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  1. Oh, sorry. I had wanted to wait for people who hadn’t posted yet before me, such as those who skipped, but it seems there’s enough material to work with. I’ll post today after work, I figure, but no one wait on me either, especially if @Paroxysm @Ataraxy and @Deus Ex Aizen want to go first. I’ll adjust accordingly by then.
  2. Tenkai Matsumoto

    The Harrowing | Kadia Event

    In a way, Tenkai was both relieved and disappointed at the same time. Not in James, but in himself. Tenkai should have known better than to presume the nature of James’ resolve. Even with his willingness to give his life, he would have surely chosen life over death if there was truly a way for him to do so. In this case, it was Tenkai’s responsibility to make sure that option stayed on the table. The Order existed to triumph over Chaos, not die before it. Attempting to predict the gesture, Tenkai put out his hand as James raised his fist for the ubiquitous fist bump. However, Tenkai had actually expected a handshake from James instead, so he found his open hand clasping around the Master Knight’s fist for a brief moment. He pulled his hand back, realizing his error, but if James tried to shake his hand instead, he would just end up tapping fingertips against Tenkai’s fist this time around. Unable to find a way to get in sync with James, the monk’s hand awkwardly shifted phase between open hand and closed fist rapidly until he finally gave up and committed to a safe, passable thumbs-up. Of course, the awkwardness would not end there. Somehow, Tenkai’s words had moved Selene to the point that she would suddenly embrace him, a gesture that the monk was not prepared for. He looked upward, almost incredulous as to what was taking place, arms held outward past Selene as she wrapped her own around him. Taking the moment to think about how best to respond, he merely took one arm and wrapped it around Selene in response, giving her a small pat on the back. “Yes,” Tenkai said, clearing his throat. “Right.” With that matter settled, the awkward fist bump and awkward hug gave way to awkward silence. “I’m...going to get on the ship,” said Tenkai, jutting his thumb at the frigate behind him. As he headed for the frigate, Tenkai thought about whether he should have been going on this mission alone or if he should be accompanied by the new Custodes from the branch that was currently being established at his request. As much as he knew they would fight no matter what enemy laid before them, they were still not yet ready. Most of them were either aspirants in training or former Seekers and Guardians still adjusting to the transition. The most accomplished of them needed to stay behind, protect the Dawn Komturie and train the aspirants. Their time would come, eventually. @Fierach @-Lilium-
  3. Tenkai Matsumoto

