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    James Eredas versus New Challenger

    @Fierach Last Chance had been brutal. Thousands had died on both sides. Casualties were high, and the beach was still wet with the blood of both sides. Yet Dredge had seen something when he had nearly passed out from exhaustion, he saw a warrior that had gave more than challenge to the Flame King. A warrior known as James who took on someone he considered to be his equal. Someone who’d he’d be honored to fight, much less even kill. When he had recovered from exhausting that was the battle of Last Chance he awoke on his vagrant fleet of merchant, trade, and civilian vessels and had sent a messenger to James. He was someone who Dredge had sensed pride in, someone who he knew would show up and not try to bring thousands of troops to bring him down. His note simply said this. “On the full moon. Only one walks away. Last Chance. - Dredge” On that night Dredge would wait upon the beach of Last Chance far from its walls. The moon light reflected off his dark abyss like armor. His red eyes would pierce the black of night and await the man he challenged to a duel. ”Come to me, James. I want to see someone worth killing...” Dredge said with a smile from beneath his blackened helm. The waves crashed upon the shore of Last Chance as the moon shined down on him. The coming tide hit the overlord’s feet as he gripped his bastard sword in a rather impatient manner. In the distance a small boat that had brought him here wadded in the sea. They would wait and watch from the sea to see what was happening on shore. For now Dredge would simply wait.
  2. Miss Blonde

    Looking for Mercenaries, Killers, and Operators.

    I hate to do this to you guys. But I’m gonna have to kill this thread. It’s been more stab stab shoot shoot than I’d like it to be and that’s my fault. Blonde isn’t Dredge and I need to play towards her strengths. If you guys want to join any of my current threads like Silence or The Wild Hunt pm me and we can talk.
  3. Miss Blonde

    Silence (PM to join)

    A canopy of trees blotted out the star filled sky of Ponkapoag Lake. The thick forest of the haunted glen had seen to that. All was still, and all was silent. No cricket chirps, owls or other nocturnal predators hunting. Just the eerie and deafening silence. An aura of fear washed through the forest, an all encompassing and blanketing sensation that filled all those within its field with the primordial fear that silence and remaining hidden was the only thing that would save their pathetic lives. Slicing through the membrane of silence like blade, the silence was broken by a hammer cocking back. Laying with their back against the tree was a scared young boy who might of been nineteen at the oldest. He clutched at a bleeding wound on his right arm. Gasping and panting he was face to face with what had broken the silence. The barrel of an engraved pistol that was pointed directly at his face, and wielding the pistol was none other than Miss Blonde herself. She had returned from her hunting trip and something had changed about her on that voyage. Maybe she had accepted that in order to return home, she had to do these sorts of things. Acts of evil that she regretted and wished she could take back, but it was too late to be better in a world like this. Her babies needed her, and she needed to get home. ”You’ll take us to your caravan.” She said with a calm and detached voice. ”I’d rather die, bitch!” He yelled at the woman and spat onto the ground next to him. ”Okay.” Placing her pistol against the boy’s kneecap a loud bang rang out into the forest followed by screams. ”It’s all the same to me. Life, death, you don’t really mean anything to me. So I’ll tell you one last time.” Placing the hot barrel of the pistol against the boy’s cheek he winced and let out muffled cries of pain. ”You will take us to your caravan.” There wasn’t an ounce of hesitation in her tone that gave any indication that she wouldn’t reduce this kid to forest fertilizer in a heartbeat. ”I’ll take you! Just no more please. I’ll take you.” The boy panted and gasped as he now held tight to his knee. ”Zero-Six. Grab him.” Blonde said as she stood up and adjusted her suit. Standing behind her was her personal army, or what it was these days. Standing nearly six and a half feet tall, the metallic bodies of droids built for war were in mass. War Dogs. A type of droid from her home that was far different from Break. They felt nothing, they followed orders, and if told to strange a newborn infant in front of their mother. They would not hesitate. Truly cold and heartless machines. Zero-Six scooped up the young lad and applied a healing patch to his knee so he wouldn’t bleed out. The young man would then point north. ”If you lie to me, boy. I’ll kill your family. Everyone move out.” The droids, her, and anyone else accompanying her would now move through the darkened forest towards what was hopefully a caravan. @Zashiii @danzilla3
  4. Miss Blonde

