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  1. Dancing Through Deserts

    Unexpectedly, Ty felt a soft pressure against his shoulder. His eyes peaked over as he heard the sound of a utensil hitting wood which he determined to be the plate. As quick as a luminescent ray of light that cast down on them from the heaven's above, the young adolescent was already slipping through the first stage of the sleep cycle. Carefully, Ty lowered his plate of unfinished food and placed it on the bench next to where he sat. Smoothly, his body shifted in a manner that resembled a sort of dance though with a slumbering partner. The lady's head barely moved during the action as he held her head up with his hand. His free hand slipped under her thighs, just behind her knees, as his own bent down to pull her close to his body. He could feel her heated body temperature from having worked out all day. It was a simple, subtle movement, but continuous repetition would still result in burning muscles over time. The food she consumed should hopefully be enough to replenish her strength along with a good night's rest. In another carefully thought out movement, Ty lifted her up from the bench and cradled her within his arms as her head lain just above his chest. Down the stairs they went to enter the cabin. The room was as they had left it previously with the exception of a few things out of place that the ol' captain had moved when he slept down here. He laid her down upon the bed gently and covered her with the blanket similar to the previous night. Two nights in a row that he had helped her to sleep, but he didn't think or worry about it becoming a habit. Though the night was long past, Ty couldn't quite fall asleep yet. He finally decided to bathe himself. In the cabin, there was a small bathroom fitted with a sink, toilet and a standing shower, though he was certain there wasn't much fresh water in the system. Ty undressed from his iconic clothing being his black hooded shirt and pants that he had worn since he first met the princess. Underneath his clothing were toned muscles with a few areas ridden with faded scars from various sized blades cutting his flesh mostly from his former career. He stepped into the shower and turned the water on. It seemed to trickle out of the spout from above and ran just a few degrees below room temperature. He didn't let it run long since he wanted to conserve what remained, but it was enough for him to dampen his hair and cleanse out the rest of the bits of sand that were in his hair from days ago and also soak his dried skinned. He didn't use anything to scrub his body, just his battle-hardened hands that helped guide the trickling water over various parts. As he stepped out of the shower, he realized that there wasn't a towel in the small room fit barely enough for two. Without hesitation, he stepped out of bathroom, uncaring if the princess was awake and happened to catch a glimpse of his nude exterior. He made his way to the chest of goods that he brought on board, trailing water as he went, and found a towel and fresh clothing. Lackadaisically, he dried the remains of the water off his body and hung the towel in the bathroom and slipped into the new clothing being an off red long sleeve shirt and a faded pair of black trousers - just something he could grab that was cheap and knew he could fit into. After which he laid back in the hammock. Though he laid in the hammock same as before, his eyes were wide open staring at the ceiling of the small cabin. His thoughts trailed on to the possibilities of what to expect once they reached the kingdom. Would he continue to stay involved with their politics, or would he get what he worked for and disappear without a trace. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see the Princess sleeping on the bed. He had gotten a lot closer to her than anyone else in the last year, though he still secluded his own personal business from their conversations. After moments of pondering, he pushed the thoughts aside to worry about when the time came. His eyelids closed as his mind became relaxed like his body and slowly drifted into a light sleep, letting the subtle rocking of the boat enhance his state of being. ~~~~ By morning, Ty woke up to relieve the captain of his sailing duties, replacing him at the wheel. He didn't sleep long even though it was a smooth sail. His thoughts before bed troubled him even through his dreams - foreseeing the possibilities of what might happen when they land ashore. Though at this point his mind was clear from being behind the wheel of the ship. The winds were kind and they were getting good speed and the trio were fortunate with good weather conditions, but they were likely not even halfway to Terrenus. The skies were clear and the sun was shining brilliantly, but it wasn't enough to warm the topside of the tiny vessel compared to the vast amounts of open water that surrounded them. Not far from their sailing path was a herd of fish that were jumping out the water and gliding above it for short distances. They were travelling parallel to the ship, and it was quite the sight to behold as the sun bounced off their scales to reflect sparkling rubies and diamonds. Shortly after, Cecillia arose from the lower deck. Ty noticed her, but didn't speak. He didn't have much of a chance either way as the sea captain started a conversation with her mentioning her attire and the temperature out at sea. It was true that he did procure clothing for her to change into feeling that it may come in handy should the weather decline. His eyes watched as the young eager warrior-in-training started her day by training right away. Obviously not heeding his words from last night that she shouldn't train on an empty stomach, but again he remained silent and watched to see how she'd perform. He continued on with keeping the boat steady on its course when he realized a splashing sound was coming closer to their ship. Just out of the corner of his eye, he caught the shine and knew that it was the flying fish that were headed their way now. They were small creatures, so they likely wouldn't cause much damage to the ship if they came to contact, if any at all. Majority of the fish either passed over or under the ship while the rest collided with either the side or fell inside the ship and flopped around. It was then that the boat was rammed by something from the starboard side that instantly gave the boat a nice rocking that would've caught anyone standing off guard if they weren't prepared, but not enough to tip it over. Tyveres, feeling a burst of energy, stood up and looked over the side of the boat to see a large sea creature pass just barely under them. He could barely make out that it was a long green-ish looking serpent, but no more than that as it continued onward following after the flying fish. Ty's attention diverted to the fish that were left on the deck flopping around. Like a flash of switchblade, three spear-like arrows from his own shadow pierced them through their heads and into the wooden plank below them. Their movement stopped instantly even as the shadow rescinded to its origin. "Guess we have breakfast." It was believed that the flying fish was one of the more tasty morsels of the sea, especially when cooked right. Ty was not much a sea goer, so he had no idea what the creature was that came into contact with their boat, but it was lucky for them that it decided to continue on. Had it decided to attack them, it could have easily toppled the ship with its massive size and with no sign of land, they would've been in a ocean sized amount of trouble - or would they. His attention turned to the princess. He recalled her ability to tame wild animals. He began to wonder if the same was true for animals of the sea though he didn't bother bringing it up. "Everyone alright?" ~~~ Shortly after everything calmed down and everyone had a bite to eat and the captain turned in for much needed sleep, Ty would counsel Cecilia once again in her training. "You're doing well with your stance. It's looking good." He approached her, the ship being unmanned for the moment, but with the winds being steady, the boat would continue on in the needed direction. "I want you to swing at me from your stance." His face was stern and unwavering, showing that he was serious. He expected her to swing her blade at an unarmed man, though his other blade was at his side should he need it. "Go on. I'm waiting." He stood with his hands clasped together behind his back. His eyes watched her every movement all at once and the moment he saw her begin to swing, he sway his body in a way to avoid the strike. "Again." Once again, he'd move out of the way of her strike. "If you can manage to make me use my blade, you'll be ready for the real training." He knows that he could easily train her on the proper method of swinging the blade, but he needed to be a little hard on her. It couldn't come that easy for her even if she was a princess. He continued allowing her to try to strike him until he could see she was out of breath from following him from around the front of the upper deck. "Take a short break, Cecilia, and then we'll continue." Should she press to continue without a break, he'd insist. He didn't break much of a sweat from the training, but he went back to the wheel of the ship and checked the compass to ensure they were still heading in the right direction. He'd hold the wheel until she was ready to continue.
  2. Dancing Through Deserts

