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  1. I think what he said was that it would still be "online", and thus effectively "stay forever" in terms of being readable. But anything new would have to be adapted over to the new setting. I haven't had the time to read too deeply into the migration guide yet, but I'm sure there will be something there regarding people who want to finish up old stories. From first blush it seems like this new site will be unmoored from the old persistent lore, so I don't see what would stop anyone from finishing their stories in a separate section on the new site. BUT, again, I'm not supernal, and I don't know yet if he addressed that outside of the segment about moving whole settings from Valucre onward. I think that the whole world-ending angle has its pros and cons. As a con, it really does mean that you can't just seamlessly continue Valucre's story on the new site. There is a canonical event that actually happens coinciding with this change. However, the pros are that given the nature of site shifts, there will invariably be a few people who probably wish to part ways rather than continue, so the world-ending event gives people the opportunity to explain why some places on Val, either currently defunct or soon to be if the board leaders and players don't migrate over (or simply choose not to migrate that setting), simply no longer exist. What I will say though, is that with something like this happening, I do hope it would be possible for some interested parties to make a subsection on the new site for specific events they may want to play out that take place before this cataclysmic event. Something as heavy and jarring as this, despite being so sudden, can be used as a story hook, and it would be a shame if people couldn't take some time in that fragment of the setting to close the book or end that chapter of their lore. Basically, it would be Valucre: End Times. Followed by Valucre: Age of Sigmar. :U
  2. If you're using Arthur and he's using Artanthos, I'll definitely bring Tenkai along. As for why he's there I'm sure I'll figure something out based on that tie in.
  3. Wait, are we all doing descriptions of who we're bringing or is this just in response to Noko's description? I would do one if I had more context as to what the scene is. I don't know what characters @Voldemort and @Damnatus are bringing but regardless if its Arthur and Artanthos or not, Tenkai is the best fit for anything martial arts/sword related. And if @Fierach and @Twitterpated are on the sidelines as well as James and Jin, that would make it fit even more. But I don't know what you guys are doing yet so I'm not jumping to conclusions. I can work with whatever the plan is.
  4. Oh right! Here’s a thought. If the non-combatants are just guys following along with the heroes as they take down the villains each room, I could definitely bring Tenkai and have him say shit like “He used the ***** technique to reverse the enemy’s *****!” Or “I’ve never seen a technique like that before!” I think I’d probably need more context behind the story before I could figure out whether he’d work for that or if there was another role to fill with a different character.
  5. I’m fine with playing any role required of me. Noko was here first. Though at first I thought you meant additional players would be able to take scene directions from Spooky and help play the antagonists, but if Spooky wants to handle all that himself I’m perfectly fine just adding in whatever is needed or welcomed.
  6. I volunteer as tribute :u I mean, I volunteer as interested in...playing. I like the idea is what I mean. Makes me think of Yu Yu Hakusho’s Saint Beasts arc.
  7. Trying to get my mind back into writing.

    1. Houndy Poochykins

      Houndy Poochykins

      I support this. Let me know if I can help.

  8. By the time James had given the order to strike, Tenkai and the crew of the Susano-o were already at their stations and prepared to act. Despite his suggestion that they rely on their long-ranged weaponry before resorting to anything risky, James seemed ready to go forward with one of his much-favored alpha strike maneuvers, eager to be the first man on the ground. Although the use of the Cornerstone of Space would make such tactics far more effective than they normally were, there was still a large amount of risk involved. Besides the fact that their own fleet was about to bombard their target, their enemy was far more capable on the ground than a mere regimented battalion. Tenkai knew this from first hand experience, having encountered Lilith Reiter herself previously, and Ankou Lethe was as much a danger in his own right. Still, if there was any time to strike that could be considered the most advantageous to their operation, it was in the middle of a direct assault following the confusion from the barriers being brought down. Besides, the bombardment alone wasn't going to be enough to draw them out into the open. Ultimately, they would need to be located first. But before any of that could happen, they needed to take advantage of this opening with hard-hitting