. Different in their origins and intents, and methods yet the intent is shared. Men driven to be at the head of the ideals. Men driven to drive other men, toward what they believe is the best possible direction. THEIR direction. A selfish aspiration however, the BEST of these men are selfless in their ways. Doing FOR the people they drive for, while yes, some have prospered at the expense of others. Proteus has not yet decided which he will be, but he has decided, as most men coming into their own do, to venture out and create something ANEW. Priscilla was right in the sense that seeking conflict to expand wasn't the only way. The kingdom of Taurus, He as a King, the kingdom and it's people as a whole, could accomplish and acquire without conflict and bloodshed. "If you looked to yourself, before looking to conflict..." Were the words that resonated so soundly within his consciousness that day he had held The Orb of Infinite Knowledge in his hand and began to reap what rewards it had to one capable enough to carry the burden. There was a reason why Thoth merely had it in his possession and never used it. It's said, no, known, that the universe, across infinite expansions has seen it's destruction and rebirth countless times. The forces that be, Like the ancient progenitors, his race, The Celestials, strived to perfect their vision of what life and balance was to be. So as a result of striving for the vision, there in lies many VERSIONS of this same universe, each stricken from existence one after the other, after the other---failures. From each version, the knowledge of the incalculable amount of beings and races, be they mortal or god. Magicians, Mystics, mages, Demons, Devils, Angels, right on down to the common man. What Dieties existed then and faded with that Universes passing. Their knowledge, gifts, and mental potential Stored into the Chrome sphere humming faintly in the center of his palm. What would take one Eons and an Infinity to acquire, can be obtained all at once, at the possible cost of losing ones self within it all and having their mind RIPPED from their lifeless husk and becoming added to the orb. Proteus had accepted a challenge, that many Gods, Nedians, Visirians, and even other Celestials had failed at-------and in nearly ripping the Kingdom of Taurus in half, and succumbing to the Orb's pressure, he instead PREVAILED!!!! AND EMERGED FROM THE DEPTHS OF HIS SHATTERED CHAMBERS A MAN ANEW!!! AN ANCIENT FULLY REALIZED!!!! With the depths of his potential "Unlocked", and his mind functioning as a Spanda would, Proteus saw not JUST the world around him in an entirely new and elevated life, he saw, within HIMSELF things that were before obscured to him. Doubt was removed. Replaced with sureness and unbridled confidence. Questions before unanswered, answered. Problems? Now had clear cut solutions and with the totality of his mental capacity expanded and augmented, elevated so, the body followed suit and even the way he understood and utilized power, had changed. So it was no surprise that his next visit was to The Ancestral Halls. Where there resided the one true token of his people. An Ancient Item, said to be older even the first instance of "Existence". Pre-dating time......itself. As stated with the destruction of each version, and so forth and so forth, Eons and Eons spent in passing, and an utterly unfathomable and incalculable amount of expended energy, this artifact, was the vessel said to contain it all, and Trigger EACH specific instance. THE HAMMER OF PYRON. Pyron. The Eldest Celestial. He who could even challenge The One Above All with hopes of success. Although he failed, he cemented his legacy and assured that his Race would live on, and this hammer, Standing every bit as TALL as Proteus himself, was the only remaining token of his existence. BEFORE, today. Attempting to wield this hammer would have Killed even Proteus. For lack of a better term it contained simply far to much power for even a being of legendary endurance and durability such as himself, to manage. For lack of beading bushes, the last time he attempted what he chose to do now, he was left clinging to life, and semi-charred husk at Priscilla's feet. That was before TODAY.....that was BEFORE he had been Unlocked and Released. Free'd of limitation. Evolved. Made anew. That was before his current purpose. That was before he was motivated to usher in a new age. To Create. To mold and bring into fruition something of his own. So the hammer was seized, and like before the power of Infinite Universes coursed through him trying to tear his very being, every molecule apart from one another. It tried to tear the Ancient Celestial core, his Soul asunder, tried to saturate his body beyond it's limits to find those limits had been pushed well beyond where they were before. He doesn't yield to this power as he did before, no, he commanded it. Because he KNEW this power now. Understood it. Deciphered it and simply COMMANDED it and his body to own it in it's entirety. Once again The Kingdom of Taurus, Suffered, as this struggle released shock waves of epic proportions, and caused ripples in Space Time