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  1. Are Evil Gods "Morning People"?

    "It was only a few blocks away from the chaos that was unfolding that a lone carriage sits idle, its driver idles under orders as a pair of eyes studied the cloud of dust and fog from overhead, a clear sign of carriage and conflict. From inside the shadowy form watched as a heavy plate gleamed across from the person and in silent vigil did a knight right of a fairy tale sit patiently awaiting orders or some form of stimuli. The carriage, of course, wasn't far out of place but clearly a traveler of sorts if the driver's garments were anything to judge. The man was dressed head to toe as one would see true gentlemen dress only the large brimmed hat break the style and hiding the man's face and head in a magical veil. Soon enough the lone person not yet visible made a noise of intrigue as smoke grew thicker no less than a few blocks away, something was closing near and the hidden figure gave a snap of their fingers and as if trained for it the driver hopped down right as the snap was heard and moved towards the back of the carriage as a group came into view. No less than half a block down did the form of a man with a cane leading a larger fellow with one man tossed over the shoulder and possibly more hidden behind the two large men. It wasn't hard to tell the driver would not let them pass without conflict. Even as dapper, as the man was his form, was clearly built like a titan and his sheer size alone would deter any normal living being from a confrontation. Slowly the man gave both fists a heavy crack as its voice boomed out "Primary objective, remove threats from the mistress's vicinity. Subjects clearly outnumber and extrude power plus heavy hostility, requesting assistance Knight." The creak of the door behind the large man was heard as the clank and jingle of metal echoed out as the man, known as Knight stepped into proper view. Both were abnormal by human standards as they easily dwarfed height at around seven or eight feet tall but otherwise seemed human until a faint red glow started to build in each of the eyes of the two. Soon both men who opposed the group had glowing flames where each eye would rest but it came as a shock as the driver of the carriage removed his hat and instead of a human head it was rather one resembling a cat of sorts smoothed over and hybridised with a humans, whatever this thing was it wasn't human and it seemed keen on fighting the members of the LoP as Knight pulled free a large blade and took a stance as the cat hybrid slammed a fist into the road and pulled free a chunk of earth and stone, right away energy seemed to build in the scrap rock and even started to leak out of rays of light. Slowly the two guards grew tense before finally movement from the carriage drew their gaze slightly back as if awaiting orders or the go-ahead from the now-reviled "mistress" What or rather who stepped from the carriage was a small blonde haired child dressed head to toe in winter finery and giving off an air of regality, slowly even with the growing heavy tension she made her way forward as her eyes seemed to cut into every member of the group... she was studying them but it was odd she would break past her supposed bodyguards when such a group had cut down far greater foes. For a moment the girls monotone expression remained locked onto Lucian as if expecting a reaction of sorts before letting out a childish giggle that slowly started to wind into laughter and soon any sense of childlike innocence was lost as she started to laugh like a deranged psycho before them and slowly gave her hands a clap and almost as if sensing the situation both bodyguards relaxed out of their ready stance and the large cat thing dropping the rubble it had grabbed which after a few seconds snapped and popped with energy as it died out. Soon the girl steadied her laughter and resumed her posture and regal bearing before finally speaking "Well it's both a pleasure and surprise to be meeting everyone here after what almost a few weeks now? Come now m'lord surely you haven't forgotten your favorite alchemist!" The girl then gave the man staring before her a curtsey bow before looking up with a maw of razor-like teeth as of to show that her appearance was only a show or disguise for a beast within.
  2. A grand return

    So starting today I return from a nearly two-year-long leave of this site and soon enough I shall rejoin in the festivities and look forward to RPing with everyone once more!
  3. Dead Peaks clash OOC

    About bloody time we get the chance to take a crack at each other. The wait was murder
  4. Fire from the stars

    Ouch, coming from a man that seemed so calm amidst fighting, her and this other person's actions must have struck a rather tender nerve. Rather than acting right away Mu tried to recall the real reasoning of why she pushed both the Shogun and the man Sage into fighting, given she had lost so many good men from an unknown assailant far above the planet's atmosphere she felt a tinge of regret. The desire to vent her own anger had left the Shogun wounded and put others in senseless danger. To add to the matter she was stranded on a unknown planet and nation with zero sense of direction and already setting herself up like a crazed psycho. Letting go a sigh Mu examined the area her and Sage had fought, the damage while minimal would still take time to fix given the craters she had left from her anchor. Attempting to mend the situation Mu stepped forward enough as to get Sage and Shoguns attention. "I suppose I should be apologizing to the both of you, for one recklessly challenging and forcing you both into combat and more so in the middle of a populated area. I wish I could blame my anger for all this but I only have myself for letting it blind me to the point of taking it out on strangers." Mu never was good at apologies and it showed by her pained expression only hoping she had expressed her regret over the past hour or so that had unfolded, as well at this point she could only hope that nobody had received a worse wounds than the shogun and that the damage did not extend beyond broken paths. "I'm also aware i'm in no position to ask but I would wish to travel and assist you and maybe find a better way to put my set of skills to use, I doubt I will be able to use them in the same manner before... before my landing here." As she finished the last bit seemed to trail off as thoughts of guilt began to plague her mind.
  5. Fire from the stars