firepower. Truth be told, despite the Susano'o being Tenkai's personal frigate, he didn't feel comfortable commanding a bridge. He was more of a passenger than a captain when it came to the seas and skies, and he would not pretend he suddenly knew everything he needed to know about commanding a vessel just because it was put under his charge. Back when the construction of the Susano'o had just been completed and the Custodes Locus was being newly organized, Tenkai saw to personally choosing a Captain for the frigate among those who answered the Order's call. Though they had hired personnel from various parts of Valucre and beyond, especially from Predator's Keep, Tenkai had chosen a man by the name of Shigetaro Morikawa. Captain Morikawa was particularly salty fisherman from the port of Nagoya, in a land on the very star that Tenkai originated from. However, in his younger days, he was formerly a captain of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force, knowing enough in the way of naval command to be as comfortable on a battleship as he was on a fishing vessel. He had come all the way from Earth following the news disseminated through the Order's contacts at RAKAN Industries, the very same group that had been responsible for building the Susano-o based off of Kadia's Belisarius-Sinistrum design. Spurred on by a sense of adventure and a desire to see new world and relive the days of his youth, Captain Morikawa came through the City of Doors to Predator's Keep in order to join the newly formed Custodes Locus. Impressed with both his credentials and the lengths to which he went through just to reach him, Tenkai decided to give the old sea dog his wings and help him command the Susano-o. One would think Tenkai would have opted for someone with more experience with flying rather than sailing for the airship, but Captain Morikawa proved to be a good fit. After all, sailing an airship was much closer to sailing a seaborne vessel than it was flying a plane or a fighter jet, and Captain Morikawa had some prior air force experience before he switched to the navy. The man was in his sixties, after all, and his obsession with piloting and commanding large craft had led him to various levels of self-study. It was probably also a plus that both he and Dr. Ishiyama could converse directly in their native tongue, so it didn't take very long at all for him to know all of the in's and out's of the Susano-o itself. Before long, Tenkai would have to take to the field. He would not allow Lilith to get away with all that she had done. Not again. When that happened, Captain Morikawa had to be there to command the bridge, just as Captain Clavis would for the Imperator Bellum. "We should be receiving the order any moment, Captain," said Tenkai, standing next to the uniformed man in the command chair. "Understood, Commander," replied the captain, leaning forward in his seat, rubbing his box-trimmed grey-speckled beard. "Activate the vulcan cannons and set all lance batteries to forward firing arcs. We open fire on Captain Clavis' mark." There was a brief silence on the bridge as the tension finally hit its thunderous crescendo, capped off by the sound of the High Magic barrier fizzling out of existence. Captain Clavis' order came through the fleetwide vox, and Captain Morikawa responded in kind. "Fire!" The Susano-o's weapon batteries roared to life as they fired upon their targets. The rotating multi-barrel vulcans on each side of the ship started to turn before erupting in thunderous burst, the muzzle flash from each barrel like a gout of blue flame. The rotating particle-accelerator cannons delivered their payloads with such speed and force that their rounds could barely be seen before hitting their marks, exploding in a burst of fire and force that would tear holes through smaller craft and blast apart the armor of any Cult vessel caught in its crosshairs, with the exception of the Clockwork Grind itself. The laser lances would finish the job from there, piercing through the compromised hulls to damage their less-fortified insides. Though the Susano-o was weak when it came to broadside confrontations, it made up the difference in the sheer amount amount of firepower it could deliver from the front. It was the spear that would pierce through the enemy armada, carving a path for the rest of the fleet. Still, all of this was little more than a prelude. The Cult was their foe, that was certain, but for Lilith these were just pawns for her to throw in their way and slow them down. Ultimately, they were still just ants fighting back against the boot that stepped on them, from her perspective. No matter how many Cultists they brought down, this wouldn't end until Lilith Reiter herself was brought down and contained. That moment would come, and to see it through, Tenkai was as ready to take to the field as James was. For now, however, they were to judge the enemy's response. Blindly charging into a sprung ambush was a good way to have the tables turned on you.
  9. @Ataraxy Oh right, finals. I didn’t realize, sorry. Don’t worry about it. I’ll get back to you with some ideas.
