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  1. Romulus, the great serpent. A being of such grand proportions his movement beneath the ground has been known to shift entire continents. Strangler of worlds. The Terrestial Serpent. Some say he is creature born of the will of the Absolute Authority. The One Above all, a free radical, the likes of which could serve as an opposition to any being, any man, god or deity and therefore is a power be feared and if not that, verily respected. Without the very artifact they stole, Thoth himself would have NEVER accomplished the WILL to subdue him to his will. Proteus respected the creature, for it's power. For the difficulty. For the challenge. It remained a sizeable chunk of the real-estate that IS his listing of unfinished business and where as he was in some ways triumphant in their last meeting. Against the creature now, with Shanna in tow and kniving gods afoot, he couldn't promise success with failing to keep her safe. So with very little dispute, as the world behind them plunged into chaos and destruction at the terrible serpents Pursuit. Proteus, with Shanna would have taken to the skies under a power more psionic in nature then that of mysticism and therefore he chanced no interruption by the limiters. This equally capable method would allow him to reach forward and bend the necessary forces to his will in the opening of an aperture, and passage BACK into the safety of Taurus---Which they do. Snapping the door way shut behind, forcing a rushed landing via a 3 point stance that would have them turn to face the direction they fleeted, all the while sliding backward on the balls of his feet until stopping. He'd have remained poised. Staring. As if looking for the slightest cue or clue that the same forces he just bent to escape were being bent to grant that creature pursuit.---As if those fail safes wouldn't come into play. Once sure, He'd have stood upward. Exhaling some in frustration before his eye found it's furthest corners and his head turned to look at Shanna. After a brief pause he'd have chuckled at his comrade and fellow adventurer.."Heh....have fun?" He'd have turned while laughing, proceeding to carry them OUT of the Room of Infinite knowledge..
  2. Thoth had been spared certain demise, and his reach had been adverted by a grip, even if not tantamount to his own, still, powerful in it's own right. Sliding to a stop, and yanking that same arm back he'd seek to rid himself of the grip and stare down the protector goddess eye to eye, and while one would hope the Cloak would do Shanna harm it would be quite the contrary, simply applying her the needed cover as to allow her to move where and how she wanted without risk of outside influence and if that be down the halls to an escape, so it shall, Proteus would have at least began a course of action in his mind that involved the most brutal and violent of methods to the goddess before him a very familiar sound filled his ears and presence crowded his other senses. He could feel the vibrations, the spiritual pressure associated with such a creature, doing just that, pressing, and for the first time since arriving here----he actually looked concerned. Can Proteus match and Kill Romulus? Without question. However the effort needed far exceeds the pre-set mandates of this trip prior to arriving. He was not HERE, for Romulus, and with these other Gods in play, and Shanna's safety a top concern it simply was NOT the time or place for such a show down of magnitude to take place. A Tactical retreat was in order, and Proteus had to swallow his pride and give way to reason. They had obtained what he came for, and he had managed to make quite the impression....Gods had been broken this day. By his hand, a healthy FEAR of Proteus Rauz was instilled this day, and where it wasn't RESPECT was. To the protector goddess before him, "This is NOT finished...I WILL return and soon..." Obscuring his current position and routes to follow, Proteus would have been fast bringing up the Rear behind Shanna, calling out to her, "Time to go!" his goal being to clear this immediate domain before manipulating the forces required to bridge a gap between here, and where they needed to go, first---they had to leave this place. And Pray Romulus wasn't overly zealous about serving his masters will.
  3. Clarity had been returned, the capacity for tactical assessment and action had been awarded back to him where as it had just so recently began to fade. He watched Thoth more then he actually paid attention, then his focus looked to Shanna's own actions and it took everything in him not to smirk------Because the moment she reached in that bag he knew no good was gonna come of it for the braggart. The moment she unscrewed it and went into the motion of throwing the vial backwards at his face, Proteus' lower body had coiled. Those insane leg muscles in his possession stock-piling incredible power, all the while the sentient cape at his control had manifested again, rapidly releasing the infinitely expanse of it;s mass---Proteus rocketed forward. Much like how he had before during their run in with the serpent but this time with at least double the fervor, the halls of this place rattling with nervousness under the sheer vacuum created by something this massive moving this quickly through the still air present here, While he screamed in agony at the liquid searing his face and eyes, he'd be denied the visual cue of Proteus' massive right hand, out stretched wide and rotating as to align himself for a successful attempt at slamming and vicing his hand AROUND Thoth's neck and rendering upon it a force even more frightening then the one placed on Anubis just moments ago. Meanwhile to impeded the protector goddess at his rear, the mass of cape would act as a barrier---of sorts, one that she'd more then likely attempt to go through or even go over, where as in any case it would adapt. This cape was actually more creature then cloth. Subjected to the will of it's owner, it's powers, his to use, including it's uncanny ability to spontaneously change it's molecular composition at will. Where she'd make contact, it would attempt to constrict and confine. It's density fast becoming something akin to Titanium, while remaining as malleable as cloth, even going so far as to change colors and appearance, it's texture EXACT to metal. It would attempt to rob her of forward motion, aim to remove leverage from her, track her, move with her, impede her for as long as it's master needed the obstruction. The cloth would also heed the command to envelope Shanna as well, obscuring her from plain sight and if needed would award her protection where and when needed, without isolating to much----it wouldn't encroach on air tight as it would with Ma'T. If he was at all Successful, Proteus would have successfully placed VICE around Thoth's neck, which due to the size of Proteus' massive mitts could once again force vertebrae apart and strain on his spinal cord---making moving difficult, and the entire thing downright excrutiating, He'd stand on the platform of irony, taking Thoth's words and spinning them onto him while he continued to throttle him closer and closer to death, Squeezing and squeezing Proteus would increase the vice until he heard the Audible POP of thick dense godly bone breaking and an equally sturdy spinal cord SNAPPING, but not before insisting he hear "And here you thought that a GOD would be safe in his realm in the presence of a Celestial. I warned you....even back as a child, I warned you...and now..." That POP......anytime now,....
