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    Winds of change.

    The Guards, nor the clerks showed any remorse for their actions. Their movements and return to ready were machine like even in their execution and symmetry. As if this was a practiced behavior-----It was. There was a time, in Taurus' infancy where ignorance gave way to weakness, and weakness had caused lives. Open borders and open immigration policies meant that anyone and anything could cross the boundaries into these lands regardless of their intent and do as they please----And the government here would be ill equipped to deal, at least not hastily. The events that lead to the wide spread and open hating of the demonic race, as sworn by the powers that be, would not occur again and all actions needed to circumvent even the slightest possibilities, would be taken. Scrutinizing everything, every one of them, regardless their lineage, or purpose or type was absolutely essential and such acts like the aggressive one committed just moments ago were not only sanctioned, but SUGGESTED by their ruling body. One hopes that this troupe was not looking for sympathy for what just had occurred, as they will quickly find that none was available. ---They'd also be bothered or halted no further on their journey unless the need should absolutely arise. So their arrival onto the transports met with no resilience and they'd be allowed seating with the hundreds of other patrons moving to and fro through the city today.. These elegant vessels saturated the skies, endlessly as it seemed. The Hub never rested as patrons were forever coming and leaving to this great Kingdom. Capable of holding more then 1000 people at a time, comfortably, they were were efficient, comfortable and fast and their's had finally finished boarding and initiated pre-lift sequences. "Good afternoon passengers this is Transport vessel R3112, servicing all Hub-to-North sector transport needs, We will be departing the Central Hub to the North Sector hub where you can depart and seek private or public local transportation through the Sector. Please remain seated and safely secure, we will be lifting off and arriving soon...thank you." Despite the size of the vessel and the even more prominent Quasi-Ion Drives coming online, the movements during take off were substantially muted. The refinement of the craft is staggering as it's interior design was beautiful. Leather wrapped seating, symphony style lighting with LED accents, Faux Marble floors and Liquid Crystal Fiber Displays, it was nothing short of beautiful and the views at elevation were equally impressive. And so they were off, and within less then 45 minutes time begin to see the insurmountably tall structures of the Mega Cities within The north sector, on approach.

    Winds of change.

    There was a long silence afterward, and it was purposely being stretched out into lengths that deeply plunged into "Uncomfortable" before there was some kind of response, movement or stimulation. In truth there may even have been some part of the Yokai's response that was warranted, what had not fallen upon the Yokai and possibly her companion, but was common knowledge to the frequenting visitors or this place was that----Your opinion, your feelings, your wants, at these borders? Mean shit. You do what you're told, and the last thing desired is your rhetoric. Irony struck--Literally. Not a moment later then the words -All you're doing at this point is leaving a bad taste in the mouth---" It was possible that the Demon would be dealing with the unsavory taste of a mouthful of his own blood in his. While the clerk himself was above it, the massive 9' guards at his side? Weren't. They were highly trained, with engineered bloodlines granting them the more copious amounts of their races' more desirable attributes---namely the equally copious amounts of physical strength and speed sufficient enough to over-shadow the Yokai's own reflexes. These are men who can shatter defensive barriers with their bare first. Hoist many tons in weight and ward off physical harm, seemingly effortlessly. It would be an amazing feat if the free-thinker was even able to comprehend he had been struck, what was up from down, or comprehend what was being spoken if infact he had been sucessfully hit. Not to mention that if he'd had, the second guard would be standing over their dropped foe, weapon drawn and at ready. The Clerks voice once again, "I think the problem is that YOU do not understand. We ask...you provide, then we tell, and then you do. The extra talk is neither wanted or appreciated. To be frank, as we see it, it would be in our best interest to kill you now and let her go on...that's what we'd normally do. That said, you will gather yourself and your things, and continue on...QUIETLY." The two guards would step back and the Clerk would look squarely onto the young woman, "We do apologize for the hold up. You may continue on." On the boards above, soon to be arriving transports were listed and calls made to potential riders---these two should make haste.

    Winds of change.