    Again and again the princess continued on training the basic movement of her stance with the borrowed sword. From his trained eye, he could see she was getting it. The more he watched her, the more he could see she was perfecting it little by little. A few times he'd correct her either with his speech, or motion her with his ability. Though he did encourage her as she continued. "Good. Again. Again." There would be pauses in his speech as she took her stance repeatedly. This continued for hours. The small fox even found her way up the stairs to enjoy the company of others. She took a seat by the captain, giving him a few sniffs before turning a nose toward the training pair. Before long the captain urged for Ty to take the helm. He obliged while Cecilia continued on her with her training. It wasn't hard for him to steer given that the course was already set. He just needed to keep it steady. The captain pulled in the fish and the deck almost instantly wreaked of fresh fish but was soon replaced by the smell of a delicately roasted meal. Ty continued to monitor the sea while often watching the young woman at the front of the ship continue. She had been going at it all day with no break and not even sparing for a bite to eat. Kimi looked up to Ty and gave him a soft cry. It was obvious to her as well. The captain returned to replace Ty from the wheel and also with a plate of food. "Yer outta see to her." Ty took the plate and without a word relinquished control of the ship back to its rightful owner so that he could see to the woman. One bite was taken as he walked towards the exhausted young warrior-in-training before he could see her start to collapse from sheer exhaustion. Ty dropped the plate upon the port side bench and rushed to her and caught her with his arms before she could hit the ground, or worst, fall overboard. The sword she held hit the floor of the wooden ship with a metal on wood thud. Her long raven hair spilling over his arms once more as her slender frame lain delicately in his grasp. The look on the man's face could've been stern and scolding, but instead it was one of concern. "Are you alright?" He expected that she was just exhausted and that there was nothing that ailed her as he locked eyes with her. "That's enough training for one day. You can't continue on an empty stomach." Tyveres gingerly helped the young woman over to the bench and extended to her a plate of perfectly roasted fish made by the old captain. After she took it, he picked up his own plate and continued eating. "You did good today. You just might be ready to swing the sword tomorrow." He spoke out in between bites of the seafood. The remaining scraps from his plate he threw overboard behind him and placed the plate down on the bench. It was extremely late and it was a surprise the captain was handling just fine at the helm. It wouldn't be long before the sun cracked the eastern horizon.
  3. Dancing Through Deserts