  4. Were they paying attention? These god are arrogant and conceited creatures. Self absorbed. So wound up and aware of their own believed supremacy, often are they prone to overlook vital details. How long has it been since any of them have seen serious battle? Been in actual harm? Their lives TRULY been at risk of forfeit? Was it the last time he was here? Apparently they had taken SOMETHING from that event, The device at play currently restricting the usage of mysticism was a testament to that but----was that all? Nehemetawy, perhaps second to only Anubis seemed be one maintained a honed state of readiness for combat. Her killing instinct was palpable, however it also furthered a point that was being made that NONE Of these "Gods" seemed to be paying attention to the mental state of their opponent, albeit verily aware of the physical obstacle he represented. They failed to see how much FASTER his reactions were coming. His movements, more bestial, calculated yes, but REACTIVE, having no true offensive unless he was accosted first, in which every detail of their actions were scrutinized by all of his senses. Everything from where their eyes were looking, even to the way their denser, heavier muscles, sounded in motion, including their heart rates and the scents they were giving off. It TOLD ON THEM. Robbed them of their obscurity and allowed him to weigh whether there was advantage to respect their actions with defense, or suffer it for a potential opening to make them suffer for. His punch missed soundly, his right foot slamming forward to stop his forward momentum from driving his fist unnecessarily in the ground and thankfully giving him means of snapping his head back some as the toothy Maw of the soul guider began to open, in a SNAP reaction the right fist that missed and would be inches BEHIND Anubis head would come up QUICK to VICE the dog headed one around his neck from behind---Almost cartoonishly as such a LARGE HAND attempting to strangle a narrow neck would automatically FORCE some spacing of Vertebrae and the stretching and constriction of his esophagus,-----Keeping in mind that he STILL had a grip on the Gods hand and pole arm, if he were at all successful! Oh he'd have gotten some of that putrid mist in the event of such, but not nearly as much as intended, making the amount that Proteus actually inhaled----manageable. With what he'd hope to be a throat and spine crushing grip for even this sturdy of a god, that keen bead he had on Nehemetawy had been taken from him. This mist, a poison of sort, attempting to work it's way through his resilient body and immune system with little to no success but definitely prospering on his mental facilities and dulling his senses well enough. The act is infuriating! Like some pissed Tyrannosaur he bellows a Roar and believe it or not---What restraint he was demonstrating, if you could believe he was. Slips. Proteus was getting a feel for how HARD these Gods needed to be hit, to hurt. Every punch, every movement every attack, was a study, a measurement if you will. In one moment of over-reaction. Proteus would have PULLED them BOTH (Anubis' arm and neck) in opposite directions with enough force to SNAP mythril chain as if it were wet tissue, in a MADDENED attempt to literally YANK Anubis' arm clean out of his socket and sever his spinal cord! It would spell DEATH to a mortal, yes, to a GOD? A physical dispatching that he could heal from if left to his own devices---surely the conclusion of his usefulness in this fight. All this would precede the the INCREDIBLE, hammer blow suffered to his head which was enough to free the would be incapacitated god from his grip totally and force him to stumble forward and rotate around, swatting at where his new attacker WOULD be found, if anything to discourage her staying there. At this exchanges conclusion, Proteus would find himself knocked free of his berserker State, still toiling with the sensory and mental inhibition being caused by the Mist, ontop of being walloped over the head with such force and at last----Shanna's voice. FOR ONCE! Bull stopped attacking and stared at Shanna, and to Thoth, recovering his composure with each fleeting second. Slowly he'd rise BACK to his full height, and coldly make a case for her immediate release. "You harm her. In any way. A mark on her skin, a hair on her head. An insult to her character even. You have my word that Ra himself will not be able to keep me off of you Thoth. I will LITERALLY crush your skull in between those damn doors that lead into your realms after life. i Will tear this Patheon apart. You'll parade her life before me to shield you from harm??? You're a FUCKING Coward, release her, take HONOR in the ass kicking you and this bitch are about to receive!....She hits harder then you by the way..." Proteus would spit toward, if NOT ON the assumed body of Anubis and await Thoth's next move. CLEARLY Proteus didn't come here to ask for what Shanna has in his possession and wouldn't be the one to initiate the Par-lay that SHOULD be had if these Gods sought to get out of this alive...
