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  1. tfw you trying to modernize and standardize your character sheets. 


  2. Masaru practically fell out of his bed, barely working up the energy to walk. It was sometime in the afternoon, the sun piercing through the windows of his bedroom. While he still had responsibilities as a member of the Yanaihara noble family, Masaru was not the most timely person. He had a habit of scrambling to get somewhere on time unless it was something he actually enjoyed. Thankfully he had nothing on his schedule today, so he could wake up as late as he wanted. He could be slow to wake up with no repercussions. Masaru’s quarters allowed the young noble to be very self-sufficient, resembling a large apartment by modern standards. Hekishoku Palace was a beautiful piece of architecture, but its vintage exterior was a wonderful mask for a well-equipped establishment. It had running water and functioning electricity (albeit at an average quality). Masaru even had a stove installed in his living space. He wasn’t one to be waited on, usually fixing his own meals and choosing his own outfits. He only asked so much of the servants; usually to clean the restroom and to make sure his quarters were clean in general. The second son of the Yanaihara clan was very counter-cultural at heart, and it showed in his general living space. When anybody would enter, they’d be met with a beautiful view of the Pond of Shizukana as half of said space had open windows leading to a balcony above it. Masaru was always one for nature and the sound of the waterfalls calmed him. The rest of the space was rather simple; an assortment of Masaru’s wildlife sketches adorning the walls with simple blue designs mixed in painted around them. A traditional dining table stood out in the middle of the room while a chabudai and accompanying tatami mats sat on the balcony. A small contemporary kitchen space rounded out the space, with a bathroom and Masaru’s bedroom out of direct view. Masaru’s routine was simple. Get up, shower, clean himself up, start hot water for tea, figure out breakfast- “Master Masaru, you have a guest.” That was unusual, he thought there was nothing on his schedule today. He was hoping his mother didn’t set up something dumb for him. “Who is it?” he said, the irritation present in his voice. The answer made him groan in realization; he was expecting to meet someone, yet he didn’t think it was today, “Yagyushi no Teppu.” A man notorious for both his skill with the Kusarigama and for his disgracing of the clan’s reputation, resulting in his exile from Yanaihara territory. The man lost an arm in a duel using a weapon he loved while representing the society he loved. Masaru had found his banishment rather dumb and undeserved; clearly his loss was a poor reason for exile. So, Masaru made a decision unbeknownst to his parents and summoned Teppu back to the clan. Such skill shouldn’t be let go at the slightest flaw. He consulted nobody when doing this, so it took a long time to track him down. Regardless, he felt that it would be worth the effort. However, at the moment Masaru was nowhere decent enough for a formal greeting. Yet he didn’t have it in him to get himself prepared. He was in his nightclothes, he hadn’t completely woken up and he was about to start up hot water for tea. In his mind, it was better to just greet the man now and not postpone anything. He was still decent, even in nightclothes. So he grabbed his tea kettle, went to the sink and started filling it with water, “Let him in!” He might as well have some formality in this scenario, and tea was simple enough. @The Rabbit Emperor
  3. Masaru's Character Sheet is up if anyone needs a reference. @The Rabbit Emperor whenever you're ready to start up our thread, message me and we can work out the specifics.
  4. “Would you rather build a house on a foundation of glass or a foundation of stone? Obviously you’d choose stone, right? Then why are you so fond of these meaningless ‘traditions?’ Remember, rules are made to be broken and glass breaks very easily.” [Basic Information] First name: Masaru Surname: Yanaihara Race: Human Gender: Male Age: 30 Marital Status: Single Orientation: Heterosexual Text Color: #0066ff [Physical Characteristics] Eyes: Brown Complexion: Fair Height: 5’ 8” Weight: 172 lbs. Hair: Black, short cut Voice: Smooth, more of a tenor Attire: Varies, but often wears casual clothing, or just wears his formal clothes rather casually. Body Alterations: Tattoos of varied animals adorn Masaru’s body. [Reference Image] {Note: This is not a direct reference, but it does give an accurate depiction of how Masaru looks and not necessarily his demeanor. I also do not own this image as it belongs to its respective owner(s).} [Backstory] Being born into a society based around form and function, the second son of the Yanaihara family was a wild card amongst his family. While his older brother Takahiro was steadfast and attentive alongside his parents, Masaru was restless and independent even from a young age. It wasn’t unusual to see the young boy hiding in some obscure place in the estate. His interests also veered in taboo directions. While being enthralled by the mysteries of nature is one thing, but having a strong interest in yōkai is a completely different story. Even in adulthood, Masaru has thoroughly enjoyed the mythos of the dangerous and supernatural. Behavior from such a restless childhood grew into rebellious fervor as a young adult. The Second of the Yanaihara clan is notorious for just disappearing for a couple of days, presumably venturing outside of the clan’s territory. It’s been generally agreed upon that Masaru doesn’t fit the traditional mold of his clan, which leads to judgement towards the head family themselves. Try as they might, Masaru can make his own choices and he chooses to stand out. After being forced to abide by such superficial traditions, he does show some resentment towards his family as they were shoved down his throat. [Personality] Masaru is a free-spirit and free-thinker. He’s not one to be tied down by the rules of his clan and decides to choose his own path. This often drives him to make decisions that get him in trouble as they are unappealing to most (or just bad ideas in general). Despite this, Masaru maintains an optimistic attitude towards it all. There’s not much that can sour his mood, and even so he’s quick to recover if something