    The Wild Hunt (Semi-Closed)

    @danzilla3 @Fierach @Zashiii @Bureku While Miss Blonde wanted to go directly to her tent and relax, there needed to be some more rules laid down. Some that were of course just business and the other being very much personal. The first would be on the subject of the Mistress and the scoundrel. Turning around and approaching the two of them, she figured that this was a situation that didn’t need violence or the threat of violence to solve it. So when the Mistress got about three buttons down on her dress shirt, Blonde was standing a few feet from the jeep looking at the two of them with the soulless black reflective lenses of her gas mask. ”I don’t care what you people do on your time, but do it in your tent. This is a professional operation, not a university keger. So get your shit straight or I’ll straighten it out for you.” Issue one solved. There wasn’t much to say after that. As for problem number two it rested with Khaki. Besides having a nick name that sounded inherently dirty, there was something of greater importance. That was of course Break. The two droids got along and she could sense the chemistry between them, and while she supported Break finding a relationship. She knew Break wasn’t exactly the best at them. It had taken them a while to get close and they were only friends. Approaching Khaki she quickly wrapped her arm around her shoulder and pulled her away from Break and the Mistress with a rather friendly vibe about her. ”Gotta borrow her for a second guys! Girl talk and what not!” Blonde said as her vocalizer gave a cheerful disposition. As soon as they were far enough and with their backs to the group. Miss Blonde’s demeanor instantly changed. Letting out a rather tired sigh, her mask’s lenses looked down at Khaki and she’d be able to tell that this was not going to be a conversation. ”I saw how you were with Break. You like him, and that’s cute. Really it is. However I need to tell you something. Break is special to me, he’s my friend. So if you ever hurt him or damage him in some way. Well...” There was a metallic cocking sound after her words. A rather large pistol that had a almost white glow around its edges was produced and casually pointed at Khaki. An ion weapon from another world specifically designed to put down robots and droids. ”I’ll fucking kill you.” There was nothing but malice and venom in those words. ”Well good luck! Sleep tight and see you in the morning.” She said in a rather chipper and friendly voice before marching off to her tent for the night.
  5. Miss Blonde

    The Wild Hunt (Semi-Closed)

    Well of course Miss Blonde had all the jeeps bugged. She was Miss Blonde, the cautious if not mildly paranoid Crime Lord. Audio streamed into her mask as she sat quietly in the passenger seat of the front most jeep. She had truly hired a fair amount of strange characters. Though despite their odd and even off putting characteristics, Miss Blonde had a small amount of confidence that they could get the job done. There really wasn’t much of a choice. This had to go well, she had hedged what little assets she had in this accursed universe on the completion of this job and those that would come after it. For now though, rather than think about the crushing reality that surrounded her. She simply chuckled. It was nice seeing Break smile again, and to sing. Even if it sounded like a cat being skinned alive. The small convoy of jeeps would hit their target. A small and out of the way moderate campsite. A good fifteen or so tents lined the side of the lake, walking around the camp were the hired hands of Miss Blonde. Trolls, humans, a few half orcs, and other various races that comprised the band of hunters that she had brought on. The jeeps would approach the site and park a few meters outside of its perimeter. As they came to a full stop, Miss Blonde hopped out of the vehicle and stretched. It had been a long trip and she wanted to relax and grab a drink. ”Boss. Cold front be moving in from de Dead Peaks, we brought cold weather gear. Me suggest your crew bundle up tonight.” One of the trolls hanging around the camp approached Blonde and spoke to her in a calm and hushed tone. ”Thank you Jon’Jol. Be sure to have your men hand out the information packets for the hunt I had made.” Blonde would then look back at the various members of her new temporary employees and begin to march over towards her tent. As the others would surely fall out of their various vehicles, they would be greeted by the mixed races of hunters that would hand them an informational packet. The front of it would say “Kirin” in plain black lettering. If they decided to open it there would be a detailed image of the rather large draconic beast. A list of its dimensions, biology, powers, and overall was a very detailed report of the beast and its patterns. @Fierach @danzilla3 @Bureku @Zashiii
  6. Miss Blonde