  5. Perhaps desperation is breeding the lapse in thought and judgement on Osiris' part. To think where as those impressive scimitars in his possession failed, creating more of a light show then an actual scratch against Proteus' resilient hide, these Talons would succeed would have been baffling to him----if he cared. For all intents and purposes unless the said talons were in possession of some high level mysticism (Currently being negated) or were capable of disrupting molecular bonds on an atomic level (Which could be the case and just wasn't mentioned). The behemoth as he stands had little to worry of said talons---Especially since Proteus wore gauntlets that encased the very spots Osiris was targeting. Impressive ones, crafted Terrestial materials of substantial resilience as well. Be it as it may, if the circumstances are aligning as they are, there was nothing, absolutely NOTHING that was going to get Proteus to relent his terrible vice on Osiris' head. Nor would he relinquish the desire and action of repeatedly pounding the Gods head into the ground beneath them, resilient as he may be, will envoke Proteus to simply exert more effort which will ultimately yield a more powerful attempt. His senses Still supercharged as they are, the movements of the other two did not go unnoticed, even if the same state that was attributing to his heightened sense of things it was also drastically inhibiting his rationality. It heralded a more "Brutish" manner to his offensive and defensive choices. It also managed him into a pattern, that they were either ignoring or they hadn't seen yet. Proteus was systematically allowing them to come into for attacks, committing to them to the point of no return and reacting at the last possible moment and making them pay for it.----Another withdrawl from their accounts was sought now. Fresh off a downward drive of Osiris' head into the ground again, Proteus' would remain crouched and bring his body up to interject the incoming polearm, as one would a shield, hopefully creating a scenario where Osiris is skewered right through his heart by the incoming weapon of his brethren. The Pole arm to his left finds home, With Protreus visually facing the direction of the skewering he felt the tip of the spear at his side and as a reflex (Bolstered currently), would turn his torso a scant few degrees while his eyes swivel to set eyes on the Blasphemer responsible. This would cause the tip to graze, again, sparking wildly off of the highly resistant hide in his possession! There was an audible WAP! The sound of Proteus' left hand coming up to vice the pole arm not by the staff but by the hand of it's wielder. The gargantuan left mitt intent on on keeping Weapon and Wielder where they are while proteus steps toward his left-sided aggressor, coiling his fingers on his right hand into a Fist of bludgeoning device of the highest order intent on delivery an overhand right from HELL!! Enough force in this blow alone to shatter the entirety of a mountain, centered to the side of the gods face while pulling him INTO the punch with his left! Worse still he;'d set to follow the punch through and drive the Gods head into the ground below, deep, sleeping him where he stood if he was at all successful!! All the while one would hope Shanna would notice that Proteus, enraged and cutting loose as he is, left her call unheeded! She' would have to play it smart and come closer! Draw her aggressor into the Kill Box that is this Titans immediate vicinity and take advantage of the fact that he does not perceive her as a threat, yet does not yield to her call as he would an ally, surely she has something up her sleeve to snap him out of it, lest they all be doomed as he simply WILL, NOT, STOP!
  6. The consequences of his Berserker State become apparent here, He isn't of sound mind to impose on the instrument currently imposing on his bodies natural affinity for devouring matter for power. Suddenly the teet from which he dined had been snatched away and in his current state his reaction would come with consequences that unfortunately these 3 gods would be forced to deal with----ill equipped. Even their Patriarchal God Ra lacked the PURELY physical fortitude to even contend, let alone Stale-Mate this Beast as an adolescent. With a seemingly cap-less base, and currently engorged from his time operating prior to their counter it was needless to say that if these 3 were here, unable to harness the very thing that DEFINED them as gods----Then they were no more effective against him then Mortal Men would be! Lambs to slaughter! Chum to a baited shark! Even through the chaos of his own attack his elevated perception and senses were able to track Osiris' fleeted movements, behind him, the presence of the attacking god, how the wind whipped around the metal blades he poised to strike Proteus with. His base senses were impressive enough, elevated as they are it was of no surprise for him to pick up on the incoming aggressor. Bull would have spun around to face him with scant moments left before engagement, those glowing jewels for eyes scrutinizing every aspect of his assailant, his body. A reactor at this point still seething with the energy he had indulged in prior. It literally hummed and radiated to a point where the God of the Dead would and should feel a thorough heat as he drew closer and closer for his strike! A strike that landed true, not because he was to fast for Proteus to react to---that was far from the case. Not because he struck at angle or with weapons beyond the scope of evasion or countering---again, far from the case. Not because Proteus was frozen with fear or surprise at the failure of his own attack in doing any reasonable harm. No no no no! In this very moment the Berserker indulged in his instincts and understanding of what had occurred the moment that the devices went active that were designed to COUNTER and DEAD-ZONE this place of any and all usage of Power, mystical or otherwise and impose on his bodies solenoid function.------They were all on even terms. This now became a fist fight. And ALL OF THEM were fucked. He LET Osiris get this close. He LET Osiris commit to his attack to the point where bailing or going another route was impossible, and the moment those blades made contact with Proteus skin, they Shrilled and released a sound that would split the ears of mortal men. They'd carve at the surfaces of his right arm which shot forward and in between the two blades, sparking wildly, akin to metal grinding on metal and bathed both of the men in an aura the color of the thermal display of the meeting of the two surfaces. Not a HALF second, quicker then one would take to BLINK and notice such an epic failure and underestimation of Proteus' physical durability (Especially after being amplified for 3 turns straight). The far larger, Longer armed, Bigger handed, BOHEMOTH would have literally caught-and-catched Osirus' entire SKULL in his a right handed vice that would be strong enough to CRUSH the headpiece he wore and impose the possibility of his skull following suit!! Worse still he'd not relinquish his vice on the Gods skull and instead proceed to begin to rag continuously drive his head into the ground! Moving adjusting his grip as to allow him to maintain it while exposing his skull to the punishment in tow! Over and over! Rapidly! Each horrifying collision after the other resounding as thunder would, causing localized seismic events tantamount to 5 ratings on the measurement scale and Proteus would not stop until the gods head was either crushed, He died or the foundation of this place could no longer bear the impacts! At that point Proteus would impose a violent twist on the felled God's as a Coupe De Gras, and discard the remains at his side...
