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  1. @Trigger2Red @The North Wind @Thotification @vielle @danzilla3 With one last sip of her drink, Blonde pushes the glass aside and looked up at the bar tender. With a kind tone of her robotic voice she spoke to him. ”A bottle of the Three Howls Gin please.” Blonde said and laid down a generous amount of gold coins to pay for the bottle. ”Keep the change.” She tacked on at the end. The bartender gave a gracious and thankful bow before placing the bottle of clear liquid down in front of the Crime Lord. With a smile beneath her mask she stood up and looked down at Wynonna. Her soulless black lenses once again piercing through to make sure Miss Sinclair knew what was going to happen. Something that involved a gratuitous amount of violence. Her gaze then broke and found it looking over to Jack. ”One moment please.” She said in a loving tone to Jack. Stepping away for just a moment, she casually walked over to the DJ near an empty dance floor. Slipping him a few coins the ambient music of the casino shifted to a song that had a bit more energy to it. Once Blonde returned to the bar she snapped her fingers and the man gasping at the front entrance were finished. The loud crack of bones snapping and windpipes being crushed was followed by the dead weight of armor and masks hitting the floor with dead weight. Screams sounded through the establishment and there were high chances that the moment these men started to choke and gasp it was sent up the various chains of command of organizations and groups that had their fingers and tendrils within the Lady’s Ward. They were always on borrowed time and they needed to make create a distraction so her various agents could secure the target. So with that in mind she popped the bottle of gin open. ”May I have this dance?” she asked Jack in a tone that had nothing but love in it. Taking his hand she offered up the bottle for him to take a few necessary sips from. Jack would also notice sticking out of her coat pocket was a rag that she had picked up from the far end of the bar as she made her way back. The plan was pretty clear, they needed to make a spectacle for the various emergency services that would cover for their exfil. ”Don’t keep a lady waiting.” She said with a smile beneath that mask. All around them the people at the front end panicked and began to cause quite the ruckus. Yet the music played over it all the same.
  2. @Trigger2Red @danzilla3 @Thotification @The North Wind @Turquoisie @vielle Sitting at the bar, Miss Blonde let out a tired sigh. With Wynonna sitting by her side, Blonde remained calm and simply unfurled a straw from her mask. It hissed with the snap of depressurization before being seated into her drink. Soon after the liquid from her beverage began to push upward into the mask and allow her to drink the goblets strong alcoholic content. Blonde didn’t say anything to Wynonna at first as the three men burst into the establishment presumably looking for her hired guide. Yet the woman showed no signs of distress or care in the world for the three men in masks and cloaks. She simply dipped her drink and began to slowly tap her right hand’s fingers on the bar starting with her pinky and ending with the index in a slightly rhythmic tone to it. After a long gulp, she then looked to Wynonna with the reflective black and soulless lenses of of her mask. ”She’s my countryman.” she answered plainly. ”Probably taken by some slaver visiting my dimension. Slavery is quite the hot button issue where I come from sadly. Barbaric really.” Blonde said then took another sip from her drink. Soon a subtle motion occurred, Blonde placed her left hand on the bar in plain sight of Wynonna. With her thumb and index finger, it looked as if she was pinching the empty air around it. While she was drained from the trip, she had enough energy to do this. She had enough in her to let Wynonna know that if these were her men, if this was some sort of double cross, she should choose where her loyalties lie much more carefully. It started as a tickle in the back of the throat. One of the men in the golden masks then began to cough. A cough turned to a gasp and a gasp turned into a man falling to his knees and grasping at their throat. Wheezing and choking on seemingly nothing, his comrades gathered around him to ascertain what exactly was afflicting him. However it wasn’t long before they too started to cough, they started to wheeze and the vice of energy clamped down around their throats to cut end the very notion of rasping coughs that were now replaced by the croaks and subtle gags of air leaving their system. Yet Blonde simply sat there and sipped at her drink. ”Wynonna, you seem nice. But let me let you in on a little secret.” Blonde said in that menacing voice that would put chills down the spines of lesser people. ”You can try to run, you can try to fight, you can