    The Wild Hunt (Semi-Closed)

    Wind whipped through the open cabin of a magic-tech powered vehicle that greatly resembled a Jeep. Being one in a convoy of three, they trekked through the open fields and mild Terric terrain. Sitting in the passenger seat of the first jeep was Miss Blonde, there was focused look about her. Still wearing her black suit, she seemed almost out of place compared to the others. Her mask stayed firmly on her face, and there was little to no chance that she’d remove it throughout the course of this mission. She did have a air of mystery that she needed to uphold. Regardless of all that, the newly formed party of adventures and hunters had left from Last Chance and had been traveling the last day from Last Chance to Hell’s Gate via airship. Once they had landed they had immediately begun the expedition to their first camp. Miss Blonde had hired a small team of professional hunters, mostly men and women of above average skill and strength in the field of hunting. People who were easily expendable, essentially the red shirts of the job. Those traveling with her were of course the ones she had plucked from Last Chance. Magic users, powerful droids, and fellow criminals such as her who had a knack for rather morally questionable situations such as this. Since what they were doing wasn’t technically legal. It wasn’t like she had a birth certificate on this planet or much less a hunting license, and while the occasional park ranger was far removed from her list of worries. It was always nice to have people who could handle those types of situations nearby. ”We’ll be approaching our camp at Lake Siderral in about five minutes. Tents, food, and other necessities will be provided for and will already be set up when we arrive. Everyone is to pick a tent and settle in for the night. A detailed briefing of what we will be hunting will be provided to you. I expect all of you to read it and be ready by morning. We start the hunt at zero five hundred.” Blonde’s voice came off as cold and efficient as always through the comms. They were quickly approaching the camp and the shimmering water of the lake. With the sun beginning to set, the orange rays of light reflected off the surface and provided a rather beautiful sight for the party to witness. Blonde found some enjoyment in it, yet her mind was still decidedly focused on this job. @Fierach @Zashiii @danzilla3 @Bureku
  7. Miss Blonde

    The Wild Hunt (Semi-Closed)

    @Bureku @Fierach @Zashiii @danzilla3 It was back to business then. There would be plenty of time for the two of them to catch up, but before that could happen the law needed to be laid down. Miss Blonde looked over to the assembled group of mercenaries and criminals and rolled her neck with the audible pops of bones augmenting what she would say next. ”Let’s get a few things clear. For everyone in this room other than this man right here.” Referencing to Break. ”I am not your friend, and just in case you didn’t hear that. I’ll say it again.” Stepping around Break so that her short form could be seen by all that were here. ”I. Am not. Your fucking. Friend. You can call me Miss Blonde or you can call me Boss, because that’s exactly what and who I am to you. Miss Blonde would then look to each of the faces in the room and size them up. ”Now I of course am not a tyrant, if ever I’ve made a call you disagree with I expect you to question my judgment and politely express your opinion. That being said I’m sure all of you want details on what we will be doing. We ladies and gentlemen will be going on a hunt that is expected to last well over a week or two. We will be hunting three powerful monsters on different parts of the continent. You will receive briefing reports and information on the target as we embark. This mission will be dangerous and to be honest I’m expecting half of you to not make it back.” Reaching into her coat she pulled out a few papers that were neatly tucked away in a white folder. Placing them on the table she would set down a few pens around the round table for everyone to use. ”This is your standard next of kin form. Should you perish on this adventure your next of kin will receive your full paycheck and a bonus. Simply fill out the form and leave them on the table face down when they are completed. By signing this you agree to the dangers that is this job.” It was all very professional, Miss Blonde prided herself on that. ”Please save any questions pertaining to the job until you’ve filled out the form.” It was time to see who would step up.
  8. Miss Blonde

