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  1. too many times the bad guys deserve a shoutout for all their good work. i appreciate you all.
  2. Here's a place to dump funny stuff you see around the site, and memes. I'll bring up two of my favorites quotes The entirety of this thread: Memes. I'm sorry, most of my initial stock are in the context of Ursa Madeum. can't deny this. No longer very relevant but I loved the fashion war yes
  3. The brothers listened carefuly to Thurgood's announcement. Singlance vassals, hm? How's that going to work? The metalworkers or more craftsmanship-inclined citizens might be interested. Didn't mom say she thinks they have a hostility-inducing effect for the people around them? It's got to be limited or variable. We didn't hate them on sight. (Maybe we got that from mom. She doesn't... hate.) At least one 'legitimate' noble's here. Lenore studied Varda from the corner of his eye. That's probably because Lady Varda associates with nearly everyone. It had been a wise decision to claim the seat nearest to her. The Hildebrand's presence was practically magnetic. Already, a small crowd had gathered around the woman: the quiet Hildebrand boy, a girl with two telepathic bee-creatures companions, and Holly Sheathe. Lenore raised an eyebrow when she called him by name. Lucky guess. "Hello, Holly." From across the room, Pallas smirked. Still can't get over the name. What strange company she keeps, this one. Varda didn't seem entirely delighted at being the center of attention, though. Lenore studied her, noting the subtle trembling of her hands. He turned to face her. Dilated pupils. Paler than she was before. Growing close with her would be advantageous for several reasons, no matter what Veluriyam's future in Ursa Madeum would be. The task was a tad intimidating, he had to admit. Lenore reviewed his memories of his mother's visit to HIldebrand. He took a moment to consider his approach, contemplating what persona he needed to wear and would continue to wear for the entirety of the party. Would Varda respond better to familiarity, or formality? Would she be more comfortable with a well-mannered gentleman, a cookie-cutter representation of a perfect nobleman, or would she lower her guard to sincerity? He had no end goal, as of yet... or did he? Lenore sighed inwardly. It was complicated, this politicking. He and Pallas were virtual unknowns in Ursa Madeum, giving them a blank slate on which to build whatever reputation would give them the most influence. In a blink of an eye, Lenore raised an illusion around them- a perfect mimicry of him and Varda sitting on the couch, concrete enough to touch. To the woman, she would see the. He twisted space around both him and her, bending light so that they were invisible. He stood, giving her a sheepish smile. "I'm sorry if I'm being presumptuous, but you were looking uncomfortable with all the attention. I can keep the projection up for a while, keep your friends occupied. Would you like to get some food?" He gestured to the kitchen. The Lenore-illusion glanced over at the man with the gears on his clothes. "Hey. I overheard you were with the Singlances at Nu Martyr. How did it go?" Pallas eyed the new arrival curiously. Another one of Thurgood's friends related to the questionable businesses he seemed to be involved with. Investigate? If ties to Singlance and criminal entities discovered... not good. He sauntered over to Aveline instead. "By the way, how's Singlance doing as a noble house? Mom said you had a rough start, but I hear you struck a deal with Senaria?"
  4. Posting tomorrow. Sorry for being inactive.
  5. Yup! I have a future plot where people discover all the dead civilizations buried under Taen :D I do have an example of a civilization that manages to live peacefully with Taen: the Mork'Outh. They're semi-nomadic, exclusively use biotech (such as shaping tree trunks into homes and modified flowers as translation devices), and use wildlight magic to repair any damage caused to the biomes of Taen. That being said, this is pretty accurate:
  6. Csl