beg and plead. But until this is over. Until I’ve accomplished my goal. You belong to me.” With another long pull of her drink, the ice cubes of her glass clinked and shuttered as they resettled at the bottom of the glass. ”So I’ll give you a choice, and I suggest you make it quickly. Do they live or die?” She asked Wynonna to see just where the woman stood. For all Blonde knew, she had called them here to report her and her crew arriving in Sigil. Surrounding the Golden Circle enforcers, casino patrons seemed to try and help them despite not knowing what exactly was afflicting them. As for what was happening in deeper parts of the casino away from the front end and bar. Syderia had come across one of the casino employees. Turning around was a younger woman of blonde hair and blue eyes that smiled brightly at the customer as she was trained to do. Though the name Madame Dick also caused her to chuckle softly. With a gracious bow she clasped her hands and looked at the odd woman. ”Oh, you’re looking for Anita? Well you must be our new cook we hired on. She’s in the back right now, she works the kitchen with her daughters Charity and Chastity.” The woman said with a plucky tone. ”Just head to the back and grab an apron. I’m surprised someone as lovely as you though is working the kitchen. I’m a bit busy so you’ll have to excuse me.” with another bow the woman smiled and began to walk away to see to the needs of other customers. For now the commotion at the front end had not spread to the entirety of the Fortune’s Wheel. There was still time and the situation needed to be handled before things got out of control. Which given the current circumstances didn’t appear to be more than maybe a few minutes depending on how Wynonna would react to what was happening. Syderia’s mission log would ping and the orders would be to take Anita alive and preferably unharmed. Appropriate force was authorized, but they needed her alive and conscious with all her bits attached.
  3. @The North Wind @vielle @danzilla3 @Trigger2Red @Turquoisie @Thotification ”I really don’t deserve you.” Blonde said while holding on tight to him as well. As far as moments went, it was on the tender side. Comforting and reassuring that everything was going to be ok. Blonde needed it, the last few months had been the most nerve wracking and stressful of her life. Jack had a first row seat to the show of watching her unravel under the crushing weight of losing everything and almost everyone who meant something to her. All she had left when arriving in Val was Mister Orange. He and Jack had helped her keep grounded, and in this moment she was focused once again by Jack’s ability to reassure her. But like all moments inevitably do, it ended. The ship touched down and everyone was mobile once again. Destination The Fortune’s Wheel in the Lady’s Ward. Now the Lady’s Ward was far from the beating heart of industry where everyone from criminals to hard working factory employees toiled. No they were entering and playing very dangerous game here in the Lady’s Ward. A venue where nothing went unnoticed and no one went unwatched. It was a place of eyes and ears always prying and peeking for any little piece of information. They needed to move quickly and without hesitation. ”Pair off and follow me. Walk and act like you belong here. Sinclair! Let’s go!” Blonde said as she grabbed Jack by the arm and took the first step outwards into the wide streets and looming beautiful architecture of the ward. ”It’s almost like we’re a normal couple.” Blonde said with a chuckle as they strolled through the crowd only getting a few looks here and there. It took only a few minutes and the three had arrived with little trouble. The doors were broad and ornate. Carvings of roses and other decorative designs had been etched into it. Reaching forward Blonde opened the door to the familiar sights and smells of a high end casino and restaurant. Ones that she herself had become accustomed to when running her own. Men, women, and other creatures that Blonde couldn’t even begin to assign a gender to gambled, drank, and smoked on slim cigarettes to fat and heavy sweet smelling cigars. Roulette wheels clacked and the occasional frustrated howl of loss filled the air before security made sure it didn’t get out of hand. ”Jack, clock how many guards. Sinclair, come to the bar with me.” Blonde said as she stepped deeper into the establishment. ”Everyone find yourself a dance partner, this might get messy. We’re looking for someone named...” Blonde looked down at her data pad with instructions on who to find here. There was a long pause over the comms as Blonde read through the instructions. She sighed deeply to which all those tuned in could hear. ”We’re looking for, and I swear this is true. A woman named Anita Dick...” There was another audible sigh and Blonde approached the bar and ordered their biggest strongest cheapest drink.
