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  1. Breaking hiatus to let y'all know I shall return soon. Fever has settled considerably with minor flushing and gods awful exhaustion, so.... Progress? I do endlessly appreciate the patience and understanding, lovelies. All the best! ♡, Devin
  2. I should have hit everyone I was working with via PM but just in-case... Consider this a temp retreat from Valucre. I've been fighting off little bouts of shite for weeks now and the last few days have been waves of nausea and exhaustion and fever. If anybody needs to get a hold of me, PM. If it's an emergency of some sort, let @Kirakushi or @Avvercus know as well... They're RL roommates. Apologies if I'm leaving anyone hanging. I just know myself well enough to be able to say if I don't make an announcement I'll push myself into doing things against better judgement. Love y'all! Devin
  3. As Kirakushi has expressed, I'm hoping to tie up the interaction happening between Jen, Ryu, and Emery this evening. If each response continues to flow as organically as it has thus far, I'd think it best to just have a PM between the four of us figuring out the posting order as we go, still shooting for a four day max between each of our individual posts. Also, from this point forward, it'd be best to keep our chatter not in this thread ~Laughs~ I'll send out a PM tagging everyone so we can stop bumping this thing >~<
  4. I'm sorry to hear that. Anything you can do in the meantime to make ends meet?
  5. Got up for a peanut butter sandwich. Came back with the sandwich AND a decent fucking sized piece of glass in my foot. Pretty fucking sure no-one has shattered a glass since I've been here. I honestly don't know how I happen to have this shite happen to me on a regularly occurring schedule
  6. This is the point I was loosely making, actually. With Tazarek now being under new management (~Waves~ Hello!) One of the first things I've been working on is a rewrite, trim, and reintroduction of schtuffs. Tempest is likely to either be made a mention or out of sheer boredom actually developed. Yet to be seen in the long term.
  7. @Warlock I have just spent the last hour rolling and researching dice probabilities for Tempest... I don't know whether to find you a genius, a troll, or a genius troll. GG good sir, G fucking G .
  8. Indiana Jones + Sedatives - Emery Brandt Literally not Figuratively, Me - Poet Too Much Time Spent Ogling Over Kingdom Death - Chromillia "The Soft Spoken" Experimenting With Emotion - PIT O'Donoghue (I need to bring PIT back...) The Kind of Crazy That's Adorable - Allayna Dellarose At First, Too Big For His Britches - Taliesin Seanrodai Why Does My City Always Get Attacked? - Captain Xavier
  9. The dance is only beginning, it seems. With a soft chuckle Emery watched with some interest as Gradric matched her movements, the two combatants circling each other as they both presumably sized each other up, preparing for the duel proper. Watching with interest, Emery notices a slight shifting of Gradric's eyes skyward, the distant sound of rumbling thunder echoing behind him. That's twice now that thunder has rumbled... No coincidence, I would say. Noting that Gradric has likely gained some semblance of his powers back, Emery shifts her weight in preparation of an attack, her assumption proving right as Gradric charges in towards her. Keeping her own angle of attack lined up in such a fashion that any swing Gradric would take would have no other choice but to land on her left side, Emery watches as Gradric's body comes rushing forward, waiting until the Dwarf begins his swing to respond. Seeing that an overhead swing isn't his approach, Emery utilizes her gravity manipulation as the crow's beak comes swinging in from her left, changing the mass of the weapon and causing it to drop its angle of attack. No matter the Dwarf's strength, the sudden shift of weight would cause all familiarity of the weapon to waver, providing Emery with a much needed opportunity to respond with a counter attack. Watching the scene as if it were all in slow motion, Emery waits for the hammer to begin it's heaving descent, it's horizontal motion swinging in an arc that lowers moment by moment. Again opting to jump, Emery raises her legs over the bulk of the weapon, waiting not a moment longer then landing to make her strike, her body's right side now angled in such a way to utilize the Hume's full striking power. Starting her swing from the hip, Emery rotates her chest and arm with enough force to cause her baton swing to dent metal, any of Gradric's metal plates struck having a dual effect of crumpling under the blow while also carrying the charge of her baton, the conductance of metal onto metal surging the energy quickly throughout the Dwarf's body. Not waiting for another opportunity, Emery takes a second strike, her attacking arm taking the momentum of the first strike and the subsequent bounce to shift from a low-mid attack on up to a high-mid attack, the air around the weapon whooshing as Emery capitalizes on the opening. Aiming again for the Dwarf's left side, Emery swings from her right to her left, using the tip of the baton to strike once more against the very same plate she struck early on in the battle, another round of electrical energy and another dent into his armour, all with the intent of catching his joint in the crumpled metal. Having had the chance to strike twice at Gradric, Emery begins her retreat, keeping an eye on the Dwarf as she puts about 6 feet of distance between them, gathering energy for another activation of her Kinetic Wards as she does so. @Warlock I don't know why this didn't post, but it's been done since yesterday. Apologies for the weird delay, sir.
  10. How's everyone doing? Me? Oh, you know... Sleepless another night >~< I don't do well with horror movies! ~laughs softly~
  11. Just finished watching Infini, an Australian produced psychological horror sci-fi. In one word? Unnerving. Would recommend >~< No numbers as my taste fails to be a quantifiable expression
  12. That's... Upsetting, actually. On the flip side, I think that RPG collective lost their sponsored status... Which seems suspect, but... I suppose that's good, regardless? Also, as fun point they have half their typical votes for the day. Even if TopRP is saying they aren't doing anything, looks seem to be deceiving.
  13. @Song Sprite @Kirakushi @Teivel Morteus The cafe was no more than a hole in the wall, recently re-constructed and struggling to survive. The walls had just been painted, a bright navy blue with a pearl trim, and scattered about the room were a handful Biazo natives trying to relax after a presumably hard day of work. Clinking dishes, the undertow of tired voices, and the soft sounds of wind winding through the island's lush vegetation; Palms and bamboos bending in a moderate breeze. A stillness permeated the room, a lazy energy only furthered by the heavy heat of a spring Biazo evening. Anchored to the side of the shop, Emery Brandt sat sipping on tea, eyes carefully surveying the crowd about her as she waited on the arrival of a hired mercenary, one Kazehi Ryu. Emery was a greenhorn, all the required training to place her in the ranks of the Terren military but little experience out in the "real world." With numbers being as low as they were in HERB, Emery thought it would be best to hire outside aide to make sure she came back from the ruins of Biazo City; Bi'le'ah as it was now called. Stretching her hands high above her head and rolling her neck quickly to her left, the sounds of popping joints and a pleasant sigh escaped from her frame, eyes closing slightly as she pondered the best approach to the ruin's centre. Dragging out a map she bought from a local merchant and a small journal from a satchel on her side, Emery began taking notes on local landmarks, scribbling on the map and into her journal. Continuing to sip on her tea, Emery loses herself in preparation, the world around her fading down to a dull murmur as she concentrates on the notes ahead of her.
  14. I'll  be getting an initial introduction for the Bi'le'ah thread up tomorrow afternoon. Kira Kuhio has company over for a few days (IRL roommate) so that should give you ample time to finalize your character and get a response together too. 


    Glad to have you on board!

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