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  1. @SteamWarden @Thotification @The North Wind @vielle @Turquoisie @Djinn&Juice @Thotification @notmuch_23 @Fierach @Metty @danzilla3 She was home now, the galaxy of her birth, rise, and fall. With that came her reattachment to the cosmic and living force. Where visions had left her in the World of Vulcre, they would return here. So within that deep sleep, she could see it laid out in front of her. The past, the present, and what could come to pass. Her mind without the mask would reach out, the powerful psychic connection without the mask’s restraint would share the visions with those that weighed heavy on her mind. Jack and Wynona would be witness to those visions that echoed out of her mind. The first was brief, but something that had troubled her for quite some time. A massive structure, a flag ship standing over two thousand meters in length and width lay buried in the sands of a far off world and desert. Standing within its ruin was none other than the masked woman herself, and before her were men, women, and children. Engineers that had called this ruin home and had done their best to repair it. Huddled in a tight circle and surrounding them were the metal droids that Jack had known as War Dogs. Armed mechanical servants of death that held their rifles at the frightened group that had been held prisoner by the Crime Lord. ”We promise! We’ve seen the faces of your men but we’ll never tell a soul! I swear to god!” An older man professed to her as he held what could be his granddaughter by his side. ”So I have your word then?” The bright yellow lights of Blonde’s mask stared them down and looked to them with the intent of a woman willing to do whatever it took. There was a moment of hesitation. The man stuttered for a moment before replying. ”O-off course, you have my word. Your secrets are safe with us.” A lie, of course it was. ”So you’ll let us go right?” He asked in one last plea for life. ”Yeah. You have my word as well.” Turning her back she began to walk towards the fading light of dusk. Without so much as a brief moment of hesitation, without even breaking a single step in her stride, she looked to the War Dog standing guard at the entrance. ”Kill them all.” only the sounds of blaster fire and screams echoed outward into the darkness that claimed her mind. Everything once again went black. The void of shadows and clairvoyance that this universe brought on pushed forward and like a hot knife through butter, it sliced that darkness in two to reveal another sight. It revealed what was. It stood to reason that Wynona and Jack had not seen this level of technology and war. Thousands of years of constant destruction and death had yielded what could be considered one of the most advanced and powerful tools of war that the most who traveled the multiverse had ever seen. A fleet of ships that made The Cardinal look like a grain of sand that covered the very beach they stood on. Ships and harbingers of death that pushed through the depths of space in bloody defiance of its cold and merciless nature. Ships that could take Sigil, that could take Valucre and reduce its buildings to ash and surface to glass. The largest in the fleet spanning over a two miles in length, it’s bridge held a sinister presence. Standing tall was a figure covered in blackened robes and a wicked metal mask that could make the strongest men quake in their boots. They simply stared out at a vortex of blue streaking lines that blurred reality of time and space around it. Approaching the figure was a man dressed in a drab grey uniform of pristine condition, he bowed and took a knee before the robed and masked figure. ”My lord. We are approaching Relovian. Our force recon troops of the Axillary have reported in on the hard targets and civilian centers. Shall we commence with standard protocol and battle plans?” He asked while keeping his head and eyes planted firmly to the ground. ”No. I sense a presence. -One I have not felt for quite some time.” The robed lord said in a modulated voice from their helmet. ”My lord?” with his head now facing upwards, he looked up at the servant of darkness in curiosity. ”I will be leading our forces on Largan City, send the cloned trash to secure the outlying islands and outskirts. There is something I must tend to myself within the city. Something our emperor has promised me would be mine.” With a graceful turnabout, the masked figure looked down at the figure behind them. ”Ready the men. I will take this world in our dark lord Carnifex’s name.” Stepping ahead and away from the man kneeling, they pushed away and soon the vision of the present faded into nothing. And finally the future. What could come to pass. A ruined city burned under the night sky. Littering the streets were the dead of many men and women. Some in a plasteel white armor, some residents of Sigil, members of Wynona’s and Blonde’s crew. People who had fought and died for caused not their own, and others just civilians who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Hanging above head were the great and many warships of an imperial fleet that cast its dominion and might over those beneath them. Within that chaos standing opposed to one another was the dark robed figure and Miss Blonde. She was without her mask and had sustained multiple injuries, some of which might possibly be life threatening. Yet she stood tall from this malevolent figure all the same in bloody defiance of death. ”What did they do to you!?” Blonde shouted out to her opponent. A deep and robotically modified chuckle escaped the mask of the enemy commander as they began to pace and encircle Miss Blonde. In their hand was a blade made of pure glowing red energy that she soon gave a twirl in order to enter a formal fighting position. ”They showed me the truth. I no longer need you. I no longer need anyone but his grace and darkness.” The figure responded as dark crackling energy began to form in their free hand. ”Don’t make me do this.” Blonde said as she readied her own two