    The Wild Hunt (Fast Pace Thread)

    Hell yeah it is! woo!! No regrets!!
  9. Miss Blonde

    The Wild Hunt (Fast Pace Thread)

    Just follow the posting requirements! Once a day or every two days regardless of whoever posts before or after you! Also feel free to add me on discord
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    The Wild Hunt (Fast Pace Thread)

    I’m drunk enough to say yes! Go for it!
  11. Miss Blonde

    The Wild Hunt (Semi-Closed)

    It was hard to keep a face. To keep her composure. The Mistress had shown her a lot through the transferring of information via a psychic link. While she had learned all she needed to know about magic and the continent of Terrenus, she had also caught other glimpses. Visions of a face that she knew, someone who she trusted. The only person on this entire planet who had seen her true face, what lay beneath the mask. Break. The droid was not only one of her various contracted employees, but a close friend. Someone who had been to her house and seen her children. His presence was almost enough for her to stand up and hug the man then and there, but for now she would contain her excitement to at once see a friendly face. Setting down her data pad, Miss Blonde stood up and didn’t put on the display of power that she would normally do for newcomers and the occasional mercenary. For Break she simply stood there and tried to formulate her next set of words. She didn’t quite know what to say. ”It’s...” She paused, her words slightly choking up in her throat. ”I missed you.” It was the honest truth. She had missed her friend. Walking over to him the shorter woman looked up at him and smiled beneath her mask. She’d of removed it, but they were after all expecting other guests that could walk in at any moment. Even so, she didn’t ask him how he got here. She didn’t ask about Dredge, and she certainly didn’t ask about anything that might cause the droid any discomfort due to his actions that he committed since he arrived here. She simply lunged forward and wrapped her arms around his back. She held on to him and he’d know that anything he might of done. It either didn’t matter, or all was forgiven. From beneath her mask a tear rolled down from her bright blue eye. ”I thought I lost you. I thought I lost everyone.” even through the robotic lace of her mask’s vocalizer. There was pain in her voice. @Bureku
  12. Miss Blonde

    The Wild Hunt (Semi-Closed)

