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  1. I keep thinking about starting a new rp thread somewhere and just getting overwhelmed with the amount of research I need to do to familiarize myself with this lore, for fear of posting somewhere inappropriate, or in a place unlikely to garner replies.

    1. kinzvlle


      It`ll be easier once the lore pages get back online. Should be sometime this week I believe, from what Carlos has said.

    2. supernal


      Don't sweat it. Keep in mind that writing is a living thing, that as writers it is very easy and even necessary at times for us to revise and edit. You don't need to know the total history of Terrenus to roleplay in the Great Pine Barrens if you just want a simple forest setting within which to stage your play. You don't need to know that it's populated by elves and fairies unless you plan on interacting with them then and there, and you can always learn about them as you go or what have you. No need to front-load quite literally years of information just to write a thread. If you post something that shouldn't be there, you can take it out; if you're missing something, edit it in; if it's somewhere it shouldn't be a mod can move it with a few easy clicks. Don't stress :)

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