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  1. @Avvercus Oye! You might have some valid input to such a thing >~<
  2. Hate to see you go, but that dread Real Life absolutely must come first. If you can, please do send me all the Tazarek stuff you had, so that way I can continue to work on it. As you'll likely notice, messages I was already a part of are taken care of, so no need to worry about those things. If you do ever get to the point where you can and want to come back, the Dwarves will have a hearty drink in your honour, sir!
  3. The night is cold, Your arms pull me closer Intertwined we are one together Hold me near, and I feel your heartbeat All we fear fades into this tranquil night And you come to me in this haunted night And your soul is free, and your heart is mine
  4. Ummm... Probably because by the time you were around, originally, I was dealing with a failing liver and the understanding that I wasn't going to live for more then 6-8 months ~laughs~ Unfortunately, I'm out in Tulsa, OK now, so that idea would be mute, nonetheless >~< Someday, if I ever make it back to the lovely Rockies, we could do such a thing! ~Laughs~
  5. Next to impossible to catch on "subtle" humour without things like body language and tone! >~<
  6. @elixir Not entirely disagreeing with the idea that you can stretch $20 pretty darn far if hard pressed, but that posted link is a terrible example of things. Not only is it four years old, but it's priced on one portion of a Colorado grocer, which as a Colorado native, I can promise is only in the smaller towns and cities. It also doesn't take into account transportation costs, which for things like the chicken, are key to keeping them cold.
  7. Would you terribly mind sending me an example of what you're talking about? I think I've got in mind what you're wanting an answer about, but I'd like to make certain before answering >~< Also, (and I'm saying this with the utmost love >~<) I'm on a month-long AFV for my own personal projects and am only willing to put a minimum of effort into describing things... If I do have an answer for you, you'll have one. It just may not be my typical "in-depth going through the details" explanation. Right question, (probably the) right person, wrong timing! >~<
  8. Oye! As a solid reminder, it is the month of June and I have committed to being away for book writing! With that in mind, emergencies or seriously serious questions are the only things I am devoting time to here on Val (and the odd music share... Because I like sharing music) for the remainder of the month. If you've questions about Tazarek, @Warlock should be able to answer them. If you're wondering about Illumad, you'll not hear much until July. If anything else... Likely, It falls behind my own project here >~< Apologies in advance for being a tad bit selfish. The notice of leave is noted again. Share it if you must. Devin
  10. "You are only allowed to give 30 likes per day. You cannot give any more likes today."
  11. Yep. Val's 30 like maximum per day really rained on my parade... And here comes that inevitable wave of depression... I'll be drowning in sorrow soon... Just you all wait and sea... I'll come back tomorrow and like everything I missed and somebody'll wonder... "Water you doing Fae?!" and I'll just continue to wade through the things and float about the comments like some silly flotsam. It'll totally not be fishy whatsoever... And then I'll eventually come back and start reeling it all back in again. Like a Salmon swimming upstream.