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  1. Why the tag? I wasn't addressing my last post here to you, I just had a talk with Narcissa about her PGRP concerns and halfway through I realized she hadn't read the migrant guide - it cleared up things for her and it was really nice to talk about our shared views on what defines good roleplay game management,. It's possible other people had the same experience so I thought the reminder was apt. Again, I'm not here to convince anyone who's made up their mind about not joining PGRP. People have the freedom to choose what they want to do with their lives and all that. But it's good to hear you're personally taking the Val sunset as a positive thing in the end, not all goodbyes have to be sad or angry. May your non-rp endeavors go well, wherever they may be. 👌 As with a few other people who've (politely and civilly) raised concerns and/or points of confusion about the new site, I'd be happy to chat and maybe help explain things or clear things up ☺️
  2. Gentle reminder for Valucre people to read this: before jumping straight to the new site. There's a helpful Valucre Migrant Guide linked in that announcement too, which addresses many common concerns you may have about moving from Val to PGRP.
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    Tavern of Legend OOC

    Heads up for any new members-- Valucre is sunsetting We're moving on to a new site and you're all more than welcome to come. Join us on Pretty Good Roleplay!
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    tl;dr: not trying to convince Priestess to join the site since she seems to have made up her mind, I'd just like to address some of the concerns she's raised here since they're misplaced. Some of this I've already said to her via discord, but I'm not a fan of people judging things based on incomplete information and wanted a more thorough response on the forum. Actually, nah: I'm not here to tell you you should or shouldn't feel certain ways. Your feelings are valid, and being upset is understandable, and it's okay to not be okay with the change. Many people aren't, many people are. You have the freedom to express your sentiments on the change (as you have), but at the same time I can go like "damn girl, I know I put a campfire on the site banner but you don't have to call the whole site a trash fire ; - ;" (we do have two light themes which may be more accessible for reading for some) I can also say that you could've worded this sentiment more constructively. For example, you've mentioned on discord that you weren't a fan of reading long guides cause dyslexia. Because of that I'm going to look for fonts with better accessibility for an alternate theme. So, rude way to get that information across, but still useful feedback, so thanks! That's because captcha system is meant to ensure people who registered to the wiki had read (at least) the very first help page of the site -- What is Pretty Good Roleplay? Also, we don't actually require people to use the wiki. We have a scratchpad board for those who'd prefer to host character sheets and such on the forum, and people are allowed to link to content platforms like GDocs or Notions This is another thing that is mentioned in the second guide - Getting Started on PGRP. I don't think it's fair to judge a site when you haven't read the getting-started user guides, at the very least 🤷‍♀️ PGRP, as a whole, does not require character sheets. You only need a character sheet if you want to engage in a game that requires character sheets. In the same way you would've likely banned powerplaying Dauner from IOJ, other people can specify what kind of characters they want in their settings. It's a much better alternative than the board leader system where godmodders could just come and attempt to wreck cities at a whim, and board leaders would have to engage them in-character. Setting managers no longer have to tolerate nonsense like that -- which, I'm sure you'd agree, is a good thing! Players also have the option to use any setting as a backdrop for roleplay - setting managers are just not obligated to consider every thread canon. Valid decision, but -- we would've willingly given you a tl;dr or answered any questions you had about porting your area over... if you had asked with the intent to understand how to navigate the site, and not to immediately trash it based on first impressions. I've been working closely with a couple other Valucre members to help them port over their Val settings, and would've gladly done the same with you. Regardless - as I've also said on discord - sorry you feel this way, and if you ever find the patience to give PGRP a proper look, here's hoping you'll find it's actually an improvement from Valucre in so many ways! I'd be happy to elaborate how we've built in systems that discourage godmodding and toxic fixations on power/magic/combat. And to anyone else reading this and worrying about how Awful the new site could possibly be -- I suggest taking a look for yourself before judging! If you like it, come join us! If not - then that's fine, and it's okay to mourn the old site and move on to other places - but be assured that you'll still be able revisit your old content in the archive. ❤️
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    Alpalca @alpalcaofficial · 1m Grumble.pgrp just launched. See you on the other side :)))
  6. Do what your heart desires ❤️ Leave behind all that does not spark joy!
  7. I was hoping you'd see this - I was worried you weren't on Valucre much these days and you were an active Grand Election participant. He hasn't exactly made a secret out of being GM but we might as well unmask all the ominous mystery accounts since Val's sunsetting : p Where Csl goes, there is a vielle, and vice versa. 😉 Hope the book editing is going well! See you on PGRP?
  8. Two things: Concerns those who have territories/organizations/lore in Eridianus
