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  1. [Meanwhile....] If he was the orchestrator, quietly and without gesture or verbal giving the commands. Then the obsidian heavens above, now a choir of furious winds and enraged lightning piercing through and across titanic clouds. Over the entirety of the area a massive super-cell had come to fruition. This storm moved, it breathed, it surveyed it was almost as if it were sentient. It was as if some gargantuan mass of life, heeding the commands of another simply arrived as a spectator to the events transpiring beneath it. When this gargantuan beast of a storm took station, the atmosphere sighed under it's weight and no longer able to heft the burden of keeping it in the sky the winds switch and dive downward bringing with it heavy rain, turning what was once fire kissed into water soaked. For as far and wide as the eyes could see, to the hospital and beyond and back, this storm took center stage and there was perhaps only one individual who seemed to understand or not be surprised by it's presence-----The person responsible for calling it forth. The bladed winds and their individual efforts had managed to stave off the onslaught, even as the number of the infected climbed and piled on, the winds would NOT relent and would conduct the slice-symphony it was set forth to carry out, even as the leader of this gathered had exclaimed for them to press onward to the hospital ahead of him while he held up the rear. SOME form of an Ally needed to assist and so, Proteus would INCREASE the magnitude and prominence of the Mysticism in play, lengthening the blades, increasing their speed and frequency, expanding the density of and area of effect. Right now----Bull sought to answer the call of the Roar that DARED to out sound his storm. He'd have gripped The Minotaur soundly within his left hand while exclaiming "You've heard him! If you're coming be TAKEN, decline if you wish to stay!" (3) Like Madness set loose around him, the cloak's length began to whip to and fro, in an ATTEMPT to take hold of the allies in company, the children, and the one called Holly, would be approached by the cloak moving at inhuman, almost serpentine like pace and grace to protectively grasp and and hold, while pulling them deeper into it's mass, closer to its owner while he crouched-------AND TOOK OFF. More significant then any mode of transportation at his disposal. Be it flight or vessel. Be it spell of teleportation, was Bull's ability to move under his own power. He "COULD" Fly, but took no pride in it. Exhausting his own energy reserves he could even Teleport or transverse planes, but again, under a considerable effort, and even the Constructs had the PRIME's laziness in them. No, This old fashioned asshole was more comfortable using the power of his own legs to literally leap from where they stood, and upward into the lightning lit skies where he'd go the distance (Be it under his own power, assisted by the winds billowing the mass of cape around him) and in proximity of the Hospital, more particularly the BEAST conjured to torment the would be innocents here. A BEAST who's own roars would be drowned out by the war cry above and fast approaching from the 12' Hammer Wielding Titan. His hammer crackled with the wrath of a a thousands bolts of lightning, and he'd seek to land and STRIKE the Creature soundly with enough force to split a Block of Mythril straight down it's center---the likes of which would trigger a wave of force powerful enough far and wide, albeit non-lethal to most (Most assured innocents and Changed alike would be rendered unconscious, housing structures smaller then the hospital would be toppled, the hospital itself, strained, many if not all glass broken), if there was one thing expected to Taste Death it would be the Overgrown-Pissed off LIzard. In the wake of such, his passengers would have been shielded by the cloak and settled down at his sides, and the lot of them to be back on READY, scrutinizing the area for further opposition...
