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  1. Carina slammed into the vampire. Moving to offer support, Liir pivoted, twisting like a dancer as he guided the blade towards the man’s throat, the levity of his words juxtapositioned by the snarl on his lips. “I would stop this nonsense by now, buddy.” Even through his bloodlust, the vampire seemed to recognize the danger he was in. With one last snarl, he darted away, clutching his arm to his chest. Carina watched the Unnatural run away. She rubbed her face, releasing a loud exhale. “That was- that was intense.” I am not a combat person. She turned to face Liir, then the girl. “Um. Are you guys all right?”
  2. Yau saw the vampire fall and took her chance. The girl ran towards the unnatural, brandishing her gauntlet. The metal flowed over her palm, stretching into a razor-sharp dagger. She brought her hand down, and metal sliced through flesh like it was butter. The vampire let loose an ear-shattering shriek as his arm fell to the ground, severed. Yau backed away as the vampire turned on her, his eyes burning with rage. “You.” he growled. In a single movement, he had her by the neck, holding her in the air. Yau gasped, legs kicking in midair. She clenched her right hand and her gauntlet responded, growing spikes on her knuckles. The vampire tightened his grip. Yau cried at the pain. Her lungs screamed for air. Her throat- There was a blur, and suddenly, she was on the ground.
  3. From the corner of her eye, Carina saw a shadow dart from the cart to the forest. “Did you see that?” Carina asked. Liir narrowed his gaze, gazing into the shadows the trees cast. “Another one?” Carina didn’t get to respond as the vampire took another swing. “Unnaturals are so damn fast.” she grumbled. The vampire didn’t seem to be tiring at the least. If anything, he seemed faster and more agile the more time went on. His skin was pale, almost colorless, and Carina did her best to avoid his hungry gaze. Even the two bandits seemed unwilling to distract him or call him away. After another whispered conversation, the two men kicked their horses, riding back to their cart. “Hey!” Carina shouted. They just ran off like that? I’m mildly offended. A pair of screams echoed from the direction the bandits had taken. The vampire hesitated, turning around. The shadow. Carina thought. Impulsively, the flung her branch at the vampire. It collided squarely with his head, and the unnatural stumbled back.
  4. Yau flexed her fingers, watching the metal patterns on her gauntlet morph. “Okay,” she whispered to herself. “Okay.” Yau took a deep breath, then wrapped her cloak tighter around her body. The girl crept out from behind the cart, squinting at the scene unfolding in the distance. There was a woman with glowing wings holding a staff - tree branch - a tree branch. There was a man with a sword. There was… a strange boxy transportation machine. A flare of the woman’s wings illuminated its shape- wheels and a transparent window and doors. Oh Wyld, it’s a car! Yau shook her head. Focus. She darted towards the trees.
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  6. Welcome to Valucre! I see you've already found the Outreach AMA but also don't be afraid to ask around in the chatbox and other places. We don't have any active superhero plots but the great thing about Val is you can start virtually any storyline or plot you want. There's definitely a lot of interest in the superhero genre, since this thread centered on an urban superhero storyline got a lot of traction: It's since fallen inactive, but you can try reaching out to the people previously involved in that thread for starters. If you're interested in joining a vigilante group, you can check out Justice. Not a "superhero" group in terms of aesthetic but they're cool and worth a look. In terms of a setting with powers, Valucre in general is a mild powers setting so you can easily make a superhero-themed character and go fighting crime wherever. I hope you find what you're looking for! ^_^
  7. Anyone currently following this interested in "borrowing" (playing an enrele who'll be taking control of) one of my characters? She's a relatively high-ranking government official in Taen, sorta in a relationship with the governor of Taen's capital city.
  8. UM probably has some Ercaniron somewhere with it being close(ish) to Yh'mi. Taen, not being a natural part of Terrenus, likely doesn't have any Terran materials but Everrun and Stronghold should have some. I'll give a better answer after I get some sleep :D
  9. Welcome to Valucre! Two people have already mentioned Ursa Madeum and as the person who moderates that board I support all the good things they say about it :D I don't really have anything to add but I'll throw some links your way: Here's the talk thread for people who RP in Ursa Madeum. The first post is an updated list of all the active noble houses and who runs each of them. Feel free to join the club and chat with us! Handy link to a compilation of all the lore in Ursa Madeum: Timeline of the Veluriyam Empire, which is handy for knowing what's going on, what's recently happened, etc.
  10. Csl

    It's Over...

    Pallas The prince looks between Thurgood and Lithist. "Wait, no. It's not like that- Singlance will no longer be a political entity in Ursa Madeum anymore, but I'm certain you and Aveline, as well as anyone you've employed, still have a significant standing in Veluriyam. Consider it a reassignment of sorts." He runs a hand through his hair again, though the gesture only succeeds in mussing the already-unruly mop. Pallas turns his attention to Lithist. "In any other situation I'd be happy to explain, but I sincerely have no idea." "I believe she wanted to inform the Singlances before making the announcement publicly. There's going to be a meeting of the nobility soon, anyway. It's likely she'll announce it there." "Anyway. I have other errands to run. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news..." Pallas turns to leave. At the doorway, he stops, looking back. "Oh, and. We'd appreciate keeping this news a secret for now." With a wave, the prince is gone.
  11. Csl

    It's Over...

    Pallas The prince's brows furrow, but he hands the envelope over. "The Veluriyam Empire's leaving Ursa Madeum. The Empress would like to thank the Singlances for their service and requests them to return to Taen for a project she wishes to discuss at a future date." Message delivered, Pallas takes a deep breath, then slowly lets it out. "Sorry about my appearance. It's been a strange day." He runs a hand through his hair. "If you have any questions, I can't say I'll be able to answer them."
  12. Csl

    It's Over...

    Pallas A knock on the entrance is followed by a pause, then footsteps, then the sight of the prince: hair tousled, bleary-eyed, and exhausted. Despite his state Pallas puts some effort into being presentable, his straight-backed stance an attempt of projecting formality. His gaze darts across the scene, and he gives a nod of acknowledgement at Lithist. "Hello." Perhaps the man would mistake him for his brother, but this was hardly important at the moment. For the moment, he was a messenger, the voice of the Empress, and her message needed to be delivered. Pallas turns his full attention to Thurgood. "My mo- Empress Paralios has a message for the Singlances. Is Aveline here?" He flicks his wrist, an envelope appearing in his hand. "I can leave this, but she said she'd prefer I tell you in person."
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