    The official viewed the documentation. Scrutinizing it at this point was more so of a quality control check then anything. Forged documents were still a normal, but with the current technology at their disposal and the wide spread database at their disposal, a bio-metric scan upon entry into this very building gave them everything the needed to know before they ever spoke. Traders were plentiful, and represented a large percentage of travelers through these parts----and a percentage of the trouble makers. There was understanding however, the flow of business can often be a chaotic one, Taurus being an heavy improrter/Exporter themselves this was understood by their government. So at least in this regard the Demons' presence was at least understood----This didn't mean it was respected, or appreciated. All the while that the young woman had spoken the officials eyes had not moved from the Yokai. Even as her documents were handed back to her, those piercing eyes never moved or wavered. His off of the Yokai, nor did the eyes of the guards. "Yes, the design and presentation of this place, as with many other areas in our kingdom, are quite fantastic. We set forth considerable effort to establish that, and to preserve it. Against those who have in the past, present or future would seek to disturb it as well." The comment and the weight behind it rode an insurmountable wave of intensity, directed at the demon specifically. The officer obviously was well aware that at least by now, the Yokai was understanding the weight of a particularly large elephant having moved into the room. His race was not a favored one, and clearly there had been bad experiences with those of their king that has the general consensus unapologetic in their discontent for demons. "Perhaps it is you young lady, but I've a feeling that you two are of those who appreciate such presentation and peace, and won't be one set out on disrupting it. Am I right?" The officials eyes locked directly onto the Yokai's and expected an answer.........from the Yokai. Should that be the case they'd be stamped and allowed entry where they could catch one of many vessels to their next route..

    [tfoc] reise, reise

    The combat asset known as "Mechs" were still concepts as both tool and enemy to Proteus, who felt no way about being used as bait to draw out actions from the enemy. He'd had barely had a chance to give an expression across his face before they were destroyed by the "Presence" on hasted approach (Between the type of Core/Drive in the mech, and Viktus himself, sensing either works or both) that obtained his focus and attention. These tools were interesting, and the only reason they had lacked appeal was due to the unmatched success with their "Avatar System" and "Specialty Squads" used in their own military applications. Taureans were naturally a sturdy, prominent people as a race, a Superior platform from a Core, Utilitarian outlook to base a wide range of applications to in regard to amassing a military, or law enforcing force. Their King, and WND-Department had managed to take even their Greatest Asset -- Their King, replicate and mass produce even a fraction of that for Use---as demonstrated now, The Dominus', taking steps forward to meet Viktus' at the end of his descent, nodding at his greetings. "...Dom...will suffice, Prince Viktus, and ready." Briefly, Proteus' eyes adverted to look over the Mech, with Piqued interest. The avatars are dispatched to combat everything and anything be it small armies, to Kaijuu. Only in a few instances have they had the pleasure of combating these powerful instruments of war---The Mech. HIgh offensive power, and suppression capabilities as well as potential for mass destruction with properly equipped. Resilient, and sturdy, a fearsome blend of offensive prowess and defensive talent. He could relate to it. A smile formed before his visage returned to Viktus, "I can understand your request for assistance, about how many of these do you think we will be facing? I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited..." His contemplation look concluding in trade for a ready expression.

    Winds of change.

    They had managed to make it to the check in station. Along with being a central hub for inner-kingdom travel, it also performed the function of an embassy of sorts, housing representatives from different kingdoms around the lands of Alterion, even as far as Terranus and Genasaris. This explained the heightened presence of guards here. Stout, 8' tall imposing figures clad in black tactical gear bearing the Taurus insignia. This place was a wonderful construction of granite, Marble floors accented by some unknown metal that ran in trim around the entirety of it, glowing and acting as some sort of conductor, or source of power for the various furnishings. Meters ahead and on their path was the inevitable presence of the Check-In clerk who sat in booth, flanked by two of the mentioned guards who had an unmistakable fixation on the bat-winged figure approaching with a youthful female in tow. In all honesty, and obvious to everyone but the young female the Yokai was garnering attention, from local and officials alike. Everyone here was of keen enough sense to identify a demon when they saw one and quite frankly----The Race was not liked much here. The actions of a few, have spoiled it for so many, to the point where they are scrutinized with far more intensity then others. The Clerks own bronze oculars never left off of the Yokai even as a stern voice requested "Paper-Work and credentials please? Might I ask where are you coming from? Is your trip here for business or pleasure?" Those eyes briefly removed themselves from the Yokai, and briefly went over the youthful female at his side--the gaze seemingly becoming warmer when he did so, before going ice cold again upon going back to the demon. His wings, his features, everything about him was being deduces not just by the Official----But also by the Biometric Scanners equipped all throughout this place. They were gathering data, and in a small control room meters away and hidden behind thick grante walls, technicians studied the telemetry being displayed on the fiber optical HUD's before them. Another official standing to their rear would read out their findings into the ear piece of the official requesting paper work. <Comm> "He is low class. Judging from the telemetry and bio-metric data against our databases, at Bat-Yokai. Class D, and this particular has no prior visits here or offenses, nor does anything register from Alterion or our neighboring lands. Their earlier credentials checked out, based on visuals we believe he may be escorting the girl. No real threat, unless you see something we don't, I see no reason beyond him being a DEMON to not let him pass" The clerk said nothing, and continued to await an answer and interaction from the Yokai..