    His unwavering attention was focused on her as she spoke from her heart. It was clear she cared about his well-being and felt like whatever reward that he was after from her father wouldn't have been worth it. His feelings were not the same. Though he wasn't one to take on a job without seeing it through, this one had deep personal meaning to it. Even though part of him believed that this was nothing but a farce, a ruse, just to get the princess back home he didn't let himself believe that it was an empty promise. He had found signs that led him to that continent to begin with. In truth, he thought he'd have the job done in a matter of days. It's been more than a week. The information that was promise could all but entirely be relevant with the passing of time. Still, even with the slightest chance of it being accurate, he had to take the chance. Ty remained silent as she spoke but rested a gentle hand upon her shoulder to indicate that he was going to stick with her when she hid her face within her raven locks. His silence remained until she got up and requested a favor. "But I do need one more favor from you before then." "What's that?" His eyes never left hers even as she suggestively leaned toward him. It was clear that she drew close for reason and used her charm to try to mask what she wanted, but it never crossed his mind that it was of a sexual nature. He could sense her movements like an infant instinctively reaching for the nipple. He could've stopped her from grabbing his blade, but curiosity got the better of him to see where it would go. She wouldn't attempt to inflict harm upon him after such a heartfelt speech, so he allowed the blade to be removed. "Please, teach me how to fight with a blade!" A soft smile cracked upon his face as his eyes drew down to the empty sheath upon his waist - which could've easily been read that he was disappointed her favor wasn't something else. In truth, the smile was because it was as he predicted. He slapped his hands on his knees and in that moment his shadow from under his feet stretched out and lassoed around the short blade as he peered up to her with a grin. He didn't remove the sword from her hand, only held it steady as she took her...poor attempt at a fighting stance. "Are you sure this is what you want?" The grin slowly faded. "Taking up a sword to defend yourself is one thing, but taking it up with the intention of ending someone's life is completely different. What would you be fighting for?" With the events that unfolded and secrets that were unraveled since they started their journey together, she could've easily wanted to find the strength to defend herself should they run into the caped crusaders again, or she could want to end her own father's life for the terrible secrets she learned. Despite either answer he received, he would release the hold on the blade and start with the basics of holding the sword and her stance. He'd do this by outstretching the same cold shadow manifestation to position and bend her legs in a proper style that was similar to his own, but curtailed to her slender form; raising her arm that held the blade up to a proper angle. When the shadow touched her bare skin, she could feel that it was cold like steel, but unlike dry ice that would cause a burning sensation. Once she was adequately setup, the shadow rescinded back to its original shape below his feet. "This is your stance. I want you to remember this. Remember how it feels. Keep your blade steady, eyes front to your target. Control your breathing as he study what's in front of you. Practice going from a relaxed position to this stance." Depending on how much of a natural she'd be at it, or how adept she was at catching on quickly would determine the length of time needed to strengthen the body to take up the stance in a natural flow. Tyveres stood up from his spot and walked around her, examining every inch of her. A soft hand was placed on her arm and slid down it to her back and brushed through her long raven locks. "We'll also have to do something about this as well." He referred to her long hair, but he didn't mean that she'd have to cut it, though that would've been best. She would need to at least bind it to be less flowing and shorter until she got better adjusted for what's to come. "Practice going in and out of your stance until it feels natural. Only then can you learn to swing the blade." In truth, it would be more difficult for her to grasp it with the rocking of the boat compared to being on static land. He left her to practice only to return with rations and water from the cabin to help keep their stamina up, which he also tossed a set to the captain too. Surely the captain would need a break from sailing soon to rest, but before then he'd want to at least teach the young woman another lesson. He took a seat as he watched her as he ate his share and held the ration of food for her until she was ready to accept it.
  4. Dancing Through Deserts