  4. @danzilla3 Returning his kiss with equal amounts of care and passion, she smiled for a moment before it immediately vanished into a deep sense of humorous shame brought on by Jack’s pun. Pinching the bridge of her nose and staring down as at the ground, she followed Jack and let out another deep sigh. ”God dammit, Jack.” she said slightly under her breath before letting out a chuckle. ”I can’t imagine why anyone would dislike you. You just ooze charm and grace when you park your owlbear to drop bolder sized shits on their lawn.” Patricia said with sarcasm before taking a long pull from her drink. Patricia would decide to hang back a bit and let Jack and his friend exchange gifts and pleasantries. Despite how Jack could always find a way to make her smile, her plan was to get black out drunk as soon as possible. Patricia didn’t know anyone here, she didn’t know any of the customs or traditions. She was essentially flying blind at a party that was brimming with the potential to go south fast. So she finished off her drink and gave a gentle nod and smile to Jack that she was off to go get another. Taking a few steps to distance herself from Jack and Thurgood, Patricia found herself at the bar. Like always. Pouring herself a drink, she sat back and rubbed her temples. She couldn’t bring herself to have fun, it just wasn’t in her. Not without the kid’s lives being in danger. That was something Jack didn’t understand. As much as she loved him, she was in a constant state of anxiety and self loathing at her consistent failures to find them. So being here at a party surrounded by happy and smiling people who were having fun was just too alien for her. So she downed her drink then poured another. She’d make her way back to Jack soon enough, but for now Patricia wanted to spend a bit more time there to gather herself and put her face on. She wanted Jack to have fun and she wouldn’t have him deal with her issues in place like this.
  5. @danzilla3 She wasn’t Miss Blonde tonight. She couldn’t be. Whenever she wore the mask there was trouble. There was that unwavering sense of pride and anger that took over when Miss Blonde was in charge. Rather than making trouble for Jack’s friends and associates, she was just Patricia tonight. Jack’s girlfriend who ran a small bar in the back allies of Last Chance. Nothing more and nothing less. Besides, it wasn’t proper form to have a interdimensionally wanted criminal attend a house warming party. She wore a simple silk red dress that tightly hugged her slender frame and was a little more than revealing for the average person. Walking into the building with him, she was sure to smile and nod at anyone who gave them a passing hello. When Jack confronted his friend and said his hello’s and delivered the gifts that they had brought, Patricia remained silent and let the two be friendly with one another before Thurgood left to go check on some BBQ. ”He seems nice.” Patricia said as she grabbed the nearest bottle of something dark and brown. Pouring herself and Jack a drink, she let out a sigh. In all honesty she didn’t want to be here. Another party felt painful to her. Here she was drinking, surrounded by people who were smoking and joking, yet she was still separated from her family. It felt undeserved, and those emotions were subtly conveyed on her face despite trying to keep up the energy to smile and pretend that she was having fun. ”Here you go darling. Whiskey neat.” Handing her love a drink, she quickly made short work of her own. With a deep swig, she finished off her drink and began to pour another. ”One crazy party right?” She said with that false sense of joy that came off as almost perfect. Years of undercover work, infiltration operations, and training had allowed her to put up the front. Though she was unsure how effective it would be on Jack.
