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  1. HMM I'm guessing the reply to the first news article is directly about Sovereign, and that from Elendaron they escaped to Genesaris?
  2. the deerstalker hat has lent me its detective powers. Hat is truly the way. Anyway, inputted all the potential answers I mentioned in my previous post, and turns out pain was right! ; - ; I have Contributed An Answer Turns out the davant declassified puzzle series seems to be exactly that --> "declassifying" the mostly-redacted Davant Primer The "Terminology" bit is unredacted now I feel I've read these terms before - probably in the choose your own adventure thread. Will revisit this weekend probably. Hat squad out.
  3. Csl

    The Problem Nexus

    I hope entering multiple passcodes is okay ; - ; Some guesses for the poem: >Ache >Stab >Hurt > Pain >Hate >Sick >Ouch
  4. Welcome to Valucre!

    A fellow SCP fan, I see. I like the necklace 👀

    1. Doctor Bright

      Doctor Bright

      Why thank you, cool to see I'm not the only SCP fan here. And thanks for the welcome! This place is definitely interesting.


    2. Csl


      Yup there's a few SCP people I know of. There's even an in-character organization inspired by the Foundation! The user who made it is currently on break from Valucre, but it's still definitely worth checking out.

      Feel free to ask my anything if you need help getting started btw, I'm Outreach Staff ^_^

      The New Member Guide (linked at the top of the site) is also a must-read, and has everything you need to know about the site.

    3. Doctor Bright

      Doctor Bright

      Great! I'll take a look at it, thanks.


  5. Dude posted more stuff in the cbox. And this: gonna come back to this after i finish homework
  6. Bruteforced caesar cipher. The status update translates to this: Good evening as you seek the truth so do we patience rewards this is a mere taste kv uva aybza opt Edit: the last line, with a +7 caesar shift: do not trust him Ah, these ARGs, always with the do not trust her, do not trust him.
  7. We've got another one, bois @michanikós is a new user on the site and everything they've posted so far are codes. Fun! Puzzles so far: [SOLVED] Reply to my status update [SOLVED] Status update Introduction - the title is "Greetings" with the Z1Z26 cipher.
  8. Csl

    [Quest] En Passant

    "No, we are not going to fight," Mara snaps. The Xer'Orians continue their assault. Mara backs away from the ledge. She sprints into the shadow of the waterfall, eyes searching the stone wall. Yes, she is certain of it - the narrow opening of a cavern lies behind the curtain of water, nearly-hidden by the pale mineral that comprises nearly the whole of the rock wall. Where once the chalky substance was only seen in streaks and strata lining the canyon, the entire cavern is white. The crevasse stretches vertically, wide enough to accommodate a human, but narrow enough to keep a Xer'Orian to follow. The Xer'Orians' screeching grows louder. "Come on! We'll be safe here!" Mara cries out. With companions' footsteps behind her, Mara activates a light on her armor's shoulders, then squeezes into the cavern. *** At first, they seem to be safe. To their relief, the Xer'Orians halt their assault, either unable - or unwilling - to follow them as they retreat further down the cavern. It is dark in here. The cave entrance is at a strange angle, and though the pale, opaque mineral reflects what sunlight finds its way inside, they are surrounded by solid rock. After maybe a few minutes of walking, Mara lights a flare. The smoke, illuminated by her armor lights, drifts up and away, vanishing somewhere further down the tunnel. "That means there's an exit, somewhere deeper into this cave," Mara explains. "Let's hurry along." They continue onward, her at the head of the party. All is silent, except for the sound of footsteps. Then, they begin to feel the effects of the mineral. It rendered a goatherd near-mad by simply shepherding his herds near it. With the white mineral now surrounding them on all sides, shining bright in the light of their torches, the party began to feel their thoughts slow. Memory went first. Mara found herself confused as to where they were going. Why were they in the dark? Why was she holding a burning stick in her hand? She turned to her companions to ask, then found the question gone from her lips. She knew she had to go somewhere, had to continue down the winding, cramped tunnel - but she didn't know why. Then, it was speech. Whatever attempts at conversation would fall short, tongues struggling to form words, sentences reduced to gibberish. Then, it was movement. Their limbs grew numb and heavy, disconnected from their bodies. Mara found her chest tight, her lungs refusing to expand and contract - it took a deliberate effort to draw breath now. Mara dropped the flare, watching the flickering red light as her eyes grew heavy. She dropped to her knees, slumping down on the ground - and was distantly aware the same was happening to the others. Then, it was consciousness. There was nothing left but darkness. Darkness, and the distinct sensation of something very old and very curious watching them fall asleep. *** The group awakens in darkness. Their prone bodies are pressed against what feels to be sand - powder fills their noses with every inhale, causing a sneeze or two from the more sensitive. awake awake awake awake. The voice slips into their heads like an echo, like a memory long-forgotten, now remembered. my guests you are. too many starspins to count, more than my tendrils, since i have had visitors. welcome welcome welcome welcome. Mara finds her mind clear and her memories intact. With a jolt of panic, she remembers what transpired before. Quickly, she activates her suit's searchlights. Blinding after the lengthy darkness, two beams of light illuminate the space, and the owner of the strange, silent voice. Art by the wonderful @garlictonic! They are on a flat expanse of white sand ringed by massive, irregular rock columns. A monstrous creature, more than fifty feet long, clings to the ceiling of the gigantic cavern. One end of the creature, pointed at the explorers, is a writhing mess of tendrils. The other end tapers to a narrower point, and sports two delicate appendages lined with feathery protrusions. bright light bright light. many many starspins since i have felt such light. a glow a glow a glow. "It's sentient. Nobody attack it." Mara whispered to the other explorerers. The creature pulls itself along the cavern ceiling with several rows of stubby legs that lengthen and shorten without any apparent limit. It crawls down the cavern wall, its tendrils swaying inquisitively. who are you who are you who are you? why why why have you come? where where where have you come? It waits for an answer, standing perfectly still. Its two-pronged tail contracts and extends, the feathery extensions folding and unfolding much like a ahdn fan.
  9. Welcome to Valucre!