  10. We never actually got to write any of that out, so the only thing that even existed was a bare minimum post mortem. If we’re only doing a snapshot however, we don’t really need that much. But I’d have to see what kind of work this person does in order to figure out my involvement. I’m hesitant when it comes to public works from outside artists. What I’m moreso concerned about is finding out whose turn it is in the Greed is Good thread. :U
  11. Tenkai was surprised. He hadn't expected Shishi to put forward such a suggestion. It was not one without merit, but neither was it without danger. Though he was as confident as she was that he could subdue her if she managed to lose control, it wasn't Shishi that he would need to stop. The sword itself was an unknown factor here, and there was no telling what sort of power it truly held. If it managed to possess her, he'd have to content with whatever malevolent sentience it harbored, and who knew what it could take to accomplish that? Risking the life of a knight-apprentice was not something Tenkai wished to do, but in the end it was Shishi who made the resolve to take such a risk. If she was willing to go that far, it would be disrespectful not to support her. "I suppose you are right," said Tenkai. "If there's any place suited for that kind of test, it would be here. We'll have the demonstration area sealed off as an added layer of safety." Tenkai walked over to one side of the demonstration room, relaying orders to the Custodes overseeing the training facilities. As far as they were concerned, this was just another full-contact sparring session with live weaponry. Not exactly the safest means of practice, but not entirely out of the ordinary for the Order. Perhaps the envelope was being pushed a bit further by using it as an opportunity to test out a potentially dangerous sword that may end up needing to be contained, but the room was designed for this as well. "Very well, then. Draw your blade and take up your guard." @Zashiii
  12. Tenkai figured this would be a long enough explanation to merit taking a seat. He sat down, arms folded, listening intently to James's recounting of recently passed events. He did remember the notice regarding the particle of eldritch substance, but nothing else had come of it at the time. It seemed like this time was different, and with it came a new and unexpected development. "So that's who that visitor was..." Tenkai mused aloud. "Suffice it to say, I think you made the right choice. Regardless of their true motives, paying for intelligence is a level of political gameplay best left to nations and empires. Even if it's legitimate, there's no telling how they got the information. It'd leave a bad taste in my mouth if we contributed to that kind of black market directly from our coffers. And on top of that, she came to you, on behalf of an anonymous third party. That's a bit too peculiar for my tastes." It was one thing to pay for information when you were the one seeking to buy it. Freelance spies who dealt in that kind of trade were the type of people to avoid showing up directly at the doorstep of police and paramilitary forces, or just about any entity large and public enough to make things dicey for them. You usually had to seek them out, finding them on their terms, because you knew a guy who knew a guy who knew they knew what you wanted to know. You were the one making the offer to them, and not just limited to coin, either. Trading information could be just as lucrative for them if their values balanced out or it directly benefit them some way. But this woman wasn't just dealing information she obtained herself. She was a broker, representing clients that she had entered some contracted agreement that the Order knew nothing of. She was offering information on a serious threat the same way someone would sell a pyramid scheme: pursuing a lead at their door and withholding key information. "The real question is...who is her client and why do they want to remain anonymous? Moreover, what are we to do now given that we know a threat exists?"
  13. "Negative. It's too risky." Tenkai gave his brief reply while standing on the command bridge of the Susano’o, surrounded by hard light holo-screens upon which one of them displayed the communication feed coming in from the Imperator Bellum. Like that selfsame flagship of the Order’s Master Knight, the Susano’o was a heavily modified Belisarius-Sinistrum class frigate originally of Kadian design albeit in a different fashion than its older sibling. Through cooperation between the OFM and RAKAN Industries, additional changes had been made to the weapons array, hull layout and engine configuration. On top of this was the addition of the Totsuka WMG Mk. 1, the ship’s aptly-named main gun and brainchild of Chief Engineer Kazuo Ishiyama. It was a high-density energy converter that fired a condensed particle beam powerful enough to punch a hole through an entire mountain range. It had been designed with penetration and precision in mind rather than sheer destructive power, with the intention of reducing collateral damage as much as possible. No doubt James thought that using their best guns against the Cult's flagship was their best bet, but Tenkai did not agree. The Clockwork Grind was one of the most powerful Genesarian airships, if not the most powerful airship on this star. There was no telling how a blast from the Totsuka could react with its defenses, of which they only knew so much about. That wasn't even factoring in the additional defenses afforded by the powers of both Lilith Reiter and Ankou Lethe, both of whom were on that ship. Even if the shot was successful, the most they could theoretically do is damage one of the engines, if even that. Taking such a risk where there were so many opportunities for it to backfire just to clip its wings a bit wasn't going to be enough. It was a flying fortress, and even at a slower pace it would be able to withstand a prolonged aerial assault. The only way they could corner the Cult would be if they could force them to land, and until Order and the other allied forces knew the extent of the enemy's defenses, any drastic measures taken would be a dice roll with poor odds on their end. And Tenkai was not a big fan of gambling. "We can't do anything without first knowing what they're capable of," Tenkai continued. "We need to probe their defenses. If there's a simpler way to force them to land, we should pursue that instead of using a weapon that hasn't even been battle-tested yet." "Battle" was the key word here. The Totsuka had been tested before, to the point that Tenkai understood what it was capable of. That knowledge was part of what gave him pause about using it. Their enemy were two of this world's most powerful magic users. Nothing could be taken as a certainty where sorcery was involved. Sometimes using sheer brute force to overcome magical resourcefulness didn't always pan out well for the former, especially when the latter also had force on their side. Tenkai understood that more than anyone else in the Order. The only way to turn the tide was to outsmart them, and outsmarting a mage was always a tall order. "We should press them with our other long-range weaponry for now. Our firing lane may be clear, but we don't have an opening. Yet." @Fierach
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