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  1. Ah yes. I see you have summoned me. CLARITY POWERS ACTIVATE!! Also this is the most wild thing I’ve seen today Dredge is indeed a port from a Star Wars RP Site and is a Sith Lord. Legion of Doom is the group he founded or just Legion, but Legion of Doom is just a placeholder that stuck with people. 😂 Currently Legion is on Genesaris within the wonderful Lady @Akako Akari’s newly established kingdom and is helping her with expanding it and shoring up its territory. Though @The Courier who is a fantastic writer has a few plans for Legion and I’m excited to see what direction that will go in. But back to Dredge he is indeed a Sith Lord who was thrust into this dimension through an attempt to gain raw power that went very very wrong. As for Miss Blonde she also is a Star Wars character of mine and is a Crime Lord. Drugs, guns, murder, and money is her main thing. I’m trying to move forward with her as well but sometimes I lack a lot of motivation to do so, but I’m hoping that I can soon. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.
  2. @Akako Akari @Djinn&Juice @The Courier @Twitterpated There was a single moment where not only the face hidden behind the dark helmet cringed, but the Stygian abyss and blood red eyes did as well. The dark Overlord pulled his head back and looked down at Corren with a look that could only be described as “what the hell is wrong with you?” After gaining his composure once again, Dredge took a few steps back and began to speak. ”Okay, first off. We’re both grown men and you just casually walked up to me like you were about to whisper sweet nothings into my ear like I know you. I mean are we friends? Do we go way back in the day? Because to me it seems like you feel like we do!” Dredge had only just gotten started. ”Second! You walk into my camp and proceed to insult not only me, but my people as well. ‘Is this what you’ve become? Resting on your buttocks’ Fuuuuuuuck you dude. Not only are my people now taken care of, but they don’t have to worry about being hunted down and killed. Had it ever once occurred to you that we’re happy here? Not only that but you’re calling for basically open war and battle in front of Queen Akako and her edgy harem anime boy toy!” Dredge said and shortly after turned his head over to Akako for a small aside. ”Hello Akako you look lovely today. Give me one moment please.” Now refocusing in on Corren, Dredge was about to go for the throat. ”And lastly. Why would I risk the lives of my people. The people that so many fought and died for, and risked everything for. To run around for some fucking quest to find some god damn cliche MacGuffin that nobody gives a shit about?! Tell me Corren, cause I am just seconds from turning you into a smoldering pile of ash!” It was safe to say that Dredge was quite angry. He was enjoying his concert on the greens. He was relaxed and perhaps even finding some semblance of peace in his life. Was he still conflicted? Yes, but all the man wanted to do today was relax and get some supplies from Lady Akako before going back to his job of overseeing his people and the public works project that they were getting paid to do. ”Also Kru could you make sure Lady Akako and her plus one are well taken care of, and if you could set me aside a cup of Mauldread that would be great. Two sugars, you know how I like it.” Dredge then kept his murderous eyes on Corren. Corren would be able to see something if he was perceptive enough. While what Dredge said was true and that was how he truly felt, there was still that fire in his eyes. The Dark Lord Dredge destroyer of worlds and slayer of entire species. As tame as he had tried to force himself to become, that side of him would always be a part of him. Someone who hungered to fuel the ceaseless flames of war.
  3. He walked for a bit. Through the vast open meadows of the arcane east. The cool green grass rustled as the mountain breeze blew past him. Despite the scenery and the lush beauty of this place, the dark lord only felt confusion and hatred. His mind worked and mulled over exactly what he was now. Did he belong to a nation of law and order now? Were his days of conquest over? That’s where the hatred came in. In another life he had once been a man of good, someone who lead his people out of squalor and into the light to join the galactic community. Yet those days were gone, and here he marched a now twisted visage of what he once was. It was almost funny, he thought to himself. A massive lumbering hulk of armor and blades, a literal dark lord questioning his place in the universe. Even a small chuckle escaped Dredge’s lips. ”To long for simpler times.” Dredge said with a sigh after his small bout of chuckles. So he continued to walk, to wonder, and to seek out that which he had come this far for. He needed a good old fashioned hostile takeover and he’d get one before he left here one way or the other. He needed something to take away the thoughts of self doubt and failure from rattling around in his head.