    [tfoc] reise, reise

    Taurus had invested heavily in having Alterion based territories outside of Xaengri-La where the main kingdom had resided. Instances like these, served to validate the investment. Where as "The Dominus" had been activated and transported from Xaengri-La to an embassy structure just outside Izral. From there these S-Class Stratospheric Carrier vessels---A hot commodity produced by the Taurean Aviation Technologies Development Department-- did the work of moving the asset quietly, quickly and safely across the expanse to the issued co-ordinates. The Asset could very well make the trip on his own steam however, "Quietly" would hardly be a word used to describe the movements of a 12' tall, 4 ton Obelisk of a man, bounding through the heavens and descending again in random locations, on repeat. No, instead, they went undetected at the behest of the latest and most cutting edge stealth technologies which included an advanced Photon-Encrypting Camo-System, RA-Materials and a fully Neo-Fiber Optically based AI-Pilot/Navigation system which devoid the entire vessel of a traceable digital signature, or life signs. The vessel was Autonomous. And knifed through the atmosphere at hyper-sonic speeds en-route to the input destination. At the rearmost of the ship "He" sat in darkness, his features accented by a red service light that glazed over him every few seconds or so. A Fiber-Optical Hud would manifest and garner the attention and brief irritation. His eyes keened at the light, Shark-Black pupils glazing over the dossier and the information being presented to him, and he was quickly brought up to speed. THIS avatar specifically, cannot draw on personal experience with Viktus, however the individual is the subject matter of the Psychosphere used to program the consciousness of each Avatar that is brought into service. They know all, that Proteus Prime knows now and has known, and will know. The HUD would vanish, then re-appear in the form of a 3D-Rendering of the landscape and location that they quickly approached... "S.E. Grid 4.513 due two hundred miles south east of the Setroth Province" "Asset-Dominus', We are approaching Target location. Prepare for drop in." He stood and walked through the 3D rendering and heavy foot-falls would carry him further into the darkness. Only the sound of his fist hitting the button to open the bay doors could be heard before wild winds tore into the bay area, picking up the massive length of Cloak behind him, the Furred collar at his neck swaying against the lashing air before two steps were taken and he'd have bounded from the Vessel into a full blown Dive from well over 60,000' in the air. Needless to say, at his size and stature, The Dominus, BULL, picked up speed quickly, and alot of it. He was a marvel to spectate, something his size, committing an act so brazen and bold. So suited for wild displays like this was he. His eyes didn't blink. His absolute resilience, and the fact that He didn't require air, food, or water, allowed the 250+Mph descent to be taken in stride with no visible discomfort to himself. Even his approach to the ground, changed his demeanor, and just when impact face first seemed imminent, he'd legs would flip and his feet would collide with the ground beneath him in a loud....resounding.. WATHOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!......... The seismic event triggered by this action alone, would see to it that the geographical landscape of his clearing would remain forever changed. It wasnt everyday that there existed someone who's very arrival onto an area---could force individuals to have to RE-DRAW maps. Fissures and ran as far and wide as the length of the massive crater left in the wake of his arrival, which was more then 3 meters deep at the center where he stood, getting shallower at the edges, that he approached and now stood before speaking into a <comm> unit..."This is The Dominus....I've arrived and im awaiting contact."
  7. Two men walked into a somewhat upscale bar in Brooklyn, New York. One of them had thought he was seeking audience with a friend. Contacting someone that he could trust in the event that he to come back here, and needed anything. For the most part that was true, but the other had developed an Agenda, and circumstances since that promise was spoken had changed drastically. Man who promised the other, was a far cry from himself, and even further removed from previously stated obligations and directives. A man meeting a friend, instead met with Betrayal, and that Upscale Brooklyn bar had become the stage in which a scene unfolds and escalates, involving a S.H.I.E.L.D grab team, and one lone Superhuman Operative who functioned at street level in this same area. A very well known Man, African American, stout, bald and experienced with quite the reputation in these parts as one of the greatest Hero's of his time. S.H.I.E.L.D currently employs this man under the enhanced Superhuman Imperative, tasking him as an agent for their cause in regulating and policing superhuman/Inhuman activity. Unfortunately for S.H.I.E.L.D and New Avenger Luke Cage, their current objective was no light catch, and wouldn't be so easily subdued. THOOOOOM!!!!!!! The south side wall of this establishment would be blown open as Luke's body passed through it and slammed into a Parked Bmw 528xi, the latter hit with enough force to slide across the street, roll onto driver side and slam into the south side wall of the establishment across the street, pinning Cage beneath the car and buildings debris. Clearly whoever, or whatever he was fighting was batting high above his average, and whomever was in fact Protues Rauz, in M-Body/Avatar form, stepping free through the gathered dust veil and out into the street, Clad in street clothes, a simple set of boots, jeans, t shirt and leather jacket, loosely fitted to his 12' Hulking frame. [GT-1 Leader]"This guy put Cage through a fucking wall he is out, Any other assets in the area? What's the status on The Avengers, Overwatch. Wait....we have visual, it's-----" The BMW had rustled some and had been rolled and free'd from his back while Cage emerged from the debris, jostled, and rubbing his jaw. "Cancel that ETA, I got this guy..." A females voice of authority quickly quipped back, "The last time he was here he put down Thor, Banner and Wonder Man back to back, Im not looking for a Martyr. Cage wait for help" Guys got experience. Guys got ego and a sense of honor about him. It drives him and compels him in full sprint back across the street, dead center where he'd lead in with an over-hand right that misses by a mile, in part because of Bull's height advantage. Cage's punch is slipped, and next thing he knows he's got knuckles harder then all get out burying into his right row of ribs, breaking them. Cage sucked in air, winces, His SKINS invulnerable his musculature? Only enhanced. So the pain is real, and his right elbow comes down to cradle those powdered ribs before he's struck right side at his exposed lower jaw, jostled, left, and from that left side another brutal right cross, precedes the fist crashing into his solar plexus, again, with his right knee, again with his left knee---Cages Feet never reaching the ground when he was lifted from the first, and finished with right uppercut that tripples down on the same spot that had been hit twice, previously. His attacker relented... And Cage dropped to his knee's and spat to the ground the contents of his stomach which was mostly Blood, stomach acids and maybe, just maybe....beer. Cage had been downed. Hard, and Coup De Gras'd with a downward overhand right that buried Cage's entire head into the spitting street beneath it, and jostled buildings and cars for a full 1/4 of a square mile. In his finality, Proteus' eyes had locked with the Grab Team Leaders, before Proteus commanded, "I want to speak to Danvers! I didn't come here for this!"..