far and wide through the realm they resided in... ARMED with the knowledge of Infinite Existences having passed, and the corresponding power, Proteus takes on the task of doing something that he has never done before. -------Creation. With every step he took, existence itself shuddered. He ascended. An anomaly. A phenomenon newly born. Hovering there within the heavens over Taurus. He lifts his left hand and with simple wave unravels resonance itself to give way to the Void. The Infinite Blackness. An unclaimed settlement, the likes of which he seeks to set residence on. The VOID hungrily tears at his form, as beggars would a wealthy passerby, denied his prominence. In this darkness, before his ascension he would still prevail, but lack the knowledge, the understanding and the ability to perceive the forces that he now subjects to his will. He orchestrates. He seizes. He begins to horde together forces of incalculable magnitude and prominence where they will be tempered and forged! His hand of creation. A massive hand as black as the void itself, only distinguished due to the power brimming within the palm. It's here that forces of magnitude are heralded. Creating. Quintessential Law is laid down as the foundation for what follows. Time. Space. Air. Energy. Stars. Land. Planets. Specialty domains, the heaven, the hells. The in between. The Architecture in his mind becomes the actuality unfolding in his very hand, and it was at this moment, conducting this great act that actual EFFORT is needed to maintain the heft of an entire plane of existence, an actual reality, It's kick started. And the dynamism of an entire reality made anew is set forth and prospers. Life is made and though new, it's programming isn't nor are the instincts and the mechanics behind it. His creation begins to expand against the void around it. Resonance devouring the dissonance in abundance here. Hungrily, and infinitely this new found creation of his grows into it's own. The void gives underneath the immensity of LIFE! Where there was nothing NOW, exists life! A new Plane! A new realm! A domain of his creation FOR his people and other worldly beings in need! A beacon! An example to be followed! The soapbox in which he will speak and cast his ideals and impose them! A celestial adolescent once a boy, became a MAN, and then a KING, and now takes his mantle as DEITY---THE KING DEITY. Requiring no worship or no belief but merely the understanding and respect that comes with the stature he has not been given but he has EARNED, and an unflinching willingness to make example of those who would find themselves slow to understand! And it is done! And his eyes behold the fruits of divine labor. The entirety of the Kingdom of Taurus by his will and hand moved and established to this new domain, named in Omen to the place where his race originated. One word, sliding free from his lips, cast out into the infinite expanse of this new found realm. "Terrestria..." ~Fin
  11. Romulus, the great serpent. A being of such grand proportions his movement beneath the ground has been known to shift entire continents. Strangler of worlds. The Terrestial Serpent. Some say he is creature born of the will of the Absolute Authority. The One Above all, a free radical, the likes of which could serve as an opposition to any being, any man, god or deity and therefore is a power be feared and if not that, verily respected. Without the very artifact they stole, Thoth himself would have NEVER accomplished the WILL to subdue him to his will. Proteus respected the creature, for it's power. For the difficulty. For the challenge. It remained a sizeable chunk of the real-estate that IS his listing of unfinished business and where as he was in some ways triumphant in their last meeting. Against the creature now, with Shanna in tow and kniving gods afoot, he couldn't promise success with failing to keep her safe. So with very little dispute, as the world behind them plunged into chaos and destruction at the terrible serpents Pursuit. Proteus, with Shanna would have taken to the skies under a power more psionic in nature then that of mysticism and therefore he chanced no interruption by the limiters. This equally capable method would allow him to reach forward and bend the necessary forces to his will in the opening of an aperture, and passage BACK into the safety of Taurus---Which they do. Snapping the door way shut behind, forcing a rushed landing via a 3 point stance that would have them turn to face the direction they fleeted, all the while sliding backward on the balls of his feet until stopping. He'd have remained poised. Staring. As if looking for the slightest cue or clue that the same forces he just bent to escape were being bent to grant that creature pursuit.---As if those fail safes wouldn't come into play. Once sure, He'd have stood upward. Exhaling some in frustration before his eye found it's furthest corners and his head turned to look at Shanna. After a brief pause he'd have chuckled at his comrade and fellow adventurer.."Heh....have fun?" He'd have turned while laughing, proceeding to carry them OUT of the Room of Infinite knowledge..
