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  1. What's in your speakers, nukka?

    All That Remains- The Thunder Rolls (Cover)
  2. Breaking Godzilla down to size

    I myself am a huge Godzilla fan, you should willingly give me the title of this documentary. As well, I at one point had every movie in both English and Japanese, as well as a 4 foot Godzilla Vs Mothra statue, sadly they were all sold off by my vindictive b**ch of an ex-wife for a lousy $100. Very appreciative of Legendary's interpretation of the King of Monsters, awaiting the release of/to watch the new Japanese Godzilla, also I'm very anxiously waiting on Legendary's sequel and their Godzilla vs Kong
  3. Wrong Side of Heaven

    His eyes shut for a moment, a tingle on his lips, misjudging that their lips had in fact touched, this had sent the Hunter into a frenzy. Once his eyes shut his mind was flooded by a tsunami of memories, sending his reeling from Liviah, staggering away as if she had stabbed him, clutching his head. His hand caught the railing of the stairs, the onslaught continued, pain surging through his body harsh enough to take him to a knee. As quickly as they came, they stopped, a low feral growl emitting deep in his throat as his head towards the study upstairs. As his head lifted, crimson eyes opened, glowing brightly. He stood, moving back over to Liviah and taking her hand gently before looking into her eyes, his innate vampiric magic slipping to the surface, "Go my child, go and sail. Remember this encounter or not is up to your ancestor and if she chooses to remain dormant. But this night is over for you, go." He was attempting to compel her to leave, trying to remove this meeting from her immediate memory. Releasing her hand and turning back for the stairs he felt her brush by him and leave, almost in a dead sprint. 'Good it worked, Lily knows what's happening.' He thought as he ventured up the stairs, the last encounter between himself and Xioa replaying in his head before everything changed. (Memory) "Leave whelp, Xioa has ordered for your exile." Said her suitor, two other pure bloods providing support, brandishing fangs and swords. Dradiro stood at the entrance of the manor, crimson eyes glowing brightly against the night with anger, "Not before she explains to me why Lily had to die. And not before I repay you for carrying out the deed. You only know how to fight because of me childe. Pure blood or not I am your elder." (End Memory) The rest played out as he grew closer to the study, aside from the memory he was going over how to play this. He didn't want to envoke the curse upon himself and Xioa again, not wanting to repeat things a third time. Letting out a weighted sigh he stood outside the study for a moment. She had to know what was coming, Xioa had to know, or at the very least expected it. Thus why she was pushing so hard to break his will, to place him back under her complete control. Pushing open the door to the study, "I still never got my answer, even while I destroyed your precious boy toy and his lackies in front of you, while he replaced this curse on us." He growled lowly, anger verging on hatred in his eyes starring at Xioa's newest form. "Even when I drove the stake through your chest you never told me why she was killed. Why you had that arrogant disrespectful little brat of a pure blood take Lilan from me." Anger resonating in each word, his hands clinched into tight fists.
  4. What's in your speakers, nukka?

    Spotify: State of Mine-Devil in Disguise album
  5. Wrong Side of Heaven

    He wasn't a monster, this brought a chuckle to him throat, a victim, "I chose this life, this path. Nothing short of godly intervention will save me from this." He gave a heavy sigh, "And my sins outweigh my virtues, in my existence I've committed sins in the oldest and newest ways." Like Lilly she wished to rescue him from this bond, this hold Xioa had. "There is no saving me, no matter how far we ran, Xioa would be on our heels." He glanced at the door, pondering going out to escort her back safely, but let the thought flitter away. "I don't know her exact plans, what I do know is that if things don't go easily the streets of the capital will run red with those who oppose her. I'm merely a pawn in this game of chess, possibly a bishop or knight." He chuckled out. he looked down at Liviah, the urge to place a kiss on her lips almost overwhelmed him, he could feel himself leaning in, his face shifting from happy go lucky to that of passion, seduction. He caught himself just centimeters from her lips and gently recoiled, "My apologies," he whispered, "Maybe you will be able to talk my mistress into holding off on any violence and bloodshed until we're backed into a corner." The volume of his voice came up slightly. Shifting he let his weight rest against the wall, "I personally don't want the Hunter to return as much as you surely don't want to see him." He said his right hand resting on his mask, the black design on it turning red. He hadn't noticed it yet, but could feel Xioa tugging at the telepathic chain, regardless if it was voluntary or not. His humanity was trying to slip, the Hunter was clawing at the wall, relentlessly trying to be set free.
  6. T1 Spar: Dradiro vs TheElementHunter