    The boat rocked very subtly as it glided across the top of the ocean waters, but enough to cause the hammock that Ty slept in to sway side to side. In his mind was a dark emptiness. He wasn't haunted or disturbed by any dreams. Since taking on the task of finding the young woman, he hasn't gotten much sleep. However, this time he would get enough. There wasn't much trouble that the princess could get herself in out in the open sea, so there wasn't much need to be on high alert. His eyes opened slowly as he slowly awoke from his much needed slumber. He could feel his body feel a bit more rejuvenated and a little warm. Pupils peering down, his eyes caught a glimpse of fur and came to realize that his companion had taken a curled position on his stomach as he slept. A stern hand rested upon her soft metallic coat and stroked with the flow of her fur to the base of her twin tails only to pick up the hand and reset it and continue once more. He'd repeat the stroking of the creatures coat until she woke up with a wide yawn. Tiny little fangs baring as her tongue curled in a C-shape toward the inside of her mouth and gave a good stretch of her front legs. This creature had been with him for quite some time and even managed to stay with them through all the chaos. There was still so much he didn't understand about the fox, but she insistently continued to follow him since the day he found her. Ty started to sit up and as he did, his arm slid under the fox's stomach and lifted her up and cradled her under his arm while swinging his legs out of the hammock and over the side. He slid out of the hammock and onto his feet and placed the small five pound animal back on the hammock, giving her a small pat on the head before he turned to look around the room. Things were as he remembered except Cecilia wasn't in the bed. He questioned how long he had been asleep for. One thing was for certain, he was famished. They hadn't had a proper meal since before they reached the previous town. He headed up the stairs to the upper deck of the small wooden vessel and was greeted by the old captain as he was also slapped with a salty breeze and hit with intense sunlight from overhead, causing him to shield his eyes for a moment. The old goat was still awake and seemed to know where he was going, but his main concern was the princess. He found her sitting by the railing of the boat staring out over the horizon. Where they were it was nothing but water and clouds and the intense sun. Even with the breeze, it was a warm day for being at sea. "How are you feeling?" He spoke softly to the lady as he sat next to her. Her mind seemed focused on something that was distressing her. Rather than analyze further he awaited for her response.
  5. Dancing Through Deserts