blades. Magically imbued daggers manifested in both her hands from up her sleeves and soon after she entered the formal fighting position to engage her enemy. ”I don’t think you have much of a choice. You underestimate my power.” And with that the two ran at each other and right as the blades clashed, the visions snapped and Blonde awoke from her slumber. With air snapping back into her lungs, it had been about an hour and forty five minutes of sleep for her. While she was still very much tired and exhausted, she could function once again. Within Jack’s arms, she stayed there for a few moments. She said nothing for a brief time, completely unaware that those visions had leaked out to him and Wynona, but soon after she began to move. With a quick and passionate kiss to Jack’s lips, she sat on the side of the bed and sighed. She didn’t want to talk about what she saw, she couldn’t allow herself to open up and become an emotional wreck. Not right now. ”Thank you, Love. You mean more to me than you’ll ever know. We have to go now.” reaching over she snapped the mask back on her face and with the hiss of pressurization she stood up and adjusted her suit to make it look orderly and tight. As she exited the room, Blonde accessed her wrist device. Pressing a few buttons, the command was given. From the back of the workshop two large hovercraft skiffs exited and drove themselves outwards onto the beach. ”Make sure the dead are buried, load the wounded onto the second skiff along with able men to protect them.” With that last order, she was now downstairs. ”Fleece up your gear people! We’re Oscar Mike in fifteen! Briefing will be held in ten on the skiffs outside!” No longer needing to limp and stumble, the newly somewhat rested woman exited the house and made her way to the beach. She didn’t head to her skiff though. She first approached Wynona and her crew. It was a dangerous move to say the least, and it was what she continued to owe the woman. None of this went down the way she wanted to. It was all supposed to be so easy at Sigil, but nothing ever really goes according to plan. So when she approached the captain near her ruined ship, she had both hands up. While there was a pistol at her hip, she didn’t reach for it. ”This wasn’t supposed to happen this way. I hoped the spell would filter out you and your crew. You were never supposed to be here. But the energy was too great and consumed my guardrails for your crew and ship. I’ll transfer you my fortune in this galaxy, you can buy yourself a fleet of ships with it, you can make your living here or try to find your way back home. A storm is coming, and your best bet is with me. I’ll do everything in my power to take you home, but you know my children come first.” Blonde said in that robotic tone that Wynona had more than likely come to hate. ”We can kill each other at a later date. I welcome it, I deserve it. For now though, we’re in the same boat. So fight with me or take the money and run. I don’t care. But know that I have a dragon and the best mercenaries and killers money can buy at my side. Whatever your choice is, I’ll respect it.” And with that she walked away to the skiff. Hopefully those people she hired would gather around and listen. The Sith Empire was coming. They would destroy and kill all those around them. The only thing standing between them and absolute ruin was Blonde and the other heavy hitters of Valucre. Climbing atop the assault skiff, she waited for them to join around her and hear what exactly what hell they were about to enter.
  2. @The North Wind @danzilla3 With her mask removed, she was just Patricia once again. The ruthless alter ego of the woman dropped and she was herself for a time. Those small and fleeting moments where her and Jack spent together was something she cherished, and without the mask and the modulated voice, she could speak freely. She was weak though, her energy sapped and her body and mind weakened by the spell that brought them here. So as she lie in his lap, Jack would see a deep sense of worry on her tired face. Immediately he’d know the difference. It wasn’t for her children, it wasn’t for herself, but that dread was for everyone here. The only person who had perhaps paid attention and could read the alien language of her terminal was Nocturna. When she opened her terminal and sent a message to meet later, she would be greeted by a confidential report that only she could read that was left open. ”They’re... coming.” Blonde said weakly to Jack in her natural voice. ”For everything.” Exhaustion weighed heavy on her, the pain and wounds she sustained beckoned her to rest. Yet she needed to tell Jack, she had to tell her love that they were about to descend into the deepest pits of horror and combat. Her eyes fluttered and darkness began to claim her. A deep sense of sleep and rest that most people would black out for at least a day. ”The Si-“ She said as her eyes closed for a minute and that unconscious claimed her. With what could barely qualify as a second wind. Patrica perked up and her eyes looked up at Jack with the burning intensity that he had come to know and love. A woman who spoke no lies to him, and would have him understand that everything was about to become a lot more complicated. ”The Si... The Sih Empire.” And with that last bit of defiance left in her, she had passed into unconsciousness. For Nocturna, she’d know that they were coming. Possibly hours, minutes, whatever the timeline was. A force to pacify and cast dominion over the planet was on its way. Jack would have no reference other than these people held vast power and sway over her galaxy. These people were dangerous and would kill any that stood in their way. She had spoken of the wars she had fought in, but never who the enemy was. For Jack, he’d most likely have more than the sinking suspicion that it was them. That they killed many of her friends and allies for the many years she had fought them. The fight was coming, and only the few among the group knew the danger and peril they were truly all in.
