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  1. It was a good thing that James had briefed Tenkai a good while ago about “Protocol Scylla” and how the Imperator Bellum’s design allowed for its use. Had he not been expecting it, it would’ve likely proved to have been a very awkward situation. Though it was an as of yet unproven method of boarding, there were few other options given the circumstances. When facing an unconventional enemy, you needed unconventional tactics. Thankfully, the maneuver succeeded as planned, and the interior of that Chaos-ridden vessel soon erupted in gunfire. Tenkai took cover as the front line of Custodes unloaded on the enemies within. There was no point in him rushing headlong into the fray so soon, more likely to be caught by friendly fire than aid in the breach. He took James’ first step forward onto the deck as a sign to advance, stepping out of cover to join the rest of them as the Grand Master quickly laid out battle plans. Tenkai was rather unsurprised that James chose to pair himself with Selene in this sortie. It didn’t particularly matter, since she, Alexa and Tenkai were all psychics and would have rounded out the team well enough, but he knew how much James wished to keep her close. He could only hope that the enemy didn’t end up using that against him. Meanwhile, Tenkai and two Greatswords were to join Inquisitor Alexa in assaulting the engine room. It was a fitting plan, given the nature of their foe. Even though Tenkai was a psyker, he was also a daemon slayer like James, and splitting them up gave them an even spread. After all, all ships required an engine, and a daemonic ship naturally possessed a daemonic engine, likely the source of its corruption entirely. Whether some fell ritual had defiled it’s core to channel the abominable powers of the Warp or an actual daemon was bound to the engine, all instances fell within the purview of his speciality. The two Greatswords who joined Tenkai were of no small repute, either, and were more than fit for the task.. Asil Bruce, a Sentinel Greatsword, was a stubborn and unyielding individual armed for the vanguard, ready to take point with his sword and shield. Davath Melenin, a Mortis Greatsword, was armed with a rifle and a consecrated flamethrower that would be invaluable towards dealing with all of the cover the enemy would take in this Warp-blasted ship. Between the three of them, their talents would make for a balanced team. The Inquisitor’s power of prescience made her ideal to take the lead on the engine team. She would also be much more familiar with what a ship like this would have looked like uncorrupted, which was the closest thing they had to a proper layout of their surroundings. The monk followed suit behind her, Asil and Davath taking position at the flanks. For the first few moments, their descent was rather uneventful, despite twisted appearance of the daemonic flesh-cursed halls surrounding them. The silence did not last long. The group was suddenly set upon by several Chaos imps that practically crawled their way out of the proverbial woodwork. These tiny creatures of Khorne, known as Malices, bore a strong resemblance to the imps of classical demonology. Though diminutive in stature, they were no less vicious than any other warrior of the Blood God. The Greatswords wasted no time taking the fight to the enemy. Asil fires his quad-barreled shotgun from behind the cover of his shield, splattering the imps against the corridor in a burst of gore. Davath bathed the group’s flank in consecrated flame, incinerating any imp that dare tried to surround them. Tenkai stepped off to the side to avoid the Inquisitor’s line of fire, unsheathing Muramasa in a flashing stroke that cleared several imps in two. Ferocious as they were, the imps were little more than a trifle to kill on their own. The real problem was their strength in numbers, and there was no telling how many of them there were on the ship, or how long until their own stamina gave out. “We need to keep moving,” Tenkai said to Alexa, “Even if we kill them all, we’ll have only wasted our strength.” This was something he knew well from experience. After all, there was always something worse waiting in places like these. @Fierach @Maverick @-Lilium- @Roen