  7. His hand making contact with the barrier would, and should have given the god, if he was at all perceptive and not to absorbed in his absolute survival, an indication of an increasing problem and his inevitable demise. Perhaps his memory betrayed him. Of the Child Force of Nature that rampaged through their collective. His prominence then, unwavering and unrelenting, that neither slowed or diminished. Instead if seemed to only get more terrifying as it went! As one resisted it simply became MORE! Though the barrier succeeded keeping Thoth out of his grip, the said barrier being matter constructed of energy albeit mysticism or otherwise---was consumed. Perhaps Osiris saw it, and remembered---He is seen there, idling with a hint of concern on his face. As the most powerful and aged of the Egyptian Collective, it was ultimately HE that managed to neutralize their inevitable demise last time Proteus presented them with conflict. seing no victory in direct conflict and finding it in the form of removing the THEN young and inexperienced Celestial from the battle field as a whole. At the time Proteus lacked even fundamental control over the vast range of innate and external abilities at his disposal but presented to be so much of a physical obstacle, resistant and wildly powerful, there was no other viable option for even Osiris other then to resort to the method. All this speaks to the similarity of events transpiring now. That speed advantage that seemed to be working prior, just moments ago, NOW apparently was being neutralized----Thoth moved, and Proteus, kept pace and followed. He intended to be at his back by the time he landed and were Proteus' innate base physicals not being so drastically amplified he would have a strong case for that being entirely plausible. Instead while the God transited through the air, Proteus was of enough mobility and awareness to turn around and have his arms spread wide and a stance centered toward stability. As THOTH landed and sought symmetry with Anubis for an advancement Proteus-----Who at the moment was giving absolutely no quarter and had decided to afford them no restraint. Would have slammed his palms together with significant effort---and this is where things would immediately go awry. One of the reasons Proteus had often be confined as a child is that his body's natural affinity for converting and absorbing ambient matter of all forms to be processed and facilitated by his body. This poses a problem to any would be aggressor as he would quite literally have virtually limitless means of empowering himself and the super-dense musculature of his body enabled a virtually limitless reserve with no for seen saturation point. In ETHEREAL realms such as this one, where the energy here is far more DENSE and ROBUST per volume, a little bit goes MUCH longer a ways!! For the duration of this battle his base physical attributes had been undergoing an augmentation, a Man who can bench tectonic plates, Simply put---Was getting STRONGER as time went! He refused to indulge in his other powers or abilities! He would not LOWER himself to the trickery and mysticism of these scum! By his words he will break these gods with his bare hands as he once almost did as a child, this time as a man! (3) When those massive hands came together, under actual effort and strength applied the result was a shock-wave that from a purely concussive standpoint would have eclipsed the equivalent of a 21 Kiloton Yield! Proteus had officially thrown caution to the wind! He disregarded their sacred halls and their godly decor! He scoffed at the millions of souls in line waiting to be judged and prohibited mercy for toward the stability for the flow of things here in favor of releasing upon all here the non radiation, non thermal equivalent of a nuclear bomb the likes of which an advancing Anubis and Thoth at such close range would find difficulty in simply resisting! Perhaps he would even bring pause to Osiris' advance! What is known that in the wake of such an event The Celestial Son would be standing at it's center, charged ensconced with wild primordial energies alight an d around his being! His very breath causing a flow of dense miasma to flow from the sides of his mouth and nostrils! His vert HEART BEAT to bring about a shudder to these lands! And and like some Berserker He'd Stare them all down! Before yelling his intent clear "IM GOING TO DESTROY YOU ALL!!!!!"