  12. Thoth had been spared certain demise, and his reach had been adverted by a grip, even if not tantamount to his own, still, powerful in it's own right. Sliding to a stop, and yanking that same arm back he'd seek to rid himself of the grip and stare down the protector goddess eye to eye, and while one would hope the Cloak would do Shanna harm it would be quite the contrary, simply applying her the needed cover as to allow her to move where and how she wanted without risk of outside influence and if that be down the halls to an escape, so it shall, Proteus would have at least began a course of action in his mind that involved the most brutal and violent of methods to the goddess before him a very familiar sound filled his ears and presence crowded his other senses. He could feel the vibrations, the spiritual pressure associated with such a creature, doing just that, pressing, and for the first time since arriving here----he actually looked concerned. Can Proteus match and Kill Romulus? Without question. However the effort needed far exceeds the pre-set mandates of this trip prior to arriving. He was not HERE, for Romulus, and with these other Gods in play, and Shanna's safety a top concern it simply was NOT the time or place for such a show down of magnitude to take place. A Tactical retreat was in order, and Proteus had to swallow his pride and give way to reason. They had obtained what he came for, and he had managed to make quite the impression....Gods had been broken this day. By his hand, a healthy FEAR of Proteus Rauz was instilled this day, and where it wasn't RESPECT was. To the protector goddess before him, "This is NOT finished...I WILL return and soon..." Obscuring his current position and routes to follow, Proteus would have been fast bringing up the Rear behind Shanna, calling out to her, "Time to go!" his goal being to clear this immediate domain before manipulating the forces required to bridge a gap between here, and where they needed to go, first---they had to leave this place. And Pray Romulus wasn't overly zealous about serving his masters will.
  13. Clarity had been returned, the capacity for tactical assessment and action had been awarded back to him where as it had just so recently began to fade. He watched Thoth more then he actually paid attention, then his focus looked to Shanna's own actions and it took everything in him not to smirk------Because the moment she reached in that bag he knew no good was gonna come of it for the braggart. The moment she unscrewed it and went into the motion of throwing the vial backwards at his face, Proteus' lower body had coiled. Those insane leg muscles in his possession stock-piling incredible power, all the while the sentient cape at his control had manifested again, rapidly releasing the infinitely expanse of it;s mass---Proteus rocketed forward. Much like how he had before during their run in with the serpent but this time with at least double the fervor, the halls of this place rattling with nervousness under the sheer vacuum created by something this massive moving this quickly through the still air present here, While he screamed in agony at the liquid searing his face and eyes, he'd be denied the visual cue of Proteus' massive right hand, out stretched wide and rotating as to align himself for a successful attempt at slamming and vicing his hand AROUND Thoth's neck and rendering upon it a force even more frightening then the one placed on Anubis just moments ago. Meanwhile to impeded the protector goddess at his rear, the mass of cape would act as a barrier---of sorts, one that she'd more then likely attempt to go through or even go over, where as in any case it would adapt. This cape was actually more creature then cloth. Subjected to the will of it's owner, it's powers, his to use, including it's uncanny ability to spontaneously change it's molecular composition at will. Where she'd make contact, it would attempt to constrict and confine. It's density fast becoming something akin to Titanium, while remaining as malleable as cloth, even going so far as to change colors and appearance, it's texture EXACT to metal. It would attempt to rob her of forward motion, aim to remove leverage from her, track her, move with her, impede her for as long as it's master needed the obstruction. The cloth would also heed the command to envelope Shanna as well, obscuring her from plain sight and if needed would award her protection where and when needed, without isolating to much----it wouldn't encroach on air tight as it would with Ma'T. If he was at all Successful, Proteus would have successfully placed VICE around Thoth's neck, which due to the size of Proteus' massive mitts could once again force vertebrae apart and strain on his spinal cord---making moving difficult, and the entire thing downright excrutiating, He'd stand on the platform of irony, taking Thoth's words and spinning them onto him while he continued to throttle him closer and closer to death, Squeezing and squeezing Proteus would increase the vice until he heard the Audible POP of thick dense godly bone breaking and an equally sturdy spinal cord SNAPPING, but not before insisting he hear "And here you thought that a GOD would be safe in his realm in the presence of a Celestial. I warned you....even back as a child, I warned you...and now..." That POP......anytime now,....
