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    Reunions Across Space

    @danzilla3 She looked peaceful. For the first time in a long time, she looked at ease. Patricia’s nude and sleeping form was pressed against Jack, and she felt somewhat at ease. Years of crime, death, and living life under the weight of that mask seemed to fade when she rested in his arms. Patricia never needed a man to save her. She never needed a partner to pick up the shattered pieces of her soul and ride away into the sunset with. She was a pilar of strength, efficiency, and unwavering ruthless efficiency. But despite that, she felt at home. Or at least as close to home as someone like her could feel. Often the woman dissociated feelings like love, joy, and the wanting of warmth that others provided. But this was a new world, a new Patricia who could be whoever she wanted to be. And right now. She just wanted to be Jack’s sleeping girlfriend. The woman who wrapped her arms around him and held tight. Her small four foot eleven form nestled into his chest and remained there beneath the blankets and slow whirling ceiling fan. ”He’s gone, Erika. I’m sorry.” She dreamt, and Jack could hear her talk in her sleep. A man named Romeo, and a young woman named Erika. She spoke of them, and Romeo was always brought up in the paste tense, as if he went from an it to a was. Yet despite that, Patricia seemed to harbor some form of regret, as if she couldn’t of saved the man and she wasn’t enough for him.
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    It's a Supernoob!

    You better. Or else....
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    It's a Supernoob!

    @Supernoob welcome to the site! I’m Dredge (the local bad guy) and if ever you want to practice writing a villain and doing evil, feel free to write with me or any of my fellow friends and writers!
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    Chapter 2: Kamikaze (LoD)

    Legion’s hands were not idle. Gone were the days where wild tribes of orcs were bent and broken into submission. Gone were the days where bandits, brigands, butchers, and killers of all walks of death roamed free. Under the iron fist of Dredge, there were only the emotionless and uniform helmets of Legion. Through sheer force of will Dredge had created trained and professional soldiers who were instructed in the ways of warfare that replaced the savage brutality they once wielded with cold and ruthless efficiency. When the spire of ice rose from the frigid and freezing waters of Shawnee and monsters began to pour out, Legion troopers wasted no time. Communication was established and the men and women who comprised their forces sprung into action. The crushing of snow under boots and corpses sounded in the air. Legion infantry quickly formed a semi circle surrounding Albor’s outskirts as monsters approached them with killer intent in their eyes. Weapons were raised and impromptu heavy weapon emplacements were being built from snow from the hands of the infantry. Dredge however simply stood there at the outskirts ahead of his men. While the flimsy snow barricades were being built, Dredge had an inferno building in him. He had just spread her ashes. The one woman he had ever gave any care about in the entirety of his existence. He had ended her and these monsters had desecrated that sacred moment. They had picked the wrong moment to mess with the overlord. “VANGUARD!!! ON ME!!!” Dredge made a call for the elites of Legion. A squad of about fifteen men approached him wielding various weapons from swords to chain guns. ”We will approach and hold them while fortifications are being built. Our war beasts and artillery are not off the boats yet, so we need to buy time. So everyone who is worth a damn I better see up here before I have your head.” Dredge did not plan to lose any of his army to these beasts. What they needed to do was claim these monsters as their own, push into the castle and either slay or convert whoever was in charge. So it was time to take that plan into action. Letting out a fierce war cry, Dredge charged into forward battle whether his men were behind him or not, it didn’t matter. He was planning on killing a lot of people and beasts to blow off some steam. @Sleepy Seal @Bureku @Djinn&Juice @amenities @Knighto @Trigger2Red @vielle @Fierach @Thotification
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    Chapter 1: Revival (LoD OOC)

    You don’t need to worry about those ships until next season. That’s the last they will be heard of until then.
  6. Dredge

    Chapter 1: Revival (LoD)

    Credits @The Only Lucifer As Jean @Djinn&Juice as Kru’Gorah @Knighto as A’aria @Trigger2Red as The Hyphy Family @Bureku as Break @Thotification as Middy aka The Mistress @bfc as Schrei @Fierach as Sinaaq @Sleepy Seal as Reyna & Ochigo
  7. Dredge

    Chapter 1: Revival (LoD)

    Unfurling and reading the piece of parchment, Dredge went through it quickly before tossing it to the side and into the snow. A gust of wind blew past and Dredge remained silent for some time. His plans might not of aligned so well with that of whoever the half elf worked with in the long run, but for now he could use the help. ”The help is appreciated. You can inform your masters that Legion accepts any and all help from people wishing to make a change.” After he spoke he snapped his fingers over at a nearby officer who approached with haste, bowed, then rose to await orders. ”Inform the fleet to take the civilians and the infantry unit assigned to them to make haste for UM. We will not be leaving Shawnee with them. Take the civilian’s bodies onboard as rations.” Dredge would then begin to step forward and walk towards the edge of town. The sacking of Albor was finished, former allies, enemies, and innocents were now dead in this frozen wasteland. Why Dredge was here, it was anyone’s guess. But he had plans, he certainly had his plans. End
  8. Dredge

    Chapter 1: Revival (LoD)