    A New World To Burn (Public Thread)

    [Sorry Daughter spilled Soda on my Laptop and Murder Death killed it, had to buy another] His opposition was mistaken. Why? Who knows. Maybe some misunderstanding, or a misread of Proteus' actions or......he really really bit the bait on that feint. After all that is what it was, a feint. A Gesture that would SUGGEST intent, but only a mislead, a distraction and bait at best and it had served it's purpose exceptionally well considering it had his opponent @Grubbistch believing that a full on PUNCH was being thrown. The only surprise here was how BAD he bit the bait. his opponent believed that this lead in was THE ATTACK so haphazardly that he had fortified his speed and changed his trajectory to avoid something that was NEVER coming in the first place. If it weren't for the brief, yet marginally effective "Deterrent" utilized by another ( @BiggieSmalls), his foe could be dispatched NOW, but there in fact was a ruination to the timing. Proteus found himself growling in aggravation and discomfort---not Pain, and scoffed at himself for even the small iota of distraction that act costed, still his discipline remained and none of his physical actions went interrupted as that massive, two handed sword, would have found itself slashing---Through nothing. It was a feint, an act of non commission and while an outright punch may have kept his arm out there long enough to be removed by the weapon, this left handed gesture didn't have even a portion of the commitment needed for it to become a mistake that would be so aggressively capitalized on. As a matter of fact, if there was anyone who had made a mistake---it was the the sword bearer. The Zweihander, such a larger, cumbersome weapon trading off the fluidity and swiftness of a far shorter sword like a katana or even a broad sword for the sheer cutting power. Without some form of justifiable enhancement, quantifying it's mobility in a close quarters fight against unarmed opposition would be impossible. Simply put...Proteus' arms and fists, moved and covered distances with far greater speed, accuracy and mobility then that two handed sword ever could---And he'd make true on that advantage. He'd have already stepped inward as the sword would have cleared it's intended strike point and missed. At the point of commission where the swing HAD to happen, as pulling the weapon back, stopping it or changing it's trajectory would require far to great an effort if being possible at all-----Another downside to using such a massive, two handed weapon. It was safe to say that at that very moment of the swings miss, his opponent would feel an all to real amount of pressure, encroaching at the side of his body and face. A pressure akin to the one created by a massive object moving at speed through still air. Air that was being shoved aside, moved, or displaced from a stable state at the behest of a large object in passing. The large object in passing was Proteus' fist, as his body, close to his opponents, and the form? Akin to a boxers, relinquished an utterly RIPPING and Devastating right HOOK that would land FLUSH against the side of his opponents now exposed helm with enough comparable force ---to Flip a loaded Tractor trailor, and send it barreling down the length of an entire football field. More important then the speed or power of this actions, it's TIMING would be the reason for it's HIGH rate of plausible success. Sending this, RIGHT at the moment where the sword would miss it's intended target and the proverbial point of no return had been crossed. That's ALOT of force to drop on a much smaller and less weighted object. He sought to leave his opponent in utter ruin. Decimate him with a flushly landed right handed hook that had a accumulated build of power and effort onto it that had it been thrown in uppercut form, would have sent his opposition clean up and away from the battle field, now, instead, would more then likely cause his heads position to trade places with his feet and seriously injure, if he was successful. Meanwhile....the sound of something approaching only grew greater and lashed out at the sky, announcing it's imminent arrival,...