  14. Were they paying attention? These god are arrogant and conceited creatures. Self absorbed. So wound up and aware of their own believed supremacy, often are they prone to overlook vital details. How long has it been since any of them have seen serious battle? Been in actual harm? Their lives TRULY been at risk of forfeit? Was it the last time he was here? Apparently they had taken SOMETHING from that event, The device at play currently restricting the usage of mysticism was a testament to that but----was that all? Nehemetawy, perhaps second to only Anubis seemed be one maintained a honed state of readiness for combat. Her killing instinct was palpable, however it also furthered a point that was being made that NONE Of these "Gods" seemed to be paying attention to the mental state of their opponent, albeit verily aware of the physical obstacle he represented. They failed to see how much FASTER his reactions were coming. His movements, more bestial, calculated yes, but REACTIVE, having no true offensive unless he was accosted first, in which every detail of their actions were scrutinized by all of his senses. Everything from where their eyes were looking, even to the way their denser, heavier muscles, sounded in motion, including their heart rates and the scents they were giving off. It TOLD ON THEM. Robbed them of their obscurity and allowed him to weigh whether there was advantage to respect their actions with defense, or suffer it for a potential opening to make them suffer for. His punch missed soundly, his right foot slamming forward to stop his forward momentum from driving his fist unnecessarily in the ground and thankfully giving him means of snapping his head back some as the toothy Maw of the soul guider began to open, in a SNAP reaction the right fist that missed and would be inches BEHIND Anubis head would come up QUICK to VICE the dog headed one around his neck from behind---Almost cartoonishly as such a LARGE HAND attempting to strangle a narrow neck would automatically FORCE some spacing of Vertebrae and the stretching and constriction of his esophagus,-----Keeping in mind that he STILL had a grip on the Gods hand and pole arm, if he were at all successful! Oh he'd have gotten some of that putrid mist in the event of such, but not nearly as much as intended, making the amount that Proteus actually inhaled----manageable. With what he'd hope to be a throat and spine crushing grip for even this sturdy of a god, that keen bead he had on Nehemetawy had been taken from him. This mist, a poison of sort, attempting to work it's way through his resilient body and immune system with little to no success but definitely prospering on his mental facilities and dulling his senses well enough. The act is infuriating! Like some pissed Tyrannosaur he bellows a Roar and believe it or not---What restraint he was demonstrating, if you could believe he was. Slips. Proteus was getting a feel for how HARD these Gods needed to be hit, to hurt. Every punch, every movement every attack, was a study, a measurement if you will. In one moment of over-reaction. Proteus would have PULLED them BOTH (Anubis' arm and neck) in opposite directions with enough force to SNAP mythril chain as if it were wet tissue, in a MADDENED attempt to literally YANK Anubis' arm clean out of his socket and sever his spinal cord! It would spell DEATH to a mortal, yes, to a GOD? A physical dispatching that he could heal from if left to his own devices---surely the conclusion of his usefulness in this fight. All this would precede the the INCREDIBLE, hammer blow suffered to his head which was enough to free the would be incapacitated god from his grip totally and force him to stumble forward and rotate around, swatting at where his new attacker WOULD be found, if anything to discourage her staying there. At this exchanges conclusion, Proteus would find himself knocked free of his berserker State, still toiling with the sensory and mental inhibition being caused by the Mist, ontop of being walloped over the head with such force and at last----Shanna's voice. FOR ONCE! Bull stopped attacking and stared at Shanna, and to Thoth, recovering his composure with each fleeting second. Slowly he'd rise BACK to his full height, and coldly make a case for her immediate release. "You harm her. In any way. A mark on her skin, a hair on her head. An insult to her character even. You have my word that Ra himself will not be able to keep me off of you Thoth. I will LITERALLY crush your skull in between those damn doors that lead into your realms after life. i Will tear this Patheon apart. You'll parade her life before me to shield you from harm??? You're a FUCKING Coward, release her, take HONOR in the ass kicking you and this bitch are about to receive!....She hits harder then you by the way..." Proteus would spit toward, if NOT ON the assumed body of Anubis and await Thoth's next move. CLEARLY Proteus didn't come here to ask for what Shanna has in his possession and wouldn't be the one to initiate the Par-lay that SHOULD be had if these Gods sought to get out of this alive...