  3. @danzilla3 @The North Wind @vielle @Djinn&Juice @Turquoisie @Fierach @Thotification @notmuch_23 @Trigger2Red @SteamWarden @Metty Blonde was the first to enter her ruined home. What greeted her first was the stench. The smell of rot and mildew brought on by the storms and one more morbid item that laid sprawled across the entryway of the manner. A man in the notorious black suit and tie of her organization. Dispatched with a blaster burn to the back of his head, Miss Blonde gave out a weary sigh and knelt before his corpse. Flipping the man over, she immediately recognized him. Within her criminal syndicate, often people used aliases primarily based on colors. Those familiar with her before this mission would know Mister Orange, Mister White and so and so forth. Often they didn’t even know each other’s real names. ”Oh, Pink. You didn’t deserve to die like this.” holding the man’s decomposing corpse, she closed the sunken eyelids of the late Mister Pink and crossed his arms over his chest. ”Bounty Hunters.” She said in a soft tone. Most likely after she had been plucked and taken to Valucre, her organizations top lieutenants were hunted down and made to give information through various forms of torture and interrogation. Pink was clearly caught and talked. He lead them here and they killed him in the end. Which explained the state of her mansion. Everything of value had been taken. Fine art that hung the walls, gilded pieces of furniture and decor that held such value. The information was most likely then sold off and sent to the various government agencies and organizations that had a vested interest in tracking her down and bringing her in. It was clear to any perceptive person that more than one kill team or operative had come storming through here in the near year that she had been away. Luckily for her any documents and information of her syndicate was kept in her office on Antecedent. Though she imagined that too would be compromised by this time as well. While sad to see her criminal empire and all her hard work laid to waste and be fed upon by the vultures. Blonde was still here for a singular task. She could mourn the loss of her friends and men at a later date, so for now she got to work. When the more prominent members of her group started to drip into the mansion one at a time, they’d find her at the breakfast nook a few meters in. Miss Blonde had always taken security and stealth rather seriously, and within her home there was only one main terminal she kept hidden away in an unlikely area warded by strong magic and anti-sensor tech. Flipped up the counter of the breakfast nook the terminal ran on what remained of the emergency generators. It’s bright blue holographic screen showed the image of the world they were on. A completely foreign alien world from Valucre with continents and structure that far surpassed the size and scope of the world they had traveled here from. Raw information flooded the screen from a mountain of messages she had missed, news updates, political pieces, all the way to an updated version of the map of the galaxy. Replacing the image of the planet, an entire galactic map had spawned and allowed those present to gaze upon a multi colored image of entire clouds of influence. Nations had fallen and rose up from the ashes, and once again the galaxy was at war. Bright swathes of green, orange, purple, and red colored the map. These however were not any sort of phenomena, they were empires. Nations that consumed thousands of worlds each, it would give those a scope of the playing field that Miss Blonde had not only survived in, but thrived within. Galactic nations consisting of trillions of lives each, all fighting and making alliances to become the next dominant force to rule this place. It was a far cry from the petty factions of Valucre, and dwarfed any war, any struggle, any major event of destruction or harmony upon that small rock of a planet. ”Access Code Theta Charlie Three Three Two Bravo. Command Triage and Support.” she spoke into the machine. Soon a rumbling came from the earth. Deep within the island the pangs and reverberating noises of dilapidated gears shook and rising from a good twenty meters within the backyard was not a terribly large building, but a grand workshop that smelled of metal and earth. It’s form while not towering over those present, still stood tall over them. It’s garage door like slatted front opened and from its maw spilled out dozens of strange machines. Standing roughly six feet tall each, these metal men with television sets for heads walked out and began to do their jobs. Following them were six or so more droids that carried various medical supplies. Gathering wounded and bringing out the various supplies of MREs, water, and cots for those here to rest upon. They would provide service and care for those still clinging to life. As for the dead, a small contingent of the metal men would assemble and dig graves. A final resting place for those who had passed. A burial on a tropical island. There were worse places to find oneself being laid to rest. Looking up from her space, Blonde could see those around her and gave a nod. ”There’s about ten bedrooms here. Beds are still here, and the refreshers still look to be active for now. Shower, sleep, and eat. We’re mobile in two hours.” Miss Blonde said to those among her presence. ”Thank you, by the way. I know you’re being paid, but all the same. I appreciate you all for being here. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, send them to my device and they will be addressed at the briefing before we move out.” Blonde then closed the screen and flipped the counter back so it was once again returned to its normal state. Walking over to Jack, Blonde took his hand and gave another weary sigh. It was clear to him, to everyone, that she was tired down to her bones. A complete level of exhaustion had come over her. The souls of those sacrificed were not enough, and much of her own power was used to charge that spell. She needed to rest, and she wanted to be with him as she did so. With him in hand, she would escort him up the stairs of her home to the master bedroom. ”I need a little nap.” Her legs buckled a bit and for Jack, he’d know that even walking up these stairs was a challenge. On the Blonde estate, everything was being set up. People would have food, water, weapons, and anything else they needed to resupply with. It was now just a matter of time before the coming storm, and they needed to face it with some level of rest after the trial of Sigil.
  4. Dredge-G!!!


    Is the CHAT engine that we have on Valucre THAT slow?