does. Alignment: Chaotic Good Likes: The Outdoors, Various Mythologies, Wildlife Dislikes: “Da Rulez” [Abilities] Masaru was, more or less, forced to abide by society’s standards. Most denizens underneath the shroud of the Yanaihara clan strive to pursue some field of the arts as a part of their life. It’s not really as a rule, but a subtle cultural standard (albeit much less subtle in Masaru’s case) that most abide by. As a result, Masaru begrudgingly took to drawing, however he took this unwanted practice and made it into something surprisingly appealing. Aside from drawing the creatures of legend that fascinate him, Masaru has also become quite the wildlife sketch artist and cartographer. So far, he’s mapped out the majority of the territory the Yanaihara controls along with surrounding areas. As an adventurer at heart, his desire to explore the world spurred his drawing in this direction. [Weapons] Masaru’s weapon of choice is a wooden staff of standard length. His staff is painted with vivid blues and whites like that of flowing water. While he was also forced to apply his energy into a more “productive” medium, Bōjutsu is one of the few things he’s naturally skilled in. His athletic and acrobatic prowess shows in how he uses his weapon, often integrating vaults, spins and flips into his techniques. However, Masaru has also aspired to learn the way of the sword. He currently keeps a katana he purchased hidden from view of others, though he still is a novice by most standards, mainly due to the lack of formal training. [Acquaintances] The Yanaihara Clan of the Datsuzoku Dynasty [Current Character Canon] More Coming Soon...
  5. Wow... This is better than I expected. Real talk, I think you set Teppu's character up really well, so I can give him my seal of approval. In terms of what our interactions will entail, I want to prove Teppu's worth to the rest of the Minobi.
  6. Thank you all for your support! I believe that we have something that can really work here and I’m excited to see where it goes! To add upon what’s already been said, we’re in that early awkward phase when it comes to lore this expansive. The current short term goal is to flesh out the family and their supporters; at the moment through little one-offs that culminate into a sturdy foundation when important plot rises up. We have a long-term goal that’s mainly Koharu-centered and that’s probably our first big plot thing that will happen. In the meantime, if you look at the lore and envision something that can be just a fun look at the Yanaihara family, level of seriousness can vary, go ahead and suggest it to us. The Yanaihara family’s second son, Masaru, is rather rebellious and not a humongous fan of some of his clan’s traditional values. He’d be willing to see this person redeem themselves, beyond that of a deniable asset. Masaru is played by myself, so you’ll be among my roster ?! Whenever this concept is done cooking and the character comes out the oven, let me know and we can set up that story.
  7. @supernal I have seen the dead zone thread. I'm honestly not sure how to interpret it given my...excess amount of stuff that I've decided to move on from. In terms of actually finishing someone else's work, it just doesn't resonate with me.
  8. While I already am discussing a topic with some people on the side, I've been looking to get back into some immediate writing. I've done things like this in the past where I just offer my services out to the public, and I'd like to think they work... But in the meantime, who wants to hang out with a kickboxer with lightning magic?
  9. You are very welcome. Either method is fine. I'll be more readily available via discord though, unless I'm working.
  10. Mind if I tag along? If you still need another writer, then I'd be down to help. Hit me up if you want to toss around more ideas.
  11. “Nothing,” you say? In truth, I do like this form of structure more than that of a House. While similar in concept, it’s a nice change of pace in terms of style. Yes, I’m interested. No, I do not know where to start. Yes, I’m open to suggestions. Yes, I’m willing to be of assistance.
  12. I addressed some of these things previously, but it can't hurt to list them out. Doing so gives you a road map to follow. OOC: - Be more consistent in my depictions of my characters. I always anticipate character development, but it has to be done correctly. I don't want to get to excited and radically change something after one incident (if it doesn't merit it.) - Improve in my writing, but acknowledge my faults. Everyone has room for improvement, and I acknowledge it in this case. I have a tendency to criticize my own work a lot, so this is always something I'm thinking about, but I have to remember that I'm still me and that I don't have to be perfect. - Determine my limits. I don't want to bog myself down with too much stuff; it will reduce the quality of my work and affect my style as a whole. - Continue being weird. You guys already know how I do. If it exists, I see no problem in making it weird. I'd be ecstatic if I could create something so wild it'd be on par with a crude, talking, bloodbending scythe using a wooden mannequin as locomotion. - Collaborate more (and be weird with other people). I just love it when I write with someone that synergizes well with others. I adore those magical moments when something just clicks between writers, and I want to experience those moments more with all you wonderful people. ? IC: - Get Dray to western Genesaris! This is really the only concrete ic goal I have. He's already stumbled around through Whispernight territory a bit, but he still has a ways to go. I want the journey to be long, eventful, eerie and rich, but the destination to be absolutely insane. - Actually establish a goal for the rest of my roster. ? This actually falls in line with my desire for consistency. All of my characters' timelines and interactions are messed up because of my activity, and while I don't think this has affected the characters themselves, it affects how they'll develop in the future. I have no idea where to start with this, but I'd like at least a tiny bit of order to their stories.
  13. I needed something to warm myself back up; you know, stretch the writing muscles. My ideas are a little slim at the moment and I still don't know where to put these, so for now enjoy another adventure of everyone's favorite Westbound Eldritch Empath.

