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  1. @Alexei @Alex Kimchi @Csl @jaistlyn @Kirakushi @Mickey Flash @Richter König @Song Sprite @supernal @The Hummingbird @TheWilySpookster @VulcanTheDrunken @Warlock Been a bit since I've had the chance to tag so many fantastic folk! >~< Everything in this thread should be current as of this post. The chance that I'm missing something is fairly high, however, as my mind tends to blank the super obvious more often than not. If that happens to be the case, please do let me know what I am missing and where, so that way I can add it in to my schedule. On a completely separate note... Have a good day, lovelies! <3 Devin
  2. Done. Back off to Writing/Editing/Overwhelming myself with projects! >~<
  3. I think it was the epic 30 track Evangelion video. Pretty sure it got a community strike. EDIT: Or Not. ~Shrugs~ I don't know. ~Laughs~ I've got music going on at almost times of the day... I lose track of it after a while.
  4. Newest Flight of Fancy. I'm trying out a new suite by the name Enigma... Specifically working out if I like or dislike the constant information overflow. (My potato laptop generally dislikes me rummaging through it's innards... Which is too bad, because I'm always looking to optimize it) I'm also determining if I'm going to rip out some of the custom parts from the Omnimo set-up shown up above. Icons are a thing I'm trying to let grow on me... Might have to switch back to some of the Custom sets.
  5. Kirakushi and I just finished watching Demi-chan wa Kataritai (Interviews With Monster Girls) this afternoon...Okay, my afternoon. An adorable premise, some well thought out ideas about how legends about monsters would have started in a human society, introduction of a few scientifically plausible explanations, and comedy all wrapped into a slice of life school atmosphere. Lots of moments were spent giggling and awing and dawing. (At least for me... I don't know how James can stand being roped into watching these things with me ~Laughs~) I would recommend Demi-Chan if you're into slice of life, Moe type animations. I wouldn't recommend it if you're looking for something infused with energy. I've also just started watching Dimension W and need to finish Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon, as well.
  6. "How large are these clusters growing up to so far, and do they show signs of continued growth? What are the characteristics of these mushrooms? Do they have a wide cap, long, thin stalk, things of that nature. Where are they growing and does it appear as if they require food or water to do so?" "The oldest patch of mushrooms, at least that's what Shrooman believes it to be, has outgrown some of our largest Dire-Rams... That is, it's diameter has broached the length of two and a half of our kind, standing foot to head." Directing Goliath through another smaller hallway, the addressing Dwarf followed up behind the Orc, motioning left or right as they continued to traverse the labyrinthine interior of the inner city. "So far, we've yet to notice any slowing in the patches we've found, rather we've noticed the exact opposite. With guidance from both Shrooman and some of the brightest minds from a group we call the Fungi Fraternity, we have noticed that these fungal creeps don't seemingly require nourishment... Or at the very least, they don't give indication of needing any nutrients." Continuing to guide Goliath through the winding tunnels, the young man gently drew a hand up and around the Orc, pulling him back moments before a grinding slab of stone off to their right opened, a trio of Dwarves carrying a cart laden with minerals quickly making it's way before the Shaman and his escorts. Drawing his hand away as the opening once more slid closed, the man continued voice raised slightly to account for the clatter of the cart and it's drivers drawing away. "The mushrooms within the colonies are of varying description, one of the first major clues that what we were dealing with was unusual. All of the types mentioned and more are nesting together in these patches, so far. Some are even foreign to the Shrooman, it would seem..." Trailing off, the man motions ahead of them, a large bronze door blocking their way forward. "Representative soldier is just beyond those doors. We'll be awaiting your return." Nodding once to the Orc, the man draws away, joining the rest of his squad just beyond the space the two had stopped.
