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  1. What are you watching? [animated]

    But, but... Celty! My headless waifu! She's a solid 9/10 (-1 for the missing head)
  2. https://www.gofundme.com/DaveCooksBucketListTrip This is Dave. Dave is a wonderful person, a talented musician, and a kindhearted man. For the foreseeable future, you will be hearing more about Dave than you will be hearing about me. I hope that all of you find it in your hearts to share Dave's bucket list dream with your friends and family and for them to do the same. Y'all know I can't do much with where I'm at, but writing and sharing of stories and people is one of the few things I can. Do me a real solid favour and spend more time thinking about Dave and his dreams than you ever had for mine. <3 Toodles for now, folks. Devin
  3. Confession Thread

    This morning at 4:36 my Great Aunt passed away... And at first, I didn't really know what to think or feel... I wasn't as close to her as much of my cousins were... Or at least so I thought. But then while I kept trying to distract and move forward, to keep my eyes focused on the challenges already ahead of me, I just kept having glimpses of the times I was close. My entire experience of sitting down and having tea evolved around her kitchen table. A core part of my person was built around her and I'd shoved that away to try and deal with everything else in my life. And now I'm here and I'm recognizing that I never got to say thank you and goodbye. I confess that I don't know whether to be angry or sad or thankful or some combination of all of the above.
  4. Confession Thread

    Just saw my best friend for the first time in what seems like forever... It's a miracle neither of us bawled, honestly. (Though we both were holding back when we wrapped around each other in an embrace.) I can't reasonably express how very much I've missed her and I can't explain the sinking of how much I already miss her now that she's headed back home. Even with how awful and out of place I am in my life, meeting her, seeing her, and holding her has already made up for it all and made this more than worth it. I confess that I've so many emotions I've forgotten I could feel and all of them are rushing to the surface.
  5. Videos worth watching!

  6. "Keep your feet elevated, try to limit activity, and do your best to rest." Did you hear both myself and the cousin who brought me in tell you I'm homeless and walk everywhere? Come on ER staff, use your heads.
  7. I'm... Mostly fine. This isn't my first rodeo and honestly I should have known better. I did a dumb and am paying for it ~Laughs~ I just hate being cooped up in my own head with things like this and so... Splurge thoughts. As for the second question... Yes, but that's not really anyone's problem but my own, you know? I do appreciate the concern and thought though. It's far too kind >~<
  8. After just about two weeks of broken sleep I finally had to do a day nap, retreating out to a local park and just... Recovering. Thing is, this park and I have history, it being the location I received a sunburn worthy of the burn description. Without delving into too much detail, during that period of time I learned that sunburns also come in "Degree" categories, that your skin when scorched "Weeps", and that if a burn is bad enough and you head to the ER, they will give you prescriptions for pain... So why mention all of the history? Because I am currently dealing with round two of exceptional sunburns received in the lovely Wolf park of Arvada CO. At this point I am fairly certain that I am dealing with second degree burns on both hands and both feet and I'll be the first to tell you... This shite fucking sucks. The level of pain is enough that I'm having to keep moving to help distract from it and I'm thinking that I may once again have to go to the local ER for this issue. The positive of the situation is that It's much less worse than the first time (That was a third degree burn riding up to my elbows and knees.) so I'm counting myself fortunate that what I'm feeling is not what it could have been... Just keep telling myself that this is temporary and I won't be doing it for much longer.
  9. Tazarek | AMA (Ask Me Anything)

    Home to Valucre's very own flavour of Dwarf, Tazarek is the last officially known and recognized stronghold to the Dwarven people. While most questions are likely to be answered simply by reading The Halls of Tazarek Lore thread, their are bound to be points missed during the area's inception(And at the behest of our very own Supernal) an AMA thread was eventually going to be of use to you few with too many questions and not enough solid answers. While many things about Tazarek are already established, other details about the area are also up to interpretation. With that in mind, if something seems reasonable and isn't currently reigning against the theme and concept of the area, questions here that don't have definitive answers might find themselves implemented on the spot into the canon lore of Tazarek. I don't suspect that this will be a normal occurrence, however, so please keep that in mind as you delve deeper into the mountainous wall of text that is Tazarek's final creation.
  10. Confession Thread

    I confess that I don't know whether I'm legitimately trying to make my life better or dig myself further into a hole. Between returning to CO in order to find employment and bank on insurance for figuring out health, finding myself eligible for ridiculously cheap tuition in Denver, and taking on projects that aren't going to pay out in profits but a ridiculous amount of exposure (All while knowing It was likely I was going to be sleeping out on the street and being constantly underfed/exhausted) I feel like I'm either taking the biggest gamble on my own life or doing what is actually right for me for once... It's all or nothing for me and lady luck is unnaturally one sided in my regards. I just keep hoping that I'm doing the right thing.
  11. I've officially hit that point where being hungry is taking over nearly every thought and it's got me really, really irritable... If this were before all the health issues, I'd be loaded up and carrying whatever I could to maintain. Right now, I'm carrying only what I'm need and it's still too much ~Laughs~ I hate thinking about this.
  12. Valucre, the best roleplay site

    Totally ten votes back now... Good call!
  13. Context is important and when I was writing this, I was so upset I didn't include a key part of that context. The homeless who were on this church property have specifically been allowed by the church to be there. It's one of the few safe spaces in town for these individuals, one of the few places where they're treated like people and not harassed every five minutes. If the church staff had come on by and moved them it would be one thing but it wasn't... It was the city and the local law enforcement. Edit: I had assumed (Poorly) that the correlation between church and private property would lead the reader to understand that they were allowed to be on the property. It would seem that some people did understand while others did not and for those that didn't I take full responsibility for your confusion. That was my bad.
  14. Arvada police just herded off all the obvious homeless away from private property owned by one of the churches because they're holding this big ole shindig called the "Harvest Festival" and heavens forbid anyone unsightly sticks around to ruin the atmosphere of this perfectly clean puckered asshole of a town... If they were on public property, making a scene before the actual festival started I'd agree with asking them to move but it's fucking despicable to harass and illegaly relocate them half a day beforehand. Literally shaking with rage right now.
  15. <Whine> I don't wanna look at ranges and variables and rows and columns and Gods damned spreadsheets anymore! </Whine> I'm going to have nightmares about data entry at this rate...