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  1. Neat that you're checking the site out again. If you have questions let me know 

  2. Daughter of Smoke

    Phoenix Grass (Quest)

    God, this damned heat is getting on my nerves... Nox thought, flicking a sweaty lock of hair back from her face and glancing back to make sure that the ones behind were following. She couldn't wait to sit on the ground and just relax. The temperature wasn't agreeing with her, and a nice long rest would be very welcome. She doubted she'd be able to fall asleep easily either, though, seeing as there was no chance the humidity would let up. "I'll take the first watch," she announced, sighing and shifting her bag. Someone had to do it, and by the end of the watch, she'd be tired enough to fall asleep. Nox didn't trust their surroundings. Being in a swamp-like terrain was fairly new to her, and so far, she wasn't the biggest fan. Everything seemed exotic, and though she certainly had no problem with that, it was a bit too unfamiliar. Not in the sense that she'd eventually get used to it, but more like she'd bear it until it was over and then avoid it for the rest of her life. Some lands aren't meant to be explored, but no land should be touched by those who don't appreciate it. It was another nugget of wisdom from dear ol' mum, one that hadn't really stuck with her until now. The clanking of Shouri's machinery caught Nox's attention, draining her flushed face of colour for a few seconds. She would never get used to machines. There was something off about Shouri, and though it may have been a bit biased, she didn't like or trust him. She didn't like or trust anyone at the moment, though, so it wasn't that much of a surprise to her. She doubted she could ever be easy around him either, though, even if it was to categorize him as harmless. Glancing back once again, Nox paused as she saw Sakuro talking to what seemed to be a lizard girl. Instantly, her right hand went to Khailae, which was resting on her belt. She had just appeared out of nowhere, like a ghost. This was obviously her home, and from what she knew of animals, they didn't like their homes to be disturbed. Maybe it was unfair of her to immediately classify the girl as an animal, but even if she was humanoid, she also looked like a lizard. Slowing down, she turned, to start towards them and then stopped as she saw Sakuro walk away. If the lizard knew what was best for her, she would stay far away from the group. If she didn't, well, someone would get hurt. Nox didn't plan on being them. Turning back around, she quickened her pace so that she was behind Shouri, right where she could keep an eye on him and an eye on their surroundings. She didn't know if they had passed the harbor yet, but it wouldn't hurt to look around for a trace of the plant. The quicker they got this over, the better. Unfortunately, no sign of the elusive plant was to be found. Almost, at the clearing, Nox lightly stepped forwards into a patch of moss and sucked in her breath as she speedily retracted her foot, just in time to see a wire trap spring up from the ground. She cautiously placed her foot back where it had been before and turned her head to look at those behind. "Stop," she called out, swinging her head back around to face Shouri. "Something's wrong here. Don't move, or at least, don't move if you'd like to keep all of your body parts." Well, shit.
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    Phoenix Grass (OOC)

    Sorry I didn't post today but it should be up by the end of tomorrow!
  4. Daughter of Smoke

    Phoenix Grass (OOC)

    Okay! I'll be ready, just in case, then.
  5. Daughter of Smoke

    Meph's House of "Fun"