  8. Under normal circumstances the two actions in symmetry would have proposed challenging circumstance to the wrath-filled Celestial. Unfortunately for 1 or both of these Gods, these were not normal circumstances. Anubis couldn't be blamed for the tactic, for all intents and purposes the cloak that Proteus wore was insurmountably over sized in not just length, but width and volume, even for a figure of his dimensions. Without a doubt it could present itself as a liability in battle-----again under normal circumstances. Unfortunately, Anubis was wildly uninitiated and uneducated as to the drastic changes that have occurred within and around and of this man since his last visit here. Proteus by his very nature wasn't JUST a mutant and an evolved specimen of an Ancient Race, every aspect of him catered to his role as a Walking, Talking Engine of Destruction. A Force of Nature in immortal flesh. Even his attire, this cape, being grabbed was in fact a sentient garment, WILDLY diverse in it's capabilities and abilities. Akin to those worn by revered hell spawn, the entirety of it moved, churned and reacted to stimulus much like a living thing would, and to being grabbed? Even if Proteus wasn't willing the command, the results may have been all the same. It's response came at hyper-fast pace, first attempting to wrap and bind the hand that grabbed it, while more of it's mass rushed into wrap and bind the entirety of the arm of that same hand with what can only be described as a superhuman level vice and twist, while generating push and pull forces at different locations along the arm being constricted, in combination of the capes matter-state changing to the point where it's appearance and composition was more akin to metal. Polymorphic as it was, this shape-shifting attribute would cause the creation of massive spikes, which would seek to drive and stake into the Gods hand right on up to his shoulder---both actions if successful to result in a PAINFUL dislocation of the said arm, in combination with The Iron Maiden-esque consequence being rendered. NONE of which required or resulted in a change of his forward momentum. Like a Mad JUGGERNAUT Proteus would have met with the timed Strike of Thoth with his left forearm, allowing the polearm to strike the side of his gauntlet (left) soundly, yet in a glancing blow as the entirety of The Celestial came barreling upward, right hand outstretching over and past the Staff seeking to vice Thoth around his neck with enough force to literally crush a steel girder several times over, pull him close enough to stare the god eye to eye while coming to a stop and declaring "An animal you've NEVER been enough to put down bird brain...". Success would have him finalizing the effort by heaving Thoth upward and choke slamming him into the steps with ground breaking force, to the point where he'd be pinned and strangled with one hand (his right), in an attempt to throttle Thoth into early unconsciousness.
  9. The tension was downright palpable. Between the beings in these halls was nothing but a distasteful history abundant in violence and conflict. A Beef never settled. Discontent never adequately diffused. As a Pre-Teen he stormed these same halls, and set loose upon these "Gods" a fury like nothing they have ever witnessed or experienced. Ego's were checked. Gods were treated as if they were rag dolls and play things against the insurmountable and downright incalculable Rage of a Man-Child, misdirected and manipulated. He was fuel set alight back then. He was tortured, played with, manipulated and tormented and when presented with a chance to lash out at the director of the symphony of maliciousness he endured his response wasn't just warranted and understood---it was excessive and brutal to watch. He was relentless. He was unyielding, he was merciless he was---Unstoppable. Before them now stood not that child, but a MAN, an Adult of his race, albeit not at the absolute peak, but matured. Realized. Very much in tune with his potential and prominence. VERILY, leagues upon leagues more powerful then he was then, but more important then that FAR more focused, far more tempered! He meets their HEAVY Aura with one of his own and despite their numbers, he matches it!! The sheer ACT of these intangible forces colliding creatures unfathomable micro burst that sweep these halls! A Rabid wind biting at the witnesses here, mortals that are to be judged will not lay eyes on what will be heralded as one of the greatest conflicts of all time. Proteus was GLADLY succumbing ever so to old habits! That innate savagery that lies deep within him. The Engine of destruction, his nature, sounding out true as he IS and HAS ALWAYS BEEN by design the WILL of his race. A race said to be the architects of The Multiverse. Judges, jury and executioners of those deemed INSUFFICIENT of the grand blue print. SO to the instructions vocalized by the focal of his rage. To Thoth, who may try as he may to match the venomous STARE coming from the Titan Celestial in audience, he simply could NOT persuade Proteus. Or induce fear. It didn't work THEN----IT SIMPLY WILL NOT WORK NOW. He doesn't respond, not vocally, not to being told to leave peacefully. He simply exerts. PRESSURE----a shit, ton of pressure. (1) His Solenoid function goes into overdrive and begins to engorge itself on the abundance of Quasi-Mystical Matter present here. The Mysticism, the very fabrics of these divine planes, the souls present around him, his body begins to dine, no...devour it all and through a process understood only by him but obviously alarmingly effective, this absorbed ambient matter becomes OF HIM and only serves to amplify what is there at base. His body develops a prevalent glow as every molecule of his being becomes engorged with anima. Primordial Prominence---He is ensconced in it. It permeates every cell of his being. He brandishes it to these GODS in full display and lets them know that despite their numbers he is their EQUAL----no, their superior even! Indulging in the augmentation under way he cannot help but to catch the dialogue between them in regard to who can only be Shanna, and the kill order------simply does not sit well. Proteus' eyes go wide. His pupils fade behind the whiteness of raw energy filling them over and the one step he takes forward causes a localized seismic event on par with a 8.8 magnitude Earth quake! Power in electromagnetic form surges and flickers over the surfaces of his body, and through the fissures being created in the ground, expanding onward and outward to the point where the very scales of judgement shake and quiver! His fingers coil into fist, his body tenses to the point where every muscle constricts and augments the already hyper-dense musculature he possessed! His mind loses it's grip on reason and at the sheer thought that these peons would THINK of laying a finger on Shanna simply moves him a step closer into madness (2), rationality diminishing, base, killer instinct taking a primary role and his aspirations that much more lethal. His solenoid function becomes hungrier and the spatial fabrics of this plane shudder under the weight of his will, another booming step taken forward, and another, and another---Until he was in sprint. Countless Souls walking the path of The Hall of Truths, are barreled over and through as the Monolith of a man tanks forward, his infinitely long cloak trailing behind him. His movements would reach triple digit speeds! He was coming! If they were SMART they'd BEST no let him close the 500m gap between them!!!
