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    Family Road Trip

    @danzilla3 Now was the time if ever there was one. Patrica and Jack had been at the site for weeks and she had distanced herself from him while they worked. Not out of any kind of spite or negative feelings towards her new love, but for what was in her. Patricia’s mind was often buzzing with new ideas and regret of a past life, with just a sprinkle of PTSD to top it all off. Yet this was not what grew in her to cause her to keep her distance from Jack. He accepted her and her flaws and past crimes, he was someone she could see herself spending the rest of her life with. What grew in her was Jack’s child, a son or daughter that she knew she was pregnant with since they had embarked on a mission to save the children from her home dimension. A potential life she had put into danger so very often, with not a small amount of her hoping that the damage she and others did to her body would force complications to happen with her pregnancy. But this was not the case. Jack’s genes were strong and the child was as resilient as he was, perhaps with his strength of healing to boot. With her last trip to the doctor, the baby was in perfect health despite the drinking and the damage done to her in various fights. This was happening and she needed to tell Jack soon. She was beginning to show and there wouldn’t be too much longer before he could put two and two together. So when he took her hands and kissed her forehead, she startled back to reality with a slight flinch that snapped her into focus. This wasn’t something new for Jack to see as often Patrica was down some rabbit hole or another thinking about various new innovations in tech or experiencing some form of deep thought or trauma. A smile shown brightly on her face that soured almost immediately as his words brought Erika into this mix. In their various mother and daughter private time talks, Erika knew about her mother’s condition and agreed not to spill the beans. So far she had done a good job and she knew Erika wouldn’t attack her while pregnant. So Patricia would take a gamble. ”Well she’s chipped, and I don’t think she’s going to crack multiverse interdimensional travel anytime soon. I think this would be a good opportunity for her to get some fresh air and try and come around to the idea of our new family.” Patricia said as the smile returned to her face. Better to come out with her little surprise while everyone was present for it.
  2. She wished so very dearly that she had the strength to talk to Jack. About all she had done and horrors she inflicted onto others. Rather she simply said nothing the entire night then eventually drifted back into a troubled sleep sometime in the early AM. Patricia had always lived a dangerous life. Undercover field agent turned crime lord, arms dealer/manufacturer, destroyer of governments and creator of cloned armies. If she wasn’t getting shot at by someone or something, it was more than just odd, it was more dangerous than the actual gunman. It forced her to finally confront the things she had done and examine her life in harshly critical way, and often she didn’t like what she saw. The deepest and darkest parts of her wanted to get up out of this bed, adorn the mask, and go outside to raise hell and make money the wrong way. The beast in her that hungered to be fed from the capitalization of misery and misfortune of others yearned for it. It made life simple, it made everything simple. Burn town, get money. That was it. No being a good partner to Jack, no being a mother, no making amends with the clones and children she wronged, no coming to terms with the needless violence she committed in the name of chasing the almighty dollar and thrill that came with it. She was the best at it, and that want would never truly go away. But, she made this decision. For her children, and for Jack. She needed to commit to it, and she had to at least try to put a little good back into the world. While she wasn’t ready to get involved in this project, she did have the resources and people to help her with such a task. So after jack left to go be with his friend, she took a few moments to rise and stir from her bed. With a horrid hangover she clutched her temples then placed a small communicator down on the nightstand. A few short moments the image of a man in a tropical flower shirt and khaki answered, he was a clone much like Lusk. The spitting image of Preliat. ”Go for Albatross.” The man said as he casually stuffed a handful of cheese puffs into his mouth and put his feet up on what was clearly the dashboard of a truck’s passenger seat. ”Alby, it’s mom. I need a favor.” Patricia said as she paused after a short battle with nausea. ”Good morning, mom. If it’s to cure your hangover, afraid I can’t. That’s more Calamity’s job, she’s the medic, isn’t that right babe?” From off screen a muscular yet feminine arm waved from the driver’s side but was not accompanied with a hello or greeting. ”First of all. Gross. Secondly, no I’ll handle the hangover myself. I need you and your team to head to my location. Jack is building a new town and I’d like to get you guys involved. You’re the best engineer I have, so you’d be a big help. I’ve been weird to him the last day or two and I want him to know that I love him and that me being in a weird space is not an indication that I love him any less.” Patricia slightly trailed off there at the end but was quickly brought back to reality by the loud crunch of cheese puffs and chewing that ensued afterwards. ”Well we’ve still been on that whole good will charity mission of bringing clean