    1. vielle



  7. Ursa Madeum and the seas that are considered part of Ursa Madeum as both an IC and OOC location. As long as any environment-unfriendly activities are happening in Ursa Madeum (the islands and the forum), the Taen Loci will react.
  8. i, for one, would eagerly watch a thread of someone trying to build an oil rig near yh'mi
  9. Yup. I checked the Terrenus map and UM is around 1300km from Yh'mi so I doubt any mining's going to happen far east enough that the Yh'mi loci starts bermuda triangling the miners. So Yh'mi's less of a concern, but Taen loci's still there and likely to take notice. If anyone wants to mine in the sea near Yh'mi though, jaistlyn's probably the one to ask.
  10. OOC, I'm against it, but @Ataraxy still has the final word. IC, it's a terrible idea to approach Yh'mi from any direction in general. Deep sea/ocean mining of the land-expansion scale would also probably be the type of thing that will get the Taen loci mad at you. No airspace claiming. I mean, the assumption is that you own the air above the land you own, isn't it? Fly an unknown aircraft above the castle of andelusia and you're getting a polite visit from the empress.
  11. Pallas watched Holly's flight with interest. "Cool. Gas-based propulsion?" Oxygen? Nitrogen? Does the Oathblade also grant her the ability to breathe without it? Magic, helium, clockwork propulsion, solar panels. Multiple energy sources. The twins nodded thoughtfully. Fleet of transport ships? "That's all good," Lenore said. "I can see its use for keeping watch over vast tracts of farmland-" "-But what would you be transporting, exactly?" Pallas asked. Holly had plans to build more ships... if the Empress allowed it. They both turned, giving her two identical smiles. "What are your plans for these? Transporting crops would be good, surely, but you do realize the implications of introducing this technology to the islands? How would they be used? In battles, in transporting men and weaponry..." as one, they shrugged. "The production of these would have to be regulated, at the very least," Lenore said. "These can't fly above populated areas. Travel routes would need to be plotted," Pallas added. "We do have to ask," the twins chorused, "at the current model, what's the maximum distance it can cover? What's the maximum load it can bear while remaining aloft? To what altitudes can it go?"
  12. Csl

    Hello Valucre!

    Welcome to Val! Lurking is fun around here considering the sheer volume of lore. (I did this for a few months after joining, lol) Have fun and I hope to see you around the forum soon! Welcome to you too! I found Val because of a similar reason. If you're looking to hone your writing skills (as I was) RP's a great platform for doing so. Granted, the formats are slightly different, but this place's amazing as a writing sandbox where you can test ideas and writing styles out. There's a writing contest going on now if you're into that sort of thing! :D
  13. AFVish until April 17. Focusing on schoolwork.

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      goodnight sweet prince

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      Grand Mainframe


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      This is so fantastic it brought me back from AFV a day earlier than expected. Amazing!!!

  14. This is something called the Ancients Alphabet It says "Forgive me"
  15. Lenore noted Varda's hesitation. "I'm sure you won't. He turned to the fox, dipping his head in a short bow. "Hello, Nadia. It's nice to meet you." He briefly considered shaking the creature's hand, but decided it probably wasn't a thing they did. He considered the offered glass of water. "I would, actually, thank you." He took the glass, took a sip, then laid it on the table before them. There was a stranger standing at the door. Lenore kept him in his periphery as Pallas appeared, deposited a cup of soda before Varda, finished off a plate of snacks, then waltzed off. Lenore returned his attention to Varda. He watched as she tried the soda, grinning at her reaction. “Goodness. I’ll—have to try this again later on,” "Fizzy, isn't it?" The silent stranger finally made their way to them. Lenore turned his head, fixing him with cool gaze. "Hello," Varda's reaction was significant, the discomfort at the party (from me?) fading. He hid his disappointment, kept the pleasant expression fixed on his face. Still, he couldn't hope to gain familiarity from her in the space of a few minutes. Iyalon. Lord Protector of Hildebrand. But who's Pluto? Lenore filed these names away for future investigation, allowing a welcoming smile to cross his face. "Hello Pluto." Something's off about him. Stiff movements? Socially awkward? Pallas nodded. "Cool, cool." What's La Cosa Nostra? Rozharon knew of the Blackspear Cartel, but they were too insignificant to Veluriyam affairs for her to care about, leaving Pallas with little knowledge of them. In conclusion, this guy's a criminal. His plan of inspecting the gun was quickly derailed when Thurgood closed the case and went downstairs. Oh well. Now, though, the aforementioned "legitimate businessman" was approaching. Pallas met his gaze, beaming a sharp, but not altogether unfriendly smile. "Hello John." He listened as Aveline described John's activities in Everrun. Huh. His smile remained. A six-legged fox approached. Pallas looked down, giving Vivian a nod. "'Sup." Wilder gave the fox a more patronizing greeting. She doesn't have the box thing Nadia has, Pallas thought, watching Vivian's hand reach up. Mere seconds later, she stood, caught a pen, and wrote a reply. Pallas' grin grew wider. He turned back to John. "Anyhow, nice to meet you, Mr. Wilder." He extended a hand. "I make it our business to know people. Are you new to Ursa Madeum?"
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