  4. Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Something that Dredge had learned the hard way throughout his various forms of existence. Those who seek power and obtain it often find themselves drowning in a sea of indecision, guilt, and regret. Dredge was no different, often he questioned himself and the choices he made that had lead him to this moment. Here he was in a new dimension, away from all he ever knew, and his vast and powerful armies that had torn entire worlds asunder. Now he was king to the monsters and downtrodden of this world, someone who was no longer a conqueror on and endless quest to see everything burn beneath him. A refugee who had fled the grips of certain defeat with his people. It all seemed so surreal to the man. The idea that he was now the one who needed help. That he had to strike a deal with a foreign Queen just to let his people live and have a place to call home. It sickened him. To his core Dredge was a warrior. He was a conqueror and a leader. The world was his plaything and knew deep inside that it was his duty in life to destroy and reshape it as he saw fit. This menial life of scraping by and begging for shelter had wounded him, and today he’d get some of that pride back the only way he knew how. Through violence. The Arcane East was where he now stood. Around the horn of the cold mountains and somewhat north of the pebble beaches that lined the coast. Here he’d find what he had been searching for. Bloodshed. Word was that a bandit king had recently been crowned and had raided a few small villages here, a couple of settlements there. Nameless places that weren’t on any maps you could find. Gypsies and people looking to escape the march of progress and technology for a simpler life. Dredge could respect the Bandit’s gig, this was after all the perfect spot for it. Open areas to move around quickly, trade routes to the west, and plenty of folks on the road to Umbra with heavy pockets. The man quite possibly had a thousand men under his control throughout different camps. But his main base of operations could be found far to the south of Umbra within Dredge’s grasp. The hour was near for a new king to take command.
  5. ”Everyone’s got a friggen gimmick.” Dredge said with a sigh. From his lawn chair, the Overlord let the battle go on for a bit. While a few goblins were sure to be vaporized or maimed in the crossfire, Dredge knew that Kru needed to fight something of substance. The Devils wouldn’t face him, nor the Demons, or any other monster in this camp. His disciple had been relegated to hunting down Owlbears and other large beasts that this mountain had to offer for both the meat and sport. Pitiful creatures such as that would not be entertaining for very long to a monster such as the Djinn. So Dredge simply bided his time and let the two duke it out for a short period. Yet all things had to come to an end eventually. Slowly rising to his feet with the sinister aura of a cobra ready to strike and kill its prey. Dredge ran his iron covered gauntlet against the faceplate of the darkened helm. Without drawing the massive bone bastard sword attached to his back, the Overlord simply walked over to Kru and his foe. With every step a dark and evil energy began to grow. A well of rage, hatred, passion, and the power that came with them began to engulf and swallow the very magic and energy that flew through the air. From that source of power the nightmares and horrors that laid within the depths of the Nexus of Dredge’s being began to manifest themselves. All around him the aura of red arcane power began to shape into the forms of darkened figures of alien races. Men and women who comprised the very being of the dark lord who they now stood among. The wispy and at times veiled figures stood by the armored Goliath and in unison they all spoke in a deafening volume that rustled the trees and shook the earth beneath their feet with but a single word. ”Enough.” Though spoken so plainly and simply, the word boomed through the camp and would cause those nearby to drop to a single knee in praise and servitude of the Nightmare King Dredge. A small pause took place as the now deafening silence took over. Casually sweeping his hand to the side, the spirits around Dredge blew away like leaves in the wind. The King would now speak. ”Why is it that every time someone shows up they want to prove their worth by fighting? Is it simply too much to ask to have people just write a letter? Maybe show up and say ‘Hello. I’d like to join this organization, where can I apply?’ But no, everyone has to somehow make a grand fucking show it. The next time you’d like to meet with me, talk to my secretary! It’s what she’s there for!” Dredge then pinched the bridge of his armor’s nose and let out another deep sigh. ”Kru, good job. You did good. Keep up the excellent work.” Dredge then turned his eyes to the intruder. ”As for you. Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t destroy you down to the last atom, because you interrupted my break.” Dredge said with nothing but venom and an itch to finally kill something. He hoped whatever this person had to say wasn’t worth his time so he could end them in the mist vividly painful way he could imagine. @The Courier @Djinn&Juice @Akako Akari