    A New World To Burn (Public Thread)

    This was the point, in the scene where the voices of a 10,000 strong roman catholic choir would roll in, heralding the approach of some monumental, pivotal figure who's very presence meant change. Change as in victory, and the imminent failure of the forces of evil that thought themselves triumphant in his absence. Of the two forces set on a path of collision, ONE has tales to it's credit. From Genesaris to the Lands of Alterion, the Avatars of Proteus Rauz--The Bull have done acts of legend. From felling mountain-tall Kaijuu, to lacerating the landscape of Izral with his Rage, to annihilating the Dark Elf Army within The Mines of Sern. This proverbial JUGGERNAUT as he has always been called is no stranger to calamity, chaos and confrontation. Even more profound then these exploits is his commitment and determination to an objective, once set, he does NOT relent until opposition was destroyed. So it was of no surprise when his voice boomed out as he broke into a stride, the distance between he and the firery opposition fast depleting, "BETTER TO FIGHT NOW AS ONE! OR DIE ALONE! THERE ISN'T ANYWHERE YOU'LL GO FROM HERE THAT I WON'T FOLLOW UNTIL THE LOT OF YOU ARE DEAD!" Not a threat. An absolute promise supported by a resume of similar acts in the past, that he intends to make good on. A power-step taken forces his right deep for traction. Legs powerful enough to send this hulking figure into the heavens, are equally prominent at propelling him forward at a monstrous pace, bewildering for one who probably assumed that the Titan was slow and lumbering. Quite the contrary. His power to weight ratio assured otherwise, and his discipline as a combatant granted him the fluidity and delivery akin to that of a very advanced mixed martial artist, profound and stable foot work and blurring and equally hasted hand speeds. ---When he got close enough to execute. For now he shuffled inward off the thrust, his right hand just scant inches from his chin his left hand leading out, palm facing his opponent, fingers open in some what of a feinting action. The entire trip over started with a leap/lead off his right foot, and that previously mentioned footwork changing as he closed--ball of his right foot acting as an anchor, left foot facing his opposition after his shoulders have rolled counter clockwise and that right hand is cocked back some (1),----It was coming, whether it would be received was up to his opponent who's actions, if not intelligent could land him on a one way ticket via Battle Field Removal from a man who was known to relocate his opposition miles away with a single punch. (2)In the the same skies he had descended from however, the feint sounds of popping could be heard at altitude and while one looking afar could possibly ascertain, something was on approach from lands far from here, at the behest of its owner.
  10. THE_BULL

    [Quest] To BECOME DEATH...