  5. @Djinn&Juice Surrounding Pathogen was the void. The inky all consuming black between all of creation. All around him he could see the men and women that had taken him from Sigil simply float through it. Unmoving, unaware, and lacking all senses. Yet, the young man still held his own. He had that sense of self and thought only of his tragic past for a few some time. But that soon passed, and the more critical questions of why and who had come to mind. Was this curse he lived with his enemy? Was it it his friend? Was any of it something that even mattered? These questions could be sensed and perhaps there was an answer. But for many hours, Pathogen was alone with himself. Simply drifting and waiting for anything to happen. He would soon notice that those who had accompanied him, one by one they faded into the black until he was left to himself. But the feeling he would sense was that he was not alone. That he was with someone or something that comforted him. A warm feeling that flowed into him and spread warmth. For the first time in possibly years, the young man who had forgotten his name felt human. He would feel that he truly was not alone. All around him swirling grey vibrations of sound and energy spoke. A noise that did not come from any particular direction, but from every corner and space near to him. ”That is not for us to decide.” The warm, gentle, and genderless voice vibrated through his entire being. A small pause as the voice echoed out and softly dissipated into nothingness. ”Stygian and you are but fractal beings within existence. Momentary blips of the universe creating life upon its own accord.” The voice returned and with its warmth it gave what answers it could. ”What do you see it as.” And then there was silence. Few words were said and Pathogen was left to ponder with the question he was given.
  6. On Far Away Shores They drifted for a while. Between space. Between time and existence itself. Within that vast expanse of nothing and everything where Great Old Ones slept for aeons and universes were birthed from the smallest and most nanoscopic events. They drifted through that void for what the mortal mind could not truly perceive, for there was no time, there was no sense of self, no sense of what was and was not. Only the inky black rift where they did not belong, and within those final moments within the primordial cauldron of creation. A bright flash of light expanded outwards and once again consumed those few either forever blessed or cursed to of gazed upon that which made and unmade the multiverse of worlds and lives that for the briefest moment was creation experiencing itself one life at a time. Light soon gave way to sound and the first to be heard would be the snap and shock of lungs filling with air. The waves of the ocean gently ebbed and flowed onto our travelers to return their slowly awaking senses back to them. Scents of salt and the warm touch of the white sands under the morning sun aided in breathing life into them. What they had experienced in Sigil, the blood and fire had almost seemed insignificant to a few of them. But for others, gazing into the abyss came second to what drove them forward in life. It came second to her. Black leather glove covered hands sluggishly gripped the white sands, the fine grains slipped between her fingers. Gradually the pain and soreness of her body flooded back to her brain and a slow groan exited her lips when the warm ocean waters pushed against her small frame. Within a few minutes she began to stand, a futile effort at first. Falling to the ground on more than one occasion, her wobbly legs found their strength and there she stood. Miss Blonde. Her eyes opened and what she saw was the fruit of her labors come to pass. Her men lay scattered across a beautiful beach. Some in worse shapes than others. What caught her eye afterwards was the Air Ship the Cardinal marooned on it’s side, damage heavy to its outer layers and more than likely unable to fly anymore. Most likely this beach and the ocean it lay partially in would be it’s final resting place. A cool tropical breeze whistled past them and the palm trees rustled with each gentle gust. It was a familiar sound, one that she had heard a million times before. With one final look forward, she was once again brought to her knees. Not because of the exhaustion that set deep into her bones. She fell due to sight of it. A mansion that had been left to rot unattended to be beaten by tropical storms months without any care or upkeep. But it wasn’t any abandoned seaside manner. It was a home. It was her home. Normally with a sharp wit and a silver tongue. Words had failed Miss Blonde. She wanted to scream, to cry, to celebrate, to weep and jump for joy. But rather a soft exhale of air left her lungs as she stared it for a short length of time. Blonde needed to compartmentalize those emotions right now. She was here to do a job, she was here to save her children from the enemies she had made in her rise to infamy in this galaxy. So her mind got to work, and the first thing was that Wynona was going to be very very pissed. Perhaps to the point of violence. Blonde knew the woman was smart enough to realize that she was probably Wynona’s only ticket back to Sigil, but after what they had just experienced you couldn’t be too safe. Therefore she armed herself with the weapon at her side. The next bit of business was triage. Evaluate who could keep going and who needed medical attention immediately. Checking her watch, they had little more than fourteen hours until the spell linking their bodies back to Valucre faded and they would either be stuck here forever or have to find another way back that could take years. But Blonde was not cruel, she would not keep pushing these people after what had just happened. Approaching a downed man from her team of operators, she filled his body with a bit of healing energy that caused him to perk up. Slowly he came around and she put a hand gently on his shoulder. ”White, it’s ok. We’re home now, but I need you to get the others on their feet. Any one who is wounded get them to the backyard and call the medical droids to examine them. Everyone else bring them up to the house and tell them they have two hours to sleep, eat, and rest. I’ll go see if the MREs and rations are still good. When you find Jack tell him to meet me inside. I’m sure he’ll be up in a few moments.” Giving the man a hug afterwards, she once again rose up and stumbled her way towards her home. There was work to be done and before they moved forward with this operation. They needed to focus on troop welfare. Two hours wasn’t a long time, but it was what they had given the circumstances they were in. They had arrived, and now the real battle would begin. @danzilla3 @The North Wind @vielle @Djinn&Juice @Trigger2Red @Turquoisie @Fierach @Thotification @notmuch_23 @SteamWarden @Metty
  7. Whichever direction you’d like to go I’m down with. I’m always one who wants to put story first and I’m down with whatever. 👍😄
  8. Sure! We’d love to have you onboard. If you are tagging along as hires guns that have been in the background, then I do recommend just skimming the previous thread. But tomorrow I’m probably going to put up a summary of events in the comments to describe what happened for anyone who wishes to join in.