  9. I had mixed feelings when supernal first announced the plan to archive Val and create a new roleplay project. At that time I’d already considered quitting Valucre permanently for personal reasons, so after I got over the sadness of Valucre’s sunset, I decided helping build a better roleplay site was more appealing than leaving the old site forever. Creating stuff on Valucre has been a beloved hobby of mine for a couple years. While I have many good memories from my time here, my bags are packed, my sunscreen is on, and I’m anxious to leave and start my roleplay and roleplay-adjacent creative journey anew. So, I’ve decided to leave behind most of my characters, organizations, and even territories. The specifics, for those who’ve been involved in the boards I manage, are below: Eridianus I no longer have any interest in managing the region as a whole - it was fun, but it came from a pretty messy in-character history anyway, so it’s time for me to move on. I am also not porting over any characters involved in it such as the Paralios dynasty or my Taen characters. However, if you’ve built something in Eridianus in the past and would like to port it over to PGRP, don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m willing to help you figure out how to move your lore over to the new site and set up everything for play. Just remember that this time around, you’ll be managing it as a standalone setting and it won’t be attached to Eridianus anymore. You’ll have much more freedom in managing it though - again, the migrant guide explains it in-depth. Ursa Madeum As Ursa Madeum was created by a different user and I also have no interest in managing it, it will also be left behind on Valucre. I am, however, working on a high fantasy setting that is in many ways a spiritual successor of Ursa Madeum - Alvyris. It will be very different from Ursa Madeum itself, but some of the plot elements will be familiar to those who’ve been part of Ursa Madeum’s first arc. For example, it’s got imperialism, an archipelago ruled by a feudal monarchy, a neat magic system, and nine mythological figures with unique powers. In most ways, it will be very different - it takes place in a desert world, for example, where civilizations have formed around a single oceanic freshwater oasis. Alvyris is still very much a work-in-progress and we are going to take it’s development at a pace we’re comfortable with, so don’t expect it to be open for public access anytime soon. Taen I am planning to port over a soft reboot of Taen named Zeridu. It will also not be Taen as it currently is, but it will be an iteration of the setting that came into being after a mysterious event that altered the land’s reality on a massive scale. While it likely won’t carry on Taen’s history or canon events, Zeridu will retain the weird fiction, biopunk, and pastoral sci-fi themes that were my favorite aspects of Taen. Completing its lore isn’t a priority for me at the moment, but if you’d like to hop aboard the new project whenever it launches (likely months from now) let me know! Other stuff Btw you guys should check the Obelus reveal it’s pretty nifty 😉 That’s pretty much all I have to say as Csl. I’ll see you on PGRP as Tlustrada :)))
  10. I’ve been on this site for around 5 years - some users have been here for more, and others less. But to quote the migrant guide (which I wrote most of): “... ultimately, all things come to an end. Valucre's end is less it dying, and more of all the great ideas behind it being reborn into something better and brighter.” I’ve seen two extremes for large-scale RP site setup. They’re either very open and freeform, which breeds amateur godmodding murderhobos, or they’re too structured, with too many barriers to entry, and at worst become an elitist circlejerk of veterans. Valucre is in many ways a successful attempt to find the middle ground between the two - it avoids super high barriers without sacrificing quality engagement, and over the years many users have built wonderful things and played amazing storylines on here. But Pretty Good Roleplay takes all this to the next level, far exceeds what Valucre had, and strikes the golden balance. Whereas I've seen roleplay on Valucre focused on the world and things you can do in the world, or things you can gain or take away from the world, PGRP takes a step back to frame things in the bigger picture - how should a game world be built? How can you build a game world that is both fun to manage and fun to play in, one that supports fulfilling long-term storylines but doesn't lead to burnout? Instead of the bureaucracy that often plagued the board leader system, game managers on PGRP have full liberty over settings they create. Instead of viewing settings as merely places characters can travel to and do whatever they please in, PGRP frames them as games where the game manager has full control in defining what kind of storylines they support, what kind of approaches they encourage (whether it's combat, socializing, or others), their canonization process, and other useful criteria. In the end, play-by-post roleplay is a game. Different players want to play different kinds of games, and different game managers want to run different types of games. What PGRP did is built a freeform system that supports game managers who want to run the games they want to, while making it easier for players to find games that they want to join. At the same time, that system rewards sustainable, dynamic game management and encourages sustainable roleplay. ✨ The migrant guide goes into these things in more detail but it's all pretty amazing and I'm excited to see what stuff you guys create on there. I’ll see you on the other side :)))
  11. The continents are now fruits. Pearrenus / Lagrimango, Cherrysaris, Kiwierno, Nehalemon, Faerjagrape.

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  13. "But a thing isn't beautiful because it lasts"

    “But what is grief, if not love persevering?”

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