    There was already a cause for concern when she had suddenly disappeared from view. Something was amiss, as if something had utilized some form of iso-linear location spell that was triggered the moment someone utilized similar methods to track or observe her. Had she truly been searching him out and used this method as a means of making finding him easier, in the event that he looked? Or was her powers of spontaneous and unexpected mayhem just a tad bit more refined and powerful these days? Either way, once his eyes had set on her, and his mothers cues absorbed, Proteus had traveled the distance from where he was to one best suited for formally greeting a friend. If she had truly wondered where he was, she'd notice the very profound changes. He was far from what she remembered in size, stature and prominence, even his fascia was more matured, chiseled and defined. She however, and while he'd never admit it, ---was still very easy on the eyes. A gravely voice greeted her, "She is ok, Lower your guard..." They did, with no hesitation or further protest while he stood before her and crossed his arms, the corner of his lips being tugged upward in a slight smile. "I would ask how'd you managed to get the Ents to adore you, but i'd be wasting my breath. You've always had a knack for this kind of thing. These guards are going to slap a limiter on you, won't hurt, but the way your powers work, I can't risk you swaying anything else from it's natural state. Come, we've alot to catch up about.." he'd have turned around and gestured for the guard to place the limiter, a bracelet, with an immensely powerful spell brand placed on it----Of The Queens own making. It would inhibit her from using any form of mysticism, as well as quelling any of her innate abilities. Conjuring, envoking, casting, manipulating, or influencing...all done, she could be here safely and not cause any problems. This would coincidentally, relinquish whatever influence she had on the Ents and allow them to return to their natural place and duty. The horned and heavily bearded head would turn to look to his back while he walked up the stairs, their destination was more then likely the grand hall where his mother normally permitted the audiences with guests. "We were actually just discussing you. Nothing bad, it had just been so long since i've seen you, and last we spoke you were on a quest for the Grimoires, how did that turn out?" He did know that his mother may in fact have been in possession of part of what she sought. SO it was a rhetorical question that was going to get an answer anyway if this woman was still as he remembered her. He expected her explanation to last the entirety of their trip to where his mother awaited, and in moments they'd step between two massive doors and into the grand hall where she would be waiting.
  11. THE_BULL

    A New World To Burn (Public Thread)

    [Insertion -- M-Body/Avatar Avatar Type: Dominus Avatar (Type 2: In Compliance with Mild Powers Setting of Valucre - His diplomatic stay here had no shortage of excitement as it seems. Random challenges, battles for the ages, acts of heroism that will forever etch his name into the minds and words of those who will tell the tales, long after he had taken his leave. This however had an entirely different play on him. He had come here not seeking glory or fame. He had not come to bolster his levels of infamy or augment the stature of his reputation. Although an M-Body and an Avatar to a much more prominent, far more paramount individual he was not devoid of "Proteus Primes" sensitivities. Death. Destruction. Disarray. He could see and feel the transition of life from the corporeal existence, into an astral body to take an ethereal voyage, as clear as one views a bird in flight through the clear blue sky. It weighed on him. The smell of fire, death, charred flesh and bone and scorched earth filled his nostrils. It triggered memories of a dark time in his own upcoming.----Aye yes, Proteus Rauz' hands were far from clean. This was from Miles away, and perhaps 2 or three jumps ago. -THOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!--- Roughly 30 meters east of where an elderly woman put on a grand show of defiance against the demon @Grubbistch he'd have made his entry from dropping quite literally miles from the heavens. A titan in his own right, every bit of 12' in height, 4 tons in weight of unfathomably dense musculature and physique that was the culmination of Quasi-Mystical and scientific forces, not native to these lands, in-fact, not native to these realms even. The wake of his arrival would create a micro-burst, fanning the wild inferno that reels at the sheer intensity before meeting the rolling kinetic-wave that encroached on all within the village area. With the settling of the seismic woes, and the dust that lingered in the disturbed air, he could be seen.----A Bald Titan, ensconced within an ornate, Regal Carapace, collared with the fur of some great beast, draped with an immeasurably long cloak and fitting to his form. Nothing however was more intimidating then his eyes. Pupiless, without much character themselves but when accompanied by deeply plunging brows. And radiant energy akin to a blast furnace of sorts, they advertise his deeply seeded discontent. Those same eyes scrutinized every aspect of the field before him, The would be players, the would be instigators of such death and calamity @Dredge @BiggieSmalls. The mysticism here was nearly palpable. His ability to trace and identify ambient wavelengths both of mystical and non mystical nature retained their uncanny stature even within his Avatars. The last person to garner his gaze was the elder @bfc, and from there the ordeal was a puzzle pieced. IF he had infact managed to draw her attention, his own booming voice would resound his request, to the elder riding the growing vegetation she summoned, "You don't mind if I cut in do you?"....before beginning a laxed WALK toward her large, fiery opposition, perhaps to free her up to terrorize the others...
  12. THE_BULL

