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  1. Csl

    General chat thread

    mentally i am here
  2. Csl

    Tavern of Legend OOC

    Hello peeps. If anyone currently in the Tavern/Lounge needs staff interaction or helpful NPCs pointing them towards quests or such, feel free to let me know! I'm back from my AFV and will be resuming my tavern mentor duties shortly. @dionysins @SarcasticDruid @Little_Vicious @A-Zyriel @Chris488 @GallantDisciple GallantDisciple -- let me know if you're still around; if so, will be responding to your entry post later today! Also @evil sorry, but you've been roleplaying on Valucre for a while and a return (welcome back btw) doesn't mean you're eligible to rp in the Tavern 😕 I've hidden your post for now but I can send you the content if you need it.
  3. Me after submitting my last school requirement for the semester--


    I'm back on Val!

    What that means remains to be seen but at the very least I'll be manning the TOL again.

    More commission slots opening soon - feel free to remind me if you've reserved one last year and I said I'd put you on the queue. For now I'm going to set my sketchpad on a mini-easel and aggressively paint landscapes until the stress of 2020 drains out onto the paper. 😗✌️ 

    1. Pasion Pasiva

      Pasion Pasiva

      I want one!

      Also! Congrats, now take a well deserved break. ❤️

    2. Ace


      Happy Season 9 GIF by The Office

  4. I'm intrigued by the escape room part of this. Do you already have puzzles planned or is it up to the thread participants to make up the puzzles their characters have to solve to escape?
  5. Csl

    Lagrimosa AMA 2.0

    IC new year usually happens around June according to the World Overview. Last year it happened July 6. So no, as far as I'm aware of it'll be 599 WTA until June-ish 2021.
  6. Welcome to the site! You'll be happy to know the community's the forgiving type and is extremely unlikely to lynch new members. Feel free to ask any questions you might have, Valucre people are pretty helpful in general ^_^ Also the New Member Guide is the best place to start
  7. Csl

    Csl's Art Box (2020)

    Last commission piece for the year -- Teresa, also commissioned by @Ataraxy ~4 hours because of less fashion confusion and I tried a different process, focusing on values (light and shadow) over lineart and color. Worked a lot faster and seems better for my more rendered/semirealistic style, instead of going with lineart, flat colors, and rendering. Thus marks the end of my self-imposed holiday academic break. I'm going to go back to my schoolwork now ; u ; Might open new commission slots again come January 15, provided I'm available. Also, since this current batch of commissions was for my friend whose hometown got hit by Typhoon Ulysses -- happy to update that repairs for their house just finished a few days ago! Thanks again to everyone who commissioned. ❤️
  8. Csl

    Csl's Art Box (2020)

    Character portrait art incentive of Clair for @AthenasFire, who's doing great helping out in the tavern of legend! 1 hr 20 mins to complete. Rendering this was fun cuz portraits are my jam. This was also a good warmup for other commission pieces.
  9. Merry Christmas / Maligayang Pasko from this side of the world! 🌟🎄  I celebrate Christ's birth and the hope He gives beyond this very fallen world, but regardless of celebration reason I hope you all are safe and well and have a good holiday season ❤️

    "I bring you good news that will bring great joy to all people. The Savior—yes, the Messiah, the Lord—has been born today in Bethlehem, the city of David!"
    — Luke 2:10-11

    1. Trashbender


      Merry Christmas!! Good fortune to ya this season <3

    2. Purple Eagle

      Purple Eagle

      Preach it, sis-in-Christ! Have a lovely and blessed day celebrating the birth of our Saviour!

  10. Csl

    Csl's Art Box (2020)

    Another one of the fundraising commissions -- Lilith! Commissioned of course by @Ataraxy Took around ~7 hours total because fashion is a struggle. This timelapse gif (bless Clip Studio Paint) shows some of that struggle in alternate outfit designs >_< Pretty happy how my lineart has improved in this one though. Also I got to draw a neat throne, so that was fun! Going to try to finish the rest of this recent batch of commissions during my short, self-imposed holiday break from schoolwork. 😗👌
  11. Won't be able to join but thanks for the tag, this seems like a really fun event ^_^
  12. Csl

    Csl's Art Box (2020)

    This is Hoān! He is small and was commissioned by @Meraxa for Faejarhe I was going to stay off valucre until around Christmas because I'm racing to finish the rest of my school requirements... but I finished one of them and made good progress on others so I decided to properly sit down and finish this commission. I use Toggl to track my time on projects and this took a total 11 hours total to finish, usually in 1 to 2-hour sessions every few days. 😱 Did not expect that at all or intend to take that long, but I spent a lot of time designing the robe (the chest piece specifically) and a full two hours on the throne linework (because perspective is a pain ; - ; ) But yeah I'm pretty happy about how this turned out. Now I shall sleep and cross off a few things on my school checklist before proceeding to the next commissions, which I think I'll have an easier time with. Also staying off the site until then. See u later val 👋
  13. Welcome (back) to the site! Check out the New Member Guide if you haven't yet-- things may have been added or changed since you were last here. Feel free to ask if you have any questions ^_^
  14. Welcome to the site! I see you like horror 👀 While you're assembling your bones I'd recommend checking out Yh'mi, the resident horror setting. Taen is less explicitly horror but may also be your thing. See you around ^_^
  15. New Everrun doesn't have its own Genius Loci iirc, so it shouldn't hamper/block magic. Will let @danzilla3 confirm tho because it's his place.
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