    The Harrowing | Kadia Event

    One way or another, Tenkai had expected this outcome. It had been some time since he had visited Kadia. His stay was brief, but in that short period of time he had learned enough about Kadian society, even going so far as to meet with the God-Emperor and Goddess-Empress themselves. Though there was much about Kadia that had given him pause, James had stressed that the conclusions they had come to regarding the nature of their society and culture were directly related to their struggles against the forces of Chaos. Resigning himself to the idea that their laws and customs were necessary in order to ensure that the Ruinous Powers never claimed their empire, Tenkai cast the thought from his mind and ceased to question further. Ultimately, Tenkai's fears had proven to be well founded, and Kadia now suffered a fate similar to other nations who faced the same question of how to best deal with the ever-corrupting nature of Chaos. James must have known as much, given the Order's resources as well as whatever history the Eredas family had cataloged. Though the specifics were likely different this time around, there was always a common trend among them that was made clear to him soon after his initial visit to the Imperium. Once more, cruel Fate had played its hand. The monk cursed it as he rested his hand upon Muramasa's hilt. One thing Tenkai knew was different for sure this time was that things had gone so catastrophically bad that the end result was far worse than the mere conquest of a nation by Chaos cults. The very fabric of reality had been torn asunder in Kadia. If left unchecked, the fate of Kadia was the least of the problem. Something of this magnitude threatened the entirety of Valucre itself. There were far worse things than simple warp-spawn within the Immaterium, and if the way was opened wide enough, there was no telling what manner of daemon could claw its way out into real-space. "I can't convince James any better than you can, Sir Tenris," said the monk matter-of-factly. "There's only one thing I can do in this situation." Tenkai knew there was absolutely nothing he could stay that could deter James the moment he set his mind on something. That was why he would have to take a different approach. ------------------------------------------- "Together?" Tenkai made his presence known rather loudly and abruptly as he approached James and Selene during their obviously touching moment of mutual resolve. At first blush, it seemed like the right kind of attitude to have when facing a moment of unparalleled adversity. After all, the bonds of love were stronger than most people gave them credit for, quite often the target of ridicule from more cynical folk. Yet Tenkai was no fool, and his "eye" revealed much more to him than others realized. James vowed to save them, but its core these were little more than words of hope to give Selene peace in the face of something James wholly believed to be suicide. One thing that Tenkai had begun to notice about James through witnessing his exploits was that he possessed a "heroic martyr" complex to almost absurd levels. Tenkai understood selflessness more than anything, but sometimes it felt as if James was simply trying to find ways to get himself killed in a blaze of glory, so long as the emphasis was on the glory. It reminded him of the ideal of the pluperfect, consummate warrior, wanting nothing more than a "warrior's death" on the battlefield and dreading the thought of passing away peacefully of old age. People like that annoyed the ever-loving piss out of Tenkai. "If by 'together' you mean 'die together on the field of battle against impossible odds', then you'll excuse me if I ask you to spare me the drama," Tenkai folded his arms, his tone carrying what could clearly be interpreted as disappointment. "If you really think this is a suicide mission, then you may as well be open about it." By now, James would probably have figured the monk had come here in an attempt to discourage James, just as Tenris had hoped. After all, James never expected Tenkai to throw his life away, knowing full well the threat that the Warp posed. He would probably attempt to remind Tenkai that he was under no obligation to join James in this "fool's death". But the monk would cut him off swiftly. "You are aware, Master Knight, what sort of threat this poses," said Tenkai, "not just to Kadia, but to the entire world." Tenkai shot his eyes towards Selene as he put the emphasis on "Kadia". "You said so yourself. We do what must be done. And something must be done about this, otherwise this whole world is doomed and we'll all be dead anyway. Do you know what I'm getting at here?" Tenkai held his right hand forward and clenched his fist until the finger-plates of his gauntlet ground against each other. "It means that death is not an option! Do not lie to me. I know you're eager to sacrifice yourself to save this world like some damned hero, but if either of you go out into that Warp-blasted mess thinking this a suicide mission, you will die. Together. Done in by your own fixation, be it duty to your nation or your own bull-headed principles." The monk beat his fist against his breast, over his heart, not as some salute at attention, but as a gesture of resolve. "I joined the Order because of our common cause, our common enemy, and the knowledge that there is only so much I can accomplish alone. I cannot allow Chaos to dig its roots into this world as it has others. That is why I must do what needs to be done and join you on this mission. But I am also coming to make damned well sure that you don't start throwing your life away just to find your personal blaze of glory. If we go into that storm, we do so because we believe we can stop it. We know we can." Faith was a powerful thing, especially against the Warp. The Dark Powers that governed the realms of Chaos knew how to find and exploit the tiniest sliver of doubt or uncertainty and turning it against those that opposed them. If any of them believed they would give their lives for the sake of this fight, their beliefs would be made manifest in that realm, be it for good or otherwise. Chaos had its way of perverting the noblest of sacrifices and twisting it in their own image. Though Tenris thought it all to be folly, James himself was no different so long as he knew it was folly and simply didn't care. It was like blindly tumbling off a cliff because he forgot how to fly. For many, death in the face of Chaos and the Warp was simply fate. For Tenkai, fate was yet another foe to be cut down. Breaking away from James and Selene for a moment, Tenkai turned his attention to the Custodes who thus far had thrown their lot in with James. With a flash that streaked through the air, he drew Muramasa from its sheath and pointed it at them. The bewitching sword was incited by the fires of Tenkai's righteous indignation, to the degree that the mere sight of its edge would make one feel as if Tenkai had cut down to the core of their souls. "All of you here understand what we are up against. The danger is immense, that is for certain. No one would fault any of you for opting not to join Master Eredas in this endeavor, and knowing this, you chose to say. Which is why I say to any of you joining because it is simply 'your duty', or because you want that 'glorious death' you feel you deserve, or that you want to show your courage in the face of an 'unwinnable scenario', do me a favor and stay here. For those of you who step aboard that frigate, there is no such thing as an unwinnable scenario. We cannot allow this world to die! No other thought should plague your mind! Otherwise, you may as well all fall on your swords where you stand. Is this understood?" Though Tenkai did not hold the rank of command in the same manner as James, that would not prevent the monk from speaking with utmost earnestness. His words thundered against them with the force of his ki, so that they would know that this was not some empty-hearted pep talk. He was not about to send the Custodes off to die just to clean up the mess Kadia created. They were being sent there to defeat their eternal enemy, and they would do so. Anything else was either hesitation or recklessness, and both would lead to a terrible end. With these words, Tenkai sought to uproot it from their minds and hearts. The monk returned Muramasa to its scabbard as he turned back to face James and Selene once more. It always disappointed the sword to be drawn and sheathed without once drawing blood, yet somehow it felt oddly satisfied by the magnitude of spirit Tenkai had displayed. Though his words would not have the same effect on James or Selene as they would on the Custodes, he trusted they understood his meaning. "Now we can do this. Together." Tenkai reached his hand out to the two of them. Between James and Selene, through arrogant confidence and love, there was much they could accomplish. But with the addition of Tenkai, there was now faith. Truly ironic, it was, for a man of foreign faith to come to the aid of Kadia, of all places. @Fierach @-Lilium-
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  5. Tenkai Matsumoto