  15. Perhaps desperation is breeding the lapse in thought and judgement on Osiris' part. To think where as those impressive scimitars in his possession failed, creating more of a light show then an actual scratch against Proteus' resilient hide, these Talons would succeed would have been baffling to him----if he cared. For all intents and purposes unless the said talons were in possession of some high level mysticism (Currently being negated) or were capable of disrupting molecular bonds on an atomic level (Which could be the case and just wasn't mentioned). The behemoth as he stands had little to worry of said talons---Especially since Proteus wore gauntlets that encased the very spots Osiris was targeting. Impressive ones, crafted Terrestial materials of substantial resilience as well. Be it as it may, if the circumstances are aligning as they are, there was nothing, absolutely NOTHING that was going to get Proteus to relent his terrible vice on Osiris' head. Nor would he relinquish the desire and action of repeatedly pounding the Gods head into the ground beneath them, resilient as he may be, will envoke Proteus to simply exert more effort which will ultimately yield a more powerful attempt. His senses Still supercharged as they are, the movements of the other two did not go unnoticed, even if the same state that was attributing to his heightened sense of things it was also drastically inhibiting his rationality. It heralded a more "Brutish" manner to his offensive and defensive choices. It also managed him into a pattern, that they were either ignoring or they hadn't seen yet. Proteus was systematically allowing them to come into for attacks, committing to them to the point of no return and reacting at the last possible moment and making them pay for it.----Another withdrawl from their accounts was sought now. Fresh off a downward drive of Osiris' head into the ground again, Proteus' would remain crouched and bring his body up to interject the incoming polearm, as one would a shield, hopefully creating a scenario where Osiris is skewered right through his heart by the incoming weapon of his brethren. The Pole arm to his left finds home, With Protreus visually facing the direction of the skewering he felt the tip of the spear at his side and as a reflex (Bolstered currently), would turn his torso a scant few degrees while his eyes swivel to set eyes on the Blasphemer responsible. This would cause the tip to graze, again, sparking wildly off of the highly resistant hide in his possession! There was an audible WAP! The sound of Proteus' left hand coming up to vice the pole arm not by the staff but by the hand of it's wielder. The gargantuan left mitt intent on on keeping Weapon and Wielder where they are while proteus steps toward his left-sided aggressor, coiling his fingers on his right hand into a Fist of bludgeoning device of the highest order intent on delivery an overhand right from HELL!! Enough force in this blow alone to shatter the entirety of a mountain, centered to the side of the gods face while pulling him INTO the punch with his left! Worse still he;'d set to follow the punch through and drive the Gods head into the ground below, deep, sleeping him where he stood if he was at all successful!! All the while one would hope Shanna would notice that Proteus, enraged and cutting loose as he is, left her call unheeded! She' would have to play it smart and come closer! Draw her aggressor into the Kill Box that is this Titans immediate vicinity and take advantage of the fact that he does not perceive her as a threat, yet does not yield to her call as he would an ally, surely she has something up her sleeve to snap him out of it, lest they all be doomed as he simply WILL, NOT, STOP!
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