water and sustainable food to villages and poor communities, but even a portion of my guys can handle that. Truth be told we’ve mostly just spent the last few days in town dicking around until we headed out for Southwold today. You need me to divert?” As cool as he tried to play it, Patricia could see the hunger for more in Albatross’ eyes. The want to build a city and something truly impressive. ”If you don’t mind. I’d appreciate it. Just make sure you take orders from Jack and his boyfriend Thurgood. Dudes basically if a line of spice powder came to life, can’t miss him.” Patricia looked up at her cloned child and gave a rather kind look. ”Locking on your coordinates now. ETA five hours. I’ll send Rascal and Blitz’s crew to Southwold, the rest of us will split off now.” With that, Albatross hung up and Patricia was left alone in the dark. A few moments passed before she stood up and walked over to a nearby suitcase she had stashed away in their lavish tent. Grabbing it and setting it on the table, she popped the locks and opened it to look down and gaze at what she was attempting to fight and resist with all the willpower she could summon. She wasn’t sure why she brought it with her, but she felt like she had to.
  3. Her mind couldn’t focus on the project. Rebuilding a settlement and turning it into a prosperous city was something she could handle. The former crime lord had managed entire star sectors with populaces that grew and expanded as her criminal empire did. Yet, for some reason she just couldn’t allow her hands to touch this city. She couldn’t bring herself to do that. Not out of some self centered notion that she was above such things or that Jack couldn’t handle something on this scale. She didn’t want to touch this because it was pure. It was a blank slate in which to create something truly special. To her, she was beneath such things. It was too good for her and she didn’t deserve to be a part of something that was pure and without the horrors of her former life. She never really told Jack the extent of the evil she had done. He had seen her do acts of evil out of necessity, but never for the sheer thrill of the hunt and the chase. He’d never seen her fall from a bright eyed enforcer of the law into the crime lord who bombarded a city from orbit for revenge. He’d never seen her move through a military academy and gun down the young officers of tomorrow because their government tried to bring her to justice by placing a bounty on her head. But most of all, he hadn’t seen what she did at the scrap heap. None of it was out of necessity or to save her children, it was because she enjoyed it. So as Jack and his friend got to work with their civic engineering. She made sure to seclude herself and do what she did best. Day drink. Finding one of the unopened bottles of libations from last night’s get together she dropped the act she often put on for her family and took a deep swig of liquor. Doodling on her data pad she’d start to flick through the design plans of the city for the hell of it. She had nothing to do while in the tent anyways. With a bottle in one hand and the pad in the other she silently went over things and drank.
  4. Damn, I’ve been meaning to make curry goat while getting these gainz in my temple of swolitude. How did you know?! What did you need punched?
  5. L.O.D 4 Sale Lately The Legion of Doom has been making various moves in Genesaris since we arrived and forged a pact with Lady Akako. However things in my opinion have been rather stagnant as of late, and it’s time to move forward. While I sincerely do love the Taiyōmichi and the few threads I got to do there, I really want to become more active in the Genesaris community and it’s various factions. So consider this as me putting Legion up for grabs in a sense. I am looking for a group or organization that would enjoy the help of a paramilitary force and people willing to commit war crimes and mass slaughter at your discretion in order to further their own cause of securing land and resources to build a permanent home for demi-human and monstrous races of people where they don’t have to live in fear of being cut down by various governments, adventurers, or crusaders looking to purify the lands or simply harvest them for potions and ritual components. That being said. Legion one hundred percent has a bloody and horrific past, so it’s understandable that governments might not want to be seen dealing directly with them. Fear not though avid reader! We are flexible. Whether it’s out in the open, covertly, or whatever your dealings may be. Legion is willing and able to carry out the various tasks that you require. Need a town destroyed? We can do it! Need an envoy to communicate with monsters in your territory? We can do it! Need a fleet and army to destabilize a region before sending in your force? You guessed it! We can do it! Legion as of late still carries weight and activity with the threads we do, and we want to keep that excitement and progress going while bringing in as many factions, people, and players as possible. While the board can be slow at times, we really enjoy spicing things up as the bad guys. If you want to work with us or adopt Legion into your nation or whatever it is you run, or just partner with us to bring excitement and drama to the board. We’d really enjoy that! All you need is the ability to help Legion establish its people in a space where they can be free, and have a really loose set of morales as to how you decide to use the faction and it’s resources. So let’s talk! Feel free to ask any questions below and we can talk about what we can do to do cool stuff!
