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  1. Csl

    Valucre music thread

    I'm not a kpop person (says the person whose only other post in this thread was a kpop video) but I love the strings, the haunting instrumental, and the theme of the lyrics on this one. That dance and cinematography too ; - ;
  2. Welcome to the site!

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      Welcome to the site! 

  3. Csl

    Welcome to Valucre!

  4. Two-headed dragon who dislikes adventuring culture (tm) and prefers to earn enough money to buy a hoard through honest work.
  5. Csl

    Argentspire II: Escort

    At first, it seemed like the group would make quick work of the Xer'Orians. Erin fired an arrow, dodged, and fired another. The first Xer'Orian crumpled to the ground, one of its legs limp and useless, another arrow sprouting from its eye. Tafili and Guest shattered the face of another one, and rid yet another of its hand. Three were now injured - the two at the boulder, and one standing behind them. Mathias' field made the creatures' clumsy motions even clumsier, as the remaining two charged forward to join their kin, their claws scrabbled uselessly on the rock, unable to gain purchase. With heavy thuds, the five creatures collapsed on the ground. And from the impact, from the injuries from the party, their exoskeletons shattered For a moment, as the dusty shards of keratin dropped away from the insectoid beasts, they would see glittering clumps of violet-green coiled within. A humming noise filled the air. A swarm of iridescent insects rose from the shattered corpses of the Xer'Orian. Individually, they were tiny, barely a centimeter wide. But together, they billowed out like a thick cloud, swarming towards the explorers. The first ones to reach Erin attached themselves to her skin, beginning to crawl into her ears, nose, and mouth. Where they landed, she would feel pinpricks of pain. Individually- harmless. Together, as more and more of the insects would alight on her skin, she would be picked to the bone. "Fire! We need fire!" Mara's shouts managed to cut through the sound. She pushed the scientists behind her, dropped her pack on the ground, then began frantically pulling out its contents. "Look for cloth. Make torches."
  6. @Waking_Warrior Cadriel looked amused the girl had hidden behind him. He looked less amused that nobody had seemed to appreciate his song - though a few other patrons at the tavern were giggling to themselves. He gave them a modest bow, reached behind his chair, and patted the girl on her shoulder. "Fear not, fair maiden," he said grandly. "No trouble can come to patrons of the Tavern. Though I must ask - whatever did you do to get that stuffy-looking man all worked up?" Meanwhile, Night hadn't budged where he stood near the door. "I heard you the first time." He said gruffly. "In the Tavern, there are no kings, there are no legends. There are patrons, and you are a patron. I ask again -- check your weapons at the counter."
  7. Yeah sorry, will post later today.
  8. @danzilla3 you posting this round? If yes I'll post for the Xers after him.
  9. No problem! Your character sheet looks amazing enough already but if you need css/html help don't hesitate to ask ^_^
  10. Inline CSS, yes. Separating the CSS using <style> tags or using external CSS doesn't work, though. What CSS Valucre supports is also somewhat limited, since the aesthetic things like drop shadows, border radii, element positioning, and multi-column text boxes don't work ; - ;
  11. Csl

    General chat thread

    You can search if someone's already taken it, but there are also multiple characters with the same name running around, so it's usually nothing to worry about!
  12. Transcript from discord chat: for me it's getting the vibe of places I like lore that easily gives me a mental image of a place, and work with that concept in mind when making place lore It gives you an idea for you to work with Rather than rules like I reorder how I present lore and dont tend to use templates because I want people to get... the ~vibe~ generally if I can boil a location's idea down to a sentence or two and people can get that from the lore, that's pretty much good for me Like the rule I follow is Look at any article you've written and explain it to me in a sentence if you can't, you've written too much Will send expanded thoughts when I have slept
  13. Steel glinted on the knight's longsword. The barmaid's eyes narrowed. Immediately, the bouncer appeared before them, arms crossed. He towered above the guards, "No weapons. Check your weapons at the door," he said gruffly. He pointed his chin to a counter some distance away, with rows of weapons behind it (each with a numbered wooden tag carefully attached to it). "Or give em up at the counter." He looked down at the smaller man, scowling. "If you have a grievance with one of our patrons, leave it outside." Cadriel began strumming a crescendo, a hair-raising progression of notes that sang of suspense. "What crime could Nilan could have done? Why does the king want her so? Was it murder or arson or larceny, even? That has the girl hiding below? Or loitering, behaving so boisterous? Stealing some oysters? A pearl-thief, alas! Intrusive voices? Just horrid life choices? What could've been done by that lass?"
  14. Csl

