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  1. I think all that should be marginally fleshed out in the thread. It’s still being written so hang tight until it drops lol
  2. Yeah that sounds great! That’s all good thank over here.
  3. I would say you’re jumping the gun a little as far as Dredge and LoD goes. So far Legion has committed one act of destruction and all the raiders involved basically got their heads exploded and the only person found to be there was a black robed figure called “the pyromancer” with a voice modulator and a different magical aura than Dredge. So far LoD has just been chilling at their encampment for all the governments of Genesaris know. This operation is a complete black op that is only known between Dredge and his elite kill teams and top lieutenants like @Djinn&Juice and involve murder in a town that’s known to be filled with murder and crime so more murder and crime is no surprise to anyone. So while I understand you are eager to jump in and do some fighting, I have to respectfully decline any battle that will take place between the two groups on the grounds that it really doesn’t make a lot of sense that the VCF would just know something. Dredge has taken great care to make sure his tracks are covered and his operations are covert and it would also clash with the themes of the thread taking it from a dialogue and character driven experience and turn into a clash between factions. If you’d like to drop your character in for an unrelated reason and find yourself on the trail of sniffing out Dredge and Legion then I’m all for that. I’m shooting for a slow burn mystery mixed with an action thriller to really give this new arc for LoD some worth. I don’t want to go down the same blood and battle like the previous one until later in the arc. I hope you understand. 🙂
  4. Also Legion of Doom is a active bad guy faction here on Val. If you’re at all interested in joining please let me know and we can commit acts of evil together as a family.
  5. @supernal the dark deed you have requested is complete master
  6. Please banner Wicker Town Blues cause it’s super cool and fun and stuff. Probably.
  7. Yes I did. Thank you for correcting me so publicly and brutally. 😂😋
  8. @supernal Can you please pin this if you get the chance? I’d appreciate it 😃
  9. Remember this is more about personal interactions than fighting and battle. So please don’t bring a company of men with you lol. Really want to drive dialogue home on this one, and if there is fighting it’ll be smaller and contained rather than DBZ. 😅
  10. What is Wicker Town Blues about? With the rather pesky monks dealt with and out of the way, Dredge continues to make moves and expand his secretive grasp on the continent of Genesaris. This takes us to Wicker Town Prison or as it is now known simply as Wicker Town. A rehabilitation center for criminals who are still a threat to society but are no longer needed to be thrown into the blackened cells of Reyer City. A place that while on paper seems like a friendly and humanitarian driven idea, is really a giant violation of human rights and living conditions. Wrapped in barbed wire and run by various gang leaders and crime lords, this settlement is in dire need of change. Change that will be brought about by Dredge and his Legion. With corrupt guards allowing chaos and terror on the streets of this town, Legion will take hold of Wicker Town and see to it that it’s citizens no longer have to fear the lawlessness and anarchy of everyday life. Wicker Town Blues is about telling a story where ruthlessness and death is truly the only way to bring about change in a hostile environment such as Wicker Town. How one regime change into another more unified one does not always mean that things will improve. Within the dog eat dog world of Wicker Town only the strong survive and can bring about this much needed change. It also asks the question of are you willing to save the wicked and cruel from a greater evil? Will you put your life on the line to save those who have committed their own atrocities? The Plot Legion of Doom is more than simply hordes of men and beasts who crash upon the bloody shores and sands of war torn beaches. They are more than the deadly monsters that they unleash upon people. There are levels of sophistication to their military might and power. In the dead of night commando teams have dispatched to Wicker Town with a single mission in mind. Extermination. Within the criminal underworld it is kill or be killed, and typically when a crime lord is killed their heir or second in command tends step up and take either take control of the organization or takes revenge upon those who stole it from them. Be it their friend, son, daughter, wife etc etc. This will not be the case in Wicker Town Blues. With commands to exterminate not only the crime and gang lords, LoD commandos have been given the green light to end the lives of the partners, husbands, wives, and children of these criminal leaders. They are to be removed root and stem in order to assert complete dominance over the gangs and show how willing their new master is to spill the blood of everyone they love in order to wrest control. Wicker Town Blues is a more objective based thread where Cloak and Dagger is the main MO. Burning Bright was all about loud in your face violence, this will be stealth based. The Goal What Legion hopes to accomplish with this thread is the taking over of Wicker Town through the extermination of leadership level criminal families. While this is more of a thread for the criminal underground and villains of Val who may have vested interest in this place. I am not one who turns away people wanting to join in. So if you’re a good aligned character you may be here as well. Taking place two weeks after the destruction of Burning Bright, your character can be interrogating prisoners looking for any information of the group of attackers and the “Pyromancer” that destroyed the monastery. Or make up your own reason, just please have it make sense. Where the previous thread had a lot of NPC movement in it, this one is more character driven and done at a smaller scale. So if there is a shootout between characters it won’t be a war zone or involve troops. Picture more of a scene from Wild West movie shootout than a WW2 battle. It’s a more personal experience rather than a heated battle between many men. Legion hopes to gain control of this town is the primary goal for us as an In Character organization, but the main goal is to get the community involved and have fun in a great canon location. We want to really drive home dialogue, tense stand-off moments, and heartbreaking loss of life. Cause if you’re not having fun then what’s the point? 😄 The thread should be up Wednesday of this week. Here’s a link to to canon location.