  2. [Procreation of the Storm. Turn 2/ Supercells are born and firing up] In addition to the tumultuous scene already present, the skies overhead by this time had become increasingly angered. Thunder reverberated so profoundly above it was as if these lands convulsed, stirring and growling like the belly of a hungry Titan. Fulmination stabbed the skies, throwing an intense light down unto the town, temporarily dispelling the darkness for that scarce instance. It filled his nostrils from the time he got here you know, the smell of it all. These changed held a strong stench unlike anything else, it was easy for senses far less keen then exalted ones he possessed. They scrutinized everything. Heartbeats, the sounds of clothing ruffling against one another, footsteps over cobbled rooftops or creaking floors and cluttered ground. Even the emergence of these children did very little to surprise him, especially considering how dynamic the previously mentioned details became once they emerged. It literally smelled and felt like a trap, BEFORE it had been sprung. There was a brilliance in the change, but he wouldn't go so far as to award the full credit. They played on this groups humanity and honorable nature. A natural intent to protect the youth above all else. That's where the credit stopped and Proteus'aggravation set in. The children being in proximity also limited his responses to such a situation lest they'd be injured as well.----Fortunately, he was capable of guile and sophistication that wasn't advertised of his imposing appearance. The changing weather and the birth of the super-cells present had long forth brought in Micro-Burst and and paced wins easily climbing up and past in excess of 60mph. The group had been unaware or ignorant of this; because it was Proteus' will that kept their immediate area devoid of the activity. His right hand would be raised (2), and on the top of the armored gauntlet covering that right the winds that had been stayed, but ever present, would be ordered to lend assistance, at no cost to his reserves save for the mysticism involved in EDGING the fast pace winds with his energy. "Let these winds speak with a bladed tongue.." Invisible in sight until the LAST minute, As fast and as SWIFT as the wind does blow, whenever these winds neared the neck of the changed, so did it become the equivalent of a mystical blade, seeking to decapitate and would do so with exceeding efficiency and effectiveness. It would DO SO, these winds, like an invisible hurricane paced SWARM, the likes of which would dice through the masses.. Mowing down a would be obstacle while at the same time providing sufficient area of effect suppression that threatened NOBODY save for those who needed to be threatened, for the duration of the imposed attack. Barely Breaking stride, or faltering the grip on his weapon, He'd press onward, vocalizing over the whipping winds "Stay in the winds! Move with me!.." Continuing toward their target destination...
  3. Link me to the thread here and I will handle it.
  4. Cutting the Null-Field had allowed them to remain at altitude, to remain forward pressed toward their goal. It HAD unfortunately allowed The Avatar to make contact with the surface of the ship. These were facts. If one assumed it made this ship Vulnerable? They'd have been sorely mistaken. These S.I.U Carriers were of an evolving design, Born of technology and data that was constantly growing and changing and reforming for the better. These Carriers were designed to endure and engage beings from the bottom of the threat scale all the way to the top, THAT was without question. [S.I.U --HELI-CARRIER AI] -Quasi-Sonic Kinetic anomoly detected. Activating Counter Measures, protocol tag: BLACK BOLT- An innumerable amount of panels around the entirety of the ship would have snapped open exposing a Lattice-Array of Polymorphic Vibranium. This metal was not only touted for it's extraordinary levels of resilience but it also inherited a staggering affinity for absorbing or redirecting vast quantities of energy in various forms, particularly concussive, kinetic or sonic in nature. This gargantuan Quasi-Sonic event served the purpose of bolstering the Stock-Cores ---Modified reactors that were used to siphon off and store the energy that was absorbed by these lattice arrays for a multitude of uses, some of which will come full surface. Meanwhile on the bridge of the carrier, Section Chief Stone was a far ways from impressed, or intimidated or worried. Irritated was a better word now, being signaled by a crew member informing him of an incoming message. That one eye swung to it's furthest coner, and the message played over the <COMM's>, and in all honesty, his disposition hadn't changed much. Even with the authentication of the said codes SOMEWHAT checking out. "How about....No. Im under strict orders. And you can hit me with all the fancy codes in the book, you don't outrank who gave me those orders, and even if I you did, I'd probably still tell you to kiss my ass. So I have 1 other worldly being, telling me about 2 other, other worldly beings, and asking me to stand down during ALL THIS OTHER WORLDLY shit is going on so that she can board my ship. Thanks but no thanks, I don't trust you, OR them, nor have you given me reason to change that.." The <COM> channel had gone inactive and he'd have nodded, signaling a go to a number things. "Have RIOT-SQUAD prepped to go, release the Anti-AIR DOLLS and get the drives ready to jump.." [MOBILE DOLL] Height: 7' Weight: 1 ton Materials: Polymorphic Vibranium Alloy Weaponry: Energy projection, Molecular Reshaping and shape shifting, Flight, Hive Mind/Swarm Logic, Low level regeneration and repair, Phasing. On the front end, and back end of the massive vessel 6 bay doors would come ajar and the Anti-Air Initiative would have gone into affect. They are often referred to as "The Locust" protocol. Named so for the manner in which they deal with would be anti-air threats in sheer numbers and volume. They utilize a combination of Beam and Energy weaponry and where and when needed the effectiveness of twin High-Frequency/High Heat Blades capable of literally parting the molecular bonds of an object or material they touch. Like a mad swarm, these humanoid "Mobile Dolls", Guided not just by the Ships Central AI, and Sensory Hubs, but their OWN sensory nodes all working in symmetry to bring about what was called-----A Hive Mind, and Swarm Logic. They were fast. Lethal. In MASSIVE quantity and above all else---Expendable. Often used to overwhelm large air craft, air stations and space stations, and even capable of operating in the same manner underwater. At over 5,000 in number, their presence was a cause for concern, and would serve to stall the LOT of the gathered while the drives were being brought online for a possible -Atmopsheric JUMP-. 2500 of the total would take defensive positions AROUND the avatar on the ground and in the air, leaving another 1000 take positions AROUND Ydris and neutral behaviors for the remainder to fortify defenses where and when needed. Meanwhile.... The Avatar only stood at ready. Eye balling the opposition set forth before him and around him and would NOT be the one to make the first move,...