  9. Sure, I’d recommend skimming the first thread if you're joining up on the side of Miss Blonde
  10. On Far Away Shores What is it? On Far Away Shores is the second half and thrilling conclusion to Miss Blonde’s current arc. Returning to A Galaxy Far Far Away, this thread takes place immediately after the acts of Through Sigil’s Door. Where Miss Blonde and her crew of cutthroats and mercenaries carved a path of blood and fire through the City of Doors to find the way to her home dimension where her children are currently under siege from the dark forces that blanket the lands of her former world. Wounded, drained, and having suffered some casualties along the way. This will not stop Blonde, Jack, and the others that choose to follow them into the fray and chaos that is this ludicrous undertaking to rescue children entire universes away from and bring them back to the world of Valucre. Even with the odds and fates stacked firmly against them, the Crime Lord and her crew pushes forward. Join us as we travel dimensions, fight against an evil empire, and lay waste to those who stand in our way. Thread Information For those of you not in the know or need a refresher. Miss Blonde is a transfer character from a Star Wars RP site. I won’t bog you down in the details of the site’s history, but the long short of it is that it’s set 800 years after the events of the most recent films and a deadly virus has swept through the galaxy causing old nations to fall and new ones to rise from the ashes. With all that being said, if you want to join in for the fun whether you’re a person from Sigil being sucked into this world via the dimension door bomb spell that was used, a citizen of the Star Wars universe looking to come to Val (I know like myself, a good amount of other people have transfers from that universe.), or if you’re one of Blonde’s hired guns that have just been hanging out in the background. No matter how you want to slice it, all are welcome to join. This thread will start on Thursday the 6th of June during the evening of this week. While reading up on the previous thread will most certainly behoove you. It’s not necessary. All you need to know is that the thread will be taking place on a remote planet within Wild Space, and it will most likely be combat oriented with a lot of emotional moments that will direct the thread forward. So remember June 6th 2019 is our start date and all are welcome to participate. our current participants are: @vielle @The North Wind @Djinn&Juice @Turquoisie @danzilla3 @Thotification @Fierach @Trigger2Red Join in you wish. Also @supernaltagging you just cause.
  11. @Djinn&Juice@danzilla3 @Thotification @vielle @The North Wind @Turquoisie @Trigger2Red @Fierach Blonde had never given the order to return to the ship, but that mattered little. While most of the heavy hitters that she had recruited had gone the way of the higher altitudes, Blonde and the more cutthroat operators that had been transported with her from her home dimension stayed firmly on the ground. The criminal underlings under her employ forcefully took any survivors of the slaver market. Dragging slave owning aristocrats from their concealments and hiding places. They took any guard who had surrendered or was too wounded to fight and dragged them through the dirt. The black suit and tie and gas masked covered men and women of Blonde’s posse tended to make the more soft hearted people of the group look as if they didn’t belong here, and truthfully. Blonde was happy most of them returned to the ship. What came next requires a more experienced hand in slaughter. ”Strap them to the cages.” Blonde ordered to her men. Leaning over she reached down and plucked a burning piece of wood from the ground. Giving it a few swats to put out the fire, she then took it and began to pace around the group of cages in the center of the market, dragging the stick behind her into the dirt as she went along. The now deep red eyes of the mask had transitioned back onto the less intense yellows that stared almost apathetically at the people being strung up against the metal bars of cages that once held slaves. ”I should be thanking you. You’re taking me home.” Blonde said as she walked past her prisoners. With the circle complete. Miss Blonde stepped inside it’s threshold and began to draw strange markings inside the various inlays of its radius. From down here this didn’t look like much of anything, just a woman drawing symbols and circles into the sands. However from up in the skies, anyone proficient in magic would see the inner workings and foundation of a powerful spell. Runes and sigils were being etched into the dirt below them. With each and every tune being laid down, the feeling in the air grew stranger and stranger. The natural magic and arcane energy that drifted through the air began to slowly vanish. All of it was being funneled into the lines of dirt that now began to light up with a soft white light of energy thrumming and pulsating within the massive circle. The last few runes and symbols were etched into the dirt and they too alight with the runic energy and magic that courses through the spell. But it wasn’t enough. More energy was needed, and what contained more pure magical energy than most naturally occurring sources? Well the answer was simple, the soul. The soul and very life essence that bound people to their mortal corporeal bodies. So a sacrifice needed to be made. One that she wasn’t going to put the others through. They had done enough of her killing, and yet there was still so much more to do. ”Stand ready and acquire your target.” Blonde said to her men who stood on the outside of the circle with her. Raising their various weapons the laser dot sights guiding them all found their home on the wounded guards and slave owners now lashed to the cages. There was no hesitation, no banter, and not even as much as a blink. What stood before these people were the uncaring and trained killers that would see their souls and life force be put