    [Quest] En Passant

    A skittering sound reaches her ears. Mara primes her armor, holding her hands before her, and the auxiliary arms unfold twin blades that hover from her fingertips. She joins Araborn at the cliffside. Her mouth presses into a stiff line at the sight of the Xer'Orian below. Whatever she thought of the group's competence in undertaking such an expedition, it is apparent they are skilled fighters. Araborn deals with the first creature. Mara braces herself as the second charges towards her. As it draws near, she darts forward, ducks down, then slides to a crouch underneath its abdomen. Propelled by its momentum, the soldier finds itself both unable to stop and unable to reach her with either claw or jaw. Mara drives one of her suit's blades up into its softer underbelly; the other she slashes out, severing its forelimbs by the joints. And quickly, it is over. The soldier heaves the dying Xer'Orian off of her, then steps forward to peer over the ledge. "There are too many of them. We need to get out of here." She turns to the dragon. "You can fly, can't you? See if there's a way for us to get out of the open. Maybe where the white mineral is thicker, if it seems to hurt the Xers." Her gaze flits to the man in the raincoat, and she juts her chin at him. "You too. Help find openings in the canyon wall." She turned back to the fight, sprinting towards Dauner and Linda, mindful of the Xers heading towards the duo. @Dauner Light @garlictonic
  15. Csl


    “Ha ha.” Carina deadpanned. Still, a trace of a grin lingered on the edge of her mouth. “Fair enough, smartass. Get some rest.” Bright looked perplexed as the new arrival left. He looked at Carina. Carina put her mug down. “He went out into the wetlands after he arrived, got a sample of bacteria, ran tests overnight, and wrote a white paper for a gas-filtering battery.” Bright nodded sagely. “Proactive.” He looked at the tower of fruit piled before him, then to the folder left by Adam, then back to the fruit. “I’ll look over his report after breakfast.” Suddenly, Carina grinned. “Hey. Bet you five silvers you’re approving his expedition, and whatever project he’s proposing.” Light glinted off Bright’s glasses. “Huh.” Despite his chipper demeanor, Bright had notoriously high standards, ever-careful in allocating what little funds Khartes’ had. He speared a chunk of mango on a fork, then waved it at her like a fairy flourishing a wand. “Deal.” █ And so her days went, as they did, for the next few months. Carina continued to assess the Wetlands, mapping the region nearest to the shore that surrounded Arcturon, documenting the flora and fauna that bloomed in the brackish waters. Where the miasma grew thicker and the waters deeper, it became difficult to travel. Here, she marked paths for future travellers to take, where more oddities worth investigating lay beyond her reach - an island of amber, a (continental) shelf where the lakebed dropped away, a shipwreck. The solution to fieldwork in the miasma came, from all places, a Mork'Outh. Carina came across a houseboat adrift in the depths, when the still waters mirrored a pale sky. The elderly fellow had greeted her with a cup of tea and a yellowing deck of cards. "Humor a lonely creature, will you?" he said, after she'd accepted the tea. "It gets lonely out on the swamp. Pick a card." She had, and it displayed an unfamiliar twisting of symbols that resembled the bark on a tree. A few strokes stood out - two lines perpendicular to each other, with a loop on the end of the lowermost one. "Marionette." The Mork'Outh had said, chuckling. "Fitting." He had given her one of the woven moss masks their kind used to filter out the miasma. She’d turned it over to the handful of organitech engineers Arcturon had gathered. Little progress was made, until a middle-aged woman from Lunaris - one of the first settlers in Taen - had come along. Over three years in Taen’s arcanosphere, and a little over two tinkering with wildlight- she wasn’t a scientist, not by any means, but she’d taken one look at the moss mask and laughed. “Simple, but elegant,” she said. She’d put on a pair of spectacles so thick her eyes had looked like moons, asked for a basket of moss, and replicated the masks with the same air of someone knitting a scarf. She’d agreed to stay as a consultant and help compile a guidebook on wildlight organitech, and once again, Carina was glad. And so it went. And in between flights in the orange sky and talks with the city’s growing populace, there was the occasional chat with Adam, whose persistence remained fascinating, and whose progress remained astounding. █ January, 597 WTA Carina gazed up at the glass. Gone was the days when they huddled in their concrete boxes. The sky was wide open, the city glittered, and beyond was the vista of the wetlands' eerie beauty. Marvelous. Bright stood behind her, looking equal parts proud and miffed. She held her hand out to him. Bright wordlessly dropped a small pouch into it. “Oh, Adam. Don't get wound up about it. All that's left to do is fine-tuning. You’ve done wonderfully,” Carina said, hefting the silver pieces in her palm. “Isn’t that right, Dr. Bright?” “Don’t you have some mild form of precognition? The odds are always stacked against me,” Bright lamented. “Why the long face? It’s a day of celebration. Adam’s achieving great things, Doctor. We should all be supportive of the projects of such a great mind.” Locke gave the two scientists a disapproving look, then turned her attention to Adam. “On a serious note, your contributions to Arcturon have been invaluable, Dohzen. The Empress has been pleased about the city’s progress- it’s become more than just a research center. What do you have planned next?”
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