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  1. For a moment the words seem to process in the girls mind before she glanced down and humorously averted her gaze back up towards the road. It almost looked like the girl was flustered as she held her eyes shut like if she focused hard enough the shame of being hit by the one person riding through this empty wasteland would vanish. After a silence she gave a huff and checked over some of her work, correcting the odd mistake in her work as she sat with the man. By now the heat of the day was starting to dull and the sun was casting longer and longer shadows, while evening was still some time off the day itself was dragging closer and closer to an end. Ferris ceased her inspection as she looked up at the man now known to her, giving a small smile the girl chuckled slightly as she realized something between their names not even bothered by the 'sir' or 'mister' and instead finding the openness refreshing. "Sage? Like the herb? Our names are rather funny.... huh, it's been so long since I found something funny. It feels nice." It wasn't like she was wrong, her first name was literally 'Iron' so it wasn't hard to see what she was poking at but as more time went on the girl seemed to be growing more and more emotive. It could be she was growing more familiar with Sage and was just being more open more than anything or it could simply be her repairs returning her to normal or rather what she would consult as 'normal' for her state of being. Her mind had been working over many questions ever since she had arrived, given the man's state of dress she right away had ruled out him being native so she jumped towards the one question that had bothered her since she woke up here. "Your not from here, how did you arrive or why did you come here." The girl was quiet before looking down and adding to her question with a preemptive answer as if to offer a trade for his own words. "Myself I recall I was on a space walk, one of the crew members had gotten lazy and hacked my neural interface and added orders to finish their task of repairing some external plating. I had just finished repairs when my maglocks where switched off and my radio access was revoked. I was left adrift with my security and loyalty code keeping me from doing anything." Growing rather somber it was clear she wasn't adrift for some short amount, odds where this day was the most she had done in years from how dull those life filled eyes seemed to grow as she recalled back to Sage her tale. "Time sorta blurred after a bit and I figured a planet would catch me sooner or later, instead some bright light started to flood my optics. I figured I had drifted towards a star and my sensors where just broken from time. When I next woke my systems noted a gap from last operation time of around seven hours, from when the light had blinded me to waking up here my security codes no longer exist and generations of robotic laws just..... vanished. I can think for myself like I did ages ago and I remember religions talking of afterlives.... I still don't know if I'm dead or somehow I'm alive and all the chains just vanished, it all feels so surreal after a millennia of service and slavery. I suppose I'm still trying to get a grip of myself rather than seeking answers." Looking towards the man the life once more started to burn in her eyes as she gave a smile once more towards Sage. "Either Way thank you for helping me and staying, honestly being alone again scares me so I hope you can forgive me for my selfish desire to not be left here."
  2. Ferris held in a pointless breath of air as the man stood there and spoke, for a moment she felt he might actually ditch her only to flinch slightly as a hand came to rest on her head. A look of confused surprise washed over her at the action, how long had it been since someone had shown even such a small gesture to her? Blurry memories came to mind of a man in a white coat, his face lost to march of time and her unending existence. A smile crept onto her face, the code reacting to the perceived thoughts of an emotion lost to herself. While on her face the smile was weak and artificial it didn't change the fact the man wasn't going to abandon her. "Th-k you, so many people have always said they would be-be back. They never did-did, the chain-chains always made me un-unable to follow or ask-ask them to stay." The girl relaxed in a way against the rock in an almost human manner as she let her head settle against the stoney resting spot. By now the white "blood" had stopped and pushing the makeshift bag loose and set about connecting loose wires and tubes from her upper half to her lower half once more. Small tools moving from inside her metal hand that zapped and fused the severed parts once more. She did however seem to be working around the large structure, possibly due to lack of parts to properly repair her spine fully. "I have doubts about someone passing by due to the sheer amount of undisturbed dirt on the roads, odds on traffic passing by us is a low-low-" There was a click as a small cylinder in the middle of the girls mangled spine linked with one from the lower half before the sound of the girls voice clearing of static as she started speaking once more. "Low, I've managed to stabilize my systems. At Least now the risk of nantie bleedout is mitigated. I should be able to bypass some of my emergency systems now and be of use should there indeed be hostile wildlife." The girls gaze turned towards the man, her expression was blank for the most part but as she noticed the gun in its holster and having studied her attire more recognition flashed in her eyes for a moment before she looked back up. "I Just realised, you never introduced yourself stranger, not only that but are you by chance a veteran of war? You have a weariness I have only seen in living soldiers during my time as a combat model." Ferris seemed to ponder silently as she stared for a moment before shaking her head and looking down. "Oh my apologies, that's rather personal isnt it? and after I rudely requested you stay, I'm not.... used to thinking for myself I've had people for years tell me how to act and do things. It's odd doing it myself once again." Ferris kept her head lowered, it was odd given how mechanical she looked and sounded, yet now with her voice cleared of the static and stuttering it would be hard to difreate her from a socially awkward (If a bit pale) human. Odds where with how she talked she very well might have been a living person at one point, but where flesh fell to age, steel and wires carried on her conscious mind as a machine.