    This is getting weirder and weirder by the second if that's even possible. Katarina stared blatantly as the man with the metal thing muttered something about women and apologized before shifting the blame to a younger boy who was curled up on the ground covered with mud. He quickly sprang to his feet and started to apologize, before being interrupted by the man. He glared at the man he'd been aiming at seconds before and said something about a list, looking frustrated. Then turning to Katarina, he smiled a smile that was obviously fake after saying something about a heavy head. Katarina's eyes instantly strayed to his hand, where the metal thinger-ma-bob was. Oh, Lord, please let none of us get shot. That would be mightily unfortunate. She found it more difficult to understand the man, more from his way of speaking and objects/things that she didn't understand than from his heavy accent. A strange man in a metal suit of armor came up to them and addressed them next. Paying no heed to his words, she instead studied him. Was he a species of aliens from outer space? He certainly had the fancy get up for it. Peering around the space they were in, she realized they had one companion besides the wizardy looking fellow, they guy with the metal thing, the sniveling boy in the muddy robes and the space guy. He was carrying a guitar strapped to his back and he too had some outlandish getup. Her gaze swept even further and stopped on the strangest creature of all. It had knobbly orange legs which were as skinny as a stick and standard brown loafers. The rest of its body tapered out in a cone-like shape, but that wasn't was held her attention. Rather, what held her attention was the giant pair of red lips wich was perched upon the front edge of the creature- if it could even be labeled that. The gigantic mouth opened wide announce the arrival of the great Mephisto, whoever that was. Yup, this is most definitely getting weirder. And out came the girl. The one thing Katarina focused on was pink. There was even more of the accursed color. Katarina frowned, watching the girl in the frilly pink outfit curiously. She didn't seem quite right in the head. However, she most definitely was the host and showed it from the comfortable way she acted around the place. There was also that fact that she declared it as her home. It was her next words that caught her attention, but someone else spoke up before she could. As the guy who hadn't been involved in the conflict started to speak, Katarina stepped out from between the two men and walked forwards so that she had a better vantage point to the action. The bard-like person was evidently taking the role of an adult figure to speak to the girl. In case you haven't noticed, she isn't exactly a normal kid, you dipshit. Once "Mephisto" or whatever her name was had finished speaking, Katarina was even more curious. This girl was certainly a character, but whether she meant them well or not was yet to be revealed. Right now, Katarina was leaning more towards the "Not" section, seeing as she'd brought them here in the first place. This guy seemed to be more suspicious than the other one. Whatever he said, she agreed with. Magic and all that wishy-washy stuff much more likely than this girl having responsible guardians. No responsible guardian would let her out in those clothes. Katarina stared at the new additions to the land, or more particularly, the rip in the sky. As Mephisto continued to speak, she felt her heart slowly begin to sink. This girl was mad. She was absolutely bonkers. They had to get through that, and just hop out of a tear in the sky to get home? Katarina watched in interest as this unfolded, curious to know how things would play out. She wasn't sure if the girl could be swayed by flattery, but then again, she wasn't quite sure about anything at the moment. "Wait," she blurted, squinting at the girl. "Are those the only rules? Seems a wee bit extreme ta me..."
  6. Daughter of Smoke

    Foolin' With a Witch's Brew

    The Matriarch wasn't happy-looking. In fact, she looked positively furious. Vaeri stared silently as The Matriarch's formerly misty eyes were sparking. Like, literally sparking with electricity. She didn't look too pleased about the way the orc had treated the other girl, which wasn't the biggest surprise. The orc who had held the girl immediately dropped her, backing up as it registered whatever it was that tipped it off to The Matriarch's displeasure. The unfortunate orc didn't get very far. A bolt of lightning flew at it's chest, and Vaeri let out a low whistle as the orc flew through the air- though less gracefully than any bird she'd seen. Landing with a resounding crack on the ice, it tumbled a few meters before coming to a stop, smearing the smooth ice with blood. He didn't move. Even more bolts followed, each one hitting it's target- the centre of each of the other orc's chests. None of them were as powerful as the first however, and The Matriarch let out a pent up breath. To Vaeri, it seemed to be more calming than created out of any extra strain. That sort of power and skill was beyond anything Vaeri had seen before. She had seen the way the seer had caused The Bodyguard to go to extraordinary heights, and she had seen how calm and collected she was, but the pure fury in those attacks were definitely new. It was slightly scary, exciting, and unnerving at the same time. Whatever they were heading off to do must be difficult, though. If The Matriarch could do that, and still needed Vaeri's help, then things might be more challenging than the young elementalist had originally assumed. Thoughts of the other girl suddenly came to mind, and Vaeri turned to face her, stumbling a bit as her legs trembled underneath her weight. The Bodyguard's hand flashed out to steady her, and Vaeri leaned into his support, continuing to watch. She had no reason to butt in. As The Matriarch began speaking to the girl, her face softened, and Vaeri's heartbeat began to slow down. The girl wasn't hurt. She wasn't exactly sure what was going on, much less who the other girl was, but she was unharmed, which was the important thing. "Thank you," she said, patting the orc's arm gently before starting to walk forward, deeming the pair slightly safer to approach. She stood to the left of the seer, facing the new witch (or at least that's what she appeared to be) and studied her once again, eyes more curious than cold. Normally, Vaeri would have been a bit more trusting, but after seeing this witch before and then watching her vanish into thin air, it was kind of weird. Just a tiny bit, though. Only an observer for the moment, Vaeri forced herself to still, fighting the rush of excitement that went through her as the other woman finished speaking. So she is another witch, and one who's fairly new to her powers as well! Vaeri may not have been entirely new to what she could do, but she did know that she was far from at her best. What she had done earlier in the day was entirely new, and she had known about her powers since well, as long as she could remember. No, Vaeri definitely had not reached her full potential. And here was another witch, who was learning too. It just seemed… kind of perfect. Now wasn't the time to force anything upon her though, especially not a friendship that might not even be wanted. She did however let out a little smile, directed at the confused girl in front of her. She had no answer to her questions, or at least any proper ones, so instead she looked to The Matriarch, who she was almost positive knew what was going on. If anyone knew, it would be her.
  7. Daughter of Smoke