    It was shocking really that the barrier had begun to form around her fist and leave her struggling to even pull it free. Bracing herself she began to put more of her might on freeing her snared hand than being ready for Sage to attack, as Mu pulled the sound of straining metal could be heard from the girl's arms which promptly made her halt her attempts at freeing herself and stare upward solemnly as the odd energy entrapped more of her. Mu kept to her thoughts for a moment trying to explain how such a thing was even possible but before she could delve further with her thoughts the odd elastic and solid energy began to recede and left Mu standing free once more. What she was met with was someone new standing in between her and Sage and Shogun. MU stared at the person for a moment as she mentioned something of a catgirl? and her ship... At the mention Mu stomped up with a rather enraged look upon her face. "You'll do well to know plenty of good men died today as I could only watch MY ship make a splash down at re-entry speed. If anything blame what ever left ME stranded on this planet!" Straightening her collar and hair she moved out of the threes way as she summoned the anchor back into her hands and locked it onto her back before doing the same with her rather large gun as well as unlocking the massive weapon. With her weapons secured she approached sage stopping only a few feet from the man. "I admit defeat, to fight you further would be a fool's quest and a waste of energy. All I have praise wise is you have impressed me with being able to beat me despite so little cybernetics, if to indulge my curiosity what exactly WAS that you used against me?" As Mu stopped she showed no signs of further aggression and seemed rather respectful towards the man she was assaulting only a few minutes ago.
  6. Fire from the stars

    It was a small surprise the man had been able to even react let alone act and defend himself while stunned, using her boots she managed to slow her approach right at the edge of the barrier. Given most of the crowd nearby was still holding their eyes or ears from the blast the man clearly had a good enough fortitude to resist it and then some to shake it off so quickly but as she stared at the barrier it almost seemed to blur more as the seconds ticked by. Finally catching that it was hardening Mu quickly glanced around for where her anchor was, having lost its location when she was sent flying. She had to scan the area almost twice in her hurry to shatter the barrier as fast as she could and upon seeing it still halfway in the ground Mu pulled her hand back almost as if she was to throw a punch and began to summon her weapon once again, this time however she clenched her fist and sent it through the barrier with an excessive amount of force. As she broke through the shield it shattered almost like glass sending shards flying at in any direction. When the anchor forced its way free it began to fly right towards its master once more, keeping up with her punches momentum she grabbed the anchor in her left and continued with it into a spin. Redoubling her efforts into the swing she sent it straight down right onto the area where Sage was and with a crunch the anchors head dug into the ground around a foot from where the man's head was. Mu looked down at the man for a moment almost as if she was putting a point she had taken victory before giving a loud cry. She didn't pull the anchor out rather the ground heaved and crumbled under the force being exerted on it as a slab of earth was forced free. With a heave Mu put more strength into the pull and sent the chunk of ground with sage still on it skyward. She gasped a few spare breaths as her body forced the effects of exertion up her but she was far from done with the man yet. Pulling another grenade from her pouch she set it down before placing her right foot over it and pulling the pin. Resting the anchor upon her shoulders she studied the now falling chunk as she readied the anchor like one would a bat. *chink* was all that was heard as the grenade blasted her on a fast approach with the rock, anchor pulled back and ready to smash right through with Sage along with it.
  7. Fire from the stars

    It was shocking really how quickly the man managed to accelerate himself despite no clear way of how he was able to do so, but it didn't matter as her mind began blaring warnings of the possible force of impact. With a mind like hers she was able to figure out a course of action like it was all planned out in advance, letting the punch land and having her boots nullify her weight she was sent flying by the blow. As the small girl tumbled though the air she produced three small cylinders seemingly from nowhere before using her teeth to rip the pins and letting them fly wildly with her. Letting the boots off again she plummeted to the ground and with her landing the small cylinders began to give off a horrid shriek which left many onlookers covering there ears as the damnable things clattered to the ground, there charge empty Mu took the chance of the sonic grenades hindering the man for a short moment. Charging right towards Sage she lept a short ways off the ground and let her arm catch the man's head, bringing him along with her onto the ground. kicking herself away and onto her feet she was all but ready for the retaliation from the man as she smirked. "And they said you can't learn anything from holovids." The threat of his speed of course still bugged her how he was able to move from a standstill so fast, but with her body built to last she was sure she could weather such blows easily. One thing Mu did have going for her was the air of overconfidence, even after having been hit with a blow that left her whole body feeling the ring.
  8. Fire from the stars