  10. Thoth's sanctuary was as brilliant as one could expect. Marble with gold inlay for as far as the eyes could see, golden torches, structures and literal golden furniture. To be frank it annoyed Proteus. The fact that Thoth wasn't HERE, also thoroughly annoyed him because it could only mean one thing. "He isn't here, means he in The Hall of Truth, and with the other gods.." Proteus closed his eyes a moment and allowed his senses to expand. He needed knowledge, an understanding that could only be captured by zeroing in on a specific direction and place he was feeling the presence from and upon confirming it, he exhaled, and gold oculars went to their corners and looked downward at Shanna. "Down that main hall a full 150 yards, Twin Golden doors which opens you up to another hall for another 100 yards. Single metal door will put you into his personal collection. You're looking for a Chrome Metal Sphere that will definitely have an aura about it, it's called the Vessel of Infinite Knowledge. Im giving you these directions because that collection is large and you're gonna need time to look through it, and im more then sure once you enter it, they gonna know you're here. You get that artifact and anything else you may see and want, all that you can carry and get BACK through that gate. i won't be to far behind you..." Proteus had a look about him, A Look Shanna was all to familiar with, the one thing about Proteus that she'd notice even now despite the time apart. He was about to go start some shit. It may have even dawned on her that Proteus came here specifically looking for a fight, but in truth it was a necessary tactic. There HAD to be something that distracted these gods from the fact that a VERY powerful artifact was being taken and removed. SOMETHING that they valued more then these artifacts would be the only thing to keep their attention, and Proteus could only think of one thing these gods cared for more then anything else.----Their own lives and self preservation. Proteus would have turned, flailing the outstanding mass of cloak behind him, trailing like a sentient mass of ethereal fabric while he walked away. He outstretched a hand before him and his own prominence deconstructed the planar fabrics before him, creating an aperture that would lead him directly to The Halls of Truth. NOW----They would know he is here, and coming. He'd have stepped into the beginning of the walk way, The Halls of Truth. A line of souls to be judged----To see if their heart be as heavy or less then that of a feather. Their numbers are infinite, this place---vast. Ethereal guards lining the perimeter of the convoys here and Proteus' presence was not just a disturbance it was downright off-putting to any and everything here. A Celestial, of his magnitude, here in THEE halls of two truth was a calamity bound to happen and given Proteus' own past and track record here did not expect a warm welcome for he wasn't giving a warm hello. Proteus stood there, eyes wild with Terrestial Dynamism, Primordial energies leaking from his eyes which were like reactors. His chest began to heave upward as his lungs filled with air and in a voice that would SHAKE AND RATTLE this place to it;s very core, a voice that caused cracks and fissures to move up the walls and statues here. A voice that shook the very scales that judged the mortals present here this day, one name was called for. "THOTH!!!!!!!!!!!"
  11. "The great serpent. That river snake we just ran into? Times a million. Some say Romulus is of the same race as The Midgar Serpent Jormungandr and at the time I fought him, at least 3x his size. If you wish to put that into perspective Jormungandr is said to be long enough to wrap around an entire planet, an embellishment in my opinion but not to far off from fact, considering Romulus back when I fought him was very much so bigger then Jormungandr, i'd wager now after all these years Romulus is probably definitely pushing a size of legend. Romulus is the pet of Thoth, but managed by Terrus an Old god banished to this realm by Thoth for his exceptional greed. He stole from Thoth and Ra and as his punishment, here he forever remains. I've been suppressing my presence mostly for that reason, i've beaten Romulus once, even now, far far more powerful then I was then----It's not a conflict i'd aspire for again. He can cause Tsunami's merely by swimming, and sink entire continents by tunneling through or around the tectonic plates. It's said he can kill entire planets by eating the contents of their cores, stopping the forces responsible their magnetic fields and gravitational arrangements with the sun causing them to be tossed into the oblivion of space, to wither and die along with whatever is on it.....well, that i can attest to. I've seen and experienced that at least.." Experienced at the ripe age of 10 years old and without a shout of a doubt a fight he had wished he'd have never picked. The two of them would walk down the shore line while Proteus listened to Shanna's take on the plan which was somewhat the case. "More so like we show up...I raise a scene and start beating a god half to death while you search and take the artifact we seek. Once you're in there NO MAGIC, grab it, I'll grab you and then we're taking our leave and hope the entire patheon doesn't decide to pursue us." From where they stood they could see the outpost that belonged to Terrus, and in his mind Proteus was already steeling himself for what was to come, and knew that if Terrus even caught GLIMPSE of him and put it together that Proteus (Being far larger and older then he was when Terrus last saw him) was in fact approaching, he would summon Romulus and then they'd be deep in shit. "Let's step it up a bit..." and from there his efforts had stepped up.