to work. ”Open Fire.” It was swift. A few sounds of gunshots and quick screams was soon overtaken by a large pulse and shock of energy that shook the bones of Miss Blonde and even reached up to the Cardinal. Intense bright lights of energy illuminated the circle. In the center of the spell the blood and bodies of those shot had completely evaporated and been turned to ribbons of energy coated in runes that span the circumference and diameter of the ring. Wind roared across the now burning night market, the very ground beneath their feet shook, and crackling in the air was the unstable spell that could now be identified by the arcane focused people. A maximized magic ritual that took the more common spell Dimension Door or Blink, which normally was used to teleport a person from one place to another within the same room or space they occupied. It took that spell and amped it up to take multiple people across literal dimensions with some sense of accuracy. This was what Blonde had taken from Jax, the ritual, and the coordinates to lay into the spell to see herself home. Every step was complete and Blonde found her way to Jack. ”I’m sorry that I’ve been shitty during this trip. I shouldn’t of taken that out on you and I’m sorry you had to see me do these things. ” Her words were as genuine as ever when it came to Jack. Standing before them the bright and unstable spell of Dimension Door Bomb crackled and hissed. It’s energy growing more and more unstable as it fed upon the souls and energy around it. But before it reached its critical mass, Blonde slid a hand down and interlocked her fingers with her love’s and held his hand. ”I love you.” she said In that last moment, then the spell went nova. Within the blink of an eye, Blonde and Jack were consumed by its energy, the kill team below were swept into its all encompassing surge. Even the Cardinal, it’s crew, Wynona, the hired mercenaries and friends of Miss Blonde were devoured by the bright glowing light of explosive power. Pushing and expanding outwards past the slaver compound, the spell ripped through burning wreckage and bodies then came to a halt for the briefest of moments before collapsing in on itself and forcing out a shockwave that extinguished the flames that burned around it causing a few to be fully blown away into dust. In its wake, only a crater was left. As for our intrepid adventurers. There was only darkness that shrouded them. An inky black void where no one and nothing could be seen. However it was not the terrifying darkness and vast bleak emptiness of space. It was the comforting darkness at the start of everything. The darkness at the beginning of life and creation that brimmed with infinite potential and possibilities. Within that void, each of them heard a single sound. The sound of waves slowly crashing onto far away shores. End
  12. @vielle @Trigger2Red @danzilla3 @Turquoisie @Thotification @The North Wind @Fierach @Djinn&Juice They laid there. Unmoving and still, the contractors, the slavers, all of them were cut into pieces that lay scattered across the floor. The eyes. The deep red eyes of Miss Blonde and her blade dimly glowed in the darkness that was planted across from Jax. A vile man who was now lost in a fit of desperation and panic. With what courage or bare instinct to survive he had left, Jax leveled his pistol and began to fire. Bright red streaks of plasma echoed down the hall at his attacker only to be deflected or smacked into the dirt by her blade. Shot after shot, his target simply removed the blasts from her path. Slowly she stepped forward. The wet sounds of blood accenting the hard heels of dress shoes hitting the stone floor echoed through the hall. The occasional wet squishing noise of meat being crushed under heel added to the fear and panic of Jax. The man fired one last time at Blonde only for it to be stopped in midair by the raising of her hand. Magnetically cased plasma hovered in the hallway, it’s unstable form vibrated and brimmed with deadly explosive potential. Seeing this, Jax took his pistol and placed the barrel under his chin. He had too many clients, too many secrets, and far too much cowardice to be tortured and die and painful death. ”Oh no. That’s far from what you and I both deserve.” Blonde’s robotic voice calmly said to Jax in a sinister manner. With a shaking and unsteady hand, Jax began to move the pistol from his chin to his abdomen. Far beyond his control the look of fear and dread began to set into his face. His body was nothing more than a puppet and he knew it. ”There it is. That’s what I’m looking for.” Raising her free hand up, Miss Blonde emulated as if she were holding a gun in it. With a twitch of her finger, the weapon fired and the pistol went off burning a hole through the non vital areas of Jax’s body. Screaming and crying out in pain, the man took a deep breath before speaking. ”FUCK YOU!! FUCK YOU!!” He screamed at Blonde and choked back a few cries of pain. ”Was that the shoot me again call? Cause that’s what it sounds like to me.” Another bright flash of red light showed dimly in the dark as another burning hot round of plasma was fired into then exited Jax’s body. Screaming and hunching over, Jax took a few deep breaths and then looked up at his captor. ”You ever wonder how many people in our lives looked up to us like that before we put them down? You ever wondered how many deserved it? In our line of work, probably most didn’t. Well more so for you.” Blonde said as she stepped forward. ”You’re.... you’re fucking... crazy...” Jax said in a weak tone that was fading. ”Well let’s not focus on semantics here, Jax. Let’s focus on the facts. In your hand you have a DL-44. That’s something from my home dimension, and while normally this would be the part I’d threaten you or pay you off. That’s not going to happen today. I’m just going to take what I need from you.” Stepping closer and closer, the woman was near inches apart from the frozen man who was pushed against the wall of the