    The small group exited the tunnels that seemed filled with the pungent smell of fish fresh out of the ocean - though the smell didn't seem to phase the strong-willed old sailor or the man that followed behind him. However, it was a different story for the young princess that followed close behind the man in black. There was a small side conversation between the young woman and the old man. Tyveres didn't much care for it. His focus was to remain vigilant. Though they may have seemed out of the woods from their previous encounter, it wouldn't be long before they discovered that they weren't under the pile of rubble and their pursuit would continue. He was so focused that he didn't even realize that they had made it to the vessel that they would use to travel the open waters. The rickety old boat didn't look like it would even last to leave the port by Ty's untrained eyes. He heard the old scrub describe that it was in need of maintenance, but it seemed like an understatement. He did not feel very confident in the ship, nor that in the captain. He recalled that there was a much larger port to the north of Genesaris which was their intended destination before they're forced detour. Perhaps they could travel there by sea and make way to Terrenus from there on a much safer and faster vessel that didn't look like it would break down at the slightest breeze or wave. Upon the deck of the ship, there was a strong stench of booze. Even more of a reason not to trust the captain at the helm of such a long journey. The cabin was just to his expectation - messy and more alcohol. The old retired dog cleaned off the bed that didn't look to shabby, but hardly fitting for a princess. However, Cecilia being in the state that she was in couldn't have cared less and he watched as she just about knocked out from contact with the cushion of the mattress. Ty's attention then turned to the would-be captain as his speech was directed at him. He didn't bother replying to the old coot even after the hard pat upon his shoulder. Before heading back up to the deck, he looked back at the princess as she seemed to rest calmly. He was content so long as she was comfortable. He still remained silent and uttered no words towards her as he ascended the stairs to the upper deck. Back on deck, the captain barked orders to his makeshift shipmate of the things that needed to get done before they could set sail. Tyveres nodded to the requirements and left the boat with the Princess remaining on board with the captain. A short while after his departure, he returned holding bags in each hand and shortly behind him were two strapping young men that wore clothes that resembled workers of the marketplace. The two of them were carrying a chest with more requested items from the captain. In all, they brought food and water to last a week, fuel for their engine to get them out to open sea, and extra garments for the Princess to change into. All of which were acquired by coin rather than by theft. The two men followed Ty to the deck of their ship and carefully placed the chest of goods on the wooden deck. It appeared they too were weary of the ship's condition. Ty also dropped his bags and paid the two men a fine tip. Currency that he's always had since the beginning of his journey, but not always felt the need to use unless truly necessary. Life as an assassin didn't pay well since failure meant death and success meant you could live, but he had performed odd jobs with the skills he acquired since leaving the organization to pursue his own personal interest. "Help me take this down." His directive was given to the captain. Ty didn't want to take any chances and have other people knowing that Cici was on board their ship. With a grunt, the salty sea dog assisted Ty in lifting the chest and descended down to the lower deck. They secured it against the wall with a leather strap that was nailed to it to act as a safety belt. It would keep it from sliding everywhere once they set sail upon the unforgiving waters. "Th'r. Now, I need y'r help getting this ol' beaut' out to sea." The two went back above deck. The captain cut on the engine which sounded to his expectation - rickety and dying. Ty removed the rope that kept them tied to the dock and the captain turned up the throttle. The boat moved slowly at first as the propeller seemed to be knocking off the rust as it helped push them through. Ty seated himself near the starboard side of the ship, awaiting for further instruction from the old dog. After they were safely out of port and a distance away, the captain yelled out to Ty over the sound of the motor. "Hoist the sails!" With that order, Ty stood from his seat, found his balance on the rocking deck and made his way to the bast of the boat and untied the rope that would allow the cloth sail free to hang and catch the wind. The wind picked it up quickly and the captain cut the engine off of the boat. From that point they were riding by the wind. With the engine off, it was quiet. Nothing but the sound of the rickety boat and the waves crashing against the bow of the boat as it glided through. "Get y'r rest, son. We gots a long trip ahead of us and y'r gonna have to steer this beaut' when I get tired." There was no helping it now. Their lives were in this old man's hands. Ty descended down to the cabin once more and looked to the Princess. She still seemed content but that could've easily been hidden by how exhausted she was. He sat upon the edge of the bed and laid a hand upon her shoulder. She felt a bit cold. The sleep deprived maiden didn't even throw a blanket over herself before sleeping. Ty grabbed the blanket from the floor and cautiously placed it over her body to help her contain her body heat and keep the draft breeze from the stairwell from hitting her. After doing so, he moved away from the bed and found a hammock that was against the wall. He removed his gear down to his shirt and pants and climbed into the hammock. His eyes remained open as he stared at the roof of the cabin. His mind trailed on in reflection of the events that led up to this point. What could he have done differently? Then he thought back to the inn that they destroyed. Though the princess saved the old man's life, he seemed to eager to just walk away from his life in that town. Could there have been some kind of hidden agenda behind more to his aid. Was a payment all he was possibly looking for to fix his inn, or was this truly out of a noble gestures of having been saved? These thoughts would keep him from becoming to careless around the man until he could prove something. For now, he closed his eyes and let himself relax to the swaying of the boat until he too fell asleep.
  6. Tales of Valoria

    The words she returned to his ears were bitter. It was clear she did not like her role in city. She might've been happier running off to a foreign land, maybe similar to the one in which he came from. On her beautiful face was a forced smile as she gracefully took his hand to allow him to help her up to her feet. She turned away form him and in that moment, he felt the words of her heart. She felt she would forever be alone. This saddened his heart so much that he reacted out of impulse for what he did next. The same hand that helped her now reach for her and grabbed her by the wrist. "Wait.." He spoke gently, almost too soft to hear over the sounds of the rushing waters behind him. There was a pause in his speech for a short moment. "A ruler never has to rule alone... So long as they share their hearts with others." He didn't quite know what he was saying, as if his mind was wiped away by the feelings he felt in the moment. He hoped that she would turn around and look at him, so that he may gaze into her eyes enough to see their depth. If she would gaze back into his, she could feel the sincerity in his heart. "If you could trust me, Azayla, I could trust you. We have both experienced a past full of pain. We could help each other tear away from the loneliness and get the escape we need. Seeing you here tonight, being in your state of frustration and heartache, it pains me. I knew not what to expect tonight, but one thing is for certain at this moment. I want to help you, however, I can." This was an attempt at a deep connection as he opened up to her and it was marked by the first time, since they've met, that he called her by her first name. It wasn't meant to be out of respect, but a bridge to connect them. He didn't necessarily mean that he wanted her heart, though it could have most certainly been taken that way, but rather a means to provide the emotional support she would need in the future.
  7. Tales of Valoria

