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  1. Dredge

    A Night To Remember (Open)

    ”Come on man! That’s real Atrisian linen!” Orange protested as Jack shot through the roof of his vehicle. ”Just drive.” Blonde said as she opened up the glove compartment. As the speeder boomed across the night sky of Hellsgate it was becoming more and more clear that the police had picked up their tail. The sirens wailed and flashed the bright red and blue colors of law enforcement. But before they could engage, Blonde had to make sure that their guests were ready to rock and roll. While she was somewhat comforted that they had summoned a heavy gun, it was an entirely different matter if they used it or not. From what she had seen at the party the two took a non lethal approach when it came to basic private security, would they truly do what was necessary against hard working cops just trying to keep the streets safe? Even if they didn’t, Blonde had lost those morals long ago. ”Remember, don’t slow us down.” She said in a cold and threatening voice that seemed to become more frightening with the robotic cadence that the mask augmented. With the glove compartment open, she reached in and pulled out a compact single shot pistol grip grenade launcher. Popping the tube open she loaded it with a HE round and clacked it shut. Behind them, pulling around a skyscraper a lone police cruiser speeder jumped out and flashed their high beams at them. ”This is the Hellsgate Police department! Land your vehicle now and surrender!” The voice over the speaker boomed towards them to which Miss Blonde’s response was simple. ”Alright boys and girls, let’s make some bacon!” With the window rolled down the Crime Lord stuck her small frame out the window. Her hair whipped wildly in the wind and with a steady hand she let loose the forty millimeter grenade that soon found a home in the engine block of the cruiser. With a massive explosion the vehicle went up in flames and spiraled to the ground. ”Airships on our six and two headed towards us from our three!” Orange gelled then accelerated once Blonde was fully back in the cabin of the vehicle. ”Weapons green!” He yelled back as he pushed a few buttons on the dash screen. Various compartments around the speeder began to open, from the backseat armrest, to the rear of the forward driver and passenger seat, even the floor beneath them. They all revealed weapons of increasing levels of destruction. From pistols up to battle rifles, and even two single shot rocket launchers, the vehicle was prepared to handle most circumstances when dealing with trouble. They’d need to get a few of the cops off their back before finding a place to lay low to get the heat off them.
  2. Dredge

    A Night To Remember (Open)

    @danzilla3 @SteamWarden Everything was still and calm. The dark alleyway of Hellsgate was barely illuminated by a dim and flickering streetlight that softly reflected off the jet black shine of an SUV style speeder. Behind its tinted windows seated at the pilot’s chair was a man in a mask. His deep reddish orange hair was slicked back and the mask covered his face. The small drum of a stereo played in the vehicle as the man had his feet up on the dash and bobbed his head along to the music. ”But I didn’t shoot the deputy.~” he sang softly to himself in a flat tone. ”God I miss spice.” The gangster then began to tap his fingers on the dash in boredom. ”ORANGE!! ROOFTOP NOW!!” The piercing voice of Miss Blonde came through the comms system and had all but made him jump out of his skin. ”On it! Maybe a hello next time would be nice.” Orange said under his breath. An engine roared, a beast of engineering and magic come to life and sped out of the now empty alleyway with breakneck speed. Bursting onto the rooftop with Jack and the two strangers, the cool cliff side night air felt good despite the rather high stakes situation they were in. After being stuck in a crowded room with people working up a sweat, it was a relief to finally have a little fresh air. Yet there was no time to bask in it. As soon as everyone was through the door, Miss Blonde immediately shut it. Reaching into her suit a retractable brace was produced and quickly sized into an appropriately sized length that would reach from one end of the door to the other to bar it. ”Ten seconds!” She shouted to the party. Stepping away from the momentarily secured door, and looking out into the night of Hellsgate. The sprawling metropolis was an ocean of lights and gargantuan skyscrapers that reminded her of home. What also reminded her of the planet she left was the police’s response time. In the distance police airships could be seen with their sirens flashing and coming ever closer. They had maybe a minute or two before they were on them. Luckily, she had Orange. With the screaming of magictech powered revving, the dark SUV swiftly pulled onto the rooftop with the trunk popping open to make securing the target easier. ”Wooo!! I love my job!” Orange said with a rather elated voice. Blonde then quickly looked towards the two random people she had allowed to come with and gave them a fair warning. ”You get in my way or slow us down at all, you’re getting dropped from atop the skyline.” That was a promise. With haste she seated herself in the passenger seat and would allow everyone else to pile in before Orange took off.
  3. Dredge