hallway. ”You... need... me... to get... home...” Jax said in one last weak plea. Blonde was silent for a few moments. Speechless she pressed against her foe and let her free hand run into Jax’s long wild hair. ”Oh no, all I need is this.” The hair stroking stopped and soon after her hand was placed upon his forehead. Pure energy ripped through Jax’s mind. Where Blonde had held back on Anita, the full force of her power was set upon the Slaver. Everything was taken. Every slave, every name, every death and execution. Every single piece of suffering this man had caused through his life. All of his portals and rituals that got him where he needed to be. All of it was her’s, and she gladly ripped his mind apart to take it. She reduced Jax to a vegetable and when it was done, Jax drooled from his mouth. The man slid down the back of the wall and sat on the ground. Raising up her mask, Blonde kneeled down next to him and pushed the hair back from his right ear. ”I’m not done with you yet.” Blonde whispered into his ear. With her hand still firmly on Jax’s head. A soft green glow emanated from it. Within his ruined mind and nervous system, she healed the pain receptors in his brain. Now standing up she leveled her hand and placed it on the quite flammable dry wall and wooden support beams. Instantly they ignited and fire began to spread. ”I’ll........ see...... you...... in hell.....” those were the last words Jax Fellgreen ever uttered in his miserable life. ”Yeah.. You and so many others.” Blonde said and walked forward. Fire raged behind her. It spread and consumed Jax, the bodies of the fallen, and the private building. As she left she watched Jack step into the building. She didn’t hug him, she didn’t show affection, and at the bare minimum she acknowledged him. He knew her well enough to know she had gone through a rather painful experience. She had seen things that she more than likely never wanted to witness in her life. Yet she did it anyways. She did it because she needed to see it. ”Gather the surviving guards, slavers, and customers in the center of the yard. Now.” Blonde said to Jack as the fire raged within the main building. Stepping outside, Blonde saw Noc in a standoff with some lowlife. With a flick of her wrist the man’s neck did a complete three-sixty and fell to the ground dead before he could kill a single hostage. ”The Night Market. Burn it all.” She said to the dragon with an uncaring voice.
  13. @Fierach @danzilla3 @vielle @Djinn&Juice @Turquoisie @The North Wind @Thotification @Trigger2Red Blonde didn’t notice the healing of her shoulder. The physical pain being relieved was far from being on her mind. All that Miss Blonde could see was this place and the people that got in her way. Explosions and fire consumed the slaver compound as her men wrought havoc upon it. Even what she intended to do in securing Jax took a momentary backseat. All around her the Night Market was representative to everything she once was and to an extent still is. Drugs, guns, murder, every single vice that ever clouded her mind. Miss Blonde was lost in the violence, she was lost in the mayhem and pain of the moment. Guards and patrons were gunned down by Miss Blonde’s associates as she walked forward towards the building at the back end of the compound. The woman casually strolled through as death surrounded her. ”Cleric. Free the slaves and take them with us.” Blonde said over the comms to Viera and Pathogen. Her head cocked over to see John having a ball. Slaughtering guards and other horrible people. Pausing for a moment. While she knew Jack wouldn’t leave her, he needed to see this. Jack had seen her hurt people. He had seen her do what was necessary. However, she hadn’t really revealed this side of herself yet to him. She had not shown him just how capable she was. When she had sat down with Anita and torn information from her mind, it was strictly that which revolved around Jax, the Night Market and her experience of being taken from her home. What Blonde had gleaned from The Hive Ward’s Night Market was that the place was far worse than anything she had done when pushing illegal products to the galaxy she called home. She never sold to dictators, fascist regimes with genocidal tendencies, to zealots and especially not to kids or people who would use these illicit goods for acts of pure evil. The entire place marketed itself as a bastion of stolen items brought from the previous night and day’s operations. Fences, forgers of weapons for whoever, drug dealers and slave traders. All could be found among the Night Market’s stalls. Hell, they were available at half the marked price to whatever maniac wanted to shoot up a school or church. The Night Market also boasted it’s fair number of assassins and cutthroats, each eager and willing to spill the blood of a hapless addle-cove. To put it bluntly, it had to go. The cops and the various organizations here who lauded an idea of justice and laws were keen to turn a blind eye to this place that had existed for hundreds of years, but not Blonde. Not today. ”NOCTURNA!!” amplifying her voice, the literal dragon in the sky above would be able to hear her. With a flick of her wrist, the woman cast a simple cantrip that carried her voice up to the dragon’s ears. ”The Night Market. Burn it all.” It was an order for the dragon to go complete Mad Queen on all those unfortunate enough to find themselves in this hive of scum and villainy. When the order was given, Blonde found herself at the front door of the slaver’s private building. The tall metal doors towered above her. She paused and took a breath filled with rage. A telekinetic blast from simply looking at the doors caused them to fracture and explode into shrapnel that cut the guards taking aim behind them into bloody ribbons. ”JAX!!!” She screamed out then took her first step inside the compound. Two of the now wounded guards began to shift and weakly crawl for their weapons. Without so much as a passing glance, Blonde’s pistol was lowered towards the