  6. @Thotification @danzilla3 @Turquoisie @vielle @The North Wind ”Then we’re in agreement.” Blonde said as she stepped forward. The black reflective lenses of her mask stared into Wynonna. It was simply threatening in nature. An introduction of what and who she was, and what she was capable of. Wynonna knew nothing of Blonde, but in that moment it was a glare of a woman who had not only seen death, but had caused it on a mass scale. The kind of look that even through the faceless expression of a gas mask, conveyed that she and her associates would burn down and kill everything Wynonna had ever known or loved if she dared crossed her. Looking back to her crew of killers and mercenaries she gave the word. ”We’re Oscar Mike, people! Let’s move!” Blonde said in a more than commanding tone. Some time later. High above the sky’s of Sigil on the airship of the Captain Sinclaire, Blonde and her crew had flown for a few good minutes. The city and its wards looked like ants beneath them. Yet Blonde kept her composure despite memories flooding back to her. Memories of raids, heists, and retaliatory attacks that had all begun from the sky. At the bow of the ship, Blonde and Jack stood there together. Secluded from everyone else, the couple remained there side by side. Doubt and worry filled her mind. ”Am I just sending everyone to our deaths?” It was the first piece of personal speech she had said to Jack in the few moments of downtime that they had. ”I’ve been gone for months, what if they’re dead or worse? What if I wasn’t fast enough to return home?” Blonde asked Jack as her hand clutched her mask in a deep sense of worry. ”You don’t know what I’ve done, Jack. You don’t know how big a target I’ve painted on myself and my children.” Blonde was a confident leader, but when it came to her children and her family, she was like any worrisome mother and provider. The dichotomy between ruthless Crime Lord and caring mother would be very obvious to Jack, and the woman was simply starting to think more and more as they neared their objective. As for the rest of the crew and mercenaries, they were given strict instructions to ready themselves. Not for combat of course. They were told to conceal their weapons, and dress in any fashion that seemed fitting for an establishment as fine as the Fortune’s Wheel in the Lady’s Ward. The airship began to push down towards the nearest landing pad. Everyone had been briefed and soon they would be in the Fortune’s Wheel. The next step of the plan would begin. Hopefully everyone was ready and set to go to start a little mayhem.
  7. @Turquoisie @Trigger2Red @Thotification @The North Wind @danzilla3 @vielle The industrial heart of Sigil blackened the skies above with acrid sulfuric smoke and a blaze of multiple shades and chemically altered flames that burned low. The sounds of massive machines groaning with their gears turning and their massive frames aching to sustain the rate of production needed to keep this city functional. Hammers, saws, and many other tools blended into a symphony of instruments that joined the already hectic orchestra of noises. This was Sigil alright, and they needed to start moving. They had only so much time before they’d be potential stuck here or somewhere in the multiverse. So with a quick hug from Jack, she was ready to move. However she needed to address the men, they had just risked certain death for her and they needed to know that she was grateful just to have them here. Especially the little one, life couldn’t of gotten harder for Khaki. Blonde had recently found out of the loss their mutual friend, and while she intended to rectify this with violence and revenge (a completely underrated feeling by the way) she had to get this feeling across to the kid. Approaching Khaki, Miss Blonde put a hand on her shoulder and spoke plainly and sincerely. ”Thank you, you’re a good friend. I’m sorry I can be a real bitch sometimes. I’m sorry about The Mistress and I’m sorry about Break. They’d be proud of you.” Blonde have her a pat on the shoulder before turning off to address the Cleric. ”Cleric. You’re right when you say there’s no time to waste. Get everyone on their feet, and give anyone suffering from fatigue or injuries a pick me up. We have to move fast if we’re going to make the objective.” Blonde then turned to face the group, and before she could give a speech she was confronted by one of the locals. What Wynonna would see was an oddity. A group of mixed species, people, and creeds. Yet they all shared a common bond if Wynonna was perceptive enough. They were all incredibly dangerous people who weren’t here to take in the sights and explore the culture of Sigil. Most wore their weapons plainly and carried an air of menace and danger about them, yet they were not visually hostile towards the local woman and whoever she kept in her company. The truth of the matter was that they held no ill will towards Sigil, yet if any of its occupants stood in their way there would be no qualms over leaving a trail of corpses in their wake. So with zero fear, Blonde reached into her coat as if for a weapon only to produce a decent sized cloth bag. With the bag in hand she tossed it at the feet of Wynonna and it hit the ground with the clink and clang of what was clearly gold and jewels. Wynonna was well dressed, carried herself like a person who didn’t belong here with the workers and lower class, and while Blonde was more than certain that she likely couldn’t be trusted. They simply didn’t have the time to find, vet, and secure a proper guide. They had a few steps to complete before making it back to her home dimension, so this would have to suffice. ”The Fortune’s Wheel in the Lady’s Ward. Take us there, my associates and I are all very hungry and could use some food and entertainment.” Blonde said with her mask augmenting the robotic pitch to her voice. That was their first stop. She made sure that the rest of her men could hear that, and made sure that her crew knew this was their destination on what was probably going to be a very destructive path.
