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  1. Just a smidge off-put by this statement, considering my having edited and maintained a lot of what you left behind, before having to attend to my own real life situations that had taken over my time. Further beyond that disappointment, however, if you had decided to reach out to either myself or @supernal when you did come back, might be that activity could have risen again. No one here can read minds, Tyler.
  2. Greetings from a Mad Scientist

    I won't lie, I was expecting something more akin to this! >~< However, dear sir/madam, I feel I mustn't forget that fresh faces are hard to come by these days (Like seriously hard to come by. Did you know that skinning a person is a felony? Times sure have changed!) and shall welcome you besides. You're bound to find a whole new world overflowing with potential down these storied halls (HAH! Puns.) and more than a few in the community are exceptionally happy to answer questions and help folks like yourself out. ~Devin
  3. Lolololol

    1. Fae


      Anything to actually say or are you just too bored to anything valuable with your time, today?? 

  4. Confession Thread

    Really? Wow. That's... Such an honest relief. I was afraid I was going to have to deal with more of your passive aggressive drivel but if you're not interested in me, that just makes my life easier. I won't have to ignore you, you won't feel inclined to make snide comments on my posts and then try to play it off like you're somehow not responsible... Just... So much relief to hear that. Thanks, Hummingbird!
  5. Confession Thread

    Then don't give me advice. In fact, just don't respond to things I post, period. Sound advice or not, ending with vehement snark and salt belittles and devalues the intent of the message and clearly makes you seem disingenuous. A quote I know actually comes straight to mind for this exact situation, actually. "Snark describes a cynical position, and I'm not interested in that." I confess, I'm just not interested in your position.
  6. Confession Thread

    I confess that for the first time in my life I am stuck between incredibly positive and life-changing choices and that I'm actually a bit intimidated by it. ~Laughs Softly~ See, I'm currently stuck between taking the offer for a $15/hour job doing data entry and customer service work with a security agency that pulls in an average of $2 million in contracts annually OR taking a $6.75/hour tipped position that revolves around the industry I want to start a business in someday, where I can also work directly for and interact with, a gentleman who would see my passion as something similar to his own. Aaaaaaand I'm still pursuing my dream of being published/recognized in the creative entertainment industry, via the mod project... Dear life, What. The. Fuck. Sincerely, Devin
  7. Valucre, the best roleplay site

    Cinched #3 with one vote above, currently. Kick ass Valucrians!
  8. A pretty little ditty that title happened to turn out, but not the point of the thread! >~< So... Why has it been so long since I've posted on Valucre? Fae's "Secret Project" A Secret Project that I've spent an obscene amount of time on in the last month and in that same time had the chance to figure out what I can share and what I cannot. What is this damnable secret project you've been working on Fae? Well imaginary question asker, let me tell you, and not because you asked but because I had planned to do so regardless. :P For the last month, I have been working beside the mod maker Kinggath of Fallout 4 Sim Settlements fame, with a plethora of tasks. I was originally brought onto the project as a simple writer, but then was elevated to a writer with more importance, which then lead to my offer of helping to organize various teams and interactions, which lead to eventually managing spreadsheets and vast swaths of data, and then I took over managing another team while that team lead was in the hospital, which turned into teaching writers how to do branching dialogue and editing their own work... And that was just the first two weeks. ~Laughs~ Now, I'm helping to do quality control for one part of the project while directing the next part of the project, while also working on a third entirely separate part of the project, and even then communicating with two other portions that I know very, very little about. For you number heavy folks here is a breakdown of my last month. 4 Spreadsheet-based data entry systems custom made. ~ 400 Documents checked and hand edited. ~121 entities logged. ~5000 Lines of dialogue transcribed, edited, and passed off to other teams. 12 Writers acclimated to one standard style of writing. 8 Writers educated in writing dialogue that feels powerful while not feeling cheap or shoehorned. 313 hours (currently) invested into the project. So yeah, I've been a bit busy. ~laughs~ I've been trying to keep at least one eye on things here in Valucre while also working on this project, but I do wish to emphasize that what I'm doing for this modding project is still my priority for the moment, as simply having an official title attached to this is HUGE. It's not every day you get to work with established production teams that rival those in the professional games industry and it's an even bigger opportunity to be working with one which has been featured in media like PCGamer, Kotaku, and even name-dropped by the Company who you're developing a project for. So I do apologize for not being around but really hope y'all understand why I've been away with my focus elsewhere. >~< I can't share a timeline of how much longer I'll be away, but It's a safe assumption my return is still highly variable and likely not too terribly soon, but I'm looking into options for keeping my commitments here either in the loop or finding a way to come back, just not in my full capacity. So... yeah. That's the thing. The secret thing. The big thing I've been super excited about. I hope you understand and thank you all infinitely for your patience! Devin
  9. Confession Thread

