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  1. Ferris Crux Allies/Nicknames Mad Dog Crux, Machine Girl Species Sentient Android (Originally Human) Apparent Age Somewhere between eighteen and twenty years Age Unknown, Assumed to be over 1000 years Gender Female Sexuality Heterosexual Marital Status Single Alignment Neutral Good Personality Ferris is rather passive and unemotive, one could hold a long winded conversation with the girl and she would show no outward emotion whatsoever. One should not be mistaken however that she can't feel emotion, rather Ferris feels all ranges of emotions but must force herself to showcase any of them. Due to her machine nature her programing prevents her from showing emotion subconsciously given its considered wasted energy, its due to this her expressions are often exaggerated and creepy or down right menacing. But while she has to force herself to express and show emotion she has internal issues with telling if her emotions are genuine or not. Due to how her mind and body works everything is presented as simulated in some form and as a result constantly struggles to understand her own emotions. However there are exceptions, Ferris feels a sense of clarity with more negative emotions and as such has developed a hair trigger for getting angry, and also tends to fly into a depressive state for the smallest of things such as insults or someone stealing her food. It normally depends on the person however. Bio Fragments, bits and pieces are all that's left. There was a time when Ferris was... might have been a real person. But over the years her memory is that of times in servitude as a common droid, a metal slave whose orders ranged from repairing starships to outright combat. Each job she was not long after replaced or abandoned only to fall into a new operators hands, new hands, new code, a new name, at one point they even gave chained her up. For so long this kept happening and she recalled most of it as if she was a prisoner in her own body. But for as long as this kept happening she recalled a face, a downcast man who seemed.... sad? Emotions.... what where those really like? The wires and numbers come to mind but those are fake, things put inside to simulate and calculate how to react to orders or situations. But thinking back she recalled some words, words the reminded her of the face.... Her newest memory's where that of a ship moving away, away from what seemed to be the face pressed to a window as she drifted into the inky black of space. It was quiet, quiet and empty. Until a light started to near, it was blinding, but as it blinded her it left her with a warmth that reminded her of something she had forgotten long ago.... Freedom... free to think, to act, and live. In that moment the numbers strained, she could feel the chains on her mind shudder and shatter, the years of code and safety measures meant to keep her obedient where no more. As she came back to reality she felt the heat of a sun on herself, whatever the light had been it left her mind free to wander on its own, free to never need an operator. But most of all, free to begin again.... Abilities/Powers Fusion Boosters - Jump jets built into her legs and arms give her a advantage on battlefield mobility and escape maneuvers, can be used for hovering and very short bursts of flight. Nano-Active "Blood" - Rather than having normal blood, Ferris instead has a silver white paste that bolsters her further physically but also serves to heal any wounds she may gain in the field. (Replenished by eating food.) Heat Vent - Ferris is constantly building up internal heat due to her reactors, by venting her internal heat suddenly she can cause minor and scalding burns from the heat. System Glitch - When suffering from strong negative emotions, Ferris's Limiters and Safety protocols disengage letting her function without restraint Combat-Stims - A drug outlawed in Ferris's home star system, these stims give a surge of energy and focus to anyone who is injected them. Side effects tend to only show up from repeated use. (Not usable on herself, administered via Palm port Syringe) Equipment Collar & Chain - The collar around Ferris's neck is not only durable, but also she is unable to remove it. The chain itself is less so but she does repair it if damaged. Long range Radio - A device that looks similar to a handheld transceiver, able to be tune into a variety of channels. Sleeveless Duster - Waterproof, reinforced for gunfire, and chemical attacks, Ferris mostly wears this to keep her clothes in better condition than anything really defensive. Weapons M36 Plasma Cutter [Custom] - A compact tool commonly used by space crews to cut metal or scrap in deep space environments. Has been modified by Ferris to fire a single "shot in addition to a cutting beam. Black Iron claw - Ferris's right hand and arm is encased in a hard metal alloy, the clawed tips are known to rend most common metals. Palm Port - A simple port on her clawed arms palm, Houses minior tools related to repair and medical dutys. Canister Grenades - Simple can grenades made by Ferris herself. Skills Code: Develop- Years as a service droid and fragments of memories with machines has left Ferris a very able inventor, machinist, and builder. Known to add unneeded upgrades to things randomly Code: Patchwork - Ferris is able to apply first-aid to keep someone stable or preform on the fly fixes to keep someone running. Code: Nemesis - While Ferris has served many roles as a droid, her most prominent one is with weapons designed for firefights. This includes explosives, heavy weapons, and personal firearms. Code: [REDACTED] - An uncracked code buried deep in her systems, has no apparent uses or detriment of note Weakness/Flaws Non-Buoyant - Ferris has a negative buoyancy and as such must actively keep herself afloat when swimming or risk drowning. electromagnetic interference - Causes headaches, static vision, and intense body pain if they grow strong enough and will eventually knock her out. permanent damage however is difficult due to protected systems but high voltage shocks can stun her electronics. Stunted Emotions - Years of only feeling crushing loneliness and anger has left Ferris having a hard time fighting her coded machine half and relearning positive emotions. Strengths Mechanical Might - Many of upgrades geared towards hard labor has left Ferris with augmented levels of strength. Hazard Operator - Since she more often than not worked in many hazardous places in her old life, Ferris's body is built to withstand Vacuums and extreme temperatures. Closed system Unit - Ferris lacks any form of wireless connections or ports, attempts at hacking her would require a manual touch. Dislikes Being referred to as a thing or Object, extends to racist remarks of her being a machine. Hot weather (Forces her to vent heat more often) Sand, it gets everywhere! Snow, like sand but cold and wet. Wasting a meal Likes Trying new foods/eating in general Scenic views, fashion, and art Did I mention she likes eating? She really likes eating food. Scraping and making things. Acting childish Any fight that lets her get punchy Allies Sage Athos Appearance Physical Ferris is a sheet white skinned looking girl with lightly glowing red crosshair eyes. Most of her limbs are purely mechanical looking but outside her eyes and limbs, passes as a normal human. One thing worth note is her skin is often cool to the touch and far more squishy than a normal humans given she lacks muscle mass. Weight: 367 lbs Height: 5'8 Attire Due to her machine limbs her state of dress are articles of clothing that don't snag easy or can be slipped over them easily. Due to this skirts and button tops are her go to choice for clothes but she does don a jacket most the time and even a beret with a old worn metal pin that points to it having a militaristic origin.
