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  1. Csl

    The Lounge

    Prognosticator regarded Noor's amazement with pride. "IT IS MAGITECH, COMBINED FROM VARIOUS LOCATIONS AROUND VALUCRE. THE SIMULATION IN PARTICULAR WAS ADAPTED FROM THE TERRAN EMPIRE'S LUMINAL ILLUSION ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM." Noor would be able to feel the flowers, even smelling them if she ever ventured to. After a pause, Prognosticator added "I NORMALLY MAKE MY FORMS OUT OF LIGHT, SO YES, YOU WOULD BE ABLE TO WALK THROUGH ME. I MOSTLY FUNCTION AS AN ASSISTANT FOR NEWCOMERS, BUT IF YOU DESIRE SO I COULD MAKE MY FORM TANGIBLE TO SHAKE YOUR HAND." The masked figure drifted over to the edge of the simulated meadow. "THERE ARE TWO OTHER INDIVIDUALS IN THE LOUNGE AT THE MOMENT. WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO INQUIRE FOR YOU IF THEY WISH TO SPAR?" "I SEE, THE TAVERN CAN OFTEN BE CHAOTIC." Prognosticator produced an electronic noise that sounded suspiciously like a chuckle. They perked up at the question. "NOT EXACTLY. WHERE YOU ARE IN NOW IS THE TAVERN OF LEGEND." The hologram extended a hand, and a small, three-dimensional model of the tavern building appeared. Beside it, a planet swelled, growing in size to dwarf it. "THE TAVERN OF LEGEND IS A PLACE THAT EXISTS BETWEEN VALUCRE AND ALL OTHER WORLDS. IT SERVES AS A HALLWAY THROUGH WHICH TRAVELERS PASS." Several paths, all stretching infinitely from various places, converged at one end of the tavern hologram. At its other end, a single path led to the planet of Valucre. "VALUCRE IS A WORLD. A PLANET. A REALM. IT IS COMPOSED OF THREE CONTINENTS, EACH OF WHICH HAVE SEVERAL NATIONS." Prognosticator peered down at the boy. "IF THIS IS OVERWHELMING, I CAN SLOW DOWN," they said kindly.
  2. Other non-Tavern posts I owe coming up this weekend. Apologies for the delay.

  3. Csl

    The Lounge

    "I MADE THEM," Prognosticator replied. They looked at the cat with amusement. "THEY DON'T HAVE AN ODOR. THEY'RE MADE OF HARDLIGHT, AS IS THE IMAGE OF ME THAT YOU SEE." At the question, the masked figure simply nodded. "THE SPARRING ROOM IS VOICE-OPERATED. YOU MAY GIVE IT COMMANDS AND IT WILL RESPOND TO YOU -- OR YOU MAY SIMPLY ASK ME, AND I WILL PROVIDE WHATEVER EQUIPMENT OR ENVIRONMENT YOU REQUIRE." Prognosticator gestured, and the air in the sparring room shimmered. The three figures disappeared. All of a sudden, Noor was standing in the midst of a grassy meadow -- a scene that extended only to the cords that bordered the ring at the center of the room. Warm rays of sun shone from a blue sky that covered the ceiling. Flowers swayed in an invisible summer breeze. "THE SPARRING ROOM CAN SIMULATE ANY ENVIRONMENT YOU DESIRE." A mouse peeped out of the grass, squeaking as it glimpsed the cat. It dashed off, and Prognosticator inclined their head towards it. "OR CREATURE." They seemed to beam as Noor asked their name. "AH, APOLOGIES. YOU MAY CALL ME PROGNOSTICATOR. I AM THE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE THAT MANAGES THE LOUNGE." "WHAT YOU SEE IS HOLOGRAM OF THE ARTIFICIAL SUPERINTELLIGENCE THAT OVERSEES THE LOUNGE. I PREFER TO MANIFEST MYSELF IN THIS WAY, THOUGH YOU MAY ALSO SPEAK WITH ME AT ANY OF THE TERMINALS IN THE COMPENDIUM." Prognosticator gestured to the door next to the vending machines. "IF YOU WISH TO ACCESS INFORMATION ABOUT THE WORLD OF VALUCRE, YOU MAY DO SO IN THIS ROOM." Despite the clear lack of facial features - or face, for that matter - Prognosticator radiated amusement. "YOU TURNED IN YOUR MONEY AT THE WEAPONS COUNTER?"
  4. Csl

    Tavern of Legend OOC

    If the main Tavern thread feels too crowded, you can join us in the Lounge ^_^ I backread some of your posts and it seems like your character is looking for answers to Valucre-related questions, which is what the Lounge is for -- something between a library and an in-character knowledge repository for Valucre. So if any of you other folks want your characters to learn about Valucre, hop into the Lounge!
  5. Csl