    It took the young man a moment to realize what the woman was up to. The object she had cast now laid dormant under the waters. With only the moon's light as guidance, it would be near impossible to find the shell. It wasn't long before the young woman gave up her search. He could've helped her, but it would be like trying to find a singular grain of sand among the entire ocean floor. In the darkness, his eyes couldn't even follow the trail in which it was thrown, only hearing the soft impact sound it made against the rolling waters. Though now he was informed a little more about her and her past. Perhaps in the future he would find a shell similar and share it with her as a token of good faith, but for now he could see the defeated energy that escaped her as she rested on the sand. Lanzo followed shortly after and heard her words of regret. He couldn't help but scoff in jest. "My Lady, you are the heir to the castle. You would do right to enjoy your freedom while you can. I imagine that it would be most difficult to be so spontaneous when an entire house looks to you for guidance." As he talked, he approached her slowly and crouched down to meet her eye level with his knees hovering over the sand. A gentle hand brushed against her cheek. "Frowning doesn't suit you, My Lady." He cracked a smile hoping for her to mimic his own. "There shall come a time when you would rule over this city, but you don't have to do it alone." He left off his speech at that point. He pondered if she'd guess what his statement meant. "It is getting late. I should see you home before you grow sick from your dampened clothes." At that moment he stood up from his crouched position and extended the same hand that brushed against her cheek to aid her in standing up.
  8. What are you watching? [animated]

    I second this!
  9. Tales of Valoria

    Lanzo continued to watch the young lady tread farther into the dark waters of the ocean. He bent at his knees and lowered his bottom towards his ankles, bottom just hovering over the rushing water. He thought about the situation for a moment. If she continued to go farther, she could be putting her life at risk. There could be a nocturnal sea predator nearby, or the currents could pull her out farther. It would be a bother should she die, so he stood tall and followed her out into the open waters. His actions were logical, but they could be taken as a sign of caring, or romantic. As he followed her movements, he notice her stop when the water was near her waist and speak about the ocean's water. "Tis true. The sea can be a delicate, but dangerous thing if underestimated." He replied back to her as he continued, the water now rushing between his leather thighs. His pale feet scraping the sand below and swirling it about. There was little lighting provided from the moon, so visibility would decline if they chose to trek farther. He was curious as to what was going through her mind. She seemed upset, or angry at something. Putting pieces together between now and what occurred, he believed it to be something to do with her mother and her current situation being with her father. It would also explain her rebellious nature to run away from the mansion without a guard. Still he remained puzzled by her actions and awaited to see what more she would do.
  10. Tales of Valoria

    The princess' attitude changed rapidly after her solemn words towards his aunt. Now, she was spewing words of letting go of the past and moving towards the future to be stronger. Though her words didn't reach the man she directed them to. There was no letting go of the past for him. The whole reason he was here was because of the events of the past, but he couldn't reveal that to her, so he decided to agree with her verbally. "You are indeed right, My Lady." The young woman immediately after started walking into the water. Her face set with determination as if she was going to fight the sea. "My Lady...? What are you doing?" He was baffled by her actions, but his feet trailed behind her, though not getting anywhere near arms length of her. Where he stood, the rush of the water only came up to his ankles. He stood behind waiting to see what she would do.
  11. Dancing Through Deserts

