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    Soon you'll see

    Teach me the magnification trick you did at Misral. You have to mimic the way the lens bends light. Pallas and Lenore paced opposite ends of the balcony, keeping a silent commentary on the events as they watched the nobles arrive. Aveline, with her questionable stack of paper. Next was Varda, polite in speech and conduct, as always. Two of her siblings joining the twins on the balcony. Lenore eyed Jasper Hildebrand. Pallas frowned as he caught the plan weaving together in his brother’s mind. Do you think Mom will let- -me stay? Neither offered an answer. Both continued their quiet observation of the arrivals. Abigail Karradeen, weapons at the ready. Godric Uldwar, somehow old and withered, his gentle words a contrast from the strife that seemed to hound his house. His oldness: that’s new. Rumors, rumors. What do the people whisper? Hasn’t he married a Dali? Ilyana joined them at the balcony. Where’s Mia, I wonder? Hiding away, guilty? Milorian Mythal and the Grand Kommandant, the latter accompanied by a guard. A pity about the hair. Sight too? And his wife’s family. Whatever guilt they’d felt at Misral had been cast aside as easily as an old toy, for the here and the now was the assembly, far more interesting. Not our concern anymore. Milorian pulled Godric’s seat aside. Lenore’s finger’s twitched. A figure woven from light and idea materialized below, bowed at the two nobles, and took the seat, silently and swiftly carrying it outside the room. Several Dalis joined the spectators. No Halisera. Disappointment and relief mixed with curiosity. The twins eyed Ampelos. Isn’t that the museum man? The only headless house here, aren’t they? Grant Knight. That look. Something’s afoot with them and Hildebrand; but then again, it’s them. Alexandros and Andross Kholin. Keep to themselves. Tankred did too, after a while. Oathsworn. Two more spectators trailed in, both familiar to the brothers. We never were able to have a chat with Sunscar, weren’t we? Visit Crowley? See if Guzon gets along with it or Marrow. Out loud, below a whisper: “Guzon, do you want a friend?” It won’t be necessary, Master Pallas, replied the sword. Ah. The twins turned their attention to Tynes. Man’s in the oil business now, isn’t he? A ripple of mutual disappointment crossed their minds. It’ll be quite the lightshow if they toe the loci’s limits. Pallas returned to his pacing, discreetly watching as Tynes entered a conversation with Renovatio’s Grand Kommandant. Lenore stood quietly for a moment, then walked towards the Hildebrands. Lenore. Not now. Pallas’ thoughts were edged with irritation. Lenore greeted the siblings with a short bow. “Lord and Lady Hildebrand. It’s a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance” He beamed a brief smile towards Merel before turning to Jasper. Pleasantries first, or should I get to the point? The soft music from below stopped. Brother. She’s starting. Lenore ignored Pallas. “I have something of a business proposal for your house I’d like to discuss with you, if you’re available.” @vielle
  2. Lenore thought for a moment, keeping the audio block intact around them. You could send them after the Dead? I wouldn't mind having a personal arsenal provider. Lenore sent back the mental equivalent of a glare. He could hear his brother laughing silently. "In all honesty," he told Thurgood, "I don't know what my mother has planned after the assembly in Ursa Madeum. I know she intends on continuing to strengthen Veluriyam, and that she'll be returning to Taen, but aside from that I can't say for certain." There were gaps in their mother's mind. Where once he and Pallas had been free to access the vast trove of her memories, sharing information lightning-fast, she was beginning to shutter certain areas. "I can say that she's adverse to armed conflict. I'd advise against doing anything that puts us at odds with other nations." We have to admit, a navy would be useful. Didn't Titus have plans to conquer that- -sunken city? We know Mom works differently from him. Lenore waved over a server to refill his cup, catching sight of the Hildebrands. He turned back to Thurgood. "You are more than welcome to remain in the Mil Dot Lunaris for the time being," he said. "At the rate Lunaris is expanding, any assistance you can give in terms of construction would be greatly appreciated. There's a military outpost being constructed up west to help keep the creatures from the dark mountain contained. I've no doubt they'd find firearms useful."