  7. You are my new inspiration... My muse And I mean that not as a compliment I will use you to cruise through any writer's block Any lazy daze when a glazed gaze invades my mind's cave of creativity I will think of you... and what you did to me I will take negativity and make it inspire me I was not a book from a library As I stand here alone, I declare I was not a loan To be picked up and dropped off at a later date And you barely even made my spine bend Just skimmed through some of the interesting bits then skipped to the end The notes you left in my margins turned from scribbles to scars But here's the best part: You didn't even realise you were reading the first draft of a best seller The manuscript of a future Nobel prize winner This book you discarded as a pamphlet will ignite shit I will write ten times harder than before I will create art, I will create beauty I will create so many things that you can't ignore But I will not do them in your name I will not shout you from the rooftops I will tap your name out in morse code on my outer thigh As I casually accept plaudits from on high I will not to try to win you back I do not want you back I just want to show you I just need to show you what you fucking walked away from I will achieve all my goals ten-fold I will achieve your goals too, casually I will have happiness and joy in my life I will fall in love; husband, child and wife I will shine brighter than I could ever have dreamed to be And you will see me And you will see. Me I will make rivers run red in your anonymity The screams of nations will echo our affinity My wrath will be relentless My path of destruction will be momentously momentous I will change the face of history and paint it in my likeness And I will like this I will destroy everything that you hold dear By simply destroying everything far and near My footsteps will be impossible not to hear I will watch you from afar and taste each tear I will wipe out entire races I will erase faces and displace with great haste and no graces This world will become my plaything Embracing my ways and then just breaking I will burn this entire world to the ground I will leave a mark greater than any have ever left before I will lay waste by land, air and sea And you will see me And you. Will see. Me
  8. Artisan The start to the expo might have been admittedly slow for Artisan's liking(with the vast majority of the people wandering about still being the Dwarven kind) but she still beamed ear to ear at the sight of so many tall folk in Tazarek. Now granted, Artisan wasn't supposed to be out and about, lingering within the crowd on the make-shift show floor, but she just couldn't help herself. "There are just so many things to be inspired by out here!" Eyes wide at the assortment of skin colours, the different thicknesses of body types, the sounds and smells and feelings of it all... It would be criminal for her not to have snuck away from her duties. So sneak away she did, and as she weaved further into the bodies visiting the section for the foreign vendors, all she could continue to think was how lovely this entire ordeal would be. We've grown so much in such a short time. Bald head covered in a fur lined Ushanka style hat, the Representative of all creatives in the Stronghold of Tazarek made her way incognito through the Expo floor, her duties forgotten for a time as she experienced her first real taste of the outside world. Builder "I'm telling you, Builder, I didn't see her leave!" Grumbling unhappily the Dwarven male rolled his shoulders as he spoke, a puffing of his chest as he brought himself up to full height. "On my honour as a clansman, Builder. You know I wouldn't lie about such a thing." Builder sighed, eyes closing as he stroked his chin, a slight roll of his neck to his left, issuing a loud pop and crack. "Aye Yarn, I know you wouldn't... Damnable woman just up and leaving without so much as a peep." Opening his eyes once more, Builder drew his hand away from is face, fingers instead finding comfort around the hammer at his waist, the leather wrapped handle held tightly in his hand, body resting in time. "I thought Soldier had an escort set-up for all of you anyways? Did Artisan just up and trick them?" Yarn looked over to his mentor and Clansmate, the stout Dwarven man nearly a full head taller than most other of his gender. "Aye, we were supposed to have escorts but Soldier drew them all away last minute and refused to let us know why." Shaking his head, Builder rolled his neck left once more, a gentle rub of his hands around the shoulder and neck producing one more set of cracks before he stood straight, eyes locking with Yarn's as he spoke in low tones. "If Soldier or Scholar find out that Artisan is out their, all of Tazarek will never hear the end of it, Yarn... You know those three get along like Dire-Rams and Dire-Wolves, so not a peep to anyone else that she's missing you hear?" Nodding his understanding, Yarn watched as Builder rose up, a slow walk over towards him before a hand met his shoulder, a slight squeeze before heading off towards the Expo hall. "If you find her out their Builder, let her know she owes the Clan a feast, would you?" Snorting loudly, Builder shook his head, eyes swinging out and over the sea of people wandering about the inner-city halls. We can only hope to Aeolyn that Soldier isn't out patrolling right now. Rolling his eyes at the thought, the Dwarven man descended down into the city, a hand still tenderly wrapped about his hammer as he walked towards the front gates, tracking Artisan his only objective. "A feast is the last thing she'll owe us if I find her before Scholar or Soldier finds out, Yarn..." A small chuckle racing through his frame, Builder began his search for his fellow