  6. @Akako Akari @The Courier @The North Wind The first thing built in the coming days other than the temporary housing of tents, the timber mill, and of course the tunneling planning center. The thing that dwarfed them by comparison was Dredge’s love for entertainment, after all the man was a lover of the arts. Especially music, the Dark Lord would be nowhere without his love for it. Near the center of the camp, a small clearing of soft grass where fire elementals burned away and melted the snow for people to comfortably sit was made and erected there was a complete amphitheater with a band on stage playing their hearts and souls out for the crowd of workers on break, women and children, and whatever ear was close enough to catch the tune. One often didn’t expect the burly and warlike people of Orcs to be anything but deadly and dangerous brutes who raid villages and slaughter the innocent. Yet that wasn’t what was presented on stage. Where the Red Festival was all about death, the brutal sounds of metal, and giving the beastly creatures of the dark something to rage to. This band of orcs were gentle in nature, for the most part they wore standard civilian clothing. No spiked clothing, no shredded robes, just the standard fashion of the time. At least the majority of them wore that, the singer however was a bit more.... flamboyant. Known as Reggie, the rather slender man of an Orc wore a streak of red paint horizontally across his eyes and a bright floral skirt with a red low cut top. He was indeed gorgeous in his own special little way as he sung his heart out for the overlord and the crowd. The Overlord himself sitting in the far back on a comfy padded lawn chair with a tropical drink in his hand despite how cold it was once anyone took a few steps outside of the camp away from the fire elementals and fiends that provided warmth. All of it was the furthest thing you expected from a group of monsters, but Legion’s time with Dredge had certainly helped round down those rough edges in terms of culture and acceptance. He may of over-exaggerated their condition to Akako, they would still rip someone’s face off and didn’t understand the concept of civilized society. But for the most part in the culture, music, and appreciation for such things department. They were solid and weren’t a horde of shambling monsters. So when the Corren made it to Dredge’s quarters, expecting a potential fight in order to meet the Dark Overlord. He was simply met by a crew of armed death knights that huddled around in a group smoking a few loose cigarettes. ”I keep telling you man, you gotta file that blood and cobweb covered pile of gold pieces under your assets. I mean you’re just leaving money on the blood soaked table come returns time.” The death knight said as he took a drag of his coffin nail. ”I know I know, it’s just become one of those things that you keep saying you’re gonna do then when you get around to it, you’re just like, eh I’ll do it to tomorrow after the shadow hunt for lost souls in the ethereal plane. Then you get home and then- OH SHIT!” The death knight coughed and shuttered in their suit of dark armor as they noticed and turned to face Corren. ”Dude don’t do that. I’m guessing you’re from Port Caelum? If you’re looking for the boss he’s at the amphitheater. Don’t disturb him too much, it’s mostly his time to relax.” The death knight then pointed over to the stage where the music was coming from. Things had certainly changed from their time on Terrenus. Where Dredge had formed an army to crush and kill, a force that had to live in the wilds and scrape and raid every day just to survive. These days, thanks to Queen Akako they had a place they could call home. They could somewhat let their guard down and just breathe and share in their cultures and lives. Quality of life had instantly improved from Terrenus and The Forgotten Fleet. People smiled, families had food to feed their children, and steady work was provided via the public works project of the tunnel and setting up of their foraging and farming industry. Overall Dredge thought that Akako would be pleased with the overall demeanor and happiness that she had brought to these people. But once again, despite the overall peace and love vibe people got from the more tame parts of the camp. There was still a dark side to all of it. Located outside the camps the massive tunnel project moved forward. In the days since Dredge had sent his message the goblins, hobgoblins, kobolds, and massive ogres and trolls were hard at work and had already dug fifty meters into the mountains. And this act wasn’t done with the power of music and culture, it was accomplished by doing what these beasts knew best. The crack of whips and the snarls and roses of wargs. ”AAALRIGHT YA MAGGOTS!! DIG! DIG OR YE BE PUT TO THE WARG PITS LIKE THAT SORRY SOUL!” A Goblin Foreman with a whip in one hand and for the other a rusty jagged blade attached where a hand once was pointed over to another goblin who had his mid section crushed by a falling rock. With life still within him the goblin put up as best a fight he could before being dragged over to the warg pits and thrown in for their lunch. The sounds and screams that came from said pit were best to not be described. Work was coming along swiftly and the supplies from Akako would be needed soon. Resources had been split and teams were working overtime. Orc blacksmiths were in constant rush mode to either fix current mining equipment, or forge new ones from the kobolds who dug and scavenged what they could from the surrounding mountains. This was Legion’s ability to build and push while working with shoddy tools and a split workforce. Once Akako’s supplies would arrive everything would run much smoother. All they could do was wait now.