    Phoenix Grass (OOC)

    That sounds good!
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    Phoenix Grass (OOC)

  9. Daughter of Smoke

    Meph's house of "fun" (Interest Check)

    Wait, what about Jotnotes? Shouldn't they go next?
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    Meph's house of "fun" (Interest Check)

    Why don't we go in the order we already posted in? Is that okay...?
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    Phoenix Grass (OOC)

  12. Daughter of Smoke

    Phoenix Grass (OOC)

    Thanks... Same with you!
  13. Daughter of Smoke

    Phoenix Grass (OOC)

    Sure! I guess the trap could be on the path towards the clearing? Sorry for the crappy post... Inspiration has abandoned me...
  14. Daughter of Smoke

    Phoenix Grass (Quest)

    Sakuro easily led them to the swamp, and Nox kept to the back edge, keeping watch for any potential dangers. Of course, she knew that anything of the sort was highly unlikely, but it didn't hurt to keep an eye out for anything like that. Nox knew all too well the dangers of being caught unawares, and she was in no rush to remember fully. As the girl's warning hit her ears, Nox rolled her eyes, looking back over her shoulder once again. Right. Wild animals... Ooh... Oh! And don't forget poacher's traps. As if we'd ever get caught in a poacher's trap. The swamp was... well, different. Nox wasn't quite enjoying their trek so far, especially now that they were win the swamp. The sun she had just minutes ago complained about had come back to haunt her, beating down heavily upon her back. Sure, she'd been in worse conditions, but then, she'd also been way more fit. Being busier certainly kept her in better shape. The air was humid as well, and her clothes clung to her even more, chafing her skin whenever she moved. Nox was almost certainly going to end up sunburned. Flies were now buzzing around their heads, and the swamp water was a nasty shade of... brownish green. Nox stayed at the back of the group once again, hardly making a sound except to point out things like huge puddles to avoid or snorting at some ridiculous comment being made. They trudged on and on throughout the day, the sun slowly sinking beneath the tree line. The air only grew more humid once evening fell, however, and Nox walked onwards, keeping pace with the others, never slowing down or speeding up. They would have to make camp soon. As they reached a small break in the trees, Nox spotted a clearing off to the side of the path. The ground seemed to be firm enough, but it wasn't enough to go on. The clearing was ringed by trees, and the ground was covered in grass and some leaves. One tree branched up and outwards, its thick branch arching across the open space. There were a minimal amount of rocks, and it looked plenty comfortable. "Look," she said in a low voice, pointing towards it. Glancing up at the sky- which was criss-crossed by thin, reedy branches- she saw the moon, pale and shining brightly in the sky. "We should check that out, see if we can stay there for the night." There was a thin path leading from the direction they were headed that branched out in it' general direction, and Nox turned down it, walking cautiously towards it. It was a bit too perfect, and bit too convenient. However, it was all they had, so she had to at least look. It couldn't hurt, right?
  15. Daughter of Smoke

    Phoenix Grass (OOC)

    I was thinking... My post is more a description of what happened during the day instead of playing out the entire thing. Maybe we could find a clearing to rest in, but end up getting caught in a poacher's trap? I can work it into the post, since I'm still writing it!