    Tavern of Legend OOC

    Tag me as well if you guys need responses from Prognosticator in the Lounge ^_^ 👌
  6. Csl

    The Lounge

    A beam of light flashed behind the boy, accompanied by a light buzzing noise. In a flash, a form spun itself out of light. It was translucent, robed in white, with a faceless mask in place of its face. Two antlers extended on either side of the figure's head, formed in strangely geometric angles. "HELLO" the figure said. "WELCOME TO THE LOUNGE. I AM PROGNOSTICATOR." Their voice was ethereal, of no distinct accent or gender. They peered down at the boy's attempts to steal from the vending machine. "MUCH LIKE THE TAVERN MAIN, THE LOUNGE'S VENDING MACHINE ACCEPTS ALL FORMS OF CURRENCY. PAYMENT IS NOT NECESSARY." The hologram rapped a knuckle against the machine's face. A can of some bright-red drink fell down the dispenser, falling on the boy's hand. At the girl's approach, another one of Prognosticator's holograms appeared, identical to the first. "WELCOME TO THE LOUNGE." Prognosticator eyed both strangers, seeming to radiate an air of pleasure. "IT IS MY FIRST TIME TO HAVE GUESTS IN A VERY LONG TIME. DO YOU SEEK KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE WORLD OF VALUCRE?" Shortly after Noor noticed the arrival of the others , another one of Prognosticator's forms appeared before the woman and her cat. "HELLO," said the masked figure, its voice crisp and resonant. "THANK YOU FOR MAKING USE OF THE LOUNGE'S SERVICES. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU NEED ANY ASSISTANCE IN OPERATING THE SPARRING ROOM, OR IF YOU WOULD WISH ME TO SIMULATE AN OPPONENT. SUCH AS THESE." With a wave of their hand, three other figures appeared -- a woman with a sword, a man with his fists up, and an intangible ghost holding two daggers. Each did not move, unlike their creator, and seemed unaware of Noor or Prognosticator.
  7. Csl


    Welcome to Val! If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask, the community's very helpful ^_^
  8. Welcome to Valucre! What genres do you usually like writing?
  9. Csl

    Svanhild Falls

    PARDUS LETUM The ringing in his ears fades slow, but Pardus registers the crack of broken bone. The scent of blood -- the girl’s blood. When he comes to his senses, the former Oathsworn lies dead at their feet. Keraunos holds Himei in his hand. It comes as no surprise that the blade has found the centurion worthy. Pardus gives the man a nod of thanks, sniffs in the girl’s direction -- not a breath of life stirs her lips -- and exits the room. Perhaps once, many years ago, he would have felt guilt at the sight of her limp form. She must not be much older than me, and far smaller too. Now, there is only the satisfaction of progress. They have obtained the blade, its wielder slain. The Hildebrand family falls next. Himei quickly proves a valuable asset in their mission. The blade dampens the noise of their approach, muting footsteps and the rustle of clothing. Even their untimely encounter with a pair of guards goes smoothly, Himei silencing all sound. Pardus nods once more. “Very good,” he tells Keraunos. “But we need to hurry now. Someone may have heard our struggle with the girl.” They move further into the castle, up another flight of stairs. And another. Together, they dispose of another trio of guards - their armor reduced to rust and rags, Ruin has no trouble piercing their flesh. The wounds are black, decaying even as the men begin to die. On the third level of the castle, the hallways are more richly-furnished. Pardus holds his breath, cocks an ear -- little details give away the chambers of the royal family. Diamond gemlight torches. The gentle breathing of those asleep. Light drafts moving through massive suites. The panther prowls forward, taking a deep breath. “Six of them.” Similar scents: family. Two in one bed, a man and the woman; this must be the queen’s brother, Jasper Hildebrand, as well as his wife. Pardus nods to one end of the hall. “I take this end. You take the other.” Oathblades held tight, he and Keraunos part ways. The set of rooms he enters belongs to a family of three. The husband and wife die in their bed, throats rotted through before they have a chance to scream. He takes a moment to consider the girl, sleeping soundly in her bed. Why do you hesitate? Ruin whispers in his ear. Pardus extends the Oathblade in response, rusted metal hanging over her head. He does not see it, does not hear it, but the stench of rot seeps from the girl’s mouth. She dies peacefully, quietly, the top of her spine below the skull crumbling, her lungs collapsing into dust. It gnaws at him. Ruin notices. The Queendom of Svanhild must fall, Pardus reminds himself. He leaves the room, heading further down the hallway. Silent steps take him before the royal quarters. Ruin turns the lock into dust; he pushes the door open. It is a modest dwelling for monarchs. Feline eyesight grants him clarity of vision even in the dark, but his senses say one thing: the room is empty. The queen and king are absent. No. Pardus wastes no time scouring the room, but there is neither sight or smell of the royal couple. Frustration simmers in his blood. The possibility of escape-- Can’t think of that now. He raises Ruin high above his head. With all his strength, plunges it down into the bed. Rot spreads out through the fabric, turning fine silks threadbare. Down through the bedframe, until the wood creaks and cracks and collapses. Down to the carpet, to the floor, to the stone beneath. In seconds, the bed is reduced to a blackened scar in the center of the room, moth-eaten covers crumpled over rotting floorboards. Pardus leaves as he came and rejoins Keraunos in the hall. There is noise coming from below now. Their presence has been discovered; one of the corpses left in their trail have alerted the castle guard. The shifter grips the sword tight, letting its power surge through him. He glances at a large window looking out over the garden. “Are we done here?”
  10. Csl