  7. @PandaHat @Akako Akari @Lacernella Rubra There needed to be a moment to straighten a few things out. There was a lot happening right now, but there was in fact one thing that wasn’t. Questions and mystery, at least on the front of the alien ship that just decided to park itself while the forces that wished to claim Alverton were at work. So let’s just address the whole alien situation. Who was he? An alien. What were his intentions for this village? No one cared. What did he want? To get back in his little space car and piss back off to wherever he came from, or else. That pretty much settled the deep and phantasmic mystery that was this alien, a real Nancy Drew case open and shut. Besides, Dredge was born into a universe where space travel was common. He commanded war fleets with destroyers hundreds of times bigger than this. Now the only thing left to decide was what to do, and luckily Dredge was a man of action. With the elected village chief asking him for his name, the armored behemoth simply turned around and gave a gracious bow. ”Please excuse me for just a moment, my dear. A beauty as ravishingly gorgeous as yourself deserves a proper introduction.” Dredge then proceeded to stomp over to the alien until they were a few feet apart. His seven foot tall and iron clad demeanor presented nothing but strength and deep and terrifying aura that would inform the fellow alien on this world that Dredge was a conqueror. There were no mysteries, no questions to be asked, nothing but the information that he had burned entire worlds for less. He wasn’t the one and he was clearly in the middle of something. So with every bit of restraint that he could muster up, he kept himself from destroying this alien and his ship. ”Hi. We’re kind of in the middle of something here. So if you could please get back into your vehicle, turn it on, and fly away back to anywhere but here. That would be just great.” Dredge said as the fake niceties faded. ”Cause if you don’t in the next... let’s say 15 seconds?” Dredge looked back at his comrades and the village chief. ”Fifteen seconds good?!” He asked them without really caring what their answer was before turning his head back to the space traveler. ”Yeah fifteen seconds is great. If you don’t don’t imma cave your fucking face in then extract your spine from your body and use it as a back scratcher. So we good?” Dredge asked in a very calm fashion, as if what he said wasn’t a threat but a promise from a man who had done much much worse to people. Dredge really hoped this alien was smart enough to realize that if he didn’t fly away, at best his odds were two against three of the village chief decided to join him, and at worst it was four on one if she threw in with them. His greatest odds of survival were to get in his ship and go home.
  8. Next to a warm crackling fire, the dark overlord sat in the cushiest and most comfortable of lazy boys with a blanket over his lap and a nice warm cup of tea at his side. In the most sophisticated of motions and with the pinky certainly out, he grabbed his saucer and cup and took a deep slurp from its heavenly warmth. Once he set down his wonderful tea he read the newspaper filled with the mad ramblings of a person who had obviously been drinking an unhealthy amount of trademark Haterade. With the shake of his head he gave a sorry and somewhat sad sigh that this person had dedicated so much time and energy into someone like him. After all Dredge was a very kind and caring man. So with one last glance at the paper he spoke in his vile villain tone. ”Huh, neat.” And with that he tossed the paper into the fire and blew off the empty words and platitudes of someone who was filled with just talk and hot air. It wasn't like they were anyone to actually be taken seriously.
  9. A coy yet sinister smile creeped itself onto Dredge’s face and was firmly directed at the slithering familiar Aiyoku. A grin that contained a message that could best be described as “if I didn’t pledge my loyalty to your master, I’d have you for diner.” Something along those lines. He was still Dredge and for someone to speak to him in such a manner, well let’s just say they would learn their place in the pecking order in a very swift manner. She would learn hers in time, for now they had bigger and more entertaining tasks at hand. ”You know you love me.” Dredge said with a chuckle. Taking a few steps past the familiar Dredge didn’t even bother to look back at the creature. As if her presence and mere existence meant less than nothing to him. ”Maybe when I see Akako again I’ll recommend a familiar with a less delicate and fatal constitution to something as simple as the cold.” And with that Dredge left the woman to stew in her shortcomings. Stepping forward he passed Rin and as he did he spoke with her for the briefest of moments. ”Oh you haven’t even seen easy.” With that last remark he was about done addressing the B team of this mission until they had further comments. He had come here with everything he needed and most importantly a plan. Extending his talon of a finger, the Dark overlord pointed to one of his trolls who had a rather stuffed and bulky looking robe on. The dark lord’s eyes lit up with glee as he uttered what was to be the doom of this settlement. ”Play my motha fuckin theme song!” Dredge commanded to his subordinate. In a flash of movement and what would come to a surprise to most, the troll dropped to a single knee, flicked on a pair of sunglasses and from his robes produced just a full straight forward boombox that he held firmly over his head that began to play a song with a booming clear bass. ”Halt!” A word of power spilled forth from Dredge’s mouth and the weak minded peasants who decided to run found themselves standing still in the