  2. Tenkai did not know what to expect once they pierced through the Harrowing. After all that time spent surrounded by a warp storm, it was bound to be blasted beyond all recognition. Yet try as he might to picture in his head what could have been, nothing seemed to come close to the true vision of Chaos that finally stretched out before them. It was far more than just the corruption of the land itself and the myriad perils of the Warp running rampant. It was the anarchy and unrest that followed in its wake that struck Tenkai the most. Ever since that day when Tenkai first set foot in Kadia, exposed to its strict laws and customs and the uncomfortable tenuousness of an exceedingly pious society, he knew that eventually things would end up poorly for the nation. But he could never have imagined just how bad it could possibly get. The Harrowing itself was the sum of all the worst possible outcomes. "How terrible..." said Tenkai as he looked upon the ruins of Parime with a cold feeling of disquiet upon his features, "To think that things could have gotten this bad..." Such was the horrendous awe of the Warp. Yet clearly this was not the worst of it. No, the worst possible thing would be for Kadia's own vaunted military technology, the very same that the Order itself now used, to become corrupted by Chaos as well. Such was the case with that massive, mutated ship that burst forth from the smoke and ash like an atrocious whale breaching the surface. It was a truly massive thing, the sort of ship that could break a siege with a single salvo of its weapons batteries. James was absolutely right; it needed to die. "If we attack it head on with the ship, we'll be obliterated. We're completely outgunned," said Tenkai. "I say we use evasive maneuvers to get around its weaponry and commence a boarding action. Get me inside that ship and I'll send it to the ground." Had the ship been smaller than the Imperator Bellum, Tenkai would have opted to just cut it down himself, but such an act would have required them to get closer anyway. It was also not a very practical use of energy, especially when odds were good that it wasn't the only ship. Gutting the ship from the inside was a far better choice. @Fierach
  3. "Don't play that game with me, James," Tenkai replied curtly. "I didn't think I needed to second guess your preparations considering how intimate your knowledge of our enemy already is. If I had asked you then and this was all we had, what else was I supposed to say? Would you have allowed this gods-forsaken rift to go unchecked? You know as well as I that you would've gone anyway." It was the truth. What choice did they have? This was not a problem they could simply ignore just because their means of travel wasn't absolutely stable and their charted course completely certain. This was the Warp. Nothing was absolute or certain. But if they had done nothing and left Kadia to its own fate, this entire star would have been in peril. So then why did it matter to Tenkai if the outcome would have been the same? It all boiled down to the particulars. Where did they get this technology, and was it really their only option? When James explained the experimental technology involved, Tenkai found himself lacking in surprise. Who else but one of James' benefactors from Sigil would be behind something of this sort? If anyone had any knowledge of technology that involved traversing the fabric of reality, it would be someone who did their business frequently in the City of Doors. Even Tenkai's own benefactors responsible for his bits of magitek wargear and other advancements used to be part of the Merchant's Guild. Seeing the involvement of Predator's Keep was also to be expected. But technological and magical pedigree only meant so much to Tenkai when the substance was in what the so called "Aetheric Slipstream Drive" actually did. Thankfully, James had enough of an understanding to oblige him. "So in other words, we're basically 'tunneling' through the Warp itself, with this shield as the bit?" Tenkai asked, trying to put it in simpler terms. "If the factor was the size of the ship, based on what you're telling me, am I correct in assuming that the size of the shield is making it more difficult to attain an even distribution of condensed aether across its surface? If the warp drive works in concert with the harmonic shielding, then I'm guessing that a breach in the shield's variable frequencies, caused by the 'thinning' of the shield, is what triggered the drive to shut down?" The technology behind it may have been foreign to him, but the concept of aether and the way it flowed was something he was far more familiar with. That was not to say he was correct, however. After all, James was the one with all the notes reports with relevant information. Tenkai could only go by what he was being given. "You know very well that I don't. But perhaps we can find a way to prevent this from happening again. Isn't there some way to enhance the throughput of the generator for an even harmonic resonance?" Tenkai wasn't even that sure himself if he had hit upon anything the engineers hadn't already thought of first. But if he was indeed onto something, then perhaps they would be able to find a more stable route through the warp rift and effectively lessen their time of travel moving forward.
