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  1. Welcome to Valucre!

  2. I'm making a character who'll serve as one of the main IC contacts for the Kingdom of Ursa Madeum / Corinthian Alliance since King Milorian's been kidnapped by pirates -- this post explains it. Will be posting his sheet in the next few days. @Samø plays another guy part of the Corinthian war council, Lupercarl. Tagging @Noonday Demon and @Witches Brew since both of you expressed interest in participating in the war effort -- feel free to hit me up if you guys are interested in a thread or two with the official rep of the Kingdom. Noonday in particular, given what we've discussed in PM ^_^
  3. Csl

    Tavern of Legend OOC

    @Gossip @ZachGreedy Hi and welcome to the ToL! You can use this thread for OOC chatter. Feel free to also ask anything about the Tavern or the site itself, though I see both of you are already off to good starts ^_^
  4. Csl

    The Tavern

    @ZachGreedy The barmaid that appeared did so with a flash of color, accompanied by the humming sound of the iridescent wings. If the man had encountered faeries before, and though they came in various shapes and sizes across different realms, he would recognize her as one of them. Wings aside, she looked like any other barmaid, if a bit short in stature -- average-looking, blue eyed, her blonde hair pulled up in a neat bun. "Welcome to the Tavern! My name's Claire" The barmaid's voice was light and sweet, her motions performed with a nervous quickness. She retrieved a pad of paper from her pocket and jotted down the order. "Of course, sir! Mister Ghallen always cooks deliciously." Claire bobbed her head, taking a deep breath of the savory scent that was drifting from the kitchens. "We're having- er- dried duck and mushrooms. It's best paired with orange blossom honey mead -- would you like to have that?" At his next question, the Claire perked up visibly. "You're in the Tavern of Legend!" Here, her words took on an almost rehearsed quality. "It's a place that lies between all other worlds and the world of Valucre. You can ask mister Vaddok, the bartender, if you want to learn more about the world -- he's got so many stories about it! Or you could go to the western wing to the Lounge. It's a new place, but I hear there's an oracle there that knows all there is to know about the world." "And-oh!" She tilted her head, wincing. "We don't offer rooms here, I'm afraid. The Tavern's just a place for people passing through. There's plenty of places where you can find lodging in Valucre, though!"
  5. @Rabbit vielle's AFV but I went ahead and posted so I could tick it off my list. No pressure on your post!
  6. Her attack landed. So. He's a summoner. Rozharon turned -- still keeping an eye on him with her acuity -- and put some distance between her and her opponent. The environment only gave her so much of an advantage. Transforming the marshland into quicksand would do no good; he could manipulate the earth as well. Rozharon retracted her dominion, pulling the power deep into her core; depriving herself of her power would allow her greater usage of it later, even for only a few seconds. The empress considered her options. There was plenty of earth, some plant-life, lots of microorganisms breeding in the soupy ground. The moisture in the air was plentiful. She could do something with that later. A trace of a grin touched her lips when she considered another option; she could fly, and lob projectiles at the man on the ground -- but she'd hidden her wings for the challenge of it. No, it would be only her the three tools left her disposal. Limitations would force her to be more resourceful. Rozharon extended her hands, thrusting her Dominion out like a net, imposing stillness on every particle within her range. Bubbles of water rose up from the ground, dripping upward into the air to evaporating. Soon enough, a cloud of condensation surrounded Rozharon, each fine drop of water swirling around her in a way that resembled a nascent hurricane. It took nearly all her focus. The woman drew her hands back to her body, the cloud compressing with the motion, swirling faster.
  7. Amorei | Courtyard | @Veloci-Rapture @Lucinda Valentine The way the first woman looks at the other sends a dull pang of mauve through Amorei. It is the one in blue who first takes notice of her. Amorei’s brow furrows as she draws near. There’s something uncanny about the woman in blue, something that reminds her of a school of fish moving as one, sunlight rippling off the silver tapestry of their scales. The siren probes with her empathy, sensing the strangest split in the fumes of color dancing within her. They - Ana - jabber away in reply to her greeting, and their candle-gold aura grows green with apprehension. They’re amusing, though. Athlascias. Lobster-men. Names of places and things beyond Ursa Madeum’s shores. “Mm, no. Too far. I’ve never left the Southern Sea.” Ana’s apprehension is growing distracting. Amorei simply sighs, placing a hand on her hip. “Relax. I’m not here to feed,” she drawls the words, each syllable a weight reluctantly dropped off her tongue. “As long as you don’t tattle about me.” A smirk follows the last words. “You two aren’t from around here, are you?” She gestures half-heartedly at Ana. “What are you?” ~~~ Rozharon & Lenore | Great Hall | @vielle @Malaysia NightReaver Gone was the nervous noblewoman Rozharon had met all those months ago; before her stood a queen, regal and composed, the dark crown sitting snug on her brow. Varda seemed to hold no ill will towards the Empress. A relief, considering how… divisive her former empire’s occupation of the islands had been. (’One might say you indirectly caused this queendom to come into being’ Lenore whispered in her mind. ’All that business with the meeting and all.’) Rozharon gave him the mental equivalent of a side glance. ’She owes me nothing.’ Out loud: “You as well, your highness. It’s a lovely party.” Again, she took her son’s arm. Just before they took their leave, Rozharon took a few moments to discreetly study the queen’s husband. With her acuity, this act took no visible observation, no darting gazes or subtle turns of the head; she saw all around her, in all directions. Who’s he?’ ’Quinton Swan. A businessman of some sort. He takes frequent trips outside the island.’ Lenore took note of the wariness rippling under the surface of his mother’s mind. It grew into concern when they turned away, and the man’s features failed to register in their minds. ’Should I investigate?’ Rozharon’s grip on his arm tightened. ’No need. We’re done meddling.’ Their path took them back out through the Great Hall. Her sole task fulfilled, Rozharon found herself unsure which direction to head to. Several figures of note were present. Per usual, Rozharon had taken note of their names and associations (either overheard or read from their lips) while Lenore provided commentary. After them, a businesswoman from the mainland approached the newlyweds (‘Trade with Hell’s Gate? That’s going to work out real well’). Raveena, pregnant, accompanied by her family (Ah, the elusive husband’s here too. Aren’t you glad your children form fully cognizant?’). Grant Knight, a Mythal elf on his arm. (’Pity about that drill, with the loci reawakening and all.’) There were more here, Rozharon knew-- other persons of interest, holding land or estates, within reach yet out of her line of sight, in the other wings of the mansion. Once, she would’ve snatched up every opportunity to forge connections, spinning her ever-growing web of influence. But all was settled; Eridianus’ borders were set, the Enclaves were self-sufficient, and the nation was at peace. She had neither need nor desire to expand its domain, and even less desire to interfere in its affairs. So she allowed Lenore to lead her to the two Hildebrand princesses. Aspen and Esme were speaking to a winged woman -- Queen Malaysia, Esme mentioned. Lenore grinned at the pair, presenting them a playful, subtly exaggerated bow that toed the line between formality and familiarity “Hello, princesses. It’s been a while. I hope you two are enjoying the party.” ’The singer and the scientist.’ The prince’s brief time assisting the Hildebrands with herbomancy had him familiar with the rest of the family. His visits to his estate in Svanhild were rarer these days, but his face was familiar around these parts. Lenore turned his attention to the strange woman, meeting her with a more reserved greeting. “Queen Malaysia, I assume? ” He pressed a hand to his chest, “I’m Prince Lenore Parálios,” then gestured to his mother, “and this is my mother, Empress Rozharon. I know little of Vdara, but I do know it’s a long way from here; I hope your journey was smooth.” He paused, Rozharon inclined her head in greeting, and Lenore continued on. “How is your kingdom? The distance between our lands make news from your kingdom quite rare.” The words came with warmth and confidence; friendly yet not overly familiar, confident without being arrogant. Even as he spoke, his gaze flitted to the queen’s wings. He arched an eyebrow, grinning. “Perhaps we’re distant relatives.” Rozharon gave him a mildly exasperated smile. “Now, Lenore. You know better. Wings aren’t uncommon in Genesaris; the High Lords themselves bear them.” She turned to Malaysia with a sheepish, forgive-my-son’s-silliness smile. “It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. We’ve yet to visit Genesaris, but one can’t have too many connections, don’t you agree?”
  8. Thread Tracker wip at the moment, might change this The Past i mean, what are the chances? 598 WTA [May 27] One of Many
  9. Csl