    His mind was starting to slip, playing with magic comes at a price, for Sikko it was getting burned, Dradiro however. All he was seeing was his next target, his next victim, giving into his madness, his humanity starting to slip away. A surge of positive energy rolled from Dradiro, euphoria washing over himself and possibly Sikko. The urge to end the battle and lick their wounds rising. Dradiro's power ceased, as if it had never risen, "Strike your blow if you must, but I shall name you victor regardless." Dradiro said, bowing low. Coming back up his eyes were calm, dimly glowing icy hues. Dradiro turned, giving the impression he wanted to leave, "Not to mention, wood elves are zeroing in on us now. And that would make for a very unfair fight." He paused glancing back, "Twenty plus on two, even I dare not try that."
  7. Wrong Side of Heaven

    He waited for that rush, the power, the submission, the insanity that came when Xioa was at full strength. When it didn't come, he felt odd, out of place, like the fighter whose trump card didn't come. He stood there a moment more waiting until he felt her panic, felt her need to run. 'Make it quick, though I do have to say this may put an even larger wrench in our plans if you have to keep jumping bodies side.' His mind touching Xioa's. When Liviah spoke to him, spoke of his curse, of the monster he hid behind his what he assumed, gorgeous visage. "My dear, I was born a vampire I was made. There's a switch within me that can be flipped like a light switch that controls my humanity, it's obviously on but when Xioa chooses." With a free hand he imitated the motion of flipping off a light switch. "I am a monster, I kill to feed an insatiable hunger for the liquid of life." His thumb nail tickled over a vein in her wrist. She tugged at his heart strings, no doubt using the fact that he held feelings for the ancestor she resembled. "Let your memory tell you, I don't want to falsely lead you to blind solutions." Leaning down he kissed her fingertips, "Luckily for us, you get the cute cuddly Dradiro for sometime longer." He smile softly, icy hues rolling up to look into hers beneath strands of crimson and raven locks.
  8. T1 Spar: Dradiro vs TheElementHunter

    He came sliding to a halt, standing a few feet infront of Sikko, a low anger filled growl sounding in his throat. "Such a nuisance." He pushed out through the growl, his hatred for pure magic duels showing. Spinning the dual blade katana before sheathing if he shrugged, "Have it your way." He told Sikko, slowly stepping back, making sure to avoid the ring of flame, putting a total of gen yards between the two. Crimson eyes locked on his opponent, his power starting to slowly build, his concentration on pushing himself to his peak of power. The wind began to blow again, howling as it whipped through the trees, forcing the flames to dance on both Sikko and the ring. Earth beneath their feet shaking softly like the aftershocks of an earthquake, the shadows within their ring of combat starting to writhed and distort, as if fighting to maintain control of themselves, refusing to fall under Dradiro's control.
  9. Wrong Side of Heaven

