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  1. Hey there pretty lady! When are you going to be bopping around these parts again? I've a very bored Chromillia who's rather tired of time being stuck who'd like to be fighting some baddies at a particularly haunting location.

    1. Charli Foxtrot

      Charli Foxtrot

      You are such a tease, darlin'! :kiss:

      I'll be happy to restart that any time you want to make a new post! Can't promise quick reaction times, though; I'm busy pampering my wife to make sure she doesn't try to use her broken hand (much to her dismay). :grintears:


    2. Fae


      I believe the last time we left off it was Ataraxy then yourself, lovely. Would you like me to go ahead and just start a branch off of where I was headed and have you respond to that, then? 

    3. Charli Foxtrot

      Charli Foxtrot

      Yes, that's a fine idea! I'd be more than happy with that!