    @Djinn&Juice @Thotification The undead was gone, and now there was only silence. Dredge didn’t watch the death of Middy, part of him couldn’t. Not because he liked Middy, he honestly could not of cared less about her. Who he cared about was her, the one inkling of good and love in an otherwise cold and black heart was now completely snuffed out from this world. He didn’t weep, he didn’t cry nor did he show any heartache. All he did was approach. He approached the impaled and shredded corpse of his former lover now staked upon the Djinn’s razor sharp tail. And in the most slight and small of moments. The overlord palmed the woman’s cheek. His thumb gently caressed the serrated flesh and bone as he bowed his head at her presence. ”I will miss you. More than you know. I’m sorry that I wasn’t better. I’m sorry that I’m who I am. I wish it could of been different. You were too good for me.” It was funny really. The only person he had ever said that to was a corpse. Someone who was incapable of hearing him, yet the Djinn would. It was only for the briefest of moments, but it was there. Hesitation. Yet it was overcome. Upon the murderous Djinn’s tail, Dredge lifted his hand and it started as a spark. Dredge buried anything of what he could of been. The spark in his hand ignited into an inferno that vaporized the woman’s body. Her ashes were spread to the Shawnee glacier, and Dredge thought that it was fitting. That she belonged out here in the boundless expense of magic and beauty. As the vampire mercenary was given clearance to approach Dredge, she’d see him watch as bits of dust were scattered to the wind. If she could sense his energy, she’d know that there was only hatred left in his heart. Only pain, self loathing, and rage that was infinite in its ability to crush and destroy all others.
  9. Dredge

    Chapter 1: Revival (LoD)

    @Sleepy Seal ”Relinquish your struggles. Accept your decision.” Dredge said as he continued to step forward one iron plated boot at a time. What Reyna experienced was the surface of Dredge’s rage. An inkling of power that even then was beyond her. The barrier she had put forth was comparable to the weakest of apprentices. Yet he did not crush it. No, that would be too easy. His Djinn had already disposed of the Druid, and now it was time for the the undead. He wanted her to feel the futility. To feel how hopeless her life was when facing the sheer monolithic spite of darkness and rage that was Dredge. With a squeeze of his hand, the energy would clamp down harder. It would push further and further down upon the barricade that the woman had created. This would continue until Dredge was mere two feet away from her. Within his hand the flaming bone bastard sword was alight with infernal flames and energy that oozed the darkest and most putrid of energies capable of making even demons of the pit nauseas with its energy. There was nothing but the pure raw hatred that was Dredge. Yet he did not swing. He did not finish her with that blow. He simply leaned down and sensed the energy of the seed. Sensed the fear that remained in the undead of wanting to save this innocent. He would have her. He would have both of them. His face came near inches to hers and he spoke to her in a low gravely voice. ”Run little rabbit. Run.” He released her as darkness oozed from his very words and Reyna would have an idea of who she was standing against. The man who stood against the master of the Force Majure, the man who sacked cities and raised thousands of monsters then bent and broke them into a trained professional army, the man who fought the Peacekeeper Michael and stood his ground. She was nothing.
  10. Dredge

    Chapter 1: Revival (LoD OOC)

    If anyone wants to join our discord and be a part of the fun, let me know. And of course as a disclaimer because @supernalwould want that. The LoD Discord or any discord is in no way officially affiliated with the site, it’s content, values, and rating. Anything said, discussed, mulled over, considered, talked about, is not policed by the sexy and sensual staff of Valucre.
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    Chapter 1: Revival (LoD)

    @Djinn&Juice @The Only Lucifer @Thotification @Sleepy Seal @Bureku @Knighto @Fierach @bfc @Trigger2Red ”So be it then.” Dredge spoke out to those around him. The slow and steady scrapping draw of an alchemized bone blade slowly began to echo out from behind the overlord. Within his right hand he produced a demonic and unholy bastard sword that had the wear and tear to it that signaled it was well used and experienced in the subject of taking life. Stepping forward, Reyna was the first on his list. However she was not the only person that occupied his mind. There were two other entities among them of significant power. One of which was a presence he had not felt in quite some time. A smirk drew itself upon his face and just like that the overlord had some small semblance of joy for what was to come. ”You’ve made my day.” He said as he lifted up his free hand. His goal was simple, complete annihilation of his opponent. From his free hand a crushing force of telekinetic energy would surge in the air around his victim’s body and then begin to press in an attempt to not only hold the her where she was, but to begin to apply mounting pressure that would hopefully break bone and rupture her innards. His footsteps remained steady, he did not rush or even attempt to show any wishes to speed this along. No he wanted to savor this. Within the town, it was all but over. Hundreds of Legion troops had made landfall and they swept through the town like a plague. The few pockets of resistance were being snuffed out one by one with brutal efficiency. The dead began to mount, however through the noble sacrifices of some brave souls, an additional ten villagers were able to escape the ransacking of Albor. Fifty of the once two hundred plus inhabitants had escaped, the rest were not so lucky. Legion troops dragged a family of four from their home and out into the streets. They had been given instructions by Dredge to bring the last family to him alive. Screaming and crying the entire way, they were slowing drug towards the center of town for what could only be assumed to be their demise.
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    Chapter 1: Revival (LoD OOC)

    Just the perfect amount of death. Feel free to come at Dredge. He’ll give you just the right amount. 😋
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    Chapter 1: Revival (LoD OOC)

    We’re just going to make an anime intro of everyone running in towards something for no particular reason followed by a dance break.