    As the anchor drove itself into the ground Mu made sure to keep herself in the air just incase the man tried to take advantage of the cloud and blindside her. Scanning the dust she didn't see almost any movement until a light flashed at the anchors grounding point and what followed made her scream in agony, with the powerful shock slamming into her systems she couldn't maintain her control over the transforming metal and in under fraction of a second the whole chain turned into a odd liquid silver substance which harmlessly hit the ground with a slopping noise. With a strong current still rolling through her metal body a automated voice spoke out as the girl was held twitching in the air by the excess electricity. "Surge detected beginning power expunge protocol and e-e-emergency core shut down." The voice turned distorted towards the end as Mu hunched over while orange sparks began to arc off the core jutting from her back. As the energy reached its climax a large discharge of energy was shot off into the sky leaving a small trail of orange in the direction it was fired off in. With the excess energy and core now drained it closed back inside and metal plates moved back into place returning her human appearance. "S-such a dirty attack." With the dust now settling she let the maglevs (which where thankfully insulated and spared the surge) lower her back onto the ground as her systems and mind began to try and compensate the sudden power loss. "had there not been so many lookers for this little fight I would'av considered letting the energy fire off everywhere, lucky for you i'm the kind gal who doesn't like bloody hands." Raising her hand towards the anchor it began to pull at the ground until it yanked free and flew back into the hands of its owner. Bringing her free hand up she made gesture urging the man to make the next move.
  9. Fire from the stars

    Parting with her most prized weapon was something Muro didn't enjoyed, more so since she relied heavily on the massive tool than she had shown so fair. But she had issued the challenge and could only accept his request or run forfeiting the fight. Pulling the gun from behind her she pushed the handle inwards and within seconds the guns barrels where shorted inside and blocked by a covering. With her weapon at least locked it was less likely to be snached up should the fight drag elsewhere. With a heave she tossed the gun to the side of the path, the gun sliding into a wall with a loud thud. Giving the man a finale look in the eye she grinned as she gave her final thoughts. "Let's see your moves then shall we!" Wasting no time the robotic girl pushed off nothing and glided slightly off the ground right towards the man, with each stride she seemed lower and lower until she was using her hands to keep her upper half from grinding into the ground. When she was only a few yards away her hand dug into the ground sending her into a spin as the anchor came unlatched and was spinning along with her. Even as easy as it was to dodge she used her free hand to mix up the rush and send herself upwards as she was behind Sage and flash of gray shot onto the anchor, a chain now linking it to the bag she had pulled metallic orbs from earlier as well as making use of the remaining momentum she let the anchor slip free as it was behind her. with the anchor looming overhead the chain brought the heavy object swinging down with both her own strength and the spins momentum sending it down towards sage. The girl was smarter than she seemed to use her first attack as a feint for the second.
  10. Fire from the stars

    The girl backpedaled as the shogun spoke, she never did take much joy from the "thrill of combat" as her old firstmate put it but given she was alone now fighting was a all to real aspect she was readying herself for given she didnt have thick bulkheads to save her from foes or rivals. One thing she was happy to have learned in her and the shoguns short fight was the Hyperion core she had liberated a few months back was up to par with the documents that she held on the device. A form of renewing energy for when she found herself in just such a situation with zero ways to recharge the old cells she once used and even more pushed her cybernetics beyond their limits. "Don't mistake me shogun, I can kill just as easy as I can breath and eat. Thing is killing is bad for business and the mind, murder is a messy dealing and always breeds complacency given time. And given I have a family name to carry on I plan to keep me head on straight. But fighting never was a forte of my family but rather leadership and riches, so forgive me if I gotta pick a few bones to make sure I dont lack behind..." As they went along she brought her form arm closer to her face as a small orange light beamed and strange symbols jumped across a small area above her arm. She swiped at the characters until a voice ended the rhythm of her and the shoguns march through the streets. The girl remained rather deadpan as the characters that danced above her forearm vanished in time to grab the change, she briefly looked over the money before letting it clatter to the ground at her feet as she let a rather mild smile creep out. "My kind? Do elaborate what you mean by that, do you mean by which I score my fortune as a pirate? Or the fact I gave your fellow friend a rather nasty lash. either or, you better be ready to step for such a rather derogatory term!" As she finished energy arched off the girl as she floated off the ground slightly and and sound of panels shifting echoed from behind her as a bright cylinder pulsed with reddish energy despite being formed of nothing but alloys. "I aim to find the limits of this blasted device and you'll make the perfect subject given my systems go haywire with alerts of foreign cybernetics nearby when you show up, so if you dont have qualms of the venue of our little fight draw yer weapon first and we'll settle any misgivings here and now!" The girl gave her gauntlets a smash against one another causing a metallic clang.
  11. Fire from the stars