fields outside of Alverton. ”Return!” Another word and just like clockwork the farmers turned around and began to slowly walk back and gather in the crowd with the others who had the stones to see what this was all about. And what was this all about? That was simple to answer. It was all about community outreach and honoring the pillars of the community. So rather than approaching these local yahoos with the formidable and terrifying visage that was his normal way of greeting defenseless villagers, Dredge decided to let his trolls fan out and go door to door handing out pamphlets of Taiyōmichi empire while had slowly and methodically danced his way up to the crowd with the ogres behind him. And by dance, he really meant dance. As if he weren’t wearing massively heavy plate armor, the evil overlord grooved his towards the gathered crowd. At the end of his little number, the man lifted his arms up in the air as if he were a savior on a cross. Behind him floating in the air were the gifts that Legion had prepared for these people. New farming equipment, gold, various potions, and other trinkets and gizmos of the monstrous races for a bit of a cultural exchange. ”Bring me the Village Chief if you can. The Taiyōmichi Empire brings gifts and good tidings.” If anything, Dredge was good at what he did. Yet in the back of his mind he sensed something. Nothing overly dangerous, but a presence, and a dark one at that. Something that could potentially throw a wrench into his plans. Perhaps the B team could handle it. @Akako Akari @Lacernella Rubra @PandaHat
  10. The west of Genesaris past the Cold Mountains was truly beautiful. Lush green fields underneath a bright blue sky that seemed to go on forever. Forests so green and gorgeous that they seemed as if they were always there, planted by the gods themselves to make the world just little bit brighter. All of it sickened a part of Dredge. The Dark Lord of Legion stared down at its splendor from atop a descending mountain pass. He had been growing soft, enjoying the sight of beaches, caring about the people he had taken under his protection and leadership. In the back of his mind, everything he had, every instinct, urge, and impulse told him to reduce it to ash and slay its inhabitants until they were nothing but steaming and rotting meat under the sun. And honestly? The mere thought of such acts made Dredge smile under his darkened helmet. Just how easy it would all be, a snap of his fingers and the slaughter would commence. However, Dredge had given his word to not act in such a way. The Dark Lord was many things. A murderer, a butcher, a monster, and a fiend who delighted in the suffering of others. But if there was one thing he wasn’t, it was a liar. If he didn’t have his integrity, then he was no better than the trash this world churned up on a daily basis. The so called heroes and privileged who never had to climb their way off of planet’s made of garbage and filth. Who lied and cheated at every turn to get ahead in their pathetic rat race. No, he was more than that. He would keep his word to Lady Akako. ”Me Lord.” A rather lanky yet lean blue troll with an orange Mohawk bowed behind his unholy visage. ”We be approachin da settlement Alverton. Orders?” The Troll said with his head and eyes staring firmly into the earth. A soft chuckle left Dredge’s lips. A chuckle that built into a small but steady laugh. Truly this situation was absurd to him. With the clapping of his iron covered hands he let out a soft sigh when the laughter began to die down. ”Oh how I miss you Michael. You’re laughing at me right now, aren’t you?” Dredge said as he stared up at the sky. ”Me Lord?” The now rather confused troll lieutenant said in a befuddled tone. Turning back his head his still face was replaced with a malicious smile that gleamed through the darkness of his helmet. Somewhat taken back by the expression the Troll kept his head to the floor. Dredge had a few ideas and if he couldn’t spill blood and have this settlement’s compliance through said violence. Well he’d still do this his way. ”The shamans. Bring them forward with me, we have some persuading to do.” Dredge said with another chuckle. Coming down from the mountain pass was not the hordes of violent troops Legion was accustomed to sending but rather the Dark Lord followed by a posse of twenty or so troll shamans, all decked out with their various trinkets and totems. An ethereal green and red energy wafted from their aura with a faint hint of malevolence. Following behind them were a few ogres that pulled massive carts filled with gifts, informational pamphlets, and other presents for this farming community. If you couldn’t kill them in the traditional way, well Dredge would just have to kill them with kindness.
  11. A new chapter had begun for Legion. Much like the one before it, it would most likely be written in blood and battle. However unlike the previous chapter, there would be growth as well. Growth that would hopefully involve settling down and having a place to call home. Somewhere both monster and man alike could live in peace to create a world where no human village would be burned to the ground in an Orc raid. A world where entire goblin caves and tribes were not pillaged for treasure or gold, and their entire population slaughtered down to the last child. While creating such a world was beyond the prowess and experience of the Dark Lord Dredge, it was not for the woman he had given his loyalty to. The Yokai Queen Akako. The entire affair was somewhat of an uneasy alliance and agreement, for Dredge it was necessary to put his faith in the woman. The survival of his people had depended on it. For months and months the The Forgotten Fleet had sailed the open oceans to escape Terrenus, yet