    Yours is Laughing...

    There are some things that the human race is never meant to see or experience. Some things were just meant to exist independently, untouched by man’s corrosive influence. Now I was never one for superstitions, ghost stories, or tall tales; but what I experienced was no story. Scholars of the supernatural have no idea what abhorrent beings lurk right under our noses. Let me tell you, we as a species are just dust compared to them.

    I have stared into the darkness…and it laughed in my face.

    I used to be a mechanic, and a noteworthy one at that. I worked on airships for years, learning their in’s and out’s, what makes them tick. There’s no shortage of airship mechanics in the world, but finding a good one with consistent results is difficult. That’s where I came in. I could take a Deluxe Commercial Entertainment Ship apart and put it back together again with the greatest of ease; if not better than it was beforehand. With such skills, it wouldn’t be surprising that my services would be desired by those in high places. I was among people in very important circles as a chief engineer. I thought myself an aristocrat among this elite group of individuals.

    It all went to my head...

    But things changed after a particular gala. This actually happened on a small airship I’d repaired in the past. I was always an independent engineer, but I was about to accept a contract and be appointed to be Executive Engineer of an up-and-coming public transportation network. It wasn’t long before the announcement that I excused myself to the restroom to freshen up. I went into a stall to do my business before freshening up in a mirror at the sink. I was excited at my core; it was the peak, the climax even, of my career.

    The moment I left that stall, my life changed forever.

    There was a boy at one of the sinks, no older than eight years old, brushing his teeth of all the things. He was a disheveled mess at face value, with his heavily faded nightclothes and his wild ginger hair. I couldn’t even see his eyes through that mess on his head. “How did you find your way here?” I asked him gently. The ship was rented out for the gala, and even then there was a security check when everyone boarded the vessel. Somehow this kid had slipped his way in here. He didn’t respond to my question, just finished brushing his teeth and looked back in my direction. I went to wash my hands while I continued, “Did someone bring you with them?” He held his gaze on me even though I couldn’t look him in the eye. Then he finally spoke,

    “Yours is laughing...”