  5. Im currently looking for Dead threads myself but im open to having a work load dropped in my lap.
  6. "Very well...". Commanded to carry on, this prompted him to unveil the tragedy hitched at his back, just beneath the vast expanse of cloak. It was enough to obscure the entirety of the his 12' height even if he were DOUBLE that. The thick obsidian fabrics seemed to move and coil about his hulking, tastefully armored frame as if it were sentient. A firm grip had been placed on his weapon of choice---The legendary artifact. Born in the lands of Alterion, but evolved in the other-worldy forges of Xaengri-La. THE MINOTAUR had come to life like some mad Tesla Coil (1), saturating the very air around him with electromagnetic dynamism in the form of lightning, the likes of which called to the very heavens above envoking rapid ionization and the process of artificially procreating cells. Cells that would become in time become super-cells, pregnant and ripe with electromagnetic activity themselves, and would blacken the skies which would become one MASSIVE Rotating mass of Wind and Storm, lightning and wrath. These lands had been cast into turmoil and chaos. Ruin had taken a vice to it's people and had began the process of asphyxiating what life struggled to endure here. There are powers that be here, that believe themselves to be unseen and un-felt. Residing in shadow and silence, toiling with the lives of innocents. Men, women.......children. When evil such as what lurks here has sought to throw a veil of it's ick and filth, to snuff out the life of Light----He is the Accelerant to jump Start the blaze of resilience. Winds would begin to pick up, as did his pace as shallow steps became pride-filled strides from the towering beacon vengeance. He not only desired the "Point" position, he TOOK it. Each foot step birthing faint seismic events under his immense weight and advertising CONFIDENT movement to the would be powers that be here. Maybe he could draw the majority of the converted and give other members of this rescue party means of moving with less conflict...
  7. Highly interested in joining this squad, if infact I do meet the criteria which I believe i do. I am definitely willing to contribute to this cause. ALSO I'd be willing to offer NPC'ing to any of those who couldn't finish their threads due to lack of story telling. Or an NPC.
  8. Xaengri-La would opt for proteus PRIME to come out, and as a PC Character, IN a "home" celestial Realm that's just to much, it wouldn't be much of a hunt. HOWEVER, If you'd like to do it in Xaengri-LA, I can STILL opt to use an MP construct if you'd opt to use a setting that's FAR from Taurus (which is in Xaengri-La) and still make this cohesive and flow, I can even suggest a place in Xaengri-La for you to use that will facilitate things.