    Kababayan! Welcome to the site, glad to have you here ^_^ As Dabi recommended, the New Member Guide is a good starting point but feel free to ask any questions you may have -- the community's very helpful.
  11. Exactly twenty-seven minutes after, the four constructs clambered onto the decoy vehicles. Oryx waved goodbye to them, and the constructs, who were also Oryx, waved back. The three-eyed man wasn’t prone to showing much emotion -- Carbon’s observations would’ve told him this much. But even as they headed to the western side of the tower, Oryx seemed more a tad more cheerful. There was always pleasure in the act of creation, but -- Oryx grinned faintly as the alarms began blaring -- there was delight in hiding secrets for others to discover. “If our illusion gets close enough to the guards they send,” Oryx said, “we won’t have to be worried about them coming back into the tower.” ### Inside the tower, the air was dry. Crisp, even -- woefully lacking moisture, circulated through a ventilation system that kept humidity at a minimum. That wasn’t good. Still, the dragonflies zipped through the entrance, splitting into two groups to explore both pathways. Here seemed to be one of the tower’s back entrances -- secluded enough to be left empty of guards, likely an entrance for lower-level staff. They would need to find records (again) or secure storage areas, both likely off-limits to guests and lower-level staff, hidden deep behind security. They’d have to go deeper into, and perhaps up into the tower -- and where obstacles blocked the path was the way to go. Oryx nodded to their left. “Hallway there leads to what used to be the hotel brothel.” To their right, one of the dragonflies was considering the massive door opposite the hallway. After some fiddling with the lock with its legs, it crawled aside, allowing a smaller dragonfly to attempt entering the keyhole. It could not, and attempts to pick the lock left its fragile ice legs broken. As Carbon and Oryx had reached the door, it exploded in a puff of vapor. Best leave the lockpicking to the one who can control metal.
  12. Their plan outlined, Oryx nodded. The cloud above was slowly joined by others; the sky’s blue grew muted, shrouded by a cottony grey. Whether this was Oryx’s doing or the natural, inevitable condensation of Old Palgard’s tepid climate was unclear. Regardless, he seemed to perk up as the sky darkened. A light drizzle began, raindrops so airy they drifted down rather than fell. It was a fine mist that washed over them - and the tower - in waves. Oryx tilted his head up, to face the spray, lips pursed in thought. “Mmmmm… we can have some things up in ten, fifteen minutes.” His brow creased. “Maybe twenty, thirty instead. Just in case.” There was a briefest, faintest shimmer as the dragonflies descended from the cloud. The raindrops grew heavier, visible streaks glistening in the air and painting dark spots on the broken pavement. They fell- and where Oryx extended a hand, palm up, they burst into vapor upon impact. Pale smoke rolled down over the edge of the private’s hand, coalescing into cylindrical masses. Even more raindrops froze as they touched skin, forming needle-like growths that branched out with every added drop of water. Ice became bone, became a suggestion of a spine, became a torso and appendages -- the construct’s head held firm in Oryx’s grip. Oryx leaned down and breathed out a plume of vapor. Frost sculpted features from the ice. Satisfied, Oryx stepped back: a woman in military uniform stood before them, watching both men with the same carefully neutral expression her creator wore. The process was repeated three more times, producing four false military personnel. Upon creation, each assisted Oryx in the construction of their siblings, moving with the same casual efficiency Oryx did. Each had the same posture when standing idle, weight centered evenly on two feet. In every aspect they were like Oryx himself, even carrying the same voice in the moments they spoke (“What name are we taking?” “I want to use Sally” “I’ll be Tim.” “I don’t like that name.” “Peter, then.”). Even the curious admiration they regarded Carbon with as he constructed a few decoy mechs was distinctly Oryx. Every aspect, but for the eyes -- only Oryx had three, and each shone that strange glacier-blue.
  13. Csl


    Welcome to the site! If cyberpunk's your thing, I highly recommend checking out Martial Town or New Everrun --> the second in particular is fairly active of late and recently got "launched" as a setting. Here's the interest check for the city itself-- Looking forward to seeing you around Val ^_^
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