  4. It wasn't long before Tenkai entered the war room, having just departed the engine room after consulting with the engineers. All things considered, he did not look much worse for wear. The battle had been taxing, but he could not say that he had gotten off poorly when there were several others who were badly wounded, or worse. Of course, much unlike the Custodes, the monk was not wont to lose himself in the glory and valor of a hard-won battle. Just because he was far quicker to resort to more direct solutions to conflict than he used to be didn't mean he learned to enjoy it. It was good that he did not, for pride was a terrible thing to have when you were surrounded by enemies who knew how to use it against you. He had told James he wanted a word with him, and with the Master Knight still busy with his own duties, it was best that Tenkai came to him rather than the other way around. After all, the war room was better suited for private conversation. "I want you to tell me everything you know about that experimental warp drive that we're currently betting our lives on," he said, getting straight to the point without skipping a beat. He had entered the room at a pace just shy of "storming" in, not quite furious but certainly displeased with the latest turn of events. "Who made it and why did you decide to undertake such a dangerous operation using tech of such tenuous reliability? Was it the only way to get us through the rift?" Whatever fury Tenkai would have had was tempered by an acceptance of his own ignorance. After all, the nature of airships and starships and everything that went into them were all relatively new to him. Even the hours he spent going over the Susano'o with Dr. Ishiyama had only told him so much. But if there was anyone who understood the dangers posed by just traipsing through the Warp, Tenkai had assumed it would be James. Why didn't he seek a more reliable way to get through the warpstorm and into Kadia? Was this just all they were capable of, or was it just another example of "heroically" reckless abandon? That much, at least, Tenkai needed to know before they went any further. And yet, in the end, what choice did any of them have but to keep going all the same? @Fierach
  5. "Do we know what caused it?" "Malfunction, sir. There was an anomaly with--" "I meant the malfunction. What caused the malfunction?" "We don't know. This is experimental technology, any number of factors could have contributed." "I guess I should have expected as much." Tenkai pinched the bridge of his nose. Only James would have forged ahead with a mission already so fraught with danger using means that were equally as risky. It wasn't enough that they were venturing through a very unstable segment of time-space, where the Immaterium itself was bleeding into reality and their every move carried the risk of leaving them cast off into the very Warp itself. No, they had to do it with experimental tech meant to travel through the Warp itself like a submarine under unimaginable pressure, where a single malfunction could lead them to goodness-knew-what blasted plane of existence tied to this accursed abyss. Tenkai was starting to believe that James did these sort of things on purpose. Admittedly, Tenkai was no scientist. It had been relatively recent since he made an effort to educate himself further in matters of technology, purging whatever ignorance he may have held in the past. This was reflected as much in his wargear and personal attire, making use of several bits of advanced technology and magitek apparatuses. Yet even with all that he had learned, he knew that there were some areas of study that took decades of diligent study to fully understand. It was time that he did not have, so he was thankful to have the OFM and Kadian engineers there to break things down into terms he could understand. "Do we have any way of making sure this doesn't happen again?" Tenkai asked. "We can make no guarantees other than redoubling our efforts to keep the engine stable," said one of the engineers. "However, we are conducting an analysis of the events leading up to the malfunction. That could provide us with some further insight." "I know very little of this sort of technology," said Tenkai, "But I know enough about the Warp to know that it tends to throw off calculations in the most fantastically unexpected ways. Be careful when trying to frame it with logic, lest you end up going mad." With that, Tenkai departed from the engine room to leave the crew to their duties. Each person aboard the ship had their own task to see to. Whether or not the engineers could prevent another anomaly from sending them wildly off course was something only they knew how to do. It was Tenkai's task to make sure they were prepared in the event that they could not. +1 Maintenance
  6. And with that, it was finished. The Imperator Bellum unleashed its fury upon the infernal siege engines and the forces surrounding them, utterly obliterating them in a storm of light and ordnance. The beastmen roared with implacable fury in the face of their own defeat as they were blown to pieces and vaporized much too far away from their enemy to satisfy their ever-burning desire for glorious combat. For the devotees of the Khorne, victory was not nearly as important as blood, and although the Blood God cared not for how the blood flowed, his ravenous faithful would be undoubtedly spurned by such an ignominious end. Always thus to the lost and the damned. For a moment, it almost felt as if the Order had won the day. And then they arrived. Like a flood washing over the Warp-blasted landscape, reinforcements arrived to bolster the ranks of the Khornate beastmen. Truth be told, “reinforcements” was probably not the most appropriate term, for the roving warbands of mutants and daemonspawn were not so much interested in aiding their fellow devoted as they were wetting their blades with fresh blood. They’d sooner fight amongst themselves if necessary in order to keep the realm of Khorne drenched with gore. To Tenkai’s spectral sight, they were as a sea of red, a boiling cauldron of rage that would completely inundate the Order if they did not make their retreat. Their efforts had bought enough time to repair the Imperator Bellum’s engines. James gave the call to retreat, and there would be no objection from Tenkai. The monk quickly pulled back, forced to draw his Muramasa once again in order to literally cut a hasty retreat. And beastman that sought to impede him was swiftly cut down. The swordsman did not waste any time ending them in such a thorough fashion as the soundly defeated chieftain. There was no time for that. A single well-placed cut, severing a blade-wielding arm or relieving them of their torsos and heads. Not a single wasted movement as Tenkai carved a path back to the ship. The Custodes fought hard to make their way back to the ship. Invariably, there would be those that were cut off, but such could not be helped. Those who could delay the enemy with their sacrifice would do so for the sake of several others of their comrades in arms so that most of them would live to see the next day. To reach the next battlefield. It was a sacrifice they gave not out of blind loyalty, but a willing commitment to what they chose as their solemn duty. It was as it should be for all true warriors. Tenkai finally made it back to the ship as the engines were already burning, ready to make the jump back into the Aether. Truly, he was glad to quit this accursed place. Every moment they spent here was a blight upon the soul. Yet even he had to accept that they were only going from one hell into the next. There would be more battles to come. And today, the Order would live to see them.
