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  1. Taen HQ

    I'm going AFV for a long while, possibly until March 2018. I have to focus on an IRL project I'm planning, and can't give Taen the time it deserves. Really sorry I can't be around more (_ _)
  2. Taen HQ

    Sorry for disappearing again. It's exam week ; - ; Will be back soon-ish
  3. The worm that walks (Into the desert)

    Carina winced as Tafili tripped, rolling down a slope that seemed to appear from nowhere (that was the problem with deserts- the ground looked even, just all those dull shades of brown and yellow, until it wasn't) From behind her came the sound of paws drumming on hard earth. Oh no. Carina started running, risking a glance behind her. The pack of Desert Wolves had broken into a steady run - the energy-conserving gait that seemed almost relaxed, a run that would allow them to chase their prey without tiring for over several miles. The researcher groaned, squinting in their direction. These wolves looked hungry; clearly, she and Tafili were two of the meatiest things they'd seen for a while. They wouldn't easily give up the chase. She scanned the area in front of them. Carina's eyes widened, spotting a slight dip of the ground. With a sharp motion, she dove forward, intangible wings propelling her, and shoved Tafili down another slope. She let herself dive, body angled downwards and aiming towards what lay below - the beginning of the sand canyons, tan and red and ochre in the heat. Reaching the bottom of the slope, she skidded to a stop, checking to see if Tafili was alright. "Are you hurt?" The slope was steep, but relatively smooth - hopefully, as they'd disappeared from sight and gained some distance, the desert wolves would momentarily give up the chase. Dusting herself off, Carina looked around. East, and directly in front of them, were the huge sandstone canyons, carved by the winds of time and the sand they carried into awesome shapes. The first row of rock formations cast a shadow on them; Carina welcomed the relief from the sun. She peered into the dim innards of the canyons, considering the twisting paths that wound between the rock plateaus above. She glanced at Tafili, then at Guest. "Do you know where to go? Or rather, does he?" From behind, she heard the faint padding of wolf paws. "Better make a quick decision."
  4. Taen HQ

    I updated the quests and finally finished updating the Taen Timeline! Anyway, ciao for now. I must school. Replies and other stuff coming this weekend, hopefully. Also @Sétanta the Hound you'll have to start the quest thread before I update the quest availability!
  5. Interlude: Seb and Carina

    "Hm. Well, they always do, eventually," Carina said, dragging her gaze away from the window. Seemed like Taen was in one of its usual cycles of chaos again. "With all the disasters Lunaris keeps experiencing every few months, at least in a few generations they'll either be extremely hardy, or insane." Her interest was piqued at the mention of the sword. "Oh yes, that. Whatever's up with that?" She had yet to personally see Sebastian's legendary sword in action. As rare as her visits to Lunaris were, though, she'd heard many a tale about it. It's been unusually vocal since that rip in the sky appeared... "It... speaks?" That was interesting. Was the blade imbued with some sort of magic that gave it sentience? Did it have a soul? Was it merely a reflection of Sebastian's subconsc- Oh, right. She should be not working. Or thinking about work. (Though technically, asking about the sword itself wasn't work. Technically.) There was that dull tug in her chest again, pushing her to go outside, to fly, to explore, to document, to chronicle everything and everything about Taen. Carina ignored it. Not today. Sebastian was saying something. Carina blinked, returning her attention to him. "Excuse me, what?" The waiter arrived, bringing two steaming cups of coffee. Grateful for a distraction, and hoping Sebastian hadn't noticed her lapse in attention, the researcher took the mug. Hot. She blew on the liquid, gingerly setting it on the table for now. She was paying attention when Sebastian asked another question. "Huh." she said, tapping the side of the mug with a fingernail. "That's a hard question to answer." When had they last talked properly, exactly? It had been a few months since she'd been appointed... what was it again? Advisor? Yes, the letter - that was the last time she and the Governor had talked properly. They hadn't really interacted much aside from that and the handful of times she'd dropped in when she'd needed something. The occasional letter was also necessary, though their communication had faded away since Athena had arrived and she'd been sent to explore the caverns. A lot of good that did, anyway. "The short version is," Carina said, after a pause, "I've discovered signs of a civilization that's been living underground, a new species of salamander, and apparently, some symbols carved on stone that foretold the arrival of that-" she gestured to the silver portal. "Right now... well, my policy has always been non-interference, for the most part. Lunaris seems capable enough of handling itself, so I'll not be joining any major expedition to stop whatever monster's tearing the fabric of reality this time." She paused, exhaling sharply. "I've been busy, basically." she said with a half grin. Carina brought her coffee up to her lips. Oh, it wasn't as hot now. Carefully, she took a sip, then laid it back down. "Come to think of it, I've realized nobody every asks about pasts here in Taen," she mused. "I have no idea where Taen came from- a half lie - she knew exactly where all things came from -"Or Titus, or even Marik Cayne. For all I know, all of you appeared out of nowhere, saw a bunch of insects, and started fighting them." She shook her head in amused disbelief, then took another sip. With a clink, she put her mug down on the table, fixing Sebastian with her birdlike stare. "How about you? What's your backstory, or whatever the technical term is?"
  6. Dice Rolling Thread

    desert wolves roll
  7. Taen HQ

    @Sétanta the Hound you can go ahead start the quest! Sorry I hadn't gotten to updating it yet. Also, replies and stuff hopefully coming later today. It's been a busy week ; - ;
  8. Taen HQ