    The shocking words of the young woman claiming to be a princess held little weight even though it was the first time she spoke them. The blow was softened when the assailant from moments ago mentioned it to the group. Ty listened to her explain her full story. The one thing that was missing was her actual name, rather than going by the name they decided for her for the time being. Despite this, he ignored it as he wasn't the type of person to prod into someone's background. She mentioned a rebellion that was occurring in the kingdom. He hadn't heard about the kingdom or anything going on with it. His contact back in Terranus didn't give off the vibe that he wanted her found for illicit reasons - besides she was already taken by those who meant her or the kingdom harm. Before him, the princess began sobbing. Instinctively, Ty attempted to comfort her in her moment of weakness by placing his stern hand upon her, feeling the fabric of the silk dress he procured for her moments before the events took a turn for the worse. He could feel her body's heat through it as would she feel the warmth of his hand as it slid along her back in a circular motion - the motions almost matching the design of the dress. "It's alright..." He didn't know how to refer to her. Would he still call her by her given name, would he have to show her a bit more respect based on her title? These were short thoughts in his mind before they were interrupted by her sudden embrace and claims of not wanting to believe a word of what she's heard. It was clear she loved her father, but maybe it was based on the one truth that the man was just that - her father. Ty could easily see that she could've turned a blind eye towards the truth of how evil the man really was. After a brief hesitation from the woman throwing herself onto him, Ty wrapped his arms around her shoulders, holding her tight to provide what comfort he could. His eyes peered over her and stared at the shelving that was behind her. His mind was blank. He hadn't been in a situation like this and was starting to doubt his actions. Aside from her sobs, the room was silent for a brief moment though that silence was broken when the fat man spoke out to them - claiming that he could help. Finally, some good news. He took a hold of the princess by her shoulders and lifted her away from him slowly to look at her in the eyes, "We will get you to your father so you can learn the truth." In his eyes, he was completely sincere, sympathetic and determined to see things right. These emotions he faced were a breath of fresh air - having not felt them in so long that he couldn't remember them. Though the one thing that came to his mind was an image of his mother and the memory of how sweet she was toward him and others. He wanted to make this right. He wanted to help her face the truth. There was no ulterior motive to this. They had been through so much over the course of a few days and she was the closest he had ever been with someone since being torn from his family. He took her by the hand, her soft delicate hand, and helped her to stand. He could still see the tears in her eyes. With his free hand, he gently wiped a tear that trickled down her cheek with his thumb. A smile formed on his face. Another feature that he seldom showed. His insides felt warm, they felt right just like the time her light had penetrated him out in the sea. Soon, he started to believe that he was doing the right thing. His attention turned towards the sailor. "Lead the way...please." His tone towards the older man was a tad softer than in recent conversation with the man. The tunnel was dark as there was no light source provided through it. The sailor removed a torch from the wall and lit it with a match. It would provide an ample light source as they would traverse the tunnel. Ty continued to hold the princesses hand as they made there way through the tunnel. There were other divergent paths almost like an ant colony, but lucky for them they had an experienced guide. Before long, they could smell the salty sea and hear the early morning caws of sea birds. They'd be on the docks soon.
  12. Tales of Valoria

    The sand art was nearly a picture perfect resemblance of the woman in which she described. He had turned around to face her as she began tell the tale of the night of her mother's murder. With a solemn look upon his face, he listened while remaining silent. He wasn't in the city at the time that she described, and he too was at a young age himself, so he had nothing to do with it. However, his mind trailed as she spoke thinking to what he was told previously. He came to the conclusion that he had heard about the assassination attempt that was executed by a rogue group of people who wanted revenge for the acts against their families. Those men had no ties to the group that Lanzo worked with if they were even around at that time. His focus turned back in as she held out an item in her hand. A shell that she described was her mother's favorite. "It is a beautiful one indeed." He could feel the sorrow emanating from her body. In a normal situation between two people in this situation, the listener would offer some form of body contact to ease the sorrow or pain of the speaker, but Lanzo didn't dare approach the General's daughter in such a regard. It wasn't that he held no regard for other's emotional health, but moreover that she was who she was. He couldn't just make physical contact with her so easily, even with them being in the situation they were in. Instead, he decided to relate to her by sharing a bit of his past. "As I said, my uncle was taken by these waters. He was a great sailor, fisherman and husband. It was a night like tonight: calm, cool and breezy. There was the smell of storm in the air, but nothing in sight. My uncle insisted on continuing to set sail despite the feeble efforts of his wife begging him to stay..." He paused for a moment to take a breath and walk closer to Azalya and stand by her side and view the horizon of the sea. "He sailed off. Within a short time, his boat was gone from site and not long after, a thunderous storm rolled in. My aunt awaited on a beach just like this one. My mother urged her to come back home and wait and pray for his safety, but she was as stubborn as my uncle." His eyes continued to view out over the horizon, believing to see sea life jumping from the water's surface under the moon's light. "She waited through the storm until morning and there was no sign of him. Finally, my father intervened and carried her weak body back home. She fell ill that night with a terrible fever. Our doctors couldn't help her, so they sent her away to find better help. I'm told she pulled through, but she hasn't been the same ever since." It was truly a heartfelt story that he shared with her. Lanzo didn't tear up or show any sign of weakness seemingly having told this story more times to have come to terms with it. "Life is strange, but we always must find a way to persevere." He said with a gentle smile as he looked over to her. They had only been on the beach a short time, but with the sharing of deep stories, it felt a lot longer. He began to wonder how long she would be able to stay away.
  13. Tales of Valoria