  9. [Gonna move it along since @Chappu is actively engaged at the moment. @princeben07 feel free to post again, whether it puts you in enagement or not] Unlike the ship and it's crew who only "utilized" technology that facilitated a faux understanding of the dynamism involved in a true Spatial-Force Field. The Dominus Avatar was a being of power. Within his very core and being existed an inexplicable mastery of these forces that these humans only began to scratch the surface us. Such defenses in the grand spectrum of things were remedial at best, considering what he brought to the table. STILL, it was a template, and he had a means of utilizing what they worked with to bring about a means of "Bouncing" this unwanted guest from this party. His grip around "Taurus" would constrict while his left hand was slammed down against the surface of the spacial barrier that he stood upon----his frame, utilizing a polarity trick and the strength of his frame to keep himself anchored where he stood. Several runes would ignite, each in sequence, in a language more ancient then the THIS iteration of the very multi-verse itself. Branded not just to the carapace he wore but as metallic tattoo's in his very skin---These rune symbols had shone. Only HE knew that it stood for the Spell called (1)"NULL". The Encryption of this spatial field was targeted directly, but not to nullify the Spatial Anomoly itself but only to seize control of it's directives and protocol---And enhancing it's Tier of Supremacy and Sphere of influence. NO LONGER was it a man made Spatial Construct but rather one commanded by a greater echelon of existence as FAR beyond Ethereal reach as Ethereal reach is above MAN. ---Further even. Any success Ydris could have have had prior to this would have been violently casted aside, emphasis on violently. The Dominus BULL Avatar perceived this man as an Ethereal threat, far beyond most weapons of man, albeit visually understanding an ability to alter ones tangibility and cohesion with most forms of matter and there for assult. So......The Bull will strike somewhere vital and with greater purpose. As per-re writing the directives of the shield and RESTRICTING anyone and all things (Air, even LIGHT---Casting those inside into darkness), his very TOUCHING of the shield would allow for a proverbial targeting. Heat seeking. A nearly, a metaphysical sampling if you will of ones "Light"...soul...core. Whatever you'd call it, IT, would be dealt an assult in the form of a KAISER BOLT ----A metaphysical discharge of energy with NO Corporeal shape or form making "SEEING" it coming somewhat impossible, but feeling it, all-to-real. This would be the metaphysical ACT of electrocuting someone. Or someone touching a live wire, and the resulting deliverance of an equivalence of several bolts of lightning worth of Voltage and Amperage (10gigawatts/450,000amps--In this discharge).... Meanwhile inside of the ship, a calamity was afoot. WHerever there were windows, total darkness was on display. The directives of the Spatial Field had been changed to block out nearly everything except for one thing...this included light. This included air. Even electromagnetic transmissions. The AVATAR had managed to cut the ship off TOTALLY from any and all outside communication, which meant that anyone not on this ship---could not be reached by the outside world or vice versa. Worse still, with the ship now being totally encased in a NULL Field, it wouldn't be able to utilize it's drives for propulsion and lose all forward momentum, essentially turning it into a several square mile wide falling object from over 60,000'. "Talk to me what's going on...." Stone had not seen anything as of yet that would warrant him breaking his cool. His eyes swiveled over to one of the bridge members and he was poised for an answer to his question. "The shield parameters, they've been overrode and changed. We're powering them, but we aren't controlling them. Everything's blocked out, nothing can pass through, light, electromagnetics, even AIR, life support systems will hold. We don't even have Purpulsion right now! We;d absolutely be FALLING out of the sky right now! We can counter but we would have to cut power to shields. We HAVE TO!" SIU Chief Stone, was reluctant, but spoke it firmly. "Cut power to shields. Once we have sensors back online train ALL surface munitions on BOTH the Avatar and the Ethereal anomoly, bring the anti-Air units online.." There was one thing allowed to bypass the shield WHILE he maintained control over it. HIMSELF...and the Titan would have landed hard on the deck of the carrier, hammer in hand and chalked full of aggressive intent. FOR HIM to have made landfall on this carrier could mean it's demise at ANY moment. His restraint came only due to the fact that the Divinity Drive was infact very sensitive to kinetic force and could be forced active if not careful. They'd cut power to their shields...and if he had been successful, he'd have spared them having to deal anything to the Ethereal Construct at all---For the Kaiser Bolt was nothing EASY to shrug off nor could it be countered with any corporeal resistance. He would find himself staring down the barrels of more then several HUNDRED high caliber anti-air craft guns, and remain unflinching -----They stand to do more damage to the SHIP then himself were they to fire upon him at that magnitude. THe sounds of the Anti-Aircraft units however.....this piqued his curiosity.
  10. @ODSTDRAGON im ready. And can post frequent and often. When reading be sure to note that the sheet covers both the stats of Proteus Rauz (PRIME---The actual person) and the MP-CONSTRUCTS used RP in threads that are outside of Xaengri-La, as to not confuse you on power levels and abilities.