  6. Perfectly understandable. I’m definitely going to try and make the next thread a bit more fast paced.
  7. Every fraction and atom of his being screamed for him to burn this place to the ground. To forget the plan. To forget why he was here and the goals that he himself had set. The savagery and warmonger that was at the core of his being burned bright, and it wasn’t even fully the deaths of these people that had triggered it. It was the idea of this field and how it embodied the horrors that had created him. For the first time in a very long time, the dark lord had a moment of realization and what he saw he did not enjoy. This place, not just the the fields where the worst of the worst were disposed of. This entire fucking place was what made him. The planet of trash that he crawled himself out of in order to take power. He learned that the dimension he had come from was no different than the one where he currently stood. It was all just part of the system. The endless cycle of poverty and oppression to keep people in their place. To make sure the poor and disenfranchised were born into a world where they would be forced to skimp and scrape before being forced to break the law in order to survive another day only to be punished by the system that was put in place by the oppressor. The law here was merely a threat of violence, and the guards Dredge had bought off. Just a standing army to enact violence on behalf of the system. So Dredge didn’t want for Dauner and friends to come closer. He began to walk towards them. ”How can you just stand there. Like any of this is ok.” Dredge said with that same robotically modified voice beneath his hood. ”Look at them. LOOK AT THEM!!” Dredge pointed to the people huddled inside the crumbling and dilapidated buildings of this town. It was a sickness. Poverty. Incarceration. Subjugation. All of it was a sickness that passed from one generation from the next. Something these people seemed to be blind to. ”Praise be to Hyperion. Praise be to The Genesar. Praise be to the riches and stability they have given these people.” Dredge said as he stepped forward more, his power and rage building with each passing moment. ”Look at all these rehabilitated people living their BEST LIFE!!” Dredge yelled before it turned to bubbling rage induced laughter. ”These people get to stay here, in this barbed wire wrapped paradise, and the lucky ones you ask? Well the lucky ones get conscripted.” Dredge’s voice smoothed out a bit as he pushed deeper into their space. ”Conscripted. You know what that word means. It’s the systems way of saying ‘hey you poor, criminal, cast aside, worthless mother fucker. How would you like to come fight our wars for us? No? Well too bad you ain’t got a choice. Now get the fuck on the bus.” Dredge then cocked his head directly over to Dauner. ”Those are the lucky ones who get real jobs and skills. ‘Oh you’re one of the good ones. Oh you’re on of the clean ones.” And at that point it snapped in him. ”WHERE’S YOUR FUCKING RAGE!?!!?” Dredge was no angel. He was killer and a fiend, but he was a product of a place such as this and coming home to it had opened his eyes to it. His power had raised for all to feel and it was one of fury that could take this entire town and burn it in an instant. Yet after a moment it began to lower. ”So here’s what I’m gonna do. Me and my people are going to go, and if you want to try and stop me. I will kill you.” There was no pause or hesitation in his voice. He wasn’t making a threat he was promising them that he would end them. ”And one day, I’m going to come back here and burn this entire place to the fucking ground. I’m going to burn every single place and every single person who supports this system to ash. So instead of fighting me, join me.” Dredge would then turn his back on the men after extending his offer. He would walk back towards the edge of town. Godfrey needed to exfil with the targets still, even if the plan had changed. Dredge needed those people.