representative. Soldier Sharp eyes slowly drifting over the ocean of bodies, Soldier watched from afar as Tazarek's streets filled to the brim with tall and short alike. Hand resting on her firearm, the highly militaristic Representative known as Soldier watched for signs of danger, her body tight and straight, ready for action at any and all times. We never should have let this many people roam freely... Too much can go wrong here. Teeth grinding softly, the Dwarven woman's mouth twitched lightly, a slight roll to her eyes as she recalled the conversation between herself and the other Representatives of the Dwarven Republic. "No, absolutely not. We are not going to take the chance of an enemy making their way into our walls and striking us unprepared!" A heavy fist falling to the stone table below her, Soldier looked over to her fellow Representatives, eyes narrowing as they made their way around the room. "I can't believe any of you are even thinking about this! Did you all learn nothing from our ancestors? Trusting the tall folk within the stronghold is tantamount to suicide. I simply won't allow it." A clearing of throat drew the full scorn of her wrath, the voice opposing her will one that she wasn't keen on hearing. "Soldier, with all due respect, you've already ruined most all of this event as is... Armed guards at every exit and entrance, escorts within the city walls for anyone not of Dwarven likeness, fire first and ask questions later orders... You've made us all seem paranoid if not plainly aggressive!" Artisan's eyes met with Soldier's, a thread of animosity weaving it's way from one side of the room to the other as the rest of the Representatives grew silent, a palpable tenseness filling the room around them. "That's enough you two." Two fierce pairs of eyes looked over to the man known as Farmer, the bulky Dwarf standing tall in the face of the women's scorn. "We've all made our wills known about this, Soldier. The benefits of the chance outweigh the risks and with your army scattered about the city, any serious threat would be hard pressed to make it's way into our halls." An echoed murmour of agreement swept throughout the room, all but Soldier voicing their acceptance of the idea straight from Artisan's own will. "Fine. You all win this round... But don't expect my Hobs to save your hides when hell itself greets us at the gates." Pivoting on her feet, the woman known as Soldier left the room, anger sweeping through her body as she made her way to her quarters. "Fools... All of them!" With the filling of the halls with Dwarves and non-Dwarves alike, the Stronghold of Tazarek grew lively, Vendors calling out their wares and a thousand other voices chattering amongst themselves about the excitement of the Expo. Of seemingly particular note were four separate souls drawn to the Expo for reasons yet unknown, a weaving of fate bringing each of them into the Halls of Tazarek in it's time of ending isolation. Unbeknownst to these four however, was a growing dark intent, a dangerous plot looking to throw the whole of Tazarek into a spiral of fear and anger. With the first moments of the Expo in full swing, a splinter cell of Dwarves gathered, their nefarious deeds growing steady in the wake of new beginnings. Will these four find themselves involved in the changing tides of the Dwarven people? Or will the Expo be nothing more than a show, the hawking of wares and purchase of goods the start and end to Tazarek's First Magitech Expo?
  9. So far, the portable instance is acting fine. However, every mention of that has lead to me being wrong so... I'm going to give it a few days time. I've also been avoiding paragraph heavy writing because I don't want to lose large chunks of work, randomly. You'll know more as I do, though. Thanks again, Carlos.
  10. Tazarek's Magitech Expo has started! To the pleasant surprise of the Representatives, all of Tazarek's outside vendor spots have been filled, a handful of foreign presenters sharing their wares within the Stronghold's inner gates. Bolstering security in the face of potential foreign threats, Soldier has enlisted the aid of Builder, Artisan, and Scholar to make sure the Expo runs smoothly. Will the expo go just as planned or will some sinister outside force bare it's deadly fangs, disrupting the Dwarves and their outside guests? Due to all of Tazarek's Vendor/Presenter positions being filled, any stragglers late to the expo looking to sell their wares will be turned away and asked to come back at a future showing. All other visitors to the Dwarven stronghold are asked to respect the goings on of the Expo and to remain patient with the Dwarves as they work to handle the influx of foreign faces.
  11. I'm going to be working in a freshly installed portable instance of Firefox here for the next few hours. I'll screen cap as needed and share my findings.
  12. Audacity, manually splicing together tracks over separate recordings, and lots and lots of tweaking on my end. If you have any other questions, I'd request they be sent to me via PM so that way this thread stays clean and clear for interest checks. Thanks! Devin
  13. Tried to post a quick follow-up showing more malarkey even in Simple (Editor posted the thing but then kept the post in the editor after it was posted.) Turns out that me following up didn't want to post either ~Laughs~ As the picture and lost follow-up says and such. Thanks, Valcure team in advance. I really do appreciate you, folks.
  14. Simple theme didn't fix this for me... (I thought it did but... Nope.) I'm going to try a fresh install of all my browser software at this point because... Yeah. I was so sure that things were going well. This is the second time that I've written this btw, so... Apologies for the salt.