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  1. Oh it has not started yet. I’m still building all the sets, ordering the Republic Commando miniatures, assembling the battle droid and criminal minis, asking my players how they want their armor painted, basically I’m still in preproduction lol. If there’s two things I believe in as a DM it’s good cooperative story telling and production value. 😂
  2. I edited the video a bit. I sadly do not have voice over option at this time or I would go for it. 😭
  3. I know I haven’t posted in a long time, but I made something that I would like some feedback on. I made a trailer for a campaign I’m writing and this is the first time I’ve ever I’ve made a trailer for an discord RPG. So is this something you’d be into? Is the editing good? I just want to know how I can make it better. Link bellow.
  4. Dredge

    Family Road Trip

    @danzilla3 Jack lead Erika down the halls and through the doors of their new home, as he did so there was a wicked smile among Erika’s face. A smile that carried its way until they reached the end of their new home. Just before Jack could take her out of the doorway she resisted. Erika twisted herself so that even as she would likely be restrained, the soft lips of her mouth found themselves in Jack’s ears. This was where she whispered something to him, something that she was confident would take root. ”Ask her about Misia. Ask her about the daughter she left behind.” With that Erika would then bite Jack’s ear gently before laughing wildly and staring at her mother. ”Let’s go mom! Let’s be off on this grand family adventure!” Erika would then sit in the back of the carriage and her demeanor would shift nearly instantly. For the first time in years, she gazed upon her siblings. Her younger brothers and a weight filled her chest and for a brief moment only Jack would see tears enter the corner of her eye. “ “Jarven, look at you.” Her voice shook and from there it was quiet for some time.
  5. Dredge

    Family Road Trip

    @danzilla3 .The door opened with a flick of the wrist after the third knock from Jack. Staring into the room he’s see Erika. Without her helmet and without her armor of the Sith Empire she sat there with a light cigarette pressed against her lips and an uncaring and cold disposition on her face. With a pull of it she exhaled the smoke into the new house of Jack and Patrica. When Jack looked upon her he could see the spitting image of the woman he fell in love with, and the fiery side of her father that was a man similar to him. A wildcard that flew against the face of reason and logic. Pressing the coffin nail against her lips again she looked down at the floor before running her free hand through her hair. ”She’s playing you, you know that right?” Erika firmly met Jack’s gaze and kept her steely disposition. ”She’s been with people worse than you. Real dark lords who destroyed planets and killed thousands for fun. You’re just a play thing, something that she’s going to use until she gets bored. She’ll move on to the next bad boy.” Erika would rise and stare Jack in his eyes. The scars across her face and the damage done to her body would be shown. The failure and neglect of a mother put on prominent display. Erika knew that she could not face Jack in combat in this current condition and win. All she had for her weapon was her mother’s silver tongue and her truth. ”You’re not special Jack. You don’t know her like I do, and you’ll never be good enough.” Erika would then take another long drag before flicking the half smoked cigarette towards him. She would then await his response hoping for a violent one. Something to help her escape from this place.
  6. Dredge

    Family Road Trip

    @danzilla3 Now was the time if ever there was one. Patrica and Jack had been at the site for weeks and she had distanced herself from him while they worked. Not out of any kind of spite or negative feelings towards her new love, but for what was in her. Patricia’s mind was often buzzing with new ideas and regret of a past life, with just a sprinkle of PTSD to top it all off. Yet this was not what grew in her to cause her to keep her distance from Jack. He accepted her and her flaws and past crimes, he was someone she could see herself spending the rest of her life with. What grew in her was Jack’s child, a son or daughter that she knew she was pregnant with since they had embarked on a mission to save the children from her home dimension. A potential life she had put into danger so very often, with not a small amount of her hoping that the damage she and others did to her body would force complications to happen with her pregnancy. But this was not the case. Jack’s genes were strong and the child was as resilient as he was, perhaps with his strength of healing to boot. With her last trip to the doctor, the baby was in perfect health despite the drinking and the damage done to her in various fights. This was happening and she needed to tell Jack soon. She was beginning to show and there wouldn’t be too much longer before he could put two and two together. So when he took her hands and kissed her forehead, she startled back to reality with a slight flinch that snapped her into focus. This wasn’t something new for Jack to see as often Patrica was down some rabbit hole or another thinking about various new innovations in tech or experiencing some form of deep thought or trauma. A smile shown brightly on her face that soured almost immediately as his words brought Erika into this mix. In their various mother and daughter private time talks, Erika knew about her mother’s condition and agreed not to spill the beans. So far she had done a good job and she knew Erika wouldn’t attack her while pregnant. So Patricia would take a gamble. ”Well she’s chipped, and I don’t think she’s going to crack multiverse interdimensional travel anytime soon. I think this would be a good opportunity for her to get some fresh air and try and come around to the idea of our new family.” Patricia said as the smile returned to her face. Better to come out with her little surprise while everyone was present for it.
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