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  1. Watched Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Initially skeptical about the premise but watched it bc Taika Waititi and I liked What We Do in the Shadows. It was hilarious and heartwarming and I think Kiwi humor is one of my favorite things now.
  2. Ursa Madeum's lore is here, by the way. Yh'mi is also a great horror location, and if your dark fantasy tastes are along the lines of Lovecraft and weird fiction, Taen is also a good place to check out!
  3. Welcome to Valucre! New Member's Guide is a good place to start if you haven't read it yet, but otherwise don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have. Val's community is generally very helpful 😄 What kind of genres do you usually like to write?
  4. Welcome (back?) to the site ^_^ New Member's Guide is always a good place to start out. Don't hesitate to ask questions, community's very helpful as a whole
  5. @Malaysia NightReaver Would you prefer I reply to your post immediately, or do you want to wait for vielle to respond to us both?
  6. Looks good, just two concerns: The head of House Kholin is also named Alexandros, so I'd suggest changing your character's name to something different to avoid confusion. This is pretty barebones at the moment - do you mind going more in detail about the house's background, maybe more about it's culture? Please send your revised draft through PM to me, Wade, and Samo.
  7. Thread canonized: Reforging Everrun
  8. Movement from ahead - a portion of the false wall shifted. Oryx returned his attention to the building. Another message blared from the speaker just as a gate slid open at the side of the structure. It was strangely soundless for a thing whose appearance was concrete and rusted metal. A set of guards waved them over. Finally. Oryx allowed his fog to settle on the ground as frost; Carbon collapsed his barrier, and the two continued towards the foundry. At the gate they presented their Military IDs and were waved through, escorted by a pair of guards. As they went further into the structure, the heat grew; Oryx could hear the grinding of machinery in the distance. He consulted the layout he’d glimpsed with his birds. Records of the Eye would either be held in the management’s offices; if necessary they could visit the foundry’s storage area itself. It’d likely be the area in the back, off to the side of the structure, near a relatively debris-free space. They wouldn’t need to pass through the main workspace; paths to either of the locations wouldn’t bring them near the furnaces, to Oryx’s relief. He turned to the one nearest to him. “What’s your name?” The man wasn’t expecting the question, nor the fact that it came from the unnaturally pale, three-eyed man. He gaped for a moment before clearing his throat. “Mark, sir.” “Hello, Mark.” Oryx said with the conversational politeness of one chatting with a fellow stranger as both waited for the bus. “Where’s the foundry’s the admin office? We’ll need to see it’s inventory records - everything that’s gone in and out of the foundry.”
  9. ”It might be.” Oryx took the statement as it was, nodded silently, and the wyvern settled itself more comfortably around his shoulders. They could wait; they could afford the courtesy to allow the Foundry time to deliberate. Oryx had waited longer for far less. Sometimes silence was more persuasive, could force one to form their own opinions of things. ”Wouldn’t you say?” “Yes.” There was nothing to add to it. Humans were unpredictable; short lifespans made long-term organization uncommon. Businesses went bankrupt. Guilds disbanded. Nations rose and fell as its leaders changed. The reasonable choice was for all parties involved to cooperate. Silly to think how many military missions could’ve been completed with diplomacy rather than with firearms blazing and shameless displays of power. Influence, not power. Carbon was a prime example of this, as their time together was quickly revealing to Oryx. As effortlessly as he’d constructed the metal barrier that remained before them, Carbon’s skills went beyond metal control or combat. No doubt that eloquence had been trained in similarly military fashion, the goal reached in a manner as methodical as the one he was using for this mission. “I'm a little embarrassed to say the first of our kind thought this ability a gift from on high, chosen people and all that rot” Oryx glanced at Carbon from the corner of his eye. “Some would say all gifts are from on high. If not bestowed, then acquired through one of the many means available. Skill, ability, talent… Though I’d say the source of a power matters less than how it’s used.” His answer to the next question was immediate, giving the impression it was something he’d already given some thought to - something he seemed pleased to share. “Career guidance counselor.” The wyvern blew out a small puff of fog. Oryx continued, “I’ve seen more than my fair share of people - young and old - who’ve no direction in life. But everyone has a desire for something. More often than not they simply can’t articulate it, much less begin pursuing it. I’d like to help people realize their desires -- preferably when they’re young, where there’s still time to develop the skills they’d need to reach their goals.” He glanced at Carbon. “With your family’s history, I wouldn’t be surprised if your training began very early. What was it like always knowing what you were expected to be?”