    “I’m sorry, who’s laughing?” I couldn’t hear anything other than the running water between my hands. His words had clearly fallen on deaf ears if there was laughter to be had. He pointed behind he as if he knew the source of the sound. I turned in that direction mainly out of sheer curiosity only to see nothing, however when I turned back the boy was already exiting the bathroom. “Wait, don’t leave! Let me get you somewhere safe.” He stopped and turned back to me; hopefully to stay with me until I can find security and see that he’s secure. However, the boy lifted the hair from his face, revealing his eyes. Those eyes...they pierced my soul in an instant. They were less like a child’s eyes and more like those of a seasoned veteran. “You can’t hear it?” He asked me, “You will soon. Yours clearly finds something funny.” With those few words he left me alone, cold water flowing through my hands, shaken to the core.

    The rest of the night went off without a hitch, albeit with a few more nerves on my end. It was the next day that I started hearing it. At first it was subtle, I’d be in a public area and hear some kids giggling, I’d be alone in my room while there’d be hearty laughter on the busy streets, mild snickers coming groups of young adults; nothing unusual. I actually enjoyed how much more laughter I noticed at first, happiness is always pleasant to hear. Then it became more strange over time and I knew something was wrong. I’d hear an elderly woman cackling outside my workshop, I’d hear raucous applause when only a single woman is laughing, I’d hear a baby giggle when I open a can of beer.

    Then I started to see them…

    Mouths. Gaping jaws stuck in a perpetual state of laughter. I’d see them form on people’s faces, literally replacing their other features with horrendous teeth and mismatched jaws. They’d form on walls, on my tools, my appliances. They don’t talk, all they do is laugh. I tried to question them and they just laugh. They laugh. They laugh. They laugh at me. They laugh in my face. They think I’m funny. Is this just some sick joke? Am I sick? Am I a joke? Should I be laughing? It doesn’t seem funny. Is it funny? Am I funny? Can I even ask someone? Nobody talks to me. Nobody can. I couldn’t hear them if I tried. Not over the laughter. The laughter. The laughter.

    To the people that promoted me, I’ve fallen off the face of the planet. I’m stuck in a closet writing this. I can’t go outside, I can’t eat, I can’t work, I can’t sleep; everything laughs at me. I feel like if I talk I’ll hear myself laughing. I haven’t heard a single coherent word from another person in a few days now, and it seems like I never will. I feel like I’m crashing and burning-


    Actually, that’s…

    Kind of funny...

  14. Animal

    Oh boy...

    You know, sometimes I feel like I’m just a revenant that returns to this site every six months or so… I’m at an odd point in my life where I have a plan set out, but I have a lot of free time that I’m not taking advantage of. While I’m not going to devalue the site by comparing it to a tool to keep myself busy, but I do feel like this is a wonderful place to practice my writing. I always enjoy my time here, even if life drags me away so many times. One of the things I want to address this time is execution and consistency. I’ve been looking through all of my old works recently and while I feel like I did pretty good for the most part, there are some flops that stand out to me. Either my actions don’t align with what I’ve established with my character, or they don’t align with what’s already been said/done in a previous post. I want to work on taking a few more minutes before a post just to assure that everything is correct before letting the internet. The other thing I want to work on is knowing my limits. There were multiple occasions during my time here where I tried to establish projects bigger than me by myself without any consultation with anyone else. There was The Chimaera Initiative, then I wanted to make more Blood Relics and I still had a few ideas on the back-burner like taking one of my newer characters, Dray, and using him for something wasn’t designed to do. If I want to expand my horizons, I’ll be sure to pitch it to someone first. Before I conclude, I want to apologize to everyone that I vanished on before our content was finished. Life takes over and I do not like leaving stories unfinished. It’s a disservice to the writers and the readers, and I want to acknowledge that I’ve messed up. With all that said, I hope you all will still welcome back. Also, I’ll try to let you know when I have to leave or something changes. I’m going back to school this Fall so...just a heads up.
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