  3. Kessler’s invitation elicited a smile from Rozharon. “I’ll visit when the opportunity presents itself.” she said. Norkotia continues to strengthen their presence on Ursa Madeum. The Empress’ attention flickered to Koji - to whom she directed a nod of acknowledgement - then to Raveena, still conversing with her son. He’s not the only one finding a foothold in the islands. She returned her gaze to Tynes. Greetings and pleasantries exchanged, the Norkotians were quick to move the conversation to more practical matters. Efficient. To say she appreciated this wasn’t accurate, but Rozharon did hold something of a preference towards efficiency. The minister was more than willing to share the information on the attack. Rozharon listened, quietly filing away every detail for future reference. Beside her, Pallas drank in every word, eyes gleaming. For the first time, he spoke. “The Dead,” he said thoughtfully. He tilted his head. “That they were capable of destroying Tia suggests the group sent after you wasn’t anywhere close to their full strength. It’s not unlikely those were… errand boys, perhaps? Sent with the goal to frighten, to maim and not kill.” His brow furrowed. Rozharon could see his mind racing, feel him rifling through the information she’d gleaned from the event. Pallas glanced at his mother. She gave the briefest of nods. He smiled, the expression eerily similar to the one his mother had worn moments before. His amber gaze returned to the Norkotians “This is valuable information. Thank you, Prime Minister. Grand Executor.” Rozharon nodded. “Indeed. I’ll bring up this concern when the Alliance convenes next.” She glanced behind her. "Now, if you’ll excuse me, I believe I need to speak to Emperor Koji.” Another smile, a brief bow, and she made her exit. “Emperor Koji.” She greeted him with a touch more familiarity. “It’s good to see you here.” @Tyler @Twitterpated Pallas watched his mother leave. He folded his arms, considering the three foreigners for a long moment. Diplomacy was more of his brother’s forte, but he could manage well enough. He sighed, glancing away. “It’s true, what you said. Terrenus is getting increasingly unstable. Taen’s receiving a heavier influx of refugees as of late, though it’s unique nature keeps it relatively protected from whatever chaos plagues the mainland. Ursa Madeum suffers mostly from... internal strife." His gaze drifted from Kessler, to Redbridge, to Tynes. "You're at the mainland, though. How's Norkotia doing? I hear there’s a new sect of Gaianism gaining popularity up north, but they’re supposedly peaceful." "I just at least wanted him to live long enough to see the navy we'll build the Empire, a proper blue water navy that would have allowed him to reach out and touch any point on Valucre's oceans. At least you, Pallas, and you mom will..." “Mm. It’s all good. Ursa Madeum wouldn’t have been the best location for your level of technology anyway.” Lenore sipped his coffee, produced a handkerchief, then wiped the froth off his lip. “There’s a team of researchers who’re still studying the nature of Taen’s genius loci - I don’t know if Mom’s told you, but that’s the ‘spirit’ of the location that tends to determine the laws of reality to some extent. Without going into technical terms, Taen’s ‘adopted’ Ursa Madeum, and its protecting the nature of the Ursa Madeum loci-” he winced, “-which is… not very conducive to modern technology.” He looked down as the two radar foxes arrived. “Hello Vivian, Nadia.” “But yes, like my brother’s told you,” Lenore continued, sighing, “There are better places for you two to be than Ursa Madeum.” He paused, then projected an audio illusion around them that rendered their next words inaudible to eavesdroppers. "The way things are going in Terrenus, there's a need to strengthen the empire's military. We'd appreciate your help for that." @notmuch_23
  4. What are the reavers looking at/what direction are they facing? Can Anatase look down over the railing at the door to see if anything has changed?