  7. Yeah, we’re just taking about the weapons in general. This has nothing to do with class. Handguards are pretty common, not at all a matter of fancy (despite the fact that some can be rather ornate).
  8. Get them? Don't LARP combat dudes make their own weapons? Why wouldn't you make guards for your own swords? Or was there some sort of rule against that? But yeah, absolutely more dangerous. Even smoother cudgels would still be more dangerous since solid wood is still heavier and harder, with no padding. A bokken would be just as dangerous, though they typically don't have guards as a rule.
  9. Nobody had to ask for it! :3 It wasn’t even a critique, for what it’s worth. I -could- do a critique but that would be a bit heavy handed, wouldn’t you think? Really, this discussion was between myself and Dauner. Ya’ll wanna just pile in and derail it into whatever else and then tell me I’m “off topic” when none of you were involved to begin with.
  10. Lol, bro, do I know you? I am on topic. You’re the one bringing up taking too long to post, I was just responding to that. If that’s off topic then...well...¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Also, not sure where you’re getting “online katamamancy” from but it seems to me you seem to know enough about me to know that kenjutsu is kindof my thing. At least enough to try and make it dismissive.
  11. Magic is only really as bullshit insofar as its effects are bullshit. I’m absolutely not knocking it’s use, just that you can’t just pull random skills out of nowhere like they’re just generally available to anyone with a form of magic. Also, what? What is this, T2? This isn’t some sort of “if you don’t respond in 30 minutes I win” kind of deal. It really doesn’t take that long to hammer out the technical details of a melee post. People who take too long to post in a fight usually just take too long to post in general. It’s a personal thing. Whenever I’ve seen time limits enforced, it was usually just a 24 hour period if they wanted to keep things moving fast. I still fail to see what you’re getting at here. Just “not worrying about it” is kindof a cop out when it comes to competitive roleplay combat systems.
  12. Are you separating with --------------'s to break up thoughts or is this supposed to respond to multiple posts? I can only assume this is all in response to the two lines you quoted, so here goes nothing. Nooooot....entirely sure what you're getting at here? You refer to "destabilizing" his magic as if that's a common power anyone would have just by being "mid-range". Unless you're just using that as another word for defending? Still, even when a strategy is fairly clear cut, no fight is ever as simple that you can boil it down the way you have and then, boom, "you've won". Death throes? Again, still kindof unsure of what this is referring to unless you're supposedly talking about Dauner and the magic instability? Wasn't even sure if he was referring to it actually doing that if he were to die, just that he had to keep it under control by using it in specific ways. That being said, while certainly not that impossible, "hitting his magic" isn't as general a bread-and-butter ability as you'd think. That being said, it still kindof sounds like you're just referring to parrying his magic attacks. Then you get into something about...lighter fluid? What? That's not how magic works at all. :U Certainly not by any basic power set. I mean, I don't particularly wanna do anything, lol, I just said that a conventional fighter isn't necessarily shut down by those abilities. I don't think I even said anything about the abilities being overpowered, just that sometimes the combinations can be problematic insofar as balance goes. And yet I should probably point out I'm referring to balance for things such as tournaments, not free-play. Somehow I think you've read something completely different from my words than what was intended. The heck is with this talk of swiping strategies and "assassinations"? ?
  13. I mean, define conventional? Are we talking just completely non-powered fighters? Even then, I'd say it doesn't necessarily "shut down" a conventional fighter if they're smart enough. Given the way Valucre's power tier seems to fluctuate, then yes, perhaps not.
  14. Oh, that part I don't doubt. Hell, that's true for just about everyone! The fact that you're not the best roleplayer has very little bearing on the subject. You could be the best roleplayer ever and it'd still be worth pointing these things out. I will say though, that being the least overpowered in a story as opposed to another RP site is just as if not even more irrelevant to the matter of local community character balance.
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