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    2. Csl



      Are you an ARG?

    3. supernal


      Welcome to the site!

    4. Csl


      "We've been here before and we will be here again, let the games begin."

      April 4, 2020

      No idea what 2309 is but we'll find out eventually 🙂 

      I suspect you may be the same guy as Mr. E, but welcome to Valucre regardless, new ARG!

  10. Anyway for the other things... I think "The crippled planes walker by his side. She sits, see by bl(ind) womb mate eyes." is a riddle? A name? I'll review obby lore if I have time later this week, maybe it's someone previously mentioned in either the elendeath thread or the news article stories or the journal entries The poem seems to be a separate puzzle, since it's listed separately in the problem nexus. A four-letter passcode? Googled some lines of the poem and here are possible answers off the top of my head Ache Stab (knife-edge, needle, sharpened stone) Hurt Pain (throbbing pain, blinding pain, dull pain) Hate Sick (from green-gilled, stomach, joints and skull) Ouch (lol idk)
  11. Also I think this does confirm Obby's drawing inspo from UAOS Steganography --> a method from an old friend Also the last post in the UAOS discussion has "all of this null and void." which Obby apparently fondly remembers. Between Obelus and GM playing off each other and Obelus now calling UAOS an old friend... my heart 🥺🥺🥺
  12. I swear I'm most productive when procrastinating on schoolwork Ampersand's comment about this current puzzle possibly inspired by UAOS made me think, so I went to the UAOS general discussion and looked at the past puzzles. Based on this one, and the fact that the first line of hidden text has dots, I tried to look for the specific name of that cipher. And failed (seriously what is it called) But THEN I tried a spiral cipher, the one with the cute bee gif Ampersand also posted. And check this out: "All of it null and void but fondly remembered and much enjoyed a method of an old friend" I think the IN-OUT S-E-N-W refers to the fact that the type of spiral it was was from inside to outside, counterclockwise.
  13. Csl

    Posting emergency AFV on vielle's behalf - she has irl stuff to take care of. She says to expect her back either before march or by the first week of march.

    If you need to get a message across to her, contact me.

  14. Csl

    Veluriyam Empire AMA

    I'm treating everything in Renovatio, in relation to Veluriyam, as quasi-canon for now (Schrodinger's canon, if you will) since I'm aware revamps are still in progress throughout the whole board, but I have little idea how this will affect Port Sun. Port Sun did, however, canonically get destroyed along with Nehalen. I'm undecided if I still want canonize it being rebuilt since it was an artifact of old times anyway, and I'm focusing on solidifying the nation's domain in southern Fracture. If you want to take on the rebuilding canonization project yourself, feel free to do so. Depending on how things pan out with revamped!Reno, it might just become a trading ally of Vel, but not under its authority.
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