  3. Relief had slowly been building in Ferris as they started to move again, not much longer and they would be free of the lonely heat blasted landscape but Sage stopping made her look at him with a confused confused. That expression twisted into pale fear, dozens of thoughts flew through her system as the strained processors tried to curb the rough emotion that was pushing through her mind. Fear and Panic spikes as the man started to move off the road and towards a shady crop of rocks, was she to much of a burden? Was her reply not good enough. Ferris was silent all the while but the panic rising inside her chest left her expression rather hollow from the bright smile she had gave before. She felt tense as the man lowered her to the ground, his words felt empty, she didn't want to be left behind and wormed her way free of the makeshift bag he had placed her in and grabbed onto his right arm with her clawed hand. "Pleas-se, Don't leave me here, we-we can wait out the he-heat for night-night and move when it cools down. I don't-don't want to be abandoned again when I've only just regained my free wi-will." While the droids grip wasn't crushing there was a tense edge in it almost like she was scared to prevent him from leaving but unable to force him either way, she didn't want him to leave her and possibly be left behind to rot on the side of the road. How could she take anyone's word when it had been so long since she had been truly free? She didn't want to be abandoned like so many time before, not now that she was free to think for herself, free to stew in her own thoughts that flooded with outcomes that left her with memories of bile rising up her throat when she was still truly alive.
  4. For a moment the droids face seemed to remain blank before giving a light smile and nodding slightly as she could. While she wasn't yet in a situation where she could breathe a sigh of relief she at least didn't have the stress of dying looming right over her face. Bound in the bag Ferris made little noise outside the odd click or a sparking of noise, with her lower half close enough she set about reconnecting some of the wiring to at least start diagnostics for when she could start repairs in earnest. She remained this way as they walked for hours, never bothering the man with questions or shifting to make herself anymore uncomfortable to carry as they went. Ferris shifted slightly as her attention was taken from the flashes of information and numbers by the sound of the man's voice breaking the silence of the desert heat. Ferris noticed he had turned slightly to look at her which she returned before scanning down the length of road as her eyes seemed to shutter like a camera and the crosshair pupils seemed to narrow as if zeroing in as they flickered about. "I'm reading trace amounts of my nanites along the road as well as a thinner reading of life signs along the sides of the road, plausible whoever hit me earlier stopped momentarily to refuel or refresh themselves given I'm detecting ammonia along the side of the road to our right." Looking left a part of the dry dirt seemed damp almost hinting at someone having stopped if only for a moment, however the droid seemed to take note of something else as her head moved around erratically before a smile grew over her face. "The air also is stained with strained amounts of refined petroleum, a common odor from vehicle running low on fuel. Taking many factors into account and hazarding a quick running of possibilities I put a rest area at at least one hour and twenty seven minutes at our current pace or at least and abandoned vehicle. Admittedly I can't rely on ocular scanning due to the heat and the hazes its producing so I can't confirm my findings until we near closer." Once more Ferris faced him and gave a small smile with the subtle hint joyeuse anxiety in her expression and eyes, that there might be relief from the heat of the hell blasted landscape .
