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  1. Cecil

    Paladin's Quest for Atonement (Tia)

    Die Shize excellent post!
  2. Cecil

    Paladin's Quest for Atonement (Tia)

    Oh whoops. Must have missed that. I'll be sure to reread posts before I respond so I'm absolutely sure what's happening xD
  3. Cecil

    Mayhem and Foolishness

    "Alright, you have me convinced," Xion said halfheartedly. He followed Cybil out into the cold night air, sweet with the aroma of spilled blood. He rolled his eyes at the shambling, and horribly uncoordinated undead followed Cybil. "I won't soon forget you forsook my handshake," Xion said glancing around. "Not very often I offer such an honor to women who spit in my face." He was sarcastic, a trademark due to his lack of desire for genuine conversation, although he did feel a certain pull to Cybil's madness. It was an intriguing thing to find someone who resembled his own craze, and her abilities, unknown to Xion, were also enough reason for him to stick around for a bit longer. He was contemplating what else she was capable of. "Tools? Well, sure, what city doesn't have tools?" he asked with a scoff. "What kind of tools do you need? And how long until we find these fae?" His impatience and blood thirst was rampant. Cybil's blood might taste swell, but he wanted this supernatural blood. It was of the utmost importance at this point.
  4. Cecil

    Paladin's Quest for Atonement (Tia)

    Xxeria has spoken. Long live the queen of england or something like that.
  5. Cecil

    Paladin's Quest for Atonement

    Xxeria stood up from the table, focused on the task at hand. He had never taken the time to engage a troll in combat, though he knew their ruthless strength was unparalleled. As he kept his eyes on the paladin, he could feel the discontent begin to grow amidst the group. Anxiety. They were movers and shakers, not the humdrum mercenaries who talked on their own ability only to fall short. With this upcoming departure, Xxeria was curious as to how many of them would returrn, if any of them. He would strive to protect them, but humans were of the utmost frail. Weak. Compelled by emotion, they were prone to act excitedly...impatiently. As such was the case here. It was strange, this pattern that repeated itself over the course of Xxeria's long existence. "It seems this group has become rather restless," Xxeria noted, his eyes on the paladin. "Perhaps it would be best to move now as to not lose anybody's interest?" He wasn't making a suggestion. He was subtly telling the paladin what she should be doing right now. The time spent in the bar was frivolous and currently served no role other than the awkward glances and sparing words. These people would not act as a single unit. It was clear to Xxeria what they were all here for. He would have to address it. "And," he started kindly, "for all of you here, it would take something short of a blind man to observe your intent. In this short time of studying, I see that none of you have a particular interest in one another, but it seems your interest is invested in lining your own pockets. Fine. However, a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. How then shall you all fight as a unit if you do not know each other or care for one another?" Xxeria smiled knowingly. He was prepared for bitter responses and sarcasm. Still, he prayed his point stuck.
  6. Cecil

    Paladin's Quest for Atonement (Tia)

    Awesome! I'm gonna try to post today work has been killer lol
  7. Cecil

    Paladin's Quest for Atonement (Tia)

    Zephyr are you next? Good ol' Xxeria is waiting for the paladin to turn her back as to have her for dinner. Lol just kidding.
  8. Cecil

    Mayhem and Foolishness

    Cybil spewed her black mist into Xion's face. It infiltrated his senses, jarring him a bit, however the fragrance was endearing. Chuckling, Xion blinked his eyes hard twice to clear his vision, smiling from beneath his newly given mask of saliva and dark magic. It wouldn't have been the first time a woman had spit in his face and he was certain it would not be the last. Cybil cried out to the dead corpses and through the factory the sounds of bone clicking rolled. Xion raised on eyebrow as Cybil continued pace to the factory door as the corpse he had drained rose up and stood to protect her. "If I killed him while he was alive what good is he going to do you when he's already dead?" Xion taunted, lightly setting the butt of his scythe to the floor. "Alright, alright," he said putting his hand out toward Cybil. "If the fae are in this world, I want you to show me where. Now."
  9. Cecil

    The Fabled Search

    OOC Thread link: http://www.valucre.com/topic/30182-the-fabled-search-ooc/ Rules for Roleplay: Strict Order [ABCD]; if a character is inactive for 2 days, their turn is skipped to the next person, recommended no more than 500 words per response as to not overwhelm new persons entering, but not restricted to 500 words, thanks! The airs of Tia are humid...the winds carry through the city, their thick touch stealing the comfort within those it encompasses. There's an inn there, in this city of Tia, known for its vampire population. This inn is one not well discovered, "The Nightingale Nest". It is run down, in the slums of Tia near the northern outskirts of the city where many dare to voyage not. The inn keeper usually sits, reading his book through his foggy lenses, despite how many times he wipes them with his shirt. The fire beside him lights up his book as he reads. He glances up to the man who walks in, a man with a stern, yet soft look. His dark blue hair falls over his back, spikes resting on his shoulders. He nods to the inn keeper, but says not a word, taking a seat at a circular, wooden table near the far side of the inn. He sits with a straight posture, staring out the window to the light rain outside. His crystalline blue eyes are honed in and focused, but he remains silent, as if contemplating something. The inn keeper returns to his book as the man sits. "Any visitors here?" the man asks the inn keeper, turning his attention over to the old man. His voice is calm, but authoritative. It did not take much to realize the man was a warrior of some sort. The inn keeper clears his throat lightly with a wry smile. "Not here," he responds timidly. "Just another lonely day with the book at my side." "Reading anything interesting?" Before the inn keeper can answer, the man stands up and approaches the desk. "I'm looking for someone. Has anyone entered this inn within the last two days?" A bit confused by the suddenness, the innkeeper grabs his log from underneath his desk. "I, uh, don't recall. People don't really visit the slums, especially in the fall season." "I'm just looking for anyone to have been here." "Well, I'm sorry." Another young boy enters the inn. When he sees the dark-blue hair of the man at the desk, he excitedly calls out, "Cecil! Cecil the Lionhart!" Cecil's eyes open in surprise as he faces the child. He looks down upon the boy, detecting his Vampire blood immediately. Without responding to the boy, Cecil walks out of the inn, back into the rainy streets...