  8. @danzilla3 @The North Wind@Turquoisie @Thotification @vielle The airship shook violently. Lightning blotted the sky and thunder rocked and rattled the bones of those around it as air pressure and temperature exploded within the clouds. While conditions were far beyond ideal, this was something she had to do. With the ramp lowered, she looked down at the vortex that they approached ever so quickly. Yet there was another sound that seemed to fill the cockpit, the clinking and rattle of chains scraping and clanging against a metal floor. Slowly but surly the sound grew and grew until it was revealed to be a man in a dirty and beaten up suit. Bearded and with the greasy hair of a man who had not showered in a few days, it would be clear to most perceptive people that this man was most likely not here by his own choosing. With a heavy collar attached to his neck, and another well well dressed man escorting him up to Miss Blonde, the prisoner was placed near her so they could have a quick chat. ”Bloody hell. You’re actually gonna go through wit it.” Solomon said as he looked at the massive portal in the distance. ”It seems so. How much time can you give us?” Blonde’s response was quick and to the point. Information was key here. ”twenty-four hours, luv. That’s bout it.” Solomon said as his eyes fixated on the portal to the multiverse. ”I don’t need to tell you what will happen to you should we fail or you try anything funny right?” There wasn’t a hint of malice in her voice, she simply let Solomon know the facts of the situation. ”The collar around my neck goes bang. Yeah we’ve established that, luv. Let’s just do this.” Solomon would then limp away from Blonde and towards the crowd of people. ”Listen up, twats! You’re about to go through the portal yeah! Well, your body isn’t meant to do so. Your bodies, right! They were specifically evolved to live laugh and fuckin die on a planet like this one. So ya see that massive portal of pain and suffering, ya?! That’s ya death. Your bodies weren’t made for traveling through that. Luckily old uncle Soly is ‘ere for ya! You got twenty four hours to make it through that portal, do ya fuckin jobs! Then get back ‘ere and save my ass! So good luck.” With a slight bow a magical energy radiated off of the filth covered wizard and formed an glowed a soft purple around each member of the crew before turning invisible. Then everything went silent. The rain, the thunder, the lightning. It all ceased as the airship flew right into the eye of the storm. Beneath them the portal of gargantuan size awaited. It was time to go. ”Jump zone optimal. 10.” The voice from the cockpit yelled. ”9...” “8...” “7...” “6...” “5...” “4...” “3...” “2...” “1...” ”Jump!!” Darkness. Pure darkness enveloped everyone. A dim red light began to slowly began to fill the eyes of the travelers. Hard cobblestone streets could be felt beneath them. Miss Blonde in particular began to slowly regain consciousness and get her bearings. Taking a good look around her, she could see the unconscious bodies of about sixty percent of the original crew of men and women she had hired. A lot of them didn’t make the jump apparently, but this was still more than her original expectations. Bringing herself up on wobbly legs, Blonde buckled a few times at first then could see the scenery around her. Massive iron forges and factories surrounded them. Sunlight or any form of light not coming from the molten hot metal and industry was non existent. Indescribable beings from everything between horror and beauty walked through the streets speaking multitudes of alien and foreign languages that were incomprehensible to most. This was it, they were in the Lower Wards of the City of Doors. They were in Sigil, and at last the quest could truly begin.