  5. This world? Did he get here like she did? Was he maybe someone sent to collect her? No that didn't make sense, nobody ever cared enough to retrieve her after she went missing before. Odds where the man just happened across her. She watched him as the chain fastened to her neck clinked letting her know outside the edge of her vision he was handling the heavy accessory. It was only after she had moved her hand towards him in a pitiful attempt to emphasise her humanity. She may have spent years trapped in this damning shell but at her core she knew she was once human, she was human and didn't want to die or go back. Panic settled as she felt his gaze lock onto her eyes, she could see a weariness and edge that she only ever saw in men who had felt the roar of combat. Those who had seen things that change someone in ways that nobody could ever understand. His words did little to inspire confidence as she could barely make him out on the edge of her sight looking around. She tried push herself up, but what with missing half her spine all she managed to do was crane her neck enough to see the man walking back across the road. The following scraping noise made her face contort as her ears dialed down there sensitivity to avoid the unpleasant sound that turned out to be her lower half. The girl watched with surprise as he used his coat to secure her lower and upper half into a bundle, while being kept in a sack might be humiliating it's nothing compared to years she had spent before arriving on wherever this planet was. The girl looked at the man as she disabled her emergency systems and set herself to "recovered" mode to lift many of the restrictions placed by her automated systems. When she spoke there was the lower sound of modulation but the static that carried in her voice slowly tuned out as she went. "Thank you, I'd honestly ta-take anything over being left out for my mem-memory to corrupt." There was a repeating stutter which she seemed to wince at no doubt due to the damage she had sustained. "My name is Fer-Ferris Crux, I feel it's only right I give you my name given I have little else out-outside my gratitude for this rescue. RIg-Right now emergency systems are over-overriding my primary motor functions and parts of my emotion module, I just need Structural-Stru-Stru repairs and I can-can handle the rest."
  6. This hell blasted landscape had to be a form of cruel punishment, or maybe a test? It was hard to tell as a glowing rod hissed before retreating back into place at the base of the forms neck, sand being forced from the closing cylinder by a combination of high temperatures and pressurised air. It was due to this hissing and excessive heat that they never heard the approaching engine until there only available reaction was turning slightly to catch the heat haze of something slamming into them. The crunch and retching of metal was heard shortly before being followed by sparks and a gurgling noise as white fluid hit the dry road. The now split form rolled with the force from the impact for a short distance before finally stopping imobile some distance from the impact point. Internally warnings flashed for the droids eyes like words on a monitor, the sudden surge following a vent and heavy damage had sent the droid into a form of system shock as it tried to take track of the damage. It wasn't enough she had just escaped a millennium, no she was going to be left as scrap on the side of some road on an unknown world. She wanted to feel mad, she wanted to lash out, hurt or break the thing responsible. It was those emotions that made her feel truly alive even as her cybernetic brain set up a predicted chance of rescue before system failure at the high of .89% chance. The droid laid there lamenting her short lived freedom only for the number on her lens had a ! appear as a shadow approached, quickly odds of survival skyrocketed as a metal hand was felt tapping what felt like her right arm. While the code and numbers urged her to remain still to mimilize nanite loose the droids head struggled to move as WARNING flashed across her vision. "H-elp m-e?" The words where garbled by static and strained. The girls face was blank as her face was pastel white but what set her from most droids was the fact there was fear in the damn robots eyes. Terror that they were going to die or be left on the side of the road for scavs. The sound of mechanical wrrrring was the only thing heard as one of the metal coated hands reached out towards the looming shadow, internally hoping the shadow would take mercy and at least not leave her here.
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