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  1. I cold rode 20 miles on my bike today... It's been a good 6 years since I regularly went out and did that sort of thing. I think my non-existant booty hurts worse than my legs though! >~< Could still be in shock from pain, to be honest... Will see how my system feels tomorrow.
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    What's in your speakers, nukka?

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    The factions are coming OOC

    Let someone else at it, sir. Long and short, RL first, Val comes second, and RL is currently attempting to stage a coup, so... Meh. >~<

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    Interesting and cool articles

    I think this video fits the theme for this thread... https://www.linkedin.com/learning/alex-mcdowell-world-building-and-narrative/world-building-and-narrative
  6. https://twloha.com/blog/a-letter-to-the-person-considering-suicide/
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    The factions are coming OOC

    Soooo... I'm going to need to take a bit longer to reply, (Again!-Again!-Again!-Again!) 'cause fuck me, RL is a miserable needy unforgiving shite. Had a cable short and catch on fire, melting the side seat in the work van. Don't know how long that puts me out of flooring work, but that's half my rent in the dumpster fire I call "my life." I'll uhh... I'll come back tomorrow when I'm not a mental health meltdown waiting to happen and update y'all as I'm able. @supernal CHAOS!
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    The factions are coming OOC

    Doing floor work this mornin'/afternoon so probably won't be getting anything done today, but I'm waiting for your feedback anyway, ya goof :P Depending on what that feedback looks like, I might be requesting another body to help fill the pages, but I'll let you know for sure.
  9. Fae

    The Revival of Tazarek

    I do believe Drakon was indeed what they were called. I've seen the name mentioned but haven't had the time to read up on what was written in regards to them, but if you're cool with doing a bit of footwork and linking me to threads that deal with them, I'd be happy to trudge on through and do my best to make sense of the underlying stories and themes in play with them. As far as what that means for Canon influence and the stories involving the Drakon, I'm 100% sure that I'm 100% uncertain what that's going to look like. ~laughs~ Part of this whole thread is weaving together all the pieces already in play to create a semi-cohesive setting of Tazarek as it would be six months after most of its major changes. I'm certainly going to be waiting for as much feedback as possible before proposing any major ideas going forward.
  10. Fae

    The Revival of Tazarek

    @Tyler @Pink Fluffy Cutiefly @Pasion Pasiva @Trexasle @ODSTDRAGON @Soldat Tenaille @jaistlyn @LightningBolt @Twitterpated @Godspell @Secretary @Moonbay @LorSanTekka @Prestississimo It's fair to say that I have potentially, maybe, quite possibly missed some names here, but I believe this is the bulk of those actively involved in some major development in Tazarek and it's operations. If I DID miss someone, I do apologize. Feel free to berate and shame me endlessly for my unforgivable behaviour. Otherwise, do pop on in and pipe up if you feel like you have some valid discussion to be had here. Just remember that this is as much a way to correct or update any invalid or missing lore from the Stronghold as it is to brainstorm and propose a common view of how Tazarek should currently be. Keep in mind that I've been gone for just about six months, and Valucre time runs about concurrent to that period. A lot can happen in approximately two seasons! >~<
  11. Fae

    The Revival of Tazarek

    Alright, so it's no secret to Valucre that Tazarek was at one time a bit of a thing. When Warlock was about, the last bastion of Valucre centric Dwarves was a thriving idea with a hell of a lot of passion behind it, and I don't think anyone can really deny the effort that went into it. When the dreaded Real Life raided Valucre of Warlock, I offered to take up the board and to organize and edit many of those ideas, culminating in the most recent and up to date canon version of it. When my own RL issues came to light and I had to step away, what remaining passion for the location faded as well, and eventually, as one would expect, Tazarek's sub-board was removed, though as was made clear, the location would still exist for those wishing to take part in its development. In my absence, it looks like a few attempts from several parties was had to drive some more RP in Tazarek's borders, and so I'm to believe that people still have interest in developing its stories and setting further. With that in mind, I'm opening up the floor to mutual discussion for those interested in reviving and solidifying Tazarek's presence in the context of "current" Valucre canon. Now, before I begin tagging a batch of names I've found in my search for bringing the Stronghold back from the dead, I want to make it clear what this thread is and isn't for. All posts in this thread are to help shape and bring to date Tazarek as a location in the greater context of Valucre lore. I'm not interested in any sort of drama with each party involved in its creation and maintenance, and posts that head that direction will be swiftly reported. We're not here to badmouth or villanize people in their actions OOC, got it? That said, I can understand and sympathize with communications that were behind the scenes that may have painted a different picture of what would happen IC. The expectations of those communications are important to me, however, and while I can't promise that I'll uphold any promises made or pursue any ideas had, I do promise that I will communicate with those interested in continuing to pursue their stories in Tazarek from here on out. I'm a huge fan of thickly weaved collaborative storytelling and I think that every character's own personal stories should be as important as the greater whole. Give me a chance to work with you at the very least, yeah? Dramatic monologues aside, here's the list of folks I've found who had some mention of story and interaction within Tazarek around the time I left on up to my return: Gonna have to be in another post, sadly. The tagging system and I never really got along. >~<
  12. Fae

    The factions are coming OOC

    Still thinking about the post for the Sturngraen... Between switching from the typical 9-5 of the dish job off to the contractually obilgated malarkey from my own personal business, I've also been trying to enjoy the birthday this last week (The 12th) and St. Paddy's day (Compared to most "Irish-Americans" I've actually been raised by a directly Irish household, so support of the holiday is dedicated to JUST Irish imports {A double shot of Jameson and a Guiness, for reference of those that know I'm "far more rambling than normal and know they're not all there"}] it's been a... Hectic time. So far, I'm off this Sunday so I'm planning to have something up that day (12ish PM MST to ... 3-4 AM MST).
  13. It's an amazing feat of humanity that Hawking lived as long as he did. It's an incredibly sad day to have lost him. RIP Stephen Hawking
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    The factions are coming OOC

    As is the very epitome of my very Valucre experience, IRL has taken the brunt of my time this last week. Switching to full-time Freelance work has meant 90% of my day is advertising and writing up proposals for potential clients while always keeping small throw-away jobs on the backburner. Today and tomorrow I've got work completely unrelated to the Freelance stuff just to keep funds rolling in and myself out of the streets (At least for now!) All that said, I'm hoping to have some time after the job tomorrow to settle down and do something fun, like you know, roleplaying on my favourite forums and the like. @supernal If you find yourself with some free time, I'd love to pick your brain about Ponkapaog's lore article and the interaction of the Sturngraen with what I've read already! Toodles, lovelies!
  15. Fun Fact: An hour of dialogue between two different parties in English is just about 14 pages.