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  1. So much happening lately. Recovering from some health malarkey, moving to NY from OK, being thrown into uncertain situations all over again... All I want to do is roll up into a ball and sleep it all away... Maybe I'll catch a nap on the ~20 hour ride in the back of a U-Haul.
  2. Useful and interesting sites, apps, etc.

    For those still wishing to use photobucket without dealing with the ludicrous changes to embedding, I offer two links. Firefox Plugin https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/photobucket-embedded-fix/?src=search Github with link to Chrome Extension https://github.com/Ryan-Myers/photobucket-embed-fix
  3. As someone whose mother was a traditionalist pagan, that last portion hits a bit too close to home ~Laughs~ It wasn't until I was legally seized and relocated to live with my father full time that I came to understand that it was "abnormal" to have blood sacrifices in the house.
  4. Heya Fae, Whatchu Doin'?

    @supernal @Mickey Flash @Acies ab Vesania @Alexei @Deus Ex Aizen @VulcanTheDrunken @Alex Kimchi @spacegy4 @jaistlyn @notmuch_23 @TheWilySpookster and everyone else I can't recall right off the top of me head. I recognize I seemed to come back onto Valucre within the last 48 hours all ready and raring to go, but life (As per usual) has thrown a mean curve ball into the equation and caused a grinding of gears, as it were. Within the last week I've been dealing with a lovely plethora of health related grossness, ranging from simple exhaustion to longer than is acceptable damage to my body and now to the appearance and frightening expansion of marks in places that marks don't go, let alone when they have no reason to be there in the first place. As would be expected of someone whose health is a nightmare and a half, my stress levels are through the roof and the speed to which things have just gone from "Meh" to "Alright, this is unacceptable and I am actually panicking" has been... Yeah. Not great. To add on-top of the layers of little things, I'm presented with few choices and even fewer actual options. Oklahoma denied my request for access to health insurance through the state ages ago (I actually make too little. Go fucking figure!) and my chances of being seen by a Doctor/Specialist are so low it's laughable. This leaves me with taking a hell of a lot of notes, getting second hand accounts of the symptoms I'm dealing with, and hoping (And I mean really hoping) that whatever I'm currently noticing is a string of entirely non-consequential events, linked by a lack of lady luck, and perpetuated by my (ir)rational fear of life taking the piss out of me. To put it frankly, I'm fucking scared and I need to take time to calm my ass down, to clear up fact from fiction, and to be able to somehow figure out a way to get seen by better than my local ER. Until I can figure this shite out, I need to prioritize my health... Both physical and mental. I'm sorry for being stubborn and for not being as honest with myself as I try to be with all of you. I'm really bad at caring for myself and this is another great example of dumb Devin doing all the wrong things... And I apologize if this throws wrenches into anyone's plans or disrupts anyone's enjoyment in shared threads. I've just been trying so desperately to push past discomfort lately that I've thrown myself into things that I know I could do, if only I were 100%. The fact of the matter is though, that I'm not, and for every bit of energy I've put into making myself present like I was, I've easily wasted great opportunities to actually get better... Or at least figure out how to start at it. I totally understand and respect any needs of people to let go of threads, to drop me from responsibilities, or to look down on me for this. I don't fault you for seeing disappointment when it's so very clearly defined. If by chance you do seem to think that my writing is worth your time, that I'm doing as well as expected in your expectations, or that you think I'm an idiot not for the reasons I think I am, but rather for the self-deprecation and inability to focus on what really matters... Thanks. You're the real reason I stick my silly stubborn head around. Alright... Enough of the aching gross emotional shite. I'll be back. (Hopefully sooner rather than later!) ~Devin
  5. Videos worth watching!