  10. Csl

    The Tavern

    @ZachGreedy "Delicious" "Oh yes," Claire twittered. "Ghallen is the best cook. He'll be happy to hear you loved the dish. Vaddok too-- he brewed that ale. Both of those are from Hyperion City... I think." Alistair asked about the oracle next. Claire rubbed her hands together, thinking for a moment. "Well," she began, "I mostly stay here, so I don't know much about them. But they're in the other wing of the Tavern. The lounge, that's what it's called." She pointed to the western side of the Tavern. There, on the left of the entrance, beyond a board with various papers pinned on it, was a door. "You can go through there to talk to them. They can answer you any questions about Valucre and... the Tavern, I think? It's a bit..." Claire bit her lip, remembering the man's initial reaction to the Tavern's strangeness, "... different, than places you've probably been to."
  11. "Scheme to be king. Conquer land. Crush the Arcos rebellion. Overthrow the kingdom. Come create an Ursa Madeum noble house!" If that's too long, "An Empty Throne" is fine.
  12. Let’s go over the points real quick: There’s a war going on in Ursa Madeum King Milorian recently got kidnapped by pirates, making the Kingdom of Ursa Madeum monarch-less and run by the royal council This is a really good opportunity for noble houses to gain power, glory, and potentially aim for the throne. We’re opening slots for Ursa Madeum noble houses again! An empty Throne What’s this about? Ursa Madeum, a medieval island chain located in the Southern Sea, has always been ripe with conflict. Pirates plague its seas, and the noble houses’ scheming are kept in check only by the monarch. When its last queen disappeared, a noble named Damien Gillick usurped the throne. The Tyrant-King ruled for six years, bleeding the islands dry as he abused his powers and ordered the eradication of all non-human races - elves, shifters, and pereds. Gillick was only killed when a foreign empire invaded the islands, and Ursa Madeum exchanged one conqueror for another. Upon the foreign empire’s departure, the kingdom became independent once more. A new king was appointed, a royal council formed to lead beside him. A new queendom was formed by a former noble house. It seemed like peace was finally returning to the islands. Then House Arcos, one of the Tyrant-King’s former allies, reclaimed its old seat of power and turned its eyes towards Andelusia. War befell the Kingdom. The king was captured by pirates. Amidst the chaos, with an empty throne and more battle lines drawn, the time is ripe for noble houses to make their moves -- whether they wish to support the Kingdom, ally with House Arcos, or claim the throne, only time will tell. So, want to make a noble house for Ursa Madeum? How do I make a noble house? PM @Csl, @Wade, and @Samø with the following information. You can use the other noble houses as reference. You can create either of the two: An aristocratic house - a prominent family that holds significant social and economic power in the islands. You may eventually gain noble status. A noble house - a house that holds considerable land and authority and functions as the Kingdom’s ruling class. Noble houses may choose representatives for the Royal Council, which currently rules the Kingdom in the king’s absence. Things to keep in mind Ursa Madeum is a very lore-centric board and has certain limits to retain the consistency of the setting. Please read the full Ursa Madeum Roleplay Guide and at minimum, the main Ursa Madeum Lore. A certain degree of activity will be expected from noble house players. Nothing unrealistic - you’re not required to post every day or anything, but everything in Ursa Madeum is connected, and your absence may delay other players’ plots. At minimum, keep in touch and let us know if you need to take an AFV. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you have any ^_^ There’s a fair bit of Ursa Madeum lore, but it’s fairly simple and like all of Valucre we’re very helpful Why should I make a noble house? Generally this is a good way to get established in Ursa Madeum. By default, you get: Land - mansion(s), estates A military force Immediate Notable Person status Direct influence on Ursa Madeum lore Specific plot opportunities Expand your house’s domain through conquering land. Help the Kingdom squash House Arcos’ rebellion and bring honor to your name. (Also you get to flex your military, that’s always fun) Help House Arcos overthrow the Kingdom and take your place along the new empire built on glory in blood. (You can also flex your military here) Build alliances with other noble houses. Build rivalries with other noble houses. Scheme to claim the recently-vacated throne. If you like strictly medieval fantasy settings (with no laser guns, crystal teleporters, or cellphones to break the immersion), Ursa Madeum is the place for that. Also you get to interact with the other juicy Ursa Madeum plots and lore. Some of the notable examples: Blood and Fire: the Ursa Madeum war arc The Gillick Children plot Oathblades Sirens of Ursa Madeum If war and scheming isn’t your thing and you’re more into more chill, medieval fantasy adventuring, you should check out Ursa Madeum’s other kingdom, the Queendom of Svanhild!
  13. Welcome to Valucre! You can check the Water Cooler for roleplay advertisements or post one of your own. RP on this site mainly takes place in the world of Valucre, but there's also the Alternative board for rps outside it. Don't hesitate to ask any questions you have - the community's very helpful ^_^
  14. Finished this VCF commission for @Sanonymous yesterday
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