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  1. Csl

    The Brittle King's Tragedy

    The blast of light blinds Anatase and Celestine; both wince, yet hold their ground. Celestine, partially shielded by the doorway she's positioned herself behind, is the first to recover. She jabs a compartment in her gauntlet, withdrawing two small, hexagonal crystals that glow white like magnesium fires. "Pin him," her voice hisses through Anatase's ear. Anatase blinks away the stars in his vision and darts to the left. A few steps, and he's positioned himself in a way that puts the stone cat between him and the mural wall. Anatase stares at the stone cat, his silver eyes hard as he holds a lodepoint delicately between two fingers, perfectly still. As the creature turns, exposing a space between two stone plates, Anatase hurls the lodepoint. The piece of metal lodges itself inside the beast's body. Not a second later Anatase whips the second lodepoint into the mural wall behind the cat. Two blasts of white light come from the doorway. Celestine stands defiant, gauntlets raised, staring intently at the beast as it shifts its balance, caught off-guard by the explosions from the crystals. She doesn't move as it turns to face her. Anatase quickly makes a series of hand gestures, the crystal network in his gloves burning cold in response. There is a great crash as the cat is thrown against the mural wall, bringing up a cloud of dust. "We recorded that mural, didn't we?" Anatase mutters, wide-eyed. "What would you do without me," comes the amused reply from the other end. The mirth is short-lived as the cat bends backward with a terrible, terrible cracking sound, and transforms into something more terrible. Celestine cusses, and she almost never cusses, which means this is a very bad situation. Anatase hurries to Celestine's side, cringing at the CRASH of the stone man punching the wall. "We saw that cat before," he whispers urgently. "The vase. Bring it up." His tiger's-eye lens is covered in a thin layer of dust. Anatase removes it, wiping it on the inside of his coat, while Celestine presses a finger to hers, scrolling through the footage they had taken earlier.
  2. Artificer's picture: Going to catch up on posts and do schoolwork now so I'll give this a thorough read later/
  3. Alright I updated the main post with the images we have so far. An analysis I have spent waaay too much time on: The four pictures seem to be pages/excerpts from a diary, each written by a different character (who seem to be siblings). The names are blacked out but downloading the image files shows the file names as "Diary [Name]" The first page is written by Davant and is a simple, almost childish account of how he and his siblings ran away from home. There's a bunch of spelling and grammar errors so I'm assuming Davant is really young. There's mention of Terran lore, like @Witch pointed out, The Great Pine Barrens. There's also mention of Zengi and Jason of the Lions which are important Terran figures. This is weird because this seems to be the first time OBELUS has mentioned Terrenus (aside from its latest status). Notably, Davant mentions an "assasssin's guild" going after their parents. The second page is written by Nomalis. Davant mentions N[block] being angry for him pretending to be magic in the first page, so it's likely Nomalis he was talking about since the Nomalis diary page also complains about Davant "pretending to shoot blasts of fire out of his hands" Nomalis also mentions "a vigilante group" is hunting down their parents. There's also a simple cipher below that reads "Hey brother, can you read this?" backward as @elixir discovers No info on the third page yet, but the character who wrote it's named Ingsol based on Artificer's message on the Released Documents site The fourth page's written by Malark and... is a drawing of the four siblings with short descriptions of each. Three of them are stick figures and the fourth (Malark) is a more detailed girl. I think these are more lore-related than codes/puzzles for us to solve. Maybe we need to look further in the lore of the people/places mentioned? What we know of the characters: Davant seems to be the youngest and is shown wearing a cape in Malark's drawing. Apparently wants to have magic. He apparently listening to Malark's stories (something Nomalis is annoyed at) - maybe the stories are about Terran legends? Nomalis is a "know it all smartass" according to Malark. Doesn't like how Davant likes pretending to have magic. Apparently knows about or can make ciphers. Ingsol is described as "bossy" and "acts like he's 30" by Malark and is shown holding a book in her page. Davant says I[block] hates their father in his letter. He's also the one who apparently says assassins are after their parents. Gives Nomalis a death glare while she's writing her diary entry. Malark seems pretty vain considering her diary page's descriptions and how she put more effort in drawing herself. Tells Davant stories. According to Nomalis' page, she can do magic, and is the only one of them who is capable of such. Also seems to be the oldest of the siblings (one of her drawing captions for herself is "oldest = the best" I have no idea if these are relevant or just padding but I'm far better at this than codebreaking so might as well 😅 I'm also going to continue gently prodding @Artificer to share his page. Pic is below! Thanks dude ❤️
  4. Csl

    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    Will post a bit later today!
  5. Sorry fell asleep. Will now tackle these pics with a fresh brain after I get lunch. &'s pic is this by the way: @Artificer cmon dude release your pic already XD
  6. Csl