  9. @Turquoisie @danzilla3 @Thotification @The North Wind It wasn’t enough. Just his touch on her hand wasn’t going to cut it. In truth, Blonde was scared. Not for her own life, she had long since passed the point of accepting her own demise at the hands of war and violence. No, she was scared for the lives of her children. She was scared for Jack, and the fact that she might lose him in this dangerous endeavor. She had fought wars against galactic empires, razed planets and cities to the ground, she had built an empire on the back of crime and death, yet nothing frightened her as much as losing her children and this man. So it simply wasn’t enough. A snap-hiss of depressurization sounded as Blonde’s mask slowly came undone. With her back to the group so none of them would see her face, she lifted the piece of magic and technology enhanced metal over her head and let it rest atop it. There were no words at first, just a long and drawn out kiss. Her lips pressed against his and she held it for as long as she could. His larger frame pulled down to her level and her small form standing on the tips of her toes. It felt like an eternity, yet even that was too short. It would just have to due. ”I love you, Jack.” She whispered into his ear without the robotic augmentation of her mask. There was one last moment where she stared into his eyes, her piercing angelic blues meeting his own gaze. Then the mask was back on. The slow hiss of a pressurized and sealed environment latched on and the bright yellow LEDs once again light up. ”Two minutes! To the drop zone!” The voice yelled out. She wanted to tell him so many things. She wanted to say that if she didn’t make it, to take care of her children. She wanted to tell him that she cared for him so deeply and so immensely that even the passing thought of losing him was a nightmare. She wanted to tell him about what she knew might make or break him, but she didn’t. She didn’t tell him. He needed to be sharp for this mission, and so did she. So there was no time for it, and it could be sorted out when they returned. ”We gotta go.” her now robotic laced voice said in a low tone. With weapons in hand she pushed all thoughts of love, happiness, and vulnerability aside. She was going to get this job done even if she died, even if she had to split the stars and heavens themselves open. She would see this through until the end. So with that in mind she walked casually over towards the drop station. An area of the airship where a mechanical ramp would slowly begin to creep open. ”To the loading zone!” Blonde yelled as she grabbed her gear and made way to the ramp. A hard wind began to fill the cabin as the ramp dropped down. As Blonde stepped towards the front of it she stood mere feet away from a drop that seemed near infinite. Lightning blotted the sky and rain hit the deck behind her. In the distance a massive swirling vortex of purple energy lay at the center of the storm. That was their target, that was where they’d jump into. ”NOW I’M SURE YOU’VE ALL NOTICED THE MASSIVE SPINNING VORTEX OF DEATH!! THAT IS OUR JUMP POINT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!! FOLLOW ME AND MOST OF YOU WILL SURVIVE!! ONE MINUTE TO DROP!! GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND REMEMBER IT’S A GREAT DAY TO DIE!!” Blonde then turned towards the objective, towards the massive portal at the center of this world. Her heart raced and if not for her experience and ability to push her fear down, she’d of been overtook by the sheer audacity and ludicrous nature of the situation. ”ready Solomon.” She said on her private comms. ”Yes ma’am. Do me a favor while you’re home.” a familiar voice said to her. ”Pick me up some death sticks and ciggaras.” And that was it. Everyone just needed to assemble and make their final preparations and say their final prayers.
  10. @Trigger2Red @Turquoisie @Thotification @danzilla3 I am sorry for the absurdly long wait time. A lot of personal problems came up in my life along with more than a few extra shifts at work. If you’re still interested then feel free to join.