    Tucked away in the corner of Last Chance near the docks was a small and somewhat tacky themed bar. A straw roof covered the top of the building which was furnished with a very tropical design, lots of natural shades of wood and colorful yet dim lights within its interior. As if it had come right off a white sandy beach and was placed in the rather disgusting back alley’s of Last Chance. Yet it was still almost fitting, as it seemed to match its owner with how out of place it was. This continent had yet to see anyone like her, a woman of immense power not only in the traditional sense but in the way she carried herself. Sure there were Queens, Sorcerers, and other women in power. But the Crime Lord that was Miss Blonde carried herself a lot differently. How exactly that was, well that would be seen shortly. ”So I was talking with this troll girl the other day, and she was telling me-“ Sitting around a table sat four men, in their hands they held a cigarette, and in the other a cup of coffee or alcohol. ”Wait wait wait. You were trying to get with a troll?! Like the ones that are like six eight and look like a smashball player with the mohawks or dreads and the accent?” A chuckle escaped the man’s lips as he cut off his friend. ”Those would be the ones, yes.” Taking a drag from his cigarette, an older man with a trimmed beard exhaled smoke and took a drink from his mug. ”Ha! What did you do, Blue? Did you get your mountain gear and go climbing?!” The man known simply as Mister Orange laughed a hearty laugh and flicked some of his ash to the floor. ”I like big women, fucking sue me.” Blue said in an almost defensive manner. ”I bet she was a real looker.” Mister White said with stifled laughter as he did his best to hold in the torrents of laughter that bubbled in his throat. ”Prettiest gal in the swamp!” Orange, White, and Green would all erupt into laughter and even Orange would bang his fist against the table. ”You know what fuck you guys! You’re just jealous of what Lun’Tok and I have!” Blue exclaimed then took a big drink from his cocktail. ”HER NAME IS LUN’TOK!?!” Another round of laughs began to roar from the table and soon Mister Blue was visually upset. ”I don’t need this shit! I’m out of here!” Standing up from his spot the man was quickly grabbed by Mister Green as the laughs began to die down. ”Okay, son. We’re just breaking your balls a little. Sit down and tell us about her.” Mister Green said in a relatively calm voice. Blue gave a sigh and sat back down and took a very long drag from his cigarette. ”You know how I get down. So check this, she was saying that her people are like these natural hunters and shit. And she wanted to try something new, and I’m talking like freaky new.” Blue said as he took a swig from his drink afterwards. ”She put it in your butt didn’t she?” A few laughs once more rang from the table before Blue rolled his eyes at his friends. ”No, she did not. She did this thing like this weird astral traveling thing. Like our spirits floated out of our bodies and joined each other in like this tantric dance. I gotta say it was that it was the best night of my life.” Blue said in a rather serious tone. ”Wow, man. That’s deep. And then she put it in your butt right?” Laughter once again roared from the table and Blue’s only response was a middle finger to the group. ”Quiet.” With that one word, there was utter silence among the gangsters. Stepping out from the back room was Miss Blonde herself. Adorned in the black suit and tie that she always wore, and of course covering her face was the signature gas mask that struck fear into the face of billions. Despite her short stature of only four foot eleven on a good day, Miss Blonde moved with the deadly grace of a cobra. Her mask fell upon the group of her underlings and it did not look pleased. ”We’ll be having guests this morning. I’m hiring a few helping hands for an expedition and I won’t be back for a week or two. So Orange is in charge until I get back. Is that clear?” She said with a deadly tone. As if to say if you fail me I’m collecting someone’s head. There was a round of nods and silent cries to signal that she was indeed crystal clear. ”Also, Break will be joining me on this journey so go to the back and get those power packs that he likes so much. Now clean this shit up and move.” Blonde was direct and she made sure to get her point across. Her underlings would all scurry and clean before moving towards the back of the bar. ”Oh. One last thing. Mister Blue?” Blonde called out to the man. Stopping with a tray full of glasses in his hands, Miss Blonde inspected the man before smiling beneath her mask. ”Let me know if you need an ice pack for your ass. Lun’Tok sounds like she could do some damage.” And yet again there was another round of laughs. Once everything was settled, Miss Blonde would wait in her bar. She had a few prospects coming in to assist her in this rather large endeavor. She’d need to sit down and have a few words with them before embarking. So whenever the applicants did arrive, she’d be waiting for them at table in the middle of the empty bar with a tropical drink in one hand and a data pad in the other. @Fierach @Bureku @Zashiii
  13. Miss Blonde

    The Wild Hunt (Fast Pace Thread)

    I’d rather go the “ultra powerful item” route since Miss Blonde will be making it herself. While I certainly dig artifacts and the post count I still intend on doing. I really want to make this item first and then go from there when it comes artifacts and canonization. 😃
  14. Miss Blonde

    The Wild Hunt (Fast Pace Thread)

    The S Class item is happening. I’m pretty great after all. 😋 but! If you know where I can find a list or some other examples of S Class items so I know how to scale the power of this item.
  15. Miss Blonde

    The Wild Hunt (Fast Pace Thread)

    I like one to two threads, makes it easy to place things once ive figured out where events belong in a fluid timeline. Plus it gives me something to do lol. Feel free to message me if you’d like to join later! @Fierach Excellent! I’ll have the thread up in a few hours!