    Taen and Ursa Madeum AMA

    We have a planned plot to set up two more Taen cities (three, actually, but that last one's a ghost town in a literal sense) and post an interest check for important IC roles like governors, scientists, inventors, etc. But as for important/needed roles and a brief overview of the themes of each city: Lunaris: adventurers, blacksmiths, potion-sellers, map-makers, food and restaurants, an economy centered around catering to adventurers and trading with the local Mork'Outh City 2: scientists, researchers, clean energy device inventors: this is a small city focused on researching Taen's loci and environment, also the base of Veluriyam's R&D institution, Khartes. City 3: miners, warriors, mercenaries, ranged weapon inventors, spelunkers: an mining/outpost city near the mountains that keeps an eye on the Yh'mi mountain and warns Lunaris of Xer'orian attacks. Admittedly I got too caught up in other Valucre things recently so I'll be moving Taen lore rewrites and updates up my to-do list. Alex can answer the military one, but the Argonauts are more of NPC robot guardian things and not really a playable role.
  7. Csl

    Taen and Ursa Madeum AMA

    OOC, similar to the noble house process: make a house, have it approved, start writing. To go through the process IC, I suppose a family would have to pledge fealty to one of the minor/major noble houses and be accepted, something like promising to give Hildebrand part of your harvest if they allow you to work on their farmland and give you military protection. That's my explanation for it, anyway. Alex may have something more. Personally, there's far too little maritime trade and fishing going on for an island setting. I'm waiting on that pirates plot but it'd be fun to see more ocean threads. Have an angel queen drop down from the sky and bestow nobility upon you Under Veluriyam the path is probably become a vassal of a major noble house, do a lot in helping develop UM, get on the Empire's good side, maybe request for more power to help people? That's how I would do it, anyway. As far as I know there's no specific path for a vassal to become a noble house, but I do know we're keeping the number of noble houses constant, and MoonOwl recently put House Dermont on hold (we downgraded it to an aristocratic family). Maybe that could apply IC as well, if for example a noble house stepped down, Veluriyam would pick another house to take its place. Not sure though, so I'll let Alex answer this one more comprehensively.
  8. Do you MIND (hehe) sharing the pic you got here?
  9. Isn't that "So I see?" (sow, eye, "C") There's hidden text below that's visible when highlighted: "Fεε φhi fo fum?" ANYWAY AAAAAAAAH A LOT HAS HAPPENED and I'll try to break it down fast so I can go to sleep and not do the thing I did when I first started this thread and slept at 3am on a school night ; - ; OBELUS' Tip #4 status has hidden text: http://scratchpad.io/fair-view-4160. It's like an editable document/site thing. So far I think it's only @Artificer and me who've been writing in the chat box/space below the message. Based on his screenshots it first displayed this: <h1>Released Documents</h1> <ul> <li>Page 1 (D): Codebreaker 1 - <i>Ampersand: sent</i></li> <li>Page 2 (N): Codebreaker 2 - <i>elixir: sent</i></li> <li>Page 3 (I): Instigator 1 - <i>Artificer: sent</i></li> <li>Page 4 (M): Instigator 2 - <i>Csl: sent</i></li> </ul> OBELUS posted another dialogue/chat status here with icons/emojis to represent the characters speaking, similar to his very first status. More references to lore: a moon witch (Lilith??) and Nu Martyr. Related to the Nu Martyr Goes to War plot? @Ataraxy, have you been secretly working with OBELUS all this time? How dare u not tell me. THE JUICY STUFF As has been mentioned above, @Artificer, @elixir, @Ampersand and I were sent documents by OBELUS. I'm not sure why me (instigator: making this thread, maybe? calling for collaboration? I've contributed nothing more lol), but Artificer's been working on the ARG for a while, Ampersand solved the first of the skull pic codes and elixir solved the second one. Posting Artificer's messages (and my single message) here: Not really sure if I'm allowed to share it given he pmed it to me but... in the spirit of collaboration, I shall! (pls don't take away my instigator 2 status @OBELUS-senpai) I got this pic: The PM title was "To: Instigator 2" and the caption below the image was "Page 4 (M)" Thoughts?
  10. Csl

    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    Anatase makes a hand gesture, and his gloves activates both lodepoints'. Each lodepoint starts exerting a strong magnetic pull towards the other, and as the second one is fused to the wall, will hopefully drag the beast towards the mural Edit: Celestine shoots two crystals at the beast's hind legs, which will explode on contact and hopefully upset its balance.
  11. Csl

    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    Anatase sets the lodepoint's attraction to the metal in the beast's stones and throws it at the beast, aiming for its joints or anywhere with an opening. If it's successful it should nail itself into the beast's stone hide or get lodged in its inner workings. Then he throws another lodepoint at the mural wall, making it penetrate deep into the stone. Do I still have time for another action?
  12. Csl

    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    With his hand still lowered, not making any sudden movements, Anatase angles the tapered end of a lodepoint towards the thunder cat. Does he detect any metal in the beast?