  12. Sufficient space between they and the serpent had been gained, his feet, back on the pathway and water back up to his chest where it belonged---not floating in the air. He was frustrated however, staring back in the direction they came, clearly feeling some way about having to opt out of killing that blasted serpent for the safer option of retreating. He could be heard swearing to himself staring in the direction from where the splash came. "I should jump back over there and skin that slithery shit alive..." Turning back around, many more times frustrated and urked then she may have seen him in a while, albeit far far more contained then he has ever been about it, Proteus would continue on, looking down at her during her inquiry but gesturing for her to follow, even clearing space on his shoulder for her by moving aside the vast amount of hair that rested there. He'd have responded directly to the statement about avoiding detection. "Wasn't your fault at all. It's not your presence that needs to be suppressed, it's mine. Considering how big a presence that is, even the smallest use of any of my abilities could tip Thoth off, or his little guardian. We don't have far to go, if we can make headway without that happening we keep the element of surprise. Plus we don't want them tipping off Romulus. Our last fight resulted in this cave we're in...i'd reckon he's gotten a little bigger since then....didn't know he fled this deep afterward either.." While he may not have intended on it, he may have given Shanna a perspective or a scale of exactly how BIG and BAD things can get here. Proteus knew it all to well. At first this was a place he stumbled upon being an overly inquisitive child, and in later years it was used by his father and mother as means of training and at times punishing him. The Creatures, beings and Gods he's come into contact with here, in many ways shaped his outlook, ideals and definitely hardened him for future times to come. To think he hadn't even reached his teenage years and was consistently tempered by these trials. "I'll pick up the pace, once we're out of the tunnel it opens into the Ocean, the Gateway is right along the shore.."
  13. While having a total understanding that the lightning element posed him no threat at all, he overlooked the possibility of cooking his friend alive with such an act. It was noted, and he'd continue to press, and press, and press his foot down onto the creatures skull as to hold it where it was ---if it's skull didn't split and be crushed before she conjured up the second choice of action. The warmly colored mist obscured his sight for the moment--and naturally he'd wave at it, attempting to dismiss it from his line of sight and presence only to be fairly put off by what he saw as a result! When the second head became present Proteus' brows plunged deep and his voice's tone was just as suggestive as the words that left his mouth in the form of, "You've GOT to be fucking kidding me..." He wasn't SURPRISED, this is Shanna after all. But one has to note that she was powerful enough to effect a Creature like this in any way, an Ethereal based life form typically immune to most mysticism to begin with----and himself, as the feeling of weightlessness took over him as well. "You've SERIOUSLY got to be fucking kidding me..." was in direct response to the fact that if he was NOT actively resisting them, her spells could effect him to. Bull CAN in fact fly, but had been actively suppressing his presence and the fairly outstanding pressure generated by his power as to not alert the powers that be of him being here or his impending arrival. That stated he'd have put off utilizing such gifts at all and going about things the hard way. So there he was, being elevated ceiling ward with an equally baffled River-Serpent lashing and flailing about, and his comrade----responsible for it all, trying to swim in the air back down to the ground. ----And he had to be quick about it or risk looking as ridiculous as they do. Having removed his right foot and in gesture kicked at the creatures head once beneath his heel--he wanted it away from him. Feeling her anchored to the end of his hair which was standing on end, his right hand would come slamming into the ground, deep, where those massive fingers would act as anchors, gripping and holding them into place. Echoing through the caves at this point louder then the water being subjected to zero-gravity and the shocked serpent still lashing and coiling about as it flowed upward----his arms and legs tensed up. "SHANNA TIE YOURSELF INTO MY HAIR, NOW...." The sounds of his unfathomably DENSE musculature sounded like ROCKS grinding and moving against one another as his arms, legs, shoulders and back all storing energy before...waiting for a "Ready" from her, and if and when he got it.---BOOOOOM!!!!!!! The two of them would go rocketing off and forward at what can only be described as not only an insane rate of overall speed but the acceleration from a stand-still to that point would have simply been Jarring. He'd have angled this jump off as to put him on a trajectory where he'd clear the majority of a 1 mile expanse and barely come within 5' of grazing his head on the cave ceiling, at the peak of the blitz before presumably the further he got from the epicenter of the spells procreation would have lessened it's effect and they'd be more likely to descend under their own volition and land equally as aggressively, this time more splashy....but STILL, in this lengthy ass cave, Once again, about chest deep in water. Bull's eyes would scan around once again for more life forms, and it seemed to be devoid of anything on par with the Predatory serpent. "Evading detection is very time consuming..we still have a ways before we're outta here. You ok?"