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  12. His opposition had quite the task ahead of him. The S.I.U Heli-Carriers represented the Absolution in mobile offensive and defensive flexibility and range. They were BORN out of the necessity of being able to combat and act on threats of significant magnitude. The person most responsible for the gargantuan LEAP in technological advancement AND development, did so through the utmost destructive means; Aradius Angelous. ALIAS----GOLDEN MAN. The being responsible for the single most destructive, nearly apocalyptic event to befall upon mankind. He resulted in the destruction of more then 87% of the ENTIRETY of every single military force on the planet, The deaths of 1.2 Billion people, and the annihilation of more then 66% of the known civilized world and cities. It was in the rebirth of the governing super-powers, particularly the United States, that the lessons stuck, and nurtured THIS level of technological growth. 4 mile long Heli-Carriers in possession of some of the most cutting edge technology found on not just THIS world, but others as well, capable of staying in flight, indefinitely, infinitely lapping the planet, even capable of sub-orbital occupation if needed as well. It went without saying that-----Ydris had his work cut out for him. Starting with the countering of his current offensive which would arrive in the form of a Spatial Force FIeld. QFD's (Quantum Field Drives), highly advanced Off-World technological constructs that were capable of pulling matter into a restricted area of Time-Space. Resulting in an invisible and nearly impenetrable/Impregnable barrier of encrypted time space acting as an absolute defense to anything trying to get in. Although the weapon possessed an INCREDIBLE amount of force, and would be striking, quite loudly with an equally outstanding amount of weight in tow. Against the reluctance of Quintessentially Encrypted area of time space around the entirety of the Carrier----Those inside, wouldn't even have their individual cups or beverages jostled by the impact and the weight which for the most part went TOTALLY supported and endured by the barrier with no signs of stress or strain. TO make it further effective, it was a barrier that allowed THEM to be selective as to what entered and what didn't. "Gonna have to knock alot harder then that small fry. Is the Scan finished?" He had been running biometrics and telemetry om Ydris since he made contact. Highly developed sensory equipment had been studying the resonant frequencies associated with his phasing and intangible nature, and had been fast developing counter measures, as he compiled data was being used to calibrate several weapons. An technician quickly responded from her position on the bridge, "30 seconds till ready"...followed by a pause, and a wash of crimson over the fiber optical HUD as the sensory mechanisms were beginning to go crazy."SIR! Sensors are detecting a MASSIVE Spatio-temporal anomoly! Back where we made contact with the device! WE HAVE INCOMING!" ---and now, he COMES. HE often avoid using this abilities. The Avatars while in possession of vast, seemingly limitless amounts of energy from, born of only a FRACTION of the power from the prime figure from which their born. Using that said power in this method was taxing, even to The Dominus Avatar whom had spent moments utilizing said prominence to begin the process of compression Time-Space AROUND his being. Beneath the water, at a depth exceeding 45,000' below sea level, immersed in the darkness of said depths---he was aglow. The forces in play here were significant. Time and Space as they are was being systematically compressed and controlled. Pulsating waves of kinetic energy, were exerted with such a force and intensity that even the waters overhead, surged and thrashed about. As if being stirred by the trident of the god of the ocean, before it erupted in a MASSIVE water blast every bit the shape and size of a mushroom cloud. The BULL...had utilized his power to create the effects of a Urenbeck Catapault (Compression of Space-Time around an object and then utilziing a controlled release of the compression which causes the object to be MOVED or thrown in a given direction, by the total force of Space-Times return to it's normal state). A SUB-Light Speed method of travel when in space----When used in Atmospheric conditions like these, it's no less amazing and awe-inspiring. Unfortunately.....brakes or a manner of slowing down aren't packaged within the deal, and would result in the 12' tall Hulking Armored monolith of a man to appear over top of the ship where he would drop and LAND on it's shield systems directly over head. His cape flailed angrily in the wind, flowing some 100 meters behind him, yet the hood remained over-head, hiding the features beneath it. In his hand was a massive war hammer that brimmed wildly with electrical energy that arc'd profoundly to and fro. He had finally made it, and Ydris would see a very INTENSE pair of eyes through the veil of that hood staring at him intently. Unflinching. Unmoving.
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