    A Night To Remember (Open)

    @danzilla3 @SteamWarden ”Say what, Mate?” Darkness. With an instant blood choke, Jack had rendered Solomon unconscious, and just like that he was within their grasp and on Jack’s shoulder. The hissing snap of energy in Solomon’s can dispersed with a small cracking of what could be best described as a whip. With that snap Jack would feel an intense pain ripple onto his back from the release of spell energy as if he had been slugged by an Olympic heavyweight boxer. While that wouldn’t be a lot for Jack to deal with, it would certainly sting. As for the two uninvited guests, they had summoned weapons out of thin air which was something rather new for Miss Blonde to witness. Nevertheless she saw them put a guard down with non lethal means, however she did not share the same sentiment. She was a different kind of monster. With her pistol drawn she began to go to work with moving across the scattered group of party goers who screamed and panicked in every which direction. Security with their weapons in hand focused on the man with the assault rifle, but Blonde took the opportunity to eliminate potential threats. Killing her way across the floor with an elegance of taking life and dealing death, her pistol was a blur of motion. The barrel of her weapon swiftly dashed from one guard’s head to another as it flashed in brilliant sparks that were followed by the multi colored blood of different species of men. Men, orcs, dwarves, any security that dare hold a weapon and point it at her or another were put down. It would help the two random strangers know that these two meant business and that this target was of the utmost importance. She was ruthless and it was hopefully more than clear to them that when she had threatened them, Miss Blonde was more than capable of backing it up. At the end of her dance of death, over eight bodies being left in her wake. She placed herself between Jack and Solomon and the two threats that could possibly stand in her way. Her soulless black gas mask eyed them and stared them down. Every single part of her screamed to put a telekinetic vice around their necks and choke them out then and there. To use a blast of TK and shove them off the cliff and follow the plan. Yet that nagging feeling of curiosity and that want to be better tugged at her despite wasting eight guards. So rather than killing them outright and attempting to do battle, she made a decision that wasn’t like her. It might piss off Jack and it was definitely going to piss off Orange, but it was her call. ”Follow me! Let’s go!” She shouted towards Dante and Sasha. The cops would have a two to three minute response time with a neighborhood this fancy, and they’d be sure to question everyone. ”Rooftop extraction! Move move!” Blonde yelled to Jack. With another few barks from her pistol she dropped a guard with his gun drawn when he stormed into the room. It was up to Dante, do they follow two rather dangerous individuals, or do they face the police after multiple witnesses saw them cast magic and shoot people. Either way they’d more than likely be lumped in with the two crime lords. It was a classic case of wrong place at the wrong time, and Blonde doubted they wanted to take on the entire police force of Hellsgate. So she’d move towards the rooftop for their extraction.
  4. Dredge

    A Night To Remember (Open)

    @danzilla3 @SteamWarden ”Well you see, love. It’s like a big ole ball of energy innit? It’s like I take me things an I apply it right? I use it right? Then it just comes to me. Like it were nothin.” Solomon’s words were almost drowned out by the loud music of the dance floor. Speaking to a young brunette bombshell of a women, his hand was cusped against her cheek as he spoke to the clearly magically influenced woman. Drawing energy from her, the wizard took a deep drink from a newly filled glass and laughed. In one hand he held his cocktail, and in another there was a cane. A cane with a crystal placed atop it that seemed to glow a deep royal purple. With a another chuckle he drained his glass and began to prattle on about one thing or another. It was all just noise as to distract people from the more sinister workings going on around them. However his conversation was cut short. Interrupted by a some small timid pretty young thing, the girl said a few words and promptly left. But before she could fully leave him, a multi colored reflective barrier formed between Sasha and her master. ”Well ya see, love. That’s the problem innit? Solomon doesn’t play that. Solomon doesn’t go to others, others come to Solomon. You know what a reckoning in, love? It’s a fuckin hand, right? The haand of god coming down to crush those who think they can challenge -im, and right now, love. I’m god. So tell your little puppeteer, right. That he can come to me if he wants his reckoning.” Solomon then released the barrier between the two of them and allowed her passage. This was all of course seen by Blonde and Jack from across the dance floor at the bar. Taking a deep swig of her drink, the Crime lord absorbed the information of the situation and listened to Jack’s words carefully. If the caster did slip up, then it would indeed be catastrophic for the caster, but not just him. It’d be the ruin of everyone there. Magic at times tended to follow certain laws of physics, if you build enough potential energy in one place and keep building it and building it, that energy has to go somewhere when it’s released. It could snap into a violent maelstrom of destruction and blow this house off the face of the planet. So it was a somewhat delicate situation. The more energy that was built up by the wizard, the more destruction it might cause if it were erupt suddenly. ”If we wait too long, the energy he’s building might snap when we take him by surprise. By the looks of things the two freaks from earlier are going engaging with him but from this distance and noise I don’t know to what end.” They needed to make a decision and they needed to make it soon. ”They might be in league with each other, I say we take all three. I’ll black out the kid, you take down Solomon with a punch to the jaw, then I’ll throw the big guy off the cliff. He looks like he can take it. Though I’m open to suggestions.” While it might not of been the best plan, it was clear that whoever the two strangers were, they weren’t effected by this powerful spell so that means they were someone to factor into their plan.
  5. Dredge