  14. Part of coming this way was to remain below the radar so to speak. NOTHING here posed a direct threat to Proteus or even remotely held the capacity for lasting injury or death. His companion however? Had to be accounted for, as did the fact that the goal was to transverse this domain without alerting the individuals they were aspiring to meet. Any wild usage of his power, be it physical or otherwise to the point that these lands could become disheveled or some great force could sense them and their efforts would be in vain. So continued to run, and run hard he did. He could feel the creature in it's entirety, even if seeing it wasn't exactly an easy notion with a frightened mage wrapped around his head. Gargantuan mass of hair on his mans head that she could have nestled herself into and tied in and she decides to cling like a Frightened Koala to his damn face! He protested in response, "Aghh--Your fingers in my eye! Slide around and hold on!" His right hand came up in an attempt to Pry her from his head and set her on the back of his neck, IN the thick mass of hair he had---Taking his attention briefly away from the Maw that was beginning to close in around them! -SNAP!!!!!!---- INITIALLY a burst of speed forward had kept them out of the jaws of the creature however, it caused an inevitable mis-step, giving the water he was wedging out of his way through sheer brute strength alone a chance to swarm in and fill in before him. TO continue stepping now would have them hitting a momentum grabbing swath of water and surely doom them to the creature at it's rear. At the snap of the jaw, both of his feet would come down and the two would begin sliding forward under the inertia of his great weight and former speed----as would the creature who'd be snaking along the much shallower walk way to chase them as it was, rather then full on swimming. TIMING this as best he could, he'd hope Shanna was composed enough to take the cue! "SHANNA!!! SHOCK THIS THING!!!" Banking on the creature to continue to come forward, and timing the ordeal to occur before it could re-open it's mouth, his right foot would BRAKE them, while his left foot would come slamming down ontop of the head/Jaws of the serpent with enough force to PIN and HOLD it there! God willing, Shanna could follow through with the necessary actions to temporarily discourage this thing from seeing them as food.
  15. The dynamic between these two, hence why most would not be able to hold a conversation with Shanna let alone be accompanied by her on any type of lengthy trip. In his younger days and the infancy of their relationship their squabbling was consistent and without pause. Threats. promises, declarations of intent, attempts at turning one into random objects and creatures, attempts at throwing the other vast distances. You name it, they've been through it. Having reunited after only years apart, and to him many millennia apart, they haven't skipped a beat save for the maturity to their madness. Proteus had gained an infallible level of patience and understanding which allowed him to decipher which of her statements were actual questions being asked and which were things she was just wondering out loud. By the time they had begun down the cave, darkness had given weigh to the light she produced and Proteus confidently strode forward further into the bowels of this place. "The Egyptians are a people in reigon in the mortal domain and a godly collective located on a place called earth. Thoth is a god that they worship and revere, and among other gods respected and powerful despite not being a skyfather like Ra...." Bull had stopped. His eyes keening as if trying to scrutinize a detail, and it was, but it existed beyond the reach of the light and he'd need to draw closer to confirm. His head also swiveled to the left and the right as if to confirm other details----in his mind, something wasn't adding up at the moment. But he continued to pierce the silence of this place with his voice.. "When I emerged from the maze I was trapped in I was none to pleased and proceeded to thoroughly trounce the God in my frustrations and any others who got in my way in their attempts to subdue me, which inevitably came to be in the form of the Great god Ra banning me from their realm as a whole. There was alot of shame to be had from being battered by a child. I don't reckon we will be there long, because im returning for an artifact in his possession and I stand fully ready to beat shit down his leg again to get it..." his gradual steps allowed him to confirm and he had now brought himself to a full stop. Slowly looking left then once again slowly looking right, and again down the the way, and up. Something had been changed. "This isn't right at all..." It had been quite some time since he had been here, it's more then possible that changes could have been made and those changes could have been natural or engineered. Regardless the method it was apparent that "The water is deeper at our sides, we're standing on some kind of submerged walk way. The walk way is at least 20' wide, beyond that the waters are over 200' deep. [Head looks forward] The cave runs longer then a mile, more like 5, and the ceiling cave ceiling is 60' higher then I remember it. Either we are going the wrong way or someone changed this place up because it's a known path toward the gate that leads to Thoth. Changed it up for what though..." A second look down and had Shanna been paying any attention to his mannerisms she'd have seen him see some shit. "Aw hell......that's new. Ok new plan...you're gonna not ask me why, and just hold on very tight.." For reasons unexplained, The 15' tall Celestial would have begun a joggers pace allowing her to situate herself and get secured before he started to power through the shoulder level deeps of water and start building up some serious speed, churning, digging, trucking, and powering forward until despite the many present tons of water here the Celestial was powering through it and on-upward to a running speed of well over 120mph. ------This place had a Water Dragon, and a fairly big one and it just took NOTICE of him walking the pathway.
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