  8. I’m definitely getting a new thread going soon. It’s in the brain storming process though. So I’d say it’ll be ready in a week maybe.
  9. She never cared much to see the ruin and damage brought on by a raid. It often reminded her of what she was, and the countless lives she had ruined or outright ended due to her greed. The idea that she was doing it for her family had faded from her mind under the heavy realization that she simply enjoyed it. Much like these bandits she enjoyed the thrill of the heist, the battle that ensued, and the power she felt when taking something that didn’t belong to her and removing anyone that got in her way. She was really good at it, and it gave her an excuse to be a bad mother and terrible spouse. Patricia didn’t want to be that person anymore though. She didn’t want to be Miss Blonde and the woman who wore that mask. So the chance to rebuild something. The chance to take something ruined and fix it. Well that was the first step on a long and bumpy road to redemption. Where Jack had decided to ride his Owlbear that he had secured in the mountains of Terrenus, Patricia preferred more dignified and modern forms of transit. Stepping out of a magitech vehicle, her driver formally of the name Mister Orange and now Tim was also without the mask in order to join Patricia in retirement and redemption. He had joined her and made sure that his boss was taken care of and well protected. Approaching Jack from behind, Patricia have a somber nod to her boyfriend followed by a weak smile. It wasn’t a moment for jokes and merriment but to hit the pavement running after due ceremony and grieving for the loss this place had suffered. ”If you need a moment.” Patricia said in a soft voice. Miss Blonde had run enough planets and dealt with enough intergalactic trade and nations to repair one small town and build it into a city. Though this was Jack’s passion project and she’d simply slip into a supporting role rather than take full charge like she was often so used to. Regardless she’d soon hopefully call for the combat engineer corps of her cloned children to assist in this endeavor soon enough. For now she would see where she was needed most.
  10. I’ll make a new post tomorrow and we’ll see how things go. Let’s not put a label on us guys, let’s just be adventurous ?
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    Family Friendly

    As soon as the clones had dropped the restraints it was on. Which was not a surprise to Patricia and hopefully not one for Jack as well. After all Erika was Patricia’s daughter and she had the same wild and impulsive temperament that her mother had at that age. With a extension of her arm the young woman lifted two of the clones into the air and tossed them through the front windows of the tavern. Another attempted to move in with a stun rifle before swiftly being taken out by a combination of holds and strikes that swiftly brought the six foot tall solider to the ground. ”OUT OF MY WAY!” Venom spilled from her mouth with words that were laced with pure hatred and rage. When they were back on Relovian, Patricia and Jack had to face her whilst after traveling dimensions, battling many foes, and terrorizing the city of doors to find their way through. They were exhausted of strength and power, but this time around was quite the different story. Well rested and now having to defend their new home, well Erika would be made short work of. Yet Erika also shared much of her mother’s intellect and knew a fight against the two of them would be pointless. With that in mind she sent a massive wave of telekinetic energy their way before making a sharp right and attempting to flee down the street. Patricia then took matters into her own hands by raising them aloft and snapping a barrier into place to absorb and reflect the energy sen forth by Erika. Patricia didn’t wear a face of nervousness or anxiety, just a calm and patient expression as she tapped her foot. ”Wait for it.” Patricia said in a calm voice. Erika with legs fully beneath her now, ran as fast and hard as she could past the semi and towards the lead vehicle. Looking back to see if they were giving chase, Erika made a fatal flaw. One that she hopefully would remember in the future. A hunter never lets their quarry escape. With the casual easy going attitude of The Dude himself, an arm lazily extended out from the passenger window of the lead vehicle and in its hand was a stun gun that found itself buried into the neck of Erika and fired at full voltage. The noises one makes and the face that accompanies it when hit with such a device typically are not pleasant, and would not be so for one as dignified as Erika. Dropping immediately to the floor and foaming at the mouth, Erika laid there with her posterior in the air and her face fully planted into the cement. ”And down she goes. Dash be a dear and check up on Dozer and Top.” Patricia ordered Dash to which she nodded and walked off to check on the clones thrown through the windows behind them. Stepping out of the car was the man himself. Leader of the clone army and living weapon, Lusk. With war paint permanently tattooed to his face he looked over at Patricia and Jack his new War Chief and gave a nod of acknowledgement. Something that was the most they could expect from the man right now. Lifting up Erika’s unconscious body onto his shoulder, he walked past Jack and Patricia to take her inside the tavern to find a place for her to rest. With one clone left unconscious on the ground, Patricia checked up on him and made sure he was ok. The man would live. As she knelt be by his side she looked up at Jack with a bit of a smile and spoke. ”Well that went better than I thought it would. So that’s a start.” And the sad part was that she was completely honest with that statement.