no where they landed could be considered safe. Word of their exploits had traveled across the world and they were of course considered armed and incredibly dangerous. Only now could they potentially call Genesaris home thanks to Akako, and for that Dredge was grateful. So grateful that when they first laid anchor, he sent the woman a gift. On the outskirts of Port Caelum, the thunder of armored boots struck the ground in unison. The unmistakable sound of military men marching in formation to the cadence of their own steps. When people often thought of Legion, they often pictured hordes of monsters, orcs, and goblins wearing mismatched armor and carrying strange curved blades still wet with the blood of the innocent, and to be fair that was partly true. In the older days, Dredge used the savagery of the more monstrous races to pillage and burn small villages and settlements within the Wilds of Terrenus. But that was the past, before he had set forth to create a proper army and unified force through sheer force of will. Marching towards the gate wasn’t a rabble of mixed fiends and brawlers, but the uniformed, well equipped, and highly trained soldiers of Legion. Each marched in jet black and blood red armor. Its design was sleek, of medium weight, and their helmets covered the entirety of the head and face. Within this armor they were no longer Orcs, Gnolls, Hobgoblins, or Trolls. They were one, and they were bred for combat and war. At the head of the pack a true beast of an Orc rode a massive Siege Owlbear, a mutated and horrific visage of its former bloodline now turned into a tainted and savage monster under the cruel breeding programs of Hobgoblins to power their war machines. Marching up to the city walls, the Legion troops and its lieutenant came to a full stop in unison and assumed a parade rest formation in neat columns and rows. Three hundred men and women, the best infantry and veterans of Last Chance that Legion could spare for the Queen. ”Preukenav!” The helmetless Orc cried out to his men. ”DREPA DREPA DREPA!!!” The force of men shouted back towards their commander and the walls of the port itself. Yet this was only the first part of Dredge’s little gift. Scrambling behind the troops were well over a few thousand civilians. Tengu, Yuan-Ti, Drow, Cyclops, Bullywugs, Githyanki, and the more civilized races of Legion that wouldn’t have issue with assimilation into a more unified lifestyle off the bat. They were what was promised to Akako by Dredge. He did not expect the Queen to let them into the port, but the woman was in charge of where these people would go and how they would establish one of the first colonies in her new and growing empire. The troops that had escorted them from the beach were now hers to command. The Orc Lieutenant has been given the strictest of orders to obey Akako, and to never betray the woman. Just for good measure though, Dredge had assigned a pact-wraith to the commander whose icy fingertips gently wrapped around the heart of the Orc. Should he fail her, he’d be swiftly dealt with. All of this was now hers, but this was just the beginning. To the east of Port Caelum, they had arrived. Under the crack of whips and beastly snarls and roars. The armies and people of Legion had come to the Cold Mountains. A place of rock and ice, evergreen trees and winter life that could be seen in the mostly sparse land. The perfect place to build a new world in which to grow and expand from. The people of Legion had been accustomed to worse biomes and living conditions than these, so adapting and overcoming wouldn’t be an issue. There was however one monumental problem though, and it stared down at them from its towering and almost endless height. The mountains themselves. In order to prove his worth outside of combat and slaughter, Dredge had taken on a Herculean task for the Lady of Port Caelum. To build a reliable and easily accessible tunnel from the east of the mountains that stretched out and into the more fertile lands of the west where ice and snow weren’t the only features year round. While digging through mountains wasn’t the most impossible of tasks due to the races that joined him such as kobolds and goblins, the devil of it all came down to resource management and access to supplies. They had enough food to last them a month and while they could sustain themselves indefinitely with the environment around them, that was if they had just chose to live and let live. A massive public works project such as this was often a drain, and sure Dredge could have the dead and those killed in accidents rounded up and thrown into pots of stew for the workers, but that was a temporary fix. No, what Dredge needed would be a steady flow of supplies to keep things running as efficiently as possible. Normally he’d just pick some of his lieutenants and have them raid and reave up and down the lands from the many villages and settlements they had scouted along the way, but that option wasn’t available to them as Dredge had given his word that they would be peaceful and assimilate into the culture. So as he stood out there in the cold and wind, Dredge looked over to one of his spindly drow lieutenants and called him over. ”Send a wyvern and a rider to the Lady of the Port. Inform her to send one of her confidants and six months worth of supplies and food, so we may set up our infrastructure as quickly as possible.” Dredge said softly to the Drow. ”It shall be done my lord.” With a deep bow, the drow ran off to go and see that their message was sent. As everyone stumbled into the base of the mountain, Dredge took stock of everyone. For the most part everyone was healthy and capable, those who had fallen on their journey here were looked after, and those who had no chance of survival or had died were consumed. It was just the nature of the beast. ”SET UP CAMP!! TOMORROW WE DIG!! IF I CATCH ANY OF YOU TRYING TO TAKE EXTRA RATIONS THEN I’LL HAVE YOUR HEADS AND THE HEADS OF YOUR MATE AND CHILDREN!” Dredge let out a fire filled blast that engulfed the snow above turning it to steam and vapor as his thaumaturgy shook the earth to inspire fear and loyalty in those less convinced about this move. For now, Dredge would let time pass. Days if need be to wait for Akako to deliver what he required to commence such a task. @Akako Akari