ground and finished the two off with a shot to the head each while slowly walking through the foyer. Down an adjacent hallway from the entrance, stood Jax Fellgreen at the back end of it. In front of him were seven trained and heavily armed slaver guards and contractors. All of them scuffling around and trying to assess the situation and what the hell just hit them. The dangling fluorescent lights above head shook and rattled with each explosion that went off outside. ”What the fuck is happening?!” Jax yelled to a nearby lieutenant. ”We’re under attack! Amount of assailants are unknown! Heavy damage reported from the men outside!” He responded back then cocked his weapon. ”Where are the market guards and cops?!” Jax with anger in his voice secured his weapon and began to load it. ”I don’t know sir!” The Lieutenant then began to push his way towards the front of his men. ”What the hell do I pay them for then?!” With that the group of slavers began to walk down the long hallway. But as their first steps were being taken, the lights above began to slowly burn brightly before exploding into a bright array of sparks that left them in complete darkness. Small footfalls grew louder and louder signaling that something was coming around the corner until the small yet imposing silhouette of a figure loomed upon them. A dead silence of fear washed over them, a silence that was ended when two illuminated soulless red eyes of a gas mask light up followed by the hissing noise of red plasma lining the edge of a metal blade which found its home in the hand of the Crime Lord Miss Blonde. For anyone following her into the compound, they would only hear screams when they stepped inside.
  14. @Trigger2Red @The North Wind @vielle @Djinn&Juice @Turquoisie @Fierach @Thotification @danzilla3 Dusk began to fall over the city and the fire of the Fortune’s Wheel faded into obscure darkness. With the last few rays of sunlight waning, everything grew quiet on the ship. A dreadful quiet of what the future held. The truth Blonde would not make known was that Wynona was right about her in some aspects. She was a bag of contradictions and clashing ideologies of hopeful idealism and ruthless cutthroat pragmatism. She’d burn a building full of innocent people then pluck a diseased child off the floor of said building. And now? Now was no different. In truth she could simply of paid this Jax Fellgreen to take her to the gate in which her home lie. But he was a slaver, a man who dealt in flesh, blood, and cruelty by nature. Which on the morality scale was not to far below what Blonde did for a living. But even still, she couldn’t. She couldn’t give money to someone who practiced such a horrific trade. A line needed to be drawn somewhere, and for her it was here. As the ship slowly came to a stop above the lower sections of the Hive Ward’s Gatehouse Night Market. Blonde stepped forward in front of her crew and spoke in a rather dark tone. Of all the things she had done here that she’d go on to regret, this was not one of them. ”All of them. The guards, the employees, the patrons. Every last one of them until we find Jax Fellgreen.” Pulling up her wrist device, a blue tinted holographic image would appear. Jax was an unpleasant looking man. As ugly as his trade, someone that Blonde and hopefully the others wouldn’t mind killing once he had served his purpose. The image showed for a few moments before being whisked away and sent to her team’s communicators. ”I will drop in first. Once the signal is given, follow down and engage the enemy. Free the slaves if you can and send them on their way. You’ll know the signal when you hear it.” And with that Blonde strolled over towards the port side of the ship. Stepping up onto the ledge she simply put one foot in front of the other and fell. The drop was a good eighty feet forwards the ground and as she fell she got a good look at the layout below. A perfect square perimeter with large steel fences that cut them off from the rest of the market. Four guard towers at each corner with what would most likely be armed guards. The center of the compound had the slaves and their cages which was encompassed by open ground where customers guards could patrol the area and inspect the stock around them. Towards the far left near the fence was an auction block. To the far right was what was most likely a refreshment and rest area stand for the guests. The front held the entry gate and was heavily guarded, and Last was the back end where a small metal slatted building stood. A place where more private transactions were negotiated and finalized. Despite the Night Market opening up only recently, the slave market was already filled with plenty of people looking to capitalize on it. So when Blonde approached the ground she slowed her descent with a telekinetic push off the ground that broke the fall allowing her to land easily on her feet. Landing near a rather well dressed couple from the upper wards, the man and woman eyed Blonde with a face of contempt and privilege. Sticking out her finger the aristocratic woman attempted to scold Blonde. ”Now see here! If you want to-“ She was swiftly cut off and would become aware this wasn’t a conversation. ”You here to buy slaves?” Blonde asked in that frightening robotic laced voice. ”Yes, what’s it yo-“ This time the aristocrat wasn’t cut off by a question, but a bullet to her forehead. When the woman’s body dropped it was quickly followed by her husband’s. With the two dead on the ground, Blonde started her rampage. Guards were thrown with telekinetic grips and slammed into the cages of slaves where the more rebellious of them grabbed hold and dug whatever homemade shanks they had into their necks and vitals. Taking the imagery of camp’s layout her mask had recorded on her descent, she sent the information which pinged her teams various devices. This was followed by a slightly chilling message. ”Kill them all.” She said in the calmest of voices.
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