  5. I mean it's more like why can't Karradeen and Vel be friends? C'mon bro, the guy who demoted Karradeen is dead and Roz is clearly much nicer and definitely doesn't have any ulterior motives for every single thing she does. Isn't it obvious by how willing she's handing UM its independence and withdrawing all of her influence from the kingdom? ;)
  6. Yeahh. That part's probably better clarified by the guy himself.
  7. Welcome to Val! New member guide is a must-read if you haven't checked it already. Valucre is mostly fantasy so I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for. For crime, there's a neat criminal organization called the Dead who's recruiting members. Might be your kind of thing:
  8. The ANT Treaty states that "All member nations must protect the basic rights of their citizens" which are pretty much in line with notmuch's charter of rights. You can assume that at least in the territories Vel 100% has authority over (Taen's cities and Stronghold at the moment) these are implemented. Ursa Madeum's a unique case in that Vel lets the houses govern their own places as they like, intervening only in extreme cases like Oscar murdering several Hildebrand knights. If they got wind of serious human rights abuses, they'd definitely intervene, but it's entirely possible Uldwar's still executing criminals and Karradeen's still torturing pirates. I think notmuch's going by the assumption that UM's still pretty medieval in that in some Houses, there are executions and people jailed without trial (Uldwar's the only example I can think of at the moment but I believe Karradeen has a torture chamber somewhere) In this case, the proposed rights would probably be something to be approved and implemented nationwide by the new republic/monarchy/council government which notmuch's probably gunning for.
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    Hi there

    Welcome to Valucre! What kind of genres do you like?
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    Soon you'll see

    Photo by @crew on Unsplash The twins stood on each end of the balcony that formed an arc around the stage. A crack danced across the walls between them, occasionally sending dust filtering below. I’ll miss this place, said Lenore. Well, thought Pallas, we could always visit. I don’t want to just visit. Nothing’s set in stone. Mm. The nobility offing themselves all at once is always a possibility- -then we’d have to stay. At opposite sides of the room, the brothers laughed under their breath. @Thotification @Tyler @King @vielle @Infernal @Aleksei
  11. Thread is up: Spectator thread here: Seating arrangement, which I've also updated in the first post of the OOC The list of topics to be discussed, more or less in order. Eruption of Mount Egon House Tankred Damages; state of Misral Mia Uldwar Capture of Oscar Uldwar; Leadership of Uldwar The Oathsworn Ursa Madeum Independence
  12. Csl

    Time will tell

    Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash The Andelusia Opera House had once been the soul of Ursa Madeum, a stage that hosted the queendom’s best talent. Once, it had been the central and most popular performing arts venue in the queendom, hosting operas and classic plays. Not anymore, Rozharon mused. The building had been a shell of its former glory when she’d visited; another victim of the Tyrant King’s rule and his disregard for his kingdom’s history and culture. Most of the opera house had been damaged. It would be used one more time before she left the islands. Apt, that this relic of the old kingdom would be the stage to usher in the new government. As she did with all things abandoned and unused, Rozharon had repurposed the amphitheater into a meeting hall. Crumbling walls had been repaired, the stage salvaged, ruined seats removed. Now, sunlight filtered into the space through windows that stretched from ceiling to floor. If one looked southwards, one could glimpse the gleam of the ocean on the horizon. The nobility would be seated at a table at the center of the space, where the stage had once stood. Anything spoken here would carry across the room. The balconies, which had remained intact, would host those not participating in the discussion. Paper and pens were provided at the table, should the representatives of each house wish to take notes. In addition, a page containing the matters Rozharon intended to discuss was placed before the seat of every noble. Guards were stationed outside the building. Pallas and Lenore walked the balcony, providing enough security for those there. As for the assembly of nobles, well, Rozharon was present. That would be enough. Now, there was little to do but wait for the others to arrive. Rozharon paced, her steps silent. Her sons were chatting amongst themselves, quietly excluding her from the mental conversation. Rozharon eyed a grand piano at the corner of the room - one of the few pieces of furniture that had been mostly undamaged. ᴘʟᴀʏ sᴏᴍᴇᴛʜɪɴɢ. The Angel-Queen sat herself before the keys. A simple tune thrummed through the old opera house. She waited. @Tyler @notmuch_23 @danzilla3 @Infernal @King @vielle @Aleksei @supernal