    (DA): Let’s Start a RIOT

    Politics. They get things done. They were the great lubricant, allowing massive parts that would otherwise not move in fear of damaging themselves to do so without fear of calamity of chaos. Massive parts that give weigh to change, results. Changes and results along the lines of wealth, diplomacy, or earning loyalty and devotion to ones cause in exchange for........victory. Taurus had once been a kingdom that existed within the lands of Alterion, and it's influences had spread long and wide before it's King's Ascension and removal of the main kingdom from these lands into the divinity of Xaengri-La. Annexed territories still had resources. Phones. Diplomatic venues and proxies that could get things done to protect an interest of the king, and the king was SURELY interested in these lands and "The Apostles" that dwell here. So interested that a Dominus Avatar; an M-Body construct representing only a dismal fraction of The Taurean King Proteus Rauz's might, at diminished stature and his more youthful appearance.---Stepped through an aperture in space-time, a void, obsidian event from which the 12' tall Titan had emerged. The remarkable physique was ensconced in a beautifully engraved runic Carapace. Around broad shoulders billowed a seemingly infinite mass of flowing cloak with a furred collar and veiling hood. In his right hand "TAURUS", an infamous and prominent relic born of these very lands and one of the most powerful Mystical War Hammers in existence. His footfalls brought him closer, he sounded exact, perhaps even more so like one of these great Mech's on approach himself as he chose to chime in after the apostles speech, smiling wide while his free hand pulled his hood back to reveal a bald individual with runic brands around his head and face and eyes that radiated like fission-Blast furnaces. "Non-Sense...." Proteus would have strolled right up to the devout Apostle, willing to forfeit his life for the win and if allowed place the tip of his finger squarely on his shoulder. The result would be the immediate absorption of the energy he was focusing for the destabilization---In essence taking it all or enough to diffuse him outright. "There is a battle to be fought, and won....and the Calvary is here." Proteus' eyes averted to the shielded one before adverting and looking around at any back up or squadron he may have in his possession, and in an act of attempted diplomacy, give a fair warning. "Proteus Rauz...I represent the kingdom of Taurus who has an interest in the Apostles and these lands. I'd ask you to lay down your arms and surrender, but to be frank. I brought a hammer....I intend on hitting something with it. Can be you....or one of your men....all of your men....none of your men, makes me no difference..." Fair question, and he awaited a fair answer.
  13. THE_BULL

    [Quest] To BECOME DEATH...

    More often then not, his mother forgets just as he does that Proteus' exile by his measurement lasted well over a thousand years. While here, barely a year's time would have had passed. So when he has a harder time recalling then she does, it's odd to say so in the least. To him, Shanna, was so long ago. It was an uneasy truce to begin with and the way they met was well short of traditional. Their love hate relationship had time to grow into "something" at least. They had quested, they had journeyed and hard shipped. There was history there, but in none of it could he recall her ever being the type to have friends, of the female datable kind, or her, herself even be a possibility. While Proteus a the moment at least aligned himself with the idea of finding someone----There were many apprehensions to the idea of trying. He wasn't exactly most women type. His "Game" would have to be refined if not totally reconstructed or...well, BUILT for the first time. A pause for that train of thought as his palm comes up, extended flatly and though a simple gesture, it demonstrated an absolutely gargantuan leap in his prominence and understanding of his power when he was able to manifest an aperture at his palms center, the likes of which allowed them both to view the woman to whom which they both spoke of. He sighed, "I could summon her here, but she is a natural anomoly. Her very presence itself is chaotic to mysticism, worse when it comes in contact with her. Even mysticism as powerful as ours"...Bull contemplated this for a moment. Lifting the Aperture high and leaving it to float center table. "If I remember correctly last we talked she was looking for those artifacts, I wonder if she has been successful..."
  14. THE_BULL