    Muro's ears while able to take more than a normal humans were still ringing from being at the zero point of the blast a little of the only downside to her reckless attack and her clothing have marks from where the heat had try to burn. A glance towards her opponent left her feeling nausea, she had never intended for blood to flow from this fight and her mechanized body wasn't fine tuned to only experiencing the minor nausea she felt in her old body. Beating back the feeling she resolved to keep herself grinning ear to ear as she pulled the anchor out, rock being pulled around and leaving a hole in the center of the crater she had formed from her fall as her parry blade clattered before her feet. Taking the blade a drop of blood dripped off as she cleaned the blade on the side of her boot. With the blade cleaned she gave her wrist a flick and it took on the same small and flawless sphere it was before. Taking a glance at the shogun she made her way over anchor still raised on her shoulder. As she neared the orb was pocketed and her grip on the anchor rather lax. "And as victor I would welcome you to me crew. First things first just where is that landlubber of friend of yours ran off too! Given you gave a rather big thrill he must be fun as well! That is unless the spineless bastard ran off and left you alone in which case some friend he might be BWAHA!" Noting the shogun walking off she kept pace with the man as she let the anchor lock into place on her back as she started to fish around inside the small bag at her hip before pulling a roll of cloth out. " Eer Stanch the flow with this till we find you a real sawbones." The small girl practically forced the cloth into her chest so he would take it before marching slightly in front of the shogun almost to show off her victory to all who had witnessed the fight. One thing worth note of the girl now was that her eyes lacked the glow they had a minute ago and what might be steam was floating off her arms. What ever she had did before the fight seemed to have generated a large amount of heat but was seemingly off at this point.
  12. Fire from the stars

    The thwack of her skull striking his left Muro grinning until the man began to speak, who the hell could stay standing let alone consensus after being struck by a metal skull. Before she could process any further thoughts the sound of the chain shattering rang out as a crowd began to gather and watch the two behind the man who had accompanied the Shogun. Shaking some of the chain off her parry blade she had only a small moment to lean back and dodge the flat end of the blade as pain shot up her leg, the bastard had aimed low with his sheath and had hit the side of her knees leaving her with a small hobble for a moment which she quickly stomped out while bending it to workout the pain. Looking back at the man she had challenged a rush hit, and fueled her mind as she gave a small chuckle. "A serious objective, time, ending my life!? Don't make me laugh this dance is just getting good! Besides you both lied to me, "weak" my arse, your head should be a pretty red pudding dripping on the ground right now! But yet you stand and swinging that sword around like it was a light love tap. No i'm impressed and all the more to push a little harder for a little bit more..." With a quick flick she sent the parry dagger she had been holding right towards the Shoguns center of mass as she pulled the large gun strapped to her back free. With a massive thud the barrel slammed into the ground as she took grip of one of the two triggers the gun had. Taking a half step forward the gun was positioned straight down as she squeezed the trigger *click* the under barrel of the large minigun quickly fired its round at her feet leaving only launched rock and shrapnel in her place, she had all but vanished from immediate view before a cry was heard above. The explosion had managed to launch her a rather great distance up and now was plummeting down right towards the shogun the anchor pulled back and ready to swing downward with both the crushing force of the fall and her own arms strength.
  13. Another Dimension

    Pleasure to meet you, hope you enjoy yourself on this site. I joined a few months back and so far everyone is nice and overall great people.
  14. Fire from the stars

    Muro watched as one of the men turned down the fight and edged the other into it. In due time he would understand his folly "A turned backs deserves a knife." She muttered under her breath but for now it was the Shogun's turn. Pulling free another sphere she let it float in her hand as it twisted and morphed slower than the chain had until it formed a small parrying dagger which she promptly snatched into a reverse grip. Odds where she wasn't underestimating the man's speed if she was calling on a more small and maneuverable weapon should the massive anchor fail to hit its mark. "You! Villain! I accept your challenge, if only because you've threatened the life of my friend. I'll give you once chance to surrender before I must subdue and retrieve you as my prisoner." Muro could only force out a small chuckle as she slammed her boots into the ground which was met with a crackle of energy and her form lifting slightly off the ground. "Never underestimate a opponent, you get this much." A click could be heard as her eyes seemed to fold away showing a far more mechanical look while a bright orange glow began to build in them. "Unleashing HYPERION core!" Her voice was far more digital this time and the ring of her words sure enough wasn't normal. "Okay. Let's dance!" Lowering her stance she pushed off, her feet gliding across the ground with each movement was precise with the intent of building moment as fast as possible and to be shifted at a moment's notice. Surely enough as she moved to swing it down she hooked the dagger though the chains end and twisted the Shoguns sword in a tangled mess of chains. While he couldn't move the blade she couldn't move her anchor or dagger as a result. Pulling her head back Muro had all planned to smash the mans head it with her own, not everyone had a metal skull after all.