  12. With the holidays wrapping up, I’d like to either get this thread going again or wrap it up depending on how y’all feel. Personally there’s still room for a lot of dialogue between people, but also with the wait over the holiday putting a pin on it and just carrying into the new year with a new thread also sounds optimal. Thoughts? also happy New Years everyone!
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    Family Friendly

    It was all so great. The house, the boys, Jack. All of it was just a picture perfect ending to a story that could of been a fairytale. But that just wasn’t what the real story was. It was anything but a fairytale and she knew that, and again despite these thoughts she wouldn’t let them ruin the moment. Something had already done that. Gazing out the window she could see it lazily pulling down the street. A large semi truck guarded on both sides by black nondescript vehicles that slowly drive out of view only to later come to a grinding stop outside of the tavern. Erika was here and that was a can of worms in its own right. In her absence of her home dimension, it seemed that Erika had fallen. Seduced by the dark powers that be, she turned to them and aided in galactic expansion of tyranny and death. The very same people she spent a good amount of her life fighting and trying to repel. The ones who robbed her of her parents and Erika of her grandparents. So this was not going to be an easy experience to say the least. ”It’s lovely. I can’t wait.” With her best mustering of false happiness and confidence, Patrica smiled but knew Jack would see through it. He’d probably know that Erika was going to be a sore topic for Patricia and one that was going to take time. All she could do was muster up what strength she could and face the consequences of her actions head on. ”Erika is here.” Patrica said with a deep sigh afterwards. It was time. A few moments passed and Patrica found herself standing amongst her other children in the front of the tavern. Clones that she had created to fight the war against the Sith. Wearing their war torn armor and carrying their gear, many of them looked over to Patrica from behind visors with excited eyes. ”Mom.” One of Clones said with a feminine voice from beneath the helmet. Patricia without so much as missed beat or moment smiled at her creation and gave a friendly nod. ”Dash, so great to see you. How’s the new leg treating you?” Patricia said with that same upbeat tone she used to mask her dread of the coming moment. It would be enough to fool the clones. ”It aches a bit from time to time but I can’t complain.” Dash smiled beneath the helm and stepped out of the way. ”I’m having my lab shipped over from Last Chance right now, but when it’s here let me take a look at it and see if we can’t fix that.” Moving a bit closer in, Patricia have the fully armored and six foot tall woman a hug before shooting her a whisper. ”Is Lusk here?” she asked quietly. ”He’s in the lead vehicle. He said he’s not ready to talk to you right now. You know how he gets, mom.” Dash looked down at her mother and gave her a pat on the back. ”Well let’s just get this over with then. Lower the gate.” Separating from her surrogate clone daughter, Patricia watched as the side of truck’s trailer began to slowly open. Locked to a rolling standing restraint was Erika. Patricia’s biological daughter and a spitting image of her mother. She gave Patricia a death glare followed by Jack and the clones. Even strapped to this stand and with multiple stun guns pointed at her, she managed to look as threatening as her mother when she was Miss Blonde. Thankfully Jack was here to make sure this all went smooth. @danzilla3
  14. Sorry for the early post. I felt bad having to rush that last one and it being slightly lack luster. So I had to dip in and kind of do that. Keep pushing along though! Also with the holiday coming up I wanted to keep the thread alive and give it some legs to survive that time ?