  13. Reluctantly had to go on a trip today and tomorrow's Sunday, so threads will be up on Monday. Also I'm trying to figure out a seating arrangement that will cause the least bloodshed and slap fights, which is hard. Sorry for the delay ; - ;
  14. Rozharon Here was a consideration that returned again and again, a dead-end tunnel for the trains of thought, the bloody gap of a knocked-out tooth a tongue couldn’t help probing and prodding. Rozharon was an instrument. Her existence furthered the intent of the Syngraf. It was irrelevant what (who) the Syngraf were (she neither knew nor had ever desired to know). It was fact, the absolute, unchangeable reality that simply was. Sometime between now and two months ago, when she’d brought her sons into existence, this had changed. Inexplicably, Rozharon found herself wanting something both unnecessary and insignificant: the happiness of her sons. To a certain extent, Pallas and Lenore could glean the directions her thoughts took. Not now. She kept the surface of her mind carefully dark. They didn’t know she felt absolutely nothing; not when she stood listening to her husband’s last breaths, not when she watched every tear fall during the funeral. Not now. You can't raise the dead, but you can help protect those still living. That was the mask she’d wear this hour, then. Her eyes were fixed outside the window, but Rozharon’s peculiar sight afforded her a full view of the room. As she sipped from her glass, she watched Raveena (a good friend of Titus, a valuable ally in Hyperion) lean against her son (Senaria’s fast to form alliances and partnerships, probable focus on developing Thraece, in line with THRIVE). Perhaps there was something she should have felt towards the casual display of affection between mother and son, but her attention turned to other things. She watched Aveline and Thurgood Singlance position themselves at a side table (such a solitary pair, isolated from the others both by choice and chance). She felt Lenore’s sympathy and Pallas’ guilt; he had delivered the message that the Singlances were to leave Ursa Madeum mere days before Titus had passed away. She watched, without ever laying her eyes on them, as two Norkotians begin to make her way towards her. Rozharon glanced at the Singlances, then her sons. “Talk to them?” she suggested. Now’s a good time as any to emphasize how we value their loyalty, their service, and how Veluriyam does not let these things go unrecognized. Lenore left. Pallas remained by her side as Tynes and his companions approached. They offered condolences. “Thank you,” Rozharon said, with a wan smile. She gave Kessler an apologetic look. “No, I’m afraid I haven’t. Titus was often the one to manage foreign affairs.” She shook each of their hands. “It’s a pleasure to meet both of you.” The Empress returned her attention to Tynes. Her gaze flitted down to his arm. Prosthetic. Norkotian craftsmanship. She took a moment to sweep her telemetry over the device, committing every detail of its components and mechanisms, to memory. “I’m sorry to hear about the incident with Hildebrand several months ago. I’m glad to see you’ve recovered. Has there been any progress on identifying the attackers?” Though the prince’s perfectly neutral expression didn’t change, Rozharon sensed Pallas perk up. This, and the Dali kidnapping at the ball? Pallas' thoughts came burning with irritation. You're dealing with this eventually, aren't you? Of course, Rozharon replied silently. Why do you think I made you two? @Tyler Lenore He didn't know what to feel. If anything, it was irritating that complete strangers seemed to mourn his father more than he did. They'd shed tears. Lenore couldn't summon more than a vague, empty despair that gnawed at his chest, an anxiety that was founded more on the struggle to appear in grief than any actual grief. At least with the Singlances, he wouldn't need to project the air of quiet solemnity his mother wore so easily. He sat down at their table "Hey." After a moment's hesitation, he added, "It's Lenore." Another pause, then, "I'm sorry. You two knew Emperor T- my father more than I and my brother did, I think. I'm sure he was grateful for all you did for him and... well, the Empire." Another pause. "Seriously, despite all the drivel that comes with being a noble-" temporary as it was, still don't quite understand why Mom did that "- you've done a lot of good. On behalf of his family. Thank you." That was that, mostly. Lenore was too tired to weave eloquence in his words, to act his supposed age. He waved a server over and ordered a latte. @notmuch_23
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    In the midst of a writing block I decided to finish this. Yas queen.
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