    The Tavern

    @Gossip A pair of black-rimmed ears pricked up at the sound of something hitting wood. Tova glanced up, catlike eyes widening at the sight of a guest clinging to the rafters. The boy cocked his head, tail twitching as he considered the newcomer with a furrowed brow. They hadn't been there before. His gaze followed the tankard of mead as it tipped over, falling to the floor with a clatter. Tova blinked slowly. He looked up at the stranger. Down at the tankard. Up again, at the stranger, who now looked decidedly distraught at the situation they'd found themselves in. He scratched the spot behind his ear, grinning at the clumsy being draped across the rafters like a very worried rag. "Ya need help there?" He locked his fingers together, pushing them up above his head in a leisurely stretch. Crouching down, the leopardfolk squinted up at the rafters, haunches shifting, then leapt. Tova caught hold of the ledge, pulling himself up with feline grace. Once seated beside the stranger, he cocked his head. Sniffed. Once again, he grinned, revealing inhumanly sharp incisors. "Weird entrance. Most patrons come through the door, ya know." Tova got to his feet, presenting the stranger with a sweeping bow, performed with no apparent concern for the height they were at. "It's Tova. Welcome to the Tavern, can I get you anything?" Again, he grinned. "Starting with down, maybe?"
  10. Welcome to Valucre! Unsplash is a decent place to get free-for-any-use photos.
  11. Csl

    Eridianus Artifacts

    Bumping, and posting an update since @Gossip is claiming the Golden Lily Comb!
  12. Hey, welcome to Valucre! Strongly recommend you read the New Member's Guide if you haven't yet, and you're free to pop into the Tavern of Legend if you'd like a sandbox area to start out on Valucre. If you're still into medieval fantasy, you might be interested in Ursa Madeum. Otherwise, sci-fi settings are plentiful on Valucre, with Martial Town being a good cyberpunk example. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, the community's very helpful overall ^_^
  13. Welcome to Valucre! New Member's Guide is always worth checking out and should get you started on how the site works. What kind of genres are your favorite to writing?
  14. @-Lilium-'s Fantas-Menagerie is a good example of this I'd love to see something high-tech/sci-fi, like an arcade. A simulation deck. A library that allows readers to relive historical events. Also carnivals, circuses, places where performances are held. Bazaars and food conventions. Arena for fantastical creatures to battle?
  15. Sorry for the late response, I was on AFV for a while. I appreciate your willingness to volunteer but there's already quite a few volunteers. I'd also prefer more experienced users who've been on the site for at least a while, and you're relatively new to Valucre. Thanks for the interest though! You're still free to greet new members via status or PM and reach out to them personally - you don't have to be staff or a ToL volunteer to do that. ^_^
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