    A Night To Remember (OOC/Ad)

    I won’t tell you how to play your character, but if you aren’t being affected by a powerful magic spell, and if you have the freedom to act. That’s not the time to say “ l don’t know what to do because my character is immune.”’that’s the time to say “My character is immune so I’m gonna fuck shit up.” While I can’t vouch for the personality of your character and if he’s the nihilistic “doesn’t matter” type of person. I always recommend being a violent lunitic rather than a fly on the wall 😂
  6. Dredge

    A Night To Remember (Open)

    @SteamWarden @danzilla3 ((I apologize for the wait. There was a tragic loss in my life followed by a family emergency. But I’m back and expect me to continue with posting regularly)) Even given the circumstances and dire need to take Solomon alive and in one piece, Jack’s touch was not unwelcome. She wanted him just as much, and no one would blame her for feeling that. While she wasn’t afflicted by the spell, Blonde was still madly in love with the man. So with a grin beneath her mask she leaned into him and let her hands travel to various places of her lover’s body with an illicit touch. ”Sounds like a plan to me.” She said as she put her head against his chest. It was at this point Solomon’s spell really came into play. What had started as a low level charm spell began to grow at a steady yet slightly alarming place. It could almost be practically seen in the air. It was feeding itself. For those less magically attuned and knowledgeable, magic is something that comes in many shapes and forms. It builds, swells, and reacts to the raw and physical emotions of the people it’s connected to. The stronger the emotions, typically the stronger the magic would be. Now take a low level charm spell that amplifies the Id and the lust within a person’s mind and forces them to lose control and allow those emotions and desires to run rampant. Now imagine those feelings with a body count of a hundred or so people. The potential magical energy would be that of legends and would allow the caster of it to do almost whatever his physical body could allow him to do. ”We need to move right now. He’s building power.” Blonde said as all of this started to filter into her perceptive nature. Solomon was building something powerful, and he was using these people as a generator. Maybe they were compromised. Maybe Solomon knew they were here and he was readying a spell that would wipe out a potentially powerful enemy. Whatever it was, it was go for broke time. ”Your call.” She said looking towards him. Between Jack, herself, and the two she had dismissed, there was a bout fifty or so people fucking, drinking, and getting high off their asses between them and the target. Solomon himself just stood there gathering that power before starting to dance to the beat of the song that was playing. Things were about to erupt in a bad way, and Blonde was going to let Jack make the call. Do they start blasting their way through, maneuver through the crowd and hope the spell doesn’t overpower them, or do they call it a day and wait for another opportunity. There were a lot of unknowns in this situation and a choice needed to be made.
  7. Dredge-G!!!! How GOES it??? It's Benny boy!!!