    Yesterday it was a migraine. Today it was 14 hours of my system purging itself. Tomorrow... Who fucking knows. I confess I'm just tired. I'm beyondfucking exhausted. I hurt so bad I can't even lie down and cry properly. I don't want to do this anymore. I don't care how strong people believe I am, I don't want to do this anymore.
  10. Confession Thread

    I confess that I've been so stuck inside of my head as of late that I've reached out via Craigslist to just... Talk to someone. It's been terrifying to do because I know myself and rejection and Craigslist is just a nasty place for personals.
  11. Confession Thread

    I confess that eating with chopsticks has become more natural than eating with other utensils at this point. I confess that until Yesterday evening I was content with Colorado as a homeless individual. Now that fall has come in with drenching rainstorms and sub 40 weather, I confess that my mother state is a series of expletives I'm not going to currently share. I confess I miss writing here and wish I wasn't working so hard just to survive just so I could come back and write with you lovelies. I confess that I have figured out that I suck at humaning in the solo realm but as a part of a unit, I'm almost perfectly functional. I confess that I so desperately want to once again talk this crazy gorgeous woman who popped into the coffee shop I frequent and hate that Sara's gravestone stopped me from being honest with my emotions. I confess I feel weak for that and want to be better. I confess that I'm stupid excited to share my secret project with you all and that it's been hell to not peep a thing. It's one of the most invigorating projects I've been a part of and even my best friend was deliriously supportive of it, even if it is currently unpaid. I confess I'm terribly in need of help but for some reason choke everytime I'd like to ask for it. I want so badly to be on my feet and I'm daily making contacts and getting opportunities and making the most of what I've been given but I'm still not comfortable with allowing myself aid from others. I confess that I know this is idiotic and that I'm a good person and deserve that help and the only thing holding me back from asking is pride. I confess I kinda loathe that pride, 'cause it's dumb. I confess that I wish more of my Val friends would initiate conversation with me, because I'm terrified that me being gone at length has cheapened those ties. I feel like a bad person for wanting connection and feel worse for feeling bad about that. I confess I've had a lot of confessions well up inside me. Lastly, I confess that I'm doing well for all that is happening and that I am excited and happy and almost nearing my own standard for deserving things. That's both scary and wonderful for me, and I want to feel it more.
  12. What are you watching? [animated]

    But, but... Celty! My headless waifu! She's a solid 9/10 (-1 for the missing head)
  13. https://www.gofundme.com/DaveCooksBucketListTrip This is Dave. Dave is a wonderful person, a talented musician, and a kindhearted man. For the foreseeable future, you will be hearing more about Dave than you will be hearing about me. I hope that all of you find it in your hearts to share Dave's bucket list dream with your friends and family and for them to do the same. Y'all know I can't do much with where I'm at, but writing and sharing of stories and people is one of the few things I can. Do me a real solid favour and spend more time thinking about Dave and his dreams than you ever had for mine. <3 Toodles for now, folks. Devin
  14. Confession Thread

    This morning at 4:36 my Great Aunt passed away... And at first, I didn't really know what to think or feel... I wasn't as close to her as much of my cousins were... Or at least so I thought. But then while I kept trying to distract and move forward, to keep my eyes focused on the challenges already ahead of me, I just kept having glimpses of the times I was close. My entire experience of sitting down and having tea evolved around her kitchen table. A core part of my person was built around her and I'd shoved that away to try and deal with everything else in my life. And now I'm here and I'm recognizing that I never got to say thank you and goodbye. I confess that I don't know whether to be angry or sad or thankful or some combination of all of the above.
  15. Confession Thread

    Just saw my best friend for the first time in what seems like forever... It's a miracle neither of us bawled, honestly. (Though we both were holding back when we wrapped around each other in an embrace.) I can't reasonably express how very much I've missed her and I can't explain the sinking of how much I already miss her now that she's headed back home. Even with how awful and out of place I am in my life, meeting her, seeing her, and holding her has already made up for it all and made this more than worth it. I confess that I've so many emotions I've forgotten I could feel and all of them are rushing to the surface.