    Sure sure. Ill update quests later
  9. Taen HQ

    We're restarting the order since the thread died for a while so you can go ahead post ^_^
  10. Taen HQ

    Homesteading Old School's a really neat thread. Be sure to submit it for canonization when you're done! :D Also, @Hurttoto if you have time, mind posting in the Silver Skies thread? Forgot to ask but @notmuch_23 you still in for Silver Skies as well?
  11. Interlude: Seb and Carina

    For all the disaster it had gone through, it was surprising Lunaris had at least one decent, intact coffee shop. As usual, though, there was still something wrong. Carina hurried through the streets of the city, hands in her pockets, pointedly ignoring the sky. Not today. Today was a break day. She wouldn't be riding the air currents of this pocket dimension, wouldn't be jotting down notes, wouldn't be analyzing new organisms in Dr. Mortimer's abandoned lab (the last she had checked, there was a "On Vacation" sign nailed to the door, so she'd proceeded to help herself to the tools inside). Her shoulders even felt disturbingly light from the absence of her knapsack. She shook the thought away, taking a deep breath. No, today was a break day. Lunaris was looking rather nice lately, in fact. Thankfully the latest chaos was happening far in the Mountain Quadrant this time. Instinctively, her thoughts turned to her discoveries - the stone-carved prophecy Athena had found, the caverns running under Taen, the- She ground to a halt, realizing she had almost passed the coffee shop. A quick glance inside showed Sebastian already at one of the tables. Carina glanced at her watch, wincing. Late again. Quickly, she entered, taking the seat opposite him. "Hi. Sorry I'm late," By habit, her gaze wandered - there was a handful of other patrons, nice, homey wooden decor, and, oh, a menu. She picked up the menu, waving a waiter over. "I'll have... well, whatever's drink's your bestseller here." She glanced at Sebastian. "Have you ordered?" She turned to the waiter. "Make that two of your bestseller." She put the menu down with a soft sigh, folding her hands on the table, and finally allowed herself to stare at the silver rip in the sky. "So. How has Lunaris been, Governor?" she asked dryly.
  12. Taen HQ

    If you can make a plant into a slightly more animal-ish plant, we can canonize it. At the moment I'm still bogged down with school and can barely squeeze out replies, but I'll look into that possibility... December-ish? When we have Christmas break. ^_^
  13. OOC: Silver Sky

    *pokes OOC* hallo guys. No pressure on posting, but let's get this Silver Sky event running again ^_^ I'm leaving the thread along for a while before posting another conflict post regardless of who has or hasn't posted, if it helps move along the plot
  14. The worm that walks (Into the desert)

    Carina nodded, shifting her shoulders so her pack straps settled more snugly. "All right then." She eyed Tafili for a moment; the man was a good ten inches or so taller then her. Carina made a mental note to order some sort of flying transportation from mainland Terrenus. She could carry most people with her flight, though it probably wasn't appropriate to keep dragging them around. This type of traveling risked broken wrists and all that. Carina moved behind Tafili. She leapt into the air in one swift movement, grabbing him under the arms and bearing him into the sky. A few minutes later, the pair dropped a few kilometers from the western edge of the desert. Carina glanced at Tafili, red hair now thoroughly ruffled. "I hope Guest's fine. The winds tend to be very strong up high." "Anyway..." Carina stepped away from the man, raising a hand over her face to shield it from the glare. "We're here." The land around was a vast flat expanse, stretching far into the horizon. Taen's twin suns were less than halfway above the horizon, and each rock and tuft of dry grass threw long shadows. To the west, behind them, the desert was rocky, the ground holding just barely enough moisture that the soil could still be loosely called "dirt" and not "sand". Here and there, stunted shrubbery and the occasional cluster of cacti cropped up, and Carina's eagle eyes caught the occasional shiver of movement in the ground that told of an insect or reptile making its way through the rocks. To the east, after a sharp drop downward, was the canyon lands. The tops of the rock formations were smooth and flat, almost resembling a shattered piece of pottery. Perhaps a long time ago, there had been rivers here; in the canyon themselves, sandstone and compacted sediment into a complex maze of hollows and ridges. Now, Carina could hear the faint whistling of the desert wind as they danced through the faraway caverns. Carina nodded, pointing in that direction. "We can start looking for Guest's worms there. I haven't tried exploring the depths of the canyons yet. I... don't do well in underground places." she said, remembering her last expedition. "But the actual reports of the giant worms are further east." she pointed further, to a tan band that spanned the eastern horizon. "Those are what I call the dunes. She turned to face Tafili. "Do you or Guest have any comment on the matter?" she asked, digging into her pack. Carina produced a swathe of cloth, then busied herself with wrapping it around her head. "I'm going to assume you're human enough; if you don't have any water-retaining abilities, you'll probably need one of these to ward off the heat when the sun rises." As she was reaching into her pack for another cloth, the sound of paw against gravel made her freeze. Carina turned around, squinting. Near a patch of cacti, several forms moved, plodding towards them. The scientist groaned, handing the head cloth to Tafili. "Desert Wolves." she explained, eyeing the figures in the distance. "They probably won't attack, but there's a chance they might be desperate enough to chase us down. It's best we get moving." She started trudging towards the canyons.
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