  8. Dredge

    A Night To Remember (Open)

    She had sacked entire planets. She had ruled the criminal underworld with an iron fist and silenced anyone who dared stand against her. Not even the leaders of galactic nations dared to speak to her the way that man had. But those days were over. She was no longer in a dimension far far away. She was here, and even though the part of her mind that handled insolent curs screamed at her to rip him limb from bloody and screaming limb with her brain, she elected to abstain. Rather she’d leave the creation or whatever the hell she was with a backhanded comment. ”Tell your owner that he’s a lucky man. Now take your leave before I change my mind.” She then pulled from that dark place that fantasized about burning their lives to the ground by Jack. With a few words and a slight touch of his hand, she returned to the realm of not plotting the vivid and painful destruction of two random people she had just met. In retrospect she was a bit embarrassed that the habits of her old days had flared up as intensely as they had. Almost ashamed that Jack’s thought process was to just rough them up a bit and hers was an all out scorched earth campaign to ruin their lives and the lives of their loved ones before either killing or brutally maiming them. There was shame beneath the mask for only a moment. She was trying to leave that person behind and Jack helped immensely in that. But before she could thank him, that’s when it happened. In almost a cloud of magical energy, those magically attuned would be able to sense lackadaisical haze of almost pure debauchery that could rival that of a pantheon of party gods. He had arrived, and Blonde was lucky enough to be wearing her mask that blocked psychic energies from infiltrating her mind. On the drop of a dime the party instantly turned up to eleven as that haze of unseen energy slipped into the weak minds of various party goers to amplify those thoughts and actions of hedonistic desire. Drugs, sex, and music all rose to a fevered pitch as he strolled in. Solomon the PlanesWalker, a magic user of great power and ability. With a drink in one hand and beautiful red haired woman on the other he strolled into the house on the hill and immediately became the center of attention. Blonde first reaction though wasn’t to spring into action, it was to check on Jack. She knew that his mind was anything but weak but even a lower level spell like this cast from a wizard like him was still formidable enough for a wave of ambrosia and euphoric laced energy to get the better of people. It was a wise move for Solomon, she was sure he had plenty of enemies and if there were others here looking to do something tonight he would of pacified the threat in one swoop without wasting a perfectly good party. ”Charm spell, are you ok?” She asked Jack with concern in her robotic voice. ”The party has arrived everyone!” Solomon shouted nearly at the top of his lungs before downing his drink and doing a line of snuff powder off his companions bare chest. What a dick. Blonde thought to herself. @SteamWarden @danzilla3
  9. Dredge

    A Night To Remember (Open)

    @SteamWarden @danzilla3 Listening to Jack’s tactical plan, it was solid and she had nothing to contribute to it. Though she was only a little miffed that Jack had even the slightest bit of concern that she couldn’t make that fall off the cliffside. He had seen her drive a telekinetic spike through a Bull Wyvern’s chest cavity and out the other end. A fall to the ground like that would be nothing and she’d be able to easily catch herself. However she didn’t boil in her playful indignation for very long. There was a job to do after all. A job that needed to be done to get her one step closer to getting her kids back. ”We take A if we’re floor level. B if we find ourselves upstairs. Orange can swing in for an evac with the target in hand.” Blonde said as the bartender sat her next drink down. The party raged on and the electric atmosphere of sex, drugs, and alcohol continued to flow. The guards would without a doubt get sloppy as the night went on, they were rent a cops by her standards that were hired by some washed up B List celebrity actor. So she didn’t want to have to kill anyone if she didn’t have to. Collateral damage was to be kept at a minimum. So when Blonde leaned over to take her drink she noticed a woman staring at them, stealing glances and perhaps trying to suss them out. However she was not alone by the looks of things. Most likely the man drinking was dumb muscle. Nothing her and Jack couldn’t handle. So now it just came down to how to handle this potential threat. While violence certainly was the first thing that popped into the mind of the Crime Lord, that wouldn’t be the most logical thing to do. So rather she opted for a more subtle path. ”The fuck are you looking at?” Super subtle. Her robotic laced and accented voice would be loud enough for the two of them to hear her over the party atmosphere. They needed to know that she was not the one to be staring at. For all she knew they were plain clothed security trying to get a bead on the masked lady and her rogueshly handsome yet intimidating partner. She needed to project strength.
  10. Dredge

    A Night To Remember (OOC/Ad)

    I’ll be sure to factor your characters in tastefully. Just so you know for any future posts, Blonde is wearing a gas mask. So her face is concealed. But yes I’m excited to see where this goes!
  11. Dredge

    A Night To Remember (OOC/Ad)

    You’re blind stinking sober! Welcome to the thread! Have fun! Feel free to get involved with the arc between Blonde and Jack. 😄
  12. Dredge

    Of Men and Beasts (Private)