  15. Hubris and arrogance seemed to be the common theme when it came to Maxwell. A man drunk on his own power and bodacious attitude. A man who was and is deemed lesser in the eyes of Dredge. It seemed that he was indeed the exact measure of the man that Dredge had summed him up to be. Dangle a carrot in his face and he ran towards it to seek out the greater personal glory while everything else fell to ruin around him. He sat so high up on his own deluded pedestal that he continued to underestimate Dredge at every turn so far, because this wasn’t any roided out Orc. This was a roided out Orc filled with the power of its new master. An entity born of hatred and malice with the singular driven purpose of revenge and death. So to set the scene, it went along the lines of this. To walk into the St Vincent house was to walk into nightmarish phantasmagoric hellscape of gore and viscera that lay across the floor. Tables and furniture covered with the dismembered bodies of goons that were strewn about after this Orc had gotten to them. Standing with knife wounds, bullets, and even the sharp broken leg of a nightstand jammed thoroughly through his abdomen, the Orc stood. In one hand he held the severed head of Jordan St Vincent, George’s brother. As for George? He sat in the corner of the living space and held up revolver with one more shot at the beast. ”You took everything from me. I had peace. I had a family. I gave you years of my life in Reyer Prison, but because I decided to leave. You just couldn’t have that?” Tossing Jordan’s severed head to the ground, he took a few steps forward towards the violent gang leader. ”Arngoz we can talk about this! It was a misunderstanding! What happened to your family, that wasn’t me! I swear! It was Krimm! Krimm said to do it!” George begged as he backed further into the corner. ”Say their names. Say it.” The Orc now known as Arngoz yelled to the cowering man. ”Whose names?!” George said as he began to pull himself up a bit to keep his back against the wall. ”MY FAMILY!! SAY THEIR NAMES GEORGE!! SAY IT!!” Arngoz screamed as rage and magical energy accented his words. ”Your family... I uh-“ Swiftly he was interrupted. ”You don’t even fucking remember. Or maybe you just never knew.” And with that the talking was done. There were a final few cries for mercy and pleas for salvation before George and his ilk met their end. But when it was over Arngoz picked up the revolver with George’s hand still attached to it. With little effort he removed the dead man’s hand and took hold of it. Deeply he stared at it for a passing moment, and the decision was made. As the bombastic Maxwell let out his attack of steam and crying out asking for more screams to match that of Arngoz, he would not be treated to such noise from the rear. All that sounded was a solitary gunshot and the sound of a large body hitting the floor. There was a moment of silence as the hot steam shrouded the commando team. An eerie quiet only accented by the rain. After a few grunts of pain and mild burns, the five men backed away slowly as even battle hardened commandos still had souls, and what they had just witnessed had shook them. Maxwell would notice that these were not men like the last time around in the Cold Mountains. These were Demi-Humans and monstrous races of people. Demon Worshiping and ritual scarred Drow, Ancestor Spirit and Ritual Trolls, Gruumsh following Orcs, and even the War Machine loving Hobgoblins. A motley crew of races and monsters that for all intents and purposes should not be seen working together, much less forming a well trained team of professional soldiers. They were beasts through and through and yet, and the sound of loss when it came to their fellow monster. They backed away with no fight in them for Maxwell. While they certainly would never surrender, they would make immediate retreat after giving a nod to the man that if he wanted blood there would be blood, but they were done here and would make their leave promptly. Elsewhere. Dredge stood a monolith at the outskirts of town looming and looking over the dead who were still strapped to these posts. Standing over the young body of a Lizardfolk, he gently cut the barbed wire from his body and laid him to rest on the cold wet ground. ”I’m sorry. I’m sorry I couldn’t save you.” It had gotten to the man. All of this. This field was made to throw away the worst of the worst. To discard the discarded. Something he was and had been through. So for the first time in a very long time, the man hurt. It felt like a weight had been thrust upon his heart and crushed it at the sight of what he once was. ”But they will pay. Rest assured they will all burn.” With a wave of his hand the air began to shift. When Dauner and whoever else decided to come upon Dredge in that field they would simply see the black clad robed pyromancer telekinetically break the wire around these bodies and use that force to lay them to rest on the ground. It was a side that they had certainly not seen or perhaps thought was capable from a man who sacrificed his own men, burned villages, and blew up monasteries. And to be honest, it wasn’t really a side that he thought he had as well. Yet another force began to build from Dredge. One that magnified with every passing second that ticked along. Rage. Pure and boundless rage that began to manifest itself in magical power similar to the dark star that floated above that village. Yet where that was boiler plate hatred to turn into magical power. This flowed from a source of emotion. A wound inside the man that provided a wellspring of dark magical energy that poured out of him in waves that could be felt for miles by anyone magically attuned, and that feeling was unrivaled hatred and pain.