    He seemed relaxed at first, but the reminder of his uncle caused his mind to venture to other events from his past. It was a spark in a room full of flammable gas that caused him to open his eyes as the young woman began to speak about her mother. The words were sweet and they reminded him of his mother. He slipped off his leather boots by using his feet to hold the opposite in place and left them in the sand, getting hit gently by the rolling tide. His bare feet spread into the soft, warm sand. He could feel the warmth of the rushing water from the day's heat that mixed with the cooler, lower water. This time of the day was the best time to go for a swim. "My condolences for the loss of your mother." Lanzo's voice was soft and genuine as he approached her from behind, but never reaching to stand by her side. He too knew of the loss of a parent, but she only knew of the loss of his uncle. It was unfortunate that if things worked as he planned out, she may have to experience that loss again if she too isn't caught in the violence, but he didn't give any of this thought away to her. It was too far into the future. "What do you remember about her?" A subtle question that might spark a bit of reminiscent memories and warm her heart, or if she couldn't remember anything, then she might feel colder. He didn't dare ask how she died. He had a hunch that she could have died either because of the government change or from a sickness, but kept it to himself. While he waited to hear her response and while she spoke, he removed his rapier that remained by his side through their short journey. There wasn't any evil intent with it as he had looked at her for the moment, but he turned to face the opposite direction from her toward the sand and stuck the endpoint into the sand in quick circular and rounding motions. At the point that she would stop speaking, she could hear the sounds of the sand being moved violently with the metal. He wasn't much of an artist, but when he was finished, the picture was clear for his intent. He stepped away so that she could see the image of a woman's head that had similar features as her, but older with a baby girl where her long hair encircled the small child that would be her. If she had spoken about her mother, he would have added certain features if possible to more closely resemble her. Though she may have had paintings of her mother, he was sure she never saw one of her drawn in the sand. He drew this upon the dry parts of the sand, so it wouldn't be removed so quickly. Lanzo slid the rapier back into his belt with a gentle smile on his face, hoping that she would approve.
  14. Tales of Valoria

    She joined him outside the gate and no words were shared between them for fear of someone hearing, except that silence was soon broken by the giddy laughter from her examining his attire and found something about him that tickled her fancy. He had rose his finger to his lips and quietly shushed her. She silenced herself and they were off. Avoiding any civilians and guards alike, not wanting to be spotted together this late in the evening. Though as they left, Lanzo couldn't help but look back at the fortress of a home before looking forward to follow the young woman. ★ ☆ ✰ ✯ ✡ ✪ ✶ ✱ ✲ ✴ ✼ ✻ ✵ ❇ ❈ ❊ ❖ ❄ ❆ ❋ ❂ ⁂ They arrived at the cliffs despite many guards patrolling the streets. It did amaze him how well she could maneuver the streets to avoid the guards. He only could believe that she had mapped out their routes and memorized them. Just before they got there, the smell of the salty sea blew with the wind. A smell that was all too familiar with Lanzo. He already started to feel a bit of nostalgia from being this close. Where he was before returning to the city was in the middle of the mainland, so his chance to see or smell the ocean were nonexistent, though he was more worried about other matters than seeing the blue waters again. As he stood behind her, his feather and loose fitting tunic blowing with the wind, he watched as she got closer to the edge and for the moment it seemed like she would jump. He didn't try to stop her. If she had jumped and by chance wanted to jump to her death, he would not hesitate to turn the other way. However, she hadn't jumped. There were cliff-side steps that led down to the beach below. His mind listened to the words she shared about this hidden path. Her exuberance was all too natural to fake. He followed behind her, "This is a rare gem of a find, My Lady." He said while holding onto his hat as the wind picked up and pushed against the cliffs, rising up against them and fluttering the midnight walkers loose clothing as they came down. Once they were down on the beach, there wasn't a soul to be found, barring the few animals that made this area their home or hunting spot. The only thing lighting their way was the moon which on this eve was shining full with intermittent clouds covering it periodically. He walked into the sand with her, keeping his boots on his feet, at least for the moment. He stopped and stared out over the horizon, the moon's luminescence reflected upon the waves of the water. Somewhere out there was his uncle's sunken ship likely along with the poor souls belongings and his own corpse. He didn't offer to share any story about it. For the moment, he was enjoying the peace before him while the water rolled in and washed against his feet. He knew that the peace that the city had was a false pretense of what was to come. Lanzo allowed his eyes to close, clasping his hands behind his back. Surely soon, the eager woman would want to share some conversation. He waited for that moment before he would open his eyes once more.
  15. The Velhatien Desert

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