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  1. Welcome to Valucre! Hope you like what we got here ^_^

  2. Heyy, welcome to Valucre!

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    2. SilentDestroyer


      Like... I want to know how I can post my OCs here, but it doesn't explain how to do so and sorry for the wait. For some reason I can't reply to status comments on my phone, but can on tablet.Β Β 

    3. Csl


      It's all right!

      Do you mean a character sheet/your character profile?

      We post character profiles OC info in the forum I linked, User Lore.

      You can tap the "Start New Topic" button there. It'll bring you to a new page where you can write your OC info, then you can post it. It will show up as a new thread.

      How does posting OCs usually work in your previous rps? Is the layout of Valucre different from what you're used to? It'd help if I knew where you were coming from.

    4. SilentDestroyer


      Hm... Okay. Ig I can check again for idk how many times I've already checked.. thanks. Anyways. I need sleep. So night

  3. You in the right place fam! There's plenty of fantasy on the site and you can check the World Overview for summaries on what kind of genres/themes are dominant on each continent. You can also check Quests (which work like writing prompts) like Genesaris' Quest Hub and Fracture's Quest Index Anything specific you like genre-wise? Stuff on Valucre is pretty varied and we have settings like medieval fantasy, cyberpunk, horror, sci-fi, all the things. If you prefer more character-driven stuff, you can post profiles and lore in User Lore, then put up an interest check/advert in the Water Cooler ^-^
  4. Welcome to Valucre! The New Member's Guide should help with the confusion, but if you have any other questions you can pop into the Outreach AMA (as the title says you can ask them anything) or shoot questions in the chatbox, since the community in general is pretty helpful. What kind of rp/genres do you like?
  5. I'd say things like arguments that escalate into swordfights, drug cartels, occasional monsters/wild beasts that enter the city. Maybe also things like missing kids, theft, vandalism, etc. Generally threats to peace and order that occur within the city, as opposed to attacks from the forest - the City Guard, which is an extension of the empire's military, deals with those.
  6. Csl

    ... Hi c:

    Nice! A fellow art commission dude. We got an art club specifically for art and commission stuff if you want to put up a commission page here, though you can also make a thread in the Chat forum and add a "showcase" tag to it.
  7. Csl

    ... Hi c:

    Welcome to Valucre! The New Member Guide explains most of how the site works and how to do things around here. Feel free to ask any questions you have though, particularly in the Outreach Team AMA; the community's v helpful ^_^ Character sheets also go in User Lore (Also yaas digital art. I'd love to see some of your work at some point!) The default post editor doesn't have line height editing but I have this tutorial that gives a workaround through html editing and lets you adjust things like letter-spacing, line-height, and decorate tables a bit more. You're welcome to reach out to me if you have any questions about that, specifically. See you around the site!
  8. Alright. Vielle says to read her past threads to get a feel for her vibe. Info not included in the sheet is that "she's an orphan who became a street grifter and learned magic from gangs"
  9. Pallas folded his identity inwards, erasing himself from the crowd's senses as M'yr joined him on the stage. It was only appropriate, he thought. He was but a spectator here, a silent witness to whatever would happen next. Loath as he was to admit it, he didn't know what to do either. It frustrated him. His eyes could only see so far. His reach over the land barely extended beyond the cities. Even now, his consciousness of the floods, the festival, and the bell was limited - an eye pressed against a keyhole, an ear to a wall. At her strongest, his mother had devoured gods, wearing their skins as their own. Pallas could barely feel the pulse of the loci. When the things from beyond the stars came calling, he would not hear their screams. If the heavens yawned open and spat out beasts from it's belly, he would not be able to make it swallow them back. Now, here, with ancient, alien seas lapping at the edges of his perception, he could only watch as the acolyte fixed the clapper inside the bell. Pallas felt restless. At a thought, the birds broke their circling flight over the bell. Pallas sent them streaking out across the city in opposite directions, out beyond the crowd. Everywhere, every corvine eye caught sight of the festivities - golden lanterns in the dim afternoon light, rows of stalls, the cacophony of music and and carousing throngs of festival-goers. Those[, he assured himself, were real. Possible impending doom aside, it was nice to see a celebration in one of the Three Cities. The Serpent's cult meant no harm, at least not explicitly. That was something he could be grateful for. He glanced at M'yr, who now stood before the crowd. M'yr began speaking. Pallas began to pace, his gaze lazily turning between the bell, the crowd, and the sky. M'yr's words were a dim murmur in his periphery. In the fractured vision given by his birds, the festivities continued. Pallas stiffened as sirens began to whine. M'yr reached for the bell and pulled the rope. Through seven sets of eyes, Pallas watched the rain fall. The prince pulled his mind back into his body, discarding the illusion that kept him hidden, discarding the bindings that concealed his wings. Feather sprouted from finger; bone burst from shoulder blade-- Pallas stared up into the sky with rapt attention, wings spread. Unblinking, he stood, as the rain poured into his eyes. Unblinking, though the raindrops burned his eyes with saltwater, as the winds buffeted his wings, sending him stumbling to his knees. Unmoving, as behind him, the bell's ringing sound reverberated through his skull. It's beautiful He could see it, now. Torn was the veil, broken was the wall. The curtain of water that thundered down were slits in the fabric through which he could peer. Pallas saw the depths- the grey sea, a benthic expanse that felt at once achingly familiar and terribly foreign. People were screaming. Pallas staggered to his feet, blinking hard. His wings folded back into his spine, into nothing. He curled a fist and found it empty, then realized he'd dropped his staff. Reaching down, he shivered as his fingers brushed against the half-inch of rainwater pooled on the stage. His hands closed around the staff. Pallas got to his feet, shaking off the haze that had descended on him. His thoughts felt distant, drifting again and again towards the depths from which the rain came. With some effort, he took in the scene before him. The rain didn't seem to pose any danger to the festival-goers. M'yr was still standing where he had been. Pallas released a sigh of relief, one that the wind stole as soon as it left his lips. The sirens continued wailing. The bell continued ringing. Pallas fought the urge to cover his ears as he made his way to M'yr, clapping a hand on the acolyte's shoulder. A sudden lull in the noise; Pallas swept a silent space around them, enough that they could hear each other. He took a moment to look over the acolyte. "Well." He was surprised to find his voice trembling, just the slightest, and hoped the acolyte wouldn't notice. "What now, M'yr?"
  10. doughton body snatcher plot chapter 3 summarized
  11. @Meraxa what would the honorable Teshuk think of this? πŸ‘€
  12. actually had plans for this but in the meantime we're going βœˆοΈβ†—οΈ three amigas πŸ‘©πŸ‘©πŸ‘©
  13. To be fair the boars quest is in south Kuiperal, while the Zkriz'ka are in the Moss Forest perhaps combining both quests to lure the Zkriz'kas toward the boards or vice versa could be an option? 1 page + 3 posts minimum should be ez pz lemon squeezy, if quest combinations are a thing Rabbit allows with his quests. πŸ‘Œ
  14. neat prompts! My favorites are the four-star ones. The false hydra, in particular, makes me go πŸ‘€ Since I use the Simple theme some of the posts have black text on black background (two-star and four-star and onward) which makes it hard to read. Aside from that though, they're great. Linked to the main quest and opportunities index!
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