    @danzilla3 Patricia admired what she saw, the show was certainly not wasted on her. She’s just have to file that away for later, since what was about to happen wasn’t something she was entirely sure Jack was going to be okay with afterwards. While she knew that she could tell Jack anything and that this would inflict some of the worst pain he’d ever feel, he’d still do it. So rather than going into the details of what was about to happen, she just did it. And in doing that, part of her hurt. It needed to be done, but it hurt all the same. Taking a step a few feet in front of him, she sat down with her feet crossed and tucked beneath her knees, raised her hand in a flat open palm, then uttered two words. ”I’m sorry.” Darkness. Nothing but pitch black darkness. Jack would find himself surrounded by a dark void. An endless and eternal primordial zone that lay outside of creation. The feeling around him wasn’t of vast loneliness however. It wasn’t of isolation. It was of creation, the beginning of all things that surrounded by warmth and potential. Here he was no longer Jack or John, but his true self, the image of his soul. He was not alone though. A light shined and instantly he knew it was his love. A feminine form approached and his eyes would see that this was not the image of his lover that he was used to seeing. ”I was hoping you didn’t have to see me like this.” She said in an ethereal tone that echoed outwards. Patricia stood in front of him, her true self and soul. A body made of pure light and love that was infected by an inky black substance. Thick globs of toxic black crude oil dripped from her limbs and covered the majority of her body. The light of her being was slowly being devoured by this substance and all that seemed to be left was her upper torso and head. Lines of black ink oozed and seemed to stretch across her body trying to claim her heart. ”Just stay with me when this is over.” She said with sadness in that astral voice. Extending her hand a small crystal materialized in her palm and floated a few inches above it. ”Last chance.” She said warning the man.
  13. Dredge

    A Night To Remember (Open)

    @danzilla3 ”Wouldn’t that be nice.” Blonde said in response. Polishing off her drink, the woman then set it to the side and did a final run through of her gear. Her suit tonight wasn’t the comfortable cloth fabric that she had been wearing more often now that she didn’t have to look over her shoulder for bounty hunters, rival gangs, and grieving family members of the victims she left in her wake. That suit wouldn’t of been ideal for the chaotic occasion. She wore her original, the one she dubbed “The Classic” A suit made of alchemized energy and plasma resistant spider silk that was loaded with various high tech gadgets and features. Beneath it lay an energized metal bodysuit that gave her the strength of a particular race of people known for pulling arms out of the sockets of their enemies. And that wasn’t even counting the plethora of concealed weapons that suit held. If Jack ever noticed anything about Patricia it was she valued technology, and from her home reality their tech seemed to be vastly superior to what Terrenus had to offer. She was ready if anything went down and she assumed Jack with his enhanced abilities was equally prepared for trouble. ”When Solomon walks in, we wait until he’s good and drunk. My contacts tell me he’s a fan of debauchery so that shouldn’t be hard.” Blonde then snapped her fingers at the bartender who began to mix her another cocktail. ”What are our exfil options if things go sideways?” She knew what she would and where she would go, but Jack has a better mind for this than her. As much as she hated to admit it. Miss Blonde was a big picture kind of woman. The intelligence community taught her how to plan a heist and lay out the overall structure the plan, however she was an experienced operator and knew that things didn’t always go as planned so the various shot callers and team leaders needed the freedom to adjust the plan or abandon the plan as the situation changed. And she’d come to find that where she was a creature of method and meticulous design. Jack was a man who could walk into a situation without a real plan and improvise his way to an all out victory. He was a real in the moment guy and she loved that about him. They completed each other.
  14. A Night To Remember Let’s get to the point. My character Miss Blonde is at a party in Hellsgate looking for a particular wizard who supposedly can navigate dimensions. Her current arc is to find her children in her old reality and bring them to this one. However, it’s a party thread. So A Night To Remember is an open thread with a loose to no particular posting order as it’s a party. I want the whole affair to be chaotic and jumbled. If your characters have business in Hellsgate then you can advance it here, you can do what you want and have fun be it just hanging out and connecting with NPCs or other player characters. HAVE FUN! That’s what I want from people. No matter what it’s an adventure and I want people to just enjoy themselves. There are no rules, you can show up and punch a guy in the face, it can end in a shootout, it can be whatever you want it to be. My only request is that you let the story build before doing anything absurd. Let things take their natural course before screwing things up.