  11. Through the Sigil’s Door Prelude Everything rattled. A man vomited into the corner of a dimly light metallic room. Seated everywhere against the walls were men and women of varying degrees of danger, most clocking in at around heavily armed and extremely dangerous. Criminals, mercenaries, people who fought for coin and lacked a sense of honor. The exact people that Miss Blonde the Crime Lord tended to surround herself with. The kind of people who would do anything to get this job done, even if it meant burning down entire towns and leaving a trail of bodies in their wake. These people were on a mission and they had been paid well. Considering the risks they had to be paid generously. If one were to look out the window they’d see the dark and heavy storm clouds that belted out lightning and screamed thunder. In an massive airships cargo hold, the ship pushed its way through the storm that surrounded a massive portal in the center of this planet. What used to be a chunk of land was swallowed into itself and had become a portal to the multiverse, it was her opportunity to get back home. ”Five minutes to drop!” A voice from the forward compartment yelled. Standing up Miss Blonde stood at the front of the drop gate. She was short in stature, just a hair short of five feet tall. Yet she carried herself with a deadly seriousness and raw power that radiated off of her body. Facing all those who had decided to join her in this endeavor to secure a package and return it, she would give an operational briefing. So with her gas mask on and her robotic laced voice, Blonde spoke to her temporary employees. ”Half of you will die or go MIA. That’s the best outcome of this mission.” She needed to tell the truth, this was not a moment to sugarcoat anything. ”We will be dropping into a portal that will hopefully send us to a place known as Sigil. It is a city that lays at the center of the multiverse, and when I say hopefully I do mean hopefully. I will be leading the jump and will be the first off the ship, so if you follow me, and you stay on my six, and a breeze or lightning bolt doesn’t take you off course. Then you will be ok. Otherwise you will be lost to the multiverse, and let me make this perfectly clear.” Blonde paused and looked over all their faces. ”Neither myself or anyone in my employ will come back for you. You are on your own and I expect that all of you would do the same for me. No matter what happens to me, you will complete the mission. Mission specifics will become unlocked in your data devices that you have been provided once we push through the portal. So make your peace with whatever god you subscribe to because this is it people.” Her briefing was short, unceremonious, and only slightly depressing. Yet it was what needed to be said. ”Four minutes!!” The forward voice shouted once again. As everyone readied themselves, they would be provided with an portable inflatable raft and a parachute should they get blown off course or decide to leave. It was really more of a formality and safety blanket. This was after all a giant portal in the middle of the ocean, so chances were they wouldn’t come in handy. If anyone were to look over to Blonde they’d see her forgo the emergency supplies and just take what was most important. A rather body shaped sub machine-gun and a bandolier of grenades and ammo strapped across her black jacket. She was ready. As for everyone else. They had about four minutes until they would jump into hell.
  12. Sweet! Well if you get your character a backstory before we kick off on Friday, I’ll be happy to incorporate it. Until then, welcome aboard! ?
  13. @SteamWarden @danzilla3 Explosions rocked the lower streets of Hellsgate. Airships dropped and erupted in fireballs augmented by the screaming metal impact of mass hitting the earth. They crashed indiscriminately of whoever was beneath them. Civilians scattered from the incoming fire that rained from the sky, some were lucky, and others were not. It was just something that Blonde would have to deal with later on. Right now she needed to be in the moment, she couldn’t think of the screams and pain that were caused by her selfishness. She could hate herself all she wanted to later, but for now there were still bogies on their three. ”U bend it.” She ordered to Orange. They needed to escape the heat, and in order to do that it would take some drastic measures. While Jack and company didn’t know what the small Crime Lord had ordered. Orange and Blonde shared a shorthand dialogue that they had built up over the years, and this was a command that would not agree with most people’s stomachs. ”Hold on to your asses.” Orange said as he reached into his cup holder and took a deep swig of a flask. Within the blink of an eye the vehicle had changed direction. The speeder had gone from flying in a straight line across the skyline to flying to a significantly different straight line. A line that was headed straight towards the ground at a near terminal velocity. Everything and everyone had become near weightless. Loose objects floated through the cabin as gravity helped propel the speed of the object falling to earth. Blonde laughed and giggled like a maniac, she missed this. She missed the rush of having the police on her tail, the thrill of being caught. In that brief moment of weightlessness, Jack would be able to see a woman who was molded to do this. As much grief, pain, and burdens as she carried. In moments like this, she was truly alive and happy. ”NOW!” She shouted out to Orange. It was close, it was really close. The cold hard ground was only a few meters away when the vehicle bent upwards and drifted across the surface streets. Airships scrambled above and simply lost their visuals as Miss Blonde and her cohorts slipped into a dark alleyway. Lights and sirens passed by and everything was silent for a few moments. ”WOOO!! BEST PILOT IN THE OMEGA PROTECTORATE BABY!! SUCK IT AYDEN!!” Orange was absolutely alight with excitement and adrenaline. This was what he lived for. ”Everyone alive?” Blonde asked the crowd.
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