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  1. Really? Since when has Roen had an evil sword he wanted to get rid of? Or that you wanted to get rid of? Unless you mean this wouldn't involve Roen?
  2. Any other interested parties before I start putting this together? Granted, due to its nature, I'll be able to fit in anyone else who gets interested along the way. Will probably have to do another interest check once it gets to the last part.
  3. When I get closer to that part of the story, I’ll go over it with you. Something something daiyokai stealing from other daiyokai something something. But if you’d like to make a character to act as a foil in this canon quest arc, that’s awesome, too. owo
  4. So, ok. Do you think Akako would have some sort of collection of swords and other artifacts? Like special named Japanese swords?
  5. I’m just thinking because I like the Japanese aesthetic you use. However, I do have an idea on how to involve you and your setting for the final part
  6. That's kindof why this is an interest check. .w.; I stated above that this isn't beginning right off the bat due to a number of different factors. If you're that insistent then I could probably have your character be the next step right after the first encounter. But until then just be patient.
  7. Zashii is @Thotification Anywho, it's going to be episodic, so it's going to be separated threads for each part of the story just like any other regular RP on Valucre. It's not gonna be like a whole event with an Open thread (I do like threads like that, but they lend themselves more to events that revolve around a specific occasion/location). Yes, Tenkai is my main character. Hell, more or less my only character so far, really. That'll change in a bit along the course of this story but not in the extended sense.
  8. That definitely works. TBH I’m not too concerned about profiles. General descriptions to see if we’re on the right track is good enough. It’s not like this is a competitive thing with judges and all that, so there won’t be intense vetting of kits. As long as no ones trying to throw around black holes like Oprah gives out cars, we’re fine.
  9. Not immediately. I’m still trying to see how Nu Martyr goes. Otherwise I’ll try to pull Ataraxy aside and see if we can straighten out a potential post mortem of Tenkai vs Lilith so that I know what to write. Then I imagine I’ll start with Zashii, and then go in order of who is ready after that, weaving in everyone who’s interested in playing.
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