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  1. The Seventh

    Wings of Ice OOC - Looking for 1 more!

    Posting now! sorry again for the delay!!!
  2. The Seventh

    Wings of Ice OOC - Looking for 1 more!

    That's fine, I'll have a post up tomorrow morning at the latest. Sorry I've been busy with school stuff since I have four projects and finals this week.
  3. The Seventh

    The Welcoming Ball for Predators Keep! [ Open to all! ]

    too bad this isn't for my incubus v__v
  4. The Seventh

    The Welcoming Ball for Predators Keep! [ Open to all! ]

    First born it is. How're we doing this?
  5. The Seventh

    The Welcoming Ball for Predators Keep! [ Open to all! ]

    May I join in even though i'm a little late? if not it's okay >_>; I would be joining with the Knight.
  6. The Seventh

    [Stormward] Wings of Ice - Ice Crash!

    He held out both hands. He focused now on the creature's broken parts. I must protect these people. Bind this beast. From the ring of energy around him shot forth chains that swiftly wrapped around both halves of the beast. This brought him to his knees as his body was running out of strength. He would have to worry about revitalizing himself, but right now that was far from his mind. He kept his focus, the auras beginning to thin out slightly, a result of spreading himself a bit too thin perhaps. His eyes remained closed, his focus absolute, but he felt something. There were other things in this city. He felt a presence unlike any other. A presence the sent chills down his spine and it had noticed him. He was concerned at this point as to who or what made this creature, but it didn't matter right this second. One thing at a time. He pulled in a deep breath. He could feel each person. He could feel the pieces of the elemental. He felt something similar, and something far larger. What was it? He would attempt now to pull his own presence in a bit. Trying to hide himself. You feel it? That is fear you feel. Know it. Understand it. Do not let it control you. You are strong. Remember that. You wouldn't be here if you weren't. Now. You will not be able to do this much longer. You must reawaken yourself first. He came to realize he was in the place once again. He saw a man but he was blurred out. Why was that? Why couldn't he see him? How could he even trust him? He didn't know. He only knew he felt a connection to this man. He tried to reach out, though his hand touching the snow on the ground brought him back to reality. His focus wavered, but the power did not. He quickly refocused himself.
  7. The Seventh

    Wings of Ice OOC - Looking for 1 more!

    I suppose i'll post didn't realize it's been that long hope all is okay
  8. The Seventh

    The Order of Knights

    Designation: Name: The Order of Knights Etymology: Achieved by being a group of knights and people who want to be knights. Moniker: Knights of Gaia Heraldry: A shield that holds a world in the center of it is often tattooed on a knight's back. Hierarchy: Founder: Derrick LeRoba Current Leader: Derrick LeRoba Members: TBD General: Location: Wherever Needed. Affiliations: — Allies: None — Enemies: Darkness — Neutral Parties: Everyone Else. Establishment: Agenda: To protect those in need, and to teach those who are interested how to protect. Operations: — Ongoing: — Completed: — Abandoned: Historical: Background: The order became an unofficial group of knights that chose to protect whoever needed them. They quickly became bound to gaia and each other. They became a true group when realizing how everyone Recent Events: None yet. Credits: Daniel, for sheet creation. --------------------------------------------- Recruiting. All character types and such that have any drive for protecting others are welcome. PM me for more info. n.n hope to have some more people to regularly RP with.
  9. The Seventh

    Derrick LeRoba

    Person -- | Name: Derrick Jax LeRoba | Alias: Corey Blacker | Sobriquet: Big J | Title: The Ageless Knight | Actual Age: Timeless | Apparent Age: 25 | Date of Birth: July 5th | Race: Reborn Soul | Gender: Male | Height: 6'4" | Weight: 300 lb | Dominant Side: Left | Physique: Muscular and full of stamina | Joints: Average flexibility | Eyes: Brown, specked gold | Hair color: brown | Hair style: short, spiked more often than not | Skin Tincture: Olive | Domicile: Roaming | Region: Spiritual | Affiliations: Order of Knights | Occupation: Bounty Hunter / Jack of all trades | Nature: Chaotic | Alignment: Neutral | Diety: Gaia | Soft Spot: Children | Likes: The world, People, The Moon, food, sleep | Dislikes: People who are annoying, People who don't listen, Dictators, Killing Intentions Attire -- | Shoulders: | Torso: White Button Up | Arms: | Hands: Black Gloves, Leather | Hips: Black Leather Belt | Legs: Black Slacks | Footgear: Italian Loafers Gear -- | Blade: Alias: The King Length: Overall Length: 32 Inches Hilt: Length: 6.5 Inches, Created of metal, Base of hilt is a lion's head Blade: Blade Length: 25.5 Inches Blade Width: 2.5 Inches Trojan Style Short Sword Recognized Owner: Derrick LaRoba Rumors -- There is a legend of knights of old who once stood to defend kingdoms. These knights came to be blessed by gaia, and in such, came to live over and over and over again. Their sole purpose is to defend others. They are known to be bounty hunters more often than not. Each of these knights carries a blade. When drawn, these blades awaken and they bond to those who draw them. The name for these blades are Sacred Swords. These knights are summoned by a ritual when they are needed. Often a sacrifice is required, generally in the form of food, drinks, at times it costs a life of someone evil depending on the cause. It is said with these blades being drawn, from the holder's energy and the energy of the world around them, armor is formed. ________ | Credits: Jeff / 2008 - 2010
  10. The Seventh

    Request for Character Development?

    Sounds good. No big deal.
  11. The Seventh

    Wings of Ice OOC - Looking for 1 more!

    it's chill. I was just making sure nobody for real died.
  12. The Seventh

    The Search for Nachos (Interest Check)

    ... then would my incubus be like... The Twins? .-.
  13. The Seventh

    The Search for Nachos (Interest Check)

    @The Hummingbird This is only mission one :C