  6. What's in your speakers, nukka?

    @supernal I know you've brought up Transistor as a steady goto for writing music so I directly wanted to push Supergiant Games newest OST your direction. >~<
  7. @Csl has a character whose lab/home/workspace is that of an absolutely massive Flesh-Shaped beast. >~< Probably my most favourite things to have come out of Illumad, honestly. If she doesn't die, I've got a Fawn/Saytr style character who I'm hoping will occupy a refitted Kadian airship. The refitting is going to incorporate a host of Flesh-Shaped designs so... Organic Supertech for the win?
  8. It certainly didn't take long for the unrest to reach the Kadian God-Emperor's ears, a swift mobilization of his ground forces proceeded by a call to calm, the booming echo of Corvinus' voice breaching the chatter of the evacuees below. Aye, that's what I'd hope you'd do, you pompous prick. "What a load of deer shite." Eyes once steered skyward made their way back and down, turning towards the Faun as she began to move through the crowd. "What an absolute LOAD OF DEER SHITE!" Once gently paced, Jenna picked up speed, hooves stepping firmly as she proceeded through the evacuees. Looking off towards Burahen, she was pleased to see that he too was moving forward, a surge of bodies lapping around and through the natives of Cobran. Lillian, now's your time to shine! About damn time! Popping up from her prone position, the Dwarven woman was quick to grab at the soldier's weapon, fat thick fingers of one hand wrapping around those of the man as the other worked to flip the safety. "I'd like to say I'm sorry for this but I don't think I am!" In a moment of struggle Lillian would cause the weapon to fire, her weight forcing the direction of it down towards the ground as a loud crack of gunfire burst forth, a catalyst for further chaos to ensue. Continuing to pull the guard down towards the ground, Lillian would find herself rolling to avoid retaliation from the foot-soldier, a rush of bodies swarming towards the dedicated men of the Kadian Empire. "Ms. Leli wants as many as we can get alive!" Pushing back into the bodies of the now panicking crowd, Lillian would find herself wading through the river of people separating herself and the Sturngraen, the calls of fear and anger coinciding with the rush of natives believing themselves under attack. Face rigid and eyes forward, Burahen too played his part in the place of Jenna Leli's plan, a stone faced Sturngraen looming tall over the heads of those around him. A burst of gunfire off from his left ground the next gear into motion, arms raising high above his head as the rocky limbs and digits crashed together, a sound not unlike those echoed just a moment prior. "What sort of men follow orders to aim upon their friends and families? What sort of all powerful emperor takes his power and wields it against his wards? Your god is willing to sacrifice you all if it befits his own imaginations... Too bad the same couldn't be said about your noble brethren!" Burahen didn't need fancy equipment to address those around him, the Sturngraen's voice booming forth, a rumble as loud as falling boulders, rippling over the crowd now surging forward. Alongside his speech, a spearhead of Illumad mercenaries made their way to the front of the evacuating movement, a wall of Illumad bodies being the first to fall against the inevitable retaliation by the men of the Kadian military. All according to plan. Jenna looked around her as she snaked through the rushing Cobran crowd, the bold calls of Burahen to her right washing over the men and women around her. "Yeah! He's right! Why the hell are we all still here when the nobles are safe in their airships high above?! Those fuckers didn't build this city, we did! The common man! The mercenaries who risked their lives to play second fiddle to a host of pure blooded bastards! What god values only the life of the few?!" It wouldn't be long before her own forces would find themselves face to face with the soldiers leading the retreat into the airships, wouldn't be long before more gunfire actually ripped from the weapons they carried, wouldn't be long before Jenna had to start taking into account the loss of good friends and the lives of the innocent as well. What a coward I must really be to even think of trading the lives of these people for the lives of those back home... Head shaking and eyes firmly set, Jenna pressed further on towards the rocky form of Burahen, a cacophony of noise assaulting her ears as the crowd once uneasy swiftly fell to riot.
  9. So...I just sent in a resume and a plethora of portfolio items to a publisher of Tabletop Roleplaying Games? Either that or I'm having a very elaborate lucid dream and I'm going to wake up far less anxious but way more disappointed... What if this totally is real and I get an email back? ... I either need to fucking wake up or go the fuck to sleep.
  10. Videos worth watching!

  11. Maintenance weekend of 7/29

    Don't know if this is happening in every thread with a star and a half rating, but at the very least the three and a half star topic rating seems to be borked. If I find another instance of this happening, I'll be sure to start another thread and poke you folks proper. @supernal @desolate

    Looks like you're in good hands, Yīwěi (I'm going to have to copy and paste your name until I learn the ALT codes for those symbols ~Laughs~) so I'm headed out! Lovely harpy, by the way!

    Pictures can be linked in from most image share websites... IMGUR is a popular option, I personally use something called ShareX, but you... You got it!

    And this is why I mentioned to a certain someone that the cake wasn't done ~Laughs~ You've already got a bit of the welcome wagon, but if you need any help, as mentioned, their is a ton of it about. >~< I'd recommend looking at the plethora of links available from the "Getting Started" category typically located at the top of the page, then peeking into the Tavern of Legend (TOL from here on out!) to meet some fellow fresh faces, and then looking into the Water Cooler to see what other people are offering while also dipping your toes into the vast lore available here on Valucre! As to answering your question about the harpy character, as long as it follows the Mild Powers guidelines, you're free to play whatever you wish! (Obviously this takes into account what other people are comfortable roleplaying alongside, but most folks here aren't super prickly about such things! >~<) My recommendation is poking people whose writing you find enjoyable and seeing if they want to do something with you! However you do go about it, welcome once again to Valucre, and feel free to boop me if you have any questions! ~ Fae AKA Devin AKA Stcake Designer Extraordinaire