  2. Ramilia had only managed to read through a short passage of the oddly silver gilded book in her hands before looking up with a look of minor surprise of how fast the drink was delivered and the owl with her turning a shocked look to the cup before glaring at the rabbit man. While the two seemed to share shock the Demoness quickly shook off her surprise and letting her book rest on the bar before taking the warm drink with both hands and nodding "Thank you very much for the drink kind Sir, you may call me Ramilia and the cranky bird trying to set you ablaze with his glare is Odin. He is a tad over-paranoid but only as dangerous as a normal barn owl." Bringing the cup to herself the women savored the bitter drink as the self-same ow ruffled at being called 'cranky' and hopping towards her "Oh cranky am I? Forgive me if I don't find it odd a stranger pulling a drink from his bloody hat and not so long after showing yer true form lass. I swear you need to be more aware when dealing with stran-AGK" During the bird's rant Ramilia had taken her book in one hand and tapped the spine to the birds head cutting him off while giving a judging gaze at the owl before sighing. The bird ruffled once again before turning away from the two and waddling down the bar before Ramilia started speaking once more towards the kind bartender "Pray forgive Odin and his paranoia, old habits die hard but he seeks only to ensure my safety not many are used to my true appearance so he fears the worst. Though I will say its refreshing to finally shed such a glamor I'm surprised such a place like this exists that so many different walks of life meet and without an air of tension is a surprise given most inns I have visited yet." The women took another sip of her coffee while looking around and spying Odin now before two other people before looking back to the bartender. As Ramilia turned away the owl Odin grumbled as he made his way down the bar getting odd looks from one or two people nearby before stopping suddenly before two individuals. The grey Owl watched the two before shockingly speaking "So in my years since I entered my long vigil control of magic is so great that mages no longer make the need of arcane library for there teaching, but simple bars is a far step I did not expect. Forgive me, I shouldn't interject without a proper introduction. I am Odin, former wielder of the divine blade justice, and teacher to its current wielder." The small owl gave a form of bow before the two and then casting a wing towards Ramilia and speaking once more "The youthful women there would be my student and from one teacher to another are students always so stubborn to ignoring teachings of there betters?" The owl looked towards the older of the two, as if the man would answer him right there
  3. Clack Clack Clack, The slow sound of wood on stone echoed as two sets of eyes gazed over the building and its name before halting near the door before a Women spoke "What an odd name, but I suppose its an inn no matter the name" As the women finished another voice spoke after scoffing "As if you have room to talk about odd names Ramilia, why you took such a silly name is beyond me but at least I didn't have to name you like some child." The women give the other voice a simple Hmph before moving towards the door and entering. In honesty, she wasn't expecting such a rather a spacious place and luxurious by her standards. Slowly making her way inside the women removed a heavy coat and hooking it to one of the racks before looking over the place. Remilia was shocked by the diversity of the inn with both humans and other races chatting and paying her human form or exotic garb little mind but more to her surprise was the tingle of other demons in the inn. Slowly moving forward towards the bar the women watched and studied those who stood out to her before sitting at the bar casting glances along with the oddest of companions, for atop the women's head was perched an owl who seemed to study and watch with a most judging gaze at any who neared the two but quickly started to give a low screech as the women went to cast a hand to the side, what followed was the look of small shards of glass fluttering away as a demoness now occupied where the human women once sat as the owl seeemed to scan quickly only to find only a few folks tossing glances before returning to there own matters. Hopping to the counter from the women's head a voice of a rather aged man echoed from the small bird of prey "Have you no sense girl?! For all, you knew these folks could be waiting to pounce on a demon like yourself at a moments notice!" The women seemed to ignore the clearly magical bird instead raising a hand and speaking out towards the supposed bartender "One coffee please, Black with no sugar or cream." Having assumed the tender had heard her she pulled free a book from her side before flipping to a marked page and zoning out those around her for the time as the Owl seemed to pace before her in a fit of anger.
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