    Dradiro shifted a bit at her blatant refusal, this might things a little more interesting. "Your presence on this land was all I needed. Thanks for that." He nodded. He had noticed Liviah had waited til Xioa had left, probably the better route. Shaking his head however, more at himself, "She can't kill you, you have that card. But your family, your friends, she can. Not saying she will, but she can." He revealed to Liviah, a shiver rolling over him as the tomb was opened. "I've still got some of my humanity lingering, soon it will be completely gone. Don't do anything to foolish please." He told her, as he took in so many memories hitting him at once. The manor forcing this flood of thought as well as Xioa finding her true body. "Time for one hell of a roller coaster ride." He smirked, anticipating the soon to be flood of madness and hunger that was to plague him. Signing heavily, "There is so much more I want to tell you. But, it is best to let you decipher the memories you will gain over the next few days. Tonight will be the worst, you'll be at your most vulnerable. Who knows, you might get to fishing after all." He said with a grin the had sarcasm written all over it.
  10. T1 Spar: Dradiro vs TheElementHunter

    He stopped dead in his tracks as Sikko lept into the air. 'No time.' He thought, but it wasn't his command the shadows followed. Acting on their own to protect their master another wall shot up catching the dagger by its hilt, the blade centimeters from Dradiro's skin. Anger started to fill him, blood rushed to his eyes filling them with a crimson color, a low growl emitting from his throat. His sword swung smacking the dagger away as the wall dropped away, making sure to not hit the blade to Sikko but away. Mages were such an annoyance, always trying to keep their distance. Dradiro stopped his foot hard into the ground, a shockwave of power rolling from the point. "There's no running away for you." Anger very noticeable in his voice. Sikko knew how to use all four natural elements this was true, Dradiro knew darker magicks, his was turning out to be a better test than anticipated. The shockwave forced the flames that were scorching the earth into a circle around them, lining the edge of the clearing, Sikko's dagger laying in the flames. Dradiro was done using magic, done fighting this fight from a distance. The Pool of Darkness sunk away, Dradiro's grip on the sword tightened, his vampiric nature fully taking hold. Another growl came before he gave chase, sword poised to strike, his eyes watching every move Sikko made, waiting for a deterring attack, a defensive maneuver. Something to keep the vampire away, whatever Sikko could do to keep Dradiro and that sword out of range.
  11. T1 Spar: Dradiro vs TheElementHunter

    The wall of Earth made Dradiro rather agitated but then he had a realization. This man obviously had no idea what he was up against, even though Dradiro was a vampire, he was also a killer, a killer for hire, and he was good at his job. There was no bounty for Sikko, this had been purely for pleasure as well as a test of Dradiro's own skill. Dradiro could see Sikko in a variety of ways, from the shadow caused by the wall, the shadows he had summoned still within Sikko's own shadow, and the vision he had gained when he was turned that showed a living beings (Alive not undead) body in the form of it's blood vessels. There was no more time to waste, it was time to end this fight. The Pool of Shadow would greatly assist with that, envoking the pool , his influence of shadows of all types increases.[1] Though the flames that surrounded the combatants gave Sikko an advantage it had also given Dradiro one as well, it had created multiple shadows of Sikko, one against the wall he had made and two on the ground, one behind him, and one to his right, his body blocking the light from the flames. Letting different methods of attack race through his mind for a few seconds he decided the best avenue of approach. His mind reached out to Sikko's shadows, using these sources of darkness, he plunged seven tendrils at his opponent. Three from the shadow on the wall, one aimed at his head, heart, and groin. Two from the others, their purpose to prevent those routes of escape. As the tendrils shot out Dradiro rushed forward using his vampiric speed, drawing his sword and firing the fireball one foot to Sikko's left, hoping to either make a hole in the wall and continue through, to cut off that escape route as well or at the very least give Dradiro a large enough gap to plunge his souba into Sikko as he moved that way.
  12. T1 Spar: Dradiro vs TheElementHunter