  16. I sadly can’t be everywhere at once and this thread has a lot more attention than it’s pred- shiiiiiit I knew I forgot something. Shit, this is on me my bad. This is what my team has in terms of targets and I just straight up forgot to share it once I dropped the thread. This should help make things a bit more focused. But to finish that thought. Dredge sadly can’t be everywhere at once to interact with people. So I’ve got him posted up at the outskirts of the town where he freed the people tied to posts with barbed wire. If you’re looking for interaction he’ll be there. Kill List Target Codename Bone Devil Identity: Inmate number 407 Malmos Kilxes Race: Tiefling Gender: Male Role: Leader of the crime organization known as Devil Children Locations: Residence on 24th and Cherry St and Bookmaking Operation Black and 4th. If not at either location is often seen at Chino’s Place (Bar) Threat Level: Minimum however consider them to be armed and dangerous along with being escorted by at least two bodyguards at all times. Family: Wife and two children Target Codename Drider Identity: Inmate number 836 George St Vincent Race: Human Gender: Male Role: Leader of the enforcer gang Mad Bombers Distinguishing Marks: Spider web tattoo going across his face. Location: Residence on Plum and 13th st or wandering the streets on patrol to make rounds. Threat Level: Moderate. Has no less than six armed guards nearby and is considered armed and dangerous. Family: His brother and Second in Command Jordan St Vincent Target Codename Hippogriff Identity: Inmate number 572 Marissa Silverwind Race: Asamir Gender: Female Role: Leader of Golden Road. A drug and contraband outfit. Location: Business and Residence The Fairchild. A bar and upstairs office where her operation is run. Threat Level: Minimum. Possibly unarmed. Family: None
  17. I mean and I’m not saying this to be a dick. The dude is a violent criminal and leader of a gang of enforcers whose job it is to beat or kill people. I don’t think logically speaking he’d be like “hey blood, you and your homies can crash at my place.” I’d say just be at the house next door or down the street. and yes it is. However some of the guys on my team just sort of do things and once a post is out there unless it’s like super game breaking or goes against something that’s been established for the longest time I’m not going to say “fix it, fix it, fix it.” So they can do their thing and if they want to bring a little heat down on them then that’s ok. For me I’ve only just done the Orc crashing through George’s home to sort of raise a little tension and give a little action before we move into what’ll probably be dialogue with Dredge since he’s revealed his magical presence here.
  18. Not my best work in my opinion, but I’m still tired after work and stuff. But I’ve posted and we’ll have things continue to build ?