    Symposium Against Doom

    Tenkai listened as those who came after him spoke, and the more he heard, the more it became apparent that these "Enrele" were by far the most pressing matter facing Terrenus at present. Dredge was still at large, but after driving back his siege of Last Chance, it would undoubtedly be a while before he mustered up the forces needed to mount further assaults. Whether or not the symposium would come around to the issue of the Legion was not as important to Tenkai in the long run, given the nature of the threat the Enrele posed. There was a time and a place for everything. Still, there was something that struck him as odd. Namely, the freelance journalist by the name of Saturn. Rather than focusing on any one issue, she had instead tied them all together through the common thread of border security issues. It came off as strange to the monk, who knew that nothing less than a fully armed bastion at several points surrounding Terrenus would have delayed a force the size of the Legion's. After all, Dredge had attacked by sea, but the threat he posed originated from within the continent. For that matter, focusing on conventional defenses and methods to deal with an unconventional foe like the Enrele felt counter-intuitive, and suggesting that Terrenus' governors were inadequate because of these issues wasn't exactly helpful at all. There was something particularly strange about this one. There was something about the look of her soul that made the monk suspicious, as if something unseen was at play here. Of course, this was Terrenus, and there was already quite a number of strange things about the souls of everyone present. It was not something he wished to distract himself with, but he would not forget it nonetheless. The monk pored over the data provided to him by Noel. These "Enrele" did not sound pleasant in the slightest. The rate at which they had grown in number was staggering. Over 22 million people claimed by an alien parasite? Was there any way to reverse such damage? For the most part, the suggestions from the rest of the symposium ran the gamut between practical and pragmatic to the most predictable "we shall defeat this alien menace!" zeal. There was much talk of fighting the threat like any other enemy in war, while also ideas about following the trend of infection, sterilization, inoculation and other means of preventing these creatures from spreading further. Yet there was virtually no one speaking about a way to save those already taken by the parasite. When the one named Audric spoke of striking down suspicious groups, was he speaking of the Enrele alone or of their hosts as well? Hopefully not. After all, what good was a surgical strike if whole clusters of people were now hostile targets to be killed? For a brief moment, Tenkai's eyes fell upon Raveena. No doubt this situation reminded her of the same thing. After all, Tenkai was there as well when the so-called "Infiltrators" had struck, at a time that felt like almost a lifetime ago. Neither of them were strangers to the thought of having to kill innocent people who were too far gone to be saved. That was why Tenkai would not be satisfied until he was all but certain it had come to that. When the baton came to him, the monk made his thoughts brief. "Rather than speak of what I think should be done to deal with the Enrele, I have some questions to ask in order to gain a better understanding of the situation. Namely, has there been any instance of reversing the infection in an individual or safely removing the parasite from them? Additionally, has the Terran government or any concerned parties involved sent any psychics or psionically-capable operatives to deal with this threat?" Being a relative stranger for the most part, Tenkai needed to know these answers before he could speak further. For all he knew, his questions could open up an entirely new angle of thought for those present.
  6. @desolate Is there anyone I should wait for before posting, or is it just a matter of not posting twice in between cycles?
  7. I was mostly referring to that part where she made that last comment before passing the baton at the urging of the Lunar Mark. But I may have been misreading that as coming off as an unnaturally hasty comment or something. If you don't mind Tenkai being a little wary or suspicious of the foreign energy, I can do that. He wouldn't note it publicly though.
  8. @Ataraxy Would it be possible for anyone with the ability to literally see souls manage to see that something is off about Saturn? Or take notice of any peculiarities in her mannerisms that would arouse suspicion? Of course, if any of that would be too much of a premature reveal, I could just have Tenkai not notice it at all depending on where you want the story to go.
  9. There, fixed it...more or less. Still a bit long but I figured the first 2-3 paragraphs were unnecessary, and tweaked the words at the end a bit.
  10. Okay, so I’m gonna edit sometime tonight, but in case anyone wants to go ahead first and follow off of anything Tenkai said, I’ll be changing it to somewhere along the lines of “Dredge lied to these people, we must safeguard them from future deceit”. So essentially the “war of information” that @supernal said.
  11. Yes, yes, I apologize for screwing that up. Serves me right for posting at work. 😕 I’ll edit when I get home.
  12. Tenkai Matsumoto