  11. It was over. What had plagued his people had been removed from this wretched world he found himself trapped on. The monks that had hunted down and killed his people had been exterminated and for good measure, the village bellow the former monastery now turned pile of ash and rubble had sustained heavy damage along with plenty of innocent lives lost. The heroes who had come to try and stop him were the simplest of creatures really, predictable at every turn and step they took. Dangle a few helpless cries from villagers and civilians in front of their faces and they all begin to come out of the woodwork. Like moths to a flame they do their best to act courages as if their effort truly means anything at all. Though he had to admire their tenacity and grit to face one such as him completely unaware of the depths of power that separated them from one another. He was the Big Bad after all. But it was time to move on. The second phase of his plan was set into motion and there was very little time to do it. There seemed to be some kind of fire elemental flying at him from the sky. Having placed himself far enough from the village to buy enough time to act, the man fired off a telepathic message his loyal fiend of lieutenant. ”Stop playing with your food. The job is finished. We are leaving.” Dredge gave his command and soon after he looked to one of the nearby wraiths and gave orders to him as well. ”It seems present company will most likely try to capture one of the men. Do it.” Dredge gave the word. With a cold energy forming at the Wraith’s fingertips, the creature pulled forth a small magical token that radiated the power of death. You see, Dredge was not a dull nor dim witted villain. His display of power at the necessity of heroes presenting themselves was sure to call up higher authorities to investigate this little act of violence. These heroes would without a doubt attempt to capture someone in order interrogate and spill the beans on his operation, and even if they didn’t talk there was still so many ways to magically force the truth out of someone. So this was an insurance policy. Something that would guarantee that at the very least there would be nobody to question and he could retain plausible deniability. So with token in hand the Wraith flowed a bit of magic power into it and activated its effect. Standing in the now dark village one of the “barbarians” who wielded an axe dripping with the blood of women and children had cornered their next victims. A young family of four that lay cowering in the corner of their burnt out home. Slowly the man dragged the axe against the floor and approached them with a grin on either side of his face and eager to spill more blood. With a cry for death and gore he raised the axe in the air while the family screamed for help. Yet before the axe could come down there was a explosion of red that coated their bodies. Stumbling around swinging an axe wildly was the now headless body of the man who was so close to ending the lives of these people. His body twitched and convulsed before falling to the ground and going quiet, more were to follow. Outside where the musketeers had fought and gunned down those who sought to do evil, they would be witness to much of the same. Both living and dead among these raiders, their heads began to explode and fill the ground with brains and blood. No people to question, no minds to pry into, nothing to glean from survivors. Dredge had hoped to keep his men alive and return with them, but these people posed too great a threat. So as the beast up above came down with a vengeance, a small portal opened up for himself, the twins, the wraiths, and his lieutenant. They were assets that could not be parted with. Before he stepped away into the bright portal he looked over to Dauner and with a smile beneath the hood of his robe he spoke two words. ”Next time.” And just like that he was gone. Through the portal and away from this place leaving only death and ruin in his wake.
  12. Yup it’s I’m my wrap sheet that Supes linked https://www.valucre.com/topic/43266-dangerous-criminals-of-terrenus-2019-q4/?do=findComment&comment=780987
  13. I’m sorry I have a no scrub policy 😕
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