    Shifting his weight to his left foot he let out a soft sigh. 'I guess I have to actually pay attention to the blade now.' He thought to himself. His eyes remaining on Sikko, he summoned what shadows were left to pool around him, aside from those hiding in Sikko's own shadow, a dark pool around four feet in diameter lay beneath his feet. "We really should end this quickly, elves aren't very nice to those who burn down their forest, and they aren't to find of vampires either." He said with a bit of joy in voice. His right hand slipped down and behind his hip, hand open as if awaiting for something to appear in it. His form slipped down into the pool only for a few seconds before coming right back up, his attire had changed. The black gi replaced with business casual attire. White button up shirt with a white vest, emerald trim. Black slacks and boots to match, a long white duster with red and blue tassels dancing in the breeze on the tail. Spiked hair had laid down, fall down to his shoulder blades. His hand now hidden beneath the duster, gripping hold of his favorite weapon, his souba. His left hand shot towards a fire to his left, pulling the flames to his palm to form a fireball, a wicked smirk playing across his face, revealing a set of elongated canines. Icy blue eyes becoming surrounded by crimson.
  13. Wrong Side of Heaven

    Dradiro picked up the rear of the group, making sure Liviah didn't get lost or make a wrong turn. Icy hues glowing beneath the mask, a simple white porcelain mask with a character under the right eye. Scanning every direction, his right hand hovering over his sword hilt. As they walked his own memories continued to piece themselves together. 'Are you in such a hurry Roget did of me you'd denounce the magic you hold so dear?' The female voice rang in his head, though he wasn't sure the others heard it. 'Yes....I am. This curse you played such an elegant part in helping place upon me is based on lies and deception you took part in.' He responded to the demon within. 'You loved me once.' She retorted. Dradiro swung his left arm, aiming to hit something but only hit air. 'A lie. Once we get to my true home, you'll be no more than a memory.' His mind fell silent, his eyes beheld the manor before him and a grin formed on his lips. Whispering the words a lowly as he could, he removed the mask, icy blue giving way to black, the black then faded, replaced by crimson. He attempted to summon the shadows to him. No response, 'May love never find you, but instead fall like rain all around you. May your love carry a death sentence.' The same females voice rang in his head. He knew then, he deed was done. Liviah's remark about waiting for an explanation made him smirk. "Your ancestor and I were once lovers. She died due to the jealousy of her," He pointed at Xioa, "Ex, who as far as we know is ash. On the night of her death it was prophesied that her descendant would reunite with the Prince of Darkness and remove his curse. As well the descendant would plung the world into Darkness or Light." He shrugged, "That's the short version, or at least all I know."
  14. Wrong Side of Heaven

    Looking between the two he listened, 'My apologies Mistress. My humanity still lingers.' His words would ring his Xioa's head. "We best get a move on if they already know that we're here and together." His eyes on Xioa, but his words were aimed at the trio. His thumb flipped the ring on his right hand in a combination it seemed before his own mask took place of the ring. He let out a heavy sigh, before raising the mask onto his own face, his powers starting to spark back to life. "Quickly, please. I'm not exactly as good in a fight as I once was." He growled, eyeing the harbor. He didn't come right out and say it, but Dradiro couldn't kill. In the world of the vampire, you don't leave someone standing, you leave them dead. His mind slipping to his madness for a moment as the demon within taunted, or he hoped she hadn't popped up just yet. He glanced around with his mask on, sighing in relief he looked back at Xioa. "Please tell me you've been here for at least a night, I'm fresh off the boat." He said holding up he duffle bag. Looking to Liviah, "Once we explain, all the pieces of the puzzle will fit into place." He said some pain in his voice looking at Xioa.
  15. Wrong Side of Heaven

    Dradiro's ability to sense magics and the energies of others shut down completely. Panic was short but still there, he knew this fog. 'Why Mistress? Why does this follow us, maybe we do let her go. Spare her this curse.' He growled knowing, or hoping Xioa heard him. He did know it wasn't to Liviah. He paused, letting his human vision regulate, he kept Liviah close, "This doesn't seem unnaturally thick to you?" He asked her looking in the direction he remembered her being in, "Maybe it's just I've been away to long." Or was it a warning to Dradiro and Xioa, none of their shenanigans. Dradiro looked, waited for some sign from Xioa.