  19. Shallow and short were the orc’s breaths, his body unresponsive to Dredge’s words. Limp and defeated was his posture as he hanged bare from the barbed wire wrapped post. Did he deserve to be up there? Was he the victim in all this? All of this was superfluous in the eyes of Dredge. Something that was inconsequential, since all that really mattered was that this man was here along with many others. On the outskirts of Wicker Town were the truly damned. Those that even the most vile of society had thrown away and decided there was no place for. The kind of people that Dredge tended to enjoy, and the kind that he so often used to see his goals accomplished. These people would be no different. With a quick scan of the area, Dredge clocked four more living people strapped and hanging from these wooden posts wrapped in barbed wire. They would do just fine. ”eukcape mausan mimba.” A foreign tongue left Dredge’s mouth. A language native to the man he spoke to. With rain beating down on the mud soaked and wire shredded body of the Orc, his head picked up slowly to stare at the mountain of a man that stood before him. Weakly and with a bloody cough the Orc took a deep breath before speaking back to Dredge. ”Leav alnej avo mat.” He once more coughed and took another shallow and uneasy breath of air as he winced in pain. Every breath was agony as his chest raised to scrape against the wire wrapped around him. ”No jiak evinaj ukee lat avhrive” Dredge then put a hand up to the Orc’s cheek and lifted his head up. ”I would see you all thrive.” With those last gentle words, it had begun. The mission was simple really. Kill the crime lords and assume control of their organizations. When it came to plans and executing them, Dredge operated with ruthless efficiency. Rarely did he ever deviate from them and if he did it was always out of changing circumstances that called for the necessity to do so. However, when he saw this Orc and these other dammed souls, not only did he see opportunity, but he saw himself as well. Seeing these men and women tied to these posts reminded him of himself in his younger days. Thrown away and casted down by the world and forced to survive on a planet made of garbage and filth. Scraping by and barely managing to save himself and his people through whatever means necessary. He saw the path that made him who he was today, the one that took a bright eyed young warrior and priest and twisted them into the visage that stood there on this alien world. But that was a story for another time. For now what little empathy the man had left spurred him into this moment. Placing a hand on the Orc’s head his magical energy would begin to flow, and anyone who had been there at the monastery in the cold mountains would be able to feel that malevolent energy once more. Filling the Orc and the other prisoner’s souls with dark and terrible energy, their bodies began to mend themselves of their wounds and amplify in strength and power. The wire bonds that kept them shackles to these wooden posts snapped underneath this new found strength. ”Now go. Go and kill those who put you there. Then return to me and embrace your new lives.” Following his words, a blood curdling cry for blood and death left the mouths of these men turned beasts. If anything, they would serve as decent distractions for Legion’s crews of commandos and operatives within the town. They would run out into the stormy night and find those who had so greatly wronged them, and they were not subtle about it. ”All teams, All teams, this is Overlord Actual. Target Codename Hippogriff is neutralized. Proceed to targets Bone Devil and Drider. Be advised unknown personnel have been spotted entering Whiskey Tango from the western fence. Threat level unknown.” The cold and professional voice of Legion operators chimed in on the comms from the nearby forest tree line. A small LP had been formed to keep an eye on town and see that the operation was a success for the boots on the ground. Target Bone Devil was being handled by some of Dredge’s more trusted individuals, people of in the business of death and destruction and business was very good for them. As for Target Codename Drider, that was one Inmate Number 836 George St Vincent. A man who ran a enforcer gang and often saw to the roughing up of people who either didn’t pay up, or upset the natural order. His gang of criminals who tended to lean towards the more criminally violent types would make a good addition to Dredge’s collection of groups. Slowly stalking through the rain was the deathly quiet movement of one of Dredge’s teams. A five man outfit all armed to the teeth with concealed fire arms on their persons. As they moved silently towards a residence on Plum and Thirteenth Street, a small two story building that had a few guards posted outside of it. They began to take stock of the situation. They had one target down and another being hunted by people who would one hundred percent get the job done. George and his brother would not be eliminated quietly, but they couldn’t draw too much attention to themselves or risk back up coming to overwhelm them. As strong as they were, at the end of the day they were simply well trained soldiers and not gods of magic and power. So it came down to one que- ”CRUUKH!!! DREPA!!! MAT!!” Rushing past the team of commandos who stood across the street from Drider’s residence, was a massive and raged out of their mind Orc that barreled through the unsuspecting guards that stood watch at the front door. The power of massive fists caused the loud crunching and snapping of skulls and bones while this Orc was on a warpath. Like ragdolls he threw the men across the mud covered street and shortly after kicked down the door of Drider’s home. ”GEORGE!!” The beast screamed into the residence. As for the commandos, they simply stood there with a confused and somewhat distant looks across all their faces. Deciding to take a step back, they would wait and see how this all turned out or provide QRF to any other Legion forces that needed them. The plan was well under way and there was still more to be done before it would be complete.
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