    Of Magic and Might

    So many factors in play it was hard to depict which exactly was the reason for the sequence of events that would transpire. There were failures and acts of success afoot, not due to lack of trying that was for sure. Some of it may have been due to misdirection or false advertisement or simple lack of understanding. Runes? Runic? If the designs painfully etched into the skin of this M-Body, were in fact that in the literal since? Then there would be alot more cause for concern. But alas, the descriptions of these "Runic" designs on Proteus' skin leaned more toward defining that of a mysterious language, one that advertises the activity of a form of dynamism and regulation of such. Not so much as it being the source or ornamental trigger. Brand or No Brands, Proteus' mojo was his own. These "Runic" brands only LET you know it was happening, and at best regulated and directed the delivery. You could throw a thousand "Runic" or "Rune" shapes onto, or into these brands they wouldn't change anything of it's function. It would be the equivalent of painting a red-light green. The light still shines, it's purpose in it's position remains true---although it may confuse a shit load of people in the process. Proteus. or at least this Celestial Replication, the M-Body DID in-fact have counter-measures for such an act, albeit they wouldn't be needed. One HAS to consider the prominent (3a) Null Field (Which shares it's Prep-Count with "Signal") in play, and of the things coming from the Titan in this exchange that field indeed was very true to it's name. Null. Without value, significance, consequence or effect. To cancel; to make Null. Quintessential Encryption, a Quasi-Mystical reprogramming given physical form specifically designed to "Tare" the scale if you will. A Virus is a virus, but without a medium in which to transfer it, it's just that--Null. ENERGY was at play here. ENERGY was the proverbial syringe and that syringe would be obliterated along with it's contents, quite questionably ridding Proteus of having to showcase it's failure latter, then sooner. A latter consequence maybe not realized until The head of that hammer collided with the waiting Palm. The field's diameter was in greater array then that of his opponents recent attempt, easily double. This same field would have played havoc with his opponents more tricky abilities---Probably why it was very convenient that the release of his own Rune propelled him downward and out of the way of that event, only for that same field to be negated and replaced by a wider one that would still cause him problems. Typically another being entering the "Null Field" would find their own abilities limited, if not cancelled out completely (Preps on one side vs preps on the other). It would make the difference between his opponent being able to swim into the ground beneath them with the ease of a shark in water or the swiftness of perfectly still fat person in quicksand. Quicker then the hand that reached prior (Which was shifting it's grip to that of the hilt where it meets the hammer head), his other would have come down quickly to seize hold of the boys entire-skull in a painful vice, the likes of which would threaten a stones integrity--Hold help him if his bones weren't to par, or he wouldn't make the trip up to eye level, where a short-lived look would be followed by the squeezing of that said skull in his hand in hopes of crushing it the previously mentioned stone.
  15. THE_BULL

    [hh4h;r] hellhounds for hire; redux

    Since moving his entire kingdom to within the Celestial realm, it's King "Proteus Rauz" had not ventured beyond it's limits. Like a gardener, he tended to the lands given. Metaphorically, readying soil, setting the seeds and providing the nutrients which would give way to the beautifully blossomed city out in the Neutrals of this vast place. He'd put in the long hours and the hard work of establishing a network of communication and transporting ley-lines between Taurus Prime and its "Embassies" and "Interest" out in the outside world, particularly in Izral and it's surrounding lands, with ventures as far out as Terranus. His procurement of The Mines of Sern, the establishment of a work force there and security in escort of the precious materials produced and exported there pushed his reputation and diplomatic status into the stratosphere, however, a being such as himself could never walk their lands again. Not as he was. His Avatars-----Constructed M-BODIES of various configurations and uses, containing dismal fractions of his prominence, but still extensions of his will---instead were often set out for tasks much like the one this "Dominus Avatar" was on now. In light of his success in transitioning his kingdom, and establishing the other just at the end of the planar junction, Proteus sought to expand. To lay claim to more of this infinite place, this Celestial haven, ripe for the taking for anyone with not just the ambition but the power to supplement it, and thankfully he was highly abundant, arguably infinite in both. Even an Avatar had a gargantuan presence and "Pressure" accompanied with it's arrival, announcing it's being here without having to utter a word. It was a presence that gave birth to many an onlooker, passer by's, citizens and the like casting their looks upon the Titan who promenaded through the city streets, at a daunting 12' in height, and enough weight to tremor the ground with his every step. The majority of his physique was hidden beneath an even more impressive cloak of grossly exaggerated length that was fastened down by hard-points on the armored collar of the Hardened-carapace he wore, head to toe. The mass was so extensive, and far spreading, that's it seemed to almost be alive, in the way in moved and responded to the wind. They were fair in their decision to part and move out of his path, one that led to the front doors of TKO, where kind patrons, possibly employee's saw it best to open the door FOR him rather then he do it, and after craning down and stepping over the divide he'd rise back to his full height and survey the interior, as any first timer would. Onlookers would be denied the details of his facial expressions, while the hood over his head remained and shadowed them. Even as he'd approach the bar and the tender behind it---the light never quite made it's way into that hood and onto his face. The dark haired man was addressed, a voice that seemed to speak with several others at once, "I've come seeking some information, I was told this would be a good place to possible gain answers. "