  12. @danzilla3 @SteamWarden @notmuch_23 @The North Wind The words “our kids.” filled Patricia with a new sense of hope and determination. From the get go this was a suicide mission without little to no hope of success. She had been shot multiple times, drained of her energy and strength, and was starting to reach the limits of her power. That nagging feeling in the back of her mind where those dark thoughts rest had been pushed back by her lover’s words. Thoughts that said this was just her way of ending herself and being done with her loneliness and self hatred. That she was too far gone to be any semblance of a mother or good person. In an instant they were expelled and the fleeting sensation of hope for the future retuned. Hope for a family and a life where she could give back everything she had taken. Patricia wasn’t about to let that slip away from her. ”Let’s.” She said as the rifle in her arms primed with an electronic hum. Racing forward through ever cramping city streets, Patricia and her merry band of mercenaries rode the skiffs until the time had come. Roads and airways that could only fit two lanes of speeders had taken over and it was time to bail. With the exodus of the skiffs came a problem though. One had carried the wounded and this trip had caused a number of them to join them. To get to Reclaimer they’d need to move fast, and taking the fallen would only slow them down. The Empire controlled the skies so an airlift was out of the question. But she had to make a choice and she had promised them that no one was being left behind. Even if it cost her, she wasn’t abandoning anyone. ”Get the stretchers and the bikes!” With a swift hand the woman reached to her wrist devise and from underneath the the skiff, their cargo doors opened. Inside each bay there lay five speeder bikes per skiff. The bikes were of the highest quality and could outrun even the fastest cop speeders on Coruscant. Blonde had them made for a job that never came to pass due to her being transported to Val. So now was as good a time as ever to test them out. Standing at the top of the skiff they had a few moments to talk as the war raged on in the distance. ”Most of you have probably never rode one of these before and I don’t have time to give you a lesson! Myself and nine others are going to push ahead on the bikes and clear the way for the droids to move the wounded to Reclaimer Headquarters! Good luck and don’t die!” Speaking out to her men Patricia grabbed her rifle and slung it around her back. When the bikes were rolled out as Blonde finished speaking, she ran out from the back end of the skiff and swan dived off the edge to perfectly land in the saddle of the speeder bike. Without so much as a word the Bike roared to life and she took off down the road like a bat out of hell. There wasn’t time to sit around and discuss the best plan and formation. At this point this was a smash and grab operation that had to keep moving forward or perish under the weight and danger of their environment. With the rifle back in her hand, Blonde was out headhunting. Any and all Shock Trooper squads that were in the path of herself and Reclaimer needed to be dealt with before proceeding into the building. Without a doubt they were sending recon squads to the location. As one of the Galaxy’s premier weapon and vehicle distributors, it would be on the list of high priority targets. Anyone who had decided to follow Blonde on the bikes would find a trail of sizzling and blaster riddled bodies of Sith Troopers. There were more out there and they needed to ended as quickly as possible.
  13. @Akako Akari ”Meat.” Dredge said with his back to Akako. A loud piercing shriek filled the sky once again, and descending down from massive black wings that kicked up the sand and sprayed ocean mist was the one and only Jeremy. With its talon tipped claws in the water, It lowered its head and was lovingly stroked across the sleek black scales of its head. With the snap of his finger the chairs laying on the beach lifted up into the air and neatly folded in on themselves only to next be laid inside the brown leather bag. Hovering over to him, Dredge strapped the leather bag onto Jeremy’s side before once again speaking. ”Raw, rotten, preserved, or fresh livestock. My people are weak and hungry, and the first order of business is a meal. We will be self-sufficient from that point on in terms of food production.” Dredge would then saddle up and mount onto Jeremy’s back. ”Oh and just so we’re crystal clear about this engagement.” Dredge’s pointed red eyes stared directly at the Yokai Queen with a burning intensity. ”We will be loyal to you, and we’ll fight for you. But if you ever betray us, treat my people as lesser beings, or so much as even try to sell them out to the governments of Terrenus.” And the next few words Dredge spoke were of great importance. ”I don’t know if I can kill you or not, but I will damn sure try.” The points of intensity faded and Dredge’s eyes returned to normal. ”Anyways have a great day! with all due cheer, happiness, and good will. The wyvern screeched and took flight towards the the Forgotten Fleet to hopefully spend its last night aboard the cramped confines of a ship.
