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  1. Oh, okay, newfangled 'status post', take two. So, to my... eight followers, many of which are probably inactive or will never see this message:

    Hi. Good to see you.

    Now that's over, I've recently been fooling around with a raccoon dog tavern owner.

    I know. Shh, shh.

    For the moment, I gave him the totally-creative and original name of Mal'akhomit*. So because I'm a lazy boogerbrain, I'm asking you for name ideas - what should this raccoon dog abomination be named? Any and all names are welcome, except for 'Stan'. 

    *shuffles away in shame*

    Right, cheers.

    1. Tacent


      * - The phrase/name 'Mal'akhomit comes from the webcomic Unsounded. I recommend you give it a look.

      (Wait, does this notify me? Do I get to feel special, important, because I commented on my own status?! Goody gumdrops! <3)

  2. Hiya, quick question.

    So I'm assuming the 'basket thread' is Luna's World, or something else?

    ;-; link me ples

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    2. Tacent


      Ah, thank you! ^-^" It appears Urza hasn't visited in nearly two weeks. If I recall correctly, he had an account on another forum, I'll go pester him there and get him to post. Permission to link him to the basket thread?

    3. Panda Kid

      Panda Kid

      Permission granted

    4. Tacent


      All right, much appreciated. I've shot him in the knee a PM, I'll make sure to tell you of any developments. In the meanwhile, best of luck with your character!

  3. Oh, an AoT analogy. I think we all know Armin was (clearly) the best character. - All anime aside, I reckon I could fulfill the generic 'best friend' spot, or 'parent', if Urza doesn't show up. Hey! @Urzamax, you boogerbrain! Get over here. As for 'best friend', I've been itching to play a dust manipulator. I first went in the street rat direction (fitting, innit? One who scrounges about in the dust and filth gets the ability to control aforementioned dust and filth), before realising that in such a nice and /comfy/ city, he wouldn't work that well. I have the name (Anthem), and ability, but that's about it. Gimme a moment or two, I'll try to think of something else. Unfortunately, my mind is clouded by Brandon Sanderson's words (recently finished Way of Kings), and the only character that comes to mind is Tien. Eh, disregard my prattling. TLDR: im gonna think of somethin' just you waaiiit just you waiiiit
  4. Thanks for the follow.

    More alcoholic beverages for everyone!

    1. Alyssya Magnolia

      Alyssya Magnolia


      Sets out a bar's worth of alcohol on a table.

  5. I'm tempted to respond with 'YOOOO BITCH', but that's no way to welcome a stranger. So. How the fuck did you end up here? Raises generic alcoholic beverage.
  6. aw hell i'm gonna regret this - Do you have any roles that need, need, need to be filled in immediately? Of course, following the creation of the CS. Because hey, China can get pretty boring at times. Especially when your days consist of walking around a (depressing-looking) city doing errands (is that the phrase? Or is it 'running errands'?)... This leads to terrible decision-making, on my part. For example: gathering up the confidence to do this. An hour from now, I'm going to be 'really busy' or something (read: more walking around for no apparent reason), and I'll be too busy to actually RP for the next few decades. - Love Interest: Okay, so here's the problem (summed up in an 'eloquent' 4chan proverb): >tfw no gf I've never been in a relationship before, and reading/watching anime about it doesn't help either. If push comes to shove, fine, Wynaut. I'll do it for the price of one (1) human soul Rival: Sure, I could attempt this. They always say 'trying new things is fun and will probably get you killed/on a list'. What are you looking for? The word 'rival' conjures up images of the Pokemon rivals, from Kanto's Gary (an arrogant and pragmatic person) to Kalo's Serena/Tierno/Trevor (a competitive friend that makes every rival encounter way too easy). Again, I'm sure I could throw stuff together and make something, it all depends on what you'd like your rival to be. Bounty Hunter: Woah, spontaneous. Again, I'd appreciate more elaboration. Please/thanks/wheee Best Friend :^): I may be reading too much Unsounded, but lately, I've enjoyed RP'ing children. So hey, I think I have half an unoriginal idea down. Sure, 'best friend' might sound a mundane role, but hey, given that I'm probably going to be a cubicle slave in a few decades, I'm willing to do it. For the price of only one (1) human soul! - Okay, I've written too much and offended 20+ groups, I'm going to walk some more and wallow in self-pity. ^-^ - EDIT oh geez I'm kinda being a jerk, aren't I? By replying, I've essentially claimed BH. Oops. ;-; Didn't mean to.
  7. "The world could always use more heroes role-players."

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    2. Kingofgames12


      Who's your main in that game?

    3. Tacent


      I'm gonna assume Tracer, because

      a. She's just cool.

      b. This guy seems cool.

      c. His banner is of Tracer.


    4. Kingofgames12


      Huh. That's a funny way to spell 'Symmetra is the best'. :think:

  8. "Last Visited: May 7"

    Current Date: June 14.

    Well, that happened.

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    2. supernal


      Sure. /

      Any chance you can try logging in to an Incognito, or equivalent for your browser, version and making sure you are not set to sign in anonymously? 

    3. Tacent


      Re-signed-in. That fixes the problem. Again, thanks. I feel like a dimwit for not trying the obvious solution.

    4. supernal


      That's okay, you never know where glitches might pop up!

  9. Dammit. Way to crush my dreams. Well, that's comforting.
  10. Concerning your thread- When you say 'gorilla tactics', do you mean 'guerrilla'? Either one could be a possibility. Personally, 'gorilla tactics' gives me an image of Winston (Overwatch).
  11. Okay, Wynaut. I'd be fine with bird or rabbit/rodent. It seems like a great idea. Haven't RP'd in a while, so don't get your expectations too high. I mean, if you have any. (._.)
  12. Walp, welcome. Unfortunately, the word 'mermaid' usually brings Sirens and Kelpies to mind. *Shrug intensifies* I like your personality. Go take all of my (one) likes. - Tumblr? Twitter?! O-O I think I can understand how TumblRP would work, but what about TwitteRP? DM? You only have 140 characters, right? Apologies for the myriad of questions.
  13. Five Centimetres Per Second?!



    (And welcome to Valucre!)

    1. howling rabbit

      howling rabbit


      Ah, thank you ^^

    2. Kingofgames12


      Fellow noragami and brotherhood fan? I welcome you with open arms! 

      And this should be enough for today. 

  14. ..! 

    Wild MOTHER'S DAY appeared!

    TACENT was unable to identify it!

    (I completely forgot about Mother's Day.)

    MOTHER'S DAY used PK BrainShock!

    TACENT was confused!




    Mother 2? Earthbound? Eh? Eh?

    Okay, no. Happy Mother's Day, etc. Stop lurking on Valucre and go call your mother, you disgrace. 


  15. Nice profile image.

    have this

    1. Tacent


      Neil, getting all the ladies with that great horseback riding.

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