    Symposium Against Doom

    Up until now, Tenkai had kept himself incredibly low profile, blending into the background as the priests and other holy men directed people to their seats in the amphitheater. This wasn’t a particularly difficult feat, given that his manner of dress allowed him to blend in with other holy men quite well. The only exception to this was his kesa, the long shawl he wore over his robe, which was a more ornate black and gold weave in a “kintsugi” pattern as opposed to his usual dark blue. This was about as formal as Tenkai would allow himself to be, still opting to wear his robes over his armor and bodysuit. His sword was still strapped to his back, but it was concealed enough in its cloth wrapping that he imagined it wouldn’t put off anyone that he was to meet here today. The monk listened well as those who spoke before him gave their account of Terrenus’ hardships. Although he came here to represent the Order, Tenkai’s other objective was to gather as much information about the current state of the land and it’s kingdoms as he could. In order to fulfill its duty, the Order needed to know all that it could about the threats facing the people of Terrenus and elsewhere. So far the focus has been on the so-called “body snatchers” and “loci”, and without a doubt James would want a report on all that the monk could glean from this symposium. But that would not keep him from raising his own concerns when it came time for him to speak. When the baton turned to him, the stern-faced monk grasped it firmly, standing from his seat and looking around at all those present. To his “eye”, their spirits lit up the amphitheater like so many pale-flamed candles, like those set within a church or temple for prayer. They burned brightly with their sense of desperation, their hopefulness, their zeal. If Tenkai was to convince them of anything, he would need to match their intensity. ”I am Tenkai Matsumoto, Knight of the Order first Force Majeure,” he began. Though Tenkai was more than just a knight of the Order, he was acting today in his capacity as a Knight, so any other title or statement of profession was unnecessary. “I have been sent here on behalf of the Order and Master Knight James Eredas. I wish to thank you all for allowing me the chance to speak here today.” ”For those of us in the Order, our mission is to defend against the unknowable horrors that exist outside of reality, those that are ever constantly seeking to consume this world and many others like it. But as we all know, there are many horrors that exist within reality that cannot be ignored, and the Order stands ready to face it. I imagine many of you are aware of the events that took place during the Siege of Last Chance. Many brave warriors died that day defending their homes from an incomprehensible evil. The Order was there. I was there.” Tenkai moved his gaze across the room slowly as he spoke, his eye landing upon each member in attendance at least once for a good second. He kept his motions slow and deliberate, his mind unfettered and free of anxiety or doubt. “In addition to the threats that those who have spoken before me have mentioned, there is another that should not be ignored. The ones who carried out the attack on Last Chance, the so-called Legion of Doom led by the one known as “Dredge”. Through the questioning of a high-value prisoner from the conflict, I have learned that much of the Legion is formed from people that Dredge has deceived into serving his cause. He was able to take their despair, their anger, their hopelessness, and twisted it into a powerful weapon of death and destruction. This should be alarming to all of you.” There was not an ounce of wavering in Tenkai’s voice. He neither shouted nor spoke too softly. The monk simply projected the truth, naturally conveying his ki through his presence as he did so like any other martial artist would normally. That way, not a single one of them could doubt his sincerity. ”We may have stopped him at Last Chance, but no matter how many times we conquer these threats, evil will always continue to sprout from the seeds of fear and hatred. If we do not wish to see yet another Dredge come to power in the future, we must find a way to get ahead of malefactors in their war on the hearts and minds of the people.” Having spoken his piece, and quite thoroughly so for a lesser-known member of the assembly, Tenkai relinquished the baton to the next speaker.
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  14. Tenkai will be in attendance alongside Janes I mean, what Fierach said. .w.;
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    After the Chance

    @Djinn&Juice @Fierach Tenkai sat with his hands folded on the table, listening to Perestroika's account without an ounce of wavering in his focus. As far as Tenkai could piece together, her alliance with the Legion of Doom was one of circumstance and desperation. Caught between a society that rejected her and a pervasive outside influence, she had chosen the one that had at least given her promise of something beneficial in the long run. It would seem then that she already considered this a poor choice, all things considered. One would have figured this was merely because she had ended up captured, but few had the level of perception and empathy that Tenkai possessed. He could tell that Perestroika's anger and anxiety was real. There were likely others just like her among Dredge's ranks, and finding a way to reach them was key to winning this conflict. Oddly enough, Tenkai found that thought to be woefully ironic of him to have. Here he was, a man having been burned badly from misplaced trust, who had promised himself to take no more “half-measures”, pondering a thought that was essentially granting lenience to an enemy that slaughtered an entire town’s worth of innocent people. But it was far from that. Make no mistake, those who had chosen willfully to make themselves into the monsters that the ignorant masses saw them as would be cut down like any other monster he came across. But there was a difference between those who embraced that darkness and those who were driven into it by fear and desperation. The peoples that threw their lot in with the Legion would remain after this conflict was over, and handling that aftermath poorly would result in history repeating itself. For the sake of preventing another Dredge from taking power, this had to be done. It would be difficult, but that was exactly why it was no half-measure. It was the full measure itself. “Let me ask you something,” he said, sitting back in his seat, hands folded in his lap. That single eye of his never leaving her line of sight, as much as she wished it would. “What is the difference between a man and a monster?”