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  1. My position is similar to Sprite's. I'd love to get back into this, and I apologize for my absence.
  2. Argus Kenning ambled down the street leading from his store to the city center, as he did most every night, whistling softly but jauntily and brandishing an ancient, gnarled wooden cane. A soft autumn breeze blew by him, ruffling his thinning hair, which was slowly shading from slate gray to pure white. The thin strands bobbed every which way, and he stuck a hand to his head to try and pat it down. But the breeze stirred more than his hair alone. A ripple of movement in the darkness of a shadowed overhang caught his attention. Argus took his hand from his head, and approached it with caution and care. Though the city inside the tree was not terribly dangerous, neither was it entirely idyllic. Then he drew close enough to see what had moved, and chided himself for worrying--it was only a blanket, attached to a small basket. He came closer still and peered into the bassinet, his bushy eyebrows knitting together as he examined its contents. An infant napped peacefully within, its breathing quiet and steady. "Say now, why would somebody leave a little baby like you lying in the street?", Argus wondered aloud, more than a little bemused. Then he spotted the note pinned to the blanket, snatched it up, and read the last message from the child's mother. His expression darkened the further he read, slowly realizing the amount of responsibility that had suddenly fallen upon him. Once he had finished, he looked down upon the infant again, and saw that she had opened her eyes. Her gaze was steadier than an newborn's should have been, and her eyes were bright, and blue like a beautiful summer sky. For a time, the aging man and the tiny girl simply stared at each other. Then Argus sighed, patted her on the head, and hefted the basket by its handle, balancing it against his hip. "Oof, you're heavier than you look...Luna, is it? Well, little lady, I fear I'm a bit too old to be a father. Now, a grandfather, on the other clock face, I can manage. Say, you'll have to eat, won't you? I hope you like mashed peas, miss. I'm a vegetarian, you see. Why anybody'd want to eat meat is beyond me, really. We're all made of the same stuff, after all. Well, 'cepting some of the fey, of course. You know, I think I can make a cradle that'll be perfect for you. It'll take a bit of work, of course. Wood's nearly 200 years old. Was all I could salvage from a broken four-poster, a beautiful old style from the Midlands. Carvings all the way through, spirals and twists and stylized glyphs. Even on the baseboards. A real beauty. So much care put into her. Positively horrible, the way she was when she came to me. Seller inherited her from a relative, nearly broke her down for firewood before I happened by. Been shaping her a bit, sprucing her up, working in the usual charms. Mighty tricky to work around the surviving carvings. I'd call it a labor of love, but really, that's what all crafting is. Especially when it comes to furniture. You know how it is...or, well, I suppose you don't, just yet. Anyway..." He kept nattering to her all the way back home, her calm stare always fixed upon him. And by the time he had made it there, he knew that he'd be willing to be anything this little girl needed him to be.
  3. Hello again Valucre! It's good to be back. My sincere apologies to those affected by my recent disappearance. It was not intentional, really. It just sort of happened. I had to sort a few things out, and needed to take a break from Val to do it. Unfortunately, my hiatus simply went on much longer than I had originally planned. Now, however, I have returned, hopefully to stay. I likewise hope that I'll soon be back in the swing of things. My life was poorer without Valucre in it.
  4. @Moonbay Fair warning, I'm fairly certain that Anders is going to attempt to take apart anything on you that's even remotely mechanical once he has a free moment and works up the courage to actually ask you about it (so you're probably safe until he's on his deathbed, unless you have anything like, say, mechanized body parts).
  5. Oh, sorry, entirely forgot to actually follow the thread, so I haven't been keeping up with things at all. Be right on that.
  6. Ah, lovely! Should have checked there earlier, as I tend to jump into OOC threads by way of direct notification rather than beginning from the beginning.
  7. I was just wondering about how much time there was left, actually. I tend to procrastinate rather severely if not given a precise time limit.
  8. @lilypetals Makes sense to me, at least if they don't already have a character sheet. Mine does, however. Here he is, in fact! http://www.valucre.com/topic/31286-anders-fantorin-gaian-academy-student/ @Lord Satin Glad to hear your dog's doing better. We had a similar scare with our oldest last year. (We were afraid that she might have been afflicted with canine cancer; turned out it was more a matter of major intestinal trouble.)
  9. Oh, no trouble, I fully understand. Always a good idea to make sure that everyone involved knows precisely what's going on. Be warned that this may take a bit, as I now had best go to sleep. I'll likely have a post up in the next ten hours or so, however. Karmathen, hmm? Sure, works for me.
  10. Hmm...well, I'm thinking Dash, Dawic, or Karamathen (in the Great Forest). All three are places where someone able to restore damaged furnishings or craft them from local materials could make a good living, since they all receive such things only as imports (Karamathen, I imagine, tries to preserve the forest and harvest wood sustainably, which means they'd often need their furniture and other wooden items repaired).
  11. Seinaru Forven is fine. Do you have a specific city in mind?
  12. Fair enough. He's fascinated by golems and magi-tech machines, so I expect that the microwaves were more than enough to root him in awe.
  13. Truly? Yes! My thanks. However, there is one issue here: By character sheet, Anders has joined the Academy only this year. He's also not the type to make any more of an effort than he strictly has to. Perhaps he could stumble on this moonlight meeting while wandering around lost on the beach? (He has an incredibly poor sense of direction.)
  14. Dang, wish I had gotten on this just a little bit earlier. This would be a perfect way to shake my Gaian academy student, Anders Fantorin, out of his storyless stupor. Mostly because I find the idea to be a bajillion different kinds of fascinating.
  15. Which part of Elendaron, precisely? I have an idea for a potential adoptive parent, a kindly older gentleman (70-ish) who runs a somewhat unusual antique furniture restoration store (with some magical item appraisal and various commissions on the side). I've been working on him for a while, just had to decide on an appropriate location for him to set up shop before I posted his sheet. I'd be more than happy to settle him in one of the cities of Elendaron, and to give him an adoptive daughter to dote over. This kills multiple birds with a single stone, actually: It forces me to decide where to place him, gives him someone to interact with, and makes him connect to the world beyond his store. How old do you expect Luna to be when this story properly gets going, by the way? 18 or younger, in the time-honored JRPG tradition?
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