  14. @danzilla3 @Turquoisie @Djinn&Juice @Thotification @The North Wind @Trigger2Red @notmuch_23 @SteamWarden Green lines of plasma screamed down towards the skiffs, but highly explosive blaster cannon fire was not their only problem. As they traveled deeper into the city at blazing fast speeds, it became more dense and tougher to navigate, plus the Sith weren’t the only ones here. Relovian Military, Citizen Militias, and civilIans that stayed to fight off their future oppressors. Sith Shock troops around the city also took shots at them as they rode past, and a few from the city militia and military took a few pot shots as well. However most were smart enough to recognize the logo on the sides of the vehicle. A lion head with a cobra within it, one that belonged to the city’s largest company. Reclaimer Arms & Industrial. So with what skill the pilots of these skiffs could muster up, they pushed through the narrowing streets and made it over any barricades in their path. This was of course all while fighters rained green death upon them. While both main guns on the skiffs were once again operational and firing, even with those going at full force, the portal dude summoning whatever insane gun to shoot down ships with, and Jack being an absolute madman, the situation was not sustainable for much longer. With eyes on their position from above, they could always send more fighters and worse bombers and gunships that would make short work of them. This was coupled with the news that eyes on Nocturna were lost, while Blonde knew she was out there, she didn’t know what condition she was in. Things had gone south at the beach and now they weren’t improving fast enough. ”White! You have the helm!” Patrica yelled out to her companion. With a rolling crack of her neck and a few deep breaths, Patricia looked up at the remaining fighters in the air. With her mask marking all targets and sparing the one Jack clung to in midair. One last deep breath of air filled her lungs then slowly exhaled as she quieted her mind. This was no simple task that she had set out for herself. With her eyes now closed her psychic powers flowed out of her and scanned over the fighters. Using a technique known as Shatterpoint, the woman found a critical weakness in each of the fighters build. A small manufacturing error, a previously ill-repaired point of damage that had been had glossed over, parts of the machine that were vulnerable and would cause a complete system failure. Hanging her blaster rifle from her body by its sling, the woman raised both her hands at the fighters and interceptors. With each point of weakness found she would apply immense amounts of pressure to each point. From there it was an absolute fireworks show. Fighters exploded in midair, windows shattered causing the pilots to veer off into buildings and crash, bright blue chemical fueled flames erupted from the sides and immediate altitude was lost making fighters an easy target for the guns and crew. The fighter Jack was on was not effected as she was more than confident Jack could either destroy it or take it for himself. Pulling herself out of the trance she was in, she took a few deep breaths and hunched over a guard rail. While they weren’t dealing with explosive blaster cannons from above, they weren’t out of the woods. Reclaimer Arms and Industrial was about five minutes away in these conditions, and some of that distance would need to be traveled by foot as the skiffs were far to large to squeeze between the buildings. ”Everyone prepare to land and proceed to the target on foot! Expect heavy door to door and urban combat. We don’t know how many shock troops are in the deeper reaches of the city.” Patricia lifted herself up and reloaded her rifle. She was ready to keep moving. Hopefully Jack and Nocturna could get back to them soon. The drop off point was rapidly approaching.
  15. @Akako Akari ”Deal.” Dredge said in a low burning tone of a dark lord. The gleaming white fangs beneath the Stygian abyss of darkness within his helmet curled into a smile that while was not sinister in nature, was somewhat foreboding to behold. A Cheshire grin that at times signaled danger to those in front of it. Though Dredge was quick to take the palm of his gauntlet covered hand and smack himself across the face with it. ”Sorry about that! Force of habit. You spend a few thousand years murdering and glassing entire planets and you pick up some nasty habits. Anyways yes, we have a deal and I immensely look forward to working with you to help accomplish this grand vision of yours.” Dredge then stood up from his seat and looked down at the more than unhappy Akako. Which for Dredge it was a vast improvement on how most of his meetings ended. Most of the time the diplomats sent to him would either be injured or dead by the end of the meeting, or he’d be terribly injured, or both. Regardless someone was getting stabbed by the end of most of his meetings. So this was a real step in the right direction. Sure he had upset the Yokai, and had made sure she didn’t get everything she wanted out of the deal. But it was a small concession to be made. It wasn’t as if he planned on betraying her, he wanted everything she did and as long as his people were safe and prospering he was happy to hand the reigns over to her if she proved herself capable. Maybe he could live a life without having to rule and without war. He had never considered it, but for the briefest of moments the dark overlord considered what life would be like I’m retirement. Something that never once was an option in his previous life. With that brief moment of vulnerability shrugged off of his body language, the man read the room and spoke to the queen. ”We’ll give you a tour of the fleet tomorrow. We will sail to the beaches east of Port Caelum and drop anchor a few kilometers from land. On your formal invitation only will we make landfall. You have my word.” Dredge then gave a short yet respectable bow to the woman. ”Your Grace. Keep the bottle. It’s very good.” he said as he recovered from his bow. From there the blackened wings of the wyvern once again expanded from the deck of the Vagrant Queen and began to fly its way over to them. Now would be the last few moments to get in any advice, threats, or words of encouragement. Dredge had no threats to give or much else to say, he’d just sort of awkwardly wait and tap his foot in the sand while humming a foreign tune to himself.
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